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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Monday Night Raw
September 5, 2011
Tacoma Dome – Tacoma, Washington

The show opens with a video package detailing the events of last week, namely the seemingly brewing struggle for power on Raw. We see Triple H evacuate The Awesome Truth from the arena, and then CM Punk and John Laurinaitis’ backstage confrontation where both men threatened physical harm onto one another. We cut to the main event, where it seems that Punk is about to hit the GTS on The Miz, that is until John Laurinaitis appears on the stage and we see Punk the getting planted onto the steel chair in the ring with Miz getting the pin and Laurinaitis smirking to end the video package.


We cut to shots of the crowd as they are all pumped for tonight’s Raw, coming from the Tacoma Dome!


The fans’ excitement only increases, as CM PUNK walks out onto the stage, and as many would expect after last week, he is very very angry. Wearing a scowl as he walks down to the ring, he then enters and signals for his music to stop before picking up a microphone.

CM Punk: I have a slight suspicion that someone in the higher-ups doesn’t like me.

This statement is met with a mixed reaction from the fans; some agreeing with Punk and other not liking the situation as a whole.

CM Punk: If any of you don’t understand what I mean, let me just tell you a couple of events that make me think that way. Firstly, at Summerslam, as well as the following night on Raw, I am attacked by what I can only describe as a bitter old man who will do anything for the sake of hogging some more time in MY spotlight.

The fans pop as they all know who he is talking about.

CM Punk: That bitter old man being one Kevin Nash-

Punk is cut off by deafening heat.

CM Punk: Now as I have stated before, I’ve never spoken to Kevin Nash, I’ve never confronted him; he has no reason to cost me the WWE Championship, not once, but TWICE.

Punk is a little agitated now.

CM Punk: And then last week, as I am about to hit the GTS on The Miz, the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John “FUNK-man” Laurinaitis shows up and costs me the match.

The fans boo even louder at the mention of Laurinaitis.

CM Punk: Who is a man that previously stated earlier on in the night that he does NOT think I convey the image of what a WWE Superstar should be. Right after that, he denies being the one that told Kevin Nash to attack me.

Punk shrugs his shoulders and holds the microphone to the fans, before calmly returning it to his mouth.

CM Punk: Well, I personally think that is BULL*BEEP*

The fans EXPLODE with cheers as Punk’s angry face is back.

CM Punk: I think that John Laurinaitis got on his little Blackberry which he took a break from harassing young children on and sent a message to Kevin Nash to take me out... Well Gentlemen it seems your plan didn’t fully work out, because I’m still here bitch.

The fans are loving each word that Punk is saying.

CM Punk: So I’d like to invite Mr Laurinaitis down to the ring right now so I can kick his corporate ass.

Punk throws the microphone down to the mat, and the fans are electric as Punk waits for Laurinaitis. All attention turns to the stage, as John Laurinaitis then walks out from behind the curtain, shortly followed by THE MIZ?! The fans boo as loudly as possible, and Punk regains his standing stance and holds his arms out in frustration. Miz has a microphone.

The Miz: You just don’t get it do you, Punk? You don’t call out a man like John Laurinaitis... and ask for a FIGHT.

Punk is annoyed to say the least.

The Miz: Especially when you already have a match booked tonight with the most must-see WWE Champion of all time...me.

Heat for Miz now, as Laurinaitis nods his head.

The Miz: Me and my Awesome Truth partner, R-Truth have been told that we will not be escorted out of the arena tonight because of the great word put in for us by Mr John Laurinaitis.

Laurinaitis beams out at the WWE Universe, and the fans and CM Punk alike look sick.

The Miz: For weeks now we have been mistreated by that phoney Triple H, but now we have found ourselves an authority figure worth respecting. So as our first official business for Mr Laurinaitis, I’m bumping our match forward to RIGHT NOW!

Miz then drops his microphone and starts to march down to the ring, with Laurinaitis in tow, removing his coat as he walks. Punk straightens up and gets ready for the fight, but as soon as The Miz slides into the ring, the referee is on hand straight away to separate the two men, before ringing the bell.

Match One:
CM Punk vs The Miz

Punk and Miz start to circle the ring, and they then lock up. Miz gets the better of it, but Punk replies with an elbow to the face of the head, and then a knee to the gut. Punk then rushes Miz into the corner, and then connects with a clothesline, before rolling Miz into the centre of the ring, and then running in with an elbow drop onto Miz’s chest! Punk then hooks Miz up and starts driving the point of his elbow into Miz’s chest and upper body, with the referee having to come over to break it up as Miz screams in pain. Punk stands up and then points at Laurinaitis at ringside, before he picks Miz up and then throws him through the ropes and down onto the floor right next to Laurinaitis! Punk holds his arms up in the air to a big pop, and Laurinaitis helps Miz back up to his feet but he finds himself scurrying out of the way as Punk PLOUGHS THROUGH MIZ WITH THE SUICIDE DIVE!! Both competitors land in a heap, as we go to commercial.


The Miz is now in control, and he drops Punk down to the mat with a Spinning Neckbreaker! Miz in for the cover...One...Two..Punk kicks out! We see that during the break Miz managed to connect with a boot to the face of Punk after a distraction from Laurinaitis. Miz now hammers away on Punk in the centre of the ring, and the blows are seemingly relentless, and Miz then sits Punk up and drives his knee into Punk’s back! Miz then keeps the knee there and applies a rear chinlock and Punk is trapped in the centre of the ring. He eventually fights out of the hold, and starts striking Miz with elbows and backhands, but when Punk goes for a big kick to the head, Miz ducks and then sends Punk crashing to the mat with a Snapmare Driver! Punk’s revival killed, and Miz then goes and covers Punk again...One...Two...NO!

Laurinaitis looks frustrated, as Punk starts to crawl over to the turnbuckle and he eventually gets back to his feet in the corner... but Miz comes in with a CORNER CLOTHESLINE!! Punk then flops down onto his knees, and Miz sits in the corner and looks out to the WWE Universe and smirks at them. Punk is recovering from the move as Miz slides out of the corner, and then he goes over to the kneeling Punk and drops him face first to the mat with a DDT!! Punk lands down on his back and Miz then goes for another cover, hooking the near leg! One...Two...Thr-NO!! Punk stays strong, and a “CM PUNK” chant breaks out and as Punk starts to get up from the last pin attempt, Miz is on his feet, stalking him, and he then hooks in the Full Nelson...SKULL CRUSHING FINALE-NO!! Punk rolls through!! BAM!! Punk connects with a kick to the Miz’s head, and both men drop down to the canvas! The referee then starts to count both men...
Still no signs of movement from either man
Miz starts grabbing onto the ropes to pull himself up, and Punk is starting to show signs of life!
Miz is now holding onto the top rope pulling himself up, and Punk gets up onto a knee
Punk is now on two knees
Punk jumps up to his feet!!

Miz is now up against the ropes, and Punk runs in, but Miz tries to elevate him out of the ring, but Punk lands on the apron!! Miz thinks he has disposed of Punk, but Punk then catches him in the back of the head with a kick! Miz stumbles into the centre of the ring, and when he turns around...Punk nails him with a springboard clothesline!! Miz falls down and gets back up into the corner, and Punk then runs in and connects with a knee to the face!! Punk hooks his arm around Miz’s head and then casts a look at Laurinaitis before he makes Miz taste the canvas with a BULLDOG!! Punk kneels next to Miz, and he gestures that it is time to go to sleep! Punk waits on Miz to get up, and he elevates him up onto his shoulders! The crowd is in anticipation, but then R-TRUTH STARTS SPRINTING DOWN TO THE RING!

In the ring, Punk drops Miz to the mat, and tells the referee to deal with Truth on the apron. Truth doesn’t budge, but then Kofi Kingston starts charging down the ramp!! Kingston pulls Truth off of the apron and starts to unload on his opponent for later tonight!! Whilst the referee’s back is turned, Laurinaitis jumps up onto the apron and waves at Punk! Punk walks right over to him and gets right in his face... but then THE MIZ FROM BEHIND ROLLS PUNK UP!! The referee happens to turn around at this exact point and see the pin...One...Two...MIZ GETS A HANDFUL OF TIGHTS...Three!!!

Winner: The Miz (9.13)


Punk cannot believe it, as Miz quickly rolls out of the ring and starts to hastily make his way up the ramp, and Truth had managed to escape Kofi Kingston for long enough to join him on the ramp.

Michael Cole: The Miz wins! Miz wins!! This is great! I love this!

Jerry Lawler: Michael please calm down; We all saw that The Miz only won because he had a handful of tights and because of John Laurinaitis distracting CM Punk.

Michael Cole: What about Kofi Kingston? He didn’t need to be here!

Jerry Lawler: He was stopping R-Truth from getting involved!

Punk pleads his case to the referee and explains what happens, and then John Laurinaitis starts walking up the steps and into the ring with Punk! The music stops, as Punk turns around and stares the EVP of Talent Relations right in the face.

Jerry Lawler: I can see this situation getting hostile at one point or another! John Laurinaitis has cost CM Punk another match here tonight and I think there is only so much that Punk can take.

Michael Cole: I know that CM Punk isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but not even he is stupid enough to attack someone with the status and power of John Laurinaitis.

Jerry Lawler: That may be so, but we’ve seen Punk overstep boundaries in the past!

Punk has now exited the ring, and he doesn’t keep his eyes off of Laurinaitis as he walks up the ramp.

We go backstage now, and we see the United States Champion Dolph Ziggler talking to his manager, Vickie Guerrero. The duo get a large amount of heat from the crowd.

Vickie Guerrero: Dolph, you have nothing to worry about at Night of Champions. I’ve known Rey Mysterio for a long time, and I know that he is nowhere near as good as you.

Dolph Ziggler: I know, I am the best wrestler in the world, and that little parasite doesn’t know what he is in for. I am goin-

???: What the hell was that about last week?

The voice was a Scottish accent, so that only means it was one man...Drew McIntyre then walks into the shot and he steps right up to Ziggler.

Drew McIntyre: You left me out there to-

Dolph Ziggler: (Interrupting) Drew, about last week... we thought you could handle it.

Vickie Guerrero: If you were good enough to become one of my clients you would have won the match without even needing Dolph, so we were just testing you.

Dolph Ziggler: And guess what? YOU FAILED!

McIntyre looks stung by that comment, and the fans start booing Ziggler.

Drew McIntyre: If you’d perhaps give me another chance, I could make your lives a little easier.

Dolph and Vickie looks at each other for a brief moment.

Dolph Ziggler: We’re listening.

McIntyre smiles, as we do not get to see the remainder of the conversation, as Raw fades out to commercial.


Back to the arena, and Alex Riley is on the middle rope, posing for the fans and getting a good reaction.


There is instant heat with a few smarky cheers mixed in, as Dolph Ziggler walks through the curtain, followed as ever by Vickie Guerrero; Guerrero being the one gaining them the heat most likely. The US Champion stares the focused Riley down as he walks down the ramp.

Michael Cole: Thank you! I was almost dying seeing Alex Riley out here; Dolph and Vickie make it worth it.

Jerry Lawler: Well we just heard from Dolph’s opponent at Night of Champions, Rey Mysterio, and I think that the way that Mysterio has been acting in the past couple of weeks has shown us a more driven and focused Rey Mysterio, and that is why I think that Dolph Ziggler is going to lose the United States Championship.

Michael Cole: Jerry, you couldn’t be more wrong. Dolph Ziggler has made it clear that he doesn’t want Rey Mysterio in the WWE anymore, and after Night of Champions, Rey won’t want to come back.

Ziggler is now in the ring, and he hands his championship to Guerrero who places it over her shoulder. Riley then tells Ziggler to get on with it, and the referee rings the bell.

Match Two:
Non-Title Match:
United States Champion Dolph Ziggler vs Alex Riley

The two men seem evenly matched in the initial lock up, but Riley is able to start using his power advantage to force Ziggler into the corner, and as the US Champ comes out, Riley flattens him with a clothesline! Ziggler gets back up and then walks right into an arm drag, and then another one! Riley holds his arm in the air to a good reaction from the fans, and then runs in and hits a corner clothesline to Ziggler! Dolph crumples in the corner, and Vickie Guerrero screams at ringside as Riley has dominated the early goings of the match. Riley gets Ziggler up and whips him against the ropes, but Ziggler ducks the clothesline and comes back only to be caught by a SITOUT SPINEBUSTER FROM RILEY!! Ziggler is folded in half, as Riley then pins Ziggler’s shoulders down...One...Two...Thr-NO!!!

Guerrero is livid at ringside, as the champion is so close to being pinned there. Riley isn’t disheartened though, and he waits on Ziggler to get up onto his feet, and when he does, Riley takes him up onto his shoulders, TKO- GUERRERO IS UP ON THE APRON! The fans shower her with heat, and she tries to get Riley’s attention. Riley drops Ziggler down onto the mat and walks over to Vickie on the apron, and points a finger in her face, but she slaps him!! The fans are irate, and the referee now gets involved... AND BANS GUERRERO FROM RINGSIDE!!

Vickie stands on the apron and protests to the ref, who carries on arguing with her. Riley turns around, and he is met by a FUTURE SHOCK DDT!! IT’S DREW MCINTYRE!!! The Scot plants his rival, and then gives the recovering Ziggler a thumbs up, before standing over the downed Riley. Guerrero leaves the apron seeing that the job is done, but the referee turns around to see that McIntyre is still in the ring!! The referee then quickly puts two and two together, and calls for the bell!!

Winner: Alex Riley via Disqualification (4.12)

McIntyre is shocked, and the fans pop the announcement of the disqualification. Ziggler is now up and in Drew’s face, and the microphones can pick up him calling him an idiot. Vickie now joins the fray, and her shrill voice is heard calling McIntyre “stupid”. McIntyre pleads his case, clearly apologizing, but it falls on deaf ears.


The fans go wild!! REY MYSTERIO!! All in the ring are shocked, as Mysterio sprints down the ramp! Ziggler and Guerrero dive out of the way, and leave McIntyre to fend with the Master of the 619. Drew goes for a right hand, but Mysterio ducks it and connects with forearms to the head, before running off of the ropes and dropkicking McIntyre in the face, sending him down onto the middle rope! Mysterio looks at Ziggler retreating up the ramp, before connecting with the 619 on McIntyre!!!


Mysterio gets up onto the middle turnbuckle and motions around his waist that he is coming after Ziggler, whilst the champion shouts “You will never take this away from me!” Whilst desperately clutching onto the United States Championship.

Jerry Lawler: I think it is safe to say that Rey Mysterio has Dolph Ziggler’s number!

