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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Raw Feedback

Solid way to begin the show with Cena. Jam Cena?? What Cena had to say was on point, putting over how dangerous the Cell can be, I would’ve liked to see him go into detail about how it changes lives to really make a statement of how dangerous it can be. You’ve played up Del Rio’s fluke wins a lot in this promo, which might not have been a good move as Del Rio should be sold well if he’s going to compete in a HIAC but I can see why you did it. I think Del Rio wins at HIAC just because he hasn’t had that moment where he wins without any help or cheating. at Cena doing the fist pump. Solid opening to the show.

Love the symbolism of Rey’s mask on John’s desk. Xavier will be a solid edition to Raw, which will no doubt help to make this thread your own. Bourne jobbing to Clay was expected, unfortunately for Jam, at least he got a little bit of offense. The result was never in question and Clay needed the victory to continue his momentum and Bourne wouldn’t lose any because you’ve made Clay look like a beast after last week.

Striker always manages to piss people off with some of his comments I thought this was an okay interview, Punk was really good, Kofi was alright. Another good match, I actually like Riley and think he has some potential, but Drew needed to win to continue this thing with Ziggler. No way McIntyre lies down for Dolph at Hell in a Cell, if he’ smart he’ll go for the title and then Dolph can move on to something bigger.

Shinier belt

I stopped watching before Johhny became GM, but I looked back and can really see why he got so much heat. Dat gravelly voice. Johnny saying that the Raw Superstars were out to get him was gold, as it seems the opposite at the minute. Really good match here, your match writing is really good, imo. I expected Punk and Kofi to interfere, as despite Kozlov and Marella not exactly being the best champions, Truth and Miz shouldn’t win them just yet. Didn’t expect Triple H to make the save but it makes me think the tag match at Hell in a Cell will be utter chaos.

Dat HIAC video ... dat HIAC hype commentary.

No way was Brie gonna’ win this match, despite my personal feelings towards her I’m actually finding this Kelly thing to be extremely interesting, I don’t think she wins at HIAC to further her slide down into whatever she’s going to do. Very intrigued by this, not often you can say that for a Divas feud. I love his Miz is all fired up, shouting while Johnny seems as calm as they come. Oh, a surprise for Punk?? It’s Nash isn’t it??

Found it out interesting that even though Ryder was attacked in the beginning, he was still able to compete with the WWE Champion for ten minutes. Good way to show how tough he is. Del Rio picking up the win was expected and the transition from the earlier in the show when Del Rio was on top to now Cena being on top was good. Solid way to create some intrigue to the show at HIAC.

I found this show to be a solid go home show, you seem to be improving a lot on your promos and the match writing is still good. Booking was solid throughout, and you’ve created a lot of intrigue for HIAC with Punk’s surprise, Kelly’s stuff, U.S Title and of course the HIAC WWE Championship. Sorry if I didn’t go into detail in this review, just thought I’d give brief thoughts on it.
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Raw Feedback

Ah, the weirdest peasant. I may not be King for much longer, but I'll call you that at least until the tourney results are posted. Good job in that by the way. Anyway, to Raw, which has been heating up since your strong Night of Champions PPV, and considering you only had a short time to make the transition from one PPV to another, you've done a good job - it's a task I sympathise with, having to do it in my own thread.

Starting with Cena is sensible, given his announcement last week. I know Cena's quite a 'corny' character in real life, and you nailed that element of him, but I would have liked to see something a bit deeper. I'll explain what I mean - Del Rio's interruption was understandable, but if you look at the actual content of the promo from both men, there's not much more than your superficial 'I'm gonna win, no I'm gonna win' stuff. The stuff about Del Rio being a coward was a good start to try and develop some character depth but I'd have liked to see more. The main way I generally judge my own promos is; how has this feud changed because of this promo? Applying that here (not that I consider my criteria superior to anyone else's, I should stress that), I don't think the Del Rio/Cena feud has that much more heat or is a more meaningful feud because of this promo. I also find Cena's OTT character infuriating, but that's not a slight against you, because your characterisation of him and of Del Rio were pretty much spot on. Having Del Rio use Ricardo to get the upper hand is again a classic trait of Alberto, so a good way to end the segment. My only issue is that I felt there's more these guys could have said to one another to really drive this feud up a notch ahead of the PPV.

I quite like Xavier Woods; the guy can act as a serviceable midcard face and I'm considering bringing him in myself somewhere down the line. Slightly annoying Johnny Ace is always a good way to introduce a new babyface so I thought you did a nice job here. Look forward to seeing what he does next.

You put at the end of the show that you were happy with how you wrote your matches, and reading this first contest, I can understand why. You definitely paint a strong picture of the dichotomy between Clay and Bourne, especially in Bourne's courageous nature, the side of him that wants to get back at Clay for his treatment of Mysterio. Obviously Clay was going over, but in just under six minutes it means that Bourne doesn't lose all his credibility, yet still Clay looks like a monster. I was surprised we didn't get a post-match attack but in a way it's a little overdone, myself included, so I thought it does good things for Clay to show that he arrives, raises hell completes his business, and leaves. Also good to see you using Brodus how he was meant to be used, not in his cringeworthy Funkasaurus gimmick. The Spinning Sit Down Powerbomb also suits him well, a big power move to end matches with.

CM Punk's first line here, the question to Striker, was a little wordy. I'd say always be wary of using 'you are' instead of 'you're', considering that often in real life, people don't speak the Queen's English and natural speech patterns generally move towards the 'easy' or 'quicker' wording. As for the promo itself, I actually thought Kofi came off damn well here, which is something that a lot of people often struggle with or they just ignore Kingston on the mic completely. You painted him as wanting to finish his match with Punk out of ambition, not out of obligation, which makes him sound like a bit of a bad-ass tbh, and the rhythm of his speech was also very believable, it flowed really well. I'm not so sure about him being 'angry' - seems like he would have been better off just being fired up - but I'm all for a sharper-edged Kofi Kingston. I'm also glad you're playing off the Punk-Kingston dynamic, something I plan to do at some point, because real life WWE seems to forget about it all the time. Very good interview segment.

Just a thought; the names of your speakers seems to randomly switch between red and black. Might want to make sure it's one or the other, just for consistency. I think you've got a good dynamic in the United States Title situation; I was actually expecting A-Ry to win, because a Ziggler-Riley match could be sick, but you've probably got more storyline possibilities with McIntyre's 'dilemma' of sorts, and you should probably take the story over the match here. The only issue I have is that I don't see Drew Mac as a natural face, and that seems to be what you're building to, unless Drew really does lie down in the ring. I suppose there's some decent character potential in McIntyre seeing the 'illusion' that Vickie's some kind of miracle worker and doing anything she wants to be successful. Could be quite genius if done right, really. Good stuff.

I love Awesome Truth. "AND IF I SEE A SPIDER, DA GRIT'S GONNA HIT DA PAN." More crazy Truth please.

Johnny Ace comes across as a total asshole here, and of course you were going for nothing less. His bullshit excuse of his Administration being for his own protection, rather than so he can have a stranglehold over the show, is perfect. His characterisation was good - I could even hear the gravelly voice - so I have zero complaints here. Don't think you could have done any better with this, it was the perfect promo to get over just how paranoid and self-deluded Johnny has become; hit us with more of the same from here on out.

I definitely think the term 'ungodly heat' should be reserved for Johnny Ace kicking a baby, rather than Santino being hauled across the ring by The Miz. Regardless, your face/heel system worked just fine in the tag match - there were a little too many mistakes between the supposedly-united Awesome Truth for my liking, the Lie Detector to The Miz standing out (also, he didn't sell it for all that long before he was back in the ring). Your sentence structures got a little wordy as the action picked up before Punk arrived, so I had to re-read a couple of lines, but otherwise the match itself was good. Punk and Kofi backing up their earlier edgy words with some edgy action was a well-made booking decision, also making sure Awesome Truth don't look weak in losing to Santino/Kozlov, and also making sure the Odd Couple don't end their reign after eight days, which would make them look pretty poor. Worse than usual, even. "All of these stars out here and Santino Marella is the man standing tall" makes him sound useless, which was a shame after you'd had him pin Truth, by hook or by crook. Clay not going down despite TIP keeps him looking like a monster, but we absolutely needed a crowd reaction when Triple H came out. A big star making a big save would get an enormous pop, but you didn't mention it, so I felt that took away some of the impact of the Game arriving. Nonetheless, the match was good, the aftermath was good, and it advances the story sufficiently, which is what you needed to do. I daresay Punk/Kofi vs Awesome Truth is my most-anticipated match for Sunday, so well done. Nothing better than an anti-authority angle done well.

King and Cole were good here on the PPV rundown, just to tie the card up in a bundle and let us know what we've got coming our way on Sunday, including the implications of each match. Again, an issue I have with this angle, similar to my issues when Coolquip worked it, is that if Kelly Kelly beats an opponent the previous week, a heel (he used Alicia Fox), if Beth Phoenix then beats them in emphatic fashion the following week, sure it emphasises the gap between Phoenix and Kelly's ability, but why should I care that Beth beats the Bellas when, as you mentioned, no-one really likes them? That being said, I'm all for actual storyline in the Diva's division and I found the Eve/K2 promo afterwards to be very interesting. I think Eve Torres is a great worker in that she plays the 'manipulator' so well - think of her doubting promos at CM Punk earlier this year that basically inspired his whole heel turn. I have way too many heel Divas planned for my thread, but I'd definitely like to see someone work Eve as that manipulative heel, and it's very possible (at least I hope so) that we might see that from you. Anyway, the angle is built for Sunday - I just think Phoenix should have squashed someone else.

Johnny Ace making phone calls to surprise Punk and Kofi? LESNAAAAAR Wait, it's probably Nash. Damn.

Definitely think the Otungacutty thing could have been done in a backstage interview or a VP. I think it's very rare that you can have an in-ring promo where someone (or a team) talks in the ring, then goes backstage without anything else happening. I think the only occasions where that really works, is when it's 1) a better worker than either Otunga or McGillicutty and 2) the promo goes on for a lot longer and 3) the promo has a lot more meaning. Otherwise, I don't see the need for these two to say what they said in the ring. I'm all for them getting a little more personality though.

I think Zack Ryder comes off looking like gold in your main event, and this treatment is exactly what he deserved at this point in time. The guy was red hot, the crowd loved everything he did, and yet the WWE just did very little with him, which is odd because the guy was prime to take the US Title off Ziggler around this point and hold it into the new year and beyond. That said, he's clearly in this feud with Swagger for the time being, something I have no problem with because talented workers in feuds generally give good results. Ryder getting attacked before the bell and still lasting nine, ten minutes with the champ does him a world of good, though normally I wouldn't say Ryder-Del Rio is an absolute main event calibre match, but I think I can forgive you seeing as you finished up with some good post-match stuff. Cena giving Ricardo the AA afterwards completes the circle by which you suggested earlier that Cena can't beat ADR if Ricardo's still around, and that means Sunday's match is all the more open-ended now. My only though is - what are Ryder and Swagger doing on Sunday? You have seven matches on the card, one of which may end in about fifteen seconds if McIntyre lies down, so I think you could have had Ryder-Swagger as an eighth match on the PPV, just to give us one more heated feud to develop. Regardless, this was a good way to end the show, and though I'm still not sure about the Cena-ADR dynamic/feud being meaningful enough, it has the title and you've only had two weeks to build it, so it's not the biggest deal.

Overall, I thought this was pretty good. I thought you went with the 'safe' option in your opening promo, and I'm not as hyped for Cena/Del Rio as perhaps I should be, but you made up for that with some stellar work in building the Punk/Johnny angle, especially the big tag match on Sunday. You've got some decent intrigue in the questions of Drew McIntyre's decision to make, as well as the possible influence of Eve in the Diva's Title Match, while I look forward to seeing if Ryder's on the show and Nash will probably show his ugly face too. All in all, you made some sensible booking decisions - my only problem is that I think you should always try and push yourself. You started to do that with Punk and Kofi's interview, but I'd like to have seen more; just try to deepen characters wherever possible and maybe give promos a 'theme' to run with rather than just have people say what they want. I think there's a lot of potential here, just waiting for you to press 'Go'. I imagine you'll take some major steps towards a more well-rounded show when you hit HIAC, and with it being your second PPV, you get to really start to stamp these characters in your own liking. There's lots to look forward to. Bon stuff, man, keep it weird.
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Raw feedback much appreciated, thanks guys!


Has Drew McIntyre played Dolph and Vickie?

On Raw, Drew McIntyre defeated Alex Riley to become the number one contender for the United States Championship, thus earning a match with the United States Champion Dolph Ziggler at Hell in a Cell with the title on the line. Seems pretty simple, right? Well, no it isn't. McIntyre has been desperately craving the managerial services of Ziggler's manager Vickie Guerrero after seeing what she has done for Ziggler, gaining him a World Heavyweight Championship and the United States Championship. Ziggler and Guerrero agreed to give McIntyre help, if he completed a series of tasks for them first. At Night of Champions, McIntyre completed the first stage when he helped Ziggler overcome Rey Mysterio to defend the title. By beating Riley, McIntyre finished the second task... but the third task comes this Sunday at Hell in a Cell; he has to lie down in the middle of the ring and let Dolph Ziggler pin him down to the mat for a 3-Count.

The ultimate form of humiliation for any WWE Superstar, being made to lie down against your own will is something nobody wants to do... but what if McIntyre does want to lie down for Ziggler? If he does, he has earned himself a very competent manager in Vickie Guerrero and possible tag team partner in Dolph Ziggler, a definite improvement on what his current situation is; rarely appearing on Raw and not being able to steal a win on WWE Superstars. One thing that Drew cannot forget though is that he now has a United States Championship Match on Pay-Per-View; he has the prime opportunity to take the United States Championship for himself and he would have taken both Ziggler and Guerrero for fools and surely earn himself the adoration of the WWE Universe. These are two distinct possibilities that both benefit McIntyre... so no matter what he is the true winner in this situation.

We sent our interviewer wizard, Briley Pierce, to try and catch up with the Sinister Scotsman to see what he has planned for this Sunday....

Spoiler for Drew McIntyre Interview:
We are right in with the scene and Briley Pierce is standing by with Drew McIntyre, who is covered in sweat on his head, his match obviously not that long ago.

Briley Pierce: Drew McIntyre, congratulations on your match tonight, you are now the number one contender for the United States Championship... but there is one question now on everybody's lips; are you going to lie down for Dolph Ziggler?

McIntyre runs his hand through his hair... he doesn't look at Pierce and stays silent.

Briley Pierce: Drew... you gotta give us something! You have the chance to become United States Champion or alternatively gain the managerial services of Vickie Guerrero... the question is; which one do you want more?

Drew still no sells the question from the interviewer by looking away from Pierce. Briley turns to the cameraman and shrugs his shoulders; diving in for one more question.

Briley Pierce: C'mon man... you really got nothing to say?

Finally McIntyre turns to Pierce with a serious look on his face.

Drew McIntyre: This Sunday, at Hell in a Cell... I will do what I feel is best for my career in the future.

With that, McIntyre walks off, leaving Pierce looking extremely confused. The interviewer is left shaking his head as the camera fades out.


Spoiler for Can we have the camera back now please, Wade?:
Oddly, as soon as we go into the video, we are right on a close up shot of Smackdown Superstar Wade Barrett holding the camera right under his face as he walks along what seems to be some corridors backstage.

Wade Barrett: Just to clarify something, I have not stolen this camera; I have liberated from one of these idiots that are incapable of doing such a simple task to a satisfactory standard.

