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WWE: Here Comes The Pain!

World Wrestling Entertainment: Here Comes The Pain!

2003 was the year where WWE burst into a new era, full-steam-ahead. Wrestlemania XIX was widely acclaimed as one of the best of all times, as Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle left fans awe-struck, The Rock and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin put an end to their half-a-decade long feud with what was regarded as arguably the greatest in wrestling history, Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon clashed in a bout that was 20 years in the making, Triple H once again prevailed over one of his opponents, defeating Booker T, and Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho put on a classic for the fans.

After Wrestlemania, things were on the up for WWE, as Goldberg debuted and gave them even more star power, Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle renewed their feud in July as Angle returned from neck surgery, Kane was thrust into a gimmick of being a diabolical, twisted monster, even more so than before, having un-masked, and was now hell-bent on destruction.

By the time World Wrestling Entertainment rolled into Phoenix, Arizona for Summerslam 2003, WWE was set to elevate things to new heights.

This is the aftermath of Summerslam, following the event on August 24th, and beyond, re-written. I found this era to be one of my favourites in wrestling, and I plan on re-writing it even better than it was. As they say...ahem...here comes the pain!


America West Arena, Phoenix, Arizona
Sunday, August 24th, 2003

[World Tag Team Championships: Tag Team Match] La Resistance def. The Dudley Boyz via pinfall after new member Rob Conway interfered and hit D-Von with a TV Camera, helping them to retain the championships.

[Singles Match] The Undertaker def. A-Train via pinfall following a Chokeslam.

[Falls Count Anywhere: Singles Match] Shane McMahon def. Eric Bischoff via pinfall after hitting Bischoff with the Leap of Faith through the announcers table.

[United States Championship: Fatal-Four-Way] Eddie Guerrero def. Chris Benoit, Tajiri and Rhyno via pinfall after covering Rhyno following a Frog Splash to retain the title.

[WWE Championship: Singles Match] Kurt Angle def. Brock Lesnar via submission after locking him in the Ankle Lock and forcing him to tap out to retain his belt.

[No Holds Barred: Singles Match] Kane def. Rob Van Dam via pinfall following a Tombstone Piledriver on the steel steps.

[World Heavyweight Championship: Elimination Chamber] Triple H def. Goldberg, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and Randy Orton, lastly eliminating Goldberg, to retain the World title, after Ric Flair handed him a Sledgehammer through the Chamber and he nailed Goldberg in the head with it.



General Manager: Eric Bischoff
Commentary Team: Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and Jim Ross
Ring Announcer: Lillian Garcia
Backstage Interviewer: Terri Runnels

Al Snow [H]
Batista [H] [Injured]
Booker T [F]
Bubba Ray Dudley [F]
Chris Jericho [H]
Christian [H]
Christopher Nowinski [H] [Injured]
D-Von Dudley [F]
Gail Kim [H]
Garrison Cade [F]
Goldberg [F]
Goldust [F]
Ivory [F]
Jackie Gayda [H]
Jacqueline [F]
Jazz [H]
Jonathan Coachman [H]
Kane [H]
Kevin Nash [F]
Lance Storm [F]
Lita [F] [Injured]
Mark Henry [H]
Mark Jindrak [F]
Maven [F]
Molly Holly [H]
Randy Orton [H]
Rene Dupree [H]
Ric Flair [H]
Rico [H]
Rob Conway [H]
Rob Van Dam [F]
Rodney Mack [H]
Rosey [F]
Scott Steiner [F]
Shane McMahon [F]
Shawn Michaels [F]
Spike Dudley [F]
Stacy Keibler [F]
Steven Richards [H]
Sylvain Grenier [H]
Test [H]
The Hurricane [F]
Theodore Long [H]
Tommy Dreamer [F]
Triple H [H]
Trish Stratus [F]
Val Venis [F]
Victoria [H]
William Regal [H] [Injured]

Tag Teams, Stables and Alliances

Cade and Jindrak [Lance Cade and Mark Jindrak]
Evolution [Triple H, Batista, Ric Flair and Randy Orton]
Justice League [Hurricane and Rosey]
La Resistance [Rene Dupree, Sylvain Grenier and Rob Conway]
The Dudley Boyz [Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley]
Thuggin’ and Buggin’ Enterprises [Mark Henry, Rodney Mack, Jazz and Theodore Long]


World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Rob Van Dam
World Tag Team Champions: La Resistance
Womens Champion: Molly Holly


General Manager: Stephanie McMahon
Commentary Team: Tazz and Michael Cole
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel
Backstage Interviewer: Josh Matthews

A-Train [H]
Big Show [H]
Bill DeMott [H]
Billy Gunn [Injured]
Billy Kidman [F]
Bradshaw [F]
Brock Lesnar [H]
Charlie Haas [H]
Chavo Guerrero [F] [Injured]
Chris Benoit [F]
Chris Kanyon [H]
Chuck Palumbo [H]
Danny Basham [H]
Dawn Marie [H]
Doug Basham [H]
Eddie Guerrero [F]
Edge [F] [Injured]
Faarooq [F]
Funaki [F]
Jamie Noble [H]
John Cena [H]
Johnny Stamboli [H]
Kurt Angle [F]
Matt Hardy [H]
Nidia [H]
Nunzio [H]
Orlando Jordan [F]
Rey Mysterio [F]
Rhyno [H]
Rikishi [F]
Sable [H]
Sean O’Haire [H]
Shaniqua [H]
Shannon Moore [H]
Shelton Benjamin [H]
Spanky [F]
Tajiri [H]
The Undertaker [F]
Torrie Wilson [F]
Ultimo Dragon [F]
Zach Gowen [F]

