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Re: OML and Bradley's WWE 2011

A lot of positive feedback for the opening post alone, and rightfully so, considering you two are both talented writers and with the current situation coupled with your combined skills there is tremendous potential with this thread. I wish you guys the best of luck.

I'm obviously intrigued about the WWE title situation and what's going to happen but also what could Rey's unmasking and unhappiness lead to. The two matches you did announce could very much fit on Raw irl so that is both a good and bad thing. Hopefully you develop your divas division away from The Bellas and Eve and around Beth, Gail, Melina and Kelly if you have to. I expect the face team to win there but no idea with the tag team match, I don't really want either team to get a push as neither are really entertaining. Out of all four guys in the match I feel Vladimir Kozlov could do well with a push because he's underused with Marella. Anyway, I'll be reading when you post the show.
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Re: OML and Bradley's WWE 2011

Monday Night Raw
Resch Center, Green Bay, Wisconsin | July 18, 2011

We skip the opening theme and cut right to a live shot of the sold out Resch Center. There is a wide shot of the arena as everyone is standing and cheering. After a few moments of silence….


The place erupts as they know we are about to get some answers coming off of last nights controversial and exciting pay-per-view. Mr. McMahon comes out onto the stage wearing a tan suit, holding a booklet likely containing a contract. Mr. McMahon not looking too pleased. He looks around at the arena, as fans wave their CM Punk signs high in the air. McMahon tries to ignore all of this and makes his way down to the ring. Once in the ring, he is handed a mic. He takes a deep breath, as if what he is about to do has been weighing on his mind all day long.

Michael Cole: Hello and welcome to Monday Night Raw. Coming off the heals of a tremendous Money in the Bank pay-per-view, where we saw CM Punk become the new WWE Champion. Not just that, but last night at midnight, Punk’s contract with WWE expired. What does this mean for the WWE? For the championship and all of the superstars?

Jerry Lawler: No denying last night will live in infamy in the history of WWE, but right now, I have a feeling Mr. McMahon is going to address this situation.

The music cuts off as the fans boo loudly. Mr. McMahon looks around the arena as if to not be in a mood for the fans right now. Loud “CM Punk” chants are heard. This continues for a few moments, as you can tell it is getting under McMahon’s skin.

Mr. McMahon: Go ahead keep chanting his name!! Chant his name all night, the fact is, that ungrateful bastard is not under contract for WWE anymore!!!!

Crowd boos, Vince shakes his head in disgust.

Mr. McMahon: You people need to understand something, there is no reason to be booing me. This is not my fault. I tried to bring CM Punk back. I was up all last night trying to reach CM Punk to bring him in and negotiate a new contract. I had several lucrative offers on the table for Mr. Punk but all I kept getting was his voicemail.

More “CM Punk” chants. Vince pauses and takes a deep breath.

Mr. McMahon: I offered this man things that I have never offered before. I bent over backwards to this man. Whether it was money, private jets, endorsement deals, I was prepared to make CM Punk a wealthy man.

Vince holds up the booklet he brought out with him. He opens it and pulls out several pieces of paper. He holds them up and waves them for everyone to see.

Mr. McMahon: I have never tried so hard to keep somebody on board. Nobody, not Hogan, not Austin, not Bret Hart, not Brock Lesnar, NOBODY!!!

Crowd looks on with intrigue, as McMahon gets angrier with each word spoken.

Mr. McMahon: Now does this mean I think Punk is better or more talented then those men? Absolutely NOT!!! If you would’ve asked me last week, I would have help Punk pack his suitcase for all I care.

Fans boo, as McMahon plays off Punk as if he isn’t anything.

Mr. McMahon: CM Punk is just another superstar, and not even somebody I view as a top tier superstar. With that said, CM Punk has gotten these offers because of what he has in his possession. You see after last night’s victory, CM Punk has the WWE Championship.

Crowd cheers, as Vince tosses the booklet to the mat.

Mr. McMahon: This man is trying to ruin my business. He is trying to hold hostage my most prized possession. He has the most important and prestigious championship in all of sports entertainment. I have my hands tied and don’t know what to do? Punk refuses to sign a contract, he refuses to return the championship. The man is running around no longer under contract with the WWE Title and THIS IS ABSOLUTLEY A CROCK OF SHIT!!!!

Fans boo, as veins pop out of McMahon’s head he is so heated. “CM Punk” chants continue to reign through the arena.

Mr. McMahon: You fools are cheering for Punk, but he is ruining your show. The show you watch and commit time and money to every week. He is ruining it for all of the guys in the back. Without the WWE Title, this company takes a major hit. This is a major black eye on the WWE. You people will realize that!

Mr. McMahon leans on the ropes and puts his hand up. The fans continue to boo.

Mr. McMahon: However, I can’t put all the blame on CM Punk. I mean he told me that he was going to do this. He gave us fair warning that if he won at Money in the Bank, he was going to leave with the WWE Title. So no, I don’t blame CM Punk, the man I put the blame on for this whole mess, is JOHN CENA!!!

Loud mixed reaction is heard. Vince stares out into the crowd. Close up of various signs are shown including one that says “ Don’t Fire Cena”.

Mr. McMahon: I had this whole situation under control. CM Punk was suspended and his contract was set to expire, but John Cena had to get involved. He begged for this match, he insisted on having this match. Well he got his match, and looked what happened John!!

Several “Cena” chants are heard.

Mr. McMahon: John, you talk about how much you love this company? You say this is your passion? You have single handedly ruined my creation, my passion!!

Fans boo, as McMahon kicks the ropes in frustration.

Mr. McMahon: So John, I may not be able to punish CM Punk, but you John, you’re still under contract for me. Well for now atleast! You see John, you are going to pay for this. I made a promise a couple weeks ago. I told you what would happen to you if CM Punk walked out of Money in the Bank with the WWE Title. John, you and all these people know that I am a man of my word. So John, later tonight, I am going to call you out to this ring… and I am going to keep my word!!!

Fans boo loudly for the fact Cena may get fired. “Cena” chants continue as McMahon isn’t finished.

Mr. McMahon: Now moving forward, CM Punk is gone and we need to move on.

More heat from the crowd. Shots are shown of a big CM Punk sign.

Mr. McMahon: Punk I will not let you ruin this show. I will not let you do any such thing. I have had billionaires and men with a lot more power than you try and do that, but I didn’t allow it. I’ll be damned if you’re the man that is gonna stop me.

Vince signals to the back and waves for somebody to come out. Two men in suits come out carrying a large case that has a red cover of it. They place it in the middle of the top of the stage.

Mr. McMahon: You see Punk, the show will go on and you will be forgotten. As of right now, CM Punk never existed!! CM Punk is no longer the WWE Champion!! UNCOVER IT!!! TAKE IT OFF DAMMIT!!

The two men nervously rip the cover off and sitting in a glass plaque is the old WWE Championship that was used prior to John Cena’s custom title. The fans boo and don’t know what to think.

Mr. McMahon: That’s right Punk, your plan isn’t going to slow me or this company down for one second, because here tonight we are going to crowd a New WWE Champion!!!

Mixed reaction but more cheers than earlier.

Mr. McMahon: There are other more talented and deserving men of being WWE Champion on this roster, and tonight one will walk out WWE Champion!!

Crowd cheers a little more because they know they are in store for a title match.

Mr. McMahon: Last night, 8 of Raw’s best battled in an epic money in the bank ladder match to earn an opportunity at the WWE Title. Tonight they will battle in a ladder match for the WWE Championship!!!

Crowd goes apeshit for the huge main event announced here tonight!!!

Mr. McMahon: As you said Punk a couple weeks ago, WWE will keep on moving because Punk, you are just another spoke on the wheel!! Thank you and enjoy the show!!

Vince’s music plays to a mixed reaction. He exits the ring with the arena buzzing after that epic announcement. He walks up the ramp stomping his feet, happy with how the crowd reacted to his announcement but you can tell he is still not happy.

Michael Cole: Huge news delivered by the boss!! Tonight here on Raw we will crown a new WWE Champion in an 8 man ladder match featuring the 8 men from the Money in the Bank Ladder Match last night.

Jerry Lawler: These men have got to be sore after that grueling match last night, but they will put that aside for an opportunity to be WWE Champion.

Michael Cole: What a night this is going to be!! As well Mr. McMahon promises to deliver on his word that he will fire John Cena here tonight!! We are in for a wild ride.


* Add hyping Money in the Bank Ladder Match winners Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan *

We return with a shot of historic Lambeau Field, home of the Superbowl Champion, Green Bay Packers. Cole and King once more hype up what just happened, as well as the 8 man ladder match for the WWE Title later tonight.


