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Learning to break kayfabe
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Revolution™ Presents: WWE 2004 - Rewrite, Recreate and Revitalize!

Revolution™ Presents


Rewrite, Recreate and Revitalize!


Wrestlemania XX Results

John Cena defeated The Big Show (c) to become NEW WWE United States Champion
Rob Van Dam and Booker T (c) defeated Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak, The Dudley Boyz and La Résistance to retain the World Tag Team Championships
Christian defeated Chris Jericho
Evolution defeated The Rock 'n' Sock Connection in a Handicap Match
Torrie Wilson and Sable defeated Stacy Keibler and Miss Jackie in a Playboy Evening Gown Match
Chavo Guerrero (c) defeated 9 other men to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship in a Cruiserweight Open
Too Cool (c) defeated The World's Greatest Tag Team , The Basham Brothers and The APA to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships
Victoria (c) defeated Molly Holly to retain the WWE Women's Championship
Eddie Guerrero (c) defeated Kurt Angle to retain the WWE Championship
The Undertaker defeated Kane
Chris Benoit defeated Triple H (c) and Shawn Michaels to become NEW World Heavyweight Champion.


Raw Roster

General Manager: Eric Bischoff
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Ring Announcer: Lillian Garcia
Backstage Interviewers: Johnathan Coachman

World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Benoit
World Tag Team Champions: Rob Van Dam and Booker T
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton
WWE Women's Champion: Victoria

Al Snow
Bill Goldberg
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Christopher Nowinski
D-Von Dudley
Gail Kim
Garrison Cade
Lance Storm
Mark Henry
Mark Jindrak
Matt Hardy
Mick Foley
Molly Holly
Randy Orton
Rene Dupree
Ric Flair
Rob Van Dam
Rodney Mack
Scott Steiner
Shawn Michaels
Spike Dudley
Stacy Keibler
Steven Richards
Sylvan Grenier
The Hurricane
The Rock
Theodore Long
Tommy Dreamer
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Val Venis

Smackdown Roster

General Manager: Paul Heyman
Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel
Backstage Interviewers: Josh Matthews and Steve Romero

World Heavyweight Champion: Eddie Guerrero
WWE United States Champion: John Cena
WWE Tag Team Champions: Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerrero

A Train
The Big Show
Billy Gunn
Billy Kidman
Brock Lesnar
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chuck Palumbo
Danny Basham
Dawn Marie
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
Jamie Noble
John Cena
Johnny Stamboli
Kurt Angle
Matt Morgan
Paul Bearer
Paul London
Rey Mysterio
Ron Simmons
Scotty Too Hotty
Sean O’Haire
Shannon Moore
Shelton Benjamin
Torrie Wilson
Ultimo Dragon
The Undertaker

Backlash - April 18, 2004 - Edmonton Alberta - Rexall Place
Judgment Day – May 16th, 2004 – Los Angeles, California – Staples Center
Vengeance – June 13th, 2004 – Columbus, Ohio – Nationwide Arena
The Great American Bash – June 27th, 2004 – Norfolk, Virginia – Norfolk Scope
Summerslam – August 15th, 2004 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Air Canada Centre
Unforgiven - September 12th, 2004 – Portland, Oregon – Rose Garden
No Mercy – October 3rd, 2004 – East Rutherford, New Jersey – Continental Airlines Arena
Taboo Tuesday – October 19th, 2004 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Bradley Center
Survivor Series – November 14th, 204 – Cleveland, Ohio – Gund Arena
Armageddon – December 12th, 2004 – Atlanta, Georgia – Gwinnett Center

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~Charlie Sheen
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Re: Revolution™ Presents: WWE 2004 - Rewrite, Recreate and Revitalize!

This is a really good time to start a BTB, i'll be reading. I Hope you stick around with this.
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Re: Revolution™ Presents: WWE 2004 - Rewrite, Recreate and Revitalize!

2004 is one of the best timelines to start a Be the Booker Thread. I hope you can fix some flaws and mistakes in that timeline. Still having Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar is a big advantage because you are still giving them an importance. I hope I can see him feuding with Shawn Michaels and the continuation of Lesnar-Guerrero feud at JD.

Solid roster.