Tag Teams, Stables and Alliances

Los Guerreros [Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero]
Team Mattitude [Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore]
The APA [Bradshaw and Faarooq]
The Basham Brothers [Danny Basham and Doug Basham]
The FBI [Nunzio, Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli]
World’s Greatest Tag Team [Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin]


WWE Champion: Kurt Angle
United States Champion: Eddie Guerrero
WWE Tag Team Champions: The World’s Greatest Tag Team
Cruiserweight Champion: Rey Mysterio



Presented by the Raw Brand...
Sunday, September 24th, 2003
Giant Center, Hershey, PA

Current Confirmed Card:


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Re: WWE: Here Comes The Pain!

A nice little backstory to remind us of what went down during 2003. There isn't much I can say here from that opening post, though. All I can really say is you have a stacked roster, lots of talent and lots of wrestlers who could be pushed to the moon. (Matt Hardy Version 1.0 please ) also expecting a giant Kane push from you, WWE kind of fucked it up when he had it all going for him. Hopefully you can make the last few months of 2003 better than what they were in real life because I remember after Summerslam, 2003 got a bit... Stale? Yeah, stale.

I'll try and read as much as I can. Good luck with this and please stick to it, this section needs some more long term threads.
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Re: WWE: Here Comes The Pain!

Raw Recap
Monday, August 25th, 2003
McKale Center, Tuscon, Arizona

Heat Tapings - Pre-Show Results
- Carlito Colon (OVW) def. local worker Johnny Johnson (Dark Match)
- Rico def. John Hennigan (OVW)
- The Hurricane def. Steven Richards

The show started with the usually pyrotechnic display and opening video, to the tune of ‘Across The Nation’ by Union Underground, before a very short highlight video of the Raw side of the Summerslam card, including the Elimination Chamber Main Event freshened the minds of the fans following the events of the previous night. As the cameras zoomed throughout the arena, the sound of ‘Line in the Sand’ kicked in, and Evolution, minus Batista of course, decked out in flashy suits and with Triple H sporting his newly won World Title, headed for the ring. Triple H got on the mic and stated that last night, he showed why he is ‘that damn good’ when he beat 5 other men, including Bill Goldberg in the Elimination Chamber, to take back ‘his’ World Heavyweight Championship. Amongst jeers from the fans for his arrogant remarks, HHH continued, and stated that Randy Orton, who was also involved in the Chamber, showed why he deserves to be a member of Evolution, and that the future holds bright things for not only him, but Evolution on a whole, as they are the greatest stable in professional wrestling history, because with the World Title in their clutches, they have the power to do what they please. Suddenly, however, the music of Goldberg hit, and the former WCW Champion headed to the ring and took hold of a microphone to cheers from the fans, the toll the Elimination Chamber took on him very visible as stitches sealed the wounds on his heads and a slight limp in his step was present. Goldberg told Triple H that he does not own the World Heavyweight Championship, and that every person in the WWE knows that belt should be around his waist, and that he demands that he gets a fair match for the belt in the main event! In retaliation to Goldberg’s strong words, Flair jumped on the mic and told Goldberg ‘You ain’t got what it takes to be Champ! In WCW, you had everything handed to ya’! But here, in Evolution’s town, you ain’t the big shot no more! We walk around in these suits, we get the private jets, the women, because we are the guys with the full package! We are the guys that make sure you get a pay-cheque because you damn sure couldn’t draw these crowds on your own, Bill! You don’t understand...you can’t be Champion! Woooo!’. Triple H and Orton smirked as Flair stood up to Goldberg, grinning widely, when out of nowhere, Goldberg clotheslined Flair! As Goldberg took out Flair, HHH and Orton jumped in, hammering away at Goldberg with punches, Goldberg struggling to fight them off, clearly weakened from the previous night. Just then, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, the co-GM of Raw, headed out to the stage, the sound of his theme song causing Evolution to retreat on their assault on Goldberg. Austin, with a microphone in hand, told the guys in the back to cut his music, and immediately told Evolution that they ‘ain’t got power around here, you silly S.O.B’s!’, and that last night, Triple H found a way around having the fight Goldberg fairly, but that isn’t going to be the same case when he has to face him one-on-one in the middle of the ring for the World Heavyweight Championship at Unforgiven, where ol' Steve Austin will be the Special Guest Referee! Triple H immediately showed his frustration at Austin booking the match and booking himself as the Special Guest Referee, stomping around, as Austin finished what he had to say with ‘And tonight, you might want to get ready for your match, because it’s going to be you 3 sons of bitches vs. Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and Goldberg!...and that’s the bottom line ‘cos Stone Cold said so!’. As HHH watched on in disbelief, Ric Flair brushing himself off behind him and Orton shaking his head, Goldberg stirred in the opposing corner and sprinted across the ring, drilling ‘The Legend Killer’ with a Spear! The World Heavyweight Champion and Ric Flair quickly rolled out of the ring so they didn’t suffer the same fate, dragging Orton out with them, as Goldberg stood up and grinned at Triple H, telling him ‘You’re next!’ as Raw went to commercial break...