The fans boo as the United States Champion, Dolph Ziggler along with Vickie Guerrero make their way down to the ring. Ziggler slicks back his hair and poses as Vickie walks behind him applauding. Ziggler slides onto the apron and unstraps the US title from his waist. He stands up on the second rope holding the title above his head. Vickie applauds as the crowd continues to boo.

Michael Cole: Here is Dolph Ziggler, and it is time to start showing this man some respect. I mean he is the top champion on Raw as of this moment.

Jerry Lawler: Maybe if he dropped Vickie from his side. Though that would be no easy task. He would probably need a bulldozer to do so.

Michael Cole: What are you talking about? Vickie looks stunning tonight!

Dolph Ziggler grabs a mic and places the US Title on his shoulder. He hands his vest to Vickie who places it on the ropes. Ziggler slicks his hair back once more before speaking.

Dolph Ziggler: Incase any of you have forgotten, My Name is Dolph Ziggler!!!

Crowd boos, some cheer for the reference to Dolph’s catchphrase from when he first debuted.

Dolph Ziggler: I am the United States Champion. You see so much is being talked about how CM Punk has taken the title and left. So much is being said about what is John Cena’s future? Forget about Punk, forget about Cena, and more importantly forget about the WWE Title!!

Fans boo, as Vickie laughs and claps supporting her man.

Dolph Ziggler: You see, CM Punk actually did a good thing for this company. For the past few weeks I have been saying that the United States Championship is the most important championship on Raw. Now that there is no more WWE Title, this statement has even more truth to it.

A small “you suck” chant breaks out. Vickie grabs the mic.

Vickie Guerrero: Excuse Him!!

Fans boos go up another level as Vickie’s voice pierces everyone’s ears.

Vickie Guerrero: I SAID EXCUSE HIM!!

Fans continue to boo, before Ziggler tells Vickie he has got this.

Dolph Ziggler: So as I was saying, the United States Championship is the most prestige championship on Raw, which makes me the best superstar on Raw!!! So it is time you show me some damn respect!!

Fans boo even louder. Ziggler leaps onto the second rope and holds the title above his head.

Dolph Ziggler: So cancel this whole ladder match for the WWE Title. And I need to watch my back, because Alberto can come after me at any second. I nee-


The crowd gives a very loud ovation considering Ryder is never on TV. The Zack Pack is in the house!! Ryder comes out onto the stage, jacket, headband, glasses, and all. He has a mic and fist pumps to the crowd. The music dies down. Ziggler and Vickie look confused.

Zack Ryder: Man, that is one great song. Too bad we don’t hear it that often.

Zack chuckles as do some fans. We get shots of various Ryder signs.

Zack Ryder: Is the Zack Pack out here tonight in Green Bay?

The crowd goes nuts for the cheap reference. Ziggler looks annoyed.

Zack Ryder: It has finally happened. Zack Ryder has gotten so big that the internet can no longer contain him. I have taken my talents to Monday Night Raw!!!

Crowd cheers, as Ryder nods his head and takes off his glasses.

Zack Ryder: Vickie, how would you like to be Broszki of the week?

The fans all laugh and cheer, as Vickie looks pissed. Zack extends his hand for the offer.

Dolph Ziggler: Enough of this crap, this maybe funny on Youtube, but news flash this is Monday Night Raw, and you are standing in the presence of the biggest star on this show. So I have so advice for you. You can take care, spike your hair, because we do not care!!

Fans boo, as Vickie and Ziggler laugh and are proud of themselves.

Zack Ryder: Pretty clever there, I see somebody watches Z! True Long Story. I came out here because I have something that challenges your accusation you made earlier. That the US title is the greatest title on this show. Well the Zack Pack and myself disagree.

Zack pulls open his vest and unveils the Internet Championship Belt around his waist. This gets a decent pop, from those who watch the show. Dolph laughs in the ring, and holds up his title.

Zack Ryder: This is the Internet Championship Belt!! I am the greatest and only champion in history. The champion of twitter, youtube, and Facebook and now of Monday Night Raw!! Woo Woo Woo, You Know It!!!

The fans chant the “You Know it” part along with Zack as he comes down to the ring.

Zack Ryder: What do you say we do this right now!! Champion vs Champion to see who the top champion really is?

The fans cheer, as Dolph looks at Vickie and laughs. Ryder throws down his vest and gets in the ring. Ziggler hands his US Title to Vickie and tells Zack to bring it. The referee already in the ring calls for the bell, as Vickie exits the ring.

Match 1
Non-Title Match
Zack Ryder vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler and Ryder lock up and Ryder gets the best of the exchange taking Ziggler down with some chain wrestling. Ryder works Ziggler on the mat with several submission holds. Ziggler fights out with a snap mare but Ryder lands on his feet. Ziggler sweeps out the leg of Ryder and goes for a pin but barely gets a 1 count. Ziggler quickly gets up and locks Ryder’s head and takes him down with a side headlock toss. Ryder gets up to his feet with the headlock still applied, and whips Ziggler off the ropes. Ryder jumps over Ziggler, then Ziggler comes back and Ryder goes under Ziggler. Ziggler comes back once more and Ryder hits a hiptoss!! Ziggler quickly gets up but is met by an impressive standing dropkick from Ryder which sends Ziggler through the second rope to the floor.

The action slows down considerably, as Ziggler takes control in the middle part of this match. Ziggler keeps Ryder at bay with a number of maneuvers such as a swinging neckbreaker, fireman’s carry takedown, and German Suplex with a bridge but Ryder fights out. Ziggler remains in control as he punches Ryder in the corner. He kicks Ryder in the midsection and then backs up to the opposite corner. Ziggler charges at Ryder for a corner splash, but Ryder moves at the last second and Ziggler’s head bounces off the turnbuckle. Ryder goes for a swinging neckbreaker but Ziggler keeps the momentum going and spins around into a wicked DDT!! The crowd applauds the impressive counter. Ziggler goes for the cover but Ryder once again kicks out. Ziggler climbs to the top rope and waits for Ryder to rise to his feet. Ziggler jumps but in mid-air Ryder connects with a huge dropkick!!!!

Both men are down as this is the turning point in the match. Both men slowly rise, Ryder using the ropes for assistance. Ziggler tries a clothesline but Ryder ducks and hits one of his own. Ryder follows up with another clothesline. Ryder then lifts up Ziggler and drops him face first with a face drop. Ryder tosses Ziggler into the corner and hammers away with kicks to the midsection taking Ziggler down the mat. Ryder backs up as the fans cheer, when Ryder throws up the “LI” sign. Ryder charges at Ziggler and connects with the Broszki Boot (facewash kick) Ryder once more throws up the “LI” sign as he waits for Ziggler to rise. Ryder charges and goes for the Rough Ryder but Ziggler dodges the leg, as Ryder hits the canvas hard. Ziggler waits for Ryder to get up and goes for the Zig Zag but Ryder hold the top rope, as the back of Ziggler’s head smacks the canvas. Ryder flips over with a Jackknife hold pin!! The referee counts the 3 as the fans go nuts!!!!!

Winner @ 8:34, Zack Ryder

The fans go crazy, as Ryder picks up the stunning upset from seemingly out of nowhere. Ryder rises to his feet and then falls through the second rope to the floor. He stands on the outside holding his head. His hair is all flat after the long bout, so Ryder will need to “spike his hair” again. Ziggler gets to his feet and is in shock. Ryder leans back on the guardrail as the Zack Pack pat Ryder on his back. He throws up the “LI” sign, as the fans cheer wildly behind him. Various Ryder signs are shown, as Vickie tries to comfort Ziggler. Ryder is handed the Internet Championship Belt and holds it high above his head. He backs up the ramp with a huge smile on his face.

Michael Cole: A HUGE UPSET FOR RYDER!!! What a match that was, and Ryder proves that he is fully capable of not only performing on the Internet but also here on Raw!!

Jerry Lawler: Ziggler is not pleased!! The Internet Champion has just defeated the United States Champion!

Michael Cole: Twitter has probably just imploded!! The Long Island Iced Z is gonna be partying all week long after this huge victory!

* Backstage *

Scott Stanford is standing by at the interview station. Next to him stands the former WWE Champion, the Miz!! The fans give a mixed reaction when Miz’s face appears on the screen. He is wearing his “I’m Awesome” shirt and doesn’t look to pleased.

Scott Stanford: My guest at this time, is a man who competed in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match last night, and a man who will be in the 8 man WWE Championship Ladder Match tonight, I am talking about the Miz. Miz first off, we all saw you sustained some sort of leg injury last night. At one point it even forced you to leave the match. How does your leg feel right now?

