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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

24 October 2011
Miami, Florida

WWE Championship:
John Cena © vs The Miz

World Heavyweight Championship:
Fatal 4 Way

Mark Henry © vs John Morrison vs Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton

United States Championship:
Dolph Ziggler © vs Drew McIntyre

Smackdown Showcase:
Cody Rhodes & The Showtime Players vs Sin Cara & Fighting for Freedom

Tag Team Match:
The Divas of Doom vs Eve Torres & Kelly Kelly

Alberto Del Rio Return Match
Alberto Del Rio vs Alex Riley



1) Predict the winners of each match.
2) How many championships will change hands? (Max 3)
3) Which will be the longest match?
4) Which will be the shortest match?
5) Who will take the fall in the World Heavyweight Championship Match?
6) Who will score the winning fall in the Smackdown Showcase Match?
7) Will the confrontation between The Rock and John Cena get physical?

Last chance for predictions! Show will be posted TOMORROW!
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

3-Hour RAW Supershow

WWE Championship- John Cena (c) vs The Miz- Winner: Still WWE Champion John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship (Fatal 4-Way)- Mark Henry (c) vs John Morrison vs Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton- Winner: Still World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry

WWE United States Championship- Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Drew McIntyre- New WWE United States Champion Drew McIntyre

Smackdown Showcase- Cody Rhodes & PTP vs Sin Cara & Fighting for Freedom- Winners: Sin Cara & Fighting for Freedom

Tag Team Match- The Divas of Doom vs Eve & Kelly Kelly- Winners: The Divas of Doom

Alberto Del Rio Return Match- Alberto Del Rio vs Alex Riley- Winner: Alberto Del Rio

2) One title will change hands, and that is the WWE United States Championship

3) The WWE Championship match between John Cena and The Miz will be the longest match

4) The shortest match I predict will be Del Rio vs Riley

5) Morrison will take the fall

6) Sin Cara will score the winning fall

7) Yes it will get physical, it is bound to happen
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Monday Night Raw


Friday Night Smackdown



24th October 2011
American Airlines Arena - Miami, Florida

We burst into the arena with a grand display of pyrotechnics after the opening titles, and we see sweeping shots of the very hyped Miami crowd as there are a lot of signs for The Rock and CM Punk in the arena, and we finally hear our commentary team for the night; MICHAEL COLE, JERRY "THE KING" LAWLER and BOOKER T!

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 3-Hour Monday Night Raw Supershow, and we're coming to you LIVE from the same city we'll be in for Wrestlemania Twenty-Eight in April, Miami! I'm Michael Cole, and I'm joined as ever by Jerry "The King" Lawler and as we've got the Superstars of Smackdown in the house tonight as well, Booker T is out here too!

Booker T: Thank you, Michael; tanight is gonna be one big show! We're going to see three championship matches tonight, I can't wait, dawg!

Michael Cole: That's right, Mark Henry will defend the World Heavyweight Championship in a Fatal 4 Way match, the United States Title is on the line and John Cena is going to defend the WWE Championship against The Miz!

Jerry Lawler: But what about our special guest tonight? The man that John Cena will face here in Miami at Wrestlemania! The Rock is going to be here!

Michael Cole: We learnt last week that 'The Great One' will be in attendance tonight to confront John Cena about the comments the WWE Champion has been making about him for the past number of weeks; it is going to be explosive.

Booker T: We've heard John Cena say a lot about The Rock in the past few weeks, and we saw The Rock get just a little bit off of his chest last week, I can't wait to see these go tear into each other ta-night!

Michael Cole: Let's hand over to our ring announcer Justin Roberts because we're ready for our first match!

The camera's attention shifts to JUSTIN ROBERTS standing in the centre of the ring with a big grin on his face as he raises the microphone up to his mouth.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is a Fatal 4 Way Match, and it is for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!


There's a mixed reaction in the arena; it even slightly leans towards a pop as the World Heavyweight Champion MARK HENRY walks out onto the stage, with the title draped over his gigantic shoulder. The scowl on his face can be seen from a mile off, and 'The World's Strongest Champion' slowly marches down to the ring.

Booker T: An' it looks like we're gonna kick things off with the World Heavyweight Championship - the men we're about to see in the ring are the best Friday nights has to offer!

Michael Cole: Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion, and after what happened on Friday he is NOT in a good mood. He was a victim of an RKO from Randy Orton on two occasions, but not only that, John Morrison and Wade Barrett also got in some shots on Henry as all three of his challengers tonight send a clear message to 'The World's Strongest Champion'.

Jerry Lawler: I don't know if that was a good move on the part of Orton, Barrett and Morrison - regular Mark Henry is dangerous enough! I can't imagine what we might see now that he isn't in a good mood!

Michael Cole: Oh, you're right, Jerry. We all saw what this man did to Sheamus inside the Hell in a Cell.

Booker T: An' we ain't seen or heard from Sheamus since that match.

Henry reaches the base of the ramp and then proceeds to walk up the steps and into the ring. Once he's through the ropes he stands in the centre of the ring and holds his title high in the air with one hand, and then beats his chest with the other as we saw him do when he was standing on top of the cell after defeated Sheamus.


The reaction isn't as big in terms of volume as Henry's, but there is still a very solid pop for JOHN MORRISON as he struts out onto the stage and strikes a pose to begin his slow-motion entrance.

Michael Cole: John Morrison has been widely regarded as the underdog in this match and looking at the other men competing in this match, I think rightly so.

Jerry Lawler: I wouldn't say that is a fair comment at all, Michael. I remember sitting out here in January of this year and watching this man almost defeating The Miz and becoming the WWE Champion. His moment is coming and tonight might just be the night.

Booker T: Sittin' at the desk on Smackdown every week, I can see how much John Morrison has improved since he made the switch from Raw a couple of months back; he's been gettin' better an' better all the time.

Once Morrison reaches the steps, he removes his shades and fur jacket and places them down by the steps before he enters the ring. Morrison makes eye contact with Mark Henry, and the champion stares a hole straight through JoMo as if he cannot wait to get this match started.


The first all-negative reaction of the night greets WADE BARRETT as he cockily walks out onto the stage with a long suit jacket draped over his shoulders. He thrusts his arms into the air to make the jacket drop to the ground before he starts making his way to the ring, paying no attention to the fans.

Michael Cole: Now if you wanna talk about a man that could get the biggest win of his career tonight you are looking at him. Wade Barrett is a former Intercontinental Champion as well as a Bareknuckle Fighting Champion; this guy is the real deal.

Booker T: Barrett lost to Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell, but he bounced back quickly by earnin' himself a place in this match with some good performances. I remember he ended Justin Gabriel's ten match winnin' streak; an' I did not think ANYONE was gon' do that.

Michael Cole: Wade Barrett and John Morrison actually had a slight meeting of the minds on Smackdown last week which lead to the Assistant Smackdown General Manager Edge making an impromptu match between them which ended in a No Contest as a result of Mark Henry attacking both men mid match. As a result of this, Barrett formed an unusual alliance with John Morrison as well as Randy Orton to take out Mark Henry at the end of the show.

Jerry Lawler: This is why I love Fatal 4 Way matches; especially ones like this where everyone has a reason to want to inflict damage on everyone else in the match and of course with the winner being the World Heavyweight Champion.

Barrett shows no signs of hesitation or any lack of confidence as he quickly gets into the ring and approaches the hard camera and he simulates hitting someone with his Bullhammer Elbow before raising his arms again. The Englishman turns around and eyes up both Henry and Morrison and he smirks to himself once his music cuts out to reveal an audible buzz in the arena...


The Miami crowd becomes UNGLUED for the first time tonight as everyone lets their voices be heard for the arrival of RANDY ORTON into the arena, and 'The Viper' has a serious look on his face tonight as he slowly walks down to the ring; eyeing his opponents up as he does.

Michael Cole: Listen to this ovation for 'The Viper'!

Jerry Lawler: I can barely hear myself think it is so loud in here!

Michael Cole: Randy Orton is a nine time World Champion, and he looks to become part of an exclusive club tonight of men who have amassed over ten World Championship victories in their careers. Orton would join men such as Edge, John Cena, Triple H as well as 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair.

Booker T: Orton is the youngest World Heavyweight Champion of all time, he said that being World Heavyweight Champion is in his blood, and the title could well return home ta-night!

Michael Cole: Let's not forget that Randy Orton was the man who was World Heavyweight Champion before Mark Henry; losing it at Night of Champions in a Six-Pack Challenge that both John Morrison and Wade Barrett were a part of.

Orton slides into the ring and he eyes up his three opponents before he pulls himself up onto one of the corners and strikes his 'Destiny' pose to another big pop, before he climbs down and starts to walk across the ring to the opposite corner...



Match One:
World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Fatal 4 Way:

Mark Henry © vs John Morrison vs Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton

Henry almost damn near beheads Orton, and acting in the spirit of the moment, Wade Barrett fires himself at John Morrison and pens him up in the corner to deliver some quick knees. Justin Roberts realizes that he isn't going to get to make his introductions and quickly scarpers from the ring as referee Scott Armstrong tries his best to regain any kind of order but to very little success. Henry starts to stomp away on Orton and shouts down at him "YOU WANNA RKO ME NOW, BOY? YOU AIN'T THE ONLY ONE AROUND HERE WHO CAN GET PEOPLE!" before he delivers one final decisive stomp on Orton's chest! The champion now turns his attention to the corner where Wade Barrett now has John Morrison trapped on the ground as he lays into him with stiff boots, but Henry grabs Barrett by the back of the head and turns him around and Headbutts him straight in the face! Barrett is clearly knocked loopy by the impact and stumbles away from the corner, using the ropes to keep on his feet until he reaches the next turnbuckle along.

After following Barrett along, Henry starts laying into him with punches to the mid section which clearly cause some damage on the Englishman, and cause him to fall down so he is slumping on the bottom buckle. "HOW YOU LIKE THEM KNUCKLES?" is the response from Henry, as the crowd actually laugh at that comment due to it being targeted at a heel. Henry turns around to see that Morrison has gotten to his feet but he's just resting against the corner behind him. The champion lines himself up and shouts across to JoMo "YOU'RE NEXT, BOY!" and Henry charges in... but Morrison rolls out of the way!! There's a good pop as the commentators play up Morrison's parkour knowledge, and JoMo is right back up and he strikes the dazed Henry with a stiff forearm and then an overhand right which don't have much of an effect. Henry though, suddenly snaps out of it and grabs Morrison by the head and knocks him back with another Headbutt! Morrison rolls back but is right back up, and he charges at Henry but Henry leaps into the air... and connects with a clothesline!! A JUMPING CLOTHESLINE FROM THE 400 POUNDER!!!

There's actually a pop for seeing the monster go airborne, and Henry lands on his knees which puts him in a perfect position to go for the first cover of the match and the night! One...Tw- Orton breaks the count by stomping on Henry's back! There's a pop for the sight of Orton back on his feet, and he takes advantage of Mark Henry being down on the mat to deliver some of his trademark stomps, before he gets down and starts to pummel away at Henry's head until the WSC pushes him away so he can try and get back up again but Orton is right back on him! 'The Viper' literally windmills his arms to deliver as many shots to Henry's head and neck as possible, but it still can't be doing that much damage as Henry pushes Orton away again and gets back up to his feet! Henry is seething, and he swings for a clothesline on Orton, but he ducks... and scores with a Dropkick right to Henry's face! The move shakes Henry a little, but then Wade Barrett comes running in with a boot to Henry's face which sends the champion flying back and into the ropes!

The fans cheer as Orton and Barrett appear to have the same idea and they both walk over to the champion who's leaning on the top rope and the unlikeliest of alliances work together to heave Henry over the top rope and he falls to the floor! It takes a few moments for them to do anything as they want to make sure that Henry stays down for a while, but even now Henry is starting to get back up. Orton looks to exit the ring, but he hears a shout of "WAIT!" from his left, and everyone looks to see that John Morrison has perched himself on the top rope! Whilst he waits for Henry to get to his feet Morrison turns around before leaping back and scoring with a MOONSAULT FROM THE TOP ROPE TO THE OUTSIDE TO WIPE HENRY OUT!!! The fans get their first big spot of the night as both Morrison and Henry are down at ringside, leaving just Orton and Barrett in the ring. Barrett turns around after smirking to see Henry finally taken down, and there's a big pop as Randy Orton is standing centre ring waiting for him!

The two men lock up, and Barrett takes advantage of it using his size to push Orton back into the corner, but 'The Viper quickly slithers away back to the middle of the ring. Barrett looks a little annoyed as Orton grins, but they lock up again, and this time Barrett puts Orton into a headlock and brings him right down to the mat... and starts to use his free hand to strike Orton in the top of the head several times! Barrett gets up but Orton remains on the mat to hold his head before he starts to bring himself back up, but his arm is grabbed by Wade Barrett and he takes it behind Orton to lift him up and drop him with a Pumphandle Slam! Orton lands flat on his back, and Barrett goes for a cover...One...Two...Orton kicks out! Orton tries to pull himself back up, but Barrett pushes him back flat on the mat and delivers an Elbow Drop across his chest and then goes for another pin; driving his forearm into the face! One...Two...Shoulder up!

This doesn't sit well with Barrett, who is quick to get up and drop his elbow across Orton's chest again, but instead of going straight for the pin again he gets up and hits a third Elbow Drop! Into another cover! One...Two...NO! There's a good cheer for Orton's resilience from the fans but Barrett's frustration is obvious. After demanding Scott Armstrong counts quicker, Barrett scoops Orton off of the mat and then drops him right across his knee with a Backbreaker! Orton's back is contorted across Barrett's knee, and instead of allowing his opponent to drop to the floor, Barrett keeps Orton in place on his knee, and uses the position Orton is in to deliver some more hard right hands whilst Orton's face is unguarded! The commentators put over Barrett's striking skills as he gets to his feet and raises his arms into the air to very loud heat from the crowd. Turning his attention back to Orton, Barrett bring 'The Viper' back up to his feet and brings him towards the ropes, but Orton breaks out quickly and tries to Irish Whip Barrett across the ring, but Wade turns it around and Orton goes for the ride instead; but he comes back and takes out Barrett with a Thesz Press!!

Whilst in the mounted position, Orton delivers punches to Barrett's face which are able to get through Barrett's guard, and 'The Viper' quickly springs to his feet and looks around the arena and gets a massive cheer from the Miami crowd. Suddenly, a loud crash is heard from ringside... as Mark Henry has just sent John Morrison crashing into the steel steps!! This gets everyone's attention, including Randy Orton, and now Mark Henry turns back to the ring and climbs onto the apron! Henry glares at Orton and then puts one leg through the ropes to get into the ring, but Orton resourcefully boots the second rope - and the fans cry "OOH" as it goes right into the crotch of Mark Henry! Henry starts to collapse down, but Orton is able to catch his head before he falls, and he uses all of his strength to hold Henry up... and then hit his ROPE HUNG DDT TO MARK HENRY!! The fans lose their shit, and Orton tries to turn Henry over to make the cover, but Barrett grabs him from behind and tries to lift him up, but Orton slides off of his back and hits his INVERTED BACKBREAKER!! Barrett is down, and Orton then hooks HIS leg...One...Two...Thr-NO!!

Barrett keeps the match going much to Orton's chagrin, but it appears he now has other ideas as he slithers off of Wade Barrett and starts to pound on the mat; signalling for the RKO! Orton's actions bring about another pop from the crowd, and he waits and waits for Barrett to bring himself up... but suddenly Orton is grabbed from behind by Mark Henry and lifted into a Military Press! It is quite a sight seeing Randy Orton helplessly trying to escape being held about eight feet in the air, but Henry releases him and allows him to drop, but he makes sure he catches him on his shoulder so Henry can take Orton down with an ring-shaking RUNNING POWERSLAM!!! Orton's back takes another big hit, the biggest so far, and Mark Henry now covers Orton! One...Two...Thr-Barrett breaks the count!!! Barrett gets straight up and starts stomping as hard as he can on Henry as we're informed that we'll rejoin this match shortly!

*Commercial Break*

Returning to the match to the sight of Mark Henry using his boot to force Wade Barrett's face against the bottom turnbuckle, we're informed by Michael Cole that during the commercial break Mark Henry was in control after he was able to crush Wade Barrett in the corner; from that point on it was all Henry as he stayed on top of both Barrett and Orton in the ring. Henry deems that Barrett's had enough and turns his attention to Orton in the opposite corner and goes to give him the same treatment, but he stops when he sees John Morrison is once again waiting on the top rope above Orton! Morrison leaps at Henry and tries for a Diving Cross Body - but Henry catches him! The fans give a mixed reaction as this leaves Morrison in perfect position for the WORLD'S STRONGEST SLAM - NO! MORRISON COUNTERS RIGHT INTO A DDT!!! Henry is dropped on his head again, but he's already getting up before Morrison can even hope to try and pin him, so Morrison steadies himself and then runs to the ropes to springboard back and connect with his FLYING CHUCK KICK - AND HENRY GOES DOWN!! Morrison scrambles on top of him and uses all of his power to lift a leg up with both arms...One...Two...Henry powers out!

The fans are a little deflated as they were behind Morrison for that, and he gets back to his feet but he's confronted by Wade Barrett who tries for a right hand, but Morrison ducks it and swings his leg around to kick Barrett in the back of the head! Barrett drops down to a knee, and Morrison turns around right into a SNAP POWERSLAM FROM ORTON!! The fans cheer as the pace of the match starts to increase again as all four men are in the ring. Orton rises right back up to see Wade Barrett coming at him, but Barrett eats a Snap Powerslam for his trouble as well!! This time Orton keeps the legs hooked! One...Two...Thr-Barrett powers out! Orton rises to his feet and shakes his body violently, and turns around to see Mark Henry standing right in front of him... and the fight begins! Orton uses his speed to get some quick jabs in and duck an overhand club from Henry, and Orton then rocks Henry with a European Uppercut!! Henry's arms flail wildly as he turns around from Orton's blow, and Morrison drills him with a Superkick - but Henry still won't go down!!

In a scene which begins to resemble that of at the end of Smackdown last week, Henry is groggied by Orton and Morrison... but Barrett finishes the job of knocking him to the floor with an emphatic BULLHAMMER ELBOW!!! Henry drops to the mat like a sack of potatoes, and Barrett instinctively drops down and makes a cover, but Orton pulls him off and tries to pin Henry himself! One...Two- Orton is yanked off of Henry by John Morrison, and now JoMo tries to pin the champion! One...Two...Thr-Barrett is back and he breaks the count! All kinds of pandemonium is happening as Henry now rolls himself over towards the ropes as Orton, Barrett and Morrison look exhaustively at each other. All three standing men take a corner to their own and eye each other up, but Orton springs to life and he goes for Barrett in his corner, but Morrison cuts him off mid way with a boot to the gut.

Morrison tries to go to work on Orton, but 'The Viper' breaks him off and goes for an RKO!! MORRISON PUSHES ORTON AWAY INTO THE PATH OF THE APPROACHING BARRETT - WHO GETS DROPPED WITH AN RKO INSTEAD!!!! There's an ERUPTION from the fans as Orton is finally able to hit his finisher on ANYONE, and Morrison now walks over to Barrett (who fell conveniently close to the turnbuckle) and steadies himself by the corner as the fans cheer. However, there are suddenly boos as Orton is caught watching by MARK HENRY, who turns 'The Viper' around and plants him with the WORLD'S STRONGEST SLAM!!! This happens just as Morrison connects with STARSHIP PAIN ON BARRETT!! Morrison holds his stomach and reaches to hook Barrett's leg... but Henry is already pinning Orton! Scott Armstrong makes the count! One...Two...THREE!!! Henry retains but Morrison was surely about to win it!!

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Mark Henry (15.27)


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner and STILL the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... MARK HENRY!

The fans are unsure how to react, but all confusion is cleared up when Scott Armstrong reaches for the title and hands it back to Mark Henry, and Justin Roberts makes the announcement. Henry rises back up to his feet as John Morrison is sitting up against the bottom turnbuckle with his head in his hands knowing that he was just seconds away from becoming the World Heavyweight Champion for the first time in his career. The fans aren't happy with the result, but there is applause for the efforts of all four men.

Michael Cole: What a way to start off the show! All four guys left it all in the ring, but in the end it is Mark Henry that will be leaving Miami still World Heavyweight Champion.

Booker T: That is what Smackdown is all about, baby! Mark Henry might be leavin' here with the title, but John Morrison was literally seconds away from winnin' this match after he hit Starship Pain on Wade Barrett.

Michael Cole: You can't say that Wade Barrett definitely wasn't going to kick out, Book! We'll never know. What we do know that Mark Henry's destructive reign as World Heavyweight Champion doesn't end tonight.

Jerry Lawler: First and foremost I have to show my appreciation and respect for all four men because that was one hell of a match! Michael, I think Booker is right; had it not been for Mark Henry pinning Randy Orton after that monstrous World's Strongest Slam, John Morrison would be champion right now.

Booker T: Thank you, Jerry!

Michael Cole: You win some and you lose some, folks, and John Morrison must feel like he has learned that lesson tonight. But one thing we can safely say that the reign of 'The World's Strongest Champion' does not end tonight!

Henry is standing in the centre of the ring after having his arm raised by the referee and just like before the match, the World Heavyweight Champion beats his chest with his title raised in the air. Orton and Barrett have both made their way to the back already, but John Morrison stands at the base of the ramp all teary-eyed before he finally turns and trudges up the aisle.

We fade away from a shot of Mark Henry posing with the title in the ring to the same shot, but this time it is on a TV backstage. The camera zooms out to reveal that we are in none other than the office of the Raw General Manager JOHN LAURINAITIS, and the man at himself sits on the edge his desk and watches the screen; seemingly in awe. The heat can be heard from inside the arena and it is positively DEAFENING as we can see that Laurinaitis is in his office by himself.

John Laurinaitis: That was a really good match!

???: You like that, huh? We've got a whole Showcase on tonight as well.

Laurinaitis jumps as he thought he was alone, and the frame expands to reveal that the Assistant Smackdown General Manager EDGE is standing next to Johnny in the office. The fans go wild for the 'Rated-R Superstar Assistant General Manager' Laurinaitis holds a hand out.

John Laurinaitis: Edge! I'm sorry, you just took me by surprise. How are you? Oh, and my name is Mr John Laurinaitis and I'm the Permanent-

Edge: Yeah... I know who you are.

Edge looks at the hand but doesn't shake it, and he then looks back up to eyeballing the Raw GM who replies with a scowl.

John Laurinaitis: Now Edge, I know you haven't been on Raw in a while, so you might not be aware that a few things have changed around here since you retired. You see, I don't like it when I'm not shown the correct amount of respect by anyone on my show, and that even includes fellow authority figures such as yourself. So I suggest we try again and you shake my hand.

The hand is held out again, accompanied by a slightly creepy fake smile, but once again Edge just looks at it.

Edge: You had one of your goons put one of my best friends, Rey Mysterio, on the shelf after Night of Champions... and... and you display his mask in your office like it is some kind of trophy?

Edge points to Mysterio's mask which is displayed on the desk to some loud heat.

Edge: And you want me to shake your hand? You can take your handshake and shove it. You make me feel sick.

The fans cheer now, and Laurinaitis looks a little taken aback.

John Laurinaitis: I find it quite unfortunate that you feel that way, Edge, I really do. Nonetheless, is there anything in particular I can help you with? I assume you haven't just come to my own personal office just to disrespect me.

Edge: Yeah, there is something else. Teddy Long sent me here tonight because he can't be here tonight as he's still in Stamford. I'm here to make sure that none of your Raw Superstars take out any of our Smackdown guys.

John Laurinaitis: I can assure you that that won't happen, but I want you to make sure that none of your Smackdown Superstars are abusing my invitation to them by assaulting any of my Superstars. Raw is a place where my Superstars come to work every week; I don't want them feeling intimidated or unsafe.

Oh the fucking irony. Edge even facepalms.

Edge: They've all been briefed. But I was thinking that maybe the fans would like to see some Smackdown vs Raw action in the ring. I was thinking along the lines of a Battle of the Brands match. You pick a guy from your roster. I pick a guy from mine. Then we can really see who should be respecting who.

Edge looks Laurinaitis dead in the eye when he says that.

John Laurinaitis: You're on.

That announcement garners a good response from the fans, and Edge smiles before he turns to leave... not before taking Rey Mysterio's mask from the desk and taking it with him! That gets another pop from the fans as they know that the mask will now more than likely be returned to its proper owner. Laurinaitis' face burrows at yet another showing of 'disrespect' from Edge, and he immediately gets his phone out and furiously types in a number as we fade off.

*Commercial Break*


The arena is in a slight awe as the Divas Champion BETH PHOENIX and NATALYA; THE DIVAS OF DOOM make their entrance. Phoenix holds her title belt up in the air over her head, and neither women are in a good mood as they march down the ramp to the ring.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to the Raw Supershow everyone; we learnt before the commercial break from the confrontation between the Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis and the Assistant General Manager of Smackdown Edge that we'll be seeing a Battle of the Brands match live here in Miami!

Jerry Lawler: There was a lot of other stuff we saw being said and it wasn't pretty! But we are going to see one Raw Superstar and one Smackdown Superstar face off tonight! For now though, we are going to see some Divas action!

Michael Cole: We can see here the Divas of Doom, who have had this ongoing battle with Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly for a number of months now; Beth won the Divas Championship from Kelly at Night of Champions in September, and since then we've just seen Kelly become a little more... attached to Eve that we're used to.

Booker T: The way I see it is that Eve wants to get a shot at Beth Phoenix, and Kelly Kelly knows just what Beth is capable of in the ring an' she don't want her friend to have to go through the pain she did.

Michael Cole: I think it is one thing caring about and showing compassion towards your friends and entirely different thing interfering in her matches and helping her win without Eve knowing so she doesn't get hurt - and Natalya was one of the Divas that Eve beat as a result! She will be looking for retribution tonight as she wasn't able to last week when their match turned into an all out brawl between the four Divas involved in tonight's tag team match!

Natalya climbs up the steps and she enters the ring, whilst Beth Phoenix poses with the Divas Championship whilst sitting on the turnbuckle. Beth rolls back from the top and lands on her feet in the ring, and checks her partner is alright before they stand still and wait for their opponents.


There's a very good pop in the arena as there are a lot of male fans who enjoy the current angle going on between EVE TORRES and KELLY KELLY (I'm such a tease) as the two beauties walk out onto the stage holding hands. Kelly twirls Eve in her arms and then lets her off towards the ring, whilst checking her out as she walks down to the ring! Kelly almost suddenly snaps out of it as Eve turns around and looks quite concerned as Eve waits for her and holds her hand again.

Booker T: Y'all know I'm lovin' this... SHUCKY DUCK QUACK QUACK!

Jerry Lawler: I'm lovin' it too! Look at them! What was that line? Quack Quack? Well, I'm going absolutely quackers for Kelly and Eve Torres!

Michael Cole: This is like sitting out here with two teenage boys! This is why nothing has been done about Kelly Kelly acting so strangely lately; everyone is too busy looking to care!

Jerry Lawler: Do you blame us, Cole?!

Booker T: Yeah, Cole, shut up, dawg! Maybe if you lose all yo' fat ass weight and dress like that people will actually give a damn what yo' punk ass is sayin'!

Jerry Lawler: Don't say "dawg", Booker, it just makes me think about PUPPIES even more! I'm not sure I can take it!

The commentary team go silent as we can imagine they're all trying not to laugh at their amazing jokes. Kelly instructs Eve to get into the ring first and she once again takes a look at DAT ASS, but makes sure she stays on the apron to allow her friend to start the match. The Divas of Doom seem to know who is starting the match, and it will be the Divas Champion kicking the match off against one of her potential future challengers.

