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WWE 2009: Reaching New Heights

I am going to start on April 6th 2009, the night after Wrestlemania 25. I hope that you all enjoy it

I am choosing not to deal with the Divas division, as I do not particularly feel like I would be able to do them justice.

I have made a couple of changes to the Wrestlemania 25 card. They are:

- Colons vs Miz & Morrison was not to unify the tag titles, as I want to keep them separated, to actually keep tag team wrestling alive. (I have plans, and there will be a tag division on both shows, have patience)
- There was no Miss Wrestlemania or any of that shit.
- JBL did not quit WWE after his match with Rey Mysterio
- Christian won Money in the Bank

Here are my Wrestlemania 25 results:

Dark Match – The Colons def. John Morrison and The Miz in a Champions vs Champions Lumberjack Match

1 – Money in the Bank Ladder Match - Christian def. CM Punk, Mark Henry, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Kofi Kingston, Kane and Finlay.

2 – Chris Jericho def. Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat and Jimmy Snuka

3 – Matt hardy def. Jeff Hardy

4 – Rey Mysterio def. JBL (Intercontinental Championship Match)

5 – The Undertaker def. Shawn Michaels

6 – John Cena def. Edge & The Big Show (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

7 – Triple H def. Randy Orton (WWE Championship Match)
6th April 2009 - Press Conference Room, WWE Headquarters, Stamford Connecticut – 11:03am

The audience and paparazzi stand as Vince McMahon, the Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment enters through a side door, and then walks towards the single podium at the front of the room.

Vince: Thank you. Everyone, please, take a seat.

There is then a distinct shuffling sound as everyone then sits down.

Vince: Before we get down to why I called this meeting, I would just like to say that the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania, was a complete success! It was an amazing night, and I would like to thank all the wrestlers, referees, announcing teams, stagehands and anyone else involved in setting up the event, and making it the spectacular it was.

A small, respectful applause goes around the room.

Vince: But the reason that I have decided to call for this press conference is to address a very important topic regarding the future of World Wrestling Entertainment. We, as a business, owe it to our fans to give out the best possible shows, characters and storylines as possible. And I think that as a business, we should always strive to reach greater heights and break even further through the barriers of sports entertainment. Now, I have been considering making this decision for a few months now, and I feel that now is the best time to announce this, as the immediate effects of this decision will be felt on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Today is the start of WWE’s ‘New Year’ as such, and to set the ball rolling for this New Year, I am announcing the permanent closure of ECW.

There is a slight uproar in the room, as many people are shocked by the announcement. Vince holds his hands out to show that he is about to speak again, and the room then falls back to silence.

Vince: I feel this decision needed to be made because I was starting to feel like ECW was becoming a financial burden to the WWE, as its events were not anywhere as near to reaching the popularity levels when I brought it back in May 2006. It was becoming more of a financial burden in the past year or so. Are there any questions at this moment in time?

Reporter: What is going to happen to the wrestlers that are currently on ECW?

Vince: Well I will tell you straight away, that they will either start appearing on Raw or Smackdown!, go back to our developmental territories or be released from their WWE contract.

Reporter: What is going to happen on tonight’s Raw? Will we see any of the ECW talent?

Vince: We will most likely see the new additions to the raw roster tonight. Furthermore, it will be announced later today on WWE.com the new brands of the ECW wrestlers. Can I take another question?

Reporter: Will Theodore Long be on Raw or Smackdown?

Vince: Thank you for that question, as it brings me to introduce you to our new Smackdown General Manager, Mr Theodore Long!

Teddy Long then walks through the side door, to a respectful applause and then walks up to the podium and shakes Vince’s hand. Vince steps back and allows Teddy to speak.

Long: I know I have to be quick, but I would just like to thank Vince McMahon for giving me the opportunity, and I will do my best to meet his very high expectations.

Everyone then laughs at Teddy’s joke, and Long then backs away from the podium and sits on a chair behind the podium, allowing Vince to go back to the podium.

Vince: And you better not let me down, Teddy, otherwise, YOU’RE FIIIRREEDDD!!

The room then lets out a collective laugh once more.

Vince: Are there any more questions before we close?

Reporter: Can you tell us who the Raw General Manager is?

Vince: That will be revealed on Raw tonight. Thank you for your time everyone, Mr Long and I have a plane to catch.

Vince and Long then walk out the side door and immediately then make their way to Mr McMahon’s plane.

So here are the rosters as of 6th April 2009:

John Cena (World Heavyweight Champion)
Randy Orton
Shawn Michaels (Inactive)
Batista (Inactive)
Chris Jericho
Rey Mysterio (Intercontinental Champion)
Cody Rhodes
Ted DiBiase Jr
CM Punk
Kofi Kingston
The Miz (World Tag Team Champion)
John Morrison (World Tag Team Champion)
Mark Henry
Mike Knox
William Regal
Charlie Haas
Santino Marella
DJ Gabriel
Evan Bourne
Paul Burchill
DH Smith
Tyson Kidd
Gregory Helms

General Manager: John 'Bradshaw' Layfield

Announcers: Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross

Raw Teams/Groups:
The Miz & John Morrison
Cryme Tyme (JTG & Shad)
The Legacy (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr)
Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith)
The Royals (William Regal & Paul Burchill)

Triple H (WWE Champion)
Big Show
Undertaker (Inactive)
Umaga (Inactive)
MVP (United States Champion)
Shelton Benjamin
Vladimir Kozlov (Inactive)
Carlito (WWE Tag Team Champion)
Primo (WWE Tag Team Champion)
Mr Kennedy (Inactive)
Jack Swagger (ECW Champion)
Matt Hardy
Chavo Guerrero
Jamie Noble
Curt Hawkins
Zack Ryder
The Brian Kendrick
Ezekiel Jackson
Tommy Dreamer

General Manager: Theodore Long

Announce Team: Michael Cole and Tazz

Smackdown! Teams/Groups:
La Familia (Edge, Chavo Guerrero, Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins)
The Colons (Carlito and Primo)
Jesse & Festus
The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson


Backlash: April 26th- Providence RI

Judgement Day: May 17th- Chicago IL

Extreme Rules: June 7th- New Orleans LA

Vengeance: June 28th- Sacramento, CA

The Bash: July 26th- Philadelphia PA

Summerslam: August 23rd- Los Angeles, California

King of the Ring: September 13th- Montreal, Canada

No Mercy: October 4th- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Cyber Sunday: October 25th- East Rutherford, New Jersey

Survivor Series: November 22nd- Washington DC

Armageddon: December 27th- Columbus, Ohio

Royal Rumble: January 31st- Las Vegas, Nevada

No Way Out: February 28th- Little Rock, Arkansas

Wrestlemania 26: March 28th- Phoenix, Arizona

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Re: WWE 2009: Reaching New Heights

Same time period as me. I'll be checking back for your first show. Good luck!
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Re: WWE 2009: Reaching New Heights

This looks pretty good, can't wait to read. I hated 2009.
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Re: WWE 2009: Reaching New Heights

cool a 2009 btb
but if i was u
i would have changed wrestlemania 25 results more lol
looking forward to this one cuz 2009 has a very good roster
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Re: WWE 2009: Reaching New Heights

Raw Preview
April 6, 2009
Houston Texas

'Out with the Old...'

New (Wrestling) Year
Following Wrestlemania 25, we now start the year long journey to Wrestlemania 26. The first stop on the road is Backlash at the end of the month, and the wrestlers of Monday Night Raw will be looking forward to setting the ball rolling in the same arena as one of the most monumental events in professional wrestling history.

New Champion
Last night, John Cena won the World Heavyweight Championship, bringing it to Raw in the process. But one thing that The Champ knows is that the title brings an almighty big target with it. One of the men that will no doubt be gunning for Cena is Randy Orton, who will no doubt be furious over failing to win the WWE Championship from Triple H at Wrestlemania. Rey Mysterio also defeated JBL for the Intercontinental Championship at the Grandest Stage of Them All in very quick fashion, and Mysterio is in high spirits following the victory.

New General Manager
WWE Chairman Vince McMahon will be in attendance on Raw to announce who the new General Manager of Raw is. McMahon has kept his cards extremely close to his chest, as there is no indication who the appointment could possibly be.

New Legend?
Chris Jericho beat 3 legends at Wrestlemania. Ricky Steamboat, Jimmy Snuka and Roddy Piper were unable to defeat 'the best in the world at what he does', despite Steamboat proving to the world that he does still have it. Jericho has asked for some time to speak on Raw to no doubt discuss his feat at Wrestlemania, and possibly to address the man who punched him, Mickey Rourke.

New Wrestlers
With the closure of ECW, Monday Night Raw has received some of the ECW wrestlers. One of these stars is Evan Bourne, who is going to face fellow ECW alumni Mike Knox on the first Raw following Wrestlemania. Randy Orton's Legacy of Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr will also be facing former ECW stars in DJ Gabriel and Kofi Kingston.

New Challenges
The Miz and John Morrison lost the Champions vs Champions match at Wrestlemania, but it will not stop them bragging about how great they are. The Miz will go one on one with Cryme Tyme's JTG, in a match that will surely bolster the Brooklyn Boys' title aspirations if JTG can come out with a victory.


