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Re: OML and Bradley's WWE 2011

Awesome BTB Thread love the Christian and Orton feud it is so original and along with the summer of punk subject it makes it well better. Excited about the triple threat match coming up keep it up.
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Re: OML and Bradley's WWE 2011

Been an awesome read. Can't wait to see what happens on Raw. My gut tells me Punk is up to something again.

Not Removing Until

  • John Cena Loses At WrestleMania Again
  • Randy Orton Becomes WWE Or World Heavyweight Champion Again- COMPLETED
  • Vickie Guerrero Leaves WWE- COMPLETE: 6/23/2014
  • Dolph Ziggler Cashes In MITB-COMPLETED
  • WCW Returns As A 3rd Brand Or A 1-Time Anniversary Special/PPV
  • The Shield Is Disbanded- COMPLETED 6/2/14
  • CM Punk Returns
  • A Major Superstar From WCW Past Comes To WWE- COMPLETE 11/23/2014: Sting Arrives!
  • Edge Returns As GM Of Raw Or Smackdown- (Guest GM Doesn't Count)
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Re: OML presents WWE 2011: Era of Prominence

Monday Night Raw
Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, Virginia| July 25, 2011

..Last week..

Now 20 minutes in, Bourne lays Truth across the announce table and climbs a ladder!! A possible AirBourne off the ladder? But Truth quickly gets up and climbs that ladder. They go back and forth until… TRUTH HITS A SUPERPLEX OFF THE LADDER THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE ON BOURNE!!!! The crowd is going ballistic as both men maybe dead!!! This is an absolutely incredible match we are witnessing. At this point, everyone is down except for Miz and Mysterio who are slowly getting up in the ring. They both climb the only ladder in the ring. The crowd is going nuts when we hear….


The fans go nuts as they recognize the voice. The cheers get louder as on the titantron we see….. CM PUNK!!!!! He is sitting at the Chicago Cubs game in the stands wearing a cubs hat and jersey. He has the WWE Championship on his shoulder. He has a huge smile on his face as he waves to the camera.

Everyone in the arena is stunned. Including Mysterio and Miz who have seemingly stopped what they are doing and admire the WWE Champion on the screen.

CM Punk: Surprise!!! Hey Vince, you’re probably flipping out in the production truck right now wondering how I am on your show? Well before you cut me off, I want to say to all 8 men competing, this is a great match. Though sorry to break the news to you, the championship hanging above the ring is just a prop. I am holding the real title here!!

Punk shows the title and raises it high.

CM Punk: So Vince can try and pretend things are ok, but the real title and all its history is with me. Vince you need to realize that no man is bigger than the WWE. But this man, is going to single handedly destroy the WWE. Vince I am goin-

The feed gets cut off as the titantron is now black. The fans are booing like crazy. We hear loud CM Punk chants. Vince McMahon walks out onto the stage. The Punk chants continue, as Vince is pissed.

Mr. McMahon: Dammit, I am sick and tired of this!!! Somebody is getting fired for that!

He points up to the screen referring to somebody in the production truck.

Mr. McMahon: Ignore what he just said, continue this match.

Mysterio, Miz, Riley, & Kingston are the men in the ring but they don’t move.


None of the superstars budge, as they look up at the title. They shake their heads. Mysterio leaves the ring, followed by Kingston and Riley. They walk up the ramp. The fans and McMahon have no clue what is happening. The three faces walk past Vince and go to the back.

Mr. McMahon: What the hell are you doing???

They ignore him, as now it is Miz standing in the ring. Miz looks up at the title to a mixed reaction. Vince smiles and tells Miz to get the belt.


Miz looks up at the title but looks hesitant.

Mr. McMahon: Do you realize you can become WWE Champion? Just grab it!! Get the damn title!!!


The crowd goes completely nuts as the pop of the night is heard, as John Cena comes out onto the stage. He immediately locks eyes with the chairman who has his future in his hands. Cena has a mic and has something to say. Cena throws his hat to the floor and gets right in McMahon’s face. Vince looks pissed, as he has seemingly lost control of the show. The music stops and “Cena” chants are heard.

John Cena: Vince, don’t you see you can’t just fix this problem. The WWE Championship isn’t here.

Mr. McMahon: What the hell are you talking about it is right there.

Vince points to the title hanging above the ring. Cena nods his head.

John Cena: No you see CM Punk is right, that title is a prop. It doesn’t have any prestige or history behind it. The real title is in Chicago right now!!!

The fans go nuts, as Vince looks like he wants to kill Cena.

John Cena: You see Vince you cannot just ignore the man. Whether he works for you or not, he is the champion of your company!!

The fans go nuts. Vince gets right in Cena’s face.

Mr. McMahon: He isn’t in my company!!! That ungrateful bastard didn’t want to be apart of the WWE, so what can I do? The show must go on. We will crown a new champion. MIZ GRAB THE TITLE!!!!!

Vince instructs Miz to climb. Miz begins to slowly climb the ladder. The fans boo, as Miz looks to become “champion”. Cena sprints down to the ring. He grabs the ladder and tips it over as Miz lands throat first on the top rope!!!!!! The fans go nuts as Miz is out on his feet and Cena hits Miz with the Attitude Adjustment!!!!!

Cena celebrates in the ring as “My Time Is Now” plays! The fans go crazy, as McMahon is beyond irate on the stage.


The fans boo, as Cena looks at McMahon at the top of the ramp. Cena smiles, but Vince doesn’t see any humor at all.

Mr. McMahon: This is all your fault!! Because of you, in 24 hours my company has been flipped upside down!!! I don’t know what I am going to do anymore!! I have lost control of my show!!

Cena yells “ That’s what they want” as he points to the fans.

Mr. McMahon: You seem to be sticking up for this Punk guy, well how about this. He controls your future John!!!

Cena looks confused, as is the WWE Universe.

Mr. McMahon: That’s right, until the “ real” WWE Title as you put it, is back in my hand, John Cena, YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fans are stunned and are booing like crazy. Cena is in a state of shock and looks like he has just been crushed. Various fans are shown crying. Cena holds his head as Vince smiles. The announcer’s don’t speak as what just took place speaks for itself.

Vince stares down Cena who leans on the ropes on the verge of tears, as Raw goes off the air!!!!

The pyro goes off as we pan around the arena with the fans cheering. We hear the announcers voices welcome us as the WWE HD sign flashes across the screen.

Michael Cole: Hello and welcome to Monday Night Raw, live from Hampton, Virginia. Coming off a wild and controversial ending to Raw last week, tonight promises to be just as memorable.

Jerry Lawler: With John Cena fired, and still no WWE Champion, we can be in store for just about anything.

Michael Cole: Mr. McMahon of course is here tonight, and as we heard earlier this week on, Mr. McMahon has made a triple threat WWE Championship Match to determine a champion. After we attempted to name one last week, this time McMahon says there WILL be a champion crowned here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: The three men competing are going to be Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio, & The Miz! One of these men will walk out of Raw as WWE Champion.

Michael Cole: And we don’t have to wait long, because this WWE Championship Match, is right now!!!!

* Ringside *

We see the WWE Title (pre spinner belt) sitting on a red stand in a display case right next to the announce table.

Justin Roberts: This opening contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a triple threat match to determine a New WWE CHAMPION!!!!


The stage lights up with the upside down WWE logo, as the fans give a mixed reaction but with a noticeable amount of boos. He comes out with the usual smug look on his face and poses walking down the aisle. He still has a slight limp, selling the affects from both Money in the Bank Ladder Matches last week. Miz gets into the ring and poses on the second rope. He stares down the title at ringside. Michael Cole is shown standing up and applauding the self proclaimed “ The most must see WWE Champion in history”.

Michael Cole: Here comes the most courageous and remarkable superstar on the Raw Roster. This man after suffering a devastating leg injury in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, last week he was on the verge of becoming WWE Champion. If not for John Cena sticking his nose in business he had no part being involved in. He knocked Miz off the ladder and cost Miz the title. Miz would be Champion right now. But make no mistake, Miz wi-

Jerry Lawler: Oh will you shut up Cole. We get it, you have a man crush on the Miz. If Miz really deserves to be champion and he is as good as you say he is, then he will become champion right now.

* BOOYAKA 619 *

The fans all stand as we get wide shot of the crowd. Mysterio’s pyro goes off as Mysterio comes out and runs around the stage. He wears a black and white mask and pants. He does his usual routine, giving his shirt and mask to little fans at ringside. Mysterio poses and also has his eyes locked on the WWE Title at ringside.

Michael Cole: Here comes Mysterio, a former two time world champion. One of the most exciting superstars in the WWE today. Mysterio was up there for the WWE Title last week and had an opportunity to win the title but inexpiably walked out.