[SINGLES MATCH] Mark Henry (with Theodore Long) vs. Scott Steiner

These two powerhouse superstars went back and forth for several minutes, Henry managing to overpower the ‘Big Booty Daddy’ to change the momentum a few times in the match, but with Steiner showing resilience and resorting to hammer away at Henry, and even take him down with some back-to-back clotheslines. Towards the end of the bout, Steiner went for a Belly to Belly Suplex, yet Henry fought out, only for Steiner to come back at him with a massive Shoulder Tackle, sending Henry bouncing off the ropes, with ‘Big Poppa Pump’ hitting him with a STO on the rebound. With Henry down, Theodore Long distracted the referee to buy him some time, allowing Henry to recuperate as Steiner tried to help the referee in getting rid of him. As Steiner turned his focus back to Henry, the ‘World’s Strongest Man’ grabbed him and crushed Steiner with the World’s Strongest Slam and covered him for the victory!

WINNER: Mark Henry

After the match, as Mark Henry celebrated, his manager Theodore Long heading up the ramp with him, shouting ‘That’s what I’m talkin’ about playa’!’. As the two members of Thuggin’ and Buggin’ Enterprises head backstage, buoyed by the victory, as Stacy Keibler ran down to the ring. The long-legged Diva climbed into the ring and crouched next to Steiner, checking on him, clearly having some sort of affection for the superstar. As Stacy tended to Steiner, Raw headed for its next commercial break.

Back from the commercial break, Goldberg was shown stepping into the locker room of ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, where Kevin Nash was stood talking to HBK, the pair obviously discussing their Main Event match vs. Evolution. The two best friends stopped conversing as Goldberg arrived, and told the two that last night, they all may have been enemies, and that tonight, they need to be on the same page, because somebody needs to put Evolution in their place. Michaels says that ‘tonight Bill, I’ve got no problem co-operating, because the way I see it, after the way things went down last night, I’ve got no problem kicking their teeth down their throat’. As Goldberg nodded in approval, Nash told him that tonight, it’s all about kicking some ass and showing everybody that they mean business. The cameras left the scene, as all 3 men nodded in agreement...

Stacy Keibler was shown aiding Scott Steiner as he hobbled through the backstage area, visibly spent after his match with Mark Henry, when out of nowhere, Stacy’s associate, Test, stormed up to them, shouting at Stacy to ‘get the hell away from him!’. Test immediately grabbed Stacy’s arm and pulled her from Steiner, before grabbing him and slamming him up the wall. Test then turned back towards Stacy and shouted ‘I leave you for 2 damn minutes and you rush to your little boyfriend? Huh?! You’re meant to be helping me dammit! Come on!’, giving her a firm yank and pulling her in his direction, the big Canadian heading down the corridor, with Stacy solemnly following, as Steiner leaned against a table with some equipment on, breathing deeply as he glared at Test heading down the corridor.

[SINGLES MATCH] Kane vs. Val Venis

Kane kicked off the match with a bang, the sinister monster with a new-found craving for destruction shrugging off Venis’ attempt to get some early momentum on superstar as Kane taunted in the ring, setting his pyro off, launching Venis over the top rope and out onto the floor with a huge thud. Kane then hammered away on Venis all around the ringside area, throwing him into the ring just in time to break the 10 count and go for a Chokeslam, yet Venis battled out and knocked Kane to his knees, before nailing him with a DDT, leaving ‘The Big Red Machine’ down on the mat. Val then went for a big Leg Drop, yet Kane rolled out of the way and got to his feet, nearly decapitating the ladies’ man with a Big Boot, before nailing him with a massive Chokeslam! Kane then dropped to his knees and covered Val, with the referee counting the 1-2-3 and handing the victory to the dangerous superstar.

Winner: Kane

After Kane performed his pyro taunt once more, laughing sadistically to himself in the process, the ‘Big Red Machine’ exited the ring and began to head up the ramp, when suddenly, Shane McMahon appeared at the top of the stage with a microphone to cheers from the crowd. Kane stood at the foot of the ramp, staring at Shane, as the son of the women Kane tombstoned on the stage and the owner of the WWE told Kane that he hasn’t forgotten what he did to his mom, and that he’s going to make sure that Kane goes through 10x what his mother is going through with her serious injury, starting from tonight! Shane then dropped the microphone and sprinted down the ramp, meeting Kane halfway with punches. The battle continued right up to the top of the ramp, where Kane seized advantage of the matter and slammed Shane into the set, before going for a Tombstone Piledriver on the solid steel, just like what he did to Linda McMahon. However, Shane slid out and smashed Kane in the skull with a combo of rights and lefts, before nailing Kane with a Float-Over DDT on the stage! As Kane lay, seemingly out cold, on the steel, Shane edged through the curtain to the backstage area. With Shane seemingly gone, Kane began to stir, before sitting up on the stage, grimacing slightly, before laughing in a masochistic way and heading through the curtain after him!

The cameras headed to the backstage area where Evolution were stood in Eric Bischoff’s office, demanding him to over-rule the decision that Austin made regarding Unforgiven. However, Bischoff said that it simply isn’t that straight-forward and that besides, it is a Main Event people want to see and it’ll be damn good for business. Triple H gets frustrated, slamming his fist on Bischoff’s desk, when all of a sudden, Stone Cold Steve Austin walks into the office. As the members of Evolution turn around, Austin told Triple H that he’s going to have to deal with the fact when he steps into the ring at Unforgiven, he’ll be the man in the striped shirt, calling it down the middle, and making sure that his little Evolution buddies don’t screw Bill Goldberg out of the match, again! With that, Austin told Evolution that they better go get ready, because they haven’t got all night! The cameras returned to ringside as the 3 members of Evolution exited the room, showing their distain.

