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World Wrestling Entertainment 2011: The Platinum Age

World Wrestling Entertaiment 2011

Basically, this starts this week with tomorrow's RAW, so yeah, it's not really that hare to understand. It seemed like fun, and I will be basically robbing the recap style of DC's early Chronicles work (which I love <3) and putting my own twist on it. So yeah, enjoy. Also, one show has already been written. Oh and by the way:the other thread failed because I procrastinate... a lot and Andrew got sick of it.

The RAW Adminstration
General Manager: Anonymous
Backstage Interviewer: Scott Stanford
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler

The RAW Hall of Champions
JOHN CENA ~ WWE Champion
DOLPH ZIGGLER ~ United States Champion
DAVID OTUNGA ~ WWE Tag Team Champion
KELLY KELLY ~ Divas Champion

Alberto Del Rio
Alex Riley
Beth Phoenix
Big Show
Brie Bella
Chris Masters
CM Punk
Curt Hawkins
David Hart Smith
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Evan Bourne
Gail Kim
Husky Harris
Jack Swagger
John Cena - WWE Champion
John Morrison
Kelly Kelly
Kofi Kingston
Mason Ryan
Michael McGillicutty
Nikki Bella
Rey Mysterio
Santino Marella
Skip Sheffield
The Miz
Triple H
Tyler Reks
Vickie Guerrero
Vladimir Kozlov
Zach Ryder

Smackdown! Administration
General Manager: Teddy Long
Backstage Interviewers: Matt Striker, Todd Grisham and Jack Korpela
Announcers: Michael Cole & Booker T

The Smackdown! Hall of Champions
RANDY ORTON ~ World Heavyweight Champion
EZEKIAL JACKSON~ Intercontinental Champion
DAVID OTUNGA~ WWE Tag Team Champion
KELLY KELLY ~Divas Champion

Alicia Fox
Brodus Clay
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan
Ezekiel Jackson
Heath Slater
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Jinder Mahal
Johnny Curtis
Justin Gabriel
Mark Henry
Randy Orton
Ranjin Singh
Rosa Mendes
Sin Cara
Ted DiBiase
The Great Khali
Trent Barreta
Tyson Kidd
Wade Barrett
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu

Upcoming PPV's
Money in the Bank ~ 17th July 2011
Summerslam ~ 14th August 2011
Night of Champions ~ 18th September 2011
Hell in a Cell ~ 2nd October 2011
Vengeance ~ 23rd October 2011
Survivor Series ~ 20th November 2011

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2011: The Platinum Age

Although predictable that your last thread ended, I'm also predictably wishing you good luck for this one. You must get it a lot, but I hope this one sticks. Everything in the opening post is nice and pretty, so that's good, it's just a case of whether or not you can finally overcome your well-documented case of Gardsitis.
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2011: The Platinum Age

Update on the CM Punk Situation
It has created a complete upstir in the WWE world and the fact of the matter is simple, CM Punk is suspended indefinitely. However, there is an update on the situation; that being the Chairman of the WWE has been announced to be on Monday Night RAW.

That being said, there is to be no new Number One Contender we can now release, because CM Punk IS being allowed to compete at Money in the Bank, provided that he actually shows up to the event. Whether or not this will prove to be healthy to Punk's chances remains to be seen.


Despite the fact that it was supposed to be a one time appearance, Shawn Michaels has been invited to Monday Night RAW once again by the Anonymous General Manager. He will most likely have some words on the CM Punk, but there is no telling what the WWE Hall of Famer will do when he gets to Monday Night RAW!

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2011: The Platinum Age

Good luck with this, bud. I'd love to see you post shows regularly and see how your storylines and booking develops.
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2011: The Platinum Age

A big night for Monday Night RAW as the fans watched on in awe last week at the comments made by CM Punk, igniting the passion in the crowd. Tonight on the other hand, kicks off with no video recap of RAW, instead the usual opening of RAW. Kicking off in style, we are greeted with the WWE Champion, John Cena, making his way to the ring and getting on the stick to begin the show. Cena begins by building up the crowd, getting them into a frenzy, before going into more serious matters, the CM Punk matter. "Last week, Punk cost me my shot at getting rid of R-Truth once and for all, so vengeance will be mine if Punk is allowed to show up at Money in the Bank, where I will cost him his chance at a storybook ending to his career here in WWE." With more comments to that effect, the crowd was firmly behind Cena, before their heads were forced to swivle to the left or the right depending on which side of the arena they were on. A noise that was not usually heard that much in World Wrestling Entertainment anymore, but has been heard of the last two weeks, the music of Shawn Michaels.

