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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Raw Feedback:

Opening segment was good except i didn't like how all of a sudden HHH just went ''fine you can have your rematch'' I think there could have been a better way to make the match then that.

I'm guessing now Cena will feud with Truth and Miz? I'm interested to see how you go with this Kofi/Cena vs Miz/Truth
storyline. I liked the match and the brutal assault by Miz and Truth, but i think there should be a better reason then the usual ''we want his spot'' reason for people to feud with Cena.

Beth Phoenix beating Eve was a good way to get her right back in the title picture after losing at SS, but i always feel there needs to be something more interesting done in this divas feud, its been generic.

Ziggler vs Rey match was great and i'm glad you had Ziggler go over, Rey had no reason to win. I'm wondering if Ziggler will feud Rey next? surely they'd have a good feud but its happened before so it'll be interesting to see something different. I think at this time Ziggler was feuding with Riley.

Zack Ryder beating Swagger was all good, probably a slow push for him now. As for the tag-division, i really hope you have air-boom because i think they are a great team and are helping the division. Santino/Kozlov are a good team too but not Mcgillycutty/Otunga.

The Main event was a good match, Punk again gets cost the title by Nash. I'm still confused what that leaves the WWE Title picture in. Nash vs Punk, Del-Rio vs ?????? Cena is busy with Miz/Truth.

Overall good show and i'm really interested in your BTB.

Not Removing Until:

John Cena faces Undertaker at Wrestlemania [ ]

Sheamus and Cm Punk are the 2 World Champions [X] -Wrestlemania 28

John Morrison wins World Title [ ]

John Cena losses cleanly [X]- Wrestlemania 28 Rock Beats John Cena

John Cena turns heel [ ]

Shawn Michaels returns for One More Match[ ]

Daniel Bryan beats a Main Eventer cleanly [ ]

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Raw Review

This is the first time iím reading, looks easy to read, presentation is nice. As i find the current product unwatchable, as i watch some parts of it, i look forward to see how you will make it better than the current product. Good luck with this. You got rid of Big Zeke. :Nevermind. btw thanks for the Smackdown review.

To start after SummerSlam is a good way to go. Good way to have HHH starting things off to address the events of what happened in the main event. I liked how HHH introduces Ricardo so then Ricardo introduces the new champ Alberto Del Rioooooooooooooo.

I liked Del Rioís speech and i am glad that heís the champion. I liked the confrontation between HHH and Punk, HHH was put into a difficult situation here and he finally gives Punk his rematch for later on in the show. The Nash situation will hopefully be solved in the next couple of shows.

What Awesome Truth said was right, they deserved better and shouldnít have been last minute additions to the SummerSlam card. I especially like the way how R-Truth is cutting his promos, sounds so realistic of him. The assault on Cena post-match was great, i enjoyed that. Kofi saving Cena is interesting and i wonder if this leads to a push for Kofi, getting involved in higher profile feuds.

Itís good to see you use Kofi in a program with Cena and Awesome Truth.
Iím looking forward to the match between Cena and Kofi vs The Awesome Truth, should be fun. Awesome Truth are just so entertaining.

Beth beating Eve was expected. Now after that loss at SummerSlam she needs to get her rematch again and become the divas champion. I donít like Kelly Kelly as the divas champ and Beth or Natalya would make ideal divas champions.

Dolphís match with Rey was a nice back and forth contest. Reyís beaten him in the past so he didnít really need to go over here this time. Dolph getting a win here is pretty big and i would be interested in a Dolph/Mysterio feud. Dolph is a great US Champion and heís really making the title seem important again.

Ryder getting a win over Swagger, i liked that, good win for him. Could lead to a push. I would still want to see Swagger becoming a solid upper midcarder on Raw so i hope he comes back from this defeat.

The backstage segment with HHH and Lauranitis was interesting but i donít think HHH would have listened to him. He would have stayed on. As i really liked HHH in this role i hope to see more interesting announcements from HHH.

I hope to see the tag division getting a major boost as around SummerSlam the division was not so good. It has slowly picked up now and in this btb i would like to see you creating an awesome tag team division. If you do that then that would be really great. I definitely prefer Santino and Kozlov over Otunga and McGillicutty. Now that Kozlov is back, they ended up winning by count out so i think we will see a return match somewhere down the line. Maybe at Night of Champions?

Good to see Del Rio retaining his title in the main event. Hope he goes on to have a good reign. In the era where the belts gets hotshotted, i would like to see a champion holding on to the belt for a few months. Now that Nash interfered again to cost Punk the match, i wonder what the state is for the WWE Title picture. As Cena is busy with Awesome Truth, Nash has a program with Punk. This leaves Del Rio without an opponent, should be interesting where this goes next week. Perhaps this could lead to a 6 pack challenge at Night of Champions or maybe something else you have in mind?

Overall a good fall out from SummerSlam show and looking forward to your next show which is Smackdown. I wonder if youíre going to go with the supershows concept, thatís something iím enjoying at the moment. Keep up the good work and bring on Smackdown.

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Would first of all like to apologize for the lateness of this show. I've just been really busy with school/work/friends and I've been ill to boot, but today I've ploughed through this show, so the quality might not all be there, so I'll apologize for that as well I guess. Hope you guys enjoy

EDIT: Thanks for the Raw Reviews as well guys. Any feedback/reviews for this will also be returned


Friday Night Smackdown
August 19, 2011
Richmond, Virginia

The show starts with a recap of what went down on Raw, with Kevin Nash appearing once again to take out CM Punk and costing him the WWE Championship. This is followed by the opening credits.


Michael Cole: Good evening everybody and welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, and we are just 5 days removed from Summerslam. I’m Michael Cole, and joining me tonight as usual are Josh Matthews and Booker T!

Josh Matthews: It’s great to be here, and on Monday night we all saw the fallout from Summerslam on the Raw side of things, but here on Smackdown, the main talking point is Randy Orton winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Christian, in one hell of a match.

Booker T: It was great to see those two go at it with no rules in ‘dat No Hold Barred Match and I can’t wait to see de rematch for de title whenever it happens, dawg.

Michael Cole: Speaking of rematches, tonight’s main event is a rematch from five nights ago, as Sheamus and Mark Henry are set to lock horns once again in Richmond.

Josh Matthews: At Summerslam, Mark Henry got the victory by count out after he ploughed Sheamus through the ring barricade! I’m sure we’ll see similar brutality tonight.



It is all heat apart from the smarks naturally, as the former World Heavyweight Champion, Christian makes his way out into the arena, dressed to compete, and he doesn’t look like he’s in a very good mood as you would imagine.

Michael Cole: I feel for Christian; the guy can’t even hold the championship he’s dreamed of having ever since he was a kid for a month, because of stipulations he has to defend the championship in.

Josh Matthews: Are you forgetting when he made it so Randy Orton would lose the championship if Orton got disqualified?

Michael Cole: Is he not allowed one thing to work in his favour, Josh?

Christian is now in the ring, with a microphone.

Christian: Cut my music.

Alas, the music is gone.

Christian: I know what all of you think I am going to come out here and do; but I’m not going to do it. You all think that I am going to come out here and whine and complain how I lost the World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam to Randy Orton-

Captain Charisma is cut off from a huge pop from the fans.

Christian: That right there proves why I’m not going to. Because even if I do, and even if I have the most valid argument in the world, it will fall on deaf ears, because our idiot of a General Manager only cares what the (puts on a sarcastic voice, and does the quotey hand signal with his free hand) “WWE Universe wants”.

Heat for Christian, and he then laughs to himself.

Christian: Because you people boo me, I can’t get what is rightfully mine. So I am going to ask Theodore Long to come out here right now, and be a man, and give me my rematch for MY World Heavyweight Championship.

Christian then looks to the back, rubbing his chin. He waits for a few seconds, but still no Long.

Christian: C’mon Teddy. Come out here and do the right thing.

Still nothing...

That is until...


The lights in the arena go dark blue, which combined with the music means only one thing; Sin Cara is in the house! The International Sensation then bursts out onto the stage, and he points at the confused man in the ring. Christian cannot believe that he had been ignored by the GM, and his opponent for the evening has obviously been sent out to shut him up. Sin Cara disrobes, and then sprints down the ramp, letting off his fabulous pyro display as he leaps into the ring!

Match 1:
Christian vs Sin Cara

Christian seems extremely pissed off that he has to compete right now, as he was expecting to later on. The two men go into the middle of the ring to lock up, but Christian then cuts off his opponent with a slap to the face, which is still felt by Sin Cara, despite the mask. Christian follows up with a couple of right hands to the face which knocks Cara into the corner, and the former World Heavyweight Champion doesn’t show much regard for the referee’s wishes as he then continues hammering away at his opponent in the corner. Christian then is pulled out the corner by the referee, and he then goes back there to follow up on the previous early damage to his adversary. Christian then climbs up his opponent, and goes for an early monkey flip, but Sin Cara then flies over and rolls through back onto his feet! Christian then gets up, shocked, and is then taken for a ride with an arm drag from Sin Cara! Christian is quick to get back up, but is dropped down with another arm drag. Christian is straight up to his feet once again, and Sin Cara then runs at him, and then tilts the whirl before letting Christian go with a head scissors, the momentum sending Christian through the ropes and crashing down to the floor!

Christian tries to shake the cobwebs out, as he hit his head on the way down hard, and Sin Cara then points at him, which gets a loud cheer from the fans, and Sin Cara then observes as Christian is starting to get back up to his feet and then rebounds off the ropes and then flies over the opposite ones with a corkscrew plancha, flattening Christian! Sin Cara spring back up to his feet and then holds his arms up for the crowd.

Michael Cole: We’ve seen a very competitive match thus far; but please stay tuned into Friday Night Smackdown after this quick commercial break!


We return from the break, and Christian has managed to turn things around here on Sin Cara, and the replay of what happened during the break shows Sin Cara going for a cross body, but Christian connecting with a dropkick to the ribs. Christian now has Sin Cara locked in a waist lock, applying pressure to the previously injured back and ribs of Sin Cara. Christian has all the leverage due to him being placed behind Cara and controlling his movements, and the WWE Universe start to will the “International Sensation” on, and he manages to shift his legs so that they are now in front of him, and then he starts edging his way towards the ropes, but Christian then pulls him back! Sin Cara is now struggling, as he is now obviously winded and appears to be fading fast; that is until he chops Christian’s wrists and causes him to break the hold! Cara then grabs one of Christian’s arms, wrings it and then runs up the turnbuckle and flips back, catching Christian with an arm drag as he does! The fans now start to get excited at the prospect of the match quickening up, and both men are now back to their feet, and Sin Cara then runs at Christian, ducks a clothesline attempt, and then comes off the ropes and goes for a rotating arm drag, but Christian grabs him in mid air by the waist and brings him right down across his knee! ‘OOH’ is the cry from the crowd, and Christian then crawls over to his opponent and makes the cover








NO! Sin Cara kicks out!

The WWE Universe is relieved, as Christian sits up, holding his head in his hands, and Sin Cara is paying a lot of attention to his lower back, which was driven right into the point of Christian’s knee. Christian gets to his feet, and he slaps himself in the face, trying to focus himself. He looks back at Sin Cara getting up to one knee slowly. Christian then has a light bulb moment, and then goes over to the corner and crouches down! Some small children in the front row try to warn Sin Cara of his immanent fate, but it is too late, as Christian charges, going for the SPEAR---- but Sin Cara dodges it!! Cara jumped over Christian at the last second, and rolled through over to the corner! The two men then glance at each other (with Christian obviously not being able to properly see Sin Cara). Both men then run to face each other in the centre of the ring, and Cara then dodges another clothesline attempt and then runs up the turnbuckle, and comes back with a moonsault from the top; crashing down onto Christian! Cara then hooks the leg up









The WWE Universe was sure that Christian was done after that brilliant aerial manoeuvre from the Mexican, and Sin Cara wastes no time in getting back to his feet, and sees Christian getting his way back up to his feet, but Sin Cara knocks Captain Charisma back down with a running dropkick to the face! Christian seems out, and Sin Cara then gets to his feet and points to the top turnbuckle, which pumps the fans up some, and Sin Cara then climbs up the turnbuckle. He doesn’t face Christian, before coming off the top rope looking for another Moonsault! --- But Christian has his knees up! Sin Cara’s ribs crash against Christian’s knees once again, and he goes down clutching them desperately, as Christian gets back up to a vertical base with a sadistic smile across his face. Christian then starts to crouch in the corner once again, looking to go for another spear...


The crowd then erupts as the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton steps out onto the stage, in ring gear and the World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder, and he gives Christian a smile.

Michael Cole: What the hell is Randy Orton doing out here!?

Booker T: I think dat Randy wants to see how Christian can compete.

Christian then gets up from the corner, and walks over to the ropes nearest the ramp, and asks Orton “What the hell do you want?”. Orton doesn’t react at all, but Christian has no choice to as Sin Cara is back up and then rolls Captain Charisma up!!




Orton grins at Christian almost being pinned, and he shouts some encouragement to Sin Cara from the top of the ramp, trying to piss Christian off. Both Sin Cara and Christian spring back to their feet from the near fall, and Christian then back into a corner, and Sin Cara then runs over to him, but he is caught with the Pendulum kick to the face! Sin Cara is knocked flat back on his arse, and Christian then climbs up the turnbuckle, and as he is about to mount the top rope, Orton starts to walk down the ramp towards the ring! The commotion from the crowd captures Christian’s attention, and The Viper then says to him “Carry on, don’t mine me!” Christian though is hesitant, and he then gets to the top rope, but is still very much focused on Orton. Meanwhile, Sin Cara has gotten back to his feet in the ring, and he then runs up the turnbuckle and joins Christian! Sin Cara then hooks his head under Christian’s arm and takes Captain Charisma for a surprise ride with a Moonsault Side Slam!!! The impact is hard for both men, but Christian is sprawled flat on his back in the centre of the ring, and Sin Cara then jumps on top of him and hooks the near leg









Winner: Sin Cara (10.44)


The lights turn back to normal, as the majority of the WWE Universe is still awestruck from the move that Sin Cara just did to Christian, and Captain Charisma has still not moved from the impact.

Josh Matthews: What a showing from Sin Cara, getting a victory over the former World Heavyweight Champion; Christian’s hopes of a rematch against Randy Orton are now in jeopardy.

Booker T: My man Sin Cara pulled it out the bag!

Michael Cole: Am I the only one that saw that? Randy Orton distracted him!

Speaking of Orton, he then starts slowly making his way down to the ring, with Christian in his sights. The World Heavyweight Champion passes Sin Cara on the way, who looks at him, but more so the championship over his shoulder. Christian is just starting to come to in the ring, as Orton then slides into the ring under the bottom rope, and he leaves the World Heavyweight Championship belt by the corner on the mat. Christian is now up to his feet, and Orton gets down on the mat, and starts pounding it!

Michael Cole: Why does Orton need to do this? He beat Christian already!

Booker T: He gon’ send a message to Christian, tell him not to mess with The Viper again!

Christian is now on his knees with his back to Orton, dejected after his loss and unaware that Orton is in the ring. He gets up, and then turns around to go to the back, BUT IS THEN CAUGHT BY AN RKO FROM THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!


Cole starts protesting furiously, but to no avail, as everyone else seems to love Orton’s actions. Orton himself then picks up his title belt, and looks down to the motionless Christian, who is face down on the mat, as we fade backstage...

Matt Striker is in the interview area, and he seems pretty excited.

Matt Striker: Welcome ladies and gentlemen and please let me introduce you to my guest at this time is the man that is having a Summerslam rematch tonight against Mark Henry, he is “The Celtic Warrior”; Sheamus!

Sheamus then enters the frame and stands next to Matt, garnering a good response from the crowd as he does.

Matt Striker: Sheamus; tonight you face Mark Henry, the man that beat you by count out last Sunday at Summerslam after he ploughed you through the ring barricade. My question is, how are you feeling going into your rematch tonight?

Sheamus: Matt, let me tell ya’ how it is. Mark Henry is one tough guy, I learnt t’at at Summerslam. But t’ere is one t’ing that Mark Henry isn’t. Mark Henry isn’t a warrior.

This draws a little pop, as Sheamus starts to look intensely at the camera.

Sheamus: But I...well I, I’m not just any warrior, I’m t’e Celtic Warrior. My ancestors back in Ireland were the men t’at fought until t’e very end, and t’at’s what I’ll do with Mark Henry if I have to.

Sheamus is now speaking through gritted teeth, and the crowd is starting to see him getting pumped up.

