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RJSBX1 presents :WWE 2005

This BTB will based off the 2005 year of WWE will be taking place right after Summerslam 2005.

Summerslam 2005 results:
Chris Masters defeated The Hurricane (Sunday Night Heat)
Chris Benoit defeated Orlando Jordan to win the United States Championship in 25 seconds!
Edge w/Lita defeated Matt Hardy -Super Grudge Match-;
Rey Mysterio defeated Eddie Guerrero to regain custody of Dominic
Kurt Angle defeated Eugene to win back his gold medals
Randy Orton defeated The Undertaker
John Cena defeated Chris Jericho to retain WWE Championship
Batista defeated JBL to retain World Heavyweight Championship
Hulk Hogan defeated Shawn Michaels

WWE Roster

WWE RAW Superstars
Ashley Massaro
Big Show
Carlito Cool
Chris Jericho
Chris Masters
Christy Hemme
Danny Basham
Gene Snitsky
Hulk Hogan
John Cena
Kerwin White
Kurt Angle
Matt Hardy
Matt Striker
Rene Dupree
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Stacy Keibler
The Hurricane
The Rock
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Val Venis
RAW Personnel
General Manager: Eric Bischoff
Commentary: Jim Ross
Jerry Lawler
Johnathan Coachman

Ring Announcer: Lillian Garcia

Interviwers: Maria
Todd Grisham

WWE Smackdown! Brand:
Big Vito
Booker T
Candice Michelle
Chris Benoit
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
John Bradshaw Layfield
Jillian Hall
Joey Mercury
Johnny Nitro
Michelle McCool
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Road Warrior Animal
Scotty Too Hotty
Simon Dean
Stevie Richards
Super Crazy
Sylvain Greiner
Torrie Wilson
William Regal
Smackdown! Personnel:
General Manager: Theodore Long
UPN Executive: Palmer Cannon
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz
Interviewers: Josh Matthews
Kristal Marshall
Steve Romero

RAW Championships:
WWE Championship: John Cena
Won at Wrestlemania 21 [April,3, 2005]

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Carlito Cool
Won on RAW [June 20, 2005]

WWE Women's Championship: Trish Stratus
Won on New Years Revolution 2005 [January 9, 2005]

WWE World Tag Team Championship: The Hurricane & Rosey
Won on Backlash 2005 [May 1, 2005]

WWE Smackdown! Championships:

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Batista
Won on Wrestlemania 21 [April 3, 2005]

WWE United States Championship: Chris Benoit
Won on Summerslam 2005 [August 21, 2005]

WWE Cruiserweight Championship of the World: Nunzio
Won on Velocity [August 6, 2005]

WWE Tag Team Championship: LOD 2005(Heidenrich & Animal)
Won on G [August 18, 2005]

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Re: RJSBX1 presents :WWE 2005

Two Intercontinental Champions? I'm pretty sure this is a typo. This looks alright. I'll read your first show and go from there. Good luck!

Check out my BTB!
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Re: RJSBX1 presents :WWE 2005

RAW August 22, 2005, Hampton Coliseum: Hampton, Virginia

The RAW opening with Across the Nation plays as RAW is ready start!

J.R: Ladies and Gentleman, we welcome you live to Hampton, Coliseum, and we coming off the heels of the summer extravaganza Summerslam! Jim Ross live, joined by The King and The Coach.

The King: That's right J.R.! I mean, Hogan beat Michaels, Edge bloodied Matt Hardy and John Cena is still champion, that can't sit well with Eric Bischoff!

The Coach: You're right King, but if I know our boss, he's got something genius up his sleeve.

*My Time is Now hits the loudspeakers as the crowd goes crazy as the WWE Champion John Cena comed out with the title slung over his shoulder with a Virginia University Cavalier basketball jersey on.

J.R: This man, beat Chris Jericho last night, and those two put on quite the performance last night!

The Coach: (bitterly) I have to give it up to Cena, he won, but he's not going to get off that easy.

Cena: Well, well, well. THE CHAMP IS HERE! (fans pop loudly) After all the schemes and charades, I went into Summslam beat down Y2J, Mongoose McQueen, Lionheart and came out still the champion! I know that Eric Bitch-off has something planned for me, BUT I don't care cause if they WANT some they can come GET SOME! I will be in this ring taking names and kicking as-

*The familiar screams of Shawn signal the music of the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels who comes to a mixed reaction. Michaels comes down in his suit with a microphone in hand as he makes his way to the ring.

J.R.: This man, although unsuccessful, put on a hell of a performance!

The King: it was absolutely electric last night J.R., two of the biggest egos in our sport colliding. I wonder what Shawn wants now.

Shawn Michaels: Listen, John. No disrespect, we are "aight" (Shawn tries to make a "gang sign" as the crowd along with Cena laughs). The reason I'm out here is because it's been 3 long years since I last held some gold and what I'm saying is, you, me Unforgiven what do you say? (Fans pop for that)

Cena: You know what Shawn, it woul-

*Break the Walls down plays as Chris Jericho comes out in his checkered outfit with a pissed off look as the fans boo him)

Coach: Here's the man who I feel should get a rematch at Unforgiven!

J.R.: What? He lost fair and square! And now he's probably going whine about it.

Chris Jericho: Listen here assclowns, if anyone is getting a WWE title shot it's going to be me! (Fans chant Assclown as Jericho). Shut up! Listen here Has Been Kid, you're time is past, you couldn't even beat Hogan, his 70 year old pythons beat your ass last night so senior hit the bricks! (Fans boo as Michaels looks unimpressed by Jericho). As for you Cena, I am going to face you at Unforgiven for my rematch, I am going to make you ta-

*I'm back hits as Eric Bischoff strolls out with a devious grin as the fans boo and Jericho claps.

Bischoff: Cut the music, we're in an interesting situation, two men jockeying for a chance at our undeserving champion. So tonight we'll have a Number One Contender's Match featuring Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho! (Fans pop erupt for that, as Michaels looks pleased but Jericho looks pissed!) As you for Cena you will be facing a Eric Bischoff special acquistion tonight!

(Cena looks skeptical as Jericho and HBK staredown as we go to commercial)

JR: Jericho vs Michaels, winner faces Cena, this will be an amazing match tonight!I wonder what that devil Bischoff has in store for Cena.

(Commercial Break)

*Live for the Moment plays as Matt Hardy comes to a loud ovation, he has a bandage covering the gash he recieved from last night*

JR: Oh man, Matt Hardy what a trooper, his emotional torment, became physical after Edge roughed him up a litt-

The Coach: JR let call it like it is, Edge destroyed Matt Hardy, Matt Hardy isn't in Edge's league!

*Rene Dupree's music hits and he comes out waving his French flag as he gets decent heat.