Jerry Lawler: He wanted to prove a point. What John Cena was saying was true. You can’t just ignore Punk’s title because that is the one with all the history and prestige behind it.

Michael Cole: Then why is Mysterio competing in this match? After all this is the fake title?

Jerry Lawler: Well reality has set in for all the superstars, that Punk is gone, Cena is gone, and the WWE Title is gone. It is time to move on. This match will start the march toward the future.


The arena lights turn gold, as Del Rio drives a white 2011 Porshe 911 Turbo. He exits the highly expensive car with the money in the bank briefcase in hand. He doesn’t look that happy, yet still smirks when taking a glance at the case in his hand. He holds the briefcase above his head the gold sparks fall behind him. He walks to the ring and goes around on the outside by the title. He stares at it for a few moments before entering the ring.

Michael Cole: Here comes the man who won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and yet has nothing to show for it. He should be champion.

Jerry Lawler: He has something to show for it. That briefcase which inside holds a title shot at anytime up to a year.

Michael Cole: Well newsflash Jerry, there is no title for him to cash in for. Del Rio should just be named champion. I also want to bring up the nerve of Rey Mysterio last week bashing and interrogating Del Rio. He had no business doing so. Del Rio did what he had to do to win the ladder match at Money in the Bank.

Jerry Lawler: Mysterio brought up some interesting points about the mask and their heritage. Eventually Del Rio will have to respond to Mysterio’s remarks.

Match 1
Triple Threat Match for the Vacant WWE Championship
Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio vs The Miz

This huge WWE Championship Match to finally crown a champion will kick off Raw!! The three men stare each other down from different corners. Before Del Rio charges at Rey in the corner but Mysterio moves out of the way into the other corner. Miz charges at Mysterio as well but Mysterio once again is once step ahead as he dodges another onslaught. Del Rio tries a clothesline on Mysterio but he ducks it. He then ducks a clothesline from the Miz as the Miz and Del Rio collide with one another. Mysterio dropkicks Miz in the back sending him into Del Rio again. Del Rio falls through the middle rope to the floor. Mysterio meanwhile strikes Miz with several forearm shots. He whips Miz off the ropes but Miz reverses Mysterio off the ropes. Rey jumps off the second rope with a huge crossbody taking down Miz!! He covers the former WWE Champion but the pin is broken up by Del Rio. Del Rio hammers away at Rey before whipping him into the corner. The essence of excellence charges at Mysterio but Rey gets both feet up which staggers Del Rio. Mysterio hops up to the second rope and jumps down but Del Rio catches Rey’s legs. He spins him around and then catapults Mysterio into the corner but Mysterio lands on the second rope. Del Rio sees the cross body coming so he falls to the mat. Mysterio however is able to put the breaks on and stops before hitting a split legged moonsault on the back of Del Rio. Mysterio once again goes for the pin but this time Miz breaks up the pin. He picks up Mysterio and takes him down with a snap suplex. Miz floats over into a pin but Mysterio kicks out. Miz begins kicking away at the midsection of Mysterio. Del Rio comes in and now joins Miz as they both begin kicking Mysterio. Miz picks up Mysterio and takes him down with a scoop slam. Miz taunts the crowd and poses to heat. Del Rio shakes his head and picks up Mysterio and does the same with a scoop slam. He taunts the crowd and poses. He gets heat but not as much as the Miz. Miz once again goes to pick up Mysterio but Del Rio rolls up the Miz but Miz kicks out. Miz looks surprised. Del Rio charges at Miz but Miz gets him into a small package but Del Rio kicks out at two. Both men stare each other down and smile, as we go to a commercial break.


We return from commercial and Del Rio has an armbar locked in on Mysterio. The Miz is down in the corner of the ring. The announcers recap everything, restating what a high stakes mach that this is. Mysterio with help of the fans gets to his feet. He rolls over and takes Del Rio down with an armdrag and has an armbar of his own locked in. Del Rio turns himself around and rolls Mysterio into a La Magistral pin. Mysterio is able to kick out as both men bounce up and charge at each other taking one another down with a double clothesline!! Both men are down as now Miz comes into take advantage and pins Rey but he kicks out. He then pins Del Rio but he too kicks out. Miz slaps the mat in frustration and contemplates what to do next. Before he does, he glances over once more at the WWE Championship Belt. He picks up Del Rio and snap DDT’s him from his knees. The Miz stares with a cold look on his face and now turns him attention to Mysterio. Rey kicks Miz in the head, not once but twice. This staggers Miz as Mysterio leaps onto Miz with a wheelbarrow body scissors and tries a bulldog but Miz pushes Mysterio off. Rey lands on his feet but Miz grabs his head for a reverse DDT. He drops Rey down across his knee with a backbreaker into a neckbreaker combo. Miz hooks both legs but Del Rio throws himself to break up the count. Del Rio picks up Miz and goes for a German Suplex but Miz reverses and goes behind Del Rio and pushes him into the corner. Miz charges at Del Rio in the corner with a swinging corner clothesline but Del Rio moves. Miz is caught up in the corner, as Del Rio takes Miz down with a wicked neckbreaker!!! Del Rio pins the contorted body of Miz but Mysterio at the last second breaks up the count. The fans are getting exhausted, as clearly are these three men. What a match this is, as the announcers are selling the match as well. All 3 men show the exhaustion that they feel and the toll this match is having on them.

After a few minutes of slow paced action things pick up when Mysterio is once again in control. After dodging a cross body from Del Rio which sent him out of the ring. Mysterio would then take control by out quicking Miz. With various armdrags, flying DDT’s and a hurricarana, Mysterio continues to wow the crowd. As Miz rises slowly, Mysterio leaps on the second rope for some sort of high risk move but Del Rio from the apron connects with his patient step up enzuigiri sending Mysterio falling across the top rope. The sound of the kick echoes throughout the arena as Mysterio lies motionless across the top rope. Del Rio climbs up to the second rope and hits a GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE SECOND ROPE SENDING MYSTERIO ONTO HIS STOMACH BUT ALSO LANDS ON MIZ (standing) WITH A MOONSAULT!!!!!!! The crowd goes crazy for the innovative spot, despite Mysterio not catching all of Miz the fans applaud how good this match is. Del Rio gathers himself and grabs Miz with a double knee armbreaker!! He then rolls over into the cross armbar!! Del Rio has his finishing hold locked in on the Miz in the center of the ring. All the fans are standing in anticipation hoping Miz doesn’t tap. Del Rio pulls and screams as Miz reaches for the ropes but he is very far away still. Though after a few more moments of struggling, Mysterio comes out of nowhere with a splash taking out Del Rio breaking the hold!!! The fans go crazy as Mysterio put everything he had left into breaking up that move. Mysterio and Del Rio both slowly get up after a few moments. Rey leaps up onto Del Rio’s shoulders and does a hurricarana sending Del Rio across the second rope!! The fans cheer as they know what is next. Mysterio charges and connects with the 619!!! Del Rio is out on his feet, when from behind, MIZ HITS THE SKULL CRUSHING FINALE!!!!!! Mysterio is out on the apron and Miz knocks him off as he crashes back first into the guard rail!!! Miz is going to win the WWE Title!!!! When the crowd goes absolutely apeshit!!?!?!?! We soon see why…

Out of the stands comes the recently fired, JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cena leaps into the ring and hits an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT ON THE MIZ!!!!! Cena throws his shirt off as the crowd goes nuts!! We see Mr. McMahon come out onto the stage who is beyond enraged. He waves for help as about 10 security guards come sprinting out to the ring. Cena makes a beeline and exits the ring and goes back through the crowd. Cena struggles through the frenzy of fans to make it out of the arena. It is pandemonium as the camera can barely spot Cena through the mob of fans. McMahon signals to someone else, as he goes to the back. We now see Cena in the back sprinting to the parking lot. Cena quickly gets into his car and drives away!!! Soon several more security guards arrive but they are too late as Cena’s car drives away. The fans in the arena go nuts. The security guards stand in the ring confused and angered.

Back at ringside, Miz and Del Rio lay motionless in the ring, and Mysterio is still down on the outside. McMahon comes back out onto the stage. The fans begin loud “CENA” chants. This is clearly getting under McMahon’s skin. He is pissed as we still don’t have a champion.

No Contest @ 16:42

McMahon stands on the stage flustered and furious. He looks around the arena not knowing what to do? The fans are still buzzing from what just happened. The three competitors in the grueling match slowly begin to rise and now are realizing what has happened.

Michael Cole: I cannot believe what we have just witnessed!! After that unprecedented, epic WWE Championship Match, all 3 men left everything out there, John Cena came out and ruined it. A man who is fired, who has no business being here. He should be arrested! That was a hit and run. Cena fleeing the scene like a criminal!!