Match Two:
Diva Tag Team Match:

The Divas of Doom vs Eve Torres & Kelly Kelly

There's a slight pop for the match getting underway, as Eve and Phoenix lock up - and the camera catches Kelly Kelly, and her eyes are fixated on Eve! Phoenix gets the better of the opening exchanges by thrusting Eve back into the corner, but Justin King comes across and forces the break. Eve comes back in and gets a quick go-behind on the Divas Champion, and she pushes Phoenix forwards into the ropes in hope of rolling her up, but Phoenix holds onto the ropes! Eve rolls back up onto her feet... but she's then forcefully taken down by a clothesline from Beth Phoenix! The champion's strength is shown as she quickly wrings Eve's arm and walks over to tag in Natalya with Kelly Kelly already now looking quite concerned. Natalya comes in and delivers a swift kick to Eve's exposed abdomen and she throws her into the DOD corner with aggression. Natalya is clearly pissed off with her opponents, and she delivers some Shoulder Thrusts into Eve's chest before she stays crouched so Beth Phoenix can reach over and tag herself back into the match.

Phoenix steps through the ropes and Natalya utilizes the time she's still allowed in the ring to push Eve forwards into Phoenix' clutches and the Divas Champion lifts Torres up and drops her with a Scoop Slam! Eve's back arches, and Phoenix gets down for a cover! One...Two...Eve kicks out! Beth picks Eve up from the mat and lifts her again before dropping her with a second Scoop Slam in the middle of the ring! Beth runs against the ropes but Eve rolls away for Phoenix to get up and Eve is able to catch the Divas Champion with an Arm Drag when she comes back! Phoenix rises up quickly from the first proper offence Eve has been able to get in the match, but she walks straight into another one of those deep Arm Drags. 'The Glamazon' is up again quickly up again but Eve is waiting for her... and Eve jumps into the air and smashes Phoenix in the face with her arse! It is a move that is popular with the fans, and Phoenix stays down on the mat. Eve stands over her and turns around before treating us all to a BOOTY SHAKE and that goes into a STANDING MOONSAULT! A big cheer goes up, and Eve into the cover...One...Two...Phoenix powers out of it!

Eve springs right back up to her feet, and with Phoenix recovering, she runs against the ropes... but KELLY KELLY TAGS HERSELF IN! Eve doesn't realize and she carries on to nail the Divas Champion with a clothesline, but Kelly steps through the ropes and Justin King quickly informs Eve that the tag was made! There's some confusion on Eve's part and she casts a puzzled look in Kelly's direction, and her friend just watches her make her way onto the apron - until Kelly is taken out by Beth Phoenix! It looks like a nasty collision and the champion pulls Kelly away before Eve can tag back in, and with Kelly now legally in the match, Natalya holds her arm out to Phoenix as she wants some revenge for what happened on Raw a few weeks back. 'The Anvilette' gets her wish, and Phoenix holds Kelly upright for Natalya to slap the taste out of her mouth! The force of the move downs Kelly, and Natalya is right on her to grab her by the hair and slam the back of Kelly's head into the mat several times!

Justin King is forced to come over and warn Natalya that she is risking disqualification, and this results in her stopping. Grabbing Kelly by the hair, Nattie brings her neck over the middle rope and begins to choke the life out of her! King is once again over to warn Natalya, as Kelly's arms and legs flail out wildly, and he employs a five count against the daughter of Jim Neidhart, to which Natalya releases the pressure at four. Natalya waits on Kelly to get up once more, and when she does she traps her... into a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! On the apron, Eve is trying her best to get a tag back into the match, but Kelly is just too far away. Natalya opts against going for the cover and gets to her feet. She stands in the corner in wait for Kelly to get back up, and once she does she comes in and nails Kelly with that decapitating DISCUS CLOTHESLINE! Kelly is turned inside out to the shock of the crowd, and now Natalya goes for the pin - she must have it! One...Two...Thr-NO!! Eve breaks the count!!

A big cheer welcomes Eve saving the match for her team, but King quickly ushers her back to her team's corner. Natalya is furious, and she gets up to tag Beth Phoenix back into the ring, to a mixed reaction. There's a buzz in the air and 'The Glamazon' now holds her hands above her head and brings Kelly Kelly to her feet from behind and lifts her up! GLAM SLAM TIME - BUT KELLY ROLLS THROUGH AND INTO THE COVER! One...Two...Thr-NO!! Eve walks up the apron as she was ready to enter the ring to celebrate, and she turns around to the fans to show her disappointment. Phoenix is almost caught like she was at Summerslam, and both women are back up again. Kelly charges in for a clothesline on Phoenix, but she ducks it and Kelly carries on - BUT SHE KNOCKS EVE RIGHT OFF OF THE APRON!! The fans are shocked, and Kelly turns around straight away and realizes what she has done, so she exits the ring to check on her friend who is clutching her ankle in agony.

There's genuine concern from everyone (bar the Divas of Doom) and Justin King even gets down to ringside to check on Eve and he then holds the 'X' sign up to the back and within seconds the medics are rushing down the ramp. Once the EMTs are with Torres, Justin King walks around to Justin Roberts and we can clearly hear him say "We've gotta stop the match. Eve cannot continue." and he calls for the bell!

Winners: The Divas of Doom via Referee Stoppage (5.07)

Justin Roberts: The referee has decided that Eve Torres is not able to compete, so your winners... Natalya and the Divas Champion Beth Phoenix... THE DIVAS OF DOOM!

No music heralds the victory for Phoenix and Natalya, who both stand in the centre of the ring a little unsure of how to react. The lack of music makes it a lot easier for the Miami crowd's displeasure of the result to be heard. Eve has now been brought back up to her feet and is being helped by the medics to the back and Kelly Kelly is actually crying as she walks behind them.

Michael Cole: I will say it is a real shame for this match to be cut short like that; but Justin King did the right thing in stopping the match when he did because Eve Torres may have a serious injury on what looks like to be her right ankle. Can we just get another look at the incident, guys?

The replay of Kelly knocking Eve off of the apron is shown, and it is clear to see that she lands awkwardly on her right ankle.

Michael Cole: There it is! Ooh, that does look like it hurt.

Jerry Lawler: It is a real shame, and all I can say is that I hope Eve makes a speedy recovery and it isn't as bad as we think it is. All necessary precautions must be taken though.

Booker T: It might be a little early to say this, but I'm gonna anyway. Do you think that Eve knows it was Kelly Kelly that knocked her off of the apron? She wasn't lookin', it coulda been Beth Phoenix for all she knows.

Michael Cole: That's a good point, Booker! We saw in a conversation between Eve and Kelly Kelly previously that Eve had no idea Kelly was getting involved in her matches because for some reason she doesn't watch them back!

Jerry Lawler: It is a bit too early to assume anything like that in my book. It was an accident. I mean look at Kelly Kelly; she's distraught!

The EMTs have finally escorted Eve out of the ringside area to the side of the stage, and Kelly is still crying as she follows her. Phoenix and Natalya actually look a little annoyed at their somewhat hollow victory, and they exit the ring and walk up the ramp.

We go backstage now and we're in the interview area, but the reaction heard from the arena suddenly turns into very loud booing because MATT STRIKER is standing by with THE LAURINAITIS ADMINISTRATION, bar Johnny himself. THE MIZ stands at the front of the group, with R-TRUTH, BRODUS CLAY and KEVIN NASH standing behind him. Striker looks a little nervous, but he composes himself quickly.

Matt Striker: Hi I'm Matt Striker and I'm standing by here with the Laurinaitis Administration. Guys, I've gotta say that you had a helluva week last week as The Miz, R-Truth and Brodus Clay all victorious in your matches. Tonight could be an even bigger night as The Miz faces John Cena and could become a two-time WWE Champion. But my first question is for the man we've not seen in a couple of weeks and we haven't actually heard from for years in the WWE, Kevin Nash.

Nash steps forwards from the back and to the front of the group. Miz's face screws up but Nash can't see, presumably because Miz thought the questions would go to him first.

Matt Striker: Kevin last time we saw you, your Survivor Series opponent, CM Punk hit you in the skull with a steel chair because you cost him the WWE Championship on numerous occasions. What is the reason for your actions against CM Punk since Summerslam?

Kevin Nash: If it is all the same to you, Matt; I'd rather not say right now.

Nash turns from a now dejected-looking Striker to the camera.

Kevin Nash: Punk, I know you're here tonight because your suspension is over. I have not forgotten what you did to me three weeks ago! I want to meet you in that ring later tonight so you can get the answers you so desperately want; I want to look into your eyes and tell you why I have ruined your life!

Heat from the fans and Nash looks intensely into the camera before he quickly turns to his stablemates now.

Kevin Nash: I'll see you guys later.

Nash leaves the shot and the camera can focus in better as they don't have to fit the seven-footer in the frame any more. Striker now turns to the remaining Administration members and is about to speak, but R-Truth snatches the microphone away from him.

R-Truth: Get yo ass outta here!

Striker turns around hesitantly, and Truth then boots him up the arse to kick him out of shot.

R-Truth: The group you see standin' in front of you is The Laurinaitis Administration. We are the most dominant group in WWE history!


R-Truth: Last week, we had one of our greatest ever nights an' we showed the world why we are the best. R-Truth won his match, Brodus Clay won his match and the next WWE Champion, The Miz, won his match as well! How you like dat?

More booing as both Miz and Clay wear smirks now.

R-Truth: Not only did we all win our matches; but at the end of the night we left dem punks Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods laid out in the middle of the ring for the whole world to see. Now dat's what's up!

Truth holds the microphone out to The Miz, and the #1 Contender to the WWE Championship takes it to some more heat from the fans.

The Miz: Thank you, Truth. I'm going to make a quick assumption of the mediocre interviewing abilities of Matt Striker and assume that he was going to ask me how I feel going into my WWE Championship match with John Cena tonight. The answer to that question would be that I'm feeling a sense of déjá vu.

There's a small amount of laughter as Truth looks unsure what that means.

The Miz: I feel like I've been here before; I feel like how I did at Wrestlemania Twenty-Seven this year.

A small amount of heat.

The Miz: I mean, we've almost got everything the same as that night! I'm preparing for a WWE Championship match with John Cena in the main event, but all everyone wants to talk about is The Rock.

A BIG POP for the mention of 'The Great One' in his home town.

The Miz: Everyone is SO consumed and obsessed with what is going to happen between The Rock and John Cena in their little confrontation tonight, and NO ONE is talking about The Miz! Really?


The Miz: Really?


The Miz: Just as I thought. Exactly like Wrestlemania this year. I was an afterthought going into that match, just like I've been one going into tonight's match; despite me breezing through a tournament to get my rightful shot at the WWE Championship.

Heat from inside the arena.

The Miz: In case any of you cretins were living under a rock for the entirety of April this year, I beat John Cena at Wrestlemania to keep my WWE Championship.

More heat.

The Miz: I promise that I'll do the same tonight and become the two-time most must-see WWE Champion of all time! So Cena, you better not make the same mistake you did at Wrestlemania because if you want any hope of keeping that title tonight you attention should be one-hundred percent on The Miz; like it always should be. Like everyone's should be.

Miz is smiling now as he grows in confidence in himself even more.

The Miz: Because John I can assure you that if you even spare one thought on The Rock during our match your chances of winning decrease even more. If that happens, just like at Wrestlemania... you're going to lose.

A shit-eating grin plasters Miz's face now and he slowly brings the mic up to his mouth again.

The Miz: Then everyone will be sharing my feeling of déjá vu...

Miz talks slower and quieter now; almost at a whisper.

The Miz:... and that is... awesome.

The camera zooms in on the face of The Miz, R-Truth and the imposing figure of Brodus Clay staring down the camera as we slowly fade away.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see EVE TORRES sitting up in the trainer's room with ice on her ankle and KELLY KELLY standing next to her. Kelly has stopped crying but she still looks distraught.

Eve Torres: Look, Kelly, please. I'll be fine.

Kelly Kelly: But I feel so bad, I'm so sorry-

Eve Torres: What are you apologizing for? It was an accident! Come here.

Eve motions for a hug and Kelly almost jumps into her friend's arms and holds her tightly.

Eve Torres: We'll get the Divas of Doom back as soon as I'm back on my feet, okay?

Kelly's eyes look a little confused as it clicks to her that Eve didn't know it was her! She pulls out of the hug and plays with a strand of Eve's hair between her fingers.

Kelly Kelly: Actually-

???: I've had a look at it, and the injury to your ankle isn't as bad as we first thought, which is a good thing.

The trainer suddenly walks into the shot, interrupting what could have been Kelly admitting what actually happened.

Eve Torres: That's great, doc. How long until I'm back in the ring?

Trainer: It shouldn't be too long, but we'll monitor you over the week and I'll let you know next week when we can get back out there. Just keep applying ice for fifteen to twenty minutes at a time to reduce the swelling and we'll be back in the ring before we know it.

Eve smiles at the trainer as he then walks out of the shot, and Kelly continues playing with Eve's hair as we leave the shot.

Back into the arena now, with Justin Roberts standing by in the centre of the ring again with his trusty microphone.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is the SMACKDOWN SHOWCASE!


There's a pretty big pop for the remix of the Superman theme as it plays for the first time on Raw, and FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM then run out onto the stage in their matching attires. JOHNNY CURTIS leads the way down to the ring and DERRICK BATEMAN is a few paces behind, and both men make an effort to slap hands and play to the crowd.

Justin Roberts: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 466 pounds... 'The Prince of Justice' Derrick Bateman and 'The Phoenix' Johnny Curtis, they are FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM!!

Booker T: Aw man, how good is it to see these two out here live on Monday Night Raw? They are the hottest up-and-coming tag team in the WWE today! This match is going to show everyone just what Smackdown is about, dawg.

Jerry Lawler: These guys are one of the reasons that I watch Smackdown every week, they've made quite an impression on me since they debuted.

Michael Cole: Fighting for Freedom are undefeated as a team on Smackdown, and they will be hoping that their luck continues tonight in what I'd say is their biggest match to date.

Jerry Lawler: They've got the chance to grab everyone's attention tonight with a good performance alongside Sin Cara in this match!

Fighting for Freedom enter the ring and they both get onto a turnbuckle and pose by holding their arms out and they absorb the kind ovation from the fans. Their music fades out and the lights suddenly go darker which garners a good cheer.


The lights in the arena go into a shade of dark blue, and the fans let out a good pop as SIN CARA walks out onto the stage dressed in his ceremonial like robe, which he removes before pointing towards the ring.

Justin Roberts: And introducing their tag team partner, from Mexico City, Mexico, weighing 180 pounds... SIN CARA!

Jerry Lawler: Boy, talk about a team of real life superheroes!

Michael Cole: No. Fighting for Freedom aren't superheroes. They just look, talk and act like superheroes. But speaking of Sin Cara, tonight is his last chance to get a piece of the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes before their Intercontinental Championship Series of Three begins this Friday on Smackdown, where we'll see both Sin Cara and Cody's masks put on the line in the first two matches and the Intercontinental Championship is up for grabs in the third.

Booker T: You gotta believe that ma boi Sin Cara will be determined to win this Friday, dawg. That mask is a symbol of his heritage and Mexican tradition; he don't wanna lose that.

Jerry Lawler: Just think though - we could see Sin Cara unmasked on Smackdown this week! There are so many different routes that this Series of Three can go. You've got to give Edge some credit for putting it together!

Booker T: I think that Edge is doing a great job, I really do.

Sin Cara charges down the ramp and trampolines into the ring to set off his pyro before he shakes hands with both members of Fighting for Freedom. The lights return to normal, and everyone's attention turns to the entrance stage again as the three men in the ring wait for the arrival of their opponents.


There's not much of a reaction from the fans as THE SHOWTIME PLAYERS burst out onto the stage; PERCY WATSON is at the front doing one of his little jigs and TITUS O'NEILL does some of his dog barks behind him as they strut down to the ring together.

Justin Roberts: Introducing their opponents, first at a combined weight of 515 pounds 'The Big Dog' Titus O'Neill and 'Showtime' Percy Watson... THE SHOWTIME PLAYERS!

Michael Cole: There's been a big issue between The Showtime Players and Fighting for Freedom the past few weeks on Smackdown since Fighting for Freedom debuted as Curtis and Bateman seem to have stopped Watson and O'Neill during attacks on Justin Gabriel as well as The Usos.

Booker T: Only difference is that The Usos weren't grateful for the help that they got! I don't know what has gotten into The Usos lately as they left Fighting for Freedom out there to be beat up by The Players last week on Smackdown. Not cool.

Jerry Lawler: The Usos are from a proud family, guys. Maybe they didn't think they needed the help from Fighting for Freedom?

Michael Cole: Well The Usos aren't here tonight, so they may have to answer to their actions this week on Smackdown because I don't think Fighting for Freedom will appreciate the help they've given to The Usos not being returned. But I'm just waiting for the man that will come out next, because I love seeing the Intercontinental Champion in the ring.

The Players stand at the base of the ramp and continue their taunting towards their opponents in the ring, as Watson screams "OH YEAH!" whilst Titus barks. The music fades out and the camera focuses on Sin Cara who's facing the entrance ramp waiting for his rival.


There's a solid block of heat in the arena as the Intercontinental Champion CODY RHODES walks out onto the stage, and the lights reflect off of his 'protective' mask and he wears a very large scowl on his face as he walks down to the ring with his eyes locked on Sin Cara. TED DIBIASE accompanies his friend out to the ring, being seen for the first time since Sin Cara put him through a table on Smackdown a couple of weeks back.

Justin Roberts: And their tag team partner, being accompanied by Ted DiBiase, from Marietta, Georgia and weighing in at 220 pounds, he is the Intercontinental Champion... CODY RHODES!

Michael Cole: The son of WWE Hall of Famer 'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes, Cody has had a very successful career so far in the WWE; a multiple time tag team champion and the current Intercontinental Champion. You can see that Cody wears a protective mask over his face as a result of undergoing facial reconstruction surgery in January after an incident in a match with Rey Mysterio.

Booker T: However I doubt how much he needs that mask now because he seems to have no problem takin' it off during his matches and usin' it is a weapon; with Sin Cara being one of his main targets!

Jerry Lawler: It was that mask that cost Sin Cara the Intercontinental Championship at Night of Champions.

Michael Cole: Well there is a chance that Cody could lose that mask in the second match of his Intercontinental Championship Series with Sin Cara because his mask will be on the line in that match.

Booker T: I love this idea from Edge, dawg. Both men have an incentive to want to win every match, if they lose just one of the matches they're missin' out on something they want.

Michael Cole: It'll be interesting to see if Cody Rhodes and Sin Cara come into direct contact in this match as it is their last chance to feel each other out before the series begins this Friday on Smackdown.

Rhodes completely ignores The Showtime Players who both attempt to high-five him and he walks up the steps into the ring; motioning for DiBiase to station himself at ringside. The Players look at each other as if their feeling have been hurt before they both slide into the ring and mount the turnbuckles - dog barking and shouting "OH YEAH!" much to the annoyance of the fans. Rhodes removes his jacket and hands the IC Title to the referee, but his eyes are locked on Sin Cara who is talking to his team about who is going to start the match.

Match Three:
Smackdown Showcase:

Sin Cara & Fighting for Freedom vs Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes & The Showtime Players
w/ Ted DiBiase

Chad Patton calls for the bell before the teams have even decided who's kicking off the match, and Cody Rhodes stares both O'Neill and Watson in the eye before he turns to the ring, silently indicating that he's going to kick off the match. Fighting for Freedom notice this and then exit to the apron to allow Sin Cara to start the match. A big cheer goes off around the arena as the two men who are set to begin another war over the Intercontinental Championship over the next few weeks are going to be starting this match together!

Sin Cara starts to walk towards the middle of the ring with his guard up, but Cody Rhodes suddenly cracks a smile and slaps Titus O'Neill on the chest to tag out of the match! Rhodes gets himself a massive dosage of heat and Titus looks a little puzzled as Patton informs him he is now the legal man. Sin Cara shakes his head but prepares himself for the big man anyway. O'Neill lunges forwards, but Sin Cara dodges and stings the back of O'Neill's knee with a kick, and he's even able to get in another one before the big man can turn around. Sin Cara tries to Irish Whip his larger opponent, but O'Neill turns it around and sends Sin Cara on his way; only for Cara to come back and climb up O'Neill and eventually bring him down with an Arm Drag! Sin Cara sends the big man rolling away, and Titus brings himself back up quickly and charges full of anger at Sin Cara, but Sin Cara is too quick for him again as he catches Titus with a Drop Toe Hold!

Landing right on his face, Titus holds his nose as he starts to get back up. O'Neill gets back up to one knee, but here's Sin Cara again - Dropkick to the side of the face! Sin Cara with the cover! One...Two...NO! O'Neill impressively powers out and Sin Cara points towards Cody Rhodes on the apron before he walks over to his own corner and tags in Derrick Bateman. Bateman comes in to mild cheers, and he brings O'Neill back up by his head and delivers a couple of quick shoot forearms to the forehead before he runs back against the ropes. O'Neill tries a clothesline, but Bateman ducks it and scores with a beautiful Dropkick to O'Neill's face when he turns around! 'The Prince of Justice' now tries a pin on 'The Big Dog'...One...Two...Kickout! Bateman applies a Front Facelock and drags Titus back to the face corner, and his partner Johnny Curtis leans over the ropes and tags himself in. Curtis hopes over the top rope and into the ring and he delivers a quick right hand to the ribs of O'Neill. Bateman retains his hold of Titus and Curtis comes from behind and delivers a dropkick to the bum which sends O'Neill crashing face-first into the middle turnbuckle!

The crowd enjoy the unorthodox offence from the exciting tandem, and O'Neill turns around right into a Spinning Heel Kick to the face! With Titus down again, Curits tries his luck with the cover and he hooks the leg! One...Two...NO!! The commentators put over O'Neill's resilience as well as the good strategy to try and wear down the muscle of their opponents by Sin Cara and FFF. Curtis gets back to his feet and he makes a tag back to Bateman, who in turn enters the ring and tags Sin Cara in, who starts to scale the turnbuckle. Fighting for Freedom bring Titus up and they both elevate him into the air and hold him up in a Suplex position as Sin Cara steadies himself. Sin Cara leaps from the top at O'Neill and the trio hits a DIVING CROSS BODY/DOUBLE SUPLEX COMBO! The fans pop loudly for the triple team move and Sin Cara once again makes the pin on O'Neill! Patton has to ensure that FFF are out of the ring before he counts...One...Two..Thr-NO! Percy Watson comes in to break the count!

Sin Cara sells the effects of the boot to his head and the referee admonishes Watson for his involvement which surely saved the match for his team. Watson's interference gives O'Neill the chance to reach up and tag 'Showtime' into the match. As Sin Cara had scrambled away to the corner, Watson comes in and lays into him with hard boots to the gut before he's pulled away by Chad Patton. This gives Sin Cara the opportunity now to run along the ropes and make the tag to Johnny Curtis, who slingshots himself over the top rope and back into the match. It is a natural reset point in the match, as Watson and Curtis now take a chance to lock up in the centre of the ring. Watson takes charge with a Side Headlock, but Curtis pushes him against the ropes and fires him off only for Watson to come back with a Shoulder Block. Watson brings Curtis up and wrings his arm so he can make the tag back to O'Neill. Titus comes in and plucks 'The Phoenix' away from his partner to deadlift him and then drop him with a SIDEWALK SLAM!

Celebrating his big move with a dog bark that irritates the fans, Titus makes it back up to his feet again and he makes the quick tag back to his partner Percy Watson. 'Showtime' gets back through the ropes and backs off up onto the second rope on the corner and he flies off and drops a knee across Curtis' face! Watson rolls forwards into the ring after coming off the move and lets out a loud shout of "OH YEAH!" with crazy jig and all. Watson then turns around and hooks a leg on Curtis...One...Two...Curtis gets the shoulder up. Booker T theorizes that Watson and O'Neill care too much about showing off. Watson gets to his feet and looks back to his corner and he catches eyes with Cody Rhodes and asks him "You want some of this?" and the Intercontinental Champion then extends his hand and accepts the tag into the match. Rhodes keeps his eyes locked on Sin Cara as he goes through the ropes but quickly turns his attention to Johnny Curtis and drops a knee of his own onto his face!

Rhodes brings Curtis up to his feet and sends him into one of the neutral corners, and Bateman desperately tries to reach in for a tag from his partner, but he's miles too far away. Cody holds nothing back on Curtis; driving his mask right into his face several time with some MASKBUTTS which seem to really do a number on the NXT Season 4 Winner. Rhodes reaches over Curtis and brings him forwards towards the middle of the ring and takes him over with a BUTETRFLY SUPLEX! Curtis sits back up arching his back, but Rhodes grabs him and forces his shoulder back down onto the mat...One...Two...Thr-NO! Curtis stays alive in the match and Rhodes gets to his feet and simply watches Curtis slowly make his way back up, before shooting a look at Sin Cara and the Intercontinental Champion runs towards the ropes and comes off them with a BEAUTIFUL DISASTER KICK!!! Curtis drops like a stone after the devastating kick which was heard all over the arena, and the IC Champ goes for another cover! One...Two...Thr-NO! The count is broken by SIN CARA!

Chad Patton is once again forced to get involved as the fans cheer Bateman breaking the pin up, but before he can escape the ring Titus O'Neill jumps back into the fray and charges at Bateman, but he ducks the clothesline attempt from 'The Big Dog' and Sin Cara drops the top rope - causing Titus to fall to the floor! The fans cheer as the match starts to break down because Watson is now out of the corner and he attacks Bateman from behind! Watson starts stomping away on Bateman and forces him under the bottom rope near where O'Neill fell out. All the while it seems that none of the heels have noticed Johnny Curtis clawing his way over to his corner and being able to tag Sin Cara! Sin Cara comes in as the legal man and clotheslines Percy Watson over the top rope as Johnny Curtis now slides under the bottom rope and starts to tee off on Titus O'Neill who is stomping away at Bateman! It starts to get too much for the commentary team to handle, imagine how Chad Patton must feel!

The official exits the ring and tries his best to break up the brawling between the two tag teams in the match. Sin Cara however seems to be lining himself up for some kind of dive to the outside which works the crowd up, and he turns around to begin his charge, but he finds himself in the clutches of Cody Rhodes... who connects with CROSS RHODES!!!! The fans boo the shit out of the IC Champion, as DiBiase screams "PIN HIM!" from ringside, but Rhodes shakes his head and instructs Ted to get into the ring. Cody barks the orders to DiBiase, "Hold him up! Now!" and his friend obliges as...


There's a shit tonne of heat in the arena as Rhodes lines his shot up...



The fans go MENTAL as Ted rolls out of the ring after being inadvertently smashes the plastic mask off of his forehead! Rhodes is in all kind of panic now and he desperately tries to put the mask back on his face, fumbling around as Patton reenters the ring... but CODY IS ROLLED UP FROM BEHIND BY SIN CARA!! One...Two...THREE!!! SIN CARA HAS PINNED THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!!!

Winners: Sin Cara & Fighting for Freedom (7.44)


Justin Roberts: Here are your winners; Fighting for Freedom and SIN CARA!

The fans go wild as Cody Rhodes immediately rolls out of the ring; trying desperately to get his mask back on. He uses the ring barricade to shield his face whilst he does, and once it is back on he is FURIOUS as he starts to stomp his way to the back after snatching the Intercontinental Title from a stagehand. In the ring, Fighting for Freedom have now joined Sin Cara and they raise 'The International Sensation's arms either side of him.

Booker T: You see what I'm talkin' about! What a match! That's what I'm used to every week on Smackdown! Edge trusted these guys wit' showcasin' our show and they did good, dawg!

Jerry Lawler: Not only was it a great match; but what a victory for Sin Cara - he just pinned the Intercontinental Champion! There could not have been a better way to build some momentum ahead of the first match of the Intercontinental Championship Series this Friday.

Michael Cole: We saw Cody Rhodes try and use that mask to his advantage again, but this time it backfired in a major way; and it was Ted DiBiase that felt the brunt of it!

Booker T: I think he might be knocked out, you know.

Michael Cole: We might need a medic for Ted DiBiase out here, guys. Nonetheless a fantastic victory for Sin Cara and Fighting for Freedom tonight on the Raw Supershow! Please stay tuned because we've got so much more in store for you tonight!

Fighting for Freedom look down to The Showtime Players at the base of the ramp who are licking their wounds and shouting back up to their rival tag team. But Sin Cara points to the man who is now at the top of the ramp, the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes. Rhodes glares back at his rival and then raises the title up into the air as we go to another break.