Matt Hardy vs Rene Dupree

Hardy was a house of fire in this match he immediately charged at Dupree throwing right and lefts and cornering Dupree until the ref had to pull Hardy off. Everytime Dupree tried some offense Hardy would corner him and unleashing right and lefts. Dupree went for a suplex but Hardy countered and hit a loud spike DDT. Hardy then stomped on the head of Dupree several times before hitting the Side Effect.

JR: Matt Hardy is showing a darker side of him, perhaps this hidden mean streak

King: Besides being a loser who ranted on the internet and lost his girlfriend to bonafide main eventer, and then got beaten last night at Summerslam....he's pretty talented wouldn't you say?

Hardy grabs Dupree and plants him with a huge twist of fate as the fans are going wild as he signals for the Leg Drop. Hardy goes up and hits the leg drop and get the easy victory.
Winner: Matt Hardy

*Hardy celebrates until Edge's music hits as the fans boo as he's with his girlfriend Lita, as they stay at the ramp with a microphone in hand.

JR: These two make me sick, Mr. Money In the Bank escorted by his jezebel Lita are out here and the question has to be why?

Edge: (clapping) Ah Matthew, impressive win, beating up on a curtain jerker! You see Matt, this is what you do best, your good for getting these idiotic fans out their seats chanting "I WILL NOT DIE!" Cute Matt, all the midcarders for life need that winning catchphrase, like "Indeed" or "Hello Ladies" (Fans are booing Edge to no avail as Hardy looks on pissed). Here's the thing Matt, remember Wrestlemania 21? Oh yeah that's right, you don't, cause you lost your job! (Edge and Lita laugh to an extreme amount of boos as Hardy is begging to come to ring ans say it to his face). You see at Wrestlemania 21, I won this baby (holds up the briefcase), and that makes me a future world champion. That makes me levels better than you. Matt, I took your job away once, took your girl, took your dignity as Summerslam and the only thing left for me to take....is your pride. Bank on it!

Edge and Lita share a wet kiss as Hardy is hangs his head down in anger as the fans boo erupt in boos.

JR: This man is as classless as it gets.

Coach: J.R., Matt Hardy is the definition of a loser, people like him don't belong on people like Edge's level.

JR: Ah shut up with that garbage, there will come a day when Matt Hardy will beat Edge down, and I can't wait to witness it.

*Backstage, Eric Bischoff is talking on the phone until, Chris Jericho comes in fuming.

Jericho: The hell was that Eric! A number one contender's match?! I thought you had my back?

Bischoff: Listen Chris, despite the dissapointment at both Vengeance and Summerslam, you're lucky you're even getting opportunities like this! Now go out there tonight and impress me!

JR: Wow, Bischoff a tad upset as his handpicked puppet Chris Jericho's failures to capture the WWE title.

Coach: Can you blame the boss, Jericho has been handpicked by the boss to win the WWE Championship, he's at two strikes and-

Lawler: One more strike and he's out last time I checked.

JR: Well coming up next, Kurt Angle will be restarting his Invitational, one night after regaining them last night.


*Kurt Angle's music hits as he gets a ton of heat, he strolls down with his gold medals around his neck and saying he's the best! He gets in the ring and grabs the microphone. There's a wrestler in the other corner of the ring waiting patiently.

Angle: Your Olympic hero has his medals back! The best in the world, your truly Kurt Angle, righted a wrong last night! It truly is a time for celebration! And what better way to celebrate than having the Kurt Angle 5-minute Invitational again! So who's my victim. (Adressing wrestler) What's your name?

Brent: Brent Albright

Angle: Where you from?

Brent: Right here in Vi-
Angle hits Albright with the mic and signals for the bell.

Kurt Angle Invitational: Kurt Angle vs. Brent Albright

The bell rang, and due to that mic shot, Albright found. Angle toyed with the kid and slapped him around beofre hitting a huge belly to belly. Angle hit a couple of germans in a row and went for a pin but Albright somehow kicked out at 2. Alrbight started coming back as he escaped the Angle Slam and applied a rear naked choke on Angle, but Angle, being the saavy in-ring vet countered out of that hit the Angle Slam and locked on the grapevine ankle lock and Albright screamed and tapped out with 4:02 reminaing on the clock.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle celebrated and instructs the ref to put his medals on him, but he's interupted by the familiar "WOOOOO!" sounds as the fans in Virginia give the Nature Boy a big ovation!

JR: It's the Nature Boy! We haven't seen Ric Flair since Vengeance!

Lawler: I always love seeing Naitch! You texted me and said he'd be here you know!

Flair gets in the ring and grabs a microphone as Angle is pissed off that he's interrupted his celebration.

Flair: Now Kurt! Kurt, I was in the back partying like only the Nature boy does, and I could have sworn I heard you say you were the best! Best in the world?

Angle: You're damn right I said it! Cause it's true it's damn true!

Flair: Last time I checked, the Nature Boy is still livin' and breathin' which doesn't make you best in the world!

(Flair gets in Angle's face and WOO's in his face, leading to Angle to Woo back at him as the fans are also wooing!)

Angle: Enough of damn wooing, Flair you had your era, your heyday, but like WCW it's dead, over, finished! Kurt Angle is the icon of wrestling, now what do you have to say about that?!

Flair: Only this Kurt.

Flair puts down the mic, and kicks Angle straight in the nuts as the fans give a collective OOH, as Angle is writhing in pain. Flair grabs Angle's leg and starts getting riled up and locks on the Figure Four Leg Lock as Angle is tapping mercilessly! Flair lets go of Angle and gives a big WOO as the fans go crazy with the WOO chants.

JR: The Nature Boy stylin' and profilin' over Kurt Angle! You gotta love the Nature Boy

Coach: Well Flair may have some serious consequences to face when it comes to Ric Flair.

Backstage Carlito walking to the ring he's defending his Intercontinental Title against Shelton Benjamin and Chris Masters next.


*Ain't No Stopping Me hits the arena as Shelton Benjamin come out to nice pop, he slaps the fans hands and makes his way to the ring.

*The arena darkens and the Masterpiece comes out as fans boo his elaborate entrance.

JR: Well what a chance for Chris Masters to get some gold for in his promising career here in the WWE, three amazingly gifted athletes competing forthe coveted Intercontinental Title.

Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat: Shelton Benjamin vs Carlito (c) vs Chris Masters

The match starts with Benjamin getting between Masters and Carlito. Carlito tells Benjamin and Master to go at it first and backs off. Master and Benjamin then start exchanging lefts and rights. Benjamin takes out Masters with two straight kicks followed by a big nothern lights suplex. Benjamin covers Masters, but Carlito comes in to break up the count. Carlito leaves the ring after stopping the pinfall. Master drops Benjamin in an inverted atomic drop. Both Benjamin and Master start exchanging right hands until Master stops anything more with a gorilla press slam showing his strength. Master covers Benjamin, but Carlito again breaks up the pinfall. Again, Benjamin and Master exchange stiff right hands. Carlito is up on the ring apron laughing as both when they pull over him over the top rope. Benjamin and Master both get in shots on Carlito followed by Benjamin clotheslining Carlito over the top rope to the outside. Benjamin gives Carlito belly to belly on to the outside. Masters comes out and slams Carlito into the steel steps. Both Benjamin inbounds Masters and they continue to double team him. Masters irish whips into the corner and then Shelton gives him a Stinger Splash. Benjamin goes for the cover, but Masters pulls him off at 2. Masters hits a powerslam on Benjamin and poses but Carlito covers Benjamin and get a 2 count. Carlito then low blows Masters and rolls him but only gets a 2 count.

