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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

NXT is dead and gone? :O

Glad to see you're back to this, has a lot of potential to carry on a lot further. Hope to see you stick to it!
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

I was surprised you ever left this thread to be honest, as you were really starting to make your mark. Shame your NXT project's over but I think this was always the one with the most legs. Look forward to what you've got lined up. Good luck back in the saddle mate
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Monday Night Raw Preview
3rd October 2011
Cajundome – Lafayette, Louisiana

We are just one night removed from the Hell in a Cell event, and Raw rolls into the Cajundome where the Raw Superstars look back on the thrills and spills of the night before; but not forgetting to look forward at the road in front of them as the Road to Survivor Series starts tonight!

John Cena was able to pull off the victory last night and win the WWE Championship for an unprecedented tenth time, as he was able to defeat Alberto Del Rio in a Hell in a Cell match. Cena got the win by using the resources under the ring to his advantage, plunging Del Rio through a table with a top rope Attitude Adjustment, but it was what happened when he was celebrating in the back that has everyone talking. Cena was confronted by none other than his Wrestlemania 28 opponent, The Rock. Cena pledged to 'The Great One' that he will hold onto the gold until April 1st, but 'The Champ' will know that there will be a lot of hard work keeping the title before he collides with The Rock in Miami. As for tonight, Cena is set to deliver a 'Championship Address', where there is a good chance he might mention his chance encounter with The Rock last night. And what about Del Rio? Will we hear what plans he has in store for the future now that he is no longer champion?

In a tag team match last night, The Awesome Truth of The Laurinaitis Administration were able to defeat the very capable team of CM Punk and Kofi Kingston; thanks to one Kevin Nash. Nash has targeted Punk ever since Summerslam, costing him the WWE Championship three times in the space of just under two months. After his appearance last night, Nash's close friend, Triple H - who also happens to be the COO of the entire WWE - wants answers... and he intends on getting them tonight in Lafayette. It is unknown where 'The Game' will be able to coax Nash to come out and break his silence, but it isn't going to stop the boss who has had enough of this. Punk meanwhile, is not scheduled to appear in the Cajundome tonight... could this mean that Nash will give us some answers?

Two champions on the Raw brand were able to successfully defend their titles last night; Dolph Ziggler and Beth Phoenix. Ziggler was able to overcome Drew McIntyre - who had the choice between the United States Championship and the managerial services of Vickie Guerrero - after McIntyre went for the gold. Phoenix, meanwhile, defended the Divas Championship against the woman she won it off at Night of Champions, Kelly Kelly. Beth got the win after Kelly was distracted after seeing her best friend Eve knocked out by Phoenix's partner, Natalya. Eve gets the chance for revenge tonight as she squares off with 'The Anvillette'. McIntyre on the other hand, faces JTG. Will Eve and Drew Mac be able to bounce back after disappointing nights last night?

In an impromptu match last night, Brodus Clay continued his dominance as Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis decreed he would face one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella, after Marella, his partner Vladimir Kozlov and Raw's newest Superstar Xavier Woods were caught making fun of Laurinaitis' voice. Santino sustained injuries not allowing him to appear on Raw tonight, but Kozlov gets the chance to face the man responsible, Brodus Clay.

Also tonight, the newest tag team on Raw, Curt Hawkins & Primo will be in action!

Confirmed for Raw:

Triple H Calls out Kevin Nash
John Cena's Championship Address

WWE Tag Team Champion Vladimir Kozlov vs Brodus Clay
Natalya vs Eve

Drew McIntyre vs JTG
Curt Hawkins & Primo in action!

& Much, Much More!
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Monday Night Raw
3rd October 2011
Cajundome – Lafayette, Louisiana

We kick off Raw with an opening video package of the events that went down last night at the Hell in a Cell event on the Raw side of things; Drew McIntyre turns on Dolph Ziggler but ultimately fails to capture the United States Championship, Beth Phoenix planting Kelly Kelly with the Glam Slam and retaining the Divas Championship, Kevin Nash costing CM Punk and Kofi Kingston their match against the Awesome Truth and then the post-match attack by the Laurinaitis Administration... and finally some spliced images from the WWE Championship Hell in a Cell Match where John Cena ultimately was Maddoxious and won the WWE Championship for a record tenth time after giving Alberto Del Rio an Attitude Adjustment through a table from the top rope. Just when the VP is about to end... we get one more shot of the staredown between Cena and The Rock backstage last night. We now head into the arena to hear the buzzing Cajundome crowd, no commentators, no ring announcers can be heard... and shots of the ringside area reveal that there is a grand elaborate celebration set up in the ring with balloons and streamers hanging from the rafters amidst a dark blue light. There's some confusion amongst the faces of the fans, but all is revealed...


There is a decent out-pouring of heat around the arena... as the now FORMER WWE Champion ALBERTO DEL RIO walks out onto the stage, with an extremely sour look on his face. There is no expensive car, no pyro, no personal announcements either, as RICARDO RODRIGUEZ walks out a few seconds behind his employer, also not looking particularly happy. Both of the Mexicans make their way down to the ring slowly; Del Rio favouring his back a little after the top rope Attitude Adjustment through a table last night.

Michael Cole: Hello, and welcome to Monday Night Raw! Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler here; and we are just one night removed from the thrilling Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View, where this man, Alberto Del Rio, lost the WWE Championship to John Cena inside the career-shortening structure.

Jerry Lawler: Good evening, Michael – To me, it looks like we are all set up in the ring for a celebration of some kind; but Alberto Del Rio doesn't look like he's in a celebrating mood, because he's got nothing to celebrate after what happened last night!

Michael Cole: I thought that perhaps John Cena was going to come out here and celebrate his unprecedented tenth WWE Championship Maddoxy; but I guess we still have that to come later on in the show.

Jerry Lawler: Last night was one hell of a show; and John Cena was able to capture the WWE Title after he delivered an Attitude Adjustment from the top rope; through a table! Alberto Del Rio put in a very good showing last night I have to admit, and for the first time, he actually looked like a champion.

Del Rio gets into the ring, retrieving a microphone from the top of the steel steps before he hops up onto the apron and gets in the ring through the ropes. He still wears a sour look on his face after losing his prized possession last night. Del Rio takes his place next to a podium in the ring, as the lights return to normal from the blueish tint and he looks around the arena with that harsh scowl. 'Realeza' cuts off and Del Rio slowly nods his head as he accepts the boos from the crowd, Ricardo stands a few paces behind his boss as he begins his address.

Alberto Del Rio: All of dis... All of what ju all see right now.... is the party, the fiesta I had planned after I walked out of Hell in a Cell with the WWE Championship.

A cheer is heard as we haven't had to sit through another one of Del Rio's celebrations.

Alberto Del Rio: I was dat confident dat I was going to beat John Cena inside Hell in a Cell and retain my title, dat I paid for all of dis out of my own pocket; it was too late to cancel my fiesta. See, I'm still going to have a party right now, but I am going to celebrate the future and not the past.

Del Rio brings his head up for the first time tonight, with a flicker of hope in his eyes.

Alberto Del Rio: I am celebrating the future where Alberto Del Rio climbs his way back up the ladder and once again becomes the WWE Champion.

A lot of booing for that comment, as the fans clearly do not want to see that.

Alberto Del Rio: Ju see, I was once a perro like all of ju; I was nothing in dis world. I came from living on the streets in Mexico City to being the WWE Champion... dat doesn't just happen to anyone. I realised dat ju have to take the shortcuts presented to ju; even if your heart tells ju it is the wrong thing to do.

The fans start to lighten up to ADR, allowing him to speak.

Alberto Del Rio: Ju see, dat is how I got to where I am today... I didn't listen to my heart.

A lot of booing now, as any signs of Del Rio actually being an honest person is now out of the window.

Alberto Del Rio: If I had listened to my heart, I wouldn't even be standing in dis ring; I'd be working at some disgusting, smelly, worthless promotion in Mexico - donating my earnings to the local church - where my endless talents would be wasted! My heart told me dat was the right thing to do, but it was my mind dat told me I should keep my money for myself and come to America, where I started from the bottom and now I am one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time!

A lot of heat is dished out after those comments, as there is so much to disagree with. Noticeably, Rodriguez looks a little uncomfortable as he stands behind Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio: Ju worthless people can boo all ju like, because there is no denying dat the name Alberto Del Rio will go down in history as a legend. I have won the biggest Royal Rumble of all time, competed at Wrestlemania, won Money in the Bank and became the WWE Champion in less than one year; no one in the history of this business can say dat they have done dat.

Del Rio beams out to the fans who are shitting all over him.

Alberto Del Rio: Ju think I did all dat by listening to my heart? Ju think I come out here and rely on the support of all ju ignorant and worthless people? Ju people really think dat I care what ju all think? I'm not John Cena, I don't need to rely on my heart... I use my mind to keep me on top of the world.

Alberto turns to his friend/ring announcer standing behind him.

Alberto Del Rio: I make the most of the opportunities presented to me, but not only dat, I know how to create dem for myself. Ju see, Ricardo here, he is a simple man... but he is a smart man. He know dat what I pay him for may not be the right thing to do, but he does it anyway... because he knows dat the money is worth all of it.

Rodriguez slowly nods his head... he doesn't look too sold on the idea, but Del Rio nudges him in jest, which causes Ricardo to crack a smile.

Alberto Del Rio: Haha, Ricardo might not like helping me win my matches, but he does it anyway... because he believes that a world with Alberto Del Rio at the top of it, is the best world imaginable. But the thing is... even though I like to take advantage, and use Ricardo to help me win... I am not the WWE Champion right now.

A loud cheer erupts around the arena, as the almost happy Del Rio's smile vanishes and he scowls around the arena.

Alberto Del Rio: Ricardo, because ju were not able to make it to Hell in a Cell last night... I was not able to defeat John Cena; because you were STUPID enough to get jurself taken out last week, I am not the WWE Champion! Dat title is mine! But I don't have it any more because of ju!

Del Rio presses his finger into Ricardo's chest with each sentence, the rage building inside of him with every word.

Alberto Del Rio: I've had to waste my own money on dis fiesta, I've lost the most important thing in this business... and I was embarrassed last night by John Cena! It was all jur fault! And the best part... I paid ju for all of it too!

Rodriguez holds his arms out in protest, apologizing profusely for what happened, telling him that he'll take a pay cut; he'll do anything.

Alberto Del Rio: Ju're damn right ju will take a pay cut! As of dis moment, you'll work for me for nothing because ju are WORTHLESS!!

The fans are totally shocked, as Del Rio now grabs Ricardo... and bounces his head off of the podium!!! Rodriguez drops to the floor in a heap, as in a blind rage, Del Rio kicks the podium over, and he looks down at the man who he was like a brother to, with a look of severe disdain... before he slaps on the CROSS ARMBREAKER!!! The fans are booing Del Rio even more than before, as he has betrayed the man that has stood by him throughout his maiden year in the WWE. After a few seconds, Del Rio releases the hold and gets to his feet; dragging Rodriguez up as well and pulling him out of the ring... Del Rio is taking the battered Rodrgiuez with him!

Jerry Lawler: Alberto Del Rio has snapped here tonight! I don't think it is fair that he blames Ricardo for all of his problems... and why is he taking Ricardo with him?

Michael Cole: That fat idiot is still employed by Del Rio; Ricardo Rodriguez is contracted to Alberto Del Rio and Alberto Del Rio only. If he wants to stay here on Raw he has to stick by Del Rio no matter what.

Jerry Lawler: He can't do that!

Michael Cole: Yes he can, King! We've already had a shocking start to Monday Night Raw, but stay tuned because we're going to hear from the new WWE Champion John Cena, as well from the WWE COO Triple H where he will cal out Kevin Nash!

*Commercial Break*

After the commercial, we get a shot of the parking lot... where a grand limousine pulls up into view. The driver comes from the front of the car and walks to the back to open the door, revealing the WWE COO TRIPLE H has arrived in Lafayette! “The Game”'s appearance causes the fans in the arena to go crazy, as he stares around the parking structure before swiftly leaving the scene, thanking his driver as he does. We not head to a shot of the announce table.

Michael Cole: There he was, ladies and gentlemen, Triple H – the Chief Operating Officer of the WWE – is in attendance tonight, as he will come out to the ring and look for answers from Kevin Nash.

Jerry Lawler: Kevin Nash cost CM Punk and Kofi Kingston last night, we know Kofi is here tonight but Punk has vowed that he will not be on Raw until he gets some answers.

Michael Cole: This is of course not the only business Triple H has to deal with this week, as he is going to be on Smackdown this Friday night to give General Manager Theodore Long a Performance Evaluation! There has been unrest from multiple Smackdown Superstars, which means that Mr Long might be in for some trouble this Friday night.


There's a massive outpouring of heat in the arena for the Raw General Manager JOHN LAURINAITIS as he walks out onto the stage with a massive shit-eating grin on his face as usual.

Michael Cole: Now HERE is a General Manager that we can all look up to and appreciate! Teddy Long needs to watch how John Laurinaitis manages this show and take notes is he wants to keep his job!

Jerry Lawler: So Teddy should get himself a 350 lb monster to take out anyone that gets on the wrong side of him too then?

Cole has no come back for that as Laurinaitis steadies himself on the stage and allows his music to cut out, revealing the mammoth boos from the crowd in attendance. Almost completely oblivious, Johnny begins, talking through the masses of heat.

John Laurinaitis: My name is John Laurinaitis, and I am the Permanent General Manager of Monday Night Raw.

The booing at the end of the sentence is louder than what it was during it.

John Laurinaitis: Last night at Hell in a Cell, my elite team of Raw Superstars, the Laurinaitis Administration, won both of the matches that Administration members competed in... I expected nothing less.

Johnny grins out to the fans.

John Laurinaitis: I have two big announcements to make tonight... Firstly, that in three week's time, Monday Night Raw will be hosting a special three hour Supershow, where all of the WWE Superstars will be invited to attend. In addition to this I have had an idea to make the Raw Supershow even more... super.

Laurinaitis smirks at his 'joke' whilst the fans boo his cockiness.

John Laurinaitis: On our Raw Supershow, the new WWE Champion John Cena will be making his first title defence against the winner of a four man Number One Contender's Tournament that will start... right now.

A decent pop is heard from the fans for the announcement.

John Laurinaitis: So everyone, I hope you enjoy the three weeks of John Cena's title reign... because in three weeks, the WWE Championship will be around the waist of one of the Laurinaitis Administration.


The heat from the GM's comments becomes even louder as R-TRUTH comes out onto the stage with a huge scowl on his face as usual, but he lightens up to shake hands with Laurinaitis before he starts walking down the ramp towards the ring; shouting abuse at the fans in the front row as he does. Laurinaitis applauds Truth as he walks down to the ring, but he then turns to leave, believing that his Administration member will be able to handle business without his presence.

Michael Cole: R-Truth challenged John Cena for the WWE Championship at Capitol Punishment a few months back but he came short. However, since then he's became part of The Awesome Truth as well as the Laurinaitis Administration; we could be looking at the next WWE Champion right here.

Jerry Lawler: I'm still thinking of a reason why R-Truth has been included in this tournament; if anything, it should be Brodus Clay getting this opportunity tonight.

Michael Cole: Brodus Clay's time will come; just you wait, King! The reason why Brodus Clay is not one of the four men included in this Number One Contender's Tournament is because John Laurinaitis was only allowed to handpick two Superstars... and Triple H selected the other two.

Truth gets into the ring and marches around it several times, eyeing up the fans and hurling abuse at them. He doesn't make much of a fuss and looks to the stage as he awaits his opponent.


There's a grand pop in the arena for the man who's stock is on the rise on Raw, KOFI KINGSTON, coming out looking optimistic about being given this chance against Truth. He gets onto the stage and sets off his pyro with the Boom Claps and then a further burst once he's jumped onto the stage.

Jerry Lawler: Here's a young man that deserves a chance to become the Number One Contender! Kofi Kingston has sat back and watched others get title shots ahead of him, but now he has the opportunity to finally get himself that one-on-one WWE Championship match.

Michael Cole: R-Truth has been competing for over a decade; you really think that Kofi Kingston is going to even make it past this stage? He couldn't even win last night!

Jerry Lawler: And I think we all know why that is!

Michael Cole: The Awesome Truth winning that match was a formality and you know it, Lawler.

Kingston gets into the ring after slapping hands with the fans in the front row; and he quickly looks the snarling R-Truth up and down before scaling the turnbuckle and Boom Clapping a little more. Kofi nods his head as if he is pleased that Triple H has given him this chance.

Match One:
WWE Championship #1 Contender's Tournament Semi-Final:
R-Truth vs Kofi Kingston

The bell rings, and both men start to circle the ring with the very same look of hunger in their eyes. Truth is the first man to make his move, charging at Kingston, but Kofi's agility enables him to leap up into the air and allow Truth to run underneath him. Truth turns around and tries it again, but the focused Kingston catches him with an Arm Drag! Truth is right back up again, trying to catch Kofi once more, but the crafty Ghanaian ducks a clothesline attempt and catches Truth with a Dropkick to the face as he comes back off of the ropes! Kofi hooks both legs for an early cover...One! Two! Kickout!

Kingston applies a headlock on Truth in the centre of the ring immediately after the failed pin attempt, using his body weight to keep Truth down. Truth is quick to escape the hold though, as he grabs Kofi's arm and transitions into a Hammerlock. Kofi tries to negotiate his way out of the situation, Truth takes advantage and smashes Kingston in the back of the head with his free hand! Kofi drops to a knee after the impact, and Truth grabs Kofi by the hair... and slams the back of Kingston's head into the canvas! Truth accepts his scolding from the referee, and he rolls Kofi over onto his front. Rebounding off of the ropes, Truth keeps the attacks targeted at the back of Kofi's head as he drops a knee onto the back of Kofi's head! Sickening impact!!

It isn't pretty, but it is effective; Truth now brings Kofi up to his feet and goes behind – and takes Kingston down with a Russian Leg Sweep!! The back of Kofi's head once again bounces off of the mat, and Truth goes right into the lateral press! One! Two! Th-Kickout! Truth looks a little frustrated as he gets up onto a knee, Kingston starting to make his own way up also. Truth waits on him to get to his feet, and once he does, Truth goes for a Clothesline, but Kofi ducks it again! Kofi runs against the ropes after dodging the move, but Truth catches him in the side of the head with a Jumping Calf Kick!! Kofi slumps against the mat again, and Truth nods his head and does a little jig to the heat of the crowd.

Kingston is in trouble now, as he gets to his knees, and then onto his feet with his head hanging down, and Truth comes in looking for the SCISSORS KICK!! - But Kofi moves at the last second!! Kingston leans back against the ropes as he tries to regain his bearings, and Truth comes at him again with a full head of steam, but Kingston drops the top rope, causing Truth to tumble down to the floor! Kofi steadies himself as he waits upon Truth to get back up, and once this condition has been fulfilled, Kofi pulls himself over the ropes and takes R-Truth out with a Plancha!! Kofi roars for the fans, before he takes his opponent and the action back into the ring.

Truth uses the turnbuckle to get himself back up properly, but Kingston runs over and leaps onto the top rope, looking for those mounted punches, but Truth knows this and runs towards the centre of the ring to avoid them. Instead, Kofi stands up tall on the top rope and leaps backwards, turning in mid-air to connect with a Cross Body!! Kofi stays on top for the pin! One! Two! Thr-NO! Truth slides his shoulder up as the commentators put over how well these two have come to know how each other work in the ring. Kingston gets back up to his feet and he starts slapping to the fans, and he goes for the TROUBLE IN PARADISE – But Truth ducks it! Truth turns Kofi around and tries to hook him for the LITTLE JIMMY – but Kofi turns out of it and plants Truth with the SOS!! Kingston stays in the Ranhei pin! One! Two! Thre-NO!!

Truth stays in it for a little longer, but once he's back up to his feet Kofi is waiting for him and he takes Truth down with a couple of double-handed slaps to the chest to knock him down and then a high-angle shot to the face to knock him down in the centre of the ring. Kofi runs back off of the ropes - “BOOM! BOOM!” - BOOM DROP CONNECTS! The fans cheer loudly now as Kingston crouches down in the corner and begins to line R-Truth up again. After a few seconds Truth gets back up to his feet, and Kofi is able to strike with TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!! Kingston falls onto Truth; hooking both legs! One! Two!! Three!!!

Winner: Kofi Kingston (10.41)


The fans are all on their feet as Kofi triumphantly rises to his feet and fires his fist into the air before he has his arm raised high by the referee, ecstatic that he has won this MASSIVE match for him. Truth holds the top of his head, as he rolls out of the ring, clearly disappointed.

Michael Cole: As much as I believed that he didn't have it in him; that was one hell of a performance by Kofi Kingston out there.

Jerry Lawler: And one hell of an important win! All Kofi has to do now is beat the winner of next week's semi-final and he will be the new Number One Contender for the WWE Championship!

Michael Cole: He's said before that he wants to be able to have a one-on-one match for the WWE Championship, and this could really be his chance.

Jerry Lawler: Well, I'll have to admit that he will be in for one tough test regardless of who his opponent in the final will be; considering who we have just been informed his opponent COULD be.

Michael Cole: It is going to be a very interesting encounter in two week's time... because Kofi Kingston will be facing THE MIZ or CM PUNK with the opportunity to face John Cena for the WWE Title on the Raw Supershow. Folks! Please s – 30 minstay tuned in because after the break we are going to be hearing from our United States Champion Dolph Ziggler!

*Commercial Break*

Returning to Raw and we’re in the interview area now with the ever – enthusiastic MATT STRIKER waiting for his cue. He takes in a breath and goes for it.

Matt Striker: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time... the United States Champion Dolph Ziggler and his manager Vickie Guerrero.

A mixed reaction echoes around the Cajundome for DOLPH ZIGGLER, but they turn into solid boos as VICKIE GUERRERO also walks into the shot. Ziggler has his hoodie zipped up all the way to the top and his United States Championship is draped over his shoulder and he looks down at the floor whilst waiting for the question.

Matt Striker: Dolph, last night at Hell in a Cell, Drew McIntyre decided to decline yours and Vickie’s offer of an alliance and went for the United States Championship instead. What are your thoughts on this?

Ziggler finally looks up at Striker and talks in a slow, calm tone.

Dolph Ziggler: Matt, last week, all I heard was “Drew McIntyre is going to turn on you and take the United States Championship from you” amongst other possible scenarios for what could have happened last night... but let me tell you what did happen last night...

Dolph smirks as he talks now with a little more conviction in his voice.

Dolph Ziggler: Drew McIntyre did turn on me last week and try to throw everything Vickie and I had done for him back in our faces... but what happened last night was always the foregone conclusion which no-one else seemed to think of. What happened last night at Hell in a Cell was me proving why I am the greatest United States Champion in history and me proving why you should NEVER underestimate Dolph Ziggler.

The US Champion spits the last few words of that sentence out.

Dolph Ziggler: As usual, last night I walked out of the arena looking every single bit as damn good as I did walking in (points to the belt) with the United States Championship.

Vickie Guerrero: Excuse me.

Ziggler gladly allows his manager to talk, but those dreaded words unleash a barrel of hate from the fans.

Vickie Guerrero: Last night, Drew McIntyre made the biggest mistake of his career when he decided not to join forces with myself and Dolph... but the embarrassment he felt last night after being defeated so convincingly by Dolph is nothing compared to what we have in store for him.

The fans boo, but some cheer as this means that this thing is far from over.

Vickie Guerrero: I do not take “No” for an answer, and Drew McIntyre is going to forever regret the day that he said “No” to Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler.

Matt Striker: So does this mean that you’d both be willing to allow Drew McIntyre another chance at the United States Championship... say if he wins his match tonight?

Dolph Ziggler: It is going to take a lot more than that, Matt. Anyone can go out there and beat some no-name that isn’t even worthy enough to lace my boots, Drew... if you want another shot at this; you have to impress us.

Ziggler pulls his hood down and Guerrero looks the United States Champion up and down with a smile on her face as Ziggler smirks.

Dolph Ziggler: And trust me... it is hard to impress Perfection. Later, marks.

Ziggles gives the camera an intense stare before leaving the shot with Guerrero following suit close behind. Striker looks on with an intrigued look on his face. We head back to the arena with our commentary team at the desk.

Michael Cole: Well, as we saw Dolph Ziggler refer to there, last night, Drew McIntyre chose to fight for the United States Championship instead of laying down in the centre of the ring and allowing Ziggler to pin him, thus earning himself the managerial services of Vickie Guerrero. Let’s see how all that works out for ya, Drew!

Jerry Lawler: Oh would you stop it, Michael? Drew almost won the title on two separate occasions last night, I wouldn’t call it a “convincing” Maddoxy like Ziggler made it out to be!

Michael Cole: Ziggler is still the champion; that is convincing enough for me.

Jerry Lawler: Anyway, let’s get on with it... and we have some more tag team action now – Michael, do you have any idea who these two guys are?

The cameras turn to the ring where there are two men, one with an obvious chip on his shoulder is introduced to us as BRAD MADDOX, and whilst the other is an extremely enthusiastic young man who we learn is called BO DALLAS. They get a nothing reaction from the fans as everyone turns their attention over to the stage where we wait the opponents.


Nothing major, but there is a negative reaction from the fans for Raw’s newest tandem CURT HAWKINS & PRIMO, making their first appearance on the red brand as a tag team. Primo seems to have adopted more of Curt’s style as he now wears black tights with ‘PRIMO’ down the side to match Hawkins’ jeans-kinda-trousers. Hawkins is as usual holding DAT CANE~! And the two former friends of Zack Ryder saunter down to the ring, almost laughing at the ‘opposition’ in front of them.

Michael Cole: Well, ever since deciding to join forces and become a tag team, Curt Hawkins and Primo have had some success on Superstars on Thursday Nights; and they are undefeated as a team, looking to continue that tonight against... Maddox and Dallas!

Jerry Lawler: I’ve been impressed with these two on Superstars, Cole, and they have made it clear that they want a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships in the near future, but after what we saw happen to Santino Marella last night, I’m not sure how long it will be until we see another tag team title match.

Michael Cole: Santino’s partner Vladimir Kozlov gets a chance to avenge Santino against Brodus Clay tonight, but let’s focus on this match; where John Laurinaitis has been so kind as to allow these two to shows their skills on a bigger stage.

Jerry Lawler: We’ve seen tag teams come and go over the years, so I hope for these guys’ sake that they’re able to stick around!

Hawkins and Primo get into the ring and Curt passes his jacket and cane down to someone at ringside, telling them to “look after it, chump”, before he joins his partner. Curt decides he wants to get the match underway, whilst the jobbers decide between them that Maddox will be the man that kicks the contest off. The ref is happy with everything and he calls for the bell!

Match Two:
Tag Team Match:
Curt Hawkins & Primo vs Brad Maddox & Bo Dallas

Hawkins and Maddox meet in the centre of the ring, and both men have a little staredown, before Hawkins levels the jobber with a right hand! Maddox scrambles against the ropes after the big hit, and Hawkins walks over to him and sends him across the ring, knocking him back down to the mat with a shoulder block! The poor young man lays on the floor in some pain already as Curt holds his arms up into the air and shouts out to the fans “YOU ALL WISH YOU WERE THIS GOOD!” Hawkins grabs Maddox by the neck and sends him into his team’s corner and lays a couple of stomps on him, before tagging Primo into the match. Primo athletically slingshots himself over the top rope, turning in mid air and landing with his boots in Maddox’s face! An impressive move, and Primo grabs Maddox by the arm and drags him towards the centre of the ring.

Maddox takes his time to get back to his feet, and when he does, Primo charges at him and wraps his legs around the kid’s head; taking him over with a Hurricanrana!! Maddox is turned inside out, and he lands right in front of his tag team partner Dallas! The young man on the apron bravely reaches in and slaps the back of his hurt partner, before climbing through the ropes and accepting Primo’s invitation to meet him in the centre of the ring. Primo starts to laugh back to Hawkins, as Dallas is a small man compared to him... but when Primo turns around... Bo connects with a forearm to the face! Primo is stunned and sent back into the ropes, as Dallas goes to whip him across the ring but Primo turns it around and sends Dallas for the ride; catching him with a Dropkick to the face when he returns!! The crowd boo as the heel tag team are back in control, and Primo grabs Bo by the hair and walks across to tag Hawkins back into the match.

Hawkins comes in cockily and Primo holds Bo up, with Hawkins using the opportunity to deliver straight punches to Dallas’s mid section and chest. Hawkins now grabs Dallas whilst Primo ascends the turnbuckle, sitting on the top turnbuckle waiting. Curt darts Dallas towards Primo in the corner and the Puerto Rican grabs his head as he comes and drills him with a TORNADO DDT!!! Dallas is out on the mat, as now Hawkins takes his turn to climb up the turnbuckle. As he does, Primo nails the recovering Maddox with a right hand which causes him to fall down to the floor. Hawkins is now ready on the top rope and he leaps down, crushing Dallas with the HEATSEEKING ELBOW!!! The fans boo as Hawkins hooks the leg! ONE...TWO...THREE!!!

Winners: Curt Hawkins & Primo (4.03)


As routine as a win will ever get, Hawkins and Primo win their first match on Raw as a team. Hawkins laughs at the destroyed Bo in the centre of the ring, and he shouts down “BRO!” at him, possibly mocking his old friend Zack Ryder ( ) as he then grabs Dallas off of the mat and launches him over the top rope, the youngster landing with a sick thud! Both men now demand they have their hands raised and then even motion around their waists that they are coming for the WWE Tag Team Championships! They high-five and start to leave the ring, looking pretty pleased with themselves.

Michael Cole: You see that, King? These guys want some gold! Was that match a direct message to Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov you think?

Jerry Lawler: I will agree that the best way to get your name in contention for a tag title shot is by winning tag team matches in an impressive way like we just saw, but I can’t help but feel these guys are just too cocky; they haven’t beaten any of the established teams in the WWE yet, these guys aren’t ready yet in my book.

Michael Cole: Oh, what do you know? You complained that Otunga and McGillicutty were too boring, and now we’ve got probably the most entertaining team in history, and you still complain! These guys LOVE to party and I think they’re gonna be partyin’ again tonight!

Jerry Lawler: Going to parties doesn’t make you entertaining, Cole.

Michael Cole: You’re just jealous of the young guys like myself, Curt Hawkins and Primo that are still young and cool enough to go to parties, this isn’t 1986 anymore, King! I’m just livin’ in the moment!

Jerry Lawler: I think it is time we headed to another commercial break, but stay tuned, because we’ve got some DIVAS in action next! I can’t wait!

*Commercial Break*


There's a mixed reaction that reverberates around the arena for the arrival of the DIVAS OF DOOM. NATALYA is the one leading the way out tonight as she is in action, whilst the Divas Champion BETH PHOENIX is only a stride behind her, both women looking confident after Beth's successful retention last night.

Michael Cole: Here come the Divas of Doom; and these two are on one hell of a roll in the past months! You can see Beth Phoenix holding the Divas Championship; she was able to defeat Kelly Kelly AGAIN last night to retain her title, but tonight it is Natalya in action against Kelly's... friend... Eve.