Michael Cole: No he doesn’t, Jerry! That idiot referee just cost Dolph another match, and then that clown Rey Mysterio comes down here and attacks poor Drew McIntyre for no reason!

Jerry Lawler: Drew McIntyre is an idiot, Cole. He made Vickie’s whole evil scheme backfire, and handed his rival Alex Riley the win. Rey just came out here to send a message to Ziggler that he is coming after the United States Championship in thirteen days!


We see that Primo is in the ring; the young Puerto Rican does his final stretches as he waves to someone in the crowd....


Nothing other than heat for Jack Swagger, who walks out from behind the curtain slowly and calmly; not looking like he is actually in the middle of a mental breakdown.

Jerry Lawler: Now, I’ve never taken Jack Swagger lightly, but he is vicious at the moment.

Michael Cole: Well, Swagger’s recent run ins with Zack Ryder have taken their toll on him, as he has resorted to desperate measures to try and emotionally effect Ryder in a similar way that he has been affected; and that is to make Zack Ryder’s life a living hell

Jerry Lawler: Well, he has already done a number on Scott Stanford and it looks like Primo could be the next victim on Jack Swagger’s path of terror.

Michael Cole: Well, we understand that Zack Ryder has not arrived in the Tacoma Dome just yet, so Jack Swagger can at least rest easy for now and concentrate on this match.

Match Three:
Jack Swagger vs Primo

The bell rings, and Swagger quickly rushes in and picks Primo up and slams him back down into the mat! Swagger then picks Zack Ryder’s former partner up and throws him into the corner. Swagger starts ploughing his shoulder into Primo’s gut and he is then told by the referee to get out of the corner. Primo stumbles out of the corner and right into Swagger’s grasp, where he then throws him overhead with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex!! Primo’s back arches as Swagger gets him up to his feet again one more time, before knocking him down with a huge clothesline!

Swagger starts to do a victory lap, and he barks at Primo to get up, which the Puerto Rican slowly does, and when he does... Swagger splats him onto the mat with a GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB!! Swagger then, smiling at all of the heat raining down on him, nonchalantly drops to his knees and covers Primo, just forcing his hands down onto Primo’s chest...One...Two...Swagger pulls Primo’s shoulders off of the mat?! The fans boo hard, as Swagger then decides to bring Primo back up and drop him with ANOTHER GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB!! The fans are now furious, and a giant “WE WANT RYDER” chant breaks out, as Swagger then turns Primo over and then applies the ANKLE LOCK!! Primo endures the hold for merely a few seconds and then taps out!!

Winner: Jack Swagger (2.44)


The bell rings, and Swagger refuses to let the hold go!! Primo repeatedly taps out, but not even the ref can break Swagger’s hold, as he screams at Primo “HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT ZACK?” before wrenching Primo’s ankle even more!

Jerry Lawler: What is Jack Swagger trying to prove here? Primo is defenceless! Someone please?

Michael Cole: Good luck to whoever wants to try and stop Jack Swagger, King. I’ve never seen him so focused. He wants to just make Zack Ryder’s life a living hell, and he is taking out his friends.

Now some more referees come down to the ring, and Swagger is eventually persuaded to let Primo go, and half of the referees flock around Swagger to ensure he leaves, whilst the rest demand medical attention for Primo. Swagger walks up the ramp with his arms out by his sides as he smiles at the carnage in the ring.

In the back now, we see John Laurinaitis standing on the phone, and then Triple H walks into the room to a HUGE pop. Big Johnny doesn’t realise the COO is in there so he continues his conversation.

John Laurinaitis:...Yes, I received your letter...I’ll tell everyone later on.

Triple H: Who’s that?

Laurinaitis then jumps and drops his phone on the floor as he turns around and sees a very serious looking Triple H. Looking at “The Game” the entire time he picks up his phone.

John Laurinaitis: (Down the phone) I’ll ring you back. (To Triple H) That was a representative from the WWE Board of Directors.

Triple H: What the hell do they want with you?

The fans laugh as Laurinaitis looks somewhat offended.

John Laurinaitis: I am the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations; I am an important man. And I needed to let you know that I have a very important announcement for the end of the show.

Triple H: Well tell me then.

John Laurinaitis: You can find out when everybody else does.

Laurinaitis then walks away, and the camera catches him doing the same cocky, sinister smirk as he exits as we have seen a few times recently. Triple H stands looking frustrated and he then pulls his phone out and starts texting as we fade away...

*Video Package*

We are in what is presumably a gym of some sort, but we see the same dimly lit ring in the centre of the large room, and standing against the ropes and looking out is Brodus Clay, a man we have gotten used to seeing these past two weeks.

Brodus Clay: Fear.

We then cut to a shot of Clay standing before an unknown man and completely engulfing him in a shadow. The voiceover then continues.

Brodus Clay: Fear can make people do act in ways they shouldn't.

The much smaller man then bravely tries to strike Clay, but Clay catches his right hand, showing some lightning reflexes.

Brodus Clay: Some people are driven by fear. They try to avoid their fears but deep down they know that it will catch up with them.

Clay then bulrushes this poor man into the turnbuckle behind him and we can hear the impact caused as the turnbuckle could even be broken from the impact. Clay then takes a few steps back and crushes the man in the corner with a giant splash.

Brodus Clay: I am the object of people's fear.

Clay then picks the man up and throws him into the centre of the ring and when the small man gets to his feet again, Clay runs through him with a Running Cross Body.

Brodus Clay: I'm Brodus Clay...

Some clips from previous packages are shown and the package ends with a close up of the monster's face, as he says his final words.

Brodus Clay: And I am coming.


*End Video Package*



There is a good pop in the arena, as The Divas Champion Kelly Kelly leads out her team for tonight, consisting of Eve Torres, AJ & Kaitlyn. The four girls all briskly walk down to the ring slapping hands with the fans as they do.

Michael Cole: These girls are what is wrong with the Divas Division!! We have a champion like Kelly Kelly leading the Divas of the WWE! What kind of message does that send out?

Jerry Lawler: I think Kelly Kelly has been a good champion. She has defended the championship whenever she has been required to, and I think she can overcome the odds at Night of Champions.


The crowd actually let out a positive reaction for Beth Phoenix, as she marches out onto the stage with Natalya alongside her. Following closely behind are The Bella Twins. The Divas of Doom don’t seem to pay much attention to the twins as they decide to discuss tactics between them for this match.

Jerry Lawler: Every time I see Beth Phoenix; I get a little scared!

Michael Cole: Every time I see Beth Phoenix, I see our new Divas Champion! Everything she has done since Summerslam can be described in only one word; dominance.

The heels are now in the ring, and the ref wants to push it along so he quickly tells the girls to organise themselves.

Match Four:
Eight Diva Tag Team Match:
Divas Champion Kelly Kelly, Eve & The Chickbusters vs The Divas of Doom & The Bella Twins

The bell rings, and it is Eve and Natalya to start off the match. Natalya tries early on to get the advantage with her wrestling technique but Eve is able to evade her strikes and then is able to connect with a dropkick to Natalya’s mouth, and Nattie then drops to the mat and is able to back into her corner and tags in BETH PHOENIX! The Glamazon gets a decent reaction from the fans but Eve is not intimidated and runs in to try and attack Phoenix, but Beth flattens her down with a clothesline! Beth then starts stomping away on Eve, who already wants to tag out. Beth then actually allows her to get the tag by throwing her into the corner and she picks AJ! The feisty and perky young Diva jumps into the ring but is immediately overpowered by Phoenix and faceplants right into the mat! Beth picks her back up and puts her into her team’s corner and then starts ramming her shoulder into AJ’s gut, and then pins her down to allow Natalya to get back into the match.

Nattie now snapmares AJ into the centre of the ring and kicks her in the back!! AJ’s back arches as she tries to reach for a tag, but Natalya grabs her hair and pulls her down and jumps down for a cover...One...Two-Kickout!! Natalya is not annoyed and then picks her up again by her hair and then smashes AJ’s face into the top turnbuckle! The fans start to get behind AJ, but Natalya now tags in Nikki Bella. Nikki comes in and she then holds up AJ and exposes her midsection, and then Brie leans over the ropes and tags herself in! Brie then delivers a kick to the exposed mid section of AJ, and then Nikki slams her down into the mat using her hair! Brie then starts stomping away on AJ, and drops her knee down across her face and holds her arm out and then Beth accepts the tag.

Phoenix steps in the ring but instead of going for AJ, she runs across the ring and cheap shots the champion! Kelly drops to the floor on the outside, and Eve then jumps into the ring and now her and Beth are going at it!! NOW NATALYA AND THE BELLAS ARE INVOLVED!!! The other three divas run in to help Beth, but Kaitlyn is on the top rope... and a CROSS BODY WIPES OUT NATALYA, BRIE AND NIKKI!!! Beth though picks Eve up and throws her out of the ring! Kaitlyn then goes over to Phoenix, but Beth ducks and then flattens her with a DISCUS CLOTHESLINE! Kaitlyn drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring, as Phoenix then seems to have had enough so she walks over to the now recovering AJ, and takers her up and plants the poor young girl with a GLAM SLAM!! Beth then turns her latest victim over and pins! One...Two...Three!!!

Winners: The Divas of Doom & The Bella Twins (5.45)


The victors are now all up and have their hands risen as Beth Phoenix picks up even more momentum going into her title match. As for the champion; she is still down on the floor outside the ring, and her championship has been given back to her. Phoenix walks over to the ropes where she is and points at her and motions around her waist! Kelly looks scared as she holds the Divas Championship as close to her chest as possible.

Michael Cole: AJ is just another victim tonight for Beth Phoenix! And look at our Divas Champion; cowering in the corner like a little girl, how pathetic!

Jerry Lawler: Cole, I think you have turned me; I can’t see Kelly Kelly walking out of Night of Champions with the Divas Championship still around her waist.

Michael Cole: If Beth Phoenix hits that Glam Slam in two weeks, we ARE going to have a new champion.

The camera then fades from the four heel Divas standing tall in the ring to somewhere backstage...

We are in the parking lot, and then a rental car pulls up. The camera then goes over to the driver’s door and he gets out...Its ZACK RYDER! “Long-Island Iced Z” gets a huge pop as he wastes no time in going over to the trunk and getting his bag out, before quickly walking off and out of the parking lot. The camera follows, and Ryder then approaches the nearest stage hand.

Zack Ryder: Hey, bro, when is Primo going up against Swagger?

Worker: Zack, I’m sorry, but that match was over fifteen minutes ago; we had to move the schedule around.

Ryder removes his glasses.

Zack Ryder: Are you serious bro? What happened?

The worker looks nervous and he then turns to face Ryder properly.

Worker: I don’t know how to say it... but Swagger won; and Primo has been with the medics since. His ankle...

Zack Ryder: And where is Swagger?

Worker: He left as soon as the match finished.

Ryder then walks off from the worker, and continues down the corridor, and he kicks a crate in anger as he walks past.


We return to Raw, and we are in the interview area, and Matt Striker is standing with his microphone grinning like the proverbial idiot as usual.

Matt Striker: I honestly love this job! Ladies and Gentlemen, I have had big interviews before but they don’t get bigger than this one right now. My guest at this time, one of six men competing for the WWE Championship at Night of Champions and the man who faces the champion tonight; JOHN CENA!

There is a mixed reaction and Striker looks like a little schoolgirl as John Cena walks into the shot.

John Cena: Matt, I didn’t know you were such a big fan!

Matt Striker: Thank you for joining me, John. My question for you is; What do you think a win for you tonight will do to help your chances at Night of Champions?

John Cena: That is a good question, Matt. Well, not only tonight will I beat Alberto Del Rio-

Cena is cut off by a small pop.

John Cena: Tonight I am looking to send him a message. Two weeks ago, he smashed me in the head with a lead pipe. Now I don’t know if anyone watching has been hit in the head with a lead pipe, but I can tell you... it hurts.

Cena rubs the back of his head as he says this.

John Cena: So I think tonight I am going to get myself a little payback for that. I am going to pin him in the centre of that ring, and there aint a damn thing he can do about it, Jack!

The Cenation leader is starting to get a little fired up.

John Cena: So he better use all that God-damn money he has to afford some medical insurance because if I have anything to do with it; he aint even gonna be at Night o’ Champions! All that means Matt is that there will only be four men in my way to winning my TENTH World Championship.

Cena holds up all of his fingers as he mentions this.

John Cena: Nine times I have won the big one, and each and every time I have I did it the right way; not by cashing in a damn briefcase!

There is a mixed reaction for that as Cena smirks.

John Cena: Berty, when you defend that championship by yourself in a one on one FAIR match; You’ll have my respect. But until then... you’re nothin’ but a fluke champion. And at Night of Champions, it’ll show.

Cena then gives the camera a serious look before walking out of the set leaving Striker to beam at him as he walks away.

Back to lé arena...


Jerry Lawler: Oh no, not again.

Lawler’s disappointment is because we are now introduced to the WWE Tag Team Champions, David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty, both looking annoyed ahead of their biggest defence to date in 13 night’s time. Neither champion is dressed to compete, as we see Otunga in a sweatervest and McGillicutty wearing a black shirt and jeans.

Jerry Lawler: These two are the most boring men to have ever stepped into a WWE ring, let me tell you that. Just look at David Otunga, what the hell is he wearing?

Michael Cole: Jerry, have I ever told you how unprofessional it is to allow your own personal feelings towards Superstars change the way you commentate on them? David Otunga is a top class athlete and a fantastic tag team champion.

Jerry Lawler: Thankfully, he won’t be one half of the tag team champions after Night of Champions. And now Otunga has a microphone; brilliant.

Otunga does indeed have a microphone, and the WWE Universe seems ready to listen to whatever it is he has to say.

David Otunga: As the WWE Tag Team Champions, Michael McGillicutty and myself are an asset to Monday Night Raw. For this reason, my Harvard educated brain cannot understand why not even one of us has been put in a match tonight. We have been the champions for over three months now and in that time we have been able to overcome any opponents or obstacle.

A decent amount of heat for Otunga’s bragging.

David Otunga: And at Night of Champions in thirteen night’s time, the story will be no different. We are going to walk into Buffalo the WWE Tag Team Champions and we will walk out the WWE Tag Team Champions.

More heat, and McGillicutty points at a certain fan and tells him to shut up.

David Otunga: Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov are nothing but a couple of goofballs who are riding a wave of luck; luck that will run out at Night of Champions.

Otunga smiles to himself now, and McGillicutty flares his nostrils.

David Otunga: But the majority of people believe that we will lose at Night of Champions, and that is down to one man and one man alone.