[SINGLES MATCH] Booker T vs. Chris Jericho

This match kicked off in explosive fashion, as after trying to one-up Booker T with a quicker and more technical style, Jericho walked right into a big Clothesline from Booker T and a Calf Kick, rocking Y2J and setting the tone for a very back and forth, hard-hitting match. Late on in the bout, Booker went up to the top rope for a Missile Dropkick, but as he came down, Jericho caught his legs and locked him in the Walls of Jericho, trying to make Booker submit! The 5-time WCW Champion desperately clawed across the mat for the ropes, the fans cheering on his efforts, as Jericho tried to apply more and more pressure, when Booker suddenly managed to boot him off into the corner. Booker managed to get up to his feet as Jericho stumbled back towards him, and went for the Book End, yet Jericho elbowed him right in the side of the skull, before spinning Booker around and nailing him with the Breakdown! Y2J then rolled Booker over and hooked the leg, as the ref counted the pin and handed Jericho the win.

WINNER: Chris Jericho

Post-match, Jericho cockily celebrated his victory, rolling out of the ring with his arms raised high in the air, as Booker nursed the side of his head with a hand. Jericho exited up the ramp, still grinning a cocky smile, as the cameras cut away from the arena.

A promotional video played, hyping the Unforgiven Pay-Per-View, live, Sunday September 21st, 2003, from the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

[SINGLES MATCH] D-Von Dudley (with Bubba Ray Dudley) vs. Sylvan Grenier (with Rene Dupree and Rob Conway)

At first, the match started in a somewhat regular fashion, D-Von striking the one half of the World Tag Team Champions repeatedly in the corner after shoving him out of a collar-and-elbow tie-up, yet order quickly broke apart as Bubba Ray Dudley and Rene Dupree became embroiled in a brawl on the outside, with Rob Conway taking a few cheap-shots at the member of the team he screw out of victory at Summerslam. The referee, sensing things were quickly falling apart, called for the 3 men to be ejected to the backstage area, and although reluctant, Dupree and Conway lead the exit, smirking at the damage they’d done to Bubba, who groaned, clutching his ribs as he stomped up the ramp, scowling at the two members of La Resistance. This had given Grenier enough time to recover in the ring, and he nearly scored a 3 count off a quick roll-up, yet D-Von kicked out and the two went back and forth for a few minutes. However, D-Von eventually took advantage, slipping out of Grenier’s TKO attempt, before nailing him with the Lifting Reverse Falling DDT to keep the Frenchman down for the 3 count.

WINNER: D-Von Dudley

After the match, D-Von’s celebrations were short lived, as Rene Dupree and Rob Conway both charged back down to the ring and immediately began to assault D-Von. However, soon, the calvary arrived, as Bubba Ray Dudley and little Spike Dudley rushed down to the ring to even the numbers! Together, The Dudley Boyz and ‘The Runt of the Litter’ fought off La Resistance, only Rob Conway not being able to escape in time. As Grenier and Dupree watched on, Bubba Ray grabbed Conway and pulled him back as he clawed for the ropes, and shot him off into the direction of D-Von, who hoisted him up in the air, with him and Bubba planting him with the 3D! The crowd went crazy as Conway lay on the canvas, clutching at his ribs, The Dudleyz all celebrating in the ring as La Resistance watch on, horrified that the team they screwed out of the titles at Summerslam had exacted some matter of revenge!

The cameras quickly shot back to the backstage area, where there was seemingly some sort of commotion going on, referee’s surrounding what appeared to be Shane McMahon and Kane battling it out in the parking lot. Shane connected with a ferocious flurry of punches, before some referee’s pulled him away, yet he battled out of their clutches and charged at Kane, who goozled the son of Vincent K. McMahon and hoisted him high up into the air, edging towards car so as to presumably Chokeslam him right onto it. However, the referees once again intervened and stopped Kane, who dropped Shane to the floor and decked several of the officials! As all hell broke loose, Kane swatting down referee’s left, right and centre, Shane McMahon, battered and breathing deeply after the brawl which erupted and continued after Kane’s match, emerged from beside the car with a lead pipe, before cracking Kane across the back with it. As Kane fell to a knee, Shane screamed ‘Come on you son of a bitch!’ followed by smashing Kane in the skull with it. Kane immediately fell backwards to the floor, as Shane dropped the pipe, exasperated and beaten, the referee’s telling him to stop it and leave, with one or two hovering over Kane. Shane soon disappeared off-screen, content with the damage he had done, yet as ‘the dust settled’, Kane sat-up, a perverse smile emerging on his face, clearly knowing that business with Shane had just picked up.

Back at ringside, it was time for the Main Event...

[6-MAN TAG MATCH] Evolution (Triple H, Ric Flair and Randy Orton) vs. Goldberg, Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash

The match began with Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair in the ring, the veterans of the squared circle grappling around and shifting momentum in the centre of the ring, the action picking up as Shawn flew back off the ropes, countering an Irish Whip from Flair with a Running Flying Forearm Smash, followed by a kip-up. Shawn then took the fight to Flair, nailing him with a string of punches and a Reverse Atomic Drop, before tagging in ‘Big Daddy Cool’ Kevin Nash, who delivered a huge boot to the face of Flair. Nash beat on Flair for a good few minutes, Flair occasionally battling back with some Knife-Edge Chops, yet ‘Big Sexy’ overwhelmed him and tagged in Michaels – yet this was the opening Flair need, and the ‘Nature Boy’ raked HBK’s eyes to shift the momentum Evolution’s way.