Sheamus: He may have beaten me at Summerslam, but t’at was his first mistake. See, now he has t’ worry about me coming back tonight, because tonight Mark, I’m gonna kick your arse.

This brings a pop from the fans, as Sheamus continues.

Sheamus: Even if it takes one Brough Kick or twenty, you’re shoulders are gonna be pinned down t’ t’at mat for t’ t’ree count, and t’en I can carry on wit’ my career and t’en go on to become World Heavyweight Champion.

???: I wouldn’t think about the World Heavyweight Championship just yet; if I was you.

The camera widens out to see that Mark Henry is now facing Sheamus, and the Irishman is now seething. The fans give Henry a solid amount of heat, and Striker does the sensible thing and back out, away from these two behemoths.

Sheamus: And why would t’at be?

Mark Henry: In order for you to become World Heavyweight Champion; you have to beat me. Not many men have been able to do that recently; you being one of ‘em.

Sheamus now gets right into Henry’s face, the two men butting heads. Sheamus then cracks a little smirk.

Sheamus: But fella, I got another chance tonight. See you out there, big boy.

Sheamus then pats Henry on the belly a couple of times, before walking off and leaving a very PO’s World’s Strongest Man.


We return from the commercial break to see that Johnny Curtis is in the ring, ready to compete. The rookie is stretching out and looks pumped up to be given a match on Smackdown; his first since being decimated by Mark Henry.

Josh Matthews: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, and before the break, we almost saw our main event about an hour early!

Booker T: ‘dere is definitely some baaad bad blood between Mark Henry and ma boy Sheamus, and I can’t wait to see dem two go at it here tonight!

Josh Matthews: Of course though, up next, we are going to see Johnny Curtis in action.

Michael Cole: Who?

Josh Matthews: What do you mean? That’s Johnny Curtis in the ring, the winner of NXT Season 4. Please tell me you know who Johnny Curtis is, Cole?

Michael Cole: I honestly do not know who this man is.

Cole’s ignorance aside, Curtis seems to be getting a little bit frustrated with having to wait for his opponent, but alas, he waits no longer.


There is a decent amount of heat from the WWE Universe, as the former Nexus and Corre leader, Wade Barrett emerges onto the stage, and he has a microphone.

Wade Barrett: Cut my music, and save it Chimel you fat waste of space.

This alone gets Barrett a ton of heat which can be very clearly heard over hid fading music. Barrett starts to walk down to the ring as he carries on speaking.

Wade Barrett: Now for those of you that had your heads buried in the ground this past weekend, you might be interested to know that I managed to defeat Smackdown’s Mr Money in the Bank, Daniel Bryan at Summerslam.

The fans aren’t too happy about this.

Wade Barrett: Boo all you want, but it isn’t going to change a thing.

Nor this.

Wade Barrett: (walking up the stairs) Now one would think that I would be in prime position to receive a World Heavyweight Championship Match due to that victory, or even less, a match for the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Barrett is now in the ring, but this isn’t going to stop him from talking.

Wade Barrett: But no, our inspirational General Manager, Theodore Long, thinks it is fitting to put me in a match with (turning to Curtis)... what’s your name?

Barrett then tilts the microphone into Curtis’ face.

Johnny Curtis: I’m Johnny... Johnny Curtis.

Wade Barrett: An unimpressive name for a seemingly unimpressive man. So Johnny, let me ask, why is it that Theodore Long has deemed it appropriate that we face each other tonight? Perhaps you can tell me what you have done of any worth in the WWE?

Johnny Curtis: I, I won NXT Season 4.

Wade Barrett: Oh did you? Congratulations! Well I don’t blame anyone for not knowing who you are, because as winner of NXT Season One, all class and standing that show had; left with me.


Wade Barrett: Well, I managed to beat a horrible excuse of an NXT competitor at Summerslam, so I don’t think doing it again tonight will be any trouble.

And on that note, Barrett kick starts the match early with a left hand to the temple of Johnny Curtis!

Match 2:
Wade Barrett vs Johnny Curtis

Curtis dropped to the floor from the impact, and Barrett then thrusts the microphone into the chest of the referee and the ref then also orders for the bell to be rung. Barrett then goes down and starts laying into Curtis with rights and lefts, and the referee has to intervene and pull Barrett away from his opponent. Wade smiles and then gets Curtis up, and whips him against the ropes, and then flattens him with a huge clothesline straight afterwards! Curtis bounces back up and into the ropes, where Barrett then comes in with a kick to the mid section, and then grabs him by the back of the head and throws him through the ropes, and Curtis lands hard on the floor, face first!!

The WWE Universe slightly grimaces at the impact suffered by Curtis, who has shown little in the way of movement since the impact, and Barrett then laughs at his opponent’s condition before stepping through the ropes and jumping down next to Curtis. Barrett raises Curtis up to his feet, but the rookie is having a Bambi moment, and he is basically out on his legs (kayfabe, don’t worry). Barrett, naturally, couldn’t give less of a shit, as he then thrusts Curtis into the ring barricade! Curtis has another hard landing, and he then lands on the floor in a heap once again. Barrett now takes him up to his feet (just) and rolls him back into the ring. Barrett then slides back in as well, and he then places Curtis up against one of the turnbuckles... before coming in with w huge corner clothesline!! Curtis’ head recoils back off the top turnbuckle, and he then falls straight down onto his face! Barrett then gets his opponent up again, before going behind, and hooking Curtis up, and powering him back down onto the mat with a Pumphandle Slam! Curtis’s back arches, and there are a few people in the audience that seem happy that the kid is now showing signs of life again.

Barrett then decides against going for the cover, and then gets Curtis up to his feet again. Barrett whips Curtis against the ropes, and as Curtis comes back, Barrett goes for a big boot... but Curtis ducks it!! Curtis rebounds back off, and Barrett goes for a clothesline, but Curtis ducks again! The crowd pops as Curtis keeps his momentum going, and comes off the ropes again, and he looks for a flying forearm, but Barrett catches him with a Spinning Side Slam!!! Wade now wears a sinister smile, as young Johnny is sprawled flat out on his back in the centre of the ring, but Barrett isn’t done yet. Wade picks the rookie up once more, and scoops him up onto his shoulders in the Fireman’s Carry... before planting him down to the mat with Wasteland!!! Barrett nonchalantly then drops to his knees and hooks the leg







Winner: Wade Barrett (4.21)


There was no doubt in the result at the end of the day, as Barrett continues his momentum fresh off of his Summerslam victory. The referee then goes down to check on Curtis as soon as Barrett’s hand is raised.

Josh Matthews: What a dominant showing there from Wade Barrett, carrying on the momentum from Summerslam! Make sure to join us after the break, where we will see the new Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes in action.



There is a pretty solid amount of heat for the Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes, as well as his accomplice, Ted DiBiase Jr. The two are also accompanied by two of the ‘baggers’, who walk along the sides of the ring and hand out bags to members of the audience.

Michael Cole: I’m happy for Cody Rhodes! Last week he won his first singles championship in the WWE, and I personally cannot wait for this young man’s reign to begin.

Booker T: He pulled out da win last week, and he d’serves to be holding that Intercontinental Championship.

Josh Matthews: Cody Rhodes getting the victory over Ezekiel Jackson last week, in what also happened to be Jackson’s last match in the WWE.

Rhodes is now in the ring, and his music fades out. DiBiase then hands him a microphone.

Cody Rhodes: Last week, I won the Intercontinental Championship.

Rhodes then strokes the championship belt around his waist.

Cody Rhodes: This championship holds more prestige and honour than any other championship in this company; in the world. Legends have held this championship, and this is the first of many steps to becoming a legend myself.

The WWE Universe seems to disagree with Rhodes’ prediction.

Cody Rhodes: All of you people doubted me in the past. You said that there was no chance I would make it, but here I am, holding the richest prize in the game. You see, being the Intercontinental Champion means that I represent the whole world and every continent and country in it. I am going to prove that I am the best athlete that the world has ever seen, and then... then all of you people will stop mocking me, making disparaging remarks, trying to cause me emotional distress.

DiBiase shows some concern, putting his hand on his buddy’s shoulder.

Cody Rhodes: So I thought that I would devise a way to prove that I am the best competitor in the world. I challenge any international athlete to a match, if they can beat me, I’ll give them a match for my Intercontinental Championship.

DiBiase then takes the mic and gives Cody an apprehensive look, but the IC Champ simply nods hsi head in approvement.

Ted DiBiase: There it is. Anyone in the back that is not from the greatest company on the planet has just got to beat Cody and then they can have a match for the greatest championship against the greatest ever champion.


Ted DiBiase: Ah shut up! You people know nothing; none of you matter. The only people that matter right now are Cody and I, and the jackass that Cody is about to beat, so get that lump of trash out of here.

Ted then leaves the ring and takes the microphone with him. Cody removes his jacket and title, before handing them to the referee and waiting for his opponent.


There is a decent amount of cheers for Yoshi Tatsu, and the young Japanese Superstar seems as happy as ever as he bounces down the ramp, pumped to compete. Cody seems to have an indifferent reaction to his test for tonight, not impressed by his opponent, but not about to take him lightly either. Yoshi gets into the ring, and then signals to the referee that he is ready to begin.

Match 3:
Non-Title Match:
Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes w/ Ted DiBiase vs Yoshi Tatsu

The bell rings, and the two men then go into centre ring to lock up, but Cody surprises Tatsu with a head butt to the face; Cody’s mask connecting with the bridge of Tatsu’s nose! Yoshi drops to the floor straight away, and Rhodes is back down there in an instant, delivering a few more head butts to his downed opponent, but the referee threatens disqualification, so Rhodes back away. Tatsu seems to need a few seconds to get his head together after that shot at the start, but as Tatsu had just gotten back up to his feet, Rhodes springs off of the ropes and connects with the Beautiful Disaster Kick!! Tatsu drops down to the mat and Rhodes slightly smiles at his handiwork in the opening moments of the match. But it seems that Cody doesn’t want to drag this one out for too long, as he then stalks his opponent from behind, and when Yoshi comes around and stumbles back up to his feet, Rhodes plants him with Cross Rhodes!!! Rhodes then goes down to make the cover, and DiBiase plays cheerleader at ringside.






Winner: Cody Rhodes (1.34)


Cody is now officially 1-0 in his challenges, and DiBiase then brings him in his Intercontinental Championship, and then straps it around his waist for him, too. But Rhodes then barks for Ted to get one of the bags, which one of the baggers hands him, and Rhodes then bags Yoshi Tatsu!! The crowd gives heat, as DiBiase gives Yoshi a couple of boots to add injury to inseult, and the two then start to leave the ring. The screen fades to black afterwards..

*Video Package*

There is a black background, and then the words appear as the narrator says them.

Narrator: One night.

The shot then turns into a quick montage of all the champions raising the championship after winning.

Narrator: Where everything is on the line.

Alberto Del Rio cashing in Money in the Bank at Summerslam.

Narrator: Everything we have worked for...

Christian being defeated by Randy Orton at Summerslam.

Narrator: Everything we have dreamed about.

Daniel Bryan retrieving the Money in the Bank briefcase at Money in the Bank.

Narrator: The WWE will never be the same.


*End Video Package*


We’re back from commercial, and we see Matt Striker once again happily standing by in the interview area.

Matt Striker: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest has asked for this time to address some comments that were made about him earlier in the night, so please welcome Mr Money in the Bank, Daniel Bryan!

To a great pop, Daniel Bryan walks into the frame with a smirk on his face. Striker hands him the microphone and then leaves.

Daniel Bryan: Thanks Matt. Now, as Matt Striker just said, I asked for this time because I heard what Wade Barrett said about me earlier on before his match with Johnny Curtis, and as you all may suspect, I didn’t really like what I heard.

Bryan chuckles to himself as he remembers back to those fun times...

Daniel Bryan: Wade, you beat me at Summerslam. You were the better man on THAT night, but I guarantee that if we ever have another match just one on one me and you, the result won’t be the same.

A loud cheer comes from in the arena.

Daniel Bryan: Maybe, the next time we face against each other will be for the World Heavyweight Championship? You know, because I have this bad boy right here...

Bryan then raises the blue Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase into the frame, and then nods his head towards it.

Daniel Bryan: I’m sure you already know but this briefcase means that I can have a World Heavyweight Championship Match any time I want. I can cash this in at Wrestlemania, or I could even cash it in later tonight.

He winks to the camera, but he then shakes his head to signify that no cash in will happen in Richmond.

Daniel Bryan: So Wade, if you do manage to beat me to the World Heavyweight Championship, you need to know that I am going to be right there behind you, ready and waiting with my briefcase.

Bryan then defiantly walks out of the shot.

And back to the arena, where The Usos are in the ring, ready for their match.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown, and in the ring we see The Usos, Jimmy and Jey set to compete.

Josh Matthews: The winners of this next match will of course go to Night of Champions to challenge David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Booker T: I like The Usos. Dey’re twins so ‘dey have ‘dat chemistry that some teams jus’ don’t have.


There is a loud chorus of boos, as Jinder Mahal and his brother in law, The Great Khali walk out onto the stage, both looking focused for the upcoming match.

Michael Cole: This is the team that I think will win this match. You combine the in ring skills of Jinder Mahal with the pure size, aggression and power of The Great Khali, you have a winning formula.

Josh Matthews: These two do make a formidable team that is for sure, but their opponents have been teaming for their entire lives and their other opponents are former champions in their own right!

Mahal and Khali are now in the ring, and Mahal gives The Usos an intense stare, as his head snaps back to watch the final team competing in this match enter the arena.


A huge pop in the arena for the recently reunited team of Raw’s Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov almost drowns out their entrance music. The “Odd Couple” then march down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans as they go down.

Michael Cole: These two are a joke. How they have been champions before I don’t know, and why Triple H rehired Kozlov I also don’t know.

Booker T: Ah shut up Cole! I love these guys, Santino is one of da fun’yest guys I’ve ev’r met.

Michael Cole: Booker, you should know that being funny is not what makes you a champion.

Josh Matthews: Well Santino is a former tag team champion as well as a two-time former Intercontinental Champion, so he must be doing something right. Anyway, how this match is going to work is that one man from each team will start in the ring, and then they can tag in their partner freely, so it is essentially a Triple Threat Tag Team Match.

Match 4:
The winners will become #1 Contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships at Night of Champions:
Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali vs The Usos

Santino and Kozlov enter the ring, and they decide that Kozlov will be the man that starts for their team, and Santino then gets into a corner. Kozlov then sees that the men he is starting the match with are Jimmy Uso and Jinder Mahal. The bell rings, and Mahal goes for Kozlov straight away, but is swatted out of the air by the Russian! Uso is next to try, but Vlad ducks a clothesline attempt, and then comes in with a right hand which knocks Uso flat, but the Samoan spring back up, and it met by a boot to the face! Jinder is back now, and he tries to go behind Kozlov and attempts to hook up The Sand of Time, but Kozlov ducks down and uses his experience to throw Mahal over his shoulder, before Mahal runs back into Kozlov and is taken down by a huge battering ram head butt to the chest!! Jimmy makes the tag to Jey, and Jey comes in and meets the same fate as his brother, a boot to the face. The crowd gives a pop for the lively start to the match from Kozlov, and he is left standing tall in the centre of the ring, but the camera picks up a shot of The Great Khali’s face, and he doesn’t seem that impressed by Kozlov’s dominance thus far.

Kozlov then decides that his opening flurry was enough for now, and he then makes the tag to Santino, which receives a great pop. Santino goes over to Jey Uso, who was using the turnbuckle to prop himself up, and delivers a string of right hands to him. After three shots, Uso turns it around and then throws Santino into the corner, and then connects with a flurry of rights and lefts to Santino’s chest, and then grabs him by the hair and drags him over to Jimmy in the Uso corner. Jimmy tags himself in and The Usos then treat us to a double suplex on the Fiesty Italian, and Kozlov tries to extend the arm to get himself back into the match, but Santino is cut off by Jinder Mahal!! Mahal then stomps on Marella several times, before Jimmy Uso comes in and joins the fray! The Usos seem to have worked out a small understanding with Mahal that it might be in their best interests to eliminate The Odd Couple. Mahal gets Santino to his feet, and then takes him over to his team’s corner, where he then tags in The Great Khali!
Santino then lets out a huge high pitched scream, as Mahal is holding him right in place, and Santino is drilled in the top of the head with a Brain Chop from The Great Khali!! Khali then makes the cover on Santino!






A combined effort from Jimmy Uso and Vladimir Kozlov breaks up the count!