The Miz: Really? Really? Really Scott? Really?

The fans answer Miz back with reallys of there own. Miz stares emotionless into the camera.

The Miz: That is the question you ask me? I am the only man in this match to have held the WWE Championship. I am the most watched WWE Champion in history. I am the last man that successfully cashed in his money in the bank. Yet you ask me about my leg? I am just moments away from winning back my WWE title that I never should have lost and that is what you ask me? About my leg?

Scott Stanford: Well Miz, what are your thoughts on this opportunity you have tonight for the WWE Title.

The Miz: Last night I suffered a devastating leg injury and you don’t even acknowledge it? I know I am a brave and courageous competitor but even I am not invincible.

Scott has a puzzled look on his face, as some fans are heard cheering from inside the arena.

The Miz: My injury was so serious that I had to leave the match. But I returned, and I was just mere inches away from once again winning money in the bank. Tonight however, there will be no injuries, there will be no losses, there will be no Alex Riley getting in my way of the title any longer. Tonight, I win back my WWE Championship, because I’M THE MIZ, AND I’M AWESOME!!!

The fans chant along from inside the arena, as Miz stares into the camera before walking away.


* Announce Table *

Michael Cole: Hello and welcome back to Monday Night Raw, coming off the heels of a historic Money in the Bank pay-per-view, we are live in Green Bay for Monday Night Raw. What a night we have had, and so much still to come. Including we will crown a new WWE Champion, in an 8 man ladder match.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right after Punk won the WWE Title and bailed on the company, we will crown a new WWE Champion tonight. The 8 men that competed in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match will fight for an opportunity to be WWE Champion.

Michael Cole: And according to Mr. McMahon he blames this whole fiasco on John Cena, and he has a valid point. Tonight Vince promises to keep his word and fire John Cena tonight on Raw!!

Jerry Lawler: I cant see McMahon actually going through with it. I cannot wait for that. What a night!!


A nice reception from the crowd as the Divas Champion Kelly Kelly along with Eve and Beth Phoenix come down to the ring. Kelly looking sexy as usual, slaps hands with the fans at ringside, as do Eve and Beth who follow the champion. They all pose once in the ring to a nice pop.

Michael Cole: Are you ready for some 6 diva tag team action? Here comes Kelly who last night pulled off a big win retaining her title over Brie Bella.

Jerry Lawler: Of course I am ready Cole! I’m always ready for the Divas, especially Kelly Kelly!


The cheers turn to boos, or more like silence as the Bella Twins come out looking angry. Maryse follows behind them looking cocky and disgusted as usual. The 3 beautiful ladies come onto the apron and do their usual poses, before they enter the ring. The two teams stand across from one another, as the music dies down.

Michael Cole: The Bellas looking to get some retribution against Kelly and Eve, who had no business being out there for the match last night.

Jerry Lawler: She was out there to even the sides. Nikki was at ringside, so she wanted to even the odds.

Michael Cole: Nikki was supporting her sister, who is Eve in this?

Match 2
6 Divas Tag Team Match
Eve, Kelly Kelly, &Beth Phoenix vs Maryse & The Bella Twins

The match starts with the two divas that squared off last night for the Divas Title start the match. Kelly strikes Brie with some rather weak forearm shots. She lifts her up and drops her with a suplex. Kelly makes the tag to Beth, who comes in to a nice pop. Brie quickly scampers to her corner and tags in Maryse. Maryse looks like she wants no part of the Glamazon either. Beth yanks Maryse by her hair and pulls her over the top rope into the ring. Beth picks up Maryse for a guerilla press slam, but Nikki Bella chops the leg of Phoenix. Eve and Kelly yell at the ref as he admonishes Nikki but to no avail as the heels are now in control.

Over the next several moments, The Bellas and Maryse keep Beth grounded with slow and very unconvincing offensive maneuvers. Maryse hits a DDT, but Beth kicks out. At this point the fans begin slow clapping getting behind Beth to make the tag. Maryse once again tries a DDT but Beth uses all her strength to toss Maryse over head with a modified back body drop. Both Divas are down and slowly crawl to their corner. Maryse tags Nikki Bella and seconds later Kelly Kelly is tagged in. The Divas champ comes in and hits two flying clotheslines. She whip Nikki into the corner and does a backhand spring elbow drop. Nikki drops to the mat. Kelly then does the “stink face” as every dreams that they were Nikki. Brie comes in and hits Kelly from behind with a forearm. Eve comes in and tackles Brie sending both divas through the second rope to the floor. Kelly and Nikki start to rise when….


The fans boo as they have no clue what is going on. Michael Cole drops his headset and goes over to the podium. The divas all stop what they are doing and stare with a confused look on their face. Michael puts on his glasses and glances at the laptop screen.

Michael Cole: Can I have your attention please? I have just received an email from the anonymous Raw General Manager.

The fans boo Cole, as they just want to hear what the GM has to say.

Michael Cole: And I quote..

Fans boo the catchphrase of Cole. Cole pauses and then begins to read the message.

Michael Cole: Ladies, ladies I have seen enough. I am sorry to inform you that this match is being stopped as of this moment, referee ring the bell!!

The fans boo, as the Divas look angry and confused. The referee as demanded by the GM calls for the bell.

No Contest @ 4:01

The divas all stand around not knowing what has just occurred. Even Cole just shrugs his shoulders as if to have no idea either. Kelly exits the ring and is given her Divas Title. She places it on her shoulder but doesn’t look happy. Beth and Eve just as confused follow behind.

Jerry Lawler: Why? Why would the Raw GM stop that match?

Michael Cole: I don’t have the slightest idea? I was just reading the message.

The arena is in silence as all the Divas exit to the back.

* Video package is shown of various superstars reacting to CM Punk negatively *


* Announcers recap last nights show and preview tonight’s 8 man ladder match for the WWE Title *


The horns are heard as Del Rio comes out into the arena driving a brand new Mercedes. The fans heat is surprisingly louder than usual for Del Rio, coming off the huge win last night. Del Rio emerges from the car wearing a suit and his scarf. He doesn’t look to happy. He stands on the stage doing his usual pose as the gold streaks falls down behind him. He walks towards the ring holding the Money in the Bank briefcase. Del Rio grabs a mic and stands in the center of the ring.

Michael Cole: Here comes the man who proved last night that destiny is a real thing. Despite not being given the title match he earned weeks ago, he won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match which guarantees him a title shot for anytime during the next year.

Jerry Lawler: Well it was an incredible match that has everyone talking, but in the end Del Rio emerged victorious.

Alberto Del Rio: My name, my name es Alberto Del Rio!!

Fans boo as Del Rio smiles a bit.

Alberto Del Rio: But you, you already know that!!

Del Rio stands in the ring getting decent heat, as he holds onto his newly won briefcase.

Alberto Del Rio: But something I don’t know is why, why is WWE making me compete in another ladder match against these piezas de basura.

Fans boo, as some pick up on the disrespect.

Alberto Del Rio: Last night I won this. I became Mr. Money in the Bank. I defeated 7 other men to earn this. Yet I still don’t get the respect I deserve. No respeto!!

Del Rio is starting to get angry, as he is telling everyone how he feels even going into native tongue.

Alberto Del Rio: And this is not the first time I have been disrespected of my opportunity. Three weeks ago I won a number one contender match. I earned a WWE title match for Money in the Bank. But that gringo asqueroso John Cena was afraid of me. I never got my WWE Title shot!!

Fans boo and some “you suck” chants are heard. Del Rio holds up the briefcase and stares at it.

Alberto Del Rio: Once again, last night I won another shot at the WWE Title. I can cash this in at anytime for WWE Title match, but right now there is no WWE Title? I should be named WWE Champion!! I earned that right last night. I demand some answers. This is an injustice!! Injusticia!! Irreverencia!!

Fans boo Del Rio’s tirade. Del Rio looks up to the ramp for somebody to come out. He turns around and stares at the GM podium but nothing happens.

Alberto Del Rio: You can only disrespect me for so long because eventually I will become champion. You see inside of this briefcase is not just a WWE Title shot, inside of this briefcase is my destiny!! You cannot stop Destiny!! I will become WWE Ch-

* BOOYAKA 619*

The fans give a huge pop, as Del Rio looks up at the stage in disgust. Mysterio comes out onto the stage. He doesn’t do his usual pyro on each side routine, but still acknowledges the crowd. He walks down the ramp shaking his head, as obviously has something he has to say. He gets into the ring and poses on the second rope. He is then handed a mic, as the two former rivals stare eachother down.