Michaels made his way out to the ring, the crowd going off the hook as Michaels entered the ring and acknowledged Cena with a simple nod, before getting on the microphone. Michaels began by saying that he agree'ed with what Cena was saying, that Punk didn't deserve a storybook ending here in WWE; however, he didn't think that Cena was good enough to end the time of Punk in this company. While this could have alluded to a return to the ring of Michaels, he was quick to shoot that idea. "I have next to no respect for CM Punk, John. On that same matter, I have about the same amount of respect for you John. You have both been champions, you longer then he has, he won both of his on oppotunity." Was a quote included in what Michaels was saying, as he continued going over the achievements of both Punk and Cena, comparing the two men.

"I don't see how you can group me with Punk, Shawn. You and I, we had epic battles in 2009 but right now, I don't at all value your opinion Shawn." With that scowling comment, the two engaged in a stare down, much like Punk and Michaels last week. Instead, this epic stare down, while cheered by the crowd, was ended abruptly by the ding of the computer e-mail. The anonymous General Manager makes his presence known as Michael Cole makes his way onto the podium getting heavy jeers from the crowd.

"While I am not a man to change a match so close to the event, I see this as a worthy change to make. Punk is being allowed by WWE management and myself to compete at Money in the Bank, but there will be an added change to that match. The match will include Shawn Michaels... AS THE SPECIAL! GUEST! REFEREE!" And the crowd go off their rocker at this announcement as the two men in the ring stare at each other, giving each other a harsh leer. Cena raises his WWE Championship as we head off to a commercial break for the first time tonight.


And we return as our first match is about to get under way, and coming up to Money in the Bank, this match was a given, as Alex Riley and Jack Swagger, two upcoming stars in WWE prepare to go head to head. The match was made even more interesting as Riley's former NXT Pro joined the commentary table as another member in the Money in the Bank match. Getting underway, the two brawl to begin the match, as it slowly gets underway. Moving slowly, the match is beginning to gather yawns from the crowd as they watch the slow moving action. What brings them to their feet as Alex Riley hitting a few hard hitting running clothesline to down the "All American American." Finally with some momentum, hitting a Lifting DDT to continue with some momentum to go into the RAW Money in the Bank match.

After the match however, his momentum was halted as The Miz closed in on him a microphone in hand. Staring into the eyes of his former protegee, sarcastically congratulating him on the win. "But you see Alex, you won't have me to watch your back in the Money in the Bank match, if anything, I will be the one gunning for you. You don't stand a chance of getting that briefcase. You will never be anything but a lackey Alex." Those scolding comments had Riley steaming, but after a hard fought match with many submissions from Swagger, he could do nother about it. The Miz then exited the ring to prepare for him match later in the night.

And we are off backstage after that exchange with Brie and Nikki Bella, talking to each other before they look to the camera. They talk and bitch about what went on last week between Nikki and Kelly Kelly and the fact that at Money in the Bank, Brie would get her chance. They moan about being robbed by not knowing who Brie would face in the Power to the People and compain about being cheated by Kelly in the last two weeks, and being cheated by the WWE Management and their Power to the Fans crap.


We return for a hype video for Summerslam as they hype up one of the big four Pay Per Views with John Cena and R-Truth brawling it out on one side of the beach while Sheamus, Orton and Christian do the same on the other side of the beach. That was when the entire roster got in on the brawl as they brawled into the ocean and into the forest as Vincent Kennedy McMahon walks in front of the brawling scene as he gives an evil look as he is focused on as the others are blurred, the Summerslam logo coming onto the bottom of the screen.

We come back with the commentators remarking at the "interesting" video as the two men make their way down to the ring for the next match, R-Truth and Evan Bourne enter the ring as the match begins quickly, Evan Bourne keeping the crowd excited after the slow opening match. They go back and forth as the Money in the Bank hype matches continue throughout the night. With the advantage for most of the match, R-Truth looks to finish of Bourne, but Bourne won't go down that easily as he manages to fight his way back by jumping around the ring. The fans are cheering as Bourne leaps to the top rope, looking to go for the Air Bourne, but it is stopped as Truth jumps up from playing possum and tosses him from the turnbuckle. Crumbling to the ground, Bourne is out of it as Truth hits his finisher and the match is over and done with.

