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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

RAW Feedback

Right my eyes stopped bleeding so here I am...

CM Punk starting off the show is definitely the correct way to go, as I feel Nash screwing him is the biggest talking point on the RAW brand coming off of Night of Champions. Nice way to start with Punk saying he wonít act happy just to please everyone as he should be legit pissed. I felt the shots at Nash playing checkers were a bit cheesy and the same with the gardening crack. I can see the link between Del Rio and Nash but I really hope you donít go down that route, as Del Rio needs to solidify his reign and using Nash as protection wouldnít help him. Enjoyed the Punk part of this promo, some of the jokes were a bit cheesy but it did sound like him and running through the men who could be involved with Nash was sound. I thought Punk apologising to Triple H wasnít needed, he doesnít feel like the kind of guy which would apologise, he would probably just move on without referring to it. Johnny coming out was expected, but I didnít like the way Triple H just clammed up, I imagine he would have had something to say to John for interrupting him. John saying he has no power over Triple H just amplified how Triple H didnít say anything to him, youíd think Hunter would have something to say. Interesting match made here between Punk and Kofi, should be a good one. I thought this was an okay start to the show, if a little uninteresting, I didnít like how Triple H didnít say anything after Johnny came out but weíll hopefully hear from him later in the show.

I know Triple H promised a rematch to Otunga and Michael but the fact that they didnít do what they were asked to and keep Nash out of the arena should mean they donít get a shot, at least thatís what I think. But anyway, nice start to the match, showing Kozlovís strength and then Otungaís smarts. The rest of the match was solid, Iím not sure where you go from here though, I donít know all of your tag teams though so you may have another team ready to challenge as Otunga and Michael shouldnít get another shot. Thought the little bit of commentary from King at the end was very interesting, I really hope we do see a new version of this team because they arenít the most entertaining. Otunga has potential if you choose to use his lawyer gimmick but Michael needs serious tuning.

Brilliant way to introduce Cena, referring to how many times he has failed to capture the title, Striker sounds like a total cunt for doing it. Typical Cena with the cheap pop, interview was spot on though, sounded like Cena and everything he said was good. Only one gripe and that was the ending, it was anti-climatic in my opinion in making us wait until later.

Nice to see some attention to the divas, I can totally see why Kelly would think like that after hearing what the fans were chanting at her. Solid little segment giving some spotlight to the divas, interested to see where you take Kelly and the other Divas.

Mysterio on the microphone is never the easiest thing to do as he isnít a good talker but I feel you done well here. We needed to hear something about the Drew McIntyre thing. I would have liked to hear from Rey about how Vickie Guerrero has been involved in a similar thing to him before, you may have alluded to it at the start, but I wouldíve liked to hear about it in detail, so Rey gets even more sympathy and it makes what happened at NOC that much more annoying. Johnny coming out wasnít expected but I didnít know what went down on the RAW before NOC, so it does make sense now. I havenít seen Brodus Clay in anything other than a comedy face so this is very interesting to me, looking forward to seeing where you take him and a match with Rey will make him look great. This promo was okay, it wasnít anything special but you got the message across that Rey isnít happy and provides a good debut for Clay.

The only result here was a Brodus win as he shouldnít lose in his (re?)debut match. But he did look extremely good in this match and I imagine Rey would have sold everything like a champ. The powerbomb onto the steel chair wedged into the turnbuckle was insane, and I think you asked me about that spot before but Iím not sure. Interesting bit after the match with Johnny with the mask, makes me think weíll see a feud between the two when Rey returns and Brodus will be Johnnyís back up.

Interesting placement here with Ziggler and Vickie, I wouldíve had it later in the show but thatís personal preference. Anyway, Ziggler referring to the previous NOC where he lost and this one where he won was good, I also enjoyed Ziggler putting over what Clay done to Rey, I think Clay will be a big player in this thread. Ziggler telling everyone that they suck was gold, straight to the point and all that, would get him a lot of heat even if it is cheap. Would have liked to have heard something from Drew about last night, and I donít expect him to lie down for Ziggler, I suppose this is where a face turn comes in? Anyway, nothing really huge happened in this promo, but a solid one nonetheless but sets up a few things.

About time we hear from the WWE Champion. Del Rio made a good point about if he was to hire a body guard it wouldnít be someone like Nash so that definitely rules him out. Solid interview here, hyping the announcement for later, really hope itís a good one.

