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Re: OML presents WWE 2011: Era of Prominence

This thread looks great man. I'm glad you're doing this again. We've done this before many times and I'm glad you've found the motivation to do this again. Don't lose hope with this and don't let your momentum run out. Realize why you're writing this and be different. Do something unconventional. Do some risk taking. Because if you do the dumbest storyline guess won't lose money because this is BTB not real life. So go bold. Best of luck!

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Re: OML presents WWE 2011: Era of Prominence

Tried a different format similar to Wolfys let me know what you think. May go into more detail for raw but for now no more full shows other than PPV's. Enjoy SD

Friday Night Smackdown
Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | July 29, 2011

The show opens with a recap of last weeks main event, where Mark Henry and Christian defeated Kane and Randy Orton. Henry pinned Kane with the Worlds Strongest Slam. After the match, Orton gave Christian an RKO. He then attempted one on Henry but he countered into another Worlds Strongest Slam taking down the Viper. We then get a further preview of tonight’s # 1 contender match between Orton and Henry where the winner will go onto Summerslam to take on Christian for the World Title.




After the announcers welcome us to the show and preview tonight’s # 1 contender match, Mr. Money in the Bank, Daniel Bryan comes out to a nice reception. He jogs down to the ring pointing his finger in the air. The announcers remind everyone of last week where Daniel Bryan announced he would cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase at Survivor Series. Bryan has a smile on his face and is given a mic.

Bryan addresses the WWE Universe and talks about his decision to cash in the money in the bank at Survivor Series. He tells everyone how long of a road this has been to get where he is. He spent years perfecting his craft and to finally be standing here with the opportunity at the World Championship, he will not let this opportunity slip.

Over the next few months, Bryan says he is going to work his ass and will be on top of his game by then. He wants to win the title in a classy way and a memorable one. He doesn’t agree with how some past case holders have won their championship. Bryan says he doesn’t just wanna win the World Championship, he wants to be a World Champion and that starts now. Bryan says he is more focused and determined than ever!


The awesome music cuts of Daniel Bryan in the middle of his passionate speech. Miz comes down wearing a highly fashionable suit. Miz has a huge grin on his face and laughs as he walks down to the ring. Bryan looks to be confused why Miz, a raw superstar is coming out right now. Miz enters the ring as the two old rivals don’t take their eyes off of one another. Michael Cole emphasizes what a special treat it is to have Miz on Smackdown.

Miz comes out and puts down Bryan in typical fashion saying he is nothing more than a glorified backyard wrestler. That he doesn’t have the look, personality, or charisma to be a superstar. Miz points out the difference in the two’s appearances and just laughs at the thought of Bryan becoming World Champion. Bryan reminds Miz he told him all this stuff back when he was his pro on NXT and look at Bryan now, he is Mr. Money in the Bank!!

Miz says that with Bryan having somehow having that briefcase he should be smart about it. He should cash it in and win the title just how he did last year and then maybe you will go on to be a success. Bryan says he hasn’t listened to one word Miz has said yet and thus far he has been pretty successful. Bryan says he wants to be known as the hardest working World Champion who earned his title, not stole it. Miz says that if you want to see someone earn a title watch this Monday on Raw, when Miz becomes the new WWE Champion by winning the 20 man battle royal.

Bryan tells Miz that he knows he can and will win the big one at Survivor Series and what keeps him motivated is shoving it in the faces of people like the Miz and Michael Cole. Bryan says Miz should leave the ring because he will make him tap just like he did at Night of Champions last year when he won the US title from him. Miz is irate that Bryan mentioned that. Miz takes his jacket off and it seems as if Bryan and Miz are about to go at it.


Wade Barrett makes his way out onto the stage to the displeasure of the crowd and the two men in the ring. Barrett stands on the stage with a mic and assures everyone that Daniel Bryan’s victory at Money in the Bank was indeed a fluke. Barrett knows Bryan doesn’t have what it takes to win the big one at Survivor Series, which is why Barrett dropped Bryan from Nexus last summer.

Bryan says that everyone putting him down and saying he can’t win just motivates him even more. Barrett laughs and says he promises he will become World Champion before Daniel. Barrett says he is going to win the Smackdown Summer Showcase and go onto Night of Champions to become champion. Bryan reminds Barrett he has to go through him to get there and says they should have their qualifying match, right now! Barrett accepts and heads towards the ring. Meanwhile Bryan stares down Miz, as Miz grabs his jacket puts it back on and exits the ring.

The crowd boos as Miz looks around with disgust as he has nothing to prove. Miz then joins Michael Cole and Josh Matthews for commentary. Michael Cole has a huge boner and is so excited Miz is sitting next to him. The Smackdown Summer Showcase Qualifying Match is next!