Carlito then goes to work on Master, getting in a few kicks and punches. Carlito goes on the top rope for a elbow drop but Benjamin leaps up and hits an excellent enziguri and Carlito flies off to the outsides. Masters, back up and suprises Benjamin with a hard spinebuster for a 2 count. Masters whips Benjamin and whiffs the Polish Hammer, Benjamin bounces off the ropes with a leaping clothesline. Benjamin looks for the T-Bone, but Carlito gets on the ring apron only to get a superkick, which sends him flying back down. Masters then comes from behind and locks in the Masterlock! Benjamin struggles and stays alive but Masters swings him violently. Benjamin starts to fade as fans will on Shelton. Shelton body starts drooping as the ref slams his hand down for 1. He goes again for two. He goes one more time, but Carlito comes in the ring and low blows Masters before the ref drops Benjamins hand for three. Carlito then covers a downed Benjamin for the three count!
Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Carlito

Carlito scurries out of the ring before Masters gets up, the fans boo Carlito as he kisses his title and mocks Benjamin and Carlito.

JR: Well, you may not like it but Carlito retains his title. Carlito stole this match from Chris Masters!

Lawler: What a brilliant move by Carlito! You have to do whatever it take to keep the title.

JR: Well coming up next, Number One Contender's Match, Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho and it's up next.

Edge and Lita are shown in thier locker room until suddenly Matt Hardy barges in and takes down Edge and starts hammering at Edge as they brawl in the locker room. Lita screams for Matt to get off of him but Hardy continues to hammer away at Edge. Suddenly road agents break them up. Eric Bischoff comes rolls in the locker room

Eric Bischoff: Dammit! I'm sick of you two tearing each other up and making my backstage areas a living hell! Well at Unforgiven, you two will be facing off in a 15 foot high steel cage and it will be for that briefcase now officers (pointing at Matt Hardy) get that idiot out of my arena!

Edge yells at Matt that he need to grow up as Lita attends to Edge.

JR: Woah! Edge and Hardy, Steel Cage, briefcase on the line it should a hell of a match at Unforgiven!

Lawler: Well our GM had no other choice these two absolutley detest each other J.R.! There's also some added motivation, that magical briefcase that can propel any superstar to the top!

*Sexy Boy hits as the fans pop for Shawn Michaels has he does his theatrical ring entrance

*Break down the Walls plays as Chris Jericho struts down, looking uneasy but still being his old cocky self.

#1 Contender's Match: Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels

Both lock up and Jericho pushes HBK into the corner. Jericho pulls HBK back out and pushes him down. Jericho keeps attacking the leg of HBK and HBK continues to fight him off. They get to their feet, lock up and side headlock by HBK. HBK brings the action to the ground, gets Jericho’s shoulders down, the referee counts and Jericho gets a shoulder up each time. Quick roll up by Jericho. Quick roll up by HBK. They fight to their feet from a bridge. Another bridge with pinfall attempts that each kick out of it. Jericho attempts a back suplex, HBK counters into a cross-body, but Jericho counters that into a close pinfall. HBK gets an inverted Figure Four applied on Jericho. Just tons of fast paced action and counters in the first few minutes of this match. Very well done by both. Jericho grabs the bottom rope to break up the submission. HBK backs off and smiles at Jericho. Jericho with a kick to HBK’s knee and HBK responds with a big slap to the face.

Jericho goes nuts and starts elbowing HBK into the corner. HBK again smiles at Jericho from the corner and it gets Jericho even more upset. Lock up, HBK goes behind Jericho and Jericho gets in a stiff elbow to HBK’s head. The fans boo this. HBK with an elbow to Jericho’s head. HBK applies an armbar on Jericho falling down against the ropes. HBK returns to the ring, sends Jericho into the corner on the arm that just took the armbar and then throws him down. HBK with some stiff elbows to Jericho in the corner. Jericho launches HBK into the corner with force sending HBK going upside down. Jericho puts HBK back up on the top rope with his body facing the crowd. Jericho takes HBK’s back, but HBK knocks Jericho off. HBK turns around up top, Jericho jumps back up with an elbow to the head, HBK crotches himself, Jericho is still up, attempts a superplex, but HBK sends Jericho off face first into the ring. HBK attempts a flying elbow from the top, but Jericho gets his knees up and HBK’s ribs connect with the knees. Jericho knees HBK in the stomach and then gives him a body splash over the chest.
Jericho with a quick back suplex on HBK. Jericho then continues to kick HBK on the ground. Jericho lifts HBK up and applies an abdominal stretch. HBK tries to break it up, but Jericho keeps him down. Jericho sends HBK into the corners a few times. Jericho attempts a bulldog, but HBK counters and sends Jericho into the ropes. Jericho crashes into the ropes hitting the top and middle ropes. HBK with an atomic drop, chest chop, flying elbow, nips up, but Jericho takes HBK down into the Walls of Jericho out of no where! HBK begins screaming out and reaching for the ropes. HBK reaches out and gets the bottom rope. The fans boo and Jericho begins stomping HBK on the ring apron. Jericho springboards himself over the top rope, lands on the ring apron and HBK connects with Sweet Chin Music on Jericho! Jericho falls off the ring apron and hits the mat. The referee starts the count.
Michaels goes to get him, but Jericho grabs him and send him face first into the steel steps as the ref counts to 8. Jericho inbounds into the ring and covers but only gets 2 count. Jericho smirks and calls Michaels a son of bitch. He goes for the Walls of Jericho but Michaels grabs Jericho and small packages him for a two count. HBK goes for some sweet chin music but Jericho ducks and rolls him up and has tights and get the three count!
Winner and Number 1 Contender: Chris Jericho

Jericho celebrates as he is the number one contender at Unforgiven. Michaels looks pissed and starts yelling at the ref telling he Jericho has tights. Michaels backs up and gives the ref some Sweet Chin Music as the fans give a mixed reaction to Michaels actions.

JR: Well I know Jericho cheated his ass off, but nothing will ever excuse Michaels for kicking the ref square in the jaw.

Lawler: Well I was on the receiving end of one of Mr. Ego's kicks and since that ref not as strong as me, he'll be out for a while.

JR: Well as the EMT's end to the ref, John Cena will face an Eric Bischoff " special acquistion" that'll be coming up shortly.

Backstage, Kane and Big Show are talking to Eric Bischoff and they both seem to smiling and laughing.