The fact that this match went 17 minutes really surprised me, but in a good way as the two of them put on a pretty good match. Disapointed that it ended without a clear winner but a good match nonetheless and The Miz and Truth getting involved just creates more tension between them and Punk. Liked the aftermath with The Miz and Truth on the mic, I like the dynamic between the two tbh. Miz very serious and talking slowly while Truth is just insane. A tag match between the four is a solid match for the PPV, just hope you keep Punk concerned about Nash.

Laryngitis that was gold. Liked Marella trying to get some consequences for what Clay did to Rey, shows that he really cares about him and the fans will like him even more. Loved Marella screaming and hiding behind Kozlov, just the thing youíd expect him to do. Really dickish thing by Johnny to make them defend their titles again, but that fits his character well, and while I donít expect Truth and Miz to win, they would make much better champions that Kozlov and Marella.

Ryder interview was okay, lolled at Primo not saying a word, such a bitch in this tag team aha. Now I can see why you didnít have Primo speak at all, him turning on Ryder was a good way to get some heat into this feud. Solid video for the Hell in a Cell PPV, while Iím not a fan of gimmick PPVís as I feel it takes away from the matches, Iím looking forward to seeing what you do.

Main event time, if Iím honest I expected Punk and Kingston to get some revenge on Truth but I can see why you kept them out. I would have preferred Del Rio to already be out, perhaps on commentary before the ending. Iím not so sure about the ending to the show, Cena activating his rematch clause against the man who didnít beat him didnít seem right to me. But I suppose a Cena/Del Rio match was expected should be a good match with Del Rio hopefully winning. It needs to get a lot more heated before it deserves a Hell in a Cell though.

All in all, I thought this was an okay show. Nothing really huge happened, everything just progressed without incident. Iím surprised that we didnít hear from Triple H again during the show and Cenaís announcement was a little anti-climatic but despite this, I did enjoy reading it and will be back for SmackDown. Good job, bud <3
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Right my friend, after a great pay-per view I'm looking forward to the fallout. Let's get this show on the road.

1. Opening promo was good for me, thought you had everyone's characters down well. Only thing I disliked was Punk apologising, but that aside nice start.

2. From there we get a decent match for the Tag Titles, there was no way Santino and Koslov were losing the title so soon but anyhow nice match.

3. I loved this debut! Thought Clay looked like a monster, a very strong addition to Johnny's administration. Nice match, brutal stuff from Clay.

4. Really like this, very different. Laurinaitis and Rey should make a great feud between the boss and babyface. Really like Big Johnny keeping onto Rey's mask.

5. Again good job mate, created intrigue with Ziggler and Mcintyre. I'll have to say I think it's leading to a face Drew, something which would be interesting to see.

6. A match made for Hiac, certainly something different. Should be a good one

7. I like this group, it appears everyone is turning against Zack. I think in this thread as a whole you've done well to build mid card feuds and not just focused on the bigger feuds, props for that my friend.

8. Well I see we've got Cena/ADR for Hiac, should be a good match. Nice way to end the show with that announcement.

Overall another nice show here mate, think the Administration is really growing stronger and the Cena/ADR feud is going nicely. Also the Swagger/Ryder scenario is bubbling along nicely. I look forward to SD my friend (y)
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Raw Feedback

Was certainly looking forward to Punkís promo as heíd be pissed following what went down at NOC. Very pleased to see that you did go the route of Punk being angry with what took place and Nash. Your Punk promos have certainly improved from day one and Iím sure theyíll continue to do so. Some of the jokes werenít great, especially the gardening, can tell youíre English lol. Trips coming out I anticipated and Iím glad Punk at first stood up to Trips, continuing to question him. However, him then apologising wasnít a good call in my opinion. Just doesnít sit with Punkís character, especially when heís in this kinda mood. Laurinaitis was probably the best written out of the three, I could imagine everything he was saying and the match made for later is a big one, no doubt. Punk/Kofi could own if given time.

I really wasnít pleased you gave the Odd Couple the belts at NOC but it is what it is and they were always gonna retain here. A decent enough contest, not really sure where either team goes from here though. Hopefully we get some progress next week.

Cena interview was pretty standard stuff, captured his character nicely but I wouldíve liked a little more hype regarding his announcement later on. He just kinda went ĎYeah Iíll tell ya later, see ya, bye.í

Decent little segment here with the divas. Kelly actually having some depth to her character is shocking but I hope you keep it up, nice little angle building.