Match 1
Smackdown Summer Showcase Qualifying Match
Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett

In the first of four qualifying matches two former NXT members square off. The crowd is really into this match as both these men were expected to be in the showcase match so it will be shocking to see one not get in. Throughout the match, Miz and Michael Cole on commentary put down Daniel Bryan and ride their own egos even more. This is a standard TV match with some good back and forth action. Towards the middle of the match Barrett takes control and slows down the pace of the match.

Barrett has Bryan in the corner and charges at him but Bryan dodges at the last second and goes shoulder first into the ring post. This is the turning point as Bryan now takes control and quickens the pace. He takes down the bigger Barrett with two flying clotheslines followed by a huge missile dropkick off the top rope! Bryan begins nailing Barrett in the midsection with vicious kicks as he is on his knees. Bryan goes for a big one to the back of the head but Barrett ducks. Bryan swings around right into the winds of change spinning slam. Bryan kicks out however. Barrett goes for pump handle slam but Bryan counters in midair into a small package but Barrett kicks out at 2.

The crowd is on the edge of its seat now as both guys are giving it there all and impressing in this highstakes matchup. Bryan quickly gets up from the pin and kicks Barrett in the back of the head with a vicious roundhouse kick. Bryan locks in the Lebell lock but Barrett eventually reaches for the ropes. During this Cole leaves the announce desk. He is at ringside shouting at Bryan. Bryan kicks Coles hand on the ropes. The referee tells Cole to go back to the desk. As this is happening Bryan climbs the ropes and the Miz leaves the announce desk as well and kicks out Bryan’s leg as he lands crotch first on the top rope.

The crowd boos as Miz has a big grin on his face as he walks up the ramp. Cole returns to the announce desk as Josh Matthews bombards him with questions. Barrett takes control of the situation and grabs Bryan off the top rope and hits the Wasteland! He hooks the leg and defeats Bryan becoming the first man to qualify for the Smackdown Summer Showcase.

Winner @ 11:51, Wade Barrett

The fans are mad as Barrett has stole this victory from Mr. Money in the Bank. Barrett smiles as he is one step closer to becoming World Champion. Michael Cole on commentary says Bryan deserves what happened because he kicked his hand. He says this proves Barrett is better and Bryan is a joke. Bryan soon slowly gets up and looks over a Cole. Bryan is not pleased to say the least as the two lock eyes. Bryan will not forget what just happened.

We then cut backstage where the new Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase are discussing plans for the Summer Showcase. Rhodes brags about how he became the new champion last week and how it is time for them to get focused and continue to win gold. Dibiase brings up the confrontation with Ezekiel Jackson last night on Superstars. Rhodes tells Dibiase that he has faith in him and that he will qualify for the SSS later by beating Jackson.

Cody Rhodes then lets everyone know he has a qualifying match next week and later tonight he has a message to deliver to everyone. He has something to get off his chest which has been eating away at him for quite some time.


We return and backstage Matt Striker is standing by with the Viper. He asks Randy Orton about what happened last week when Mark Henry gave him the Worlds Strongest Slam. Orton says that Henry is a seasoned veteran and scouted him and saw the RKO coming. He tells everyone though that the best part about the RKO is it can come out of anywhere and there is no way to scout it perfectly.

Striker than asks about the number 1 contender match tonight and earning another shot at Christian and the World Title. Orton says that he isn’t going to look past Mark Henry. He knows first hand how dangerous he can be and says that Henry has proved it these last few months. With that said he is determined to get his hands on Christian and win back the title he never lost. Orton says at Money in the Bank his temper got the best of him but tonight he is going to use that temper to his strength when he takes out the Worlds Strongest Man.


Justin Gabriel comes out full of energy hopping around trying to hype up the crowd. He gets a decent reception as he flips into the ring looking to make the best of this huge opportunity he is getting.


Heath Slater comes to the ring slowly, whipping his hair around. He looks very confident going against his former partner he knows so well. Slater lets out a big scream as he enters the ring.

Match 2
Smackdown Summer Showcase Qualifying Match
Heath Slater vs Justin Gabriel

In another battle of former Nexus members two young up and coming superstars try and make their names as singles competitors. In what is easily the biggest single match of both these young men’s careers, they both wowed the crowd. After brawling last week coming off their break up as a team these two give every thing they have to get into the showcase. It is a very fast paced match, with various aerial, high impact moves. Gabriel hits a springboard senton and a very impressive hurricarana from the second rope catching Slater on the apron to the floor! Gabriel tries another springboard, this time a moonsault to the outside but Slater side steps and Gabriel lands on the floor hard on his knees.

Slater impresses as well with a flying crossbody and spinning spinebuster. He follows up with a corkscrew plancha from the ropes but Gabriel gets his knees up. Both men are down feeling the affects of this spotfest that has impressed the crowd and the announcers.