The tag champs then both turn towards the announce table.

David Otunga: Jerry Lawler. Each week you sit there and you wish we lose all of our matches and you show favouritism against us. You even have the audacity to call us “Boring”? Boring? I am not boring. When I’m not working in this ring, I am at celebrity parties because I am A-List; there is nothing boring about that.

The WWE Universe starts a “BOOOORING” chant, and McGillicutty is unable to shut them up and Lawler then gets a microphone for himself.

Jerry Lawler: I think you need to listen to these people, Otunga, and stop wasting their time. Monday Night Raw is about fun, and that is something that you two aren’t.

The fans pop, and Otunga seems offended.

David Otunga: Why don’t you come in this ring and say that?

Lawler then gets up from his desk! Cole is shocked, as Lawler starts to climb up the steps into the ring.

Jerry Lawler: You called Santino and Kozlov goofballs, didn’t you? Well the only goofballs I see are standing right in front of me!

The fans pop for Lawler again, and the champions’ tempers are reaching boiling point.

Jerry Lawler: You two are the most boring and uncharismatic Superstars, let alone CHAMPIONS in WWE history.

Otunga looks furious, and McGillicutty goes over and kicks the ring ropes in anger.

David Otunga: All you do is talk, so I have a proposition. Next week, me and you, one on one in this ring; What do you say?

Otunga holds his hand out, and the fans urge Lawler to accept the match. King looks unsure though.

Jerry Lawler: You know what? You’re on.

Lawler then goes to shake Otunga’s hand, but is BLINDISDED BY MCGILLICUTTY!! The Tag Team Champions start stomping away on Lawler, but the ambush is short lived, as SANTINO MARELLA AND VLADIMIR KOZLOV RUN DOWN FOR THE SAVE AND THE CHAMPIONS SPLIT!! The challengers at Night of Champions chase of the champs, and they then go to check on Jerry Lawler, as Raw goes to another commercial.


*Video Package*

Narrator: To be a champion, one must be superior to all of their adversaries.

A flashing image of Randy Orton RKO'ing Christian onto the steel steps at Summerslam is shown.

Narrator: The champion might be Perfection...

Dolph Ziggler brashly holds up his United States Championship above his head.

Narrator: ...Beautiful...

An image of Kelly Kelly right after she won the Divas Championship flickers onto the screen.

Narrator: ... Or Ugly...

A scene of Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes trying to hide his face during one of his entrances comes up on the screen.

Narrator: A champion can benefit from the wealth of their company...

WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty are shown having their hands raised at the end of a match.

Narrator: ...Or just their wealth.

Alberto Del Rio stands in front of an expensive car with pyro shooting down behind him.

Narrator: One night a year, the WWE showcases these superior individuals.

A quick montage of a referee holding up each championship belt one by one is shown.

Narrator: It is the Night...

Randy Orton then stands on the top rope with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

Narrator: ... Of CHAMPIONS!

SEPTEMBER 18, 2011

Michael Cole: Well, in thirteen days time, the WWE Superstars are set for a huge night of action, as every championship will be on the line! King, I just can’t wait!

Jerry Lawler: Neither can I, Michael! The match that I think you know I am most looking forward to though is the WWE Tag Team Championship Match! Those horrible excuses for champions we have make me sick and I can’t wait to see them get theirs at Night of Champions.

Michael Cole: As we just learnt, you’ll have your chance against David Otunga next week, King, but what about the United States Championship? Dolph Ziggler seemed a little out of his game tonight; do you think that Rey Mysterio has gotten inside his head?

Jerry Lawler: I know that Rey Mysterio has near enough done it all here in the WWE, so Dolph Ziggler needs to get all of these distractions out of his head before Night of Champions or he could be in huge danger of losing his United States Championship.

Michael Cole: I think that as long as Dolph has Vickie Guerrero in his corner he will be fine. King, we know you like the Divas-

Jerry Lawler: No, Cole, I LOVE the Divas. As dominant as Beth Phoenix has been, I have to still go for Kelly Kelly to retain at Night of Champions. She did it at Summerslam, and I am sure she can do it again.

Michael Cole: Are you crazy? Beth has DOMINATED any Diva that has been put in front of her, and all she needs to do is hit that Glam Slam and we will have a new Divas Champion!

Jerry Lawler: What about the chances of us getting a new WWE Champion here on Raw? There is only a one in six chance of Alberto Del Rio keeping the WWE Championship; odds that I don’t think he can beat.

Michael Cole: Speaking of Alberto Del Rio... LOOK WHO IS BACK!!

With this, our attention turns to the stage, and we see that Ricardo Rodriguez is back! The fans groan as Ricardo starts to do his thing...


The groans intensify, as we are now treated to the WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio! ADR pulls up in a luxurious Mercedes, and he seems confident tonight as ever as he exits his car and takes his time as usual with his entrance.

Michael Cole: What a great man Alberto Del Rio is! Even without his loyal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez by his side last week, he was still able to beat Kofi Kingston in impressive fashion!
Jerry Lawler: I think you are forgetting that Kofi almost beat Del Rio, Cole.

Michael Cole: Just shut up and enjoy this man’s beautiful entrance.
Del Rio gets in the ring, and he has a microphone in his hand once again, ready to address the WWE Universe.

Alberto Del Rio: My name is Alberto Del Rio-


There is a more positive than negative reaction tonight for John Cena, many cheering for sparing them from another Del Rio lecture. Cena bursts out onto the stage, and he looks at the camera and his life lesson this week is “Ricardo ate his vitamins!” before “The Champ” runs down the ramp and into the ring before staring at the angry Del Rio. Cena throws his cap into the front row.

Michael Cole: How rude! Alberto Del Rio is the WWE Champion, and this punk Cena has shown no respect at all for him right there!

Jerry Lawler: I think John Cena, like the rest of us, has had enough of Del Rio’s monologues each week. You heard what he was saying about Del Rio earlier; and I agree with every word of it!

Michael Cole: What? Del Rio won that title fair and square! He earned the Money in the Bank Briefcase and cashed it in on CM Punk! He then beat Punk the next night!

Jerry Lawler: Why me?

Del Rio is still standing with the microphone at his mouth and he has a face like thunder as the referee comes over and takes the microphone; leaving the champion to get prepared for the match.

Main Event:
Non-Title Match:
WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs John Cena

The bell rings, and it is certainly not a cagey start from the two men. When Del Rio turned to face Cena, he was knocked down by a clothesline! Upon getting up again, the champion was subjected to a couple of arm drags and then a Fisherman Suplex! Cena jumps into the cover...One...Tw-Del Rio kicks out! Del Rio seemed shocked by the early outburst from Cena, but his efforts to slow Cena down are not enough, as Cena explodes out of the blocks with a short arm clothesline! The fans seem to be behind Cena, as Del Rio is rather less popular than the controversial Cena. Cena takes Del Rio up to his feet and then bulrushes him into the corner before hammering away with jabs to the midsection and chest; before the referee comes in and pulls Cena away from the champion. Del Rio tries to rush out and take Cena by surprise, but Cena ducks the clothesline attempt, and then flattens Del Rio with another one of his own! Cena is on fire and he waits for Del Rio to get back up, and then plants him with a Bulldog!! Cena goes down for another early cover...One..Two-NO! The champion remains resilient and it has been all Cena so for to this point.

Cena picks Del Rio back up to his feet and then throws him over the top rope! Del Rio lands hard, and Cena then quickly rushes out of the ring and joins him on the outside. Cena bounds over to Del Rio, but Rodriguez steps in the way and Cena looks at him before shoving him into the barrier!! The momentary distraction paid off however as Del Rio meets Cena with a kick to the gut!! The champion then hooks his head under Cena’s arm and then hits a SNAP SUPLEX ON THE OUTSIDE!! Cena’s back arches in pain, as Del Rio doesn’t take his time to capitalise, as he brings Cena back to his feet, and bulrushes him into the apron back first!! Cena screams in pain, and the champion once again now is quick to attack, and rolls Cena back into the ring, making a quick cover! One...Two...CENA KICKS OUT!! Del Rio doesn’t seem deterred and he brings Cena up again and scoop slams him down to the mat, and then steps out onto the apron. He lines up Cena, before slingshotting himself over the top rope for the TOPÉ ATOMICO!! The fans actually pop the move from the champion, who then jumps into another cover on Cena...One...Two...NO!!

Del Rio seems to be getting quite angry now, after he has hit some high impact moves and Cena is staying resilient. Cena starts pulling himself up with the ropes, but Del Rio comes in and boots him in the ribs!! Cena drops back down to the mat, clutching his ribs in agony, as the champion now stomps away on Cena’s back; trashtalking him as he does. The referee comes in and pulls Del Rio away, and the champion makes it so the official’s back is turned as he apologizes, and Ricardo Rodriguez runs over to Cena and SLAPS HIM IN THE FACE!! Cena looks furious with the announcer, and with rage boiling in his eyes, he immediately jumps up to his feet and Del Rio looks shocked that Cena is up. Cena charges at Del Rio for a clothesline, but the champion ducks, and Cena carries on and then tackles Del Rio down with a trademark shoulder block!! The fans start to groan as Cena starts to build his momentum, and he then rattles off another shoulder block!! Del Rio gets back up again and Cena then goes to the well again, but Del Rio is smart this time and turns it into a TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER!!! Cena’s momentum has been killed in an instant and the champion goes into another cover and hooks the leg this time! One...Two...Thre-NO!!

Cena kicks out again much to Del Rio and Rodriguez’ despair and Rodriguez starts signalling for the champion to finish it off! Del Rio then grabs Cena’s arm and picks him up and he tries to jump around... but CENA GRABS HIM!! Cena then lifts Del Rio into the air, and then drops him down to the canvas!! Del Rio lands hard and Cena then gets back up to his feet and starts to sell the damage done to his back thus far. He waits for the champion to get up to his feet, and when he does; Cena picks him up for the fireman’s carry... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT-NO!! Del Rio dropped down and he drops Cena’s arm down across his knee as he landed!! Cena bounces around in agony, as the champion realises that it was a lucky escape and he is now back in control. Del Rio runs over to Cena and then wraps his arm around the middle ring rope and pulls... Cena screams in agony as he does!! Before the referee can say anything, Del Rio has already dragged Cena away and lays his arm down in the centre of the ring and then stamps on it!! Cena howls in pain again, and Del Rio seems to be loving the offense he is putting in, and he keeps hold of Cena’s arm and then slams it down against the mat!! Cena grabs his left arm and tries to get away from Del Rio, and he then manages to get himself up in the corner and tries to tend to his injuries... BUT DEL RIO RUNS IN WITH AN ENZIGUIRI!! Cena drops to the mat and the champion turns him over and covers him once again! One...Two...FOOT ON THE ROPES!!

The champion is bordering raging now, and he holds his head in his hands as he thinks of what to do next. He rolls Cena nearer to the centre of the ring and then the signs of fatigue show as the champion takes his time going through the ropes and climbs and he perches himself on the top rope! BUT CENA SPRINGS UP AND PUSHES THE ROPES!! DEL RIO IS CROTCHED!! Last week the champion caught Kofi Kingston out with that move but he failed to learn from Kofi’s mistake, as Cena catches him out! Cena then walks over to Del Rio and then picks him up, and launches him into the centre of the ring! Del Rio lands flat on his back, and Cena then looks out to the WWE Universe, who give a mixed reaction as many know what is about to come! Cena then stands by Del Rio in the centre of the ring and holds his arm in the air to a more intense mixed reaction now... but in the corner of the camera we see that Ricardo Rodriguez has placed something underneath the bottom turnbuckle in the corner... it’s a LEAD PIPE!! Cena and the referee are oblivious and Cena then hits the FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE!! The fans are now on their feet as Cena holds his arm and waits for Del Rio to get up to his feet, and the champion gets up, and Cena then takes him up onto his shoulders using only the one arm! BUT RODRIGUEZ IS ON THE APRON!! The referee immediately walks over to remove the announcer and Cena drops Del Rio down and tries to tell the referee to get rid of Rodriguez. Cena then turns back to the ring and DEL RIO SMASHES CENA IN THE ARM WITH THE PIPE!!! Cena drops to the mat in agony as Del Rio slides the weapon out of the ring. The referee then turns around and Del Rio jumps onto Cena with a cover! One...Two...Three!!!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio (11.30)


The champion wins!! Even though it was under suspicious circumstances, John Cena has been beaten tonight!! Del Rio goes insane that he has beaten Cena, and the champion is certainly building momentum going into his big title defence in thirteen nights; now knocking off two of his five challengers in two weeks.

Michael Cole: What a match by the WWE Champion! Del Rio is on a roll!!

Jerry Lawler: Well maybe these two can teach Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre how to cheat to win a match! I can’t believe this.

Michael Cole: C’mon King! Be happy for Del Rio!! I bet that Matt Striker is crying right now!

Del Rio is then handed his WWE Championship which he lifts above his head and he also asks for a microphone. The request is granted and his music dies out as he slowly raises it up to his lips...

Alberto Del Rio: But you... You already know that.


Del Rio then drops the mic with the thud echoing around the arena and the fans give him considerable heat as Cena squirms on the ring holding his arm in pain.

Michael Cole: Well the WWE Champion has sent a message loud and clear to John Cena tonight and I can only imagine the kind of pain that John Cena must be in right now.

Jerry Lawler: I think that Del Rio is a cheat! And at Night of Champions he won’t be able to pull that kind of crap off!

Michael Cole: That may be the case but you are probably wrong, King. Please stay tuned into Monday Night Raw as I am being informed that we are going to hear from John Laurinaitis after the break!


We return from commercial, and we see that John Laurinaitis is standing in the centre of the ring with a microphone. Oddly, he is flanked either side by The Awesome Truth! Miz is now suited up and looking annoyed most likely due to his loss earlier on. All three men look like they mean business. As soon as Laurinaitis lifts the microphone to his mouth

John Laurinaitis: Thank you all for such a warm welcome; I am the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations for the WWE, John Laurinaitis.

Heat; Awesome Truth give the WWE Universe a harsh stare.

John Laurinaitis: You may wonder why I have The Miz and R-Truth with me out here right now with me, so I will tell you. I have assigned The Awesome Truth to be my official bodyguards against one particular threat...

Laurinaitis looks onto the booing crowd before he speaks.

John Laurinaitis: CM Punk.

The fans shit all over him, and he simply retains his stupid demeanor.