The Uso’s alliance with Mahal seems to be over now, as Mahal then places a boot right to Jimmy Uso’s head for breaking up the count! This draws Jey back into the match, where he comes in and then takes Mahal down with a flying shoulder tackle! The referee has lost all control now. Meanwhile, Kozlov is not allowing Khali to get back to his feet, as the Moscow Mauler starts hammering on the back of the giant, and both Usos then come and join in! Khali seems to be worn down following the assault from his opponents. The Usos get Khali up to his feet, and they prop him up in the corner. Jimmy then signals for Vladimir Kozlov to come in, so the Russian charges, AND CONNECTS WITH A FLYING HEADBUTT TO KHALI’S CHEST!! Khali then caves forwards onto his knees following that move from Kozlov, and then The Usos then both kick Khali from either side! Khali lets out a huge scream in pain, as he then rolls out of the ring, landing on the floor in a huge heap.

By this time, Santino is back to his feet, and so is Mahal, so on the other side of the ring, both men are trading blows, and Kozlov is now brawling with both Usos to some success. Santino gets whipped towards the centre of the ring, just as Kozlov sends in Jey Uso, but Santino does the splits, and Jey goes straight into Mahal in the corner! Kozlov then rams Jimmy in the chest with two huge headbutts, as Jey comes out of the other corner to receive a Santino Stunner!!! The impact behind the move sends Jey tumbling between the ropes, and Kozlov then disposes of Jimmy over the top rope, who lands on top of The Great Khali, both men crashing down to the floor!
Jinder Mahal was resting in the corner, but he then turns around and sees that the only other people in the ring are Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov! Mahal comes out of the corner, begging for them not to hurt him. Santino and Vlad then share a look at each other, and Kozlov then holds his hand out for Mahal, who very eagerly accepts it, but Kozlov then turns it around into a judo-style hip throw! Mahal lands hard on his back, as Santino starts to charge up The Cobra!! Mahal gets back up to his feet, selling the hard landing on his back, and then THE COBRA STRIKES! Santino then dives down for the cover, as Kozlov makes sure to block any interference!






Winners: Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov (6.11)


Following that total clusterfuck of a match, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov are going to Night of Champions! The victors hug in the centre of the ring, as Mahal rolls out of the ring.

Michael Cole: These two?

Josh Matthews: Well this odd pairing that has worked well in the past carrying on their momentum since reuniting, and now they have a match for the WWE Tag Team Championships at Night of Champions!

Booker T: I can’t make a prediction of who is gon’ win ‘dis match at Night of Champ’yuns, but it know it’s gon’ be off ‘de damn chain!

Smackdown heads for the penultimate commercial of the night, leaving behind the image of the winners with their hands raised in the air, and the WWE Universe cheering them.

We’re back once again, and in the ring ready to compete are the young Divas duo of AJ & Kaitlyn.

Josh Matthews: Welcome back to Smackdown, and we are ready for some Divas tag team action, and as you can see, in the ring we have AJ & Kaitlyn, and Booker, we know you like Kaitlyn very much, aint that right, Book?

Booker T: AWH SUCKY DUCKY QUACK QUACK! Kaitlyn in ma’ girl Josh, and AJ, she is one little crackerpot right ‘dere.

Michael Cole: Booker, what the hell is a crackerpot? Actually, don’t even answer.


There is a decent amount of heat in the arena, as Beth Phoenix and Natalya; The Divas of Doom begin to make their way down the ramp. Both as usual, look unimpressed by their opponents, and Beth especially still seems to be stinging from her Summerslam loss.

Michael Cole: See, these Divas I like. Actually, they’re not called Divas, these two women are wrestlers.

Josh Matthews: I’m sure that they will have their hands full tonight though.

Michael Cole: Are you being serious? These two bimbos have nothing on Beth and Natalya!

Beth and Nattie are now in the ring, and they waste no time posing tonight; they want this to be as quick as possible. It is agreed that Natayla will be starting things off with AJ.

Match 5:
The Divas of Doom (Beth Phoenix & Natalya) vs Kaitlyn & AJ

The bell rings, and both women enter the centre of the ring, and AJ holds her arm up as if to initiate a grapple, but Natalya simply laughs at her opponent, and slaps her in the face!! AJ drops to the floor instantly, as the crowd give Natalya some heat, but the Anvilette doesn’t care, as she gets her opponent up by the hair, and props her up in the corner. Nattie then drives her shoulder into AJ’s gut several times, before wringing her arm, and then taking her down onto the mat, not losing the grip. AJ gives a slight scream, as Natalya brings her back up to her feet, and then wrings the arm up again, before dragging AJ over to the ‘Corner of Doom’, and tagging in The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix. A look of horror takes up on AJ’s face, as Phoenix steps through the ropes, and Natalya keeps her hold on AJ’s arm, utilizing the referee’s 5 count, but Natalya lets go when Beth Phoenix then kicks AJ’s arm whilst it was contorted! The crowd lets out a cry of ‘OOH!’, as AJ drops to the mat, screaming in pain, but Beth then grabs her by the hair, and brings her back up to her feet. Beth wrings AJ’s arm this time, and then transitions it into a hammerlock! AJ tries reaching round to hit Beth in the head, but she can’t get any contact. Beth then lifts AJ up whilst still in the hammerlock, and then takes her over head with a back drop, and AJ’s arm is the first thing to hit the mat! AJ seems very worse for wear, and Beth then goes for the first cover of the match!




AJ kicks out!!

A pop of relief from the WWE Universe greets this, and a look of relief comes across Kaitlyn’s face on the apron, as she then extends her arm out to make the tag into the match. AJ sees this, so she then desperately tries to crawl towards her partner, but Beth then grabs her foot and brings her back into the centre of the ring! Phoenix drops an elbow down across AJ’s back, and then grabs AJ by the foot, and then drags her over to her corner, where Natalya then gets the tag back into the match. AJ then tries to take advantage of Natalya getting into the ring, and makes another break for it, but Natalya grabs her leg once again. There is a look of desperation on AJ’s face now, as she tries to fight past it, and she then gets standing on one leg, with Natalya having a hold of the other one, and AJ then connects with a Enziguiri to Natalya!! The crowd pops, as AJ now has a clear path to get Kaitlyin into the match, and she starts to crawl over to her corner, but Beth Phoenix illegally comes in and drags AJ all the way back into the Divas of Doom corner. The referee berates Beth for her actions, but it has allowed Natalya to get back on the offensive on AJ, putting the boots to her opponent. Natalya then picks AJ up, and throws her into her corner, where Beth then takes an illegal shot, which draws Kaitlyn out of her corner, but in typical referee fashion, the ref tends to Kaitlyn instead of witnessing Beth choking AJ with the tag rope!! AJ then falls down onto the mat face first, and Natalya then walks on top of her, and then hooks AJ’s legs up in between hers, Natalya then tries to get AJ’s arms hooked in as well, which she does, and Natalya then has the surfboard submission hold applied! AJ screams in pain, until Natalya breaks the hold, which she does. Natalya then brings AJ up to her feet once again, and then grabs her by the face, and takes her over to Kaitlyn, where she taunts Kaitlyn, by holding AJ’s hand out, but AJ is near enough out of it by now. Natalya drops AJ’s hand, and then gets right in Kaitlyn’s face, taunting her, and calling her ‘Barbie’, until Kaitlyn has enough and slaps Natalya in the face!! The WWE Universe pops and Natalya stumbles back, and then trips over AJ!! Natalya falls to the mat, and AJ manages to summon the small amount of energy to reach up, and get the tag into Kaitlyn!!

Kaitlyn then catapults herself over the top rope, and then charges at Natalya, and then takes her down with a clothesline! Natalya spring back up to her feet, furious, but gets dropped with another clothesline from Kaitlyn! After seeing her friend get dismantled throughout the entire course of the match, Kaitlyn is on fire! Natalya gets up, and she swings for a right hand, but Kaitlyn ducks, and then connects with a dropkick to Natalya’s face, which sends her against the ropes, and as Natalya comes back, Kaitlyn catches her with a flapjack!! The crowd pops big time, as Kaitlyn then goes for the cover!




No! Natalya kicks out!!

Kaitlyn is not deterred by this for one second, and she then ushers Natalya back to her feet, and connects with an impressive European Uppercut right to Natalya’s jaw! The connection made an awesome slapping noise, and Natalya then falls back first into a neutral corner. Kaitlyn then holds her arm up, which gets a cheer from the WWE Universe, and she then charges in, looking for a spear... BUT NATALYA DODGES IT! Kaitlyn crashes and burns into the turnbuckle, paying the price for posing to the WWE Universe, and not following up. Natalya then takes this chance to tag in Bath Phoenix, who wastes no time in getting into the ring and then she starts to size up Kaitlyn as she comes out of the corner, and then Beth brings her up, and powers her down to the mat with the Glam Slam!!! Beth then turns Kaitlyn over and pins her





Three! No doubt about it.

Winners: The Divas of Doom (6.44)


Michael Cole: Now THAT is what I call a dominant performance.

Natalya then gets back into the ring to raise Beth’s hand, and AJ musters enough strength to be able to crawl over to Kaitlyn to check on her and make sure she is okay. Beth and Nattie then look at their defeated opponents and then slowly start to walk towards them, with a menacing look in each of their eyes. The referee then steps in the way to tell the Divas of Doom to go to the back, but Natalya then shoves him aside, and then Beth grabs AJ by the hair, and then gets in her face and talks some smack to her, and Natalya then goes over to Kaitlyn, and then splits her legs open, and then puts her foot in between, setting up for the Sharpshooter!

Josh Matthews: Someone come out here and stop this!

Michael Cole: Why? Let Beth and Natalya show these little girls what it is like to be a wrestler in the WWE, it’s not all catwalks and make up!

Beth then turns AJ around, and then takes her up just like she did to Kaitlyn a few moments ago, and Natalya cheers on as Beth Phoenix plants AJ with the Glam Slam as well! Beth then disgustedly looks at AJ and then witnesses as Natalya applies the Sharpshooter on Kaitlyn! The crowd rain the heat down, and Kaitlyn starts tapping out for all her worth, but it doesn’t mean anything. The timekeeper starts ringing the bell, but Natalya does not let up on the hold... that is until Kelly Kelly and Eve start sprinting down the ramp!!

Booker T: Finally, someone gon’ come an’ stop all this!

Natalya lets Kaitlyn go, and then her and Beth scramble from the ring, as Beth indicates that she still wants the Divas Championship. Kelly and Eve then go and check on the injured Divas in the ring, as Beth and Natalya decide to live to fight for another day and avoid any confrontation, backing up the ramp, putting on mock tears for the girls they just decimated. The camera then fades to black...

...We are now in Theodore Long’s office, and we just catch him finishing a phonecall.

Theodore Long: ...yes, I understand. Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed watching Smackdown from home tonight Mr Helmsley, and I will see you next week.


Theodore Long: Okay Sir, Goodbye now.

Long then puts the phone down onto the desk, and then slouches back into his chair, breathing a sigh of relief. His happiness is short lived however, as Christian then bursts into his office, holding the back of his neck, and looking furious.

Christian: Who was that on the phone?!

Theodore Long: Not that it matters t’ya atall, but it was Triple H, and he says that he is coming to Smackdown next week. Now is that all you wanted?

Christian: Is that all I wanted? Did you not see what happened to me out there? First Orton takes my championship away from me in a match that put him at a distinct advantage anyway, and then he costs me my match tonight, and then RKOs me straight after I got dumped on my head from the top rope!

Theodore Long: Playa, you still aint telling me what you want me to do about it.

Christian: I want you to give me my rematch at Night of Champions against Randy Orton.

There is a pop in the arena for this, mainly in hope that Orton beats him again.

Theodore Long: As much as I’d want to do that, playa, I can’t.

This gets an even bigger pop.

Christian: What? W...Why not?

Theodore Long: You lost to Orton at Summerslam, and then you lost to Sin Cara tonight; you’re gonna need more momentum than that to become the number one contender.

Christian: But I’m the former champion! I have a rematch clause!

Theodore Long: Actually...about that...

Long then reaches down into his middle drawer on the desk, and pulls out a few pieces of paper fastened together.

Theodore Long: I have the contract you and Randy Orton signed for your match at Summerslam, and there is no rematch clause in this contract.

Christian’s jaw then drops to the floor.

Christian: But I was the champion; I deserve another shot!

Theodore Long: I’m sorry, but you know how it works around here; if you want another shot, you have to earn it. Now if you don’t mind, I have a show to run.

Christian then looks furious and walks around the desk; he then looks down onto Long.

Theodore Long: You better get the hell away from me before I get security to throw you out the God damn buildin’!

Christian then grabs Long by the collar, and leans down over him.

Christian: Now Teddy, I want you to give me one more match.

There is some nervousness in Long’s voice as he speaks now.

Theodore Long: Now here is what I’m going to do... SECURITY!!! HELP!!!

As soon as Christian even has a chance to react, he is taken out from behind... by RANDY ORTON!! Orton then grabs Christian by the neck, and throws him into the wall behind him head first! Orton quickly then turns to the camera, and it is revealed that he is now wearing a black t-shirt with the word “SECURITY” written in white across the front, and then this gets a few laughs from the crowd, who are still popping from Orton’s attack. Orton then bounces Christian’s neck off of the desk, and then grabs him and drags him out of the office, and naturally the camera follows.

We see Orton carry Christian past the interview area, where Matt Striker shouts a few words of encouragement to “The Viper”, and Christian then fights back with a sledge to the midsection, and a shot to the back. Christian now grabs Orton by the neck, and drags him along to a corridor, where he moves a couple of employees out of the way to try and ram Orton’s head into a wall, but Orton turns it around, and Christian is sent right into the wall head first! Christian drops to the floor, and Orton now gets him up onto his shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry, and starts carrying him down the corridor! Orton then sees Justin Gabriel and Trent Barretta in conversation, and stops them for a second, still holding Christian up on his back.

Randy Orton: Hey, where is the parking lot?

Gabriel then motions in the direction of further down the corridor, and Orton then thanks the South African, who then along with Barretta, watches as Orton carries Christian further down the hall way. The camera still follows as Orton has Christian up on his shoulders still and then kicks open a door, and reveals the PARKING LOT!!!

Orton drops Christian down onto the concrete, but Christian then starts to get back up, so Orton goes to carry on beating his foe, but Christian catches the World Heavyweight Champion with a low blow!! The crowd boos as Christian then gets back to his feet, breathing heavily, and he starts to put the boots down on Orton, laying into the champion. Christian gets Orton up to his feet, and then grabs him by the ears and walks him over to a car that is nearby, and bounces Orton’s head off of the bonnet!! Orton falls to the floor and then grabs his head in pain, as Captain Charisma then starts kicking Orton whilst he is down again, and then he looks on the roof of the car, and wears a sadistic smile, as he gets Orton up and rolls him onto the bonnet, before climbing up himself, and then grabbing Orton’s arm and walking up onto the roof of the car.

Josh Matthews: Whatever Christian has planned for Randy Orton right now surely can’t be good news for The Viper.

Booker T: He gon’ throw him off dat car, you watch ‘im.

No Booker, instead Christian gets Orton up to his feet, and then grabs both of his arms, and turns him around, ready for the Killswitch!!! Christian looks back slightly, and says “You took my championship Randy, I’m not playing any more of your games!” Christian looks to go and hit it, but then Orton breaks loose and CHRISTIAN GETS AN RKO ONTO THE CAR!!!

Michael Cole: OH MY! Orton just RKO’d Christian onto the car!! Head connects with metal in a sickening collision!

Orton rolls onto the bonnet, holding his head, as the crowd are popping the fuck out of that spot, and Christian is laying motionless on top of the vehicle, his arms hanging down either side, and Orton then gets back to his feet, and then stumbles out of shot.

Michael Cole: Please, stay tuned in for after the break, where we will see the main event of the evening! Make sure not to miss it!


Before the entrances of Mark Henry and Sheamus, the cameras go to the announce desk, and shows the arena still buzzing from what they just saw Randy Orton do to Christian.

Josh Matthews: Welcome back to Smackdown, and what we saw before that commercial break was one of the most... I can’t even find a word for it, it was awesome!

Michael Cole: For any of you that do not know what Josh is talking about, take a look at this.

A replay of what happened is shown, and the crowd in the arena pops once again
for it.

Booker T: Man, Randy Orton jus’ dang near killed Christian wit’ dat RKO onto da roof of dat car!

Michael Cole: As great a moment as that was, we still have out main event of the evening to come, and I can’t wait for this one.

Booker T: Sheamus and Mark Henry. These two guys destroyed each other at Summerslam, and we about to see ‘em go at it again.


