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J-Truth 07-16-2011 12:46 AM

Redemption Wrestling Federation
At the start of the new year, Sting requested his release from TNA. He negotiated with WWE and signed a 2-month contract, from the middle of Febuary, to the middle of April. Sting then wrestled Undertaker at WM 28, where 'Taker won to become 20-0. He soon announced his retirement. Undertaker came to Vince and asked for a little money to start his own federation. Vince asked 'Taker why he had the nerve to retire from WWE and then ask for money to start a rival federation. He then banned 'Taker from being mentioned in WWE.

Within the next months, he teamed up with Ted Turner, and Ric Flair. Together, they were going to start their own federation. To get back at Vince and WWE, they named the federation "Redemption Wrestling Federation". They signed names like CM Punk (left WWE because of Management), Chris Jericho (left WWE to tour with his band and other projects. Never signed back), Sting (free-agent after contract with WWE ran up), and Rob Van Dam (Left TNA due to Management)


Ted Turner Press Conference Room
June 5th, 2012

Ted Turner: Thank you for coming, have a seat please. I don't have alot of time tonight, so i'll go straight to the point. I'm here to announce that the rumors of Me, "The Undertaker" Mark Calloway, and Ric Flair making a Professional Wrestling Federation is, indeed, true. The company will be called "Redemption Wrestling Federation" and our weekly show will air on this Friday at 9 o'clock on TNT. RWF.com will launch today at 1 o'clock p.m. The website will include the official roster, weekly show results, RWF headlines, Pay-Per-View schedules, ect. If you have any questions, please post them and they will be answered in the sites FAQ. Thank you, and have a good day. Drive home safely.

J-Truth 07-16-2011 01:03 AM

Re: Redemption Wrestling Federation



Ace Steel
Alex Shelley
Alvin Burke, Jr.

Brian Kendrick
Carlito Colon
CM Punk
Chris Jericho
Chris Sabin
Colt Cabana

Jeremy Buck
Low Ki
Max Buck

Orlando Jordan
Ricky Steamboat, Jr.

Rob Van Dam
Paul London
Percy Watson
Samoa Joe

Tyler Black
Wade Barrett

Tag Teams and Stables

Second City Saints (CM Punk, Colt Cabana, Ace Steel)
Paul London and Brian Kendrick
Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin)
New Generation (Ric Flair, Batista, Richie Steamboat, Tyler Black)
The Young Bucks (Max and Jeremy Buck)


RWF World Championship: TBD
RWF Television Championship: Low Ki
RWF Tag Team Championships: TBD

Other Talents

The Undertaker (General Manager)
John Layfield (Commentator)
Matt Striker (Commentator)
Ric Flair (Manager)
Torrie Wilson (Backstage Interviewer)


Samoa Joe Signing
RWF: Madness Update, Sin Cara and Zack Ryder's Released

Golden Clash (June 23rd, 2012)
Mid-Summer Mayhem (July 21st, 2012)*
Fully Charged (August 18th, 2012)
Extreme Deconstruction (September 8th, 2012)
The Main Event! (October 13th, 2012)*
Locked Up! (November 10th, 2012)
UpRising (December 8th, 2012)
War Games (January 12th, 2013)*
Blizzard! (February 2nd, 2013)

Stephen365 07-16-2011 04:40 AM

Re: Redemption Wrestling Federation
Looks good, I really like your backstory, and you managed to get a very good roster without just robbing the whole WWE roster :) Good job, I'll be checking back here.

X-Power 07-17-2011 01:30 AM

Re: Redemption Wrestling Federation
Very solid roster, believable enough and has some big names to it. It's easy to see who the major players of this BTB will be but I look forward to the storylines you create. Good backstage personnel and commentary as well. It looks like you know what you're doing and I'm eager to see some news posted and eventually a show as well. Good luck.

King James 07-17-2011 01:33 AM

Re: Redemption Wrestling Federation
A great roster full of former WWE stars and indy-stars. Nice to see this. Good luck!

J-Truth 07-21-2011 10:35 PM

Re: Redemption Wrestling Federation

Originally Posted by Lords of Pain
The following is a quote from TNA Wrestling:
We regret to announce that Samoa Joe has been requested release from his TNA Wrestling Contract due to unknown reasons. We wish Samoa Joe the best for his future endeavors.

The following is a quote from Samoa Joe's twitter:
@Samoa Joe: Wooooo! Released from TNA!