Jerry Lawler: We've seen how impressive Beth Phoenix has been, but we've not seen as much from Natalya, so I'm really looking forwards to seeing what she can do out there.

Michael Cole: These two women – Natalya and Eve – do you think that the winner of this match could well be the next in line to face Phoenix for the title?

Jerry Lawler: We've got a lot of beautiful and talented Divas on the roster, but I believe that we're going to see two of the best out here tonight!

Natalya is the first to enter the ring, and she marches over to the turnbuckles to pose for the fans as Beth stands back and allows her partner to take the spotlight. Natalya gets down from the corner and she begins conversing with Phoenix; seemingly going over some last minute tactics.


There's a strong reception in the arena as EVE walks out onto the stage, and as she starts to make her way down to the ring, KELLY KELLY emerges out onto the stage and catches up with her; grabbing her hand. Eve has a look of confusion on her face, but Kelly mere says “I'm doing this with you, I don't want you to get hurt again.” Eve rolls her eyes a little, but after that she puts on a smile and nods at Kelly; the two walking down the aisle together.... however Eve still looks a little weirded out.

Jerry Lawler: Oh, this could turn into something great!

Michael Cole: You're old enough to be their father – stop it! But I have also noticed that Kelly Kelly seems to have grown a little fond of Eve recently, and it actually cost her last night against Beth Phoenix.

A replay is shown of Natalya near enough knocking Eve out at ringside at Hell in a Cell is shown, and Beth Phoenix hitting Kelly with the Glam Slam as Kelly is concerning about Eve.

Michael Cole: Kelly could potentially be Divas Champion right now – but she blew it because of Eve! That proves just how stupid Kelly Kelly is!

Jerry Lawler: She was just checking on her friend!

Michael Cole: And it cost her! She's developed this infatuation with Eve, and it is now costing her matches and championships!

Jerry Lawler: As a former competitor myself, I have to agree that if you want to be successful, what you do in the ring should be more important that what is happening out of it.

Eve is the first out of the two face Divas to reach the steps, and Kelly gazes from behind (rightfully so) as Eve walks up them, focused on Natalya in the ring. Kelly eventually makes her way into the ring afterwards, and she almost crumbles at the sight of the Divas of Doom standing before her with smug grins on their faces. The official (Black Ref) requests that Phoenix and Kelly leave the ring so the match can get started.

Match Three:
Eve w/ Kelly Kelly vs Natalya w/ Beth Phoenix

The bell rings, and both Divas immediately meet in the middle of the ring, sizing each other up. Natalya makes a remark about what happened last night, and Eve replies by slapping her in the face! The fans pop loudly for that one already, as Natalya stumbles back a few paces. Eve lines her up, and takes her down onto the mat with a Thesz Press! Once she has Natalya grounded, Eve rams the back of her head into the mat, before the referee tells her to get off of her at otherwise be disqualified. Eve gets back to her feet and waits for Natalya to get up again.

Natalya makes it back to her feet and she comes at Eve strong, but Torres ducks the clothesline attempt with a backwards bridge (think Trish Stratus), and when Natalya comes back at her off of the ropes, Eve is ready with a Hip Toss! Natalya makes it back up to a knee quickly, but Eve comes running in and connects with a Shining Wizard Kick to the face! Into the pin! One! Two! NO! Natalya slides the shoulder up just after two, and Eve grabs the Anvillette by the neck and attempts to bring her back up to her feet, but Natalya counters with a stiff shoulder to the gut, before she uses her strength to lift Eve up into the air and bring her back down across her knee!!

Eve contorts on the mat in pain after the Backbreaker, and Natalya, like a shark to blood, targets the back. Keeping Eve down on the mat with her knee driven into the small of Eve's back, Natalya pulls back on Eve's hair to boos from the crowd. Kelly shrieks for the referee to stop this because it is illegal, whilst Phoenix admires her partner's work with a smile. Natalya brings Eve back to her feet whilst retaining a grip on her hair, and she bullrushes her into the turnbuckle! Turning Eve around, Natalya drives her knee into Eve's lower back once more and takes her over with a Back Suplex.

Eve is in a lot of discomfort on the mat, and Kelly looks increasingly worried as Natalya stalks her opponent, whilst Eve holds her back as she makes it up to a knee. Natalya charges at Eve, and goes for that DISCUS CLOTHESLINE – but Eve ducks it! Quickly turning Natalya around, Eve boots her in the gut and drops her with a Snap DDT! Natalya's head bounces off of the mat, and Eve takes a few seconds to recover on the mat; but Kelly urges her to finish the match quickly. Getting back to her feet, Eve approaches the turnbuckle and starts to climb up it but Beth Phoenix jumps onto the apron to distract her!

The official's attention is immediately drawn to Phoenix, and Natalya begins to recover in the ring, but Eve is distracted by the commotion on the apron! Natalya makes it back up and she looks to take advantage – but Kelly Kelly is in the ring and she turns Natalya around, and drops her with the K2 LEGDROP!! The fans cheer for Kelly's interference, and the referee successfully gets Phoenix off of the apron as Kelly rolls out of the ring. Eve turns back and notices Natalya is still out... but she didn't know Kelly interfered! Torres steadies herself on the top rope, before she leaps back and lands a MOONSAULT onto Natalya! Eve hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! THREE!!

Winner: Eve (5.19)


There's a nice pop as Eve gingerly makes her way back up to her feet and has her arm raised in the air, but she is almost ambushed by Kelly Kelly sliding back into the ring to giver her a hug and Kelly shoves the referee out of the way to raise Eve's hand herself. Eve looks happy as she gets onto the turnbuckle to celebrate, still unbeknownst to the fact that Kelly interfered in the match.

Michael Cole: What the hell was that?! Natalya was about to win this thing and then Kelly Kelly interfered and cost her! Just because she is in love with Eve doesn't mean she can help her win matches!

Jerry Lawler: I don't think Kelly is in love with Eve, Cole. I think it is a little unfair to say Natalya had the match won, especially as Beth Phoenix was the one that diverted the referee's attention.

Michael Cole: Even so, it was not Kelly Kelly's place to stick her nose in this match, and if Eve had any class she's ask the referee to reverse the decision!

Jerry Lawler: If you ask me, I don't think Eve even KNOWS that Kelly did that; but you've gotta admit, that Moonsault was impressive for sure.

Michael Cole: Well, I'm sure this isn't the last we are going to hear about this... I think we might need to wait until next week to fully see what the consequences of Kelly Kelly's actions will be.

Eve and Kelly are now on the ramp, both happy with Eve's victory – but the winner of the match is still oblivious as to why she was able to win. In the ring, Beth Phoenix is arguing with the official, informing him of what actually happened, but Justin King is having none of it. The debate continues as we fade away...

Into the General Manager's office, where JOHN LAURINAITIS is alone without his Administration, and on that damn phone of his again.

John Laurinaitis: Yes... Tonight is the night to reveal everything, I hope you are ready.

The snippet of conversation gets the fans a little excited, but we suddenly hear a door slam, and a hand reaches for the phone at Johnny's ear... and the mystery man grabs the phone and the camera pans down to see him smash it on the floor! It was XAVIER WOODS! The man clad in the USA gear gets a pretty big pop for his actions, and Laurinaitis turns around... still unsure as to what actually happened. Once he realises what Woods did... he isn't exactly pleased.

John Laurinaitis: What the hell do you think you are doing?! You're going to pay for that phone! I am the General Manager of this show, and this is not how I am going to be treated by my Superstars!

Xavier Woods: Well, maybe I'll start to show you respect when you deserve it. What makes you think that you can just send your pet troll Brodus Clay to just take people out, huh?

John Laurinaitis: I don't think you realise just who you are talking to... you will show me respect on my show. You... are nothing around here, okay? You haven't even competed in a match yet! Santino Marella got what was coming to him last night after what he did, and his partner Vladimir Kozlov will receive the same treatment from Brodus Clay tonight.

Laurinaitis gets right into Woods' face.

John Laurinaitis: And if you disrespect me again... you'll be next, do you understand me?

Xavier Woods: Oh yeah... I hear ya loud and clear. I'll be ready when the time comes. You aren't going to get away with this.

Johnny cracks a wry smile.

John Laurinaitis: I don't see anyone that can stop me.... now get out of my office.

Woods eyes up Laurinaitis for a few seconds before he turns and leaves, leaving the General Manager a little shaken as he goes down to try and piece his phone back together.

*Commercial Break*


The loudest reaction of the night is also a very mixed one in the Cajundome, as after a few seconds of waiting the NEW WWE CHAMPION JOHN CENA bursts out onto the stage! Jumping around the stage, Cena finally stops in the middle at the top of the ramp and raises his title above his head, as happy as ever for obvious reasons. He salutes the fans and turns to the camera saying “Eeeeeet was may destiny!” with a cheeky smile before he sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring.

Michael Cole: HERE HE IS! We've been waiting all night... but finally, here is the NEW WWE Champion John Cena!

Jerry Lawler: John Cena broke his own record last night for most WWE Championship reigns... as this is his unprecedented tenth WWE Championship!

Michael Cole: He defeated Alberto Del Rio last night at Hell in a Cell, and last night we saw a side to John Cena we've never seen before.

Jerry Lawler: Going in never winning a Hell in a Cell match before, Cena showed the heart and determination we always see, but he showed us he can be extreme if he needs to be!

Michael Cole: An Attitude Adjustment from the top rope and through a table is what it took for Cena to put Del Rio away, but it was enough to earn him the WWE Championship once again.

Cena retrieves a microphone from a stagehand at ringside, and he paces around the ring a little before raising the WWE Championship up into the air again to a decent cheer. His music fades out to reveal the duelling “LETS GO CENA!” “CENA SUCKS!” chants which causes the Champ to laugh a little. He waits a few moments before bringing the mic up to his mouth.

John Cena: Man, you guys are fired up tonight!

That cheap pop attempt draws another large mixed reaction, Cena acknowledges this.

John Cena: Last night, I walked into my second ever Hell in a Cell match, knowing that I lost my first one two years ago... but I was finally able to overcome those demons and the even bigger demon that is Alberto Del Rio-

A decent amount of heat for the mention of the former champion, most likely because of his actions earlier tonight.

John Cena: Hey, don't be too hard on ol' Berty; I might not like what he pulled earlier on, but I've gotta give him credit for pushin' me to my absolute limit last night... but it wasn't enough.

Cena smiles out to everyone from under his cap.

John Cena: It wasn't enough because I stand before all of you with this! (He raises the WWE Championship) And I can proudly say that THE CHAMP.... IS HEEEEEERE!!

A pretty loud mixed reaction again, as the kids in the audience love it, but the older fans aren't as impressed.

John Cena: But Alberto Del Rio and Hell in a Cell are in the past; as WWE Champion I have to be looking forward. I'm looking forward to an exact date; April 1st 2012.

Pop from the fans that actually know what this date is.

John Cena: No, I'm not plannin' a huge April Fools' prank... April 1st 2012; Wrestlemania Twenty-Eight.

A good pop from the fans.

John Cena: An' anyone that hasn't had their head under a rock for the past six months knows that at Wrestlemania Twenty-Eight... I will be going one-on-one with 'The Great One'... THE ROCK!


John Cena: I intend to hold onto the WWE Championship until then... and I will make the biggest match in the history of this business even bigger... where I walk into Wrestlemania Twenty-Eight as the WWE Champion and I put this title on the line against The Rock.

Another very large cheer from the crowd.

John Cena: I've done my homework, don't worry... and in doing so, I am going to accomplish one of the few things that The Rock has failed to do in his career; walk into Wrestlemania as champion... but also walk OUT of Wrestlemania as champion.

Aaaaand back to the mixed response.

John Cena: See, it isn't just me that wants to make this 'Once in a Lifetime' match for the WWE Championship... I've had endorsement from The Rock himself, last night at Hell in a Cell. I was in the back with some of the boys, and Rocky himself asked me to make sure that I bring this with me to Miami in April.

Cena adjusts the title on his shoulder.

John Cena: Whilst I've got no problem defending the WWE Championship against anyone at any time, especially The Rock at Wrestlemania... I don't see why The Rock thinks he is the one that gets to make that decision.

A dollop of heat for the WWE Champion now.

John Cena: Woah... bear with me, guys. You see, I'm the one that has to see off all of the challengers until Wrestlemania – I mean I've got a title defence in three weeks against either two of the best Raw has to offer... or The Miz.

Some laughs for that comment as Cena chuckles to himself.

John Cena: I'm the one that has to defend this championship for six months just so Rocky can get his title shot in front of his home fans? That doesn't seem right to me... especially since I'm here on Raw each and every week, and he's too busy to even show his face tonight. Rock, I'm gonna make it to Wresltmania, and you're going to get your shot at me and the WWE Championship, but you aren't getting it because you deserve it.

Cena looks right into the camera as he says that, ignoring the negative reaction from the crowd, but suddenly he turns around to the fans.

John Cena: I'll tell ya who does deserve to see John Cena vs The Rock for the WWE Championship; each and every one of you.

A mixed response from the fans, as they aren't forgiving Cena that easily.

John Cena: You guys, who have stuck with me throughout my career and have been here for me for the nine years I've been here. I am going to beat The Rock at Wrestlemania Twenty-Eight for each and every one of you!

Another mixed reaction, as the Cena fans are really battling with the smarks tonight. Cena nods his head and raises the microphone once again.


There's a lot of heat in the arena now, as THE MIZ walks out onto the stage with a disapproving look on his face. Dressed in his long, black trenchcoat, 'The Awesome One' already has a microphone as he walks out onto the stage and down to the ring.

The Miz: John, just from hearing you talk, I can tell that this title reign of yours is going to be as boring, stale and predictable as the nine that came before it.

Miz reaches the bottom of the ramp and pauses before he continues speaking as he ascends the steel steps.

The Miz: The only difference is that we only have to sit through your crap for three weeks, because you are all looking at the next WWE Champion.

Climbing through the ropes, Miz soaks the heat from the fans.

The Miz: So your little fantasy with you and The Rock competing for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania is going to be exactly that; a fantasy. It isn't going to happen because in three weeks' time on the Raw Supershow, I am going to defeat you and once again become the most must-see WWE Champion of all time.

John Cena: You think it is going to be that easy, huh? You think I'm going to let the biggest match in history go down the drain at your hands?

The Miz: That is exactly what is going to happen, John! I proved that I'm better than CM Punk when I pinned him last night, and I proved I am better than Kofi Kingston when I pinned him at Night of Champions... but most importantly I have proven that I am better than you when I defeated you at Wrestlemania Twenty-Seven.

Miz clearly ignoring the fact that he may have had a small assist with a couple of those victories.

The Miz: So in three weeks, I am going to beat you again, and bring the WWE Championship to the Laurinaitis Administration and prove why we are the most dominant group in the history of the WWE.

The heat intensifies as soon as the General Manager's name is heard.

John Cena: Oh, so this is what this is about; I can see it all clearly now. And Miz, I am going to make a promise to you right now.... I will happily face anyone that John Laurinaitis throws at me and I will come out still WWE Champion. I don't think you've been listening to me hard enough, because there is nothing stopping me from taking this to Wrestlemania and there is nothing that will stop me from defeating The Rock and retaining the WWE Championship.

Cena glares at Miz as he is being deadly serious.

The Miz: That is where you are so fatally wrong, John. John Laurinaitis doesn't need to send everyone to take the WWE Championship away from you, he only needs one person... Me.

The champion throws his arms up in the air and lets out a fake little scream.

John Cena: Oh no! The Miz is going to try and take the WWE Championship away from me again, but he's going to end up quitting again like the little bitch he is.

“OOWWHH” is the cry from the fans as Miz looks unimpressed.

The Miz: Really? Really? Really, John?

Cena says off-mic “Yeah.”

The Miz: The only reason you won at Over the Limit was because of that punk Alex Riley; he screwed up and cost me that match... I should be WWE Champion right now! In three weeks I am going to right the biggest wrong that has ever happened in the WWE, and I will once again be the WWE Champion!

John Cena: Miz... you should know how I roll by now. You want some? Come get some!

Just as Miz is about to reply, Cena drops his mic and scoops Miz onto his shoulders! The fans are mostly cheering, as Cena looks dead into the camera and then plants Miz with the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!!! Miz is out of it, and Cena picks the WWE title off of the mat and raises it high into the air as his music starts to play.


Michael Cole: Oh come on! That wasn't needed! The Miz was just out here to tell Cena that he wants a shot at the WWE Title!

Jerry Lawler: I personally don't think The Miz should have even wasted his time coming out here; I was interested by John Cena's message to The Rock.

Michael Cole: Cena has made his intention clear; he wants to carry the WWE Championship all the way to Wrestlemania and defend it in his 'Once in a Lifetime' Match with The Rock!

Jerry Lawler: Even more importantly though, John Cena is confident that he'll be able to beat The Rock and retain the WWE Championship!

Raw goes off to commercial once again with Cena standing on the second rope, holding the WWE Championship up into the air.

*Commercial Break*

Backstage again after the commercial, and we are in the parking lot once again, and we are focused on a silver Bentley, and after a few seconds ALBERTO DEL RIO walks over to the car, receiving a lot of boos again from inside the arena. He is still as furious as he was earlier, after a few seconds RICARDO RODRIGUEZ runs up behind him, carrying what must be Del Rio's bag with the arm that wasn't trapped in the Cross Armbreaker earlier on, as well as having an ice pack attached to his head. Ricardo opens the boot as Del Rio observes from the driver's door. Once the bag is in the back, Rodriguez walks around the car and opens the passenger's door, about to get in.

Alberto Del Rio: Wait! What do ju think ju're doing?

Ricardo Rodriguez: I'm getting in the car, boss.

Alberto Del Rio: After all the damage ju have caused... ju think I'm letting ju in my car? Get the bus.

Some more booing from the crowd now as Del Rio enters the car and starts it. Ricardo looks around desperately as he just dodges the car reversing out of the bay.

Ricardo Rodriguez: Alberto, wait! Please! I'm sorry!

The former WWE Champion pays no attention to his 'friend' and he drives out of the arena! Rodriguez is left looking downtrodden and he takes a big sigh before heading back into the arena.

We return to the arena, and there isn't much of an atmosphere as the sparsely-seen JTG is waiting in the ring... and someone has actually given him a microphone?

JTG: Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo YO! Its ya boy, JTG! What y'all sayin' tonight, huh?


JTG: Nah, Whatever! Look now, my opponent tonight, Drew McIntyre? Drew Mac, he made a big mistake last night! See, if I was presented the the opportunity he got last night – I'd-a laid down before the damn bell!

Some small boos.

JTG: So Dolph, Vickie; watch what I do to Drew McIntyre tonight... an' I'll look forward to hearin' from ya. Holla at your boi!


There's a pretty good pop for the theme song, as DREW MCINTYRE walks out onto the stage with his arms raised high into the air; embracing his newly-found fans. JTG looks unimpressed in the ring, oh the fucking irony.

Michael Cole: Well this man right here is the perfect definition of the word 'ungrateful'. The United States Champion Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero gave this man a chance to join them in rising up the ranks together as a group; but he threw it all back in their faces!

Jerry Lawler: Actually, Drew McIntyre did the smart thing and took the chance to try and win his first United States Championship. Unfortunately he wasn't able to pull the win out of the hat last night.

Michael Cole: Exactly! The class of the United States Champion was just too much for him!

Jerry Lawler: Well, when questioned by Matt Striker earlier tonight, Dolph Ziggler seemed willing to give Drew another shot at the title if he is able to impress him.

Michael Cole: What a great United States Champion we have!

Drew gets into the ring after slapping hands with a few fans and he stares across at the cocky JTG, saying “That was really cute.” which wipes the smile clean off of JTG's face! As Drew smirks at his getting under his opponent's skin, as the referee seems to have completed his preparations.

Match Four:
JTG vs Drew McIntyre

JTG comes running straight out of the blocks as soon as the bell rings; connecting with a boot to the mid section which causes the Scot to keel over. JTG takes a couple of clubbing forearms to McIntrye's back before he charges off of the ropes, but McIntyre is back up and he stays firm; knocking JTG down with a Shoulder Block! Standing over his down opponent, McIntyre holds his arm up and transitions down into an Elbow Drop right across JTG's sternum! Drew stays on top with a lateral press – One! Two! Shoulder up! McIntyre brings JTG back to his feet and sends him into the corner.

Drew lines himself up before he charges in at JTG in the corner, but the former Cryme Tyme member uses the ropes to lift himself over McIntyre and back into the centre of the ring. JTG looks impressed with himself after the swift move, but he doesn't realise that Drew was able to stop himself from going into the turnbuckle! JTG turns around but he's mowed down by a Running Big Boot from McIntyre!! The lights are truly out now as JTG is turned inside out, but McIntyre isn't done just yet, bringing JTG up one more time and lifting him up.

McIntyre nods his head whilst carrying JTG around, and he faces the camera and leans back, releasing JTG for a Fallaway Slam!! JTG's body lulls on the mat after the big move, and McIntyre stomps around the ring soaking in the cheers from the fans... and he shouts “FUTURE SHOCK!” which gets another cheer, and he waits on his recovering opponent to get to his feet, and once JTG is back up Drew grabs his head and applies the Double Underhook... before he drops him with the FUTURE SHOCK DDT!! McIntyre turns JTG over and covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Winner: Drew McIntyre (3.26)


McIntyre gets up to his feet as JTG rolls out of the ring, and he raises his arm to the fans and they respond with a good cheer for him. The reaction starts to get a little mixed however once DOLPH ZIGGLER is shown to have walked out onto the stage. The United States Champion stands with his title on his shoulder sarcastically and slowly clapping McIntyre's performance, but the Scotsman laughs off his rival's mockery.

Michael Cole: I'm glad Drew seems to be laughing it up now; but he won't be once he realises that he won't be getting another chance against Dolph Ziggler!

Jerry Lawler: I think that it would be criminal for Drew to be denied another shot at the United States Championship; he came so close last night, as well as winning his match decisively tonight.

Michael Cole: Well Dolph doesn't seem to be too impressed by what he's seen here tonight... I think Drew knows he is going to have to do more than this to get the United States Champion's attention.

We cut backstage now, and MATT STRIKER is waiting alongside ZACK RYDER! Long Island Iced-Z gets a very strong pop from within the Cajundome, and he nods his head as he soaks in the reaction.

Matt Striker: As I'm sure you can see, I am currently joined by 'Long Island Iced-Z' Zack Ryder! Zack, you haven't been scheduled to compete tonight, what are your thoughts about your current standing on the Raw roster?

Zack Ryder: Look, Matt; it is pretty simple. For weeks now, I've had Jack Swagger on my back. But despite this, I came within seconds of defeating the WWE Champion in the main event of Raw last week.

Ryder looks positive.

Zack Ryder: I shouldn't expect to get a match every week on Raw- ARGH!

Ryder shouts out as he drops to the deck – as JACK SWAGGER has just wiped him out! Swagger lays into Ryder with a few vicious stomps, before he drags Zack up to his feet and throws him into a nearby production crate! Ryder groans as he lays on the floor in a wreck, and Swagger glares Striker in the eye before snarling at the camera... leaving the shot after a few seconds, his message well and truly sent. Striker gets down onto the floor to help Ryder.

Matt Striker: Can we get a medic over here?!

*Commercial Break *



We return to Raw accompanied by the music of one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions VLADIMIR KOZLOV, who walks out onto the stage with his title strapped around his waist. Flying solo tonight, with his partner Santino Marella not in attendance tonight following his match with Brodus Clay last night. Kozlov raises his arms into the air and screams out loud, seemingly enjoying the warm reception from the fans.

Michael Cole: That's right everyone, we are on the road to Survivor Series, which is around a month and a half away, but as we learned earlier tonight, our next big event is in three weeks as we have our first ever Raw Supershow!

Jerry Lawler: What a night that is going to be! I have to tell ya though, Survivor Series is one of those dates on the WWE Calendar that I just can't wait to come by each year!

Michael Cole: Looking back at the ring now, with one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Vladimir Kozlov heading into the ring, without his idiotic partner Santino. Hopefully without Marella's presence Kozlov can show off just how effective of a competitor he is in the ring; because he will need to be if he wants to beat Brodus Clay!

Jerry Lawler: I agree, but you shouldn't be so quick in writing off Vladimir Kozlov; he has a pin fall victory over The Undertaker to his name!

Michael Cole: I actually see some similarities between Vladimir Kozlov from a few years back and Brodus Clay; but Brodus brings a whole new type of intensity that I've never seen before.

Kozlov is in the ring and he unclips his half of the title belts and raises it into the air; playing to the crowd whilst he can. Nevertheless he makes very little fuss and passses the strap over the ropes and he jumps on the spot as he waits for his opponent.


There's a pretty large amount of boos in the arena, but there are a lot of people in awe of the gargantuan BRODUS CLAY as he stomps out onto the stage. Not paying any attention to the fans regardless off their feelings towards him or his associates, he keeps his eyes locked on Kozlov as he trudges down to the ring.

Michael Cole: When we heard he was arriving on Raw, we were all wondering what possible destruction Brodus Clay would be able to cause; but under the guidance of John Laurinaitis this man has been unstoppable.

Jerry Lawler: Rey Mysterio. Evan Bourne. Santino Marella. These are the men who have tried to stop Brodus Clay and have ALL been put on the injured list by this madman.

Michael Cole: From a physical standpoint, Vladimir Kozlov is the toughest test put in front of Brodus yet; we've already talked over some of Kozlov's accomplishments. However, I still think that Brodus has this one in the bag.

Jerry Lawler: I hope you are wrong, Cole! I want at least one of our Tag Team Champions still standing!

Clay climbs up the steps and stands at the top of them, eyeing up Kozlov who returns the undying glare. Clay steps through the ropes and stands in the ring facing Kozlov; the big Russian moving forward until there is nothing but a few inches between the two monsters. The referee opts against trying to separate them back from each other, instead ringing the bell to allow them to tear each other apart.

Main Event:
WWE Tag Team Champion Vladimir Kozlov vs Brodus Clay

For the opening few seconds, the two big men continue their glaring at each other; the motives for hurting the other apparent from very early on. Much to the pleasure of the fans, Kozlov looks to get things started when he cuts in with a right hand to the face that hardly phases Clay... who asks for another one?! Kozlov willingly obliges and smacks Clay across the face again! The second one with an obvious increase in power from the first, but Clay isn't content with that; and he motions for Kozlov to run off of the ropes! With a slight look of confusion on his face, Kozlov does so, coming off of the ropes looking for a Shoulder Block – but Clay is unmoved!

Each attempted strike from Kozlov seems to be firing Clay up even more! The 'Mastadon of Mayhem' has an almost crazed look in his eyes and he shouts for Kozlov to “DO IT AGAIN!”, and Vlad rebounds back off of the ropes and charges at Clay again... but Clay catches him with a Headbutt to the chest!! Kozlov goes down after that, suffering from a move he commonly uses. Clay brings Kozlov back to his feet and traps both arms, before proceeding to deliver several Headbutts to the exposed chest of Kozlov! The referee tries his hardest to separate the big men, but after the fifth Headbutt, Clay allows Kozlov to drop back down to a knee and scramble to the corner.

Clay has a smile on his face as if he is happy Kozlov chose the corner as his place to recover. Bringing Vlad up so he is propped against the turnbuckle, Clay begins to drive his massive shoulder right into Kozlov's gut; finishing off with another hard Heabutt to Kozlov's forehead! Vlad is reeling in the corner after the dazing blow and Clay takes a few paces back before charging in and crushing Kozlov against the corner! Clay is in total control and he paces back again as Kozlov stumbles out of the corner and falls right into an Exploder Suplex from Brodus Clay! Kozlov is thrown across the ring with EASE by big Brodus, who now gets on top for a cover! One! Two! Kozlov kicks out!

Snarling at the official, Clay grabs Kozlov by the head as he brings him back to his feet, Irish Whipping him into the ropes, and bending down, looking for a Back Body Drop – but Kozlov sees it coming and kicks Clay right in the face!! Brodus leans right back now, his arms flailing everywhere, and Kozlov takes advantage to use his strength to pick Brodus Clay up and slam him down to the side with a BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!! The fans cheer loudly for the greatest showing of strength against Clay to date, and Kozlov is quick to cover with the lateral press. One! Clay kicks out quickly!

Clay shows his resiliance there, and instead of helping Clay up to his feet, Kozlov quickly transitions into a Side Headlock; putting immense pressure on Clay's neck. Kozlov roars out to the fans as he has Clay grounded with nowhere to go, but that moment of playing to the crowd could cost him, and Clay is able to get back up to one knee, and then back to his feet; lifting Kozlov up into the air! Clay is in control now... and he rushes forwards and places Kozlov on the second rope! In this position, Kozlov is able to connect with a couple of right hands which cause Clay to lose his grip and stumble back a little; giving Kozlov the room to jump off of the second rope and connect with a knee right to Clay's jaw!!

Kozlov shocks everyone by pulling that athletic move out of the hat and he lands right beside Clay who fell right onto his back. Vlad uses all of his will to pull one of Clay's legs up to hook it – One! Two – Kickout! The commentary team put over how this is Clay's toughest test to date by afar, and if he is going to win this match he will have earned it. Kozlov waits for Clay to get up this time, possibly looking to finish things off here, and once Clay is up, Vlad is right on him looking to hit the IRON CURTAIN – but Clay counters with a strong elbow to the head, and Kozlov falls into the ropes and upon rebounding back out, Clay hoists him up onto his shoulders and drives him into the mat with a SAMOAN DROP!!!

Kozlov's body is strewn out across the ring, and Clay gets to his feet with a small smirk, and he turns his back to Kozlov and starts to walk towards... the turnbuckle?!! There's a HUGE buzz in the arena now as Clay starts to scale the ropes!! Kozlov is still out of it as Clay climbs up onto the second rope and turns back around to face his opponent... and BRODUS CLAY LEAPS FROM THE SECOND ROPE – BRINGING DOWN A HEADBUTT TO KOZLOV'S CHEST!!! There is a shocked reaction from everyone as this 350+ monster has just flew off of the second rope! Clay gets back to his feet and slowly nods his head, as the fans begin to boo him once again.

The impact of Clay coming from several feet in the air leaves Kozlov on the mat clutching his chest, but like the fighter he is, he starts trying to bring himself up to his feet. Once Kozlov is up to one knee, Clay grabs him by the head and puts him in position, and elevates him all the way up onto his shoulders! The fans are shocked with the ease that Clay is able to hold Kozlov up in the air... and he begins rotating, before bringing Kozlov down into the mat with the SPINNING SIT-OUT POWERBOMB!!! Clay sits on the mat for a second, before he puts his arms forwards onto Kozlov's chest for the pin! ONE! TWO! THREE!!

Winner: Brodus Clay (9.29)


In what was without any shadow of a doubt Brodus Clay's hardest test since he returned to Raw, he was able to put away the very game Vladimir Kozlov. Clay gets to his feet and pushes the referee away as the official tries to raise his arm.

Michael Cole: What'd I tell ya? This man is unstoppable! He's beaten BOTH of the Tag Team Champions in the space of 24 hours! Four matches since becoming a Raw Superstar and four decisive victories.