JR: Oh my god! You don't think...you don't think Bischoff picked those two monsters to face Cena?

Coach: Haha my boss, ever the the thinker, what a brilliant plan.

*My Time is Now hits the speakers as John Cena comes out to a thunderous ovation as he poses with his WWE Title as he heads down to the ring.

JR: Well we know one thing, John Cena will face Chris Jericho at Unforgiven, but question is who will he face here tonight!

*I'm Back hits and out comes Eric Bischoff and he's smiling from ear to ear and is pacing back and forth on the ramp.

Bischoff: Cena, I told you weeks back that my politicking has helped build the careers of many men and that I am a proved ally behind the scenes. You see when a old ex-employee knocked on my door, I said I would give him a chance to earn a WWE contract by helping me accomplish the weakening of one, John Cena. So without further ado, here's your opponent!

*It's Me, It's Me, DDP! Fans gives a loud pop as DDP strolls out and shakes Eric Bischoff's hand as everyone including John Cena. DDP does his signature taunt and then rolls into the ring and smiles at John Cena.

JR: What in the hell!! Diamond Dallas Page is John Cena's opponent where did Eric Bischoff pull this one from?

Coach: I knew it! DDP! DDP! Well tonight DDP going to get the job done for an old friend!

John Cena vs. Diamond Dallas Page

The bell rings and both start to circle each other. Both lock up and Cena backs DDP into the corner. The referee breaks and the two circle each other again. Cena takes DDP’s back and applies a headlock. DDP pushes Cena into the corner and the referee breaks it up. DDP with a kick to the gut and a big elbow to the head. DDP with a side headlock on Cena taking a knee. DDP with a big forearm to the back, but Cena gets a drop toe hold and goes for a STF. DDP quickly grabs the bottom rope to break it up and then drops Cena’s head off the top rope. DDP quickly rolls back in, gets in a few stomps and then sends Cena shoulder first into the steel ring post. DDP nails Cena’s wrist across the steel ring post as well. DDP then goes to work on Cena’s left arm in the corner. DDP with a jumping DDT on Cena for a two count, then goes back to work on Cena’s left arm. DDP with a rolling takedown on Cena and then applies an armbar on Cena’s left arm.

Cena rolls to his side and gets to his feet with DDP keeping the armbar applied. Cena powers out of the armbar slamming DDP to his side. DDP gets to his feet and kicks Cena a few times. DDP with a quick cover, but only gets a two count. Some big right hands by DDP to Cena’s head. Cena fires back with some rights of his own. DDP slaps the bad left arm of Cena to break it up, but Cena powers back with a big clothesline and jumping shoulder block. Cena with a blockbuster on DDP. Cena goes up to the top rope, jumps, but misses a leg drop when DDP moves out of the way. DDP begins kicking Cena across the ring sending him through the ropes to the ring apron. DDP hooks an arm attempting a suplex over the top rope. Cena attempts two suplexes of his own, but DDP finally gets Cena up and drops him right over the top rope. DDP knocks Cena off the ring apron and Cena lands with a thud. DDP slams Cena against the side of the ring and throws Cena back inside. Cover by DDP, but only a two count. DDP with a few kicks to the head on Cena, another cover, but again just a two count.
DDP applies a reverse chinlock on Cena as the crowd is wiling Cena on here. DDP gets it applied with force as Cena tries to break out of it. Cena falls to his side as DDP keeps the bearhug applied. DDP breaks the hold and hits Cena with a huge elbow to the back. Another elbow to the back by DDP on Cena. DDP applies a body scissors on Cena and then applies a slight armbar at the same time. Cena gets up for a second on the ground, but DDP keeps the body scissors applied. Cena then gets to his feet with DDP over his back applying a full nelson. Cena then starts to fade with DDP keeping the full nelson in. Cena then breaks the full nelson, attempts an FU, but DDP counters out of it. DDP kicks Cena in the head and then goes back to the ground applying a sleeper on Cena. Cena fights out of it, lifts DDP up and connects with a big spinebuster. DDP and Cena then begin exchanging right hands. Cena gets the better of DDP, misses a charge in the corner and DDP levels Cena with a sidewalk slam. DDP then hits Cena with the Diamond Cutter but Cena gets his shoulder up at 2. DDP gets pissed and starts kicking the ropes and then mocks Cena's "You Can't See Me" taunt. Cena gets to his feet and DDP takes him out with a big clothesline. DDP starts picking up Cena by his head and slaps him a few times. DDP attempts another clothesline, but Cena ducks it, gets DDP up on his shoulders and connects with the big FU. Cena covers DDP and gets the three count!
Winner:John Cena

JR: John Cena with the FU beats DDP, and it looks like DDP won't get that contract Bischoff promised!

Eric Bischoff storms out to no music and has a mic in his hand already, Cena is celebrating with his WWE title over a downed DDP.

Bischoff: You worthless piece of crap! I said get the job done, you lost the match but the night is nowhere near over!

Chris Jericho comes behind the curtain and runs out and struts to the ring as Cena puts down his title expecting Jericho. DDP low blows Cena and Jericho walks into the ring and lays the boots to him. Jericho instructs DDP to hit him with the Diamond Cutter and he does.

JR: What a sickening assualt on our world's champion by Chris Jericho and this leech DDP

Coach: Genius plan! Break him in half Chris!

Jericho grabs Cenas legs for the Walls but Shawn Michaels rushes out and ducks a Jericho clothsline and nails him with Sweet Chin Music. DDP charges at him but suffers the same fate, as he gets some Sweet Chin Music. HBK picks up the WWE title and looks at it and hands it to Cena. HBK then nails Cena with some Sweet Chin Music as well as the crowd goes from cheering to booing as HBK poses over a fallen Cena and Jericho with the WWE title as Raw comes to a close..

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Re: RJSBX1 presents :WWE 2005

Wrestling Insider

- Even with the Michaels/Hogan fued over, it is expected that Shawn Michaels will not be going back to being a full blown face for the time being.

-Triple H's return is expected at WWE Homecoming, on October, 3, 2005

-There's talk of the WWE discontinuing the single brand PPV idea after Survivior Series

-Finally, DDP's appearance on RAW was a one-time deal, and WWE has no intrest in signing the 45 year old long term.

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Re: RJSBX1 presents :WWE 2005

Raw Feedback

First off, I don't much like the presentation. It's readable, but make it look better. I'm also noticing some grammatical errors, and i'm sure I just made one by trying to spell that. lol. But proofread your shows a couple of times before you post them.

The characters are very in-character; Chris Jericho and King especially.

Not an impressive opening promo, the simple "I want the belt", "No, I want the belt". If you would've made it longer, coulda been alot better.

I can't stand Matt Hardy. If I were you, i'd depush him immediately. But that's just me, i'm sure you have something in-store for him.

Good choice for opening match. Try to show us all who the winner is easier though. For example, Winner: Matt Hardy. Great promo by Edge, absolutely loved it. Edge is very in-character. So far, the best part of the show.