Mysterio was fairly solid here. Not a lot you can do with him on the stick but did all you could. Johnny remembering his little agreement was pleasing and introducing Clay was unexpected but I like it. Brodus as a kind of henchman for Johnny would be ideal and he looked like an absolute monster here. Absolutely punishing stuff and a hell of a debut. Not sure where Mysterio goes from here, Iím guessing the injured list but itís only upwards from here for Brodus, strong stuff.

Aftermath was nice and it really emphasised how hurt Rey was with the stretcher. The whole mask thing I wasnít sure on, though if itís just Laurinaitis taking it as almost like a trophy then thatís epic.

Ziggler promo was decent here which is surprising as he isnít the easiest to write. Loved the Albany slagging off . The whole Drew Mac storyline is an interesting one and I look forward to where you go with it. Will certainly draw Drew either a lot of heat or a lot of sympathy depending which route you go. I will say this probably didnít need to be done in the ring, couldíve maybe been done backstage or been a touch longer if in the ring.

Probably the best Del Rio promo youíve done and Iím hoping you continue to improve with him. Loved the way he just shot down Cena though Iím sure thatíll come back to bite him in the backside later.

Punk/Kofi was an excellent TV contest. Two crowd favourites giving it all they got for 17 minuttes, perfect stuff. Miz and Truth interfering was inevitable and the right call. Aftermath was nicely done as well, effective promo from Miz and typical crazy Truth. Very strong booking here with this and a big match now set for Hell in a Cell.

Funny stuff with Santino here. Again showing just how intimidating Brodus is. Bourneís a brave man lol, I expect another hiding from Brodus to be dished out next week.

Solid enough interview from Ryder here, got his character down well. Wasnít sure why Primo didnít talk but the match then made it clear why. Very clever stuff, again drawing all the more sympathy for Ryder from the crowd. BUT, Iím not really sure where Primo fits in now moving forward or whether or not this whole Swagger/Hawkins/Primo thing will lead anywhere. Look forward to seeing it though.

Pretty strong main event although it was predictable Cena would prevail. Wouldíve liked to see an appearance from Punk/Kofi to build that but I get that you wanted to sell what happened earlier on in the show. Del Rio sticking his nose in after was expected and the announcement from Cena was likewise. Maybe could've had this get physical or a little more drama towards it. A steady ending if a little unspectacular but at least the Hell in a Cell main event is now set and the ball can get rolling so to speak.

On the whole a solid, progressive show here. I would say the main event was surprisingly the flattest part of it. Everywhere else shined quite well, particularly Punk and his angle while Clay had an awesome debut. You havenít got much time to build for HIAC but you got off to a strong start here and I look forward to the next one, donít keep us hanging too long.
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

JAM's Review

First off, it was good that you had a recap of some sorts, gives us all a refresher of what happened at Night of Champions. Punk promo was spot on. I think this was the best promo of Punk that you've ever done. I like his serious nature but as time passed, he got all goofy and what not, typical Punk. Don't think the mention of checkers and gardening were a cliche but you could've used something else in place of these two. Don't think WWE would've allowed Punk to belittle Linda's senate run but it is Punk and he would go to extreme measures though. Triple H interrupting was perfect timing for him. What he had to say was spot on as well. Then things really picked up when Big Johnny came out. I'm sure Triple H would've at least scolded Johnny even just a little but it seems they didn't interact at all. Kofi/Punk will definitely be a good match. I don't know, the segment just kind of ended abruptly for me. Johnny announced a match and just left, more questions than answers if you ask me. But that's all good.

Well, Odd Couple is a good name for Koztino. I know your tag team division isn't really where you want it to be at the moment, so I'll be patient with it. I was kind of hoping that McGillicutty and Otunga would break up and go their seperate ways. They're unbearable as a tag team but individually, I think they're pretty alright. Standard Cena promo here, he gets the cheap pop by mentioning where RAW is at right now, always works. Announcement, wonder that'll be. And hmm, I think you had a coding error? What is this commercial - 30 minutes? Lol.