Evolution then tagged in and out for a good chunk of the match, beating on Shawn Michaels, with Randy Orton constantly degrading Michaels by slapping him and reminding him he’s the ‘Legend Killer’ and he’s nothing but a has-been. Then, in the final minutes of the bout, Orton propped up a lifeless Michaels as he tagged in Triple H, who had stayed relatively fresh having only been involved once during Evolution’s tagging in and out, clearly in no rush to fight just 24 hours off a huge match-up and staying weary of the threat of his Unforgiven opponent across the ring. Triple H immediately went to do some damage, however, pummelling Michaels and nailing him with a Spinebuster in the middle of the ring, followed by going for a Running High Knee, which Michaels ducked before connecting with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Michaels then made the hot tag to Goldberg, the fans erupting as he crouched down in the corner, ready to take out his nemesis – and surely enough, as the ‘World Heavyweight Champion’ got up, Goldberg flew across the ring and crushed him with a Spear!

Before Goldberg could take advantage however, Randy Orton rushed into the ring and attacked Goldberg, the referee trying to break it up, threatening a disqualification, yet Goldberg soon put an end to things by a Single Arm Choke, lifted into a Spinebuster, following by catapulting Orton over the top rope. Meanwhile, though, Triple H had tagged in Ric Flair, unbeknownst to Goldberg, and the ‘Nature Boy’ unloaded on the big-man with Knife Edge Chops, only to get shoved off and nearly snapped in half with a Spear! As Triple H and Orton then watched on in horror, both feeling the effects of Goldberg’s onslaught, Goldberg hoisted Flair above his head and nailed him with the Jackhammer, pinning him to the mat for the 1-2-3 and hard-earned victory.

WINNER: Goldberg, Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash

After the match, the crowd cheering wildly for their favourites, Evolution retreated up the ramp, Flair out on his feet after the Jackhammer, as Goldberg stood in the middle of the ring, grinning at Triple H with intentions of taking his World Title at Unforgiven and not letting anybody stop him, as Michaels and Kevin Nash worked the crowd from either side of him. As Raw went off the air, Evolution stood out on the ramp, despondent and frustrated with the loss, as the triumphant trio stood in the ring celebrating, Goldberg’s arms mimicking him strapping the World Heavyweight Title around his waist...

(Hope everybody found this good for my first show. It's a little longer than I anticipated, so don't expect every Raw to be like this - some of the segments required a bit more detail to explain what was going on, i.e Kane/Shane and the opening segment, and the Main Event probably had a paragraph of more detail than I had expected. TV shows will follow this format, primarily, whilst PPV's will be have maximum detail. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it, leave some feedback if you feel as though it will be beneficial!)


WrestleZone's breaks down this weeks news!

- It was announced yesterday that World Wrestling Entertainment officials signed up independent talents Alex Shelley and Austin Aries to developmental deals. It has been reported that the two young rising-superstars, both gifted technically and blessed with a lot of speed and showmanship, were backstage at the Smackdown tapings to sign their contracts. The two wrestlers will hone their craft at Ohio Valley Wrestling, WWE's feeder company, until they are ready for a call-up.

- WWE also today confirmed the release of two superstars from its Ohio Valley Wrestling feeder territory, where Nova (formerly of ECW infamy) and Nathan Jones, who has been recouperating from an injury, have been handed their releases. WWE wished both men the best of luck in their future endeavours, as Nova plans to continue wrestling on the indy scene whilst Jones reportedly wants to try his hand at MMA.

- WWE today released the final promotional poster for Unforgiven, which will be used in the build-up for the event:

The event takes place on September 21st from the Giant Center, in Hershey, PA.

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Re: WWE: Here Comes The Pain!

Hey man, as soon as I saw the title of this BTB, I immediately thought of the game where Brock Lesnar was the cover and it was pretty. But anyway, here's my review for ya.

2003 was a really good year for the WWE, with Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar being really the only two main stars on Smackdown but they held their own and kept Smackdown afloat with Raw. Raw had an awesome roster with guys like Goldberg, RVD, Kane, Booker T, and the stable Evolution. I'm real excited to see how you deal with Evolution because honestly, that stable was a beast and the way they dominated was just pure genius. Also with the way that Evolution ended, it was fantastic.

Your matches are really good to read because they aren't too long and not too short. I also do this in my BTB where the matches are in recap. I just feel that the match can flow better explained this way.

I especially loved this time for WWE because of their Tag Team Division. It was pretty stacked back then. For me, I believe that Smackdown had the better tag team division because of Los Guerreros, Bashams, and APA. But over on Raw, that's the Dudley Boyz home, they're my favorite! Looking out for the Thuggin’ and Buggin’ Enterprises team as well.

Overall, I like the start of your BTB and will be following for sure. Hope you do the same with mine. Well, cheers mate, and goodluck with this!

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Re: WWE: Here Comes The Pain!