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- CM Punk

Zackamania is runnin' wild, broski.

Party Rockers in the house tonight, everybody just want to have a goodtime.

Marking for CM Punk, Zack Ryder, Christian and Daniel Bryan.
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Re: Revolution™ Presents: WWE 2004 - Rewrite, Recreate and Revitalize!

Can't recall any of your past work here if you have, so not sure what you are capable of however, 2004 is indeed a great time to take off from. You have a solid undercard, mid card, tag division, main event and a real strong roster to work with and the fact that you left Mick Foley, the Rock, Goldberg and Lesnar on the roster even though they left soon after to go do other things hopefully means you have some things in store for us involving them. Best of luck, may your thread grow and prosper and stick with it.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Revolution™ Presents: WWE 2004 - Rewrite, Recreate and Revitalize!

Thanks you three

Stonecutter Harlem - I agree with you whole heartedly, the reason I picked this time period is because of the depth of the talent at the time, however the one downside of choosing this time is that the year, in my opinion, was great and would be very hard to book. Especially the pushes of Cena and Batista, but yeah, I digress.

Tell me if i'm going to fast as I am posting my show now - when or if you even do give feedback, please remember this is my second ever BTB and my first one I didn't even write a show for. So please bare that in mind and i'll try my hardest to return any given as long as your feedback is beneficialy and constructive, if not I just won't bother.

I decided to write a certain promo in the show in full simply because I wanted to. I may do something like it again, I may not, or I may write everything in full. Depends how I feel etc. But like I said, the reason I wrote it out in full is because I felt like it and I wanted to dip my toes in the waters, so to speak. I hope you enjoy and like I said, i'll return any beneficial/constructive feedback!


Monday Night Raw
March 15th 2004

As expected we are welcomed to the Wrestlemania fall out show with a video package highlighting all of the happenings and ongoings from last night's Pay-Per-View extravaganza. The video begins with the Fatal Four Way tag team match, followed by the Christian vs. Chris Jericho match and the 3 on 2 Handicap Match. After that we are shown clips of the intense encounter between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar with Steve Austin delivering Stunners to both competitors. Immediately after we are shown clips of the WWE Women's Championship match when Victoria defeated Molly Holly to retain the title and as a result, Victoria shaving Molly's head bald! Penultimately in the package we see footage of the interbrand encounter between the two brothers - Kane and The Undertaker with The Deadman pinning his younger brother after the Tombstone Piledriver. Finally, we are shown extended highlights of the triple threat main event for the World Heavyweight Championship with the last image of the package being newly crowned Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit, celebrating in the ring with his best friend Eddie Guerrero as confetti falls all around them.


We then join the live crowd in the arena as we open the live broadcast of Monday Night Raw, cold - No pyrotechnics, no opening commentary and no usual Raw opening video package. Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross at ringside are silent as the crowd are in anticipation of something... And that something doesn't come to the delight of the crowd as the former World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H comes out, surprisingly on his own, clad in an Armani suit with no tie. The Game, who has a bandage covering several stitches from last night's battle, doesn't look too pleased as he slowly makes his way out to the ring. He eventually does and SNATCHES a microphone off of Lillian Garcia as he demands the production crew to "cut his frickin music." The former champ then begins to speak about how last night he did indeed lose the title but last night was one day in 365 and any other of the 364 days, Triple H would kick Benoit's ass all around the arena and back! Hunter then continues by explaining that not only did he have to defend the title against two people, those two people were in cahoots and were gunning for him and him only; which is obviously bullsh#t, as noticed by the crowd who rain down on Helmsley with heat. Just as HHH is about to speak once again he is interrupted by none other than the NEW World Champion, The Rabid Wolverine - Chris Benoit! We get a close up shot of Triple H's lips quivering in anger due to the fact of Benoit interrupting him, as Benoit stays on the top of the stage with a microphone in hand. The champ explains that it's all well and good for Triple H to find excuses for why he lost the title last night, but the fact of the matter is that he lost it and to get it back, he needs to EARN IT! Benoit continues by saying that now Triple H is at the back of the line and Chris wants fresh blood to try and prize the title away from him. Triple H argues and says that he has a rematch clause in his contract that allows him to challenge for ant title that he lost and he's invoking that rematch clause at Backlash! It isn't long though, until the familiar music echoes around the arena and the third man from last night's triple threat enters the equation as Shawn Michaels struts out on to the stage. HBK counters Triple H's argument with that if he gets a rematch then surely Shawn gets a rematch because he lost last night in the title match as well. Hunter tells his former best friend that there's no chance in hell that he's going to weasel himself in to another title match and at Backlash it will be Triple H against Benoit - One on One. The champ interrupts the former DX stable mates' argument and makes a proposition; Tonight - Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H to determine the number one contender for himself at Backlash. The two nod in agreement as the fans pop and JR and King go berzerk at ringside as we see the eyes of a very intense eyes of Triple H stare down Shawn Michaels as we go to commercial.