He looks around as to make sure no one is watching him.

Wade Barrett: Orton, I'm not going to tolerate being RKO'd for no apparent reason lightly, and I know that we have a match at Hell in a Cell... but I just don't want to wait that long.

He stops walking, and seemingly stands up against a wall, the camera still right in his face.

Wade Barrett: You are a worm, Orton... not a Viper. You are an insignificant little insect that needs to be smeared along the pavement with the bottom of my shoe.

Barrett now lowers the camera down and shows us his smart shoes, giving away that he is dressed smartly in a shirt and trousers. We can hear a commotion from somewhere which causes Barrett to lift the camera quickly back up to his face.

Wade Barrett: Right, I'm going to make this quick because these idiots want their camera back... I'm challenging The Worm to a match this Friday on Smackdown and I will show all of you just how dangerous Wade Barrett really is!


Barrett's face turns into one of slight distress and he starts running away whilst still holding the camera.

Wade Barrett: Piss off!


Originally Posted by pwtorch.com

WWE to change TV Rating, TNA releases, WWE Star Suspended & More Debuts to come?

- This week it has been reported that WWE Board members are planning to revert back to the TV-14 rating for Raw and Smackdown, and ditch the PG rating that has been in place for the past few years. Reasons for the switch back is believed to be that WWE Creative Staff want to include more edgier storylines and make feud seem more meaningful, by being able to put in more serious undertones. Internet fans have been raving that this could be the start of a new 'Attitude Era' in the WWE with past superstars such as The Rock and Triple H being featured on television more prominently. Current Superstars such as CM Punk and John Cena are said to be in favour of the switch, surprisingly Cena as his fanbase is mainly the younger demographic, but he is quoted to have said "I just want my character to try and appeal to a different audience". Given that he has a match with The Rock set for Wrestlemania 28, the belief is that officials want the older demographics to be more invested in the product to increase buyrates for big events such as Wrestlemania; the higher rating is more likely to attract the older viewers.

-TNA announced this week that they have released a number of top talents, due to some budget cuts. The released talents include; Magnus, Abyss, Hernandez, Velvet Sky, Sarita, Rosita and most notably Kurt Angle has asked to be released from his TNA contract. Angle reportedly is not happy with his character's direction in the company, and reportedly wants to begin training for the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games. WWE are apparently keeping an eye on some of the talent released by TNA, and even are already in negotiations with two of the released talents over a contract and WWE are hoping that they would be able to debut before 2011 is up.

-Evan Bourne (real name Matthew Korklan) has been suspended for 30 Days following his first violation of the WWE Wellness Policy. It is thought that his incident with Brodus Clay on Raw this past Monday was a way of writing him off of television whilst he serves his suspension.

-Last week Brodus Clay made his long-awaited debut on Monday Night Raw, and this week we saw a young man named Xavier Woods appear backstage in a segment with John Laurinaitis. It is thought that Woods will make his in ring debut in two weeks time. Creative have reportedly said that they have a big storyline set up for Woods in the coming months and one of the reasons that the change back to TV-14 was important for them. However, despite those two recent debuts, it looks like more are on the way as Epico & Hunico from FCW seem to be the next stars set to come up from developmental, and they could arrive as early as just after Vengeance. WWE have also signed another tag team from the independent circuit; The Kings of Wrestling. The team of Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli have been on the WWE radar for a while now and will both be sent to FCW before being promoted up to the main roster.
I've started Smackdown, but I don't have a clue when it will be up just yet, not going to try and wear myself out because I've been really ill these past couple of days.

Congrats to the three tournament finalists as well... #TeamFlux
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

I hope you sign Abyss. Really enjoying your fan fic!
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

^You'll have to wait and see, my friend. Glad you're enjoying it though

WWE Superstars
29th September 2011

Match One:
Trent Barretta vs Tyson Kidd

After leaving his partners high and dry last week, Tyson Kidd was set for some singles action against a very game Trent Barretta. As he entered the arena, Kidd looked extremely frustrated, the commentators theorised that it could be down to appearing on Superstars again. Kidd started off the match by isolating Barretta's left leg and wore him down with various submission holds such as Leg Locks and a Single Leg Crab. Barretta was able to get back into the match though following some swift kicks to Kidd's head and chest. Kidd was able to turn the tables for the final time when Barretta missed a Missile Dropkick from the top rope and left himself right open for the Sharpshooter; Barretta tapping out to earn The Last Graduate from the Hart Dungeon a victory tonight.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

Match Two:
AJ w/ Kaitlyn vs Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella

In what proved to be a very short match, the Bella continued their poor run of form after a botched interference from Nikki was foiled by the referee, which allowed Brie to be a sitting duck for AJ's Shining Wizard Kick, allowing the young Diva to pin the former champion and rack up an impressive win.

Winner: AJ

Match Three:
Curt Hawkins & Primo vs Local Competitors

Much like last week, some very good team work was shown from the two former WWE Tag Team Champions. After equally dismantling both unfortunate jobbers, they picked the legal man to finish off with a deadly looking Backstabber/Lariat combo much like last week to pick up the win and go 2-0 as a team.

Winners: Curt Hawkins & Primo

Main Event:
Jack Swagger vs WWE Tag Team Champion Santino Marella w/ Vladimir Kozlov

In the main event of the evening, it was one half the Tag Team Champions Santino Marella in action against 'The All American American'. Swagger started off the aggressor, but Santino was able to keep Swags at bay with his vast array of counters and ways of escaping moves. Swagger finally got his break after clobbering Marella with a clothesline, and afterwards used that amateur wrestling background to keep the champion down. Kozlov was in his partner's corner the whole time, but didn't get involved with the action once. Swagger started bringing out various suplexes and throws against Santino, to which there was no answer. After a series of failed pin attempts, Swagger tried to apply the Ankle Lock to Santino, but the fiesty Italian was able to roll through and send Swagger out of the ring. After Swagger re-entered with Kozlov's help, Santino hit all of his moves and was ready to set up for The Cobra, but it was at this point that Swagger grabbed Santino's ankle and had the Ankle Lock locked in in the centre of the ring and got the Submission Victory.

Winner: Jack Swagger


Friday Night Smackdown Preview
30th September 2011
Bryce Jordan Center – University Park, Pennsylvania

Just two days ahead of the ground-breaking Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View where the Smackdown brand is going to be represented very well, the blue brand rolls into the Bryce Jordan Center for what looks like an explosive show!

Mark Henry has been World Heavyweight Champion for 12 days now after triumphing over five of Smackdown's best at Night of Champions and successfully defending the title against the former champion Randy Orton last week, but in just two days he faces the toughest challenge in this title reign, and possibly his whole career... he is going to step inside Hell in a Cell to defend the World Heavyweight Championship against 'The Celtic Warrior' Sheamus. Sheamus earned his shot last week after coming out victorious in a #1 Contender's Triple Threat Match against Wade Barrett and John Morrison to book his date with Henry in New Orleans. These two have been embroiled in a feud for two months - these two have gone through announce tables, ring barricades and THE STAGE at Night of Champions - and it is a huge question whether Hell in a Cell will be able to contain these two behemoths on Sunday. But tonight, what has been billed as their 'Final Confrontation' ahead of this life-changing match, is going to take place. It is going to be one final chance for both of these men to say whatever it is they have to say to the other. It may be down as just a talking segment, but knowing the history between Henry and Sheamus, talking most likely won't be the only thing on the menu.

Another man who secured himself a championship match at Hell in a Cell was the irreplaceable William Regal, who defeated Cody Rhodes in a Non-Title Match up last week to earn himself a shot at Rhodes' Intercontinental Championship in New Orleans... but it didn't go down as smoothly as that. Sin Cara, the man that Rhodes screwed out of the title at Night of Champions ran down to the ring in a critical point of the match where Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were planning to use the very same method they used on Cara, on Regal this time. Sin Cara's presence caused everyone to get distracted, and once Rhodes had his protective mask off and ready to strike Regal, he turned to admonish Sin Cara... and then turn around into a brass knuckles shot from Regal... which knocked Rhodes out cold, and Regal booked himself a date with 'The Disfigured One' at Hell in a Cell. Understandably, Rhodes isn't best pleased with this turn of events and has requested to open the show to voice his grievances to Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long.

Long was in fact busy over the weekend where he announced that long-time rivals Randy Orton and Wade Barrett were going to face off against each other again at Hell in a Cell, following Orton coming out and executing a sublime RKO to the Englishman following his failed #1 Contender's Match. Some, including Barrett, will call the attack unjustified, but many will believe that there was some reason behind 'The Viper' striking on Barrett following Barrett's comments after Orton failed to defeat Henry for the Title - most notably, referring to Orton repeatedly as 'The Worm'. In a wwe.com exclusive video posted after Raw this past Monday, Barrett appeared to have liberated a camera from WWE staff and he set out a challenge to 'The Worm' tonight. We can only assume that Barrett was referring to Orton, and he wants some of his Hell in a Cell opponent two nights early... if so, that leaves the question; is Orton ready to mix it up in Pennsylvania?

Last week, Daniel Bryan was attacked backstage by Christian and subsequently ruled out of the #1 Contender's Match (and tonight's show) and replaced by John Morrison, much to the chagrin of Captain Charisma. It is reported that Christian has been on the lookout for 'The Prince of Parkour' all day now in the arena, but given Morrison's skills in the stylings of parkour... he could be anywhere. Will Christian find his man?

Also tonight, Fighting for Freedom look to make an impact in their first match on Smackdown against Percy Watson & Titus O'Neill, and Justin Gabriel has the chance to add another win to his resumé... but he will have to knock off the devious Jinder Mahal in order to do so!

Confirmed for Smackdown:

-The Final Confrontation-
Mark Henry - Sheamus

Wade Barrett vs 'The Worm'(?)

Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes to open the show!

Justin Gabriel vs Jinder Mahal

Fighting for Freedom vs Percy Watson & Titus O'Neill

Plus; Christian, William Regal and a very distressed Teddy Long! All on Smackdown!

Expect it at the weekend
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Friday Night Smackdown
30th September 2011
Bryce Jordan Center – University Park, Pennsylvania

We’re shown a recap of the events from last week. Daniel Bryan was shown to be talking up his chance at becoming the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship but was later found backstage unconscious. Before the main event, Christian comes out to replace Bryan but Teddy Long says that he was the man that attacked Bryan backstage and John Morrison came out instead. Sheamus though goes on to win the match despite being hurt, beating Wade Barrett and Morrison after a Brogue Kick to Morrison. The World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry stands on the stage holding up his championship as the show ends. The Smackdown opening credits now come onto the screen with the shot of Henry holding the title from last week being the final image in the package. We now burst into the Bryce Jordan Center into a shower of pyro, with ‘Crash’ by Decypher Down being pumped through the sound system and the zooming shots of the audience looking excited for Smackdown action.


There is quite a large amount of heat for the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, who is accompanied by Ted DiBiase. Rhodes seems to be making an extra effort to hide his face tonight as he looks completely down at the floor, DiBiase having to guide him a little to make sure that he doesn’t trip. DiBiase’s face tells us that the champion is not in a good mood given recent events, some of which were Ted’s own fault. Replays of when Regal knocked Rhodes out last week during their match are shown and once the replays are gone, Rhodes’ music has stopped and the IC Champion stands in the centre of the ring with his head facing completely downwards, not even the fans in the front row can see his face. He has a microphone in his hand which he slowly raises up to his face, still not raising his head.

Cody Rhodes: In January of this year... my face was damaged and broken by Rey Mysterio. I required extensive facial reconstruction surgery... and as a result I was forced to wear a mask in order to PROTECT my face.

Rhodes speaks in a monotone voice that causes a few people at ringside to shudder.

Cody Rhodes: I tried my best to overcome my disfigurement and carry on with my career... I got my revenge on Rey Mysterio by defeating him at Wrestlemania and then I won the coveted Intercontinental Championship.

He lifts his title up into the air and DiBiase applauds his friend’s accomplishment.

Cody Rhodes: I understand that being a champion in the WWE can place a target on my back and I understand that there are Superstars that want to come after me and my title.... but what happened to me last week was not someone making their intentions clear... what happened last week was a TRAVESTY!

The sudden raise in volume catches a few fans off guard, but still Rhodes looks down to the floor.

Cody Rhodes: William Regal-

Rhodes is cut off by loud cheering from the fans at Regal’s mention, and DiBiase screams for them to shut up.

Cody Rhodes: William Regal does not deserve a shot at my Intercontinental Championship... William Regal does not deserve to be in the same ring with me... William Regal... does not deserve to TOUCH MY FACE!! NOBODY DESERVES TO TOUCH MY FACE!!!

Rhodes now slowly removes his hood and he lifts his head up for everyone to see... and there is a reaction around the arena because Rhodes’ transparent mask reveals to us that he has a BLACK EYE!! The Intercontinental Champion looks disgusted at just about everything as he brings the microphone back up to his mouth.

Cody Rhodes: This... this... blemish on my face is the result of the heinous actions of William Regal last week, and I want... no, I DEMAND that someone fixes this mess!

Rhodes now turns towards the entrance stage.

Cody Rhodes: I know that you are watching back there, Theodore Long, and I demand that you come out here and reverse the referee’s decision from last week and you liberate William Regal of his Intercontinental Championship match that he does not deserve.

Cody snarls amidst the heat but there is no sign of the Smackdown General Manager.

Cody Rhodes: Come on, Teddy... I should not be subjected to defend the coveted Intercontinental Championship against a common thug like William Regal.

He once again turns to the stage and waits for the GM.


The fans pop loudly and the music announces the entrance of William Regal, dressed in a sharp suit with a scowl on his face. The #1 Contender to the Intercontinental Championship reaches the base of the ramp with a distinct fire in his eyes as he stares a hole through both Rhodes and DiBiase. Cody glares at his challenger this Sunday with a look of disdain and he puts his hand gently on his mask over the place where his eye is obviously swollen. Regal grabs a microphone from the top of the steps and climbs up onto the apron, wiping his shoes on the apron before entering the ring. He walks around it a little with Rhodes not looking at him and staying faced towards the entrance ramp. Regal stands on the side of the ring parallel to the commentators.

William Regal: Cody, there is something about... Would you turn around and face me like a man, you disrespectful, little peasant?!

There is a loud pop in the arena for that as Regal’s anger only increases. Rhodes slowly turns around and faces his adversary. Regal regains his composure and straightens his suit as Cody raises his microphone slowly up to his mouth.

Cody Rhodes: I’m a peasant? You’re calling me a peasant? In case you haven’t forgotten, my surname is Rhodes.... I am WRESTLING ROYALTY!

Regal scoffs.

Cody Rhodes: The fact that it took this long for me to gain possession of a title as prestigious as the Intercontinental Championship is a mystery because I was born to wear this championship around my waist.

Once again, Regal scoffs. He stops Rhodes from going further by holding his hand up.

William Regal: Well sunshine, I’m sorry to burst your bubble; but you are making a mockery of that championship.

Rhodes looks furious and Ted tries to calm him down.

William Regal: That title over your shoulder has been built on years of tradition on the backs of the true greats of this business and has been held by countless legends over the years; men that have gone on to become the real stars of the WWE. The way you have been carrying yourself since you won that title makes me feel sick to my stomach, which is why I have no problem relieving you of it this Sunday!

Regal is almost as angry as Rhodes is as he spits these words out to the champion.

William Regal: This joke of a reign has been build on the back of... Ted DiBiase and hitting Sin Cara in the face with your protective mask!