The crowd descends into heat, as “The World’s Strongest Man”, Mark Henry enters the arena, and he looks as focused as ever, hoping to successfully induct Sheamus into his “Hall of Pain” tonight.

Michael Cole: This man has taken people out, he has put them onto the injured reserve list, and these just aren’t any men.

Josh Matthews: You’re right, Michael. The Big Show and Kane, two of the toughest men to ever have stepped foot in a WWE ring, have both been taken out by Mark Henry.

Henry is walking down the ramp, and when he reaches the bottom, there is a sudden commotion in the WWE Universe in the form of a very loud cheer, as Sheamus is charging down the ramp behind Henry, and Sheamus then hits an axe-handle to Henry, taking him fully by surprise! Henry then stumbles forwards, and The Celtic Warrior then goes in with another shot, causing Henry to fall further towards the ring, and Henry then stops to lean on the ring apron, but Sheamus is straight in there to bounce Henry’s head off of the ring apron! The referee now exits the ring to try and get Sheamus into the ring, but to no avail, as The Great White grabs Henry by the hair, and then bounces Henry’s head off of the steel ring steps this time!! Sheamus now sees this as an appropriate time to get Henry into the ring, which he manages to do, before sliding in after him.

Michael Cole: These two aren’t going to waste any time in performing lock ups, or any technical wrestling. I hope your folks are ready to see a fight; a pure and simple fight.

Main Event: Mark Henry vs Sheamus

The bell can finally ring now, and Sheamus then goes down to start wind-milling blows to Henry’s back and head, being encouraged by the WWE Universe all the way. Henry though is withstanding the hits, and slowly making his way back up to his feet, until he then pushes Sheamus back, and then gets up to his feet. The two men then go nose to nose in the centre of the ring, Henry infuriated by Sheamus’ pre-match attack, and the WWE Universe is now at fever pitch to see these two go at it again. Sheamus swings for a right, but Henry then grabs Sheamus’ head and then flattens him with a head butt! Any and all momentum that Sheamus had from the previous assault has now vanished, and it is the World’s Strongest Man on top now. Henry then gets a handful of bright orange hair and then throws Sheamus into the corner. Henry then takes a few steps back, before running in and crushing Sheamus in the corner! Sheamus comes out of the corner, and Henry then scoops him up and drops him down with a huge Scoop Slam! Mark Henry then makes the first cover of the match





Sheamus kicks out!

Sheamus powers out of that cover, but Henry is now not going to waste any time in carrying on his offense, as he then gets Sheamus back up to his feet once more, and then goes to whip him across the ring, but instead opts to pull him back and flatten him with a short arm clothesline! Much like the opening minutes of their Summerslam encounter, Mark Henry is in control. Henry now leans back against the ropes and propels himself forward, and then comes down on Sheamus with a huge splash! Henry goes for another cover, hooking the leg this time






Sheamus kicks out again!!

The frustration is now clearly starting to build inside Mark Henry, and he then starts just laying into Sheamus with right hand after right hand. Henry then screams “I’M GONNA KNOCK HIM OUT!” and then keeps going with the right hands to Sheamus’ face, and the referee then manages to somehow pull Henry away from his opponent, so Sheamus can have a little rest bite, but Henry is now back on the offensive, and he takes Sheamus and props him up on the middle rope, with Sheamus’ neck hanging over the rope. Henry then drives his knee into Sheamus’ back, and putting all the pressure on his neck, choking Sheamus out!! The referee then begins his 5 count, and Henry breaks it at 4, allowing Sheamus to catch his breath once again, but it is not for long, as Mark Henry then rebounds off of the opposite ropes and comes crashing down across the back of Sheamus’ neck, and Henry then lands on the outside!! Sheamus is now slumped over the middle rope, and Henry then gives Sheamus a hard right straight across the temple, and Sheamus then slumps down onto the mat. Henry then heaves himself back into the ring, and goes for another cover








Sheamus grabs the bottom rope!

Great ring awareness from the Irishman, and Henry is now angry, so much so that he just kicks Sheamus’ arm, which causes The Great White to scream out in pain. Henry shows no sympathy as usual, and he then gets Sheamus up once again, and then Irish whips him into the ropes, and Sheamus comes back at Henry and Mark Henry then elevates him right above his head, and then allows Sheamus to free fall back down to the mat, and Sheamus then crashes right onto his chest, and he then immediately grabs his pectoral muscles to sell the move, and then falls onto his back to just try and get some air after that move. Henry meanwhile chuckles away at Sheamus’ predicament, and then grabs one of Sheamus’ arms and drags him over to the corner. Henry then picks a kid in the WWE Universe and shouts “I’M GONNA BREAK HIM!” before climbing up to the second rope and then trying to steady himself, but suddenly Sheamus bursts to life and then goes underneath Henry and Powerbombs him from the second rope!!! The ring just managed to take the impact, and Sheamus is now seated in the corner, looking in shock at what he just did. Henry starts to stir, and then is up to one knee. In an amazing move, Sheamus then grabs the top rope and pulls himself up onto the top turnbuckle! Sheamus is then crouched on the top rope, and he urges Mark Henry to get up and turn around, which Henry does, and Sheamus then leaps off of the top rope and connects with a flying shoulder block, which knocks Henry straight off of his feet!! Sheamus then jumps on top of Henry with a lateral press







Sheamus lands back on his knees, and Henry is already up to a knee, and then in a move we’ve never seen before from Sheamus, he runs in and connects with a Shining Wizard style knee to Mark Henry’s head!!! The fans give a big pop from the new move, and Sheamus then jumps back up, and does his Celtic Cross taunt for the fans, and they all make their noise heard in the form of cheers. Sheamus then grabs Henry’s head, and places his colossal opponent’s frame in between the ring ropes, and starts to hammer away on Henry’s chest, each shot creating a huge slapping noise!! The referee then pulls Sheamus away, and Henry then moves out of the ropes. Henry stands on the apron, and he pushes Sheamus back towards the centre of the ring, but Sheamus then rolls backwards through, and charges at Henry, and then delivers a flying shoulder block, knocking Henry off of the apron!! There is a loud thud, as Henry falls straight onto his back right in front of the announce table, and Sheamus then looks at Henry in a vulnerable state, and then steps through the ropes against the referee’s protests and down onto the floor with Mark Henry. The ref begins the count.



Sheamus starts to bring Henry up to his feet.


Henry is up to a knee, and Sheamus clubs him in the back, the stiff shot reverberating around the arena.



Henry now is up to both feet, and he then quickly grabs Sheamus and throws him into the ring apron!


Sheamus then leans on the announce table to recover from the hit, and Henry goes for an over head punch, but Sheamus dodges it and Henry’s hand slams down onto the announce table, and Michael Cole almost jumps out of his seat!


Sheamus takes a breath of relief, and Henry then recoils, holding his hand.


Sheamus then strikes Henry with a hard right, which is returned.


The count is almost up, and neither man show any indication of re-entering the ring, instead trading heavy blows.

10!!! Its over!!

Result: Double Count Out (9.46)

The bell rings to signal the end of the match, but it isn’t stopping the two goliaths, as they continue to trade brutal blows right in front of the announce table. Sheamus though cuts Henry off with a knee to the gut. Sheamus then removes the top off of the announce table, and then this is the cue for our commentators to fuck off, which they do. Sheamus then drops the sheet onto Henry, which doesn’t really stop Henry from getting to his feet any quicker. But Sheamus then picks out one of the monitors, and he sees Henry getting to his feet, but Henry ducks it!! Sheamus then turns back around, and Henry then quickly scoops him up, and gives him a World’s Strongest Slam through the announce table!!! It was all in one fluid motion, and a very small ‘HOLY SHIT’ chant breaks out in the arena, as Sheamus lays motionless on top of all the rubble, and Henry then breathes heavily over his opponent, and starts to walk round the ring to the back, as medics rush past him and the show ends to the arena in near silence as Sheamus is being tended to.



SEPTEMBER 18, 2011


WWE Tag Team Championship Match
David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty © vs Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

I'm being so shit with this at the moment. Raw is being done very very slowly but surely. I've got school and work keeping me up to my neck in stuff to do, so this has been kinda neglected. But this thread is still very much alive, and I do have a clear outline of where I want this to go. My aim is to have Raw finished by next weekend, and then Smackdown done by the end of the year. I just thought I'd throw a few news & notes in here. Thanks to anyone reading



After being dominant on Superstars for the past couple of months, Brodus Clay is set to start appearing on Raw after the Night of Champions Pay-Per-View. Clay gained mainstream exposure at the start of the year as he competed as Alberto Del Rio's rookie on NXT Season 2, and was part of the Wrestlemania 27 event. It is thought that this time with Del Rio will not be referenced once Clay starts to appear on the main show.

Following Brodus Clay into the WWE spotlight is young talent such as Johnny Curtis, Derrick Bateman & Percy Watson. Curtis competed in a match against Wade Barrett this past Friday on Smackdown, and is is believed that his tag team partner Bateman may be in action this week on the blue brand. Percy Watson is scheduled to start appearing on television within the next month, mainly on Superstars at first. There is also a possibility that NXT Season 2 competitor Titus O'Neill could be called up and join Watson as his tag team partner.


Rey Mysterio has been complaining with problems regarding his persistent knee injury, which has troubled him several times in his WWE career. It is thought that the surgery required will keep Mysterio out for 6-9 months, and could possibly rule Mysterio out of Wrestlemania 28. The current plans are for Mysterio to compete up until Night of Champions, and then after that he will be written off of television until he is ready to compete.


The match between Alex Riley and Drew McIntyre last Thursday on Superstars was very well received amongst critics, and as a means of gaining interest for the midcard Superstars, the feud could be brought onto the Raw main shows, and a possible United States Championship feud, as it is expected that Dolph Ziggler will be ready to move up to the main event by the end of the year.


Lance Hoyt, who worked with WWE for a brief spell between 2009-2010 under the name Vance Archer, is believed to be in talks with re-signing with the 'E, with the idea being that he will join up as part of a team with an existing Superstar. This would make him the second re-signing recently, following Vladimir Kozlov's WWE return last week.
That was about it for the news, nothing major, I know. I'll try to work some more on Raw now, and then hopefully get a preview up at the start of next week.
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Sorry I've been so shit.

Monday Night Raw Preview
August 22, 2011
Atlanta, Georgia

Monday Night Raw rolls into Atlanta, Georgia this week, and tonight is a night where hopefully some questions are going to be answered.

The main question on every body's mind is why Kevin Nash felt the need to interfere in the WWE Championship Match last week between new WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio and the man he cashed his Money in the Bank contract on at Summerslam; CM Punk. For two consecutive nights, Nash cost Punk the WWE Championship, and much like after Summerslam, no one had heard from Kevin Nash so only he knows why he has interfered in Punk's matches. Unless that isn't the case and there is some conspiracy in the WWE, keeping CM Punk away from the WWE Championship? CM Punk will no doubt be looking for answers tonight, as he has requested to open the show to discuss the events of last week.

Speaking of a conspiracy, the two men that introduced the possibility of one, The Awesome Truth, will be in action in the main event of the show. Last week, The Miz and R-Truth attacked John Cena with steel chairs, allowing Cena to get the win against Miz via disqualification. The assault continued until Kofi Kingston got involved and brought a chair of his own with him down to the ring to fend off Cena's attackers. Kingston then made the challenge for a match this week on behalf of him and Cena, a match which The Awesome Truth gladly accepted later on in the night. What will happen when these four men collide? Will Kofi Kingston prove that he belongs in the 'big leagues' as The Miz put it, or will The Awesome Truth assert their position as the two most dangerous men on the red brand?

Last week, Rey Mysterio faced the United States Champion Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match, which Ziggler won after Dolph's manager, Vickie Guerrero got herself involved and distracted Mysterio, allowing Ziggler to nail the Zig-Zag and get the victory. Mysterio can't have reacted well to the loss, and tonight, the 'Ultimate Underdog' will look to get back on track, as he is in action once again tonight. Ziggler and Guerrero will be present, but Dolph is not set to be in action. How will Rey Mysterio come back from last week's loss, as it was made even more personal given his history with Vickie as well as the rest of the Guerrero family?

Beth Phoenix is unstoppable. Spurred on from her defeat to Kelly Kelly at Summerslam, the Glamazon earned two victories last week; a win over Kelly's friend Eve on Raw, and a tag team victory with her partner Natalya over the young duo of AJ and Kaitlyn on Smackdown. After their match on Smackdown, they proceeded to beat down the defeated youngsters, that was until Kelly Kelly and Eve came down to make the save. This set up the match that is going to take place this week, as The Divas Champion Kelly Kelly and Eve will take on The Divas of Doom. This will give Beth Phoenix a chance to be in the ring with the Divas Champion for the first time since Summerslam, and a great chance for the Glamazon to prove that she deserves a rematch at Night of Champions.

There will also be a rematch from last week on Raw, as Jack Swagger has requested another match against Zack Ryder, as he, and Michael Cole, thought that Ryder's win over The All American-American last week was a fluke. Can Swagger make amends for last week? Or will Ryder Woo-Woo-Woo his way to victory once again?

Confirmed for Monday Night Raw:

CM Punk opens the show

John Cena & Kofi Kingston vs The Awesome Truth
The Divas of Doom vs Kelly Kelly & Eve

Jack Swagger vs Zack Ryder
Rey Mysterio will be in action!

All this plus Santino Marella, Dolph Ziggler, Triple H and more on Monday Night Raw from Atlanta!

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Solid start to your BTB, TWG. Here are my thoughts:

First off, presentation is cool, clear and concise and easy to read. Your promos are generally good but the odd one or two of them are a little short (i.e. Bryan, Cody on SMACKDOWN, Triple H on RAW) and I'd like you to expand a little on the amount of detail in these promos. Matches are well written and are just about right for a TV show IMO. Onto the actual shows, interesting to see you giving Kofi Kingston a leg up into the main event area as he teams with Cena vs. Miz and Truth. I'm a believer that Kingston could - if booked correctly - move up to that level, he has the support. You are going to need to carefully plot his rise up to gradually build him if this is your plan. Don't just have him winning every match, important wins and close losses are the order of the day I think. I liked Cole's comment about no Diva being able to 'kick out of the Glam Slam' - there could be a new idea for a feud with the Divas of Doom. Unfortunately, you don't carry on with it. A bit too similar to real life in the Divas division for me. Great to see DOlph go over Rey in a clean 'ish' way. Ziggler is another that with careful thought could become a main eventer. As it stands, a lot of your feuds are similar to the WWE so I hope you can find a way to tie them up quick and move on, newly built guys like Ziggler and Kofi will help you make the BTB different to RL. I get the feeling that you will send Kevin Nash into a match with Punk down the line and have Alberto feud with somebody else.

On SMACKDOWN, another pretty much like real life WWE show. I understand that some things need finishing up but Orton/Christian, Divas of Doom/Eve and Kelly, Henry/Sheamus - all what the WWE did. Another new star getting built - I think - with Sin Cara defeating Christian and Orton to blame? I thought the character development of Barrett was done well and I'd like to see a slow rise up the ranks for him - similar to the Barrett Barrage I guess. Orton brutalising Christian in the parking lot was new and different but I'm not excited about them facing each other again. Nor am I excited about Henry and Sheamus carrying on. I much prefer Sheamus the monster so I'm going to struggle to like his face actions, I'm afraid!

One other little thing: 'clusterfuck' 'little to no reaction' ??? Do you need these kind of comments in your shows?

Solid start, I want to see that you now move on and throw in some different feuds as you head to Night of CHampions. Yes, some will be the same as Summerslam but not the majority. Will be reading.
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Monday Night Raw
August 22, 2011
Atlanta, Georgia

Before the opening credits, a replay of what happened in the main event of last week’s Raw, and then the image of Alberto Del Rio celebrating under all of the confetti and balloons with the WWE Championship above his head. This is then followed of course by the opening credits.


Michael Cole
: Welcome to Monday Night Raw! We’re just one week removed from one of the most controversial Raws in recent history. I’m Michael Cole, and with me, as usual, is Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

Jerry Lawler: Thanks Michael. I can’t believe that CM Punk was cost the WWE Championship for the second time by that damn Kevin Nash, who once again, has left any justification for why he has been targeting CM Punk!

Michael Cole: I’m sure Nash has his reasons, but I don’t know how CM Punk is goi-


Jerry Lawler: Speaking of the devil!

CM Punk then bursts out onto the stage to a huge response, with a face like thunder, understandably so. He storms down to the ring, not even noticing the fans at ringside. He slides under the bottom rope, and then walks across the ring to get a microphone, snatching it off of the hand that gives it to him. He takes his seat in the centre of the ring, and then starts to speak.