*Commercial Break*

We come back to Raw and we're shown a shot of the parking lot, and suddenly a long, black limousine pulls up into the shot and parks up. The driver gets out and briskly walks back to open the door. After a couple of seconds...


The loudest pop of the night from his hometown fans so far greets 'The Great One'. He's dressed in a sharp, grey suit with shades on and he thanks his driver before walking on forwards out of the shot and we now cut to a shot of the commentary team who can barely hear themselves think above the noise from the Miami crowd.

Jerry Lawler: Would you just listen to this crowd? This is amazing!

Michael Cole: The Rock is here! 'The Most Electrifying Man in all of Sports Entertainment' has entered the building, ready for his confrontation with the WWE Champion John Cena later on tonight!

Jerry Lawler: John Cena might not be the WWE Champion when he meets The Rock later tonight; he's got to get through The Miz first!

Michael Cole: That is true, King, The Miz will be challenging John Cena for the WWE Title tonight in Miami!


The fans in the arena are still cheering for The Rock so much that the United States Champion DOLPH ZIGGLER's arrival onto the stage gets a more positive reaction than usual, but the heat levels intensify greatly when Ziggler's manager VICKIE GUERRERO walks out onto the stage and she frowns as everyone starts to boo her. Ziggler does a little shimmy with the gold around his waist before he starts to walk down to the ring.

Michael Cole: Dolph Ziggler must be pretty confident going into this match tonight; he was successfully able to defend the United States Championship against his opponent tonight, Drew McIntyre, at Hell in a Cell. Not only that, but Dolph picked up the win in a tag team match last week where he pinned McIntyre after a Zig Zag.

Jerry Lawler: He also had some choice words for the WWE COO Triple H about being put into this match in the first place; and some of them went a little too close to the wire for my liking.

Booker T: Ziggler is just plain scared of Drew. Simple as that. He was lookin' for any way out of having to defend that US Title here ta-night!

Michael Cole: Well of course Dolph Ziggler was under the impression that he was the one who got to decide if and when McIntyre got another shot at him, but Triple H obviously had other plans.

Ziggler gets into the ring and shows off the title again as he removes it from his waist and holds it into the air. Guerrero places a shoulder on her man's client and thankfully she is without microphone which means that we won't have to put up with her voice. Ziggler's fancy new music kicks out and he slowly nods his head as he starts to soak in the situation.

The scene of Ziggler standing in the ring is quickly replaced as the screen fills up with a shot of DREW MCINTYRE as his music begins.


There's a very good pop in the arena as now McIntyre walks out onto the stage from behind the curtain with his arms raised in the air, and he looks extremely pumped! The Scotsman pumps his fist before he strides down to the ring and slaps hands with the fans in the front row; his eyes focused on the prize... the United States Championship resting on the shoulder of Dolph Ziggler.

Michael Cole: This whole sage between Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre started a few weeks before Night of Champions last month where Drew McIntyre was trying to obtain the managerial services of Vickie Guerrero, and he was meant to prove himself by laying down on the mat for Dolph Ziggler to pin him. Drew McIntyre made the choice to go for the title but the decision didn't pay off that night; will it tonight?

Jerry Lawler: Ziggler will be hoping to follow in the footsteps of Mark Henry tonight and keep hold of his title, but I have to tell ya, Drew McIntyre has been looking better and better every week.

Booker T: Drew McIntyre is as intense and ruthless as they come an' Dolph Ziggler will already know that; I think ta-night could be his night!

Jerry Lawler: I think you could be right, Booker, that's if Vickie Guerrero doesn't get that ugly face of her's involved!

Michael Cole: Was that comment really needed, Jerry? I personally think that Vickie Guerrero is a very attractive, older woman.

Booker T: Yo ass got some problems then, Cole!

McIntyre gets into the ring and shakes the hand of referee Mike Chioda and that of Justin Roberts before he climbs up onto the second rope and poses with his arms out to some more good cheers, shouting out "This is my night!" which the fans agree with to a pop. 'Broken Dreams' fades out and McIntyre steps back to a neutral corner as Justin Roberts stands in the centre of the ring ready to make the introductions.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, the challenger. From Ayr, Scotland, weighing in at 254 pounds... DREW MCINTYRE!

A good cheer goes up for Drew Mac and he raises his arms into the air again in appreciation for the kind response.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent... accompanied by Vickie Guerrero-

Roberts looks a little uneasy as his voice is drowned out by the American Airlines Arena collectively booing the shit out of Guerrero who screams out in anger. The ring announcer clears his throat nervously before continuing.

Justin Roberts: From Hollywood, Florida, weighing 213 pounds, he is the United States Champion DOLPH ZIGGLER!

A mixed reaction for Ziggler as some fans cheer the fact that he's from Florida. Mike Chioda requests Ziggler hands him the title, and Ziggler holds it up and kisses it before gazing into it for what could be the final time and he passes it over to the official who holds it in the air for everyone to see as the match graphic appears on screen. Justin Roberts and Vickie Guerrero exit the ring and the championship is passed down to the timekeeper's area, and Chioda calls for the bell!

Match Four:
United States Championship Match:

Dolph Ziggler © w/ Vickie Guerrero vs Drew McIntyre

Once the bell has rang, the two fierce rivals both walk forwards and meet each other in the centre of the ring; standing within inches of each other. Ziggler looks up to McIntyre and tells him "This dream of yours ends. Tonight." and McIntyre smirks which clearly annoys Ziggler who responds by slapping McIntyre in the face! The fans "OOH!" at the hard strike, but McIntyre again is smirking, and he then floors Ziggler with a right hand! The fans pop loudly, but they quickly start booing as Ziggler stays on the mat and rolls out of the ring to Guerrero, but McIntyre is right on his tail! Ziggler realizes quickly and he places Guerrero in the way of the rushing McIntyre who puts on the brakes instantly as the US Champ runs around in front of the announce table to then slide into the ring. McIntyre quickly slides back in as well, but Ziggler gets on him straight away with a clubbing blow to the back before McIntyre gets up. Ziggler continues pounding away at McIntyre frantically before he is satisfied that Drew won't be getting up right away.

Dolph gets back up with a slight smirk, but it isn't long before McIntyre is back to his feet as well. Instinctively, Ziggler charges at his challenger, but McIntyre sees him coming and elevates him upwards - but Ziggler lands on the apron! This is quickly recognized by McIntyre, who grabs Ziggler as he tries to drop to ringside, and he delivers a Hip Toss to bring Ziggler back into the ring! Dolph's selling is gorgeous, and he's right back up into the path of a clothesline from McIntyre that turns the United States Champion inside out! From seeing the way Ziggler almost did a full 360 degree spin from the move, McIntyre senses he could have it, and he goes for the pin. One...Two...Ziggler kicks out! McIntyre brings the champion up quickly and hooks him up to send him over with a powerful Snap Suplex, and into another quick cover...One...Two...Shoulder up from the champion! Not at all disheartened, Drew Mac lifts Ziggler up again and looks to Irish Whip him into the corner, but Ziggler is able to turn it around and McIntyre is sent in instead. Ziggler follows him in and looks for a Stinger Splash - but he's only met with cold, hard turnbuckle!

Bouncing out of the corner and right back into McIntyre's pathway, the Scotsman boots him in the gut and then applies his double underhooks and the fans quickly get excited as Drew screams "FUTURE SHOCK!" and he goes for the FUTURE SHOCK DDT - but Ziggler turns out of it and scores with a Dropkick which takes McIntyre down! Ziggler breathes a heavy sigh of relief after avoiding the early finisher attempt, and he now stands over McIntyre before he runs his hands through his hair and flicks the sweat at Drew and then leaps into the air; coming down with one of his Heartstopper Jumping Elbows to the chest! It is now Ziggler's turn to make a cover! One...Two-Kickout! McIntyre sits up after kicking out, but Ziggler comes from behind and jumps over him for a powerful Neck Snap - and McIntyre's head swings violently back to hit the mat! Ziggler is right back on McIntyre with a headlock on the mat... and Ziggler then performs a headstand whilst he has Drew trapped in the headlock!

'The Showoff' lives up to his nickname well, and some of the fans pop for the athletic move. Ziggler comes back down and then lets go before he's right back up to his feet with a confident smirk on his face. McIntyre starts to bring himself up to his feet and Ziggler jumps at him from the front - going for a DDT, but McIntyre catches him in mid air... and rushes him into the corner to place him on to the top turnbuckle! The momentum shifts into the challenger's way again, and McIntyre delivers a quick right hand to Ziggler's head, and he climbs onto the middle rope himself before going one step further and standing on the top rope! Ziggler has a slight resurgence with McIntyre in the precarious position and the US Champ hits some quick rights to the ribs of the Scot... and the 6ft 5 frame of Drew McIntyre falls down and hits the canvas! Ziggler steadies himself and climbs onto the top rope as he waits for McIntyre to get back up. Ziggler screams "GET UP!" and once his opponent is up the United States Champion tries a Dropkick from the top rope - But nobody is home!

The fans cheer as Ziggler flops around on the mat after missing his move, and McIntyre leans against the ropes, aware of how close he was to getting the full force of that move. Ziggler makes it back up to his knees but he's right back down and McIntyre charges in and creams him in the mush with a Big Boot!! The impact is mighty as it left Ziggler folded up on the mat but then Drew sets him flat and hooks the leg...One...Two...NO! Vickie Guerrero looks relieved as her client keeps the title safe for now, and the commentators note how back and forth this match has been so far; paying testament to both men studying the other closely. McIntyre applies a quick Rear Chinlock on Ziggler in the centre of the ring (obviously learned from Randy Orton) as he tries to further wear down the United States Champion. Ziggler is quick to get to his feet and turn around and nail McIntyre with a right hand to break his grib, but when Ziggler tries to follow up with another right hand McIntyre ducks and then lifts him into the air and sends him crashing down with a Back Suplex!

Ziggler absorbs even more damage, and it becomes clear that the challenger is trying to work over the neck of the champion as McIntyre lifts him back up and scores with a Swinging Neckbreaker! McIntyre with another cover! One...Two...NO!! Ziggler's resilience is put over by Michael Cole, who also notes that the champion needs to find a way back into this match and soon. Both men are up again, and McIntyre gets the ball rolling again with a Running Knee Lift that stuns Ziggler. The Scotsman continues running... but Vickie Guerrero reaches in and grabs his leg!! McIntyre is stuck as the Mike Chioda admonishes Guerrero and BAM! SUPERKICK FROM ZIGGLER!! Guerrero's involvement pays off and Ziggler now hooks the leg as the crowd boos in fear this could be it! One...Two...FOOT ON THE ROPES!! It is a great spot by Chioda but Guerrero pushes McIntyre's foot off of the ropes but the Senior Official saw her do it! Chioda leans through the ropes and says "One more chance, Vickie! If I have to speak to you again, you're outta here!" Vickie shrieks at the top of her voice and the fans provide extremely loud heat.

Following the huge kick to the head from Ziggler, McIntyre is a little groggy as he tries to get himself back up to his feet and he takes a small breath - but Ziggler is straight on him to apply the dangerous SLEEPER HOLD!!! The fans boo Ziggler now as he has his submission that won him the championship in June locked in, and due to the nature of Ziggler's previous move, McIntyre fades quite quickly and he slumps down onto the mat! Ziggler screams to the referee "CHECK HIM! CHECK HIM NOW!" and Mike Chioda gets down to raise one of McIntyre's arms but it drops down to the floor! "COME ON!" is the demand for Ziggler as McIntyre's arm is lifted in the air for a second time... and it drops to the floor for a second time! "PASS OUT! PASS.... OUT! CHECK AGAIN!" Ziggler's face is bright red as he has the hold locked in as tight as humanly possible and McIntyre's arm is lifted by Mike Chioda a third and final time...

But it doesn't hit the mat! There's life in McIntyre yet!

The crowd get on their feet and a loud "LET'S GO DREW!" chant surges through the crowd as the clenched fist starts to shake as Drew McIntyre begins to show some more signs of life with Ziggler shaking his head furiously. McIntyre makes it back onto his knees with Ziggler hanging off the back of him and he's then back onto his feet... but Ziggler grabs a handful of hair and yanks him back down to the mat with authority! Ziggler creates a total buzzkill in the arena as he grins out to the fans. He spots McIntyre hunched over recovering in the middle of the ring and charges in looking for the FAMOUSER - BUT MCINTYRE CATCHES HIM - AND DRIVES HIM INTO THE MAT WITH A POWERBOMB!!! It is a huge move from McIntyre that takes a lot out of him, but he musters the energy to put an arm over Ziggler's chest so the ref can count the pin! One...Two...Thr-NO!!! There's genuine shock that Ziggler kicked out of that move, but McIntyre is now revitalized and spurred on by that kick out and he urges Ziggler to get to his feet again!

There's suddenly a lot of heat in the arena however as VICKIE GUERRERO is up on the apron! McIntyre sees this and then walks over to her... but Mike Chioda gets in front of him and gets in Vickie's face! "I told you not to disrupt the match again! GET OUT OF HERE NOW!" The fans go wild as Guerrero screams "NOOOOOOOO!" at the top of her voice and gets down from the apron, stomping and screaming! The Miami fans start a brief "CHIODA" chant which dies out pretty quickly though. McIntyre follows Vickie around the ring as she still protests even as she is going up the ramp but it costs the Scotsman as Ziggler comes from behind and drives him into the mat with the ZIG ZAG!!! There's dead silence in the arena as Ziggler is grinning as he leans back over McIntyre and hooks the leg! One...Two...Three-NOO!!!!! MCINTRYE KICKS OUT JUST IN TIME!!! The fans are on their feet with cheers now, and Ziggler looks the picture of pure desperation; his hair has gone all puffy and he has a look on his face to ask "What do I have to do to beat this guy?".

Ziggler pounds the mat in anger and he gets up and into the face of Mike Chioda, calling him all the names under the sun for ejecting Vickie from ringside, and Ziggler turns around to follow up on McIntyre right into a HIGH-ANGLE SPINEBUSTER from the challenger! The camera zooms out to show that the fans are all on their feet going absolutely ballistic with applause and cheers as McIntyre roars out to the fans again, and they join in with the chant of "FUTURE SHOCK!" as he grabs the United States Champion and drives Ziggler's head into the canvas with the FUTURE SHOCK DDT!!! McIntyre turns Ziggler over and every fan in the arena is counting along! One...Two...THREE!!! DREW MCINTYRE HAS WON THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Winner and NEW United States Champion: Drew McIntyre (10.17)


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner and the NEW United States Champion... DREW MCINTYRE!!!

The pop in the arena is very loud, and Drew McIntyre gets onto his knees with his head in his hands in pure disbelief that he was finally able to do it and his reaction becomes even bigger when Mike Chioda gives him the United States Championship belt and helps him stand up so he can raise his arm in the air.

Jerry Lawler: HE DID IT! Drew McIntyre is the new United States Champion! I can't believe it! Finally, the United States Championship is away from Dolph Ziggler and his pet witch Vickie Guerrero! I love it!

Michael Cole: Oh, come on, King, show some taste will ya? Yeah, congratulations to Drew McIntyre, but you don't need to be down right insulting to Vickie Guerrero like that!

Booker T: Where's you sense of humour, Cole? We've just been part of history as we got the privilege of callin' that match.

Jerry Lawler: I will admit that it was a great performance out there from both men, but despite Dolph - and Vickie's - best efforts, Drew McIntyre is leaving Miami with the United States title.

Michael Cole: I can't help but think; what is Dolph Ziggler's reaction to the result of this match going to be? He was angry enough by being made to defend the title by Triple H! I can't imagine how he must be feeling when he comes around.

Ziggler is still laid out in the middle of the ring after the Future Shock, and McIntyre is now having the title belt strapped around his waist by Chioda, and he walks over to one of the turnbuckles and slowly pulls himself onto the middle rope and points the gold now around his waist and shouts "I TOLD YOU I'D BEAT HIM! I'M THE CHAMPION, BABY!" as the fans let out some solid cheers as leave for another commercial break.

*Commercial Break*


The Miami crowd EXPLODES with cheers as after a few seconds CM PUNK WALKS OUT ONTO THE STAGE!! Dressed in a hoodie over his wrestling trunks, Punk holds his arms out and declares "IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME!" before he turns around to hold hi arms out to the side as he walks backwards down to the ring; looking in a very good mood.

Michael Cole: He's back! After serving his two week suspension at the orders of the Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis, CM Punk has returned to Monday Night Raw!

Jerry Lawler: The last time we saw Punk was three weeks ago and he took a steel chair and cracked it over the head of his Survivor Series opponent Kevin Nash, before escaping through the crowd.

Booker T: I don't blame Punk for what he did to ma homie Kevin Nash; Nash cost him the WWE Championship on more than one occasion!

Michael Cole: There was Summerslam and the night following Summerslam as well as Night of Champions. Nash also cost CM Punk and Kofi Kingston their tag team match a few weeks ago at Hell in a Cell against The Awesome Truth. Punk did however get himself suspended and therefore removed from the WWE Championship #1 Contender's Tournament, which was won by the man Punk was scheduled to face in the semi-finals, The Miz; who will face John Cena for the WWE Championship later tonight.

Punk gets into the ring and jumps up onto one of the turnbuckles and looks around to the arena before jumping into the ring and collecting a microphone. He walks around a little before standing still in the centre of the ring and his music fades out and a deafening "CM PUNK! CM PUNK!" chant reverberates around the American Airlines Arena. This causes Punk to grin, and he lifts the microphone up to his mouth and waves.

CM Punk: Hello everybody!


CM Punk: Boy, I do have to say that it is GREAT to be back on Monday Night Raw!

Another very loud cheer.

CM Punk: It is great to be back, but I have to say that I did enjoy my two weeks off very, very much; I got to do things that being a WWE Superstar on the road, I just sometimes don't get to do. I could play video games, such as WWE 12 - available in all good retailers near you November 22nd, featuring none other than yours truly.

Punk smiles to himself and the fans cheer.

CM Punk: I got to hang out with some of my friends I've not seen for years, shoot some pool and I even got to eat some ice cream!

That gets a very good pop and a few laughs and Punk grins like a Cheshire cat, but it appears that the time for joking has finished as he lowers his head and clears his throat.

CM Punk: But whilst I was doing all of those things... I began to wonder something. Why did I even get suspended? I mean, all I did was bash Kevin Nash's skull in with a steel chair and it got me thinking, is it really that bad?

Punk looks up for agreement from the crowd and they reply with a defiant "NO!".

CM Punk: I mean, a few years ago in the famed Attitude Era of the WWE, every week some poor SOB was getting a steel chair bend over their head or put through the announce table. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin would come down to the ring and Stunner Vince McMahon ever week and Vince's son, Shane McMahon, has hit some of the most memorable chairshots in WWE history.

Cheers for Punk referencing the Attitude Era.

CM Punk: So why is it that John Laurinaitis suspended me from Raw? The answer is simple.

Punk looks right into the camera intensely.

CM Punk: John Laurinaitis suspended me because he doesn't want a guy that has the guts to do whatever he damn pleases, running around doing whatever he damn pleases because Linda McMahon wants to be a Senator for Connecticut in 2012.

"OOOH!" is the reaction from the crowd, and Punk looks deadly serious.

CM Punk: And that, Miami, is BULLSHIT!

The fans cheer loudly and Michael Cole is quickly forced to apologize for the use of the expletives.

CM Punk: You're just a corporate puppet, Laurinaitis! Anyone of those idiots in Stamford can do your job; you're just the best at kissing Vince McMahon's ass!


CM Punk: So with this whole dictatorship you've got going on now, where anyone speaks against you they get beaten up like Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods last week. So I'm sure Brodus Clay is going to be waddling down that ramp any second now so you can send him and I will do to him what he has done to Rey Mysterio, Evan Bourne and Santino Marella! I will do to him what I did to Kevin Nash; I will crack a steel chair over his head and I will take him OUT!

The fans are going wild and Punk looks out to the stage.

CM Punk: So Johnny, I suggest that if you want your super soldier to stay in one piece you tell him to keep his fat ass back there!

Another loud pop for the insult to Clay, and Punk turns back to face the hard camera.

CM Punk: Laurinaitis, I'm sick and tired of your crap - and so is everyone else! I am not going to rest or stop until you are no longer exist in the WWE; until your name means absolutely NOTHING around here any more.

The "CM PUNK!" chants grow even louder now.

CM Punk: You can throw anyone you want in front of me but I will knock each and every one of them down until it is just you and me because I am the BEST IN THE WORLD!

The fans join in with the end of that line, and Punk starts to calm down after working himself up.

CM Punk: And I am going to start with Kevin Nash at Survivor Series, where I will finish what I started three weeks ago.


There's a lot of heat in the arena as Punk now turns to the stage and we can see that KEVIN NASH is making his way down to the ring. Both men are clearly pissed off at the sight of the other, and Nash wastes no time getting into the ring.

Michael Cole: I'd just like to apologize to the viewers at home for some of the language used by CM Punk that may have caused any offence.

Jerry Lawler: Those were some strong words from CM Punk. Here comes Kevin Nash, but I'm not sure how much of a good idea it is for him to get into the ring with CM Punk after what happened last time, combined with how amped up Punk is.

Nash climbs up the steps and retrieves a microphone of his own as he does and he walks across the apron and steps over the top rope into the ring. His music fades out to reveal the "CM PUNK!" chant again from the fans.

Kevin Nash: Y'know what, Punk? It is almost funny-

CM Punk: I'll tell you what is funny-


The fans boo and some jump after Nash's booming voice shouts right in Punk's face.

Kevin Nash: You show me respect and you let me talk! As I was saying, it is almost funny that you think everything is about you; everything! Let me tell you something that might bring your world crashing down to Earth a little bit... Not everything is about CM Punk.

Punk glares at Nash as he continues.

Kevin Nash: Do you really think that John Laurinaitis would be revolutionizing Monday Night Raw just because of you? Are you that far up your own ass, Punk?! Are you?!

There's no answer from Punk but he looks up into Nash's eyes.

Kevin Nash: I didn't think so. The reason that men like John Laurinaitis and myself have had to get involved in the running of Monday Night Raw is because this company is being driven into the GROUND with Triple H as the COO.

A lot of heat for that statement.

CM Punk: Oh, I see. So you and Johnny thought you'd come and drive it even further into the ground so Triple H takes the blame and get fired?

Nash shakes his head.

CM Punk: Then what? John Laurinaitis becomes the COO? Well if that really is your agenda then it will happen over my dead body!

Kevin Nash: Look! There you go again! Why do you feel the need to get yourself in things much bigger than you all the time? This is none of your business so you can just run along and I will see you at Survivor Series.

CM Punk: If it involves you screwing me out of the WWE Championship three times then it as sure as hell is my business; you made it my business! As I said before, I will be a dead man before John Laurinaitis runs this company.

Another pop for Punk and he looks Nash dead in the eye, waiting for a response.

Kevin Nash: You've actually got it all wrong. Triple H has been a very good friend of mine for twenty years; I wouldn't dream of costing him his job as COO. I can't speak for John Laurinaitis, but he has assured me that all he wants is what is best for business, and having someone like you as the WWE Champion is not what is best for business. That is why John Laurinaitis asked me to stop you from being the WWE Champion at...all...costs.

Heat for that statement, but Punk looks confused.

CM Punk: Wait, wait, wait... what do you mean? "Someone like me"?

Kevin Nash: What I mean by that is that the WWE Champion, the man who is the face of this company be a scrawny, five-foot nothing snot with no respect like you!

UNGODLY heat for that statement and Punk is incensed.

CM Punk: So who is your ideal WWE Champion then, huh? Is it The Miz? Or no let me guess... it is John Cena isn't it? No, wait! Even better, you think YOU should be the WWE Champion, am I right? A 74 year old ZZ Top lookalike with a knee less stable than the Greek economy? That would be what is best for business in your head isn't it? I actually feel a little bad for you, because I might have hit you a little too hard with that steel chair.

Punk looks Nash right in the face and he is almost spitting his words out.

CM Punk: The second you showed up at Summerslam and screwed me out of the WWE Championship, you made this all about me. I am the rightful WWE Champion, and once I have taken you out, taken the rest of your stupid group out and then taken John Laurinaitis out I will become the WWE Champion again and there won't be a soul in the world that can stop me.

The fans cheer as Punk starts lifting the crowd up again.

CM Punk: I may be the best wrestler in the world, but I'm not coming to Survivor Series for our match with the intention to wrestle you. I am going to fight you, and I am going to beat you. I will hurt you so badly that you'll find getting out of bed every day even harder than you'll already do. Every morning when you wake up you'll start to cry because you will be the one responsible for your life never being the same again, and every time you close your eyes all you will see is me. You're going to feel the pain I inflict on you for the rest of your life. I am going to haunt you forever!

Punk pauses to take a breath as Nash actually starts to look a little scared. The fans are loving this as Punk brings his microphone back up for some more.

CM Punk: The icing on the cake will be when you realize that once you fail to stop CM Punk and I finally put the final nail in the coffin of your career at Survivor Series, that John Laurinaitis won't give a damn about you any more. You and the rest of the them are nothing but expendable, replaceable assets to him and I'm sure you'll all find out one by one eventually when I take you all out and he doesn't care. He'll just run along to FCW and pick the biggest guy from there and I'll do the exact same thing to him. Rinse and repeat; you know the rest.

Kevin Nash: You don't know John Laurinaitis! We've had an agreement in place for months and we're going to achieve our goal of bringing this company back up to the heights it was once at. I've got no problems preparing for a fight at Survivor Series, but you need to remember that you're stepping into the ring with a former WWE and WCW Champion. You might think you're the better wrestler than me, but you aren't a better fighter.

Punk shakes his head and says off-mic "Yes I am."

Kevin Nash: I was kicking ass whilst you were still in diapers, junior! I've been in this for over 20 years!

Punk feigns yawning to a laugh from the crowd.

Kevin Nash: I don't have a problem putting my personal agenda for being here aside at Survivor Series to teach you a lesson and beat some respect into you! Once I've done that, then I will focus on working with John Laurinaitis to rescue this company.

CM Punk: You and John Laurinaitis are the only things this company needs rescuing from. I'll deal with you at Survivor Series in our match and then John Laurinaitis will be dealt with shortly after, and then I will become the WWE Champion again.

"CM PUNK!" chant kicks up yet again, and Punk holds his arm up for the fans.

CM Punk: Coming to think of it actually... I don't think I'll be allowed to do to you what I want to do to you in the confines of a regular match; so I've had an idea to maybe make things easier for the both of us to have a chance to achieve our goals of destroying the other. You thinking the same thing?

Kevin Nash: You know what? Yeah, I am. Fine. Name your match.

Punk pulls an exaggerated thinking face and then acts like a light bulb has lit up above his head.

CM Punk: I know it may be seen as unfair as you clearly have some trouble standing in the first place, but

our match at Survivor Series is going to be a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!

A LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!!! THE FANS GO CRAZY!! Punk looks at Nash for approval and the big man holds his hand out.

Kevin Nash: You're on.

Punk looks down at Nash's hand and goes to shake it, but he looks up and FLIPS NASH THE BIRD BEFORE LEAVING THE RING!!!!


Nash is stunned at the gesture by Punk as he backs up the ramp now, and Diesel leans on the ropes in the ring, calling Punk a "disrespectful son of a bitch" but Punk looks up at him and shouts "BEST IN THE WORLD!" as the fans go wild.

Michael Cole: Oh my! A Last Man Standing Match! We've seen some vicious Last Man Standing matches in the past but I think that CM Punk and Kevin Nash are going to show us violence like we've never seen before at Survivor Series.

Jerry Lawler: No doubt about it, Cole; these guys HATE each other! Neither of them were holding anything back in there!

Booker T: They've both got reasons for wantin' to get the other out of the way so they can achieve their own personal goals; I don't think one of these two men will make it past Survivor Series!

Michael Cole: Do you believe what Kevin Nash was saying though? Booker, as you said you've known Nash for a long time, do you think he was telling the truth and he's actually here to help John Laurinaitis for the company?

