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World Fighting Championship- MMA BTB

This is my fantasy MMA organisation called WFC. It consists of made up fighters.

Owned by MMA fan Harry Monsoon WCF is fast becoming the top MMA organisation. Monsoon had the vision of owning a MMA organisation, and after years of work Monsoon fulfilled his dreams. Based in England the WCF was born. 2005 was the start of the WCF, and now in August 2010 WCF is one of the largest MMA organisation in the world.


The pen is a square. The sides are 8 foot of chain linked steel. The floor is a typical wrestling mat.

5 minutes every round.
Normal fights are 3 rounds
Weight class title fights are 5 rounds
Open-Weight Title fights are 7 rounds

You can win by:
K/O: Knock your opponant out cold

TKO: Ref stops the fight because he thinks a fighter can't continue

Submission: Make your opponant tap out.

Judges decision: If none of the above have been done when time is up the winner will be decided by the judges. Using the ten pint scoring system, the judges will decide a winner of the fight. In an event of a draw, we are taken to a sudden death round, where the fighters get a chance to get a finish. If that round goes the distance the match ends in a draw.

You can use any method to win the fight with the exception of hitting or grabbing the family jewels, Headbutts and eye gouging. Knees to the head of a grounded opponent are allowed, but Stomps and Soccer kicks to the head aren't. They are allowed to the boddy

They are 3 divisions

Heavyweight: 225 and above
Middleweight: 190-225
Light-weight- 190 or less

Open-weight championship: The most prestigious title in the WFC. A title that can be won by any fighter from anyweight division. It's the only time 2 fighters from differant weight classes can compete against each other.

Heavyweight championship: The number 1 title in the heavyweight division. Only heavyweights can compete For this title

Middleweight Championship:The number 1 title in the Middleweight division. Only middleweights can compete For this title

Light-weight: The number 1 title in the Light-weight division. Only Lightweights can compete for this title

Roster below
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Re: World Fighting Championship- MMA BTB

cool ides! i always wanted to see/do a mma btb. good luck and i will be following this
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Re: World Fighting Championship- MMA BTB

The Fighters

Open-weight champion
Name: Jerome Castelow
Age: 28
Height: 6ft0
Weight: 210 lbs
Fighting out of: Leeds, England
MMA Record: 21-3-0 (9 by submission, 5 by KO/TKO)
Other Info: When Jerome joined the WFC, he was 8-1 in his mma career. He was a last minute placement for an Open-weight title match against Robbie Stokes, he won and has defended his belt 4 times since. Jerome is a wrestler who uses it to takedown and control his opponent while looking for Submission openings.


Heavyweight champion
Name:Jordan Whippy
Fighting out of:London, England
MMA Record:17-2-0 (15 by KO/TKO)
Other Info: Whippy's only losses have come via decisions to Robbie Stokes and Jerome Castelow. Whippy is a boxer known for his fantastic head movement and KO power.

Name:Robbie Stokes
Fighting out of:Liverpool,England
MMA Record:28-4-0 (21 ko's, 4 submissions)
Other Info:Robbie is a Kickboxer and Jiu Jitsu artist with decent KO power, and under-rated ground game. He originally fought in Japan where won 18 straight fights. When WFC bought it out, he jumped ship. He is a former Openweight and Heavyweight champion.

Name:Sam Williams
Fighting out of:Sheffield, England
MMA Record:26-6-0 (23 ko's)
Other Info: Sam is a Muai Thai fighter who once held the open-weight championship. he won his first 17 mma bouts, all by KO before losing to Niall Clarke. He is 9-7 since.

Name:Niall Clarke
Fighting out of:Halifax,England
MMA Record:30-6-1
Other Info:Niall is a boxer who is a former 2 time open-weight champion. Niall is know for his dangerous jab straight combo, which is helped by an incredible 80' reach. Niall is also a southpaw, and has a decent all round game.

Name:Reggie Johnson
Fighting out of:Brooklyn NY
MMA Record:22-6-0
Other Info:After an outstanding start of 13-0 with 13 first round ko's, Johnson looked unbeatable as Open-weight champion. He was then derailed by Jordan Whippy in an embarrassing 2nd round KO. He hasn't found his former self since.