Both men slowly get up and exchange blows, they continue the back and forth exchange of moves until Slater hangs Gabriel up throat first across the rope. Gabriel is out on his feet and Slater hits the jumping neckbreaker, but Gabriel somehow kicks out! Slater then attempts a jumping reverse STO but Gabriel pushes Slater off and bounces off the ropes into a spinning wheel kick from Gabriel! The kick echoes throughout the arena and Slater sells it like a champ. Gabriel climbs to the top rope and hits the 450 splash and advances to Summerslam.

Winner @ 8:09, Justin Gabriel

Gabriel rises to his feet holding his midsection and pumps his fist out of excitement after the huge win. It has set in for Gabriel that he has just won an opportunity of a lifetime. He climbs up to the second rope and celebrates as the fans cheer Gabriel and for the match they just saw which surprised them.


From Summerslam 2002, the WWE Champion, The Rock defended his title against the Next Big Thing, Brock Lesnar in an epic battle that signified a passing of the torch. After a brutal war Lesnar would eventually win the match to the approval of the thousands in attendance at the Nassau Coliseum becoming the youngest WWE Champion in history going down as a moment that would never be forgotten, as this would be the last time the Rock would be champion and the beginning of the Brock Lesnar era.



The video package highlights the opening triple threat match between Miz, Del Rio, and Mysterio competing in an awesome match for the WWE Championship. The end of the match comes when Miz hits a Skull Crushing Finale on Mysterio. Just when everyone thinks Miz is gonna win the WWE Title, the recently fired John Cena comes into the ring and gives Miz an AA!! McMahon comes out with nearly a dozen security guards as they chase Cena out of the arena. McMahon meanwhile is enraged at the chaos and how he once again couldn’t crown a new champion. McMahon tells everyone he will make an announcement about the future of the WWE Title.

We get a video transition to later in the evening. McMahon comes out and say he must put an end to all the chaos. This isn’t how things are going to go. Cena is still fired, Punk will be forgotten and we will move on and crown a new WWE Champion. This brings out the returning Triple H to a huge reception. He tells McMahon that he needs to do what is best for the business. He cannot let Punk get away with this. He is spitting on the legacy of the title, the company and our family. McMahon says by acknowledging Punk it will give him what he wants. McMahon announces next week on Raw a 20 man battle royal to once and for all crown a new WWE Champion.

This brings out CM PUNK!! He stands on the stage and puts down the title for Vince to take. McMahon is pissed at how Punk got into the building but hesitantly goes to take the title. As he does Punk kicks McMahon in the back of the head!!! Punk storms off with the hit and run as Triple H and EMT’s tend to Mr. McMahon.

Michael Cole and Josh Matthews discuss the WWE Title situation and what Punk did. They talk about he 20 man battle royal this week on Raw and the fact that Triple H says he will be on Raw with a message for CM Punk.


The arena lights up green as Sheamus comes out and looks totally focused and determined. He pounds his chest and is prepared for a war. We see a replay of Sheamus injuring Sin Cara last week with the powerbomb on the floor.


The familiar pyro goes off as Kane comes out also with no emotion ready for this big battle. Kane enters the ring and does his usual pyro entrance which doesn’t phase Sheamus. Both these men are expected to be in the showcase so it will be a surprise to see one miss out.

Match 3
Smackdown Summer Showcase Qualifying Match
Kane vs Sheamus

In another qualifying bout where both men are expected to make the showcase only one can prevail, as these two behemoths battle. In an expected slugfest these two truly beat the hell out of each other. Both men exchange forearm shots and vicious clubbing right hands. Kane bests Sheamus in the corner as he hammers away with huge uppercuts followed by a running clothesline into a sidewalk slam. Both men exchange right hands on the apron as Sheamus tries a clothesline but Kane ducks and hits a big boot, which sends Sheamus landing hard on the apron to the floor.

The two then take the battle to the outside as they throw eachother into the steel steps, the barricade and even smack each other around off the announce table. The referee lets the brawl go by not counting them out but tries to get them back in the ring. Kane takes the cover off the announce table and smacks Sheamus in the back with it. Kane then throws Sheamus head first into the steel post. The crowd goes nuts loving the mean streak of Kane. As the brawl continues we head to a commercial.


We return from the break and Sheamus is now in control stomping Kane in the corner. He drives his knee to the face of Kane. He puts Kane on the apron and grabs his arms under the ropes and pounds away 10 times to the chest of Kane turning it red. Sheamus brings Kane back into the ring and takes him down with a rolling fireman carry slam. Sheamus eventually gets Kane into a camel clutch as he is now in full control. Soon Kane gets to his feet and backs Sheamus into the corner but he still has it locked in. He rams him once more into the corner. Kane gets free and tries a clothesline but Sheamus ducks and grabs his arm in one motion into a Irish Curse backbreaker.