Cody Rhodes: You-

William Regal: And before you say anything, I suspected that at one point or another in our match last week I was going to suffer the same fate... but sunshine, this worn out dog might be old, but he is as smart as anyone that has ever laced a pair of boots... and what everyone can see on your face through that ludicrous mask is the result of an eighteen-year-long career of thinking ahead.

The fans pop as Regal is truly schooling Rhodes at the moment.

William Regal: I’m a thug, what did you really expect anyway?

Cody Rhodes: You know William... you think that just because you’ve been wrestling for eighteen years and have the respect of everyone in the back, you think... you think that puts you above everyone else; but it doesn’t.

Regal seems unsure about where Rhodes is going with this.

Cody Rhodes: Newsflash, old man; I don’t respect you! You cheated your way into a match for my Intercontinental Championship and you couldn’t even do it by yourself. Without Sin Cara carrying you through the past few weeks, you would be nothing on MY show!

DiBiase is standing back in the corner as it becomes obvious to everyone how heated this thing has gotten between these two.

Cody Rhodes: You are everything that you've admonished me for and worse... just looking at you makes me feel sick; you had to blemish my face to cover your own insecurities because all you are is a fat... ugly old man and this Sunday I am going free everyone from your pathetic existence in this company.

Regal throws his microphone down onto the mat and tries to get right into Rhodes’ face but DiBiase quickly stands in the way, blocking Regal’s path.

Cody Rhodes: Try it old man, and-


Regal backs away and DiBiase smirks and Rhodes turns back to the stage as the Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long walks out onto the stage dressed in that vile brown suit again, the same as last week. He stands at the top of ramp with a small scowl on his face as well.

Theodore Long: Listen, playas... I’m tired of hearin’ you two run yo’ mouths out here because quite frankly, after both of yo’ actions in the past couple o’ weeks... neither of ya should be Intercontinental Champion! You are both as bad as each other!

A mixed reaction for the GM here, as they can’t like Regal being bollocked.

Theodore Long: But what has came ta my attention is that there is someone on the Smackdown roster that does deserve ta have an Intercontinental Title shot!

Cody Rhodes: And who would that be then, Teddy?

Theodore Long: Well you should know ‘im, Cody, because you screwed ‘im at Night o’ Champions!

The fans pop loudly as Rhodes’ head drops again, Long smiles out to the crowd.

Theodore Long: That’s right, playas! So I’m going ta make a small adjustment to the Intercontinental Championship match at Hell in a Cell! It is going ta be the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes... defendin’ against William Regal... and SIN CARA!! In a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH!

DiBiase starts to scream at Long from inside the ring and Rhodes looks furious; Regal isn’t too impressed either. The WWE Universe on the other hand, are bloody loving it!

Theodore Long: But tonight, I’m goin’ to make a ‘Hell in a Cell Preview’ Match... where Sin Cara will go one on one with... WILLIAM REGAL!! Holla Holla!


WOAH! A huge match made by the GM as he waves to the fans before leaving back through the curtain. The camera zooms in on Regal’s face and he has a mixed emotion as tonight he has to face the man that helped him get an Intercontinental Title shot.

Josh Matthews: Wow! What an announcement from Theodore Long; two huge announcements in fact! Sin Cara will be added to the Intercontinental Championship match at Hell in a Cell in two night’s time, as well as face his fellow challenger William Regal tonight!

Booker T: Yeeah! Ma boi Sin Cara is gettin’ dat shot dat he rightfully deserves!

Michael Cole: I know this doesn’t happen a lot, but I am going to reserve comment; I think I have made it perfectly clear how I feel about Teddy Long’s management and this has done nothing to improve my feelings about him. Sin Cara LOST at Night of Champions; he doesn’t deserve anything!

Josh Matthews: Well tonight should be fun... Welcome to Smackdown folks, I’m Josh Matthews and I am here as usual with my good friend Booker T and a very... grumpy Michael Cole.
Michael Cole: I’ll cheer up when Smackdown gets a new General Manager!

Booker T: I know exactly what will cheer you up, Cole! How about later tonight? Mark Henry and Sheamus are going to have a Final Confrontation two nights before they bot’ step into Hell in a Cell and face off for da World Heavyweight Championship! Now can you dig dat?

Josh Matthews: We’ve already seen some verbal barb traded between opponents this Sunday and I’m sure lightning will strike twice tonight! Trust me, we have a lot more in store for you all tonight... on Smackdown!

Rhodes and DiBiase are still furious about Sin Cara being added to the match, and the commentators point out that it is rightly so, because he doesn’t even have to be pinned to lose the title. Smackdown heads off to it’s first commercial of the night with a lot of emotions running high already.
*Commercial Break*

Returning from the first commercial break of the night and we are right back into the arena. The music of Percy Watson & Titus O’Neill is playing in the background as the men themselves are both standing in the ring, receiving that jobber entrance.

Josh Matthews: Here we see two gentlemen in Percy Watson and Titus O’Neill that didn’t have the best of weeks last week as both men lost in singles competitions... to the same man!

Michael Cole: Well, Justin Gabriel has been in great form recently and he could have beaten anyone last week; so you can’t put these two down too much. But Watson and O’Neill took it upon themselves to attack Gabriel after he was able to beat Titus... and then this happened.

A replay of Fighting for Freedom coming down to the ring to make the save is shown, ending with the Brainbuster/Diving Leg Drop combination on Watson.

Booker T: Fightin’ fo’ Freedom were just doin’ what superheroes do... dey saved the day!

Michael Cole: Have you not heard a word either of them have said? They will deny that they are superheroes, Booker!


The tune that sounds suspiciously like the Superman theme blares out into the arena, and Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis walk out onto the stage, both wearing matching blue and red trunks that say ‘FFF’ on the back side in yellow writing. Curtis has a phoenix on the front of him whilst Bateman has a crown. Fighting for Freedom start to jog down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans in the front row as they do.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a tag team match... set for one fall! Introducing first, at a combined weight of four-hundred-and-fifty-seven pounds, they are the team of ‘The Phoenix’ Johnny Curtis and ‘The Prince of Justice’ Derrick Bateman... They are...FIGHTING FOR FREEEEEEEEDOM!!! And already in the ring; at a combined weight of five-hundred-and-fifteen pounds... ‘Showtime’ Percy Watson and Titus O’Neill!

Michael Cole: Well I’m just glad that we finally get to see these two in action tonight; I was getting tired of them not doing anything around here apart from attacking innocent people!

Josh Matthews: Well they were challenged to this match tonight but Titus O’Neill and Percy Watson, and this is the first time we will see these two team up in a match here on Smackdown!

Booker T: Dese two boys are in ma Fave Five, man! Dey are gon’ add a lot to dat Tag Team Division right here in the WWE.

Michael Cole: Who is actually in your Fave Five, Booker?

Booker T: Dats simple; dese two boys, Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara, Kaitlyn and Teddy Long!

Michael Cole: That is six people.

Booker T: Fightin’ fo’ Freedom count as one, sucka.

Curtis and Bateman slide into the ring and both mount turnbuckles and taunt out to the fans; they are both in high spirits to finally be getting their chance as a team on Smackdown. Both of them jump down from the turnbuckles and face their opponents, O’Neill in particular not looking too impressed with the men that beat him down last week. The music fades out and Bateman in particular seems to be enjoying this whole occasion a little too much as he looks sternly out to the WWE Universe. Percy and Titus are in no doubts that it will be Watson starting the match and Curtis tells his partner to get onto the apron because he wants to start; something that Bateman is more than happy with.

Match One:
Fighting for Freedom vs Percy Watson & Titus O’Neill

The bell rings and Curtis slaps his hands together before meeting Watson in the centre of the ring for a lock up. Watson is actually able to get the better of it as he uses his position to slap on a side headlock that has Curtis off balance a little. Curtis though is able to push Percy away and into the ropes, where Watson comes back with speed, but right into an Arm Drag from Curtis! Watson is right back up to his feet, and he charges back at Curtis again, but this time receives a dropkick to the face for his troubles!! O’Neill looks frustrated already as Curtis now sees fit to get himself out of the match and tags in Derrick Bateman. Bateman comes in to a nice pop, and he gets going right away with a right hand to Watson who is caught up in the ropes. Bateman now grabs Watson by the head and brings him into the corner; and smashing Percy’s head off of the top turnbuckle!! Watson cries as he comes away, shouting “MA EYE! MA EYE!” loud enough for the microphones on the cameras to hear. The referee comes in to see what the problem is and Bateman seemingly goes over to check that Watson is okay... but Watson with a poke to the eyes of Bateman!! The fans boo Watson for that move as he was obviously faking the ‘eye injury’... and he follows up with a kick to the gut, followed by a Snap DDT! Watson in quickly for the cover! One...Tw- Kickout!

Bateman kicks out to the relief of the fans, but Watson quickly tags his partner back into the match. Titus comes in strong and he cracks the recovering Bateman in the back with a clubbing blow that sends him back down onto the mat. O’Neill barks like a dog a couple of times before he lifts Bateman up to his feet and Irish Whips him into the corner. He follows Bateman in and crunches him against the turnbuckle with a shoulder to the gut! The Big Dog stays in position and he delivers another two hard-hitting shots to the mid section with his shoulder, before he takes a few steps back at the referee’s request. Bateman stumbles out of the corner and Watson scoops him up and drops him onto the mat with a Scoop Slam! Derrick is in some pain now and Watson drops an elbow down across his chest before staying on top for the cover! One...Two...Bateman shoots the shoulder up! Curtis claps his hands to try and pump his partner up and Titus gets back up to his feet with a sour look on his face, bringing Bateman back up with him too. He drags the POJ over to his corner and extends his arm out to tag in Watson, and Showtime starts to climb up the turnbuckle. O’Neill holds Bateman in a position similar to a Dragon Sleeper; exposing the mid section... and Watson flies off of the turnbuckle and lands an elbow right onto Bateman’s ribs!! Bateman cries out in pain as O’Neill drops him onto the mat and Percy now rolls his downed opponent into the centre of the ring.

Watson looks out to the WWE Universe before doing his little jig and shouting “OH YEAH!” at the top of his voice. He then runs against the ropes and comes off looking for the SHOWTIME SPLASH-NO!! Bateman rolled out of the way! Watson lands right on his front in a heap, and Curtis now slaps the turnbuckle in joy, but Bateman only rolled further away from his partner! He uses the ropes to get back up to his feet and sees the recovering Watson in the middle of the ring, blocking his way. Bateman holds his gut... before charging right through Watson with a Shining Wizard Kick!! The fans pop loudly for that and Bateman carries his momentum on and leaps for the tag to Curtis! The Phoenix slingshots himself over the top rope and into the ring, and O’Neill also runs into the ring despite not being the legal man! Curtis ducks a clothesline attempt and then comes back with a Savate kick to Titus, doubling him over! Bateman now comes to his senses and he pushes O’Neill forwards and Curtis drops the top rope down; the big man goes flying out of the ring! O’Neill lands in a heap as Fighting for Freedom turn their attention back to the dazed Percy Watson in the ring. Curtis immediately starts to head towards the turnbuckle and Bateman helps Watson up to his feet... before hooking him up, lifting him up AND holding him up for a few seconds before dropping him with a BRAINBUSTER!! Watson bounces back down onto his back and Curtis is ready and waiting on the top rope... he leaps off and connects with the PHOENIX LEG DROP!! The fans eat the move up and the NXT Season 4 Winner hooks the leg; Bateman counting along! One...Two...Three!!!

Winners: Fighting for Freedom (6:42)


Tony Chimel: Here are your winners... FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM!!

Curtis gets back up to his feet and high fives Bateman after winning their first match together as a team, Watson rolls out of the ring and into the arms of a waiting Titus... Percy can be heard saying “I can’t feel ma legs, Titus! Oh no...” which causes the commentators to laugh a little bit.

Josh Matthews: Well an impressive victory for Fighting for Freedom tonight over (laughs) Percy Watson and Titus O’Neill! I think all these guys need is a couple more wins and they could be some serious contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships!

Michael Cole: I was really pullin’ for Watson and Titus... but these two did impress me in that match; I still want them to admit that they are superheroes though!

Booker T: What makes you think dat anyway, Cole? Curtis and Bateman have real futures on Smackdown an’ I can’t WAIT to see who dey facin’ next!

Fighting for Freedom now start to back up the ramp after having their arms raised by the referee in the ring. They slap hands with the fans in the front row, still jubilant after winning their first match, as we fade away elsewhere...

Backstage where we see John Morrison practising his parkour backstage by leaping over a box and then sliding under a rail... he suddenly stops though as it appears that a figure is approaching him.

John Morrison: Hey man... take it easy; I’m not lookin’ for any trouble.

The camera pans to the right slightly and we can see that Christian is storming towards Morrison, and he doesn’t look happy.

Christian: You’re not looking for any trouble, huh? Well I think you found some as soon as you took MY place in the Main Event last week!

Morrison doesn’t back down and Christian carries on.

Christian: I am the Saviour of Smackdown; the BEST that this show has to offer... and you have the cheek to try and steal the place that I deserve from right under my nose?

John Morrison: Look, I didn’t wanna get involved in all of your crazy, but Teddy Long asked me to be in the Main Event last week after you took out Daniel Bryan... if you want to blame anyone, you should blame yourself.

Christian looks furious now after Morrison answered back.

Christian: I’m a two-time World Heavyweight Champion, you can’t talk to me like that! You are beneath me; Daniel Bryan is beneath me. Neither of you are worthy of takin’ my spot, my chance of becoming World Heavyweight Champion again.

Captain Charisma pauses.

Christian: So here is what I want to happen... I want you in the ring tonight; I want to prove to everyone, especially Teddy Long that I should be World Heavyweight Champion. After what I do to you tonight, he’ll have no choice but to name me the next number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Morrison smirks and he holds his hand out to Christian, looking for a handshake, but Christian looks down at the extended hand and walks away out of shot.
*Commercial Break*

Returning back to Smackdown now and we see Matt Striker appear on our screens, and he seems even more excited than usual for his guest at this time.

Matt Striker: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time is the man that will face Wade Barrett this Sunday at Hell in a Cell; he is ‘The Viper’, Randy Orton!

The fans go nuts for Randy Orton, who walks into the shot next to Striker, his black ‘Security’ t-shirt on over his trunks, and he doesn’t look best pleased. Striker’s demeanour drops a little after seeing the mood of Orton, but he pressed ahead anyway.

Matt Striker: Randy, last week you lost your rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship that Mark Henry won off of you at Night of Champions, and we learnt on wwe.com over the weekend that you will face Wade Barrett at Hell in a Cell this Sunday. You and Wade have had your fair share of problems with each other in the past, so how are you feeling heading into your match in two night’s time?

Randy Orton: Matt, you said it yourself... I lost my chance of becoming World Heavyweight Champion again last week... so in my mind all I can do is win matches until I feel like I deserve another shot for the title.

Orton smirks a little.

Randy Orton: And that is where Wade Barrett comes in... he has been trying to make a fool out of me for weeks now... but all his hard work has resulted in him laying out on the mat for two weeks in a row after I gave him an R...K...O.

The fans chant along with the three letters which causes Orton to smile a little.

Randy Orton: So the way I see it is that this Sunday... I can start my quest to becoming World Heavyweight Champion again... by taking Wade Barrett...out.

Matt Striker: So what about tonight? Wade Barrett said he challenges ‘The Worm’ to a match tonight; are you going to go out there and give us a preview of things to come this Sunday?

Orton looks at Striker with a confused look on his face, before he sinks his head down and lightly shakes it before walking away. Striker looks confused as to what that meant as he watches Orton leave the shot. Back to lé arena.