Jerry Lawler: Brodus Clay really stepped it up tonight, but for good reason! Vladimir Kozlov almost had this match won at a couple of points!

Michael Cole: It was a physical match up for sure, but this is just another pretty big name for Brodus Clay to add to his growing list of victims. He has all of the tools to be a HUGE success here on Raw, and I'm sure seeing this has made John Laurinaitis a very happy man.

Jerry Lawler: Well I don't think he'd be pleased with the fortunes of the rest of his Administration tonight!

Michael Cole: Please stay tuned in after the commercial, folks, where the WWE COO Triple H will be out here looking for answers from Kevin Nash!

*Commercial Break*


The Lafayette fans are all on their feet as the roof almost explodes off of the Cajundome as the green strobe lights shine around the arena, and after a few seconds the WWE COO TRIPLE H emerges from out of the smoke into the darkness. Despite being dressed in a full business suit, he shoots the water out of his mouth and begins to march down to the ring with an extremely unimpressed look on his face, most likely because of the recent goings on with his close friend, Kevin Nash.

Michael Cole: We've been waiting all night for this, King! Here is the COO of the WWE, Triple H, and we all know that he is looking for answers after what happened last night at Hell in a Cell; where Kevin Nash cost CM Punk for the fourth time.

Jerry Lawler: I really think it is time for Kevin Nash to come out and face the music; he's got a lot questions to answer.

Michael Cole: I also want to hear from the Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis about this issue... because Kevin Nash stood tall with his Administration last night... and I have to admit that it was an amazing sight seeing the five of them standing tall over CM Punk.

Jerry Lawler: John Laurinaitis needs to come clean to everyone as to whether he is truly the man behind all of this, because it has just gone too far.

Michael Cole: CM Punk is not in the building tonight as we have already alluded to; as he has refused to come onto Raw until he gets answers; and I personally think that is unprofessional on the part of CM Punk.

HHH gets into the ring and grabs a microphone off of Justin Roberts, and the announcer leaves the ring. Triple H looks around the arena as he waits for his music to die down and he soaks in the cheers from the fans before he begins to speak.

Triple H: I'm not going to come out here and sugar-coat anything so I can admit that a lot of bad things have happened since I became the Chief Operating Officer of this company.

The fans boo to signify that they disagree.

Triple H: We've almost got a mutiny on Smackdown, John Laurinaitis is the Raw General Manager and Kevin Nash has spoiled three WWE Championship matches. I want to come out here and say that I hold myself entirely responsible for these events.

It seems like it is taking a lot of guts by HHH to even say or admit this.

Triple H: The WWE Board of Directors put John Laurinaitis in the position of Raw General Manager because I wasn't handling things well enough. Since he's taken over, three Superstars have been put on the shelf because of Brodus Clay, and guys, I'm sorry for that. However, I want to take this time to apologize to CM Punk, because if it wasn't for my friend, Kevin Nash, you'd be the WWE Champion right now.

A very grand cheer for that.

Triple H: The biggest mistake I have made since becoming COO is not being a good enough friend to Kevin Nash.

Mixed response from the crowd.

Triple H: I've been so consumed in this role that I've not had the chance to catch up with any of my old friends... but Kevin seems to be the only one that has taken it badly. Shawn Michaels and Sean Waltman understand that I'm a little busy, but Kevin's different... he wants us all to still be riding the main event; he wants to be back competing full time in the WWE... I haven't had the chance to explain to him that he just can't do it any more.

Hunter looks around the arena, the fans listening intently.

Triple H: However... at the time when Summerslam rolled around there was one man that had the ability to sign anyone to a WWE contract; John Laurinaitis.

MASSIVE heat for the mere mention of the GM.

Triple H: Kevin, I know you went behind my back and made some sort of backhand arrangement with John Laurinaitis... but y'know, if you really wanted it that badly, you coulda just asked. But everything has changed now...

Triple H reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a piece of paper that is folded up. He unfolds it and holds it up into the air. The camera tries to get a shot clear as possible... and it looks like a contract?!

Triple H: Kev'... You want another run at the top? You think you can still cut it in the ring like you used to, huh? Let's prove it. Kevin, in my hand here is a contract for a match at Survivor Series... against CM Punk.

The fans ROAR in approval as Triple H smiles and keeps the contract held up high.

Triple H: If you think you can still go like its 1995, prove it against the Best in the World! All you've got to do is come out here and sign your name on the dotted line.

The fans are still buzzing after that major announcement from the COO, as he now paces around the ring looking towards the stage, urging Nash to “COME ON!” After a few seconds, no one has appeared, but that all changes when...


The heat in the arena is unbelievable as Kevin Nash is not the man that emerges out onto the stage, but it is in fact the Raw General Manager JOHN LAURINAITIS, dressed in a full suit as he briskly walks down to the ring, cutting his music off instantly as he speaks into the microphone he is carrying down to the ring with him.

John Laurinaitis: Hunter, I cannot allow this to go on any longer on my show!

Ace now climbs up into the ring as the fans still give him shed loads of heat.

John Laurinaitis: I don't know what you were doing last week, but you clearly weren't listening to my address to the Raw locker room. I am the General Manager of this show, and I demand respect, and I am not going to accept any slander against myself or my Administration on Raw.

Triple H stands with his arms by his side as he watches the almost red-faced Laurinaitis spout off.

John Laurinaitis: How dare you blame me for what happened to Rey Mysterio, Evan Bourne and Santino Marella; what happened to them were in the confines of sanctioned WWE matches; I am not liable for any damage or injuries caused.

Triple H: Oh, so you told big Brodus to take it easy on them, huh?

John Laurinaitis: Hunter, I respect your position as Chief Operating Officer, but I am going to respectfully request that you do not interrupt me again.

A lot of heat for that statement, and Triple H's nostrils flare up as he breathes heavier.

John Laurinaitis: Even though you are the COO, you do not have the right to come out here and make serious allegations about me awarding Kevin Nash a Raw contract without your knowledge... because if you weren't so consumed abusing your power and wanting to play referee at Summerslam you'd have realise that you were to be informed about me signing Kevin Nash to a Raw contract on August 13th; the day before Summerslam.

WHAT?! Kevin Nash has been a Raw Superstar for almost 2 months! Triple H mouths “what?”

John Laurinaitis: And both Kevin Nash and myself tried to inform you of this deal that we both thought you'd be happy about... but you rejected both of our calls because you were so... busy.

Triple H runs his hand over his head in shock... this whole thing could have been prevented.

John Laurinaitis: And as for you making a match between Kevin Nash and CM Punk... I can't let that match go through without my permission; every match involving a Raw Superstar needs the Raw General Manager's seal of approval. I have the power here, Hunter.

HHH still hangs his head down as he thinks of what the consequences of these revelations could be.

John Laurinaitis: I'm tired you thinking that you can walk around here and do whatever the hell you want! I'm in charge on this show, and like it or not, you will respect me! Before I was General Manager, you treated me like I was dirt! I was your errand boy; you couldn't trust me with a damn thing!

Triple H mulls things over; this is all true. The fans are in a stunned silence as they listen to Johnny vent.

John Laurinaitis: But now, I am the Permanent General Manager of Monday Night Raw, the founder and leader of the most powerful group in WWE history, and you, CM Punk, John Cena and everyone else will show me the respect I deserve!

Triple H: John, don't talk to me like I'm a child, okay? I think you are forgetting that I am the COO of this company, and what my job entails. I came out here looking for answers to questions that everyone has been asking for weeks.

Laurinaitis keeps himself back away from “The Game”.

Triple H: I wanted those answers from Kevin Nash, but I have got all of the answers I need from you; except one. Why Punk?

There's a mixed reaction from the fans for that... as that is the one thing they all want to know as well. Laurinaitis looks a little perplexed at first, but his face quickly cracks into a smile and a small laugh.

John Laurinaitis: Hunter, I think that is the one question I'll leave the newest member of the Laurinaitis Administration to tell you...


There's an initial pop from the fans, but it quickly develops into a loud chorus of boos because at long last, KEVIN NASH is here! The seven-footer is dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans and has a smug grin as wide as the arena on his face! Triple H turns into serious mode as he locks eyes with one of his best friends coming down the ramp, and Laurinaitis applauds the newest member of his powerful coalition.

Michael Cole: We've been waiting on him to show up announced for weeks now on Raw; but Kevin Nash is finally in the building, folks! Seven feet tall, this man adds some real firepower and experience to the Laurinaitis Administration!

Jerry Lawler: I don't understand why a man his size is such a coward; he only shows his face when it suits him... and I hope that CM Punk gets a match with him at Survivor Series! CM Punk could even be the WWE Champion by then if he can win this tournament we have going on!

Michael Cole: But Kevin Nash could be about to answer the question on everybody's lips; why has he specifically targeted CM Punk?

Jerry Lawler: That is the question I want- HEY! WAIT!! IS THAT HIM?!!!

There's a huge cheer in the arena... because CM PUNK IS CHARGING DOWN THE RAMP BEHIND NASH – STEEL CHAIR IN HAND!!!! Laurinaitis tries to warn Nash, but Nash doesn't realise in time and PUNK WAFFLES THE CHAIR OFF OF NASH'S BACK!! The fans go MENTAL as Laurinaitis and Triple H are stunned in the ring; but neither want to get in between Punk and Nash right now! Nash falls down to his knees after the blow, and CM Punk walks in front of him and brings the chair up, and he shouts down to Nash


and PUNK SMASHES THE STEEL CHAIR OFF OF NASH'S HEAD!!!! Everyone in the arena is stunned, as the huge body of Kevin Nash falls to a lifeless heap at the bottom of the ramp, and Punk looks down at him, and then up at the two men in the ring with a disapproving look on his face. Punk turns back to Nash and drops the chair as he can see that the rest of the Laurinaitis Administration is charging down the ramp, so the Second City Saint leaps over the barricade and runs into the crowd before Miz, Truth and Clay can catch him.


Punk's music plays as the fans begin to cheer; the cameras cut to Punk standing on a stairway surrounded by the fans... and a broad smile emerges across his face and he shouts “BEST IN THE WOOOOORLLLDDDD!” as he surveys the area below. Triple H remains in the ring, as Laurinaitis has exited to check on Nash, who is only starting to come to as the rest of the Administration look up and shout threats to Punk.

Michael Cole: I don't know what to say about this, Jerry! CM Punk – who we haven't seen all night – just comes out here when we are finally going to get some answers from Kevin Nash, and he just scrambles his brains with that steel chair!

Jerry Lawler: This was the first time that CM Punk knew he was going to get Kevin Nash; we'd all heard the rumours that Nash was going to be here in Lafayette, so Punk must have been lying in wait all night!

Michael Cole: Well, we may have gotten some answers tonight, but there are now a lot more questions! Will CM Punk and Kevin Nash face off at Survivor Series? What will the consequences of CM Punk's attack on Nash be? And of course... Why CM Punk? We'll hopefully get some more answers next week, but for now we're out of time for this week! Goodnight!

The show ends with a shot of CM Punk in the crowd, sharing the moment with the fans as he stares down at the carnage he has caused as Raw fades to black.



Quick Results:

Kofi Kingston def. R-Truth
Curt Hawkins & Primo def. Jobbers
Eve def. Natalya
Drew McIntyre def. JTG
Brodus Clay def. Vladimir Kozlov


24 October 2011


WWE Championship:
John Cena © vs Kofi Kingston OR The Miz OR CM Punk

20 NOVEMBER 2011


CM Punk vs Kevin Nash
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

I was really surprised as to why Del Rio would still have a fiesta despite losing at Hell in a Cell. But when I read it, I guess it made sense. I’m hoping that you don’t get rid of Ricardo for Del Rio because Del Rio would just look quite different without Ricardo. Not sure if I would’ve had this open the show but then it does make me think as to what you have in store for Del Rio. I think the segment could’ve been better, maybe go through with the fiesta but have Del Rio pissed off about it then let him ruin it. That would explain how angry Del Rio is as he takes pulls the plug on his own fiesta. But the segment was good enough for now, I just wanted more.

God, Big Johnny is someone I really dislike but that’s just personal preference, it’s good to see him still be in your thread. Giving him his own stable was pretty smart imo as whoever is in it will be doing something noteworthy for sure. The tournament announcement sounds pretty good actually but with Truth losing here, I predict that Miz HAS TO win his match. So yeah, made it kind of predictable here. Kofi getting a push is always good in my book, but a slow and steady one plz.

Ziggler’s promo was pretty good. Liking that he’s getting more mic time than usual but that was always going to happen. This whole feud with Drew wasn’t going to end yet so I’m glad to see it continuing. I was a little worried that you’d just move on. However, Drew as a face against someone like Ziggler would be a pretty fun feud. Looking forward to see what route you take this feud because I have absolutely no idea what direction it’s going in. As for the tag team match, it was pretty standard. Hawkins and Primo were always going to but god damn, poor Bo Dallas.

Hmm, divas storyline is pretty intriguing. I have a feeling that Eve turns on Kelly and joins Beth and Natalya which would be quite awesome imo. However, that does leave Kelly with no one else so maybe you’re going to debut a new diva which I’m all for. Any storyline the divas have that is good is always good in my book. I didn’t really understand why this segment was needed with Big Johnny and Woods. Hell, if I was Big Johnny, I would’ve fired Woods on the spot. A no name comes into my office and demands respect? Yeah, I’m not buying it. I think you could’ve gone a different route with this one as I see no real point of it really. It just seems weird and out of place.

Cena promo was pretty standard. I don’t think he would’ve gotten that angry though. Instead, I was expecting Cena to have some fun in a promo war with Miz. Both guys are good in the mic so I was hoping for some nice back and forth but it really was just standard, nothing to complain about other than Cena cussing. Addressing the Rock situation was good though, giving us readers a little teaser as to what’ll happen between the two. Good job bringing up the history Miz and Cena have as well, always good to include that in.

You gave JTG a chance to speak? It should’ve gone longer! But in all seriousness, Drew was always going to win this to continue on the feud he has with Ziggler. I do think that their next match could potentially steal the show at the next PPV. But other than that, this feud has me intrigued. Ryder/Swagger is a decent feud to have. Not really sure what to say as there hasn’t really been anything going on between the two right now, but it’s a feud I’m not opposed to seeing.

You had Kozlov/Clay for your main event? Hmm, not too sure about that man. Both guys aren’t really anything special so I’m not sure why you gave them the main event. If anything, maybe Truth/Kofi should’ve been the main event. I guess you were trying to portray Clay as someone who is rising up the ranks but against someone like Kozlov? Not doing it for me really.

The last segment of the show was hmm, I’m not really sure how to put it. I guess I just didn’t really enjoy it. I mean, the COO would ofcourse overpower the GM of a show, the COO is clearly the higher position so I’m not sure why Big Johnny thinks he can overrule HHH. I do like that we’re getting some answers with Nash’s role finally being revealed. I think a lot can happen now that you’ve introduced Nash, it’s probably what we’ve all been waiting for. Also, I was wondering where Punk was and was glad to see him in the last segment. I think I may have held off on the beating he brought to Nash. Probably would’ve been better if Nash and Big Johnny could’ve evaded the attack by Punk then end the show with Punk not looking happy with Nash and Johnny along with HHH, just my thoughts.

Overall, this definitely wasn’t your best show but it progressed the stories you wanted to tell. Having Nash’s role revealed is big because now we can see what could’ve been done with him because he did nothing in real life WWE. I’m very intrigued by that storyline. Everything else was pretty standard, a promo heavy show I feel. The matches on the show just didn’t interest me as well. Maybe it’s the time you had away from this thread, but you’ve definitely had better shows than this. But it’s great to see you back doing this thread and I look forward to seeing what’s next

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Who does previews nowadays anyway?

Friday Night Smackdown
7th September 2011
Nutter Center – Dayton, Ohio

There isn't much in the way of pyrotechnics at the start of Smackdown this week, and the camera goes straight into the ring where the Smackdown General Manager THEODORE LONG is standing in the centre of it. Wearing a disgusting brown suit about three sizes too big, he accepts some cheers from the fans and then motions for them to quieten down a little.

Theodore Long: Ladies and Gentlemen... please allow me to welcome you to Friday Night Smackdown!

The fans pop loudly, and Teddy nods.

Theodore Long: As I'm sure all of y'all know, I was supposed to have undergone a Performance Evaluation tonight by the Chief Operating Officer Triple H-

Long smiles as he is cut off by a MASSIVE pop for the COO.

Theodore Long: But unfortunately, Triple H is unable to be here tonight after the events which occurred on Raw this past Monday. Now I know some of y'all might not be too happy about it, but I have to take this as a blessin'... because I now have a few more weeks to try and turn this show around; so if y'all would show a lil' patience, I'm sure everythin' will go along just fine.

The fans show their respect for the GM and allow him to continue.

Theodore Long: Now one of the reasons my job was put under review in the first place was because of all the attacks backstage and damage being caused to WWE equipment as a result of this, as well as damage to several of the Smackdown Superstars... so to prevent any further unnecessary harm, any physical violence outside of a sanctioned WWE match will result in a punishment to which I deem appropriate, and this ruling has no exceptions.

Long looks pretty serious, and he then turns to the announce table.

Theodore Long: That includes you guys, too. Book, Josh, I know how annoying it must be to have ta sit next to Michael Cole every week, but please try and resist any temptation to rearrange his face, ya feel me?

Long, Booker and Matthews laugh, as Cole screams “Maybe I should kick your ass, Teddy!”

Theodore Long: I'd like to see ya try, playa. Anyway, I have an announcement to make regarding our main event for tonight.

There's a small buzz for this statement.

Theodore Long: Currently, we've got the World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry teamin' wit' Wade Barrett, to face the team of John Morrison an' Randy Orton... in a Tag Team Match!

A very loud pop for this, especially after the mention of Orton's name.

Theodore Long: I'd like ta make a small adjustment to that match; an added stipulation, if you will. Y'see, as announced by John Laurinaitis this past Monday on Raw, in just over two weeks we are gonna have a Three-Hour Raw Supershow, where the Smackdown Superstars are all invited!

Another good cheer.

Theodore Long: So I thought that what better time than then to show Triple H, John Laurinaitis as well as the Raw locker room, just what Smackdown is capable of! An' what better way to show off the number one show on Friday nights, than to see Mark Henry defend the World Heavyweight Championship LIVE on the Raw Supershow?

WOAH! Mark Henry will be putting his title on the line in just over two weeks!

Theodore Long: So I've decided that tonight we are gonna decide who gets that shot at the gold, in our main event. Here's how it is gonna go down; if Wade Barrett, John Morrison or Randy Orton secure the winnin' pin fall tonight, they will become the next Number One Contender.

There's still a slight state of confusion from the fans, as it seems there is more to this.

Theodore Long: But if Mark Henry can win the match fo' his team tonight, HE will get to choose who faces him on the Raw Supershow!

Long nods his head as the fans cheer for that.

Theodore Long: I think that'll be enough motivation for those four men, because I only want the best this show has to offer to represent this show in front of the entire WWE Universe as well as Triple H.


There's a mixed reaction in the arena, but mostly comprised of boos, as CHRISTIAN walks out onto the stage with a confused, but sour look on his face. Obviously unhappy about Long dodging his Performance Evaluation, Christian strides quickly down the ramp and gets a microphone as he enters the ring; Long rolls his eyes to show his disdain about Christian's appearance. Not giving Long another chance to speak as he raises the mic up to his mouth.

Christian: Teddy, I know I might not be the youngest guy in the back, but I'm sure my hearing isn't failing me already... because I am sure I just heard you say that you wanted “the best that this show has to offer” to be competing for the World Heavyweight Championship?

Long nods his head, and says “Yeah, I did.”

Christian: There's where I think we might have a little problem, because you have the best that this show – heck, the best that this entire company – has to offer, standin' right in front of you, but I'm not even considered for a title shot?

The fans boo, and Long stands unflinchingly, not allowing Christian to get to him.

Christian: I'll tell ya what makes it even better, too... the fact that John Morrison is getting this chance tonight, after I beat him last week?! Something about that just doesn't quite make sense to me, Teddy. So I'm going to ask you, where is my World Heavyweight Championship match?

Theodore Long: Christian, I'm gonna put it to ya straight here, playa... Out of everyone on the Smackdown roster, you are the last person I am going to give a title shot to.

Christian's mouth is almost wide open as he is stunned, and he is about to rebut, but Long cuts him off.

Theodore Long: An' before you complain, I'm gonna tell ya why. Two weeks ago, you took out one of my top Superstars in Daniel Bryan, and ya tried to take out another one last week, in John Morrison.

Christian: Daniel Bryan? Daniel Bryan is one of Smackdown's top Superstars?! Taking out Daniel Bryan was just the first step to ending this trainwreck of a reign you've had as General Manager. Now that your Golden Boy is out of the picture, there is no one to stop me from saving this show... because I am the Saviour of Smackdown.

Christian advances towards Long with a smirk on his face, and grabs Long's tie and plays with it.

Christian: So if Triple H isn't able to commit to his job properly and get you off of Smackdown, it looks like I'll have to take matters into my...own...hands.

Christian casts a looks up into the General Manager's eyes, which are filling with fear more and more with each pasing second.

Theodore Long: Playa, I clearly said that there will be no physical contact-

Still with Long's tie in his hand, Christian yanks it forwards and brings Long's head down a few inches. Christian slowly raises his microphone up to his mouth again as Long cowers in fear.

Christian: I'd like to see you try and enforce your own ruling from a hospital bed!

With that, Christian tugs on the tie even harder and Long drops to the mat; begging on his knees at Christian's feet to not hurt him. Christian shakes his head and cocks back for a punch...


WHAT?!?! The Nutter Center is going MENTAL, because EDGE HAS WALKED OUT ONTO THE STAGE! Christian turns around as soon as he hears the music and his face is a picture as he stares at his former best friend beginning to make his way down the ramp! The atmosphere inside the arena is electric, and Long scrambles back on the mat with a smirk on his face, and he gets back to his feet and fixes his shirt whilst Christian is preoccupied with Edge making a surprise appearance here in Dayton tonight. The Rated-R Superstar gets into the ring and nods his head along with the cheering fans, and he graciously accepts the microphone that Long was holding from the General Manager.

Christian: Wh-what the hell are you doing here? This is no place for you.

Edge: I know a physical confrontation isn't the best idea for someone with my condition, but I wasn't going to just sit in the back and watch you take out my new boss.

Huh?! The fans cheer loudly for that, even though we have been speared near enough all details up to this point. Christian is as confused as anyone, looking between Edge and the beaming Long for an answer.

Edge: Well, I suppose I better tell everyone what that means, because it is big, people! For the last few weeks, Teddy and myself have been talking, and earlier in the week we came to an agreement that I am now the Assistant General Manager of Friday Night Smackdown!

Woaaah!! Long stands up firm, grinning like a Cheshire Cat, and Christian looks shocked, almost lost for words.

Edge: I accepted this job because I care about this show; before I was forced into retirement, I was the MAN on Smackdown; and I am not going to let this show fall by the wayside! So I am going to be here each and every week to help Teddy run this show, and make Smackdown a better place for everyone.

Christian: Make this show better? There are two things that will make Smackdown the best it possibly can be; Teddy needs to go and I need to be the World Heavyweight Champion.

Edge: After some consultation with Teddy, I can safely tell you that neither of those things will happen any time soon.

This gets a good pop from the fans as Christian's face sours.

Christian: I think I already see how this relationship is going to work; Teddy feeds you the words that he is too scared to say, huh? Well I'm not going to let Teddy Long or his new YesMan stop me from restoring this show to its natural balance.

Edge: You are crazy!

Edge's eyes go wide, as he clearly has had enough of what Christian is saying.

Edge: I don't have a clue what has has gotten into you! I know you obviously haven't taken any notice of what I told you a few weeks ago on The Cutting Edge, but all of this... needs to stop. I know that you are passionate about this show, which is great, don't get me wrong, because I respect the fact that you want this show to improve; something that the three of us have in common.

Edge looks around at Teddy, and the GM nods.

Edge: But all of this has changed you, man. You keep saying you need to Save Smackdown... what really needs to happen is for someone to Save Christian.

Christian looks down at the mat; not knowing how to take this.

Edge: I barely recognize the guy standin' in front of me anymore... We might not be best friends like we used to be, but you always have been and always will be my brother; so there is no one better to get you past all of this than me.

There's a respectful pop from the fans as Edge speaks from his heart. Christian keeps his head down for a few moments, hiding his face, but his head starts moving quickly. Edge puts a hand on Christian's shoulder as he fears it has become too much for Christian, but Christian moves his head up... and he's laughing?!

Christian: What? I mean seriously, what? I don't need help; and I damn sure don't need a babysitter! All I need is that One...More...Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, and half of the problems for this show will be gone in a heartbeat.

Edge looks taken aback slightly.

Christian: You tell me that you are here to help me; but from the sounds of it, Teddy Long has just hired you to keep my quiet; he is just using both of us! The sooner you realise this, the better!

Edge: Christian, please just listen to me. I want to give you that opportunity; I really do. But in order for that to happen, you need to just drop this obsession with Teddy Long, let him do his job, and then you might get the chance to earn it. Teddy was right earlier, because you aren't getting anything in this current state of yours.

Christian is about to complain again, but Edge holds a hand up to stop him.

Edge: But, what you will be getting is a match at Survivor Series next month.

Oh the intrigue!

Edge: We want you to drop everything to do with trying to remove Teddy from power, and focus all of your efforts on leading a team of five men at Survivor Series in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match!

A big pop from the fans for this, and Christian looks rather confused.

Christian: So who will be the Captain for the other team, huh?

Just as Edge is about to speak, Long motions for the microphone in his hand.

Theodore Long: Edge, if it is all the same to you; I'd like to be the one who tells Christian who he is facin' at Survivor Series.

Edge holds his hands up, having no objections.

Theodore Long: Christian, the man that will be leading the team to face yours at Survivor Series is the man that you took out two weeks ago on Smackdown.... DANIEL BRYAN!


There's another HUGE pop from the fans, almost as loud as for Edge, as DANIEL BRYAN walks out from behind the curtain!! Carrying his Money in the Bank Briefcase in one hand, Bryan starts to run towards the ring, making a beeline for Christian! Seeing Bryan coming, Christian slides out of the ring in front of the announce table, even though Bryan can't touch him because of Teddy Long's edict! Bryan smirks as he eyeballs Christian as Captain Charisma walks around the ring and starts backing up the ramp, looking back at the three men in the ring. Bryan shakes hands with both Long and Edge before he approaches the ropes facing the aisle and stares down Christian as he backs up the ramp.

Josh Matthews: What an explosive start to Smackdown! That is a lot of information to take in; we're going to decide a new Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, Edge is our new Assistant General Manager and Christian and Daniel Bryan will be opposing captains in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match! Wow!

Booker T: Man, dat is a LOT to look forward to in da next few weeks, dawg!

Michael Cole: What is this? Daniel Bryan and Edge are obviously in on this conspiracy to keep Christian away from the World Heavyweight Championship! I want to know the truth!

Booker T: Cole, you jus' trippin! Christian don't deserve nothin' after the stuff he's pulled over da past few weeks; especially takin' out ma boi D-Bry!

Josh Matthews: We've still got a lot to come on Smackdown tonight, but stay tuned during the break, because we've got some Divas action coming right up!

Booker T: Aw Shucky Ducky Quack QUACK!

*Commercial Break*

We return from the commercial, and a very loud pop emanates from inside the arena, as we see TEDDY LONG and the NEW Assistant General Manager EDGE walking down a corridor, clearly on their way somewhere after being out in the ring before the break. The two are in conversation, but Teddy stands still, causing Edge to hand back. [/CENTER]

Edge: Teddy, everything okay?

Theodore Long: Of course, playa! I was just thinkin'... an' I think that we are gonna make a pretty good team, given how well you handled yaself out there.

Edge: Well thanks, Teddy, that means a lot.

Edge smiles as he pats Long on the back and walks ahead, leaving Long to look up the corridor with a satisfied smile on his face, before he scuttles after his new assistant.

We return to ringside, and ALICIA FOX is in the ring, having made her entrance during the commercial break. She doesn't get much of a reaction from the fans, but waves out to them anyway.


To a pretty good cheer from the fans, EVE bounces out onto the stage, looking happy fresh off of her win on Raw this past Monday against Natalya. Accompanying her once again is her “best friend” KELLY KELLY, who is all smiles as she high fives Eve at the top of the ramp, and the two most popular Divas in the company walk down the ramp together.

Josh Matthews: Here we have Eve getting ready to go one-on-one with Alicia Fox, and she is coming out here with Kelly Kelly – who was rather instrumental in Eve's victory over Natalya this past Monday on Raw.

Originally Posted by This Past Monday on Raw
Eve is in a lot of discomfort on the mat, and Kelly looks increasingly worried as Natalya stalks her opponent, whilst Eve holds her back as she makes it up to a knee. Natalya charges at Eve, and goes for that DISCUS CLOTHESLINE – but Eve ducks it! Quickly turning Natalya around, Eve boots her in the gut and drops her with a Snap DDT! Natalya's head bounces off of the mat, and Eve takes a few seconds to recover on the mat; but Kelly urges her to finish the match quickly. Getting back to her feet, Eve approaches the turnbuckle and starts to climb up it but Beth Phoenix jumps onto the apron to distract her!

The official's attention is immediately drawn to Phoenix, and Natalya begins to recover in the ring, but Eve is distracted by the commotion on the apron! Natalya makes it back up and she looks to take advantage – but Kelly Kelly is in the ring and she turns Natalya around, and drops her with the K2 LEGDROP!! The fans cheer for Kelly's interference, and the referee successfully gets Phoenix off of the apron as Kelly rolls out of the ring. Eve turns back and notices Natalya is still out... but she didn't know Kelly interfered! Torres steadies herself on the top rope, before she leaps back and lands a MOONSAULT onto Natalya! Eve hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! THREE!!

Winner: Eve (5.19)


There's a nice pop as Eve gingerly makes her way back up to her feet and has her arm raised in the air, but she is almost ambushed by Kelly Kelly sliding back into the ring to giver her a hug and Kelly shoves the referee out of the way to raise Eve's hand herself. Eve looks happy as she gets onto the turnbuckle to celebrate, still unbeknownst to the fact that Kelly interfered in the match.
Michael Cole: As you can clearly see, Kelly Kelly got involved in the match where she wasn't needed, and she cost Natalya the win she deserved!

Josh Matthews: But the question on everybody's lips is: does Eve know that Kelly got involved? Because if we watch it back there, there is no way that Eve could have realised that Kelly had even gone into the ring!

Booker T: I'm not sure about all dis; I know both Kelly and Eve real well, an' I know dat they are both good girls... I don't understand what is going on here.

Michael Cole: Well all I'll say is that these two better know what they are doin' if they are in it together; because I am sure that the Divas of Doom aren't happy!