Name:Evaldo Santos
Fighting out of:Sao Paulo, Brazil
MMA Record:16-3-0
Other Info:Evaldo is a Muai Thai machine who went 10-0 in his career before a broken neck kept him out for 2 years. He returned to win the Heavyweight title before losing to Robbie Stokes. He lost another 2 straight fights before finally getting back in the win column.

Name:Luke Wilkinson
Fighting out of:Halifax England
MMA Record:35-7-0
Other Info:Luke amassed a record of 27-2 before joining the WFC. He came in and hasn't quite found the form he had. Luke is a boxer who is known for his Fluries he has a guy in trouble

Name:Zach Dewhirst
Fighting out of:South Africa
MMA Record:11-3-0
Other Info:Dewhirst was the man who put an end to Luke's 15 fight winning streak in RVFC. A punch focused striker with one punch KO power, who is 3-2 in his last 5.

Name:Issac Pollard
Fighting out of:Hull, England
MMA Record:18-4-0
Other Info:Issac had a slow start to his mma career but got his moment when he won the Victory FC Heavyweight GP, knocking Zach Dewhirst in the final. He has won his last 6 fights, all by KO/TKO.

Name:Jack Thurman
Fighting out of: Manhattan, NY
MMA Record:25-5-1
Other Info:Jack Thurman is a kickboxer competed in the WFC 3 Heavyweight tournament. he got a shot at winner Fernando Merida at WFC 7 before leaving not so long after for Japan, where he would come close to becoming world champion.

Name:Jay Simpson
Fighting out of:London, England
MMA Record:13-2-0
Other Info:Jay Simpson is another kickboxer who used to be BFA heavyweight champion. He was 9-0 before making it to the WFC where he'd lose to Jordan Whippy and Sam Williams.

Name: Michael Simpson
Fighting out of:Washington DC
MMA Record:10-4-0
Other Info:Michael Simpson is a Muai Thai was one of the company's top prospect 3 years a go when he won his first 5 fights, including a win over Niall Clarke. But he could get back on track after that, losing roughly ever two fights before being suspended due to usage of PEDs

Name:Jordan "Tank Sykes
Fighting out of:Birmingham, England
MMA Record:10-0-0
Other Info:Jordan is a muscular and powerful wrestler who has never been past the 1st round his career. Winning the BFC heavyweight title after Jay Simpson left the company, he decided to join WFC where he is 2-0.

Name:Josh Mills
Age: 33
Fighting out of:Newcastle England
MMA Record:14-6-0
Other Info:Josh Mills loves dirty boxing. He has knocked 5 people out in that clinch.

Other fighters: Kounta Koute, Jay Monsoon, Ronaldo Da Silva,
Corey Smith, Fernando Merida, Callum Graham, Michel Helsinki, Jak Sharp, Anthony Van Houte, Mya Myazaki, Kendo Nagazaki, Kyle Maude, Lewis Hobbs, Frank Gerlad, Gerry Carter, Hiro Suzuki, Martin Murphy, Callum Pearce, Kevin James, Mike O'brian, Babacar Bolta, Richard Kingson, Owen Waite, Ewan Garrity


Middleweight champion
Name:Maz Tiki
Weight: 200
Fighting out of:Thailand
MMA Record:7-0-0
Other Info:Maz Tiki made his mma debut in the WFC. With sensational Muay Thai and Wrestling, Maz is one of the most well rounded fighters in mma.

Name:Ben Scies
Fighting out of:Miami Florida
MMA Record:19-3-1
Other Info:Ben Scies is a wrestler who is often referred as Rashad Evans 2.0, due to his similar style and looks.

Name:Karma Kool
Fighting out of: Kingston, Jamaica
MMA Record:20-5-0
Other Info:Karma Kool is a boxer who fights out of Jamaica. He has 1 punch KO power and is a former Middleweight champion.

Name:Brad Waddington
Fighting out of:Huddersfield, England
MMA Record:29-3-0
Other Info:Brad is a former RVFC Middleweight champion. He dominated that division before making his way into the WFC, where he won the middleweight title. He suffered a loss to Jerome Castelow, and went back down the pecking order. He lost in an upset to Adil Hussain in his last fight.