Michael Cole: Well, thanks for that insight there, Randy... really helpful.

Josh Matthews: Nonetheless, tonight Wade Barrett has challenged Randy Orton – well, ‘The Worm’, as Barrett likes to refer to him as – to a match tonight ahead of their eagerly anticipated match at Hell in a Cell.

Booker T: I don’ know if Orton is goin’ to accept dat challenge! But tonight, we gon’ see ‘Da Final Confrontation’ between ma boy Sheamus and Mark Henry!

Michael Cole: There is a lot of issues between those two that are going to be solved inside Hell in a Cell this Sunday, but tonight we set these two free to let the other know exactly how they are feeling going into this match.


The Arabic chanting brings some heat into the arena, which is only intensified by Jinder Mahal walking out onto the stage; looking very, very angry. He is dressed to compete but wears a white gown and a burgundy turban before holding his arm out and storming down to the ring. A few seconds after Mahal has left the stage, The Great Khali walks out from behind the curtain and he follows his brother-in-law down the ramp, devoid of any emotion.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall... Introducing first, being accompanied by The Great Khali, from Punjab, India, weighing two-hundred-and-twenty-two pounds... JINDER MAHAL!

Michael Cole: Here is a very talented young man with a huge career ahead of him in the WWE, but I think he just hasn’t had his big break yet on Smackdown.

Josh Matthews: Whilst I might not personally like Jinder Mahal, there is no denying that he is a force to be reckoned with in that ring. He has a huge opportunity tonight to impress Teddy Long, and hopefully work his way up the ladder tonight.

Booker T: Well, if he wants to climb da ladder, he jus’ needs to stand on Da Great Khali’s shoulders, ya dig!

Booker laughs hysterically at his awful joke as Mahal now sets his turban aside at ringside, before removing his jacket and climbing up the steps into the ring. Khali quickly follows him into the ring by climbing over the top rope and Mahal starts to shout at the giant for no apparent reason as usual. His music fades out and he looks around the arena with an angry face on as everyone’s attention returns to the stage...


The Pennsylvania fans get up on their feet for the ‘Rising Star’ Justin Gabriel as he walks out from behind the curtain with a huge smile on his face; possibly taken aback by the reaction from the fans. He jumps up into the air and lands crouched down, looking out to the fans and once again pyrotechnics shoot out from the stage as he lands! He looks around to give a look to say ‘I know that was awesome’ before walking down to the ring as confident as ever; a disapproving Jinder Mahal looking on.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent... from Cape Town, South Africa, weighing two-hundred-and-thirteen pounds.. JUSTIN GABRIEL!

Booker T: Oh here he is! Dis boy is da real risin’ star on Friday Nights! Justin Gabriel can’t stop winnin’, dawg!

Josh Matthews: Booker is right, folks – Justin Gabriel has won his last EIGHT matches in a row... including two last week on Smackdown alone, where he defeated both Percy Watson and Titus O’Neill in quick succession!

Michael Cole: And in an exclusive interview with wwe.com, Gabriel revealed that he has Cody Rhodes and the Intercontinental Championship in his sights... I think tonight is going to be a real test for Gabriel.

Josh Matthews: I think this is the toughest test he will have faced since beginning this winning streak, so I am looking forward to seeing if he can compete with Jinder Mahal and continue this winning streak.

Gabriel gets into the ring after slapping hands with the fans at ringside and he climbs up onto the turnbuckle nearest to the steps and he holds his arms out for the fans, so he can soak in the cheers from them. Mahal tries to storm over to him to get the match started but the referee is able to prevent this from happening, which causes Gabriel to smile and hold nine fingers up to Mahal, indicating that he is going to be win #9. Khali is ordered out of the ring, but he tries to plead that he should be allowed in the ring, but eventually a couple of personnel at ringside convince Khali to relent and get out of the ring. The referee checks with both Gabriel and Mahal, and both men are ready to get this match underway!

Match Two:
Jinder Mahal
w/ The Great Khali vs Justin Gabriel

The bell rings, and the two men approach the centre of the ring and immediately initiate a lock up. Mahal puts Gabriel into a side headlock, but the South African pushes both men back against the ropes but sends Mahal across the ring. Mahal comes back at Gabriel but his clothesline attempt is ducked, he comes off over the opposite way but this time Gabriel leapfrogs over Mahal! Mahal comes back again, but Gabriel drops to the mat and he sends Mahal over with a Monkey Flip! The fans cheer as Mahal gets back up quickly, and he goes right back in for another clothesline, but Gabriel ducks... Leg Sweep! It is a hard landing for Mahal, and Gabriel is right back up, running against the ropes and he dives down for a Flip Senton... but Mahal moves!! Gabriel lands hard on his tailbone, and Mahal gets right back up to his feet and delivers a stiff kick to Gabriel’s back that echoes around the arena! Looking to surprise his opponent early on, Mahal goes down for a cover but Gabriel kicks out almost instantaneously.

Mahal gets right back up to his feet and Gabriel is not far behind him but the South African cannot stop Mahal coming in quickly with some stomps to the head and back, that knock him right back down to the mat. The commentators note that Mahal’s style may not be pretty but it is effective. Jinder now backs against the ropes and drops a knee down, right across Gabriel’s face. He rolls through and right back into the ropes again where he comes back with another knee; dropping it down on Gabriel’s face once again! To a chorus of boos, Mahal then slowly rolls through and repeats the action for a third time, and is quickly into the cover once again! One...Two-No! Mahal’s anger is fuelled further by Gabriel kicking out, and he quickly grabs the South African and brings him into the corner, and repeatedly strikes Gabriel on the top of the head with closed right hands! This causes Gabriel to slump down into the turnbuckles where Mahal continues the assault with stomps that drive Gabriel down into the mat! The referee decides he has seen enough and he begins the 5-count for Mahal to stop.

Jinder backs away, and Gabriel takes the chance to come to his senses a little bit, and he pulls himself up to his feet using the ropes... but Mahal charges in... but Gabriel moves and Mahal goes right into the turnbuckle! Looking to take advantage, Gabriel quickly rolls Mahal up! One...Two...NO! The fans’ excitement dies down after the kickout as both men once again make it up to a vertical base, with Mahal in the corner now; not best pleased with almost being caught out there. Gabriel now charges in, but Mahal elevates him up over the top rope... but he lands on the apron! Jinder doesn’t realise it, and he turns around... only to be shouldered in the gut! This knocks him back and Gabriel sets himself up... he springboards over looking for an elbow strike, but Mahal gets his boot up and creams Gabriel in the face!! The South African drops like a stone down to the mat, and Mahal goes right in there for another pin attempt; hooking the leg! One...Two...Kickout!

Gabriel has barely moved after the shot, but still shows enough wherewithal to kick out! Mahal brings him right back up to his feet slowly... and he delivers sharp knees to Gabriel’s face again, and turns him around before pulling Gabriel’s head back... and Gabriel falls down back first right into Mahal’s knee!! The South African’s back is arched as he writhes in pain following that sick-looking manoeuvre, and he rolls out of the ring, down to the floor below. Naturally, Mahal follows suit, and he wastes no time in using Gabriel as a battering ram and driving him spine-first into the ring apron!! Perhaps looking to remove the 450 Splash from Gabriel’s arsenal as well as set up for the Camel Clutch, Mahal continues his targeted assault on Gabriel’s back by driving him into the apron once again!! The referee begins his count out of both men, whilst trying to keep the giant Khali at bay, and Mahal slides into the ring; he also turns the referee around... so the official cannot see Khali grab Gabriel by the head... and push him right into the barricade!!

The fans boo the dirty tactics o the Indian duo, and Mahal returns to ringside so he can roll Gabriel back into the ring... and cover him once again...One...Two...Thr-NO! Gabriel stays alive once again, and now Mahal brings him back up to his feet... and he Irish Whips him towards the ropes... and Gabriel turns it into a SUICIDE DIVE TAKING OUT KHALI AT RINGSIDE!!!! The fans go wild as the giant is floored by the surprise attack of Gabriel; but the South African stays down next to the Punjabi Nightmare as his back is really hurting after risking it all to take Khali out. The referee starts to count Gabriel out, but Mahal comes rushing out of the ring – outraged - and he rolls Gabriel back inside. Mahal storms up to the South African upon his return to the ring... and he starts to apply the CAMEL CLUTCH on the Rising Star! Gabriel tries to fight out of it... and he scrambles towards the ropes to stop the hold being locked in! Mahal is furious as he is forced to back away by the referee... but he doesn’t have time to react as he is cracked around the side of the head by a Discus Elbow from Gabriel!! Mahal is groggied slightly, but not down... so Gabriel grabs him by the head and plants him with a DDT! The Rising Star now makes the cover! One...Two...Thr-Mahal kicks out!!

Mahal shows some resilience, but is a lot slower than Gabriel to get to his feet. Gabriel swings for the fences with a wild Roundhouse Kick, but Mahal is able to slump underneath it... and he tries lunging at Gabriel, but Justin moves out of the way. Mahal turns around... RIGHT INTO A SUPERKICK FROM GABRIEL!!! The fans go wild as Mahal is cracked in the jaw and falls to the mat like a sack of potatoes! Gabriel went down as well after hitting the move... but he slowly realises that Mahal landed in quite a convenient place! Gabriel rushes up to his feet and he starts to scale the turnbuckle as quickly as he can; selling the injuries to his back. The fans are all on their feet as the South African reaches the top rope... he steadies himself and holds his arms out... before hitting a beautiful 450 SPLASH on Mahal!!! Gabriel rolls around a little bit after hitting the move as he holds both his back and stomach, but after a few seconds he crawls over to Mahal and hooks the leg! One...Two...Three!!!

Winner: Justin Gabriel (8:12)


The fans react extremely positive as Gabriel slowly gets back up to his feet and has his arm raised by the referee. Khali is now back up to his feet and he reaches into the ring and pulls his brother-in-law out of the ring and helps Mahal to make his way back up the ramp. Gabriel looks right at Mahal and holds nine fingers up at him, which causes Mahal to shout out in Punjabi at Gabriel.

Josh Matthews: Wow! Another impressive display from Gabriel tonight against a very game Jinder Mahal. I thought that this run was going to come to an end for a moment there.

Booker T: Gabriel was still able to win even after da Great Khali got involved, dawg! But I’ll admit, Mahal has some skills.... nothin’ compared to ma boi Gabriel dough.

Michael Cole: Mahal proved to be the toughest test Gabriel has had recently, and Gabriel certainly did himself a big favour in terms of getting an Intercontinental Title shot in the future.

Booker T: True dat!

*Commercial Break*

Backstage again, and a nice pop rings out around the arena as we see that the GM Teddy Long having a conversation with the #1 Contender to the Divas Championship Kelly Kelly and her... friend, Eve. The trio are in mid conversation, and we come in whilst Kelly is speaking.

Kelly Kelly: So thank you Teddy for giving me the chance to win the Divas Championship back... I really appreciate it.

Theodore Long: That’s okay, babygirl! I wish you all the luck I can give.

Kelly Kelly: Thanks... but I think I have a lot better chance of winning now, because Eve is going to be there to back me up!

Kelly turns to Eve like a little girl happy to see her best friend.

Kelly Kelly: Eve, I really can’t put into words how much it means to me that you are going to be in my corner at Hell in a Cell! All these things you’ve been doing for me lately... I just want you to know that I really appreciate it.

Eve: Uh-

Before Eve can actually speak, Kelly jumps onto her with her legs around Eve’s waist and she tightly embraces her. Eve returns the hug but then Kelly kisses her on the cheek! The fans pop, and Long’s eyes pop out of his head. It wasn’t just a normal peck, it lasted a little too long to be just that, and Eve looks a little uncomfortable at that, but she eventually goes along with it. Kelly hops down, and she grabs Eve’s hand and pulls her away, the two holding hands as they leave; Long checking out DEM ASSES like the playa he is. Suddenly, a worker pops out behind Long.

Worker: Mr Long, I’ve just got a memo from....

Long is obviously still checking out the girls with a grin on his face and obviously didn’t hear the man behind him.

Worker: MR LONG!

The GM jumps out of his skin, and turns to the young man not looking too impressed.

Theodore Long: Now you just interrupted some serious business, playa! This better be good! What have ya got for me?

The worker hands over a piece of paper.

Worker: It is a memo just in from Stamford... Mr Helmsley is giving you a Performance Evaluation next week on Smackdown.

There is an uneasy reaction amongst the fans because now Teddy has a look of pure worry on his face. He starts to hurry off, shouting back as he does.

Theodore Long: Get going, playa! We got things ta do!

The confused young man then walks off and we fade back to ringside, where we see Tony Chimel standing in the centre of the ring, microphone in hand. The bell chimes and the hard camera zooms in on the announcer.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is set for one fall... and it is a Hell in a Cell PREEEVIIEWWWW MATCH!


There is a very hearty pop in the arena, as for the second time tonight William Regal walks out onto the stage, this time adorned in a purple robe over his wrestling trunks... and an even bigger scowl than before, due to his chances of becoming Intercontinental Champion this Sunday being 16.67% less than before. He ignores the fans and cracks his knuckles as he walks down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first, from Blackpool, England, weighing two-hundred-and-forty pounds... WILLIAM REGAL!

Michael Cole: Well here we have a very unhappy William Regal coming out for his match up next... but what about what we just saw backstage guys? Teddy Long is getting fired next week!

Josh Matthews: What? Cole, it is just a Performance Evaluation... Personally, I think Teddy Long has done a great job these past few weeks putting together great match ups; this next one being a perfect example!

Michael Cole: Well, you aren’t in tune with everything as much as I am, Josh! I know just what Triple H thinks of Teddy Long.

Josh Matthews: You got an insider information, Booker?
Booker T: ...

Josh Matthews: Book? You there?

Booker T: Oh, sorry Josh, I was just thinkin’ ‘bout Kelly Kelly and Eve.... dey gettin’ awful close, dawg! Shucky Ducky Quack QUACK! Haha!

Michael Cole: My man Booker knows how it is! Pound it, Book!

Booker T: Get yo’ fist away from me before I put mine in yo’ face, Cole.

Apply cold water to burned area, Cole. Anyway, Regal is now up on the apron and he wipes his feet on the mat before climbing through the ropes; immediately walking across the ring to pass his robe down to someone at ringside. He motions for everyone to get on with it as he focuses towards the stage. The lights duly dim down which causes the fans to cheer in anticipation for Smackdown’s resident luchador...


The pop only intensifies as Sin Cara walks out onto the stage, wearing a red mask with matching red tights. He holds out his arms and raises them high quickly, it is obvious that he is in a good mood after someone translated to him that he is getting another shot at the Intercontinental Championship this Sunday. He quickly throws off his robe and POINTS at Regal in the ring, who doesn’t care for the aesthetics at this point in time. Cara now sprints down the ramp and flies into the ring over the top rope to a very good reception.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent... From Mexico City, Mexico, weighing one-hundred-and-eighty pounds... SIN CARA!

Josh Matthews: I have no problem in saying that the Intercontinental Title Match at Hell in a Cell has gotten a lot more exciting now that Sin Cara is going to be included in that match... he adds a whole different dimension because his in-ring style is different from those of Cody Rhodes and William Regal.

Booker T: Dat’s right... all d’ose flips and twists... I love it!

Michael Cole: Yah... that’s what Josh meant, Booker. Nonetheless, I think both of these men realise that tonight could even be a chance to soften the other up ahead of the match this Sunday; if you can cause some damage tonight, it makes beating him at Hell in a Cell a lot easier.