Eve gets into the ring, and she walks over to the turnbuckle near Fox, shaking her opponent's hand as she walks past, but Fox looks a little unsure, taking Eve's hand and shaking it back as Kelly glares at Fox from across the ring. However, as soon as Eve turns back to her, Kelly's face develops into a brimming smile at the sight of her best friend, and Fox is now the one giving the dirty look over Kelly's shoulder. Justin King requests that Kelly leave the ring so the match can get under way, and he then calls for the bell.

Match One:
Eve /w Kelly Kelly vs Alicia Fox

The match begins, and both women cautiously approach the centre of the ring and initiate a lock up; Eve being able to get the go-behind and force Fox into the ropes and pulls her back into a roll up! One...Two...Fox kicks out! The crowd pop as Eve almost gets the win within a matter of seconds. Both Divas get back up to their feet, and Fox wildly swings with a right hand, but Eve ducks it and catches Fox with a forearm to the face, causing her to scramble back into the corner. Eve follows up by standing up on the bottom ropes and places her feet onto Fox's thighs and taking her over with a Monkey Flip! It is a harsh landing for Fox, but Eve claps her hands, impressed with her move.

Eve traps Alicia in a side headlock, but a couple of well placed elbows forces Eve away, and Fox swings with a Roundhouse Kick, but Eve ducks it again and rolls Fox up once more! One...Two...Thr-NO! Eve seems too much for Fox in the opening exchanges, and Kelly cheers for Eve to finish the match soon. Fox is back up to her feet quickly, but she turns around right into a big clothesline from Eve! Torres flattens Fox, who is straight back up again, but Eve charges at her once again, and latches her legs around Alicia's neck and brings her around... Hurricanrana!

Fox is seeing stars, and Eve gets to her feet and puts her arm in the air to a good cheer. Fox stumbles back to her feet, and Eve catches her with an Arm Drag, but keep hold of the arm to keep Fox grounded. Alicia uses her flexibility to extend her legs around Eve's neck to cause her to release the hold. Both Divas end up facing each other in the ring, and Eve goes for a clothesline, but Fox ducks it and brings her leg around to crack Eve in the back of the head! Eve drops to the mat holding the back of her head, but Fox has no sympathy as she looks to capitalize, and she brings Eve up, only to send her crashing back down with a Russian Leg Sweep!

Once again the back of Eve's head bounces off of the mat in the centre of the ring, but Eve immediately rolls onto her front and screams in pain with her hands over her head. Sensing that Eve might be hurt, the referee gets in between her and Fox, checking on Eve, but Alicia fails to notice this and she is already running towards the ropes... but kelly Kelly reaches through the ropes and clips Fox's ankle; and Alicia faceplants into the mat! The fans are unsure how to react, and just as this happens Eve is starting to make her way up to her feet, and the referee is content to allow her to continue; neither of them aware of Kelly's interference!

Eve steadies herself on her feet, and she has the recovering Fox in her sights... and Torres charges in and cracks Fox in the head with a Shining Wizard Kick! Fox could be out cold, and Eve is still a little worse for wear, but she finds it inside to get up to her feet again, and drag Fox a little closer to the turnbuckle! Kelly tells Eve to just pin her and win, but Eve ignores her and begins to ascend up the turnbuckle! Eve gets onto the top rope and looks a little shaky, and Kelly has her hands over her mouth, but Eve leaps back... and nails the MOONSAULT FROM THE TOP ROPE! Eve takes a few moments to get herself back together, before draping her arm over Fox's chest...ONE! TWO! THREE!!

Winner: Eve (5.32)


It is a second win in the space of three days for Eve, as she slowly gets up to her knees in the ring as Kelly slides into it and embraces her tightly, and Eve smiles at Kelly through her slightly dazed state. Fox rolls out of the ring holding her stomach, but she glares up at Kelly in the ring through her grimaces.

Michael Cole: Just what the hell was that?! For the second time this week, Eve and Kelly Kelly have screwed over Eve's opponent! First Natalya on Raw, and now Alicia Fox tonight.

Josh Matthews: I'd hang on a second Cole, I don't think Eve is aware of what Kelly has done! She was distracted by Beth Phoenix on Raw, and she seemed to be in trouble and the referee needed to check on her after those hard shots by Fox.

Booker T: Alicia Fox knows exactly where to kick someone, and she hit da sweet spot, and Eve coulda been in serious trouble, an' the referee had to check on her.

Michael Cole: Uh, hello? She was faking it! They both planned this in advance!

Booker T: Well, I think da question is, whether Eve knows what Kelly Kelly has been doing during her matches.

Kelly raises Eve's arm in the ring, and then escorts her best friend out of the ring by keeping hold of her hand, ignoring Eve's requests to check on Fox's condition. Eve looks a little confused as to why she is being shepherded away so quickly, but Kelly smiles at her, and raises her hand once again on the ramp.

Backstage again, and we see a very, very annoyed looking CHRISTIAN sitting in a locker room, but there is something we haven't seen in a few weeks, a look of hope and a fire in his eyes. Suddenly, the door opens and closes, and Christian looks a little confused, as he stands up, and is suddenly face-to-face with TYSON KIDD! Kidd gets a few little boos here and there, but nothing major.

Tyson Kidd: Hey Christian, you got a minute?

Christian doesn't speak, but motions with his head for Kidd to continue.

Tyson Kidd: I saw what happened out there earlier on, y'know, because all I do is watch here on Smackdown. I understand what you are going through, because Yeddy Long has refused time and time again to give me the chance I deserve.

Christian nods again.

Tyson Kidd: So if you really are speaking the truth, you will give me the chance... put me on your team for Survivor Series.

Kidd is totally serious, and Christian looks at him and nods.

Christian: Tyson, I'm not going to disagree with you; you do deserve more and Teddy Long has held you back. So I've got no right to deny you the chance to be on my team.

Tyson smiles and holds his hand out, but Christian puts his hand on Kidd's shoulder.

Christian: But you have to understand that this match could be the key to me finally saving this show and becoming the World Heavyweight Champion again, so I'm not letting anyone on my team without them proving to me that they will stand up and fight for this show.

Tyson Kidd: Anything, I'll do it.

Christian: Good, I want you to go out there tonight and call Daniel Bryan out for a match, and finish what I started two weeks ago.

Kidd nods his head, smiling, relishing the chance to have a match on Smackdown as well as the chance to prove himself. He holds out his hand again, and Christian readily accepts it, and Kidd nods before leaving to prepare.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break, and THE USOS are coming down the ramp, having performed the Siva Tau during the commercial break, and both Jimmy and Jey are slapping hands with the fans in the front row as they make their way to the ring apron where they simultaneously slide into the ring and mount a turnbuckle each. After a few seconds of posing, they jump down into the ring and wait as their music fades out.


There's a pretty loud pop in the arena as Smackdown's resident (not) Superheroes FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM come out onto the stage and High-Five each other. Bateman leads the way as Curtis follows a couple of steps back, and just like their opponents, they show their appreciation for the fans by interacting with them.

Booker T: I love dese two! Both of 'em are in ma Fave Five!

Michael Cole: Which we established last week contains about eight people in it. Anyway, last week Fighting for Freedom saw off Percy Watson & Titus O'Neill in their first match together on Smackdown, and I think they might be in for a bit more of a challenge tonight.

Josh Matthews: The Usos are no pushovers in the ring, that is for sure, and I think they might give Curtis and Bateman a run for their money tonight.

Booker T: The Usos are twin brothas; and when you tag wit' someone you grew up wit' like I did in Harlem Heat, you know dem inside out, and The Usos are no diff'rent; they know how to work togetha.

Josh Matthews: You think either of these two teams could be next for a shot at The Odd Couple and the WWE Tag Team Championships, Cole?

Michael Cole: Well I really think Curt Hawkins and Primo should be next in line; but given the condition of Santino Marella at the moment, I think whoever gets the next title shot could become champions... I hope.

Curtis jumps up onto the apron and slingshots himself into the ring and Curtis climbs in through the ropes; both men getting onto the ropes to pose for the fans again. After they get down, they put their fists out to The Usos, and all four men bump fists to show solidarity, and FFF retreat to their corner to decide who it will be that starts things off.

Match Two:
Tag Team Match:
Fighting for Freedom vs The Usos

The bell rings, and it will be Derrick Bateman starting off with Jimmy Uso. Jimmy, fresh off a victory over Darren Young on Superstars, gets things started by grabbing Bateman and applying a headlock, but Bateman pushes him into the ropes, only to be taken down with a Shoulder Block! Jimmy quickly grabs Bateman's arm and wrings it, and pulls him over to the Uso corner, where the first tag is made and Jey comes into the match. Jey gets up onto the second rope and drops a Double Axe Handle onto the contorted arm, Bateman wincing in pain as a result. Jey grabs Bateman from behind and bends his arm back, before lifting him up and dropping him back down onto it!

Clearly trying to weaken Bateman's arm in anticipation of that Brainbuster, Jey flips Derrick onto his back, and stretches out the arm, and drops a knee down onto it! Keeping his weight there to prevent Bateman from going anywhere, Jey reaches out and Jimmy leans over the ropes to make the tag. Jey backs off and goes back into the corner, and Jimmy stomps onto Bateman's arm, which results in Derrick screaming in pain. With the arm still laid across the mat, Jimmy runs off of the ropes and goes to drop an elbow, but Bateman rolls out of the way!

Jimmy crashes against the mat, and Bateman gets back to his feet and runs against the ropes just as Uso starts to get back up, and leaps into the air to bowl Jimmy over with a Running Crossbody! The fans cheer as Bateman now gets to his feet and starts to get over to Curtis, but Jimmy is back up and grabs him from behind, spinning him around! Derrick feeds the leg, and Uso takes the bait and gets an Enziguiri to the side of the head for his trouble! Sensing that this is his chance to tag Curtis, Bateman quickly scrambles across the ring and leaps for the tag!

Curtis hops over the top rope, and Jimmy is back on his feet, but Curtis catches him with a Dropkick to the face! Uso stumbles back against the ropes and Curtis uses all of his power to flip him overhead with a Back Body Drop! The Phoenix brings him back up and Irish Whips him to the ropes, but Jey sneaks in a tag – and the referee sees it! Jimmy Uso comes back off of the ropes and Curtis catches him with a Spinning Heel Kick to the jaw! Curtis nods his head, but turns around... right into a Super Kick from Jey!!

Curtis drops down to the mat, and Uso is down there to hook both legs! One! Two! Thr-NO! 'The Phoenix' shows his resilience, as Jey pounds the mat in frustration. He locks Curtis in a tight headlock, but Curtis fights out of it with a well placed elbow to the gut, and Curtis then runs off of the ropes, but Uso sees him coming and elevates him into the air... catching him on his shoulders and send him crashing into the mat with a SAMOAN DROP!!! Curtis takes another big hit, and once again Jey gets on top for the pin! One! Two! Three-NO!! Bateman breaks the count!

Seeing Bateman coming in and saving the match for his team, Jimmy Uso charges through the ropes and into the ring! He meets Bateman with a couple of right hands, and sends Bateman into the ropes, but Bateman comes back with a HUGE Clothesline! Jimmy goes down, and is right back up against the ropes, and Bateman charges... clotheslining him over the top rope! Bateman roars out to the fans and pumps his fist, and he turns around to the recovering Jey... and hooks his head under his arm, using all of his strength to lift the Uso up... and he plants him with a BRAINBUSTER!! Bateman stays on the mat, holding his arm after the move... but Johnny Curtis is scaling the turnbuckle!

Having recovered from the Samoan Drop, Curits perches himself on the top rope and he looks down to the downed body of Jey Uso, and he leaps into the air and crashes his leg down across Uso's neck with the PHOENIX LEG DROP! The fans pop hard, and Curtis sells his leg before he crawls on top and hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Winners: Fighting for Freedom (7.02)


The fans are still cheering, as Curtis slowly gets to his feet and walks over to his tag team partner, Bateman, who holds his arm in pain, but smiles through the winces. The referee raises the arms of both members of Fighting for Freedom, and they get onto a turnbuckle each and celebrate in front of the fans. Once the would-be Superheroes get off of the corners, they turn around to see two very worn out Usos. There's a strong cheer in the crowd as Fighting for Freedom hold their hands out... and The Usos accept the show of respect!

Josh Matthews: What a great show of respect by Fighting for Freedom and The Usos! That is the kind of spirit of competition that Smackdown is about; two great teams who just put on a terrific match showing each other the respect they deserve!

Michael Cole: Well I have reason to believe that the only reason The Usos didn't beat the crap outta those two idiots is because of the mandate placed by Teddy Long earlier tonight!

Booker T: Whatchu talkin' about, Cole? The Usos come from a wrestlin' family; dey understand tradition and respect more than anyone!

Michael Cole: But it must be eating away inside of them; they were so close to winning this match... but it was just that killer edge they lacked, and they've lacked it ever since they've been here in the WWE!

Josh Matthews: Well, Fighting for Freedom pick up their second win in as many weeks here on Smackdown, but now we are going to hand it over to our broadcast colleague Matt Striker! Matt?

The camera zooms in on the Tron where we see MATT STRIKER, and there is a very big cheer that greets the man standing alongside him... DANIEL BRYAN! Bryan has a smile on his face, and he clutches his Money in the Bank briefcase in his left hand.

Matt Striker: Thanks guys, and yes as you can see I'm standing by here with the man that will lead a team of five men against Christian's team at Survivor Series; 'Mr Money in the Bank' Daniel Bryan. Daniel, thanks for joining me.

Daniel Bryan: Matt, it is great to be here, back on Smackdown.

Matt Striker: Daniel, as we learnt earlier tonight, you will be in action next month at the Survivor Series Pay-Per-View; have you put any thought into who you want on your team?

Daniel Bryan: This match is going to be one of the biggest of my career, and my chance to show everyone that I am able to perform on the biggest stages. Survivor Series is one of the most important events in WWE History, and I am going to lead my team to victory... in order to do that, I'm going to have to put together the best possible team.

Bryan pauses.

Daniel Bryan: So I'm not going to rush into putting anyone on my team just yet, but there are a couple of guys I've thought of, but I've not talked to anyone about it just yet.

Matt Striker: A smart strategy. Well, word from the Christian camp already has it that Tyson Kidd has been named as part of Christian's team... and the Last Graduate from the Hart Dungeon wants you in a match tonight. Are you going to accept this challenge laid out by Tyson Kidd?

Bryan smirks, and strokes his chin.

Daniel Bryan: Tyson Kidd is one of the most talented guys on the Smackdown roster, and I'd be stupid to pass up the chance to face him and put on a show for the WWE Universe.

A nice cheer from inside the arena.

Daniel Bryan: But just because I respect your ability Tyson, does not mean that I'll take it easy on you. I'm ready for a match any time you are, Tyson.... but remember once that bell rings, you've only got two options; Tap... or SNAP!

The fans join in with the catchphrase as Bryan intensely glares at the camera before walking away, with Striker smiling as we fade out.

*Commercial Break*

We return to Smackdown, and we are immediately shown a shot of the World Heavyweight Championship, and the camera slowly zooms out to see that it is resting on top of a bag. Upon further zooming out we see the World Heavyweight Champion MARK HENRY doing some stretches ahead of his match later tonight. However, the 'World's Strongest Man' has a plaster slapped across his forehead after his gruelling Hell in a Cell Match with Sheamus last night. Henry gets a mixed reaction from the fans... but it turns into a barrage (pardon the pun) of heat as WADE BARRETT walks into the shot and slaps Henry on the shoulder. The champion turns around and faces his tag team partner later tonight and snarls, causing Barrett to remove his hand from Henry's shoulder.

Wade Barrett: Hey, champ, I come in peace! I just came to see you and make sure that we are on the same page for the main event tonight.

Henry doesn't move, so Barrett nervously continues talking.

Wade Barrett: Because if we are on the same page tonight, we will make sure that it is the two best Superstars that Smackdown can offer fighting over the World Heavyweight Championship on the Raw Supershow.

Henry brings out a small smirk, and then reaches down to hold up the World Heavyweight Championship. Barrett stares at the title intently, as Henry locks eyes with him.

Mark Henry: I know the best will be there... because this makes me the best on this show, am I clear?

The Englishman slowly nods, not wanting to upset the behemoth.

Mark Henry: You saw what I can do last night; Sheamus ain't gon' be here fo' a while after what I did to him; and tonight Randy Orton an' John Morrison have the same thing comin'.

Barrett's nervousness seems to fade and he smirks.

Mark Henry: But don't think fo' one second that if you get in my way I won't lay yo' ass out too!

Wade's eyes widen and he looks like he might shit himself.

Mark Henry: So I don't have a problem workin' with you tonight, but I am gonna be the one getting' that pin fall, okay? I think we on the same page now, boy.

Henry slings his championship over his shoulder and then barges past Barrett, who watches him leave the locker room with a disgruntled look on his face... back to the arena!


The ever-growing pop for JUSTIN GABRIEL bursts from the fans inside the Nutter Center, as 'The Rising Star' walks out onto the stage with a big grin on his face. He leaps into the air and lands crouched at the top of the stage, causing bursts of pyro to shoot out of the stage! Gabriel nods his head and gets up, walking down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans as he heads towards the ring.

Michael Cole: Well I don't think that meeting went exactly to plan for Wade Barrett; the World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry making his intentions clear for our blockbuster main event tonight.

Josh Matthews: But here we can see Justin Gabriel on his way to the ring, and this man has been on one hell of a roll as of late; if I've counted correctly, he's made it NINE wins in a row on Smackdown!

Booker T: Ta-night he has a rematch against the man he beat last week, Jinder Mahal... an' Mahal showed he is nothin' but a sore loser after he jumped Gabriel backstage!

Josh Matthews: Mahal couldn't accept the fact that Justin Gabriel was the better man on the night, and take the loss like a man! I'm sure Justin Gabriel is looking for revenge tonight.

Gabriel gets into the ring and climbs onto the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle to him and he holds his hands out and smiles out to the fans, the Nutter Center appreciating the athletic South African. 'Power' fades out and Gabriel jumps down from the corner and looks to the stage for his opponent.


There's actually a LOT of heat in the arena for the arrival of JINDER MAHAL... but there is some confusion from the fans as he's not dressed to compete? Gabriel looks perplexed, but Mahal does have a microphone so he is able to explain himself. The music fades, and Mahal coughs and holds his hand up.

Jinder Mahal: Justin! (coughs) Justin, I'm really sorry, but I don't feel very well tonight... so I'm not going to be competing in our match tonight.

More boos, as it appears that no one is buying this.

Jinder Mahal: But please, don't despair... because I've taken the liberty of finding a replacement...


Coming out to his old theme, THE GREAT KHALI walks out onto the stage and next to Mahal, who now wears a shit-eating grin on his face, but he makes sure he remembers to cough and splutter as he walks down to the ring with the giant.

Booker T: Aw what da hayell! Dis is a joke, man!

Michael Cole: What? All I see here is Jinder Mahal trying his best not to let the WWE Universe down; he knows these fans love Justin Gabriel so he took the liberty of finding a replacement so Justin Gabriel could have this match!

Josh Matthews: That's a load of crap and you know it, Cole! Jinder Mahal has proved that he is just as much of a coward as he was last week! He isn't sick, he just wants The Great Khali to do his dirty work!

Mahal grins at Gabriel, whose prior confidence seems to have faded somewhat after discovering that it is the seven-foot plus giant as his opponent tonight. Khali reaches the ring apron and hauls himself up and steps over the top rope as Mahal gets onto the apron and applauds his monstrous brother-in-law. The referee seems to have no issue with Mahal's substitute (I doubt he'd tell Khali if there was) and he calls for the bell as Khali takes his place in the centre of the ring.

Match Three:
Justin Gabriel vs The Great Khali
w/ Jinder Mahal

The bell rings and there is a strong “GABRIEL” chant amongst the fans in attendance, and the South African slowly advances forwards from his corner and he paces towards the giant in the centre of the ring. There's a brief staredown between the two men, but suddenly Gabriel swings into action and unleashes with a series of stinging kicks to Khali's legs – Gabriel is trying to cut the big man down to size! The fans are fully behind him as Khali has no initial reply to the flurry. Looking to take advantage of the stunned Khali. Gabriel backs off of the ropes and comes back... only to be flattened with a huge Clothesline!!

The impact of the move sends Gabriel down, and he rolls out of the ring to try and rethink his strategy. However, Mahal's presence cuts Gabriel's thinking time short, as Jinder starts walking around towards Gabriel, which means that Gabriel has to slide back into the ring with Khali, and 'The Punjabi Nightmare' is able to catch the wily South African as soon as he is in the ring. Unable to break free, Gabriel is left in the clutches of Khali, and the giant connects with a Headbutt right to the top of Gabriel's head!

Gabriel flies back and slumps down into the corner, and Khali trudges over and delivers a boot to the midsection, which causes Gabriel to wince, as Khali now looks to go to work with an Overhand Chop – but Gabriel moves, and Khali's hand meets the top turnbuckle! Khali now turns back into the corner, and Gabriel starts unloading once more! Connecting with chops and slaps to the chest, Gabriel takes advantage whilst Khali shakes his hand out, almost no-selling Gabriel's offence. Gabriel doesn't let up, but as soon as Khali is ready, he piefaces Gabriel and sends him sprawling back into the centre of the ring!

Right back to his feet, Gabriel charges in at Khali... but he is scooped up and lifted into position for a MILITARY PRESS!!! The fans boo now, as Gabriel is held almost TEN FEET into the air! There's only one way to go for Gabriel as he's well and truly caught in Khali's hands, as Khali drops him, and Gabriel takes the impact right onto his chest! The fans cry “OOH!” as Gabriel audibly screams out in pain. Mahal is loving it at ringside, and he barks orders for Khali to continue the assault. Gabriel is able to scramble to the ropes, but Khali meets him there, and forces Gabriel's throat down across the middle rope!

Trying to stop the illegal move, the official gets in between Khali and Gabriel and loudly warns the giant that he will disqualify him if he doesn't stop. Khali backs off, and he holds his arms up as he is waiting for Gabriel to come back to his feet. After a few seconds, Justin recomposes himself and gets back to his feet, and he turns around right into Khali's clutches again! Khali grabs him with both hands by the throat and lifts him up... CHOKEBOMB – NO! Gabriel grabs onto the Punjabi Giant's head and brings him down for a HUGE DDT!!

Both men are down now, but Gabriel feeds off of the loud cheers from the WWE Universe and suddenly KIPS UP – ala Shawn Michaels! This gets another big pop from the fans, and now Gabriel storms around the ring as he is now the one waiting on his opponent to get up! Khali makes it up to one knee, which renders him at the perfect height for a SUPERKICK to the jaw! Falling like a sack of shit, Khali hits the mat hard, and now Gabriel heads over to the turnbuckle and climbs onto the top rope! With Khali down on the mat, the fans go mental as Gabriel begins to set himself for the 450 SPLASH – BUT MAHAL IS ON THE APRON!

Mahal gets himself involved as he stands next to Gabriel on the apron... and SHOVES HIM OFF OF THE TOP ROPE! Gabriel falls down to ringside... and CRASHES INTO THE BARRICADE!!

As the referee saw the obvious interference, he calls for the bell!

Winner: Justin Gabriel via Disqualification (6.26)

No music is played as the fans boo the outcome of the match, and Mahal gets into the ring now and looks down at Gabriel who is holding his neck in pain out by the dented barricade.


Josh Matthews: Oh, come on! Jinder Mahal “wasn't able” to compete tonight, but did that stop him from getting involved in this match? Give me a break!

Michael Cole: Well, judging by the look on Justin Gabriel's face, I don't think this thing is over yet.

Cole is right, we see some true anger in the eyes of Justin Gabriel, as he regained some wherewithal back as he tries to mask his pain, Mahal leans against the ropes and points his finger at Gabriel, telling him “I told you, no one embarrasses Jinder Mahal!”. We now fade away from Mahal standing over Gabriel...

To a corridor backstage, and the Smackdown theme music plays over as we can see the Intercontinental Champion CODY RHODES along with TED DIBIASE making their way down to the ring!

Michael Cole: Stay tuned to Friday Night Smackdown folks, because we're going to hear from the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes after his controversial title defence at Hell in a Cell! Don't miss it!

*Commercial Break*


There's a lot of heat in the arena now, as finally, the Intercontinental Champion CODY RHODES walks out onto the stage, with TED DIBIASE in tow. Dressed in a shirt and trousers, Rhodes has a smirk on his face after his successful retention on Sunday, and he actually has his head held high as he walks down to the ring, not trying to cover his face. DiBiase as usual just hurls abuse at the fans that are jeering the pair, but Rhodes let him get up to whatever it is he likes doing.

Michael Cole: Here he is! Cody Rhodes, the Intercontinental Champion! Ever since winning the championship back in August no one has been able to stop Cody on the roll that he's been on, and he was successful in defending his title at Hell in a Cell this past Sunday in a Triple Threat match against Sin Cara and William Regal.

Booker T: Maybe if Cody played by the rules, he would've lost dat title as soon as he won it! He screwed Sin Cara over at Night o' Champions and at Hell in a Cell, he cheated to beat Regal AND ma boi Sin Cara! Roll the tape!

A replay of the finish to the IC Title Match at HIAC is shown, where Cody removes Sin Cara's mask, and then uses the distraction caused to use his own mask to strike Regal in the head.

Josh Matthews: I'm with Booker on this one; the Intercontinental Championship is a title rich with tradition, but the way that Cody Rhodes has conducted himself in his defences has been disgraceful!

Michael Cole: Oh, boo hoo! What, Josh, are you going to go home and cry to your mom? Did the bad man make you upset? Its life guys, get over it! Cody Rhodes knows and understands that sometimes you have to bend the rules to keep what you hold dear. The sooner you idiots and the King of Idiots Teddy Long realises it the better!

Booker T: You're full of crap, you know dat, Cole?

Rhodes walks up the steps into the ring, and DiBiase slides under the bottom rope, and even goes as far as to hold the ropes open for his friend, and even retrieve a microphone for him. Rhodes waits for his music to fade out with his eyes closed as he stands in the centre of the ring with his title hanging over his shoulder. Once the music has faded, the boos become even more audible, but the IC Champion maintains his patience, not wanting his mood to be ruined. Once the noise levels have dropped to an adequate level, Cody opens his eyes and slowly raises the microphone up.

Cody Rhodes: This past Sunday at Hell in a Cell, I proved why I deserve to have my name etched in history as one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time... by defeating not one, but two challengers.

The fans boo the self-promotion.

Cody Rhodes: Not only did I receive the satisfaction from keeping my championship, but I witnessed one of the most beautiful sights ever seen in a WWE ring. I removed Sin Cara's mask and looked right into his eyes... and for that split second, I saw a man who was powerless.

Massive heat.

Cody Rhodes: I saw a man go through the same emotional pain that I did when Rey Mysterio ruined my face... I saw a man that was powerless to stop the most important part of his life removed, and it felt so... good.

Rhodes takes in a deep breath and smirks out to everyone.

Cody Rhodes: Everyone made such a big deal as Sin Cara laid helplessly at ringside; trying to cover his face from the world, because of the emotional pain I inflicted on him.

Rhodes' smile has long gone, and he scowls.

Cody Rhodes: What I want to know is where were you all when my face was ruined? Where were you when I went through the worst pain imaginable? WHERE WERE ALL OF YOU WHEN I WAS DISFIGURED BY REY MYSTERIO?!

Taking everyone by surprise, Rhodes stomps around the ring.

Cody Rhodes: For months I have had to wear the scars of my disfigurement for you all to see for nine months; wearing this mask that was cast upon me to protect my face... but Sin Cara wears his mask because he is a COWARD! He hides behind his mask because he isn't man enough to face me fairly, I want to be able to look into his eyes... and see the pain that I put him through, just like I did on Sunday.

The fans seem a little confused, as it seems they are questioning that Rhodes wears a mask too.

Cody Rhodes: People have asked me for months why my mask is transparent... You can see my face through my mask because I want everyone to see the pain that I have to live through every day of my life. My mask is transparent just like each and every one of you people, because I can see right through you all.

The cheap heat does the trick.

Cody Rhodes: You all admonish me for my actions, but if you were stuck in my position then you would all do the exact same thing. None of you have anything in your lives as important as the Intercontinental Championship, because if you did, you would understand why I will do anything I can to make sure I keep it.

Rhodes now plucks the title from his shoulder and holds it up into the air.

Cody Rhodes: Sin Cara is not good enough for the Intercontinental Championship because he is not willing to make this legendary title the most important part of his life. If he was worthy of this title he would have forgotten the mask and pinned William Regal whilst he had the chance.

During Rhodes' monologue, the fact whip up a “SIN CARA” chant.

Cody Rhodes: Chant for him all you want, because Sin Cara is not getting another shot at me until he shows that he is willing to put that mask on the line too!

WOAH! There's a mixed reaction in the crowd, as Rhodes has firmly set the tone for another Rhodes/Sin Cara match. Cody now faces the stage.

Cody Rhodes: So what is it going to be, Sin Cara? You want the Intercontinental Championship so bad, you come out here and tell me – in English – that you're going to put your mask up!

Rhodes paces around the ring, as he looks towards the stage; his patience wearing thin.

Cody Rhodes: C'mon, we don't have all night! Get out here n-


Rhodes is cut off, as the music begins and the lights turn to a dark shade of blue, and the fans pop loudly... because SIN CARA has walked out onto the stage! Wearing his mask, we can tell from his body language that 'The Internation Sensation' isn't in the best of moods, forgoing his usual flashy entrance by walking down to the ring with a purpose.

Josh Matthews: Here he is! Sin Cara is in the building, and I don't think he's in a good mood!

Michael Cole: Do you really think this guy is going to put his mask up against the Intercontinental Championship? He can't even speak English! Do we have a translator our here or somethin'?

Booker T: I'm sure after what went down on Sunday, Sin Cara will find one way or another to let Cody Rhodes know his answer!

Sin Cara reaches the base of the steps, and eyes up both Rhodes and DiBiase before he enters the ring purposefully, and he walks right up to Cody Rhodes and almost goes nose-to-nose with his rival. The lights return to normal and the fans are at fever-pitch; unsure whether these two will break Teddy Long's edict laid down earlier tonight. Rhodes brings the microphone back up to his mouth.

Cody Rhodes: So, what is it going to be?

Rhodes cockily smiles at the masked man, but Sin Cara is in no mood for games and snatches the microphone from Cody's hand! The fans pop, and the anticipation brews as Sin Cara slowly brings the stick up to his mouth.

Sin Cara: I-


Before Sin Cara has even got the chance to get a proper word out, he's blindsided by Ted DiBiase! DiBiase keeps on the attack with a flurry of right hands to the downed Mexican, and now Rhodes joins in with multiple stomps to Sin Cara's ribs!

Josh Matthews: This was all a trap! Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase blatantly ignoring the orders of our General Manager earlier tonight – is there anyone that can stop this assault?

Rhodes backs off, and DiBiase gets back to his feet and measures the recovering Sin Cara, and once he is up... DiBiase hooks in the Sleeper, and plants Sin Cara with DREAM STREET!!

Michael Cole: DiBiase with Dream Street! What an impact!