Name:Tom Hoyle
Fighting out of: Manchester, England
MMA Record:13-2-0
Other Info:Tom Hoyle was the first winner in the WFC's Academy series. He won his first 5 WFC bouts before losing in a title fight to Maz Tiki. He has since gone 3-1 with his only loss to Ben Scies.

Name:Adam Clarke
Fighting out of:Halifax, England
MMA Record:19-6-0
Other Info:Adam is the younger brother of Niall. He carried the middleweight division through the dark ages and is a very well rounded fighter.

Name:Paulo Marcrena
Fighting out of:Lisbon, Portugal
MMA Record:24-4-0
Other Info:Paulo Marcrena is another fighter from Japan. he was Middleweight champion over there. He came over here and became middleweight champion before losing it.

Other fighters: Kala Kolic, Danny Darko, Nick Bruce, J.D, Ihtishaam Hussain, Adil Hussain, Adam Leslie, Ricardo Silva, Chris Talbott, Liam Dean, James Fairbank, Bart Birtwhistle, Tom Brown, Diego Gonzalez, Kile Brisco, Connor Laughren, Bakar Dar, jack Moss


Lightweight champion: George Rush
Diego Lopez
Ronaldo Barao
Carnage Creed
Sushi Kan
Keiji Takaya
Luiz Falcao
Jack Chane
Josh Casey
Aiden Webber
Jonas Webster
Maca Peacock
Oliver Brumby
Brad Tynan
Sergio Canales
Dario Manning
James Dixon
Jimmy Walters
Duke Wilson
George Freeman
Dan Speed
Josh Speed
Benny Pygott
Nikolai Kolov
Damien O'Neal
Michael Spearing


Russell Clarke, Dennis Lister, Bill Carter, Marrio Filipi, Jamie Dyer.
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Re: World Fighting Championship- MMA BTB

The WFC recorded lots of events, but with a new era, comes new events. Events will start from 1.

WFC 1: Whippy vs Pollard

Main Event Heavyweight title: Jordan Whippy (17-2-0) vs Issac Pollard (18-4-0)
CO Main Event: Ben Scies (19-3-1) vs Niall Clarke (30-6-1) ( 220 lbs fight)
Aiden Webber (12-2) vs Sushi Kan (24-5)
Jay Simpson (13-2-0) vs Ewan Garrity (9-1)
Danny Darko (8-4) vs Kala Kolic (13-4)

Owen Waite (4-2) vs Babacar Bolta (7-1)
Kile Briscoe (10-3) vs Bart Birtwhistle (14-10)
Michael Spearing (19-9) vs Jake Smith (25-11)
Duke Wilson (15-9) vs Chris Murphy (19-10)
Lewis Hobbs (6-2) vs Paublo Thiago (3-0) (Debut in WFC)
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Re: World Fighting Championship- MMA BTB

WFC 1 Preview: Issac Pollard interview

Courtesy of

We move ever closer to the July 30th card entitled WFC 1: Whippy vs Pollard. The excitement is brewing as Whippy is set to defend his title for the 3 time in a row, in his first fight since losing a decision to Jerome Castelow in a 7 round thriller. He faces Issac Pollard who is fresh of a 3rd round TKO win over Jack Thurman.

We sit down with Issac, to get his thoughts on Saturday's fight

Q: Where do you Feel You have a big advantage over Jordan Whippy?

A: I think that we are on par with our striking game, so i have to say ground game. I am sure i will out grapple him if it comes to that situation, and i am also pretty sure i can Ground and Pound him out.

Q: What do you think is most dangerous part of Whippy's striking game?

A: Definitely his head movement. He can dodge barrages of punches, and land that big right hand he likes to throw. I will look to counter that by being unpredictable with my striking, and making him feel uncomfortable.

Q: How high do you rank your win over Jack Thurman?