Booker T: Nahh... Cole, dese two respect eacho’er too much to try and injure the ot’er one ta-night!

Michael Cole: You keep tellin’ yourself that, Book.

After posing on the turnbuckles for the fans, Sin Cara jumps down and he finds Regal standing right in front of him. The two men that have found themselves as allies recently look each other up and down before shaking hands; Regal with a smile on his face... which quickly turns into a look of disdain as he motions around his waist that he wants the gold. Sin Cara just nods and points to his waist before doing the same taunt back to Regal; the Englishman smiling as both men have a mutual understanding. The referee asks Cara to go to the other side of the ring so he can finish off his preparations. The music stops and the lights return to normal now, so the referee calls for the bell!

Match Three:
Hell in a Cell Preview:
William Regal vs Sin Cara

The bell rings and Regal slowly approaches the centre of the ring, but Sin Cara charges at him full pace, catching him off guard early on... and Sin Cara floats over Regal, right into a roll-up!! One...Two...Thr-NO! The fans are hushed and Regal quickly gets back up and retreats into the nearest corner with a look of shock upon his face, almost caught out after mere seconds. Cara just stands in the centre of the ring in a grappling position, and he urges Regal to come forwards. Regal adjusts his trunks and takes the bait. The Englishman lunges in, looking to grab the Mexican, but Sin Cara’s speed comes into play once again and he goes behind Regal and cracks him in the back of the leg with a stiff kick! Regal stumbles forwards a little bit after that and Cara gets right back on him by connecting with another kick, this one to the back... and it sends Regal into the ropes. Cara whips Regal across the ring from the ropes, and waits for Regal in the centre of the ring, but Regal knocks Sin Cara to the mat with a Shoulder Block!

Regal stands over his opponent, and he looks to drop an elbow down on Sin Cara... but the Mexican moves and Regal lands awkwardly on his arm! Citing the pain, Regal isn’t quick to get up and Sin Cara takes advantage by rolling to his feet and then running the ropes and scoring with a Low Dropkick to Regal’s face!! The impact is heard all around the arena in the form of a slapping sound and Regal is knocked down but instead of going for the cover, Cara gets back up to his feet and runs the ropes again. He rebounds off and lands on Regal with a Flip Senton! The fans love it as NOW Sin Cara goes for the pin! One...Two-Kickout! It appears that Regal has been taken by surprise in the opening minutes of this match as he hasn’t been able to get started due to the speed of Sin Cara. Cara brings Regal up to his feet and tries to whip him into the corner, but Regal turns it around and sends the Mexican in there instead, Sin Cara’s back snapping off of the turnbuckles. Regal charges in and Sin Cara gets the boots up... but Regal catches them!! Sin Cara is stuck, and now Regal launches Sin Cara’s legs over the top rope, but Cara manages to land on the apron safely! Before he can steady himself though, Regal hits him with an almighty European Uppercut that sends Sin Cara crashing and burning down to ringside!!!

As replays are shown of that powerful strike, Regal shakes out his arm and then exits the ring and stands over Sin Cara. He debates with himself whether to cause more damage on the outside, having a serious look at the steel steps, but he decides against it and rolls the Mexican back into the ring. Regal slides back in and goes right in for his first pin attempt of the match...One...Two-No! Regal isn’t faltered as he maintains his grip of Sin Cara and brings him back up to his feet again, and forces him into the corner. Regal holds Cara’s head in one hand and then uses the other to drive vicious forearm shots right to Cara’s temple. The referee starts to count Regal out with the 5 Count, so he willingly lets up on 4. But as soon as the referee backs away, Regal is right back in there and he now grabs Sin Cara’s head with both hands... driving his knees repeatedly into Sin Cara’s face!!! Ref comes over again to tell Regal to lay off... so he does, and watches Sin Cara with a little smirk as the Mexican slumps down in the corner groggied from over 20 strikes to the head.

The referee tries to check with Sin Cara if he is okay, but there is a distinct lack of understanding of English on Cara’s part, so he just waves the referee off and the ref deems it okay for Regal to follow up. Sin Cara gets to his feet and pushes himself out of the corner, still a little groggy and he walks right into Regal’s path. Regal kicks him in the gut and doubles Cara over and hooks both of his arms up... Double Underhook Suplex!!! Sin Cara lulls on the mat after being thrown over Regal’s head. Booker points out that being flipped over like that when you don’t know where your head is doesn’t help at all. Regal makes his way over to Cara and pins him once again... One...Two...Thr-NO! Somehow Sin Cara stays alive and once again, Regal is completely undeterred by this, and he brings Cara back up to his feet once again. Regal grabs Sin Cara’s leg and he lifts it up before hooking Cara up... REGALPLEX-NO! Cara fights out of it with an elbow to the side of Regal’s head!! Still hooked up though, Sin Cara uses his standing leg to elevate himself up and he is able to transition it into a Hurricanrana!!! Regal is flipped right down onto his back and now both men are down.

After a little stirring from both men, they both start to make their way back up to their feet at the same time. Both looking a little jaded now, they approach the centre of the ring, and Regal cracks Sin Cara with a European Uppercut... but Sin Cara replies with a forearm to the face! Another Uppercut from Regal! Another forearm! Uppercut! Forearm! Uppercut! Forearm! Forearm! Forearm!! Cara gets the better of it and he then stings Regal in the side of the leg with a kick, and he pushes both men towards the ropes and goes to whip Regal across the ring. The Englishman is able to turn it around and send Sin Cara hurtling towards the ropes, but this only allows Sin Cara to gather up speed... he charges at Regal... who then elevates Cara up about 6 or 7 feet into the air... and catches him with a EUROPEAN UPPERCUT ON THE WAY DOWN!!! (Think Cesaro/Castagnoli) The fans go wild as Sin Cara crumples down on the mat... Regal falling on top of him and hooking both legs this time! One...Two...Thre-NO!!!! Sin Cara is able to kick out to the amazement of everyone, and Smackdown heads off to a commercial as Regal is left stunned.

*Commercial Break*

We return to Smackdown, and Regal has Sin Cara locked in a Rear Naked Choke in the centre of the ring, with Cara trying to find a way out of it, but slowly and surely fading away. The commentators inform us that during the break Regal continues to punish Cara; replays of a Butterfly Suplex is shown and the resulting kick out. Back to real time, the referee is right down there with the two men, and he asks Cara if he wants to give up, and still gets no response... his English abilities surely the least of his worries at the moment as Regal increases his hold on Cara. The ref looks flustered as he can’t even see if Cara is dropping off or not, so he lifts the arm up.... and it drops to the mat. Regal tells him to do it again, which he does, and it drops for a second time. Regal is almost foaming at the mouth now as he has this choke locked in... and the referee raises Sin Cara’s arm one more time, but it stops just above the ground!!! A look of worry is now etched on Regal’s face as the Mexican Idol starts to try and roll away from Regal, and Cara is able to roll down onto his front with Regal on his back. Quickly, Regal lets off of the Rear Naked Choke... and starts to set up for the REGAL STRETCH!!!! Cara quickly shakes his legs so Regal is unable to get it locked in, and Cara leaps forwards and grabs the bottom rope – saving himself!

Regal curls his lip as Sin Cara clings into the rope and breathes heavily after almost being caught out by that move from Regal. Regal goes to try and capitalize on Cara’s weakened state by coming in and driving his forearm into the International Sensation’s head. William lifts Sin Cara up to his feet against the ropes and whips him across the ring. Regal quickly goes to the centre of the ring and he elevates Sin Cara into the air once again; trying to replicate the move from earlier on in the contest-but Sin Cara comes down and catches Regal with an ARM DRAG!!! The fans cheer for that and Cara kips back up after landing. Regal is back up too and Sin Cara feed him the leg... before drilling Regal with an Enziguiri to the side of the head!! Regal drops to a knee and Cara waits a moment before running towards the ropes and he springboards back off of them and flattens Regal with a CROSS BODY!!! Sin Cara stays on him and hooks the leg! One...Two...Thr-NO!!

Regal keeps his chances alive in the match and Cara wastes no time at all getting back to his feet, making an immediate beeline for the corner. He scales up the turnbuckle, but as he reaches the top rope, Regal is back up to his feet as well, and he walks over to Sin Cara. Before he has a chance to leap from the top rope, Cara is rocked in head by another one of those Regal uppercuts, and Regal uses the chance to climb up onto the second rope himself, everyone noting that this usually isn’t somewhere you could find William Regal. He grabs Sin Cara both around the shoulders and in between the legs and falls back... EXPLODER SUPLEX FROM THE TOP ROPE!!!! The fans are all on their feet in amazement as both men lay down in the centre of the ring; Sin Cara landing in an awkward position. Regal seems pretty worn out, and it takes him a good ten or so seconds to be able to get back up to his feet, and when he does he backs right into the corner. He wipes the sweat from his brow, and shouts “C’MON!” to try and urge Sin Cara up to his feet. The Mexican Idol slowly gets up to one knee in the centre of the ring, and regal screams as he charges... KNEE TREMBLER!!!-NO!! Sin Cara dodges it... and ROLLS REGAL UP!!! ONE!! TWO!!! THREE!!! HE GOT HIM!!

Winner: Sin Cara (14:44)


The fans cheer loudly, and all are on their feet after that match; showing fantastic respect to both men in the ring. Sin Cara has his hand raised by the referee and punches the air in celebration, but he soon turns around right into William Regal who is almost shaking in anger that he was caught out by his opponent, but as an act of solidarity, he slowly holds his hand out to Sin Cara. Cara doesn’t even think twice about shaking Regal’s hand, and then Regal raises Sin Cara’s hand up into the air.

Josh Matthews: There it is, folks; the ultimate show of respect from William Regal after a fantastic match up – if that was just the preview... imagine what it is going to be like this Sunday with Cody Rhodes thrown in there as well!

Michael Cole: But I think all respect will be thrown aside at Hell in a Cell with the Intercontinental Championship on the line, Josh. You saw just how frustrated William Regal got after losing tonight, having dominated Sin Cara for most of the match up.

Booker T: Both of dese men showed us ta-NIGHT just why dey are two of Smackdown’s best... but no one matches up to ma noi Sin Cara!

Michael Cole: Well if you’re right Booker, we could be looking at the next Intercontinental Champion!

Josh Matthews: Speaking of the Intercontinental Champion...

Some boos ring out around the arena as Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase have no appeared up on the stage, and both sarcastically applaud Regal and Sin Cara’s performance. This angers Sin Cara, and he looks like he is about to go out of the ring, but Regal holds him back, saying “Save it for Sunday.” (Like he understood ) Rhodes smirks that he has gotten under both of his challenger’s skins and he raises the title up into the air to some decent heat from the fans. We fade away from ringside, the last shot being Cody Rhodes with a grin on his face, visible under the protective mask.

We’re backstage now, and the camera is in front of Justin Gabriel as he walks backstage, still buzzing after getting another win tonight. He has a bottle of water in his hand and he takes a little sip before nodding at a couple of women, and they smile and reply with a “Hey Justin!” which causes him to smile. He continues down the hallway... but is suddenly knocked down to the floor... BY JINDER MAHAL!!! Mahal comes properly into the frame and starts to put the boots in on Gabriel, the aforementioned girls screaming in the background. Mahal grabs Gabriel by the throat and gets right in his face.

Jinder Mahal: You... do not... embarrass me. No-one embarrasses Jinder Mahal! Next week... I’m going to show you just what it is like to be embarrassed!

Mahal now brings Gabriel back up to his feet and he grabs him by the hair and the trunks... and sends him flying into a production crate!! The fans boo now, and Mahal looks pleased with his work and walks away... the camera zooms in on Gabriel, who nurses his wounds on the floor, holding the back of his head. Back to the arena....

Josh Matthews: C-Can we get some help back there for Justin Gabriel please? That was a vicious assault by Jinder Mahal... and what? Because Gabriel beat him in a match?

Michael Cole: Jinder Mahal is a proud man, Josh. He hasn’t been having the best of luck recently and I think he is frustrated at not being able to win matches given his ability.

Josh Matthews: What about the spirit of competition? Gabriel didn’t target Mahal personally!


Matthews puffs his cheeks out, but the fans are pleasantly surprised to see the Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long walk out onto the stage holding a microphone, and they greet him with a decent sized pop. He isn’t himself, that much is clear, and he looks sheepishly out to all of the fans whilst waiting for his music to cut out. He holds a microphone in his right hand and the memo from earlier on in the other one.

Theodore Long: I know that we have a show goin’ on, so I’ll make this quick.

He holds the memo up.

Theodore Long: In my hand I have a memo from the C.O.O. of tha WWE, Triple H, and it says that next week on Smackdown, he will be conducting a Performance Evaluation of myself.

A mixed reaction for that.

Theodore Long: And as you all know, ta-night, tha World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry and tha man that will challenge him at Hell in a Cell, Sheamus-

Long is cut off by a loud pop for The Celtic Warrior.

Theodore Long: Ta-night they are going ta face off in a Final Confrontation before they step into Hell in a Cell. Now, I know that these two have a history of breakin’ things and hurtin’ each ot’er... so ahead of Mr Helmsley’s visit next week... I am placing a Non-Contact Ruling over Mark Henry and Sheamus ta-night.

The fans start to boo, but Long looks as if his hands are tied.

Theodore Long: If Sheamus breaks this ruling, I will strip him of his title match at Hell in a Cell... and if Mark Henry breaks tha rules, he will be stripped of tha World... Heavyweight... Championship.

Mixed reaction for that statement.

Theodore Long: Enjoy tha show, playas. Holla.


That wins the award for the least-enthusiastic ‘Holla’ of all time from Teddy, but it is understandable. He turns around and doesn’t make much of a scene of walking back through the curtains quickly, lots of preparations still left to do.

Booker T: WHAT DA HAYELL?! I wan’ed to see Henry an’ Sheamus tear each ot’er apart ta-night! Damn!

Josh Matthews: It may not be popular, but this is a smart move from Theodore Long... we’ve just seen Justin Gabriel attacked backstage, and that is going to look bad enough as it is. Teddy wants to avoid any more trouble ahead of his Performance Evaluation next week.

Michael Cole: A smart decision? Can you hear these fans? They’re outraged! LET THEM FIGHT!

Josh Matthews: Cole, these people wouldn’t like you if you paid them.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back again, and back to Matt Striker, who is standing with a very apprehensive-looking Sheamus.

Matt Striker: Following the announcement we just hear moments ago that there will be a Non-Contact Ruling in place later tonight for the Final Confrontation between the World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry and the number one contender Sheamus, I have been lucky enough to catch up with The Celtic Warrior. Sheamus, your thoughts?

Sheamus: Matt, if I’m being honest; I’ve got mixed emotions about it. I was plannin’ on goin’ out t’ere and kicking Mark’s arse all over Pennsylvania!

A strong, but cheap pop in the arena.

Sheamus: But t’e more I t’ink about it, t’e more it makes it better for Hell in a Cell... it means t’at I have two extra days of pent up aggression and anger to take out on Mark on Sunday.

The fans cheer loudly for that.

Matt Striker: We all know at Night of Champions you injured your ribs after Mark ploughed you through the stage, and they were still bandaged last week. Are they one hundred percent for Sunday?

Sheamus: My ribs will be fine for Sunday, Matt... I’m expectin’ ta come out of Hell in a Cell wit’ some more injuries... but also t’e World Heavyweight Title.

Sheamus pats Striker on the back and smiles before walking away, perhaps saving all the talking for later on.