Sheamus once again goes for a pin but Kane kicks out as Sheamus is frustrated. Sheamus whips Kane off the ropes and tries a double axe handle but Kane ducks and connects with an unexpected Chokeslam!! The crowd goes wild but Sheamus kicks out after a long two count. Kane climbs to the top rope and leaps off with a flying clothesline but Sheamus moves. Kane gets back up into Sheamus who picks him up into a running front powerslam! Sheamus pounds his chest in the corner waiting for Kane to get up. He attempts a Brogue Kick but Kane cuts him off with a big boot!

Kane wiggles his fingers wanting another Chokeslam. Kane grabs the throat to a big pop. He lifts Sheamus up but Sheamus lands on his feet and tries another Brogue Kick but Kane catches his foot and spins him around. Kane then lifts him up for a tombstone but Sheamus lands behind him. Sheamus collapses and exits the ring under the ropes. Kane looks confused and follows him around ringside. Sheamus gets back into the ring first, followed by Kane. Sheamus attempts for the third time the Brogue Kick and this time finally connects!!! Sheamus falls into the cover and picks up the win in this brutal, physical war.

Winner @ 16:02, Sheamus

Sheamus who is exhausted with marks all over his body from the war slowly makes his way to his feet. He pounds his chest and yells out “fella” to a bunch of boos. Sheamus stands on the second rope and makes the signal for the title around his waist. The announcers put over the brutality of the match.

Matt Striker is now standing by with the other man in tonight’s number one contenders match, the Worlds Strongest Man, Mark Henry. Matt Striker looks minuscule compared to the mammoth Mark Henry who intimidates Striker with his presence. Striker asks Henry about his recent path of destruction over the past few months. Henry with an angry look on his face yells that he has always been capable of this domination but for whatever reason have always had something clouding me. “Well I have realized I don’t need to step aside for nobody, I will just move them aside to get what is mine.”

Striker then asks him about the number 1 contender match against Orton tonight. Henry says he has waited over a decade for an opportunity to be World Champion and he’ll be damned if some silver spoon fed punk was gonna stop me. He said he will take the head of the Viper and cut it off tonight! He says then Christian will be next in line and no matter how smart he thinks he is it won’t matter because he will be inducted into the hall of pain.


* Summerslam Video Promo *

Michael Cole and Josh Matthews hype up the number 1 contender match between Orton and Mark Henry. They also recap the 3 men who have qualified so far for the Smackdown Summer Showcase (Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, and Sheamus)

Already in the ring is Ted Dibiase standing next to Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes. Dibiase stretches his arms as Cody gives him a pep talk. Highlights of Superstars from last night are shown where Jackson went face to face with Dibiase and Rhodes.


The powerhouse Ezekiel Jackson comes out looking determined to not only get revenge for last week but also looking to make a name for himself and qualify for the showcase. The fans give a small pop as Jackson flexes in the ring trying to intimidate his opponent. Rhodes reassures Dibiase everything is fine.

Match 4
Smackdown Summer Showcase Qualifying Match
Ted Dibiase vs Ezekiel Jackson

Dibiase looks intimidated by Jackson to say the least who is still angry after being robbed out of the IC Title last week. Cody cheers on from the outside and Jackson locks up with Dibiase and backs him into the corner. The referee breaks it. This continues for a few moments as the beginning of the match is really slow paced. The crowd is not into this match, as it is slow paced and we just came off a long match between a two big stars. Jackson dominates the early going throwing Dibiase around the ring with various power moves.

Jackson has Dibiase up for a gorilla press slam high above his head when Rhodes pulls Jackson’s leg. Jackson puts down Dibiase and turns his attention to Rhodes. The referee tells Rhodes to leave. Cody isn’t happy, but Jackson doesn’t care as he exits the ring and chases Cody. Rhodes runs up the ramp to the top. Jackson stops and screams at him. Jackson makes his way back into the ring, but is met with a picture perfect standing dropkick by Dibiase. Dibiase quickly goes into the cover but Jackson kicks out at 1. Dibiase is in control over the next few moments hitting various elbow drops and even the fist drop out of his dad’s playbook. Dibiase then tries to take another move from the Million Dollar Man and locks in the Million Dollar Dream cobra clutch. Jackson tries to squirm out but he fades and drops to a knee. The referee lifts Jackson’s arm as it falls twice, but keeps it up the 3rd time. Jackson pulls Dibiase over him and he rolls out of the hold.

Jackson takes down Dibiase with several big shoulder blocks. He then follows up with 3 consecutive scoop slams. Jackson then picks up Dibiase into the Torture Rack!! Dibiase franticly tries to get out waving his arms around reaching for the ropes and screaming but Jackson is in the middle of the ring. Dibiase has no choice but to tap out.