***Commercial Break***

When we return from commercials, we see Goldberg storming around backstage demanding the whereabouts of Austin from the backstage workers who all say they don't know. 'Berg even picks one up by the collar and thrusts him against the wall, intimidating and assaulting simpletons simply because he wants to know where The Texas Rattlesnake is! He then flips a table over and walks around the corner - still screaming Austin's name - as we go to ringside where Lawler and King question why Goldberg wants Steve and they presume its for the Stunner and the embarrassment of the match last night.


Match One - Tag Team Match
La Resistance vs. Thuggin & Buggin Enterprises w/ Teddy Long and Jazz
The World Tag Team Champions, Rob Van Dam and Booker T join JR and Lawler at the commentary desk to scout who their next challengers for the Tag Team Titles at Backlash. It's not particularly impressive match but nonetheless it had its moments. As per usual, Teddy was comedy gold at ringside as he was cheering on his boys, Mack and Henry, where as La Resistance had no-one at ringside but were just as aggressive and competitive anyway. The match ended with Grenier and Conway pick up the lighter of their opponents, Rodney Mack, and hit the Au Revoir for the three count!

Winners: La Resistance @ 6:12

The "French" duo quickly make their way back up the ramp, hightailing it from the quartet as we hear Teddy talking to all three members of the stable telling them that they need to step up their game. As Conway and Grenier get to the top of the ramp, they lock eyes with Rob Van Dam and Booker who are now standing up by the commentary desk and Rob does his "thumb" taunt and Booker just points at them as the French twosome signal that the belts are coming to them at Backlash.


We go backstage where we see Jonathan Coachman who is standing by for an interview. He introduces the segment and introduces his guest; the WWE Women's Champion, Victoria. Coachman firstly congratulates Victoria on her victory last night over Molly Holly and says that tonight she is in action once again as she faces Lita in a non-title contest. Victoria puts Coach in his place and tells him that she doesn't need his congratulations, she just needs some questions answering. She continues by saying that the board are against her being champion and want her to be without the title as soon as possible, hence why they're not letting her have a rest. She says that she's going to prove, once again, why she's the best female competitor in the world and not only defeat Lita tonight but she will make an example of her! She then gives a very intense stare at the camera before walking off the set. A video package then plays...


WWE Monday Night Raw Presents -

April 18th 2004
Rexall Place - Edmonton, Alberta

***Commercial Break***

When we return from the second commercial break of the evening the cameras are in the parking lot, staring at the entry ramp. Within five or six seconds a black hummer pulls up, revs its engine and parks. The back lights turn off as does the engine and out steps Stone Cold Steve Austin! Austin steps out of his car, nonchalantly slams the door, opens the boot and grabs a rucksack. He once again slams the boot door and presses a button on his car key to automatically lock it and set the alarm. All of a sudden an official runs up to Austin and tells him that Goldberg is one a rampage backstage and is scouring every inch of the arena to find him. Steve lets off a slight chuckle and says that now he's here, it will be a heck of a lot easier to find him and tells the referee that he's not a hard person to find. Austin them charges off through the parking lot and goes through a door as cameras go elsewhere.