CM Punk: I’m really sorry if I come across rude or angry during tonight’s show, but I believe that you will all understand, given the circumstances of what happened both at Summerslam and last Monday on Raw. What happened to me on those two occasions are a plain, clear example, of a has-been old hack not knowing when he should just stay the hell out of the spotlight.

There is a decent pop for this.

CM Punk: See, Kevin Nash needs to stay out of the spotlight, because I am the spotlight. I sat on that stage and spoke my mind; allowing all these other guys to come forward and be what they want to be. Guys like Zack Ryder, Johnny Curtis, there are more. These are guys that have came forward into their own, and they're getting noticed because of it.

Decent pop for Punk's integrity.

CM Punk: What is it they call me? "The Voice of the Voiceless"? Yeah, that. I'm the spotlight that is showing the way for all of these young guys the way to making it in this business. I'm trying to help pave the way for the new breed of wrestler, and I'm starting the revolution.

Pop again.

CM Punk: I'm a smart guy, I know that some people probably don't want change, they liked the things to be the way that they were about fifteen years ago, and that's why I've had a dinosaur attacking me this past week.

There is a "OOH!" from the WWE Universe.

CM Punk: Don’t get me wrong, I respect the business, I respect the men that “paved the way” for guys like me to make it in this business. But when one of them, Kevin Nash, decides to cost me, the future of the wrestling industry, the WWE Championship, twice in two nights, that is when my respect goes flying out the window.

Punk then does an intense glare into the camera.

CM Punk: It goes without saying that Kevin Nash had no reason to cost me the WWE Championship, so that is probably why no one has heard from him regarding why he attacked me.

Punk then chuckles to himself, and starts waving his finger.

CM Punk: And that is because; there is someone protecting him. Now, I’m not The Miz or R-Truth here, but I think that our COO doesn’t want me to be WWE Champion; he wants that useless Mexican piece of crap fluke champion to be the figurehead of the company instead of me.

Some stirring from the crowd due to Punk’s strong remarks.

CM Punk: I think that Triple H, Kevin Nash, and Alberto Del Rio, hey, maybe even “Funkman” Johnny Laurinaitis was in on it as well. I think they all got together and decided the best way to screw me out of the WWE Championship, because just like the rest of his stupid fami-


Punk now stands silent and still, as the COO of the WWE, Triple H then walks out onto the stage, flanked by John Laurinaitis. The crowd still pops him, despite Punk’s words moments ago. The Game is not happy either, but he looks a lot less stressed than last week.

Triple H: Punk-

CM Punk: Before you start, why don’t we just agree that I’m getting another WWE Championship Match that you can screw me out of again? You know, like last week?

Triple H: Very funny, Punk. I may have given you your match last week-

CM Punk: Because you lost your balls.

Triple H laughs, but then carries on.

Triple H: Are you going to let me talk?

Punk then drops his microphone onto the mat, and then goes over to lean on the ropes facing Triple H.

Triple H: Thank you. Now, I understand that you’re pissed off about what happened last week, and I’m standing by what I said last week, there is no conspiracy, and I still don’t know why he showed up.

Punk then holds his arm up, and then goes back to retrieve his microphone.

CM Punk: I’m sorry, but let’s go with what you said; you don’t know why he was there. So how come he even got in?

Triple H: He came in through the crowd, he coulda bought a ticket, beaten up the popcorn guy, I don’t know! But before you accuse me of screwing you out of anything; you need to understand this. I was on the ramp when he came in at Summerslam, and I’d left the building when he came in last week; I honestly had no clue why he was there.

CM Punk: Fine, you know what? You bring up a good point, I’m sorry Mr Helmsley, I’m sorry that the man in charge of this whole company doesn’t have a clue what is going on and who is actually in his buildings. I’m sorry.

Triple H: Punk, now please don’t interrupt me here, because I have to say this now, before I go and tend to some business in the back. As I have said before, I do not know why Kevin Nash has come out here and attacked you and cost you the WWE Championship. I’ve tightened security tonight and trust me; no one is getting in. I’m going to go now, before you even have a chance to say anything back to me, because I really don’t have the time for your crap. So John, you said you wanted to say something to CM Punk, go ahead.

CM Punk: (Sarcastically) Oh boy! I can’t wait!

Triple H then nods his head and leaves the stage, going to tend to matters elsewhere, he hands his microphone to Laurinaitis, who then decides that he wants to talk.

John Laurinaitis: Punk, personally, I’ve had enough with all-

CM Punk: Can we get Triple H back out here? Am I the only person that can’t understand this guy?

John Laurinaitis: I just happen to have a little more power than you think I do, Punk. I’m the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, which means that I have the power to do this.

CM Punk: Do what?

Punk then shrugs his shoulders; not impressed.

John Laurinaitis: Since you’re in the ring, and dressed to compete, I’m going to put you in a match right now, against this man!


There is barely any reaction from the fans, as Laurinaitis steps out of the way to make way for Tyler Reks, who has scarcely appeared on television for a good while now. In the ring, Punk drops to the ground and feigns being scared, which only seems to fire up his onward bounding opponent even more. Laurinaitis stays at the top of the ramp, and it seems he is interested to watch this match up close.

Michael Cole: Tyler Reks is a great specimen, and it’s good to see him on Raw; he should provide CM Punk with a strong test tonight. King, what do you know about Tyler Reks?

Jerry Lawler: Well, from what I can see right now; he seems scary. But I want to know why John Laurinaitis is still out here, is he interested in this match?

Michael Cole: I don’t think CM Punk and Laurinaitis see eye to eye, so John is probably out here for his own enjoyment; to see Tyler Reks dismantle CM Punk.

Reks gets into the ring and faces Punk, who then gets up off of the floor and turns into serious Punk.

Match 1:
CM Punk vs Tyler Reks

A referee then appears from what seems like nowhere, and he rings the bell in order for the match to start. Punk stands his ground, as Reks goes in all guns blazing, and tries to strike, but Punk smartly dodges the blow, and then another one that follows straight after. Reks is getting frustrated very quickly, and he starts wildly swinging at Punk, hoping for some form of connection, but gets none, as Punk then goes in to initiate a lock up, and Reks then slows himself down to join in also. Reks inevitably overpowers the much smaller CM Punk, and forces Punk right into the turnbuckle, where the referee then has to get involved to separate the two men. Punk then sneakily goes through the ropes and out onto the apron, as the referee takes Reks towards the centre of the ring to tell him to calm it down a little bit. As soon as the referee is out of the way, Punk then TAKES FLIGHT, AND CONNECTS WITH A FLYING SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE!! The crowd pops for Punk’s sneakiness, and The Second City Saint then goes down and makes the first cover of the match, but Reks forces the shoulder up at 1.

Punk then gets to his feet, and pretends to be on a surfboard, as he watches Reks get back to his feet; eluding to Reks’ previous surfer gimmick. Reks is now back up to one knee, and Punk then goes over to him, and starts teeing off some right hands to Reks’ temple, before rocking Reks in the side of the head with a huge kick! The impact sends Reks straight down onto his back, and Punk then goes for another cover on his opponent...One...Kickout again from Reks! A “CM PUNK” chant breaks out, and Punk then stands Reks up in the centre of the ring, and then rebounds off of the ropes, but Reks then explodes and flattens Punk with a clothesline!! Reks then gets up and clears his hair out of his face, before giving the WWE Universe a sinister stare. Tyler then sees Punk getting to his feet, so he grabs the Straight Edge Saviour, and then chucks him into the turnbuckle with authority! Reks then connects with a couple of rights and lefts to Punk’s ribs, before ramming his shoulder right into Punk’s mid-section! Tyler takes a few steps back, and then goes charging in, looking for a corner splash... BUT NO ONE IS HOME!! The WWE Universe then roars in approval at Punk’s recovery, and Reks then stands in the corner, clutching his chest close... as Punk comes in, and CONNECTS WITH A KNEE TO THE FACE! CM Punk then wraps him arm around Reks’ head, and then plants him face-first to the mat with a BULLDOG!!

The impact causes Reks to roll underneath the bottom rope to get a chance to breathe, and Laurinaitis looks very anxious on the ramp that his pick seems to be failing him somewhat so far in this match. Punk sees Reks’ position, and he then runs through the ropes, and hits a Suicide Dive on Reks!!! Tyler’s falls back first into the ring barricade, as Punk then gets to his feet and roars at the fans, and they cheer him back for it. Punk now grabs Reks by the hair, and then bounces his head off of the ring barricade! Punk now slides Reks back into the ring, and goes for a cover



Reks kicks out!

Punk then gets up and Reks is up to a knee, but he is straight back down again, following a sick kick to the side of the head from CM Punk! Punk then looks down at his opponent, before casting a look at Laurinaitis at the top of the ramp, and he then gives Johhny a nice hearty smile, and then gets Reks up, before hoisting him up onto his shoulders, and then CONNECTING WITH THE GO TO SLEEP!! GTS HITS! Punk then goes down for the cover, and the ref counts!




Winner CM Punk (3.17)


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner.... C-M-PUNK!

The referee then raises Punk’s arm, as Reks rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope. Punk then turns his attention to the stage, and Laurinaitis gives him a stern look of disapproval before turning away and leaving through the curtain. Punk then climbs up on the top rope and finally begins to savour his victory with the WWE Universe.

Michael Cole: A great win for CM Punk here tonight; his quest for another rematch for the WWE Championship starting here with this victory over Tyler Reks. But one has to wonder what all of that business with John Laurinaitis was?

Jerry Lawler: I think it’s safe to say that these two definitely don’t like each other. But what a main event we have in store for everyone tonight!

Michael Cole: But of course! We have John Cena and Kofi Kingston teaming up to face The Awesome Truth; R-Truth and everybody’s favourite Superstar; The Miz! It’s gonna be a great night!


We’re back from commercial, and we see CM Punk walking down a hallway, still dressed how he was at the end of his match and a few backstage workers give him a quick congratulations on his victory, and he gestures his thanks in the way of an appreciative nod.

???: Hey, Punk!

Punk then turns to his left, and the camera pans to the right to show The Miz and R-Truth leaning against a wall. Punk chuckles to himself as they walk over and stand either side of him.

The Miz: We saw what happened out there just now, and if you can’t already imagine; you didn’t impress us. After all, we are the ones that people round here should be trying to impress, because the next WWE Champion isn’t going to be you, it will be one of US.

There are a few boos in the arena for Miz’ predictions.

R-Truth: ‘Cos it sure as hell aint gonna be you!

The Miz: You beat Tyler Reks? Really?


The Miz: Really?


The Miz: Dude, Tyler Reks hasn’t been on TV in like a year. If you want to start being considered to even be near us in the main event, you need to start beating guys like us. But we all know that won’t happen now, will it?

As you can imagine, Punk is tired of listening to this.

CM Punk: Are you going to let me speak now?

Miz and Truth both jump back a little bit.

CM Punk: Sure, this may be the first time we saw Tyler Reks in a while, and yeah, everyone saw it, I kicked his ass!

Pop in the arena.

CM Punk: And you two are even stupider than you look if you think I won’t do the same t’ either of you either. So let me just give you a little piece of advice... If you want to even make it to your match tonight with John Cena and Kofi Kingston; you better get the hell out of my way; I have some business to deal with.

Punk then shakes The Awesome Truth away, to another pop, as Truth’s nostrils flare, but Miz then places his hand on his shoulder and whispers something in his ear, before both men smile and then CHARGE DOWN THE CORRIDOR AND ATTACK CM PUNK FROM BEHIND!! Very loud boos ring out though the arena, as Punk drops to the floor, and Miz and Truth then start putting the boots into Punk, before getting him up and throwing him shoulder-first into a crate! The Awesome Truth then go back to putting in boots and punches, showing no signs of relenting!


The camera pans around, and sees Kofi Kingston charging down the hallway! Miz and Truth decide to once again run away from Kingston, choosing to fight another day. The Miz then stops and turns around.

The Miz: You really need to stop getting involved in our business, Kingston! We’ll see you later tonight.

Miz then carries no down the hallway, and Kofi then goes down and checks to see if Punk is okay, and the Second City Saint then just stirs a little bit, holding his shoulder, before giving Kingston thumbs up.

Back in the arena...

Jerry Lawler: Cole! I can’t believe what I just saw!

Michael Cole: We are seeing two men trying to prove why they rightly deserve to be the number one contenders for the WWE Championship.

Jerry Lawler: So attacking people from behind like we’ve seen them do these past two weeks is the way to go about that then is it?

Michael Cole: Why not? If they keep going, they’ll be the only ones left; it’s a great plan!


The usual awestruck reaction, with a few cheers and boos splattered in greets The Divas of Doom, set for tag team action tonight. They both look focused as usual as they walk down the ramp towards the ring together.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is a tag team match, and it is set for one fall! Introducing first, Beth Phoenix and Natalya, THE DIVAS-OF-DOOOM!!

Michael Cole: Now here is a part of the show that I know I am going to enjoy; I get to watch the Divas of Doom dominate this match.

Jerry Lawler: These two are a very impactful duo; that much we know. But I wouldn’t count out their opponents.


A huge pop rings around the arena, as The Divas Champion, Kelly Kelly as well as Eve burst out onto the stage, and Kelly holds her Divas Championship high in the air, as the cameras catch Beth Phoenix frowning at the sight of Kelly with the Divas Championship.

Justin Roberts: And their opponents, Eve and the Divas Champion KELLY-KELLAAYY!

Michael Cole: These two epitomize everything that the Divas division shouldn’t be.

Jerry Lawler: Are you serious?

Cole doesn’t need to answer that question, and Kelly and Eve are now both on opposite top ropes posing for the fans, they then jump down from the turnbuckles, and Kelly then gives her championship to the timekeeper outside of the ring, as Beth and Nattie start talking tactics for this match. The DOD decide that Natalya will start the match, much like this past Friday on Smackdown. Kelly and Eve have a brief discussion and it is agreed that Eve will be starting the match for their team.

Match 2:
The Divas of Doom vs Kelly Kelly & Eve

The two women walk towards the centre of the ring, and Natalya immediately starts off with the trash talking, but Eve seems only interested in getting on with the match. The two lock up, and it is Natalya that gets the early initiative, as she grabs Eve’s arm and wrings it over, before using the momentum to take Eve down to the ground with a powerful arm drag. Eve gets to her feet and shakes her arm out, and looks up to see Natalya smiling at her, the two then lock up once again. Natalya gets the advantage once more, getting the go behind and then grabbing Eve’s leg this time and bringing it up, causing Eve to fall flat on her face! Natalya then drops an elbow on Eve’s back, before lifting one of Eve’s arms up, exposing her ribs, and then connecting with a straight kick right to Eve’s ribs! Eve groans in pain, and Natalya keeps hold of her arm, and then drags her over to the DOD corner, and Beth then reaches out and tags herself into the match.

Beth comes in and has a kick at Eve’s ribs herself, before going down and making the first cover of the match, driving her forearm across Eve’s face, but Eve still kicks out at one. Beth then gets to her feet and ushers Eve up also, before whipping her into the corner. Beth then walks over to Eve, but is met with an elbow to the side of the head, which is followed by a forearm, which knocks Beth back a few steps. Eve then hops up onto the top rope, and comes off it, looking for a cross body, BUT BETH CATCHES HER! Phoenix showing off her awesome power, and she then drops Eve down across her knee! Eve drops to the canvas, her back arching, and Beth then goes to make another cover, once again the forearm going into the face, but Eve kicks out just before two this time. Beth then rolls Eve over, and drops an elbow onto her back, like Natalya did earlier. Cole makes comments saying that this is what wrestling is about, targeting a body part and working it over; something which Kelly Kelly and Eve know nothing about. Beth then grabs Eve by the hair, the referee wasting no time to berate her for it, and then places her in the corner, so her back is facing the ring. Beth then powerfully drives her shoulder into Eve’s back, before taking a few steps back, and then clattering her knee right into Eve’s lower back!! The WWE Universe cry “OOH” as Eve cries in pain, and Beth then grabs her by the hair, and drives her back down to the mat. Beth then walks over to Natalya in the corner, and takes the Anvillette back in. As she does this Eve is starting to crawl over to Kelly to get the tag, but Nattie then runs in and cuts her off by pulling her back towards DOD’s corner.