DiBiase looks pleased with himself, but Rhodes doesn't give his nemesis a chance to lick his wounds, as he is right on him again, bringing him up and turning him around. Rhodes applies the Dragon Sleeper position and looks out around the arena at the booing crowd, and he drives Sin Cara into the mat with CROSS RHODES!! Sin Cara's body lies in a heap on the mat, as Rhodes kneels over him.

Booker T: C'mon guys, this is enough now; we got the message!

Josh Matthews: This is a mugging! For all we know, Sin Cara could have been about to take Rhodes up – oh what now? This is enough!

The timekeeper is ringing the bell, but it is having no effect on the ferocity of Cody Rhodes, as he barks for his friend to bring Sin Cara up to his feet once again. DiBiase has a bit of a struggle propping up the deadweight of the victim, and Rhodes stands in the corner and reaches behind his head to pull off his mask! Not for the first time, Cody exposes his face and holds the plastic mask in the air as DiBiase holds Sin Cara straight. Rhodes begins his run up, and DiBiase shoves Sin Cara's limp body right into a MASK SHOT TO THE HEAD!!! Rhodes is quick to put his mask back on his face, and he picks up the Intercontinental Championship from the mat and raises it over Sin Cara's body, which is spread-eagled across the mat.


Josh Matthews: That was disgusting; the Dream Street from DiBiase and Cross Rhodes were more than enough to send the message, but hitting Sin Cara with the mask was just too far.

Booker T: I just hope dat these two know dat there will be some serious consequences for what they have pulled right there, because they've just gone against everythin' Teddy Long laid down earlier ta-night!

Michael Cole: You two need to lighten up! Whilst I will admit that these two are disobeying Teddy Long; they have just sent a message out to the entire locker room that they are going to do what they want.

Josh Matthews: I just hope that Teddy Long has thought of a suitable punishment for the actions of Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, because they deserve to be fired for what they have done tonight.

Rhodes smirks out to the fans, whilst DiBiase raises his friend's hand into the air; Rhodes holding the Intercontinental Title up in his other hand as we fade off to commercial.

*Commercial Break *


For the second time tonight, the remix of the Wagner classic is boomed around the arena, and the fans cheer loudly as Mr Money in the Bank DANIEL BRYAN walks out onto the stage with his bright blue briefcase in tow. He holds the case up for the fans, before the man with no one as yet announced on his Survivor Series team begins to walk down to the ring slapping hands with the fans.

Josh Matthews: Here is the man who is guaranteed a World Heavyweight Championship match any time he wants until next July, and the man who we learnt will lead a team of five men against his rival Christian at next month's Survivor Series.

Booker T: It is great to see D-Bryan back on Smackdown, dawg! We're about to see one of the best wrestlers in the WWE today in action, and I can't wait to see who he puts on his team!

Michael Cole: Who'd want to be on this nerd's team? He has no friends other than those other losers at the comic book store, what, are they going to go up against Christian and Tyson Kidd?

Booker T: I'm really startin' to have enough of yo crap, Cole!

Cole remains silent, knowing Booker will kick his arse if he carries on, as Bryan hops onto the apron and climbs a corner and shoots his finger into the air before he gets into the ring, handing his briefcase down to ringside first. Bryan stretches his shoulders out as he waits for his music to fade out and the arrival of his opponent.


About to have his first Smackdown match in a few weeks, TYSON KIDD walks out onto the stage with a focused look on his face, to a smattering of heat from the fans. He has an air of confidence about him as he walks down to the ring, fresh off being named on Christian's team, ready to tangle with the opposing captain.

Michael Cole: I can't tell ya how good it is to finally see Tyson Kidd here on Smackdown; the kid has been waiting for weeks for the chance that Teddy Long had no intention of giving him... but thank you, Christian, for allowing us to see Tyson Kidd in action!

Josh Matthews: I will admit that Tyson Kidd's ability impresses the hell out of me; he is the last graduate of the famed Hart Family Dungeon, and he's racked up a lot of wins over on WWE Superstars on Thursday nights.

Michael Cole: Come on, Booker, lets try and hear you say why Tyson Kidd shouldn't be here!

Booker T: What did I just tell you? Tyson Kidd is a top athlete, man. I just never thought he'd be so desperate to go to Christian fo help.

Kidd climbs the steps and hops over the ropes and into the ring, and he also climbs onto a corner and holds his arms up to some moderate heat from the fans. Not wanting to make too much fuss, Kidd jumps down and signals to the referee that he is ready to go. The official nods and calls for the bell!

Match Four:
Tyson Kidd vs Daniel Bryan

The bell rings and both men begin to circle the ring; neither one looking willing enough to give an inch to their opponent. The circumference of the circle slowly decreases and soon enough they are within touching distance, and Kidd goes in first, trying to trap Bryan's leg and bring him down, but Bryan is able to spin out of if and he grabs hold of Kidd's arm and wrings it out. Kidd is able to grab the top rope, and uses it as an aid to flip over and untwist his arm. However, Bryan still has a hold on Kidd's wrist and he yanks him closer and applies a headlock to the Canadian, but Kidd manoeuvres himself behind Bryan and tries to bullrush him into the corner, but Bryan jumps at the last second and plants his feet on the middle turnbuckle, whilst still having that headlock applied! Caught in almost no man's land, Bryan jumps into the air and lands back on his feet, and the headlock is still locked on! Kidd delivers a couple of sharp forearms to Bryan's ribs to cause a break in the hold, and Kidd turns Bryan around into a front facelock.

It is now Bryan's turn to be a little more aggressive as he now forces Kidd back-first into the corner, but Kidd takes a page from Bryan's book and places both feet on the bottom turnbuckle and he adjusts his grip and leaps forwards over Bryan, rolling him through for a Sunset Flip pin! Bryan's shoulders are down! One... Two... Bryan gets the shoulder up! Kidd springs right back to his feet as Bryan looks on from the mat, stunned that he was almost caught out so early on, but Mr Money in the Bank nods his head and gets to his feet. The two men begin to come together in the centre of the ring again, and they opt for a more conventional collar-and-elbow tie up, and Bryan is able to establish control, once again grabbing Kidd's arm and wringing it out. Kidd reaches towards the rope again to counter in the sam way as before, but Bryan sees it coming and delivers a stinging kick to the wrung-out arm! The impact causes Kidd to shout in pain, and Bryan retains his grip... and kicks Kidd's arm again! Bryan now brings Kidd closer and goes behind, bending Kidd's arm back behind him in a Hammerlock.

Kidd looks in a bit of discomfort, but he drops down to the mat to gain a better position, but Bryan drops the Hammerlock, leaving Kidd in prime position for a kick to the back! The sound reverberates around the entire Nutter Center, and Kidd's back is arches following the heavy hit. Bryan grabs Kidd's arm again, and hoists him back up to his feet, and returns to the well again with the wringer, but this time, he gets Kidd back into the Hammerlock, and takes him over with a Hammerlock Back Drop! All of Kidd's weight crashes down onto his arm, and Bryan turns him over and goes for his first cover of the match! One..Tw- Kidd kicks out! Bryan stays on Kidd and brings him back to his feet and sends him into the corner. Bryan goes to whip Kidd across into the opposite corner, but Kidd turns it around and sends Bryan in and follows in himself, but Bryan runs up the turnbuckle and back flips over Kidd! Bryan carries on his momentum and runs off of the ropes, ducking a Kidd clothesline on the way, and comes back with a lariat of his own!

Kidd goes down, but he is right back up, and Bryan kicks him in the gut which doubles Kidd over, and Bryan applies a Double Underhook... taking Kidd over with a very fluid Snap Double Underhook Suplex! Kidd holds his arm once again as he bounces off of the mat, and then crawls into the corner to bring himself back to his feet propped up against the turnbuckle. Bryan stands in the opposite corner and steadies himself before he charges in and delivers a CORNER DROPKICK to Kidd's face!! Bryan lands on his back and Kidd sulks down into the bottom turnbuckle after having his face mashed by Bryan's boots! Bryan is firmly in control now, and he gets to his feet and roars to the fans; the Dayton fans appreciating the man who has missed a few weeks of action. Bryan grabs Kidd's legs and pulls him closer to the centre of the ring, and turns him onto his back. Bryan stands over Kidd's legs and then places his feet on Kidd's thighs, causing the fans to cheer once they realise what he is going for! Bryan hooks Kidd's lower legs around his and then leans back, grabbing Kidd's arms and then Bryan gets onto his back; with Kidd trapped in a Surfboard!

The Nutter Center lets out a loud pop at the sight of Kidd trapped looking up at the lights as Bryan visibly cranks the pressure on the hold up, trying to force Kidd into submitting. A rather loud “TAP OR SNAP” chant starts in the arena, and the sound of hearing his catchphrase being chanted by thousands of people seems to kick bryan into yet another gear, as he pulls back even further on Kidd's arms! Kidd looks like he is about to snap, but Bryan leans forwards and lets go of Kidd's arms, but he quickly grabs Kidd's neck and applies a Dragon Sleeper! Bryan doesn't let Kidd get used to one kind of pain, and the last graduate of the Hart Dungeon is in some real trouble now, as his arms flail all over the place, feeling the full force of the pissed off submission expert. The referee gets down to the Superstars' level and asks Kidd if he wants to give up, which is met by a very loud “NO!” from the Canadian. Looking to now find a way to escape from the hold, Kidd uses his technical expertise and tries to unhook his legs from Bryan's, and once Kidd has removed his right leg, his left leg quickly follows!

Only achieving half of the job, Kidd is still trapped in the Dragon Sleeper, but he rolls back and manages to plant himself back onto his feet! Bryan is now in the vulnerable position, and Kidd grabs Bryan's legs and pulls him closer, causing Bryan to roll backwards. Kidd grabs Bryan around the waist now and leans back; throwing Bryan overhead with a beautiful WHEELBARROW SUPLEX!! Bryan lands very hard on his back, and replays showing that his head actually bounced off of the mat after the impact. Kidd stays down after the throw also, trying to recuperate following his prolonged period trapped in the dual submission. After taking a few seconds, Kidd gets back to a vertical base and by this time Bryan has managed to get onto a knee whilst favouring his back. Kidd runs off of the ropes and comes back at Bryan and connects with a dropkick to the side of the head! Bryan is knocked onto his back, and Kidd jumps on top to hook the leg! One...Two-Bryan kicks out! Kidd isn't fussed by the kick out, and he turns Bryan onto his back and places his knee across Bryan's spine, and pulls back on his neck; it is Bryan's turn to be caught in a tough submission!

With all of his weight concentrated onto Bryan's upper back, Kidd has the Washington native right where he wants him, trapped in the centre of the ring. The referee is down to ask Bryan if he wants to submit, but Bryan is having none of it, and he already looks for a way to escape from the hold, trying to roll over onto his back. Kidd sees the counter coming, and he quickly transitions over into a front facelock again, but he is trying his hardest to keep Bryan's head on the mat. Bryan grabs Kidd's arms and manages to break his grip, and then he does a headstand (~!) and takes himself over to land on top of Kidd, whilst still keeping a grip on Kidd's arms. Kidd moves himself forwards and manages to get himself onto his feet, and the two men's arms are linked with their backs to each other. Both try to overpower the other, and Kidd appears to be winning the test of strength, and he bends forwards, causing Bryan to flip over the top and land on his feet! The two men are facing each other now, and Kidd is the first to react, and he swings with a Roundhouse Kic, but Bryan ducks it... and cracks Kidd in the side of the head with a Roundhouse Kick of his own!

Kidd slumps to the mat after the strike, and he lands by the ropes. Bryan waits as his opponent begins to use the ropes to get back to his feet and once he is up and leaning against the ropes, Bryan charges in and clotheslines Kidd over the top rope, and the Canadian falls to the floor! Bryan has the fans on their feet now in anticipation, as Kidd slowly starts getting back up on the outside, and Bryan charges off of the ropes and he comes hurtling back towards Kidd and comes through the top and middle ropes with a SUICIDE DIVE!! A big pop erupts through the arena, and Bryan stays down momentarily following the high risk move, but he gets up to his feet and nods his head. Bryan grabs Kidd by the neack and starts to bring him up, and he goes to roll him in the ring, but Kidd pens himself against the ring apron, preventing Bryan from taking him back into the ring. In response, Bryan takes a step back and kicks Kidd in the chest, and then rolls the stunned Kidd back into the ring, and instead of rolling back into the ring, Bryan walks across the apron and climbs onto the top rope!

Bryan steadies himself as Kidd begins to stir on the mat, and eventually rise back up to his feet, holding his chest. Once Kidd turns around to face him, Bryan leaps from the top rope and connects with a DIVING DROPKICK right to Kidd's chest! The fans cheer loudly which wills Bryan to crawl over to Kidd and hook the leg for the pin! One! Two! Thr-NO! Kidd shoots the shoulder up, and tries his hardest to get back to his feet, but he only managed to get to his knees, as the readied Bryan cuts him off with a shoot kick to the chest! Kidd grabs his chest in agony, but it doesn't stop Bryan doing it again! Bryan goes into hyper speed, laying into Kidd with a flurry of kicks to the chest now, but as he prepares for the final deciding kick to the head, he pauses with his leg in the air as something catches his eye on the stage... and the fans notice too and descend into heat as we can now see that CHRISTIAN has walked out onto the stage! 'The Saviour of Smackdown' holds his arms up to show that he means no harm to his opposing Survivor Series captain... but that distraction proves costly, as the semi-recovered Kidd grabs Bryan's outstretched leg and takes him over with a nasty Dragon Screw! Bryan lands on the mat hard and holds his knee joint, as Christian smiles on as he walks down to the ring. Smackdown heads off to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return to the match with the news from the announce table that Tyson Kidd dominated the match throughout the entirety of the commercial break with attacks focused towards Daniel Bryan's right knee. We return with a shot of Christian who has taken his place at ringside, willing his team mate on. Bryan is trapped in yet another submission in the centre of the ring, as Kidd has a Single Leg Crab applied to put pressure on that knee as well as Bryan's back. Christian looks right into Bryan's eyes as Mr Money in the Bank's face etched in pain with a smile, and he says “Come on Daniel, you know the drill – Tap or Snap!” Christian laughs, but this only wills Bryan on and he starts trying to claw his way to the ropes! Christian's eyes widen at the sight of Bryan inching closer to the bottom rope right in front of his face, and Kidd is powerless to stop Bryan's resurgence, and after one last reach... Bryan grabs the bottom rope! There is another loud cheer from the fans as Kidd is forced to break the hold against his will. Bryan pulls himself up onto the middle rope, as Kidd protests to the referee. Christian takes advantage of the distraction with a cheap shot to Bryan's face!

Kidd judges that the deed has been done after hearing the reaction from the fans, and Christian flees from the scene as to not arouse any suspicion. Bryan rolls into the centre of the ring onto his back, still exhausted from the Kidd offence as well as recovering from Christian's sucker punch. Kidd exits the ring and out onto the apron, and he grabs onto the top rope and slingshots himself onto the top rope and leaps forward, crashing down onto Bryan with a SPRINGBOARD ELBOW DROP!! Kidd nails his old finishing move, and he stays on top and hooks the leg... One! Two! Thre-NO!! Kidd pounds the mat in frustration, and he quickly gets to his feet and stands at Bryan's legs, lifting them up and placing his leg through the middle – Kidd is trying to set up for the Sharpshooter!! Bryan, sensing the legendary hold is on the way, uses his arm to prevent Kidd from planting his leg, and Bryan uses his legs to push Kidd away into the ropes! Bryan stays on his back as Kidd rebounds off of the ropes and Bryan uses his feet to take him over with a Monkey Flip!

Bryan takes a little longer that usual to get to his feet, really selling the effects of Kidd's offence to his legs. Kidd is up too, and he runs at Bryan, but gets taken over with an Arm Drag, followed by another deep Arm Drag, as Bryan starts to find his way again in this match after a prolonged period of Kidd on top. Kidd gets back to his feet again, and Bryan unleashes with a stiff kick to the side of the leg, and Bryan switches feet and chops down Kidd's other leg to cause him to drop onto his knees again. Bryan now steadies himself, ignoring Christian, and starts pummelling Kidd's chest with a series of stiff shoot kicks again!! After about seven or eight strikes, Kidd looks out of it, and Bryan turns to Christian and glares at him... before KICKING KIDD'S FUCKING HEAD IN!! Tyson drops down to the mat to the cheers of everyone in the building, and Bryan now tries to shake his limp off as he heads to the corner once again and climbs to the top rope, with Kidd unresponsive in the centre of the ring... and Bryan leaps from the top and connects with a DIVING HEADBUTT!!

Putting everything on the line in his return match on Smackdown, Bryan sells the effects of the move on his own head, but after a few moments, he backs onto Kidd's chest and hooks the outside leg! One! Two! Three-Kidd kicks out! Kidd keeps the match going, but Bryan quickly turns him over, and he places Kidd's arm between his legs, as he is setting up for the LeBell Lock – but somehow Kidd is able to roll through, and he traps Bryan's shoulder's down onto the mat – One! Two! Thre-NO! Bryan survives the sneaky pin attempt from Kidd, and both men spring back up to their feet, looking revitalised. There's a buzz as both Kidd and Bryan stare at each other with Christian watching on, but Kidd is the first man to react with a forearm to Bryan's head, but Bryan replies with a forearm of his own! Kidd hits one back, only to receive another from Bryan! The fans cheer for Bryan's shots and boo for Kidd's - BOO! YAY! BOO! YAY! BOO! YAY! YAY! YAY! Bryan starts to gain control, and he forces Kidd against the ropes, but Kidd starts coming back with his forearms which cause Bryan to back onto the opposing ropes!

Bryan digs deep and becomes quicker in his strikes, and the battle returns to the centre of the ring, and both men are just throwing rapid fire forearms at the other! The fans are going crazy, as is Booker on commentary, who was trying to call each individual strike before giving up. The windmilling motion of both men continues, but they stop at the same time and have the same idea to run against the ropes... and they both come back with a clothesline and both men are down! With the crowd going spare with applause for the performances of both men, the referee has no other choice to begin his count as neither man show any signs of getting up. Once the count reaches five, Bryan starts to get up first, but Kidd isn't far behind him. At nine, both men shoot up at the same time, and Kidd immediately goes for another forearm, but Bryan ducks it, and rolls him up with a SMALL PACKAGE! One! Two! Kidd turns it over, and now Bryan's shoulders are down! One! Two! Bryan shifts his weight and turns it back onto Kidd! One! Two! Thre-NO! Kidd pops out and the Small Package is broken, both men sprawled across the mat.

The stress on Christian's face is evident, as he isn't even sure how this one will end, as he also tries to keep his involvement to the minimum. Bryan and Kidd are up again, and once again it is Kidd that swings for the fences, and Bryan gets a go-behind, and he grabs Kidd around the waist and attempts a GERMAN SUPLEX – But Kidd lands on his feet! The athleticism of Kidd is on display, as he lands behind Bryan, and rolls him up with a Schoolboy! One! Two! Thre-NO! Bryan grabs Kidd's arm which is already in between his legs, and he reaches through and transitions Kidd's pin attempt into the LEBELL LOCK! The Lebell Lock is locked in in the centre of the ring!!! Christian's head is in his hands, and the fans whip up another loud “TAP OR SNAP” chant, as Kidd is well and truly trapped with Daniel Bryan pulling back on his neck with all of his might, and looking to avoid any further punishment, Kidd raises his free hand up... AND TAPS OUT!!

Winner: Daniel Bryan (19.37)


The fans are all on their feet as they reward both Bryan and Kidd with a standing ovation for their efforts. Bryan is helped up by the referee who raises his arm and hands him his briefcase, as Christian slides into the ring and kneels beside Kidd, looking disappointed at his team member.

Josh Matthews: What a match! That is the best example of why Smackdown is the best show available on Friday nights!

Booker T: Man, Daniel Bryan had to dig deep there, an' it was even harder wit' Christian tryin’ ta throw his game.

Michael Cole: Christian didn’t do anything! He just came out here and watched Tyson Kidd valiantly fight for his team! Christian did not interfere once in this match.

Booker T: You’ve never been out dere, Cole, when someone who you don’t expect to show up comes out, it can throw you off yo’ game. Christian knows dis.

Bryan has a standoff with Christian as the two opposing captains lock eyes, and Christian gets to his feet to walk towards Bryan and the two men stare into each other’s eyes, until Bryan lifts his briefcase into the air to a big cheer before he smiles and turns to leave the ring.

We’re backstage last night, and into an office setting, with TEDDY LONG sitting at his desk doing some work, and EDGE is instructing two workers where to place a second desk; presumably for him. The workers place it down adjacent to Long’s desk, and Edge turns to the GM.

Edge: My desk cool here, Teddy?

Theodore Long: Put yo’ desk wherever you want, playa.

Edge: Thanks boys, that’ll do for now.

Edge gives the thumbs up to the workers, and they then take their leave. We can hear someone greet the workers as they are leaving, and this person is entering, and he gets the attention of both the General Manager and his Assistant.

???: I’ve not come at a bad time, have I?

The voice is a lot clearer this time, and it is a very well-spoken English accent, meaning it is only one person on the Smackdown roster... WILLIAM REGAL. Regal walks into the shot to a nice cheer from the fans, and shakes hands with both Long and Edge.

Theodore Long: Mr Regal, to what do we owe the pleasure?

William Regal: Well I’m here on behalf of Sin Cara, because he can’t come to you himself because he doesn’t speak a bloody work of English! We want to know if you’re going to stand by what you said earlier Mr Long, and what Masters Rhodes and DiBiase’s punishment will be.

Theodore Long: William, if you would just calm down, I was just about to inform WWE HQ that I will be fining both Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase for their actions earlier tonight.

Regal looks a little more relaxed now, but Edge, who was watching the whole conversation. Now gets to his feet and holds his hand out.

Edge: Teddy, with all due respect, I think I have a better idea. William, I’m sure you still want another piece of Cody Rhodes after what happened at Hell in a Cell, am I right?

William Regal: Naturally.

Edge: So how about next week we see Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase takin’ on William Regal and Sin Cara in a Tag Team STREET FIGHT?!

Regal nods his head and Long cracks a smile, ripping up the piece of paper in his hands. Regal shakes hands with both men once again and takes his leave, leaving Edge looking very happy with his first night’s work.

*Commercial Break*

Returning from the final commercial of the night, we see that JOHN MORRISON is making his way down to the ring ahead of the main event. He reaches the base of the ramp as the camera turns back to the stage and Morrison’s music cuts out and the fans cheer loudly in anticipation for...


There is an enormous cheer in the arena, as RANDY ORTON walks out onto the stage! “The Viper” smiles as he accepts the extremely positive reaction from the WWE Universe, and he begins to slowly walk down the ramp towards the ring, slapping hands with the fans as he passes them.

Michael Cole: It is main event time on Smackdown, but did you guys hear that reception for Randy Orton? I think this is the man that the WWE Universe want to see challenging Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Josh Matthews: It was Randy Orton who lost the World Heavyweight Title to Mark Henry at Night of Champions in the Smackdown Six-Pack Challenge, and he was unsuccessful in winning the title back a few weeks ago.

Booker T: But he earned himself another shot after he beat Wade Barrett at Hell in a Cell! I’m goin’ for Orton to get himself another chance ta-night!

Josh Matthews: I think John Morrison and Wade Barrett might have something to say about that!

Orton gets into the ring, and he casts a brief look at Morrison before pulling himself onto the second turnbuckle and striking his Destiny pose to another very big cheer. Once he gets down from the turnbuckle, he approaches Morrison in the corner, and the two faces have a brief discussion; Morrison seemingly not too happy with what Orton is saying, an obvious contrast in opinions of how this match should go down.


The cheering for Orton dissipates and turns into a loud outpouring of heat in the arena as WADE BARRETT walks out onto the stage, with a very stern look on his face. Orton gives the man he beat at Hell in a Cell the same look of disdain, and Barrett keeps his eyes locked on The Viper as he makes his way down to the ring.

Josh Matthews: Here comes Wade Barrett, and as you can see, he isn’t in the greatest of moods after Hell in a Cell, following his hard fought loss to Randy Orton.

Booker T: Wade Barrett should be grateful dat he’s still bein’ given dis chance to compete for the top title here on Smackdown; I can think of other guys who’d kill to be in his position right now.

Michael Cole: Just because Randy Orton beat him once, means that he shouldn’t be here?! Barrett is one of the top Superstars on the Smackdown roster, and I actually think he’ll be the one who gets the title shot tonight.

Booker T: I wasn’t sayin’ Barrett can’t go in the ring, but we’ve got guys like Daniel Bryan and Justin Gabriel winnin’ matches week after week, an’ Barrett took a big loss on Sunday.

Josh Matthews: Do you also think Barrett has an advantage in teaming with Mark Henry?

Michael Cole: Well, fitting to his character, Mark Henry told Wade Barrett earlier tonight that Barrett should stay out of his way... Wade Barrett would be wise to do just that.

Barrett cautiously walks up the stairs and gets into the ring, maintaining his eye contact with Orton, and Morrison sheepishly looks on. Breaking his stare off with Orton, Barrett faces the hard camera and smashes a clenched fist into the other hand, and the former Bareknuckle Champion backs off against the ropes and looks down at his opponents as we are now just left waiting for the World Heavyweight Champion.


There’s a mixed reaction in the arena, and all of the fans are on their feet as the World Heavyweight Champion MARK HENRY walks out onto the stage with a soured look on his face. He has a plaster slapped across his forehead, protecting his war wounds from his Hell in a Cell victory over Sheamus.

Michael Cole: Can you feel the electricity in the air? When Mark Henry makes an appearance everyone has no choice but to pay attention and watch!

Josh Matthews: Well we all know that Mark Henry successfully defended his World Heavyweight Championship against Sheamus inside the Hell in a Cell in what was one of the most brutal matches I have ever seen.

Booker T: I was sittin’ dere at ringside and it was scary jus’ watchin’ dese two guys tear each other apart.

Josh Matthews: Sheamus suffered extensive injuries to his ribcage during that match, as a result of a World’s Strongest Slam onto the top of the cell structure. We wish Sheamus a speedy recovery.

Michael Cole: I don’t think he’ll be going after Mark Henry again when he comes back! But the power could be in Mark Henry’s hands tonight; if he can get the winning fall in this match, he chooses which one of these three men will become the next challenger to his title.

Main Event:
Tag Team Match:
If Wade Barrett, John Morrison or Randy Orton secure the pin fall, they become #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship; if Mark Henry secures the pin fall, he chooses the #1 Contender.
World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry & Wade Barrett vs John Morrison & Randy Orton

Finish: Henry whips the exhausted Orton into his own corner with authority – as John Morrison still recovers from being hurled into the steel steps by Henry - causing Orton to stumble back out of the turnbuckle, and Henry flattens him with a clothesline!!! Orton is almost out of it, and Henry drags his limp body towards the centre of the ring. The World Heavyweight Champion backs off against the ropes and comes back to landing on Orton with a 400+lb SPLASH!! Henry stays on top of Orton, and the referee is down to count the pin attempt! One! Two! Thre-NO! The count is broken... by WADE BARRETT?!! Barrett broke his partner’s pin! As Henry is recovering from the kick to the side of the head, Barrett shouts down at the champion “I’M WINNING THIS FOR US!” and he goes down to pin Orton, but the referee informs the Englishman that he is not the legal man!

Barrett’s eyes go wide, and he then starts getting back to his feet, not realising that Mark Henry is back up as well, and standing right behind him! Barrett slowly backs towards his corner, but he bumps right into Henry’s chest! Wade turns around slowly, and Henry floors him with a Headbutt!!! Barrett goes down at the hands of his partner, but Henry reaches down and picks him back up again, and he lifts him into a MILITARY PRESS! Henry waits for a few seconds as he holds Barrett up into the air and approaches the ropes; and he throws Barrett down to ringside! Barrett’s body rolls until he is stopped by the barricade. Henry shakes his head and turns around to follow up on Orton, who is almost back to his feet, but he was playing possum – RKO - NO!! Henry saw it coming and he pushes Orton away... and he clashes heads with Morrison who is recovering on the apron! JoMo falls back down to ringside, and Orton dazes as he stumbles back towards Henry and right into the WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM!! There’s some loud heat as Orton is planted, and Henry hooks the leg! One! Two! Three!

Winners: Mark Henry & Wade Barrett (11.23)


Henry looks up at the hard camera with a broad smile, before he gets to his feet and has his arm raised by the referee, and is handed his championship which he slings across his shoulder. He looks down at Orton on the mat, before walking around the ring to peer at Morrison and Barrett who are sprawled around ringside; destruction which was all caused by the World Heavyweight Champion.

Michael Cole: Destruction. Whenever Mark Henry steps into that ring, he leaves a trail of destruction behind him, and tonight was no different. Not even his own partner was safe tonight.

Booker T: I thought Randy Orton was gon’ get him with the RKO right dere at the end, but Henry showed us just why he is the World Champ!

Josh Matthews: But how important is this? Mark Henry is now the one who gets to choose who will be facing him on the Raw Supershow in two weeks!

Michael Cole: The power is in Mark Henry’s hands!

Smackdown ends with a shot of the World Heavyweight Champion standing in the centre of the ring, raising his title with one hand and neating his chest with the other, as Smackdown’s King Kong stands tall over his would-be challengers.



24 October 2011


WWE Championship:
John Cena © vs Kofi Kingston OR The Miz OR CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship:
Mark Henry © vs John Morrison OR Wade Barrett OR Randy Orton


20 NOVEMBER 2011


(Christian, Tyson Kidd, ???, ???, ???)
(Daniel Bryan, ???, ???, ???, ???)

CM Punk vs Kevin Nash
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Reading back through this show, I think it might be a little loaded with too much going on. I'll let you lot be the judge of that.

Monday Night Raw
10th October 2011
Giant Center – Hershey, Pennsylvania

There’s not a video package to kick off tonight’s show, but we are greeted by a very loud outpouring of heat from the fans inside the Giant Center, and the reason becomes quickly obvious... The Laurinaitis Administration are standing in the centre of the ring. The Raw GM JOHN LAURINAITIS stands in front of his troops; THE MIZ, R-TRUTH and BRODUS CLAY. Interestingly, Kevin Nash is not present most likely due to the events which closed the show last week. It appears that the rest of the Administration have learnt from Johnny not to react to the fans as they all stand patiently as Laurinaitis waits for the heat to subside.

John Laurinaitis: My name is John Laurinaitis and I am the Permanent General Manager of Monday Night Raw.

That sentence gets the same negative response as every week.

John Laurinaitis: Last week, one of the members of my Administration, Kevin Nash, was the target of a sickening assault by CM Punk-

There’s a huge roar amongst the fans for the mention of Punk’s name, and the GM glares at them.

John Laurinaitis: CM Punk took it upon himself to strike Kevin around the head with a steel chair, and Kevin has been given the week off to allow him to recover from his injuries. To show that I will not tolerate any unjustified attacks on myself or my Administration, CM Punk has been fined fifty-thousand dollars and is suspended from Monday Night Raw for two weeks... without pay.

Massive heat for that news, but Laurinaitis just cracks a smile as he cockily scans the arena.