John Laurinaitis: I am fearful of my safety because of Punk’s attitude towards me. He has personally targeted and accused me of actions which I have not done. Last week, he threatened to put me to sleep. Threats and personal attacks like this to authority are not what I want the WWE Superstars to be. So these men here are going to stop CM Punk if he tries to lay a finger on me.

The crowd continually boos Laurinaitis during each word he says.

John Laurinaitis: This brings me to my next big announcement-


The fans go NUTS as the COO of the WWE, Triple H, marches out from behind the curtain and he doesn’t seem happy that Laurinaitis is out here; especially with The Awesome Truth.

Michael Cole: This can’t be good!

Jerry Lawler: Well, I think Triple H, like the rest of us, wants to know what the hell is going on here!

“The Game” gets into the ring and he walks right over to the opposite side and picks up a microphone.

Triple H: Just what the hell is going on here? (To Laurinaitis) You don’t need your own security around here; we provide security at the arenas every week. CM Punk isn’t stupid, he isn’t going to attack you otherwise he will be fired.

There is some mild heat for this comment.

Triple H: But we can talk about this just me and you. (To Miz and Truth) Get out of my ring before I throw you out of it myself!

Miz and Truth don’t move, and instead stand there and smile?! Laurinaitis then pulls a piece of paper out of his jacket; it is an opened envelope.

John Laurinaitis: Don’t worry guys, that won’t be necessary. You see in my hand here I have a message from the WWE Board of Directors.

Triple H looks furious and Johnny then opens the envelope and pulls out the memo.

John Laurinaitis: Hun’er, it seems that your speech last week has made the Board concerned about your ability to run Raw. So ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that the WWE Board of Directors has named me the new Raw General Manager.

HEAT!! THE CROWD ARE BOOING THE TOTAL SHIT ALL OVER LAURINAITIS!!! Triple H is flabbergasted and he holds his head in his hand at the revelation. Johnny on the other hand, waves out to the WWE Universe and he smiles as he hands the letter to Triple H, who cannot believe what has happened.

John Laurinaitis: That means, Hun’er that you can’t overrule anything I say on Raw; this is MY show. I plan on taking Raw to new heights and I am a man of the people. I want to give the WWE Universe what they want. I know that next week, they want to see one of my bodyguards, The Miz, face CM Punk in a rematch from tonight!

The fans actually pop for that as Miz rubs his hands together at the prospect of getting another victory over Punk.

John Laurinaitis: And it won’t be just any match; it will be a Lumberjack Match featuring the other four men competing in the WWE Championship Six-Pack Challenge at Night of Champions.

The fans give a mixed reaction for that, and Triple H stands there leaning against the ropes and he just stares at the letter given to him.

John Laurinaitis: Furthermore, I am going to make the WWE Championship Six-Pack Challenge different from the World Heavyweight Championship Match for Smackdown, as the Raw Six-Pack Challenge is going to be an Elimination Match!

The new Raw GM now notices Triple H.

John Laurinaitis: Hun’er, are you okay? This was done for the interest of the people, and the safety of the Raw Superstars. You won’t have to worry about The Awesome Truth anymore; they act under my orders now.

Miz and Truth then start smiling once again; both seemingly happy to be in their new roles.

John Laurinaitis: Maybe some people just aren’t born to be leaders.

“OOH” is the response from the fans as Triple H now finally looks up and steers his eyes towards
Laurinaitis who doesn’t appear to be aware of the insult he just said.

John Laurinaitis: Hun’er, don’t look at me like that! I am finally going to be properly utilised here on Raw, and I am going to make this the best show possible; something that was not happening under your leadership.

Once again, Johnny is seemingly oblivious to what he just said, and now Triple H takes a few steps forward up to Laurinaitis, with rage in his eyes, but then The Awesome Truth come in and step in front of Laurinaitis and shielding him from “The Game”! Triple H thinks about it, but then turns around, and leaves the ring! Laurinaitis then wears a huge grin on his face.

John Laurinaitis: Let me introduce you to the new era of Monday Night Raw; The Laurinaitis Era!


We are now actually treated to some theme music for the new GM, and he stands tall and proud with The Miz and R-Truth on either side of him looking as intimidating as they can, and the newest power-faction on Raw has been born.

Michael Cole: What a night! The landscape of the WWE has been changed as Monday Night Raw enters the Laurinaitis Era has begun!

Triple H looks back into the ring as the three men stand tall in the ring and “The Game” seems dejected due to his failure. The show ends with Laurinaitis standing with his arms being raised by his new bodyguards.



SEPTEMBER 18, 2011


WWE Championship Match
Six-Pack Challenge Elimination Match

Alberto Del Rio © vs John Cena vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston vs R-Truth vs CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Six-Pack Challenge

Randy Orton © vs Mark Henry vs Wade Barrett vs Sheamus vs John Morrison vs The Great Khali

United States Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler © vs Rey Mysterio

WWE Divas Championship Match
Kelly Kelly © vs Beth Phoenix

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty © vs Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Raw Feedback

Your Punk work is usually decent but I didn’t enjoy this to be honest with you. It was just a little awkward, the Bullshit line, fair enough you can lose your temper the once but then the line of ‘I’m still here bitch’ was just completely off. The Laurinaitis thing with the phone and young children as well was a bit too much, remember it’s PG lol. I know that’s the kinda thing Punk may insinuate but he’d never come out and say it that bluntly. Miz coming out was nicely timed though and what he had to say was right on the money.

As for the match it was a decent back and forth contest. R-Truth getting involved was no surprise though I didn’t expect Kofi. Laurinaitis was always going to get involved somehow but I didn’t expect just a little wave to get Punk’s attention like that. A big win for Miz here however and nice to see him gain some momentum.

Interesting exchange between Ziggler and McIntyre. After last week I kind of expected it to be left at that but glad to see Drew Mac is persistent in this thing.

Before I comment on the match, you made one little mistake on commentary when you said ‘We just heard from Rey Mysterio’, not sure if that was a typo or not. The match itself wasn’t much of a spectacle due to the DQ and it was nice to see McIntyre show up but I think he should’ve done it through helping Ziggler out rather than costing him. Ahhhh, the aftermath shows Ziggler’s frustration which is pleasing to see as I’ve no doubts that’s not the impact McIntyre wanted to make. Good to see Rey come on down but there was no real need for him was there? Unless Ziggles and Drew Mac were tearing into Riley, what use was Rey here?

Comfortable stuff from Swagger as expected and the nice showing of intensity after was good stuff. A heated midcard feud is rare nowadays so pleasing to see this one between Swagger and Ryder is getting pretty intense.

Hmmm, interesting between Hunter and Funkman. Announcement will hopefully be big but I’m starting to wonder just what the next move between these two will be as I’m sure a feud is inevitable but it’s just when the first move is made.

Standard divas match here.

Ryder showing up late for work, tut tut. Good to see him frustrated at what went down though.

Good stuff from Cena here, probably the best in terms of character on the night thus far, should be a good match later.

Mic time for the Tag Champs? That’s how you know this isn’t really Monday Night Raw! Pleased to see Otunga and McGillicutty get a chance to express their frustrations and using them with Lawler isn’t a bad idea at all. The boring stuff could be harmful, however I do get why you’re going with that and the match next week should be a good chance to give Otunga a strong win.

Strong showing here from Del Rio and Cena a really big, much needed victory for ADR. This does a whole lot more for him than it does for Cena, good decision and the use of the lead pipe once more was a good call. The little line at the end after Cena’s earlier interruption would no doubt gain heat also so smart tactic there.

Was certainly an interesting end to the show. In my opinion it wasn’t BIG enough to close the show, I think Del Rio-Cena would’ve been better suited. The announcement’s fine by me, Laurinaitis as GM is a good call and will only further his feud with both Trips and Punk. One thing I’m not too sure on is why Trips is getting so pissed off and why Laurinaitis believes he’s now got one over on Trips, yes he’s the GM but Triple H is still higher rank than him, he’s still in a higher position within the company so surely Triple H CAN over rule his decisions? Only confusing bit on my part. The Laurinaitis era beginning though is exciting and I look forward to seeing what you have in store.

On the whole this was a decent show but not your best Raw. Would’ve liked to see more of Punk, we never heard from him following what happened in the opener. Del Rio and Cena was nicely worked tonight and Laurinaitis as GM is a big move. I’m sure things will no doubt pick up next week with Night of Champions right around the corner, looking forward to it, keep going.
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

WWE Superstars
September 8,2011

Match One: The Chickbusters vs The Bella Twins

The match started with Kaitlyn and Nikki starting and the twins got the advantage early on after using some quick tags to start to work over Kaitlyn's arm. Kaitlyn managed to get to the ropes afetr Brie applied an armbar, and that was the opportunity for AJ to get into the match and she came in and took both Bellas down but in the end she was tricked by Twin Magic where Nikki swapped for Brie and delivered a kick square in the chin which allowed her to put AJ away.

Winners: The Bella Twins

Match Two: Tyson Kidd vs William Regal

This was a close, technical match where both men tried to show off their mat-wrestling abilities and Kidd was able to get in a couple of high flying moves in early on but Regal was able to ground Kidd after the young Canadian missed a cross body and for the next few minutes Regal did some damage to Kidd's left knee and seemed to be preparing him for the Regal Stretch at any moment. The first time that Regal went for his signature submission, Kidd was able to roll away to safety and he rolled under the bottom rope. When Regal went down to follow, Kidd surprised him with a dropkick that hurt both men but Kidd was able to take advantage by slamming Regal into the steel ring steps. When Kidd then followed up in the ring, he was not able to apply the Sharpshooter so he went for his Springboard Elbow but Regal was able to dodge and he then applied the Regal Stretch and earned the Submission victory.

Winner: William Regal

Match Three: Heath Slater vs Local Competitor

After cutting another promo saying how he is going to rock his way to the top of the WWE, Slater quickly dispatches of his opponent with Sweetness.

Winner: Heath Slater

Main Event: Evan Bourne vs Tyker Reks

In a rematch from last week, Reks seemed a lot more focused and he came out of the blocks full of momentum and he took it to Bourne from the start. After pounding Bourne in the corner, Reks smashed him with a big boot that turned Bourne inside out. Reks then hit a huge running tackle and Bourne just kicked out at two. Bourne then started to mount a comeback, but he was caught going for a running knee and Reks then planted him into the mat with the Burning Hammer and gets the victory.

Winner: Tyler Reks
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Jamjam's Review

I'll just give thoughts on the things that caught my eye since cp954 covered most of it.

The CM Punk situation seems to be brewing here as I'm interested to see why Nash has attacked Punk twice now. Maybe this time, we'll get an answer. Punk vs. Nash isn't a match I'd exactly want to see but wouldn't mind seeing it for storyline purposes, nonetheless.

I see that with your starting point, it's gonna be a short while for you to really stray away from WWE's way of booking and that's perfectly fine. This moment with Lawler and Otunga is one I wished that didn't happen. But again, like I said, it'll take a while for you to really get into your own storylines. Hopefully you get those titles off Otunga and McGillicutty.

I quite like this Ryder/Swagger feud going on. Both young guys could use the exposure and if booked properly, I believe they'll be a solid core for the future. Along with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, Vickie now has a ton of clients. Maybe a stable to form?

With the appointing of Mr. Excitement as GM, I think it could be really interesting. You have Miz and Truth who are getting the push of their careers while working for the big hauncho in Laurinaitis. I liked their Awesome Truth team, so I'm glad that this'll drag on for a little while longer. HHH must be pissed so there's gotta be some storyline brewing there.

Overall, a good read here man. There are some things that are different from the WWE in real life and some that are not, but it's still fine. I can tell that when you get into your own stuff, WWE might be more enjoyable during this time. I am interested in seeing you book Rock/Cena for WM though. That's the probably I think you'll face here. But anyway, good stuff. Will be reading the next show.
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Friday Night Smackdown Preview
September 9, 2011
The Spokane Arena – Spokane, Washington

Non-Title Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

No Disqualifications Match:
-If Sin Cara wins he will gain an Intercontinental Championship Match at Night of Champions-

Sin Cara vs Ted DiBiase Jr

John Morrison vs The Great Khali

Justin Gabriel vs Trent Barretta

Sorry for the bare bones preview, but this thread has made its return. I have a load of free time now, and this show is almost finished. I expect next week sometime as I have a fully booked weekend coming up. I'll say Wednesday for this show to be finished.
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Friday Night Smackdown
September 9, 2011
The Spokane Arena – Spokane, Washington

There is a video package at the start of the show, which show the main talking points from last week. Christian is the main focus of the short package and it shows his journey from failing to qualify for the Six-Pack Challenge twice after losing to the returning John Morrison and being eliminated from the Battle Royal by Daniel Bryan. Christian then demolishes Bryan on the outside and leaves him in a heap on the floor outside the ring. The opening video, and “Know Your Enemy” by Green Day blasts out into the arena, and the Spokane crowd are all on their feet as they are dazzled by the amazing pyrotechnics.

Michael Cole: Hello and welcome to Smackdown! I’m Michael Cole, and I’m here with Josh Matthews and Booker T! We are coming to you tonight from Spokane, Washington and boy do we have a show for you!

Booker T: We got da World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton going one on one with Wade Barrett as well as a No DQ match!

Josh Matthews: After the events of last week, Sin Cara has the chance to face Cody Rhodes at Night of Champions for the Intercontinental Championship, but he has to get past Rhodes’ friend Ted DiBiase Jr tonight. It is going to be a good one, guys!


The crowd lets out a hearty cheer for the currently under-fire Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long, who walks out onto the stage in a grey suit that as usual looks just a little too big for him, and despite recent events, he has a big smile on his face. Teddy does a little dance at the top of the ramp before making his way down to the ring.

Michael Cole: Of course the show would be infinitely better if we didn’t have to see this clown!

Josh Matthews: Theodore Long has been under pressure the past few weeks as he was told by our COO, Triple H himself that his job was going to be under review in the next few weeks. There have been some members of the Smackdown roster that have welcomed this news but for the most part the Smackdown Superstars have been behind Teddy Long.

Booker T: Teddy has done a great job wit’ Smackdown all dese years and I enjoy having him as a GM, dawg.

Michael Cole: I just think the Board of Directors needs to step in and remove Long from his post. They made a great decision on Raw to give John Laurinaitis the position of Raw General Manager so why can’t they do the same here?

Teddy is now in the ring with a microphone and he is still wearing a huge grin. He waits for his music to die down and then begins to talk.

Theodore Long: I can’t tell ya how great it is to be here in Spokane! Holla Holla!

Teddy smiles as he receives his customary cheap pop.