World Tag Team Champion The Miz vs JTG
Legacy (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase) vs Kofi Kingston & DJ Gabriel
Mike Knox vs Evan Bourne
Chris Jericho talks about what happened at Wrestlemania

*Card subject to change*

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Re: WWE 2009: Reaching New Heights

Raw sounds good. I can't wait to find out who the General Manager is!

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Re: WWE 2009: Reaching New Heights

Monday Night Raw
6th April 2009
Houston, Texas

'Out with the Old...'

The show opens with a great deal of pyro. The fans are electric following the events of last night and earlier today.

JR: Welcome to Monday Night Raw, folks! We are only one night removed from the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania! I’m JR, Jim Ross, and I am being joined by Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, and Smackdown’s Michael Cole, for this very special edition of Monday Night Raw.

King: What a night last night was, we had a new World Heavyweight Champion in John Cena, and a new Intercontinental Champion in Rey Mysterio!

JR: And the main event of the evening was a true spectacular, as Triple H successfully defended the WWE Championship against Randy Orton.

King: But the match that I felt stole the show, was the epic encounter between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.

JR: That is 100% right, King, two of WWE’s biggest legends of all time fighting it out in one of the best matches that I have ever seen in all my years in this business.


The conversation is ended by the music of the WWE Chairman, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. The Chairman comes out to a large pop, and he then walks down to the ring in only the way he does.

King: Here comes Mr McMahon! And he looks like he is in a great mood, probably due to Triple H beating Randy Orton last night. But as you people at home may know, Mr McMahon made a huge announcement regarding the future of WWE earlier today.

JR: At a press conference, at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, Mr McMahon announced that the ECW brand was no more, and that Theodore Long will now be the Smackdown General Manager.

The commentators stop talking as Mr McMahon picks up a microphone and is ready to speak.

Vince: Hello everybody, and please allow me to welcome you all to Monday Night Raw!


Vince: Last night, was one of the most historic nights in the history of this company. The 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania was an undignified success, and I would like to thank each and every person in Houston, Texas, for making us all feel so welcome.

Cheap tactic, but it gets a pop anyway.

Vince: But now, we start the ever so long road to Wrestlemania once again, and the first stop on that road is Backlash!


Vince: That, I am sure, will be another great pay per view event. But I need to address an announcement I made earlier today. Earlier today, I held a press conference, and at that press conference, I announced the closure of the ECW Brand.

Boos ring out the arena.

Vince: It was a decision that I was forced to make, as I felt that ECW was not the burning flame it used to be, instead a small flicker, that needed to be put out once and for all. And to avoid further tainting the legacy of ECW, it was the best thing to do.

A mixed reaction as the crowd realises Vince’s reasoning.

Vince: So all the wrestlers that were on ECW before Wrestlemania will now appear on either Raw or Smackdown!

Small pop

Vince: I think now though, is the right time to introduce you to the new Raw Gener-


The fans let out an almighty boo as Randy Orton emerges from behind the curtain. The look of pleasure on Vince’s face turns into one of pure anger, as the man who failed to win the WWE Title from Triple H last night then makes his way to the ring. Randy Orton is without Legacy. Orton’s eyes are fixated on Vince as he walks down the ramp. He gets into the ring and stands there, just looking Vince in the eyes.

Vince: How dare you interrupt me! After everything you have done to me and my family, you have the audacity to interrupt me?

Orton has a microphone, but he stands there in silence, with a cold look in his eyes, that look still being directed at Mr McMahon.

Vince: I order you to get out of this ring right now, Godammit!

Orton stands there, still.

Vince: If you came down here, there must have been a reason for you to do so. I don’t appreciate you coming down here and wasting my time.

Orton slowly brings the microphone up to his mouth.

Orton: Vince, you really think that I care what you appreciate? You really think that I care that I am wasting your time? Let me give you the honest answer, I don’t. I have come out here now because I wanted to know who the new Raw General Manager is. I wanted to be the first one to congratulate them on their appointment. I also want to kick them in the head if they don’t give me what I want.

The crowd boos at this announcement, but Orton carries on regardless.

Orton: Last night at Wrestlemania I lost to Triple H-


Orton: He beat me, and I have to live with that. But, what I want from the correct authority is a rematch at Backlash.

Vince: Why would I want to give you a rematch? I-

Orton: Did I say you could talk? I was not finished.

Orton then turns to the camera, and stares coldly straight into it.

Orton: I know that I can beat you, Triple H, and I want another chance to prove it.

Orton then turns back to Mr McMahon.

Orton: McMahon, make your pathetic little announcement. I want to see if they have the balls to try and control me and my Legacy.

Vince looks very sceptical of Orton, and then proceeds to talk in a careful and cautious manner.

Vince: Ladies and Gentlemen, the new Raw General Manager, John Bradshaw Layfield!


A mixed reaction comes across the arena as the man that lost the Intercontinental Championship to Rey Mysterio last night then pulls up in a bright white limo, and then gets out and waves to the crowd.

JR: JBL! JBL is the new General Manager! Can you believe it, King?!

King: I am shocked, why would Mr McMahon appoint JBL as the General Manager?

Randy Orton just stares at JBL as ‘The Wrestling God’ makes his way into the ring, and picks up a microphone. JBL walks over to Vince and shakes his hand.

Vince: Ladies and Gentlemen, JBL! Your new Raw General Manager! Due to this appointment, Mr Layfield will no longer be on the active roster. I have some business to attend to now, so John; I will allow you to address your audience. Thank you, everyone, I am going to go attend to some business.

A pop rings out as Mr McMahon leaves, holding his hand up to the fans as he does.

Randy Orton is still staring coldly at JBL, not sure what to make of him.

JBL: Thank you, everyone, you are all too kind. I cannot explain how much of an honour it is to be awarded with this position. I would like to tha-

JBL is cut off by a furious Randy Orton.

Orton: Cut the crap, Layfield! You will undoubtedly know that I will drop you with an RKO and punt you into next week at any given moment. Give me my rematch with Triple H, and I promise, your time on Raw will not be troublesome.

JBL loosens his collar quickly, as he realises Orton was telling the truth; The Viper will strike at any given time.

JBL: Fine, Randy, I will give you a rematch at Backlash...

Orton’s scowl then turns into a sadistic half smile.

JBL: ...if you can take out that stupid little Mexican Jumping Bean Rey Mysterio in a match tonight! I want you to tear his little head off! I want you to end him, Randy. Can you do that?

Orton: I am not a hit man, Mr Layfield. But I will accept your offer, and I hope that Triple H is watching, as tonight will be only a small demonstration of what is coming up at Backlash.


JR: It is official! Randy Orton will get his rematch against at Backlash!

King: I don’t think Triple H or Mr McMahon is going to be too happy about this.

JR: But JBL is the new Raw General Manager, he has the power to make that match. But also, the main event of the evening is set, Randy Orton will face Rey Mysterio, right here tonight!

Orton then walks off as his music hits, leaving JBL in the ring as we cut to commercial.


We return to Raw to find Mike Knox standing in the ring, warming up for his match.

JR: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, folks, before the commercial break, new Raw General Manager, John Bradshaw Layfield announced that Randy Orton will face Smackdown’s Triple H for the WWE Title at Backlash!

King: Mr McMahon also announced the closure of ECW!

JR: That is right folks, ECW is no more, and the ECW wrestlers are now either competing on Raw or Smackdown!

King: And we are about to see the Raw debut of one of these wrestlers!


With that, the ever smiling, Evan Bourne comes out from behind the curtain.

JR: This kid has all the talent in the world; he really does know how to get things done in the ring.

King: He is like a human highlight reel!

JR: I think you are referring to his Shooting Star Press, King!

King: Yeah, that!

JR: But this young man will be in for a tough task tonight, as he goes one on one with the monstrous Mike Knox.

Bourne then enters the ring, knowing that he is in for a daunting task if he wants to beat Mike Knox.

Match 1:
Mike Knox vs Evan Bourne

It is a bit of cat and mouse at the start, as Knox tries to get his hands on Bourne, who keeps evading Knox’s grasp. Bourne gets backed into a corner, and Mike Knox then takes the chance to capitalise and starts pummelling away at Evan, until the ref backs him away. As soon as the referee lets Knox free, Knox charges and crushes Bourne up against the turnbuckle. Bourne drops to the ground, and Knox starts stomping on Bourne’s back, and then gets him up, and props him up stomach first against the turnbuckle. Knox then starts hitting Bourne in the back with a series of hard forearms, and then a running tackle, which makes Bourne drop to the mat again. Knox then drags Bourne into the centre of the ring, and makes the cover, but Bourne kicks out at 2.