Winner @ 6:34, Ezekiel Jackson

Jackson drops Dibiase down to the mat as Jackson raises his hands in victory. The crowd gives a nice reception for the big win. Jackson, for the first time shows some kind of emotion other than anger as he has qualified for the showcase. Jackson continues to celebrate when from behind, Wade Barrett smacks Jackson in the back with a steel chair!!

The man who cost Jackson the IC Title the week before has just attacked Big Zeke. Barrett drops the chair and smiles. He raises his hand over his fallen former ally. Both men will be in the Smackdown Summer Showcase so Barrett better watch his back. Barrett exits the ring and walks up the ramp talking trash to the crowd. He doesn’t realize as in the ring Zeke begins getting up. He grabs the chair and exits the ring. The fans go nuts cheering as Jackson walks up the ramp. Barrett sees this on the screen and begins running. Jackson chases him out to the back as we go to a commercial.


Add hyping the 20 man battle royal this Monday on Raw to crown a new WWE Champion, as well as Triple H’s message for CM Punk.

We return in the ring as Ted Dibiase sits in the corner holding his back from the match that just took place. Standing in the center of the ring is the Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes. He has his title on his shoulder and is holding a mic wearing his new gray Cody Rhodes shirt. The fans boo as this agitates Cody.

Cody Rhodes says he doesn’t want to look at Ted Dibiase. He is disgusted at him. That he feels like he has wasted his time trying to rejuvenate his career. He reminds everyone how they used to be considered equals, but now Cody is far superior. He says Ted better snap out of it soon or he’ll be gone.

Cody moves onto himself more importantly and says next week he will qualify for the Smackdown Summer Showcase. He will go down in history as the first man to be Intercontinental Champion and World Champion. Cody says it is his time to be at the next level. He has been held back and overshadowed for too long. He has been compared to everyone and he is sick of comparisons. Whether it be to his father, Dusty Rhodes, his brother Goldust, or Randy Orton in Legacy, Rhodes is ready to step out on his own and create his own legacy.

He says you can now refer to him as the “One and Only” Cody Rhodes. He is sick of old, expired hacks trying to latch one to the spotlight and have one last moment of glory. It is time for them to step aside and time for him to step into the spotlight and to take his spot at the top of the mountain.

All of a sudden the lights go out in the arena. A big white pyro goes off across the stage. Across the titantron in blue lights in white letters in typed letters it says.. The One and Only… Y_2_J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd goes absolutely nuts!! The pyro goes off once again as we get the countdown from 10.












The crowd goes apeshit! It is by far the pop of the night! Cody looks confused and upset in the ring. Jericho comes out onto the stage doing his pose with his arms spread wearing a light up jacket and jeans. He spins around and screams out “YEEAAAHHH!” Jericho walks down the ramp and slaps hands with all the fans at ringside. The announcers are stunned as well as this is the first time Jericho has been back since last October, nearly 1 year!

Jericho stands in the ring, as his music dies down. The fans chant Y2J wildly as this reception is something special. Cody Rhodes goes nose to nose with Jericho. Cody shakes his head in disgust. Jericho doesn’t back away. Cody however takes a step back. The crowd is still chanting “Y2J”. Cody slowly back away and says “This is exactly what I was talking about.” Cody exits through the ropes, as the fans boo heavily. Jericho smiles however as he sees Ted Dibiase getting up in the corner. The fans go nuts as Jericho stalks him. Dibiase gets up and is hit with a Codebreaker from Jericho!! Dibiase continues the burial as he is once again on his back.

Jericho’s music goes back on as the cheers don’t let up. The announcers put over what a big moment this was and how great it is to have one of the greatest of all time back. Jericho climbs on the ropes and riles up the crowd some more. This continues for several more moments without any commentary letting the moment sink in before we head to the back.

In Teddy Long’s office he is watching Jericho’s return on the TV. He is on the phone. With the conversation that takes place we assume it is with the executive from the board who met up with Teddy and told him he had to freshen things up and make things better last week.

Teddy Long talks about how Jericho’s return is something he helped happen. He says thank you and then talks about the Smackdown Summer Showcase. He says, “ I’m glad you enjoyed it. I will continue to keep spicing things up. I look forward to seeing you then.” Teddy hangs up the phone and takes a deep breath nervous about how this may end up with him losing his job.

Teddy then turns his attention as Ezekiel Jackson walks in. Teddy congratulates Zeke for qualifying earlier. Zeke thanks him but says he wants Barrett. After Barrett hit him with a chair earlier and cost him his title last week he wants to get his hands on him. Teddy says he agrees with Jackson and says next week one on one it will be Ezekiel Jackson vs Wade Barrett. Jackson has a huge smile on his face and nods.