Theodore Long: Y’all are in for some fun t’night but there is something I have to say in front of all of you people and I hope that the Smackdown locker room is listening to me. In the past few weeks where I’ve been told ta step up my game as General Manager; there have been those that have supported me and there have been those that have not. For a long time now I have tried to put on the best show possible for the WWE Universe-


The fans let out a collective groan in the arena, as Christian walks onto the stage from the back and he has a cocky smirk on his face. Not dressed to compete, Captain Charisma strolls down to the ring and he has two pieces of paper in his hand and he shows some of the effects from the beatings he’s received recently from various Superstars in the past few weeks. Grabbing a microphone and gingerly making his way up the steps and he signals for his music to be cut; which it then is.

Theodore Long: This is just what I’m talkin’ about-

Christian: Teddy, just listen to me. You’re embarrassing yourself out here, can’t you see? “Please save me, WWE Universe! Holla Holla!”

Christian does a small jig similar to Long’s trademark one, which gets himself some raucous heat from the fans for his actions again, but there are a few laughs mixed in there.

Christian: Just admit it. You’re not going to be General Manager for this show for much longer; and if you care about Smackdown that much you’ll just do the right thing and walk away. If you care about this show just half as much as you say you do, you’ll just leave now and spare yourself the embarrassment of coming out here and begging for the approval of these stupid people!

The fans boo again, even louder this time, and Long’s smile has completely evaporated.

Christian: Don’t boo me; you all know that he’s a useless General Manager just as much as I do.

Despite Christian’s wishes, the fans don’t mind unleashing some more hate onto him.

Christian: Okay, okay... I’ll just cut to the chase now.

Christian then raises the two pieces of paper in his hand, and displays them to all of the people in the arena. Long tries to see what is on them but Christian makes sure that the GM cannot see.

Christian: In my hand are two letters. These letters are addressed to the WWE Board of Directors. On one of the letters, I write about how I think that Theodore Long should be fired from his position as General Manager of Smackdown on the grounds that he sucks!

Heat again, and Long is just embarrassed at this point.

Christian: The other letter, it says that (tries not to laugh) that Theodore Long is a good General Manager and that he has taken into account the needs of every Superstar on the Smackdown roster and in my opinion, made Smackdown the best it has ever been and therefore should remain General Manager of Smackdown.

Christian looks at the second letter with disgust before continuing.

Christian: One of these letters are going to be sent to the Board as soon as I get backstage, and as I am a valued member of the WWE roster, the Board of Directors value my opinion highly. Now I assume, Teddy, that you are wondering what factor is going to affect which letter I send to the Board of Directors; and I will give you my terms right now... Put me in that Six-Pack Challenge and the “nice” letter will be sent, but refuse, I will forward the letter which describes my true feelings.

The fans boo, and Christian cocks a smirk at his plan, which he seems confident will earn him a World Heavyweight Championship Match. Teddy looks conflicted, and he speaks quite quietly into the mic.

Theodore Long: Christian, the match is full. Everyone in that match earned their place in it, and sorry playa, there’s nothing I can do for ya-

Christian: (Interrupting, and speaking loudly) Well I guess-

Theodore Long: BUT... I do have something for you at Night of Champions.

The fans let out another big pop, as Christian’s microphone arm drops to the side and he smugly looks at Long and brashly says “What?”.

Theodore Long: After what you pulled in that Battle Royal last week there was someone that approached me after the show and he asked me for a shot at you, Christian.

Christian seems a little surprised, one of his eyebrows raising slightly, as some of the fans click onto who Teddy is talking about.

Theodore Long: So without further adieu, Christian, meet your opponent at Night of Champions... DANIEL BRYAN!


The fans go wild, and Christian is fuming... Daniel Bryan is here!! Mr Money in the Bank carries his ever so precious briefcase down to the ring with him as he defiantly marches down the ramp; his eyes locked on Christian.

Michael Cole: WHAT?! THIS GUY?

Josh Matthews: Daniel Bryan! The man that Christian brutally attacked last week after he had been eliminated from the Battle Royal; and now these two are going to face off at Night of Champions!

Booker T: Ma boy D Bryan looks intense t’night!

Bryan climbs the ramp and doesn’t bother asking for a microphone, instead entering the ring and pointing his finger in the air for the fans before taking his place and standing next to Teddy Long. Bryan’s music cuts out, and the loud buzz in the arena as well as a mighty “DANIEL BRYAN” chant fills the arena, which brings a large grin onto the face of Mr Money in the Bank.

Theodore Long: Now after what happened last week, I know that there is a little bad blood between the two of you, so to make sure that this match is still going to go ahead; I’m placing a Non-Contact rule between the two of you before that match. Anyone who breaks this rule will automatically lose the match.

Bryan nods his head and the crowd seem a little annoyed that these two can’t mix it up now. Christian though raises his microphone and shakes his head in anger.

Christian: No... No. I won’t fight him; I have nothing to gain from beating and embarrassing him, he’s already nothing. Teddy, I told you I want a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, and I’m not settling for this. The only way that I’ll fight him is if- (He looks down at the briefcase in Bryan’s left hand) The only way I’ll accept this match with him is if he puts that Money in the Bank contract on the line.

Christian seems happy with himself, and Bryan’s expression doesn’t change at all. Long turns to Bryan and the camera can see Teddy asking him if he agrees to that. Bryan then takes the microphone from Long and he speaks for the first time.

Daniel Bryan: I’ll put my Money in the Bank Contract on the line if our match is a Submission Match!

The fans pop, and Christian seems to be thinking about it with some thought.

Christian: I’m the best technical wrestler in the world, as Submission Match is no problem for me... you’ve just made a big mistake.


The fans go wild in the arena, as Christian drops his microphone down to the mat and exits the ring. Bryan’s face is stern, as Teddy Long looks on from behind Bryan as Christian backs up the ramp with the opponents in nine days time both staring into the other’s eyes and neither man lets up.

Michael Cole: It is going to be the great Captain Charisma, Christian, against The Dork Daniel Bryan at Night of Champions! That show is getting better and better! Please stay tuned as we still have a lot more to come tonight on Smackdown!

*Commercial Break*


There is solid heat in the arena, as the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes walks out onto the stage, dressed in a suit but he still shields his face as much as he can. The champion is followed out by Ted DiBiase, who is dressed for action.

Josh Matthews: Tonight is not just a big night for Ted DiBiase and Sin Cara; but for Cody Rhodes too. He has to count on his friend Ted DiBiase to beat Sin Cara, because if not, Sin Cara will receive a shot at the Intercontinental Championship at Night of Champions.

Booker T: Cody has to trust Ted against ma boy Sin Cara, and dat is gon’ be a tough task.

Michael Cole: Well ever since Sin Cara has been here in the WWE he has been extremely impressive and last week it seemed that he was about to gain a victory over Cody Rhodes and earn an Intercontinental Championship Match, but then Ted DiBiase got involved and well, as you can see, the plan backfired.

The replay of DiBiase pushing Sin Cara off of the top rope last week is shown, and Rhodes doesn’t look happy at DiBiase for what happened, and the IC champion gives his friend/follower a stern look, and DiBiase then climbs up the ring steps as Rhodes walks around the ring and stands against the ring apron and looks on in as DiBiase climbs up onto the middle turnbuckle and he taunts the fans and then the light dim and the arena turns a shade of dark blue...


There is a big pop, as Sin Cara walks out onto the stage!! He points right at DiBiase before he throws off his jacket, and then sprints down the ramp and then jumps into the ring over the top rope!! The fans pop for the cool entrance, as Sin Cara then climbs up onto the second rope and poses with his arms up for the fans.

Josh Matthews: That entrance is just a sample of Sin Cara’s athleticism, something Ted DiBiase will have to try and limit- HEY!!

Matthews is shocked because DiBiase jumps Sin Cara from behind to kick start our opening contest!!

Match One:
No Disqualifications Match:
If Sin Cara wins; he will gain an Intercontinental Championship Match at Night of Champions.
Sin Cara vs Ted DiBiase w/ Cody Rhodes

The clubbing blow from DiBiase sends Sin Cara tumbling off of the turnbuckle and then he lands down onto the apron and then crashes down onto the floor! The Mexican Idol groans in pain, as DiBiase follows up by climbing out of the ring and he starts to stomp on Sin Cara’s chest. DiBiase then picks his opponent up and ignores the referee’s requests to return Sin Cara to the ring. DiBiase continues his assault now with a barrage of punches to Sin Cara’s head. DiBiase gets up and roars out to the fans and they do nothing but boo the Fortunate Son, but he is too rich to care. DiBiase picks Sin Cara up to his feet, and rocks the Mexican with a right hand to the side of the head, and Cara is then sent into the corner. DiBiase measures himself and charges in... But Sin Cara uses the ropes to leap out onto the apron! DiBiase clatters into the turnbuckle and falls in a heap down to the mat. Sin Cara takes a couple of steps towards the centre of the apron, and goes to slingshot himself into the ring-BUT HE IS PULLED DOWN TO THE FLOOR...BY CODY RHODES!!! The fans start to shit all over the Intercontinental Champion, and now Rhodes starts to put the boots onto Sin Cara!!

DiBiase is still down on the mat, and the referee is forced to come outside the ring and berate Rhodes. Cody stops stomping a hole into Sin Cara’s chest to shout at the official “IT’S NO DISQUALIFICATIONS, I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!” before carrying on with his previous assault! The referee is now forced to go physical and push Cody away from Sin Cara, and Rhodes is furious! The IC Champ points at the title in his hand and says that he should be shown more respect than that... but the referee has enough and SENDS CODY TO THE BACK!! The fans roar at the referee’s decision, and Cody starts to jump around and complain, but he eventually makes his way up the ramp, and the fans now chant the “Hey, Hey, Goodbye” chant as Cody leaves. The referee slides back into the ring only to be met by an enraged Ted DiBiase. Ted shouts in the ref’s face, but he falls backwards... Schoolboy by Sin Cara!! One...Two...Thr-NO!!!

Ted springs back to his feet with a look of shock, and he charges at Sin Cara again, but the Mexican ducks the clothesline and catches DiBiase with a dropkick to the face when he rebounds off of the ropes. DiBiase grabs his nose and rolls out of the ring to avoid further punishment, but Sin Cara charges towards the ropes next to Ted and connects with a scintillating SUICIDE DIVE!! Cara springs to his feet as soon as he hits the floor; sending DiBiase clattering into the ring barrier. The Mexican Sensation looks to continue his fast paced offence, but he has to wait for DiBiase to recover from the bump to the back of his head first and get back up to his feet. Ted staggers up, but is flipped right back down onto the small of his back by a Hurracanrana on the outside from Sin Cara!! The fans pop, as DiBiase’s back slaps off of the floor, and Cara readjusts his mask slightly before picking his opponent up and rolling him back into the ring. Sin Cara slides in after DiBiase and hooks the leg for another cover...One...Two...Ted prevents Sin Cara from advancing to face Rhodes! Sin Cara looks to carry on his momentum by lifting Ted up into a seated position and drilling him with a kick to the back, and Sin Cara then runs against the ropes and delivers a dropkick right to the face of DiBiase once more! Ted falls back onto his back and Cara is back down for another pin attempt...One...Two...No!!

After a quick shake of the head, Cara pushes himself back up to his feet, and starts to head towards the corner! He climbs through the ropes and then on top of the turnbuckle. He waits on Red to get back to his feet once again, and leaps from the top rope; looking for a Cross Body-DROPKICK FROM DIBIASE!! Ted caught Sin Cara in mid-air with a dropkick! Much like two weeks ago against Mark Henry, Sin Cara going to the top rope has cost him here tonight. DiBiase is laid on the floor next to Sin Cara, and the camera catches a smile come across his face as Sin Cara clutches his stomach next to him in pain. Ted gets back to his feet and grabs Sin Cara by the head; bringing him up too. DiBiase connects with a knee to the mid section followed by a scoop slam. Ted rebounds off of the ropes and drops an elbow down across Sin Cara’s sternum and stays on him for the cover...One...Two...No!! DiBiase wastes little time in bringing himself and his opponent back up to a vertical base and he lifts Sin Cara up for another scoop slam... but instead drops Sin Cara over his knee for a Gutbuster!! Cara flails around on the mat, as DiBiase rolls out of the ring and heads over to the timekeeper’s area and grabs a Steel Chair!!

DiBiase rolls back into the ring with the weapon, and Sin Cara leans against the ropes opposite to where Ted entered. Sin Cara runs towards DiBiase, and Ted swings and misses, and Sin Cara bounces off of the ropes behind DiBiase, but Ted quickly drops the chair and follows in and catching Sin Cara with his trademark rebound clothesline off of the ropes in the centre of the ring, turning Sin Cara inside out!! The fans cry “OOH!” from the move, and Ted opts against the cover and returns to the chair that he brought into the ring. Ted looks around with the chair in hand and he props it in the corner in between the top and middle turnbuckles! Ted returns to the centre of the ring and stomps on Sin Cara’s chest, and brings him back up. Sin Cara tries to battle back with rights and lefts to the mid section of DiBiase, and Sin Cara connects with a stiff kick to the side of Ted’s leg!! Sin Cara runs off of the ropes and hits a low dropkick and takes out DiBiase’s knee! Ted falls down to a knee, and Sin Cara charges in again and clatters into Ted’s head with a Shining Wizard!!! Ted falls spread eagle on the mat and Cara goes for the cover once again...One...Two...Thre-NO!!

The momentum falls into Sin Cara’s hands once again, and with DiBiase still basically laid out even after kicking out Sin Cara now heads to the high risk district once again to try and put DiBiase away. Sin Cara is able to get onto the top rope once more, and he flies off again, looking for a Flip Senton off of the top!!! TED MOVES BUT SIN CARA ROLLS THROUGH!!! The fans pop, as Sin Cara near enough replicates his entrance, and DiBiase rolls back onto his feet, and he charges at Sin Cara in the opposite corner, looking for a Spear-CRACK!!! Sin Cara moved and DiBiase goes skull-first into the steel chair that he had set up!! Ted is all groggy legged as he stumbles back, and Sin Cara comes in to roll him up...One...Two...Three!!!

Winner: Sin Cara (9.23)


The fans go wild after that finish, and the lights come back to normal, and Sin Cara has his arm raised defiantly by the referee; as he will now face Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Championship at Night of Champions! DiBiase looks dazed on the mat, as his eyes are glazed over as he stares into the lights. Sin Cara steps up onto the middle turnbuckle, and points out into the crowd, but his and everyone else’s attention changes to the stage, as Cody Rhodes has now returned. The IC Champ looks extremely pissed off through his mask, and he glares at Sin Cara with a determined stare. Sin Cara turns his head towards the champion and makes the belt motion around his waist!! The fans go wild again, and Cody seems to have had enough of it all and makes his way to the back.