Natalya then hooks up Eve in a single leg crab, and it’s an elevated one, as Eve’s is almost vertical, and Natalya has her knee placed right down onto the back of Eve’s neck, increasing the pressure. Kelly starts leading the WWE Universe as cheerleader, they start chanting for Eve, and Eve seems to be feeding off the capacity crowd, as she then manages to move Natalya’s knee, and then hook her legs around Natalya’s neck, and then flings her away with a Hurracanrana! The fans pop, as Eve then desperately crawls across the ring, and makes the tag to Kelly Kelly!
A huge cheer rings out, and Kelly charges into the ring, and then takes Natalya down with a clothesline! Kelly then carries on and smashes Beth Phoenix in the jaw with a strong forearm, knocking her off of the apron! K2 turns around to see Natalya running at her for a clothesline, but she ducks it, and then connects with a dropkick! Beth is back up on the apron now, with a face like thunder. Kelly whips Nattie against the ropes, but Beth then gets the blind tag; and Kelly didn’t see it! Natalya comes back, and Kelly climbs up her before rolling through with the victory roll, going for the pin! But the referee tells her Natalya is not legal, but Kelly has no time to react as Beth Phoenix has already taken her up into the air, and then plants her back down with the Glam Slam!!! Beth rolls Kelly over, and then lifts the leg up!




Beth Phoenix has just pinned the Divas Champion!

Winners: The Divas of Doom (7.37)

The bell rings, just as Eve slides back into the ring to check on her partner, as The Divas of Doom rolls out of the ring before getting their hands raised by the referee.


Justin Roberts: Here are your winners... Beth Phoenix and Natalya... The DIVAS OF DOOOM!!

Michael Cole: Can someone just give Beth Phoenix the Divas Championship? She pinned Eve last week on Raw, AJ on Smackdown, and now the Divas Champion tonight, and she hasn’t even been named the number one contender yet!

Jerry Lawler: Michael, you do put a good case forward for Beth Phoenix being the number one contender.

Michael Cole: Of course I do! No one is going to ever kick out of that Glam Slam!


We are now in the interview area, where Scott Stanford is waiting by.

Scott Stanford: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time is the man that will face ‘Long Island Iced-Z’ Zack Ryder in a few moments time, he is the ‘All-American American’, Jack Swagger.

There is a moderate level of heat for Jack Swagger, who walks into the frame not looking too happy.

Scott Stanford: Thank you for joining me, Jack. Last week, Zack Ryder beat you one on one, and you’ve asked for a rematch with the ‘Woo-Woo-Woo Kid’ tonight, is that correct?

Jack Swagger: Last week, Zack Ryder got lucky. He got lucky because that is the only way he can beat me. I am the most superior athlete in the WWE, and Zack Ryder is nothing.

Swagger starts glaring at the camera.

Jack Swagger: He is nothing but the guy that will be remembered as the guy that once beat Jack Swagger... by a fluke. When I’m inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame one day, Zack Ryder will still be on Youtube, making his stupid videos with all of his stupid friends-

Scott Stanford: Actually Jack, I’ve been in quite a lot of Zack’s videos.

Jack Swagger: Oh really, Scott? Well, you can go tell your little buddy Zack Ryder this; if he really wants to get his ass kicked tonight, he’ll show up in that ring. But let him know that there is no shame from backing away from a challenge made by Jack Swagger.

Stanford starts looking quite uncomfortable now.

Jack Swagger: After all, I am a two time, two time, All American American and a former World Heavyweight Champion. People like me are hard to find, and there is only one Jack Swagger, and that’s me. Zack Ryder, you watch out tonight, because I’m going to break your ankle.

Swagger then gives the camera one more look, before walking off.

Back to lť arena...


There is a huge cheer from the Atlanta fans, as Zack Ryder bursts out onto the stage, set for his huge match tonight.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Long Island, New York, “Long Island Iced-Z”, ZACK RYYYDERRR!!

Ryder starts woo woo wooing his way down the ramp, and slaps hands with the fans at ringside, then doing his LI pose as he walks up the steps.

Michael Cole: I can’t believe this guy, he’s only successful because of the damn internet! He isn’t a proper Superstar! This idiot, this hack doesn’t even deserve to be in the same ring, the same company as a competitor like Jack Swagger.

Jerry Lawler: He beat Jack Swagger last week, Michael.


Jack Swagger then walks out from the back slowly, holding his arms out by his sides. He looks calm and focused for this match, as he needs to prove to himself that he is better than Zack Ryder. The replay from the conclusion of Ryder/Swagger from last week is shown.

Swagger had been looking back at the Titantron to see the replay of the match last week, and he looks even more fired up now. Ryder is seen smiling and pointing out to the fans that he won last week.

Michael Cole: As you saw just then, Zack Ryder won by a fluke.

Jerry Lawler: Actually what I saw was Jack Swagger getting over confident and it then coming back and biting him. He thought he could take precious time and try to show off to these fans, and in the end, it cost ‘im!

Both men are ready, and our referee then signals for the bell to be rung.

Match 3:
Jack Swagger vs Zack Ryder

The match starts with Swagger trying to initiate a grapple in the centre of the ring, but Swagger cheap shots Ryder with a boot to the gut of the Internet Champion. Following this, Swagger plainly out-wrestles Ryder for a couple of minutes, by throwing in a couple of powerful suplexes, and then some rest holds to wear down his opponent.

We then come in at around the three-minute mark, and Swagger currently has Ryder down on the mat in a hard side headlock. Ryder is reaching for the ropes, but he does have a long way to go before he even thinks about trying to break the hold. Swagger urges him to tap out, but Ryder shakes his head profusely, and screams “NO!” Swagger tightens the hold even further, and the camera picks up Ryder’s expression and it seems that he is fading. The referee then goes over and does the arm-lift up thing, but Ryder’s arm drops to the mat the first two times, but he stops it before it drops to the mat a third time! This sends the crowd into a barrage of Ryder chants, and Zack then starts getting back up to a knee, and then to both feet, and he then takes Swagger up and plants him on the back of his neck with a back drop!! The fans pop, as Ryder has gained some separation from his opponent, and both men are down. The referee starts counting to ten, but Swagger is up by 5, and Ryder uses the corner to get himself back up to a vertical base. Swagger then charges in, and goes for a running shoulder block, but Ryder moves out of the way, and Swagger then goes straight into the steel ring post!!! Ryder then comes up from behind, and then rolls Swagger up







Ryder gets another win over Jack Swagger!!!

Winner: Zack Ryder (4.33)

Michael Cole: You’ve got to be kidding me.

Jerry Lawler: No, Michael! He did it again!

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, this is a travesty; Jack Swagger has been beaten by this clown Zack Ryder for the second week running, and I honestly think I am speechless.

Jerry Lawler: Just look at Swagger’s face!

Ryder had darted out of the ring as soon as the bell rang, and he went over to celebrate with the fans, leaving Jack Swagger in the middle of the ring; having wrestled a near perfect match, and making one little mistake, allowing Ryder to get the victory. Ryder starts making his way to the back, holding his neck, showing that he is feeling the effects of the matches with Swagger.

We then go somewhere backstage into a locker room, and see Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov. The crowd pops big for the new number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships, who are both all smiles tonight after their victory on Smackdown.

Santino Marella: ... and then... The Cobra will strike! And we will be the new WWE Tag Team Championes!

???: Really Santino?

The Italian turns around to see that the WWE Tag Team Champions, David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty have walked into the room.

David Otunga: At Night of Champions, we can’t wait for the opportunity to face you and Vladimir for the WWE Tag Team Championships. We can’t wait to prove to everyone how much of a joke you two are.

Santino Marella: So that’s what you think is going to happen? I’ll tell you what is going to a’happen...

Kozlov then puts his hand on Santino’s chest.

Vladimir Kozlov: Ve are going to destroy you.

There is a big pop in the arena, as Otunga then steps up to Kozlov.

David Otunga: I wasn’t talking to you, you oaf! Santino, I’m challenging you to a match tonight, one on one.

Vladimir Kozlov: He’ll see you out zere.

The champions then turn on their heels, as Kozlov looks on at them, his eyes brewing with intensity. Santino then places a hand on his friend’s shoulder.

Santino Marella: I got this.

The screen fades to black as both men then stare in the direction that their rivals left in.

*Video Package*

We are in a dimly lit ring, where we see a hulking man standing in the centre of it, with his arms crossed.

???: Adaptability .

We then cut to this man, who many will recognize as Brodus Clay, pushing a nameless man who looks extremely small in comparison to Clay, into the ropes before levelling him with a clothesline. We then go to a close up of Clay, and he speaks, making it clear that he was the man that spoke before.

Brodus Clay: Those who can’t adapt...

Clay’s face then turns sour straight away.

Brodus Clay: Die.

We cut to Clay then scooping another man up and then throwing him over his head with a Fall away Slam.

Brodus Clay: Natural selection decides who lives and who dies.

Another poor individual is then whipped extremely powerfully into the turnbuckle.

Brodus Clay: It’s been said before, but this business is about “the survival of the fittest”...

Clay Military Presses another man, and then dumps him over the top rope.

Brodus Clay: I’m the fittest.

Clay now runs off of the ropes and then flattens his next opponent with a Running Cross Body.

Brodus Clay: I’m Brodus Clay...

We now see a spliced montage of all of the previous destruction caused by Clay in the package, before the sudden beats stop and we then go to an extreme close up of Clay’s face.

Brodus Clay: ... and I’m comin’.


*End Video Package*



There is a huge reaction for John Cena, who turns up somewhat unexpectedly, as his match is not until later on. He is greeted by the usual mixture of cheers and boos, but he shrugs at the camera before charging down the ramp.

Michael Cole: Cena? His match isn’t until later on!

Jerry Lawler: You know what John Cena is like, he loves being out here and spending time with the fans; whether they love him or hate him.

Cena slides into the ring and then walks across and a producer hands him a microphone. He waits for the crowd to die down a little bit before speaking.

John Cena: Thank you, thank you. Man, what a night we’ve had so far in ATLANTA!!

Cheap pop. That was cheap, John.

John Cena: We aint even close to the end yet, and as you all know your truly will be competing in tonight’s main event, when I team up with my good friend Kofi Kingston.

Nice pop for the mention of Kofi.

John Cena: Kofi Kingston who last week saved me from our opponents tonight; The Awesome Truth.

And some boos for The Miz and R-Truth.

John Cena: Miz and Truth, well, they blame me for everything that has gone wrong with their careers, and hey, that might be the why last week they attacked me with steel chairs.

The Cena-haters cheer for this whilst everyone gets a few little boos in.

John Cena: And tonight, well, they struck again. CM Punk, just walking along the corridor minding his own business gets jumped in the back by The Awesome Truth. Now, it’s no secret that CM Punk and I won’t be trading Christmas cards this year, but I can’t stand for guys going around and attacking people like this.

Cena then turns to the camera, and it goes in real close.

John Cena: So Miz, R-Truth, tonight, Kofi Kingston and I are going to put an end to all of these sneak attacks by sending you to packin’ ourselves!!

Cena laughs to himself.

John Cena: When I get my hands on you tonight, I’m not plannin’ on lettin’ up. Tonight, we will see THE END OF THE AWESOME TRUTH!!!!

There is a decent pop for this, and Cena’s emotions are really coming through.

John Cena: After that, that is when this all starts to get REAL fun. After I’ve ended Miz and Truth, I can start focusing on what really matters; the WWE Championship.

Mixed reaction, not everyone wants to see another Cena title reign.

John Cena: Like CM Punk, I too have a guaranteed rematch for the WWE Championship, and I plan on using that rematch clause at Night of Champions. The champion could be Punk, Del Rio-


Speaking of Alberto Del Rio, here is the man himself, accompanied by the faithful as ever Ricardo Rodriguez, the Mexican Aristocrat pulls up in a deluxe Maserati, and then steps out of the vehicle, Rodriguez handing him a microphone.

Alberto Del Rio: Sorry John, but did I just hear you say that you plan on becoming WWE Champion again?

John Cena: Yeah, that’s what I said.

Alberto Del Rio: Well, perro, if you didn’t hear me last week, I’ll repeat myself. I plan on being WWE Champion for a long...long...long...long time.

Heat for Del Rio, who is now in the ring along with Cena.

Alberto Del Rio: So if you think that you are even going to get the chance to face me for this title, my title, you’re wrong. See, you will learn, just like CM Punk last week, and at Summerslam-

Del Rio is cut off by loud boos from the WWE Universe, followed by a ‘C-M-PUNK’ chant.

Alberto Del Rio: SHUT UP!

The chants only get louder, and Del Rio now starts pacing around the ring, getting frustrated.

Alberto Del Rio: I am the WWE Champion, and you will show me the proper respecto that I deserve!!

The chants get even louder, but they die down as Cena then steps in.

John Cena: Look, Berty, can I call you Berty? Anyway, let me lay this down for you real quick. These fans, the WWE Universe, sure, some of them don’t like me, but unlike you, at least some of them do.

Cena gets a loud cheer from the ‘Cenation’

John Cena: You don’t just walk in here and demand that they respect you. I work my ass off every night for these people, and some of them still can’t stand me, what makes you think that you, a guy that just walked up in here is worth of their respect? You sure aint showed me any respect by coming out here an’ interruptin’ me.

Alberto Del Rio: They should respect me because I am the man that they all want to be. I have money, cars, beautiful women, and most importantly, the WWE Championship.

Del Rio holds the title belt above his head to heat from the fans.

Alberto Del Rio: And John, I hope that you do deal with The Awesome Truth, because after that, you have your rematch against me, then I, Alberto Del Rrriioooo, can expel you from the WWE Championship forever, because I am the greatest WWE Champion of all time... but you, you already know that.

ADR smirks at Cena, who then removes his hat, and addresses the grinning Mexican in front of him.

John Cena: An’ how are you gon’a do that? Get Kevin Nash to take me out during the match, like you did to Punk last week?

The crowd gives an ‘OOH!’, and Del Rio then drops his microphone and gets straight into Cena’s face.

John Cena: Oh, I’ve gotten under ya’ skin now have I Berty? See, I can tell you right now why you don’t make a good WWE Champion, it’s because you’re a coward.

Del Rio is right in Cena’s grill once again, and he then throws the WWE Championship to the ground before speaking aggressively in Spanish.

John Cena: Whether you’re hiding behind Ricardo Rodriguez, Kevin Nash –

Cena is cut off by a CHEAP SHOT FROM DEL RIO! Cena is knocked to the floor, but he then springs back up and tackles Del Rio down, and starts hammering away at him!! Rodriguez is unsure whether to interject himself or not, but he then jumps on Cena’s back, and starts flailing, which allows Del Rio to roll under the bottom rope to safety; Rodriguez being the sacrifice! The poor announcer then gets flipped over Cena’s head, landing hard on his back, before getting back to his feet and turning around... and being elevated onto John Cena’s shoulders!! Cena turns to Del Rio who is half way up the ramp by now, and then plants Rodriuguez with an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!


The fans give Cena a good reaction, as Rodriguez still hasn’t moved from the impact. Del Rio’s face is one of anger, and Cena then gets the WWE Championship up off the mat, and then looks at it, with Del Rio getting more animated by the second. Cena then lifts the championship above his head and starts celebrating with it!

Michael Cole: What the hell is John Cena doing? That isn’t his!

Jerry Lawler: I think Alberto Del Rio came out here to make a statement, but that right there, John Cena holding the WWE Championship above his head in that ring is one hell of a statement.

Michael Cole: Well later on tonight in our main event, John Cena will get what is coming to him as he and Kofi Kingston team up against the best team in the WWE today, The Awesome Truth!

From Cena holding the WWE Championship aloft, we then go backstage and into Triple H's office. The Game and John Laurinaitis had been watching the Cena/Del Rio confrontation on the big screen in the office.

John Laurinaitis: Hun'er, what are we going to do? We've got Cena and Del Rio going at it, The Miz and R-Truth attacking everyone, and then we have CM Punk!

Triple H: I have an idea, but I want to see what happens tonight in the main event.

John Laurinaitis: What is the idea? As Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, I have the right to know.

There is heat in the arena for the hourly mention of Ace's full title.

Triple H: Actually John, as the Executive Vice President of what the hell you are I don't care about, you have the right to do whatever I tell you to do, because I am The Boss.

Big pop in the arena.

Triple H: And what I want you to do is find out about this whole Kevin Nash situation. I've been trying to contact him all night, but still no answer.

The Game looks slightly dejected as he says that.

Triple H: I want you to go and talk to anyone that could have possibly seen him enter the building last week.

Laurinaitis looks shocked.

John Laurinaitis: But the WWE Championship-

Triple H: (Interrupting) Let me handle this whole WWE Championship situation. Now, run along.

Laurinaitis looks furious as Triple H gestures his hand towards the door, but then the EVTR then leaves.


We’re back from commercial, and Scott Stanford is once again waiting by with his trusty microphone.