Smackdown Recap
Thursday, August 28th, 2003
Don Haskins Center, El Paso, Texas

Velocity Tapings – Pre-Show Results
- Funaki def. Keiji Sakoda (OVW)
- Chris Kanyon def. Alex Shelley (OVW)
- Basham Brothers def. Austin Aries and Matt Cappotelli (OVW)

Following the regular Smackdown intro video and fireworks display, Michael Cole and Tazz welcomed everybody to another edition of Smackdown, reminding everybody of the WWE Championship clash between Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar at Summerslam, where ‘The Next Big Thing’ tapped out to Angle, before running down the card for the night and mentioning that Mr. McMahon will be in attendance later on to make an announcement regarding the WWE Title scene! As the fans in the arena cheered and waves their signs, the commentary team then handed over to Tony Chimel, who let everybody know it was time for the first match!

[SINGLES MATCH] Matt Hardy (with Shannon Moore) vs. Spanky

The match kicked off with Hardy mocking Spanky and performing his V.1 hand sign to the crowd, much to the chagrin of the up-and-coming high-flyer, who launched a rapid attack at the former Tag Team Champion, darting around the ring with him and catching Hardy with multiple punches and dropkicks. However, Hardy turned the tide, so to speak, when Spanky sprung backwards off the middle rope, turning in mid-air and looking for a Cross Body, yet Hardy moved out of the way and sent Spanky crashing to the mat, before Hardy nailed him with the Side Effect. Hardy then continued his offence for a few more minutes, Spanky only once or twice managing to attempt a comeback, once catching Hardy with an Enzuiguri – yet this wasn’t enough, as when Spanky flew off the top rope looking for a high-risk move, Hardy kicked him right in the mid-section and spiked him with the Twist of Fate, keeping him down long enough for Hardy to cover him and pick up the win!

WINNER: Matt Hardy

Post-match, Hardy celebrated as though he had won the Main Event of Wrestlemania, with Shannon Moore jumping into the ring to join in the celebrations. As Hardy taunted the crowd with his V.1 sign, fist pumping the air, Moore grabbed a microphone for the ‘Sensei of Mattitude’. Hardy then got on the ‘stick’ and spoke of how week-in-week-out he’s giving 5 star performances and beating little punks like Zach Gowen and this joke Spanky, showing that for years he was held back and his Mattitude was forced to be hidden away as he tagged with his ‘loser’ brother. Matt then said he was better than wrestling fat slobs like Bubba Ray Dudley in ladder matches, and that pretty soon, Smackdown is going to see just what Matt Hardy Version 1.0 has to offer, and that in time, they’ll all convert to Mattitude Followers! With that, Hardy left the ring, grinning after his victory, as the cameras switched to the parking lot...

In the parking lot, a long, black stretch-limousine pulled up. After a few brief seconds, the driver got out and moved to the back of the limo, opening the door and standing aside to let out the clearly big-name in the back. After a few more seconds passed by, a pair of long, gleaming legs stretched out of the back-seat, and Sable climbed out, dressed in a sexy black dress, shortly followed by a grinning Vince McMahon, decked out in a grey suit with a light pink shirt. Tazz and Michael Cole pondered the big decision he was to make, as McMahon headed further into the arena with Sable on his arm, his big decision only minutes away...

A promotional video played, hyping up the Raw brand’s Pay-Per-View on Sunday, September 21st, live from The Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania – Unforgiven!

In the arena, Vince McMahon’s music hit and the Chairman of the Board, accompanied by Sable, strode to the ring and got on the microphone to make an announcement regarding the WWE Championship. However, he wanted Angle and Lesnar out there for them to be present for his announcement. First of all, the music of ‘The Next Big Thing’ Brock Lesnar hit, and the loser of the Summerslam bout came out and headed to the ring, amongst loud chants of ‘You Tapped Out!’ – a frustrated look etched into Lesnar’s face. As soon as Lesnar got in the ring, McMahon said that he was disappointed in Lesnar, saying that at Summerslam he didn’t see the Brock who went undefeated for so long, or the one that landed on his head at Wrestlemania and still won the match, and that everybody wants to see the old Brock. Lesnar however, chose only to answer the question with an enraged glare, and when the fans continued the ‘You Tapped Out’ chants, Lesnar snapped, grabbing a microphone and telling everybody to ‘shut the hell up!’, edging towards Mr. McMahon and telling him not the push him, before the sound of ‘Medal’ hit the P.A. System and Angle marched out with his WWE Title. Once Angle was in the ring, Brock continued his furious tirade, telling Angle that he may have tapped out, but he could so easily grab Angle right there and then and shatter his neck once more, prompting the men to have a heated stare down, which McMahon intervened with a bellowing ‘Get the hell away from eachother, dammit! I’ve got something to say, and if you two don’t abide, I’ll have you kicked out of MY company!’. Both superstars obliged, Angle focusing his eyes on Lesnar with intent, as Lesnar continued to look agitated and angry, on edge as the fans continued their chants towards him. Mr. McMahon eventually got around to making the announcement, between mentioning how the men were tied at a Singles Match win apiece and that next week, in a huge match-up – Brock Lesnar will take on Kurt Angle in the ‘tie-breaker’ – a 2/3 Falls WWE Title Main Event on Smackdown in New Orleans! The crowd popped huge at the announcement, as Lesnar glared ferociously at Angle, who looked ready to take on his competition right there and then, as McMahon exclaimed ‘Next week, you two get to finally find out who’s better, when they do battle in the 2/3 Falls Match! It’s tied at 1 win each, and next week, you have a possible 3 falls to decide just who is the best!’ ‘The Next Big Thing’ Brock Lesnar...will he be able to take the title from the Olympic Gold Medallist – Kurt Angle!’. Lesnar took exception to McMahon’s words, grabbing him by the collar and screaming down the microphone ‘VINCE! Before Sunday, there would’ve been no doubt...NO DOUBT!...in anybody’s minds! No ‘if’s’! No ‘will he, won’t he’! Kurt, next week, I’m going to take my damn belt back, and Vince – you want to see the old Lesnar!? You want to see what I can do! HUH!?’. Lesnar immediately let go of Vince, shoving him back into the corner, before turning and tackling Angle, the two bulling eachother around on the mat until Brock ended up on top and pummelled Angle, who slipped through his grips and locked on the Ankle Lock! However, Lesnar quickly managed to slip out, weary of the same move that made him tap at Summerslam, and slipped out of the ring, annoyed that he got one-upped, as McMahon told them that they better keep their ‘damn distance and see who the better man is next week!’. As Smackdown went to commercial, Lesnar stormed up the ramp, stomping around in fury, as Angle watched on from the ring, his piercing eyes following Brock all the way to the backstage area...