Booker T: Look at dat! Cody Rhodes want no part of Sin Cara! He won’t be able to run anywhere at Night o’ Champions!

Josh Matthews: Sin Cara able to get some revenge for the beatings last week by Cody Rhodes as he knocks off Ted DiBiase, and that was a fun one to watch.

Michael Cole: Ted DiBiase can be proud of himself after that showing for sure, but I don’t think Cody will be too happy with his friend after that.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the commercial, and we’re over to the man that has taken over interviewing duties on both brands, the always excitable Matt Striker. Striker looks happy as usual as he psyches himself up inside his head.

Matt Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time is one of the five men competing for Randy Orton’s World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions and the man that will go one on one with the champion in our main event tonight; he is none other than Wade Barrett.

With that, Wade Barrett walks into the shot, dressed in his ring gear already, but with the suit jacket draped over his shoulders. He looks happy as displayed by his smug grin.

Matt Striker: Wade, you look pleased with yourself; most likely because of your attack on Randy Orton at the end of last week’s show. Do you not think that your actions may have only aggravated “The Viper”?

Wade Barrett: See Matt, the thing about snakes is that in order to stop them from causing any more damage than they already have is to cut off their head; that is exactly what I am going to do to Randy Orton tonight. I’m going to stop him from being able to defend that championship at Night of Champions because once I’m done with him he won’t even be able to make it to Buffalo.

The fans start to boo Barrett, but he carries on nonetheless.

Wade Barrett: Which means winning the World Heavyweight Championship is going to become even easier that it would have already been. Even if Orton does somehow manage to drag his carcass to Night of Champions, he’ll be in no shape to defend that championship. Hey, even if Orton was one-hundred percent, he would still not be able to stop me.

Barrett’s smile slightly vanishes for a second.

Wade Barrett: In his current reign as World Heavyweight Champion, he has only managed to stay champion because of biased officiating by that cretin Teddy Long, and somewhat mediocre opposition.

A mixed reaction to that statement; cheers for the Christian insult, but boos for the T-Lo jab.

Wade Barrett: So tonight, Randy, you have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. I am making a Wade Barrett guarantee that you are not going to make it to Night of Champions, because I am going to tear you apart.

The fans boo, and Barrett looks to walk away, but he turns to the camera one more time.

Wade Barrett: Or Randy, you can do what snakes usually do and take the easy way out; you can just give me the title tonight.

Barrett curls his lip up at the camera and then finally storms out of the camera, leaving Striker to mull over the harsh words of one of the favourites at Night of Champions.

Back in the arena, we see Trent Barretta posing on the top rope after just making his entrance and getting a decent reaction from the fans. All attention however focuses towards the stage as we hear...


There is quite a large pop in the arena, as we see Justin Gabriel walk out onto the stage!! The South African jumps in the air and lands down crouched and looks out to the WWE Universe and he springs back up and holds his arms out to the side as he makes his way down to the ring.

Josh Matthews: Here is someone that I have been looking forward to seeing tonight! Justin Gabriel, ladies and gentlemen, has been on a roll lately, after getting wins here on Smackdown these past couple of weeks and tonight he faces one of his good friends, Trent Barretta.

Michael Cole: All this guy seems to be doing is winning, and tonight I’m sure he hopes to carry on that trend.

Gabriel gets into the ring and nods his head at Barretta as he climbs up the turnbuckle and then poses for the fans. Gabriel extends his arms out like a plane and the camera mic picks up him saying “Time to Fly” as he gets a raucous ovation from the fans.

Match Two:
Justin Gabriel vs Trent Barretta

The bell rings, and both men quickly go into the centre to bump fists as a sign of respect, before they both back away and then lock up. Gabriel is able to get the advantage and put Barretta in a headlock before getting the takeover, but Trent gets a headscissors and both men then release and spring back up to their feet. They lock up again, and Barretta gets the headlock in this time, but Gabriel quickly leaps up and then hooks his leg around Barretta’s arm and drops down for a CRUCIFIX PIN! One...Two..Barretta kicks out! Both men spring up again, and they acknowledge that, and then they go in again, Gabriel goes for a kick but Barretta ducks and then rolls Gabriel up! One...Two...Kickout!! The fans pop for the opening exchange and then the two lock up again with Barretta getting the go behind... he tries to bounce Gabriel off of the ropes and roll him up but Gabriel holds onto the ropes and then Barretta rolls back into the ring. Barretta quickly runs in but Gabriel stops him with an elbow to the face, before he springs back off of the ropes and then SPIKES Barretta with a DDT!! Trent lays contorted on the mat, but Gabriel then pushes him over and hooks the leg...One...Two...NO!

Barretta stays alive, but he does look worse for wear, as that move from Gabriel has shifted momentum completely into his favour. Gabriel ushers Trent up to his feet, and then whips him across the ring into the corner. Gabriel charges in and connects with a shoulder to the gut, before he snapmares Barretta and rolls him into the centre of the ring and dropkicks him in the back of the head! Gabriel then hooks both of Barretta’s legs and goes for another pin...One...Two...NO!! Trent shows off some more resiliency as Gabriel doesn’t let the near fall deter him and he then gets Barretta up to his feet again, and goes to whip him into the corner again, but Barretta turns it around, and Gabriel goes running in, with Barretta following in. Gabriel tries the float over, but Barretta drops down to the mat and drives his knees in the air and Gabriel free falls right onto Trent’s knees!!

Justin holds his stomach and writhes around the ring as Barretta then takes the chance to rest after the onslaught from the South African. Gabriel starts to get up by himself, but Trent then comes over to bring him up. Barretta then goes for a swinging neckbreaker, but Gabriel then continues going around and spins Trent around, and Barretta then turns back into a SUPERKICK!! Gabriel also drops to the mat and holds his stomach, as it appears that his opponent has fallen into a convenient position. Gabriel notices this and starts to scramble up the turnbuckle, and he gets up to the top rope and stares out to the WWE Universe who know exactly what he is thinking Gabriel then leaps...450 SPLASH!!! Gabriel sells the effect on his ribs as Barretta is merely slumped down, and Gabriel then crawls over and hooks the leg...One...Two...Three!!!

Winner: Justin Gabriel (5.43)


Gabriel gets up, still clutching his ribs, and he has his arm raised by the referee as the fans cheer him for his performance.

Michael Cole: Justin Gabriel wins again! This kid is really starting to turn some heads around here, and I have to say that I see big things for Justin Gabriel.

Booker T: Man, dat, four-fiddy splash is off da chain dawg!

Josh Matthews: Well, Gabriel is certainly progressing here on Smackdown, and who knows where he will go next from here? And look at the sportsmanship! Fantastic.

Gabriel now approaches Barretta, who sits up in the corner and extends his hand; Barretta accepting as Gabriel pulls him up and raises his arm to a good pop from the fans, and both men then exit the ring together.

*Commercial Break*

Back from commercial, and the team of Percy Watson & Titus O’Neill have found themselves in the ring, and there is a decent cheer when their names get called out by Tony Chimel, and Watson treats us to an “OH YEAH!”. The two newcomers look out to the stage for their opponents.


Or is that opponent?! The fans are a little confused, but their doubts are put to rest, when the “World’s Strongest Man” MARK HENRY walks out onto the stage. The camera is behind him at first, but then pans around to see Henry looking very disapprovingly at the men in the ring. Watson and O’Neill look a little confused, but Percy tries to psyche himself up by doing a couple of little “OH YEAH!”s whilst Titus barks like a dog. Henry seems even more perplexed by this, and he has a look on his face to say “...the fuck is this?” as he trudges up the steel steps and onto the apron. Henry looks out to the WWE Universe, as he is set to be on the bad side of a Handicap Match as he prepares for Night of Champions; fresh of destroying Yoshi Tatsu last week.

Match Three:
2–on–1 Handicap Match:
Percy Watson & Titus O’Neill vs Mark Henry

The bell rings and Titus O’Neill steps up to the plate and decides that he wants to take on Henry. The two men then go for a lock up, but Henry forces O’Neill down into the mat face first!! Titus grabs his nose, but Henry is quick to get back on him; scooping him up off of the mat and then pushing him in the corner away from Watson. Henry comes in with a corner clothesline that sends O’Neill stumbling back into the centre of the ring and he then holds his hand out and Watson tries to get there but Mark Henry comes in and CLUBS Titus from behind!! O’Neill lays in a crumple on the mat, on his face, and Henry then drops an elbow down across O’Neill’s back!!

Henry then gets back up and he grabs O’Neill’s hand and drags him over to Watson in the corner and he holds O’Neill’s hand out for Watson, but Percy smartly shakes his head and doesn’t accept the opportunity of tagging himself in. Henry then looks right at Watson and shouts “GOOD MOVE” before he pulls Titus back up to his feet and then drops him down with a Scoop Slam!! The crowd are stunned into silence as O’Neill, despite being a physical presence himself, is being dominated by The World’s Strongest Man. Henry opts against ending it right now, and he then picks Titus off of the floor and whips him against the ropes and Watson gets in the blind tag!! O’Neill runs back at Henry and gets FLATTENED WITH A CLOTHESLINE!! Henry roars in his dominance as he then turns around and Percy Watson is FLYING THROUGH THE AIR...BUT HENRY CATCHES HIM!! Watson’s cross body attempt is foiled as Henry then moves into the centre of the ring and hits the WORLDS STRONGEST SLAM!! You’d probably need a fish slice to peel Watson off of the canvas has Henry then goes in with the lateral press...One...Two...Three!!

Winner: Mark Henry (3.01)


Henry then gets to his feet and he wastes no time in getting his arm raised by the referee. He seems happy with his work tonight as he dusts his hands together.

Josh Matthews: There is NO stopping Mark Henry; not when he is being this dominant.

Booker T: Man, I think Percy Watson has got broken ribs, dawg!

Michael Cole: Well, the World’s Strongest Man certainly sending a message to his opponents in nine nights, and I would not be surprised to see him walking out of Buffalo as the World Heavyweight Champion.

Henry then walks back over to the downed body of Percy Watson as he picks him up by his head and scoops him back up!!

Josh Matthews: This is not called for though!!

Henry holds him up, but then there is a stir in the arena, and SHEAMUS IS CHARGING DOWN THE RAMP!! Henry drops Watson to the mat as Sheamus slides in and then the two behemoths stare each other down! The atmosphere is electric as both men are ready to go...SO THEY DO!! Sheamus charges in and tackles Henry to the floor!! Sheamus gets in a few shots to the head of Henry, but then Mark turns it around and starts to club away at Sheamus’ face!! The two men start scrambling and trying to get a piece of each other, but then an army of referees and backstage staff all start sprinting to the ring!! The officials all slide in, but none of them are able to separate the brawling men, as Henry has two men holding both of his arms back but they can’t do anything!! Then Theodore Long starts running down to the ring and he doesn’t look happy, as he waves his arm and SECURITY make their way down to the ring!! The ring starts to fill with around twenty men all attempting to stop Sheamus and Henry going at it, and it seems that the security guys have managed to get the job done as Henry is finally pulled off of Sheamus and across the ring! Things seem to calm but no one had restrained Sheamus so he charges in and manages to get a boot to Henry’s chest!! The impact knocks Henry down onto his ass as the men start to swarm around Sheamus and the now furious Mark Henry! Long then gets right near Mark Henry and tells him to leave the ring and the World’s Strongest Man is forced out by the men surrounding him and the General Manager.


The fans start to cheer as Sheamus is seen smiling in the midst of all of the men surrounding him. Henry is being forced up the ramp and looks furious at what has happened and he stares down the smiling Irishman.

Michael Cole: Pandemonium!! These two men want to rip each other’s throats out!

Josh Matthews: Look at all of these officials! We’re lucky all these men were on hand otherwise we might not have a building right now!

Booker T: I just wanna see these two go at it again and again, dawg! And at Night of Champions, we’ll see it in dat Six-Pack Challenge!

*Video Package*

Narrator: To be a champion, one must be superior to all of their adversaries.

A flashing image of Randy Orton RKO'ing Christian onto the steel steps at Summerslam is shown.

Narrator: The champion might be Perfection...

Dolph Ziggler brashly holds up his United States Championship above his head.

Narrator: ...Beautiful...

An image of Kelly Kelly right after she won the Divas Championship flickers onto the screen.

Narrator: ... Or Ugly...

A scene of Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes trying to hide his face during one of his entrances comes up on the screen.

Narrator: A champion can benefit from the wealth of their company...

WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty are shown having their hands raised at the end of a match.

Narrator: ...Or just their wealth.

Alberto Del Rio stands in front of an expensive car with pyro shooting down behind him.

Narrator: One night a year, the WWE showcases these superior individuals.

A quick montage of a referee holding up each championship belt one by one is shown.

Narrator: It is the Night...

Randy Orton then stands on the top rope with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

Narrator: ... Of CHAMPIONS!

SEPTEMBER 18, 2011

*Commercial Break*

Back from commercial now, and the world’s happiest backstage interviewer Matt Striker is standing by ready with his microphone in hand and we see that standing next to him is Mr Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan!

Matt Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, as you can see, my guest at this time is the holder of the Smackdown Money in the Bank Contract, Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan: I’m happy to be here, Matt.

Matt Striker: Daniel, earlier tonight we learnt that you are going to defend your Money in the Bank contract in nine nights at Night of Champions in a Submission Match against Christian. Now you’ve had a chance to think about the match and all of the stipulations involved; how prepared are you going into this match?

Bryan rubs his chin as he thinks about his answer, but he then smiles.

Daniel Bryan: Matt, it is actually quite easy. I believe that I hold every advantage possible over Christian in this match. It is going to be a Submission Match, and I am one of the greatest Submission wrestlers in the world.

The fans pop as Striker can’t help but agree as he nods his head.

Daniel Bryan: Christian doesn’t have any submission moves; he’s never made anyone quit. The way I wrestle, is that my opponents either tap... Or snap.

The fans lap up everything Bryan has to say.

Daniel Bryan: Also, I’m going to go into that match as fresh as a daisy, as because of the non-contact rule that has been put in place until Night of Champions, Christian can’t touch me. He can’t execute any of his underhanded tactics and try to make sure that I am not one-hundred per cent when I go to face him at Night of Champions.

Bryan starts to look a little more serious as he talks now.

Daniel Bryan: He will try and say that this is Teddy Long trying to screw him out of the World Heavyweight Championship, but everybody knows that Christian does not deserve to be World Heavyweight Champion. Someone like me, Daniel Bryan, deserves to be the World Heavyweight Champion.