Knox then gets Bourne back up, and puts him up on his shoulders, and then does a Torture Rack on the much smaller Bourne. Evan is screaming out in agony, as Knox begins contorting Bourne’s body into a very uncomfortable position. The referee is on hand just in case Bourne is considering giving up, but we all know that Evan Bourne never quits. Bourne manages to break free with a couple of elbows, and then rebounds off the ropes, only to be caught with a huge clothesline, which causes Bourne to turn inside out! Knox looks angry now, as he then follows up with a strong elbow drop across Bourne’s back. Knox then places his boot on Bourne’s back, and then grabs an arm and a leg, and pulls back, causing Bourne’s back to further contort. Bourne is seemingly trapped, being stuck in the middle of the ring and in a seemingly impossible position. Knox then rolls onto his back, and Bourne is now suspended in mid air, with no way out of this hold it seems!

King: Mike Knox is dominating the early going, and he really has Bourne scouted.

JR: One thing about Mike Knox is that he knows his way around the human body; he is a very smart man. He knows that if you target your opponent’s back, their core balance is lost, and for someone with a wrestling style like Evan Bourne, balance is essential.

Bourne then starts wriggling in desperation, and manages to break free of the hold. He then crawls towards the corner, and uses the turnbuckle to get to his feet. Knox is smiling as he watches Bourne in agony from the assaults to his back in the match thus far. Knox charges with a full head of steam at Bourne, but Bourne sees is coming, and dropkicks Knox’s knee, causing the big man to fall face first into the middle turnbuckle. Bourne gets to his feet, as Knox is recovering from falling into the turnbuckle. Bourne then lands a huge kick to the back of Knox’s head, and there is a large ‘Ooh’ from the crowd. Knox then falls backwards onto his back, following the kick.
Bourne is down as well, as he is still feeling the effects of the opening minutes of the match, as Knox is still out on the floor. Bourne then looks at Knox, and begins climbing the turnbuckle. His injuries prove too much for him, as he is seemingly losing his balance when he is trying to stand on the top rope. This allows Knox to get back to his feet, and Knox swipes Bourne’s legs from underneath him, causing him to fall onto the apron and then onto the ring floor with an almighty thud.

Knox then takes the chance to rest up a bit, before going outside the ring to follow up his attack. He picks Bourne up and then body slams him onto the floor outside the ring. Bourne then screams in pain, holding his back. Knox picks Bourne up once more, and then rolls him into the ring, and then goes for another cover. Bourne kicks out at 2 once more! Knox is getting increasingly angry as this match goes on, which is not good news for Evan Bourne. Knox mounts Bourne and begins hammering away at Bourne’s head, and Bourne has no defence for it whatsoever. The referee then tells Knox that he has to get off Bourne, and Knox backs away. This gives Bourne a chance to recover, and get back to his feet. As Knox paces over to Bourne, he is met with a spinning heel kick to the face, which knocks him back. Bourne then rebounds off the rope and knocks Knox down with a flying forearm. Bourne is coming back to life as he waits for Knox to get back to his feet, and then does another spinning kick to the face, this one knocking Knox down onto his back. Bourne then goes onto the apron and waits for Knox to get up again. Bourne springboards and does a cross body, but Mike Knox catches him! Knox readjusts Bourne so he is over his shoulder, and then does a huge running powerslam! Bourne is in pain, as Knox then waits for him to make it back to his feet. Knox’s face is a picture of intensity, as he stalks Bourne in wait. Bourne gets up, and Knox then rebounds off the ropes and does a running cross body, crushing Evan Bourne. Knox then stays on Bourne and goes for the cover. The referee calls for 3 and then rings the bell.

Winner: Mike Knox

*Death Grip*

JR: Mike Knox was just devastating!

King: I know, I was expecting Evan Bourne to win here tonight, but Mike Knox blew me away.

JR: Knox will surely be wanting to build some momentum, and by god that was a great way to start.

King: What a great way to open the show!

JR: There’s a hell of a lot more where that came from, King. The main event is Randy Orton going one on one with the brand new Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio!

King: Those men have some history that is for sure!

JR: And that will be another reason why tonight’s main event will be a true slobberknocker!

*Highlights Video showing stills from the WWE Championship Match at Wrestlemania*

The camera then fades back in to JBL, sitting in his new desk. He is on the phone to someone.

JBL: Yeah, sure, I will do that right now for you... Don’t mention it...laughs...yeah, see you later.

He closes his phone, and then looks up. He looks slightly underwhelmed at who is standing in front of him.

JBL: You’re the first person to come and see me in my new office?

The camera pans up, and we see that Gregory Helms is the one standing in front of the GM.

Helms: I just wanted to-

JBL: Wait a minute, where did your costume go?

Helms: I want to be taken seriously, I deserve a shot, and I want you to be the guy responsible for making Gregory Helms a star.

JBL: That is the right attitude!

Helms: Well, can you help me? I highly respect a man of your stature, and I think that I will give you the results you want. I will make you lots of money. People will want to come and see me, and because I am on your show, they will see you.

JBL: I like your thinking, and I think you are right. So who do you want?

Helms then stands there for a second, and then smiles to himself and then gives his decision.

Helms: John Cena.

JBL is taken aback, but he goes on.

JBL: Cena, huh? Well, I admire your courage, he is one tough sunnova bitch and I do hate his guts, so fine, I’ll give you a match against the World Heavyweight Champion.

Helms: For the title?

JBL: Don’t get too ahead of yourself, maybe one day, Haha!

Helms: Thanks, John. It really-

JBL then holds his hand out, signalling for Helms to stop talking.

JBL: That is Mr Layfield to you. Now get out of my office.

Helms slightly bows his head, and then leaves the General Manager’s office with a broad smirk on his face.



The arena descends into a barrage of boos as Chris Jericho enters, dressed in a suit, with an angry look on his face.

JR: If there was one man that could possibly put a downer on tonight’s show, it is this man.

King: What are you talking about? Chris Jericho won his match against Ricky Steamboat, Jimmy Snuka and Roddy Piper last night.

*Jericho’s music is still audible as stills of his match last night are shown*

JR: Ricky Steamboat took Jericho to the limit though; ‘The Dragon’ came so close to beating Jericho.

King: And Mickey Rourke did then punch Jericho in the face.

JR: Part of the magic of Wrestlemania, King. Let’s hear what Jericho has to say.

Jericho is standing in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand, soaking in all the heat that the crowd is giving him. He starts sneering at the fans, and then slowly raises the microphone to his mouth.
Jericho arches a look to the back, and then coldly speaks.

Jericho: Cut my music.

The music stops, which makes the boos seem even louder.

Jericho: Last night, after I beat down three supposed ‘legends’, three Hall of Famers, proving that I am a true legend myself...

Huge heat

Jericho:.. but then I was disrespected by Mickey Rourke.

Huge pop

Jericho: Mickey Rourke punched me in the face, cementing his status as a spineless little coward.


Jericho: He waited until I had finished my match and only then he chose to take his shot. He made it clear he was intimidated by me when he backed out of our match at Wrestlemania, and he only then chose to strike when I was vulnerable and unsuspecting. Rourke, you are an actor who played a wrestler, until you have put your body through the years of pain and punishement I have, you will never know what it is like to actually be a wrestler. You said that you love this industry, well I suggest you prove it by staying the hell away from my company.

More heat for Jericho, but he gives no indication of caring.

Jericho: I am a legend of this business, for years to come, the name Jericho will be synonymous with greatness. I beat Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka and Ricky Steamboat all at once. Even though none of them were ever on par with me, but that is not the-


Somewhat unannounced and unexpected, CM Punk then makes his way down to the ring, to a huge pop. Jericho’s face is a mix between confusion and anger. Punk jovially slaps hands with a few fans, and then takes a microphone. He steps into the ring, and smiles at Chris Jericho, who has the biggest frown in the world on his face.

Jericho: What are you doing out here? You have nothing to do with me, I am out here, addressing these idiots, trying to make them better people by having the chance to look at the personification of greatness-


There is a huge roar amongst the fans, as Jericho is stunned into silence by the defiance of CM Punk.

Punk: You just came out here, and have wasted about 3 minutes of these people’s time with your irrelevant crap! No one cares how you think that you are the best, because deep down, we all know that you are not.

Jericho is shocked at what Punk just said, and the fans go ballistic to finally see someone step up and tell Jericho how it is.

Jericho: You little brat! I will give you the chance to get the hell out of my face, my ring and my life if you leave right now, if not, I will strike you down just like I did to those washed up losers last night.

Punk: Those ‘washed up losers’ are actually legends of this business-


Jericho is getting increasingly angrier with every word he is saying, but Punk does not show any signs of backing down.

Jericho: I will give you one last chance to get out of this ring before I remove you from it myself.

Punk: Try.

Jericho is raged by Punk, and then slaps him round the face! Punk then starts laughing at a red faced Jericho, but instead of retaliating, he speaks once more.

Punk: You see, Chris the thing is-

Punk drops his microphone, and then starts hammering away at Chris Jericho! The fans are going nuts as Punk starts to ruthlessly beat Jericho down.


King: What is this punk even doing out here? He has no business with Chris Jericho!

Punk tears Jericho’s jacket off of him, but Jericho instead uses this as a chance to get away. Jericho scurries up the ramp, only look back as he gets to the top.


‘This Fire Burns’ plays out, as Punk is leaning against the ropes, looking at Jericho, Jericho lets out a small smirk and then leaves through the curtain.