We do indeed go elsewhere as Jonothan Coachman is once again standing by but this time his guests are Christian and Trish Stratus! We overhear the mass amount of boos coming from the arena as Christian smirks and puts his arm around Stratus. Coach states the obvious and says that Christian finally defeated Jericho albeit from a little help from Trish. He then goes on to simply ask Captain Charisma - what's next? Christian lets off another little smirk before he answers. He first off corrects Coach and says that even if Trish didn't get involved last night the result and the outcome would have been exactly the same - Christian winning and walking out of Wrestlemania with "Jericho's heart throb;" Trish Stratus. He carries on by insulting Chris Jericho, saying that he's a whiny, jealous bitch who just simply isn't good enough for the likes of Christian and Stratus. After an awkward silence, Coachman once again asks the question; Whats next? To which Christian replies - "Whatever I want to happen next. I can do anything I want to and so can Trish. We'll do what we want, when we want, where we want and why ever the hell we want! Got it?" Then, Christian looks Coach up and down as if to say "Who the hell are you to talk to us!?" as the duo walk off, arm in arm.

Match Two - Singles Match

Scott Steiner vs. Lance Storm
In Steiner's return match after injury and being out for nearly three months, he receives a decent pop as he gets a fairly easy return match as he faces Lance Storm. As you'd expect, Lance uses his speed and his pinpoint kicks to his advantage and surprisingly gets the initial advantage! But eventually it is The Genetic Freak that pulls off the victory. Storm jumps off of the rope looking to nail Steiner on the top of the head with a double axe handle, but the Michigan-born collegian wrestler catches him, pops his hips to perfection and hits Storm with a picture-perfect overhead belly to belly suplex. Steiner then gloats before inevitably locks in the Steiner Recleiner and its only a matter of time before the Canadian taps out.

Winner: Scott Steiner @ 4:52

The fans cheer a little bit for Big Poppa Pump who celebrates in the ring as JR explains that Steiner has made a good return to the WWE but will it continue? We see Steiner make his way back up the ramp before the cameras go somewhere else!


We then go backstage in Evolution's locker room where Triple H is putting on his knee pad as Randy Orton, Batista and Ric Flair all surround him. After sliding the pad up to his knee, Hunter stands up and tells them all that he HAS to win tonight, no matter how desperate and under any measure. He carries on by saying that if Evolution still want to be running things this time next year, they need the gold because with the gold, comes the stroke and with the stroke, comes the money, fame and fortune. Hunter turns to Randy Orton first and tells him to do whatever the hell he has to do to guarantee he retains the Intercontinental Championship against Chris Jericho later tonight. He says that the Mick Foley saga is overand Mick Foley is gone for good so Orton should just make sure his mind is where it needs to be. Randy nods, slaps his belt around his shoulder and walks off. Triple H then turns to The Nature Boy, Ric Flair, and says that despite Triple H respecting him and worshiping the ground he walks on, he wants Flair to stay behind tonight. Flair protests saying that he vowed to stay by Hunter's side so he will do so but The Game whistles and in comes three lovely ladies, two of which link arms with Naitch and the other rubbing his shoulders and back. Helmsley tells Flair to enjoy himself and he'll catch up with him after his match, as Flair strolls off with the trio of women. Finally, the former World Champ looks in the eyes of The Animal and slaps him on the chest and says - "You, Dave... I need you..." Triple H then turns towards the camera and bullies the cameraman outside of the locker room and slams the door in the face of it.


We go to ringside where Lawler and JR speculate what Triple H wanted of Batista and why it had to be kept under privacy to the extent that the cameraman had to be ejected out of the locker room! The arena quietens down a little bit until it explodes as THE ROCK comes out to the ring as the thousands in attendace are literally flipping out for the Great One. He makes his way on to the apron, climbs the turnbuckle and raises his arm, soaking in all of the cheers and admiration from the fans. He then gets down, climbs through the ropes and gratefully receives a microphone off of Lillian. He then waits for the crowd to once again be a little quieter as he stands in the middle of the ring.


Huge, cheap pop

The Rock: Last night at Wrestlemania 20 - The best god damn Wrestlemania to have ever been, might I add - The Rock and his good friend Mick Foley went toe to toe, face to face with three of the toughest sum'bitches in the entire WWE!

Boos for the compliment of Evolution

The Rock: The Rock knows what you mean... The Rock doesn't like them all that much either but The Rock will give credit where credit is due; They pushed The Rock and Mick Foley to places where The Rock hasn't been for years! On one hand, you have The Nature Boy, Ric Flair...