Booker T: I don't know what to think any more, Michael; this isn't the same Kevin Nash I knew all those years ago.

Michael Cole: This issue with CM Punk and Kevin Nash is a ticking time bomb and it is going to go off at Survivor Series in a Last Man Standing Match!

CM Punk now stands at the top of the ramp with a smirk as he mouths "Best in the World." to Nash in the ring who is still fuming after Punk giving him the finger. Nash turns around and faces the crowd as they are all chanting CM Punk's name and we slowly fade away.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Package*

The video package starts with a shot of the nightclub we saw two weeks ago on Raw, All World, and it is night time so there is naturally a massive queue outside the door that runs down the street. A limousine then pulls up and Mark Magnus quickly gets out of the driver's door with a scowl on his face before he walks to the rear door to open it. Everyone's attention turns to the people getting out of the car; the owner of All World, AW along with the former WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. It appears that the former champs didn't know where they were going as Otunga grabs AW and hugs him but McGillicutty doesn't look happy to be back at the club.

Mark Magnus:
We have arrived, boss.

Thank you, Mr Magnus; now let's go inside and paaaarrttaaaaay! Yeah!

David Otunga:
Man, I can't think of a better place to celebrate our new arrangement! I love this place!

AW, Otunga and Magnus start walking in, but Mike hangs back and stays out on the street.

Michael McGillicutty:
Hey guys, I think I'm gonna just hit the weights in the gym, I'm not really feeling it tonight.

Everyone turns around and gives a confused look at MM but AW actually looks a little offended. The brash nightclub owner signals for everyone else to go inside and he then approaches one of his newest clients.

Mike, I wanna just make one thing clear. When you make AW your manager, you live the AW lifestyle. As you already have seen in the AW lifestyle... when that sun goes down we party ALLLL NIGHT!

Michael McGillicutty:
I know, but I feel like I've just been partying a little too much-

There is NO. SUCH. THING. as partying too much, you hear me? I know that we're going back to Raw soon so we need to get in as much partying now whilst we can! Anyway, I arranged this night especially for you and Dave, you really want him to have all of the attention? And... there's someone in there that has been begging to meet you. Literally... Begging!

Michael McGillicutty:

You'll find out if you come inside!

AW gives Mike a look with raised eyebrows and he holds his arms in the air, and it seems that the curiosity has gotten the better of the former tag champ, and he walks past his manager and into the club. AW smiles before he spots out a pretty lady from the line. He points her out to Magnus who lets her through.

Come here, gorgeous, what's your name?

Raquel. Raquel Diaz.

Oh, so you're a latina, then ey? I like it! My name is AW, and I am the owner of All World and I am very happy to make your acquaintance.

AW holds his hand out and Raquel shakes it with a smile.

Now babygirl, I need you to do me a favour. I have a friend that is a little stressed, so I was wondering if maybe you could show him a good time? No funny business or anything like that; I'm not that sort of businessman, but there are free drinks in it for you and your friends all night if you can help me out?

Raquel Diaz:
What do you want me to do with him then?

Talk, dance, I don't really know! What do you say?

Raquel Diaz:
Screw it, I'm in! I'm not saying no to free drinks!

That is what I like to hear! Now if you would just follow me and I'll show you to my friend, Mike!

AW takes Diaz by the arm and the two walk into the club together and we now fade away as Magnus stands by the door shaking his head at his boss' antics.

*End Video Package*

From the video package we go backstage into one of the locker rooms and we can hear music playing as there seems to be a party of sorts happening. The NEW United States Champion DREW MCINTYRE is in the middle of a group of face Superstars including the WWE Tag Team Champions SANTINO MARELLA and VLADIMIR KOZLOV along with ALEX RILEY, ZACK RYDER, YOSHI TATSU, TRENT BARRETTA, SCOTTY TOO HOTTY, FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM and GOLDUST is in the corner with his back turned to everyone for some reason, and he's trying to do something with his hands on his crotch.

Santino Marella: Congratulations! You, me and Vladimir can be champion friends now thata you beat Doof Ziglie!

Drew McIntyre: Thank you, Santino, I'd like that a lot. And everyone else, I know that some of us haven't quite seen eye to eye before, but it really means a lot to me for all of your support. That includes you, Goldust!

Everyone turns to see 'The Bizarre One' with his back to them and he carries on pulling on something at his front.

Goldust: Give me... one second... almost... there...

The rest of the Superstars exchange a worried look as Goldust begins making very strange sounds to himself, a collection of "Ooooh"s and "Ahhhaaaahhhaaaah"s.

Goldust: Got it!

Suddenly, Goldust turns around to show a giant party popper in front of his crotch and he is able to pull on it and gold confetti sprinkles down on everyone as they all breath a sigh of relief. Goldust makes his way through the crowd and extends his hand to McIntyre.

Goldust: Congratulations, man.

Drew McIntyre: I'm not touching that.

Everyone shares a laugh and the music gets louder and people start to dance as Goldust looks back down at his hand with a confused look on his face.

Goldust: What? It's clean I'll have you know! I washed it the other day!

The new US Champ looks at Goldust again and puts his hand on the veteran's shoulder and laughs to himself as we fade back out into the arena.

Back into the arena for Justin Roberts to do this thing as we're all set for the next match.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a Battle of the Brands Match! Both the Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis and the Assistant Smackdown General Manager Edge have selected one Superstar from their show to go one-on-one for brand supremacy!


There's a pretty big amount of heat for JACK SWAGGER as he stomps out onto the stage, as the crowd are still buzzed after the Punk/Nash segment. Swagger does some press ups before he walks down to the ring with a focused look on his face as he prepares to move on from Zack Ryder.

Justin Roberts: Introducing first, representing Raw, from Perry, Oklahoma, weighing 260 pounds, 'The All-American American' JACK SWAGGER!

Michael Cole: Everyone in the arena is still reeling from the announcement that CM Punk and Kevin Nash will face off in a Last Man Standing Match at Survivor Series!

Booker T: But now we got the Battle of the Brands, and I've gotta say that John Laurinaitis has made a good pick here with Jack Swagger, a former World Heavyweight Champion and ECW Champion.

Jerry Lawler: Even though I am annoyed about how he won his match against Zack Ryder last week, Jack Swagger can go with the best of them! I can tell you that from personal experience.

Michael Cole: I know you can, need I remind everyone about Wrestlemania?

Jerry Lawler: If you do, I'll make you kiss my foot again!

Michael Cole: Never mind then. As I am a representative of both Raw and Smackdown, I will try to remain impartial for this match, but I do enjoy watching Jack Swagger compete.

Swagger reaches the base of the ramp and does some push ups as some pyro explodes behind him and then he gets back to his feet with a cocky smile and says "This is MY night!" before he slides into the ring in preparation for this match.


The fans are all on their feet with a very loud cheer because DANIEL BRYAN walks out onto the stage as Smackdown's representative! Carrying his Money in the Bank Briefcase in tow, Bryan sidesteps down the ramp and climbs onto one of the corners to hold his briefcase into the air.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, representing Smackdown, from Aberdeen, Washington, weighing 210 pounds, he is the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Holder... DANIEL BRYAN!

Michael Cole: Okay, now I definitely want Raw to win this match.

Jerry Lawler: So it looks like we'll be getting a match between a former World Heavyweight Champion and a future World Heavyweight Champion if the past is anything to go by!

Booker T: No man has ever failed to cash in the Money in the Bank contract, an' Daniel Bryan won't be the first! He's said he wants to cash that baby in at Wrestlemania, but he's gotta get past Christian and his team at Survivor Series first.

Michael Cole: Daniel Bryan and his recent rival Christian are both in the midst of putting together a team of five men each to face each other at Survivor Series next month. Daniel Bryan has recruited the man that was responsible for training him, William Regal, whilst Christian has chosen the young upstart Tyson Kidd.

Booker T: I can't wait for that match, dawg!

Bryan gets into the ring and Swagger eyes him up with a smirk at the sight of the smaller man, but Bryan ignores him and hands his briefcase down to ringside as he does some final stretches before the match can begin, and Scott Armstrong calls for the bell!

Match Five:
Battle of the Brands:
Jack Swagger vs 'Mr Money in the Bank' Daniel Bryan

The two technically-gifted Superstars circle the ring as both adopt an amateur wrestling stance and try and grapple the other. Swagger goes first and is able to get the go-behind and lift Bryan into the air to put him down on his front. Transitioning his body on top of Bryan's, Swagger gets Bryan trapped in a front facelock, but Bryan is able to break the grip. He retains hold of Swagger's arm and takes him over with an Arm Drag, but he keeps the Swagger down and pulls back on the arm with his knee being driven into the shoulder socket. Swagger seems to struggle at first but he is able to reach up and pull back on Bryan's neck to send Bryan rolling forwards. Bryan gets back to his feet and Swagger quickly lunges forwards to hit a Chop Block! The announcers talk up how both men are weakening specific areas of their opponents to make it easier for their submission finishers. Both men quickly get up, and Swagger directs a kick to the Bryan's knee and Mr MITB backs up into the corner.

Swagger hits a hard right hand to the head of Bryan, but Bryan quickly fights away with a Knife Edge Chop ("WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!") which stings Swagger's chest and Bryan then follows up with another one to another Ric Flair related chant from the crowd. Bryan now starts teeing off with repeated quick fire chops to Swagger's chest! Eventually Swagger is knocked all the way back to the opposite turnbuckle and Bryan keeps going until the referee tells him to stop! Bryan backs off from the corner and charges back in connects with a Running Corner Dropkick which crushes Swagger against the corner! Bryan lands back down on the mat as Swagger falls forwards onto his face, and the former United States Champion rolls him over for the cover! One...Two...Swagger kicks out! Bryan brings him back up to his feet and delivers a forearm to the head and comes back off of the ropes - but Swagger cuts him off with an American Football tackle to the knees!! The fans boo as Bryan is cut off and the Washington native holds his knees on the mat.

Looking to build some momentum, Swagger stomps on Bryan's ankle a couple of times before he lifts him back up and grapples Bryan to take him over with a Belly-to-Belly throw which causes Bryan to land hard on his back. Swagger opts against the cover as he sees that Bryan has landed right next to the corner and he charges in to hit a SWAGGER BOMB!! The fans are deflated after that, much like Bryan's rib cage as Swagger hooks the outside leg whilst he is still on top of his opponent...One...Two...NO! Swagger pounds the mat in frustration as he just starts punching Bryan's ankle! There's nothing fancy about it, as Swagger is just going to town on the ankle, but Bryan starts to fight back by clubbing on Swagger's shoulder from down on the mat - and the crowd pops as both men are just beating lumps out of each other on the mat! Scott Armstrong isn't sure what to make of it, but he pulls Swagger away off of Bryan and the rage is clearly building in both men, but as soon as they are separated they both prepare themselves to do battle again.

Bryan looks a little uneasy on his ankle after the onslaught from Swagger as he stands in the corner whilst Swagger rotates his shoulder out before he charges in to try for a Running Knee Lift - but Bryan moves and Swagger goes tumbling down to the floor!! It looks pretty nasty as Swagger lays on the floor holding his shoulder, but he gets up quickly which clenched teeth. However he doesn't have much of a chance to recover though as Daniel Bryan comes through the ropes and wipes Swagger out with a SUICIDE DIVE!! But it becomes clear that the move damaged Bryan as well! Both men are in a heap at ringside, as Bryan holds his knee, but he is the first one up and he rolls Swagger into the ring. Bryan hops up onto the apron and hobbles up the turnbuckle to balance himself on the top rope... and he waits for Swagger to get up before he comes off with a MISSILE DROPKICK which takes Swagger down! Bryan is safely in control and he crawls over to Swagger to make the cover! One...Two...Thr-NO! Swagger kicks out!

Taking his time, Bryan lifts himself to his feet and Swagger is up to his knees and Bryan checks on his knee one more time before he delivers a quick shoot kick to Swagger's chest! The sound echoes around the arena and Bryan starts to work himself up again to begin pummeling Swagger's chest with repeated kicks to the chest! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Bryan then puts his foot down to check the effect on his knee, before he goes for one more kick to the head - but Swagger ducks it... and yanks Bryan's standing leg by the ankle... and BRYAN IS NOW TRAPPED IN THE ANKLE LOCK!! Swagger's face indicates that he is in considerable pain himself, and Bryan tries his hardest to fight the pain as he thinks of the best way to try and escape the hold. As opposed to the common method of rolling through, Bryan turns his body in the direction that Swagger is twisting his anle to nullify the effect and Bryan now has the free leg to kick Swagger off of him!

The smart work from Bryan is cheered for by the fans, but even though he was able to get out of the hold it still damaged him as he felt the effects of it greatly. Swagger gets back up from being pushed away and he has a look of just wanting to finish this off as he pulls Bryan off of the mat and hooks him up for the GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB - NO - BRYAN COUNTERS AS HE'S COMING DOWN - INTO THE LEBELL LOCK!! THE LEBELL LOCK APPLIED BY DANIEL BRYAN!!! Swagger is now the one feeling the heat as the submission expert yanks back on the head and neck of 'The All-American American', with Swagger lifting his arm into the air and thinking about it! Swagger tries to claw his way to the ropes but as he does, Bryan just notches the pressure up just that bit further until it gets to the point where Swagger can't take it any more and he's forced to TAP OUT!!!

Winner: Daniel Bryan (6.04)


There's a good pop in the arena as Daniel Bryan gets to his feet and has his arm raised by Armstrong and he looks happy in victory on his return to Raw for the night. He's handed his briefcase back and raises it into the air to a good cheer again.

Michael Cole: I might not be happy about it, but Daniel Bryan has earned Smackdown the bragging rights tonight in Miami, but be sure to take nothing away from Jack Swagger.

Jerry Lawler: Damn it! We'll get you next time, Booker!

Booker T: Haha! Ma boi D-Bryan bringin' that win back home to Friday Nights! Hey! Wait a minute! What's that sucka doin' here?!

Booker's reaction is justified as CHRISTIAN AND TYSON KIDD HAVE SNEAKED INTO THE RING...


The music cuts out as Bryan's opposing Survivor Series captain and his team mate stomp away on the weakened Bryan after his hard fought match with Jack Swagger. Swagger himself becomes aware of what is going on and he stands back from the bundle before Christian turns around and looks at him... and Swagger smiles and starts to join in with the beat down! Kidd lays stomps into Bryan's chest and Swagger goes back to pounding away at the knee like he did in the match.

Jerry Lawler: Someone please come out here and stop this, it's three on one!

There's suddenly a bit of a cheer in the crowd because WILLIAM REGAL is running as fast as he can down to the ring!

Michael Cole: Here's William Regal, Daniel Bryan's mentor and teammate at Survivor Series!

Booker T: Yeah, William! Get'em!

Regal slides into the ring and turns Christian around, and nails 'Captain Charisma' with a European Uppercut! Christian is knocked back into Kidd and Swagger, who quickly turn their attention back from Bryan to Regal, but Kidd is met with a right hand and so is Swagger! Regal does his best to try and fight them off himself but the numbers game becomes too much as Swagger takes Regal's legs out, and the three men start beating Regal down like a pack of wolves! The fans aren't liking this and a booming "WE WANT RYDER!" chant rings around the American Airlines Arena which suddenly bursts into huge cheers!


Michael Cole: IT'S ZACK RYDER! The man that Jack Swagger cheated to beat last week comes down to help Daniel Bryan and William Regal!

Kidd is ready and waiting for Ryder as he slides in and tries to stay on top of him with stomps, but Ryder gets up quickly and drops him with a right hand! Swagger comes next and Ryder drills the man that screwed him over the past few weeks with a series of rights that take him to the floor as well! Christian backs into the corner and Ryder goes for him as well, but 'The Savior of Smackdown' quickly dives through the ropes to escape Ryder's wrath! Kidd is back to his feet but is on the ropes and Ryder charges in to clothesline him over the top rope so he lands at Christian's feet! Ryder is fired up in the ring as the fans are going manic for this, and he checks on both Bryan and Regal and helps them up before noticing the recovering Jack Swagger in the corner. Ryder looks around for approval and encourages the fans to chant along with him whilst he fist pumps "WOO! WOO! WOO!", and Ryder charges in and wipes Swagger out with the ROUGH RYDER!!


The fans go wild as Regal and Bryan are now back to their feet and they stare and point at the retreating Christian and Tyson Kidd as Zack Ryder watches his rival roll out of the ring after getting a measure of revenge for last week. Ryder slaps Bryan on the shoulder and shakes his hand, and Bryan looks at 'Long Island Iced-Z' and says "You want a place on my team at Survivor Series, it's yours." The fans cheer at that and Christian shakes his head on the ramp as Zack Ryder fist pumps and replies "YOU KNOW IT, BRO!" The fans go wild because Zack Ryder is now officially a part of Team Bryan!

Michael Cole: Oh no! Can he even do that!? Zack Ryder isn't even a Smackdown Superstar!

Booker T: That team just got so much better, dawg! Zack Ryder, William Regal and D-Bryan on the same team; I can't wait for this match! Can you dig that?

Jerry Lawler: I can dig it, alright, Booker! Zack Ryder came out here and did the right thing by chasing those three thugs away! I'm glad he was able to get some retribution on Jack Swagger with that huge Rough Ryder as well.

Michael Cole: I wonder what Christian's retaliation will be this Friday on Smackdown, because he isn't going to be happy about this.

Christian and Tyson Kidd are now on the stage looking back at the celebrations in the ring. Kidd holds his neck after Ryder's assault on him, and Christian puts his arm around his protege and leads him to the back. The three men in the ring are enjoying themselves a lot, as Ryder is already trying to teach William Regal how to fist pump much to Daniel Bryan's amusement.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Package*

We see a shot of the Smackdown logo, and then Mark Henry crushing Big Show's ankle at Money in the Bank with 'The Giant' screaming in pain.

He was taken out at Money in the Bank, but this Friday night on Smackdown 'The World's Largest Athlete' Big Show is coming back to Smackdown!

Quick shots of some of Big Show's most famous knock out punches to the likes of The Miz, Shawn Michaels & Edge.

And he's looking for revenge!

A shot of Big Show knocking out CM Punk on Smackdown in 2010 is shown as the screen fades to black...

... But all colour returns in a bang a couple of seconds later when a shot of Rey Mysterio in his early days on Smackdown shooting up from the ground for one of his entrances, with his music playing in the background.

Also, next week when Smackdown comes from San Diego, 'The Master of the 619' Rey Mysterio will be making his return to Smackdown for one night only in his hometown!

Mysterio hits 619s to Randy Orton, The Miz, Cody Rhodes and Kane.

He'll be revealing all about his recovery from his assault last month at the hands of Brodus Clay, and much more, so don't miss it!

Mysterio holds his arms in the air after winning one of his matches as the video package finally ends.

*End Video Package*

We come back into the arena with a shot of the commentary team once again, and all three men look pretty excited.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to the Raw Supershow everyone; it has been a fantastic night so far and we still have John Cena defending the WWE Championship against The Miz as well as us all hearing from The Rock about the comments made by the WWE Champion in the past few weeks. But as you all just saw, we've got a big couple of weeks coming up on Smackdown on Friday nights!

Booker T: That's right, Michael! This Friday on Smackdown we are going to see the return of Big Show, who is lookin' for revenge after being taken out by Mark Henry at Money in the Bank a few months ago, and as you just saw, Big Show's out for some revenge!

Michael Cole: Speaking of Mark Henry, we're going to receive the fallout of the controversial ending to the World Heavyweight Championship match earlier tonight where John Morrison was within seconds of becoming the World Heavyweight Champion for the first time, but Mark Henry was able to pin Randy Orton first.

Booker T: And not only that but we'll see the first match in the Intercontinental Championship Series between Cody Rhodes and Sin Cara, and Cody's mask is gonna be on the line!

Michael Cole: We also saw in that video package that next week as Smackdown is coming from San Diego, Raw Superstar Rey Mysterio will be making his Smackdown return for one night only in his first appearance on WWE television since being taken out by Brodus Clay over a month ago. There's a lot not to miss on the show that's changing Friday nights!

Justin Roberts is once again standing in the ring and ALEX RILEY's music plays in the background as The Miz's former apprentice has just made his entrance.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from Washington, DC, weighing 236 pounds... ALEX RILEYYYY!!


Riley raises his arm in the air to some cheers but the crowd's reaction quickly turns to boos for the former WWE Champion ALBERTO DEL RIO, who walks onto the stage with a microphone. There's no fancy cars it seems any more, and Del Rio has swapped his white towel around his neck for a black one.

Alberto Del Rio: My name is 'The Great' Alberto Del Rio... but ju all already know dat.


Alberto Del Rio: Alex Riley, ju're also about to find out just what makes me Great, because I have selected ju to have the honour of being my opponent tonight as 'The Great' Alberto Del Rio makes his highly anticipated return to de ring.

Riley looks a little confused, as Del Rio now reaches the steps and starts to climb up them.

Alberto Del Rio: Ju're probably wondering, Alex... why ju? No? I thought ju would be. Alex, I chose ju because ju spent months receiving de guidance and tutelage of The Miz; ju spent all dat time under his wing. He made you into a star, and without him ju're nothing, perro!

The fans boo Del Rio who's now right in Riley's face, and Alex is trying not to lose his cool now.

Alberto Del Rio: Ju turned ju're back on him and ju attacked him and cost him de WWE Championship, just like Ricardo Rodriguez did to me! Ju're nothing, and I am Great; do we have an understanding here, Alex? If ju don't understand, I am going to make it clear to ju in our match dat some people are born to be champions and other are born to be... nothing.

Del Rio shoves the microphone into the chest of the referee John Cone, and turns to his corner to place his towel down and Riley keeps his eyes focused on the Mexican as Cone calls for the bell.

Match Six:
Alex Riley vs Alberto Del Rio

Riley charges in at Del Rio as soon as the bell rings, but the former WWE Champ evades it and sees Riley rush straight into the turnbuckle; where he is set up nicely for Del Rio to start stomping away at him! After some blows to the knees to get Riley onto the floor, Del Rio focuses his strikes to Riley's left arm. Cone comes in and pulls Del Rio away, but Del Rio pushes the official aside and goes right back to the stomps onto the arm. Del Rio grabs Riley's arm and pulls him towards the middle of the ring so he can lay the arm out flat and stomp on it again! Riley sits up from the move to hold his arm, and Del Rio delivers a kick right across the shoulder blades! Riley is hurting a lot already and he rolls towards the ropes and starts to pull himself up.

'The Great' approaches Riley on the ropes and goes to send him across the ring, but Riley is able to reverse and he Irish Whips Del Rio instead. Riley bends down looking for a Back Body Drop, but Del Rio stops to boot him square in the face!!! The impact is heard all over the arena and Riley recoils holding his mouth. Del Rio grabs his arm and forces it into a Hammerlock before elevating Riley up for a Hammerlock Back Drop. It becomes clear that Riley is hurting from the kick to the face, and a camera angle reveals that there is an amount of blood emerging from Riley's lower lip. Grabbing Riley by the head, Del Rio stands him up in the corner before he takes a few paces back and charges in... delivering a RUNNING ENZIGUIRI TO THE BACK OF RILEY'S HEAD!!

Dazed from the big blow, Riley starts to stumble forward out of the corner but somehow manages to stay up on his feet. 'The Great' emerges from the corner and yanks on Riley's arm - bringing it down across his knees! Riley shows a bit more life as he rolls on the mat; bloodied and in pain. Del Rio stands up and looks out to the crowd who are booing him for this mauling, and he looks down at Alex Riley with disdain, before he grabs his arm... and locks in the CROSS ARMBREAKER! The Cross Armbreaker is locked in! Riley flails his free arm around desperately, but after a few seconds he has no choice but to TAP OUT! Del Rio wins!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio (4.39)


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner as a result of a submission... ALBERTO DEL RIO!

There's a pretty large amount of heat for 'The Great' as he releases the hold after a few more seconds of putting Riley through the pain, before he releases the hold and springs to his feet looks down at Riley with disgust. Del Rio walks over to the corner where he left the black towel to pick it up and then lay it over Alex Riley's face! This gets the former WWE Champion even more heat before he removes it from Riley's bloodied face and holds it up as a symbol of victory.

Jerry Lawler: Wow... we've never seen that kind of intensity from Alberto Del Rio before; it just seems like losing the WWE Championship has set a screw loose in his head or something because that was uncomfortable to watch.

Michael Cole: This was his first match since losing the title to John Cena at Hell in a Cell and without Ricardo Rodriguez, but it looks like those events have actually made him better. I know it might be too early, but I think Del Rio could easily find himself back in the WWE Championship picture before he knows it with performances like that.

Booker T: Man, I thought at first that Alex Riley coulda been able to pull off some kind of upset ta-night but I didn't see that coming from Alberto Del Rio at all.

Jerry Lawler: I just hope that Alex Riley is okay!

The heat in the arena for Del Rio is nothing compared to the heat heard for JOHN LAURINAITIS as he's once again in his office and he looks stressed out as anything as we hear the Raw GM on the phone.

John Laurinaitis: I'm sure you saw what CM Punk had to say earlier tonight... yes I did too, and it was not acceptable under any circumstances. But as you saw Kevin and I are in the middle of sorting it.

There's heat but an intrigue from everyone as to who Johnny is talking to.

John Laurinaitis: What? Next week?

Suddenly there's a loud bang on the door and after a couple of seconds the now former United States Champion DOLPH ZIGGLER and VICKIE GUERRERO burst into the office to increase the heat levels even louder.

John Laurinaitis: Okay, that's fine. I'll see you next week. Thank you for calling.

Laurinaitis hangs up his phone and takes a deep breath in whilst holding his hands out to try and calm the seething pair down.

John Laurinaitis: Now guys, I know you're angry about what happened out there tonight-

Dolph Ziggler: Angry? Angry doesn't even come close to covering it, Mr Laurinaitis. I am down right pissed off!

John Laurinaitis: Dolph, you need to calm down-

Dolph Ziggler: I can't calm down, goddammit! I've just lost the United States title to a guy that didn't even properly earn his shot in the first place and to make it even better I hear they're throwin' him a huge party in the locker room!

Ziggler breaks slowly to try and calm himself down.

Dolph Ziggler: I want to know what you're going to do about Drew McIntyre and that crooked referee, and I want to know what you're going to do about Triple H! He's the reason that McIntyre got the shot in the first place.

John Laurinaitis: Dolph, let me assure you that I will make it one of my main priorities to sort this out for you next week, and I will personally deal with Triple H-

???: You aren't going to sort anything out, actually.

The camera swings around to the door where TRIPLE H is standing! The COO gets a thunderous pop from the fans and he marches into the office and goes nose to nose with Dolph Ziggler:

Triple H: If you have a problem with me or the way I run this company; you don't go running to John Laurinaitis, you come to me. Understand?

Ziggler is unflinching in the face of 'The Boss'.

Triple H: So you're going to get your ass out of this office right now or I'll see to it that losing that title is the least of your worries.

He isn't happy about it, but Ziggler bites his tongue and then leaves the office with Guerrero following suit shortly after. HHH now takes a step closer to the Raw General Manager.

John Laurinaitis: You can't just-

Triple H: Shut up. Is it true?

John Laurinaitis: Is what true?

Triple H: What Kevin Nash said earlier. This whole thing between you and him; you're doing it for the benefit of the company? That you're trying to help me? Do I really look that stupid to you?

Laurinaitis looks down at the floor, but suddenly HHH turns a bright shade of red.

Triple H: ANSWER ME!

The booming voice of the COO scares the shit out of some of the fans as well as Laurinaitis who takes a few seconds to compose himself.

John Laurinaitis: As Raw General Manager, each one of my actions is for the best intentions of my show and my Superstars.

There's heat in the arena as that obviously isn't true.

Triple H: Really? That's what you call it, is it? That's what you call commanding your goons to take out Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods last week then? That's what you call punching Xavier Woods in the face two weeks in a row, is it? HUH?

John Laurinaitis: You're one to talk! You put your hands on Brodus Clay two weeks ago and you Pedigree'd R-Truth, so don't you dare throw that in my face!