We then cut to a shot of The World Tag Team Champions, The Miz and John Morrison walking down a corridor.

JR: There are our tag team champions, The Miz and John Morrison, stay tuned, because The Miz is in action when we return.

*Video Package*

Narrator: The time for superstardom has gone.

*Shot of Chris Jericho hitting a Codebreaker, followed by Rey Mysterio hitting a seated senton*

Narrator: Every action...

*John Cena holding the World Heavyweight Title above his head at Wrestlemania*

Narrator:... has an equal and opposite reaction.

*Triple H standing tall over Randy Orton at Wrestlemania*

Narrator: For the WWE...

*Quick flurry of shots showing Christian winning Money in the Bank, Shelton Benjamin entering the ring, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase beating Triple H down*

Narrator: ... the time for the Backlash...

*John Cena hitting an Attitude Adjustment, Undertaker standing tall after beating Shawn Michaels*

Narrator: ... is NOW!

*close up of Randy Orton staring coldly straight into the camera*

WWE Presents Backlash! Live April 26th, only on Pay Per View!

*End video package*

We return to see JR and King sitting at the announce table

JR: Yes, folks, Backlash is only 20 days away! And as we learnt tonight, one blockbuster match has already been arranged.

King: New Raw General Manager, JBL, granted Randy Orton a rematch against Triple H for the WWE Championship!

JR: Of course, Triple H successfully defending his title against Orton last night at Wrestlemania, in what was a true slobber knocker!


The World Tag Team Champions, The Miz and John Morrison make their way down to the ring, to a large amount of heat. Miz is dressed to compete, and Morrison comes down wearing an expensive looking fur coat.

King: That is right, JR. But now, one half of the Tag Team champions are going to be in action! I can’t wait!

JR: You won’t have to, King. The Miz in singles action, against JTG from Cryme Tyme.


Shad and JTG burst through the curtains, to a surprisingly loud pop, and then start jumping around on the stage, before JTG sprints down to the ring, and catches Miz off guard.

Match 2:
The Miz
w/John Morrison vs JTG w/ Shad

The Miz was not looking when JTG entered the ring, and then drops to a heap when JTG clubs him from behind with a forearm. Morrison then throws his coat off in anger. Shad then stands by the ring apron and instructs JTG to stay on Miz, which he does. JTG then puts Miz in a headlock, and Miz pushes himself out of it and then JTG rebounds off the ropes and dodges Miz’ clothesline attempt, and then rebounds off the opposite ropes and hits a flying clothesline on Miz. JTG goes for the early cover and Miz powers out at one.

JR: Miz needs to get his head together, King. JTG has been in complete control in the early goings of this match.

JTG then follows up with a forearm to the face, before charging across the ring and goes for another clothesline, this time Miz ducking it and JTG bounces off the opposite ropes one more time, and then hits the clothesline again. Miz then gets straight back up, and JTG continues the assault by following up with a dropkick to Miz’ chin, and Miz then rolls out of the ring, holding his jaw. JTG starts taunting in the middle of the ring, and playing to the fans. He then makes the rookie mistake of turning his back on The Miz after Morrison caught his attention. Miz then quickly crawls back into the ring and clubs JTG right across the back, and JTG falls to the mat in a heap. Miz then looks smugly at the crowd, before stomping on JTG’s left leg, and then dragging JTG by that leg towards the corner. Miz then props JTG’s leg up on the bottom turnbuckle, and then drops down with a jumping stomp to JTG’s ankle. Miz then starts punching JTG’s leg, and the crowd are getting slightly scared by the brutality being shown by Miz, as JTG is screaming in pain, as Miz then places his knee on JTG’s knee, and then pulls back on JTG’s foot, causing JTG’s leg to bend in a way it shouldn’t. JTG then grabs the ropes which causes the referee to force Miz to break the hold.

Miz then drags JTG into the centre of the ring, and goes for the cover, but JTG kicks out at 2. Morrison is starting to get frustrated, as he is telling Miz that he should have won the match by now. Miz then starts stalking JTG, looking for the Reality Check, but JTG counters it. JTG pushes Miz against the ropes and then meets him with a Thesz Press, and then starts pounding away at Miz’s head. Miz is down, and JTG then climbs onto the top turnbuckle, but Miz pulls the referee down on top of him, so JTG can’t jump. Morrison then uses this distraction to push JTG off the top rope, and JTG lands hard on his back, and is in some pain. Shad is furious, and then runs round the ring and takes Morrison out with a huge clothesline, which gets a loud cheer from the fans.

JTG is only starting to get up from falling off the top rope, and Miz then releases the referee, and then gets up. He sees JTG struggling in the middle of the ring, and runs against the ropes, he then does a knee lift to JTG’s face and then drops him with the Reality Check! Miz goes for the cover, and the referee counts it...1...2...3!

Winner: The Miz


Shad did not see the end of the match, as he was making sure Morrison did not interfere again. The Miz gets his hand raised, but he and Morrison then swiftly exit the ring with their titles because Shad ran in to prevent any post match attack.

JR: What noble tag team champions we have!

King: Yeah, that was not cool. I wish those guys could leave like ECW did.

JR: That is right, Mr McMahon announced earlier tonight that ECW has drawn its last breath. Join us after this commercial break, for more Monday Night Raw


We return, and see Rey Mysterio walking down the corridor, which gets a huge pop from the fans in attendance. Todd Grisham then enters the shot, microphone in hand.

Rey: Hey, Todd

Todd: Hi, Rey, do you mind if I ask you for a few questions?

Rey: Go ahead, man, my match isn’t until the main event.

Todd: First of all, congratulations for winning the Intercontinental Championship last night.

This gets a cheer from the crowd, and Rey then smiles at Todd heartily

Rey: Thanks man.

Todd: But how do you feel about the man you beat for that title becoming Raw’s new General Manager?

Rey: I know JBL isn’t exactly a man of honour, but he is smart enough to know that he should be treating everyone on Raw fairly. I know me and him have never really gotten on, and that probably explains why I am facing Randy Orton tonight. I'm seeing this as an opportunity as opposed to a punishment.

Todd: Do you have a game plan going into your match with ‘The Viper’?

Rey: My tactic is going to be the same as it is every time, Todd. I am going to put it all out there, and prove why I am the Intercontinental Champion.

Just as Todd is about to ask his next question, the Raw General Manager, JBL, walks into frame, to a chorus of boos from the fans in the arena.

Rey: JBL, congratula-

JBL: That is Mr Layfield to you. And I would not get to comfortable with that title, because I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that it does not stay around your waist for long, sonny!

Rey: And here I was saying saying you would treat us all fairly.

JBL: Which proves that you know nothing about being a man!

JBL gives a hearty laugh and then leaves, leaving Rey looking extremely frustrated.

We then go back to the ringside area, as the crew prepare the ring for the next match.

JR: What an ass.

King: Hey! That is our new General Manager you are talking about, those kind of words can get you fired!


Legacy, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, then make their way out, to a huge amount of heat. They are both looking confident, as they know they have the General Manager’s backing.

JR: It really seems that Legacy have found themselves a powerful ally in JBL.

King: In order to make it in this business, you need to have allies.

The two young men then enter the ring, and await their opponents.


There is a small response as DJ Gabriel then comes out from behind the curtain and then starts dancing his way down the ramp. Meanwhile, Legacy are in the ring, laughing at what they are seeing.

JR: Here’s a guy that has been turning some heads since he has joined the WWE.

King: Yeah! They’ve been looking round and wondering what the hell this idiot is doing!

JR: Oh, stop it, King.

DJ Gabriel then waits at the bottom of the ramp for his partner.


The crowd lets out the biggest pop of the night so far, as Kofi Kingston explodes out onto the stage.

King: As much as I don’t like the look of his partner tonight, I will admit that I am a big fan of Kofi Kingston.

JR: He is one of the most exciting wrestlers in the business today, and I sense big things in this kid’s future. He came so close to winning that Money in the Bank briefcase last night, and tonight may be the start of this young man’s rise to the very top.

Kingston and Gabriel then enter the ring, but Legacy still show no signs of being intimidated.

Match 3:
Legacy (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase) vs Kofi Kingston & DJ Gabriel

Rhodes and Gabriel get the match started, with a collar and elbow tie up, but Rhodes turns it into a stiff side headlock, and then wrenches it, and Gabriel’s arm tenses up, as he then delivers a hard forearm to Rhodes’ ribs, followed by another one, just as stiff. Rhodes gets off Gabriel, and Gabriel then punches Rhodes in the face, and Rhodes then punches him back, and the two men trade a few more blows, and Gabriel is starting to come out on top, but when he goes for a big clothesline, Rhodes ducks it and then kicks him in the mid section, and then wrings Gabriel’s arm over. Rhodes can sense he has a measure of control now, as he then strikes Gabriel’s elbow, alleviating the pressure already being applied. Rhodes then backs into his own corner, whilst still having hold of Gabriel. Ted DiBiase then tags himself in, by slapping his hand against Cody’s back. Gabriel hopelessly extends his free arm out to try and reach Kofi, but he is on the other side of the ring. DiBiase enters the ring and then does a hard kick to the arm that Cody is still holding. Cody then lets go of Gabriel’s arm and goes out onto the apron.