Mixed reaction for the most popular member of Evolution, the former 16 time World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair! "Wooo"s eacho around the arena in tribute for The Nature Boy

The Rock: A former 16 time World Heavyweight Champion - A record which The Rock personally thinks will last for ever! One of the pioneers of the sport that The Rock and all of you people love and without a doubt, he was and still is the greatest professional wrestler to have ever stepped foot in side a wrestling ring.

Then you have The Animal, Batista...

Boos for The Evolution Enforcer

The Rock: When The Rock says he is big, The Rock means he is big - And trust me, The Rock knows what big means... (points to woman in crowd) Y'know what I mean honey? (winks)

Pops for the great one!

The Rock: But like The Rock was saying; The Animal, Batista... The strongest man The Rock has ever had to lock horns with in the eight year career of the Great One. I tell you now; that man will toss you round harder than a two dollar slut from three blocks done and he will god damn enjoy it!

Laughs are heard around the arena

The Rock: And last, but by no means least, Randy Orton.

The pops, cheers and laughs instantly change in to heat for TLK

The Rock: Y'see, Randy and The Rock have quite a lot in common. I mean; we're both third generation superstars... Both of our first titles in the WWE were the Intercontinental Championship... and much like The Rock, Randy Orton is destined... for greatness!

But enough of The Great One singing Evolution's praises and all of that monkey crap, how about The Rock gets straight to the point and he tells the MILLIONS...


The Rock:... Of The Rock's fans what he came out here to say. Last night; The Rock felt something that he hasn't felt for years. Something in The Rock's heart, brain and his abnormally large bicep clicked and when The Rock stepped through that curtain last night at Wrestlemania... I felt... Me again! The Rock heard, saw and he felt the electricity in Madison Square Garden when The Rock and Mick Foley their asses off in front of the thousands in attendance and The Rock never felt greater. But it was too good to be true wasn't it, not everything worked for The Rock, but it did. The flame was reignited in The Rock's heart. The passion crept back in to The Rock's soul and the love for this sport and every single one of The Rock's fans re-emerged!

The fans are going crazy but they don't know what for. They just want The Rock to get to the point, but yet they want him to stay and talk forever! He has them hanging on every single last word that leaves his mouth. The Rock takes a moment to take a breath and calm down for a second

The Rock: The Rock had it planned. He'd make his epic return and aid his good friend Mick Foley in overcoming three of the greatest athletes to have ever existed. The Rock would reconnect with the people and after it was all said and done he would ride in to the sunset - Ride in to ... Hollywood

Boos for the suggestion of The Rock leaving the WWE

The Rock: But oh no no no, that's not how it goes down because last night was the end of one chapter and starting from tonight, The Rock grabs the people's pen, he turns a page in the people's book and he writes an epic chapter in his career. What the chapter will consist of, I don't know. All I do know is that The Rock is here in New York City, he is here in the WWE, he is here with his people and he is here...


The Rock: (whispers) TO STAY!

THE FANS ARE GOING CRAZY! THEY EXPECTED A FARE WELL SPEECH FORM THE GREAT ONE AND THEY GOT THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE! Rocky then takes off his shades, puts them in his pocket and climbs on to the second turnbuckle...


"What the Rock... is cookin'"


The People's Champ raises his eyebrow as his music hits once again. Lawler and JR are hyping it up as well saying that it is not the end of an era, it is not the end of The Rock,in fact it's just a new page in the life of The Rock. The Rock makes his way up the ramp high fiving the fans on the way up. When he reaches the top he turns back, raises his eyebrow and continues to the back as we go for a commercial break.