Triple H: I am the COO of this company and I can do whatever I want! I don't have to answer to you! And as for you and Kevin trying to help me? I don't want your help running this company and I sure as hell don't need it.

John Laurinaitis: That isn't the way the Board of Directors see things, Hunter.

Triple H is confused and he calms down for one second.

Triple H: What the hell are you talking about?

John Laurinaitis: I've just gotten off of the phone with one of their representatives... and they are coming to Raw next week to discuss the future of who will be running this company. So if I were you, I'd get out of my face and go and focus on the handful of good things you've done since becoming COO.

The smug look on Laurinaitis' face tells a huge story, and Triple H runs his hand over his head before he turns around and leaves the office; leaving John Laurinaitis alone with a shit-eating grin plastered across his face.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Package*

The video package starts off with shots of various former WWE Superstars and Legends; Shawn Michaels, Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes and The Rock, all walking down to the ring.

For twenty-five years, the Superstars and Divas of the WWE have all come together on one night.

Mick Foley, Trish Stratus, Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler.

The one night where all that remains is nothing but the human body's one natural instinct...

A shot of CM Punk sitting on the stage during the 'Pipebomb' promo; Randy Orton looks intensely into the crowd.


After that word, the chorus of 'You're Going Down' by Sick Puppies kicks in, and the shots of the Superstars begin to speed up.


Kevin Nash delivers a Jack Knife to Punk; Mark Henry charges Sheamus through the cell door at Hell in a Cell; Brodus Clay suxplexes Rey Mysterio into the chair wedged into the corner.


Randy Orton drops Wade Barrett with an RKO; The Awesome Truth hit the Little Jimmy Finale on John Cena; Christian screams in pain as he is trapped in the LeBell Lock.


Kelly Kelly sobs at Night of Champions after losing the Divas Title; Jack Swagger hits Zack Ryder with a Gutwrench Powerbomb; Kofi Kingston sets off his pyro in his entrance.


John Cena sends Alberto Del Rio through a table inside the Hell in a Cell, and is then shown raising the WWE Championship into the air.


The music starts to fade out following that line, as a shot of Triple H and John Laurinaitis standing face-to-face is shown and the video package fades out.

*End Video Package*




After the video package the commentary run down the two matches confirmed for Survivor Series. The camera's attention shifts to JUSTIN ROBERTS standing in the centre of the ring with a big grin on his face as he raises the microphone up to his mouth.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall... and it is for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIIIIP!


The initial pop after learning that we're kicking the WWE Championship match quickly transitions into some pretty loud heat as THE MIZ bounds out onto the stage with a very cocky grin on his face. He's out here alone, and he's in his long trench coat as he strides down to the ring.

Michael Cole: Here he is! The Miz is the most must-see WWE Champion of all time, and he has the chance to become a two time champion tonight if he can beat John Cena.

Jerry Lawler: The Miz won a #1 Contender's Tournament to earn his shot here tonight, but his victories over both Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston weren't the most convincing as he did has a lot of help from his friends in the Laurinaitis Administration.

Michael Cole: I think it is unfair to say that, King; The Miz won Money in the Bank last year and became the WWE Champion, he defended the title at Wrestlemania against John Cena. Competing for the biggest prize in this industry is where The Miz belongs.

Booker T: I just hope for John Cena's sake that the Laurinaitis Administration decide to let him handle this by himself tonight.

Jerry Lawler: If they're as confident in The Miz's ability as Cole is, they'll know that the don't need to come out here and help Miz.

Miz slides on his knee on the apron and turns around to face all of the fans again before he gets into the ring through the ropes and holds his arms up in the air. Miz removes his jacket and looks around the arena before he turns to the stage when his music cuts out.


The reaction is THUNDEROUS in the arena as there are some very loud cheers, but some extremely loud booing at the same time as the WWWE Champion JOHN CENA walks out onto the stage, but the animation that we're used to isn't here tonight as he simply just raises his title in the air and walks down to the ring without making that much of a fuss.

Jerry Lawler: We've not really had a chance to hear from John Cena in the past week or tonight, because as soon as he found out The Rock will be in attendance tonight, he's hardly spoken to anyone!

Michael Cole: Cena left the arena last week as soon as the announcement that Rock being here tonight was made, and it has clearly made some sort of impact on the WWE Champion because just from looking at him you can tell this isn't the normal John Cena we're used to seeing.

Booker T: Even though The Rock might be playin' on John Cena's mind, he needs to make sure that he his 100% focused on this match with The Miz, because Miz was right earlier on. If John Cena takes his mind off of his opponent for one second in this match we're going to see a new WWE Champion tonight in Miami.

Michael Cole: Booker makes a good point actually, how can we be sure that John Cena's head is fully in this match like it needs to be?

Jerry Lawler: We can't be sure, Michael.

Cena slides into the ring and approaches the hard camera side of the ring and raises the title in the air again before he hands it over to Charles Robinson, the man in charge of this match. Cena's music fades out and 'The Champ' removes his hat and t-shirt to a big scream from the female fans in attendance, but now that the music is gone, a very audible chant can be heard echoing around the arena...


Cena acknowledges the chants of the Miami crowd and looks down to the floor as Miz is seen smirking at his opponent as both men approach the centre of the ring for the introductions.

Justin Roberts: Introducing the competitors... First, the challenger. Representing the Laurinaitis Administration, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing 221 pounds.... THE MIZ!

Miz jumps around the ring nodding his head as the fans let out another loud boo for him, but the chants aimed at Cena quickly strike up again as the attention turns to the WWE Champion.

Justin Roberts: And... from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing 251 pounds, he is the WWE CHAMPION.... JOHN CENA!!

Cena casts a quick smile to Roberts for the introduction before he turns back around and leans on the ropes as Robinson raises the WWE Championship into the air to signify that this match will be for the title. Once Robinson hands the belt over to ringside he does his final checks on both competitors and then calls for the bell!

Main Event:
WWE Championship Match:

John Cena © vs The Miz

The bell rings and the fans pop for the match beginning, but then the chants start up again and Cena is obviously trying to ignore them as both men circle the ring, but Miz stops and stands still. "Listen to them, John. Listen!" is what the mics can pick the challenger up saying, but Cena winces as he replies "Let's just damn wrestle already." and he approaches Miz in the centre of the ring and tries to instigate a lock up, and Miz smirks as he just stands there, listening to the crowd! Cena drops his hands down to his sides as Miz smugly waves his finger along to the "CENA SUCKS!" part of the chant, but the smile is soon wiped off of his face as Cena decks Miz with a right hand!! Miz drops to the mat and backs up into the ropes, and once he's back up to his feet Cena charges in and clotheslines him over the top rope and down to the floor!

The Miz rolls back onto the base of the ramp after taking the tumble, and 'The Champ' slides under the bottom rope and storms towards the challenger. Miz is able to cut Cena off with a couple of right hands to the mid section, but they don't have much effect as Cena drives his knee into Miz's stomach and grabs him by the back of the head. Cena drags Miz over to the steel steps, and bounces his head off of them! The fans cheer for that move, and Cena doesn't give Miz any chance to recover as he brings him up and rams the challenger back first into the ring apron a couple of times... before grabbing Miz by the arm... and sending him flying into the ring barricade; with Miz almost going through it because of the force! Cena looks out into the crowd with an almost blank look on his face as he walks back towards The Miz, who's trying to get himself together as he lays next to the barricade.

Charles Robinson looks over the ropes and requests that Cena brings it back into the ring, and the WWE Champion seems to agree as he grabs Miz by the head again and rolls him into the ring. Cena slides in right after him and then gets on top for the first cover! One...Two...Miz kicks out! Cena stays on his challenger by bringing Miz back up to his feet and Irish Whipping him into the corner, and following up with a clothesline that jars Miz's neck back against the corner, and Cena carries on his momentum against the ropes and comes back from behind Miz and flips over him with the Throwback! Cena goes "Vintage" as Cole puts is and then turns The Miz onto his back so he can go for another cover! One...Two... Miz shoots the shoulder up! 'The Champ' assists Miz up to his feet again by tugging on his arm and trying to wring it, but Miz is able to turn out of it and connect with a right hand to Cena's head!

It is a stiff shot from the challenger, and Cena is certainly caught off guard by it as he retreats back into the ropes. Miz comes in foot-first, taking Cena out at the knee, before he starts hammering away on the WWE Champion, and he grabs Cena by the ears to violently slam his head against the mat! Robinson warns Miz not to attack whilst Cena's on the ropes, but Miz waves him off to grab the recovering Cena and trap him in a Side Headlock. Miz tries to slow the pace down, but Cena pushes him back and fires him off of the ropes, but Miz comes back and knocks Cena down with a Shoulder Block! Miz runs off of the ropes and Cena rolls underneath him, and then leapfrogs over him and catches Miz with a deep Hip Toss as he comes off of the ropes again!

Miz holds his back as he gets back up to his feet, and he's suddenly on the receiving end of a huge Clothesline from John Cena! Miz is almost turned inside out, and the WWE Champion gets down again to go for another cover in hopes of keeping his title...One...Two...No! Cena shows a little frustration as he gets Miz up again and sends him crashing into the corner one more time, but this time Miz sees the Clothesline coming and gets out of the way – leaving Cena to crash into the turnbuckle! Cena holds his chest in pain as Miz sneaks up from behind him and grabs him to drop him on the back of his head with a Neckbreaker! Miz now holds Cena in tightly for his first pin attempt of the match...One...Two-Cena powers out of it! The fans are still going with the chants aimed at Cena, as the WWE Champion tries to shake the cobwebs out, but just as he gets to his feet he's powered back into the corner by The Miz.

The challenger stomps away at Cena's knee in the corner; crushing it against the bottom turnbuckle, and after a few shots Cena drops down to the mat, and he holds his knee carefully. Miz breaks through Cena's guard and continues stomping away on the knee, and he grabs it and pulls Cena into the centre of the ring to stop Robinson berating him. Miz backs up against the ropes and drops an elbow across Cena's outstretched leg, which causes the champion to scream out in pain, but Miz simply smiles. Miz gets back to his feet but retains his grip on Cena's leg, and does a back bump to quickly drive Cena's leg down, and Cena is left to hold his knee again. Miz get back to his feet and Cena sits up to just try and assess the damage caused by Miz, but Miz comes back in and drives his boot right into Cena's face!!! Cena's flat on his back and Miz hooks the leg he's been working on...One...Two...Kickout!!

Cena is forced to use the weakened knee to kick out of the pin attempt which causes him further aggravation from it, but Miz allows 'The Champ' to make it back up to his feet, but Cena seems a little reluctant to put any weight on his left leg. Miz smirks at Cena tries to swing for him, but Miz ducks it and stomps right on Cena's knee to make the WWE Champion fall down, and Miz catches him as he does and drives Cena's head into the mat with a DDT! Cena bounces onto his back and Miz hooks the leg!...One!...Two!...Th-Cena powers out! Miz slowly rises back to his feet again and he looks down on his opponent trying his hardest to make it back up again, and every time Cena is almost able to get up, Miz drills him with a left hand to the head to knock him back down. It gets to the point where Cena is actually using The Miz to help himself get back up to his feet; clambering his way up Miz's body as 'The Awesome One' frowns down at him.

Miz's expression quickly changes from a frown to a smile as he seems to be enjoying watching John Cena struggle to stand up, and Miz looks out to the fans with a shit-eating grin, but it costs him because Cena is able to spring up on one leg... and floor Miz with a right hand! The fans cheer for the sudden burst from Cena, and Miz is right back up again but walks into a one-legged Dropkick to the face from the WWE Champion! Cena dug deep to pull the Dropkick out, and now both men are down on the mat, with the fans making themselves even louder now. Both the Cena lovers and haters raise their volume levels, and Cena nods his head and pushes himself off of the mat and back up to his feet, and he walks over to Miz who got himself up in the corner... and he mounts the second rope and starts to deliver some punches to the top of Miz's head! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten - Miz blocks it... and shoves Cena out onto the apron!

Thinking that Cena fell down to the floor, Miz stumbles forwards and checks his mouth for any blood, but what he doesn't know is that John Cena was able to stick his landing on the apron... and he's now climbing the turnbuckle! The commentators note that if Cena's knee is hurting this isn't a good idea, and the WWE Champion has to take a moment to steady himself before he's comfortable, and with Miz still hunched over in the ring, Cena leaps from the top... and connects with the DIVING LEG DROP BULLDOG!!! Miz is flat out, and Cena bounces on the mat as he holds his knee, realising that he could have just made a big mistake, but nonetheless he fights through any pain he's caused himself to turn Miz over and hook the leg!...One!...Two!...Thre-NO!!! Miz stays in the match and keep his title hopes alive as Cena now takes the time to try and help his knee, and the commentators inform us that we'll come right back to this match after the break.

*Commercial Break*

We return to the WWE Championship match following the break to the sight of The Miz having John Cena trapped in a Single Leg Crab; putting a lot of pressure on the knee of John Cena which Miz is working on. With the help of the commentary team and a replay from during the break, we see that Cena attempted to get The Miz up for the Attittude Adjustment during the break, but his knee gave out which allowed Miz to find a way back into the match up. Miz has Cena applied in the submission in the centre of the ring, and Cena tests the waters but he's too far away from the ropes, so he focuses on trying to break the hold instead. Trying to turn onto his back so he can push Miz away, Cena feeds off of the positive chants and is able to escape the hold!

Cena is able to use his good leg to push Miz away, and he pushes Miz back into the ropes. With Cena still seated down on the mat, Miz goes to boot Cena in the face again, but the champion dodges the boot and grabs Miz's leg to trip him up... and Cena pulls Miz back and locks in the STF!!! The cheers outweigh the boos at the moment, as Miz's eyes bulge out his head as he's in stuck in Cena's submission hold! Miz scrambles around on the mat but he soon realizes that he's a lot closer to the ropes than Cena was, and the former WWE Champ starts to claw his way forwards as Cena cranks back on his neck even more...

Miz reaches out again...

... Cena pulls back even tighter on Miz's neck...

... but Miz fights through it and GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE!!

There's a mixed reaction as the hold now has to be broken, but it actually turns to cheers... as Cena keeps it applied! There's an almost scary look in the eyes of John Cena as he is yanking back on Miz's head and Charles Robinson starts his count to five. One! Two! Three! Four! Cena finally breaks the hold! The WWE Champion gets up to his feet and with a slight hobble he roars out to the fans and waits for Miz to get back up to his feet. Miz, still suffering from the prolonged period trapped in the STF, slowly rises to his feet, but he's quickly toppled over by a FLYING SHOULDER BLOCK FROM CENA! Cena, riding a burst of adrenaline, is straight back up and he takes Miz down again with another Shoulder Block! Both men pop up again and Miz swings with a wild right which allows Cena to scoop him up and plant him with a SPIN OUT POWERBOMB!!

Miz is flat on his back in the centre of the ring and Cena stands tall over him and the crowd are booing him quite loudly, and a very small "SAME OLD SHIT!" chant emerges from the crowd, but Cena smirks and looks down to Miz... "YOU CAN'T SEE ME!", and he then drops his fist down across Miz's face for the FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE!!! Cena brings himself back up again and he wipes some sweat from his brow as he is waiting for Miz to reemerge once again, but there's suddenly a huge commotion from the fans...


Cena is alerted by the noises from the fans, and Truth jumps up onto the apron - but Cena cuts him off with a right hand that sends him flying back down to the floor! Cena looks down at Truth on the outside, but then Miz comes from behind - SKULL CRUSHING FINALE!! The fans are shocked into almost silence as Miz turns Cena over, has he done it?!...ONE!...TWO!...THREE-NO!!!! CENA KICKS OUT!!! There's a massive mixed reaction in the arena and Miz gets up onto his knees and has a look of total disbelief on his face and he motions to the back for someone else to come out, shouting "OUT HERE, NOW!", and the fans let out a big reaction again...


Miz suddenly develops a huge smirk on his face as almost the entirety of the Laurinaitis Administration is out here to help him now, with just Kevin Nash and the Raw General Manager left in the back. Miz gets to his feet as Clay reaches the base of the ramp and casts a disproving look at R-Truth who is still laid out on the ring floor, and the big man gets onto the ring apron. Charles Robinson bravely gets in front of the monster and tells him to go to the back or he'll disqualify Miz, but Brodus ignores him...

But Clay is suddenly pulled from the apron -


Clay's face bounces off of the ring apron and the big man falls to the floor, and the two men screwed by the Laurinaitis Administration to get Miz in this match quickly retreat up the ramp to avoid another beating like the one they received last week. In the ring, Miz is furious as he shouts for Woods and Kingston to come back and face him like a man, but suddenly Miz is turned around by JOHN CENA, who lifts him up and plants him with the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!!!! The mixed reaction is back again as now Cena collapses down onto Miz's chest and hooks the leg!...ONE!...TWO!...THREE!!! CENA RETAINS!!

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: John Cena (18.14)


There's yet another mixed reaction in the arena as an exhausted John Cena slowly rises to his feet in the ring and he is handed the WWE Championship by Charles Robinson and raises it into the air. R-Truth reaches from under the ropes and pulls The Miz out of the ring and the three members of the Laurinaitis Administration look up the ramp at Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, who high five and smile back down at them before they walk to the back.

Michael Cole: Well, John Cena is still the WWE Champion... but he had some pretty big help from Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods; who had no business being out here whatsoever!

Jerry Lawler: The way I see it, Kofi and Xavier were just out here to remove R-Truth and Brodus Clay from the equation who shouldn't have been out here either! They have both been screwed by The Miz and the rest of John Laurinaitis' goons, as well as being laid out at the end of last week's show so they deserve some kind of revenge against them!

Booker T: The Miz beat both of these guys by cheatin' using Brodus Clay, R-Truth and even John Laurinaitis; turn about it fair play in my book, dawg. An' look at John Cena, he's gone right back to that guy we saw before the match began - his mind is on The Rock.

Michael Cole: Well The Rock is here in the American Airlines Arena tonight and he will be coming out shortly... what I want to know however is how John Laurinaitis is going to react to Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods costing his man, The Miz, the WWE Championship.

John Cena stands in the centre of the ring with the WWE Championship held above his head as he doesn't show much emotion. He brings the title down and looks deeply into it and takes a big, deep breath as he stands in the ring - waiting for his Wrestlemania opponent.

*Commercial Break*

After the commercial, the fans in the arena are more buzzed than they've been all night, and the WWE Champion John Cena stands in the ring with his eyes focused on the stage. The camera does a sweeping shot of the Miami crowd when finally...


The roof EXPLODES off of the American Airlines Arena as THE ROCK WALKS OUT ONTO THE STAGE! Still dressed in his smart suit we saw him in earlier, 'The Great One' grins past his sunglasses at the explosive reception. Cena doesn't move in the ring as his Wrestlemania opponent finally turns his attention to the man he is here to see and he starts to walk down to the ring.

Michael Cole: Here he is! This is the moment that we have been waiting all nigh for; The Rock and John Cena are going to let everything out into the open!

Jerry Lawler: We've all been waiting in anticipation since last Monday ever since we found out he was going to be here; and how good does The Rock look?

Booker T: I'm lovin' that suit!

Michael Cole: I hope John Cena is ready for what is about to come, because it was clear to us last week that The Rock isn't happy with what the WWE Champion has been saying about him the past few weeks - we all know that 'The Great One' isn't someone to hold anything back!

Rock grabs a microphone and then climbs up onto the apron and into the ring to walk up onto one of the turnbuckles and he slings his arm into the air and absorbs the cheers from his hometown fans. He jumps down and haves another look at Cena before playing to each of the remaining three turnbuckles. The music fades out and the fans are now fully cheering The Rock with a booming "ROCKY!" chant. Rock waits a few moments before crouching down a little to a big buzz from the crowd.

The Rock: FINALLY... The Rock has come back to MI-AMI!

The fans join and give a big pop to 'The Great One' in his home town.

The Rock: Before I say what I came here to say tonight, why don't we all put our hands together for John Cena for a successful title defence?

There are a few cheers from the crowd, but they are drowned out by loud, mostly male, boos. This clearly irks Cena and Rock looks a little uneasy.

The Rock: John, I mean this from the bottom of my heart... well done. You fought through for the whole match just now, and you beat The Miz. Sure, you had a little help... but you won the match.

Cena scowls.

The Rock: Now that crap is outta the way; we can start to talk business, Cena.

Pop for that as the fans start to build up their volume levels again.

The Rock: Ever since Hell in a Cell - the last time we saw each other - The Rock watched Monday Night Raw, and he saw you badmouthing The Rock. You said that you don't respect The Rock.

Big time heat for that, and Rock looks at Cena as if he's expecting a response, and the WWE Champion finally lifts his microphone and gives him one.

John Cena: I don't.

WOAH! Cena is stone-faced as he looks Rock straight in the eyes and even The Rock is slightly taken aback.

John Cena: Don't get me wrong... As I've already said, I couldn't have more respect for all of your accomplishments in this ring. But you, as a person, the way you've been acting... No respect.

The fans are almost unanimously chanting "CENA SUCKS!" at the WWE Champion now.

John Cena: You're expecting me to carry and defend this title all the way to Wrestlemania just so our match can be for the WWE Championship? That's pretty selfish if you ask me. The only reason I'm playin' along with your little fantasies of getting another shot at this is because it is what the people want to see.

A more mixed reaction now.

John Cena: What are you? 'The People's Champion'? You're not even going to lift a finger in this ring from now until Wrestlemania, but I'm the bad guy that is giving the people what they want? I'm the guy giving the people - your people - what they want, despite the fact that half of them hate my guts!

Cena looks more than pissed off now, and the crowd reaction becomes split once again as the Cena fans make themselves heard.

John Cena: So please, Mr Johnson, give me one reason why I should respect you!

Rock removes his sunglasses and steps forwards towards Cena, and the two men are almost nose-to-nose.

The Rock: I'll tell you why, Cena, because if you don't start showing The Rock some respect; he's gonna take that microphone in your hand, shine it up a little, turn that sumbitch sideways and shove it STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!

The fans cheer now as Rock takes a step back from Cena who isn't pleased.

The Rock: John, you need to calm down! This... this resentment you have towards The Rock isn't healthy, and it is going to cloud your judgement. You almost lost the WWE Championship tonight because you were so concerned about 'The Great One'. WWE Championship or not, we're still both going to come back here to Miami, The Rock's hometown, the greatest city in the world, and I am still going to kick your ass!

Big pop.

The Rock: It might be a little selfish of me, yeah, but there's nothing I can do about it! I'm just telling you what the millions-


The Rock:... Of The Rock's fans want to see. Do you have a problem with that, Cena? Do you?

John Cena: As a matter of fact-


The arena ROARS with cheers and laughter, and Rock grins to himself as he's pleased with that one.

John Cena: Laugh it up, Rock, laugh it up. Listen, if you wanna stand here all night and trade lame catchphrases we are going to be here for a long time because as I'm constantly reminded - I suck!

As if on cue, a loud "CENA SUCKS!" chant, but then the Cena fans come in and we're back to the "LET'S GO CENA! CENA SUCKS!" we heard throughout the WWE Championship Match.

John Cena: If you want to talk business like you said, then you'll cut the crap and TALK BUSINESS!

Another mixed reaction for Cena.

John Cena: You wanna talk about what your fans want to see, huh? The Rock is only concerned about his own fans. But me, I love my fans more than anything. They cheer for me, they wear my t-shirts; and they are the ones that are in the crowd constantly fighting the other set of fans.

There's a big cheer as the 'other' fans as Cena put it make themselves heard.

John Cena: I'm not sayin' these other fans are your fans in particular, Rock, as I'd like to think that there are some people who are fans of both of us...

Cena looks out to the crowd and a big cheer goes up.

John Cena: So I'm talking about the people who aren't John Cena fans. The people who actively take time out of their lives to hound me at 4.30 in the morning in the airport to tell me that they're tired of me and I suck, the ones that as soon as they get home they'll hop on their little computers in their mom's basement and write a 4,000 word article on the internet about my limited moveset and tired catchphrases.

These particular fans make themselves heard again by cheering, as Cena finally acts like they want him to.

John Cena: You guys that dedicate that time to abuse me all the time... I love you too.

The sincerity of Cena's words without a hint of sarcasm in them causes these fans to boo him again.

John Cena: They may hate me Rock, but boy...boy do they love you!

The adult males in the crowd start up their "ROCKY!" chant again.

John Cena: And I know why... the novelty hasn't worn off yet. The only reason that they're happy to see you back is because you aren't here every week. If you were, they'd hate you just as much as they hate me.

There's a lot of booing in disagreement with that, and then another "ROCKY!" chant to indicate that isn't the case.

The Rock: In all of the time I've been associated with the WWE, I can honestly say I've never seen of heard anyone sound like a bigger bitch that you there, John Cena.

A big pop from the Miami crowd.

The Rock: And that includes The Miz.

Another pop with some laughter in there as well, Rock holds his hand up to his face and acts like he's a baby.

The Rock: "Wah, wah, wah, I'm John Cena, and some mean people on the internet said I can't wrestle." OH SHUT UP YOU SISSY!

Cena's lip furls again as he shows displeasure with the insult.

The Rock: You're the WWE Champion, for God's sake! Start acting like it! Do you really think that men like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin gave a damn what his haters thought of him? Do you think men like Mick Foley gave a damn what his haters thought? Do you think the Rock gives a rat's ass what his haters think of him? The answer is no.

Rock looks at Cena, but Cena's focused on the ground.

The Rock: Look at me. Let The Rock give you some advice, John Cena. You've already said you don't respect me so you can take it or leave it; totally up to you. If what these guys who live in their mom's basements are really upsetting you that much then do something about it.

Cena looks up and shows he's listening.

The Rock: This isn't John Cena. John Cena doesn't come out here and whine and complain to The Rock like a little bitch; John Cena's an asskicker. John Cena shows the heart that has made him a ten-time WWE Champion and John Cena lays it all on the line every night.

The fans aren't sure of how to react to Rock actually endorsing Cena.

The Rock: I don't want you to be concerned about those "other" fans, and I don't want you to be concerned about me. Wrestlemania is a long time away, John.

Confusion among everyone now. Rock then grabs the WWE Championship, but Cena keeps hold of it so both men are holding it in between them.

The Rock: I want you to be concerned about this. The WWE Championship is the most important thing in your life right now and I want you to put all of your energy into defending it. I owe it to my fans, my people, to give them the biggest match of all time at Wrestlemania, and so do you to yours. The only way that the 'Once in a Lifetime' Match gets even bigger than it already is, is if it is for the WWE Championship.

A good pop rings through the arena, as Rock releases his hold on the gold and Cena looks down at it in his hand.

The Rock: John, you need to be at your best come Wrestlemania, don't let anything else cloud your judgement from this moment until the next time we are both in Miami. I want John Cena at his best because I don't want there to be any excuses when I beat you and become the WWE Champion.

A MASSIVE POP from the Miami crowd! Cena smirks as Rock looks him straight into the eyes before he snaps his head back.



The fans let out a huge pop as Rock stares at Cena and flares his nostrils out before he turns on his heel and leaves the ring, briskly making his way up the ramp. Cena looks down at the WWE title and he then looks up at The Rock whilst he's clearly ticking over what The Rock said.

Michael Cole: Strong words from The Rock to John Cena tonight at the Raw Supershow! The next time we are going to see John Cena and The Rock in the same ring in Miami will be in the main event of Wrestlemania Twenty-Eight at Wrestlemania in April.

Jerry Lawler: I wasn't expecting either of them to hold anything back, and they didn't!

Michael Cole: The Rock was able to defend why he wants the 'Once in a Lifetime' Match to be for the WWE Championship, because we are set for one of the biggest matches in the history of Wrestlemania between these two!

Booker T: Two eras will collide, and if what we saw ta-night is anything to go by, that match will go down in history!

Michael Cole: We've had a great night in Miami tonight, and things might get a little bumpy on the next few weeks as we're well on the road to Survivor Series! From myself, King and Booker, goodnight!

The Rock reaches the top of the ramp and turns back to Cena in the ring and he raises one of his arms in the air, but Cena replies by lifting the WWE Championship up high and the two megastars stare each other down as we fade to black.