Glad to see the Invitational back. Kurt's action are very similar to what he was like when he was a heel. I figured Angle would win that quickly, but good to see Flair. I highly doubt a man like Jerry Lawler would be texting in 2005, but thats irrelevant. lol. Anything with Ric Flair is amazing, so I'm not disappointed in that segment at all. lol.

A title changing hands on the first show? Ah, not sure I like that or not. Nonetheless, it was a great match.

The backstage segment with Hardy and Edge was AMAZING. A steel cage match at Unforgiven is a pretty good idea and should be good. You don't see a regular feud getting a cage match now-a-days. Very good choice.

Nothing less than expected for Jericho to cheat his way through a good match like that. That's why I love him. I'm interested to see what HBK has to do here.

DDP was unexpected, but a good choice. I like how Jericho came out and attacked Cena after match. HBK coming out was a nice addition too, as I'm expecting him to be added into the match at Unforgiven.

Good show over all


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Re: RJSBX1 presents :WWE 2005

Oops i thot u r using DDP on continuous basis. Edge cashed it in very close to this PPV i think maybe u will let him keep till mania.
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Re: RJSBX1 presents :WWE 2005

Smackdown! August 25, 2005 Greensboro, North Carolina Greensboro Coliseum Complex

"Rise Up" by Drowning Pool plays as the Smackdown! opening intro plays as massive amounts of pyro signal the start of Smackdown!

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentleman, after an eventful Summerslam, what do we have in store on the road toward No Mercy, I'm Michael Cole, alongside my partner Tazz

Taz: Summerslam was a rocket buster, and tonight should be a hell of a night! Cole, tonight we got some off the chain matches!

Cole: You sure right Tazz, tonight the World Heavyweight Champion Batista will go one on one against former Evolution mate Randy Orton in a non-title match and also a Fatal Four Way Match to crown a new Number 1 contender between JBL, Rey Mysterio, the disturbed Eddie Guerrero and the United States Champion Chris Benoit.

"Longhorn" hits the air as the signature longhorned limo rolls out, JBL in a suit and tie walks out along with Orlando Jordan as they recieve massive heat.

Cole: Well understandably these two man have nothing to smile about, the Cabinet struck out. I mean not only did Orlando Jordan lose his title, he lost it in 25.5 seconds.

Tazz: I feel for OJ man, and especially for JBL, that Batista bomb on those steel steps could have damn near ended his career.

JBL walks over and demands a microphone from Tony Chimel.

JBL: There is a dark shadow today over America. The Cabinet failed at Summerslam, Orlando, how in the hell do you lose in 25 seconds! My ring entrance takes 25 damn seconds! (JBL glares at a dissapointed Orlando Jordan). More importantly than that....I....I lost. (Fans erupt in cheers and chant "Batista") You're beloved American Hero....lost at Summerslam to that bufoon Dave Batista (fans cheer louder). You people are absolutely ignorant, cheering the downfall of JBL is like cheering terrorism against American soil (JBL get major heat for that). All of you unpatriotic bastards will show me some damn respect. (Fans chant "You suck") I had the longest WWE Championship reign in the last 10 years, I carried this secondary show back to prominent heights! I made this damn show, what it is today! Now,Dave I'm going to make this very simple for you, this is not over. It ain't over by a longshot. When I was champion, I fought honorably, respectfully and courageously. Yet you, Dave Batista, you want to powerbomb me on steel steps (fans cheer loudly).....shut up you low income hoodlums (fans go back to booing, as JBL flashes a brief smile).....anyway Batista you wanna powerbomb me on steel steps knowing I have my pre-existing back injuries. That is the sign of a coward, but that will not deter J.B.L. Mark my words Batista, mark my words Teddy Long, mark my words Smackdown superstars. Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. Squawk Box, Mr. Syndicated Analyst is gone, the ruthless, the unremorseful and the cunning John Bradshaw Layfield has come upon you. John Bradshaw Layfield will be the World Heavyweight Champion. (Fans boo as JBL smirks) Tonight, I am going to beat Eddie Guerrero, I am going to beat Chris Benoit , I am going to beat Rey Mysterio and then come No Mercy I will show no mercy to Dave Batista and win MY World Heavyweight Title. And read my lips, come hell, come high water, come the creek don't rise. I am, who I say I am, and I am a wrestling GOD!

Tazz: That is a man on a mission. I would hate to be in the way of JBL.

Cole: He sounds like a desperate man who cope with the fact he lost fair and square. Well coming up next the WWE Tag Team Champs are in action Legion of Doom 2005! Next!


"Turn Up the Trouble" plays as Mr. Kennedy strolls down to the ring as he gets some heat, Tony Chimel beigns to do his ring entrance but Kennedy rushes to the ring and snatches it from him. Paul London already in the ring patiently waiting.

Cole: This man is just arrogance personified

Tazz: I like this Kennedy guy, undefeated and apart of Palmer Cannon's new Smackdown! superstar initiative! Shh! Here comes the best part!

Kennedy: (to Chimel) Listen here tubby, go over there and go scarf another donut, and take notes from a master.(Lights dim, microphone falls from the rafters) Ladies and gentleman, this match is scheduled for ONE fall with a 20 minute, in one corner a man who weights 160 pounds soaking wet, Paul London....London! Take a bow! I weigh in tonight at 242 pounds, I hail from Green Bay, Wisconsin! MISTERRRR KENNEDY.......KENNEDY!

Mr. Kennedy vs. Paul London

The match starts with Kennedy talks trash to London, and London replies with a dropsault which send Kennedy to the mat. Kennedy slidesout of the ringon ro have London crash into him with a suicide dive. London inbounds Kennedy but only gets a two count. London nails Kennedy with a hard right and kicks him a few more times down to the corner. London goes up top for a mushroom stomp but Kennedy crotches him and throws him off the top rope. Kennedy kicks London hard in the ribs a couple of times while talking trash to him.Kenedy pick London up by the hair and nails him with a spike DDT but only gets a two. Kennedy irish whips London hard into the corner and sets him up for the Green Bay Plunge and gets the three count.

Winner: Mr. Kennedy
Kennedy: The winner of this match by pinfall......MISTER KENNEDY!.....Kennedy!

Cole: Another impressive win by this arrogant blowhard Ken Kennedy

Tazz: That's Mistah Kennedy to you, only his friends call him Ken!

Raw Rebound airs highlighting the events of HBK/Jericho match and Shawn Michaels superkicking Cena and Jericho.


"What a Rush" hits as Road Warrior Animal and Heidenrich come to decent pop as they hold up thier tag belts and slap hands with the fans!

Cole: LOD 2005, the WWE tag team champion set for action! And what a comeback it's been for Road Warrior Animal! Tag champion!

Tazz: Yeah that's all fine and dandy, but don't you think the whole spiel with the fans is a bit...I don't know sappy?

The F.B.I. music hits as the Crusierweight Champion Nunzio come out with his body guard Vito as they get some heat.