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know why Cena would do that? I cant even condone that. Cole, through all of this, we still don’t have a WWE Champion.

Mr. McMahon walks down to the ring and walks around ringside and toward the WWE Title. He picks it up off the plaque and puts it on his shoulder. He looks around the arena, and stomps his way up the steps and into the ring. Miz, Del Rio, and Mysterio now are standing against the ropes waiting to here what the chairman is about to say. Mr. McMahon grabs a mic and takes a deep breath.

Mr. McMahon: This has gone way to far!!!

McMahon is livid, as he looks at the title. The fans give a mixed reaction. Del Rio, Mysterio and Miz look on with anticipation and disappointment as well.

Mr. McMahon: It started off as CM Punk being a selfish jerk, walking out on the company. But that was no problem. You see Punk is gone and forgotten. We are moving on. Everyone is prepared to move on, except for John Cena!!

Fans cheer the name. Cena chants are heard and signs are shown. McMahon looks upset.

Mr. McMahon: Well last week I fired your hero, and if I had the chance I would do it again and again and again!!!

Fans boo, as McMahon is turning red.

Mr. McMahon: So we were prepared to move on here tonight. Without Punk, without Cena, and with a new WWE Title. We were going to crown a new WWE Champion.

McMahon points to the three exhausted men who are frustrated after going through all of that, and it seems as if it was for nothing.

Mr. McMahon: And let me say, you three left it all out there and really showed how badly you want to become champion. You see despite what Cena, Punk, or anyone says the WWE Title is just as good as the superstars competing for it. You 3 made this title relevant. You three made this title, how did Cena put it? Credible and Prestigious. This new WWE Title I hold on my shoulder is the future of this company.

The fans applaud the efforts of the three men and McMahon making some kind of sense. Though some “Cena” and “CM Punk” chants are still heard.

Mr. McMahon: So we are going to move on. The WWE is bigger than CM Punk. The WWE is bigger than John Cena. And the WWE is bigger than the WWE Championship.

Mixed reaction with mostly boos. The three men in the ring clap.

Mr. McMahon: Cena if I ever see you in this ring again, I will send your ass to jail!!

Fans boo and chant “Cena”

Mr. McMahon: I said it to you last week Cena, until I have CM Punk’s WWE Title in my hand, You’re Fired!!!

Fans boo, as McMahon shakes his head and says “He did it to himself”.

Mr. McMahon: Seeing as I don’t see that ever happening, we are all prepared to move on. So enough about Punk, and Cena, we are moving on. I promised tonight we will crown a new WWE Champion and I am a man of my word.

McMahon holds up the WWE Title. Miz, Del Rio, and Rey all feel they should be the one.

Mr. McMahon: Later tonight I will come back to this very ring and make an announcement regarding this championship. You three I’m sure will want to hear what I have to say.

Fans give a mixed reaction as McMahon drops the mic and exits the ring. His music plays as he walks up the ramp. The fans are pumped for what has happened and what is in store for tonight. Mysterio, Miz and Del Rio are mad and argue with one another.

Michael Cole: What a controversial and unforgettable start to Monday Night Raw!! Mr. McMahon is not going to live in the past anymore. We will move forward tonight. Later here tonight Mr. McMahon will make an announcement about how we will determine a new WWE Champion.

Jerry Lawler: McMahon is not happy, neither are these three men, but hopefully the next time we have a WWE Championship Match there will be no more controversy.

Michael Cole: What a night we are in for.


* Backstage *

We are in the locker room of the WWE Tag Team Champions, David Otunga and Michael McGuillicutty. They are wearing their New Nexus shirts and are talking to one another.

Michael McGuillicutty: For all we did for him? I mean we brought him into the WWE. Without us, he wouldn’t be in the WWE.

David Otunga: He bit the hand that fed him. But listen man, he isn’t going to get away with this. You see there is a reason we are the WWE Tag Team Champions. He is going to regret this.

Michael McGuillicutty: Tonight we are going to go out there and show the world that Nexus is stronger than ever!!

David Otunga: You got that right. We will show Mason, You’re either Nexus or you’re against us. And you don’t want to be against us.

Both men chuckle a bit and do their forearm hand shake, before exiting the room.

* Ringside *


The fans boo as the deranged R-Truth comes out onto the stage wearing his white jacket. He is looking over his shoulder and is talking to somebody but nobody other than himself knows whom it is. Truth looks at the lil jimmies in the crowd with distain. Truth enters the ring sipping on his water bottle. Lil Jimmy chants are heard which further bugs out the Truth.

Michael Cole: R-Truth another man involved in that WWE Championship match last week. I spoke to him earlier today and he says that this is further proof of his conspiracy theory. The fact that he wasn’t put in the WWE Title match tonight. He deserves to be champion and frankly I agree with Truth. After all, he has defeated then champion, John Cena on more than one occasion.

Jerry Lawler: Truth can keep complaining all he wants, the guy is crazy. I mean there is defiantly a screw loose with this guy.


A-RY comes out onto the stage with a huge smile on his face. He stands in the middle of the ramp looking out toward the fans, who stand and applaud. The camera shows a section of fans all standing and cheering. Riley enters the ring and smiles when Truth begins trash talking him.

Michael Cole: Here comes the biggest traitor in WWE history. This man turned his back on the Miz. He had a shot at the WWE Title last week? What did he do to deserve that? Miz is responsible for everything this man has become. He will be nothing without the Miz.

Jerry Lawler: Well Riley has proved you wrong before. Remember when he beat the Miz at Capitol Punishment? Riley is on his own and he will continue to impress right here in this match

Match 2
R-Truth vs Alex Riley

The match starts with pretty standard stuff with Riley gaining the early advantage. Hammering away at Truth with right hands, but Truth is on the run. Truth continues to try a dodge the onslaught of Riley. The match turns around when Truth drop toe holds Riley into the steel steps!! Riley is down holding his face, as the remorseless Truth rolls Riley back into the ring. Truth begins talking to himself and bobs his head as he is feeling good about himself. Truth keeps the pressure on Riley by staying on him like a hawk. Truth hits Riley with a sitout suplex slam. He also connects with sitout hiptoss and a scoop power slam. Truth is in total control of Riley when he locks in a headlock. Truth screams at Riley and the fans at ringside. The fans begins clapping trying to get Riley back into it. Riley slowly begins to rise to his feet, but Truth pulls Riley down to the mat by the back of his head. Truth’s impressive offense is once again on display as he hits the Truth or Consequences ( vertical suplex stunner) Truth goes for the pin but Riley kicks out the surprise and pleasure of the WWE Universe. Truth is starting to get frustrated, as he looks up at the referee in shock.

Truth whips Riley into the corner. Truth charges at him but Riley leaps up and floats over into a rollup but Truth keeps rolling as the ref cant even count to one. Truth charges at Riley and A-RY hits a huge spinebuster out of nowhere!!!! Both men are now down, as this is now anyone’s match. This match despite not being for a title, is very important as both these men could use this victory to take them to the next level. Both men get up slowly as Truth tries a wild slap but Riley blocks. Riley strikes Truth with several right hands. Riley takes down Truth with not one, but two clotheslines. Riley ducks a wild clothesline attempt from Truth as Truth bounces off the ropes and Riley lifts him up and drops him face first on the canvas. Riley bounces off the ropes and hits the A-Bomb elbow drop. Riley makes a pin but Truth kicks out. Riley now uncharacteristically goes to the top rope. He leaps and takes Truth down with a crossbody but Truth’s momentum turns him over and he now pins Riley. At the last possible second, Riley kicks out!!!!!

Both men get up as Riley lifts up Truth for a suplex but Truth lands behind him on his feet. Truth pushes Riley off the ropes and then connects with the Lie Detector ( corkscrew flying forearm smash) Truth goes for the pin but once more Riley kicks out!!! Truth is now bugging out as he waits for A-RY to get up. Truth kicks Riley in the gut and goes for the scissors kick but Riley moves. He kicks Truth with a kick to the gut of his own. Riley locks the head and tries his Lifting DDT but Truth spins out. Truth out of nowhere hits the SHUT UP!!! (leaping reverse STO) Truth goes into the cover and hooks both legs picking up the big win!!

Winner @ 6:50, R-Truth

Truth pops up and screams as he releases the legs of Riley. Truth emphatically raises his arms in victory. The ref tries to hold his arm but Truth pushes his arm away. The sound of no music makes the boos seem louder. You can hear Truth screaming “ You cant hold me down much longer” and “This conspiracy is gon get got.

Truth looks down at his opponent. He looks back at the fans who continue to boo him. Truth has a crazed look on his face. Truth begins stomping away at the midsection of Riley. The unnecessary beatdown continues as Truth mounts Riley and pounds away with right and left hands. Truth screams at the fans and at Riley. He takes out all his frustrations out of Riley.