20 NOVEMBER 2011


(Christian, Tyson Kidd, ???, ???, ???)
(Daniel Bryan, William Regal, Zack Ryder, ???, ???)

Last Man Standing Match:
CM Punk vs Kevin Nash
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Friday Night Smackdown Preview
28th October 2011
Macon Coliseum – Macon, Georgia

Confirmed for Smackdown:

Intercontinental Championship Series
Match 1 – Sin Cara's Mask is on the line
Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes

Christian vs Zack Ryder

8-Man Tag Team Match:
The Usos & Fighting for Freedom vs The Showtime Players, Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali

Wade Barrett vs Trent Barretta

Justin Gabriel vs Darren Young


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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

WWE Superstars
27th October 2011

Curt Hawkins & Primo def. Goldust & Evan Bourne
Kaitlyn def. Nikki Bella
The Great Khali def. Yoshi Tatsu
Xavier Woods def. Tyler Reks

Friday Night Smackdown
28th October 2011
Macon Coliseum – Macon, Georgia

After the opening credits roll, we see a recap of the Smackdown related events which occurred on the Raw Supershow. Cody Rhodes clocks Ted DiBiase with his mask in the Smackdown Showcase to allow Sin Cara to take advantage and pin the Intercontinental Champion. Christian, Tyson Kidd and Jack Swagger attack Daniel Bryan after his match with Swagger; William Regal and then Zack Ryder make the save for Bryan, and Ryder joins Team Bryan for Survivor Series. Finally, Mark Henry successfully defends the World Heavyweight Championship in the Fatal 4 Way; pinning Randy Orton just seconds before John Morrison pinned Wade Barrett to keep the title by the narrowest of margins.


There's a huge pop as we head into the arena as BIG SHOW walks out onto the stage on Smackdown for the first time in three months! Show pumps his fist in the air as he walks down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans as he does, and he hands his beanie hat to a young boy in the front row. The commentary team talks up the broken ankle suffered by Big Show at the hands of Mark Henry at Money in the Bank in July as 'The World's Largest Athlete' gets into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Big Show: There is no one in the world more happy to say this than me right now... The Big Show is back!

A good pop greets that.

Big Show: The last time you saw me was back in July, at Money in the Bank. After Mark Henry beat me in a match he wrapped a steel chair around my leg and then crushed and broke my ankle.

There's heat from the fans for that.

Big Show: Mark Henry took three months from my career. In those three months, Mark has gone on to do some pretty impressive things; he took out my old friend, Kane, a few weeks after he broke my ankle-

Show is cut off by some more boos. He holds his massive hand up to show five fingers.

Big Show: He beat five men at Night of Champions to win the World Heavyweight Championship; proving that he's the toughest guy on Smackdown. Sheamus was probably the only guy that could say any different; but Mark Henry took him out too at Hell in a Cell!

Some more heat for that, but Show's face suddenly turns serious.

Big Show: For the past three months, Mark Henry has been undoubtedly the toughest SOB on this show, but not anymore.

Show points his finger to himself.

Big Show: 'Cos I'm back.

A BIG POP for that as Show starts to walk around the ring.

Big Show: I didn't spend three months sitting on my ass feeling sorry for myself! As soon as I was physically able to I got in that gym; I hit those weights and I fought, and I fought until I was ready.

Show looks down at the mat and nods his head, before looking back out to the Macon fans for approval in the form of a cheer.

Big Show: It paid off; I'm in the best shape of my career and I feel good. So good in fact, that only two weeks ago I was medically cleared to wrestle!

Another strong pop meets that, and the fans cheer as Show looks intense once again.

Big Show: Being able to wrestle in front of all of you is one of the biggest parts of my life, and Mark Henry took that away from me at Money in the Bank. Well, now I'm back... I want to take away the biggest part of Mark Henry's life - the World Heavyweight Championship!

The fans reply with a cheer to indicate that they are very much in favour of that.

Big Show: This thing between Mark Henry and I is going to end one way or another, so I suggest that we end this once and for all at Survivor Series, with me becoming World Heavyweight Champion!

Show then balls his fist up and holds it in the air.

Big Show: I know you won't have a problem with that, Mark... but since we all know how much you like to fight; how 'bout you come down here right now and we can have a little fight? Give everyone a preview of Survivor Series? You people wanna see that, huh?

Looking once again for approval from the fans, Show looks out to them and smiles as they cheer loudly.

Big Show: Macon, Georgia, are all for it, so how 'bout it Mark? Get your ass and that title out here right now so I can knock you out!

Big Show turns to the stage and shouts for Henry to "COME ON!" as the fans cheer him for support.


There's a mixed reaction as everyone was expecting the World Heavyweight Champion, but they've got the Smackdown General Manager THEODORE LONG instead, and he walks down the ramp with a serious look on his face. Show looks a little annoyed that it isn't Henry coming to the ring, but is happy to see the GM anyway. Long already has a microphone with him, and he enters the ring and shakes hands with Big Show.

Theodore Long: Big Show, before I say what I came out here to say, I'll just speak to ya on a personal level, playa. I think that everyone will agree with me when I say that it is great to see you back on your feet and it is great news that we can all see ya perform in the ring again where ya belong.

Show smiles and nods his head and the fans cheer.

Theodore Long: Now down ta business. Regarding the proposal ya just made for you to challenge Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series; as Smackdown General Manager, I cannot allow it ta happen.

Show's face screws up and the fans aren't happy either with some heat for the GM.

Big Show: What? Teddy, you said-

Theodore Long: Show, I don't wanna deny ya the opportunity, but I cannot allow a Raw Superstar to challenge for Smackdown's main championship, when I have a locker room full'a ma own Superstars who are deserving of a shot at Mark Henry.

Show is silent for a few seconds as he realizes that he's not actually a Smackdown Superstar, and it is confirmed by Michael Cole on commentary that Big Show is actually a member of the Raw roster.

Theodore Long: I'm sorry, playa.

There's almost a conceded look in Big Show's eyes as he looks around the arena and then back at Teddy with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

Big Show: Teddy, sign me to Smackdown... right now. Come on! Then the match can go ahead! You don't understand how much I need Mark Henry in this ring.

Theodore Long: I have the greatest of sympathies for ya situation, Show. I spoke with John Laurinaitis in the week, but he wouldn't allow a trade to go ahead; ma hands are tied. There's nothin' I can do ta help ya, playa.

Turning away from Long, Show looks up to the heavens for something as he speaks to himself through gritted teeth as he is furious by the revelations.

Theodore Long: It's been no secret that ma job has been in jeopardy the past couple of months, an' tha last thing I need is a physical danger towards ma World Heavyweight Champion... so I've got no choice but to ask ya to leave tha arena.

WOAH! Long actually receives some pretty loud heat as Big Show turns around again, and his eyes are starting to well up.

Big Show: WHAT?! Teddy, I thought we were friends! I don't believe this...

Theodore Long: I've got ma family to think about, playa. I can't risk-

Big Show: But... Zack Ryder's here tonight from Raw; Rey Mysterio's here next week! I don't get it!

Theodore Long: Zack Ryder is part of Daniel Bryan's Survivor Series team and he's facin' Christian ta-night in the main event. Rey Mysterio is injured, so he's no danger to any of ma Superstars-

Big Show: I don't care, Teddy! Oh God... Wait, what the hell are they doin' now?

Show gestures to the stage, where a team of TEN members of the arena security team have walked out and make their way to the base of the ramp and stand in formation.

Theodore Long: These gentlemen were standing by for the event of you not being cooperative and unwilling to leave the arena on your own accord. I'd rather that they didn't-

Big Show: No, it's fine.

Show drops his mic and it lands on the mat with a clunk and he walks past Long, brushing him as he does, and exits the ring. The General Manager looks annoyed with himself even though his hands were tied. Big Show walks past the security guards, and Long nods to indicate for them to follow him up the ramp and to the back. The fans voice their displeasure as Long frowns before he exits the ring and makes his own way to the back.

*Commercial Break*

After the break, we can see BIG SHOW walking backstage past a series of workers who try and avoid eye contact with the 7 footer, as the group of security guards follow and usher Show out of the arena. There comes a break in the corridor as it comes to a crossroads with another and Show stops in his tracks. Big Show's face turns a bright shade of red and suddenly the guards pile around Big Show and it takes all ten of them to keep him back.

Big Show: You son of a bitch! Get off me! Argh!

Big Show is finally forced back by the horde of security and he is removed from the frame to the left, and once he's gone MARK HENRY steps into the frame! Big Show was just feet away from his arch nemesis! The appearance of the World Heavyweight Champion causes the fans in the arena to boo loudly, and Henry laughs as we fade back to the arena.


There's a lot of heat in the arena for the Intercontinental Champion CODY RHODES as he walks out onto the stage with a determined look on his face. Despite their cock-up on Raw, TED DIBIASE accompanies Rhodes down to the ring, but he doesn't pay his friend much notice. Cole and Matthews go through the format of the Intercontinental Championship Series which starts tonight with Sin Cara's mask being on the line tonight, Cody Rhodes' mask in the second match, and the Intercontinental Championship in the third.


The Coliseum lets off a pretty big cheer for SIN CARA as he walks out onto the stage, looking extremely pumped. He points to Rhodes and DiBiase before removing his jacket and then charging into the ring and trampolining up over the ropes to set off his elaborate pyrotechnics display. The referee does his best to make Sin Cara aware of the match stipulations (which his translator probably would have cleared up with him.) and the Mexican just nods along.

Match One:
Intercontinental Championship Series
Match 1 – Sin Cara's Mask is on the line

Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes w/ Ted DiBiase vs Sin Cara

Cody is very much the aggressor in the opening couple of minutes of the bout, as instead of trying to win the match, he tries to forcibly remove the mask from Sin Cara's head, but the speed of the 'International Sensation' proves too much for him as he kept finding himself at the end of an Arm Drag or a Hurricanrana each time he tried something against the mask. Sin Cara was then able to take control for a few minutes as he tried to light Cody up with kicks and chops; being much more aggressive than we are used to. Rhodes eventually gets frustrated with his lack of real progress in the match, and he retreats to the outside to try and consort with DiBiase. His friend utters nothing more than a mumble of a few words which seem completely unhelpful to Rhodes at the time. Cara then comes flying over the ropes with a Somersault, but Rhodes moves and Sin Cara wipes DiBiase out completely! Rhodes takes advantage of his friend's misfortune and sends Sin Cara into the steps whilst he's getting back up to gain control.

*Commercial Break*

It was all Rhodes during the break, and we come back with Sin Cara trapped in a Single Leg Crab, which the Mexican is able to escape, before cracking Cody with an Enziguiri! That right there was almost enough to win the match and save his mask, but Sin Cara is denied by a kick out. Rhodes builds up some momentum from the kick out, and he comes close with a DDT, and then again with a Neckbreaker. Rhodes goes for a BEAUTIFUL DISASTER KICK - BTU SIN CARA DUCKS AND RHODES CLOCKS THE REFEREE!! This causes Rhodes to grin, and he beckons DiBiase into the ring, and DiBiase slides into the ring. Rhodes barks orders for Ted to pick Sin Cara up, but DiBiase shakes his head... AND HITS DREAM STREETS ON CODY RHODES! TED DIBIASE HAS SEEN THE LIGHT! After what happened on Monday, DiBiase waits until the worst moment for Rhodes to turn his back on him; and he backs up the ramp, shouting back at Cody. Sin Cara climbs the turnbuckle and lands on Rhodes with a SPLASH from the top to get the win and save his mask! Sin Cara pins Cody Rhodes again!

Winner: Sin Cara (13.51)
Sin Cara's mask is safe


Sin Cara has his hand raised by the semi-concussed referee, who seeks medical attention immediately. Rhodes holds the back of his head as he looks out to DiBiase who points back at him from the top of the ramp; and the Intercontinental Champion mutters to himself as Sin Cara celebrates.

We cut backstage to THE USOS, who are in the locker room, getting ready for their match. The twin brothers are lacing their boots in silence, but the door suddenly slams open. This gets the attention of the two big Samoans, and then their partners for tonight FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM walk into the shot. The two teams stand face-to-face, and Johnny Curtis in particular looks pretty annoyed.

Johnny Curtis: I suppose you two wanna tell us just what the hell that was about last week, huh?

Jey Uso: Ey, you better get outta my face before I lay yo ass out.

Curtis and Jey almost butt heads, but Derrick Bateman pulls his partner back from the intimidating figure of Jey Uso.

Derrick Bateman: What I think Johnny here was trying to say was that we were wondering why you just watched The Showtime Players beat us down last week on Smackdown.

Johnny Curtis: Yeah, and after we saved you guys twice. Where's the justice in that?

Curtis pipes up again and gets a death stare from Jey again, but Jimmy pulls his brother back and steps forwards to talk, looking a lot calmer.

Jimmy Uso: There's obviously something that you two don't know about The Usos. We are from a family of proud warriors and our natural instinct is to fight our own battles.

Jey Uso: We might have gotten your help, but we didn't want it and we didn't need it.

There's an awkward moment between the four men and Johnny Curtis breaks the silence.

Johnny Curtis: Well like it or not, that's what we do. We help people. We don't ask for anything n return but-

Jey Uso: Good, because we're not givin' you anythin' in return. I woulda thought you realized that last week.

It's almost another meeting of the minds between Curtis and Jey, and their partners have to hold them back yet again.

Derrick Bateman: Look, it seems that you guys have some sort of problem with us, so why don't we settle this in the ring next week? But for tonight, we are all on the same team, and we are going to lose if we aren't all on the same page. How is that for you guys?

Bateman holds his hand out to the seemingly more reasonable Jimmy Uso, and he takes it.

Jimmy Uso: Fine. But tonight is the last time we're giving or accepting any help from anyone.

Jimmy lets Bateman's hand go and both of The Usos resume their preparations for the match later on. Fighting for Freedom share a look between themselves and they seem unsure of their partners tonight as they leave the locker room.

*Commercial Break*

Back in the arena after the break, and THE SHOWTIME PLAYERS are half way down the ramp, both O'Neill and Watson shouting abuse at the fans. JINDER MAHAL and THE GREAT KHALI wait for their partners in the ring, talking in their own language to themselves. Once the Players are in the ring, they try some form of special handshake with Khali, but the monster isn't interested.

THE USOS then walk out onto the stage and perform the Siva Tau which gets a good pop as usual, despite their awkward confrontation with their popular partners earlier.


After setting off their pyrotechnics, the sons of Rikishi make their way down to the ring. The commentators try and get their heads around what The Usos said earlier on, before promising us a thrilling match between four of the top tag teams on Smackdown. Not afraid of the opponents, The Usos slide into the ring and stare them down. The music cuts out, and there's a cheer in anticipation...


The crowd comes alive and pops loudly for the remixed Superman theme, and FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM burst out onto the stage! In matching red ring attire, both men sprint down the aisle and emphatically slide into the ring and half way across it, before both men mount a turnbuckle and get the crowd fired up. Once they get down and back onto the mat, they are met with stone-faced Usos, the face team share an awkward glance, before Jey Uso decides he'll be starting the match for them.

Match Two:
8-Man Tag Team Match:
The Usos & Fighting for Freedom vs The Showtime Players, Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali

The four teams actually manage to keep a structure to this match for the most part, as these things tend to break down quite quickly. The Usos keep the tags between themselves as they separate Khali from his team. After some quick tags, Khali fight back and takes both brother down, and even throws the not legal Jimmy Uso from the ring. Jinder Mahal, Percy Watson and then Titus O'Neill take their shots at Jey; Titus almost winning the match with a Sidewalk Slam! Jey fights out from it as Watson is tagged back into the match, and Jey has no choice but to reluctantly bring Johnny Curtis into the match! Curtis delivers right hands to just about everyone, and he drops Watson with a Spinning Heel Kick and goes for a pin - Jinder Mahal breaks the count - and NOW all hell breaks loose! The eight men all start brawling, inside and outside of the ring. It boils down to Johnny Curtis and Jey Uso battling Watson and Mahal in the ring. Uso goes for a SUPERKICK on Mahal, but he ducks... and JEY CRACKS CURTIS INSTEAD! Mahal bundles Uso out of the ring, and Watson hits a SHOWTIME SPLASH! This allows Watson to get the 3, and secure The Showtime Players' first win on Smackdown!

Winners: The Showtime Players, Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali (6.45)


O'Neill slides into the ring, and the Players embrace and celebrate like they've just won the tag titles at Wrestlemania. Mahal and Khali get in the ring, and the winners have their hands raised. Derrick Bateman helps Curtis out of the ring, as 'The Phoenix' holds his jaw in pain. Fighting for Freedom look up the ramp to see The Usos backing their way up it, neither man looking regretful or apologetic; leading the commentary team to speculate whether the Superkick was intended for Curtis anyway.

Backstage once again, and we see the Intercontinental Champion CODY RHODES for a second time tonight, and he is FURIOUS. Rhodes clutches his title and his mask closely to him, as he stomps down a corridor backstage and comes across a random worker; grabbing him by the collar.

Cody Rhodes: Where's Ted DiBiase?! Where is he?!

The worker looks like he's shat himself, but he's able to slowly open his mouth.

Worker: He-he's gone... he l-left about five... minutes ago.

The crowd in the arena cheer, as Rhodes' luck worsens, and he drops the worker and storms off; kicking a production crate as he does.

*Commercial Break*

In the interview area, and MATT STRIKER stands by with RANDY ORTON! 'The Viper' gets a huge reaction from the fans, and Striker waits for the pop to die down before he raises his mic up.

Matt Striker: As you can all see, I'm standing by with 'The Viper' Randy... Orton.

Another big pop which causes Orton to grin as Striker turns to him.

Matt Striker: Thank you for joining me, Randy. This past Monday on the Raw Supershow, you were unable to win the World Heavyweight Championship and you were the man that Mark Henry pinned to retain the title. This marks the second time since losing the title at Night of Champions that you've failed to win it back, so one could safely assume that you are out of the running to become the next number one contender. How are you feeling and what is next for Randy Orton in the future?

Orton's eyes got increasingly bigger with rage as Striker reeled of a history of Orton's recent failures, and the interviewer sheepishly looks to Orton for a serious answer.

Randy Orton: I can tell you what could be next in your future? Would you like that?

Unsure, Striker nods.

Randy Orton: Let me have a think - oh right! If you don't get out of my face in the next five seconds your future will be spent in the emergency room after I PUNT you in the skull.

There's a mixed reaction as Orton channels a former self, and Striker quickly leaves the area. Orton snatches his microphone as he leaves.

Randy Orton: After what happened on Monday, I don't just feel disappointed; I feel awful. I'm pretty pissed off!

Orton is spitting his words out.

Randy Orton: If you watch Monday's match back, I was the star man throughout, and no one deserved to walk out of Miami as the World Heavyweight Champion more than me! But I couldn't get the job done...

The fans express their displeasure of Orton not being champion, and he breathes heavily to calm himself down.

Randy Orton: I don't know what happened out there, or why, but I couldn't get the job done. Again.

Orton looks down at the floor and he isn't happy with his luck recently.

Randy Orton: What's next for me? I'm not sure. I just know that I need a couple of weeks to get my head together and to rethink everything about my career here on Smackdown. Coming over from Raw was awesome at first, but ever since Night of Champions I've not been the same.

There's a negative reaction for that, and Orton acknowledges it.

Randy Orton: Hey, I'm not going to be long at all! When I say a couple of weeks, I mean a couple of weeks! There's no chance I'm missin' Survivor Series!

A good pop as Orton smiles now.

Randy Orton: I love Survivor Series! I've been the Sole Survivor for my team twice in my career; I am an indispensable part of any Survivor Series team. So Daniel Bryan-

Orton is cut off by a BIG POP!

Randy Orton: -or even... Christian-

There's a very confused reaction from inside the arena... is Orton offering his services to a man he spent the whole summer battling with?

Randy Orton: I'm available to be a part of either of your teams. What you need to know though, is that whoever's team I choose WILL be the winning team. So you both have to make me want to be a part of your team. If you don't; you're going to lose.

Strong words.

Randy Orton: Survivor Series is an event made for me, just like the World Heavyweight Championship is a title that I was born to hold. I'm the youngest ever World Heavyweight Champion and I will be straight back into the hunt for MY title after Survivor Series is over.

Orton drops the microphone and looks into the camera with a smirk as we fade away back into the arena.


From one man who failed to win the World Heavyweight Championship on Monday to another as WADE BARRETT comes out onto the stage to a good amount of heat. He powers his arms into the air to cause his suit jacket to fall to the ground, and he marches down to the ring with a menacing look on his face. TRENT BARRETTA waits for him in the ring, doing some last minute stretches and looking to score a big upset.

Match Three:
Wade Barrett vs Trent Barretta

Unfortunately for Trent Barretta fans, the upset just isn't on the cards as Barrett asserts his dominance right from the opening bell. He showcases his bareknuckle fighting past with some powerful punches in the corner, followed by a Pumphandle Slam! After some more strikes from Barrett, Trent gets his only real offence in the match with a couple of swift kicks to the legs. Barretta tries to follow up by running off the ropes but he gets caught with the WINDS OF CHANGE! It becomes clear now that Trent is done, and any punishment Barrett inflicts now is either to make a statement before he can. Barrett takes his time waiting in the corner for Barretta to get up before he runs in and knocks his block off with the BULLHAMMER!! Barrett scores the impressive victory!

Winner: Wade Barrett (3.17)


Barrett gets to his feet and has his arm raised by the referee, before not wasting any time showing off so he can walk to the back as we cut to a break.

*Commercial Break*






Back into the arena following that cryptic message which has everyone confused, DARREN YOUNG stands in the ring, looking eager to compete in one of the rare chances he has on Smackdown.


The fans let out a good pop as JUSTIN GABRIEL comes out onto the stage and leaps in the air, before slapping hands with the fans on his way down to the ring; happy after ending his little feud with Jinder Mahal last week. The commentary team play up Gabriel's winning streak before he lost to Wade Barrett two weeks ago, and how he'll be looking to build another one as we head towards Survivor Series.

Match Four:
Darren Young vs Justin Gabriel

Young doesn't let his former Nexus stablemate get started properly, as 'Mr No Days Off' takes control of the opening exchanges; being able to take Gabriel over with a Back Suplex. Young tries to go to work on Gabriel's arm, but the speed of the South African is too much for him, and Gabriel clotheslines Young over the top rope and down to the floor. After hitting an impressive Corkscrew Plancha to wipe Young clean out. It was all Gabriel from this point onwards, as he looked to just weaken Young down. The South African came close with a Spin-out Powerbomb, which only garnered him a two count. However it was a Tornado DDT which ultimately set Young up for a scintillating 450 SPLASH which got him yet another victory on Smackdown.

Winner: Justin Gabriel (5.38)


The fans cheer loudly following the impressive end to the match, and 'The Rising Star' gets up to celebrate his victory; whilst selling the effects on his stomach.

Backstage, we can see DANIEL BRYAN walking backstage with the two announced members of his Survivor Series team WILLIAM REGAL and ZACK RYDER. The trio get a good pop for the fans as they walk along, both Bryan and Regal just stare forwards as the much more animated Ryder seems to not be able to stop talking.

Zack Ryder: So I've started to think of a new nickname for you, Daniel! There's "D-Bry", which is pretty solid, but I think I'm gonna settle on "Daniel Bro-yan".

Regal facepalms and the crowd laughs as Ryder looks for approval from Mr MITB. Bryan just chuckles.

Zack Ryder: What do you think, bro? Pretty sick, right?

Daniel Bryan: I love it... Bro.

???: Daniel! I need to talk to you real quick!

Everyone turns to their left, and EDGE walks into the frame, and the Assistant General Manager looks a little out of breath.

Daniel Bryan: Take it easy, Edge. We're just on our way out to the ring for Zack's match with Christian.

Zack Ryder: Edge! How you doin', broski?

Edge: Yeah, I'm good thanks, Zack. Daniel, I just wanted to come and say thank you for representing Smackdown so well on Monday; I woulda loved to have seen John Laurinaitis' face when Swagger tapped out. Sorry about what happened after it, though.

Daniel Bryan: Hey, no problem. And you don't-

???: Edge, I can apologize for myself...

Everyone turns to the other side where CHRISTIAN walks into the shot to some boos, with TYSON KIDD in tow.

Christian: That would be if I wanted to. I was wondering actually, Edge. I was there on Monday, so why wasn't I asked to represent Smackdown?

Before Edge can answer, Bryan steps in front of Christian.

Daniel Bryan: Edge didn't choose you because he wants someone who he can depend on. That might have been you a few years ago, but it isn't any more. I was more than happy to represent this show because I love working here. I wasn't going to watch you let the whole roster down by walking out of the match like you did against Randy Orton.

Christian: If you remember correctly, I never asked for that match with Orton; I didn't want it. That was supposed to be Tyson Kidd's match-

Daniel Bryan: Even so, you bailed, and I stopped you. Just like I'll stop you again tonight if you get any similar thoughts against Zack Ryder.

Ryder smirks from behind Bryan at the knowledge that his captain is going to be there for him tonight.

Christian: Are you serious, bro?

Christian looks over Bryan's shoulder at Ryder with an unimpressed look on his face, and Ryder takes some offence to that as Christian is now the one smirking and he and Kidd walk off to the arena. Bryan turns back to his team and the Assistant GM.

Daniel Bryan: Thank you, Edge; I'm glad I didn't let you down. Zack, don't pay any attention to him... you're better than him and you're about to show him.

Ryder now smiles again and Bryan nods at Edge before he leads his team out.

*Commercial Break*


The arena descends into some loud heat as we get ready for the main event, and CHRISTIAN walks out onto the stage, with TYSON KIDD just behind him. 'Captain Charisma' slaps his chest and grins out to the fans as he gets into the ring, having a few words with Kidd as he waits for his opponent.


The Smackdown fans come alive with a BIG POP for a rare opportunity to see Raw's ZACK RYDER, as he bounces onto the stage, covered in all sorts of merchandise. The two men confirmed to be riding into battle with him at Survivor Series DANIEL BRYAN and WILLIAM REGAL also come down to the ring with him.

Main Event:
Christian w/ Tyson Kidd vs Zack Ryder w/ Daniel Bryan & William Regal

Possibly even more desperate for the win because he's in the ring with a former world champion, Ryder starts off the match strongly; taking Christian by surprise to get in some good shots and even a Monkey Flip. Christian's experience and skill comes into play and he cuts Ryder off and starts to tee off on him in the corner. The match continues at a very even flow between both men for the majority of the match. The finish comes after Ryder hits the Broski Boot and he lines Christian up for the ROUGH RYDER - but Christian catches him in mid air and drops him down; transitioning into the CLOVERLEAF! Ryder tries not to tap out to Christian's relatively new submission hold, but after about 30 seconds in the hold, it proves too much and Ryder has no choice other than to TAP OUT!

Winner: Christian (10.37)


There's no physicality between the two teams as Christian just has his arm raised by Tyson Kidd and leaves the ring, motioning to Daniel Bryan that he could beat the whole of his tea by himself as we fade off.

*Commercial Break*


There's a pretty big pop as JOHN MORRISON walks out onto the stage, and he's without the leather jacket tonight and he's even ditched the slow-motion as he walks down to the ring. The commentators point out that Morrison is in a serious mood after coming within seconds of winning his first World Heavyweight Championship on the Raw Supershow. JoMo picks up a mic and he waits for his music t cut out before he can say his piece.

John Morrison: Before Monday, everyone was telling me that I didn't have a chance of becoming the World Heavyweight Champion on the Raw Supershow.

The fans boo in disagreement.

John Morrison: I was told that I was out of my depth, I was just there to make up the numbers. Well, I told myself that if I was just there to make up the numbers, I was going to get myself counted for. People made the mistake of ruling me out of that match before the opening bell had even rung.

It is clearly a touchy subject for Morrison, as he is almost scowling.

John Morrison: But when it came right down to it... I was just seconds away from winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

It cuts Morrison deep by just saying it.