Bryan starts smiling again as the fans seem to agree with him.

Daniel Bryan: And I plan on carrying this briefcase all the way to Wrestlemania Twenty-Eight right into the Main Event and then I will win the World Heavyweight Championship.

The fans pop loudly as we are now aware of Bryan’s masterplan.

???: Pity that that isn’t going to happen, right?

There is a TON of heat now, as CHRISTIAN walks in to the shot, and he stands on the other side of Striker, who once again looks awkward as he just holds the microphone in between the two rivals. Bryan looks furious, as it seems that the calmness he has displayed thus far has vanished.

Christian: Daniel, now, I don’t want to aggravate you... I just came here to say good luck.

Christian then extends his hand, and Mr MITB looks down on it and smiles before he then makes sure not to touch Christian but then goes closer to Christian’s face.

Daniel Bryan: Nice try.

Bryan then smiles and walks out of the shot, and Christian has a smug grin despite Bryan seeing through his plan to try and get him to touch him.

Michael Cole: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, next week, making his return to Smackdown for one night only, “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge!!

Josh Matthews: And not only that; we have learnt earlier tonight that Edge is going to present his trademark talk show, The Cutting Edge, and his guests will be none other than Edge’s best friend, Christian, and the man that Christian will face in a Submission Match for the Money in the Bank Briefcase at Night of Champions, Daniel Bryan!

Michael Cole: Just think, we saw at Summerslam what Edge thought of Christian’s behaviour these past few months since Edge retired and it is just not the Christian we’d been used to seeing; all of these events that have happened to Captain Charisma have changed him, and the man that has caused all of this stress, all of this heartbreak; Teddy Long.

Booker T: No need to bring Teddy Long into dis, Michael.

Michael Cole: Teddy Long has been treating Christian unfairly! Argue it all you want, Booker, but you can’t deny the facts and Long has made Christian’s life hell these past few months!


There is a loud pop in the arena, as John Morrison walks through the curtain and he makes his slow-mo pyro and awesomeness and the commentators continue to talk over his entrance.

Josh Matthews: Let’s talk about Christian and Theodore Long another time, because right now we have a match between two Six-Pack Challenge Participants!

Michael Cole: Well here you see John Morrison, who simply just jumped brands and came here to Smackdown and he beat Christian last week to qualify for the Six-Pack Challenge.

Booker T: Well, I think Morrison’s got a good chance at Night of Champions. That entrance he does can distract the other guys and he can get the win, ya dig?

Michael Cole: What?

Morrison climbs onto the middle turnbuckle and holds his arm up and gets a good reaction from the fans and he jumps down and removes his jacket and gives it to the referee as he does his last minute stretches as he waits for his opponent.


There is a huge amount of boos as the painful-sounding entrance music of The Great Khali blares out into the arena, and the giant is accompanied by Jinder Mahal, who screams instructions as they walk down to the ring. Khali climbs into the ring and then holds the rope up for Mahal to follow him in. Morrison looks a little confused at that action and he then goes across the ring to shake Khali’s hand, but Mahal steps in his way! Morrison looks taken aback and then returns to the corner he was previously standing in beforehand. Mahal takes Khali back and shouts at his giant some more in Punjabi, and the referee then comes over and forces Mahal out of the ring and he rings the bell.

Match Four:
The Great Khali w/ Jinder Mahal vs John Morrison

Khali advances towards the centre of the ring, and Morrison comes in to meet him. Morrison goes for the handshake again now Mahal isn’t in the ring, and it looks like Khali is going to accept it, but then Mahal jumps up onto the apron and shouts at Khali! This causes Morrison to turn towards Mahal and KHALI STRIKES!! The big man knocks Morrison to the mat with a giant club! Khali picks Morrison up and pushes him into the turnbuckle and then connects with right hands to the mid section. Khali being JoMo up to the top rope and looks like he is going to throw Morrison into the ring but JoMo fights out with a kick to the head! Khali stumbles back a couple of steps and Morrison then flies off of the turnbuckles but Khali chops him down!! The fans go quiet as Mahal starts to smile at ringside and he tells his giant to start punishing Morrison. Khali then walks over to Morrison and starts stomping onto JoMo’s chest and pressing his knee down across Morrison’s throat. Morrison grabs the ropes to get the break.

Khali now bring Morrison up to his feet and pushes him into the corner once more. Khali goes for another chop but Morrison moves and Khali slams his hand on the top turnbuckle!! The giant groans in pain as Morrison now swings with a couple of right hands that rock The Punjabi Nightmare, but Khali pushes him back, but Morrison runs back into a BOOT TO THE FACE FROM KHALI!! Morrison is turned inside out from the impact and he then tries to pick himself up off of the mat, but Khali gets onto him and then picks him back up to his feet. Khali then piefaces Morrison and sends him tumbling over the top rope!! Khali goes to follow up but the referee now comes in and stops him, and MAHAL TAKES ADVANTAGE!! Mahal comes in with boots to the downed Morrison, and Jinder then brings Morrison to his feet and tries to sling him into the steps but Morrison turns it around and Mahal goes for the ride!! The fans pop as Mahal is slammed into the steel steps and Morrison now jumps up onto the apron.

Khali then finishes his piece with the referee, thinking that Mahal had done his job, but as the giant turns around Morrison comes in and connects with a springboard dropkick to the chest!! The impact only manages to knock Khali back a few steps! Morrison is quick to get up and then he kicks Khali in the side of the leg and that causes Khali to stumble some more! Morrison then kicks the leg again!! Khali still doesn’t fall and Morrison then runs off of the ropes and tackles Khali’s knee from behind!! Khali drops down to the one knee now and Morrison then smashes his elbow into the side of the big man’s head and he sees that Khali is rocked by the impact and he then runs across the ring and dropkicks Khali in the side of the head and the big man is down!! Morrison then jumps onto Khali for the cover...One...KHALI LAUNCHES MORRISON INTO THE AIR!! Morrison gets up, and Mahal is back on the apron! Morrison then runs and smashes Mahal with a forearm to the head and Mahal is sent tumbling once again! Morrison then turns around and Khali is on his feet! Morrison looks up at the furious giant but he is then blasted with a huge chop!! Morrison crumples to the mat as Khali then grabs him by the neck with both hands and lift him up before dropping him with the PUNJABI PLUNGE!! Khali goes down and makes the cover...One...Two...Three!!

Winner: The Great Khali (6.18)


The fans boo Khali as he stands up and gets his arm raised as many in attendance thought that Morrison was going to get the win.

Michael Cole: What have you got to say about that then, Booker?

Booker T: All I have to say is that Jinder Mahal cost John Morrison dis match, and if Mahal wasn’t dere, John Morrison would have beaten Da Great Khali right dere.

Josh Matthews: Well, despite Khali getting the win, I don’t think Jinder Mahal is that impressed!

Mahal has a face like thunder as he then climbs back into the ring and he goes right up to Khali who seemed to be happy about his victory, but Mahal shouts him down! Even though Khali won, Jinder Mahal seems to be furious! Mahal starts to escort Khali out of the ring, and Morrison is holding the back of his neck in the centre of the ring as he doesn’t seem happy that his Smackdown return hasn’t really had the chance to pick up momentum as we fade to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

As we return from commercial, we are in a corridor, and the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are walking down the hall. DiBiase looks upset, and he still hold the back of his head, and Rhodes has an emotionless stare as he walks forwards but the champion looks pissed off. Ted then stops walking.

Ted DiBiase: Look, Cody... I’m sorry again.

Rhodes then stops in his tracks and turns around to go nose to nose with his friend and he gives him a deep glare.

Cody Rhodes: Do you realise what you have done? I have to put this...

Rhodes then gestures to the title perching over his shoulder.

Cody Rhodes: on the line against that coward Sin Cara. He doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring as me, let alone competing for my prized possession.

Ted DiBiase: I’m sorry, are we cool?

Cody Rhodes: Cool? You think we are cool? You are the one that got me into this mess!! IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!

A few workers in the background seem to turn around after being made to jump a little after that outburst from Rhodes.

???: I hope this isn’t a bad time...

Rhodes looks infuriated that someone has came to talk to him, but when he turns around, he sees that it was William Regal!

William Regal: I just thought I’d come and find you two little hooligans and let you know that I have not forgotten what you two did to me two weeks ago.

Rhodes merely snarls at the Englishman, as Regal continues.

William Regal: That is why I spoke to Mr Long a few moments ago and asked to be Sin Cara’s partner next week where we will face you two imbeciles.

There is a decent pop in the arena for that statement. Regal now gets right into Cody’s face.

William Regal: So next week, I’m going to tear you apart, sunshine.

Regal then gives Rhodes a deep stare before cracking into a slight smirk before turning on his heels and walking away, leaving Cody looking furious, and DiBiase behind him looking concerned.

We are in a locker room area, and two men have their backs turned to the camera. One of the men has curly hair, so the crowd instantly recognises Derrick Bateman, and then they both turn around and the other is NXT Season Four Winner, Johnny Curtis! The two seem to have a more serious demeanour about them than usual.

Derrick Bateman: In recent times, the WWE has become a place of danger. Sneak attacks, low blows, interferences; all these acts have created an environment that many feel they are not fully safe in.

Johnny Curtis: Unfortunately, Smackdown is no exclusion to this and last week, we ourselves witnessed one of these heinous attacks.

Curtis then overdramatically puts his head in his hands which gets a few laughs from the WWE Universe.

Derrick Bateman: It made us think. It made us think of what we can do as individuals to help the WWE and ensure the safety of every WWE employee. Because when you take away someone’s safety, you restrict their freedom.

Curtis now quickly jolts his head forward and then looks directly into the camera.

Johnny Curtis: We are making it our mission to bring the freedom of the WWE Superstars back to them and finally put an end to all of this. We will not rest until the WWE is safe once again, and we will fight each and every night until we have completed our cause.

Derrick Bateman: I am “The Phoenix” Derrick Bateman-

Johnny Curtis: We agreed that I’m gonna be “The Phoenix”!

Derrick Bateman: Fine. He is “The Phoenix” Johnny Curtis and I am “The Prince of Justice” Derrick Bateman-

Johnny Curtis: I like that!!

Derrick Bateman: I know it’s sweet.

Johnny Curtis: And we are from this moment onwards, Fighting for Freedom!

The two men then share a cheesy smile at the camera as the camera fades out.

The camera now cuts to another backstage area, and we see WADE BARRETT walking down a corridor with the camera in front of him. Barrett looks intimidating as hell and a small graphic in the corner saying “Next” appears.

Josh Matthews: There you see Wade Barrett, who is going to go one on one with the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton... Next!

*Commercial Break*


The fans let their feelings towards Wade Barrett be known, as the smug Englishman walks out onto the entrance stage, with a suit jacket draped over his shoulders, but he bursts out of the jacket and starts to march down to the ring for his match. He is in high spirits after what he did to the champion at the end of the show last week, and as usual he makes no effort in trying to play for the fans. He briskly jogs up the steps and into the ring, and has a gaze out into the WWE Universe before running across the ring and smashing his fist into his hand. He looks around the arena again, and then faces the ramp to wait for his opponent.


The Spokane Arena EXPLODES with the biggest cheer of the night by far, and it is of course for the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton! “The Viper” slowly makes his way out onto the stage, and he wears the “Security” t-shirt he’s worn in the past few weeks on Smackdown, and his title rests around his waist. Orton gingerly shakes his shoulder out as he starts to make his way down to the ring, and the toll that the past couple of weeks has taken against the champion is obvious. Orton stares at Barrett in the ring as he saunters his way down to the ring, and Barrett does a mocking little wave to Orton as he makes his way down to the ring.

Main Event:
World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

The bell rings, but Orton is already on Wade Barrett after taking him out with a Thesz Press and the champion gets a measure of revenge for last week and hammers into the Englisman’s head with a barrage of right and left hands to the head. The referee comes in already and pulls Orton away. Orton springs back up, but he favours his shoulder immediately after, groaning as he goes in to follow up on Barrett with a stomp to the chest that sends Wade into the corner. Orton’s shoulder is causing him some considerable discomfort as he comes in to get Barrett again, but Wade reaches onto the ropes and uses them as leverage so he can kick Orton in the injured shoulder!! The champion groans in pain and stumbles back a few steps, and Barrett gets to his feet and flattens Orton with a clothesline! Barrett has the champion down for the first cover but Orton is forced to power the hurt shoulder up at two. Barrett quickly grabs hold of Orton’s arm and turns the champion onto his front and pulls Orton’s arm back with his knee on Orton’s shoulder... Barrett is trying to rip Orton’s arm off!!

Barrett’s ruthless style comes across early in this match, and Orton screams in agony at his shoulder being pulled apart by Barrett. Wade cranks the pressure on the hold up some more, and he tells Orton “Just tap. Make it easier for yourself!” Orton tries to use his legs to get to the ropes to break the submission attempt, but Barrett has the champion flat on the mat in the centre of the ring. The camera catches Orton’s face being pressed against the mat as a result of the position he is in, and Barrett continues to urge him to tap out to the hold, and just as it seems that the crowbar cannot be synched in even more; Barrett pulls back even harder!! Orton groans and tries to use his other arm to reach out in front of him to the ropes in front, which seem to be a little closer. Orton stamps his foot down on the mat, and the crowd start clapping along as the champion shows some fighting spirit and he manages to uses his free hand to edge himself slightly closer to just a hands length away from the ropes! Seeing this, Barrett just lets go of the hold and doesn’t allow Orton the chance to get the ropes, and Barrett slams Orton’s arm down on the mat and Orton quickly grabs his shoulder in pain.

Orton holds his shoulder, but Barrett comes in and STOMPS on Orton’s shoulder, and giving “The Viper” a taste of what his own moves are like. Barrett holds his arm up in the air as a display of dominance, but the fans give the former Nexus leader a large portion of heat. Wade now picks Orton off of the canvas, and he positions himself behind Orton, and applies a Hammerlock, causing Orton to wince in pain, and Barrett charges himself and the champion forwards... and Orton goes shoulder first into the top turnbuckle!! Barrett keeps the Hammerlock applied and lifts Orton over and drops him back down the other way onto his shoulder!! Orton rolls around in agony as Barrett slowly gets up to his knees and he crawls over to Orton to cover the champion...hooking the leg! One...Two...NO! Orton stays strong despite this match still being in the opening few minutes, and Barrett is happy with his work so far, and he goes right back to the shoulder, driving his forearm into it with authority, and he picks the injured champion off of the mat, once again using the arm attached to the hurt shoulder.

