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The BTB Interview - June 2011

Hey there. Itís been awhile since Iíve done one of these, so I figured it was time to get back into it. I wanted to interview a guy who was one of the best of current bookers, and this interview really has been a long-time coming, as weíd planned it long ago, but unfortunately it fell through. Still, the guy is great, so I had to get to it eventually. With WrestleMania 23 coming up for him, his thread is one of the most exciting in the section, plus heís a great writer as is. For those of you who donít follow his thread (you should, by the way), the guy Ií talking about is the great iMac.

BkB Hulk: Alrighty, I'm here with BTB's only Scot (or so I believe). Thanks for taking the time to do this.

iMac: No problem. Glad to be here.

BkB Hulk: I have to start with the ever generic opening question. When did you start the whole BTB thing, and what caused you to start?

iMac: Well, the first thread I booked was over on the GDS site. I used to play TEW and decided to start writing a thread to add a bit of depth to my games.

That thread started at the 2008 Royal Rumble, got to Wrestlemania 24, then Summerslam 2008, then it stopped at Wrestlemania 25.

And then about a year or so later (I think?) I got the itch to start writing again and decided to start a thread on WF.

And I've been writing Evolution Of Greed ever since.

BkB Hulk: Good to see you sticking to it too. One of the highlights of the section, which is surprising considering it's your first thread on WF. Would you say your first thread was just as good, or you've improved since ending that TEW thread?

iMac: Oh it's far better. A little bit due to me just naturally progressing but also that it's two very distinct communities with two very distinct styles fo writting.

I mean, as the TEW thread was based on a game, readers over there are more interested in game mechanics and such, whereas I was more interested in story-telling and developing a character.

But I guess you have to write to your audience to a certain degree.

Evolution of Greed wouldn't be received as well over there just due to the level of detail. But you could say that for a lot of threads on WF.

BkB Hulk: Did it take awhile to make that adjustment to the way WF does things?

iMac: Yeah it took a lot of reading. Like before I started on WF I read a lot of threads. I think Wolf Beast, Legend and Reney were all on hiatus, but I read their threads and others from the HoF section to get a feel for the section.

I also read guys like you and melvisboy for a more current sense of things.

I guess I was just trying to be prepared and at the own time develop my own style.

But yeah, seriously, any noobs or future noobs reading this, click that HoF section and start reading. Educate yourself on the way things are done around here before you type a word of your first show.

BkB Hulk: I guess that brings on a few questions. Firstly, who would you say has influenced you the most and why?

iMac: Definitely guys like Wofly, Legend, Szumi, Reney, DDMac have influence me just through reading their work and being inspired.

But also guys like your good self, Stojy, 619, guys who I always tune in for they post a new show.

Also shout out to Crazian, a great source of encouragement when I first started out.

BkB Hulk: Who of that lot would be your favourite booker?

iMac: Fav would have to be Szumi. He had such a unique style and a great sense of drama.

Wish I was around the section when he was posting regularly, the place must have been buzzing for his thread.

BkB Hulk: Being around near the end of his time here, he definitely had people hooked. You don't really have the same thing these days, but I think that's partially down to people who did actually read and review other threads becoming inactive. Otherwise guys like Legend or Wolfy, coming up to SummerSlam, or even yourself, coming up to WrestleMania, would get a lot more attention.

iMac: Yeah I guess seeing as I've only been here a year I don't really have the same feeling for how it used to be in the section.

But maybe a few big shows coming up in the next few months can get us close to something like that again.

BkB Hulk: Fingers crossed. Jobbers should be checking out these threads, rather than just sticking to ones where they know they'll get a review back from. Reading them will certainly help too.

Anyway, since we're talking about what you've read, what have your favourite matches, promos and angles that you've read on WF been?

iMac: God where to begin?

Well, one of my favourite promos was your Mickie James/Trish Stratus promo from SNME. Thought that was a great piece of writing, esepcially for a divas' feud.

Szumi wrote an incredible angle to end one of his Nitros. It was like the nWo had invaded Ric Flair's house and beat up his kids. The way he wrote Flair's anguish in the ring as he watched it unfold was amazing.

Favourite match recently was Wolfy's Umaga/Shawn Michaels match from Vengeance, stole the show imo.

Probably a bunch I'm forgetting, but those are the ones that stand out right now.