John Morrison: You might think that suffering a setback as big and morale-damaging as that would put me off, but it has just made me want it that much more. It only proved that I am capable of winning the big one and all I need is another chance. So... I want Mark Henry to come out here because I've got something to say to him.


The reaction towards the World Heavyweight Champion MARK HENRY is a negative one, partly due to what transpired with him and Big Show earlier on. Henry has a broad grin on his face as he trudges down the ramp, and Morrison eyes the dominant champion as he walks into the ring and he collects a microphone of his own.

Mark Henry: Let me guess, you think dat you were screwed in some way on Monday? I won dat match fair and square, and I dare you to tell me you got a problem with it! I dare you!

Morrison is silent as Henry is shouting right in his face.

Mark Henry: I ain't stupid! I know you were about to ask me fo' a title shot. I want you to give me one reason why I should give you a shot at this.

John Morrison: Okay, you want a reason, I'll give you a reason. Mark, I want you to think forwards to when you retire, and you'll be looking back at the time when you were World Heavywei-


The crowd boo the champion and Morrison tries to keep the contents of his bowels inside.

John Morrison: Bear with me. You'll look back to when you were the World Heavyweight Champion and the most dominant Superstar on Smackdown. You'll say that you beat everyone to keep that title around your waist!

Henry's patience is wearing thin at this point.

John Morrison: But then you'll remember what happened on Monday. You'll remember that John Morrison was seconds away from taking that title away from you. I'm going to be the question mark that will hang over your reign as World Heavyweight Champion. Is that what you want?

Despite it being a rhetorical question, Henry says "No!" off mic.

John Morrison: You're not going to be able to say that you've beaten everyone until you've beaten me one-on-one with the title on the line.

Henry actually nods as he mulls it over and raises his microphone again.

Mark Henry: Y'know, you've got a point-

???: Woah, woah, woah. Not so fast!

There's some heat for the English accent which means that everyone knows it if in fact WADE BARRETT that has walked onto the stage with a microphone of his own, and he makes his way down to the ring.

Wade Barrett: Mark, you've not beaten me for that title either. I wasn't pinned on Monday in that Fatal 4 Way either.

John Morrison: Actually, Wade, I had you beat.

Barrett gets into the ring and gets right into Morrison's face.

Wade Barrett: Well I guess we'll never know!

The brash Englishman then turns to the champion.

Wade Barrett: Judging by your logic, you owe me a title shot too, am I correct?

Mark Henry: I'm not turnin' any challenges down, boy. I'll beat yo' ass down and then use your ass to beat his ass straight after.

Wade Barrett: That's how you see things is it?

Mark Henry: I see my clappin' you over the side of the head if you take one step closer to me.

Morrison somewhat stands awkwardly behind Barrett as he tries to square up to the champion.


For the second time tonight, THEODORE LONG's music is heard in the arena, and the three men in the ring turn to the stage where the General Manager stands with a microphone of his own.

Theodore Long: Wade, John, I listened to what ya had to say, and I do agree that ya both have a case ta be the next numba one contenda.

Morrison nods, and Barrett smirks, saying "You bet I do."

Theodore Long: So we're gonna settle this next week because we're gonna see Wade Barrett facin' off wit' John Morrison an' tha winner will face Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series!


The announcement gets a good pop and Long makes his exit as the three men in the ring stare at each other as the show ends.



20 NOVEMBER 2011


(Christian, Tyson Kidd, ???, ???, ???)
(Daniel Bryan, William Regal, Zack Ryder, ???, ???)


World Heavyweight Championship:
Mark Henry © vs Wade Barrett OR John Morrison

Last Man Standing Match:
CM Punk vs Kevin Nash
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Still doing this if anyone was wondering. I've been trying to get ahead on shows, and I've got the next Raw and Smackdown done and dusted; trying to kick up the pace ahead of Survivor Series if college work allows me to. Just some news for now.

Originally Posted by wwe.com


We are all excited to announce that the 25th Annual Survivor Series event in Madison Square Garden will be preceded by an hour-long Pre-Show that will be available live on wwe.com and Youtube!

The Pre-Show will feature analysis and commentary from the announce team that will be live in the arena, exclusive interviews with some of the WWE Superstars involved in the Survivor Series Pay-Per-View. Also, there will be an exclusive Pre-Show Match, which will only be available to watch on wwe.com or Youtube!

Make sure to listen out on WWE television shows for more details of the Survivor Series Pre-Show in the coming weeks!



WWE has come to terms with the release of Ricardo Rodriguez as of Monday, October 31, 2011. We wish Ricardo the best in all future endeavors.
Raw Preview in a few days
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Originally Posted by lordsofpain.net


- wwe.com made two major announcements earlier today, the first being that Ricardo Rodriguez has been released from his contract as well as Survivor Series featuring an hour-long Pre-Show. It is believed that Rodriguez asked for his release in September, upon learning that he was to be split from Alberto Del Rio. It is rumoured that Rodriguez was going to return on-screen with another client to get revenge on Del Rio. That client was supposed to be former TNA Talent Hernandez, who instead chose to pursue his acting career. There is no word on what this means for Del Rio's future in terms of storyline, we will hopefully have more updates on this in the coming days.

- Word is that former multiple time World Champion Randy Orton has once again aggravated his shoulder. Orton cut a promo on Smackdown stating that he was going to be away for two weeks before returning for Survivor Series. Orton will apparently work Survivor Series but then take some time off; most likely missing the TLC Pay-Per-View in December. Orton is apparently desperate to be fit enough to work at the Royal Rumble in January, in his hometown of St. Louis.

- There have been rumours for weeks that FCW talents Hunico and Epico could be on their way onto the main roster, most likely on the Raw brand as officials are looking to make the tag division on Raw as strong as Smackdown's. With tonight's Raw set in Mexico, where the tag team is billed from; we could see the team of Los Aviadores tonight in Monterrey.
And a Raw Preview...

Monday Night Raw
31st October 2011
Arena Monterrey – Monterrey, Mexico

Five Point Preview:

- We will be suffering from the fallout of last week's Raw Supershow, where John Cena successfully defended the WWE Championship against The Miz, but the main story is what transpired after the main event... when John Cena was confronted by his Wrestlemania 28 opponent, The Rock. Cena made is clear that he does not respect The Rock, and after some more heated words, The Rock reaffirmed his desire to challenge Cena for the title at Wrestlemania in Miami in April. Rock told Cena that the WWE Championship is what he should be focused on and nothing else. Cena has seemingly taken those words to heart and has not been heard from since. The WWE Champion is not scheduled for action tonight but will be in attendance; so it is anyone's guess if we'll hear from Cena tonight.

- In the WWE Championship match last week, The Laurinaitis Administration members Brodus Clay and R-Truth attempted to help The Miz win the match and the title, but they were stopped from doing so by Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. Also raising the ire of the Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis was CM Punk, who we learned will face Administration member Kevin Nash in a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH at Survivor Series in three weeks! These three enemies of the Laurinaitis Administration will team up to face Administration members The Miz, R-Truth and the undefeated Brodus Clay in a Six Man Tag Team Match!

- Even though the WWE Title didn't change hands last week, the United States Championship did when Drew McIntyre defeated Dolph Ziggler to win the Stars and Stripes belt for the first time in his career. McIntyre will be in for a tough night tonight though as he will face former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger in a Non-Title Match tonight!

- As we're in Mexico, there is bound to be one man who is looking forwards to tonight more than anyone. That man is the newly dubbed, 'The Great' Alberto Del Rio. The former WWE Champion will look to build on his dominant victory against Alex Riley as he faces the returning Evan Bourne!

- Also last week in Divas Tag Team action, Eve Torres suffered an ankle injury. We'll find out tonight if that injury sustained is serious or not, and if she will be able to compete tonight.

Confirmed Matches for Raw:

Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Laurinaitis Administration (The Miz, R-Truth & Brodus Clay) vs CM Punk, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods

Non-Title Match:
United States Champion Drew McIntyre vs Jack Swagger

'The Great' Alberto Del Rio vs Evan Bourne
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

It has been a while. Basically my laptop is dead and gone, along with the rest of the shows leading up to Survivor Series. I really cannot be bothered to write them up again so I am going to skip forward to the PPV itself. I'll now reveal the final match card for the event along with a summary of how those matches came to be. This will be followed up with an official preview/predos at some point.

20 NOVEMBER 2011


(Triple H, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, United States Champion Drew McIntyre, WWE Champion John Cena & The Rock)
(The Miz, R-Truth, Brodus Clay, Dolph Ziggler, 'The Great' Alberto Del Rio & Big Show)

Even before Summerslam when Kevin Nash returned, there was tension between the WWE COO and the Executive VP of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis. This only intensified when Laurinaitis was named the General Manager of Raw by the Board of Directors and quickly formed the Laurinaitis Administration consisting of outcasts The Miz & R-Truth, as well as the debuting monster Brodus Clay who has still yet to taste defeat on Raw. Slowly but surely, more and more members of the Raw roster were being sucked into the power struggle that was developing. The then-United States Champion Dolph Ziggler was forced to defend his title against rival Drew McIntyre on the Raw Supershow by Triple H and his anger with the COO intensified when he went on to lose the match and his championship. On the other hand, John Laurinaitis was making life hell for Kofi Kingston and newcomer Xavier Woods, constantly ordering the Administration to attack them. With there being two groups of Superstars warring with each other constantly, someone had to do something....

That man was none other than the Chairman of the Board, Mr McMahon. Vince said enough was enough and declared that Raw was not a big enough place for both Laurinaitis and Triple H and told them both to compile a team of 6 men each and they will do battle with the winner owning the COO position and control of the company, and the loser being removed from power. Laurinaitis was quick to announce Miz, Truth and Clay would all be representing him. HHH retorted by saying that Kingston and Woods would be on his team and he would also be fighting for his own career in his first PPV match since Wrestlemania. That confrontation of course ended in another brawl between the two sides.

Ziggler was quick to offer his services to Laurinaitis as he looked to get some revenge on Triple H, and the COO quickly responded by announcing that the man who defeated Ziggler for the US Title, Drew McIntyre, would be part of Team HHH. The Raw GM quickly fired his next shot by enlisting the former WWE Champion, 'The Great' Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio had shown a newly found tenacity since his return to the ring on the Raw Supershow and hadn't lost a match on his road to Survivor Series, including making Kingston submit to the Cross Armbreaker on an episode of Raw. Going into the go-home show, Johnny had just the one space left on his team and Triple H had two...

Triple H made his return to the ring on his show after accepting a challenge for a one-on-one match against Ziggler. The COO proved he hadn't lost it by coming out victorious in a close match up, but it was after that match that we found out who Laurinaitis' last team member would be. When the out-numbered Team HHH were beaten down by Team Johnny, Big Show marched down to the ring to apparently make the save. Show had been campaigning for weeks to 'impress' Laurinaitis so he can make his switch to Smackdown permanent to finally see off his rivalry with Mark Henry. Show was left in the ring with Triple H, Brodus Clay and Laurinaitis. Clay was ready to fight the giant but Show suddenly turned around and delivered the KO Punch to the COO and then shook hands with Laurinaitis to confirm the affiliation.

There was one man that Triple H was desperate to represent him in Madison Square Garden, and that was the WWE Champion, John Cena. After his confrontation with The Rock on the Raw Supershow, Cena slowly started to become obsessed with the WWE Championship. When asked by Triple H to be a part of his team, 'The Champ' flat out rejected the offer. Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and even CM Punk all tried to convince Cena to join the cause, but Cena refused to be involved in a match he "had no place in." Surprisingly, John Laurinaitis was the man whose words convinced Cena to finally accept the offer, after he informed Cena that there would be no WWE Championship Match at Survivor Series. Cena didn't want to be left off of the card so he was left with no option other than to help Triple H save his job.

Triple H came out to the ring at the end of the go-home show, accompanied by his entire team, including John Cena. Despite already going through a match with Ziggler AND being knocked out by Big Show, the COO went against his team's better judgement and called Team Laurinaitis out. Sensing another chance and with an extra man, Team Johnny made their way out to the ring and what followed was another massive brawl between 11 men, with near enough everyone taking a finisher. The brawl was still going and in the middle of the ring, R-Truth was holding Triple H steady for Big Show to deliver another KO Punch, but then THE ROCK's music hit and 'The Great One' came down to the ring and joined in the fight! Cena was able to dispose of Big Show in the ensuing chaos and Rock hit Truth with a Rock Bottom - only to go nose-to-nose with John Cena! The WWE Champion was clearly unhappy with his Wrestlemania opponent's presence and it took some words from Triple H to cool 'The Champ' down as Rock laughed and joined the rest of Team Triple H in staring down their Survivor Series opponents. The go-home Raw ended with the Team Johnny on the ramp and Team Triple H in the ring... everyone staring at each other... apart from John Cena. The WWE Champion ignored the staredown and instead held his title in his arms and stared longingly into it, making it clear that even though he's part of this team, it is not his main priority.

(Christian, Tyson Kidd, Jack Swagger, Wade Barrett & ???)
(Daniel Bryan, William Regal, Zack Ryder, Justin Gabriel & Randy Orton)

Pride for either Christian or Daniel Bryan is what is up for grabs in this match, as they're both still determined to prove who is better between the two of them. Following his loss to Daniel Bryan at Night of Champions, Christian has been determined to get one over 'Mr Money in the Bank' and eventually try to prove to Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long and Assistant General Manager Edge that he deserves another chance at the World Heavyweight Championship. This match was made following Christian taking Bryan out in a jealous attack stemming from Bryan defeating him at Night of Champions, but there was no physical contact outside of matches on Smackdown due to a ruling put in place by Teddy Long ahead of his rescheduled Performance Evaluation set for the Smackdown FOLLOWING Survivor Series.

The teams for this match had a lot of similar qualities. There were the two student/teacher relationships of Regal/Bryan and Christian/ Kidd, the two Raw Superstars who despised each other, two former Nexus team mates in Barrett and Gabriel. There was always going to be one main difference between these two teams though; only one of them would have Randy Orton. Orton declared that despite his past issues with Christian, he was open to being on either his or Daniel Bryan's team. Christian snapped up Wade Barrett almost the second he failed to earn a shot against Mark Henry, and that was the reason why Orton ultimately decided he wanted to be on Bryan's team... he wanted nothing to do with the Englishman. This left Christian with a hole in his team and with no time on the last Smackdown before the event to fill it, 'Captain Charisma' has promised us that we won't be disappointed when he reveals his final team member on the night.

World Heavyweight Championship:
Mark Henry © vs. John Morrison

Whilst sitting on commentary to watch John Morrison defeat Wade Barrett to book his place at Survivor Series, Mark Henry was shocked at the result and called it a fluke. This led Morrison on a quest to prove to the World Heavyweight Champion that he was worthy of his title shot. Morrison went a decent way of proving it when he called Henry out the next week. Morrison told him not to underestimate him and he promised him he'd show Henry what he was capable of in the main event, where champion and challenger teamed up to face Khali and Jinder Mahal. Henry got the pin fall in that match but it was Morrison who grabbed the spotlights when he acrobatically saved Henry from a post-match beat down from The Great Khali. After a long and impassioned speech at the contract signing in which Morrison made it clear that he is not scared of Mark Henry and he will not fail where Randy Orton and Sheamus did, Henry appeared to respect Morrison's words, but made it clear that he never planned on taking it easy on Morrison anyway so he doesn't know why Morrison feels the way he does. Morrison offered a handshake to Henry, but the champion declined the request by stating that he'll properly get his respect if he can test him at Survivor Series.

Last Man Standing Match:
CM Punk vs. Kevin Nash

CM Punk was criticized by John Cena for not being involved in the Team HHH/Team Johnny match, but Punk's defense was that he was taking down the Laurinaitis Administration his way, and regardless of whether John Laurinaitis is still in power or not, he was still on Punk's hit list. Naturally after the events since Summerslam, Kevin Nash was firmly at the top of this hit list. Of course this all escalated when secrets of what happened at Summerslam came out, that Kevin Nash has been an active roster member from when Laurinaitis was EVP of Talent Relations, meaning that there was nothing anyone could have done to stop Kevin Nash as he was well within his rights to be in attendance at Summerslam, Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell. This caused considerable friction between CM Punk and Triple H, which is in part one of the reasons Punk didn't want to help him at Survivor Series and he wanted to ensure Kevin Nash was no longer in the WWE.

Nash himself though made it clear that he did NOT want Triple H to lose his job, which alienated him slightly from the rest of the Laurinaitis Administration. To make things easier for Nash, Laurinaitis publicly promised him that Triple H would not be out of a job if he became COO at Survivor Series, but if he wanted to stay in the WWE he would have to rejoin the active wrestling roster.

Punk and Nash agreed on a Last Man Standing Match to finally end this because the damage they wanted to do to each other would not have been possible in a normal match.

Intercontinental Championship:
~Loser is banned from challenging for the title whilst the other is champion~

Cody Rhodes © vs. Sin Cara

These two men have been battling for the best part of three months and both men have taken so much from the other but there is one thing that separates them and that is the Intercontinental Championship. Both men's masks also came into the rivalry, with Rhodes pulling Sin Cara's off at Hell in a Cell and using his several times to keep the prestigious gold around his waist. After Sin Cara was able to pin Cody Rhodes on the Raw Supershow, Edge announced the Intercontinental Championship Series. There would be three matches in the series; the first for ownership of Sin Cara's mask, then Cody's mask and finally the Intercontinental Championship at Survivor Series. Sin Cara was able to win the first two matches in the series with the help of Ted DiBiase, Cody's former friend who decided that he had had enough of Rhodes' mistreatment of him. With three victories in a month over Rhodes, the momentum was firmly with Sin Cara heading into the event...

But losing that 'protective' mask awoke a beast inside of the Intercontinental Champion like nothing we'd seen from him before. After brutally attacking poor Yoshi Tatsu backstage for laughing at him, Rhodes was punished for breaking Long's edict by being forced to face Ted DiBiase in a Street Fight on the Smackdown before Survivor Series. Rhodes was able to beat his former friend and partner in a dominating match and followed it up with a further attack after the match was over. Sin Cara decided to break Long's rules himself by coming to save DiBiase and used physical force to eject Rhodes from the ring. They were both punished by the added stipulation that the loser of the match at Survivor Series could not challenge for the Intercontinental Championship whilst the winner of this match held it.

WWE Tag Team Championships:
The Odd Couple (Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov) © vs. All World Promotions (David Otunga & Mike Hennig)

After much anticipation, All World Promotions made their debut on Raw and caused a stir straight away. The group, headed by the rich nightclub owner known as AW, made it clear that they are here to take the WWE Tag Team Championships from The Odd Couple. AW, his bodyguard Magnus, former WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Mike Hennig (formerly McGillicutty) along with Hennig's new girlfriend Raquel Diaz, confronted the WWE Tag Team Champions and AW announced that he had spoken with John Laurinaitis and got his clients a rematch for the titles at Survivor Series. Hennig had decided to change his name to his father's (Mr Perfect, Curt Hennig) after being persuaded by Diaz that there's nothing wrong with using his name to move himself ahead and he should embrace where he came from. Hennig faced off against Santino Marella on his return to Raw and quickly defeated him using his father's finishing move, the Perfectplex. Hennig along with Otunga proved that they are former champions for a reason when they handed out a first loss in the WWE to Los Aviadores, although AW was detrimental to them winning that match. Hennig, Otunga and Magnus beat down the Mexicans following the match and Diaz brawled with their valet Sarita until The Odd Couple came out to make the save.

WWE Divas Championship:
Beth Phoenix © vs. Eve Torres

Eve has been on a winning streak since Hell in a Cell, but unbeknownst to her, her close friend Kelly Kelly had been interfering in her matches and was the main reason for a great part of this winning streak. This angered Beth Phoenix and her Divas of Doom partner Natalya, as Eve was trying to say that she should be the next #1 Contender. Kelly knew that getting a match with Phoenix wouldn't end well for her, especially since it was Kelly who accidentally hurt Eve#s ankle on the Raw Supershow. This thought led Kelly to do the opposite and started costing herself and Eve tag team matches against The Divas of Doom. The anger of Eve beating Natalya with Kelly's help led the DOD to reveal Kelly's obvious motives for helping Eve... that she was in love with her. Eve was shocked, but even moreso when Kelly confirmed those suspicions to be true. Kelly was heartbroken and then abandoned Eve for a scheduled tag team match but luckily rookie diva Kaitlyn stepped into her place and helped Eve defeat the Divas of Doom and earn her match with Phoenix at Survivor Series. Ahead of her match with Phoenix on Raw, Kaitlyn was found backstage unconscious, and her tag team partner AJ swore she saw someone with blonde hair rushing away from the area. AJ stood in for Kaitlyn but was unsuccessful against the Divas Champion. Phoenix paraded around with the title as everyone was left wondering exactly who attacked Kaitlyn.

Pre-Show Match:
WWE Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Match:

Fighting for Freedom (Johnny Curtis & Derrick Bateman) vs. Curt Hawkins & Primo vs The Showtime Players (Titus O'Neill & Percy Watson) vs. The Usos vs. Los Aviadores (Epico & Hunico) vs. Goldust & Evan Bourne vs. Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries


The Pre-Show opened with the WWE COO TRIPLE H coming out onto the stage and thanking the fans for coming to the show before he hyped up Madison Square Garden and the history of Survivor Series. He finally addressed the match he will be a part of later tonight and said that the worst case scenario is that he will be stepping back into the ring on a more permanent basis as part of the active roster. He highlights that even though he can still wrestle whenever he wants to as COO, but if he was on the active roster and John Laurinaitis is the COO, he can still stop him from getting what he wants as WWE Champion. This hypes the fans up but HHH reminds them he called that the worst case scenario which isn't even going to happen. The COO promises that he will still be the Chief Operating Officer of the WWE and once his team beats John Laurinaitis' team tonight he will begin his search for the new General Manager of Raw. HHH thanks the fans once again and then leaves.

A hype video plays for the World Heavyweight Championship match between Mark Henry and John Morrison, highlighting Henry's dominance since becoming champion and Morrison's hard fought road to his title shot.


The fans cheer loudly as the first team they see out for Tag Team Turmoil is the fastest rising team on Smackdown, FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM. 'The Prince of Justice' DERRICK BATEMAN and 'The Phoenix' JOHNNY CURTIS both play to the fans before sliding into the ring as the commentary team talk over that whilst these two have become one of the top teams on Smackdown, they're in for a tough test if they have hopes of winning this match but there is belief at the table that these two can outlast six other teams.


Time constraints could be the reason that THE USOS walk out straight to their music without performing the Siva Tau traditional Samoan dance. The twin brothers get a mixed reaction and don't look too pleased to be starting this match off. We're explained to that The Usos have become increasingly proud of their roots and have refused help from Fighting for Freedom on several occasions. They get into the ring and ignore their opponents, urging referee Justin King to just get on with it.

Pre-Show Match:
WWE Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Match:

Fighting for Freedom (Johnny Curtis & Derrick Bateman) vs. Curt Hawkins & Primo vs. The Showtime Players (Titus O'Neill & Percy Watson) vs. The Usos vs. Los Aviadores (Epico & Hunico) vs. Goldust & Evan Bourne vs. Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali

Match A:
Fighting for Freedom vs. The Usos

Whenever these two teams had faced off in the past, there had usually been some modicum of respect shown before the match but Jimmy Uso refuse the handshake offered by Derrick Bateman once the bell has rung. Bateman shrugs and initiates a lock up, but the bigger and stronger Uso forces him all the way back into the corner. Uso quickly lights up Bateman's chest with a slap before bringing him in to knock him down with a shoulder block. Jimmy quickly brings Bateman back up again and Irish Whips him into the ropes and ducks down for the Back Body Drop but Bateman rolls through for a Sunset Flip pin attempt! One...Two...NO! Both men quickly spring up to their feet and there's a clear air of both teams wanting to get this thing going having skipped the formalities. Uso and Bateman lock up again but this time Bateman tricks Jimmy by kneeing him in the stomach and slamming him to the ground quickly. This buys him enough time to tag in Johnny Curtis to a nice cheer from the fans.

Curtis darts through the ropes and dives straight at Uso for an Elbow Drop, but Jimmy rolls out of the way, leaving Curtis to crash on the mat. With Curtis down, Jimmy tries the Elbow Drop, but Curtis moves this time! Curtis tries another one, but he misses again! Uso misses! Curtis misses! Uso misses again! The fans cheer at the funny sight of both men just slamming themselves into the mat but Curtis breaks the sequence and stands still, waiting for Uso to get back to his feet, so he can nail him with a dropkick to the face! The force behind the move sends Jimmy back into his own corner and Jey slaps his twin brother on the shoulder to bring himself into the match. Jey dares Curtis to come for him, so 'The Phoenix' charges in for a clothesline, but Jey ducks so Curtis turns around – just in time to dodge a Savate Kick attempt from Jey by jumping in the air to do the splits! Jey turns around and goes for a wild left hook, but Curtis ducks and Jey has to stop himself from smacking his own brother in the face!

Jey apologizes to Jimmy, who tells him to focus, but just then Curtis comes from behind and rolls Jey up with a Schoolboy pin! One...Two...NO!! JIMMY BREAKS IT UP!! There's actually some heat for that move, and Bateman tries to come in and even the odds, but Justin King prevents him from entering the ring. This allows The Usos to pick Curtis up and hit a Double Savate Kick to the mid section, and then grab him by the head and slam him back down onto the mat!! Jimmy quickly enters the ring as Curtis holds the back of his head in pain and Jey Uso makes the cover this time! One...Two...Kickout from Curtis! Bateman is frustrated on the apron as Jey tags Jimmy back into the match and The Usos take their allowed time in the ring together to send Curtis into the ropes and they catch him in the head with an elbow to send him down instantly; to snap his head off of the mat once again! Jey returns to the corner and Jimmy chuckles to himself whilst standing over Curtis before he leaps into the air and is finally able to land an elbow drop across Curtis' chest!

There's some real satisfaction on Jimmy Uso's face that he finally dealt some damage to Curtis and he nods to show that he enjoys being in control of Fighting for Freedom. Curtis slowly starts to scramble up to his knees and then onto his feet as Jimmy Uso runs against the ropes and comes up from behind and drills Curtis in the back of the head with a Flying Forearm! The fans groan at the sight of Curtis down on his front with no signs of consciousness after the repeated blows to the head. Jimmy grabs him off of the mat and then places Curtis in a side headlock to apply even more pressure to the back of Curtis' head. There's no mercy from Uso as he tugs back hard on Johnny's neck, and Curtis slaps his hands together in the corner and tells his partner to hang in there as he tries to get the crowd going. The arms hang low at Johnny Curtis' sides as he tries to fight the urge to submit to the forceful hold.

Bateman is animated as anything on the apron; trying to whip the crowd up and get them behind his partner. The clapping from the fans starts to cause Curtis to try to fight out of the side headlock and he drives his forearm into Jimmy's ribs to the point where he breaks the grip! Immediately trying to reach Bateman, but Jimmy Uso reacts quickly to grab him by the hair and pull him back down into the mat! The referee scolds him for the use of the hair but Jimmy ignores him and quickly goes over to tag Jey back into the match. Jey comes in and quickly pulls Curtis further away from his own corner and lays into him with a couple of stomps. Curtis starts to roll away from his attacker and tries to find solace in the corner on the mat. Jey continues the stomps in the corner until King demands that he backs off again. Uso walks across the ring and then charges back to the corner with Curtis propped against the bottom turnbuckle and connects with a RUNNING HIP ATTACK!!

Jey Uso pays homage to his uncle Umaga, and the replays of the incident show Curtis' neck violently snapping back against the turnbuckle pad and Bateman holds his head in his hands at the sight of his partner's near-lifeless body being dragged across the ring for Jey to hook the leg and cover...One...Two...Thr-NO!! Jey pounds the mat as it becomes clearer that The Usos wants to finish this match off as quickly as possible against one of the favourites to win the whole thing, knowing there are another 5 teams to go through after this one. Back on his feet, Jey is lining Curtis up for something... Once Curtis has gathered himself and got up to his feet Jey comes in looking for a SUPERKICK – but Curtis ducks it! Jey turns around and is cracked in the head with an Enziguiri!! There's a cheer from the fans as both men are down and now trying to scramble over to their respective partners and Bateman is desperately trying to get the fans to encourage Curtis to reach him...