Michael Cole: What is Mysterio doing out here? This is not the time or place for him? Del Rio deserves some answer for being disrespected. What does Rey possibly want?

Jerry Lawler: Well Cole, Mysterio was in that Money in the Bank Ladder Match last night with Del Rio, and will also be in the 8 man ladder match for the WWE Title later tonight.

Rey Mysterio: Alberto, I needed to come out here to conseguir algo de mi pecho. I need to get something off my chest. Alberto you want to talk about being disrespected? Last night I was disrespected!!

Rey gets right in Alberto’s face. Del Rio looks confused but nonetheless holds up the briefcase in Rey’s face. Rey doesn’t show any emotion.

Alberto Del Rio: Rey Mysterio, you little chuiaua. I don’t know what you are talking about but I need you to leave so I can get some answers.

Rey Mysterio: No Alberto, I need answers from you! You see, yes you did win last night, but the way you won is what bothered me.

Alberto and Rey stare each other down, as “619” chants are heard in the background.

Alberto Del Rio: I don’t know what you are talking about? I won that match by knocking you off the ladder? What is so wrong about that?

Rey Mysterio shakes his head in frustration.

Rey Mysterio: You don’t remember Alberto? Tu olvidades? Before you knocked me off of the ladder, you took off my mask!!

Fans boo, as Rey is pissed. Alberto smiles not seeming to care.

Alberto Del Rio: I did what I had to do to win, Rey.

Rey Mysterio: Alberto you should know this as well as anybody. Where we are from, removing a wrestlers mask is the biggest sign of disrespect there is Alberto. The mask I compete in represents my culture, my familia, it is apart of me. When you removed it, you disrespected all of that.

Alberto Del Rio: Rey I-

Rey Mysterio: No Alberto save it!! There is nothing you can say. I will get over it. I will move on, because here tonight I will become the new WWE Champion!!

The fans give a mixed reaction, but with more cheers.

Rey Mysterio: But I have a question for you Alberto? Where is your mask?

Del Rio looks confused. Rey stares right at Alberto.

Rey Mysterio: I know and you know, that in Mexico you used to compete with a mask. You wrestled under the name Dos Caras Jr.

Del Rio pretends he doesn’t here this as he turns his back to Rey.

Rey Mysterio: You competed under that name and in that mask in honor of you father. In honor of you family and your culture. What happened to it Alberto? Why did you stop wearing it? Why did you disrespect your culture? Why did you disrespect your familia?

Alberto is getting upset but still wont look at Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio: Why Alberto?

Del Rio hesitates and finally looks at Rey. The fans look on it awe and silence. Del Rio drops the mic and exits the ring with his briefcase. The fans boo Del Rio as he leaves the ring like a coward. Rey looks perplexed and wants answers. He throws his arms up in frustration. He shouts at Alberto but Del Rio just storms up the ramp to the back.

Michael Cole: That’s right Del Rio!! You don’t have to answer to Rey or anybody else. You are a future WWE Champion. Rey is just jealous.

Jerry Lawler: Cole, Mysterio brought up a legitamite point. Del Rio is dodging it for some reason?

* Backstage *

In the locker room, we see Nexus members Mason Ryan and WWE Tag Team Champions, David Otunga and Michael McGuillicutty. They are all wearing there CM Punk Nexus shirts still and are talking amongst themselves. In comes Scott Stanford.

Scott Stanford: Can I please have a word with you guys? Now there has been a lot of talk going around that with the departure of your leader CM Punk, that the Nexus is over, is there any truth to that?

David Otunga: The Nexus done? I think not. You see as much as we admire and respect everything CM Punk has done for us, we don’t need him. To be honest, he only had us around for backup. We wish Punk the best, but for now are fighting for our goals. McGuillicutty and myself are the tag team champions, and along with Mason Ryan, I feel we are more dominant than we have ever been.

McGuillicutty pats his partner on the back, as Mason stands there showing no emotion. The fans boo from inside the arena.

Michael McGuillicutty: You see we are going to go out there in just moments and prove the Nexus is a dominant, well oiled machine that will take out anything in its path. Because your’re either Nexus, or you’re against us!!

McGuillicutty and Otunga smile as they walk off with their tag titles on their shoulders. Mason Ryan follows behind them, not seemingly buying the whole “Nexus is stronger than ever”.

* Summerslam Video Promo *


* Backstage *

Mr. McMahon and John Laurinaitis are in Vince’s office talking to one another. You cant hear what they are saying as the Raw Music is playing. We assume they are talking about the John Cena, CM Punk and WWE Title situation.

Michael Cole: There you see Mr. McMahon and executive VP John Laurinaitis talking over some very important decisions. These decisions will forever change the company.

Jerry Lawler: The biggest question we will have answered is what is the future of John Cena? Will Mr. McMahon keep his word and fire John Cena here tonight?

Michael Cole: Mr. McMahon is a man of his word, and tonight Cena will get what he deserves.

* Ringside *

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the WWE Tag Team Championships!!


The fans boo as the stage lights up with black and yellow. The tag team champions come out onto the stage looking confident. They do there forearm hand shake as they walk down the ramp holding up their tag title belts. Mason Ryan follows behind them. Once in the ring, they continue to bark at the fans.

Michael Cole: These three men are out here to prove a lot tonight. Many felt that with CM Punk gone that the Nexus will fade, but as we heard moments ago, they feel the Nexus is stronger than ever.

Jerry Lawler: Well they are the tag team champions and have this behemoth Mason Ryan. They are still a very capable group of young talent.


The fans give a huge pop, as the energetic Santino Marella comes out riling up the crowd, with Kozlov by his side. They both slap hands with the fans at ringside as they walk down the aisle. Santino holds his index finger up and talks foolishly. Once in the ring, they stand in their corner pumping up the crowd.

Michael Cole: Santino one of the most loved WWE Superstars along with Kozlov, they are former tag team champions and more than respectable opponents.

Jerry Lawler: Well if the Nexus feel they still have “it”, they can prove it tonight with a big victory.

Match 3
WWE Tag Team Championship Match
David Otunga and Michael McGuillicutty vs Vladimir Kozlov & Santino Marella

McGuillicutty and Kozlov start the match but Kozlov shows his strength as he throws McGuillicutty down to the mat. McGuillicutty recovers in his corner as him and Otunga discuss their strategy. McGuillicutty and Kozlov once again lock up. They exchange several arm bars and reversals. Kozlov counters into a side headlock and takes McGuillicutty down. McGuillicutty gets back up to his feet and whips Kozlov off the rope but Kozlov powers McGuillicutty down with a shoulder block. McGuillicutty gets back up and is sent right back down after a big boot. McGuillicutty scampers back into his corner and tags in his partner. Otunga comes in and doesn’t lack confidence as he comes right in and pie faces Kozlov. The fans are stunned as Kozlov chases Otunga but he leaves the ring. Otunga soon gets back in and after a few more moments of stalling, Kozlov tags in Marella. Marella gets a huge pop when he comes into the ring, as he is his usual goofy self, acting strong. Otunga tries a clothesline but Santino ducks, does a split, and fires back with a hip toss. The fans pop as Santino marches around the ring celebrating. Marella charges for a salute headbut but Otunga gets his knees up.

Now the Nexus is in control, as they keep Marella isolated in their corner. McGuillicutty and Otunga make frequent tags to stay fresh. McGuillicutty hits some impressive moves such as a nice standing dropkick and a flipping neckbreaker from the second rope. Otunga as well hits some power moves including a scoop slam and a “belly to belly suplex” that wasn’t the prettiest. Otunga soon has a chinlock applied on Marella, as the crowd gets behind Marella, who kicks his foot in rhythm of the claps. He eventually gets up and pulls Otunga’s arms taking him over head down to the mat. Marella has his chance as he crawls to his corner but Otunga grabs the foot before he can make the tag. Otunga pulls Santino back to his corner but Marella reverses sending Otunga through the second rope. He also knocks McGuillicutty off the ropes for good measure. Marella finally makes the tag to Kozlov before McGuillicutty could break it up.

Kozlov comes in with a shoulder block and a battering ram full of headbutts to the sternum. Kozlov then lifts McGuillicutty over head and places his stomach first on the top rope. Kozlov kicks the midsection of McGuillicutty, which sends him flying off the rope, but Kozlov catches him in midair and takes him down with a running powerslam. Kozlov goes for the pin but Otunga breaks the count up. Marella chares at Otunga but Otunga wisely pulls down the rope sending him to the floor. Kozlov takes McGuillicutty and sends him flying over the top rope. Kozlov goes to the corner and tags in Marella. Kozlov goes to the floor and begins brawling with McGuillicutty. The referee watches them and yells to stop. Marella bounces off the ropes but as he does, Mason Ryan clubs him in the back with a forearm shot. This momentarily stops Marella in his tracks before Otunga hits the Verdict (thrust spinebuster) for the victory!!

[COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]Winner @ 7:58, and still Tag Team Champions, David Otunga & Michael McGuillicutty[/COLOR]

Otunga rises off Marella in victory and raises his arms. The fans boo, as Kozlov takes his attention off of McGuillicutty and goes into the ring and begins pummeling Otunga with right hands. The fans cheer but after just seconds, Mason Ryan comes in and begins hammering away at Kozlov. The crowd boos as Mason begins destroying Kozlov. Eventually with Otunga and McGuillicutty back in the picture, they cheer on Ryan as he hits the Sitout Side Slam on Kozlov. The Nexus stand tall over Kozlov & Marella as the fans boo.

Michael Cole: There you have it!! To everyone who questioned the Nexus and if they were still a force to be reckoned with, there is your proof.

Jerry Lawler: Well all I can say is thank goodness for Mason Ryan. That guy is something.

Otunga and McGuillicutty hold up their tag team titles as they raise hands with one another. Ryan looks on as Otunga and McGuillicutty ignore him. Mason shakes the ropes with his hands and stomps his feet ( ala Ultimate Warrior). This catches the attention of Otunga and McGuillicutty as they look at Mason with confusion. Mason waves his hands as if to say he is done. Otunga and McGuillicutty look at one another. Ryan yells out “I’m Done”!! The fans give a decent pop, for those that heard him. Otunga steps up and gets in Ryan’s face. He begins shouting. One thing he said that was picked up is, “you’re nothing without us”. Ryan then looses it and clotheslines Otunga!!! The fans go nuts. McGuillicutty charges at Ryan but he too is taken down with a clothesline.

Otunga gets up and Ryan clotheslines him over the top rope. He screams and flexes as the fans give another nice pop. Ryan picks up McGuillicutty over head and press slams him over the top rope onto Otunga. The tag team champions lay motionless on the mat, as the now former Nexus powerhouse stands alone in the ring!!

Jerry Lawler: Mason Ryan has taken down Otunga and McGuillicutty!! This guy is something!!

Michael Cole: No this guy is crazy Lawler!! Why would he do that? Nexus is who brought Ryan into the WWE. He wouldn’t be hear if not for McGuillicutty and Otunga. What blatant showing of disrespect.

Mason Ryan stands tall in the ring as the fans cheer. McGuillicutty and Otunga soon rise and look angered. They back up the ramp looking up at Mason Ryan. They scream at him, as Ryan leans on the ropes challenging them to bring it.

* Announce Table *

Michael Cole: What a wild night this has been so far, coming off a night nobody will ever forget, last night in Chicago. So much has taken place but we still have so much in store here on Monday Night Raw.

Jerry Lawler: You have that right, still to come we are going to find out the future of John Cena. Will Mr. McMahon live up to his word and fire John Cena here tonight? The WWE Universe is on edge, this is going to be a memorable moment.

Michael Cole: Well we will have to wait and see. Another man who’s future is unknown is the Big Show. After what Mark Henry did to him last night, who knows when we are going to see the World’s Largest Athlete again.

Jerry Lawler: Over the past few weeks Mark Henry has caused so much destruction, but what he did last night crossed the line.

* Highlights shown of Mark Henry putting Big Show’s leg in the chair and jumping on it. Also with slow dramatic effect, WWE shows Big Show being helped to the back. *

Michael Cole: We hope the Big Show the best and hope he gets back soon. Coming up next the match we have all been waiting for, we will crown a new WWE Champion.

Jerry Lawler: Eight of Raw’s best will compete in a ladder match to win the WWE Championship. Mr. McMahon says that after Punk failed to sign a contract with WWE, he will name a new champion, striking Punk’s name from the record books.

Michael Cole: These eight aren’t going to be 100% after the ladder match last night, but they will leave it all out here to be WWE Champion. This match is next!!


* Money In The Bank Encore Video *

We return to ringside, with ladders set up on the outside. We see a wide shot of the new WWE Title hanging high above the ring. The fans are shown cheering waving their signs.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall and is an eight man ladder match for the WWE Championship!!!


A mixed reaction, with more boos heard, as the Miz comes out onto the stage looking confident. He poses on the ramp, with a smug look on his face. He walks down the ramp limping a little, selling the injury from last night. He leaps up onto the apron and does his usual pose. On commentary, Michael Cole marks out as usual.


The green lights light up the arena as Alex Riley comes out to a nice reception. As he walks to the ring, he talks trash to Miz. He glances up at the WWE Title Belt. He touches the ladders as he walks by them, before going into the ring.


The stage lights up with fireworks as Swagger comes running out with his arms spread and his usual dumb look on his face. He walks to the ring talking to himself, before dropping and doing 3 pushups. He gets back up and looks up at the WWE Title when entering the ring.


Bourne runs out to a solid reaction, as he has a huge smile on his face. His ribs are taped up selling the match from last night. He throws up the two finger pose, as he walks to the ring slapping hands with the fans at ringside. He slides into the ring and poses on the second rope.


The sound of no music makes the heat even louder. R-Truth comes out talking to himself looking crazy as usual. Wearing his white cutoff vest, he sips his bottle of water. He eventually pours it on his head and throws it to the ground. He gets into the ring, where the fans begin chanting “ Little Jimmy”.

* SOS *

The fans once again rise to their feet as the energy once again gets high. Kofi comes out and does the usual Boom clap as the pyro goes off behind him. Kofi skips down to the ring, hyping up the crowd before he gets into the ring and does the boom clap again. He tosses his shirt to a fan at ringside. Kofi leaps down off the ropes and looks up at the title.


The horn of Del Rio’s Mercedes is once again heard as the black car once again drives out to the arena. Del Rio comes out of the car doing his usual hand gestures with a smirk on his face. He goes onto the stage and poses as the gold streaks fall to the ground. He enters the ring, not affected from what Mysterio said earlier to him. Del Rio holds the Money in the Bank Briefcase in the air for all the men to see what they didn’t win.

* BOOYAKA 619 *

Of all the participants, Rey gets the biggest pop, despite this being his second time out tonight. Rey goes to both sides of the stage setting off the pyro. He heads down the ring talking to all the masked fans at ringside. He puts a mask on one lucky kid, before entering the ring. He poses on the second rope. When he gets down he looks at Del Rio with distain.

Match 4
WWE Championship Ladder Match
Bourne vs Riley vs Kingston vs Miz vs Mysterio vs Del Rio vs R-Truth vs Swagger

The 8 men still feeling the affects of last night all look up at the WWE Title hanging high above the ring. The fans are cheering going nuts in anticipation for one of the biggest matches in the history of Monday Night Raw. The bell sounds and the 8 men break off into four separate brawls in each corner. Swagger and Kingston’s fight goes to the outside as they brawl around ringside. Truth whips Bourne into the corner and charges at him but Bourne leaps up and holds himself and his legs catch Truth with a Hurricarana. Miz and Riley pound away on each other with right hands and left hands in the opposite corner. Del Rio tries to duck blows from a fired up Rey Mysterio. Swagger takes Kingston and throws him into the steps. Alex Riley whips Miz off the ropes and hits a back body drop. Riley turns around and is taken down by a Evan Bourne dropkick. Mysterio ducks a clothesline from Bourne and bounces off the ropes and comes back with a tilt-a-whirl into an armdrag sending Bourne out of the ring. Del Rio locks Mysterio from behind and hits a German Suplex, which Rey lands on his stomach. Swagger grabs Del Rio and hits a belly to belly suplex. Swagger turns around and Kingston leaps off the top rope with a cross body on Swagger!! Kingston turns around and Miz hits Kingston with a sick ladder shot!! Miz quickly sets up the ladder and tries to steal a victory. Miz ascends the ladder but he only gets a couple rungs up before Riley pulls him off. He picks up Miz and drops him throat first on the top rope and Miz lands on the floor. Miz stands up and Riley hits a slingshot crossbody onto the Miz. The two men slowly rise and Truth comes flying over the top with a corkscrew plancha!!! Del Rio as well is now on the outside as he brawls with the others on the floor. Mysterio comes flying with a suicide dive through the second rope taking the four men down. Swagger now joins in the fray as the 6 men battle on the floor, when we see Evan Bourne standing on the top rope. He does an AIRBOURNE FROM THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR TAKING OUT ALL 6 MEN!!! The crowd goes nuts with the first huge spot of the match. Now in the ring, Kofi Kingston is the only man left. He sets up the ladder but it isn’t in the center of the ring, it is near the ropes. He begins climbing it, he goes up to the second to last rung. He does the Boom pose, as he looks down at the 7 men who slowly get up. KINGSTON JUMPS OFF THE LADDER WITH A HUGE BOOM DROP ON ALL 7 MEN!!!! The crowd is going nuts as that spot looked very well executed but also painful for those involved. The announcers send us to commercial as all 8 men are down.