Jerry Lawler: This is uncalled for!! After picking up an impressive win, Truth continues the beating on Riley.

Michael Cole: Truth is just sick of being overlooked. He is sick of being held back. He is going to expose this conspiracy once and for all.

Jerry Lawler: You sound as crazy as he does. There is no reason for this.

Truth begins to pace around the ring. The fans start a loud “You Suck” chant. Truth exits through the second rope. You may think the beatdown is over but Truth is just grabbing his trusty water bottle. He rolls back into the ring. He leans against the turnbuckles in the corner and begins to sip on his water. Truth pours some of his head and then screams. He lifts Riley up and SMACKS HIM IN THE SKULL WITH THE WATER BOTTLE!!! Riley slowly collapses down to the mat. Truth throws the water bottle down. He yells out “ Why ya booin’ me, Ya shuld b booin’ ya selves!!” Truth kicks the ropes in frustration. He is enraged that he wasn’t included in the WWE Title Match.

Truth shouts “ I should be WWE Champion!!” The words trigger something in his head as he lifts up Riley. He looks to hit another leaping reverse STO. He holds Riley up and barks at him when…….


The crowd goes absolutely wild!!! Truth drops Riley and turns his attention to the stage. He is in shock by the music. He leans up against the ropes and waits to see if Morrison is going to show up. After a few seconds of anticipation, The Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison walks out onto the stage to a mega pop!!!!!! Morrison is wearing his sunglasses, gray Morrison shirt, and jeans. He skips the whole slow motion pose. He does throw his arm up in the air, which gets a nice pop. Morrison sprints down the ring. He slides under the ropes, as Truth pounds away at the back of Morrison with forearms.

Truth kicks Morrison trying to keep him down, but Morrison no sells the kicks and he takes Truth down to the ground by the legs and mounts Truth. He pummels Truth with a fury of forearm shots!!! Morrison is taking out all the months of rehabbing and pain out on the man that injured him not once but twice. Morrison kicks Truth as he covers up on the ground. Morrison leaps onto the second rope and nearly takes Truth’s head off with the Flying Chuck!!!! Truth is down as Morrison looks out into the crowd. The fans go wild cheering the returning Morrison. He holds onto the top rope and leaps up for the Starship Pain but Truth exits the ring under the rope. Morrison manages to land on his feet. The fans boo Truth leaving. He quickly hightails out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp. Morrison stands on the second rope staring down Truth. Morrison’s music begins playing, as the fans continue cheering.

Jerry Lawler: Morrison has returned!! He has gotten a measure of retribution against the man who injured him on two separate occasions!!

Michael Cole: This is not right!! Morrison has no business being out here!! Good for Truth getting out of there before Morrison could injure him. Morrison is trying to hurt Truth.

Jerry Lawler: You think? Truth has cost Morrison several months of his career, but now Morrison is back and better than ever!!


The fans let out a collective groan as the lights flicker. Cole drops his headset and picks up a mic. The fans boo, as Morrison turn his attention to the podium. Truth also stops at the top of the ramp.

Michael Cole: May I have your attention please? I have just received an email from the anonymous Raw General Manager.

Fans boo as Cole puts on his glasses and reads what is on the screen in his head. Morrison and Truth both look on with great intrigue.

Michael Cole: And I quote..

Heat for the catchphrase of Cole. Cole puts his hand up to quiet the fans.

Michael Cole: First off, welcome back John. It is good to see you back on Monday Night Raw. Now I understand that you want to get some revenge on R-Truth for taking you out of action. And Truth, you feel like you are being over looked and want an opportunity? Well you will get your spotlight, both of you will. The biggest event of the Summer!! Summerslam, live on pay-per-view in less than 3 weeks. R- Truth you will go one on one with the man you injured on two separate occasions, John Morrison!!!!

The fans cheer, as Morrison has a huge smile on his face. Truth shouts and doesn’t look happy. Cole holds his hand up as he isn’t finished reading.

Michael Cole: And seeing how badly you two want to get your hands on one another, this match will be a No Holds Barred Match!!!!!

Morrison’s smile gets even bigger, as Truth waves his arms in frustration. Cole closes the laptop and goes back to the announce desk. Morrison’s music starts back up as he continues posing on the turnbuckle.

Jerry Lawler: A huge blockbuster announcement by our anonymous general manager. At Summerslam, John Morrison will face R-Truth in a No Holds Barred contest!! Morrison will get his shot at revenge!!

Truth leaves to the back. Morrison continues to pose for the fans. He gives his shades to a lucky fan and shakes hands with the fans at ringside.



* Summerslam 1998 *

From the Worlds Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden, two of WWE’s biggest icons squared off for the WWE Championship. Pitting Champion, the Texas Rattle Snake, Stone Cold Steve Austin battling the Pheonom, The Undertaker. In what was a classic war that had the feel of a big time match, captivated the sold out New York Crowd. The big moment of the match, was The Undertaker dropping the leg drop from the top rope through the announce table that Steve Austin was laying on. An appearance from the Undertaker’s brother, Kane made things the more interesting. In the end, Steve Austin defeated The Undertaker with a stunner capping off the greatest battle of the Summer!!

SUMMERSLAM 2011~ 3 Weeks Away

* Backstage *

We see Rey Mysterio sitting in his locker room readjusting his kneepads. He is clearly feeling the affects of the match earlier tonight. Josh Matthews walks in and sits next to Rey.

Josh Matthews: Hi, Rey do you mind a moment of your time?

Rey nods and continues to pull up his knee pad.

Josh Matthews: Rey, what do you have to say after going through a grueling match for the WWE Title and having it end the way it did?

Rey Mysterio: I was so close to once again realizing my dream. To become champion, it’s something I have worked my life to achieve. That being said, I am hoping later Mr. McMahon will clear this all up and I will get another opportunity.

Rey smiles and goes on with taking off his gear

Josh Matthews: Rey, John Cena made his presence felt last week in your WWE Title Match, and was then fired moments there after. Then earlier tonight, some how got into the arena and caused the match to be stopped. Do you have any comments on John Cena and his actions?

Rey Mysterio: Well John and myself have always been great friends. I respect all he has done in the ring and out of it. I also agree with what he was saying last week. When he spoke about the WWE Title and its tradition. Its what makes the WWE Championship the most prestigious title in all of wrestling, its history. The men who have battled in classic encounters and created ever-lasting memories. Guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Bruno Sammartino, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, and mi hermano Eddie Guerrero!

Fans cheer and start a small “Eddie” chant. Rey smiles and looks up to the sky.

Rey Mysterio: With that said, I can’t say that I agree with Cena’s behavior the past few weeks. He has caused a lot of chaos around here. But I am going to put that all to rest real soon when I become the new WWE Champion, with a 619!!

The fans cheer, as Rey nods at Josh Matthews who exits the room.

* Ringside *

We return to ringside as we hear “I am Perfection” playing. In the ring, we see US Champion, Dolph Ziggler along with Vickie Guerrero. Also in the ring are Drew McIntyre and Jack Swagger. They all look focused for this upcoming match as Justin Roberts introduces them.

* SOS *

The jubilant Kofi Kingston comes out onto the stage to a nice pop as he goes through his normal pyro routine. He hops down the ramp slapping hands with the fans. He waits at the bottom of the ramp for his partners.

Michael Cole: Kofi Kingston, one of the most exciting young athletes in all the WWE. He put on some kind of a performance last week in the 8 man ladder match for the WWE Title.

Jerry Lawler: I will never forget that Boom Drop off the ladder to the floor! Kofi amazes us every week and that is why this guy is one of the top superstars in all the WWE.


Another nice pop, as Bourne runs out onto the stage with a smile on his face. His ribs are taped up following the ladder match last week. He goes down the ramp and stands next to his partner Kofi as they talk strategy.


An even bigger ovation than the previous two, as Ryder comes running out through the curtain. He throws up the LI sign and takes off his sunglasses staring down Ziggler. He unstraps the Internet Title and holds it above his head. He meets up with his two partners as they all pat each other on the back and together walk into the ring.

Michael Cole: This man is a goon. I mean look what he looks like and that prop that he carries around. He is trying to be a champion like Ziggler. He will never be Dolph Ziggler. Go back to Youtube Zack.

Jerry Lawler: He may never be Dolph Ziggler, but last week he beat Dolph Ziggler.