There’s very loud heat in the arena now for the arrival of Wade Barrett. Dressed to compete, he walks out onto the stage and looks around the arena with a menacing scowl, before making his way down to the ring; not paying any attention to the fans as he does.

Michael Cole: This man is going to take on Randy Orton in two night’s time at Hell in a Cell, but strangely he has challenged Orton to a match tonight?

Josh Matthews: Well Barrett has taken to calling Orton, ‘The Worm’, and obvious play on Orton’s nickname ‘The Viper’.

Booker T: I’ve known Randy Orton for a long time, dawg... an’ I know dat you don’t wanna get on his bad side... unless you got a death wish, dawg.

Josh Matthews: Many Superstars, past and present, have gotten on the wrong side of Randy Orton in the past... and all of them have felt The Viper’s wrath one way or another... will Wade Barrett be just another victim of Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell?

Barrett reaches the base of the steel steps and he picks up a microphone as he enters the ring. He holds his hand to up to signify that he is ready to speak, and his music stops as a result. He waits for the boos from the fans to subside before beginning.

Wade Barrett: Last week, after-

Barrett is cut off by a “YOU SUCK!” chant. Clearly not in the mood for this he attempt to cut it off now.

Wade Barrett: Why don’t you all put your burgers in your mouths and listen to someone who actually has something important to say, you pathetic lard-arses!

Some of the fans start booing instantly, but it takes a couple of seconds for everyone else to know what Barrett meant.

Wade Barrett: Last week, in an act of pure jealousy, I was attacked after my match by... Randy Orton.

The fans go wild! Barrett grimaces as the support for Orton has gotten under his skin.

Wade Barrett: Randy is jealous that I am a competitor with actual TALENT. So jealous that he had to wait until after my match last week to hit me with an RKO... like the true worm he is.

Barrett smirks now after reminding everyone of his more affectionate nickname for The Viper.

Wade Barrett: But if I am being honest, I didn’t expect anything less. You all still fall at Randy’s feet, calling him ‘The Viper’, the cold and calculating predator that can strike at any time, but he isn’t the man he used to be; he is not ‘The Viper’ any more... he is ‘The Worm’.

More heat, and Barrett smiles now.

Wade Barrett: I had always respected Randy’s accomplishments in the ring... that is until recently. He doesn’t have that killer instinct, that ‘Viper’ mentality. Randy Orton is not the World Heavyweight Champion any more because he doesn’t have the mindset of a champion.... something that I, Wade Barrett, possesses, and let me tell you that it is a just a matter of time until I am your reigning World Heavyweight Champion.

The fans voice their disdain towards that notion with some more boos.

Wade Barrett: So once I have eased past the shell of a man formally known as Randy Orton, I will become the number one contender and I will finally be World Heavyweight Champion. There is no denying this fact, it is going to happen, so the sooner you get used to the thought of it the better.

Barrett holds his arm out as if to be commanding the WWE Universe.

Wade Barrett: The reason I’m not already World Heavyweight Champion is because of people like Randy Orton; those who are past their prime and are trying to hang onto whatever shreds of dignity they have left... and aren’t doing the right thing and getting out of my way.

He now looks right into the hard camera.

Wade Barrett: That is why I don’t want to wait until Hell in a Cell on Sunday to beat Randy Orton. Putting him out of his misery tonight means that I am two days closer to realising my potential and being where I deserve to be in this company. So I came here tonight with one goal in mind... to beat ‘The Worm’.

Barrett now turns to the ramp and looks smugly out to the back.

Wade Barrett: So, can we please get ‘The Worm’ out here and get this over with?

Barrett places his microphone down on the mat, and looks out to the ramp as he waits... the fans building up with anticipation...


WHAT?! The fans are all shocked as Scotty 2 Hotty comes jumping out from behind the curtain!! There’s a respectful pop for the former Superstar, and he jigs down the ramp, slapping hands with all of the fans as he does. Barrett in the ring looks FURIOUS, and he turns to the referee in the ring and says “IS THIS A BLOODY JOKE?” Barrett’s anger only increases as the bell chimes, signalling that he is going to face Scotty...2...Hotty?

Booker T: YEEEEEAAAAHHH!!! Ma boi Scotty 2 Hotty in da house!

Michael Cole: What the hell is this idiot doing here? What is it? Like 2005 or something?

Josh Matthews: Look at Barrett’s reaction! It has been said before, Randy Orton is one of the best players of mind games in the entire WWE, and I think he has just got on up on Wade Barrett!

Booker T: Oh I get it, guys! Da Worm! Scotty 2 Hotty does dat Worm in his matches!

Michael Cole: You really just figured that out?

Josh Matthews: Well, all I can say is that it is good to see Scotty 2 Hotty again, and he is going to go one on one with Wade Barrett; could Barrett try and use this match with a veteran such as Scotty to prepare himself for Randy Orton this Sunday?

Michael Cole: I don’t really think that you can draw parallels between Randy Orton and Scotty 2 Hotty, but Scotty does have the experience edge in this match over Wade Barrett.

Scotty gets into the ring and does a jumping split and gets up onto the ropes and puts the peace sign up to the fans, who seem to be enjoying this appearance from the master of The Worm. Barrett merely shakes his head in the corner, knowing that somewhere backstage Randy Orton is having some fun at his expense. The music stops and Scotty claps his hands to try and get the fans involved. The referee calls for the bell and Scotty 2 Hotty’s return match is underway!

Match Four:
Wade Barrett vs Scotty 2 Hotty

The bell rings, and Barrett immediately tries to lunge at Scotty but the veteran dodges it and is able to score with a dropkick to the back of Barrett’s head!! The fans cheer loudly as the Englishman stumbles forwards, and Scotty takes a moment to get himself sorted before he charges against the ropes and comes behind Barrett before creaming him face-first into the match with a Bulldog!! Barrett is down on the mat by the ropes and everyone rises to their feet as Scotty gets back up and he points down to Barrett! Booker goes crazy on commentary and now Scotty screams before turning around... W! O! R! M! Scotty does the worm across the ring and he goes for the slap on Barrett’s chest but Barrett gets out of the way!! The Worm misses! Wade gets up to his feet and Scotty sells the effect on his hand, and Barrett takes advantage with a boot to the side of the head!

The fans’ cheers are killed, as Barrett now methodically grabs Scotty by the arm and drags him into the centre of the ring. He yanks on Scotty’s arm which brings Scotty towards him and he meets the dancer with an Elbow right to the face! (Bull Hammer) Scotty lays flat out on the mat, but it is clear that Barrett isn’t finished. He lifts Scotty back up and Irish Whips him against the ropes... Scotty comes back and he is lifted straight up and down with the WINDS OF CHANGE!! Scotty is finished, and now Barrett goes down for the cover...One...Two...Thr-BARRETT STOPS THE COUNT! This gets him some serious heat from the fans, as he now picks the almost dead weight of Scotty 2 Hotty back up once again, and he lifts Scotty up onto his shoulders for a Fireman’s Carry. Barrett goes to face the hard camera before roaring out and planting Scotty with WASTELAND!! Now Barrett goes for the cover...One...Two...Three.

Winner: Wade Barrett (2:44)


After some initial offence for Scotty, Barrett is able to get the victory in quite dominating fashion. He has his arm raised by the referee. Before anyone has a chance to react, he holds his arm through the ropes and barks at someone for a microphone. A mic is thrust into Barrett’s hand and he raises it up to his mouth.

Wade Barrett: Cut the music!

The music cuts out to reveal the heat for Barrett from the fans. Meanwhile, Scotty is still down in the ring being tended to by the official. Barrett isn’t even out of breath.

Wade Barrett: I suppose you thought that was some kind of a joke, Orton, huh? Well tell me who is laughing now then!

More booing from the fans.

Wade Barrett: What I just did to this pathetic excuse of a man is NOTHING compared to what you have waiting for you this Sunday, Randy.


The fans go WILD as none other than RANDY ORTON steps out onto the stage with a smirk on his face. He has a microphone in his right hand and uses his left to wag his finger at Barrett and point at him. Barrett gets right up against the ropes and hurls abuse at Orton from the ring. ‘Voices’ fades out and Orton now raises his microphone up to his face.

Randy Orton: Wade... as much as I dislike you and can’t wait to kick your ass at Hell in a Cell this Sunday-

A loud pop cuts Orton off.

Randy Orton: I do have to agree with you... what’s say we get started tonight?

Wade Barrett: Come on then!

With that, both men drop their microphones... and ORTON SPRINTS DOWN THE RAMP AND TOWARDS THE RING!! Barrett waits for him, but just as The Viper slides in Barrett rolls under the bottom rope!! The fans shit all over the Englishman as he waves his hands up in the air with a smirk on his face, leaving a very frustrated Orton in the ring. Barrett starts backing up the ramp, playing some mind games of his own on Randy Orton. Orton looks around the arena and then back at Barrett. Orton takes another look over his shoulder to see that Scotty is back up to his feet, but he isn’t 100% sure about where he is... Orton approaches him, and Scotty holds out an arm, looking to get some support from The Viper, but it doesn’t come as ORTON DROPS SCOTTY WITH AN RKO!!! The fans roar their approval and Orton stays down on the mat, staring a hole through Barrett who looks a lot less happy with himself now.


Orton is now the one smirking as Scotty 2 Hotty is down and out in the centre of the ring following that devastating RKO. The Viper slowly gets back up to his feet and strikes the Destiny pose to another loud pop.

Michael Cole: What? That was completely unprovoked! What did Scotty do?

Josh Matthews: Well, I think Wade Barrett’s mind games might have lit a fire underneath Randy Orton, because what we just saw – the unprovoked RKO to Scotty 2 Hotty - is a shade of ‘The Viper’ of old! And trust me, Wade Barrett does not want to be facing him at Hell in a Cell!

Booker T: Maaaan Randy Orton can be one dangerous dude... dat RKO can strike out of anywhere; ask Scotty when he wakes up! Ha!

Michael Cole: Well I’m sure these two are going to tear pieces out of each other this Sunday, this rivalry starting to get really personal as both of these men want to be World Heavyweight Champion.

Scotty has rolled out of the ring now, leaving Randy Orton standing alone in the centre of the ring with his eyes locked on Wade Barrett... who has now reached the top of the ramp and looks back with a worried expression on his face as Smackdown heads to its penultimate break.

*Commercial Break*

Backstage again, and once again we are with the Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long, and to say he looks flustered is an understatement. He is walking down a corridor, wiping sweat from his forehead. He stops outside a door and takes what seems like to be a heavy sigh of relief as the door says ‘General Manager’ on it in blue writing. He walks into the room, but his smile vanishes somewhat as the camera enters the room to reveal Tyson Kidd sitting on Long’s desk, waiting for him with a very annoyed expression on his face. Kidd gets up and walks towards the GM, Teddy backing away a little bit.

Theodore Long: Hey, Tyson, take it easy, playa! I ain’t got time fo’no trouble.

Tyson Kidd: Teddy, that is EXACTLY what I am talkin’ about – you don’t have any time for Tyson Kidd! I’ve not had a match on Smackdown for about a month! I’ve been winning match after match on WWE Superstars and nothin’!

Long holds his hands up and tries to diffuse the situation.

Theodore Long: Tyson, playa... I’ve been watching you on Superstars, and I saw you beat Trent Barretta last night; it was another good performance. But-

Tyson Kidd: But what, Teddy? I’m tired of waitin’!

Theodore Long: I don’t have time to talk about this tight now! I need ta get everythin’ sorted fo’ next week! Come back ta me in a couple of weeks, and we’ll talk then, okay?

Kidd looks very frustrated about being made to wait and he shakes his head before making his way towards the exit. Though, he turns back to Long with a little smirk.

Tyson Kidd: That’s if you’ve still got a job then.

Kidd leaves the room and slams the door behind him; Teddy looks in a very sombre mood and he collapses down onto the couch behind him and puts his head in his hands; the stress of tonight really coming through as we fade away once again...

Michael Cole: Burn! This is exactly what I’m talkin’ about guys, there are Superstars like Tyson Kidd that are more talented than half of the Smackdown roster, but when was the last time he was on the show? Teddy Long has no clue, I’m tellin’ ya!

Josh Matthews: The only thing I can agree with you from that is that Tyson Kidd is an exceptional athlete.


A loud pop echoes around the arena for the ‘Friday Night Delight’ John Morrison and he walks out onto the stage wearing those shades and a brilliant, giant red fur jacket and he strikes his pose in slow motion with his pyrotechnics behind him creating that awesome image. He makes his way down to the ring, looking extremely happy to be in his third straight Smackdown Main Event.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing two-hundred-and-fifteen pounds... ‘The Friday Night Delight’... JOHN MORRISONNN!!

Josh Matthews: And speaking of execeptional athletes; John Morrison is one of the most exciting in-ring performers we have ever seen in the WWE – a combination of unique offence and parkour style is why JoMo is such a hit with the WWE Universe.

Booker T: Y’all know I love dose spins and twists dat Morrison uses. Starship Pain is off da damn chain, dawg!

Michael Cole: You’re easily impressed, aren’t you, Booker?

Booker T: All I know is dat if you mout’ off to me again I’ll slap da taste outta yo’ mouth, sucka!

Michael Cole: Um... Well John Morrison has a chance to knock of a former World Heavyweight Champion in Christian tonight, something which is a lot easier said than done.

Morrison gets into the ring, now back at normal speed, and he gets up onto the turnbuckle before doing his pose one more time. Spotting a young fan in the front row, Morrison quickly gets out of the ring and hands the young boy his shades, something which the mother of the child seems to like as she winks at Morrison and he smiles back at her (Melina doesn’t like it when he talks to other people) before rolling back into the ring and removing his jacket. He uses the ropes for some final last minutes stretches as he awaits his opponent.


Rather loud heat comes out from around the arena, but there are some distinct cheers in there from the smarks in attendance for the self-professed ‘Saviour of Smackdown’ Christian. Despite not having the nest luck recently, Christian is BEAMING! This causes the anger from the fans to get even higher because Christian ignores them completely and holds his arms up in the air to soak in the heat. He walks past a camera and says ‘Next week... Bye Teddy!’ before carrying on down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing two-hundred-and-twelve pounds... CHRISTIIAAANN!!

Josh Matthews: I’m gonna say it... this man makes me feel sick to my stomach! He attacked Daniel Bryan last week out of nothing else than pure jealousy! He couldn’t take it that Daniel Bryan beat him at Night of Champions so he had to screw him out of a World Heavyweight Title shot! And now? Now he’s blaming John Morrison for taking ‘his spot’ in a match he didn’t deserve to be in!

Booker T: Josh, I-

Josh Matthews: AND he’s been making Teddy Long’s life a living hell now for God knows how long, for no other reason than that he wants to be World Heavyweight Champion! Christian has had his shots and he lost. Simple as that. I hope John Morrison teaches him a lesson in respect tonight!

Michael Cole: Are you serious? This man is one of... if not THE best wrestler on Smackdown! Christian is the Saviour of Smackdown! Daniel Bryan is a dork that shouldn’t even be in this company, and Teddy Long is a fool trying to play General Manager!

Josh Matthews: Well if you ask me, the only thing Smackdown needs saving from is scum like Christian.

Christian gets into the ring and completely ignores Morrison, getting up onto the turnbuckle just like his opponent did. He scans the arena for any Peeps, and it appears that Christian has a little cheering section in the far corner. He points to them and smiles to himself, before finally turning around and heading towards the centre of the ring and pointing at Morrison and then down to the ring... saying that “This is MY spot!”. Morrison laughs it off, and the music cuts out... it is Main Event time!