We return with all 8 men brawling around ringside and in the ring. They continue to battle with ladders and continuous attempts to bring down the championship continue to be stopped as the superstars fight through the pain from last night and tonight to try to become champion. The match now 15 minutes deep, we see some more amazing spots. Including a Mysterio sitout powerbomb off the ladder on Riley, a Swagger belly to belly on Bourne onto a ladder placed in the corner, and a Miz Skull Crushing Finale off the Ladder on Kingston!!! The crowd is going wild throughout the entire contest and this match gets more epic as the moments go along. At this point, Truth and Del Rio exchange right hands on top of the ladder when Mysterio pushes the ladder over and both men fall hard onto the top ropes. Three ladders are set standing in the middle of the ring. Kofi springboards off the ropes onto one. He climbs across all of them similar to Jeff Hardy at X7 but Kofi doesn’t botch. He is on top the ladder and is about to win but Miz pushes the ladder over and Kingston falls hard all the way to the floor!!! Kingston is likely done for the match. Miz looks to climb the ladder but Riley throws a ladder to the back of Miz and he falls to the canvas.

Now 20 minutes in, Bourne lays Truth across the announce table and climbs a ladder!! A possible AirBourne off the ladder? But Truth quickly gets up and climbs that ladder. They go back and forth until… TRUTH HITS A SUPERPLEX OFF THE LADDER THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE ON BOURNE!!!! The crowd is going ballistic as both men maybe dead!!! This is an absolutely incredible match we are witnessing. At this point, everyone is down except for Miz and Mysterio who are slowly getting up in the ring. They both climb the only ladder in the ring. The crowd is going nuts when we hear….


The fans go nuts as they recognize the voice. The cheers get louder as on the titantron we see….. CM PUNK!!!!! He is sitting at the Chicago Cubs game in the stands wearing a cubs hat and jersey. He has the WWE Championship on his shoulder. He has a huge smile on his face as he waves to the camera.

Everyone in the arena is stunned. Including Mysterio and Miz who have seemingly stopped what they are doing and admire the WWE Champion on the screen.

CM Punk: Surprise!!! Hey Vince, you’re probably flipping out in the production truck right now wondering how I am on your show? Well before you cut me off, I want to say to all 8 men competing, this is a great match. Though sorry to break the news to you, the championship hanging above the ring is just a prop. I am holding the real title here!!

Punk shows the title and raises it high.

CM Punk: So Vince can try and pretend things are ok, but the real title and all its history is with me. Vince you need to realize that no man is bigger than the WWE. But this man, is going to single handedly destroy the WWE. Vince I am goin-

The feed gets cut off as the titantron is now black. The fans are booing like crazy. We hear loud CM Punk chants. Vince McMahon walks out onto the stage. The Punk chants continue, as Vince is pissed.

Mr. McMahon: Dammit, I am sick and tired of this!!! Somebody is getting fired for that!

He points up to the screen referring to somebody in the production truck.

Mr. McMahon: Ignore what he just said, continue this match.

Mysterio, Miz, Riley, & Kingston are the men in the ring but they don’t move.


None of the superstars budge, as they look up at the title. They shake their heads. Mysterio leaves the ring, followed by Kingston and Riley. They walk up the ramp. The fans and McMahon have no clue what is happening. The three faces walk past Vince and go to the back.

Mr. McMahon: What the hell are you doing???

They ignore him, as now it is Miz standing in the ring. Miz looks up at the title to a mixed reaction. Vince smiles and tells Miz to get the belt.


Miz looks up at the title but looks hesitant.

Mr. McMahon: Do you realize you can become WWE Champion? Just grab it!! Get the damn title!!!


The crowd goes completely nuts as the pop of the night is heard, as John Cena comes out onto the stage. He immediately locks eyes with the chairman who has his future in his hands. Cena has a mic and has something to say. Cena throws his hat to the floor and gets right in McMahon’s face. Vince looks pissed, as he has seemingly lost control of the show. The music stops and “Cena” chants are heard.

John Cena: Vince, don’t you see you can’t just fix this problem. The WWE Championship isn’t here.

Mr. McMahon: What the hell are you talking about it is right there.

Vince points to the title hanging above the ring. Cena nods his head.

John Cena: No you see CM Punk is right, that title is a prop. It doesn’t have any prestige or history behind it. The real title is in Chicago right now!!!

The fans go nuts, as Vince looks like he wants to kill Cena.

John Cena: You see Vince you cannot just ignore the man. Whether he works for you or not, he is the champion of your company!!

The fans go nuts. Vince gets right in Cena’s face.

Mr. McMahon: He isn’t in my company!!! That ungrateful bastard didn’t want to be apart of the WWE, so what can I do? The show must go on. We will crown a new champion. MIZ GRAB THE TITLE!!!!!

Vince instructs Miz to climb. Miz begins to slowly climb the ladder. The fans boo, as Miz looks to become “champion”. Cena sprints down to the ring. He grabs the ladder and tips it over as Miz lands throat first on the top rope!!!!!! The fans go nuts as Miz is out on his feet and Cena hits Miz with the Attitude Adjustment!!!!!

Cena celebrates in the ring as “My Time Is Now” plays! The fans go crazy, as McMahon is beyond irate on the stage.


The fans boo, as Cena looks at McMahon at the top of the ramp. Cena smiles, but Vince doesn’t see any humor at all.

Mr. McMahon: This is all your fault!! Because of you, in 24 hours my company has been flipped upside down!!! I don’t know what I am going to do anymore!! I have lost control of my show!!

Cena yells “ That’s what they want” as he points to the fans.

Mr. McMahon: You seem to be sticking up for this Punk guy, well how about this. He controls your future John!!!

Cena looks confused, as is the WWE Universe.

Mr. McMahon: That’s right, until the “ real” WWE Title as you put it, is back in my hand, John Cena, YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fans are stunned and are booing like crazy. Cena is in a state of shock and looks like he has just been crushed. Various fans are shown crying. Cena holds his head as Vince smiles. The announcer’s don’t speak as what just took place speaks for itself.

Vince stares down Cena who leans on the ropes on the verge of tears, as Raw goes off the air!!!!

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Re: OML and Bradley's WWE 2011

Raw feedback

First time I’ve seen any of your work and it’s a tough place to start after a great MITB.

Kicking things off with Mr.McMahon is the only way to go. Thought it was a good promo on the whole. Everything he had to say was pretty much on the money for the whole McMahon character. The crock of shit line was probably the only real thing I didn’t agree with. McMahon would never go that far. Old WWE title belt is fine by me and a ladder match tonight should be very good Maybe would’ve gone for a battle royal or something though seeing as we saw the same match last night. Overall a good start though.

Liked Dolph’s little speech here about how he should be the focus as the only champion on the show. Ryder interruption, surprising slightly but what he had to say was pretty good too. I liked that you brought the Internet title out with him and actually mentioned his show and whatnot. Decent match to follow and a big win for Ryder who it looks like you’re gonna push which is great, just don’t go too fast on it.

Bit short here from Miz although it did its job ahead of the match.

Divas, couldn’t really care less although the angle was interesting. Just stopping the match without any explanation? It serves some decent possibilities for the future yes but here and now it just kinda stops things mid flow and then goes nowhere for the fans. Maybe could’ve gone a different route with it, like had the GM say something different after the match to build on. Interesting angle though.

Del Rio usual talk here. Mysterio interruption. I had my doubts when Rey came out. Another possible feud between these two, no thanks. However, you changed my mind with the whole mask scenario, bringing up Del Rio’s past. Another very intriguing storyline here possibly and I look forward to seeing where you go with it. Good job.

Tag team match. Nothing exciting here. Mason Ryan going it alone and as a face? Not a good idea in my opinion. Better suited to a bodyguard kind of role atm for a cowardly heel or in a tag team. Can’t see it going all that well this route. Hope you can prove me wrong.