BkB Hulk: That entire show with the nWo personally attacking Flair and Michaels was amazing. Highest recommendations to read that for anyone who hasn't. I believe it was Emp who declared it the best BTB show ever.

Moving onto your thread, what have been some of your favourite things that you've done in there in terms of matches/promos/angles?

iMac: My favourite full match I've written was the Cruiserweight Gauntlet from No Way Out. I enjoyed the action in it and the story the match told.

Fav recap match has to be the match where Shawn Michaels won the WWE Championship. Was bulding for a good while and I was pleased with how I exeucted his heel turn.

Tbh I just really enjoy using Michaels right now. I never really used him to his best in my TEW thread so I'm trying to right a few wrongs with him this time around.

Favourite angle I've written lately is coming up in the SNME I just finished written (cheap hype).

BkB Hulk: Ooooo, big hype there. I'll help you out with the shilling and just say everyone really should check out your thread. It's quality stuff.

Plus it's WrestleMania season, making it even more exciting. Get reading, jobbers.

iMac: Yeah jobbers, listen to your mod.

BkB Hulk: I do have a banhammer.

iMac: No shit? When did that happen?

BkB Hulk: Don't think I've ever actually banned anyone in the BTB section (well, aside from guys who just spam but aren't really BTBers). Ask a few WWE section posters maybe.

iMac: Huh, never knew you had that power.

What's it feel like to ban someone? I imagine it was a glorious moment when you popped your ban cherry.

BkB Hulk: All part of the red bar.

It was probably just a spambot, so it wouldn't have been that memorable really.

I don't remember actually, so it can't have been memorable.

iMac: Lol. Oh well, just don't go crazy with power. You, WCW and Shock do a solid job around the section.

BkB Hulk: Dubya and me. Shock's a jobber.

Anyway, we've discussed a lot of BTB, so I guess we should discuss real life iMac. Not too sure what to ask about because I don't know what you want to reveal to the possible stalkers we have in the section, so I'll let you have free reign here.

iMac: Um, well let's see.

I'm from Scotland, but you already knew that. I'm currently at uni studying mechanical engineering.

I love my sport, play rugby during the winter and amercian football during the summer and the occasional game of 5's when I can.

Love to watch football/soccerball. Favourite team is Rangers. Big fan of the EPL in general, love the skill level in the league.

Suppose I should metion my gf Laura on the odd chance she ever sees this.

BkB Hulk: Stoj is never going to forget that name.


BkB Hulk: Get on the 'Pool for next year too in the prem.

iMac: Um, yeah, no. I'm not following a team managed by Kenny Dalglish.

That and that rat bastard Danny Wilson plays for you.

BkB Hulk: To quote the great man when at the Emirates - "Piss off".

iMac: Lol, that was pretty funny, gotta give him credit for that.

BkB Hulk: FM prodigy. I believe he's actually back off to you guys on loan next season.

Wenger was in shock. A great moment for sure.

iMac: Really? Can't see him being welcomed back tbh.

Would be nice if Arsene gave us Bartley again. He was beast last season.

BkB Hulk: Pfft, suck it up and develop our players. Thanks. <3

I hear BEBE is available for loan this season. Quick, get on it.

iMac: Y'know Soti played for us for a few years?

You can keep taking dross like him.

BkB Hulk: Have him back. Absolute garbage.

One year extension to his deal signed this week too. Can't work out why.

iMac: Was trash at Ibrox too. Fuck knows what he did in between to earn himself a move to Anfield.

BkB Hulk: The same as he did to earn another year I'm assuming. Sweet fuck all.

Anyway, all of the Yanks are probably lost at this point, so I think this has to get back to being somewhat BTB related. Up for name association?

iMac: Yeah lets do it.

BkB Hulk: Wolf Beast.

iMac: One of the all time greats. It's crazy that his thread is like 7 years old now. Much respect for him. I got a little giddy the time he left me a rep message saying I was doing a good job. :O

BkB Hulk: He is a genuinely good guy. Plus he's been around since the beginning of time, so he knows if someone is doing well. I agree with what he has to say on you.


iMac: Good to have him back booking. A very consistent booker. More solid than spectacular perhaps, but he's developed a style he's happy with and stick to it.

Although he must have upset a few people when he was mod.