Any storyline that the divas are involved in is a step in the right direction for the division. I don't know, I can just see Kelly Kelly snapping and showing us an aggressive side. Would surely be interesting if that happened. And with Beth as your champion, you can do no wrong. Rey's promo was pretty standard again, there's just no changing it, it was fine. But fuck, Brodus Clay put a beating to Rey. Big Johnny such a prick, adding Clay to his administration. Definitely lovin' that you've debuted Clay as the monster that he should be but what a way to debut, at the expense of someone like Rey. Possibly hinting at a Johnny/Rey feud? Not sure if it'll happen, maybe it'll be Team Johnny vs. Team whomever that'll be coming. But all I can see if Big Johnny ruling RAW. Sick spot with the powerbomb to the chair wedged in the corner, was some brutal stuff.

No idea what this meant when Johnny retrieved Rey's mask, some intriguing stuff though. Dolph is getting some pretty good mic time here, was pretty impressed with what he had to say. But wow, what an ultimatum from Drew McIntyre, I could be sensing a face turn or he could really lie down for Dolph, you've got me guessing here. Finally we get some words from the WWE Champion. I don't know, I'm sort of buying Del Rio as champion in your thread for some reason, so goodjob with that. He had some good words to say but it leads me to believe that he'll feud with Cena, we've seen that already. But I'm sure you can put your own little twist on it. Good promos back-to-back man, and with guys that aren't exactly the best on the mic.

Well, I had a feeling this wouldn't have ended cleanly but wow. Punk/Kofi put on a really good match which isn't that much of a surprise but still, it'd be good to see these two face off in real life WWE. You incorporating Punk's indy moves was a good touch on the match, seemingly putting Kofi over a little with Punk resorting to moves he hasn't used in a while. Not complaining about the end though, Awesome Truth is well.....AWESOME! I think WWE really dropped the ball with these two so it's great to see someone booking them well. Was thinkin' commercial was next but you had another segment. Laryngitis that was brilliant! All squashes imo, Brodus is gonna destroy Evan and well, I don't think the tag team champions are losing their titles yet but Awesome Truth will somehow rough them up for sure. This is getting kind of creepy with Johnny and Rey's mask though.

Not really a fan of this Swagger/Ryder feud but hey, it's getting interesting now though. I like that you're giving these two some time on RAW, Swagger should really be used more and Ryder is just popular now so WWE has got to take advantage of that. Pretty interesting that you've now had two partners go behind Ryder's back. No idea what is coming up next but it should be good. You've definitely spaced out these segments differently for this episode, having Cena and Truth already have their entrances, nice one buddy.

Cena/Truth was pretty good for a main event. Was shocked to see that it had a clean ending but it is Cena after all so I guess it shouldn't really be a surprise. Hmm, announcement? I completely forgot about that to be honest. It was a good ending to the show showcasing champion and challenger for the WWE Title but meh, it felt a little flat. Next week should be more intruiging between the two if you wanna have people take interest in this one. But I have no doubt that their match in the steel structure will be a good one.

Overall, it was a decent show. Favorite part was the Kofi/Punk match for sure. Opening was pretty good too but I felt it was missing something. You spaced out your segments differently here and it shows, was refreshing to see to be honest. Not a lot of time to hype up matches for Hell In A Cell, I was surprised you kept it. But yeah, maybe you cut down on some PPVs cause WWE has a ridiculous amount of PPVs. But anyway, you're doing good as always man, onto the next!

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Starting with Punk is the obvious thing to do, what with the controversy surrounding him and Nash at NOC. The actual content was decent, although a few of the jokes weren't the best (checkers, gardening etc) But the majority of CM Punk's were in real life so I guess you're writing him well in that sense. HHH coming out was expected as soon as Punk brought him up and to be honest, I'm glad you're not going down the route of creating tension between him and Punk because I feel there are plenty more avenues you could explore. Someone else mentioned it, but Punk apologizing is very... Uncharacteristic, so to speak? Also, someone else said that Triple H not saying anything once Big Johnny came out was slightly odd, but whatever. kofi vs. Punk shall be fun. Decent, if fairly standard, start to the show.

Interesting to see Lawler ripping McGillitunga like that, kind of like that Stone Cold segment where he ripped in to Storm and Jindrak I think, in 2003? Anyway, on to the match. Nothing exactly amazing but I didn't expect it from these four guys. In all honesty, I'm more interested in Otunga and Mike than the actual champs

I must say, you write Cena very well. Everything from the cheap pop, the acknowledgement of the mixed reaction, even to the manerisms in his speech. If his announcement is THAT BIG, however, I don't see how he could forget, but that's just nitpicking.