Match 3
6 Man Tag Team Match
Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder & Evan Bourne vs Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger, & Dolph Ziggler

Kingston & Swagger start off the match with some grappling and fast paced action. Kofi is thrown off the ropes and Ziggler grabs him Kofi and Ziggler go at it. Swagger charges at Kingston but he moves and sends Ziggler off the apron face first off the announce table. McIntyre comes in the ring and tries to clothesline Kingston but he ducks and pulls down the ropes sending him to the floor. Bourne and Ryder come in and help as they double clothesline Swagger over the top rope. The 3 faces stand together in the ring as they stand back to back. They all go against a rope and slingshot over the top rope in sync as each man takes out a member of the opposing team with a plancha splash. Soon order is restored, with Swagger and Bourne as the legal men. Bourne flies around the ring catching Swagger off guard with a hurricarana. Bourne continues to quicken the pace as he heads to the top rope. He leaps off driving both knees into the head of Swagger but the All American American swats him in midair like a fly as Bourne smacks the canvas. Swagger now in control hits various different suplex, including a beautiful belly to belly. Swagger and his team make frequent tags over the next few moments to keep each other fresh.

Ziggler is now in and toys around with Bourne. As he is on offense he makes sure to rub it in the face of the fans and Zack Ryder. Ziggler hits a number of jumping elbows on Bourne. Ziggler follows it up with a picture perfect drop kick. Ziggler picks up Bourne and hits a nasty looking neckbreaker. They now turn their attentions to the neck of Bourne. Ziggler drives his elbow into the back of Bourne’s neck. The heels continue to tag in and out as they isolate Bourne in the corner. Drew McIntyre now the legal man picks up Bourne and hits a rare in WWE these days, spike piledriver!! The fans are surprised as Bourne holds his neck selling the move real well. McIntyre looks real proud of himself as he tags in Ziggler. Ziggler continues to kick the already injured neck of Bourne. Vickie Guerrero cheers from the outside. Ziggler picks up Bourne and places him on the top rope facing the crowd. Ziggler heads up to the second rope and looks to hit a huge back suplex off the second rope. Ziggler lifts him up for it as Bourne back flips off Ziggler’s shoulder from the second rope and lands on his feet on the canvas!! Bourne quickly leaps up and hits a headscissors in midair grabbing the back of Ziggler’s head as he does almost a full back flip to the mat!!!! The fans go nuts as Bourne somehow had enough energy and fight to pull off that amazing sequence of moves. Bourne crawls to his corner as Ziggler trails behind him trying to grab his foot but he is able to tag in Ryder, which gets a big pop!

Ryder comes in all fired up as Ziggler looks upset and wants to part of the Long Island Iced Z. Ryder comes in taking down Ziggler with a couple clotheslines. He follows it up with a big back body drop. He whips Ziggler into the corner and charges at him with a knee lift to the face. Ziggler sells it like a champ and jumps up and then falls on his butt in the corner. Ryder goes into the opposite corner as he fist pumps. The crowd chants Woo along with him as he hits the Broski Boot in the corner. Ryder is all fired up when from behind Swagger takes down Ryder with a chop block to the knee. Swagger picks up Ryder for the Gutwrench powerbomb but Ryder lands on his feet, as Kofi Kingston springs off the ropes taking Swagger out with a huge dropkick!! Swagger rolls out of the ring as Kofi follows as they battle on the outside. Ryder turns his attention back to Ziggler. He picks up Ziggler but Ziggler takes a cheap shot with a thumb to the eyes of Ryder. Ziggler tags in McIntyre quickly. Ziggler is fed up as he exits the ring and is consoled by Vickie Guerrero. McIntyre comes in and hooks both Ryder’s arms for the future shock DDT, but Ryder spins out and bounces off the ropes hitting the Rough Ryder!!! Ziggler just watches from the outside as he goes over to the timekeepers table and takes his title. Ryder pins McIntyre picking up the win for his team.

Winners @ 9:23, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, and Zack Ryder

The crowd cheers as Ryder shoots up after picking up his second victory in as many weeks. Ryder looks thrilled that now finally getting the opportunity on Raw, he is making the best of it. Soon his teammates Kingston and Bourne join him in the ring for celebration as the referee raises all 3 men’s hands.

Meanwhile on the outside Ziggler walks with Vickie up the ramp, not seeming to care his team just lost. Ryder turns his attention to Ziggler. Ryder leans up on the rope and shouts at Dolph. Ryder signals to the Justin Roberts to hand him his Internet Championship Belt. Roberts searches around ringside but can’t find it? Ryder looks confused. We now see Dolph Ziggler at the top of the ramp pull out from under his US title, the Internet Championship!!! Ziggler smiles and holds up both titles. Ryder in the ring does not look happy, as Ziggler and Vickie exit to the back. Kingston and Bourne encourage Ryder to go after Ziggler. The fans get behind them as well, as Zack exits the ring and runs to the back.

Michael Cole: Why does Zack Ryder care about that fake toy belt anyway? It means anything, Champion of the Internet? Give me a break.

Jerry Lawler: Bottom line is Ryder picks up another huge win on Ziggler and he keeps building momentum and Ziggler is a thief.

Michael Cole: He didn’t beat Dolph Ziggler. He pinned Drew McIntyre, and Ziggler is doing Ryder a favor by taking that hideous looking belt. He should do the same and take that stupid crown from you.

Jerry Lawler: And then he should take your tongue so you would finally shut up.


* Summerslam Video Promo *

* Backstage *

Zack Ryder is walking around the backstage area searching for Dolph Ziggler. Ryder screams out Dolph’s name. He opens various doors. The first door he opens you hear a women scream. We assume she is getting dressed. Ryder quickly closes the door, and then opens it again and peaks through the crack. He closes it back again before looking at the camera and smiling. He moves to the next door where Goldust is teaching the Great Khali how to wrestle ala Triple H and Trish Stratus. Ryder is creeped out as he slowly closes the door and pretends this never happened.

He keeps walking down the hallway knocking over things out of anger on the way. He asks several backstage workers and some lower end talents if they have seen Ziggler. Ryder keeps walking until he sees Mr. McMahon. McMahon doesn’t look pleased still angry from earlier tonight. The two go face to face.

Zack Ryder: Bro, have you seen Dolph? He took my Internet Title.

McMahon no sells the comment and keeps the stone look on his face. Ryder waits patiently for the answer as the crowd laughs at how Ryder is speaking to the boss.

Mr. McMahon: Bro? Do I look like a bro?

The crowd laughs some more, as Ryder smiles

Zack Ryder: Well if we put some hair gel in your hair and get you some su-


The crowd boos as McMahon screams at Ryder. This wipes the smirk right off of Ryder’s face.

Mr. McMahon: Let me tell you something Zack. You are worried about Dolph stealing your fake title, well guess what? CM Punk stole my WWE Championship. You see this isn’t just some fake title I created online because I was bored one day. This is a title that has been being defended for over 50 years! So to answer your question, no I don’t know where your Internet Title is and I don’t give a damn.

McMahon is irate at this point as just bringing up the name CM Punk makes him very angry. Ryder takes a deep breath as if he is about to regret the words he is about to utter.

Zack Ryder: Well technically that isn’t stealing. CM Punk won that title by defeating John Cena. He is the champion! Ziggler didn’t beat me. As a matter of fact I beat him. So he shouldn’t have my title, I should have his United States Championship!

The crowd cheers as Ryder is fired up after speaking up to the boss. At the same time, he knows he may have just made a big mistake.

Mr. McMahon: Who the hell do you think you are? You are lucky that you have even been on Raw these last two weeks. Your finally getting your opportunity and you think you can speak to me like this? You are either stupid or crazy. You see I am going to address the WWE Championship situation later. Everything will be cleared up and soon be back to normal. As for you, I suggest you leave, NOW.

McMahon is not playing around. He looks at Ryder with a snarled look on his face. Ryder hesitates but decides he isn’t finished.

Zack Ryder: What about my bro John Cena?

The crowd cheers for the mention of Cena. McMahon gives a look as if he didn’t hear Ryder correct. He clearly did but doesn’t want to believe he just mentioned Cena’s name.

Zack Ryder: You can’t fire John Cena. He is too big to this company. He does so much. All the charity events he goes to. He headlines all your shows. Look at all the red shirts out there tonight. Do you know how much money he makes you on merchandise sales? You can’t fire John Cena.

The fans cheer loudly getting behind Ryder voicing his opinion to the boss. Mr. McMahon shakes his head in disgust.

Mr. McMahon: That all may be true but it doesn’t even begin to make up for how much money he is going to lose me without a WWE Championship. That man is single handedly responsible for everything wrong that has happened the last eight days. If it wasn’t for him CM Punk’s contract would have expired, he would have left and the WWE Title would still be in the WWE where it belongs. This is bad publicity. That is why I am trying to move on a pretend like this never happened.

Zack Ryder: But you can’t do that. The fact is John Cena, CM Punk and the WWE Championship are all gone, and bro that’s bad publicity and nobodies fault but your own.