BkB Hulk: A lot of controversy there, but again, he's a really good guy. Plus he's an AFL fan.


iMac: Um... go Geelong, right?

Would be a good guy to have back around the section, seems to have talent from what I've read.

Can't say I've read a whole lot of Era of Darkness but what I read was good.

BkB Hulk: wwwyki. Geelong own.

Emp (not calling him by his new jobber name).

iMac: Again, haven't read a whole lot of his stuff, so I only really know him as the grumpy old man from the discussion thread.

But a lot of people in the know say good things about him. Maybe I'll sit down one day and have a proper read of his thread.

BkB Hulk: OML.

iMac: He's had a few threads during the time I've been here. I thought he had something good going a while back, so hopefully he makes this new ECW thread stick.

BkB Hulk: RatedRKO31.

iMac: Haven't seen him around the section in a while iirc.

Although I remember him posting a Wrestlemania that was pretty solid.

Decent guy for all accounts.

BkB Hulk: Stonecutter Harlem.

iMac: Awful name change btw.

He's picked a very interesting time frame to work with, so much talent kicking around back in 2002. Looking forward to seeing his thread develop.

Another guy who really needs to find that one thread that works and stick with it.

BkB Hulk: Agreed about the name change.


iMac: Like I said earlier, he's probably my favourite. The Trio Ownership should really be essential reading for all.

Just a real inspiring thread he has, a thread that can really move you.

BkB Hulk: Leeroy.

iMac: Again another guy I haven't seen too much of around the place lately. Can't really say a whole lot else tbh. :O

BkB Hulk: Melvisboy.

iMac: Really liked his thread where he has Swagger as champion on Raw. Was something very different and refreshing to read. Looked like he was gonna kick on and get to Wrestlemania in that thread but sadly not.

His new thread has got off to a promising start though, so will be interesting to see what twist he puts on modern day WWE.

BkB Hulk: Legend.

iMac: Just amazing tbh. Thought he perhaps went a bit far with the ECW influence on Raw, but his Smackdown has been on fire lately.

He's got a great knack of making everyone on his roster feel like a vital part of the show, they're no wasted segments with him.

Also loving the way he's building Haas and Benjamin, should be a real big moment when he finally pulls the trigger on that.

BkB Hulk: Not sure how familiar you are with the more recent guys, but I'll chuck this one out there - RickRoll'd.

iMac: I'm sure I glanced in his thread once and thought the roster he had was crazy big.

I'm not a particular fan of threads that merge companies like that tbh.

BkB Hulk: Stoj.

iMac: Ah Stojy, the one that got away. We exchanged a few PMs once and were kinda close to doing a thread together, but sadly it never really worked out.

Top bloke regardless, seems to take a joke well.

But plz stick to 2004 and stop fannying about.

BkB Hulk: I remember that convo over MSN actually. He was bitching about needing a partner, so I told him to PM you.

These days he still seems to bitch about needing a partner every now and then. Disappoints me.

iMac: He's got talent, the section enjoys his work when he's motivated.

Just wish he'd take a break and go back to what works for him when he's ready instead of wanting to jump from thread to thread.

BkB Hulk: He's a filthy man whore tbh. I still love him though.


Thought I'd keep the theme of filthy man whores going.

iMac: They're both from Oz land too. Coincidence?

BkB Hulk: Para's from here and he's a good bloke. It's just unfortunate that both Stoj and Adam are Aussies.

iMac: I met a bunch of Aussies in America a few summers ago, they were all pretty filthy too.

Top blokes, liked their 'pints of piss'.

Eh, Reney. Great guy. There's certain characters that he writes, like The Rock and Cena, that just crack me up. Much love for him.

BkB Hulk: KOP.

iMac: Would be nice to have him back, he had a really good thread in UTF. Crazy that his thread was around for so long too. Guys like him and Wolf Beast deserve huge credit for sticking with their threads for so long.

Also credit to him for trying to do something good for the section in the HoF this year. Just a shame it never came together.

BkB Hulk: He tries to help out a lot, despite not having the time he used to. Really good guy.

I'm probably forgetting a whole bunch of people, but fuck it, it's late. A few more.


iMac: Like I said earlier, much love for the Crazy Asian. Talented guy when's around the section. That created fed he started was looking really promising before he stepped away from it.

Come back soon man.