John Laurinaitis: As you may know, CM Punk [I]was[/] scheduled to face The Miz in a Semi-Final Match in the WWE Championship Number One Contender’s Tournament, but due to CM Punk’s current situation, he will not be able to compete and therefore The Miz will automatically advance into the finals next week.

Even more booing, as a close up of Miz’ face shows him smirking.

John Laurinaitis: It is only Kofi Kingston and John Cena standing in between the Laurinaitis Administration and the WWE Championship, and I guarantee that The Miz will become WWE Champion in two weeks on the Raw Supershow.

More heat greets that statement, as the “next WWE Champion” walks forward and accepts the microphone off of the General Manager.

The Miz: I think it goes without saying that you all know that I am going to wipe the floor with Kofi Kingston next week, because to even assume that Kofi Kingston is in the same league as me is preposterous. I am not planning to put any extra preparations for him, because my victory next week is already set in stone.

Miz talks in a slow tone to show that he isn’t mincing his words.

The Miz: I will enjoy my night off from in ring competition tonight, as I prepare to take back the WWE Championship that I never should have lost at Extreme Rules in two weeks... and just like at Wrestlemania, I will beat John Cena.

That is met with some more boos, but there are actually a few cheers sprinkled in.

The Miz: Last week, John Cena embarrassed me, and he thinks now that he is one up over me? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO! All you did last week, hitting me with the Attitude Adjustment – my attitude is adjusted, alright! Now I am even more motivated to take you down and bring the WWE Championship home to the Laurinaitis Administration!

Big heat.

The Miz: We are the elite group of Superstars in the WWE, and John Cena, I know that you are nothing but jealous that you are not a part of this!

Miz is starting to get a little flustered.

The Miz: John Cena, you are NOT going to walk out as WWE Champion in two weeks... because I’m The Miz... and I!M AWWEESOOO-


There’s some confusion in the arena, as James Brown’s 1985 hit echoes around the arena, there’s some good cheering from the fans, and John Laurinaitis is throwing a fit in the ring, wondering who is ruining his promo. The mystery is soon solved however, as XAVIER WOODS walks out onto the stage! The rookie gets a pretty decent pop for his first non-backstage appearance on Raw. As Woods walks down to the ring with a pissed off Administration waiting for him, the commentators note that Woods has been very outspoken in his views on how John Laurinaitis manages the Raw roster, but Cole says that he has no place disrespecting someone as esteemed as John Laurinaitis. Woods gets into the ring with a microphone and allows his music to cut out. Before he gets a word in, John Laurinaitis snatches the microphone back off of The Miz.

John Laurinaitis: I’ve had just about enough of you already! Who do you think you are? How dare you disrespect me and my Administration like this?

Woods doesn’t look impressed by the GM’s outburst, and he looks Laurinaitis right in the face.

Xavier Woods: Fire me then.

After that, Woods stares into Johnny’s eyes, before he swings around and faces The Miz with a sarcastic smile. The fans cheer the no-selling of Laurinaitis’ threat.

Xavier Woods: Hey, Miz! How you doin’? That was some speech you just gave us there... I think we should all just let The Miz know one more time what we think of him!

Woods motions to the crowd, and a very loud “MIZ SUCKS!” chant echoes around the arena, which causes the American flag-clad Superstar to grin.

Xavier Woods: Miz, listen to me. Everyone – and I mean everyone – is tired of hearing you come out here and run your mouth like you are God’s gift to this world, and that you’re “AWWEEESOOOOMMMEE”. Well, you’re not.

Truth passes The Miz another microphone, as he demands one and he looks Woods dead in the eyes, almost shaking with anger.

The Miz: Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you show the Laurinaitis Administration the level of disrespect that you have?! HOW DARE YOU?!

Miz shouts the last part, but Woods is unflinching.

The Miz: If you are not going to show the proper level of respect to us that you should, maybe you need to have it beaten into you. Brodus!

The intimidating Clay steps forwards, but Woods turns to the big man.

Xavier Woods: Stay-Puft, wait just one sec, okay? Miz, I actually agree with you! I think that since I’ve been here on Raw, I haven’t showed the correct amount of respect to our General Manager John Laurinaitis... so maybe I do need to have that respect beaten into me.

The Administration are all smiling at that, but the fans are unsure where Woods is taking this.

Xavier Woods: But, Miz... I want you to be the one to do it... Tonight.

There’s a big pop for that though – Woods calls out The Miz for tonight!

Xavier Woods: What I guess I am saying is that I that I want CM Punk's place in the Number One Contender’s Tournament!

The fans cheer that motion, and The Miz even begins to chuckle slightly, but a very stern-faced John Laurinaitis gets the microphone back.

John Laurinaitis: This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life! You come out here and disrespect me and my Administration, and now you are demanding a title opportunity when you haven't even competed in a match on Raw?

Woods nonchalantly shrugs his shoulders.

Xavier Woods: Well... yeah.

Johnny's eyes bulge as he cannot believe how laid back Woods is being.

John Laurinaitis: Well let me give you a piece of news; I am not going to let a worthless little punk like you anywhere near the WWE Championship! I'm not even going to let you have a match... at all!

The Administration all begin laughing.

John Laurinaitis: You might be signed to a Raw contract, but it is my choice whether you get used on my show.

The fans begin to boo, as Woods realises that this could be problematic for him.

John Laurinaitis: I could fire you, but that would be the easy option... I want to watch as you waste away in the back until all of these idiots have forgotten who you are.

Woods is quite clearly pissed off.

John Laurinaitis: And that is all I have to say to you, so get out of my ring before Brodus Clay makes you.

We see a shot of the imposing Clay cracking his knuckles, as Woods looks unsure of what to do, but upon Clay taking a step closer towards him... he drops his microphone with a thud and begins to back off. Woods exits to the apron and has one more look back towards the ring at the smug LA, and he hops off of the apron to the floor. Woods doesn't acknowledge anyone as he trudges back up towards the stage. He gets around half way up until...


The Hershey fans are on their feet as TRIPLE H walks onto the stage!!! Dressed in a smart suit, the COO has a microphone already with him and he shakes his head as he paces on the stage. Xavier Woods looks shocked and he turns around to see the looks on the face of Laurinaitis and his crew; all of which look furious.

Triple H: No, this isn't how tonight's show is going down. I just arrived into the arena just now, and I've heard that John Laurinaitis has fined CM Punk FIFTY-THOUSAND DOLLARS?!

John Laurinaitis: And I'd do it again, Hunter!

Triple H: Don't interrupt me. As much as I cannot condone CM Punk's actions last week - especially since it was one of my best friend's head he caved in with a steel chair – that fine has been lifted!

Laurinaitis looks furious again as Triple H asserts his authority.

Triple H: Johnny, don't look so shocked! You've got Brodus Clay over there takin' guys out left, right and centre and you're PAYING him for it!

John Laurinaitis: All of those incidents were in the confines of a sanct-

Triple H: I don't care. Besides, Kevin Nash will have his chance to get his revenge at Survivor Series where he will be facing CM Punk.

A good pop for the true confirmation of that match.

Triple H: But anyway, back to the matter at hand... despite no longer having to face a fine to pay, CM Punk won't be here tonight , as a suspension is a more fitting penalty for his actions. He was scheduled to face The Miz tonight... but The Miz will still be competing in his Semi Finals match tonight as planned; but against Xavier Woods.

YES! Woods cannot believe it and the fans are going spare! There is outrage between the four men in the ring however.

John Laurinaitis: You can't do that! I won't let you-

Triple H: Y'know, the sooner that you realise that I can do pretty much whatever the damn hell I wanna do around here, the easier our relationship will be.

John Laurinaitis: I am not going to let you undermine me any more, Hunter! You aren't going to get away with this!

Laurinaitis looks 100% serious in his threat, but Triple H shrugs.

Triple H: Watch me.


The fans cheer loudly as Triple H waves out to everyone and turns to the back and Xavier Woods starts to back up the ramp whilst pointing at The Miz. Laurinaitis' face has turned almost a shade of bright red in anger, and his Administration try to calm him down.

Michael Cole: He- he can't do that can he? Triple H just screwed The Miz!

Jerry Lawler: Triple H is the COO of this company; I think he can do whatever he wants, and there is not a damn thing that John Laurinaitis can do about it! I love it!

Michael Cole: This isn't right; how can John Laurinaitis run the show properly with this bully just overruling everything he does?!

Jerry Lawler: I think we could argue over this all night; but don't worry, folks, we're going to cut to a short commercial break so my friend Michael here can calm down a little.

*Commercial Break*

We return to Raw, and BRODUS CLAY is still in the ring following the opening segment, and he has a very sour look on his face given what happened to the Administration before the break. The man standing opposite him doesn't get a very big reaction... BO DALLAS.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Raw, everybody; and I would like to apologize for my outburst before the commercial break, however I am in a state of shock that Xavier Woods is just three wins away from being the WWE Champion! The kid is unproven!

Jerry Lawler: Triple H had the right to choose anyone he wanted to take CM Punk's place tonight, and he thought he'd give Woods a chance; nothing wrong with that in my eyes. Speaking of the WWE Champion John Cena, he'll be competing against our United States Champion Dolph Ziggler in a Champion vs Champion match tonight!

Michael Cole: We're about to see a member of the Laurinaitis Administration in action now, as Brodus Clay is taking on a man we saw for the first time last week in Bo Dallas, and he was unsuccessful in tag team action against Curt Hawkins and Primo. Dallas being given another chance tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Brodus Clay is yet to suffer a loss here on Raw, and I don't think that is changing tonight unless Bo Dallas is a miracle worker.

Michael Cole: This is going to be good!

Match One:
Brodus Clay vs Bo Dallas

The bell rings, and Dallas bravely charges at his monstrous opponent and leaps into the air, but Clay swats him down like a fly! The rookie hits the mat hard, and Clay is right on him and he picks Dallas up and throws him into the corner. Clay steps back before he charges forward and crushes Bo right up against the turnbuckle! Dallas slumps forwards, but Clay doesn't let him fall to the mat as he catches him and places him in position and throws him overhead with an Exploder Suplex! Dallas doesn't move as he lies on the mat, but Clay lifts him up one more time and places his head in between his thighs and lifts Dallas up with ease. Brodus starts turning on the spot with Dallas on his shoulders before bringing him back down to the mat with the SPINNING SIT DOWN POWERBOMB!! Clay stares harshly at the camera as he forces his hand down on Bo's chest. One! Two! Three!

Winner: Brodus Clay (1.26)


Clay gets up to his feet and he has his eyes locked on the hard camera and he has his arm raises by the official. After a few more seconds of staring and snarling, Clay turns towards the ropes and exits the ring; not making much of a fuss as he trudges up the ramp.

Jerry Lawler: Well maybe John Laurinaitis might be able to take some salvation from seeing his monster make quick work of poor Bo Dallas.

Michael Cole: Brodus Clay is somethin' special, let me tell ya that, King. Under John Laurinaitis this guy is going to go far.

Jerry Lawler: I certainly have never seen anyone able to match the intensity of Brodus Clay.

Michael Cole: Folks, we're going to switch over to our broadcast colleague at this time, standing in for Scott Stanford, Matt Striker.

We now head on over to the interview area where MATT STRIKER is standing with a microphone, grinning like the proverbial schoolgirl... meaning that he must have a big guest.

Matt Striker: Thanks guys. Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to my guest at this time, the WWE Champion, John Cena!

There's a pretty good cheer for JOHN CENA as he walks into the shot with his championship rested over his shoulder; there are some boos still sprinkled in there.

Matt Striker: John, tonight's show already promises to be a great one, so I was just wondering whether we could get some of your thoughts regarding some of the events we've already seen tonight. First, however, I want to ask you about your Champion vs Champion Match against Dolph Ziggler tonight; do you have a specific game plan against the United States Champion?

John Cena: Matt, my game plan tonight is going to be the same as it is every time; I am going to go out there and put on a show for these fans and prove why I deserve to be holding this.

Cena holds the WWE Title up.

John Cena: I've been seein' how Dolph Ziggler and his pet whale Vickie Guerrero have been screwin' around with Drew McIntyre recently, but Dolph, I need you to know that you're mind has to be on me tonight, and not Drew McIntyre. Everybody wants to be WWE Champion, and at the moment I'm the guy to beat. Dolph, I know you think you deserve to be playin' with the big boys an' tonight is your night to prove it.

Striker listens intently as 'The Champ' talks.

John Cena: There's guys tearin' each other apart in a Tournament right now just to get a shot at me in two weeks. So Dolph, you wanna prove that you're WWE Championship material? Show me all you got tonight, Jack, an' then we'll see.

There's a mixed reaction for Cena seemingly offering Ziggler a future title shot if he can beat him tonight.

John Cena: That goes for everyone else too. Matt, I see every hungry guy in that locker room as a threat; and I expect them to act like one if they're ever in the ring with me.

Cena points down as he speaks for emphasis.

John Cena: I have always been a fighting champion an' I always will be; I will put this title on the line EVERY NIGHT if I have to, and I will face a different guy every time if it means that I get to prove to everyone that I am the rightful and deserving WWE Champion.

Matt Striker: John, you mentioned the current Number One Contender's Tournament, where the winner will face you for the WWE Championship in two weeks on the Raw Supershow. Earlier tonight, we saw Raw's newcomer, Xavier Woods, given a place in the Semi-Finals by Triple H to face The Miz tonight; what are your thoughts about having to potentially face Xavier Woods?

John Cena: See, in my eyes, the only way Xavier Woods got this opportunity is because he went out there and he wanted it. I respect him for that, because that reminds me a lot of myself when I first arrived in the WWE. Nine years ago, I answered an open challenge set by the Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle, and I almost beat a former WWE Champion.

There's a very loud pop for the mention of the man who recently left TNA. A small 'ANGLE' chant breaks out also.

John Cena: An' tonight, Xavier Woods has the chance to do the exact same thing when he faces The Miz...except I think he can go one better.

Another nice pop.

John Cena: Hel, who am I kiddin'? Of course he can! He's against The Miz for cryin' out loud!

Cena becomes a bit more animated as he slides in his customary Miz joke.

John Cena: In all seriousness, I think that Xavier Woods has a lotta heart, and I respect what he did out there earlier. If he is able to get past Miz and Kofi; I'd be honored to defend this against him on the Raw Supershow.

Another big pop for Cena's sincerity.

John Cena: I'll gladly defend this title against any one of those three; Xavier and Kof' because they are two deserving guys and because kickin' the crap outta The Miz never gets old!

Matt Striker: John, I think it is quite safe to say that you caused a stir last week with some of your comments towards the man you'll face at Wrestlemania; The Rock. What reaction have you experienced as a result of your words and do you maybe wish you could take them back?

Cena cracks a small smile upon hearing this question, but he looks straight back up at Striker.

John Cena: It's a weird one, because I just went out there and clearly detailed what I want to happen and spoke my mind. On one hand, people have told me that they agree with me and they respect me for standing up for the guys that are on the road every night of the year tryin' to do our best to keep these fans happy.

This garners a split reaction, and a "ROCKY" chant becomes audible.

John Cena: On the other side, I've got people screamin' at me on the streets, tellin' me I need to show The Rock some respect? I just wanna make something crystal clear for everybody; I respect the HELL out of The Rock's legacy and everything he has accomplished in the ring. But, I'm not going to respect a man for thinking it is okay to tell me he wants to be WWE Champion, when he can't even take the time to show up on Raw every week? When he doesn't put in the commitment levels that the three men I might be facin' in two weeks do?

Cena's talking like he was actually offended by the question now.

John Cena: I might HATE The Miz, but I respect the fact that the guy lives and bleeds for this company and would do anything in his power to be the WWE Champion. With Rocky... it is a bit different.

Cena looks at the camera intently.

John Cena: Rock, you're not getting your title shot at Wrestlemania because you deserve it; you're getting it because the people deserve it.

Another mixed response.

John Cena: So, do I take back anything that I said last week? Not one word. I'll see ya at Wrestlemania, 'Great One'.

'The Champ' looks at Striker, his championship and the camera one more time each before he nods his head and leaves the interview set. Striker looks quizzically in the direction that Cena left in as we fade out to commercial.

*Commercial Break*


There's a loud amount of heat that consumes the Giant Center as 'The All-American American' JACK SWAGGER walks out from behind the stage with his arms outstretched; showing off his impressive wingspan. Swagger has a lot of swagger ( ) about him as he begins to make his way down to the ring.

Michael Cole: Yeah! I have no problem saying that Jack Swagger is one of my favourite Superstars here on Raw!

Jerry Lawler: You would say that, wouldn't you?

Michael Cole: Of course I would! He helped me beat you at Wrestlemania! You're still jealous and you know it!

Jerry Lawler: I'll tell you who is jealous; Jack Swagger. He can't accept the fact that Zack Ryder has beaten him every time they've faced each other! He's turned two of Zack's closest friends against him, and last week he attacked him backstage!

Michael Cole: I don't even know why anyone would want to be friends with that goof anyway! Nevertheless, Swagger is set to go one-on-one with Alex Riley tonight, who'll be looking to make a name for himself-

Jerry Lawler: Cole! Cole! Look who it is!!

Michael Cole: HEY! WAIT! RYDER!

The fans in the arena have gone wild, as ZACK RYDER is charging down the ramp and Swagger can't see him; and Ryder tackles Swagger down from behind! Swagger goes down, and Ryder starts pounding away with right and left hands! Ryder windmills onto Swagger's head, before the Oklahoman as able to turn around and shove Ryder away, but Zack comes straight back in with a boot to the face! Ryder now grabs Swagger around the head and brings him down towards the ring... and bounces his head off of the ring apron! Swagger stumbles down by the steps and is sat up against them.

Michael Cole: What has gotten into Zack Ryder?! Get off of him, you idiot!

Jerry Lawler: I think that last week was the final straw for Zack Ryder! He's had enough!

Seeing Swagger leaning against the steps, rather dazed from the ambush, Ryder takes a step back and holds his fist in the air. "WOO WOO WOO"! Ryder charges in for the BROSKI BOOT - but Swagger moves out of harm's way and Ryder kicks the steps completely away from the ring post! Zack goes down holding his foot, and now Swagger is up, and he starts stomping away on Ryder's ankle! The fans boo at the sight of Swagger having turned the brawl around, and Swagger is relentless in his assault. Ryder though uses his free leg and he kicks Swagger away into the barricade and springs back up to his feet! Ryder charges in with a knee to the mid section and he then clubs Swagger's back to knock him to the floor! Swagger scrambles into the ring, but Ryder is right on him as he slides into the ring after him and tackles him down again, and the crowd are going wild again as Ryder is once again pounding Swagger in the head! Now, several referees from the back come charging down to the ring, followed by a couple of road agents in Finlay and Dean Malenko, and even Swagger's scheduled opponent ALEX RILEY is coming down here to break the brawl up. The men swarm the ring and they are able to pry Zack Ryder off of Jack Swagger, and rush the Long Islander into the corner. Riley gets right into Zack's face and tells him to calm down, whilst behind everyone Swagger is back up, and he bursts right into the huddle of men; trying to get a piece of Ryder! The two bitter rivals are able to get a couple more licks in on each other, before half of the men are then able to push under the bottom rope and begin to lead him up the ramp. Ryder and Swagger both have their eyes locked on each other as Swagger is lead up the ramp.

Fading away from a close up of a very pumped up Zack Ryder, we head backstage into what is easily identifiable as the General Manager's office and the camera pans down to see JOHN LAURINAITIS sitting at his desk with his head in his hands. Opposite him on the sofa are THE MIZ and R-TRUTH, and there is an awkward silence between the Administration at the moment, but it is broken when the door swings open and BRODUS CLAY emerges through the door and is greeted by a half smile from everyone else in the room.

Brodus Clay: Boss, I won my match.

John Laurinaitis: Yes, Brodus, I know. Well done.

Laurinaitis is very short in his answer and seemingly even insincere, and Clay looks a little hurt, but he doesn't make a big deal out of it. Laurinaitis suddenly knocks a wad of paper on the floor which startles everyone else in the room.

John Laurinaitis: What the hell am I supposed to do? Every decision I make is questioned and then reversed by Triple H! I am supposed to be the General Manager of this show; this is MY show... NOT his! I've got Xavier Woods running around like he owns the place and those two just destroyed half of my ringside area! What do I do?!

The Administration members look at each other sheepishly, before The Miz clears his throat.

The Miz: Why don't you try talking to... him?

Miz looks anxiously at Johnny, as if he isn't sure of the response that will get from the GM. Laurinaitis looks up from his desk at The Miz and smiles, and then gets to his feet. He whips his new mobile phone out of his pocket.

John Laurinaitis: Y'know what, Miz? You're a genius; I know there was a reason I wanted you to lead this group!

Laurinaitis retains his smile as Miz smugly turns to Truth and Brodus; but gets nothing but daggers as a result. Johnny grins as he finds the number on his phone and then brings it up to his ear. After a few seconds he checks his watch and yet there is still no answer. Trying to save face, Johnny quickly hangs up the phone and turns back to his troops.

John Laurinaitis: He must be busy... Why don't you guys go and help Miz get ready to destroy Xavier Woods later on tonight? I've got some business that I need to attend to.

R-Truth: Anything you say... Boss.

Miz, Truth and Clay look a little skeptical as they get up to their feet and one by one leave the room. As soon as Clay closes the door behind him, Laurinaitis scrambles to get his phone out again and presses it to his face once more. He nods his head quickly along to the sound of the ringing, but yet again their is no answer; in a fit of rage Laurinaitis then throws his phone at the wall! The fans laugh as the General Manager has turned a shade of red and he leaves the room; slamming the door behind him. The camera now tilts down towards the floor and zooms in on Johnny's now broken phone, and just through the cracks in the screen we can see the letter 'M'. Fading away from the visual clue, we now get a shot of our commentators at the table.

Michael Cole: What the hell was that about? John Laurinaitis is obviously stressed out, and unfairly so because in my opinion, Triple H just needs to let him get on with his job as General Manager.

Jerry Lawler: We wouldn't have a roster left if John Laurinaitis was allowed to do what he pleased all of the time! I want to know who he was on the phone to; he seems to think that they can solve all of his problems.

Michael Cole: We're sorting some problems of our own here at ringside after what just happened between Zack Ryder and Jack Swagger; that goof Ryder blindsiding Jack Swagger before his match with Alex Riley. We've learnt that that match will no longer be taking place tonight, so I'd like to extend an apology to any Alex Riley fans out there; if either of you are watching, we are sorry.

Jerry Lawler: That'd be two more fans than Jack Swagger has!

Michael Cole: Hey! I'm a Jack Swagger fan!

Jerry Lawler: One and a half more, then!


That awful banter is put to an end as the fans erupt into a very loud pop for the music of the man who we haven't seen since Hell in a Cell... SANTINO MARELLA! Alongside the man in action VLADIMIR KOZLOV; the WWE Tag Team Champions make their way down to the ring at a slower pace than usual, as Santino is wearing... a neck brace to sell the effects of his beating eight days ago. Kozlov is constantly checking if Santino is okay, but Marella waves him off and starts slapping hands with the fans.

Jerry Lawler: Hey, Michael, look who it is! It's Santino Marella; he's back!

Michael Cole: it is bad enough we've just had Zack Ryder out here, and now I have to deal with this goof?! I have to tell ya, folks, watching Brodus Clay dismantle this guy at Hell in a Cell is one of my favourite WWE moments in history!

Jerry Lawler: Don't be like that! It's great that we have both of our WWE Tag Team Champions back together on Raw; I was starting to miss seeing them together! Although, I feel Vladimir Kozlov held his own against Brodus Clay very well last week.

Michael Cole: He certainly took Clay a lot further than Bo Dallas did earlier tonight; but tonight Kozlov has the chance to make up for his loss last week, and given that Santino is not yet cleared to compete; these guys could do with the win for a serious morale boost tonight.


There's moderate heat in the arena as the undefeated team of CURT HAWKINS and PRIMO walk out onto the stage; both dressed in matching black tights. Primo leads the tandem, as Hawkins plays with his cane as he comes down the ramp. Both men point at the Tag Team Champions, and share a small laugh at Santino, but both have a much more serious aura about them as they know how important this match is.

Michael Cole: I have no problem in saying that I have been nothing but impressed with these two guys ever since they formed this team together; if Primo can win this match, I think we have to start taking these guys seriously as next Number One Contenders.

Jerry Lawler: They've been a tag team for about a month; some teams have to work years to even get a title shot!

Michael Cole: That just proves how well these two have done together! Neither of them have put a foot wrong since they've started teaming together!

Jerry Lawler: They're only together because Jack Swagger brought these guys together against Zack Ryder! I still think they have a long way to go before they'll win any type of championship gold.

Match Two:
WWE Tag Team Champion Vladimir Kozlov w/ Santino Marella vs Primo w/ Curt Hawkins

Hawkins allows Primo to enter the ring himself, and Kozlov is waiting for him. Once the bell rings, Kozlov takes a moment to just check on Santino one more time, this allows Primo to charge forwards and crash Kozlov into the corner! Primo takes advantage of the bigger man, clubbing him into the corner, and delivering harsh stomps to Kozlov's head and neck. The referee steps in and orders Primo away, but once Kozlov is on his feet, Primo runs towards the ropes and springboards off of the second rope; catching Kozlov in the face with a Back Elbow! Primo goes in for the cover... One! Two-Kickout!

As Kozlov is getting back to his feet, Primo slaps on a Side Headlock, and he tries running Kozlov towards the corner, but Big Vlad lifts Primo up and plants him on the top turnbuckle! Kozlov then pulls Primo down, and the Puerto Rican is now stuck in the Tree of Woe! The fans get behind Kozlov, and he backs across the ring before running in and performing a Flip Senton to crush Primo in the corner! Primo falls from the turnbuckle after this, and Kozlov catches him coming down, and carries him into the centre of the ring before slamming him with a Judo throw!

The Russian's power advantage is becoming more obvious, as he now drives his knee into Primo's ribs whilst he is down, and Hawkins looks concerned for his partner as Kozlov now grabs his arm and lifts him up again... and applies a Bearhug right in the centre of the ring! The fans resume cheering loudly as Primo struggles to find away out of the hold. Santino slams on the ring apron at ringside, but then hold his neck in pain afterwards. The referee is asking Primo if he wants to submit, and he shakes his head... before raking the eyes of Kozlov to force him to break the hold!

This action gets Primo a good amount of heat as well as a scalding from the referee, and Kozlov backs into the ropes holding his eyes. Primo takes a couple of seconds to recover, before he charges at Kozlov... but Kozlov elevates Primo over the top, but Primo is able to stick the landing on the apron! Once Kozlov has turned around, Primo springboards into the ring again, looking for a Cross Body - but Kozlov meets him with a Big Boot to the chest! Primo falls down to the mat, and Kozlov is now the one going for the pin... One! Two! Thr-NO!

Kozlov springs right back up to his feet and he urges Primo to get up. Once Colon is up, Kozlov allows him to swing with a very weak-looking right, and Vlad catches his arm. Kozlov screams "AGAIN!" right into Primo's face, and Primo tries an equally weak left hand which Kozlov also traps under his arm. Kozlov drives his head into Primo's chest a couple of times, before changing his grip and sending Primo overhead with a BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! Kozlov grabs Primo again straight away, and he hooks him up for the IRON CURTAIN... but the fans suddenly start booing loudly... as Curt Hawkins has his cane around Santino's throat at ringside!!

Kozlov immediately drops Primo and heads over to the ropes and points his finger down at Hawkins and threatens him in Russian. Hawkins lets Santino go and holds his hands up and backs away... but Kozlov is suddenly grabbed from behind and dropped with the BACKSTABBER from PRIMO! It was a trap! Primo hooks the leg! One! Two! Three!!! Primo steals it!

Winner: Primo (5.40)


Primo scarpers out of the ring as soon as the bell rings, and Hawkins runs off to the base of the ramp, and Santino slowly makes his way into the ring to check on his partner. Kozlov is in pain and Santino holds his neck as he stares at Curt and Primo as they start backing up the ramp and motioning around their waists again.

Jerry Lawler: They just screwed Vladimir Kozlov out of that match! And how can Curt Hawkins be impressed with what he did; Santino can't compete at the moment and he had no right getting Santino physically involved!

Michael Cole: Well the end justifies the means, and Primo just pinned one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions; if that doesn't open the eyes of those in charge I don't know what will.

Jerry Lawler: If it wasn't for that lowlife Curt Hawkins! Kozlov was about to win the match; he had been dominating Primo throughout.

Michael Cole: You don't know what could have been, King! All I know is that we're looking at a tag team that is really on the rise.

*Commercial Break*


The fans descend into a big outpouring of heat as ALBERTO DEL RIO walks out onto the stage, dressed in a shirt and trousers, but he still has that towel around his neck. He doesn't show much emotion as he walks down the ramp alone - no Ricardo Rodriguez - and he has his eyes focused on the ring.

Michael Cole: Here comes the man who lost the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell to John Cena, and well last week... he had a victory celebration planned, but it went down a turn that no one expected. Let's take another look.

Originally Posted by Last Week on Raw

Alberto Del Rio: Ricardo, because ju were not able to make it to Hell in a Cell last night... I was not able to defeat John Cena; because you were STUPID enough to get jurself taken out last week, I am not the WWE Champion! Dat title is mine! But I don't have it any more because of ju!

Del Rio presses his finger into Ricardo's chest with each sentence, the rage building inside of him with every word.

Alberto Del Rio: I've had to waste my own money on dis fiesta, I've lost the most important thing in this business... and I was embarrassed last night by John Cena! It was all jur fault! And the best part... I paid ju for all of it too!

Rodriguez holds his arms out in protest, apologizing profusely for what happened, telling him that he'll take a pay cut; he'll do anything.

Alberto Del Rio: Ju're damn right ju will take a pay cut! As of dis moment, you'll work for me for nothing because ju are WORTHLESS!!

The fans are totally shocked, as Del Rio now grabs Ricardo... and bounces his head off of the podium!!! Rodriguez drops to the floor in a heap, as in a blind rage, Del Rio kicks the podium over, and he looks down at the man who he was like a brother to, with a look of severe disdain... before he slaps on the CROSS ARMBREAKER!!! The fans are booing Del Rio even more than before, as he has betrayed the man that has stood by him throughout his maiden year in the WWE. After a few seconds, Del Rio releases the hold and gets to his feet; dragging Rodriguez up as well and pulling him out of the ring... Del Rio is taking the battered Rodrgiuez with him!
Jerry Lawler: Just watching that again makes me feel sick; Alberto Del Rio turning on his best friend Ricardo Rodriguez like that, and all over the WWE Championship!

Michael Cole: You've never been WWE Champion; you don't know what it is like! That fat idiot cost Del Rio the biggest prize in the business.

Jerry Lawler: I'd never throw away years of friendship, Cole. Alberto Del Rio is an extremely talented competitor; he can be champion again. Oh, he has a microphone, I want to hear what this weasel has to say for himself.

The music has now faded, and Del Rio is standing in the centre of the ring with a microphone in his hand as King eluded to. The fans are still giving him heat, and he looks up and waits for them to finish.

Alberto Del Rio: Last week, was de week dat I was supposed to be standing in dis ring still jur WWE Champion.