Originally Posted by Redemption Wrestling Federation
We are happy to announce that Samoa Joe has accepted a contract offer to RWF! He will be added to the roster immediately.

Also, Ted Turner and Mark Calloway has released a Pay-Per-View schedule:

Golden Clash (June 23rd, 2012)
Mid-Summer Mayhem (July 21st, 2012)*
Fully Charged (August 18th, 2012)
Extreme Deconstruction (September 8th, 2012)
The Main Event! (October 13th, 2012)*
Locked Up! (November 10th, 2012)
UpRising (December 8th, 2012)
War Games (January 12th, 2013)*
Blizzard! (February 2nd, 2013)

* = Major Pay-Per-View

Sorry for the delay, guys. I've been on vacation. I've planned the next couple months ahead and will post the first episode of Mayhem tomorrow.

J-Truth 07-23-2011 01:34 PM

Re: Redemption Wrestling Federation

Madness Results
June 8th, 2012
Ocean Center
Daytona Beach, Florida

The show begins with just a black screen, when "Let The Madness Begin" by Fozzy fades in to where you can barely hear it. Then a blue "R" comes up, followed by a "W' and an "F". The music starts to pick up and "Redemption Wrestling Federation" comes up under "RWF" and you hear a loud cheer behind the song. Next it did a pan-around of the arena when it stopped in front of the titantron. Then a series of pyro went off to a big pop. Once the crowd died down, an iconic "Dong" sounded through the arena and the crowd went crazy as Mark Calloway walked out to the ring. He announces a battle royal for the vacant Television Title, involving everyone not participating in the World Championship Tournament, which will be an 8-man tournament featuring the 4 biggest heels and the 4 biggest faces in RWF. CM Punk comes out and says that the tournament is the worst idea he's heard in awhile. He says that he should just automatically be crowned World Champion. Calloway tells Punk to stay in the ring, because he's going to be in the first match with Samoa Joe.


-Match 1-
Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk w/ Colt Cabana
(World Championship Tournament Quarterfinals)

CM Punk has control for most of the match after hitting suicide dive from the top rope, but Samoa Joe broke out and rolled out of the ring to catch his breath. Punk followed him out and Joe irish whipped him into the barrier, and hitting a sidewalk slam on him. He picked up Punk and threw him back into the ring and climbed up to the tope rope. Punk quickly got up and hit him with a Hurricanrana while Joe was on the rope. Punk picked him up and put him over his shoulders, barely. Joe wiggled out of his clutch but before he could do anything, Punk hit him with a step-up high knee and picked up a 3-count.

Winner: CM Punk by pinfall (9:12)

-Commercial Break-

We come back to see Mark Calloway behind his desk with a big smirk on his face. Antonio Banks (MVP) bursts through the doors, he complains that he's a shoe-in to get the Television Championship, but Mark's making him go up against 15 other people. Calloway says that he don't think Banks will make the final two. If he makes it that far, he'll give him a Television Title Match at Golden Clash. Burke accepts and takes off.

We go back to the ring and theres 14 men in the ring. The ring announcer announces Antonio Banks and he comes out to the ring.


-Match 2-
15-Man Battle Royal for the Television Champion

It's pure chaos for the first few minutes of the match as bodies are flying all over the ring. Ricky Steamboat, Jr. goes out first followed by Chris Sabin and Colt Cabana. TNT cuts to a commercial. When the show returns, there is five left: Antonio Banks, Low Ki, Orlando Jordan, Percy Watson, and Finlay. Finlay and Low Ki are teaming up against Orlando Jordan, Percy Watson has Banks cornered, stomping on him. Jordan pushes Low Ki off of him and throws Finlay over the ropes, taking us to the final four. Percy tries to throw Banks over but he catches himself on the mat. Before Watson can think, Low Ki runs at him and throws him over the ropes. Orlando Jordan then grabs Low Ki and attempts to throw him over with a Running Powerslam, but as Jordan was throwing Low Ki down, Low Ki grabbed Jordan's head with his legs and the ropes with his hands and threw him over with a hurricanrana. Heads up now with Antonio Banks and Low Ki going one-on-one. Banks grabs him and puts him in a head-lock, but Low Ki kicks out. Banks grabs him and throws him against the ropes, expecting a bounce-back. Low Ki, however, springboards off the ropes and hits Banks with a Tidal Wave. He jumps to the top rope, but Banks is too quick. He jumps up there with Low Ki and grabs him. He attempts to lift him up but fails, as Low Ki pushes him off the top turnbuckle, and onto the ground. Giving Low Ki the win, and the belt.