Character development in the divas division? Unreal.

If you want to debut a dominant gargantuan of a man, there is no better person to debut him against than little Rey Rey. The match it's self was as expected - A very formulaic but effective match helped by very clever booking. Making Clay look like an animal, Laurinaitis even more of a bellend and Rey still looks heroic in defeat. I wouldn't be surprised to see Rey/Clay added to HIAC in the upcoming weeks, or maybe even the PPV afterwards (Survivor Series?)

Interesting exchange between Dolph and Drew. I'm not a fan of it bcause we're either going to have Dolph win because Drew lay down or a Drew face turn by not lying down? Either way, I'm not a fan but I won't write this off so soon. I'll see where you go with it

I love Berty on the mic, I generally feel that he should be given more mix time because he's golden on it.

A lot more of a competitive match than I thought it would be and it's definitely given Kofi a slight rub just hanging with someone like Punk for 16 minutes. Props for incorporating the Pepsi Twist, it's good to see you're using more of Punk's moveset than the WWE does. The after math was simple yet sets up a, what should be, very good match at Hell In A Cell and once again, another match in which Kofi can shine and get another rub, whether he wins OR loses.

Mister Laryngitis Well if you want to make a dominant gargantuan of a man look even more dominant and you don't have Rey Mysterio... Use Evan Bourne. Should be a decent match and I already love the way you're using THE FUNAKASAURUS~!

@ Primo saying nothing. Ryder was Ryder... Pretty standard, nothing to say, I'm just babbling. Why're you even reading this sentence?

I hope you're not having Hawkins as Swagger's lackey? He deserves so much more than that, tbh. DAT CANE. The little hints you gave during the entrance pretty much confirmed Primo was turning heel, but they're the type of things I like to be included when things are being described, so kudos. This is actually a very interesting storyline you have going on ehre with Swagger and Ryder, and in all honesty it's probably one of the most interesting on the show, whether you realise it or not. The fact that Z-Ry is getting all this popularity and internet fame, yet his two best friends and former partners have turned on him, is a very interesting dynamic. Will Ryder continue to please the crowd at the expense of his friendships, or will he fuck the crowd off? I don't know if you designed it to be like that, but it definitely is intriguing Good job

Hell In A Cell soon, plz :batista4

Match was decent and I'm surprised not to see Mizanin anywhere, but it was a standard Cena match - Once again, you write Cena so well and you've proven you can do so in matches as well. The announcement was a bit of a let down, but I'll make do with it, should be a decent match and that's two matches already on the Raw side of things that could main event any show bar Wrestlemania.

Overall, was a good show. Everything advanced and although you've only got three weeks to build up to the PPV, nothing seemed rushed because of it. The only thing that was off was the opening promo and bar Punk/Kofi, the matches weren't anything particularly groundbreaking but I can lvie with that. Definitely interested to see where Clay goes from here, the slow-burn push for Kingston and where the Ryder/Swagger thing is going because like I mentioned, that is the feud I'm most interested in at the moment. Keep it up, fella.

Edit: 7 reviews for one show?

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Right, I have a couple of little updates I want to post but before that there is something I want to say. Today is a very special day for this thread as this thread is now officially one year old! As far as where I am in it... yeah I'm not going to lie, I thought Iíd be a lot further on than I am in terms of thread time. But this has been a big year for me personally so BTB did have to be pushed further back in terms of priorities at times, and of course I was under the impression that this thread had died for a couple of months but I saw my senses and realised that this is my thread. Since I returned from the very short hiatus I think I came back a different and much better booker, and I can say to myself that the stuff post-hiatus is as if a different person has been doing my thread.

Even though Iím not as far as I wanted/hoped, there are a few things that I am proud of achieving so far;
- Getting to 10,000 views only the other day was a huge accomplishment and somewhat a humbling experience as it hit me that my thread had been on someoneís screen 10,000 times is slightly surreal.
- Iím extremely proud of Night of Champions; it was my first full PPV and I know it wasnít perfect but I stand by the fact that in that show is my best work so far in my booking career.
- The support Iíve gotten from people that post in the thread has been fantastic. I know we have our little group (You guys know who you are <3) as well as those I donít speak to on MSN or whatever... I just want to say thanks, itís been a great journey so far and long may we Push the Boundaries!