DiBiase then pulls his fist back, and does a measured shot to Gabriel’s head, and then wrings the same arm that Rhodes did. DiBiase then wrings it over again, and the pain is obvious on the face of Gabriel. DiBiase then pulls Gabriel towards him and clotheslines him down to the mat. DiBiase then mocks Gabriel by doing a small jig for a couple of seconds. He then walks over to Gabriel who is just starting to get up and then kicks his arm once more. DiBiase then stands on Gabriel’s arm to prevent him from getting away, and then tags Cody back into the match. Rhodes then methodically stomps on Gabriel’s arm, and then puts him in an armbar. Gabriel does all he can, and manages to get to the ropes, causing the referee to make Rhodes break the hold. Gabriel gets to his feet, clutching his arm as he does, and Rhodes is stalking him from behind. He hooks Gabriel’s head, trying to finish the match early with Cross Rhodes. Gabriel counters and then pushes Rhodes against the ropes, and then hits him with a back body drop with his good arm. Gabriel then rushes across the ring and gets the tag to Kingston!

Kofi then charges straight at Rhodes, and takes him down with an almighty clothesline, and then dropkicks DiBiase off the apron. Kingston follows up with a barrage of rights and lefts to Rhodes, with a picture perfect dropkick to the face being the exclamation point! Kingston then goes for the cover and Rhodes powers out at 2. Kingston then gets Rhodes up, but knocks him back down with a two handed knife-edge chop, which lights up Rhodes’ chest, and gets a huge ‘WOOOO’ from the crowd. Kingston then sets Rhodes up for the SOS, and hits it! 1...2...DiBiase breaks it up! Ted then starts pounding Kingston in the head, before the referee gets him back onto the apron. Rhodes then manages to crawl across the ring, and then makes the tag to DiBiase. Kingston then rolls back over to his corner, and Gabriel is back in the match.
The two men that have just been tagged in then meet each other in the middle of the ring, and then DiBiase strikes Gabriel in the face, only to get a punch back, followed by another one, and then another one. DiBiase then gets caught up on the ropes, and Gabriel charges and clotheslines DiBiase over the top rope! DiBiase lands with a huge thud on the floor. Kingston then shouts for Gabriel to tag him in, which he does! Kofi then sizes it up, and then does a plancha over the top rope, crashing down onto DiBiase! Gabriel looks shocked in the ring, as Kingston starts slapping the hands of some fans at ringside.


We return, and Rhodes has Gabriel in the centre of the ring, with the same armbar as earlier being applied. We are shown a replay of Kofi’s athletics before the break, and then what happened during the break, where Rhodes poked Gabriel in the eye to get the tide of the match swinging back in Legacy’s favour. Gabriel is desperately trying to fight his way out, but Rhodes does not want to let him go, and then manages to reach one of his arms out, and then tag in his partner. DiBiase then does a fist drop to Gabriel’s face whilst Rhodes has the hold still applied. DiBiase then follows up with three elbow drops to the sternum of Gabriel. DiBiase makes the cover, grinding his forearm over his face as he does, but Gabriel kicks out at 2. DiBiase then waits for Gabriel to get up, and then tries to go for Dream Street, but Gabriel rolls through, and makes the hot tag to Kofi! The crowd lets out a huge roar as he does.
Kingston then bursts into the ring, and starts swinging at anything that moves, almost hitting the referee at one point. DiBiase is knocked against the corner, and Kingston then does a beautiful leap onto the top turnbuckle before punching DiBiase’s head several times. DiBiase then falls down, and Kingston follows up with a high angle cross body, he goes for the pin, but it is broken up by Rhodes, and then Rhodes illegally starts stomping on Kingston. But Gabriel charges in and then throws Rhodes over the top rope! Gabriel climbs through the ropes, and then does a diving European Uppercut off of the apron! Meanwhile in the ring, DiBiase is laid out in the middle of the ring, and Kingston is just starting to get up, and he then notices where DiBiase is and then rebounds off the ropes and does the Boom Drop! Kingston then rolls back, and stands a few paces back, and then starts slapping his hands together, and the ‘BOOM’ chants break out. But then...


JR: Oh what the hell is he doing out here? His match is not until later!

The arena then descends into a chorus of boos, as the leader of Legacy, Randy Orton, walks down to the ring slowly, looking extremely angry. Kingston in the ring has his attention now on Orton. Orton then enters the ring, and then walks right up to Kingston. The referee is trying to tell Orton to go away, and Kingston can be heard asking Orton what he is doing out here. THEN OUT OF NOWHERE ORTON RKOS KOFI KINGSTON!

The referee then calls for the bell.

Winners: Kofi Kingston & DJ Gabriel via disqualification

The crowd is in shock, and heat starts raining down onto Orton, who is standing over Kingston’s downed body. DiBiase then gets up and stands by Orton, both looking down at Kingston.

DJ Gabriel then enters the ring to check on his partner; big mistake. Orton’s eyes widen and then he averts his icy gaze at Gabriel. Gabriel stands up and holds his hands out as if to say he wants no trouble, but he does get some as ORTON DROPS HIM WITH AN RKO!

JR: Oh that was just uncalled for!

King: Try and dance now, you gad damn idiot! Do it again Orton!

Everyone is in shock once again, as now Cody Rhodes has also gotten back into the ring, and he is holding his neck following the match. Orton orders Rhodes and DiBiase to get Kofi and Gabriel out of the ring, and they then roll their opponents under the bottom rope. Orton then barks for a microphone.

Orton: You see, boys, I put you two in this match tonight as a little test. I need Legacy to be at its strongest for when I face Triple H at Backlash. We need to be the best we have...EVER...been.

Rhodes and DiBiase look slightly confused, but their faces can tell that they know what Orton is going to say to them.

Orton: You two could not even beat these two clowns! You were wrestling for about 10 minutes, and then I came down here and took them both out within a minute. Once again, I am the one that has to do all the work. So here is what I am saying, if you two no longer achieve in impressing me and representing me correctly, you will be out of Legacy and I will RKO you, and then punt you in the skull.

Orton’s face turned from somewhat condescending to sadistic when he said the last 5 words of that
sentence. Rhodes and DiBiase look terrified.

Orton: Now are we clear? Do you both now know what I expect from you both?

The disciples then nod rampantly.

Orton: Good. Let’s go, I have a match later on.


Orton then gives Rhodes and DiBiase a deep stare, and Legacy leaves the ring. Rhodes and DiBiase give each other a look as Orton is exiting the ring.

JR: Randy Orton has set the ultimatum! If either Cody Rhodes or Ted DiBiase fail to impress him, they’re out of Legacy.

King: Those two guys have reached unimaginable heights under Orton’s guidance, I’m not sure they can survive on their own.

JR: Well, I just can’t wait to see how this pans out!

*Video Package*

Narrator: The time for superstardom has gone.

*Shot of Chris Jericho hitting a Codebreaker, followed by Rey Mysterio hitting a seated senton*

Narrator: Every action...

*John Cena holding the World Heavyweight Title above his head at Wrestlemania*

Narrator:... has an equal and opposite reaction.

*Triple H standing tall over Randy Orton at Wrestlemania*

Narrator: For the WWE...

*Quick flurry of shots showing Christian winning Money in the Bank, Shelton Benjamin entering the ring, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase beating Triple H down*

Narrator: ... the time for the Backlash...

*John Cena hitting an Attitude Adjustment, Undertaker standing tall after beating Shawn Michaels*

Narrator: ... is NOW!

*close up of Randy Orton staring coldly straight into the camera*

WWE Presents Backlash! Live April 26th, only on Pay Per View!

*End video package*

There is a mixed reaction in the arena as Mr McMahon is walking down a corridor in the back.

???: Mr McMahon, do you have a minute?

Vince then stops walking, and looks to his left, as Dolph Ziggler walks into the shot, looking smug to a mixed reaction of mainly boos.

Ziggler: Hi.

Vince: Who the hell are you?

Ziggler: I’m Dolph Ziggler.

Vince: What the hell kind of name is that?

There is a cheer from the audience for this.

Vince: It doesn’t matter... What do you want?

Ziggler: I just wanted to let you know that I intend on turning some heads around here on Raw. I am a skilled wrestler, and one day, I will become World Heavyweight Champion.

Vince: I like the spirit, but what makes you think that?

Ziggler: I have the skills, you can see that I have the look, and I can make you a lot of money.

Vince: Well, Mr...?

Ziggler: Dolph Ziggler

Vince: ... Dolph Ziggler, you have certainly impressed me just now. You had the confidence to come and talk to me, I expect a lot from you now, don’t let me down.

Ziggler: Thank you so much, sir.

Ziggler then shakes Vince’s hand and walks away, leaving Vince to stand there thinking.

Vince: Dolph Ziggler, ey?

We cut to somewhere else in the back, and The World Tag Team Champions, The Miz & John Morrison are sitting in their locker room having just got changed. They are in good spirits following Miz’s win earlier in the night.