Non-Title: LOD 2005 vs. Nunzio and Big Vito

The match starts with Heidenreich bringing Nunzio into the ring right away to start off the match. The legal man, Road Warrior Animal, comes in and takes out Nunzio quickly with some power mvoves. Heidenreich gets the tag and he takes out Nunzio with a few right hands followed by a huge running clothesline! Heidenreich covers, but only gets a two count. Animal gets the tag and both hit a double-elbow on Nunzio. Animal sends Nunzio into the corner and connects with a running clothesline. Animal attempts the same in the opposite corner, but Nunzio moves and Animal hits the corner on his bad left shoulder. Vito gets the tag and they ram him into the corner again. Vito works on Animalís bad left shoulder with some stiff elbows. Animal tries to fight back and gets whipped of the ropes and Vito plans him with a flapjack for a two count. Vito then locks a sleeper hold on Animal as they fans will him on. Animal fights back but Vito hits a sleeperslam. Vito takes out Heidenreich, covers Animal, but only gets a two count. Nunzio gets the tag and he goes to work on Animalís left shoulder as well. Nunzio distracts the referee and Vito grabs Animalís left arm and drops it across the top rope. Nunzio covers, but only gets a two count. Nunzio distracts the referee again and Vito start choking out Animal using the ring rope.

Vito gets the tag and he also goes to work on Animalís left shoulder, applying an armbar. Vito then picks up Animal and connects with a savate kick. Vito covers, but only gets a two count. Vito goes up to the top, jumps, Animal catches him in mid-air and applies a scoop slam. Vito tags Nunzio but Heidenrich also gets the hot tag and Heidenrich is a house of fire. Heidenrich clothslines Nunzio twice and then boots Vito off the apron. Heidenrich pick up Nunzio in the elctric chair position and Animal climbs the top rope and they hit the Doomsday Device for the three count!

Winner: Legion of Doom 2005
Heidenrich and Animal hug and celebrates as fans cheer them on, but they get interrupted immediately by MNM on the titantron who are in thier own locker rooms.

Nitro: Congrats LOD, what's the L stand for Lame? You have one over the hill doofus and a poem reading freak with an overactive pituitary gland.

Mercury: You have what we want, the WWE Tag Team Titles! Those are our property!

Melina: MNM is the "it" team on the scene! And you'll be seeing alot more of us LOD, we guarantee that!
LOD shrugs it off and continue celebrating with the fans!

Cole: Well looks like MNM wants back their tag team titles!

Tazz: Well I like seeing MNM as long as that hot tomata Melina is around.

Backstage: General Manager Teddy Long with Christian

Christian: Teddy Long, what the hell is wrong with you. How could you leave the me off of Summerslam?! I mean you saw the peeps riot outside of Washington D.C.! They demanded some Captain Charisma!

Teddy: Now hold on playa, look now Christian. It was an executive decision to keep you off Summerslam, you haven't been too impressive since coming over here playa, you feel me? You gotta make you mark.

Christian: Make my mark, well you know what Teddy, you want impact. I'll show you impact!

Screen cuts to Bobby Lashley walking to ring as he looks pumped for his upcoming match!

Cole: A not so pleased Christian but coming up next the impressive Bobby Lashley in action, next!

Lashley's music as fans give a nice pop as strolls down the ring all buisness as usual!

Cole: Well Tazz you talk about Kennedy being impressive, so has this young man as part of the Palmer Cannon new Smackdown! superstar Intiative!

Tazz: Damn right about that Cole, undefeated like Kennedy, strong, agile, quick, skilled! Reminds me of...me!

Simon Dean's music hits as he rolls out on his segway with a goofy expression on his face as he gets some heat.

Cole: This man is the definition of the word dork.

Tazz: Wait a minute! Cole, you callin' someone a dork? If that ain't the kettle calling the pot black, huh?

Bobby Lashley vs Simon Dean

The match starts with Dean getting in a quick headlock, but Lashley launches him into the corner. Dean crawls to the corner and gets the bottom rope as the referee breaks it up. Dean looks to get in a cheap shot when Lashley hits a hook suplex. Lashley gets in a few shoulder charges on Dean in the corner. Lashley launches Dean into the opposite corner, charges, but Dean moves out of the way. Lashley hits the corner with impact. Dean rolls him up but barely gets a one count. Dean charges him but Lashley destroys him with a hard spear! Lashley grabs him by the feet and lifts him high in the air and catches him on his shoulder. Lashley has Dean up and nails him with the Dominator! Lashley covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Lashley
Lashley celebrates and poses, but it's short lived as he ambushed from behind by Booker T! His wife, Sharmell is yelling instructions at him as he strolls down the aisle. Booker lays the boots to Lashley. Booker pulls Lashley up and nails him with a hard Axe Kick! Fans are booing Booker's suprising actions, but Booker doesn't seem to care. Booker lifts him up again and plants him with a Scizzors Kick as he does a Spinaroonie much to the dismay of the crowd.

Cole: What the hell is Booker doing? This uncalled for attack on this young kid and for what reason?

Tazz: I don't know Cole, I just don't know. I never knew Booker and Lashley had beef.

(Commercial Break)

Backstage: Batista is in his locker room warming up for match but he's interrupted by Randy Orton and his father Bob Orton barging in his dressing room.

Orton: Look at you champ. (Orton offers out his hand and Batista shakes it hesistantly). You see Dave; me and you we go way back man! Back to the days of Evolution, the Legend Killer and the Animal. If you've been keeping up with what I've been doing, you've seen how I beat the Undertaker at Summerslam! He's gone from my life and this show!

Batista: (yawns) That's great Randy, but you forgot one little thing Randy, you see. I think I saw a hearse pull up int he driveway...(fans pop loudly) and...I don't know too many people who have hearses..

Orton (nervously): What?...you know....you know...Batista....you know what I'll see you in the ring!

As Orton and his dad leave, Batista chuckles at Orton's neverousness as we cut back to Cole and Tazz.)

Cole (laughing): You think Batista's playing some mind games of his own on Orton?
Tazz: I'll tell you what Taker is one scary and sketchy dude, Orton better watch his back tonight!

"Longhorn" hits as the limo is out and JBL comes out with his Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan as the fans boo them to no end.

Cole: This man, this man is determined to be Number 1 contender and be back on top!

Tazz: Honestly, it's odd seeing JBL without the gold on his shoulder, but he has his chance to get back in the hunt.

"Whatever by Our Savior plays as Chris Benoit walks his United States title in hand as the fans give him a big pop! Benoit gives that toothless smile in the direction of Orlando Jordan.

Cole: I've heard of minutemen, but this man was quicker than that. A dominating performance by Chris Benoit at Summerslam to win the U.S. Title!
Tazz: Cole don't tell us about your love life but anyway, big props to Chris Benoit he is the best at what he does and he proved it at Summerslam!