We see World Champion Christian wearing a black dress shirt and jeans walking in the back toward the ring. He addresses the WWE Universe and watches the number 1 contender match, next.



The World Champion comes out to a ton of heat. He holds his title high still on his high horse from winning the title 12 days ago at Money in the Bank. Christian has a huge smile on his face as he comes to the ring and grabs a mic. He points to his head as if to say he is the smartest.

The heat continues as Christian begins talking. He talks about how this second championship reign will be different than his first one. He now knows what to expect this time around. He is going to be one step ahead of everybody. He was one step ahead of Randy Orton at Money in the Bank and will continue to be ahead of his opponents. He said his first reign taught him talent and hard work doesn’t matter. All that matters to him is the end justifying the means.

He says he will be remembered as the most witty and savvy World Champion ever. He will be known as the most intelligent World Champion ever. As for this number one contender match coming up, he doesn’t care who wins. He will be sitting at ringside and watching. He says his intelligence will lead him to the right opponent.

Christian exits the ring and grabs a chair and places it in front of the announce table. Christian sits patiently waiting for this huge upcoming match.


We get a shot from behind the massive back of Mark Henry. He shakes his head as the water/sweat splashes everywhere. Henry screams, as he looks very intimidating walking towards the ring. He rips off his t-shirt and stomps up the steps into the ring. Once in the ring, he paces around looking at Christian and the World Championship.


A massive pop as the Viper comes out onto the stage. Orton stands at the top of the ramp soaking in the cheers. Orton walks down the ring slowly and methodically with no emotion. He gets into the ring and poses on the ropes staring at Christian but looks over his shoulder at Henry as well. Henry and Orton go face to face as this big match is about to get under way.

Match 5
# 1 Contender Match for World Title Match at Summerslam
Mark Henry vs Randy Orton

In the main event, two of the hottest superstars in terms of momentum on Smackdown the past few months square off to see who will become the # 1 contender. At ringside, Christian watches on with his arms crossed watching intently. The two men lock up as Henry shows his strength tossing Orton to the canvas. Henry screams out of confidence as this angers Orton. They go to lock up again but Orton won’t fall for it this time as instead he pulls back and kicks Henry in the midsection. He hammers Henry with right hands backing him into the ropes.

Orton continues pounding away at Henry with kicks and punches. Orton hits Henry with several big uppercuts. Orton even manages a big Angle Slam out of nowhere! With Henry down Orton stomps around Henry 360 degrees. Orton hits a jumping knee to the face. Orton is in full control as he looks at Christian and smiles. Christian tells him to worry about Henry. Orton turns around and lifts up Henry when Henry wakes up and hits Orton with a headbutt. Orton is out on his feet and Henry takes him down with a scoop slam followed by a big splash. Orton somehow kicks out. Now Henry looks at Christian playing mind games, barking at the champ. Christian isn’t phased by Henry either. Henry lifts up Orton and Orton now connects with a move out of nowhere, a nice standing dropkick. Orton bounces off the ropes with a clothesline and Henry tries one as well. The clotheslines take down both men. Christian stands up at ringside and looks on with both men down as we go to our final commercial break.


We return and Mark Henry has Randy Orton squeezed in a bear hug in the middle of the ring. The fans clap as Orton begins to fight back. He elbows his way out of the punishing hold. Orton bounces off the ropes but runs straight into the 400-pound frame of the Worlds Strongest Man. Henry climbs up the second rope and looks down at Orton. He jumps off with a corner slingshot splash but Orton moves at the last minute. Both men are down as this is the turning point of the match.

Orton gets up getting the best of Henry with right hands and two clotheslines. Still Henry is on his feet staggered. Henry tries a wild clothesline but Orton ducks and grabs the head of Henry. He takes down Mark with an inverted headlock backbreaker. This also takes a toll on Orton’s back. The match is now nearing the end as Orton attempts an RKO but Henry pushes him off and attempts a Worlds Strongest Slam. Orton goes over Henry and lands on his feet attempting another RKO. Henry again pushes Orton off but this time sends him into the corner almost into the referee, but Orton puts on the brakes. Henry charges at Orton and splashes him in the corner, which also takes out the referee!!!

Orton is out on his knees. Henry picks up Orton and viciously hits a Worlds Strongest Slam!! Henry hooks the leg but there is no referee. All of a sudden a new referee comes sprinting down the ramp. He goes into the ring and counts the cover. 1………2………………. ORTON KICKS OUT!!