Bateman rockets through the ropes just as Jey is able to bring Jimmy back into the match and Bateman immediately meets him with a powerful clothesline! Jimmy is back up and he's knocked down with a second clothesline which is then followed with a strong Hip Toss. Bateman roars out to the fans as he waits on Jimmy to get back up; but as he does he notices Jey trying to get back into the ring so he clotheslines him over the top rope! Bateman though turns around to follow up on Jimmy and walks straight into a SUPERKICK!!! That kills the momentum of Fighting for Freedom in an instant, and Jimmy quickly hooks the legs! One...Two...Thr-NO!!! Had it been the much weakened Johnny Curtis being pinned, this portion of Tag Team Turmoil would have been over for sure! Jimmy is furious that he wasn't able to put Bateman away so he piles him up onto his shoulders and tries to finish him off with a Samoan Drop but Bateman slides himself off and plants him on the mat with a Reverse DDT!

Trying to quickly take advantage of the downed state of his opponent, Bateman quickly brings Jimmy up to his feet and he heaves him up into the air... and brings him down with the HAMMER OF JUSTICE!!! The Brainbuster connects to a big cheer and Jimmy lays flat on his back and Bateman makes the cover but Jey comes in to break it up - but Curtis dropkicks him in the side of the head!!! Justin King can now safely make the count without any interruption! One...Two...THREE!!!


A nice cheer fills the arena and The Usos both roll out of the ring and Jey helps his brother up the ramp, but the two Samoans swear revenge on Fighting for Freedom in the ring. Curtis looks worse for wear in the ring after being targeted by the strong Uso attacks, and Bateman tells him he'll start off the next match, and Fighting for Freedom are both standing in the ring awaiting the next team to emerge.


There's a strong pop from Madison Square Garden as the makeshift tandem from Raw comprised of the veteran GOLDUST and EVAN BOURNE both come out onto the stage and waste no time coming down to the ring. The crowd whips up a "GOLDUST" chant as he and Bourne enter the ring and quickly shake hands with Fighting for Freedom as a nice show of respect between the two face teams. Curtis and Bourne both go out onto the aprons so Bateman and Goldust can get the match started.

Match B:
Fighting for Freedom vs Goldust & Evan Bourne

Goldust is eager to get things started so he immediately ties up with Bateman in the centre of the ring but Bateman is able to turn the tables on the veteran and he gets the go-behind to send him into the ropes. Bateman tries to catch him with a Back Body Drop, but Goldust drops onto his knees and delivers a signature uppercut to the jaw to send him stumbling back into the ropes. Bateman comes back and is caught with a Scoop Slam from 'The Bizarre One' who quickly rushes against the ropes and drops a forearm down across Bateman's face. Not wasting any time, Goldust wrings Bateman's arm and tags Evan Bourne into the match. Bourne leaps up onto the turnbuckle and drops a Double Axe Handle across Bateman's shoulder joint! The commentary team note that having just watched Bateman take out Jimmy Uso with that Brainbuster, weakening his shoulders will prevent him from summoning the strength to be able to hit it again. Bourne starts laying into Bateman with kicks to the legs and then another one to the chest which staggers Bateman into the corner.

Bourne charges at Bateman in the corner, but he's elevated high above Bateman's head but he lands on the top rope! Bateman thinks that he's gotten away with it, but Bourne jumps backwards and lands on Bateman's shoulders! The high flier then pulls back and turns Bateman down into a Hurricanrana only to keep the legs hooked up to trap Bateman in a pin attempt! One...Two...Thr-NO! Bateman is able to roll free and he is left squaring up to Bourne again. Evan goes for a high kick, but Bateman ducks it and scoops Bourne up to drop him with a back suplex! The move gives Bateman some time to recover – he holds his hand out to Curtis that he's fine to carry on. Bourne makes it up to his feet again and Bateman lifts him up... he's trying to set him up for the JUSTICE HAMMER! Bourne fights it and shakes his legs and he uses his flexibility to drop down and knee Bateman in the top of the head to cause a release!

Landing on his feet, Bourne quickly connects with a kick to the ribs before running against the ropes and coming back at Bateman to climb up and around his body before finally snapping him off with an Arm Drag! Bateman grits his teeth as he gets back up and slaps himself in the face and as Bourne charges in at him he cuts him down with a huge Clothesline! Bourne is beheaded by the impact and Bateman brings him up to Irish Whip him into the Fighting for Freedom corner and he tags in Johnny Curtis. Curtis is a little tentative as he enters the ring and he and Bateman both send Bourne into the ropes and Fighting for Freedom hit a double Flapjack!! Bourne lands flat on his chest and Curtis is the one going to eliminate the makeshift team...One...Two...Bourne shoots the shoulder up! Curtis allows Bourne to get back up before he leaps into the air and cracks him in the face with a Spinning Heel Kick!!

Bourne lands on the ground in a heap and Curtis gets up slowly to try and allow the pain in his head to subside a little. 'The Phoenix' brings Bourne up from behind to hook him up and then take him over with a Russian Leg Sweep!! It is a big impact and Bourne definitely feels it, but as Matt Striker points out, given the damage sustained to his head from The Usos, Curtis shouldn't have tried a move like that as he's also down on the mat and the move seems to have actually done more harm than good as Bourne is back up on his feet before him. Bourne takes the chance to tag in Goldust, and the veteran gets a nice pop as he re-enters the match. Curtis is up to meet him, but Goldie cuts him off with a quick jab to the face and then a headbutt to take him back down onto the mat. Goldust backs himself onto the second rope and inhales to some cheers from the crowd. He waits until Curtis his half-brought himself back up to his feet before coming off and dropping a forearm across the back of Curtis' head!

Not showing any mercy, Goldust quickly rolls Curtis over and covers him with a lateral press...One...Two...NO!! There's some real heart and resilience from Curtis as Goldust brings him up to his feet again and harshly sends him into his and Bourne's corner before he tags Evan Bourne back into the ring. Bourne sends Curtis into the centre of the ring with a slight shove before climbing the turnbuckle again and leaping from the top and bringing his knees down onto Curtis' chest; once again causing the back of his head to snap off of the mat! Bourne forgoes the pin attempt for now as he's quickly back on his feet to deliver a stunning Standing Moonsault across Curtis' chest! Now Bourne hooks the leg! One...Two...NO! Curtis impresses again with another kickout and he tries reaching to tag Derrick Bateman back into the match, but Bourne tags Goldust back in and 'The Bizarre One' holds 'The Phoenix' back from his corner. Goldust delivers a stomp to the chest before coming off of the ropes and trying a forearm to the face – but Curtis moves!

The split second is all Johnny Curtis needs as Goldust shakes out his wrist and Curtis tags Bateman back into the match! Bateman looks set to repeat his actions against The Usos and takes it straight to Goldust with a Leaping Clothesline! Goldust is right back to his feet and is treated to a Belly-to-Belly Suplex from Bateman!! Bateman is right back to his feet and he runs against the ropes and delivers a Splash onto Goldust to follow that move up. Bateman lifts Goldust from the mat and takes him by the back of the neck and throws him over the top rope – but Goldust lands on the ring apron! Bateman turns around and is able to dodge a right hand from Goldust on the outside and turns around to connect with a Clothesline which sends Goldust down onto the floor below! Its a nasty landing down for Goldie but things go from bad to worse when he gets back up as Bateman is charging at him in the ring and he wipes Goldust out with a SUICIDE DIVE!!

Bateman gets up and high-fives a fan in the front row, but he hasn't noticed that Evan Bourne has left his corner and runs across the apron onto the top rope and Bourne leaps from the top rope to the outside – taking out Bateman with a Cross Body from the top rope to the outside!! The fans applaud Bourne's efforts as he shoots them a quick peace sign but turns around to see JOHNNY CURTIS JUMPING OVER THE TOP ROPE AND FLATTENING HIM WITH A SOMERSAULT SENTON!!! All four men are now down on the outside and Curtis and Bourne are quite clearly taken out after that explosive move from Curtis. Bateman is the first man back to his feet from the pile-up and he rolls the other legal man, Goldust, into the ring. Bateman follows him in under the bottom rope, but Goldust has created some separation to be able to deliver a stomp onto Bateman as he enters the ring. Goldust brings Bateman back up and lifts him up into an Inverted Atomic Drop and then a Clothesline for good measure!

The momentum has now shifted back Goldust's way and he picks Bateman up and brings him into the corner and hooks his legs over the middle rope on either side! The fans cheer loudly as Goldust turns around to deliver some SHATTERED DREAMS – but Bateman hoists himself up onto the top rope! Goldust's knee collides with the middle turnbuckle and he turns around for Bateman to connect with a Diving Neckbreaker off of the second rope! Goldust lands hard on his back and the veteran feels the impact as he holds his back but Bateman isn't wasting any time to bring him back up to his feet. Curtis is back on the apron and Bateman quickly tags him to make him the legal man. Bateman grabs Goldust's legs and holds him in place in front of him as Curtis quickly climbs up the turnbuckle. With Goldust set in position, Curtis steadies himself and leaps from the top and connects with the PHOENIX LEG DROP!!! (Think of AMW's Death Sentence) With Bourne still down on the outside, Curtis is able to hook Goldust's leg and Justin King counts...ONE...TWO...THREE!!!


Fighting for Freedom eliminate a second team! There's another strong cheer from the fans for the crowd favourites, and a nice applause for Goldust and Bourne's efforts. Curtis and Bateman help Goldust back to his feet and out of the ring after shaking hands with him, and they both bump fists with Bourne through the ropes as the two Raw guys begin to make their way to the back. Fighting for Freedom both look worn out now after going through two teams, and they take a breather whilst they await the fourth team to enter Tag Team Turmoil.


A loud groan fills MSG, with JINDER MAHAL walking out onto the stage with a very broad grin and he presents his brother-in-law, THE GREAT KHALI. Bateman puffs out his cheeks at the sight of the monster and Curtis runs his hand through his hair. Mahal looks ecstatic that he has the big man as backup and he motions that he's going after the gold when he and Khali win this match. Both Mahal and Khali enter the ring and Mahal looks extremely pleased to be facing a team that has just gone through two matches.

Match C:
Fighting for Freedom vs Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali

Despite looking extremely smug, Mahal decides not to start the match and lets the gargantuan Khali start the match off for their team. Fighting for Freedom decide that Bateman is going to start this one for them again. Bateman eyes Khali up before quickly evading the monster's clutches and he stomps on the back of Khali's knee, but is unable to bring him down. A couple of clubs to the back have little effect on Khali either and Bateman simply tries shoving him towards the corner. Khali finally finds his proper footing and grabs Bateman by the hair and slings him into the corner like a ragdoll! Justin King scolds Khali for yanking the hair but the limited English means that Khali clearly ignores him and drives his knee into Bateman's gut! After this, he lifts Bateman up and places him on the top turnbuckle to send him back towards the center of the ring with a giant Hip Toss!! Mahal is loving this on the apron and he laughs loudly for the entire arena to hear.

Khali waits for Bateman to get up and then does his best attempt at an Irish Whip and he sends Bateman into the ropes but he doesn't realize that Curtis was able to get in the blind tag! Bateman ducks a Big Boot attempt from Khali and slides out of the ring quickly whilst Curtis pulls himself up and Springboards into the ring and delivers a Springboard Dropkick to Khali's chest! The impact doesn't take Khali off of his feet but sends him staggering back into the ropes. Taking a couple of seconds to pick himself back up, Curtis charges in and tries to Clothesline him to send him outside of the ring, but Khali brings his boot up in time and he catches Curtis straight in the jaw! Khali gets back to his feet and brings his arms in the air and roars to heat from the crowd. He walks over to the downed Curtis and puts his foot on his chest and walks over him!! Khali's entire 400+ lb weight is pressed down across Johnny Curtis' chest!!

On the apron, Mahal demands that Khali finish Curtis off and the giant nods his head and plucks Curtis off of the mat and lifts him up into the air by his neck with both hands... and roars again before powering Curtis down into the mat with the PUNJABI PLUNGE!!! The crowd is instantly deflated by Khali hitting his finishing move and Bateman has his head in his hands as he watches his partner spread-eagle on the mat. Mahal is now shouting for Khali to tag him into the match and his brother-in-law obliges and brings Mahal in for the first time. With Curtis down on the mat following the Punjabi Plunge, Mahal slowly walks around the ring and smirks down at Curtis before raising his arms into the air and soaking in the negative reaction from the fans. Spotting Bateman looking on desperately on the apron, Mahal gets right into the 'Prince of Justice's face and mocks him and tells him that he and Khali are the next tag team champions among a lot of other insults, and Bateman finally decides he's had enough - and smacks Mahal in the face with a right hand!!

The fans cheer loudly as Mahal stumbles back, astonished, right towards Curtis - who springs to life and rolls Mahal up with a SCHOOLBOY!! ONE...TWO...THREE!!! Fighting for Freedom survive again!!


Mahal springs to his feet after kicking out just after the three count, but Justin King informs him that it was in fact three and he and Khali are eliminated. Curtis stays down after taking that beating and Bateman runs into the ring and embraces with his partner. It only takes Mahal's very loud protests for Khali to realize what actually happened and following this he enters the ring and tries to intimidate the referee, but Justin King remains defiant. Mahal orders Khali away from the official and then points him towards Fighting for Freedom. Bateman has Curtis on the mat in the corner and he tells him he's got the next team but he's suddenly pulled away...


Bateman's head is squashed between the gigantic hands of The Great Khali as Mahal hurls further insults towards him and then punches him in the face to return the favour!! Bateman drops to the mat and now Mahal orders Khali to bring Curtis to him. After stomping Curtis down into the corner, Khali lifts him off of the mat and pushes him towards Mahal. Mahal laughs as he momentarily holds Curtis in place before going behind him and hooking him up. Curtis is helpless as he's powered down to the mat with a FULL NELSON SLAM FROM MAHAL!!! Curtis takes another huge hit onto the back of his head and Bateman is back up - taking it to Mahal! Bateman gets a couple of right and left hands to Mahal which knocks him back, but Khali grabs Bateman... and hits him with the PUNJABI PLUNGE!!! Now both members of Fighting for Freedom are flattened down on the mat and Mahal deems this the correct time for he and Khali to leave and the two Indian Superstars leave... their message sent.


There's another big groan from the fans as Raw's CURT HAWKINS and PRIMO come out from behind the curtain and waste no time in rushing down to the ring where the laid out Fighting for Freedom wait for them. Rushing past Mahal and Khali, Primo slides into the ring and quickly kicks Bateman out underneath the bottom rope and Hawkins jumps onto the apron. With Curtis using the ropes to bring himself back up to his feet, Justin King has no choice but to allow the match to carry on.

Match D:
Fighting for Freedom vs Curt Hawkins & Primo

With this portion of the match beginning now, Primo urges Curtis to make it back up to his feet whilst 'The Phoenix' struggles up with the help of the ropes and Primo grabs him and goes for the BACKCRACKER – BUT CURTIS HOLDS ONTO THE ROPES!!! Primo smacks his head against the mat but is right back up but he's floored with a HUGE Clothesline from Curtis!! There's a big cheer from the fans as Curtis and Primo are both down after that desperation move from Curtis, who cannot have much left in the tank following Mahal and Khali's assault. Both men get up at the same time and Primo rocks Curtis with a right hand, only to get one back! The fans start getting behind Curtis as he now begins unloading with a series of right hands, sending Primo into the ropes. Curtis attempts an Irish Whip across the ring but Primo turns him around and catches Curtis with a Dropkick to the jaw!

The fatigue causes the well-aimed dropkick to take more out of Curtis than it usually would have done, and Primo is down quickly to hook his leg...One...Two...Thre-NO!! There's astonishment on the faces of Hawkins and Primo as Curtis is still remaining resilient! Primo gets to his feet and tags in Curt Hawkins, who comes into the ring and lays into Curtis with stomps. Once he has brought Curtis to his feet and takes him over with a quick Snap Suplex! There's a grim mood around the arena as Curtis visibly struggles, but there is a glimmer of hope for him as Bateman has managed to bring himself back up onto the apron; looking in just as bad condition as his partner in the ring. Brining Curtis back up to his feet again, Hawkins harshly sends him into the corner where Primo is waiting once again. Hawkins tags his partner back in and pushes Johnny's head back so Primo can have a free shot at his mid section.

Curtis stumbles forwards hunched over and Primo clubs him in the back to send him back down onto the mat. With Curtis in place, Primo jumps into the air and lands a Leg Drop on the back of Curtis' head! The problem area is targeted again, and Primo jumps back up and slaps Hawkins' outstretched hand, with another quick tag. Whilst Hawkins is getting into the ring, Primo hooks Curtis' head and arms on the top rope and then Hawkins holds his legs up. Primo runs off of the rope and leapfrogs over Hawkins and drills Curtis in the back of the head with an elbow! Hawkins though keeps hold of Curtis' legs and throws him back over his head with a Wheelbarrow Suplex!!! There's a nasty thud and cries of “OOH!” around the arena at the sight of the awkward landing. Hawkins is quick to make another cover on Curtis...One...Two...THREE-NO?! SOMEHOW HE KICKS OUT AGAIN!! The resilience of Johnny Curtis shines through again, and a very frustrated Hawkins now goes to make another tag back to Primo.

Primo stands in the centre of the ring and waits for Hawkins to Irish Whip Curtis his way. Hawkins forcefully sends Curtis towards his partner and Primo goes to hit an elbow to the face, but Curtis ducks and carries on running into a dive...


Bateman enters the ring and mows Primo down with a Clothesline, and then Hawkins suffers the same fate. With both of his opponents back up to their feet, Bateman charges in and drops them both with a Double Clothesline!! Hawkins is back up first and Bateman kicks him in the midsection and drops him with a DDT!! The impact of the move sends Hawkins rolling under the bottom rope and down onto the floor with a thud. Bateman turns around and sees Primo charging at him at the last minute but he goes low and takes the Colon over with a Back Body Drop! Bateman is on fire and the fans cheer loudly, and he jacks his arms up into the air as he motions for The Hammer of Justice!! He elevates Primo up into the air in position for the Brainbuster – but Primo starts fighting it with a knee to the head! This causes Bateman's grip to loosen and Primo is able to slide down off of his back, and in one fluid motion he hooks onto Bateman's shoulders and brings him down onto his knees!!! THE BACKCRACKER CONNECTS!! Primo hooks the legs!! ONE...TWO...THREE!!! Fighting for Freedom's luck has finally run out at the hands of Curt Hawkins and Primo!


Once the fans have gotten over the initial disappointment of Fighting for Freedom being eliminated from the match after almost half an hour and defeating three teams, the commentary team ponder whether they'd have been able to go all the way had it not been for Jinder Mahal and The Great Khali. The two Smackdown men exit the ring and support each other as they slap hands with the fans, although they are clearly devastated to have been eliminated. In the ring, Hawkins congratulates Primo and they start discussing tactics for the next team.


A nice cheer from the crowd as the upbeat Latin music kicks in to herald the arrival of the Mexican trio of LOS AVIADORES. EPICO and HUNICO are led onto the stage by SARITA the Mexicans make their way down the ramp, sharing a nod of respect with Fighting for Freedom as they pass them on the ramp. Los Aviadores look confident as they enter the ring, knowing that they'll be going up against a team that they have beaten twice before since arriving on Raw a few weeks ago. Sarita takes her place at ringside as the men climb up into the ring.

Match E:
Curt Hawkins & Primo vs. Los Aviadores w/ Sarita

Allowing Primo to take a momentary rest, Hawkins volunteers himself to start this one for his team and he finds himself starting off the match with the green masked Epico – Hunico in red and Sarita in white to pay tribute to the Mexican flag. The two men lock up, but Epico's speed is too great for Hawkins and he gets the easy go-behind. Hawkins tries to back up into the turnbuckle but Epico jumps into the air and lands on the second rope. Epico leaps forwards over Hawkins and rolls as he lands. Hawkins then treads forwards into a nice Arm Drag from Epico! Trying to set the pace fast, Epico takes Hawkins over with a second Arm Drag, this time Hawkins coming up and crashing into the Los Aviadores corner. Epico runs up the corner and goes high up into the air – dropping the point of his elbow down onto the top of Hawkins' head! The force of the gravity landing on top of Curt's head sends him into a seated position in the corner.

Epico holds his arm out and tags in to Hunico, who in one swift motion slingshots himself over the top rope and drive his feet into Hawkins in the corner! Hunico rolls back and claps his hands together to fire the fans up as Hawkins stumbles towards him and he goes low and sweeps Hawkins' legs from behind! Hunico runs out onto the apron and slingshots himself into the ring again and goes for a Somersault Senton onto Hawkins into the ring – but Hawkins rolls down to ringside for safety! Thinking that he got away easily, Hawkins chuckles to himself but he doesn't notice Hunico bounding towards the ropes in the ring and he goes for a Baseball Slide – but Hawkins is able to dodge again! Hunico lands on his feet right in front of Hawkins, who proceeds to turn him inside out with a Clothesline! Epico gets down from his apron to ensure that Hawkins bring the action back into the ring immediately, but it is only when Justin King demands it that Hawkins rolls Hunico back into the ring.

Tagging in Primo as he gets back to his feet, Hawkins retreats onto the apron. Hunico is starting to recover from the Clothesline, but Primo grabs him by the mask and knocks him down to the mat with a right hand. Primo pulls Hunico in and slaps on a headlock, but Hunico backs into the ropes and sends Primo across the ring and leapfrogs him...but Primo doesn't carry on running. Instead, the Puerto Rican waits for Hunico to land on his feet and he grabs the shoulders looking for another BACKCRACKER – but Hunico quickly grabs Primo's left arm and takes him over with an Arm Drag! Primo is right back up and he anticipates Hunico charging towards him so he connects with an Arm Drag of his own! Primo reminds everyone that he is from a similar background as he keeps hold of Hunico's arm and tries to wrench it back. Hunico uses his legs to reach up and Headscissor Primo and then flick him away!

Primo swings with a wild right and Hunico dodges and rolls him up with a Schoolboy...One...Two...NO! Primo kicks out and rolls back as does Hunico. Hunico attempts a front dropkick but Primo steps back and Hunico crashes onto his back, allowing Primo to try a Jacknife Cover – One...Two...NO! Hunico shows good core strength to bridge up from the predicament to break the pin up and he spins Primo around – catching him with a stiff kick to the legs! Following it up with another stiff kick, Hunico knocks Primo down onto his knees and he quickly makes a tag into Epico. Running off of the ropes and coming up behind Primo, Hunico drives his face into the mat and Epico quickly follows up with a low dropkick to the side of Primo's head! Epico hooks the leg and Justin King starts counting...One...Two...HAWKINS BREAKS IT UP!! The stomp to the top of the head from Hawkins buys his partner some time and Primo is able to recover enough to get to his feet and tag Hawkins back in to some light heat from the crowd.

Hawkins plucks Epico off of the mat in a Gutwrench position and tries to hoist him up alá Jack Swagger, but Epico quickly transitions out of Hawkins' grasp and drills Hawkins down into the mat with a DDT!! That move brings a good cheer from the crowd and Epico makes another pin this time on Hawkins...One...Two...Primo charges in to try and break it up but Epico moves – and Primo drops an elbow down onto the exposed chest of his partner!!! Getting up instantly, Primo is exasperated at the error but he doesn't have a chance to think about it before he's knocked down by a MISSILE DROPKICK FROM HUNICO!!! The impact of the move sends Primo rolling under the bottom rope and out of the equation. Los Aviadores are now in the ring alone with Curt Hawkins, who is slowly bringing himself up to his feet. Both of the Mexicans take an arm each and wring them to elevate Hawkins up and bringing him down with their DOUBLE SAMOAN DROP!!! (Los Matadores' finisher) As the legal man, Epico hooks the legs and the count is made! ONE...TWO...THREE!!!


The fans let out a good cheer and Los Aviadores high five and Sarita congratulates her boys but sternly reminds them that they still have one more team to go through so they shouldn't count their chickens. Hawkins and Primo make their way to the back as everyone's eyes now turn back to the stage for the final team to enter Tag team Turmoil...



There's a decent amount of heat for the final team to enter the match and THE SHOWTIME PLAYERS seem pleased that they were able to draw the final slot in the match. TITUS O'NEILL continues his dog barks as PERCY WATSON screams "OH YEAH!" at some kids in the front row. They don't seem to be taking the opportunity too seriously, a stark contrast to Los Aviadores in the ring. The Players get into the ring and Titus tries to intimidate the Mexicans with some more barking.

Match F:
Los Aviadores w/ Sarita vs. The Showtime Players

Hunico nominates himself to start off this match for Los Aviadores up against 'Showtime' Percy Watson and Watson looks chilled and relaxed as he steps forwards towards his opponent. Holding his arms out to stop Hunico from initiating a lock up, Watson pauses the match starting for a final “OH YEAH!”... but Hunico grabs the outstretched arm of Watson and pulls him down into a SMALL PACKAGE!! ONE...TWO...THREE!!! ITS OVER JUST LIKE THAT!!!


Both Watson and Hunico spring up to their feet and Justin king calls for the bell, and both Showtime Players are SHOCKED at what happened! Sarita and Epico enter the ring and embrace with Hunico in celebration that they'll now be receiving their first chance at the titles since arriving in the WWE. Watson is profusely apologizing to his partner and O'Neill seems more annoyed at the men who just embarrassed them than shifting the blame onto his partner. O'Neill decides to charge towards the victors, looking for revenge...


Watson watches his partner fail and he quickly rushes out to check on Titus, but with the will of the fans Los Aviadores seem to be planning something and they charge across the ring and back towards The Showtime Players on the outside – and wipe them out with SYNCRO SUICIDE DIVES!!! Both of the Mexicans are straight back up and they join Sarita back in the ring!


Now the time for the real celebrations for Los Aviadores can start with their hands being raised by Justin King and the trio have a little jig to their entrance music before the camera fades away.

Another hype video now following the celebrations, this time for the main match on the Raw brand; the battle for control of the company between COO Triple H and Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis. We highlight when the issues between HHH and Johnny started before Summerslam and then how everything escalated with Laurinaitis becoming the Raw GM and the formation of the Laurinaitis Administration, their dominance over Raw, and then the involvements of each man in the match later tonight and how it is being played up at the most important match in the history of the WWE.

BRILEY PIERCE is waiting in the parking lot waiting for the arrival of JOHN LAURINAITIS and HIS TEAM and then a big white limo pulls up and the entirety of Team Johnny, as well as KEVIN NASH and the man himself exit the vehicle. Laurinaitis tells Pierce "Tonight will be the first night in a new era in the WWE because from tonight onwards I'll be the man in charge of this company." Pierce asks of BIG SHOW about his betrayal of Triple H on Raw on Monday and Show simply answers "Triple H wasn't prepared to give me what I wanted... and I want Mark Henry. After tonight, I'm going to have him." Pierce's last question is for Kevin Nash, about how he feels about what could happen to Triple H tonight. Nash replies "I have Johnny's word that Hunter'll still be in a job after tonight so I'm not worried about what will happen to him after John takes over the WWE. As for CM Punk, he isn't going to be a problem for anyone anymore once I'm done with him tonight." Content enough questions have been answered, the hulking BRODUS CLAY shoves Pierce down onto the concrete to laughs from the rest of Team Johnny.

To finish the Pre-Show, JOSH MATTHEWS and MATT STRIKER both run down the final and confirmed card for Survivor Series and then send it into the opening video package...


Call it a cop out or what you will, I've written the whole PPV apart from the Divas match and Main Event. I want to take this forward, so I'm going to just post recaps for those two matches. Apologies, but I'm very busy with work, life etc. and I don't have time to write a 40 min+ match.

My goal is to hit Wrestlemania at some point. Be it another two years, fine. I'm not going with full matches at shows and may condense promos, but I will try and get PPV matches in full. Commentary etc was a killer for this, so I'll drop that as well.

Expect the (almost) full Survivor Series show... soon?
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Will read.

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