Main event time, was a good match for how long it lasted. Business then picked up however. Loved this C.M Punk stuff. Having him via satellite from the Cubs game to boot was great. What he had to say was spot on about the title being just a prop. The feed getting cut so soon was a bit disappointing but understandable. Vince going mad was great and the superstars refusing was fantastic, realising it’s not right. Cena showing up was expected and he explained it nicely. McMahon saying that Punk controls Cena’s fate was a nice line and I hope you maybe see Cena going after Punk on the outside now. Good end segment most definitely.

Overall it was a pretty good show. Some things I disliked here an there but nothing too major and some very good points, such as the end segment and also the Mysterio/Del Rio situation was nicely done. Looking forward to see how you build on this.
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Re: OML and Bradley's WWE 2011

Raw Review/Feedback

Right off the bat, Vince McMahon comes out which is probably the best way to begin, no video makes it seem more dramatic so that's good because it is quite a dramatic situation with the WWE without a champion.

Okay, I have a problem already, Vince using the word 'bastard' I man, I know this is fantasy and all but you could have at least tried to keep it in with the whole PG Era, yes, I know they use the F-Bomb and shit on occasion but I can't remember someone using bastard in the WWE in a long time. Correct me if I'm wrong, though. The promo was going well, Vince conveyed well how valuable Punk was to the WWE, that was until you made him say CM Punk wasn't a top superstar and then you made it a bit worse by having Vince say 'CROCK OF SHIT' Even if you weren't going the PG direction, I don't think I've ever heard any superstar/manager/general manager etc use that phrase. Overall, the promo was decent at best, it just felt awkward and out of character at times. The set up of the main event was alright. Nothing too spectacular here for my liking.

Dolph's promo was pretty good, can't say it was amazing because Mr. Ziggles isn't amazing on the microphone so keeping Vickie with him is a must, at least until he can develop his own voice. His arrogant promo was nicely done, though. It was the best you could expect from Ziggles. Zack Ryder ftw! Ryder's promo was good, liked it. Hopefully you use him more on Raw and give him a slow and steady push, no winning the US Title in 2 weeks or anything. The match was pretty standard, was what I could have expected from these two but I hated the ending, I would have rather you had Ryder hold onto the top rope and Ziggler crashed onto the mat and then Ziggler got back up, clutching his neck or whatever it is he landed on and Zack would take advantage, hitting the Rough Ryder but, that's just me. I can see you building Zack into a decent mid-carder on Raw so that's always a plus.

Holy shit, Zack & Scott get time on Raw? Planning on bringing in The Big O next? Miz's promo was mostly in character though, I didn't like the Most Watched Champion in history bit, don't know if he has ever said that before, not watched a full episode of Raw in a long time so correct me if I'm wrong on that. Miz turning the tables on Scott with the whole leg injury/wwe title, wwe title/leg injury thing was alright, still not sure if I can picture Miz saying/doing that but okay. The promo did it's job and kept Miz relevant I guess.

The divas match itself I couldn't care for, don't like the divas, using the divas or anything to do with the divas so yeah. What happened during the match though was pretty interesting. I'm guessing it's going to be a way to phase the divas out of Raw and onto their own internet show or something?

Del Rio's promo was good, really good. I could picture him saying it so you did the job here. Interesting to see what you do regarding the whole Del Rio being number one contender situation, I hope you don't ignore it, could turn into a pretty good angle if done properly. Rey's promo felt unneeded and unnecessary, though. It was in character, I'll give you that, but this bit
Rey Mysterio: No Alberto save it!! There is nothing you can say. I will get over it. I will move on, because here tonight I will become the new WWE Champion!!
just seemed REALLY weird. It looks like you are either going to turn Del Rio face or drag out another Rey/Del Rio feud. I'd rather he went face than have to watch/read another one of those feuds.

Oh god. Botchtunga and Mr. Shit. I suppose it's good you are keeping them because the tag division needs some tag teams regardless of how shit they are. The segment was something I could picture Otunga saying with Mr. Shit delivering his line just to be as relevant as Otunga. Please never let Mason talk on the mic, ever.

Not much to say about the McMahon in his office thing, but it has been put in for a reason I suspect so something big must be happening tonight.

Typical tag team match with Nexus dominating the majority of it, was good to see the heels tag in and out to ensure they kept fresh, was typical heel stuff there. The ending was something to be expected. Mason had to do something and that was it. Happy with the outcome because Vladamir & Santino don't deserve those titles, well, Vlad doesn't anyway.

Oh fuck, Mason on his own. At least try and give him a good character and then I might be able to take him seriously.

Nice of you to update us on the condition of Big Show. I don't expect him to be back for a long time which is good on your part I suppose because Big Show is God awful to write with in my opinion.

CLUSTERFUCK MAIN EVENT TIME! I can't say I want any of these guys to be champion but if I had to pick, I suppose it would be Alex Riley Was expecting and hoping Del Rio actually wouldn't show up and if he did, not to come out in his car and be happy happy. Would have been a better option imo. The match went alright, you did what you could with eight different men at one time so props to you on that. Bourne's Air Bourne was something I expected and glad you didn't repeat what he did at MITB. Not sure why Kofi didn't just go for the title if he was alone in the ring but, I'll roll with it. His Boom Drop I can imagine looking sore as fuck, especially if he landed more on one man than the others. @ Kofi doesn't botch what Hardy did, that made me LOL. Poor Kofi, after all his efforts not to botch, he just gets shoved out of the ring from the ladder. Superplex off the ladder through the announce table? Can't say I can picture it because I can't imagine there being enough room to hit the move and if it did happen, one man would surely either die or cripple by landing on Cole/Lawler or the guardrail. Of course, it depends on how high they were but yeah, just go with me here.

Abrupt ending alert. Punk interrupting the show was and was a good way to keep him relevant, it's obvious he's going to be kept in your thread and not fuck off so that's a plus. Brushing off how he got on the titantron felt a bit wrong but I guess it would be hard to explain. Punk's promo was good and was funny to see him fuck up Vince's plans to just move on. Nobody grabbing the title also made sense because of what Punk said, was weird seeing the heels walking away too but it made what Punk said feel more impactful so that worked out well.

Oh, SuperCena, forgot about him. Cena speaking truth like he always does and sucking up to the fans = bleh, fuck Cena. You made Vince use bastard again which I again didn't like but that's just me. Happy at Cena rushing the ring and him also ruining Vince's plans was a nice touch but Cena seems to be asslicking all the Punk fans and it's annoying me. If Vince rages anymore he's gonna have a heart attack. I'm going to assume that Cena is going to try and get Punk to come back to the WWE with the title so he can have his job back, that's what the angle looks like it's going to be anyway. @ the crying fans. Will Cena be on Raw next week to give his farewell speech only to return the next week?

Overall, it was a decent show, you have a lot to work on but you will improve with what you can do as the thread goes on. Raw had a few things I didn't agree on at all which I made apparent in my review but you did have some good moments too. Summerslam is coming up so I really can't see Punk & Cena being away, one of them is going to have to come back for that or both. Hopefully all goes well for you. Sorry if my review sounded harsh btw.
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Re: OML and Bradley's WWE 2011

First time i’ve seen your work and to start after the MITB ppv is an interesting idea. Good luck with this.

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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Re: OML and Bradley's WWE 2011

Thanks for all the feedback so far, I am expecting a couple more so i look forward to it. Bradley will be posting his SD preview soon. Until then i thought i would try something new. I dont know if this has ever been done in BTB before so maybe i am the first. Right now, i present to you what took place after Raw went off the air.... Enjoy.

This is an exclusive look at what happened when Monday Night Raw went off the air. With the controversial ending to the show, concerning John Cena being fired and the WWE Title situation, see what happened when the cameras shut off.

John Cena is in the ring, still in shock of what has just happened. The arena is silent, as Cena stands in the middle of the ring looking around the sold of Resch Center. Soon several fans begin to cheer. After a few moments, nearly the entire arena is on their feet applauding John Cena and all he has done. Cena looks around with a sad look on his face and says “thank you”. The fans begin chanting “Cena”. On the stage, Mr. McMahon watches on at what is happening. He cant help but smile as he is proud of what he just did. Cena throws up the Hustle Loyalty Respect sign one last time to a huge pop. He exits the ring and goes out to the floor. He shakes hands with all the fans around ringside. He gives his hat to one lucky little fan. He soon begins giving out his wristbands to some more lucky fans. Cena continues around ringside shaking hands with the fans. The crowd is going nuts trying to slap hands with their hero. Some fans are shown upset and in shock still. Cena gets back in the ring and takes off his shirt to a huge pop! He looks at his shirt and places it in the center of the ring. He looks around the arena again and points to the fans. The WWE Universe is still on their feet applauding Cena. Miz soon gets up slowly with help of the ropes. Cena notices and grabs the Miz. He delivers one last Attitude Adjustment to a massive pop.