Miz: Man, we really ‘stole’ the victory from Cryme Tyme earlier

The tag champs then start laughing, and then there is a knock at the door.

Morrison: Probably some girls wanting to see the Palace of Wisdom...

Morrison then gets up and opens the door. A delivery man with a parcel is standing there.

Morrison: Can I help you?

Delivery Man: Yes sir, I have a package for a Mr Miz, is he here?

Morrison: Miz, what did you order?

Miz then gets up and joins Morrison at the door.

Miz: I’m your chick magnet THE Miz.

Delivery Man:Okay...I have your new hat, sir.


What Miz and Morrison did not realise was that whilst they were talking to the man, Cryme Tyme entered their locker room through the other door and stole the World Tag Team Titles! They do a little dance and then leave.

Miz and Morrison then walk back to where they were sitting. Miz seems happy that with his new hat and puts it on.

Miz: Look, its gold to match our tag titles!

They both look down and then realise that the titles are not there.

Morrison: No!

Miz: Shit.

Both men then run out of the locker room and then we cut back to ringside.

JR: I guess turnabout is fair play, King.

King: The tag team titles are a lot more valuable than one match, JR!

JR: But it is what the win earlier tonight would have done for Cryme Tyme. They would definitely have gotten Miz and Morrison’s attention.

King: They do now!

JR: You’re right, partner. But folks, stay tuned, because we still have two matches left of the night, and boy are they going to be big! The New Worlds Heavyweight Champion, John Cena will be in action, next!



The arena erupts into a thunderous pop for the New World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena. The Champ then jumps out from behind the curtain, and makes sure to slap hands with almost every fan at ringside on his way down to the ring. He then gets into the ring and takes a microphone, with the World Heavyweight Championship over his left shoulder.

Cena: Thank you, thank you. Now some of you may have noticed that I have something new with me this week.

Cena then points at the championship over his shoulder, which gets a big pop from the crowd.

Cena: Wrestlemania was off the chain! And I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart, that HOUSTON KNOWS HOW TO PARTAY!

Cheap pop, but it does the desired effect, as the fans roar after what Cena said.

Cena: I’ve had such a great week in Houston, and I could not have thought of a better way to end it then winning the World Heavyweight Championship. It is really something to win the World Title at the biggest show in history, and I can say that I have done that, and I want to thank each and every one of you for being there and coming along for the ride with me.

Pop and a round of applause as a show of respect.

Cena: But, but but but but but but but BUT... Being World Champion means that you become the single biggest target in the company. That was proven earlier on, when our wonderful new General Manager decided to allow The Hurricane to challenge me to a match.


Gregory Helms comes out to the ring, dressed to compete, and not dressed as the Hurricane. He grabs a microphone from the timekeeper and then speaks. He receives a considerable amount of heat as he enters.

Helms: Before you say anything, I am not the Hurricane anymore, and none of you people will ever hear of or see the Hurricane again.

Heat from the capacity crowd.

Helms: Now John Cena-

Helms is interrupted by a loud ‘HURR-I-CANE, HURR-I-CANE, HURR-I-CANE’ chant from the crowd. Cena is loving this, as he starts laughing in the face of Helms.

Helms: Shut the hell up you idiots!

Some of the crowd starts to boo, but it is noticeable that the rest of the crowd start chanting even louder.

Helms: Okay Cena, we are just going to ignore these good for nothing-

Cena: These are the best people in the world! Anyone that has a problem with these people has a direct problem with ME!

Cena is now angry, as Helms insulted the people dearest to him. Helms then tries to calm Cena down.

Helms: John, take it easy. These people only like me when I am acting like a complete fool, when I am making myself a joke. Why should I care about them when they don’t want to take me for who I really am?

Cena then puts his serious face on, and squares right up to Helms, and then calmly but speaks in an intimidating manner.

Cena: Let me tell you why, Gregory. It is because we have now seen that who you really are is a total jackass.

There is a huge pop, as Helms is left speechless by Cena’s words.

Cena: Now, my intention when I came into this building tonight was to come out here and celebrate my victory last night with these fans. But then I found out that you had challenged me to a match. Now I-

Helms: Are you backing out, Cena? It might be the smartest thing you’ve ever done.

Helms looks awfully smug following what he just said, but Cena has now been riled up once again, and he now starts pacing around the ring.

Cena: Are you really that stupid?

Helms looks confused, as the fans give a pop

Cena: I am John Cena. I am the World Heavyweight Champion.

He crowd pops again as Cena holds his title up in the air.

Cena: I have never backed down from a fight in my life, and I certainly don’t plan on starting to anytime soon. So if you are telling me that you want to get a shot, I’m gonna give you the chance to earn one. You beat me tonight; you can have a shot at this at Backlash.

Helms: Fine, but you just made the biggest mistake, and all I can say is that I hope you enj-

Helms is cut off by Cena who hits him straight in the mouth with a huge right hand!

King: What?! Cena just blindsided him, he can’t do that!

JR: I think Cena is showing Helms that it is more action than words in the big leagues!

Match 4:
Non Title; If Gregory Helms beats John Cena, he will face Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash
World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs Gregory Helms

The bell then rings as Helms is trying to recover from that shot by Cena, but Cena instead goes straight on him, and then repeatedly punches Helms in the head, causing him to fall out of the ring. Helms crashes down from the ring apron with a thud, and then tries to recuperate and looks to be contemplating not having a piece of Cena and leaving, but he changes his mind and gets back into the ring. Cena seems impressed by Helms’ willingness now, and then holds his arms up for an offer of a test of strength. The two men lock hands in the centre of the ring, and then try to out muscle each other. Cena obviously gets the better of it, and then manages to hip toss Helms out of the lock up. Helms looks frustrated and then angrily looks up at Cena. Cena then urges him to get up, and try again. Helms does, and they lock up once more, but Helms cuts Cena off with a kick to the mid section. Cena doubles over, as Helms then starts hammering on The Champ’s back, and then begins stomping, until Cena is down on the floor. Helms then rebounds off the ropes and then dropkicks Cena in the side of the head, and the smack can be heard all around the arena, and the crowd lets out an ‘Ooh’. Helms then applies a crossface on Cena, trying for the submission, but he should know that Cena was not joking when he said that he doesn’t give up. Cena endures the hold for almost a minute, before edging his way towards the ropes. Helms waits until the referee gets to 4 before he breaks the hold, and then rolls back, to survey Cena, and any damage he may have done. He then does another running dropkick to Cena, this time to his head, and Cena is dropped to the floor this time.

Helms then waits in the ring, leaning against the ropes, he then springs over the ropes, and planchas over, and he crashes down on Cena! The crowd seem to be impressed by Helms, and break out a small round of applause that turn into boos when he starts taunting Cena and the crowd. Helms walks around the ring, and starts shouting at JR and King. He can be heard shouting ‘I’m not a joke!’

JR: No one said you were! Just get back to your match!

With that, Helms walks back round the ring, but as he turns around the turnbuckle, he is nailed by a huge clothesline by John Cena! The Champ knows this is his chance to get back into the match, and he then rolls Helms back in the ring, and then high fives a fan. Cena then gets up on the apron, before he gets into the ring. Helms has gotten up at this point, and charges at Cena, but Cena shoulder blocks him in the mid section, and then punches him in the face, which knocks Helms into the centre of the ring. Cena walks down the apron and climbs the top turnbuckle. The fans pop as he stands atop the top turnbuckle, and he goes for the leg drop to the back of the neck, but Helms gtes out of the way! Cena crashes to the mat, right onto his ass, and then feels the effect of it. Helms sees the opportunity, and rebounds off the ropes, and nails Cena in the head with the Shining Wizard!

Cena is down, and Helms then starts taunting the crowd. He shouts at them repeatedly, and they then break out the ‘HURR-I-CANE’ chants again. Helms is irate, and then starts getting even angrier at the crowd, and he then notices that Cena is getting up, and he then tries to do another Shining Wizard, but The Champ dodges the move, and Helms crashes into the ropes and gets caught up, with the crowd laughing at him. He gets up, and walks straight into an FU! The crowd goes into a frenzy, as Cena then goes for the cover...1...2...3!!

Winner: John Cena


JR: Cena did it! The World Heavyweight Champion has made an emphatic start to his reign as World Heavyweight Champion!

King: Helms made the mistake of allowing the crowd to distract him, and that was what cost him in the end.

JR: Helms is going to have to learn to keep that temper of his under control.

Cena mounts the top turnbuckle and then holds up the World Heavyweight Championship up high, as Helms is on the floor looking worn out and angry. Cena then salutes the fans and leaves the ringside area. Helms then gets up and starts tearing apart the ringside area.

JR: What the hell is Gregory Helms doing, King?

King: He is taking out his frustration.

Helms then throws the steel steps into the ring barricade, and then tears the announce table cover off.

JR: Calm down god dammit!

Helms looks frustrated as he starts making his way up the ramp, and the crowd carry on booing him.

JR: Make sure to join us after the break where Randy Orton will be facing off against the new Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio!