Scott Stanford: Folks, I’m really excited to have my current guests with me right now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the United States Champion Dolph Ziggler, and Vickie Guerrero.

There is a good deal of heat for Raw’s power couple, as both Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero walk into the shot, both looking smug.

Scott Stanford: I’m going to get right to it; Dolph, last week you faced Rey Mysterio in a non-title match, and some people are saying you only got the win because of the actions of your mana-

Vickie Guerrero: Excuse me.

Instant heat for the infamous two words.

Vickie Guerrero: Last week, Dolph beat Rey Mysterio because he is smarter, stronger, faster, and just a better wrestler than Rey Mysterio. I’ve known Rey for a long time, and I’m going to tell you that he isn’t as good as he used to be.

Heat, as Ziggler knowingly smirks.

Vickie Guerrero: There is a reason that men like Dolph Ziggler are champions in the WWE, and boys like Rey Mysterio are not.

Vickie’s comments seem to be annoying the WWE universe.

Vickie Guerrero: You people might not be ready to admit it yet, but Dolph here is the future of the WWE, and Rey Mysterio symbolises nothing other than the past.

Stanford starts shaking his head, unbeknownst to his two guests.

Vickie Guerrero: So Dolph and I have been talking, and we’ve decided that we want to put an end to Rey Mysterio once and for ALL.

This brings huge heat from the WWE Universe in attendance; Vickie starts to laugh as Ziggler then takes back over the microphone.

Dolph Ziggler: I hope you cleaned your ears, Rey-Rey, and listened to that real good, but just in case you didn’t I’ll repeat what my manager just told the world. Rey Mysterio, I am going to end you.

The crowd boos once more for the announcement.

Dolph Ziggler: I’m sick of guys like you holding people, Superstars like me, back. You need to know when to move on and get out of my way.


Dolph Ziggler: I’ve heard that you’ve been walking around and complaining that you want a rematch with me, and you even want me to put MY United States Championship on the line against you? Please, don’t make me laugh because I am a serious competitor. If you do get your rematch against me, and that’s a big if, I’ll promise to make you pay for the biggest mistake of your entire, average career and I will end you, Rey Mysterio.

Dolph allows the fans to soak in his strong words, before patting his United States title that is draped over his shoulder, and then leaving the set, with Guerrero walking off behind him a couple of seconds later.

Back to the arena, and we hear the middle of ‘Broken Dreams’, which means that Drew McIntyre is in the ring, ready and waiting for the next match.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night Raw, and as you can see, Drew McIntyre is in the ring, ready for our next match-up.

Jerry Lawler: What about that interview we just saw? Dolph Ziggler showing off his mean side right there.

Michael Cole: Well Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero just made it clear that the issues we’ve seen between themselves and Rey Mysterio are definitely personal, and I’m wondering how those words from Ziggler just now are going to affect Rey Mysterio in his match now.


The fans are on their feet, applauding the always entertaining Rey Mysterio, who sets off his pyrotechnics, and then makes his way down to the ring, looking focused on his opponent tonight, but making sure t/hat he still shows his appreciation to the fans.

Michael Cole: I think after what has happened this past week; I’ve lost all my respect for Rey Mysterio. He’s whined, and complained that he wants another match with Dolph Ziggler, and we’ve all just heard from Dolph himself that Rey isn’t even in his league.

Jerry Lawler: Rey Mysterio is one of the greatest competitors to ever step foot in a WWE ring, and I hate the way that Dolph Ziggler won that match last week.

Rey is now in the ring, but he is aggravating McIntyre by doing his usual four corners routine, but he eventually steps down from the turnbuckle, and signals to the referee that he is ready to go.


Match 4:
Rey Mysterio vs Drew McIntyre

After the commercial, and joining the match at around six minutes in, Drew Mac is in control at the moment, after during the break he flapjacked Rey down onto the top rope, which has allowed him to take control of the match from that point. He is currently carrying on working on Rey’s neck by using the ropes to give him extra leverage and then put even more pressure on Rey’s throat by driving his left boot right into Rey’s windpipe. Drew utilizes the referee’s count of 5, before then letting up on the hold. McIntyre then goes down and flips Rey over before then mounting him and hammering in right hands to the top of Rey Mysterio’s head, before being pulled off by the referee once again. Instead of returning to Mysterio this time, Drew Mac instead turns around and gets right into the face of the referee and tells him not to push him over the limit. Drew then turns around, but is met with dropkick to the chest from Mysterio!! Rey had used his time well, and Rey then fires back off of the ropes and then climbs up of the Scotsman, rotates three times and then flicks him away with a Hurracanrana... McIntyre falling through the ropes and down to the floor!!! The fans pop in a big way for Mysterio’s move and Rey quickly adjusts his mask before noticing that McIntyre is getting back to his feet, so Mysterio charges towards the ropes and leaps straight over them and then splashes down onto McIntyre!!! Drew crashes into the announce table, which causes Michael Cole to start berating Mysterio, but both men are down as the referee now begins the 10-count.

Both men don’t even start moving before 2, where surprisingly it is McIntyre that gets to his feet first, but Mysterio shortly afterwards. Drew goes over to his opponent but is met by a stiff forearm, which sends him tumbling back. Rey then charges towards McIntyre, but Drew elevates him over head... but Rey lands on the ring steps!! Drew is unaware of Mysterio’s feat, but he is when he turns around and is caught by a cross body off of the steps from Mysterio!!! Rey gets up and points up to the fans who applaud him for his efforts, before getting McIntyre up off of the ground and rolling him back into the ring and then climbing up onto the apron. Rey awaits McIntyre to get to his feet and then comes off of the rope with a springboard Hurracanrana, and Mysterio then flicks McIntyre so that he conveniently lands on the middle rope!! The fans pop, as the fans obviously know where Rey is going with this, Mysterio then runs towards Drew, and goes for the 619!!! ... But the Scotsman gets out of the way and rolls into the middle of the ring! Mysterio then swings back into the ring, and then turns right into a big boot to the face from McIntyre!! Drew goes down and hooks both legs







The fans are relieved after being silenced from the boot by McIntyre, and he then picks up Mysterio’s deadweight, and then doubles him over, and tries to hook both of his arms in for the Future Shock, but Mysterio wriggles out of it, and then goes behind McIntyre and then dropkicks him in the back, which sends Drew into the ropes once again, and Rey then goes for it once again... 619 CONNECTING THIS TIME!!! Mysterio then runs over to the corner and hops up the turnbuckle, and then comes off with a splash down onto McIntyre!! Mysterio then goes into the cover




Winner: Rey Mysterio (10.21)


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner, REY MSYTERIIOOOOO!!!

Mysterio then gets his arm raised by the referee, and just holds his jaw a little bit, selling the boot from McIntyre during the match. Rey then goes onto the top rope and starts celebrating to the fans.

Michael Cole: What a gutsy performance by Rey Mysterio! The veteran pulls out the victory here in Atlanta.

Jerry Lawler: I think as long as Rey Mysterio keeps performing like this, Dolph Ziggler’s prediction from earlier tonight may not come true.

Michael Cole: And speaking of our United States Champion...

Some boos in the arena catch Mysterio’s attention, and he then looks towards the back, and sees Dolph Ziggler standing on the stage... sarcastically clapping Mysterio’s performance. Mysterio then walks over to the ropes and then stares a hole through the US Champ, Ziggler simply replies with a smirk and then lifts the United States Championship above his head. Rey smiles to himself, and then motions that he wants the gold himself!!

Ziggler replies with a smirk of his own before we cut away to somewhere backstage...

John Morrison is standing in the back on his own, talking away on his phone.

John Morrison: ... So you can’t get the contracts written up this week?


John Morrison: Of course I appreciate your offer, and you know that I am going to accept... It’s just that I’d rather this happen sooner than later.


John Morrison: Okay, that’ll do. I can’t take being here anymore.


John Morrison: Thank you, sir. I’ll see you next week.

Morrison then pulls a slight frown which turns into a smile and then he walks off out of frame.

*Video Package*

Narrator: To be a champion, one must be superior to all of their adversaries.

A flashing image of Randy Orton RKO'ing Christian onto the steel steps at Summerslam is shown.

Narrator: The champion might be Perfection...

Dolph Ziggler brashly holds up his United States Championship above his head.

Narrator: ...Beautiful...

An image of Kelly Kelly right after she won the Divas Championship flickers onto the screen.

Narrator: ... Or Ugly...

A scene of Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes trying to hide his face during one of his entrances comes up on the screen.

Narrator: A champion can benefit from the wealth of their company...

WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty are shown having their hands raised at the end of a match.

Narrator: ...Or just their wealth.

Alberto Del Rio stands in front of an expensive car with pyro shooting down behind him.

Narrator: One night a year, the WWE showcases these superior individuals.

A quick montage of a referee holding up each championship belt one by one is shown.

Narrator: It is the Night...

Randy Orton then stands on the top rope with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

Narrator: ... Of CHAMPIONS!

'Magika' by Two Steps From Hell then plays out, as we see a quick montage of moves from WWE Superstars... Attitude Adjustment! Brogue Kick! Beautiful Disaster! Glam Slam! Skull Crushing Finale! GTS!



*End Video Package*


We’re back to Raw, as we see Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov coming into the ring. In the opposite corner, the WWE Tag Team Champions, David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty are staring them down; Otunga dressed to compete and McGillicutty in street clothes.

Michael Cole: Welcome back, and as you just saw, Night of Champions is approaching, and it was decided this past week on Smackdown that the team of Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov will be taking on the WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Mike McGillicutty for the championships.

Jerry Lawler: I understand that it will be Santino taking on Otunga now, though.

Michael Cole: Jerry, you’ve been very vocal about your thoughts on the champions, anything you’d like to say?

Jerry Lawler: I just hope that maybe some of Santino’s charisma will rub off on Otunga tonight! These guys bore the hell out of me.

Match 5:
Santino Marella w/ Vladimir Kozlov vs David Otunga w/ Michael McGillicutty

The opening minute of this one is mainly some comedy segments with Santino dodging Otunga’s attempted grapples, but the Italian seemed to enjoy himself by dodging the strikes and then laughing about them afterwards.

But at around the two and a half minute mark, Santino ducks a clothesline from Dave, and then laughs to Kozlov about it... ONLY TO BE CAUGHT FROM BEHIND BY OTUNGA!! Otunga’s fuse had snapped, and the tag champion then starts pounding down on Santino with right hands, followed by boots, and he is then pulled away by the referee. Whilst he does so, McGillicutty then goes over to Santino and from the outside he takes a cheap shot at Santino!!! Kozlov then hops up onto the apron to complain to the referee, but this only allows the tag team champions to capitalize further, Otunga stomping away at Santino, and McGillicutty attacking with fists to the side of the head. The referee turns around just after the underhanded tactics stop, and Otunga then drags Santino into the centre of the ring and goes for the cover, but Santino kicks out at 2!

After the near fall, Otunga gets Santino up to his feet, and then sends him into the corner, and goes in to follow up, but Santino then gets a boot up to knock him back! The crowd pop, as the Italian then comes back with a couple of right hands, and then swings his arm around before levelling Otunga with a clothesline! Santino pumps his arms up as Otunga springs back up and goes at him, but Santino dodges with the splits! Otunga comes back off of the ropes... HIP TOSS!! Santino is truly pumped up now, as Otunga arches his back on the mat, and Marella then charges up The Cobra!!! The crowd comes alive, but then when Marella goes to strike, McGillicutty springs up onto the apron and distracts Santino... who then goes for Mike instead, but Otunga comes from behind and rolls Santino up!!!





Otunga then puts his feet on the ropes for extra leverage!

Three!!! Otunga stole it!!

Winner: David Otunga (3.56)


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner... DAVID OTUNGA!

Kozlov immediately slides into the ring and tries to catch Otunga, but the tag champion quickly leaves the ring before the Russian can make it to him. McGillicutty retrieves the championships and Mike and Dave start making their way up the ramp.

Jerry Lawler: Those good for nothing, boring cheats!

Michael Cole: Well, one has to admit that the WWE Tag Team Champions definitely stole the win from Santino Marella there, gaining some momentum on the road to Night of Champions.

Jerry Lawler: I only hope that these two lose those belts at the pay-per-view. They deserve it because of what they just pulled.

Michael Cole: Tensions rising as we approach Night of Champions, but folks, please remain with us as after this, we have our main event, don’t go anywhere!

We cut to an area backstage where Alberto Del Rio is pacing around a room, and Ricardo Rodriguez is sitting on a large crate wincing and holding his back.

Alberto Del Rio: Ricardo, what do I do?

Rodriguez shrugs his shoulders, but then yelps in pain.

Alberto Del Rio: Tonight, John Cena, he embarrassed me. No one makes a fool out of Alberto Del Rio.

Ricardo Rodriguez: So what are you going to do, boss?

Alberto Del Rio: I’m going to get some... vengeance! But you...

ADR turns around and smirks at his announcer.

Alberto Del Rio: You already know that.

The WWE Champion turns back to the camera so we can all see his smirk, as we fade back into the arena.



There is a large amount of heat from the Atlanta crowd for Raw’s favourite team, The Awesome Truth. Miz and Truth come out onto the stage for their much anticipated match up, Miz swaggering down the ramp, and Truth talking to himself a little further behind.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is a tag team match, and it is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, the team of The Miz and R-Truth, the AWE-SSSOMMMEEE TRUUUUUUUUUTH!

Michael Cole: These guys are probably two of my favourite Superstars in the WWE right now. They’re right; they deserve title shots, they’ve earned them!

Jerry Lawler: They’ve taken out guys they’ve no business taking out, and are trying to bully their way into title matches, I hope that they get their just desserts tonight.

The two brash men are now in the ring, and Miz gets on top of the top rope and points to himself telling the fans that he is better than them. He jumps down and then joins his partner, waiting for their opponents.


An extremely loud pop meets Kofi Kingston, as the Ghanaian bounces out onto the stage, and then sets off his mixture of green and yellow pyro as usual, then starts leaping down the ramp towards the ring.

Justin Roberts: And introducing the opponents, first, from Ghana, West Africa, weighing 215 pounds, KOFI KING-STONNNN!!

Jerry Lawler: Luckily for John Cena last week, and CM Punk earlier tonight, Kofi Kingston was on hand to save them from attacks by The Awesome Truth, who’ve reiterated that they are willing to take out anyone in order to get what they want; which is a shot at the WWE Championship.

Michael Cole: In my opinion, Kingston is only getting himself into trouble he doesn’t need to be getting himself into. He doesn’t have the skills to be able to hang with the likes of Miz and Truth; Kofi Kingston is out of his depth, and we’ll see that tonight.

Kingston shows no fear by climbing into the ring, and having a quick stare down with his opponents, before mounting the nearest turnbuckle, and then performing his boom claps for the WWE Universe. Kofi then stays on the turnbuckle and points back towards the stage, as we only now wait for his partner...


The crowd then reverts to the usual mixed reaction, which means only one thing; John Cena. There are a few more cheers than usual for the Cenation Leader, following his actions towards Alberto Del Rio earlier tonight. Cena salutes the fans, before sprinting down to the ring, and then taking to The Awesome Truth, not even allowing Justin Roberts to properly finish his introduction!! The referee has no option other than to call for the bell to be rung, which it is then done, meaning this match is now underway!

Main Event:
The Awesome Truth vs John Cena & Kofi Kingston

Cena is all over Truth after pushing Miz back into the corner, as Kingston just watches on and cheers Cena on whilst he is mounting Truth, pummelling him in the face with right and left hands. Miz then walks out of the corner, heading towards Cena, but Kingston then springs to life, and dropkicks Miz in the side of the head, the impact then sends ‘The Awesome One’ tumbling through the ropes and then landing on the floor, right in front of the announce table! Cena lets up on Truth, allowing him to get back to his feet, albeit with the aid of the ropes. Cena then charges and clotheslines Truth over the top rope, and he lands down on the floor right next to The Miz! The crowd comes alive, as the two faces start this match off in dominant fashion. Cena then stands with his back to his two stirring opponents, who have just gotten back to their feet, trying to regain composure on the outside. Cena tells Kingston to rebound off of the ropes and run at him, which Kofi does... and then John Cena elevates Kingston over the top rope, and KOFI CRASHES DOWN ON MIZ AND TRUTH, TAKING THEM BOTH OUT!!! The fans pop loudly for the spot, and Kingston springs back up to his feet, and does the boom clap once again for the fans, who love it.

Michael Cole: What an explosive start to our main event!! Please don’t change channels, as we are going to go for our final commercial break of the night, this match will continue!