The fans yell out a collective “OOOH” as they cannot believe the words coming out of Ryder’s mouth. Everything that everyone has been thinking Ryder is saying to McMahon’s face. It may seem all-well now but Ryder maybe committing career suicide. Vince doesn’t know what to say but his eyes are nearly bulging out of his head.

Mr. McMahon: I am sick and tired of hearing you. I don’t need to defend myself anymore. Earlier tonight I attempted to put things back to normal and crown a new champion but once again Cena ruined that. I told John that if he gets back the real WWE Championship from CM Punk, then and only then I would consider rehiring him. Although after what happened earlier, I’ll have to hold off on those sentiments. As for you Zack you picked the wrong day to piss me off.

Ryder looks scared as McMahon means business.

Mr. McMahon: You want action? Well your gonna get plenty of it. In a little bit you can go back out to the ring and get ready for a match.

Zack Ryder: But I was just in a match?

Mr. McMahon: I said get ready for another match, dammit.

McMahon storms off in anger, as Zack Ryder stands there all flustered possibly regretting what he just said.

* Announce Table *

Michael Cole: That right there just proved how dumb Zack Ryder is. Why would you infuriate an already angry owner?

Jerry Lawler: Can’t say that was the smartest thing Zack Ryder has ever done, but the kid did bring up some good points.

Michael Cole: But Jerry regardless of if you agree or not it wasn’t smart. And now because of that in just a few moments Ryder is going to have to compete in another match.

Jerry Lawler: Ryder is gonna have to pull off double duty and usually when Mr. McMahon hand picks your opponent it isn’t a good thing.

Michael Cole: Well of course through that all we heard Mr. McMahon reiderate what he said earlier, that here later on tonight he will put all this behind us and make an announcement regarding the immediate future of the WWE Championship.

Jerry Lawler: Well I know everybody is anticipating that. But I’ll tell you what I am anticipating, next week right here on Raw. The divas will be back in action!

Michael Cole: Yea they will be back in action and they all have something to say. Earlier today on Kelly Kelly and the other divas spoke up about what happened last week on Raw when in mid match the Raw GM cancelled their match.

Jerry Lawler: It was very disrespectful to the Divas to say the least I cannot wait to hear what they all have to say about it.

Michael Cole: If you want to see that video check out and get ready for next week when the Divas confront the anonymous Raw GM.


Once again the fans give a big pop, rather a standing ovation as Ryder comes out after bravely just standing up to the chairman and voicing his opinion. Ryder is wearing exactly what he just competed in and will now compete in back to back matches. He walks down the ramp looking very nervous, so nervous in fact he skips the posing and heads straight to the ring

Michael Cole: Here comes Ryder who is now going to be punished and will compete in a second match in a row after being so outspoken just moments ago to Mr. McMahon.

Jerry Lawler: I applaud Ryder for speaking up as do these fans, but fortunately we’re not the ones who have to compete in another match. And who will his opponent be?

After a few moments of silence we are all clued in on Ryder’s opponent.


The whole crowd lets out a collective groan as they catch their breath. Ryder’s face turns white and appears all his fake tanner has worn off. Out steps the Worlds Strongest Man out onto the stage. Smackdown’s Mark Henry looks to be in a very serious mood as always. He stomps down the ramp licking his chops waiting for his next victim in the hall of pain.

Michael Cole: Oh my! The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry. Zack Ryder is really about to pay for what he has done.

Jerry Lawler: It has been well documented what Henry has done over the past few months, including taking out the Big Show at Money in the Bank.

Michael Cole: Henry also picked up a big win in a tag team match on Smackdown this week over Kane. Also don’t forget this Friday, Henry battles Randy Orton one on one with the winner facing Christian for the World Title at Summerslam.

Match 4
Zack Ryder vs Mark Henry

Ryder is clearly intimidated by the World’s Strongest Man. The crowd has gotten much quieter as they can tell what is on the horizon. Henry screams at Ryder and is ready to go. Henry grabs Ryder and backs him into the corner. He clubs away with his massive arm on the exposed chest of Ryder. Ryder falls to the mat in pain. Henry pulls Ryder up by his head and connects with a solid headbutt. Ryder is down on the ground as Henry slowly paces around the ring garnering heat from the crowd. Henry lifts up Ryder and connects with a scoop slam, which Henry makes look effortless. Henry grabs Ryder once more and hits another slam. He goes for the trifecta as he once again scoop slams Ryder sending him right onto his back. Henry lets out a little smile as he sees how much pain Ryder is in.

Henry grabs Ryder and throws him into the corner. Henry charges at him attempting to plow him over but Ryder moves. Ryder shakes the cobwebs and dropkicks Henry in the leg, which slows the big man down. Ryder follows up with two more, which takes Henry down to a knee! The crowd gets behind Zack and chants “Let’s Go Ryder”. Ryder then dropkicks Henry in the face, which almost takes him down, as he has to use his hands to prevent it. Ryder throws up the LI sign and bounces off the ropes. He leaps up attempting a Rough Ryder but Henry catches his leg in mid air and tosses him down to the mat. Ryder lands awkwardly on his side as it almost looks like Henry botched the move and wasn’t careful with how he dropped Ryder. Henry is now furious as he picks up Ryder and in one quick motion hits the World’s Strongest Slam!! Henry slowly and confidently goes into the cover showing no expression as he picks up the win
Winner @ 2:57, Mark Henry

Henry quickly rises to his feet and looks pissed. The referee doesn’t go near Henry, as he is clearly intimidated. Henry looks pleased having sent a message to Orton and the World Champion, Christian. Henry signals his arms across his waist signifying he wants the World Title. Henry exits the ring and walks up the ramp as the official checks on Zack Ryder.

Michael Cole: A very impressive, dominant win for Mark Henry, here on this rare Raw appearance for him.

Jerry Lawler: Henry has been on such a roll and now has even more momentum heading into this Friday Night’s number one contenders match against the Viper.

Michael Cole: As for Zack Ryder he learned a lesson and may have also taught everyone in the back something as well. Don’t make an already angry Mr. McMahon even angrier.


* Ad hyping the number one contender match this Friday Night on Smackdown between Randy Orton and Mark Henry where the winner will face Christian for the World Championship at Summerslam *

* Ringside *

We return with JTG already in the ring dancing around trying to get the crowd behind him. They can care less is an understatement as they know this is about to be a filler/squash. The fan know Raw is coming to an end and now are just interested in hearing Mr. McMahon’s announcement.


Mason Ryan comes out onto the stage looking as massive as ever. He flexes and storms down to the ring still looking green. Though it is assumed he is supposed to be a face he doesn’t acknowledge the crowd. In return for the most part they aren’t giving him a reaction either. Some scattered empty seats can be seen, as this is a piss break match. Ryan gets in the ring and is ready for a fight. JTG knows he is in store for a long night.

Michael Cole: Here comes the impressive Mason Ryan, though as impressive as he is I think he made a big mistake last week turning his back on the tag team champions.

Jerry Lawler: Are you saying he should be afraid of Otunga and McGuillicutty? Look at this guy he has nothing to be afraid of.

The bell sounds, as the two men are ready to lock up.


The Tag Team Champions, David Otunga and Michael McGuillicutty of Nexus come out onto the stage. They stop and stare right at Mason. It appears as if they have come out to watch their former ally’s match. The announcers remind us of what they said earlier tonight about teaching Mason, you’re either Nexus or you’re against us.

Match 5
Mason Ryan vs JTG

The match now resumes after the distraction of the tag champs. JTG tries to catch Mason napping as his attention was with Nexus. JTG fires away with wild rights and lefts, however they are having little to no affect on Ryan. Ryan takes JTG and launches him across the ring like a rag doll. Ryan charges at JTG and takes him down with a clothesline. We get another shot of the Tag Champs who don’t look impressed. Ryan takes a glance at them as he then turns his attention back to JTG. Ryan picks up JTG and throws him off the ropes and catches him with a spinebuster! Mason Ryan lets out a scream and then points to Otunga and McGuillicutty. Ryan once again throws JTG off the ropes and connects with a big boot to the face of JTG, which bounces his head hard off the mat. Ryan points to Nexus, as he wants them to see this. He picks up JTG and takes him down with a very impressive Full Nelson Slam! Ryan hooks the leg keeping his eyes on Nexus the whole time as he picks up the easy victory.