***Commercial Break***

Match Three - Singles Match - WWE Intcontinental Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Chris Jericho

If you wanted a match that described chaos, run-ins and all hell breaking loose - you've got it right here! What at first seemed like a fair contest with Jericho gaining the inital advantage with his technical prowess but Orton eventually regaining it because of his underhanded tactics, it soon became havoc as soon as Orton ducked a flying forearm from Jericho and instead connected with the referee! Jericho had his back turned, checking on the seemingly unconscious referee and the ever-opportunistic Randy Orton low blows Jericho! Orton then slithers on to the ring floor and grabs a chair from the crowd as he stalks his prey, waiting for Chris to get back up... As soon as Jericho makes it to his feet and turns to face Randy... ORTON SWINGS THE CHAIR... AND MICK FOLEY IS BEHIND HIM, GRABBING A HOLD OF IT! Orton cowers away as Jericho bounces off of the ropes and hits the running bulldog! Chris realises the title is within seconds away, as he runs right back at the ropes AND HITS THE LIONSAULT! Jericho makes the cover, but there's no referee

BUT CHRISTIAN SPRINTS TO THE RING AND BOOTS JERICHO IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD! Christian, who is soon followed by his girlfriend picks up Jericho sets him up for the Unprettier... BUT FOLEY NAILS HIM WITH THE CHAIR! Orton is back up by now, swings Foley round by the arm and goes for THE RKO, BUT FOLEY PUSHES HIM AWAY AND HITS THE DOUBLE UNDERHOOK DDT! Chris comes to his senses, grabs the legs of Orton... Steps over... AND LOCKS IN THE WALLS OF JERICHO! Foley escapes from the chaos, knowing his job here is done as the referee isn't dazed enough now to not notice the rapid tapping of Orton, and he calls for the bell!

Winner: Chris Jericho @ 13:22 and he becomes the NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion!

Jericho collapses on to the ring mat, still dazed and confused after the vicious kick from Christian as Mick Foley is smiling at the top of the ramp, getting retribution for last night on Randy. Christian, however is at ringside holding his forehead after the brutal chair shot from Foley, obviously not only pissed off with Foley but also pissed off with Jericho winning the title, as Trish wraps her arms around him, comforting him. After a very exciting yet unpredictable match, the last thing we see is Jericho holding his newly won belt high in the sky at the top of the ramp, as we go to commercials again!

***Commercial Break***

As soon as we return from the break we are in a backstage corridor. The camera zooms in a little bit further as we see a sweaty and obviously annoyed Randy Orton walking down, hands behind his head trying to catch his breath. We see The Legend Killer walking down the corridor slowwly but surely but coming out of a door and in to the corridor right in front of Orton, is his mentor... Triple H. Orton continues to walk, knowing that he let Hunter down, he just walks straight past him and carries on, even giving The Game a little barge on the way past. Randy is a good twenty meters away before Triple H calls him. Orton reluctantly turns around as Triple H says; "We'll get it back, don't worry. Keep your head up and keep going. You're the best in this business, and you know it." Triple H turns around and walks the way that Orton originally came from as the camera once again pans on Randy who looks stressed. He buries his face in his hands before punching the wall, hard!


We are then backstage where Goldberg is still storming around, presumably looking for Austin and it's not long in to the scene where he eventually finds him. Goldberg spots Austin from a mile away down the corridor, and he shouts his name. The Rattlesnake instantly turns around and looks and charges towards Goldberg. The two phenoms storm in to one another and the go nose to nose until Goldberg breaks the tension and says that he wants Austin, next week! Austin laughs and says that he hung up his boots long ago and that he's caught him far too lat in his career. Goldberg tells Steve that no isn't answer and that Steve will be next! Steve once again laughs in the face of Berg, showing his isn't remotely intimidated and says that Goldberg has done nothing to earn a match with Austin and until he does - Austin isn't stepping foot in the ring to compete. Steve continues by saying that he delivered a stunner to not only Goldberg, but to Lesnar as well, and that we don't see Brock being a little bitch crying over it. Goldberg then cackles before pushing Austin, not even hard, and it causes Austin to fall over! Goldberg then storms off shouting... "I'll get my way Austin, I'll get my way..." As Stone Cold remains on the floor with his hands behind his head, looking up to the sky as if he needs some advice or guidance.