We return from the commercial, and things aren’t going as one would expect following the explosive start to the match, as during the commercial, a brawl at ringside ensued, resulting in John Cena’s head being bounced off of the steel ring post, leaving Cena temporarily out of this match up. Kofi Kingston is now in a 2 on 1 situation for now.

Miz and Kingston are the legal men, and The Awesome One has Kofi in the corner, and is delivering a series of shoulder blocks to the mid section, attempting to wind his opponent. The referee comes over and orders for Miz to get out of the corner, which he does, only going back in once the referee has moved out of the way. Miz goes back in and connects with a right hand to the temple of Kingston, before snapmare-ing him into the centre of the ring, and then driving his knee into Kofi’s back, trying to wear down the excitable Ghanaian. Miz cranks back the hold, and Kofi starts reaching out towards the ropes, but he is too far away to reach them. There is a small stir in the crowd, as John Cena is now back onto the apron, but only on his knees, still looking completely rocked from the knock to the head he took during the commercial. Kofi then sees his partner, and instead starts reaching out towards Cena, who weakly holds his arm out in hope Kingston can get out of the hold. Kofi manages to bring his legs back and get almost to a vertical base, by getting onto his knees, this causing Miz to rise up as well... but suddenly Miz breaks the hold and just kicks Kofi right in the small of the back!! The fans boo for the unsportsmanlike move from Miz, but it worked, as Kofi is now down on the mat, his back arching outwards. Miz grabs his hand, and then drags him over to the ‘Awesome’ corner, and tags in his partner, R-Truth.
Truth gets in between the ropes, and then enters the ring. The Awesome Truth then take full advantage of the 5 count available, as Miz holds Kingston up, and R-Truth then strikes him in the jaw with a right jab! Kingston goes down from the impact, and Truth then goes down and mounts Kofi, talking trash the entire time, “I TOL’ YOU WE GON’ GETCHU” shouts Truth, each syllable he connects with a right hand to Kofi. Truth is then pulled off by the referee, and gets heat from the fans for his actions. Truth sees Cena now almost back to his feet on the apron, but he charges across the ring and knocks Cena off with a forearm, and Cena falls back down to the floor! Truth then turns around from looking down at Cena, but he walks right into a dropkick from Kofi Kingston!! The fans pop, and Kofi then looks to make a tag out, but he then realises that Cena isn’t on the apron. The desperation in Kofi’s face is clear to see, as he steadies himself and gets back to his feet, knowing he still has to fight off both Miz and Truth. R-Truth is back up from the dropkick, and he charges at Kingston, who runs at him, and then swings behind, and then making a Schoolboy Pin!! Truth’s shoulders are down...1...2...Truth gets the shoulder up just in time!

Kofi almost had it there! Truth gets up, his nostrils are flaring and his eyes are wide open, furiously looking at Kofi Kingston. Truth then charges for a clothesline, but Kofi then connects with the double chop to Truth’s chest, taking him down! Truth stumbles over to the corner, and uses it to balance himself, but Kofi then jumps in, and lands on the top rope! A couple of right hands to the head of R-Truth, before going back down and flipping him into the centre of the ring with a monkey flip!! Kofi takes note of where Truth is in the ring, and then signals to the fans by running around the ring with his knees up, before deciding to run towards the ropes adjacent to where The Miz is, obviously going for the Boom Drop, but Miz low-bridges the ropes as Kofi runs towards them!! The WWE Universe shits heat all over The Awesome One, as Kofi falls down to the floor. R-Truth distracts the referee by telling him that there is something in his eye, so the referee goes down to check on Truth. Meanwhile, The Miz has jumped down to the floor, and is standing over Kingston, who landed hard on his back from the fall. Miz gets Kofi up, and then slams him back first into the ring barricade! The heat pours down once again, as The Awesome Truth show that they know what they’re doing. Miz then rolls Kofi back into the ring, as Truth’s eye is now miraculously better, so the referee doesn’t need to stay with him anymore. In other news, John Cena is now back on the apron once again, and he has a face like thunder, waiting to get into this match after what he has been subjected to in this match. Truth picks Kofi up, and then hooks him up for a suplex, and takes him up... only to drop him back down onto his front!! Kingston writhes in pain as Truth turns him over and then hooks the leg!





No! Kingston kicks out!!

Truth is just angry now, as he then picks Kingston up by his hair, and takes him over to his corner, and he tags The Miz back into the match. Truth pens Kofi in the corner, as Miz then walks into the centre of the ring, and sarcastically blows a kiss towards a frustrated John Cena, and then turns around and charges at Kingston and connects with a the seated corner clothesline!! Kofi falls face-first down onto the mat from the impact, and Miz takes his sweet time getting out of the corner, and he then pushes Kofi towards Cena, but then turns him around and connects with a knee lift, and then plants him with the Reality Check! The few hardcore Miz fans pop for his old finishing move, as Miz then goes down and makes the cover on Kingston, hooking the leg once again, and grinding his forearm across Kofi’s face...






The fans pop as Cena had came in with a double sledge to Miz’ back, and he ignores the referee completely and proceeds to then connect with a right hand that knocks Truth off of the apron and down to the floor! Cena is on fire, but the referee then grabs him and tells him that he’ll get disqualified if he doesn’t return to his corner, which he is then forced to do. This leaves Miz once again on top of Kingston, who is reaching desperately to get the tag into John Cena. Miz then brings Kofi up, and then twists him round and drops him with a swinging neckbreaker! Kofi spasms on the floor, and Miz then brings him up once again, and takes him to the corner. He shouts “I’M GONNA DO IT AGAIN!” at the fans, before charging in and going for the corner clothesline once again... BUT KOFI JUMPS OVER THE TOP ROPE AND OUT OF THE WAY!!! The fans pop loud, as Miz crashes and burns into the turnbuckle, and then rolls back into the middle of the ring. Kofi then runs up the turnbuckle, and waits for Miz to get back up to his feet and then leaps off of the top rope and connects with a High Cross Body!!

Both men are now down in the centre of the ring, and they both reach desperately for their respective partners, but they both have to get past their opponent to get to their partner! Both men instead decide to then get to their feet, as they have to fight their way through each other. Miz simply tells Kofi to move, by gesturing with his arms, Kofi then moves to the side, and Miz tries to get past, but Kingston then catches him with a drop toe hold and Miz faceplants onto the mat!! Kofi then sprints over to the corner and TAGS IN JOHN CENA!!! Whilst this happened, Miz managed to crawl over and get the tag to R-Truth. Cena explodes into the ring, and then mows through Truth with a clothesline, before then clotheslining Miz over the top rope and down to the floor!! Cena then turns around and sees Truth back to his feet, before bowling him over with a huge shoulder block, followed by another one, and then another one! Truth is back to his feet, and the fresh John Cena ducks a right hand, before taking Truth up, and bringing him back down hard! Truth conveniently lands in the centre of the ring, and Cena then raises his arm above his head, to some cheers, and some heat at the same time – CRACK!!!!!

Winners: John Cena & Kofi Kingston via disqualification (13.01)

The bell rings, and there is a mixed reaction from the WWE Universe, as Miz is standing over a now downed John Cena with a steel chair in his hand!! For the second week in a row, John Cena has been assaulted with a steel chair during his match. Miz then gets R-Truth up in the ring, and tells Truth to go and get a chair of his own, so Truth leaves the ring. Meanwhile, Miz then turns around to strike Cena again with his chair... TROUBLE IN PARADISE TO THE MIZ!!! To a huge pop, Kofi Kingston came out of nowhere to take Miz down to the mat, dropping the chair in the process. Kofi jumps onto the top rope, and does a couple of boom claps, but when Kofi jumps back down and turns around he is struck in the mid section by R-Truth with a chair!! There is another mixed reaction for this, as the fans tell R-Truth to turn around, and he does, but is then scooped up onto John Cena’s shoulders, before being planted with the Attitude Adjustment!! Cena is left standing alone in the ring, but then he is taken down by a lead pipe!! Held by ALBERTO DEL RIO!!! The WWE Champion then soaks up the heat, as he is now the lone standing man in the ring. He then crouches down beside John Cena, and starts talking trash at him, telling him not to disrespect him. Del Rio then stands up and holds his arms out, cheesiest grin imaginable on his face that is until...


There is a HUGE pop, as CM Punk then starts sprinting down to the ring!! The former WWE Champion has issues with not only Del Rio, but Miz and Truth as well. Punk slides into the ring, and Del Rio then swings at Punk with the pipe, but Punk ducks, and then picks Del Rio up, and the GTS CONNECTS!! GTS ON DEL RIO!!! The fans are going crazy, as CM Punk is the last man standing. The cameras catch the carnage at ringside, with bodies and chairs all over the place.

???: Hey, enough of this! E-nough!

There is a mixed reaction as it is revealed that Triple H is standing on the ramp, with a microphone.

Triple H: I was watching all of this in the back and then I had an idea you see. I was thinking of what is going to happen regarding the WWE Championship at Night of Champions.

Punk then shouts “Yeah. You’re going to give me another match!” Triple H then shakes his head.

Triple H: Almost, Punk. I thought that there are a number of guys that could really do with a shot at the WWE Championship; in fact, they’re all in... or around the ring at the moment.

CM Punk then turns around and surveys the scene at ringside, before a scrambled look comes across his face.

Triple H: Last year at Night of Champions, the WWE Championship was defended in a match we like to call a Six-Pack Challenge. Six men start in the match, until there is only one left... and that man will be the WWE Champion.

There is a decent pop, as many can now see where The Game is going with this.

Triple H: So I’ve decided that at Night of Champions, Alberto Del Rio will defend the WWE Championship against John Cena (Mixed)... The Miz (Boos)... Kofi Kingston (Pop)... R-Truth (Boos) and... CM Punk (HUGE POP) in a Six-Pack Challenge!!


The fans cheer for the big announcement, as the camera then catches a look of complete blind fury on the face of Del Rio, and Punk standing in the centre of the ring smiling to the fans, he then takes a seat and grins around him.

Michael Cole: What an announcement for Night of Champions!! A Six-Pack Challenge for the WWE Championship!

Jerry Lawler: Man, I still can’t get over this brawl we just witnessed, but Triple H just made this whole situation so much bigger by involving the WWE Championship in it as well!

Michael Cole: We have to go now, but this has been another blockbuster edition of Monday Night Raw, thank you folks and good night!



SEPTEMBER 18, 2011


WWE Championship Match
Six-Pack Challenge

Alberto Del Rio © vs John Cena vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston vs R-Truth vs CM Punk

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty © vs Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov


So here it is. Took A LOT longer than I thought it would to get up, but here it is. Any feedback/reviews will be returned Would like to know what people think about me ditching Georgia, and if it was better with it... who knows? Might be back for Smackdown Enjoy the show, lads.

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

if you fancy a partner, runner ofa third development brand let me know
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

WWE Superstars
August 25, 2011

Match 1:
The Bella Twins vs The Chickbusters (Kaitlyn & AJ)

The rookie divas were out here looking for a win to bounce back from their defeat to The Divas of Doom last week on Smackdown, whilst the Bellas were trying to build some momentum up to a possible charge at the Divas Championship. AJ was isolated early on by the twins, who kept switching without tagging whilst the referee was not looking. AJ managed to mount a small comeback with a dropkick to both of her opponents, and then manages to get the hot tag into Kaitlyn who came in and cleaned house. Nikki was the legal Bella, as AJ knocked Brie out of the ring. Kaitlyn plants Nikki down on the mat with a Reverse STO, and her and AJ then run against opposite ropes, and Kaitlyn runs and hits a senton onto Nikki's chest whilst AJ connects with a flip leg drop across Nikki's neck. The NXT Season Three winner then makes the cover and gets the win for her team.

Winners: The Chickbusters

Backstage, Drew McIntyre is walking down a corridor, and the man that defeated him last week, Alex Riley, walks into the shot and taunts him about how Drew lost to him last week, and then to Rey Mysterio on Raw this past Monday. McIntyre isn't too happy, and he challenges Riley to a match tonight.

Match 2:
Non-Title Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga vs Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman

The Tag Team Champions make short work of their young opponents, the match going on for only a couple of minutes before McGillicutty hits the McGillicutter on Bateman whilst Otunga plants Curtis with the Verdict. McGillicutty then scores the pin for the champions.

Winners: David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty

Just when it looks like the champions are going to put a beat down onto their opponents, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov come down to the ring to make the save. The champions then leave with their belts.

Match 3:
Drew McIntyre vs Alex Riley

McIntyre is noticeably more ferocious in this match than last week's encounter between these two men, as he doesn't really allow Riley any chance to build up momentum in the match. The tides started to change when McIntyre opted to apply a standing Dragon Sleeper onto his opponent, which Riley managed to fight out of, and then started a flurry of offence. A couple of clotheslines followed by a dropkick and then a running powerslam, Riley went for the cover, but could only garner a 2-count. Riley then followed with a back body drop, and then he tried getting the Scotsman up for the TKO, much like last week. But this time McIntyre had it countered, and then turned Riley around and drilled him in the face with a big boot! Instead of going for the cover straight away, Drew instead then scoops up the dazed Riley, hooks him up and hits the Future Shock DDT! Drew then flips him over and hooks the far leg.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

The same Brodus Clay debut video we saw on Raw is shown.

Main Event:
Jinder Mahal w/ The Great Khali vs Yoshi Tatsu

In a fairly short main event, Mahal was on the up for the majority of the match, where we saw him strike with a fierce combination of moves that were working over Tatsu's back and neck. Yoshi had a short flurry with a couple of swift kicks, but Mahal then connected with his Full Nelson Slam, and then introduced a new move we'd never seen him perform before, a Camel Clutch! Yoshi near passes out from the pain, but the Japanese Sensation is forced to tap out.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

After the match, Khali entered the ring and then picked Tatsu back up and dropped him with the Punjabi Plunge for good measure!! The show then ends with the two Indians celebrating in the ring.



Just thought I'd put this show up whilst I'm not too busy. Any feedback for Raw is still welcome and will be very much appreciated, as well as returned. I'm not going to give a definite time when I'm going to put the Smackdown preview up, as that way I doubt I'll stick to it. Almost half of the show is written, though. Anyway, hoping that anyone reading is liking what they see! Peace!
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

I always like, when starting to read a new BTB, to review the show without knowing anything about your BTB priorhand. I think that, if I can understand your storylines, is a greater testament to the quality of them.
CM Punk starting here. I enjoyed in real life his exchanges with Triple H. Funny that he mentioned Curtis. Not sure why of all people him. Anyways, nice promo, although not sure about dinosaur being the powerful word Punk would use. There was something off about HHH, even if he was in full executive mode. Laurinatis is just starting here to mess with Punk which is good. Tyler Reks is a nice opponent as he has the physical attributes to pose a threat, and the match went as it should.

The little backstage exchange, although I had some problems with Miz saying dude and calling Kofi Kingston “Kingston”. Don’t know why I think he would call him Kofi.

I skipped the women’s match.

Jack Swagger was dead on, and you using Stanford to interview him was a great call. The match was good, although, and it’s a problem I have when bookers announce the time the match went, is that it was too short for it believably have lasted almost 5 minutes. I would cut that, but that’s just me.

Maybe you should try to interject Santino’s accent in his promos, like you did with Kozlov.

I love me some Funkasaurus haha. Anyways, heel Brodus Clay was also interesting and nice to see he’s coming.

You had Cena nailed in this one. Anyways, fun little promo with him hyping his match as well as putting himself in title contention. Del Rio coming in only made the promo better (btw, it’s respeto, not respect). If they are going to go on a one on one full fledge feud, I hope you make it more interesting than it was in real life. So much potential.

Now this HHH was more enjoyable, and the tension between him and John continues.

Ziggler and Vickie promo, apparently building a promo against Rey Rey. Nice promo indeed, although again some word selection bothered me (Vickie using boys instead of men at one point). Makes sense for Ziggler to avoid confronting Rey. The match with Rey was nice,as he got the win and so he still has the arguments to want the title match, but Drew didn’t look bad at all.

Morrison is going to SD apparently.

Classic heel doing with the champions cheating so that Otunga could beat Marella.

I think that the Del Rio promo backstage needed more Spanish, especially considering he’s interacting with RR. Sets up and interesting scenario for the main event though.

Nice main event, although at points I would have liked for you to use the name of the move instead of describing it. Don’t know, for example, you would say “take him up and then brought him down hard” instead of saying slam for instance. You did have the mannerism down of each wrestler. The expected interference happens and we get a nice 6pack challenge that serves a nice placeholder for the feuds to continue in a PPV in which supposedly only championship matches occur.


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