Henry is in shock. He pounds the mat out of frustration. The crowd goes wild in the background. Henry gets up and walks towards the referee. The referee cautiously backs into the corner. Henry grabs the ref and throws him through the middle rope to the floor. Henry is furious, as he shouts getting heat from the crowd. He turns around right into an RKO!!! The fans go wild, although this took almost every last bit of energy of Orton. Orton gets up with helps of the rope and paces around, swinging back and forth waiting for Henry to get up to hit another RKO. Henry slowly gets up when from behind Christian blasts Orton in the back of the head with the World Title Belt!!!

Christian stands over the fallen Orton and holds his title up to massive heat. Henry stands behind Christian. Christian turns around and puts his hands up and tries to talk his way out of it. Henry screams “ I don’t need no help!!” Christian backs away as Henry tries to pick up Orton. Christian from behind blasts Henry in the back with the Belt!! Christian now stands tall over both fallen potential opponents holding his title high. There is now mass confusion as we still don’t have a winner?!?!

No Contest @ 18:13

Christian grabs a mic and says that just like on Raw with the title match the interference means that there is no winner. Neither man deserves to face him for the World Title at Summerslam. This once again proves that Christian is the most intelligent World Champion in history because once again he is a step ahead of his opponents.


Teddy Long comes out to a big pop with his hand up. He is wearing one of his usual over sized suits. Christian isn’t happy to see Teddy and somewhat knows what is coming. Teddy says the usual “ Hold on there playa” before telling Christian this is Smackdown, not Raw. Teddy Long will not let things happen like that.

Teddy tells Christian he may be a step ahead of his opponents but he is one step ahead of Christian and he saw this coming from the second he sat at ringside. Teddy tells Christian because of this at Summerslam he will defend his title against both Mark Henry and Randy Orton! Christian is pissed at the announcement for the triple threat. The crowd gives a nice response, as Christian screams, “ NO!! I am not competing in a triple threat match!”

Teddy smiles and responds by saying that he won’t have to. That for the first time ever in Summerslam history, there will be two World Heavyweight Championship Matches in one night, as both Randy Orton and Mark Henry will get title shots!! This is a real shocker as Christian drops to his knees out of distain. The crowd cheers, as Orton and Henry are slowly waking up and hear this.

Teddy exits as Christian continues to sell how much jeopardy his title will be in. The announcers put over the fact Christian may not have to defend the title twice, that he may lose in the first defense. They also question who will have the first match and who will have the second?

We go off the air with Christian on his knees staring at his World Title.


Confirmed Matches for Summerslam:

August 21
Staples Center
Los Angeles, California

Summerslam First
2 World Heavyweight Championship Matches in One Night

Christian vs. Randy Orton
Christian vs. Mark Henry
Match Order TBD

Smackdown Summer Showcase
{the winner of the match faces the World Heavyweight Champion at Night of Champions}

Wade Barrett vs Justin Gabriel vs Ezekiel Jackson vs Sheamus vs ??? vs ???

No Holds Barred Match
John Morrison vs R-Truth
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Re: OML presents WWE 2011: Era of Prominence

Hereís some thoughts for ya.

First of all, I like how everything is presented. Back when I had a thread, I used images almost identical to yours because it just made the show well presented or whatever. But anyway, you need to fix your renders, some are blurry. Onto the show. Big Daniel Bryan fan so Iím glad heís getting a decent push. Itíll be interesting to see his run with the MITB as a face since WWE did it with him as a heel, or well he cashed in as a heel. Liking Smackdown more in this thread simply because I like SDís roster more. It has the younger talent such as Barrett, Rhodes, and Bryan and Iím really interested to see how you push them.

Iím an even bigger fan of Christian so Iím glad heís the World Champion here. Christian certainly looks strong here interrupting the main event costs him which is a pretty good booking move. A win over Henry or Orton would be great for Christian, but a win over both of them would do wonders for Christian. However, itís pretty interesting that Christian will have two matches at Summerslam, quite excited for that. The Summerslam card is looking good too.

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Re: OML presents WWE 2011: Era of Prominence

I like the way how your are pushing Christian as a heel which never really happened in real life.I think you are going to make a triple threat match at Summerslam but honestly I think Christian will come out top at Summerslam. The Morisson and Truth feud is going well also. What a great stipulation picked for The WHC Title, will come back to read Raw.


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Re: OML presents WWE 2011: Era of Prominence

Loved smackdown hoping Miz wins the title on RAW.