A: Near the top. I managed to out strike a K1 level striker, and to finish him added the Icing on the cake. I always prefer victories when i beat my opponent at their own game.
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Re: World Fighting Championship- MMA BTB

Calender for rest of 2011

Saturday 13th August: WFc presents WFC 2: Tiki vs Koollive from M.E.N Arena
Saturday 27th August: WFC presents WFC Fight Night Live live from Galpharm Stadium: Huddersfield

September 10th: WFC presents WFC 3: Rush vs Takaya live from O2 arena

October 1st:WFC presents WFC 4: Lopez vs Barao live from Araneta Coliseum- Philippines
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Re: World Fighting Championship- MMA BTB

WFC 1: Whippy vs Pollard


Owen Waite vs Babacar Bolta (7-1)
Bolta defeats Owen by TKO (Ground and Pound) 2:50 3rd round.

Kile Briscoe (10-3) vs Bart Birtwhistle (14-10)Briscoe defeats Birtwhistle via Unanimous Decsion (29-28,30-27,30-27)

Michael Spearing (19-9) vs Jake Smith (25-11)
Spearing defeats Smith via KO (Headkick) 1:34 2nd

Duke Wilson (15-9) vs Chris Murphy (19-10)
Murphy defeats Wilson via Split Decision (29-28,28-29,28-29)

Lewis Hobbs (6-2) vs Paublo Thiago (3-0)
Thiago defeats Hobbs via Submission (Guillotine choke)4:12 1st

Main Card

Aiden Webber (12-2) vs Sushi Kan (24-5)
Webber defeats Kan via TKO (Ground and Pound)3:45 2nd round

Webber looked good in a fight that many expected him to loose. Kan's submission game is Shinya Aoki like, so many were expecting a quick submission if Webber took Kan down. Webber worked his stand up in the first, using a good display of boxing to kepp Kan getting close. He rounded that off with a nice takedown to close out the last 30 seconds. Kans corner looked frustrated as they told him to get it to the ground ASAP. Kan took note of his corners advice and tied up in the clinch immediately in the second. Webber used a trip to take Kan down. Webber postured up in half guard and landed some heavy punches until the fight was stopped.

Jay Simpson (13-2-0) vs Ewan Garrity (9-1)
Ewan Garrity defeats Jay Simpson via KO (Punch) 2:40 1st

A surprising end saw Ewan Garrity win his 3rd straight fight, and enter the top 10 of the heavyweight rankings. Ewan's plan was to take the fight to the ground via using superior wrestling. He managed to do so 50 seconds into the fight. It only last for about a minute though as Simpson got up receiving no damage. In the stand up, Simpson looked more comfortable, but the KO came when Ewan countered a leg kick with a straight right that sent Simpson down. Ewan landing two shots, but Simpson was out, and Ewan won.

Danny Darko (8-4) vs Kala Kolic (13-4)
Kolic defeated Darko via KO (Headkick) 0:50 2nd round.

Darko is known to be an ex street fighter with an iron chin and a brawling style, but it failed in his fight with Serbian Kala Kolic. Kolic countered him with straights and jabs and dropped him in the middle of the 1nd round with a counter right hook. Kolic continued to dominate as the round went on but Darko had him staggered with a huge combo and the end of the round. Darko started the 2nd round more cautiously, but got caught with a left high kick that knocked him straight out.

CO Main Event: Ben Scies (19-3-1) vs Niall Clarke (30-6-1)
Scies defeated Clarke via Unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28,29-28)

Scies out-wrestled Clarke to a points victory in their 2nd fight. The first round was great as both men dropped each other 2 times, but Niall came close to finishing with his 2nd attempt. Scies decided to go into wrestling mode and used a great display of control and ground and pound to win the next 2 rounds.

Main Event Heavyweight title: Jordan Whippy (17-2-0) vs Issac Pollard (18-4-0)
Whippy defeated Issac via KO (Hook)1:11 3rd round

Whippy rocks Issac in the 2nd, and finishes him in the 3rd to retain. Issac managed to use his ground game to control Whippy in the 1st. Whippy came out in the 2nd hell bent on finishing the fight, and early in the round rocked Issac after an over-hand right. Issac managed to recover and arguably win the rest of the round. Whippy came out in the 3rd like he did in the 2nd. Pressing forward Whippy landed a huge right hook that knocked Issac Pollard out cold.
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