Grabbing a microphone, similar to what The Miz did after Riley's win, he holds the microphone to his mouth as he gets the promo underway. He talks about the fans not caring about Bourne's antics in the ring, how they just cheer him because he jumps around like a jumping bean. He says that that will not get him the briefcase come Money in the Bank and that he should just stay on the mat like the scum that he is. He then goes on to continue his run down by moving onto CM Punk, and saying that he appreciates the help that he gave Truth last week, but he didn't need it. "Punk, I applaud what you did last week, I really do. But you don't deserve to get that WWE championship shot, you don't deserve anything that has just been handed to, but I hope you give Cena what he deserves. I hope you hand his arse to him." Truth doesn't seem to care that this last comment garners a large amount of heat from the crowd, he steps down from the ring. I meant to mention that Bourne left about the same time Truth began to talk about Punk.


We come back to the arena with a cheering crowd and silence before... NO CHANCE IN HELL! The crowd explode into a mixed reaction for the chairman as the commentators hype up the chairman. Entering the ring following his signature strut, he grabs a microphone and begins to the chagrin of the crowd.

Beginning with the most obvious situation, McMahon goes onto explain why he suspended Punk, that Punk disrespected his company, his creation and more importantly, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. You don't ever won't do that. "See Punk, you made one fatal mistake, you were going to attempt to tarnish the reputation of the greatest man to ever walk into the WWE offices, and I couldn't let you do that. That is why I cut your microphone off, and THAT is why I suspended you." McMahon went on to talk about how he didn't mind if Punk left the WWE, it would be good riddance to a bad apple. The thing that was waying on the mind of McMahon was that he was still being allowed into Money in the Bank, that he was still allowed to compete for the WWE Title.

This bought McMahon to his second order of business, the anonymous General Manager, a man that is changing matches and is controlling his company from behind a computer. "I am a man of honor, all of you know that. If I have a problem with someone, I am going to solve it face to face. This man has been controlling my company from behind a piece of technology, so I am giving him until Summerslam to step forward and take control of the brand IN PERSON! Or he will be FIRED!" And with his two orders of business over and done with, Vincent Kennedy McMahon looks set to exit the ring as his music begins, it is suddently cut off by that of The Miz! The Miz, in his wrestling gear, makes his way down to the ring talking into a microphone he had carried with him.

"Look Mr. McMahon, I let you finish and I was nice enough to do that. I am sorry to say though, none of these people want to see you hogging up anymore air time." This garners a snarl from the chairman as he stands in the middle of the ring, staring at the Miz. "But I am not one of these people, I was enjoying seeing you do what you do best, take control. So, if you please, I want to extend to you the pleasure of watching the future of the WWE, The Miz, compete in person." The Miz, buttering up the chairman gives a smile as the chairman does the same, exiting the ring, he grabs a chair for himself and sits at ringside and motions for the Miz to continue with the night. With that, the music of Kofi Kingston, another Money in the Bank competitor hits as we head to another commercial break.


The match has just gotten underway as we rejoin the action in the ring. The two men brawl to start the match as the two former NXT Pros battle it out. With the chairman watching on, Kingston is on the offensive for the early match, but momentum soon shifts and The Miz gains control as he takes Kingston down a couple of times and begins taking over. Using a few signature moves, he sets Kingston up for Skull Crushing Finale, getting him ready for the devastating manuever, but a reversal from Kingston has Cole screaming as he begins to use some fast paced manuevers to get control of the match! With a fighting Kingston on his hands, Miz tries to get the advantage back, but it is too no avail, as TROUBLE IN PARADISE lands and The Miz is down for the count.

With the match over the win firmly placed in his hands, Kofi leaves the ring as the Chairman slides back into the ring as The Miz slowly gets his wits back about him. The Chairman spits on the former WWE Champion and leaves the ring, leaving the man to wallow in his loss.

And we head backstage with David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty standing in the interview area, two the men with belts hanging over their shoulders as David Otunga holds the microphone up to his mouth. He begins by talking, as seems to be the theme tonight, about CM Punk. He goes on about not having a leader, but they will continue to prevail, and that will be proven when they defend their Tag Team Championships against David Hart Smith and Chris Masters. "David Hart Smith and Chris Masters are no team. They were teamed together to 'provide a challenge for us.' They will be no challenge for the New Nexus. We will prevail despite the odds being stacked against us." And with that, the two walk off screen with their Tag Team Championships.


When we return, we are once again off backstage with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero sitting back, the United States championship sitting across his laps. He begins by saying how dis-respected he feels about being left off the 4th of July edition of RAW. Knowing that, as the United States Champion that he should be there, he should be being showcased as the pride of America. Instead he is stuck back here, sitting while everyone else gets a match, he is saying that he deserves to compete in the main event, that he deserved to be competing for the WWE Championship, right here, tonight. "I feel robbed, I feel robbed being forced to sit here. You, the fans should feel robbed by not seeing the United States Champion in action, or ever in person tonight. Complain to WWE Management if you want to see more perfection, if you want to see more Dolph Ziggler."