Alberto Del Rio: Ju all saw de celebration dat I had planned for everyone; it was going to be de biggest celebration in de history of de WWE.

Del Rio looks up with a faint look of hope.

Alberto Del Rio: Instead, it turned into me making de single biggest mistake of my life.

A mixed reaction for that.

Alberto Del Rio: I blamed my misfortunes and attacked a man dat has been my best friend ever since I was a child; Ricardo Rodriguez. Ever since we were children on de streets, Ricardo has been my best friend, and when my familia became wealthy, I extended him de opportunity to work for de Del Rio familia.

The fans still aren't buying what ADR is selling.

Alberto Del Rio: I don't want dat one moment of madness last week to ruin years of great friendship... Ricardo, I want to apologize. Please, come out here.

Del Rio turns and faces the ramp, and after a few seconds RICARDO RODRIGUEZ walks out onto the stage from the back. The fans let out a nice pop for Ricardo, and he keeps his head down as he walks down to the ring. Once he has stepped through the ropes, Del Rio approaches him and embraces him, but Rodriguez looks scared and backs away once Del Rio has let him go.

Alberto Del Rio: Ricardo, please. Last week was nothing but a stupid mistake; I shouldn't have blamed everything on ju, it was wrong of me and I am sorry, my friend.

There's a mixed reaction for that, and Rodriguez holds his hand out and Del Rio passes him the microphone.

Ricardo Rodriguez: It's okay, Alberto. I forgive you.

Despite accepting the apology, Del Rio still looks bad as Rodriguez turns to leave the ring.

Alberto Del Rio: Ricardo, wait! I thought dat a verbal apology wouldn't be enough... so dere is something dat I want to show ju.

Del Rio motions back towards the stage, and specifically, the area next to it. After a few seconds, a shiny red Ferrari pulls out into the arena, getting a big reaction from the fans. Ricardo looks up for the first time, and he stares at Del Rio and then the car in total disbelief; before he takes the microphone again.

Ricardo Rodriguez: Alberto... I... I don't know what to say! I can't believe you would do this for me; we've been friends for so long, and I know I messed up at Hell in a Cell... but I never thought you'd buy me a FERRARI!

Del Rio looks a little puzzled, and he snatches the microphone from Rodriguez who looks just as confused now.

Alberto Del Rio: Wait just one second... who said dat car was for ju? Dat car is for me. After everything ju have done, you think dat I'm going to reward ju? You think dat costing me de WWE Championship means dat you deserve a brand new car? Dis is what you deserve!

Rodriguez looks scared, and rightly so as Del Rio bashes the microphone off of the top of his head! Ricardo goes down like a sack of shit, and the fans boo the intense Del Rio who now stares down at his "best friend". Del Rio taps the mic to check that it still works.

Alberto Del Rio: I've been thinking about our new business association dat we made last week; about ju working for me for nothing.

Rodriguez probably isn't paying any attention to anything that Del Rio is saying as he is holding his head on the ground.

Alberto Del Rio: I've changed my mind; ju aren't working for nothing any more because ju don't work for me any more you perro... JU'RE FIRED!!

The fans boo even louder now, and Del Rio SLAMS the microphone down into Rodriguez' chest... and then puts him in the Cross Armbreaker again! Ricardo furiously taps out as he screams in agony but Del Rio doesn't release the hold for a good thirty seconds, and finally the former WWE Champion lets his former employee free; and he looks disdainfully down at Rodriguez one more time before he leaves the ring and starts making his way towards the Ferrari.

Jerry Lawler: I'm shocked; I thought that Alberto Del Rio was coming out here to apologize to Ricardo Rodriguez for his actions last week... not replicate them.

Michael Cole: Not only that, but Del Rio fired him, too! There is also something that needs to be cleared up; Ricardo Rodriguez is NOT a WWE Employee, he was hired to a Personal Services Contract to Alberto Del Rio, meaning that now he has been fired by Del Rio, we won't be seeing Ricardo Rodriguez again any time soon.

Jerry Lawler: That's not good. Well Ricardo, everybody here at the WWE wishes you all the best for the future.

*Video Package*

The video package starts off with shots of various former WWE Superstars and Legends; Shawn Michaels, Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes and The Rock, all walking down to the ring.

For twenty-five years, the Superstars and Divas of the WWE have all come together on one night.

Mick Foley, Trish Stratus, Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler.

The one night where all that remains is nothing but the human body's one natural instinct...

A shot of CM Punk sitting on the stage during the 'Pipebomb' promo; Randy Orton looks intensely into the crowd.


After that word, the chorus of 'You're Going Down' by Sick Puppies kicks in, and the shots of the Superstars begin to speed up.


Kevin Nash delivers a Jack Knife to Punk; Mark Henry charges Sheamus through the cell door at Hell in a Cell; Brodus Clay suxplexes Rey Mysterio into the chair wedged into the corner.


Randy Orton drops Wade Barrett with an RKO; The Awesome Truth hit the Little Jimmy Finale on John Cena; Christian screams in pain as he is trapped in the LeBell Lock.


Kelly Kelly sobs at Night of Champions after losing the Divas Title; Jack Swagger hits Zack Ryder with a Gutwrench Powerbomb; Kofi Kingston sets off his pyro in his entrance.


John Cena sends Alberto Del Rio through a table inside the Hell in a Cell, and is then shown raising the WWE Championship into the air.


The music starts to fade out following that line, as a shot of Triple H and John Laurinaitis standing face-to-face is shown and the video package fades out.

*End Video Package*




Poster credit to 1WhoKnocks

Following the video package (Best one I'd say I've done; proving how shit every other video package I've ever done has been) we come back to raw into the hallway backstage and there is a very loud commotion and we are now thrust right into the middle of our Road Agents and referees (and Alex Riley) trying to split ZACK RYDER and JACK SWAGGER up from tearing each other apart. Suddenly, however, the Raw General Manager JOHN LAURINAITIS walks onto the scene and he tries to get in the middle of the crowd.

John Laurinaitis: Stop it!

The demands are not met, and Laurinaitis turns a very harsh shade of red.


With that, everyone stands still and looks at the furious GM; who is obviously in a bad mood from the events of earlier tonight.

John Laurinaitis: Tonight has been enough of a trainwreck already; the last thing I need is for you two to be tearing each other apart! I've had enough of this!

Ryder and Swagger both keep their eyes locked on each other.

John Laurinaitis: This is going to end when I say it does, and I have decided that you two are going to end this NEXT WEEK ON RAW!

There's a big pop in the arena as both men are now smiling and both begin to back away to either side of the screen, and the camera zooms in on John Laurinaitis who lets out a big huff before walking out of shot.

*Commercial Break*


The fans descend into a mixed reaction for this man for the second time this evening, as the WWE Champion JOHN CENA storms out onto the stage and he leaps across to both sides to hold up his title, before reaching the camera stationed on the ramp and screws up his face and screams "EXCUSE ME!" before he chuckles to himself and sprints down to the ring.

Michael Cole: It is time for our special Champion vs Champion Match, and we've already heard John Cena tell his opponent Dolph Ziggler to make sure he gives it his all tonight.

Jerry Lawler: That is what I respect about John Cena; he knows that he is in the position that everyone wants to be in, and he wants everyone in the back to act like it. John Cena is the pure definition of a fighting champion.

Michael Cole: Well, he also had some more choice words for his Wrestlemania Twenty-Eight opponent, The Rock... King, do you think that Cena believes the guys who are here week in and week out on Raw are more worthy of getting a WWE Championship match like The Rock wants at Wrestlemania?

Jerry Lawler: It is a tricky one, because John Cena clearly wants to defend the WWE Championship against The Rock. But you've got to think about the fact that John Cena is the man that has to make sure he keeps hold of that title all the way until Wrestlemania. You can argue for both sides.

Cena makes it into the ring and launches his cap and shirt into the group of fans at the front; laughing at the sight of two women fighting over his t-shirt. He plucks the WWE Championship off of the mat and raises it one more time in the air before his music fades out and is quickly replaced by...


Nothin' but heat as VICKIE GUERRERO walks out onto the stage.

Vickie Guerrero: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the greatest champion on Monday Night Raw! He is the United States Champion and my client... 'The Showoff' Dolph... Ziggler!


Coming out to new music which gets a bit of a quiet reaction at first, but the fans seem to get into it, and after a few seconds the United States Champion DOLPH ZIGGLER struts onto the stage with his title around his waist and sunglasses over his eyes. He takes Guerrero by the hand and she starts to blush as he marches her down to the ring with his eyes focused on the WWE Champion.

Michael Cole: The important question is: do you think Dolph Ziggler is going to take John Cena's advice in this match?

Jerry Lawler: This is a golden opportunity for Dolph Ziggler. He says that it isn't showing off if you can back it up; tonight is his chance. He needs to be one hundred per cent focused on winning this match and he's even more of an idiot than I thought if he even thinks about trying to show off in this match.

Michael Cole: He isn't an idiot!

Jerry Lawler: His arrogance almost cost him the United States Championship at Hell in a Cell against Drew McIntyre-

Michael Cole: Don't get me started on that idiot! I hope Drew McIntyre is watching backstage and I hope he realizes how much of a fool he is for not becoming a part of this illustrious group when he had the chance.

Match Three:
Champion vs Champion

WWE Champion John Cena vs United States Champion Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero

The bell rings, and right off of the bat Ziggler comes charging out of the blocks at Cena, but Cena ducks the clothesline attempt from the US Champ, and instead smacks Ziggler in the mouth with a right hand to send him into the corner! Cena follows up with a series of rights and lefts and continues until the official asks him to move away. Cena goes to charge back in, but Ziggler moves, leaving Cena to collide hard with the turnbuckle. Cena stumbles out holding his chest, and Ziggler catches him with a Dropkick to take the WWE Champion down!

Ziggler tries to keep the pace going quick; as soon as Cena gets to his feet the United States Champion attempts to Irish Whip him across the ring, but Cena reverses it and sends Ziggler for the ride. Dolph comes back and Cena is able to catch him with a Back Body Drop! Dolph arches his back and stumbles back against the ropes, and is then clotheslined all the way down to the floor by the WWE Champion! Cena stays in the ring and raises his arms in the air, as Guerrero ushers her client back to his feet. Ziggler glares at Cena, who dares him to come back into the ring, and cautiously and seriously, 'The Showoff' obliges.

Once Ziggler is back in the ring, both men are much more cautious as they reset things and get into a lock-up. Cena's obvious strength advantage prevails, and he back Ziggler back into the corner once again. Cena breaks once the referee instructs him too, and Ziggler quickly charges in and grabs Cena's leg, yanking it which causes Cena to fall onto his front. Ziggler quickly transitions and applies a Front Facelock on Cena; trying to keep the WWE Champion down.

Cena is once again able to power his way out of the predicament, but Ziggler keeps hold of his grip around Cena's neck as 'The Champ' lifts him up and places him on top of the top turnbuckle. Ziggler lets go of Cena and connects with a right hand to Cena's mouth which causes him to turn around and once Cena is facing Ziggler again, Dolph leaps from the middle rope and connects with a Dropkick to the face! Ziggler crawls back over to Cena and hooks the leg! One! Two! Cena powers out! Dolph isn't frustrated, and he springs right back up to his feet and lands a very hard Elbow drop to Cena's chest! Ziggler looks to go for another cover but instead he quickly slaps Cena into another headlock.

The US Champion applies a tight grip across the top of Cena's head, and uses his free hand to get in a few licks on Cena's face. Cena's power into play yet again as he's able to rise back to his feet one more time, and backs Ziggler into the ropes, sending him flying across the ring and catching him with a big Hip Toss as he comes back! Ziggler's selling causes him to pop back up and crash into the turnbuckle, where Cena approaches him and climbs on Ziggler before sending him flying back into the ring with a Monkey Flip; and Ziggler continues rotating to land right on his face! The fans cheer loudly for the beautiful selling, and Cena then turns Dolph over for his first pin attempt of the match. One! Two! Ziggler kicks out!

Cena puffs his cheeks out and gets to his feet and he urges Dolph to get back up, and once the United States Champion is back to his feet Cena goes straight through him with a Running Shoulder Block! There's a mixed reaction among the WWE Universe as some are unhappy to see Cena's match-ending sequence. Nonetheless, Ziggler is right back up and turns straight into another Shoulder Block from Cena as Vickie Guerrero looks worried for her man at ringside. Dolph makes it back to his feet again and swings wildly, but Cena ducks it and goes for that Spin Out Powerbomb - only for Dolph Ziggler to grab Cena's head and drill him with a DDT as he comes down! Brilliant counter from Ziggler!

It is a back and forth match; and the commentators praise Ziggler for obviously doing his homework as he covers Cena and hooks the leg... One! Two! Th-Cena shoots the shoulder up! Ziggler pounds the mat in frustration now and gets to his feet and he stalks Cena as he gets to his feet. Ziggler comes charging in from behind - ZIG ZAG - NO! Cena caught him! The fans start cheering loudly now as Cena has Ziggler up and on his shoulders, ready for the AA, but Ziggler wriggles... and drops off of Cena's shoulders!

Ziggler lands on his feet behind Cena and the WWE Champion turns around straight into a SUPERKICK from Ziggler!!! The impact doesn't take Cena down but clearly dazes him as he stumbles back, but this works in Ziggler's favour as he runs at Cena before planting him with the FAMOUSER! Cena's face is driven into the ground from the Leg Drop Bulldog, right after taking that huge kick to the face! Ziggler hooks the leg tightly and the referee counts... One! Two!! Three? NO! Cena is able to power out of another pin attempt, and Ziggler is almost pulling his hair out by this point.

Sitting on the mat, Ziggler looks to Guerrero for inspiration and she thinks for a second and then closes her eyes slowly which causes Ziggler to smirk as he now turns to the recovering Cena... and slaps on his Sleeper Hold! Due to the shots to the head, Cena begins to fade quite quickly, and within seconds Ziggler's weight has brought the WWE Champion down to the mat. Ziggler screams for Cena to pass out, and demands that the referee check to see whether Cena is responsive. The referee raises Cena's arm once. Nothing. A second time the referee checks and Cena's arm drops limply to the mat again. The fans are now buzzing to see if Ziggler has done it but there is a massive cheer; Cena stopped his hand from dropping for a third time!

Dolph's eyes grow in fear at the sight of this imminent comeback from 'The Champ', as Cena starts to rise from the mat; bringing Ziggler with him. After a couple of well placed shoulders to the mid section, Cena is free from the Sleeper Hold! Enraged, Dolph charges in for a clothesline, but Cena ducks it and takes him up; hitting the SPIN OUT POWERBOMB successfully this time! It takes Cena a few seconds longer than usual to get to his feet, but once he does he raises his hand in the air and the mixed reaction from the fans return, as Cena tells Dolph "YOU CAN'T SEE ME!" and he runs against the ropes... only to be tripped up by Vickie Guerrero!!!

The heat instantly comes flying at Ziggler's manager and Cena holds his face as he slowly gets to his feet and the referee shakes his head and leaves the ring... and banishes Guerrero from ringside! Vickie puts up a fight, screaming right in the official's face. Instead of following up on Cena, Ziggler starts shouting at the official from inside the ring, but suddenly the fans start to cheer loudly because DREW MCINTYRE has began walking down the ramp! Ziggler's eyes widen at the sight of McIntyre, and Guerrero has yet to notice her client's rival as McIntyre comes behind her and lifts her over his shoulder; carrying her to the back!

Another very loud cheer for the Scotsman erupts in the Giant Center as Drew turns around one more time to wave to the protestant Ziggler who grits his teeth and turns around... right into the path of John Cena! Cena grabs Ziggler and lifts him up before planting him with the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!!! The fans cheer loudly and Cena hooks Ziggler's leg! One! Two! Three!!!

Winner: John Cena (12.42)


Cena stands up immediately and gets his arm raised by the referee, before swiftly being handed his WWE Championship; jubilant in winning his first match since becoming champion eight days ago. Ziggler still lays spread-eagle across the mat and Cena looks down at him with a little chuckle. After posing with the WWE Title on the top rope, Cena salutes the fans and then exits the ring, slapping hands with the fans in the front row as he heads to the back.

Jerry Lawler: I think John Cena has showed us tonight that he hasn't lost any momentum since winning the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell. He gets the win tonight, but I think we have to give a sort-of assist to Drew McIntyre!

Michael Cole: What do you mean, sort of? Drew McIntyre had no place being out here; no one asked him to come and take the sweet Vickie Guerrero to the back! That was a kidnapping!

Jerry Lawler: Vickie had no place getting involved in the match either; John Cena was about to win the match and she tripped him! And did you just call Vickie Guerrero "sweet"? The only thing sweet about Vickie Guerrero is all of the Hershey bars she's been eatin' since we've been in town!

Michael Cole: Oh be quiet, King! How did you know that John Cena was about to win the match anyway, huh? Are you a psychic? No. How about that for a joke?

Jerry Lawler: You aren't worth my time sometimes.

*Commercial Break*

We're straight back from Raw after the break and back to a shot of the ring. John Cena is long gone, but his opponent DOLPH ZIGGLER is still in the ring, and he looks exhausted and he has a microphone in one hand and his United States Championship in the other. The fans are cheering at the sight of Ziggler looking so distressed.

Dolph Ziggler: McIntyre! You... get your ass back out here now and bring me my manager back!

Ziggler pants heavily as he looks at the stage and no one emerges.

Dolph Ziggler: Bring Vickie back, you worthless son of a bitch!

The fans let out a big reaction for the profanity, and that comment seems to have done the trick for Ziggler as after a few seconds DREW MCINTYRE walks back out onto the stage with VICKIE GUERRERO still over his shoulder. Vickie is still screaming as McIntyre grins, and the Scotsman also has a microphone and he rolls Guerrero under the bottom rope and Vickie crawls straight to her client who puts his arm around her. McIntyre then walks up the steps and into the ring. The fans are still giving Drew a good reception as he raises his microphone.

Drew McIntyre: Aren't you going to thank me? I brought her back just like you asked.

Dolph Ziggler: What... the hell... do you think you're doing?! What is this?! You are supposed to be trying to impress us!

Drew McIntyre: Y'see, I've had the unfortunate experience of that witch Vickie Guerrero interfering in one of my matches.

The fans pop as both Ziggler and Guerrero are fuming.

Drew McIntyre: It isn't nice. So I thought; Why should the WWE Champion, John Cena, have to put up with it as well? So I just did the right thing.

Dolph Ziggler: What you did was just throw away any chance of getting another shot at my United States Championship; what you just did was make the biggest mistake of your career! That's what costing me my match was all about, wasn't it? You aren't good enough to get another shot at me the honest way, so you're forced to take these measures.

Ziggler seems to have developed a cockier aura about him now that Guerrero is safe.

Dolph Ziggler: Well your plan? It backfired in a BIG way. You aren't good enough to be United States Champion! You aren't good enough to breath the same air as me; let alone face me in this ring!


The Giant Center EXLPODES all of a sudden as for the second time tonight we hear the music of TRIPLE H, and the COO walks out onto the stage and he has a smile on his face. McIntyre is now the one smirking, and Ziggler and Guerrero look extremely confused by 'The Game's presence.

Triple H: Hey again, everyone. Dolph, I find it extremely interesting that you see things that way; I really do. But the thing is... that isn't how I see it.

A good pop from the fans.

Triple H: The way I see it is; Drew McIntyre is good enough for the United States Championship.

Ziggler shakes his head, and he grimaces at the thought of what is coming next.

Triple H: So that is why he will be receiving his rematch against you, Dolph, in two weeks' time on the Raw Supershow!

WOAH! The fans cheer loudly and Ziggler has his head in his hands as he looks at Guerrero in disbelief and he turns to the grinning McIntyre who suddenly kicks him in the gut! The fans begin to cheer again as Drew has Ziggler locked up and he hits the FUTURE SHOCK DDT!!! Ziggler is laid out again, and McIntyre picks up the United States Championship and holds it up into the air as Triple H smiles on the stage and heads to the back to let McIntyre have his moment.


Michael Cole: I can't believe this! So Drew McIntyre costs Dolph Ziggler a match against the WWE Champion, and gets rewarded with a United States title match?

Jerry Lawler: Tonight has not been a good night to be Dolph Ziggler!

Michael Cole: Two men that are hoping that they are having a good night are The Miz and Xavier Woods as they are going to compete to face Kofi Kingston next week with a WWE Championship Match up for grabs, in Woods' first ever WWE match no less!

Jerry Lawler: I think the stage is set for one of the biggest upsets in Raw history, Michael!

*Video Package*

We see a shot of the night's sky, and the camera pans down to a silver Ford which is parked alongside a busy innercity road. Both front doors of the car open, and out steps the former WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty, both dressed in smart casual clothes and smart shoes. McGillicutty walks around from the driver's side and stands next to Otunga, who is leaning against the car.

Michael McGillicutty:
Hey, don't lean on my car, man.

Otunga steps forwards but doesn't look at his partner and he keeps his eyes locked on something behind the camera.

David Otunga:
Oh damn, sorry man.

Michael McGillicutty:
Is this the place then?

David Otunga:
You bet it is, my friend. This is the place where to go if you want to let yourself go. This is Las Vegas. This is All World.

The camera turns around and shows a massive building which has a queue outside going out of the frame. The building itself has spotlights shooting from the roof into the Las Vegas night's skyline and giant neon letters on the roof which read "ALL WORLD". Both Otunga and McGillicutty then walk back into the shot and they start walking across the road to the front of the queue, towards the sea of music and lights in front of them. We now go to a shot of the front of the line, just as the Raw Superstars are approaching, and we just catch the end of their conversation.

Michael McGillicutty:
I'm just sayin' that I want to get an early night - I've got to be in the gym at nine in the morning.

Otunga stops in his tracks and put his hand on his partner's chest.

David Otunga:
You listen to me, and you listen good. We're not here to be wrestlers; we've been given a paid holiday. We don't have to act like we're going to be in a match tomorrow night. We're staying here until closing time.

It seems like Mike concedes as he sighs and then follows Otunga to the red ropes and the English doorman (who looks a lot like recently released TNA talent Magnus) waiting for them.


David Otunga:
David Otunga. Michael McGillicutty. WWE Superstars.

The doorman looks down at the list in his hand and shakes his head.

Not on the list. Back of the line.

David Otunga:
Surely you've heard of us, though? We're on TV every week.

Your names are not on my list, so you aren't coming in. So get to the back of the line before I make you!

David Otunga:
I'd like to see you try!

And following that, Otunga goes to punch the bouncer in the nose, but almost in a flash the bouncer strikes Otunga and floors him! Everyone around is shocked, but before the enraged Otunga and McGillicutty can do anything, a man in a blue suit with a very loud voice suddenly bursts onto the scene.

Loud Man:
Ey, what the hell is going on out here? I'm tryin' to run a nightclub in there; I don't need this! Mark, what the hell did you do? Why did you strike this man?

David Otunga:
He's a psycho! I was just talking to him about the mistake with his list and then he punches me in the face!

The doorman (who we now know is called Mark) scowls, whilst the Loud Man who owns the nightclub looks at both Otunga and McGillicutty with a quizzical look on his face.

Loud Man:
Do I know you two? You both look really familiar.

McGillicutty extends his hand out to the Loud Man.

Michael McGillicutty:
Mike McGillicutty and David Otunga. WWE Superstars and former WWE Tag Team Champions.

Loud Man:
I thought it was you two! I saw you guys in Buffalo at Night of Champions; I was there! Tough loss, by the way, guys. Oh, I'm so starstruck I've forgotten to even introduce myself! My name is AW, I am All World. This nightclub is what I would be if I was a building. And I see that you've also met my Head of Security, Mark Magnus.

Both Otunga and Magnus look at each other with disdain, but then both shake hands in what quickly develops into a rather awkward situation. AW, loudly breaks the silence.

Well I don't see the point in us all just standin' out here in the street! Come in guys, straight into the VIP!

This brings a grin to the face of David Otunga, who leads his tag team partner into the club whilst AW hangs back for a second and gets up close to Magnus.

If any more celebrities show up, don't attack them.

Mark Magnus:
Anything you say, boss.

AW smiles before turning around and jigging back through the door, leaving Magnus with a scowl on his face as he shepherds another group of clubbers into the establishment and the video package fades out.

*End Video Package*

Michael Cole: Hey, how great is it to see the former WWE Tag Team Champions gettin' out there and makin' some friends?

Jerry Lawler: If they carry on like that they're going to get killed! What was David Otunga thinking?


There's not much of a reaction in the arena as MARYSE briskly walks out onto the stage, making her first appearance on Raw in a while; holding her arms out to blank the fans as she makes her way down the ramp.

Jerry Lawler: I think it is my favourite time of the show again, Michael!

Michael Cole: Here's Maryse looking beautiful as always, and I've gotta say that she needs to be careful in her match tonight if last week was anything to go by.

Jerry Lawler: I agree with you; I don't know what has gotten into Kelly Kelly recently, but she seems to be getting involved in Eve's matches and helping her win - but I don't think Eve even realizes it!

Michael Cole: Well Maryse knows about it, and as we saw from a wwe.com Exclusive Video earlier today; Maryse confronted her opponent in the locker room earlier.

Originally Posted by wwe.com
Earlier Today!

EVE is in the women's locker room and she is not in her wrestling gear yet as we can see it on the bench in front of her as she continues to unpack her bag. After a few seconds MARYSE walks up behind her and loudly clears her throat. Eve turns around and has a confused look on her face.

Can I... help you, Maryse?

You zere be quiet and listen to me; if your little friend zinks zat she can cost me in ze match tonight like she did to Natalya last week zen she is going to be in a LOT of trouble! Am I making myzelf clear to you?

What are you talking about? Kelly? I don't understand.

You know exactly what I am talking about-

Is everything okay in here, Eve?

Maryse is cut off as KELLY KELLY walks into the room and she glares at the French-Canadian Diva, and Maryse gets right in her face.

You need to remember zat everyone is watching you after what you did last week. So am I.

Maryse then puffs her hair up right into Kelly's face as she leaves the room, leaving Eve to look at Kelly with a puzzled expression.

I don't know what that was all about.

Kelly Kelly:
Me neither.

Eve shrugs and then continues to sort her belongings out as Kelly takes a deep breath behind her and she then puts her own bag down on the bench.

There's a very generous pop in the arena as EVE bursts out onto the stage and waves to the fans, now dressed to compete. A few steps behind her is KELLY KELLY who looks a little concerned but makes sure to smile back at Eve when her best friend turns back to her. Eve raises her arm up in the air and Kelly quickly grabs it to make it look like she is cheering on with her, but once Eve brings it down Kelly keeps a hold of Eve's hand and the two begin to walk down the ramp; Eve oblivious to the obvious joy Kelly is getting from holding hands with her.

Michael Cole: We've noted in recent weeks just how close Eve and Kelly Kelly have become, but I think it is obvious to everyone except Eve just how involved Kelly seems to be getting with her.

Jerry Lawler: The way I see it is that Kelly is just looking out for her best friend. I don't condone interfering in someone else's match, but let's face it; who would want to see any harm come to a woman as beautiful as Eve?

Michael Cole: I think Kelly needs to be trying to get herself back into the Divas Championship picture, as it was because her being distracted by Natalya attacking Eve at ringside at Hell in a Cell, that Kelly wasn't able to defeat Beth Phoenix and win her title back.

Jerry Lawler: Kelly has that chance this Thursday on WWE Superstars where she is going to take on the lady that she helped Eve defeat on Smackdown last week, Alicia Fox.

Michael Cole: I'm sure Miss Fox will be looking for some retribution in that match. We saw the wwe.com video moments ago, but do you think that Kelly Kelly is going to heed Maryse's warning and keep out of this match?

Jerry Lawler: Maryse can be a mean girl; for Kelly's sake I hope she does.

Match Four:
Eve w/ Kelly Kelly vs Maryse

Maryse casts Kelly Kelly at ringside a quick glare before she locks up with Eve. Eve is able to transition into a side headlock and take Maryse over; the French Canadian Diva having to scissor her legs around Eve's neck to get out of the hold. Both women then get back to their feet and Maryse tries a quick clothesline, but Eve bridges underneath it! The fans cheer for the impressive move, but Maryse stops in her tracks and stomps right onto Eve's stomach!

Eve starts to get back up from the move, but Maryse is able to deliver another sharp kick to the mid section again, which sends Eve rolling across the mat and Kelly looking in horror at ringside. Maryse brings Eve up to her feet again and grabs her by the hair before slamming her back into the mat! Kelly's face is in her hands at ringside, and Maryse approaches the ropes to taunt her and laugh at her expense. Although Maryse takes far too long mocking Kelly because Eve is able to recover and rolls her up for a Schoolgirl Pin! One! Two! Maryse gets out of it!

Looking shocked, Maryse springs back to her feet and charges at Eve again, but Eve cuts her off with a Thesz Press and then she slams Maryse's head into the mat several times before being pulled away by the referee! Maryse gets back up and walks right into Eve's path, who scoops her up and drops her back with a Samoan Drop! Eve is vastly in control now, and the fans let her know with a big cheer. Eve is clearly enjoying herself out there, as she stands with her back to the downed Maryse and shakes DAT ASS and then lands on Maryse with an impressive Standing Moonsault!

It appears obvious that Kelly liked that move from her clapping and giggling at ringside, and Eve is now in serious mode as she waits in the corner. Once Maryse is back to a knee, Eve comes charging in and cracks her in the side of the head with a Shining Wizard Kick!! Maryse is sprawled out on the mat, seemingly done, but Eve isn't as she now heads over to the corner and begins to climb it! Much like on Smackdown, Kelly tells Eve not to and just win the match but Eve ignores her and then climbs to the top and steadies herself... before leaping from the top and scoring with the EVESAULT onto Maryse! Eve sells the move on her stomach and then hooks the leg! One! Two!! Three!!!

Winner: Eve (4.32)


The bell rings, and Maryse rolls out of the ring as Kelly Kelly slides into it to check if Eve's stomach is hurt or not. Eve gets up to her feet on her own and Kelly is all over her, trying to just make sure she's okay and Eve is quick to nod that she's fine and once she does Kelly grabs her for a hug. Eve returns the gesture, and the camera is able to catch Kelly's hand slowly going down Eve's back but stopping before she touches the holy grail that is Eve's arse. With the hug going on for what seems too long, Eve is able to get out and raise Kelly's hand instead and she gives Kelly a bit of a weird look as Kelly celebrates.

Jerry Lawler: Well it seems like Kelly Kelly listened to what Maryse told her earlier, and Eve was still able to get the win!

Michael Cole: It doesn't mean that she didn't distract Maryse though, does it? You heard that pathetic screaming whilst Maryse was trying to wrestle and take advantage!

Jerry Lawler: It was just Kelly showing her concern for her friend; there's nothing wrong with caring.

Michael Cole: I think it was more than showing concern, King. There's something else to this, I don't know what it is but I can tell there's something that we aren't being told here.

*Commercial Break*

Returning to Raw and we instantly go to the interview area with MATT STRIKER standing by with KOFI KINGSTON. There's a good cheer that goes up for Kofi, and he smiles as he hears the reception from the arena.