Winner @ 2:22, Mason Ryan

The crowd gives little reaction, as Ryan gets right up. The referee raises his hand but Mason doesn’t care about the win. He calls for Nexus to come down to the ring. McGuillicutty and Otunga talk amongst themselves. Ryan screams and shakes the ropes waiting to get his hands on them. The crowd gets a little more into Ryan as they want to see him tear apart Nexus. After a few minutes of discussion, Otunga and McGuillicutty unstrap their titles and head down towards the ring. Otunga goes to the far side by the announce table and McGuillicutty stays on the side by the stage. Both men pull up with help of the ropes onto the apron. Ryan tries to keep an eye on both men. They both slowly enter through the ropes into the ring. They then both sprint towards Ryan and pummel him with punches. At first Nexus is in control but soon the power of Ryan is too much as he pushes them off.

He hammers away at Otunga in the corner with right hands, when from behind McGuillicutty leaps onto Ryan’s back. Mason pulls him forward to the mat. McGuillicutty gets up as Ryan takes him back down with a spinebuster. Ryan then hooks Otunga in the center of the ring for the Full Nelson Slam, when we hear a buzz from the crowd. We get a wide shot and see standing in the corner of the ring, former Nexus member, Skip Sheffield!!! Sheffield who has been out for nearly a year with an ankle injury is back. He has the yellow and black Nexus band around his arm. Ryan sees Sheffield and releases Otunga. Sheffield charges at Ryan and takes him down with a huge lariat clothesline!!! The fans give a small pop and some “welcome back” chants are heard. Sheffield lets out a huge scream. He picks up Ryan onto his shoulders and connects with a Backpack Stunner!! The crowd is stunned as Sheffield has just laid waste to Mason Ryan. Otunga and McGuillicutty soon realize what has happened as they get up to their feet. They all smile at Sheffield who nods his head. The 3 Nexus members raise hands over the fallen Mason Ryan as “We Are One” plays.

Michael Cole: What a shocking turn of events. Skip Sheffield has returned to the WWE. An original Nexus member who has been sidelined for over a year, has come back to help the tag team champions.

Jerry Lawler: Well back last summer when the Nexus was at its strongest this guy was the muscle of the team, and with Sheffield back again, Nexus just got a lot more dangerous.

Michael Cole: This is what Otunga and McGuillicutty meant earlier, you’re either nexus or you’re against us and you don’t want to be against us. I think with Sheffield by their side that statement is very true.

* Backstage *

Mr. McMahon with the same serious look on his face is showed walking towards the ring with the new WWE Championship belt on his shoulder.

Michael Cole: Coming up next, the moment we have all been waiting for. Mr. McMahon will make a big announcement about the WWE Championship. Will we finally soon crown a new champion and move on from the nightmare of the past 8 days? We’ll find out, NEXT!


We return to ringside with “ No Chance in Hell” playing. Mr. McMahon is already standing in the ring holding a microphone. With Raw approaching 11:00, we skip the chairman’s entrance and we are ready to hear what he has to say. McMahon has the WWE Title on his shoulder and is ready to speak. The announcers once again recap everything up to this point.

Mr. McMahon: Alright, cut the damn music. It is time to get down to business.

Fans look on with intrigue as Mr. McMahon looks like he is eager to get out the news.

Mr. McMahon: Now we all know what has been happening the past week here in the WWE. I will not talk about it anymore or live in the past anymore. This little charade has gone on long enough. It is time to get some stability back and some order restored.

The fans break out with a CM Punk chant. McMahon ignores the chants of the vocal crowd.

Mr. McMahon: The reason the WWE has been so successful over the years is because we have always held the superstars accountable for their actions. They have had respect for the company and in return the company would put food on their families table and support them. But over the past few weeks there has been chaos!! There has been no order, nothing but chaos!!

Fans cheer because they have enjoyed the unpredictability of the show the past few weeks.

Mr. McMahon: You people like chaos? You people like anarchy? You enjoy disorder?

Fans give a loud cheer, as this bothers Mr. McMahon.

Mr. McMahon: Well that is why you are sitting there and I am standing here a billionaire. It is because I know what is right for business. There needs to be a structure. Things don’t go well when there is a sense of total unpredictability.

Fans boo as McMahon is basically saying things need to be stagnant and boring.

Mr. McMahon: It is time to put this all behind us. Rest assure this will be put behind us. Now next week we will crown a new WWE Champion!!

Fans boo because of the next week part of the announcement. McMahon holds the title up.

Mr. McMahon: Since this is going to be a fresh new start, I am going to give everyone an equal chance. So next week here on Raw the WWE Championship will be decided in a 20 man over the top rope battle royal!

The crowd gives a pretty nice pop, although not too big because it is next week. McMahon for the first time in over a week shows what looks to be resemblance of a smile.

Mr. McMahon: Now rest assure nobody will ruin this match. Nobody will interfere in this match. We will crown a new WWE Champion on Raw next week.


The crowd erupts as the arena lights up in green lighting. What is easily the pop of the night, Triple H steps out onto the stage. In this his first appearance since Wrestlemania 27, Triple H stands looking in tremendous shape wearing a grey suit with a blue tie. Mr. McMahon looks confused but also claps as his son and law heads down toward the ring. Triple H soaks up the cheers as he milks his entrance and poses on the turnbuckles before getting handed a microphone.

Michael Cole: Triple H is back!! We haven’t seen Hunter since his epic battle against the Undertaker back in April at Wrestlemania.

Jerry Lawler: What a moment! Listen to this place! I can’t hear myself talk.

Triple H nods and smiles at Vince. Mr. McMahon shakes hands with Triple H. The crowd continues to cheer loudly as the music fades out. We hear loud “ Triple H” chants. Hunter waves to the fans acknowledging the amazing reception.

Mr. McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen, Triple H!!

Another huge pop as the crowd is so excited and surprised to be seeing Triple H.

Mr. McMahon: Wow Hunter, it is great to see you. You look great. So what brings you out here? Is it to tell everyone how exciting next week’s battle royal is going to be?

Triple H smiles at McMahon. The crowd gives HHH a standing ovation once more, as he is about to talk.

Triple H: Wow it is great to be back. You guys are amazing.

A cheap pop, but a loud pop none the less. Triple H looks like he is out here to tell Mr. McMahon something he doesn’t want to hear because the look on his face.

Triple H: Well Vince I actually came out here to give you my thoughts on what has been happening the past week or so. This whole situation with the WWE Championship hasn’t been easy for you. This is something nobody has ever had to deal with. You see CM Punk pretty much handcuffed you by leaving the company with the title. And John Cena has made things very difficult as well.

Triple H and McMahon stand very close together as things are about to get interesting.

Triple H: Now while firing John Cena might be justified, you have to think if this is a smart long-term decision? John Cena is one of the biggest names in this industry. Can we really afford to lose him?

McMahon doesn’t respond. He doesn’t want to be addressing this situation anymore. What is done is done and he is sticking to his decision. McMahon shrugs his shoulders as if to say screw him too bad. Triple H looks disappointed and moves onto his next point.

Triple H: You have done a noble job in this tough situation. But there is one thing I disagree with. That is this whole WWE Championship situation.

The crowd cheers, as Vince’s face drops and looks scared about what Hunter is about to say.

Triple H: Now I get Punk has the title and is gone, but you can’t just move on. Don’t you get it, by moving on CM Punk is getting what he wants. He gets to keep the title.

Mr. McMahon: No he doesn’t win, I win. CM Punk is now just an afterthought.

The crowd boos, as Triple H shakes his head and doesn’t agree.

Triple H: Quite the opposite, he gets what he wants. CM Punk will now always be remembered as the man who took the WWE Championship from Mr. McMahon. He will be remembered as the last real WWE Champion. Every man who holds the title after this, I hate to say it will just be holding a prop.

Fans cheer as Triple H is making things get unpredictable again. Vince once again looks pissed.

Mr. McMahon: NO DAMMIT!!!This is the WWE Championship now!

Vince holds up the new WWE Title, as the fans boo.

Triple H: Vince you can’t erase history. You can’t change history. History is apart of the future. Without history there is no future. Without the WWE Title and all the men who have fought for it, there is no Vince McMahon, there is no WWE.

The fans stand and cheer appreciating what Triple H is saying.

Triple H: You have heard this from everyone, but I need you to hear this from me. You can’t let Punk get away with this. You have to get back the championship. For Hulk Hogan, for Bret Hart, for Stone Cold Steve Austin, for the Undertaker, for your father, you have to get that championship back.

The last one really hits Vince McMahon. He takes a deep breath, but before Vince can speak Hunter cuts him off.

Triple H: Whatever it takes Vince you have to get that title back from Punk. It is the only way to truly restore order around here.

Triple H takes a breath as it took a lot out of him to tell that to Vince. Mr. McMahon paces around the ring thinking what to say next.

Triple H: I know you have a big ego and don’t like getting help from others, but you need help on this one.

Vince looks at the ground ignoring Triple H.

Triple H: DAD!!

This gets Mr. McMahon’s attention as he looks up at his son and law.