Right now all of that soppy stuff is out of the way; letís get down to some actual thread stuff. I wanted to do this after my previous Raw but I thought the best place to do this would be from the first Raw after Night of Champions. These are just some little interview style things (Think Backstage Fallout or similar to 619) that I thought would just add to characters that donít always get a chance to speak out on the main shows. At the moment Iíll stick to them just for Raw, but if they are well received/ you guys like them, Iíll stick with them and also do it for Smackdown too. Don't expect them to be at the quality of say 619's at this point as well btw Iím also toying with the idea of trying a Power 25 each week as well, I know the couple of people Iíve already mentioned it to havenít been against it but again I want to know what everyone else thinks. Also a massive thanks for all of the Raw feedback so far, any more would be very much appreciated.


Spoiler for Curt Hawkins and Primo explain themselves:

Weíre backstage somewhere in the arena and we cut right into a slightly puffed out looking Curt Hawkins and Primo as they clearly have just finished their match where Primo turned on his partner Zack Ryder to aid Hawkins and Jack Swagger to victory. Suddenly, a voice chirps up off camera, this would be The Interviewer.

The Interviewer: Curt, Primo, thanks for joining us quickly; we just have a couple of questions for you. Primo, first, do you care to explain your actions from tonight? You stabbed Zack Ryder in the back-

Primo: Let me stop you right there, smart guy! You say I stabbed Zack Ryder in the back? The only reason I stabbed Zack in the back is because his back is the only thing I could see of him after he turned it on me.

Primo looks a little annoyed as Hawkins nods along.

Primo: Ever since Zack started his whole Youtube show and all of those fans became his main priority, he left his friends, like me and Curt, in the gutter.

Curt Hawkins: He only decided that we mattered to him when he realised that by trying to save us from Jack Swagger he could make himself look even better; he doesnít care about us.

Hawkins puts his hand on Primoís shoulder as he continues.

Curt Hawkins: Zack Ryder is selfish... and he deserves everything he is getting from Jack Swagger... and more.

The Interviewer: So hereís another question that people will want to ask; what is your relationship with each other? And how does Jack Swagger fit into all of this?

Curt Hawkins: First of all... we want to clear something up that I know is already runniní through a few peopleís minds... we arenít Jackís lackeys or his bodyguards. All Jack did was bring myself and Primo together.

The microphone is thrust a little closer to the duo as our interviewer clearly wants a more elaborate answer.

Primo: When I got hurt... it was Curt that came to find out if I was okay. We didnít know each other that well but we had one common link; Zack. I realised that the only reason I got hurt was because I was friends with Zack; thatís when I realised I had to get out.

Curt Hawkins: Thatís when I found out that I was scheduled to face Jack last week... I didnít wanna get taken out... so I went to speak with Jack and that is when we came up with the plans for last week and tonight. And as you saw... they both worked perfectly.

Both men smirk at each other before Curt continues.

Curt Hawkins: So Primo and I have decided that weíre gonna stick together and not let anyone hold us back the way that Zack Ryder did ever again.

Curt starts to turn around and he slaps Primo on the back before saying ďLetís get outta here.Ē Both men make their exit after that and the screen fades to black.


Spoiler for Alex Riley ready to ruin some plans?:

The camera is set up in a corridor this time, and a figure is walking down towards it; quickly being identified as Alex Riley. He seems in a good mood as he bounces along the corridor.

The Interviewer: Hey, Alex! If you donít mind me asking whyíre you in such a good mood?

Alex Riley: Well, I take it you all saw what happened tonight with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, right? They seem to have it all worked out!

Riley bobs up and down on the spot; rubbing his hands together.

Alex Riley: They think that McIntyre is just going to brush his opponent next week aside and just waste a United States title opportunity... oh no, think again, boys!

Riley now smirks at the camera.

Alex Riley: Drew, youíre opponent next week? Well, you guessed it; youíre looking right at Ďim... A-Ry. Alex. Riley.

He pauses as he is seemingly salivating over the opportunity.

Alex Riley: Iíve been to the main event of Wrestlemania and Iíve won matches on Pay-Per-View but thereís one thing that Alex Riley has still yet to do here in the WWE; and that is win some championship gold!

Riley now motions around his waist; making the ďI want a titleĒ motion.