Matt Striker: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw everyone, as you can see I'm standing by with the man that will face the winner of tonight's main event between The Miz and Xavier Woods next week with a WWE Title shot at stake against John Cena at the Raw Supershow. Kofi, thank you for joining me.

Kofi Kingston: It's no problem, Matt, I'm happy to be here.

Matt Striker: Earlier tonight we saw Xavier Woods stand up to John Laurinaitis and then Triple H award him with CM Punk's place in the WWE Championship #1 Contender Tournament. What do you think about the prospect of facing Xavier Woods next week?

Kofi Kingston: First of all, I respect the courage Xavier Woods showed earlier to stand up to John Laurinaitis; it takes guts to go out there and confront four men all by yourself.

There's a good pop for that.

Kofi Kingston: If Xavier can make it past Miz, I'd be honoured to compete for a title match against him, but don't get me wrong; I'm not going to take any prisoners if we do cross paths next week.

Kingston shows off the more intense side we've seen in the past few weeks.

Kofi Kingston: The Miz might not know what to expect when he faces you in that ring tonight, Xavier, but I will. I've just spent the last hour watchin' some of your matches and I'll be watching your match with Miz up next very... closely. I'm not leavin' things to chance anymore, Matt, and Kofi Kingston is not going to take any prisoners any more.

Striker lets off a half grin to show that he's clearly enjoying the new Kofi Kingston.

Kofi Kingston: I've been sittin' back for far too long now, and nothing... I mean NOTHING is going to stop me from becoming the WWE Champion in two weeks' time!


Kofi Kingston: I have a message to prove; Kofi Kingston will not be counted out and Kofi Kingston will not be underestimated. I'll even take on the entire Laurinaitis Administration on my own if I have to-

???: You won't have to.

Kofi stops in his tracks and looks a little pissed off at being interrupted but he quickly turns to his left and the COO TRIPLE H walks into the shot which gets him another grand cheer tonight after his previous appearances. 'The Boss' extends his hand to Kingston who gladly takes it and the two smile before walking off to the left together.

Back into the arena...


There's an initial pop as everyone realises that it is now time for the main event of the show, but it quickly turns into boos as THE MIZ bounds out onto the stage in his long, black trenchcoat. The rest of the Laurinaitis Administration are shortly out after him, JOHN LAURINAITIS clapping the crown jewel in his group along whilst R-TRUTH and BRODUS CLAY bring up the rear.

Michael Cole: Did you see what just transpired between Triple H and Kofi Kingston?! Triple H is the COO of this company; he can't just say things like that and get involved with the Superstars!

Jerry Lawler: Are you for real? Look at what we have coming down the ramp! That is the General Manager of this show and a group of men that he has selected to be the main players here on Raw! If you're complaining about authority getting involved with the talent; here is your prime example!

Michael Cole: The only prime examples I am seeing are the ones coming down the ramp right now; these men are a prime example of a perfect group here in the WWE. You've got the brains of the Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis, the star power of The Miz, the ruthlessness of R-Truth, the sheer brute power of Brodus Clay and we can't forget the experience that Kevin Nash brings to this group also; these guys are the real deal.

Jerry Lawler: Why don't you just go and clean John Laurinaitis' shoes whilst you're at it, Michael?

The LA get into the ring and Miz takes centre stage and raises his arms into the air, before he smirks and turns around to fist bump both Truth and Clay and shake hands with the Raw GM. His music fades out and the fans reveal their booing for the group of men in the ring but none of them care.


Despite this being only the second time his theme song is played, the WWE Universe get on their feet and let out a good cheer for XAVIER WOODS as he springs out onto the stage, looking extremely hyped for his first match on Raw. Woods is dressed in Stars-and-Stripes trunks with matching boots, jacket, hat and elbow pads.

Michael Cole: Who the hell does this guy think he is?! Apollo Creed?

Jerry Lawler: Well it is clear that Xavier Woods is a proud American, and proud Americans don't let bullies like John Laurinaitis and his goons run around like they own the place!

Michael Cole: But they do! John Laurinaitis is in charge of this show; he is the General Manager! The sooner that imbeciles like Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and even Triple H understand this the better this show will be!

Jerry Lawler: Did you just call the man that pays your paycheck an imbecile?! You must be getting something on the side from John Laurinaitis because that is career suicide, what you're doing.

Michael Cole: Are you trying to say that John Laurinaitis is the type of man that will go behind people's backs?

Jerry Lawler: Yes... because that is what he did when he signed Kevin Nash to a Raw contract! Anyway, it is bad enough that I have to look at John Laurinaitis; I don't wanna sit here and talk about him all night! Let's just enjoy watching these two young Superstars try and climb the ladder to being WWE Champion.

Main Event:
WWE Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament Semi-Final:

The Miz w/ The Laurinaitis Administration vs Xavier Woods

The bell rings and Woods takes a big, deep breath as he cautiously steps forwards to the very cocksure Miz standing in front of him. Woods raises his hands as if he is going to initiate a lock up, but Miz instead just stands there and he turns over his shoulder to John Laurinaitis at ringside and shares a laugh with the GM. This clearly angers Woods, because as soon as Miz turns around he's struck with a backhand to the face!! The fans cheer loudly, and The Miz is caught off guard and falls back to the ropes. Woods pushes him off and Irish Whips him across the ring and drops low so Miz jumps over him, and then trips Miz with a Drop Toe Hold when he comes back again! After faceplanting onto the mat, Miz gets on all fours to check his face for blood, but as he does this Woods has gotten up and came off of the ropes; he uses The Miz' back to elevate himself into the air and then drops an elbow onto Miz' back when he comes down! Miz flops back onto his front and Woods turns him over to cover... One! Two-Kickout!

It is a very positive start from Woods, and he and Miz get to their feet at the same time. Miz looks furious and goes for a right hand, but Woods ducks it and then catches the former WWE Champion with a straight right jab to the face! Miz stirs and Woods then nails him again in the same place! With his opponent seemingly dazed from the two straight shots, Woods leaps and does the splits before he pops back up and floors The Miz with a right hook – The Monti-Fisto is completed! The fans pop loudly as Woods jumps around the ring and waits for The Miz to make it back to his feet, and once he is, Woods charges in and takes him down with a Running Forearm, and then another one once Miz springs back up. With a look of genuine anger on his face, Miz gets up and charges at Woods, but is taken over with an Arm Drag from Woods! Woods keeps the arm trapped and Miz grounded, and 'The Awesome One' tries to claw at Woods' arm to get him to release the arm.

Miz rises to his feet but Woods maintains control of his left arm. Miz swings with a right hand, but Woods ducks it and goes behind The Miz and transitions into a Hammerlock! Miz' face scrunches up as Woods has the hold locked in tight, but Miz' face changes to one of shock as Woods shows good strength and lifts Miz up whilst in the hold and drops him back down on the arm! Miz holds his arm in pain on the mat, and Woods runs off of the ropes and delivers a diving Splash right across the chest of The Miz! Woods hooks the leg! One! Two! Kickout! Woods tries to bring Miz up following the pin attempt, but Miz is able to rake the eyes of the rookie which gets some heat off of the fans and Woods backs up, which allows The Miz to get some separation for the first time in the match. Trying to correct his vision, Woods leans on the ropes but he sees The Miz charging towards him and is able to kick his leg to cause Miz to fall with his neck across the middle rope!

In a perfect position for Rey Mysterio, Miz winces and holds his leg, and Woods runs across the ring and comes back at Miz; using his back as a springboard to leap over the ropes and land on the apron! Miz starts to rise after being stepped on, and Woods slingshots himself over the top rope and tries for a Sunset Flip; but Miz carries on rolling backwards and gets to his feet; and he Big Boots Woods right in the face! Woods lulls back against the bottom rope after the momentum-killer kick from Miz, and just like that the former WWE Champ gets down and starts pounding away at Woods' face, shouting all sorts of insults for disrespecting him. As Woods is trapped in the ropes, the referee has to break it up, and he pulls The Miz away and warns him that he isn't afraid to disqualify him if he has to. However, whilst the official is distracted doing his job by admonishing The Miz, R-Truth reaches from ringside and starts choking Woods against the bottom rope! Miz tries to drag his telling off on for as long as possible, but after he deems Woods has been choked enough, he brushes past the ref and pulls Woods towards the centre of the ring and covers him. One! Two-Woods kicks out!

Woods hadn't been incapacitated by the outside interference, but once The Miz has gotten to his feet, Woods spends a moment on the mat spluttering for air. This gives Miz the opportunity to bring him up to his feet using his face, and Miz holds Woods' face in his hand and tells him that he is nothing around here, before he turns around and grabs Woods in a ¾ Facelock and delivers the Snapmare Driver; dropping Woods onto the top of his head! Woods bounces back onto his back, and Miz gets to his feet and opens his arms out, absorbing the heat being directed towards him from the crowd. He grabs Woods by the hair and slings him towards the ropes, and Woods tumbles through the middle rope to the outside! The newbie lands right at the feet of John Laurinaitis who is taking obvious pleasure in seeing Woods hurt on the floor. Xavier starts to get to his feet slowly, and once he's up, he stands up to the General Manager who doesn't flinch. Laurinaitis starts to smile and Woods looks confused, but we see why as Miz comes from under the bottom rope with a Baseball Slide!

Taken completely off guard, Woods flies back and the back of his head bounces off of the ring barricade! The fans cry “OOH!” and then boo as Miz actually High-Fives Laurinaitis, and then starts stomping away at Woods' chest and mid section against the barricade. Miz places his knee over Woods' head and then applies all of his weight to the rookie's head, and Woods howls in pain as his face is being pressed against the cold, hard ring floor. Miz brings him back to his feet and delivers a right hand again to the head, as the referee's count has now reached six. Grabbing Woods by the hair again, Miz bounces his head off of the ring apron, and then rolls into the ring as the ref is now on 7. Miz gets in front of the referee and demands that he counts Woods out faster, and the teo get into an argument again, and this allows BRODUS CLAY to grab Woods... and he sends him crashing into the steel steps!! The impact makes such a noise that the referee brushes past Miz and looks to the outside, but as he hadn't seen anything suspicious he waves it off. Miz then leaves the ring to break the count and the Laurinaitis Administration are using their numerical advantage well as Raw heads to another break.

*Commercial Break*

We come back after the break and resume the main event, and we are informed by Cole and King, that during the break The Miz was in total control of Xavier Woods following Brodus Clay's involvement before it. Back in the ring now, The Miz has Woods locked in a Rear Chinlock, and Woods seems to have tired a lot due to the additional punishment received at the hands of Miz during the commercials. The fans start clapping to try and provide Woods with a second wind in the match, and it seems to work as he's able to starts getting to his feet, but Miz quickly lets go and cuts off any possible momentum as he grabs Woods by the hair and slams him back down onto the mat. The fans boo Miz as usual, and 'The Awesome One' goes off of the ropes and tries an Elbow Drop, but Woods moves and Miz gets nothing but canvas! Both men start getting up at the same time, and Mizanin tries a right hand which is ducked by Woods who runs to the ropes and then comes off of them; he rolls on the floor and then springs up and uses the extra momentum to leap into the air and wipe The Miz out with a clothesline!!!!

The fans pop very loudly as Miz is turned inside out by the impact! Both men are down again, and the official has no choice but to start counting both men who are downed after that excellent showing of athleticism by Xavier Woods. On the count of six, both men get to their feet at opposite ends of the ring, and now both men go in for that lock up that was supposed to happen at the start of the match... but Miz cheap shots Woods with a kick to the mid section! Miz grabs Woods' head and goes for a DDT, but Woods is able to spin out of it and kick Miz in the stomach to double him over, and drops him with a Snap DDT of his own! Miz bounces up from the impact and falls back into the turnbuckle. Woods charges in and steps off of the middle rope adjacent to the turnbuckle and he cracks The Miz with a Dropkick that crushes him against the corner! Woods holds onto the ropes so he doesn't crash on the mat and Miz stumbles forwards due to the impact of the dropkick; Woods climbing onto the top rope.

There's a good pop as Woods steadies himself on the top rope and he leaps down to The Miz and forces his face forwards... and takes him down with a Top Rope Bulldog!! It is a hard landing for both men, and Woods then crawls back towards The Miz and he hooks the leg! One! Two!! Thr-NO!! Miz kicks out to boos from the fans but Woods gets right back up to his feet and he crouches in position and scoops The Miz onto his shoulders once he's recovered enough to get back to his feet. Woods screams out, as he's about to do something, but Miz wriggles and lands behind Woods, and tries to hook him up for the SKULL CRUSHING FINALE – But Woods rolls through! Showing that he's done his homework, Woods escapes Miz' finishing move and sends Miz rolling across the ring. 'The Awesome One' gets back up and charges at Woods again, but he sends him over the top rope! Woods turns around, but doesn't realise that Miz landed on the apron! Miz grabs his opponent, but Woods reacts quickly and grabs Miz by the head and drops his neck over the top rope, and now Miz falls to the floor!

R-Truth runs right over to his tag team partner and stands in front of him to seemingly prevent Woods from doing anything to follow up on Miz. Woods, however, shrugs and waits for Truth to turn around to check on Miz, and then runs against the opposite ropes and leaps over the top rope; somersaulting and taking out both members of The Awesome Truth! Laurinaitis is throwing a fit on the other side of the ring, and Woods gets to his feet and fist bumps a fan in the front row, before he quickly grabs The Miz and rolls him back in before Brodus Clay can get near. Woods follows Miz in and stays down so he can cover his opponent again – One! Two!! Thr-Miz kicks out again!! Woods shakes his head and then grabs Miz quickly to bring him up again, and he holds him under his arm and then applies a Hammerlock again on The Miz, and kicks his leg back to hit what TNA 2008 fans would know as the CREED-DT, but Miz is able to spin out of it and he turns it around so he's behind Woods in a Dragon Sleeper position, and he drops Woods down onto his knee before bringing him back up and finishing his combo with the Neckbreaker!

Miz holds the back of his head as it becomes apparent that he must have hit it when Woods dived out of the ring. Bringing Woods to his feet, Miz Irish Whips him into the corner with as much force as possible and Woods' back crashes against the turnbuckle. Miz steadies himself across the ring from Woods, and he is able to charge in and hit the Awesome Corner Clothesline! Miz looks intensely out to the fans as Woods flops forwards onto his front after the move. Miz spins from the corner and he crouches down in the corner as it appears he is looking to finish Woods off again, and Miz tries to hook Woods up in the Full Nelson once more, but Woods grabs Miz' arm and wrings it; and he places his foot up by Miz' head and drops back! The fans pop for the nasty looking move, and Miz drops face down on the mat. King makes a comment saying that Miz is 'Lost in the Woods' (which happens to be the move's name) so Woods has hit LOST IN THE WOODS! Woods dives on top of The Miz and hooks the inside leg tightly – One! Two!! Three-NO!!! The Miz has his foot on the rope!

It was a brilliant spot by the referee, and he made the right call in stopping the pin and informing Woods of what happened. Woods looks a little frustrated but then he gets up to his feet and he urges for The Miz to make it back up to his feet again, but there's a sudden commotion from the fans, as Brodus Clay has gotten up onto the apron, and he's trying to get into the ring! The referee tries his best to stop the big man, but Woods dares Clay to get into the ring, but Woods is suddenly distracted as John Laurinaitis has jumped up onto the apron on another side of the ring. Woods walks over to Laurinaitis and tells him to get down... but LAURINAITIS STRIKES WOODS IN THE FACE! The move doesn't actually hurt Woods that much, but it caught him unaware, and because of this The Miz is able to come from behind him and the SKULL CRUSHING FINALE lands this time! The fans are booing lots as now conveniently Brodus Clay steps back down and the referee turns around to see The Miz covering Woods on the mat and he has to make the count! One! Two!! Three!!!

Winner: The Miz (16.27)


There's unbelievable amounts of heat gushing at the Laurinaitis Administration as they all join the victorious Miz in the ring. Miz has his arm raised by the referee and is then hugged by John Laurinaitis. Xavier Woods lays on the mat, holding his head, and he backs up against the bottom turnbuckle and looks furious.

Michael Cole: The Miz is now only two wins away from becoming the WWE Champion again! I knew that he'd beat some respect into this punk!

Jerry Lawler: I'm speechless. I'm truly speechless. J-John Laurinaitis got physically involved in the match and he screwed Xavier Woods!

Michael Cole: John Laurinaitis was just telling Xavier Woods that he needs to show some more respect; which he does!

Jerry Lawler: Are you seriously trying to deny seeing that?!! Wait... what is this?

King's voice has a tone of worry in it as Laurinaitis has caused the attention of his three stablemates to be on Woods in the corner. Miz, Truth and Clay start to bear down on Woods and trap him in the corner. Sensing what is about to happen, Woods brings himself up as quickly as he can. There's a standoff as Woods is waiting for one of them to make a move, but he seemingly doesn't want to wait any more and he kicks R-Truth in the gut and smashes The Miz with an elbow to the face! The fans get behind the plucky upstart, but he's left with a couple of seconds to tee off on Brodus Clay, but Woods' right hands to the head do nothing to damage the big man, and Brodus then grabs Woods and rushes him into the corner! Clay headbutts Woods on the forehead which knocks him back down to the floor, and now all three of the Administration's Superstars are all taking turns to stomp away on Xavier Woods!

Jerry Lawler: What is this for?! Why?! Someone get out here and stop this!

The crowd boos loudly as Woods is taking kick after kick to the chest, head and body. There is finally something to cheer about as KOFI KINGSTON starts to charge down to the ring! Laurinaitis quickly dives out of the ring whilst trying to make one of his Administration members aware of his presence, and R-Truth is the only one that heard Laurinaitis' cries, and he turns around to meet Kingston, but he eats a TROUBLE IN PARADISE as soon as Kingston gets into the ring! Truth drops to the floor, and Kofi immediately grabs the man he'll face next week, The Miz, and starts piling into him with right hands, but Brodus Clay doesn't let Kofi have much fun with Miz, and grabs him from behind and throws him down onto the mat! Laurinaitis starts to call traffic now, and instructs Brodus to take out Kofi and for Miz to continue the assault on Woods. Clay brings Kingston back to his feet and shoves his head in between his legs and lifts him up; ready for that Powerbomb! The fans aren't happy as Kingston tries to fight out of it


IT'S TRIPLE H! The COO runs down to the ring, and he removes his suit jacket as he does, and the crowd are going FUCKING INSANE! Laurinaitis is in shock, and he tells both his standing men to get ready; Clay drops Kingston to the floor. Triple H slides into the ring and is immediately met by The Miz, but he sidesteps him and Miz goes tumbling out to the floor! Laurinaitis goes around the ring to check on his man, and now it is just Triple H and Brodus Clay standing in the ring. The fans start to buzz in anticipation and Clay smiles to almost dare Triple H to take a shot, and 'The Game' does a DX Chop and then starts laying into Brodus Clay with some right hands! Clay is rocked by the repeated shots to the head, but he lunges for Triple H, and the veteran competitor ducks it, and Clay is leaning against the ropes... and Triple H charges in and clotheslines Brodus Clay over the top rope!!! The fans go crazy and Clay tries to immediately get back into the ring, but both Miz and Laurinaitis hold the undefeated monster back. Triple H checks on Xavier Woods and helps him up as Kofi Kingston has also gotten back up to his feet. The three men left in the ring stare at Johnny, Clay and Miz on the ramp... but Triple H's gaze is drawn to the recovering R-Truth on the mat and HHH quickly locks eyes with Johnny and Laurinaitis shakes his head as Triple H grabs Truth and pulls him in; hooking the arms and TRIPLE H WITH A PEDIGREE TO R-TRUTH! The fans cheer loudly and Laurinaitis is bright red with anger and Triple H glares at him.


Michael Cole: Triple H can't do that?! He's the COO of this company; he has no business getting physically involved with Superstars!

Jerry Lawler: But you're okay with the Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis costing Xavier Woods? But man, we've not seen a Pedigree on Monday Night Raw and that was a good one!

Michael Cole: I don't know what the consequences of Triple H's actions will be, but after what happened last week to Kevin Nash and this week to R-Truth – something has to stop this!

Jerry Lawler: On the plus side for John Laurinaitis, The Miz will be facing Kofi Kingston in the final of the WWE Championship Number One Contender's Tournament next week.

Michael Cole: And so he should be! He beat that little brat Xavier Woods and showed him why he should respect John Laurinaitis! I want to know what John Laurinaitis is going to do about our COO running rampant and going out of his jurisdiction by attacking one of his Superstars! The only place we're going to find out is next week on Raw – so don't miss it!

The show ends with Triple H, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods standing tall in the ring with R-Truth still sprawled out on the mat and the rest of the Laurinaitis Administration standing at the top of the ramp looking back to them; a very intense look of disdain between the COO and the Raw General Manager.



24 October 2011


WWE Championship:
John Cena © vs Kofi Kingston OR The Miz

World Heavyweight Championship:
Mark Henry © vs John Morrison OR Wade Barrett OR Randy Orton

United States Championship:
Dolph Ziggler © vs Drew McIntyre


20 NOVEMBER 2011


(Christian, Tyson Kidd, ???, ???, ???)
(Daniel Bryan, ???, ???, ???, ???)

Grudge Match:
CM Punk vs Kevin Nash
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

For some reason, I wasn’t totally digging the opening segment. The Laurinaitis stuff was pretty standard so no complaints there. But there was just something about Miz that I felt was off in this promo. To me, Miz needs to be written as someone who is kind of annoying but right in the things he says as well as down-right annoying if that makes sense. To me, the promo felt a little flat at the beginning but it picked up a little there at the end. I see that you’re a big fan of Xavier Woods and I won’t dispute you on that. A pretty big match for his debut huh? I guess you have some big plans for him. I also liked the conflict with Big Johnny and Triple H, furthering their power struggle. Those are always fun to read. But yeah, hit and miss opening segment here. Oh yeah, forgot to mention how well I thought Brodus was made to look here.

And speaking of Brodus, he tears Bo Dallas to shreds, oh wow. I would’ve loved to see that happen in real life. Cena promo was a little hit-and-miss once again. There were just some things that I didn’t think Cena would say like calling Vickie Guerrero a pet whale. Sure, Cena has a humorous side but this just didn’t work me. Interesting that you mention Kurt Angle here as well but I like how Cena put over Woods here, good job with that. Lastly, the whole Rock/Cena thing should be dealt with at another time in my opinion. Maybe an in-ring promo would’ve been nice since we could’ve seen one of those “Cena” promos if that makes sense.

Alex Riley coming down to break the brawl up? JOBBER :L But other than that, I think this segment was actually good, giving two guys an opportunity to do something different. Ryder is a good face that the crowd can get behind and Swagger can be a really good heel if booked right. Wonder who this person Laurinaitis is talking to could be? The faster the tag titles aren’t with KozTino, the happier I’d be

I liked Ricardo with Del Rio so I was hoping that maybe…just maybe they’d be alright again, but I guess not. Not a huge fan of a Ricardo/Del Rio feud because we both know that Ricardo will probably just manage someone. Del Rio was WWE Champion so this is a huge step down. I think I may know what direction you’re going here but I won’t say. I’ll just wait and see.

Hmm, the Ziggler/McIntyre stuff was a bit weird to me but I guess the whole point of it was to announce their impending title match. Let’s get to it already. This is a good feud for the US Title so I hope you have it planned well. Seeing HHH again will surely add more fuel to the fire between him and Laurinaitis.

Wait, Magnus to the WWE? I can dig this for sure! Unless it’s not Magnus then meh. But having AW give some personality to McGillicutty/Otunga should be a fun experiment to see you write out. And now it’s the divas turn. I admire all the stuff you’ve done with the divas so I hope you continue booking it well. Building Eve up should be fun as well since you have her paired with Kelly Kelly and not wrestling in the ring.

The main event of the show was always going to be the best thing on the show and it delivered quite well. I like you giving opportunities to people like Xavier Wood and Kofi Kingston who I think would be a pretty awesome tag team. But now, it looks like we’re getting a traditional Survivor Series match. Seems pretty obvious but I won’t complain on that.

All in all, not your best show man. There were just some stuff that I thought were really random and out of line (ex. curse words by Ziggler). I can see where you may be taking things and if I’m right, I think Survivor Series might be a pretty good show. But yeah, clean up on some of the promos and that should help you out well. Also, I think some of the commercials were pretty out of place as well. I know it’s not a big deal but I just wanted to point that out. Onto the next show!

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

I wouldn't cal this "feedback", more me just rambling commenting on some things:

I don't know if you can remember, but we had a conversation a while back about Xavier Woods and we both had plans to introduce him in our threads and you went in to detail regarding your plan for him - A plan I was very keen on. I don't know whether that plan is still alive and you're still heading towards it, but I sincerely hope so. However, this was a very interesting way to introduce Woods in to the thread properly (I know he's had backstage segments but this is the proper introduction to the WWE Universer~!). I have no qualms with how he was introduced and he is an extremely likeable babyface - even if you aren't aware of him, he just screams likeable - and at this moment in time, I see him as nothing other than a tool in which to gain heat for The Administration, which isn't a bad thing. I do, however, have a problem with how he was written. Now I'm familiar with his TNA and NXT work, whereas others may not be, but just to look at him you can tell he's a pretty qwerky guy - The James Brown theme (which is facking marvellous, by the way) and the stars and stripes gear, it really puts him over the edge as a smiling, happy go lucky babyface with substance. But the content of his promo seemed a little... Lacklustre? You could have put any babyface in the bold writing to the left and it would have been the same. Someone like Woods, in my opinion, needs a lot of subtleties in his promos - Catchphrases and little nuances etc. to really cement that qwerky character and I sincerely hope you begin to add little bits to his promos and his character, because the talent is there with him as a performer and with you as a writer to go somewhere with him

I think (and I believe others will say the same) the best thing you've done in this thread is bridging the gap between the midcard and the main event. Take Smackdown for example (I'll do Raw after ): You have your core midcard guys in Rhodes, DiBiase, Regal, Cara, Kidd etc. and your bonafied main eventers: Orton, Henry and Christian. However you've also got that middle ground with the likes of Barrett, Morrison, Bryan and Sheamus when he returns and it's that middle ground that's so great. The fact that you've built that - whether it was on purpose or not - gives you an insane amount of freedom in the fact that you have a handful of talented guys ready to fill any gap on the card without losing credibility or looking ridiculous. Raw is the same with guys like Kingston, R-Truth, the Miz (kind of) and soon Brodus will be there. It's so refreshing to see that you've completely obliterated everybody's glass ceiling's whilst not overpushing them to the point of no return (looking out of place in midcard matches etc.) and the further you go with this thread and the more corners you're kinda' backed in to, the more options you'll have because of this. The only thing you need to worry about is not overdoing it and putting too many people in that situation to the point that they become directionless, if that makes sense?

I'll come back after Smackdown and give you some proper comments regarding your feuds and the direction of the blue brand, I just thought I'd pop in and let you know I'm delighted you're back (hopefully for a while) and that I'm genuinely enjoying seeing this thread and you yourself develop.

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Thanks for the comments, guys. I've noticed some comments that I'd just like to respond to quickly. Never really replied to feedback before so apologies

Originally Posted by Jamjam22 View Post
But there was just something about Miz that I felt was off in this promo. To me, Miz needs to be written as someone who is kind of annoying but right in the things he says as well as down-right annoying if that makes sense. To me, the promo felt a little flat at the beginning but it picked up a little there at the end.
I'll agree with both of this point if I'm being honest. I feel that usually my characterization of Miz is good, but just because he was involved with Cena the week before and is also playing a big part in the main event he needed to say something. I just feel as he's one of the main players in the Administration as well as a potential #1 Contender, he needed some sort of speech and here was the best place to put it I felt. Miz has a couple of things going on at once and that'll become more obvious in the next few Raws.

Originally Posted by FLUX View Post
But the content of his promo seemed a little... Lacklustre? You could have put any babyface in the bold writing to the left and it would have been the same. Someone like Woods, in my opinion, needs a lot of subtleties in his promos - Catchphrases and little nuances etc. to really cement that qwerky character and I sincerely hope you begin to add little bits to his promos and his character, because the talent is there with him as a performer and with you as a writer to go somewhere with him
Once again, I'll say you were spot on here, Flux. Since I've written this promo I've watched a lot more of Woods and I can see exactly what you're getting at. The main problem I think I'll have with him is trying to differ his character from Kofi Kingston, which is one of the reasons why I'm trying to make Kofi a little more serious so I've got more room for Woods to be the happy-go-lucky guy. I've taken this on board mate, and you'll see me adding some more to his character in future shows.

Originally Posted by FLUX View Post
I don't know if you can remember, but we had a conversation a while back about Xavier Woods and we both had plans to introduce him in our threads and you went in to detail regarding your plan for him - A plan I was very keen on. I don't know whether that plan is still alive and you're still heading towards it, but I sincerely hope so.
No, I have not forgotten : That is something that I definitely want to do still, I've just got to think where I can make it naturally work in with other storylines. That plan is still in the works for sure.

Thanks again for the comments, bros, all feedback; criticism or otherwise is greatly appreciated.

Originally Posted by pwtorch.com

TNA Star makes WWE Debut; Kurt Angle; More call ups; Returns

- As seen on Raw, former TNA wrestler Magnus appeared in a Video Package as a "Doorman" for "Nightclub Owner" AW, aka Abraham Washington, in the first of what we've learnt is a series of videos designed to repackage the former WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. We can confirm that Magnus has signed a deal with WWE. The duo were last seen two weeks ago on Raw where they said they were taking some time off to try anf "have some fun". It is thought that the foursome will appear on Raw together as a group, but AW and Magnus will have non-wrestling roles. As previously reported, WWE are in talks with another released TNA Star, thought to be Sarita.

- Another wrestler that has just left TNA after asking for his release, former WWE Champion Kurt Angle, was namedropped by John Cena on Raw. This has led to speculation that Angle could be in talks with WWE for a return. Whether this be for Wrestlemania XXVII or not is not known at this point.

- Xavier Woods made his debut on Raw this week, and FCW talent Bo Dallas has appeared on Raw the past two weeks as enhancement talent; the two most recent call ups from FCW. It is thought that Creative have big plans for Woods, but any permanent roster place for Dallas is unknown. The team of Los Aviadores - consisting of Hunico and Epico - have been rumoured to be on the cusp of the main roster for some time now, have now left FCW and are travelling with the Raw roster, ready for their debut in the next few weeks.

- There are several returns that could be made in October and November. Big Show, who was written out after Mark Henry took him out at Money in the Bank is set to return for Survivor Series, likely to face Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship. Evan Bourne's suspension is up in a couple of weeks, and Goldust has tweeted saying that he's ready for a return to the ring for another run.
Just some news to give you lot something to look forward to. I've decided that the remaining three shows until the Raw Supershow will be in recap form, and the Supershow itself will be in full. I'm aiming to get Survivor Series done by the end of the year; I've got a knee operation in three weeks so I'll have a lot of time to write after that. But my first exam is next week so my main focus is gonna be on that, but I'll try and get Smackdown done before it as it'll only be in recap. Thanks
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