Triple H: Let me help you.

Mr. McMahon: You want to help me? Then shut the hell up!!!!

Vince screams this as Hunter shakes his head in disappointment. The fans continue to boo the chairman.

Mr. McMahon: I know what I am doing. To hell with the prestige, to hell with the glory, to hell with all the men who have battled for the championship. Get over it, move on! Next week there will be a 20 man battle royal for the WWE Title, and you’re gonna be in it!!

The crowd cheers but Triple H didn’t want to hear that. He is mad at how stubborn Vince is.

Mr. McMahon: Now next week I expect the 20 man in the battle royal to give everything they have to become the new WWE Champion. So I don't wanna hear another word about John Cena, the old WWE Championship, CM Punk, or anyth-


THE CROWD GOES APESHIT!!! The new theme is unfamiliar but they see the videos on the titantron, as it is the real WWE Champ. Slowly CM Punk turns the corner holding the WWE Championship! Punk has a huge smile in his face. He holds up the WWE Title and yells out “ BEST IN THE WORLD”. The crowd is going nuts still. Triple H looks unhappy, but is nothing compared to how pissed Mr. McMahon looks. He is so stunned at what he is seeing.

Michael Cole: What the hell is he doing here?! CM PUNK, THE WWE CHAMPION IS HERE!!

Jerry Lawler: What is going on? McMahon is irate.

Mr. McMahon: How the hell did you get in this building? Security!!! Arrest this man, NOW!!

CM Punk holds up his finger as if to tell Vince to wait. He holds up the WWE Title and places with flat on the ground in front of him. He points at it as if to say come and get it. The crowd erupts in loud “ CM Punk” chants. Mr. McMahon looks very confused. Triple H tells him to wait, but Vince has had enough. After hearing from everyone the past week he is going to take matters into his own hands. He is going to get back what is his. McMahon exits the ring and storms up the ramp. Punk has a huge smirk on his face the entire time. Vince finally reaches the top as him and Punk go face to face with just the title in between them.

McMahon calls Punk a “son of a bitch”. McMahon bends over to pick up the title. As he comes up with the title, CM PUNK KICKS MR. MCMAHON IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH A ROUNDHOUSE!!!!!!!!!! The crowd surprisingly goes nuts and cheers. Mr. McMahon falls down to the stage and is knocked out. Punk laughs as he picks up his championship. Triple H quickly exits the ring and runs up the ramp. CM Punk makes a beeline to the back. Triple H runs up the ramp and attends to his fallen father in law. Vince holds his neck as he lays face down on the stage. Soon EMT’s and other officials come out to assist. Jerry Lawler leaves the announce desk and goes to help as well.

Michael Cole: CM Punk just kicked the chairman in the back of the head! Why? For what reason? How the hell did he even get in the arena?

That is the last word we hear from Michael Cole, as what we are seeing speaks louder than anything he can say. We are shown several replays of the kick. Mr. McMahon is not responding, as Triple H looks shaken to say the least.

What does this mean for the future of the WWE Title? How did CM Punk even get inside the arena? What will Mr. McMahon do next? All these questions are now looming over the WWE, as we now have more chaos and anarchy then we did at the beginning of the night.

The last image we see is Mr. McMahon out cold on the ramp with trainers, EMT’s and Triple H standing over his limp body. The WWE logo flashes across the screen as the show ends.


Confirmed Matches for Summerslam:

August 14
Staples Center
Los Angeles, California

World Heavyweight Championship:
Christian vs. Randy Orton OR Mark Henry

Smackdown Summer Showcase
{the winner of the match faces the World Heavyweight Champion at Night of Champions}

??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ???

No Holds Barred Match
John Morrison vs R-Truth

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Re: OML presents WWE 2011: Era of Prominence

Great BTB so far.Looking forward to the main storyline.Intrested in seeing what you do with Mason Ryan hope you have big plans for him dude is way underated.Zack was played off as a badass very well done.

Not Removing until:
[]Tyson Kidd wins a singles title.
[X]Punk Main events a PPV. NOC 2012
[]Trent Baretta wins any title.
[]Mason Ryan wins any title.
[]Barrett wins a world title.
[]Swagger gets fired.
[X]Miz turns face.Surivor Series and it's buildup
^Read this or
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Re: OML presents WWE 2011: Era of Prominence

My apologies. Review is below.

Marking For: Ricardo Rodriguez, Paul Heyman, The Shield

Not removing until...

  • ADR vs. Ricardo at WM XXX!!!

Mad Props To THE FOURTH WALL For This Crazy Sig!

Last edited by babycitagirl; 02-26-2013 at 10:51 PM. Reason: Overdid the original post. Am deleting manually. Sorry.
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Re: OML presents WWE 2011: Era of Prominence

OML, I hope you don't mind, but I decided to do a whole new post on your RAW. That said, here goes.

I thought it was a brilliant alternative to how the after of CM Punk beating John Cena, and walking out of the arena with the WWE Title that night, actually went down. The storytelling was much more concise, the characters more believable, and you could taste VKM's anger like it was blood from a freshly killed deer. Well, VKM IS from the Tarheel state, after all, as I am.

The exchanges between Zack Ryder and VKM, and Trips and VKM, were intense at best, and showed each what each man can do when given the right script. Sadly, Zack is too goofy as is to pull it off on actual WWE TV. He would need a darker gimmick, almost Raven-like, to pull it off. Hey, it worked for Scott Levy.

The getting rid of John Cena part? Gold. I'm praying for the day Mr. Fruity Pebbles is given the gate once and for all. I know this pisses off the younger pups in the Cenation, but it is what it is.

The matches were well thought-out, and I know we're in PG, but a little more intensity would have helped. And Jerry "the King" Lawler, as funny as he is, makes a brilliant foil for the then-heelish Michael Cole, he with the Miz man-crush and the Vickie stiffy.

Basically, this was a really good RAW. My compliments.

Marking For: Ricardo Rodriguez, Paul Heyman, The Shield

Not removing until...

  • ADR vs. Ricardo at WM XXX!!!

Mad Props To THE FOURTH WALL For This Crazy Sig!
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Re: OML presents WWE 2011: Era of Prominence

I just started watching back my PPV DVDs from 2011 and it always amazes me that WWE didn't make the most of the events following Money In The Bank.

I'm really interested to see where your angle with Punk goes. Reintroducing Hunter is interesting, and now Punk has made his feud with McMahon physical I am looking forward to how The Game plays into things. I expect Punk to defend the gold at SummerSlam, maybe in a rematch against Cena but I think a more interesting route would be HHH. Certainly one Ill be looking out for.

And I am certainly looking forward to seeing how you go forward with Nexus. They were quietly disbanded after MITB11 and I like that you're keeping them going, personally I think they need that dominant leader similar to Barrett or Punk, but the return of Sheffield definitely spices things up.

It will also be cool to see how you handle Ryder, at this stage of his career he is at his most popular and the feud with Ziggler has big potential.

I enjoy reading your BTB, you go into great detail and is something I will look to improve in my own.

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Re: OML presents WWE 2011: Era of Prominence

Wow what a RAW

Punk is back the WWE Champion is back on RAW and I love how he kicked Vince McMahon in the head because he is The Best in the World, Best in the World and now that Punk is back he can finally set things right but as for Cena, Cena definitely has to be re-hired now right?

But the 20-man over the top rope battle royal is going to have to be to determine just who faces Punk at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship

But I also love that Triple H is back also
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Re: OML presents WWE 2011: Era of Prominence

I have to say I like the way this thread's going so far. I'm not too sure about the whole Vince/Ryder encounter, but other than that it's pretty good. I did always think them trying to crown a new champion was stupid and you decided to highlight that here. Kudos for that one. I also like how you tied in a possible HHH/Punk feud when Punk got physical with Vince. And Vince's reactions are pretty spot on since he's always used to getting his way and gets pissed when he doesn't. All in all, great thread so far. Keep it up.
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Re: OML presents WWE 2011: Era of Prominence

Okay, I'm reviewing the Last RAW.

The start was really awesome. I mean the "Last week" part.

Cena interferes? This guy can't be fired even in here!

I wonder what Vince's announcement is.

Nice segment with the Nexus.

I LOVE the Truth's character. I forgot how WWE screwed it up. Morrison's comeback was obvious. Good match making.

Nice Rey interview.

Six men, huh? But a good decision there with giving Ryder the pin on Mcintyre.

Ziggler got the Internet belt!

Good thing with Ryder and McMahon. Sad that Henry won, but that's reasonable.

The Nexus are getting stronger. I like it.

Battle Royal? I think that a champion wouldn't be crowned even next week. Nice to see Hunter.

REALLY good finish there.

I really liked this show. You know how to build those shows.
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