[NON-TITLE MATCH] Eddie Guerrero vs. John Cena

The match started with the two men locking up and using their strengths to manoeuvre eachother around the ring, until Eddie showed his lying, cheating and stealing motto worked, stomping on Cena’s toes and raking his eye, winding Cena up and leading to the ‘Doctor of Thugganomics’ to eventually take hold of Eddie after a few more minutes of action and quite literally beating him up, hammering away at him before getting a near-fall off a Fisherman’s Suplex. However, Eddie stayed resilient and the two continued to battle hard, Cena once again coming close after a second-rope Back Suplex, yet Eddie fought his way back into it, and ‘Latino Heat’ exploded into a comeback, eventually turning an FU attempt into a Tornado DDT, which allowed him to come off the top rope with a big Frog Splash, before covering Cena and picking up the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Eddie Guerrero

After the bout, Eddie cheerfully grabbed his United States Title after rolling out of the ring, celebrating and slapping the hands of fans with a joyous look on his face, when suddenly – ‘Ooooo Chavo!’ – the sound of his nephew’s, Chavo Guerrero, music hit, and his tag team partner returned to a big ovation from the fans. The two embraced out in the aisle, Eddie overjoyed at the return of his Los Guerreros partner, as Chavo saluted the fans, the two clearly back together followed Chavo’s injury. Los Guerreros continued the celebration up the aisle in front of Eddie’s home crowd, as the cameras switched backstage...

In the back, in Stephanie McMahon’s GM office, Steph’s father, Vince, accompanied by Sable, were conversing with Stephanie. Stephanie told Vince that while she appreciates he sorted out the next week’s Main Event, she can do this job herself and has done so for a long time, and that she doesn’t want her Dad on the show one-upping her, because that is a blatant attempt at what it was. Stephanie said that while her Dad is off, breaking apart their family by cheating on Linda with Sable, she has been trying to take Smackdown further, and Vince has just strolled on tonight and tried to show her up by booking next week’s Main Event in front of her show’s fans, simply because he doesn’t condone what he’s doing with Sable. Sable intervened mid-sentence, however, and told Stephanie that it’s not about one-upping her, but Vince simply knows how to give everybody what they want to see, whilst throwing Vince a seductive look in the process. Stephanie retaliated by telling her that never-the-less, she is the General Manager and that the majority of power on the show lies with her – and she then announced that that is why in the Main Event, Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar will collide in a Tag Team Match, when the WWE Champion will team with Undertaker to take on Brock Lesnar and A-Train! As faint cheers from the fans were heard in the background, Stephanie then told Vince ‘You can ruin this family, take everything from it...but you’ll never take Smackdown from me, Dad’. As Vince and Sable stared at Stephanie, the Smackdown GM asked them to leave the premises because she’s a busy women, whilst the cameras cut back to the arena...

[SINGLES MATCH] Big Show vs. Chris Benoit

The bout began with Benoit showing his usually tenacity as he unloaded on the ‘World’s Largest Athlete’ with chops and punches, but Big Show’s raw power and immense size combated ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ well, and after ending up outside of the ring, he literally swatted Benoit out of the air with a right hand as he flew through the ropes, looking for a Suicide Dive, gaining control of the match. The match continued and late into the match, Benoit had fought back and took Show down to one knee with a low, hard Dropkick, before running off the ropes and clobbering him with a big Lariat, which promptly took the giant down and allowed the former Intercontinental Champion to climb up to the top rope and nailing Show with a Diving Headbutt! However, Benoit’s offence wasn’t quite enough to keep Show down, and despite pained efforts, Show goozled Benoit after powering out of a Crippler Crossface attempt and hoisted him high up into the air, before slamming him down in the centre of the ring to allow him to pin Benoit to the ring for the huge victory.

WINNER: Big Show

After the match, Show stood in the ring over Benoit as he threw his right arm into the air, right hand open in his signature taunt, asserting his dominance after a big win, as the cameras headed backstage once again.