Main Event:
John Morrison vs Christian

The fans are in full force with “MORRISON” chants, and the Prince of Parkour nods along as he prepares to lock up with Christian in the centre of the ring. They lock up with a collar-and-elbow, and Christian quickly gets the go behind... and slaps Morrison in the back of the head! The fans respond with heat, and Morrison turns around but gets booted in the stomach by Christian, which doubles him over. Christian grabs Morrison by the back of the neck and the tights... and throws him over the top rope and out of the ring! Morrison lands with a thud on the floor, and Christian is quick to follow up on him. Captain Charisma strikes with repeated boots to Morrison against the announce table, before he brings the Shaman of Sexy back up to his feet... and Irish Whips him right into the steps – Morrison going in knee-first and flipping over the steel steps!! Morrison winces as he holds his left knee, and Christian looks extremely pleased with himself. He picks his opponent up again and rolls him into the ring.

Christian slides in after Morrison, who seems to be having trouble getting back to his feet. Christian comes over and reaches down to grab the left leg, but Morrison lets out an almighty scream and uses his right boot to cream Christian in the face! Christian stumbles back, and Morrison uses the lapse to get himself back up to his feet with the aid of the ropes. The more-aggressive-than-usual Christian charges towards Morrison, but Jomo hops up using one leg to let Christian go underneath him, but Christian stops dead in his tracks and as soon as Morrison lands back down Christian hits a Chop Block to the left leg!! Morrison crumples down after his base is completely wiped out, and Christian is left standing tall. Christian now immediately targets that knee with a well-aimed stomp that causes Morrison to sit up from the impact as he tries to grab his knee. Christian now rebounds off of the ropes and delivers a boot right to Morrison’s jaw that knocks him flat back down onto his back!

Captain Charisma smiles now as he grabs Morrison by the bad leg and drags him towards the corner. Christian backs himself up onto the second rope... before diving off and connecting with an elbow drop from the top onto Morrison’s bad knee!! Into the cover after the unique move! One...Two...NO! Morrison keeps his chances alive of beating Christian but it comes as a price as he is forced to kick out on that bad knee. The Saviour of Smackdown now brings his opponent back up to his feet and places him in the corner. Christian hooks Morrison’s knee through the ropes so it is hanging outside of the ring. Looking to cause more pain, Christian gets out onto the apron and he takes a few steps back before charging in and going to boot Morrison’s knee into the ring post, but Morrison is able to drag his leg back through the ropes! Christian stops himself from running into the turnbuckle, but he is rocked by an almighty right hand from Morrison... which sends him down to the floor below!

The fans pop, and Morrison elects not to follow up but to back up into the centre of the ring and try to stretch out his leg a little to ease the tension on the knee. He tries jumping up and down on it, before running the ropes to try and run the injury off. Meanwhile, Christian picks himself up after being rocked in the head and then landing on the back of his head. Captain Charisma gets up onto the apron again, and Morrison comes over and he Hip Tosses Christian over the top rope and into the ring! He lands in a seated position, and Morrison looks to follow up by grabbing Christian’s head and flipping forwards; snapping Christian’s head back! Christian is now on the receiving end of some punishment from Morrison, who limps around the ring as he positions himself ready for a kick to the seated Christian’s head, but Christian ducks and climbs up Morrison to get back to his feet... and drops him with a Reverse DDT! As quickly as that Christian is back on top of the match and he hooks the weak leg for the cover! One...Two...Thr-No!!

Big cheers for the kick out from Morrison, but it is now Christian who is back on the offence. Captain Charisma now walks over to Morrison’s legs and he crosses them over... he’s trying for the CLOVERLEAF-BUT MORRISON GETS OUT OF IT!! Morrison twists his whole body and Christian is sent flying across the ring, although it appears that the escape caused some pain to the damaged knee. Morrison gets back up, and Christian runs at him, but Morrison ducks the clothesline attempt and he follows round with a heel kick to the back of Christian’s head that knocks him down! Morrison is now into the cover and he grabs his own leg whilst hooking Christian’s with the other arm. One...Two...Kickout! An impressive counter from Morrison, and he now heads up to the top from following the pin attempt. The commentators wonder whether this is a smart move from Morrison given the beating he took early on in the match. It does come into play as the knee hinders Morrison’s abilities to get up onto the turnbuckle, but by the time he does, Christian is back on his feet, still a little wobbly. Christian turns around and Morrison leaps off of the top rope going for a Cross Body! But Christian connects with an inch-perfect dropkick right into Morrison’s mouth!

The fans are deflated once again, but some cheer this match as both men are stopping the other one from being able to build some solid offence with some stunning counters. Christian turns Morrison over and hooks both legs this time! One...Two...Thr-NO! Another kick out from Morrison, who is making a good account for himself in this match, but he doesn’t have time to think as Christian has already dragged him back up to his feet. Christian goes to Irish Whip Morrison into the corner but Morrison turns it around and sends Christian in instead, and then following him in. Christian leaps up onto the second rope, and holds his foot back for Morrison to run straight into! With Morrison not knocked down by that shot, Christian turns around and faces his opponent... before leaping off of the second rope and hitting Morrison in the face with a Corkscrew Elbow!! Captain Charisma pulls off another big move, but he doesn’t go for the cover this time. He gets back up to his feet and holds his arms out in the air... stalking Morrison as the fans start to boo.

Morrison slowly is able to bring himself back up to his feet, and once he does, Christian quickly grabs him and tries to turn him around... KILLSWITCH-MORRISON COUNTERS AGAIN! Just as Christian is about to hit the move, Morrison uses his flexibility to bring his foot underneath him and kick Christian in the back of the leg, causing him to drop down to one knee and release Morrison! Morrison quickly runs past Christian and towards the ropes... and he springboards off of them and hits Christian in the face with the FLYING CHUCK KICK!! Christian is down and Morrison slowly crawls over to him for the cover! One...Two...Thre-NO!! Morrison’s head is in his hands as he was sure that he got Christian there. Looking around the arena, with the fans willing him on, Morrison gets up to his feet for what seems like the thousandth time in this match and he grabs Christian by an arm and a leg and drags him over by the corner!

The fans pop big time as Morrison turns to face the turnbuckle and he shakes out his knee one more time. Matthews points out that this move is going to be Do or Die for Morrison in this match as JoMo grabs the rope and leaps up... STARSHIP PAIN!!! NOBODY HOME!!! Christian rolled out of the way and towards the turnbuckle and Morrison lands right on his stomach and knee... and the Shaman of Sexy writhes around on the mat for a few moments as Christian recovers in the corner. Morrison though starts to pick himself up, and Christian is now crouched in the corner with a crazed look in his eye. Morrison gets up and he stands there, barely able to stand on the weak knee, and he locks eyes with Christian. The fans boo as Morrison is now a sitting duck for Christian... who ploughs through Morrison with a SPEAR!!! Straight out of Edge’s playbook, Christian almost cuts his opponent in half, but instead of going for a pin, Christian gets back up to his feet and walks over to Morrison’s legs. He grabs them both and crosses them over... and he locks in the CLOVERLEAF!!! There is next to no will left in Morrison so he taps out almost instantly.

Winner: Christian (10:54)


There is a lot of heat in the arena because Christian is refusing to break the hold! Morrison is now screaming out in pain and Christian just yanks back further on the hold, putting even more pressure on not just Morrison’s back but the knee that Christian injured during the match.

Josh Matthews: Oh come on! Is this really needed? Someone!

The referee tries to pull Christian away, and it is only when he threatens to reverse the decision that Christian finally lets up on the hold and Morrison’s legs drop down to the canvas.

Booker T: Man, we need some help fo’ John Morrison!

Michael Cole: This is exactly what John Morrison deserves! He shouldn’t go around playing the hero when Daniel Bryan got taken out last week... now he has been put in his place! Yeah Christian!

Captain Charisma orders the referee to raise his hand in victory, and he looks right into the camera and it zooms in on his face and he mouths “Next week... this show is bein’ saved” before smirking and exiting the ring as some medical personnel are running to the ring to tend to Morrison.

Josh Matthews: John Morrison could be the second one of Smackdown’s top Superstars in two weeks that could be on the shelf for a while thanks to this sick, pathetic man! If he wants to be World Heavyweight Champion he should focus more on winning matches, as opposed to just trying to hurt everybody!

Michael Cole: He did just win a match! He won the Main Event by making John Morrison tap out!

Booker T: Morrison put up a good fight, and dat ting coulda gone either way, dawg.

Michael Cole: Maybe so, but up next ladies and gentlemen, it is the Final Confrontation ahead of their Hell in a Cell Match for the World Heavyweight Championship this Sunday at Hell in a Cell... Mark Henry and Sheamus – Face to Face – Next!

*Commercial Break*

We start off with a black screen, but it is quickly illuminated with a flashing shot of the most sadistic structure in WWE history... the Hell in a Cell.

There is one match in WWE history that goes beyond all depths.

Triple H delivers a Pedigree to Chris Jericho from Judgement Day 2002 on top of the cell.

Bodies have been broken.

"The Game" is now on the receiving end of a Spinebuster from Batista onto the steel steps inside the cell.

Careers have been shortened.

Randy Orton dives off of the top rope and puts The Undertaker through a table; Taker then Tombstones "The Legend Killer".

Lives have been changed...

Mick Foley is put through the top of the cell by Taker; and then again by Triple H.

for the worse.

Sheamus and Randy Orton walk down to the ring for their match last year; Orton RKOs Sheamus ontop the steps for the win.

But only one thing will be guaranteed...

The Undertaker sends Mick Foley flying off of the top of the cell and crashing through the announce table.


OCTOBER 2, 2011

The commentators now run down the list of matches set for Hell in a Cell in two night’s time. Extra attention is focused on the World Heavyweight Championship Match where Mark Henry is of course going to take on Sheamus in a Hell in a Cell Match. The trio though are suddenly interrupted mid flow when a group of around TWENTY Security Guards file out from the back and down towards the ring. Cole says that he is getting word that these gentlemen are here to keep order and enforce the Non-Contact Rule set in place between Sheamus and Mark Henry. The guards surround the ring as all attention now turns to the stage.


There’s a mixed reaction in the arena for the World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry, entering the 13th day of his title reign and also entering the arena. The camera comes up from behind him and shows us just how big this man is. He trudges down to the ring without showing any care for the fans, even though there is a portion of them cheering for him. He pauses at the base of the ramp and looks around the ringside area; eyeing up all of the guards that stand at ringside before he laughs to himself and starts to climb up the steps, grabbing a microphone as he enters the ring. He adjusts the championship draped over his shoulder and looks out to the WWE Universe before waiting for the music to settle so he can begin his address.

Mark Henry: Last week I stood out here and I said dat I was done bein’ a joke fo’ all o’ you people; the best damn thing I have ever done in ma career was start thinkin’ of ma-self.

The fans start to boo Henry now, but he doesn’t care.

Mark Henry: I’ve achieved more in four months than what I did in fifteen years... I took out some o’ the biggest names in WWE history... and at Night of Champions I became the World Heavyweight Champion.

A mixed reaction that time.

Mark Henry: But I’ve had enough o’ lookin’ back now, I’m lookin’ forward to Hell in a Cell this Sunday. I’m lookin’ forward to steppin’ inside the Cell this Sunday! I’m not like Alberto Del Rio; I ain’t scared of anythin’!

The reaction now turns to a pop for the insult towards the WWE Champion.

Mark Henry: But the thing I am lookin’ forward to the most this Sunday... is finally tearin’ Sheamus apart and puttin’ him in my Hall of Pain... permanently.

There is a mixed reaction for that; some cheer for Sheamus’ mention and other boo for Henry’s intentions.

Mark Henry: Sheamus... he jus’ doesn’t know when to give up... and this Sunday... he’s gon’ face the consequences! Now get yo punk ass out here right now so we can get dis whole thing over wit’!


Literally on cue, the music of The Celtic Warrior blares out across the arena which elicits a MASSIVE pop from the WWE Universe as Sheamus walks out onto the stage, dressed in his wrestling gear but with a t-shirt over the top and wastes no time in getting down to the ring to confront Henry. Suddenly though, the Security Personnel all rush into the ring and create a divide across the ring that has Henry trapped on one side, something which seems to anger the World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus doesn’t seem particularly pleased about it either. The Irishman grabs a mic as he enters the ring as well. He walks forwards and tests the Security’s resolve, but they all force him back. Sheamus looks a little annoyed, but Henry smiles at Sheamus’ failed attempt to get to him. Clearly pumped, Sheamus paces up and down the ring as he talks.

Sheamus: Okay fellas, I’m not going ta start a fight out here. As much as I love fightin’, I won’t start one; you got a Warrior’s promise on t’at.

Henry smirks at that, he says ‘It’s cos he’s scared’ under his breath.

Sheamus: Mark, I’m going ta get straight ta the point... Ever since you and I first crossed paths, we’ve been in countless battles wit’ eacho’er and as much as it pains me ta say, you’ve won most of em.

Heat around the arena for that.

Sheamus: At Summerslam, you ploughed me t’rough the ring barrier and won our match via count out... but ya still didn’t beat me.

Sheamus has stopped his pacing now; looking through the sea of guards at his rival.

Sheamus: The followin’ Smackdown, you put me t’rough t’at announce table after our rematch... where once again you didn’t beat me.

This is clearly ruffling Henry’s feathers as he snarls across at Sheamus. The fans are building up with anticipation now.

Sheamus: Then at Night o’ Champions, you sent us bot’ t’rough the stage, Mark! We bot’ eventually recovered from t’hat and well... I was about to become the World Heavyweight Champion after I kicked the daylights out of The Great Khali... but you swooped in and stole the pin from right under my nose...

Henry starts to laugh now as he recalls that moment.

Sheamus: You might be laughin’, Mark... but here’s the t’hing... you didn’t beat ME!

A loud pop goes around the arena for that and the smile is wiped from Henry’s face.

Sheamus: All of t’ese battles you’ve been winnin’, Mark... but t’is Sunday inside t’at Cell... I’m going to win the war and the World Heavyweight Title!

The fans pop VERY loudly for that and Henry now raises his microphone sharply.


Henry’s voice booms around the arena and Sheamus looks angry to have his momentum killed.

Mark Henry: You even said it yo’self, ev’ry time you’ve stepped into the ring wit’ me I’ve hurt you! I’ve used you as a damn batterin’ ram!

Henry still gives Sheamus a look of confusion as he carries on.

Mark Henry: I’ve literally put yo’ ass through ring barricades, announce tables, stages... and you still want to step inside dat Cell wit’ me?

Sheamus: Mark... you should know by now t’at I’m not scared o’ you. I know everything t’at you are capable of... but you’ve not seen anyt’ing from me yet. You don’t know what the Celtic Warrior is capable of!

Sheamus spits out these words to Henry, the passion coming through.

Sheamus: We’ve almost brought the whole arena down every time we’ve stepped into the ring together... but t’is Sunday t’eres going ta be a twenty-five foot high Cell above our heads and around us... keeping us trapped inside ta fight like the animals we are!

Henry can only nod his head in agreement with that.

Sheamus: T’is whole t’ing reminds me of a story from back home in Irelan-

Mark Henry: You listen to me! I don’t give a damn about yo’ little stories from wherever it was you came from! All I care about is beatin’ you up so damn much you ain’t goin’ be able to walk when I’m done wit’ y’all!