Not Removing until:
[]Tyson Kidd wins a singles title.
[X]Punk Main events a PPV. NOC 2012
[]Trent Baretta wins any title.
[]Mason Ryan wins any title.
[]Barrett wins a world title.
[]Swagger gets fired.
[X]Miz turns face.Surivor Series and it's buildup
^Read this or
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Re: OML presents WWE 2011: Era of Prominence

Loved your Smackdown especially the announcement that there will be 2 World Heavyweight Championship matches with Christian being forced to defend his title twice in one night, first against Henry and then against Orton with both of them getting title shots at Christian because Christian's title is in serious jeopardy

Jericho is back in a WWE ring for the first time in a year, but I can see Jericho turning heel because of the fact that Orton punted Jericho in the skull taking him out of the WWE for one whole year

But as for Bryan I can see him cashing in his briefcase early signalling a heel turn for Bryan
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Re: OML presents WWE 2011: Era of Prominence


Just announced this Monday Night on Raw, Mr. McMahon will allow John Cena to say his final farewells to the WWE Universe live from his home in West Newbury, Massachusetts. In what will sure to be a emotional speech, John Cena will get one last chance to speak his mind.

This will be a cant miss WWE Raw with this now added to the 20-man battle royal to crown a new WWE Champion.

I am trying a new format for the preview. Instead of a preview in paragraphs I am gonna type up a preview show that would air on prior to Raw. It will be in full with the announcers previewing Raw and recaps of what happened last week. This should be up tomorrow and Raw will be up sometime next week.
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Re: OML presents WWE 2011: Era of Prominence

Mr. McMahon fires John Cena and then Cena is given the chance to say his goodbyes, but I wonder if Mr. McMahon will change his mind and re-hire John Cena back, or if one of Mr. McMahon's children either his son Shane or his daughter Stephanie will re-hire Cena behind Vince's back, because I can definitely see something like that happening

I thought the 20-man battle royal was to determine just who would face the WWE Champion at SummerSlam, because Punk the rightful WWE Champion he came back, so that means that championship battle royal would be null and void seeing as how Punk is the real champion
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Re: OML presents WWE 2011: Era of Prominence

No this battle royal is to try and once more determine a wwe champion. Punk even though he returned and kicked Vince, he is no longer employed. Vince or nobody knows how punk got into the arena. Stay tuned it will all make sense
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Re: OML presents WWE 2011: Era of Prominence


I think it's a good decision for Bryan to announce his MITB cash in advance at Survivor Series. It's nice that he wants to do it the honourable way. Next couple of months will be good to build up him well, making him look credible. Nice interaction between Bryan and Miz, they have history and it would be good to see them battling it out at a ppv. Miz a former MITB winner against Bryan the current MITB holder.

Opening Match was good. A loss here doesn't hurt Bryan at all since he's the MITB briefcase holder. Miz caused Bryan to lose and Barrett takes advantage of this and picks up the win. Barrett will be a strong favourite to win the Summer Showcase but I still think Sheamus will win this.

Orton interview was good. He's getting another opportunity at the title and the RKO is definetely a move that can come out of nowhere. It's just like what Orton did to Christian in real life when Orton ended Christian's first world title reign. I'd actually like to see Christian beating Henry and then going on to defeat Orton at SummerSlam. Christian was booked horribly as world champion and I'd like to see him getting a good run here as champion. Work rate wise, we can see lots of potential great championship matches between Christian and Sheamus, Christian and Bryan. Bryan ending Christian's reign would be great. That's if Christian lasts that long as champion.

Gabriel vs Slater- battle between former Nexus members was good, nice fast paced action. Good decision to go with Gabriel winning, he's very underrated.

Kane vs Sheamus is a good brawl, surprised that they've never done this on ppv. I'm glad that Sheamus won this and I hope he wins the Summer Showcase. Will this lead to a face turn? I like him as a heel and as a face so we just have to wait and see what happens next with Sheamus.

Mark Henry's intense promo was good, I liked it better than Orton's. I wouldn't mind seeing Henry as champ but not yet. Would prefer a longer reign for Christian.

Dibiase vs Zeke match was the only disappointing match from the show. Barrett vs Zeke should be interesting next week.

Cody's promo was solid. Cody making a statement. It would be great if we see a champion vs champion match at NOC. What a surprise to have Jericho back. This was the segment of the night. Big moment to have him return and hit the codebreaker on Dibiase. Cody vs Jericho feud for the Intercontinental title would be great. The promos they would have would be awesome.

Main event was the match of the night. Christian looking on from ringside. Orton and Henry beating the hell out of each other until Christian sneaks in and blasts Orton with the world title belt. Christian then outsmarts Henry and knocks Orton out. Christian standing tall at the end was a nice moment.

Teddy Long's announcement was good, I prefer a triple threat but you're going with a different route with two world heavyweight title matches in one night. Should be interesting. A win for Christian over Henry and Orton would do wonders for Christian. SummerSlam is looking good. I'd like to see Bryan vs The Miz at SummerSlam. Overall good Smackdown, good action, good promos. Jericho's return was my favourite part of the show. Now bring on the battle royal for Raw. I actually want Triple H or Mysterio to win the battle royal.

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