BkB Hulk: Shock.

iMac: Thought he was a very solid booker with his TNA thread, but he's really impressed with the ROH stuff. I know it's a mirror of how they do things irl, but it was certainly different than anything I'd seen here before.

I think it's the thread that he could really make a big name for himself with if he sticks with it.

BkB Hulk: WCW Rules.

iMac: He's amazing at writing opening posts.

BkB Hulk:

iMac: Infact that last one he and Emp did together was one of the best.

But seriously, he seems a cool guy. I don't know him all that well, but hopefully whatever troubles he had that caused him to step away from the section are behind him and he's healthy again.

Has an amazing grasp of the english language too.

BkB Hulk: Finally, that iMac jobber.

Apologies to anyone I've missed too. Feel free to mention anyone you think I've missed.

iMac: Um yeah, I can't think of anyone, so apologies from me too.

BkB Hulk: If we've missed you, I'm sorry but you suck.

iMac: As for me, I remember being very nervous when I started my thread. Dunno why tbh, just was. But everyone's been pretty cool, the section made me feel very welcome and I've enjoyed my first year here. And hopefully I'll be here for a few more.

BkB Hulk: Righto. Is there anything else you want to say to the section before we wrap this up?

iMac: No I think I've rambled enough. Thank you for conducting the interview, it's been a pleasure.

BkB Hulk: I'll do a final job of shilling your thread then. SmackDown! has just gone up, Saturday Night's Main Event is next and will no doubt go a long way to shaping WrestleMania, and yeah, WrestleMania is coming up soon. Go read Evolution of Greed.

iMac: Yeah what he said.

BkB Hulk: It's certainly been a pleasure. Thanks for wasting your time with me. I'm proud that we smashed the timezone barrier.

iMac: Lol, yeah you must be shattered by now. What time is it over there?

BkB Hulk: 2:25 AM. I never realise how long these things take until they're done.

iMac: Wow. Time to wrap things up imo.

Thanks for reading everyone. Take care, spike your hair.

BkB Hulk: 100k viewers here we come. wwwyki.

For iMac, I'm BkB Hulk, thank you for reading. Shut up Stoj.

Once again, Iíd like to thank iMac for taking the time to do this. Hopefully itís been entertaining and Iíll be back with another one of these soonish.

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Re: The BTB Interview - June 2011

Great to see this back and excellent interview. And I do hope as well that there will be another boom period once a few big shows get posted like Mac's WM, Legend's Summerslam and Wolfy's Summerslam. Some nice mentions and pretty much agreed with everything said, nothing really to complain about.

Oh and about my name change I kinda regret it, also agree it is a dumb name but have to wait a month to do any changes again.

Keep up the good work guys.
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Re: The BTB Interview - June 2011

I knew this was coming soon. And I figured it would be iMac who'd get it, too.

...and thank you (I guess) Hulky for someone finally not mentioning me on name association. Always said I strike people funny. But shame on you iMac for not mentioning me. Jerk.

I kid. Great job though, fellas. And props for all the stuff for potential newbie bookers, or just everyone in particular. Extra props on Harlem's and DC's horrible name change mentions. Again, quality stuff, gentlemen.


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Re: The BTB Interview - June 2011

Wait, someone liked my Swagger title run? Ah crap, knew I should have stuck with that. Ah well.

Cracking read as always, nice to hear iMac's opinions on this stuff; it's nice to have these interviews consistently (who am I to talk about consistency? ) so here's to plenty more of this entertaining standard.
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Re: The BTB Interview - June 2011

Doesn't know me, huh? Doesn't see me around much, huh? Well, guess I'll have to change that, won't I?

lolz, great read guys, thanks for another great interview!

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Re: The BTB Interview - June 2011

It was a good interview, iMac seems cool... also I started 'ing at the random Soccer talk in the middle xD!

Everton for champions 2011/2012

I need a new signature.
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Re: The BTB Interview - June 2011

definitely enjoyed reading this. Good stuff.

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Re: The BTB Interview - June 2011

I might be late on this but this was an excellent read. Imac has a great thread and kind of goes unnoticed. Good stuff you two.

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Re: The BTB Interview - June 2011

Nice to see iMac get interviewed. Good booker who keeps improving. Very cool stuff guys.
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Re: The BTB Interview - June 2011

That was good, and I am a Rangers fan too! Follow follow, huh? iMac? Haha
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