Barrett whips Orton into the corner, and Orton crashes hard into it. Barrett comes charging in, but Orton gets the boot up!! Barrett runs face-first into Orton’s boot, and is knocked back a few steps. Barrett turns around and Orton comes in with a CLOTHESLINE, taking Barrett down! Barrett gets right back up and Orton drops him down again with a left. Barrett is right back up again, and he charges...BACK BODY DROP!! Barrett lands hard on his back as Orton has to lean back down on the ropes to have a little respite from his short flurry, which took just as much out of him as it did Barrett. Barrett starts to get back up, and Orton comes in and knocks him down with a kick to the ribs of the Englishman, before going down onto his knees and starts using his uninjured left arm to pummel away at Barrett one more time, but the shots aren’t as strong as we would usually expect from Orton.

The champion grabs Barrett by the hair with and delivers another shot to the head, keeping his grip, much to the referee’s annoyance, and he places Barrett in a corner. Orton climbs up onto the second rope and starts to reel in another series of left hands to the head once again. The fans count along, but when Orton gets to 9, Barrett blocks the blow and pushes Orton all the way back and Orton crashes down onto the mat! Barrett shakes the cobwebs out a little, and then drops an elbow down across the chest of the champion, before springing back up to his feet and taunting the fans once again. Orton sits up as he tries to regain some of his bearings, but Barrett comes in with a boot to the face!! Orton is flattened out, and Barrett comes in with a huge series of stomps to the chest and shoulder of Orton again, and Orton screams out in pain! The referee comes in again to stop Barrett from stomping the hell out of Orton. Barrett unwillingly relents, and Orton has to roll out of the ring and out of harm’s way in order to avoid any further punishment from now.

Barrett is irate, and orders for the referee to start to count Orton out. The ref turns to start the count, but he can barely get started as he has to stop Barrett from exiting the ring and following up on Orton. Barrett gets in the official’s face and orders him to let him past, even trying to barge his way past the referee. The ref stays defiant, and tells Barrett to go to the other side of the ring; getting back at Barrett! Wade is furious now, and he pushes the official to the ground and exits the ring!!! The fans are shocked, as the referee sits on his arse and calls for the bell!! Barrett has been disqualified!!

Winner: Randy Orton via Disqualification (7.34)

The fans pop BIG TIME for the announcement, and Barrett is fuming!!! The Englishman shouts all sorts of abuse at the referee from the outside... BUT HE IS BLINDSIDED BY RANDY ORTON!!! Orton, getting payback for Barrett’s assault last week, knocks Barrett down to the floor, and starts raining in with left hands to the skull once again! The fans go crazy, as now Orton gets back to his feet, and starts cranking his neck around... he is hearing Voices! The champion picks Barrett up and Irish Whips him right into the steel steps! The sound of Barrett going into the metal reverberates all around the Arena, and Orton isn’t done! Orton rolls Barrett into the ring, but he goes around to the timekeeper’s area and gets a STEEL CHAIR!!! Orton is looking to send a message to his Night of Champions opponents! Orton slides the chair into the ring, and then slides under the ropes himself. Orton goes towards the chair, and grabs it. Barrett crawls backwards, trying to beg with the advancing Orton! Orton raises the chair, but Barrett kicks him in the mid-section!! The fans’ previously built buzz stops immediately has completely stopped, as Orton keels over and the chair falls to the mat! Barrett is quickly up to his feet, and he picks the chair up for himself!! Barrett stalks Orton and then WAFFLES him in the shoulder with the chair!! The fans are deflated now, and Orton falls down onto his knees, so Barrett connects AGAIN with the chair!!! Orton falls down onto the mat, with his face a picture of agony, as two weeks in a row now Barrett has left him in a heap on the floor.


Barrett’s music blasts out into the arena, but it is almost drowned out by the heat from the Spokane fans. Orton writhes in pain on the mat, and Barrett crouches down next to Orton’s face, and the champion’s expression is that of pure rage, but he is unable to do anything. Barrett has a broad smirk on his face, as he motions to his wrist where a watch would be, and he says that Orton’s time is running out. Barrett has an even smugger look now as he stands in the centre of the ring over the downed champion with his arm in the air to a great deal of heat.

Michael Cole: That is just a taste of what we are going to see from Wade Barrett at Night of Champions, that is your next World Heavyweight Champion right there!

Josh Matthews: Michael, you’re forgetting about the four other men that are going to be in that Six-Pack Challenge; but I will agree with you. Randy Orton put his body through so much trying to defend that championship against Christian, that he may have ruled himself out of his next defence at Night of Champions.

Booker T: I don’t know what da HAYELL you two are talkin’ ‘bout! He’s Randy Orton, he’ll walk out wit’ dat title!

Michael Cole: We have to wait nine nights time though, where we will find out who will walk out as the World Heavyweight Champion. I’ve been Michael Cole and this has been Smackdown!

Booker T: What about us, dawg?

The commentators sign off as Matthews laughs to himself, but the fact is that Wade Barrett has Randy Orton’s number going into Night of Champions. Barrett is now halfway up the ramp looking back with a smile on his face and Orton is still down in the centre of the ring looking up at Barrett and holding his shoulder in pain as Smackdown fades away.



SEPTEMBER 18, 2011


WWE Championship Match
Six-Pack Challenge Elimination Match

Alberto Del Rio © vs John Cena vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston vs R-Truth vs CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Six-Pack Challenge

Randy Orton © vs Mark Henry vs Wade Barrett vs Sheamus vs John Morrison vs The Great Khali

Smackdown! Money in the Bank Contract
Submission Match

Daniel Bryan © vs Christian

United States Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler © vs Rey Mysterio

Intercontinental Championship Match
Cody Rhodes © vs Sin Cara

WWE Divas Championship Match
Kelly Kelly © vs Beth Phoenix

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty © vs Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

JAM's Review

This ongoing feud with Teddy Long and Christian has been really good in this thread. Christian is one of my favorites so I'm glad to see that he's still high up in the card. It was a nice touch having Christian come down with two letters in hand and threatening Teddy Long. But instead of giving him a match, I applaud you that you found something else for Christian while elevating someone else in the process. I can see Christian winning this match and Bryan turning heel soon, there's just a lot of ways to go with this, so I'm looking forward to it.

The Cody Rhodes challenge is definitely different from what I've seen other people who book this time period. I think it's a great idea that you still have Dibiase paired up with Rhodes. This way, only do you build Rhodes up, you build Dibiase up, so it's two birds with one stone really. I can see that Dibiase will actually be the one who takes the title off Rhodes but not after a lengthy reign. Even if you put these guys in the Tag Team division, it'd be great. LOLOL @ REGAL

Really good promo by Barrett here. Good analogy with the whole cutting off the head of a snake thing, that was brilliant. Barrett is one of the best talkers in the WWE I believe so it must be fun writing for him. Maybe he goes over in the main event?

Gabriel with another win, definitely a fan of his. Maybe next week he goes up against someone big, maybe Christian to continue his losing streak? That would definitely get him higher up there. But he's fine where he is, he's a spot monkey so he'll be on the card nonetheless. I prefer him as a singles competitor so that's good to see. You're building up a pretty good midcard dude.

Wish that you paired up Titus and Darren Young but Percy Watson is a pretty good character too. The aftermath of the match was excellent. You have security come down once more which I think was a good touch but maybe something else could've happened between the two? Maybe something where Henry walks out but that would hurt his WSM gimmick so I see why you did what you did. Poor secuirty dudes tryin' to break this up.

LOLOL @ Booker, typical Booker T here with a line of confusion about Morrison's entrance. Well anyway, it'll be good to see Edge come back with his show, I expect a heated confrontation between him and Christian. Now that I think of Christian's match against Bryan, I wonder why Teddy would just grant Christian a match for the briefcase, hmm. But anyway, it's still going to be a really great match!

Adding another team in Curtis and Bateman? They're a pretty good team from what I've seen in the past. Pretty comical segment here, so their gimmick is superheroes, yeah? Kind of? Ohwell, another team in the division is fine by me. Just get those titles off Otunga-Cutty please.

What a main event, exactly how I thought it would be. Barrett will definitely be a favorite going into NoC and I can even see him winning but I think it'd be pretty good if we see Barrett chase the title until the next PPV. With Orton's shoulder severely hurt, it'll definitely be a task for Orton to retain. I like how you emphasize that which kind of throws us off as to who will win, good job dude.

Overall, a really enjoyable Smackdown. Your work with Christian has been the highlight of the show for me. And with Orton being your champion and Barrett going for the gold, there's a lot to look forward to. I much prefer your Smackdown to your RAW just because there's more wrestling but it seemed like a balanced show here with promos and wrestling. Oh and I miss your Georgia font, go back to that plz Night of Champions is shaping up to be a great Pay-Per-View, can't wait!
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Smackdown Feedback

Christian started off fine here with Teddy, usual kind of interaction between the two we’ve seen of late. I liked the two letter idea though the first one where you said ‘because Teddy Long sucks’ wasn’t exactly a great reason was it lol? Good choice from Long in making Christian face Bryan at the PPV, should be a hell of a match, chance for both men to shine. Christian wanting Bryan to put the briefcase on the line is great, makes the match more meaningful, the interaction between the two men after wasn’t great though, Bryan just coming out with the submission statement was a bit soon, I would’ve had them interact a bit more before maybe he throws that out there, explain that if he’s gonna put that on the line then he’d like Christian to do something for him, lead him on a bit.

Solid contest between Cara and DiBiase here. I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy the Intercontiental challenges you’ve been doing and this was no different. Cara/Rhodes should be a good one.

Barrett interview was good here, faded a bit at the end but it was generally quite strong, a little short however but statement made and should be a good main event later on.

Big win for Gabriel here, nice to see him continuing to rise up the ranks.

Watson and O’Neill versus Mark Henry? Hmmm, who’ll be winning this? Easy as can be for Mr.Henry. More importantly though it was nice to see the continuation of his feud with Sheamus. These two had quite the brawl and it’s good to see these two brutes just going at it week after week heading into Night of Champions though you have to feel they’re maybe a tad too distracted from the World title.

Honestly I wasn’t too keen on Bryan here. He’s a tough guy to write for, especially as a face, he was bland as anything at this point in real life so you’ve got some work to do to make him an interesting character. I did like you bringing up tap or snap though. Christian getting involved was to be expected and glad you kept the tension between the two building with this.

Cutting Edge next week? Should be a good one.

Khali should never be beating Morrison but I guess you gotta build him up a touch going into NOC so understandable. Mahal getting involved makes sense in a way though I’m sure a seven foot three inch giant doesn’t need his help lol.

Enjoyed this interaction between Rhodes and DiBiase, keep building the tension between the two and hopefully it leads to a feud, be it a mini one or long drawn out, should be good. Regal and Cara vs. Rhodes and DiBiase will be a good tag match.

I had a couple of laughs at this with Bateman and Curtis, enjoyed it. If you got two guys like these two who aren’t going anywhere or doing anything then why not team them up? I like it.

Main event time! Solid contest between the two men here but I didn’t like the end. I agree with you that it shouldn’t have ended clean but Barrett simply not letting up on Orton was a bit tame, you could’ve gone with the chair ambush during the match and just made Barrett look a ruthless S.O.B. Aftermath was well done though.

On the whole a solid show. Christian/Bryan should be good come NOC while Sheamus/Henry and Cara/Rhodes developed nicely here. A few characters here and there still need some work but with time you’ll get it right and the Cutting Edge next week should help with regards to that(Bryan). Main event picture is shaping up nicely heading into the big event.
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Smackdown Feedback!

Just starting this now so there might be some things here that have been answered previous.

First of all I’m loving the Booker T commentary.

Christian/Bryan is sort of a dream feud of mine and I can only see that match being an epic undercard encounter. The opening promo was really entertaining with Christian pretty much blackmailing Teddy. I’m interested in whether or not Teddy will make it as GM since he’s been GM over there so long. Submission match for the briefcase takes the intensity of the match up a good 5 notches. Bryan has the advantage there but I wouldn’t put anything past Christian.

Really well written Sin Cara/DiBiase match. Showed what both guys can do in the ring and I felt the ending was done perfectly. Sin Cara getting the IC title shot is really interesting because it’s something we sort of all expected around the time of his return. The match itself made Sin Cara and DiBiase both look rather good.
Wade Barrett interview was pretty interesting. Seems like the usual Orton type of feud we’ve seen since he’s gone face. The six pack challenge theme to NOC is awesome, by the way.

Gabriel coming out to the theme he should have. Really strong job of showcasing what Gabriel can do here, not to mention Trent is a good worker too. Great to see Gabriel on a bit of a winning streak. I’ve always felt he was capable of midcard success. Nice show of respect as well.

RYBACK MATCH! Wait, it’s just Henry. The pre-match antics of Watson/Titus are hilarious. Henry squashing people is always entertaining and he looks like he could be a potential favorite in the six pack. And here comes SHEAMUS! Big brawl between Sheamus and Henry here, sort of reminds me of those chaotic Orton/Henry brawls from around this time. Sheamus/Henry was a feud I honestly thought they’d pick back up once Sheamus came back on top but surprisingly it never happened.

Really good interview from Bryan and I feel that you got his character down perfectly. Still face, but well aware of his own abilities. Christian coming over and trying to get Bryan to touch him. He’s always been a crafty one. With the no contact clause, I could see Christian hiring someone to jump D-Bryan next week. THE CUTTING EDGE!!!

Interesting win for Khali over Morrison. Not really sure where this is going but I’ve never really seen any push for Mahal or Khali in a BTB before. Could be interesting if that’s the direction for this. I feel as if Morrison is the kind of guy that could put over Mahal well if this is a long term thing. Mahal controlling Khali is also a very interesting concept that WWE sort of tried. These two being in the six pack give them a good high flyer and a big man. Well, a bigger man than Henry. But any chance you could sort of fill me in on what you’ve done with Morrison, Khali and Jinder since you started?

Regal! Awesome to see him in action and I can imagine that tag match being really good. He’s a good veteran to put in a small feud with Rhodes/DiBiase.

Bateman/Curtis promo is hilarious. I haven’t seen much of these guys but I knew Bateman could be funny. That’s a really solid idea for a tag team, especially considering the recent chaos.

Pretty solid main event between Orton and Barrett. I never really dug the chemistry between these two guys but the way the match is written actually makes it sound solid. The aftermath makes this match though. Good little post-match brawl with Barrett getting the best of Orton and some nice momentum single digit days away from the PPV.

Good show you put out here and I’ll be back here giving Raw a look.

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