"Gangsta Lean" hits as the Eddie Guerrero saunters to the ring with his tradmark I'm your Papi shirt as her looks focused as he gets alot of heat.

Cole: Well I know I'm supposed to be unbiased, but I am glad this sicko did not win that ladder match at Summerslam and that finally! Finally, the Mysterio family can enjoy some peace.

Tazz: You're right about that, Guerrero's sick plan to divide a family came up short thanks to ironically, his own wife!

"619" hits as the fans as Rey Mysterio pop from out the smoke as the fans give him a mega-pop as he slaps the hand of his fans but as Mysterio is ready to head to the ring he gets ambushed by Christian!

Cole: And Rey Mysterio he has the whol- what the hell? The hell is Christian doing?

Tazz: Woah!

Christian drags Mysterio and slams him into JBL's limo and lays the boots to him as the fans are erupting in boos. Christian is yelling over and over again "You don't deserve it!". Christian picks up Mysterio and slams his back on the hood of JBL's limo as officials try to stop Christian from continuing his assault, and EMT come out to attend to Mysterio.

Cole: What a vicious assualt by Christian and for what damn reason?
Tazz: Well Christian talked about impact, you think he just made one now? I guess this will just be a triple threat match.
Cole: Mysterio's out! Triple Threat Match, JBL, Guerrero, Benoit when we return!


Triple Threat Number 1 Contender's Match: Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit vs. John Bradshaw Layfield (c)

The bell rings and both lock up. Immediately JBL and Guerrero make a truce to go after Benoit, but Benoit gives each of them a couple of chops to ward them off. Benoit hammers at JBL with some rights and chops the sneaky Guerrero. Benoit corners JBL and lays the boots to him in the corner but Guerrero sneaks behind him and rolls him up a quick two count. Guerrero plants Benoit with a snap suplex and covers for another quick to count. JBL suprises Guerrero with a huge shoulder block. JBL throws Benoit out of the ring and he start to smirk as Guerrero glares at him.

Guerrero and JBL start trading shots and they exchange suplexes. Benoit came back in the ring, and cleared house with suplexes and chops for everyone. He threw Eddie to the outside of the ring and locked JBL in the Crippler Cross face, but it didnít last. Chris went outside to deal with a recovering Eddie, throwing him into the guard rail repeatedly. JBL distracted the ref, and Jordan clocked Benoit and threw him into the ring. JBL gained control and had set Benoit up for a Superplex, but Eddie ran in and tossed Benoit over the top to the outside. JBL was given and electric chair off the ropes. Both challengers knocked one another down, and Benoit came off the top with a diving head butt to Eddie and covers him. JBL broke up the pin. JBL was taken outside, and Guerrero was left with Benoit. Guerrero tried a dropkick but hit the official instead of the Benoit, and now the referee was unconscious outside the ring. JBL wanted to went for the Clothesline from Hell, but it was reversed into the Crossface as the crowd is going nuts. Guerrero tried to intervene but that was reversed into the cross face. Still no referee, so Benoit tries to revive the the offical but Jordan again intervenes and clocks Benoit with a hard right.

Jordan inbounds a downed Benoit, and Guerrero put Benoit into the Lasso from El Passo to a huge round of boos. A new referee ran down but Jordan cuts him off and distracts him while Benoit is fading. JBL broke up the hold with a huge boot to the head of Guerrero. All three men were down and out, and all three made it to there feet. Jordan grabs Benoit's leg and takes him out of the ring as he and Benoit are fighting outside of the ring but Benoit duck his punch and suplexes him on the outside. JBL hits the Last Call and signals for the Clothesline from Hell. Benoit suprises him with the three Germans. The diving headbutt was signaled, but Guerrero pulled JBL moved out of the way. Now all three men were down. JBL nails Guerrero with the Clothesline from Hell, but was slow to grab the pin.

Too slow, as Guerrerro had finally recovered to stop the pin. Benoit finally rises but Guerrero hits his three Amigos and signals for the Frog Splash. Orlando Jordan pushes Guerrero off as he goes to execute it. JBL orders Jordan to grab a chair and he does. JBL gets in Jordan's face and tells him to hit Benoit and not mess it up! Jordan nods but turns around and clocks JBL with the chair as the fans are stunned but cheer loudly! Jordan drops the chair and leaves the ring as Guerrero is confused over what has happened. Guerrero throws Benoit out of the ring and climbs the top and hits a big Frog Splash on a bloody JBL and gets the pinfall!
Winner and Number 1 Contender for the World Heayweight Title at No Mercy: Eddie Guerrero

Cole: Eddie Guerrero is going on to No Mercy! But maybe a bigger story, Orlando Jordan has just cost JBL his shot at No Mercy, are we seeing the Cabinet in full turmoil

Tazz: I'm speechless, the Chief of Staff has just cost JBL his shot at the World Heavyweight Title!
Cole: Ladies and gentlemen! Up next the main event, Batista vs Orton, next!


Replays of Jordan hitting JBL with the chair, and Guerrero hitting the Frog Splash to win.

Backstage: Steve Romero stops Eddie Guerrero for an interview

Romero: Eddie, you are now the Number One Contender for the World Heavy- (Guerrero grabs his mic)

Eddie: Listen, esse. Latino Heat is going on to be the World Heavyweight Champion, homes. I could care less what's going on with Rey getting attacked, or Bradshaw getting clocked with steel chairs, the one thing that matters is Eddie Guerrero is going to win the World Heavyweight Championship and I'm doing for myself....becuase no one will ever take my Latino Heat!
(Eddie has sick smile on his face as the fans boo)

Backstage: UPN Network Executive Palmer Cannon approaches Teddy Long

Cannon: Hey Teddy, I was speaking to the network and um, well seems like we need to really appeal to a certain demographic.

Teddy: Yeah, what you getting at playa?

Cannon: Next week, Smackdown is going to host the first ever, Divas Appreciation Show!
(Cannon laughs and pats a skeptical Teddy Long on the back!)

"Burn In My Light" plays as Randy Orton along with his father Bob Orton comes out with his usual cocky grin and does his pose to tremendous heel heat.

"I Walk Alone" hits and Batista comes out and get a thunderous ovation! Batista does his stage theatrics and the crowd just eats it up as Orton looks unphased.

Non-Title: Batista vs Randy Orton

The bell rings and here we go. Lock up and Batista pushes Orton to the corner. They continue to break, lock up and break. Orton with a headlock on Batista and Batista lifts Orton into the ropes to break it up. Lock up and Orton goes back to the headlock. Orton drives Batista down with a quick drop toe hold and backs off. Orton with a kick to Batista, but Batista fires back sending Orton down. Orton stays down crawling back avoiding Batista. When Batista shoots in Orton grabs Batista and sends him through the ropes to the outside. On the outside, Bob Orton get in some cheap shots. The referee sees this and sends Orton to the back. Orton catches Batista with an elbow on the outside, tosses him back in the ring and sends him shoulder first into the steel ring post. Orton goes to work on the left arm of Batista and tries to keep the action grounded. Batista with a clothesline to Orton in two different corners. Batista with a huge powerslam on Orton.