Sheamus: Mark, I will be walkin’ out of New Orleans t’is Sunday... and I’ll be walkin’ out wit’ the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

The fans pop very loudly as Henry visibly grabs onto the title tighter.

Sheamus: So if you’re gonna beat me t’is Sunday, Mark... you’re going ta have ta kill me to do it.

Mark Henry: Oh trust me boy... Dat can be arranged.

With that, tensions have now run too high and both men walk forwards to meet each other, microphones and championships alike dropped down to the mat, but the Security Guards stand firm and prevent the two behemoths from getting to one another! This causes the fans too boo loudly, as they desperately want to see these two tear each other apart two days early. The guards start to be a little physical as it takes a couple of them to shove each man back... and that could prove costly for these men because now it appears that they are in the sights of these brutes! There is one guard in particular that gets right into Sheamus’ face... and the Irishman almost turns red with anger... before drilling the guard with a right hand!! The fans go wild as now all of the other guards start to swarm towards Sheamus; but he knocks them all down as well!!! Henry watches on smiling as the guards now start to get an advantage on The Celtic Warrior, but he manages to kick one of them back and the guard bounces right off of Henry’s chest!! Henry looks down at the poor man with disgust and lifts him back up to his feet... and throws him over the top rope!!! The fans pop now as Henry starts plucking the guards from the pile on top of Sheamus and he starts sending them out of the ring!! A guard charges up to the champion but is knocked down to the mat with a clothesline with authority by Henry! Sheamus is now able to fight the five or so guards left around him off with right hands and sending them of them over the top as well! Sheamus and Henry now have clear headway to pursue each other... but they both look down at the two guards left in the ring. Henry quickly picks up the guard he clotheslined earlier and he holds him still looking at Sheamus... before planting him with a WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM!! The guard’s back arches up and Henry gets up smiling. Sheamus doesn’t look that impressed as he sees the guard that he decked to initially start the brawl getting up to his feet. The guard turns around... RIGHT INTO A BROGUE KICK!!!


Sheamus’ music is pumped out into the arena once again as he stands over the knocked out guard. We see various shots from around the ringside area that shows us all of these guards sprawled on the floor after the beating they have taken. In the ring now... Henry has picked his title back up and he steps towards Sheamus in the centre of the ring. The two men are within INCHES of each other and are almost nose to nose as they talk some more smack to each other.

Michael Cole: This Sunday these two men will step into the most dangerous structure in WWE history! Will Hell in a Cell be able to contain these two beasts?! You can’t miss it!

Henry raises the title up into the air whilst keeping his eyes firmly locked onto his challenger and Sheamus’ eyes flittering between Henry and the title in the air as Smackdown fades... to... black.



OCTOBER 2, 2011


WWE Championship Match
Hell in a Cell

Alberto Del Rio © vs John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Hell in a Cell

Mark Henry © vs Sheamus

The Awesome Truth vs CM Punk & Kofi Kingston

Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton

Intercontinental Championship Match
Triple Threat

Cody Rhodes © vs William Regal vs Sin Cara

United States Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler © vs Drew McIntyre

WWE Divas Championship Match
Beth Phoenix © vs Kelly Kelly
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Smackdown Feedback

Strong start to the show with this promo and it was pleasing to see you give such spotlight to the Intercontinental Title scene. Rhodes was pretty much on point in the opening, all the disfigurement stuff fitted well. Regal was very much in character, enjoyed their back and forth on peasants and royalty, was a good comeback from Rhodes with that. Regal then playing up the importance of the title was again very pleasing to see, makes this one feel big going into HIAC. I didn’t particularly like Regal’s ‘I’m a thug, what did you really expect anyway?’ line. Don’t know whether that was Regal making a joke, a line underneath might’ve suited in there, the way he said it and whatnot. Adding Sin Cara to the mix makes sense but at the same time I think a Rhodes/Regal feud has legs following this promo, very solid.

Good win for Fighting for Freedom here, allows them to continue their momentum. Hopefully they kick on a little bit following the PPV.

Not surprised to see a little interaction between Christian and Morrison although I wasn’t massively keen on it. I thought Morrison should’ve had a little more to say than he did while Christian was decent for what he had to voice, would’ve liked a little more though, bit more aggression too.

Pretty standard interview with Orton here, did its job hyping HIAC somewhat while not giving away too much about ‘The Worm’.

Surprisingly lengthy match between Gabriel and Mahal here but I like it. When I saw it was these two head to head I expected a short victory for Gabriel considering he’s been pushed somewhat but making this into a mini feud wouldn’t be a bad thing for either man. Good stuff.

Very interesting developments here between Kelly and Eve, no doubt it would make better viewing than reading, right? Job evaluation for T-Long, hmmm, intriguing, not sure where that one’s going.

Really strong match here between these two and if this is a preview of HIAC then I can’t wait. Excellent TV contest and a big win for Cara too giving him some momentum. Thought Rhodes would show his face and maybe take them both out but this was certainly a different approach, has me guessing a bit more going into the PPV.

Mahal attacking Gabriel? Mini feud in the making as expected, I like it, hopefully it’s not too one sided in the South African’s favour. Well actually, scratch that, Mahal sucks unless he’s rocking out so do as you please.

Don’t think there was any need for this Teddy Long segment to be out on stage. Maybe if this was announced at the start of the show in his office or something. Bit too short and lacking in importance for that but as for the announcement, it makes sense.

Again, little bit short here from Sheamus and I’m a bit surprised to hear from him as we have that ‘final confrontation’ later on tonight. Could’ve maybe had this used elsewhere.

Very good promo from Barrett here. Captured his character very well, could totally imagine what he was saying and his intentions for Sunday were made very clear. Knew Scotty was on the way and made sense, bit of light hearted stuff before Barrett whips him lol. Clever stuff. Aftermath was hit and miss, Barrett’s bit was good but I’d have preferred Orton to simply run down and get things going, no need for words. Looking forward to these two going at it at HIAC.

Quite liked this with Kidd. Was one of those short segments that did make sense to be so to the point. Kidd’s little jab at Long maybe not having a job was nice too.

Big win for Christian here in a solid match up. Not really sure where Morrison goes from this but I would imagine Captain Charisma will be meeting with Mr.Helmsley next week, should be a good one.

Now for what we’ve been waiting for. Really, really enjoyed this, was probably the best thing I’ve seen you write. Henry was all kinds of awesome, just a sheer badass who’s not afraid of anything unlike most heels today. The ‘ARE YOU STUPID BOY?’ had me rolling . Him interrupting Sheamus Irish tale as well was great. Really strong interaction building to HIAC, sold it perfectly here. The characters from both men were nailed on and the tension evident with neither man backing down. Keep up the good word and learn from this regarding your other characters, if you can get them up there with these two and Barrett also then you’ll be riding high soon.

On the whole some very good stuff in this. The opening and closing promos especially shined for me while the Regal/Cara and Christian/Morrison matches were strong. A few things felt a bit short and flat that I mentioned but I’m sure after HIAC things are only going to pick up and you’re only going to keep on improving. Looking forward to HIAC, bring it on fella.
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

JAM’s Review

Having the IC Title situation open the show was a gutsy call. But I do think you’re doing great with your midcard and it’s established enough so that it opens Smackdown right so good job with that. Big fan of your work with Cody. His promos thus far have been brilliant and this time was no different. Regal seemed a bit off to me here in the first half of his promo but it quickly picked up nicely. Cody was the true star of this opening segment and I hope we see more of him. Adding Sin Cara to the mix makes sense. This match could potentially be a show stealer when HIAC occurs.

Fighting For Freedom is a pretty intense name me thinks, lol. But anyway, always good to see the tag team division getting more teams because the tag division was pretty much a staple back in the day. So we’ll see what you can do with them. Don’t job Percy and Titus too much though, they’re a pretty good team imo. Didn’t really get this segment with Morrison and Christian. Why exactly did Morrison approach Christian? Was it to explain himself? Didn’t think he needed to do that but it does set up a nice match for later on. Thinkin’ Christian loses that one and continues his conspiracy theory on Teddy Long.

Again the case seems as though Striker said more than Orton here but it sort of fits into Orton’s character. Orton doesn’t do much talking so it made sense here. Him vs. Barrett has been great thus far and I hope that continues with both men looking strong coming out of this feud. You’ve really built Gabriel up quite well. I didn’t realize he won eight straight matches already, that’s gotta count for something. Gabriel is a fine choice to have rising up the ranks. How about we hear him cut a promo? That seems to be the next thing he should do.

Whoa whoa whoa, what’s happening here with Kelly and Eve? Lol. But anyway, job evaluation for Teddy? No idea where that one’s going. Seems a bit overused imo but I’m sure you’ve got something planned for it. The Cara/Regal match was a joy to watch. Just thinking of the rub Cara gets from being in a match with Regal is pretty awesome. I like your use of Regal, giving him a chance to shine before retirement is a possibility for him. Pretty sad that the match ended with a roll-up but I guess it makes sense since they’ll be going into battle at the PPV. I think the way to go with this was to have Regal be frustrated and leave up to the midway point on the ramp then have Cody and Ted come out and applaud the two then the three can staredown or something like that. Makes a little more sense to me.

Gabriel/Mahal should be a good first feud for both men. An attack is definitely the way to plant seeds for a future feud. The Teddy Long segment seemed off to me. Not that it didn’t have the right words but it just came out of nowhere. Maybe it was best to leave it alone since we knew that Long received a memo of a job evaluation in the backstage segment which was more than likely played on the titantron.

The Sheamus interview seemed like it ended pretty abruptly. You wrote Sheamus as appearing apprehensive which kind of made me think he was unsure of something. Then you wrote him like he was pretty confident and all that. So yeah, maybe the wording was a bit wrong but I get what you were trying to convey here. Would’ve liked to have heard more from Sheamus but I guess you’re saving that for later on. Barrett was written for nicely here, very good promo. The whole time this whole Worm thing started, I thought of Scotty so it was pretty funny to see him back but we all knew he was just a pawn for this whole thing to play out. Barrett seemingly playing his own mind games was a nice booking move and having Orton RKO Scotty was brilliant. There is nothing to complain about here and everything to like, good job.

Time for Tyson Kidd is always good. And I’m glad you had him as a heel here, he just works that way better. And wow to your Christian/Morrison match. These guys will be mainstays in the upper midcard so it was pretty awesome seeing them go at it. Having Christian use the Cloverleaf more often just adds to his character as he’s usually a guy who does some pretty incredible moves. Now, he does moves just to hurt people, or well that’s what I got out of this whole thing.

Here we go, face-to-face time. ARE YOU STUPID BOY?! Henry was written for nicely here. He basically just intimidates you with his size and talks a lot of smack at ya and that’s exactly what was conveyed here. Sheamus wasn’t as good as Henry here imo but not bad either. I like the thing that went down at the end when they sort of had a “beat this” kind of situation going on, that played nicely into the whole thing that you were going for. I’m thinking Henry should’ve gotten the last word here with his music playing but that’s just something I’m nitpicking at.

Overall, it was a pretty good show. Not your best, but it was good. The Orton/Barrett feud was my favorite part of this show with the final segment coming in next. You’ve got a lot of things going for you and I’m sure you have put the plans into motion nicely. The divas are getting time, the tag team division as well, and the IC Title opened the show. Good balance imo. Onto the next

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Really impressive write-ups for these shows, I must say. All of the storylines are built up quite nicely heading into the PPV, not a huge fan of Mark Henry being involved in ANY sort of wrestling, period, so I am hoping there's a new Champion in that regards. I'm torn at times, because I keep wanting to picture todays rosters and characters...so seeing some of these results, I have to stop and remember what I am reading haha. Either way, excellent job on SmackDown and I am very much looking forward to HIAC.

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Smackdown Review

First off, I’d like to say that I like the beginning recap paragraph. It is good for people like me who are new to the thread to get a feel of what happened last week and what they should expect this week.

Hmm pretty interesting of you to start off with Rhodes to open the show. I know he is the IC champion, but it is a bit strange. Lol at Rhodes calling Regal a thug before he comes out. Regal is awesome in character. He has the old geezer swag about him. Things are getting heated and it was the perfect time for Teddy Long to come out. Pretty big announcement for the PPV. I don’t think Sin Cara will actually get the title but he should make for some more entertainment. Regal vs Cara for later should be good, Id like to see some Rhodes/Dibiase involvement.

FFF vs Percy/Titus- I don’t know much about the FFF duo but it seems like they are good entertainers. The match itself was pretty good in summarized form. The ending was cool though, it gives FFF a sense of confidence and skill to be young guys and getting a big victory.

The Morrison and Christian segment was a bit overwhelming. I get that Christian has something to prove so that is why he is talking down to Morrison. But Morrison was sort of shying away. I didn’t expect any smack talk back but maybe some arrogance or confidence out of the face.

The Orton interview was short and sweet but still portrayed Orton’s gimmick well. He is a man with something to prove after a rough patch. Orton’s mysterious escape from the interview was good and makes me think he’ll be doing something later in the night.

Mahal vs Gabriel- I think that Gabriel is really talented in real life so I’m hoping to see something out of him this match. Also, I like the pair of Mahal and Khali together. Mahal seems to be asserting his power dominance over Gabriel from the beginning to the middle, but I think that by the end Gabriel and his speed will take over the match. Good ending, and I like Gabriel being able to overcome Khali’s involvement, although it was a little extreme (getting smashed through the barricade).

Triple H coming next week? Definitely looking forward to that.

Regal vs Sin Cara- Ok, here we go. The match built up from the opening segment. Im predicting a Regal victory with a Cody and Dibiase run in after to attack the two men. Although both men are good performers, when Im reading this it feels a little awkward cause Regal is very technically sound while Cara is more of a high-flyer. That’s probably just biases in my own head though. Wow Cara got the victory. Did not expect a quick roll-up like that. I also though Cody would try and gain advantage on his opponents by beating them down. Im now starting to think that maybe Cara can win the title at HIAC.

Kind of saw this Gabriel beat down coming but I’d like to see where this goes.

Pretty standard announcement by Long, not much to say here.

The Sheamus interview was pretty good. The fans seem to like him and to be honest I do too (at least more than Mark Henry).

Barrett bashing Orton was awesome. His mic work is great and he is deserving of mic time like this. It really adds to this seemingly heated rivalry between him and Orton. This WHC talk by Barrett makes me think that he can come out of this feud with Orton on top.

Barrett/Scotty- Squash match. Knew that from the beginning.

The aftermath of the match was awesome. Typical Barrett douchebaggery and leaving the ring as Orton gets in. And I love Scotty but awesome choice to let Orton give him the RKO.

I’m not a huge Tyson fan so I don’t care if he actually gets more ring action. I don’t know if this was just filler or if it was an actual push for Tyson. Although I did like his comment to Teddy about him still having a job.

Morrison vs Christian- I hope that Morrison can be a little more assertive in this match than in the promo earlier and gets the victory. So far this is really entertaining and both men are getting their shots in. By the middle it’s hard to really predict who will get the victory. As every good main event should, a couple of missed finisher opportunities leading up to the end. Can’t say that I saw Christian winning the match, even as it got to the end, but winning by the Cloverleaf was cool. His extended use of it coincides with his heel status.

Holy shit this last segment got crazy. I can’t say that Henry/Sheamus is a feud that interests me wholly but this segment was pretty enticing. The back and forth trash talking was standard but not boring. What really made this great was both men attacking guards and letting out some of that built up hostility. HIAC should be an awesome PPV.

Overall this was a good last show before HIAC. The only real problem I had was with that Morrison/Christian promo where Morrison seemed too soft. I guess a little foreshadowing for the main event.
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