Alex Riley: And I have a feeling that come Hell in a Cell... I might have to move up a weight class because Iíll be getting twenty pounds heavier... Haha!

The interview is capped off by one of Rileyís cheesy jokes and then his trademark laugh... he seems to shake hands with The Interviewer after heís finished as he is walking away.


Now fo' a little bit of news...

Originally Posted by pwtorch.com

Rey Mysterio sidelined, Plans to add to the Raw roster, Another debut next week?

As seen on Raw this past Monday, Rey Mysterio was decimated by Brodus Clay and was last seen being loaded into the back of an ambulance. Like previously reported on several other sites around a month ago, Mysterio will now take some time off to recover from some recurring injuries, namely his troublesome knee. It is unknown how long Mysterio will be out for but backstage sources are saying that Mysterio will be gone for the rest of 2011 and could very well make his return to compete either at the Royal Rumble event in January or WWE Officials might decide to allow him to rest past that event so he can participate in Wrestlemania 28 in April, but Mysterioís attendance in Miami is believed to be cartain; the capacity in which he could be is unknown but thought to be involving Brodus Clay; the man that kayfabe injured him on Raw.

Brodus Clay did indeed make his redebut on Raw this past Monday, but he will not be the only new face on Raw in the coming few weeks. With Rey Mysterio now on the shelf, the need for a midcard face is evident as WWE Officials are rumoured to not be that high on Evan Bourne as a permanent fixture on Raw. One name thought to definitely get the call up from FCW soon is Xavier Woods, who was known as Consequences Creed in TNA; he is held in high regard backstage as he has the experience of appearing on a televised wrestling company. Many believe Woods might even make his first appearance on WWE programming next week when Raw is in the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Also thought to be coming up from FCW soon is the tag team of Hunico and Epico, otherwise known as Los Aviadores. Many think that the Smackdown roster has much more depth to it than Raw so it is thought the high-flying team will be assigned to the red brand also. Although there are quite a few members of the Raw roster that are inactive which include; Rey Mysterio (Expected Return Ė Early 2012), The Big Show (Expected Return Ė Late 2011), Goldust (Expected Return Ė Late2011/Early 2012) and Skip Sheffield (Expected Return Ė Early 2012).

Thanks again for everything guys <3
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Thought the backstage stuff was really interesting, Primo didn't really sound like himself though. Brodus Clay looked like a total beast on his redebut, putting Rey on the sidelines, it will be interesting to see what happens when he returns. Congratulations on your thread going for a year btw, and half of those ten thousand views are Jam's btw <3
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

First of all, a big congratulations to you man. I can only wish that my thread is as successful as yours, but still, a lot of things to accomplish for sure It's been pretty awesome man. And looks like that hiatus was actually good for you as you came back a better booker, kudos to you for that. Btw, getting seven reviews on one show? That's unreal! But I guess I shouldn't be surprised since you're definitely one of the better bookers in the section!

Onto the interviews then - I'm definitely likin' this idea of WWE.com exclusives or what not. Would probably be incorporating this in my thread somewhere down the line. It was good hearing from Hawkins and Primo since I didn't really understand why they would do this to Zack but what they had to say was pretty good. Now that I look at it again, this may be one of the better storylines you've got going on in your thread. These undercard guys are getting some time, breathing fresh air into the WWE scene. A-Ry getting a shot, wooo! Really interesting here, no idea what's gonna happen with this US Title situation but it's definitely intriguing. As for the news, some interesting news to see. You've made Brodus look like a beast taking our Rey. And the callups is something I look forward to, always good to see some new faces in the WWE.

Really Calum? Really? But anyway, Happy birthday to this thread, may it have more to come.

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

MrMeki's Raw review

Starting off the show with Punk was expected but good. You're developing a unique character in John Laurinaitis which is nice to see. Setting two friends up against each other is also another good idea.

Didn't think Michael and Otunga deserved their shot as Kevin Nash got into the building but didn't matter. Quick fun lil' match.

Good inteview with Striker and Cena

I also really liked the debut of Brodus Clay. Injuring kids hero Mysterio gets you INSTANT heat.

McIntyre aligning with Vickie is something I wanted to happen in real life too so that's a plus.

A long TV match in Kingston vs Punk which I have no problem with. Awesome Truth vs Kingston and Punk should be fun. I'm really hoping you build them up real hard and have this as the main event of Hell in a Cell. In a hell in a cell tornado tag team match.