Jonathan Coachman is on a role tonight and is in obvious need of some help and assistance as he's on stand by once again and his guest at this time is Shawn Michaels! Jonathan asks Michaels how he feels about coming so close but yet so far to winning the World Heavyweight Championship last night to which HBK responds that he has never dwelled to much on the past and instead he has always focused on the now. And right now, he has another opportunity to earn a title shot and become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Coach says that that's all well and good but he has to get through Triple H tonight to do so and Coachman asks what he thinks about that. In reply, The Showstopper says that he's know Hunter for years; they've been best friends and worst enemies and if there's anybody that knows Triple H, it's him - So Shawn Michaels has his number. As Michaels begins to talk again, the roles are reversed and his is interrupted by Chris Benoit! The two stare each other down before Chris wishes Shawn all the best of luck for tonight and that he really does hope he defeats The Game tonight so that they can really see who the better wrestler is between these two great athletes. Shawn then thanks Benoit for the luck, but says he doesn't need it and walks off of the set leaving a dumbfounded Coach with a thoughtful World Heavyweight Champion.

Match Four - Singles Match - Non-title contest
Victoria (c) vs. Lita

As we saw earlier, Vicky is not too please about being placed in this match and it shows because right off the bat we see the aggression and pent-up frustration coming out from inside of her. On the other hand, Lita has a completely different strategy as she takes her times and calculates her moves knowing full well that a win here could put her in title contention. It's Victoria which gains the early advantage with a series of stiff elbows and knees which know the wind out of Lita, but eventually, as expect Lita makes the comeback with her innovative and high flying offense which sends Victoria whirling around the ring. At the end of the match, Lita plants the champion with a hard scoop slam before climbing to the top rope... MOONSAULT?! NO! Victoria move out of the way last second as Lita crashes and burns! Vicky then rolls underneath the bottom rope and grabs a chain from underneath the ring apron, quickly enters the ring again and blatently chokes Lita with the chain right in front of the referee as she is sick and tired of the way she's been treated!

Winner: Lita via disqualification @ 5:12

Vicky continues the brutal assault by wrapping the chain around her fist and ROCKETING LITA IN THE FORHEAD, SENDING HER CRASHING DOWN IN TO THE MAT! Security flood the ring breaking Victoria away from Lita as we see Lita's boyfriend, Matt Hardy running down to the ring to check on the condition of Lita. Hardy turns Lita over and we see her BUSTED OPEN! JR says at ringside that earlier in the night, Victoria vowed to make an example out of Lita to get through to the board of directors, and boy has she done that!

***Commercial Break***

August 15th, 2004
Air Canada Centre - Toronto, Ontario



We are in the parking lot as an ambulance has pulled up with several paramedics surrounding Lita, who has a gas mask on gasping for air. Matt Hardy asks her if she's alright, as do the paramedics and she reassures them that she's alright and it's only a cut - when in actual fact it seems pretty deep and she seems to have lost a heck of a lot of blood. She assures her self and Hardy that she'll pay... NEXT WEEK! Hardy then asks her if it's a good idea to lock horns with a psycho like Vicky and Lita explains that it may not be the best idea, but it has to be done one way or another and the sooner the better, so no-one else can suffer the same fate she has done tonight.


We then go to ringside where JR and Jerry Lawler discuss all of what's happened tonight; from the opening promo at the beginning of the show with Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit, to finding out who will challenge Rob Van Dam and Booker T at Backlash. Followed by the return of Scott Steiner, the hectic Intercontinental Championship match which crowned a new IC Champion in Chris Jericho as well as the backstage confrontation of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Goldberg. On top of all that, we saw the brutal beat down of Lita from the hands of the Women's Champion - Victoria. They then say that up next is one of the biggest matches we will ever see on Monday Night Raw as Shawn Michaels takes on his former best friend turned biggest enemy, Triple H in a match that will determine Chris Benoit's number on contender at BACKLASH! The two former D-Generation X team mates then make their respective entrances, as tonight's main event gets underway!

Main Event - Singles Match - Number One Contenders Match

Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

This is an absolute classic on any night but considering that not even 24 hours ago both men were in the fight of their lives which saw everything and both men loss pints of blood, this match seems even more remarkable as it is obvious both The Heartbreak Kid and The Game will stop at nothing to get one more shot at Benoit's world title! The match begins in Michaels' favour as he outsmarts and outwrestles Hunter with technical holds and reversals which leave Triple H bamboozled and not knowing where to go or what to do, however Triple H rake sit back with his smashmouth style and he nails HBK with hard rights and lefts, following by a running knee to the jaw!