Cena rises back up, and throws up the three finger salute once more. Cena’s music begins playing. After a few more moments of posing, he one last time exits the ring. He walks up the ramp and slaps hands with the fans at ringside. He quickly signs a few autographs for fans. After too many fans want a signature, he continues to walk up the ramp. He turns back at the fans and does the marine salute and winks at the camera. He says “Thank You” once more. He is now standing at the top of the ramp face to face with the man who just fired him. Mr. McMahon and John Cena stare down one another. Vince extends his hand to thank Cena for his successful tenure. The fans boo the gesture from the chairman. In typical Cena fashion, one last time he tells the boss “ You Can’t See Me” as he storms off to the back. The fans cheer the motion, and McMahon has a grin on his face.

The music stops playing, as now it is just Mr. McMahon standing on the ramp. The fans begin booing loudly. McMahon makes his way down the ramp and toward the ring. He enters the ring and is handed a microphone. Some fans begin throwing trash in the ring. Security spots these fans and the throwing of debris is soon stopped. McMahon paces around the ring as he has something to say. The Miz rolls under the rope and exits the ring trying to go unnoticed. McMahon is ready to speak but the fans continue to boo and chant “Cena”.

Mr. McMahon: Well I told you all, no one person is bigger than the WWE. Nobody, not Hogan, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Stone Cold, CM Punk, and not even John Cena!!!

Fans boo as McMahon smiles.

Mr. McMahon: You see all this chaos that took place tonight was all due to one man. That man’s name is John Cena!!

Fans cheer Cena’s name. McMahon chuckles.

Mr. McMahon: But I have taken care of that problem. I am not going to allow somebody to ruin what I have worked so hard for. You see in business, structure is something that is so hard to maintain. I have pride in keeping order and keeping things within my structure. When somebody tries to break that structure, there are problems.

Fans boo the McMahon rant. Some fans even begin leaving their seats.

Mr. McMahon: Whom ever tries to test me will find out the hard way, that there are consequences. Nobody gets over on Vincent Kennedy McMahon. I always get the last laugh. Which is why I stand before you a billionaire and a successful entrepreneur. Meanwhile, John Cena and CM Punk the men that tried to cause trouble, they are now unemployed.

More heat from the crowd as they’re pissed.

Mr. McMahon: Now next week, we are going to move on. A new era will start. We will forget that CM Punk and John Cena ever existed. The WWE Title CM Punk has, it might as well be a paper championship. This title!!

McMahon points up to the WWE Title hanging high above the ring that nobody pulled down.

Mr. McMahon: This title is now the WWE Championship. What I saw earlier, with superstars walking out on the match and refusing to compete, that won’t be allowed. If you want to question what I say and support John Cena or CM Punk sentiments, well then you will be joining them on the unemployment line.

McMahon nods his head as he is 100% serious. The fans continue to boo.

Mr. McMahon: Next week on Raw, we will name a new WWE Champion. Mark my words. This week on I will announce the match for the title on next weeks Raw, until then thank you and get home safely.

McMahon drops the mic as his music starts to play. The fans boo and begin to exit from their seats. McMahon exits the ring and walks up the ramp.


I will have the Championship announcement posted in a couple of days.. Stay Tuned, things are going to get interesting!!
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Re: OML and Bradley's WWE 2011

Hey yo, I decided to check out your BtB. 2011 BtBs always get my attention because they are much harder to do then any other BtBs because of the lack of starpower so anyways.

Raw Review
Opening segment with Vince was pretty good, kinda generic but you made good work of his evil boss character. The announcement of the ladder match I thought was awesome. 2 back to back MITB matches, hell yeah.

Lol @ Zack Ryder. I find it kinda funny you introduced the Internet Championship. I wonder what the hell your gonna do with it. Hopefully we see a feud between Ryder and Ziggler.

I skipped over the Divas match. Sorry

Great job with the ADR and Rey segment. You used the unmasking to create a hell of a storyline. I really want to see where this goes.

It looks like you're going to keep The Nexus. It's actually a good thing. If you're going to keep the titles on Otunga and Cutty, keep Ryan with them and still have them as Nexus. The name holds prestige and Otunga and Cutty are WAYYYYY better WITH Ryan, then without. But I want to see what you do with this.

That's exactly what I'm talking about. The beatdown on Kozlov and Marella. It was great. I really don't think you should end Nexus. Maybe add a member, and a new leader. Make another, a better version of Nexus. That'd be cool.

Okkkk never mind. Wow holy shit. I really wasn't expecting Ryan to turn on OtungaCutty, but you did, and you did it pretty good. I really can't see where Ryan can go on his own but, I'll see what you do.

Oooooh the ladder match is next. I'm getting excited lol. The beginning of the match was great. The Kingston spot was sick as fuck. I don't think you should've recapped any of this match. You should've done it step by step, but the spots you listed were all awesome. I like how you had Kofi walk across all the ladder like Jeff did. That was nice.

OH SHIT!!! The ending was crazy. Those guys busted their asses for nothing lol. I'm sure you will find a way to bring both Punk and Cena back, as without them, well, Raw will have NOOO starpower whatsoever.

Overall, that was a great show. Good booking decisions. A very balanced and exciting show. My hat's off to you guys

MinistryDeadman95 Presents WWE 2013: Blowing Up!

Shit is already starting to blow up in my BtB. Check out my latest episode!!!

Smackdown 06/28 Posted!!!!
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Re: OML and Bradley's WWE 2011

‘Cashing In’
July 22nd 2011
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Whilst the RAW side of things has been gaining worldwide mainstream attention the action certainly hasn’t let up on the blue brand as Friday Night Smackdown rolls in to Minneapolis this week.

Fresh from Money in The Bank the new World Heavyweight Champion Christian will be in attendance to address the WWE Universe over his action on Sunday night in Chicago and why he did what he did to rile up Randy Orton. If Randy Orton wants to get his hands on Christian he may have to answer to half the roster as a number of names put their names in the hat for a World Heavyweight Championship shot at Summerslam with their performances. Who will Christian be facing come Summerslam or will he even get to Summerslam with Randy Orton baying for blood?

Someone who will not be on Friday Night Smackdown or, indeed, on any WWE programming for some time, will be The Big Show who had his ankle shattered by Mark Henry in a hellacious bout which cemented the World’s Strongest Man as a perennial player on Friday Night Smackdown and he will be certain to be the entire roster on notice when he steams in to Minnesota.

Daniel Bryan managed to achieve a lifelong ambition by gaining a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship but he can cash in at any time and anywhere with his Money in The Bank contract. There has been rumours abound that Daniel Bryan will have a ‘big announcement’ tonight judging by his comments on earlier in the week. Will he be the only one with his eye on the briefcase or will he even be World Heavyweight Champion by the night’s end?

A more personal story coming out of Sunday’s pay-per-view is Sin Cara’s injury which, whilst it wasn’t as bad as first feared, certainly took a lot out of the Mexican luchador and he will be going one on one with Sheamus on tonight’s show to gain some revenge over the man who could have ended his career. Will the ‘Celtic Warrior’ and former WWE Champion continue his brutal ways this Friday?

Cody Rhodes finally gets his Intercontinental Championship title shot against Ezekiel Jackson this week on Friday Night Smackdown and the seemingly disfigured superstar will be using his tactical nous to overcome the Personification of Domination in what should be a very physical encounter that promises to pull no punches.

Confirmed Matches

Intercontinental Championship- Ezekiel Jackson (c) vs. Cody Rhodes

Sheamus vs. Sin Cara

I’m glad to be back. It feels good writing a show for the first time in the best part of 18 months. I’m slowly getting back in to the swing of things and the show should be up either tomorrow or Saturday. I’ll be keeping an eye out on a few promising threads around the section as things are looking up in that respect.

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Re: OML and Bradley's WWE 2011

Smackdown preview looks solid. Looking forward to seeing if you continue the whole Orton/Christian storyline (which you probably will) but will be interesting to see how you can further develop it and give it new life compared to how it's going in real life. Cody Rhodes for IC Champ please. Zeke is a waste of space. I'm expecting a good Sin Cara push from you too. Will pop a review when I get a chance to, been pretty busy these last few days.
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Re: OML and Bradley's WWE 2011

Glad to see this up buddy.. Looking forward to where u go with Smackdown. Tbh even though we have talked about it, i still dont 100% no where u are going with everything. Sin Cara vs Sheamus should be good. Hoping Cody wins the title. Also looking forward to see what Orton does. Lets keep this thing rolling.
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