Batista attempts a Batista Bomb, but Orton jumps off and grabs Batista dropping him in a big neckbreaker. Orton drops a knee over the head of Batista, covers and Batista kicks out after two. Orton locks the head of Batista slowing things down. Batista breaks that up with a big scoop slam. Batista with shoulder charges on Orton in the corner. Orton with a kick to the face off the ropes. Orton hits the ropes again and Batista grabs Orton launching him over the top rope to the outside. Orton favors his shoulder after he hits the mat. Batista walks out with Orton. Orton slides back in, grabs Batista through the ropes and drops him with a big DDT. Cover by Orton and Batista is able to kick out after two. Orton then begins to stomp over Batista in various areas. Orton drops a big knee over Batistaís head and then leaves the ring. Orton pulls Batista to the ring apron and gets in a few shots. Orton tosses Batista off and returns to the ring.

As we we return from break, Orton pulls Batista back in and goes back to the chinlock. Orton keeps the chinlock applied until Batista backs him up into the corner to break it up. Batista with a big side slam on Orton. Orton and Batista exchange right hands. Batista with a clothesline in the corner on Orton. Batista levels Orton with another big clothesline as he came off the ropes and then clotheslined Orton over the top rope to the outside. Batista sends Orton face first into the ring apron and tosses him back inside. Batista goes up top and Orton cuts him off with a big right hand. Orton climbs up, grabs Batista and hits a huge superplex! Orton with a hook of the leg and Batista gets a shoulder up after two. Batista with a big spinebuster to respond. Batista hooks the leg and Orton kicks out after two. Batista with a modified spinning side slam on Orton, covers and Orton kicks out after two. Batista attempts a Spear and Orton catches him with a big kick to cut him off. Orton drops Batista with a backbreaker, covers and Batista again kicks out. Orton becomes fired up and begins stalking Batista. But as he does a familiar gong sounds and Orton gets frantic and looks around. He tries refocus but the gong sounds again and he starts yelling at the ref to make it stop. RKO attempt, Batista counters and lifts Orton up slamming back back on the mat. Cover by Batista and Orton somehow kicks out after two. Orton with a kick and DDT on Batista. Orton attempts his another RKO, but another gong sounds and Orton is losing it! Orton charges at Batista but get planted with a hard spinebuster. Batista shakes the ropes and signals thumbs down. Batista picks Orton up and plants him with a Batista Bomb. Batista hooks the leg and gets pinfall!

Winner: Batista
Cole: Batista wins! The Undertaker has continued to play more mind games with the Undertaker!

Tazz: Damn sure did, the Deadman is coming back for Orton!

Batista celebrates and plays to the crowd until "Gangsta Lean" plays again and it's Eddie Guerrero, he comes out and claps for Batista and starts smiling at him as Batista looks skeptical and continue celebrating until Smackdown comes to a close.
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Re: RJSBX1 presents :WWE 2005


- Hardcore Holly def. a local

- Doug Basham def. Funaki

- Matt Morgan def. Scotty 2 Hotty

- Brian Kendrick def. William Regal

Sunday Night Heat:August 28,2005

- Tomko def. The Hurricane w/Rosey

-Val Venis def. Caprice Coleman

-Victoria def. Stacy Keibler

- Kerwin White def. Eugene

Sunday Night Heat
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Re: RJSBX1 presents :WWE 2005

SmackDown Feedback

Just as a note, I'm interested in seeing what you do with this thread and how your storylines develop since our threads are starting to close together in terms of time period.

First off, make sure to proofread your shows because spelling/grammar mistakes really hurt the flow and don't leave a good impression. Also, try to keep everyone in character (as an example, Michael Cole would never use the word 'mate').

The JBL promo was OK. Leaving a line between dialogue and anything non-dialogue (e.g. crowd reactions) should be considered as it makes things easier to read. JBL was in his usual whiny spirit, while also being pissed off which was good. Ripping into OJ at the beginning was hypocritical since JBL lost, too. Some typical JBL-esque remarks added a nice touch, but the part where JBL rambled on about Batista wanting to powerbomb him onto the steel steps felt a little bland. Still a nice promo overall, though, but room for improvement, of course. I can see some potential, which is good.

Mr. Kennedy hasn't yet debuted. Well actually, this was his debut episode irl, but you implied here that he's already debuted. Kennedy's your future so work with that, but don't rush him into the main event scene plz. Give him proper time to develop and he'll be your number one guy. Match was meh. These two could probably put on something solid if given proper time, but this match felt forced and bland. Try and set more of a definite flow for your matches.

2 matches and we've yet to have a backstage promo? LOD 2005 made me chuckle. Nice for the heels to work on Animal's shoulder. But then again, if you didn't understand the basic chemistry for tag team wrestling I'd probably cry. Sadly, there was no comeback for LOD ... they just won out of nowhere. LOD winning was the better decision imo.

Try and keep Nitro and Mercury away from a microphone as much as possible. Well, it's your decision, but Melina always did a solid job on the mike and always seemed to draw good heat. Promo was meh, but it served its purpose so I'll live.

Hm @ Christian promo. Losing streak coming? Lashley vs. Dean ... yeah, easy one there. So far the matches have all been fairly predictable which I'd try to avoid for the future. However, sometimes you just have to book the matches that are predictable, which I understand. Lashley/Booker feud could work. Oh btw, Lashley didn't debut until late September.

Batista/Orton promo was bad, I'm sorry to say. It set up a match for later which is good and at least means that you're making everything purposeful, but Orton's line where he challenged Batista was just forced, out of character, and cringe-worthy. Your skills will improve over time, however, if you stick to this and really work on improving.

Christian/Mysterio feud could be quite good if you book it right. I noticed there's a (c) beside JBL. Is he the number one contender and now defending his contendership? I'm confused. The match was decent, but my big problem here is that you've already decided on a match for a Pay-Per-View that's still like 7 weeks away or something. I think you could've used these next few weeks to slowly ease into the match-making for No Mercy, and perhaps tease/develop feuds before matches are made. Eddie winning is OK, and it makes me curious as to what's next for both JBL and Benoit. JBL vs. OJ feud would be kinda meh, though I like the idea of adding some flare to things.

Batista/Orton is a nice main event. I was kind of hoping Orton would pull through, just to make things interesting and all, but I suppose you aren't quite through with Taker/Orton yet, which is fine with me.

Overall, there's some potential here to improve, but continue to work and really focus in on your weaknesses. The show was too short (backstage promos were far too short), the matches generally lacked a good sense of direction and flow, at times the dialogue in interviews and promos and such seemed stale and forced, and there were some errors in terms of spelling/grammar that hurt the flow. However, you seem to have some plans set for No Mercy so I'll see what happens and where you go with this. Good luck .
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