*Video Package*

Narrator: The time for superstardom has gone.

*Shot of Chris Jericho hitting a Codebreaker, followed by Rey Mysterio hitting a seated senton*

Narrator: Every action...

*John Cena holding the World Heavyweight Title above his head at Wrestlemania*

Narrator:... has an equal and opposite reaction.

*Triple H standing tall over Randy Orton at Wrestlemania*

Narrator: For the WWE...

*Quick flurry of shots showing Christian winning Money in the Bank, Shelton Benjamin entering the ring, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase beating Triple H down*

Narrator: ... the time for the Backlash...

*John Cena hitting an Attitude Adjustment, Undertaker standing tall after beating Shawn Michaels*

Narrator: ... is NOW!

*close up of Randy Orton staring coldly straight into the camera*

WWE Presents Backlash! Live April 26th, only on Pay Per View!

*End video package*


*Highlights Video*

Money in the Bank Ladder Match from Wrestlemania!

*Shelton Benjamin leaps off a ladder to outside the ring*

*Kane chokeslams Christian out of the ring*

*Mark Henry climbs the ladder, but is pulled down by Kane*

*Christian does the Killswitch on the ring floor to CM Punk*

*Christian standing on top of the ladder holding the briefcase in victory*

*End Video*

In the interview area, Todd Grisham is standing by with Mike Knox.

Todd: I’m here with Mike Knox, who was victorious over Evan Bourne earlier tonight. Mike, where does this win take you next?

Knox: It is going to take me to the top. Everyone out there was expecting that little pipsqueak Bourne to get the victory against me, but I proved them all wrong. You should never underestimate a man that knows your body better than you do.

Todd: You were truly devastating. What would you do against, say, a larger opponent?

Knox: I won my match tonight by using my size and strength advantage. And there are definitely some guys in the back that I don’t have that over, but I will use my superior knowledge of the human body to exploit any weakness in any man.

??? : Well how about me and you next week, tough guy?

Todd backs away, and Knox then stands up straighter, as The Big Red Machine, Kane walks into the shot, and a mixed reaction is heard around the arena, but mainly cheers.

Kane: I’d like to see how you fare against 300 pounds of unadulterated anger, Mike.

Knox: I accept your challenge, but when I end your career, you’ll regret this moment for the rest of your life.

With that, Kane just smiles and walks off.

We then cut to JBL’s office, where he is sitting down, looking comfortable with his cheesy grin on his face. There is a knock on the door, and the man that walks in is Evan Bourne, who looks slightly dejected from his loss earlier tonight.

JBL: Who the hell are you?

Bourne: Sir, my name is Evan Bourne; I got traded here from ECW. Tonight was my first match on Raw.

JBL: Oh yeah, you’re that kid that got his ass kicked by Mike Knox!

Bourne looks dismayed now he has been reminded what happened earlier.

JBL: What do ya want?

Bourne: I want to apologize for losing tonight. I just wanted to be put on the card for next week, I won’t let you down.

JBL: Well, okay, but let’s hope that you don’t mess up like Gregory Helms did tonight.

With that, Gregory Helms bursts into the room, not even bothering to knock.

Helms: Mr Layfield, I want another shot at John Cena! That was not fair!

JBL: I have other plans for Cena next week.

Helms: Fine, I don’t mind getting my hands on some other gold. I hate Rey Mysterio just as much as you do, let me take away his very being, give me Mysterio at Backlash. I’ll take the Intercontinental Championship, and I’ll have his mask on a plate for you, Mr Layfield.

JBL: Oh Gregory, you really know how to say the things I want to hear! Fine, I’ll let you have Mysterio at Backlash.

Evan looks confused, and he then speaks his mind.

Bourne: Why should he get an Intercontinental Title shot? He lost his match tonight!

JBL then strokes his chin, as he realises that Evan is right. Helms then squares up to Bourne.

Helms: But so did you. Why should you get a shot?

Before Evan has a chance to speak, JBL makes a quick decision.

JBL: Greg, I’m sorry, but I have to be fair, the boss is in the house. Let me tell you what I am going to do, I am going to make Gregory Helms versus (to Bourne) what’s your name again, son?

Bourne: Evan Bourne, sir.

JBL: Gregory Helms versus Evan Bourne next week, and the winner gets to take the Intercontinental Title from Mysterio at Backlash.

Helms: Great.

Bourne: Just don’t get angry when you lose, Greg.

Helms then slaps Bourne across the face for that comment and then goes in for more, but JBL then gets up and walks around his desk to prevent any further confrontation.

JBL: Save it for next week, boys. I can tell that this match is going to be a slobberknocker! Now get the hell out of my office!

Helms storms out, followed by Bourne shortly afterwards.

JBL: It’s like the god damn Junior’s division is back!

We then cut to the back, where John Cena is walking down the corridor (Big Pop), looking happy after his win against Gregory Helms, and he greets a couple of stagehands before walking into his locker room.

Cena walks in through the door, and then closes it behind him. He turns back into the room and is TAKEN DOWN BY A SPEAR BY EDGE!

Cena is down on the floor, clutching his ribs in pain, as Edge kneels down and leans over him.

Edge: Oh John, I think you forgot about someone, didn’t you? It was only last night that you embarrassed me in front of the whole world, and took MY World Heavyweight Championship.

Edge then looks down to Cena, as if he is expecting an reply.

Edge: Do you ribs hurt, John? Well, I hope you like getting speared, because until I win my World Heavyweight Championship back, you’re going to have to get used to it!

With that, Edge walks out of the room, and then a member of the medical staff comes in to attend to Cena.

JR: Oh my gawd! Edge just ambushed the World’s Champion!

King: I think Edge wants that title back, JR.

JR: Well all I can say at this time is that I hope John Cena is okay, that is the main thing.


The conversation is stopped by a huge amount of heat, as the number one contender for the WWE Championship makes his way to the ring. Randy Orton is out not out here alone, as his Legacy, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are tailing behind him. The three men then get into the ring, and we hear Orton speak once again.

Orton: Now, tonight is a big night for the WWE, Raw has a new general manager, and ECW is no more.

Another boo for ECW’s closure.

Orton: I have made it my mission to make this year the year of Randy Orton and it will all start at Backlash, when I win the WWE Championship from Triple H.

Heat, but Orton loves it.

Orton: You people do not realise that it is just an inevitability of me becoming champion once more. There is nothing any of you can do about it. I will beat Triple H at Backlash, and then I will punt him in the skull.

Massive heat for this comment.

Orton: I will end Triple H’s career, much like how I am going to do to right now to Rey Mysterio.
Even more heat.

Orton: I will prove to everyone tonigh-


A massive pop for the Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio, heightened by the fact that he has interrupted a now furious Randy Orton. Rey walks down to the ring, and as he does, Randy Orton orders for Legacy to leave the ring, and take their positions on the outside.

JR: Rey Mysterio knows that Legacy will surely be a factor in this one, King. Both Ted DiBiase Jr and Cody Rhodes are looking to impress Orton, or face being literally kicked out of the group.

King: And in the head!

Mysterio has a brief stare down with Cody Rhodes as he enters the ring, but quickly focuses his attention back to Randy Orton.

Main Event:
Non Title Match
Randy Orton vs Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio

The bell rings as the two men in the ring lock eyes. Rey starts moving around the ring, trying to get a good position, but Randy stands completely still in the corner, just following Rey with his eyes. Rey then walks up to Orton and stares him in the face. Rey is unsure of what to do, so he turns around to walk across the ring to the opposite corner, but is struck from behind by Orton! Rey drops to the ground as the crowd boo wildly. Orton now starts to move around a bit, stomping on Mysterio when Rey shows a sign of getting up. Orton walks around to Rey’s head, and then stomps on it, and then taking a moment to look up at the camera, showing us his cold eyes, and the crowd boos even more.

Orton then goes down onto his knees and starts punching Rey’s head, each shot more ferocious that the last. Orton then stands up and stomps on Rey’s neck several times, and then walks over to the corner, with an ice cold look in his eyes.

JR: No, he wouldn’t. Not to Mysterio!

King: You heard what JBL said to him earlier, Orton’s orders were for Rey to be ended!

Orton then runs, and goes for the punt! But Rey rolls out of the way at the last second! Orton then turns around to see Rey Mysterio on his feet, ready to fight. Orton charges, but Rey takes him down with a drop toehold, Orton’s face crashing against the mat. Rey walks around Orton and delivers a stiff kick right to The Viper’s ribs. Rey then rebounds off the ropes and does a low dropkick to Orton’s head, and then goes for the cover, with Orton kicking out at one. Rey then takes a moment to fix his mask, and rebounds off the ropes again, but he does not notice that Ted DiBiase momentarily distracted the referee, which allows Cody Rhodes to be unseen when he hooks Rey’s leg whilst he is running against the ropes, causing Rey to stumble slightly, allowing Orton to take him down with a huge clothesline! Rey’s neck bounces off the mat, and Mysterio goes down clutching it. Orton looks happy with what just happened, and then gives a nod to both Rhodes and DiBiase, as if to tell them that this is what they should be doing.