Winner and NEW Television Champion: Low Ki (14:45)

-Commercial Break-

We come back to TNT and see an empty locker-room. Soon filled by Ric Flair, Batista, Ricky Steamboat Jr, and Tyler Black. Flair cusses Steamboat and Black for not winning the gold, calling Steamboat "Damn disgrace to North Carolina". He then looks at Batista and says "Go out there and beat RVD tonight. Show him, who the real ****ing show is." The camera goes to an interview room where Torrie Wilson is standing with Low Ki, holding the Television Championship. Torrie asks him how it feels to be the first RWF Television Champion. Low Ki says it feels great, but it feels even better considering that he beat out 14 other men for it. He said it's a great accomplishment and goes on to say that he'll have a great reign. His speech is interrupted by Antonio Banks. He says 'Taker promised him a match at Golden Clash if he could make it to the final two. So at Golden Clash, his "great reign" will come to an end. He is interrupted by static from a television set, the camera turns around to the TV and it shows someone with their face censored. He says to be patient, because he's coming for that title. They won't know when or where, but he's coming for it.

The camera goes back to the ring, you hear "The Whole Freakin' Show" blare through the speakers and Rob Van Dam walks out to the ring. When he is introduced, "I Walk Alone" plays and Batista walks down, followed by Ric Flair.


-Main Event-
Rob Van Dam vs. Dave Batista
(World Championship Tournament Quarterfinals)

Great match as RVD and Batista trade signature moves, around the 7 minute mark, Rob Van Dam hit a Rolling Thunder on Batista, and went for the pin which got only a two count. RVD picked Batista up, but Batista got free by sending an elbow to the gut of RVD. Batista irish whipped RVD to the ropes, he bounced back and Batista hit him with a spinebuster. Batista crouched down around the turnbuckle and RVD slowly got up around the opposite one, Batista darted towards him and attempted a spear, but RVD moved and Batista went flying through the turnbuckle. Batista sat down in front of the turnbuckle and RVD dashed towards him and dropkicked him, hitting a Van Terminator on him. Batista laid in the middle of the ring, and RVD went up to the top ropes and jumped off, completing a Five-Star Frog Splash, he went for the pin and got the 3-count.

Winner: Rob Van Dam by pinfall (15:32)

After the match, Ric Flair came in and argued with Batista, then Batista got up and chased RVD backstage. With Flair slowly following. JBL and Matt Striker wished up a good weekend, as the first episode of Mayhem went off air.


Official Golden Clash Card

RWF Television Championship Match
Antonio Banks vs. Low Ki (c)

rjsbx1 07-23-2011 06:58 PM

Re: Redemption Wrestling Federation
I really like your roster, alot of good talent and managable.

Any CM Punk/Joe match is good by my book, glad Punk advances

I thought Banks would win the Battle Royal, but pleasently suprised Low-Ki won--Banks and LowKi at Golden Clash will be interesting

Glad RVD won, not too fond of Batista, the chase backstage was great.

I'm really liking this BTB, a tad short but it's a first show, will be following though.

John_Cena_is_God 07-23-2011 10:39 PM

Re: Redemption Wrestling Federation
Ahh this is a fresh idea, Taker being banned from WWE :( never think it should be possible though

I dont know but I can see Taker doing some antics in the shows apart from also being a co-owner. Low Ki who had been misused by WWE has been crowned the TV champion, its great.

CM Punk is my bet for the World Champion title. And i knew RVD would win, good to see some talent misused by WWE comprising the roster here.

Wade Barrett in the roster increases my interest twofolds. One issue though that the show was really short. Keep some promos and atleast 4-5 matches. Best of luck.

J-Truth 07-24-2011 07:53 PM

Re: Redemption Wrestling Federation



Originally Posted by Lords Of Pain
With the success of Redemption Wrestling Federation's: Madness inagural episode, which done a 3.12 average rating, Wrestling critics and fans are nearly demanding a longer weekly show. Because of this, owner, Ted Turner, has moved a few programs around and made Madness a 2-hour show, every friday from 8-10, instead of 9-10. This will result in complete competition with WWE SmackDown!


Also, sources are confirming that WWE has released Sin Cara, due to repeated trouble with the Wellness Program. This results in sources buzzing that RWF and TNA will try to snag them.


Zack Ryder confirmed by his twitter that he has been released by WWE. Many Pro Wrestling observers are seeing this as a bad bad decision. However; no sources are confirming that Ryder will appear in RWF.

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