In the back, Josh Matthews was standing by for an interview with the WWE Champion, Kurt Angle. Angle stepped into view, ready for his Main Event match, as Matthews asked him the question ‘In just a few moments Kurt, you’ll be teaming with The Undertaker to take on your respective Summerslam opponents, Brock Lesnar and A-Train. You made Brock tap at Summerslam and earlier on it was announced that you will face him next week in a 2/3 Falls Match to find out just who is the best of the two and the undisputed WWE Champion – what are your thoughts on tonight with that huge match-up around the corner?’. Angle answered the question by telling Matthews that night-after-night he fought in pain with a severe neck injury for a while in the WWE, and that now, he and Brock are 100% fit and raring to go, and that next week, he’ll show Lesnar, and everybody part of the WWE, just who is the better man. Kurt then stated that next week may be the toughest match that the two have fought, but he proved at Summerslam he can make Brock tap, despite people questioning if Kurt’s neck was healed, and saying Lesnar is a machine, and Vince wants Brock to win. Kurt said that he’s 100% and that next week, Brock won’t know what’s coming at him. Kurt said that in New Orleans, he plans to make Brock Lesnar tap out once again, and leave with the WWE title, and it’s true...it’s damn true! As Angle headed off for his match, Matthews handed over to Tazz and Michael Cole in time for the Main Event.

[TAG TEAM MATCH] Kurt Angle and The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar and A-Train

A-Train and Kurt Angle set up to start off the match, however, Angle pointed to Lesnar instead and said that he wanted him to start off. A-Train looked to tag in Lesnar, however, it was just the former Intercontinental Champion playing possum as he quickly spun around and charged down Angle, beating on the WWE Champion, using his power and strength to combat Angle’s technical prowess. Angle however, showed his resiliency and battled back and forth with A-Train, until A-Train stopped Angle in his tracks as he went for a Belly-to-Belly Suplex, hoisting Kurt up in the air and going for the Train Wreck, an overhead gutwrench backbreaker, yet Angle slipped out and nailed A-Train with a huge German Suplex! Angle then tagged in Undertaker, who looked as though he was itching to get his hands on his rival.

Taker and A-Train locked horns in the middle of the ring, exchanging punches with Taker getting the upper-hand after a few minutes and hitting A-Train with the Snake Eyes, before coming off the ropes looking for a running strike, which A-Train countered with the Derailer! However, this wasn’t enough to get a 3 count, and as A-Train went to continue the assault, Lesnar demanded he be tagged in, and A-Train obliged, with Lesnar becoming the legal man and entering the ring amidst cries of ‘You tapped out!’ from the fans. Lesnar scowled as the fans chanted at him, yet he didn’t deter from attacking Taker, brutalising Taker with his wide range of slams, throws and strikes, eventually hitting ‘Big Evil’ with a Triple Rib Breaker, leaving ‘The Deadman’ winded and gasping for air. Lesnar then stared across the ring at Angle, the ‘You tapped out!’ chants still ringing loud and clear, before locking on Angle’s signature Ankle Lock submission on The Undertaker!

Taker battled to get out of the hold as Lesnar applied more and more pressure, trying to make Taker tap to the same hold Angle made Lesnar tap out to just days before. Eventually, Taker managed to boot Lesnar off, before reaching out and tagging in Angle, who stormed into the ring and collided with Lesnar, the two throwing everything at eachother, until Lesnar missed a Clothesline on Angle and barrelled into the ref, who stumbled to the mat. This gave A-Train the opening he needed, and he stormed into the ring, kicking Angle in the face with the Bicycle Kick, before rolling out of the ring and allowing Lesnar to hoist Angle onto his shoulders and nail him with the F5. Lesnar then shook the referee to get him to count the pin, as Undertaker tried to climb into the ring to stop it, yet A-Train clobbered him in the back as the referee counted the pinfall and handed Lesnar and A-Train the win.

WINNERS: Brock Lesnar & A-Train

After the match, rather than Lesnar and A-Train celebrating, a huge brawl erupted between A-Train and Undertaker out on the floor, as Lesnar layed into Angle with boots. A-Train and Taker hammered away at eachother with punches, battling all the way up the entrance aisle and trading shots on the steel grating where the superstars enter, where A-Train drove Taker face-first into the set. Meanwhile, Lesnar dragged Angle up to his feet, grinning with a sadistic smile, a seemingly new, more dangerous Brock Lesnar than ever seen before taking over, before launching him out over the top rope and onto the floor. Lesnar followed him out there and grabbed hold of Angle’s WWE Championship, standing over the Champion, when suddenly, the Olympic Gold Medallist hooked Lesnar’s foot and locked him in the Ankle Lock! The fans exploded into cheers as Lesnar looked ready to tap out like he had just days before, as the referee tried to get Angle to break the hold, yet Lesnar showed his huge amount of strength as he managed to shove Angle face first into the ring post with his leg, causing Angle to let go. Lesnar quickly clambered up to his feet, incensed that Angle had tried to get him to tap again, picking the belt up with him, before smashing Kurt in the face with it! Angle stumbled backwards towards the announcers table, dazed and rocked, before Brock once again laced him in the face with the title, causing Angle to fall backwards, sprawled out on the desk. As Angle lay motionless, Lesnar stared at the WWE Title, before climbing up onto the announcers table and raising it in the air, standing tall over an un-moving Kurt Angle. Smackdown then went off the air with A-Train and Undertaker disappearing backstage, still trading punches, as Lesnar taunted with the belt in the air, Kurt Angle layed out on the announcers desk below him...


(Apologies for the late show guys, I've been mega-busy this week. I don't plan on giving up on this, so stayed tuned, read the shows and leave some feedback if you have anything you want to say. Hope you're reading and enjoying, folks!)

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