Orton now begins to pace around Mysterio in only the way he does, and he then stands on Rey’s neck and puts as much pressure down as he can, until the referee pulls Randy off him. Randy then stomps on Rey’s head, and then paces around him, and then does another measured stomp, this time to Rey’s right leg, and Orton notices Rey giving a slight scream after this move, and decides to stomp on it again. He then grabs Rey’s ankle and hyper extends the leg, and then keeps hold of it, and drags Rey towards the ropes, where Orton then gets out of the ring, and wraps Rey’s leg around the bottom rope and contorts it, causing Rey severe pain. The referee once again calls Orton off of Rey, and Orton then turns around and does a slight smile at the camera as Raw goes to its final commercial break of the night.


We return, and Orton has Rey in the corner, and is continuing the assault on Rey’s right leg. We are shown a video recap of what happened before the break, where Orton slammed Rey’s leg against the steel ring post, and Ted DiBiase took advantage of the distracted referee and started to punch away at Rey’s head, much to the anger of the crowd.

Orton now runs at Mysterio and does a corner clothesline across the neck and Rey then drops down into a seated position. Orton now stomps on Rey’s knee some more, and Rey screams in pain as Orton is showing glee at what he is doing to Mysterio. Once again, the referee pulls Orton back, and Orton now begins to show signs of anger at the referee, but manages to stop himself from attacking him. Rey has managed to stand up with the assistance of the turnbuckle now, and manages to place a boot into Orton’s face as Orton goes for another clothesline. Orton walks back towards Rey, and Rey meets him with a couple of forearms to the head, which knocks Orton back once more. Rey manages to get onto the second rope, and he then does a cross body to Orton! The fans give a big pop as Rey is starting to show signs of getting back into the match. Rey goes for the cover, but Orton powers out at 2. It takes Mysterio longer than usual to get up to his feet, but he does before Orton does, and then does another couple of forearms to Orton’s head, and then leans back against the ropes and springs back with a diving forearm right to Orton’s face, which knocks the Viper down once more. Rey has to think on his feet here, as his arsenal is severely reduced without full use of his right knee. He tries running against the ropes, but he is unable to do it, as his leg buckles and Rey then falls to the floor in pain. Rhodes and DiBiase start laughing at Rey, as Orton gets back to his feet following the short flurry by Mysterio, and then slowly walks over to Rey and stomps on Rey’s neck once more, and then picks him up and gets him in a suplex position.

Rey then punches the top of Orton’s head, and reverses the move into a Hurracanrana! Orton then falls over the second rope and Rey lands on his good foot. Rey manages to get enough power into his legs to rebound against the ropes and then does the 619! But Rey only realised at the last second that Cody Rhodes jumped up on the apron and took the move for Orton! Orton then grabs the referee’s collar, and Ted DiBiase swipes Rey’s bad leg out from underneath him! Rey falls down in pain and lands on the apron. Orton releases the referee, and then goes back to Mysterio, where he picks him off the apron, and then drops him down with the hanging DDT! The fans now start jeering, as they now know what Randy Orton wants to do, he slithers down onto the mat and starts pounding at it with his fists, waiting for Rey to get up. Rey makes it to his feet, and Orton drops him with an RKO! Orton then makes the cover...1...2...3!

Winner: Randy Orton


JR: God damn it! Orton stole the victory from the Intercontinental Champion!

King: It was smart from the Viper; he has a big win now on his way to facing Triple H at Backlash.

JR: But he wouldn’t have done it without Legacy to help him- OH COME ON NOW! SOMEONE STOP THIS!

Rhodes and DiBiase had entered the ring and started stomping away at Rey Mysterio, much to the delight of Orton, who has a cold stare on his face once more. Rhodes gets Rey up, and DiBiase comes up behind him, and then hooks Rey from behind, and Dream Street! Rey goes down holding his neck, but this is not the end of it. Rhodes gets Rey up once more, and then puts him straight back down with Cross Rhodes! Orton looks happy at the work of Legacy, and then saunters back into the turnbuckle, and he stares Rey down...


JR: Thank God! Come on, Kofi!

King: What is Kingston doing out here? He has no business with Legacy!

JR: He is doing the right thing, King. Anyway, Orton RKO’d him earlier on; I don’t blame him for wanting some payback!

Kingston runs from behind the curtain and down the ramp, and Legacy leaves the ring and Orton slowly backs up the ramp, staring at Kingston coldly as the show comes to an end.

Quick Results
Mike Knox def. Evan Bourne
The Miz def. JTG
Kofi Kingston & DJ Gabriel def. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase
John Cena def. Gregory Helms
Randy Orton def. Rey Mysterio

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Re: WWE 2009: Reaching New Heights

Return on Smackdown this Friday

This Friday!

It has been understood that Mr Kennedy will be returning to Smackdown this Friday, following an injury. Kennedy was selected to return now as there was no time to place him in a match at Wrestlemania, so creative decided to make him return on the first Smackdown following the event.

His intentions will obviously to be named as the next challenger for Triple H's WWE Championship after Backlash, should The Game come out with the title after his match with Raw's Randy Orton.

It is said that he will be in action upon his return, but his opponent is unknown at this time.
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Re: WWE 2009: Reaching New Heights

- solid opening segment with Vince/Randy and our new raw gm, JBL. i see poor Rey going to Smackdown in the draft

- Knox vs. Bourne was a solid opener, shame we didn't see BOurne shine and here we see an opening for a push for Mike Know

- JBL/Helms segment was great, glad to see Gregory ditch The Hurricane character and start getting seriously,

- Jericho promo was awesome, and Punk was interuppting was also good and we have a golden feud comin up.

- Miz vs. JTG was also a solid match, miz gets the win thnx to interference,

- Rey interview was the usual... and JBL will make life on Raw for Rey a living hell. JBL= huge bully, and hillarious as well

- Legacy vs. Kofi & DJ was a very good match, ends in loss for Legacy after 2 RKOs to Kofi & DJ which was good and now Legacy will have to make it up for Orton by either winning the tag team championships or helping Orton win the WWE Championship.

- Ziggler/McMahon and Morrison/Miz was hillarious. Nice comedy there

- Cena/Helms promo before the match was good and Helms is now a fresh heel, Cena wins as expected. and the backstage segment with Helms & Bourne was cool, looking forward to what u do with both of em

- Knox interview was meh... and we get Kane vs. Knox. and Edge spearing Cena good, continues the feud. WWE didn't end the feud well with Big Show involved.

- Rey/Randy was awesome, and Randy wins thnx to the Legacy, beatdown after the match ends with Kofi coming back for revenge and Legacy bails, very good. but man where is Triple H, he's the WWE Champ -.-
True he's on Smackdown but so is Edge.

-Overall a great show to follow up Mania, looking forward to Smackdown and a kennedy/HHH feud= GOLDEN.
looking forward to Smackdown
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Re: WWE 2009: Reaching New Heights

WWE Superstars Results
April 9, 2009

Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder def. Jesse & Festus

Mark Henry def. Local Competitor

William Regal w/ Paul Burchill def. DJ Gabriel

The Brian Kendrick def. Jamie Noble

Smackdown! Preview
April 10, 2009
Iowa City, Iowa

'Ready, Set, Go!'

Triple in Paradise
Triple H may have retained the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania, but as revealed on Raw this Monday night, Randy Orton, the man he beat just 5 days ago has been granted a rematch against 'The Game' at the upcoming Backlash event. But on Smackdown, Triple H is going on one on with a man he has a very specific history with, 'The Gold Standard' Shelton Benjamin. Randy Orton is rumoured to be in attendance in Iowa City, and he is scheduled to be on commentary for the WWE Champion's match.

Over the Edge
Edge has requested some time to give reason for his actions this past Monday on Raw, where he sneak attacked the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena, in the locker room.

The Return
As announced earlier, Mr Kennedy is back from injury, and he is making his return to WWE programming on Smackdown this Friday, where he will be taking on R-Truth, in what is sure to be an fast paced, exciting match. Kennedy will be looking to build momentum to a possible title challenge in the future.

No Reward for Quitters
Matt Hardy defeated his brother Jeff at Wrestlemania, and Jeff quit the whole of the WWE as a result. Matt will now be as cocky and confident as ever, knowing that he is the only and top Hardy left in the WWE. As a result of his great victory, Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long has granted Matt a shot at the United States Championship this Friday, and the champion MVP will welcome the fight with no problem.

Smackdown Goes Extreme!
Much like Raw, Smackdown has also received some talent from the fallen ECW brand. One of these wrestlers is the current ECW Champion, Jack Swagger, and the 'All American American' has brought the championship along to the blue brand with him. In his first Smackdown match, he will be facing the man who lives and breathes ECW, the 'Innovator of Violence', Tommy Dreamer.


World Heavyweight Champion 'The Game' Triple H vs Shelton Benjamin
United States Championship Match - MVP (C) vs Matt Hardy
Mr Kennedy vs R-Truth

ECW Champion Jack Swagger vs 'The Innovator of Violence' Tommy Dreamer

The Peep Show with Money in the Bank winner Christian

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