The middle of the match consists of the ground and pound style that Triple H is synonymous for as The Game wears down Michaels; more specifically, the right leg - obviously disabling the weapon that is The Sweet Chin Music. He continues the assault with chop blocks and the former champ even locked in a figure four leg lock in homage to his good friend Ric Flair, but Michaels manages to get to the ropes. However, thirteen minutes in to the main event match and as Hunter bounces off of the ropes ready to hit the facebuster, Michaels reverses it and hits a spinebuster!

Shawn then impressivley kips up, but favours his right leg as he knocks down Triple H again with a forearm, and another... AND ANOTHER. The fourth time Triple H gets up runs towards Michaels, attempts a clothesline but HBK ducks underneath it, connects with a kick to the sternum and connects with a SNAP DDT, PLANTING THE FACE OF TRIPLE H IN TO THE RING MAT! HBK then feeds off of the energy of the crowd - but he knows he can't use the Sweet Chin Music because Hunter has softened his leg down that bad, so instead HE CLIMBS THE TOP ROPE, PREPARING THE ELBOW DROP! But the amount of time it takes Shawn to get up there is enough time for Triple H to understand where he's at, as he PUSHES THE REFEREE IN TO THE ROPES, CAUSING MICHAELS TO FALL AND CATCH HIS GENITALS ON THE TOP ROPE! Michaels falls to the ring mat, as both men are lying on the ring mattrying to regain their breath and it is HBK who gets up first and he DECKS THE REFEREE, THINKING HIS PURPOSEFULLY KNOCKED HIM OFF!

Triple H then gets up, swings Michaels around by the arm but MICHAELS DECKS HIM ASWELL! The crowd are going berzerk, supporting HBK as spreads his arms out wide soaking in the applause he's getting. But he can't for long as BATISTA HOPS OVER THE GUARDRAIL AND LURKS BEHIND AN UNAWARE MICHAELS! Batista slits his throatn with his thumb, signalling its the end of Michaels and HE KCIKS HIM IN THE STERNUM AND HITS THE BATISTA BOMB!!!


Winner: Triple H @ 15:19

The fans are going ballistic, as is JR at commentary whilst Lawler is sucking up to him as per usual. Triple H doesn't even know what's going on, Batista is just standing at ring side with a beaming smile, applauding his mentor and Evolution leader! The show fades to black as we see an image of Batista and Triple H at the top of the ramp; Triple H with hair covering his face and resting on Batista, whilst Michaels is still lifeless in the ring!


Confirmed For Backlash

World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Benoit (c) vs. Triple H
World Tag Team Championships: Rob Van Dam and Booker T (c) vs. La Resistance

*card subject to change*

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Re: Revolution™ Presents: WWE 2004 - Rewrite, Recreate and Revitalize!

First of all, great layout and presentation for the show. It was super easy to read and flowed well.

Now, as for Raw itself, I loved it. I like your writing style as once again it was really easy to read and just flowed off the screen. 2004 and after Mania XX is a great time to choose. I personally would have been a bit wary of using Benoit but if you are going to use him may as well go full throttle.

I really liked the Evolution stuff. Orton and Batista being put over by Rocky was a nice way to give them credibility. Trips calling in the girls to look after Flair, the plan with Batista and the little talk with Orton afterwards were all spot on regarding Trips character back then so kudos for that. I'm interested in seeing where you take Evolution from here on in.

Rocky's promo was also spot on. Definitely sounded like The Rock and I love that he's going to stick around. I can only wonder who he is going to feud with now though. Evolution again or somebody new?

The Austin/Goldberg stuff was quality and I feel like you nailed both guys. Austin was Austin lol. Being so nonchalant and then making Bill work for a match is great. I have a feeling The Berg is going to destroy everything in his path until he gets his shot at Austin and when he does it should be all sorts of epic. Austin vs. Goldberg, HELL YEAH!

With HBK now seemingly out of the title picture I'm wondering where he goes from here. Maybe he's going to be Rocky's opponent seeing as the two never had a feud. Austin/Goldberg and Rock/HBK are 2 dream matches that many fans would have loved to have seen. If this is your plan then I'm certainly looking forward to reading all about it.

Overall I felt this was a great first show and a nice way to kick off your BTB. I'll be back to check on Smackdown. Hopefully it's as good as this one was.

Nice work.
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