Also lol at everyone betraying Ryder

Nice match between Truth and Cena here. Alberto Del Rio vs Cena could be good. It should atleast be better than the real life feud.

All in all great show and will be reading Smackdown
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Raw Review

Punk starting Raw made all of the sense in the world given what happened at Night of Champions. Punk and Nash seems like it will be a central storyline of Raw for a while along with all of the Punk-Triple H-Big Johney stuff. Punk was good here, thinking of all of the possible options to who brought in Nash. Triple H and Big Johney were to be expected soon after. Both of their explanations to why they didn't do it fit the storyline logically. However I don't like Punk backing down to Triple H with that "oh sorry" after Hunter gave his sob story about Nash not calling him back. Other than that favorite effective segment. I really liked Punk's jab at Johney, thinking he was gonna put him in another match with Miz (since Johney is unorignal and uncreative and all). Punk versus Kofi later should be good also. I like what you've been doing with Kofi here, keep his push strong.

Starting off with the tag title match. It was good for what it was, thank you for getting Otunga and McGillicuty out of the tag title picture hopefully forever. Make Otunga a lawyer and McGillicuty a badass or something. I'll be interested to see who Kozlov and Santino get challenged by next. There's a lack of tag team depth at this time so it should be interesting.

Cena's interview was what it was, build up his announcement later. I'm sure he'll just call out Del Rio or something though.

I liked apologetic Rey, sad that he didn't win the title at Night of Champions it was a very nice touch. Big Johney is being awful creul to Rey. I only skimmed over some of the past shows so there might be a reason for that? But it got Johney over as a heel general manager here. I remember you saying Rey was taking time off so Clay killing him made sense. Also made Clay look like a badass as the newest member of Johney's Ace Administration which really needed a big guy. Very happy with the Clay debut.

This ambluence segment was really powerful. Especially with Big Johney taking the mask. Hopefully Rey will be back for vengence soon, since I'm really sure if there are any faces that aren't busy to defend Rey's honor against Clay. Actaully maybe Kofi Kingston? We'll see.

The Ziggler-McIntrye segment was good. I'm interested to see who will be McIntrye's opponent next week. This storyline is really intreaguing because of all the possible outcomes. I don't feel like McIntrye will just lay down for Ziggler but I think it's too quick to turn him face after all the heat he generated at Night of Champions. It'll be interesting for sure. I see a screwy finish next week between McIntrye and whatever face is invovled setting up a three way between Ziggler Drew and that face to keep this storyline progressing.

I liked Del Rio's backstage stuff. I also like the idea that he is too good to have someone like Nash help him. I hated his real life title reigns and I'm not a big fan of the guy but this was some good stuff with him. Nice job.

Holy Punk and Kingston. This is exactly what Kofi needs to be doing at this point in a match like this. These pushed each other to the limits. Punk proves he's the best in the world, Kofi proves he can hang with the best, hell maybe even beat them then just like that BAM! Awesome Truth wrecks all of it. The match at Hell in a Cell should be good and will definately get Kofi a great rub. I love your push of him.

Apparently the stereotype good guys agree with me about Big Johney being too harsh. I like them standing up to his administration. Next week's matches also look good. I do see for some reason the Awesome Truth taking the belts. It'd really add to the credibility of Big Johney's heel stable. Also Bourne is going to get destroyed. Either way, step up next week nicely.

Ryder interview time? Sweet. I like that you're giving some time to build up what would normally appear to be a filler match we'd expect from WWE Superstars. As for the match itself. It was good. Primo betraying Ryder was a suprise but I like it. It gives him a feud now other than Hawkins as he waits for his US Title shot that needs to come soon. Good lower card stuff here.

I was fine with Cena going over Truth clean. Truth is a main event jobber and it was a very good match. No one getting invovled was suprising. I liked Del Rio coming out right away to meet Cena instead of just hiding in the back while Cena made his announcement, you're doing a great job of making Del RIo look strong. Wasn't supised that Cena wil challenge at Hell in a Cell. I expect a good match although I'm not sure who will win yet.

Overall a solid show, really flowed from Night of Champions into the build for Hell in a Cell nicely. That was an absolute must considering how quickly Hell in a Cell comes after Night of Champions. Raw looks like it's going in a good direction. I can't wait to see if Smackdown follows up the same.
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