And back into the arena as out comes Kelly Kelly, hyped up on god knows what and her opponent for this match, Eve. The match is the typical short divas brawl that a lot of people are using to either perve or as a toilet break. The match itself was a short back and forth that saw the Diva's Champion come out on top and celebrate in the ring after the filler match before we HOPEFULLY head to our last commercial break of the night.


Instead of going to a promo, we head straight into the match as Drew McIntyre waits in the ring for his return to RAW, this is basically to test his reaction. John Cena makes his way down to the ring to the obligatory cheers and boos from the crowd. Entering the ring, the match is underway.

The two go back and forth as every other match has to start it off. We get off and running with a Cena ownage run, that slowly begins to die down as McIntyre hits a few big moves to turn the momentum. Working his opponent over, they finally come to a stalemate as the match goes on, with the Scot not being able to hit his finishing manuever and Cena not being able to do all that much due to being damaged. With Cena working his way up, McIntyre goes in for one final swoop, but a fishermen's suplex later and John Cena has the advantage. He works his way up, even going as far to hit his signature bulldog followed by the Five Knuckle Shuffle. This was building momentum as he continued waiting for the FU! The bell is suddenly rung as... THE SUSPENDED SUPERSTAR CAME FLYING INTO THE RING! CM PUNK BEGINS TO WAIL ON CENA!

Security floods from the back as the crowd boo like hell as Punk absolutely comes out of the blue for the second week in a row to go after Cena. Finally, Punk is seperated from Cena and escorted out of the arena, but the damage has been done, and that is where we shall be leaving RAW!

Yep, first show went well, despite I noticed I focused on the Money in the Bank match overly much, however, look forward to Smackdown

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2011: The Platinum Age

just a few things before I comment on the show itself I think you should be a little more neat and professional towards your work, presentable. I know what your capable of and laziness is killing you. You should work on just simple things, the little touches make it a lot easier for the reader- adding more then one color to the shows, add a date to the show so we know how long until the next PPV event.

Kicking off with Shawn Michaels appearing is a huge re-debut for the first show, I like the idea of steering away from the real events of the WWE and making your mark in your thread early on. Seems a bit odd that Michael's would appear just to 'pat Cena on the back'. I have a feeling you may bring him out of retirement or even turn him heel, his line seemed a bit awkward but got it's message across. Heres hoping to see a match between him and Punk in the near future because that was always a feud I wanted to witness in real life.

"I don't value your opinion" Something the face of the company the man that is meant to be all about hustle, loyalty and Respect wouldn't say at all, in fact he would probably be all for Michael's and listen to his every word and be glad he would be returning. Unless a Cena heel turn is imminent I have no idea where you are taking things here. Both men are awkward and not so in character. With Shawn as the GM I could see something going down at the PPV, please make it that far.

Like the idea of Alex and Miz feuding but would have much preferred Miz to cost Alex the victory, have Swagger enter the MITB while Miz and Alex have a separate match on the card against each other unless you are saving that for Summerslam. Which could have started the feud and still made Swagger look decent and not job out completely.

@ power to the fans crap

Happy that you are doing more with Truth and didn't just bring his momentum and main event run to a screeching halt and back down to jobber-vile.

Seems like the whole show is either based on the Punk / Cena feud or the MITB match itself, build up is good but it makes the rest of the card seem unimportant and not worth a dam to care about if the whole of Raw is based around one storyline. A bit too much time and it should be spread out between other things as well and help make the mid card and under card or even the tag team division worth something.

McMahon spitting in Miz's face who is the heel, doing heelish tactics to a big heel on the roster maybe the second biggest under Punk is a very odd thing to do, in fact mind boggling. Not sure why he did that or what he got out of that.

Again hopefully you make something out of the Tag Division, which is lacking something hard. Bring in tag teams, make new tag teams I don't care but do something interesting and giving the champions air time is a nice place to start. I kind of like Otunga and making him the mouth piece is a good idea, maybe have him try and take over as the leader while Punk is gone and have him bring up his ego.

Raw is lacking faces and I would love for you in given time to have the US Champ discard of Guerrero and have him go on his own, he has the talent and the gimmick just needs the big moment and a face turn could do it.

Had a feeling Punk would show up, good idea having him show up anyway and not listen to the suspension and laws laid down by WWE Management.

Good opening show some down parts which I mentioned but your layed out the foundations for your feuds and storylines which should be great given more buildup, so keep it going and please continue things

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