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RickRoll'd 06-07-2011 03:10 AM

Mega Wrestling League (MWL) [We'll change the future of the wrestling business!]
MWL (Mega Wrestling League)

Hey, I just want to say that I really appreciate the comments/suggestions/opinions you had given to me in my last Be the Booker Thread, WWE 2011: The Bigtime Generation. I asked to shut it down due to some bad decisions that I'm using on that thread. Since it's now gone, I must create a new and a fresh Be the Booker Thread.

This one starts after the pay-per-view, WrestleMania, which happened on the 5th of April on the year 2011. Some people know that pay-per-view would not be the ending of the WWE regime, but it's not, because on April 2, 2011, Microsoft Owner and CEO, Bill Gates had bought the WWE brand and even the TNA brand. The McMahons accepted the offer even the Jarrett accepted it for 15 million dollars! TNA production decided to give one more show before they give the shares of the company to Bill Gates! Also, with the McMahons as they give their fans their last show at WrestleMania XXVII.

It doesn't mean that Bill Gates bought the WWE and the TNA, the both brands are now done with their business. But, you are wrong, because Bill Gates decided to make a Wrestling League with two different promotions or brands and that is the TNA and the WWE. Yes, the two strong and famous promotions will not shut down still as they are now handled by a new mega owner, Bill Gates! The Microsoft CEO also decided that he will have a 60 percent share on both promotions! So, the 40 percent of the share will still be on the McMahons and the Jarretts! Mr. Gates also added that he will reshuffle all the rosters in TNA and WWE right now and release some superstars from both promotions due to some budget cuts. He also planned that he will hire the veteran wrestlers and great in-ring workers like Carlito and the other guys because he wants to show the whole world that those superstars deserve a second run at the MWL.

There might be a reshuffle on the roster but, Mr. Gates said that he will be the one who will pick the superstars he wants on the two promotions! He also stated on the huge deal that Pay-Per-Views on TNA and WWE will still be used on the MWL but only the PPV who is considered as a big extravanganza like Bound for Glory, WrestleMania, etc. Mr. Gates wants to bring back some of the old WCW pay-per-views since WWE is now holding the rights of the old Wrestling Promotion. Names like Fall Brawl, Starrcade, Superbrawl and New Blood Rising will return to the pay-per-view scheme! The MWL will have 13 pay-per-views all in all, 4 PPVs from the TNA name, 4 PPVs from the old WCW name and 5 PPVs from the WWE name! The 5th pay-per-view in the WWE is the King of the Ring because Bill Gates really likes that pay-per-view because of its legendary and live quarter-finals and semi-finals matches!

Now, we go to the weekly shows and other stuffs. The deal stated that he will scrap WWE SmackDown, WWE NXT and WWE Superstars and they will have two weekly episodic shows, WWE Monday Night Raw and TNA Thursday Night Impact! Due to some low ratings of the 3 WWE Shows, he must scap it and focus on the real deal. They also decided that they will also scrap the WWE World Heavyweight Championship because of the WWE Championship as the main championship of the WWE promotion and sending the United States Championship in TNA! Now going to the booking rights and General Managers of the promotion, the two promotions still have the right to book matches and even fire superstars whenever they want. Bill Gates will focus more on the products, projects and charity works of the two promotions while the two Presidents of WWE and TNA can still hire new superstars, general managers and other stuffs. WWE President and COO, Mr. Vince McMahon decided that Mr. Theodore Long will the WWE General Manager and the head-in-charge of booking matches while the president of TNA, Ric Flair, assigned the founder of TNA, Jeff Jarrett to be the TNA General Manager.

With the Ric Flair thing, Mr. Bill Gates assigned the Nature Boy and the 16-time World Heavyweight Champion to be the new President of the TNA promotion due to some bad works of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, they need to fire these guys for the future endeavor of the MWL. The handpicked roster of Bill Gates on the two gigantic promotions will be announced later in the evening, as well as the complete schedule of the Pay-Per-Views, Championships, In-Ring Announcer, Commentators and other wrestling stuffs tonight, before April 3, 2011 ends. Tommorrow night, at Phillips Arena, the first Monday Night Raw of the MWL will happen as it will be a 3-hour special as well as the Thursday Night Impact episode! Also, the three sides agreed that the Tag Teams will be considered as one unit, so, they can be assigned on the show handpicked by Mr. Gates together. The contract also stated that the number of superstars/tag teams/womens in the two promotions will be equal and fair.

Mr. Gates requested that he wants to reinstate Crusierweight Championship and place it on the WWE Promotion! He also scrapped the TNA Knockouts' Tag Team Championship due to low popularity to the wrestling fans and the purpose of that is in order to focus more on the Knockouts' Championship! And vacating all the current championships! As a result of this new league in wrestling, all of the current champions before the contract signing will be having a first-class number one contendership at their new promotion or same promotion they worked for. Mr. Gates wants the last champions before the contract was made to have a shot on the title to have a fair treatment to others.

We hope that a lot of wrestling fans will participate and love this new wrestling league headed by Mr. Gates and the two presidents of the promotions, Mr. McMahon and Mr. Flair.

There will be also a new twist in my new Be the Booker Thread! Everytime you will give me an opinion/review, you must rate it the show (WWE Raw and TNA Impact) from 1-10. Every end of the week, the show who will get the higher number of ratings will be considered as the dominant promotion on that said week. This will go on each and every week, and there will be some pay-per-views that will be considered as an All-Star Game which consists the top 5 stars on each promotion who will team up with each other to face and clash with each other at Survivor Series! And at the final pay-per-view of the season, WrestleMania, two of the best stars of the promotion will be handpicked by their GMs or Presidents to square off with each other in a Big Interpromotional Match! Hope you will enjoy this one! :)

John_Cena_is_God 06-07-2011 03:53 AM

Re: Mega Wrestling League (MWL) [We'll change the future of the wrestling business!]
Seems like a great idea with taking the best out of WWE and TNA into one promotion; Bill Gates as the owner is surprising, i would have expected someone like Donald Trump; hoping that Vince and Ric have complete creative control though; General managers are great - Theodore Long is the best GM in case the GM is not supposed to do things more than he requires to do - like screwing people or fighting matches, so it seems he will be doing his job properly

I am hoping the TNA World title is intact? I didn't see it being mentioned. And as Smackdown is scrapped, good decision to keep only WWE title as the main thing.

Overall looks really great with inter-promotional events between WWE and TNA; I'm unsure if TNA stars will be traded to RAW in case a draft happens and vice-versa; also the rating wars between the shows is a good initiative, but u can add something to it like the promotion which gets most ratings for 4 weeks until the next PPV happens, gets some advantage on the PPV, maybe the main event spot for its world title match or maybe a pick from the other roster

RickRoll'd 06-07-2011 04:01 AM

Re: Mega Wrestling League (MWL) [We'll change the future of the wrestling business!]
MWL Superstars List

Released and Reassigned Superstars (due to some budget cuts and other purposes)


Scott Stenier (wants to focus more on his personal life and he is assigned as a MWL trainer for all of the up and coming MWL superstars.)
Kurt Angle (demanded to be on the backstage to be one of the head of the creative team of TNA as well as a talent relations manager for the future endeavors of the MWL.)
Kevin Nash (wants to be a public relations officer for future house shows and projects of the league and the president of the UCL or the Ultimate Championship League, Developmental Territory of the MWL)
Homicide and Hernandez (assigned as the international relations officer of the MWL and the head of international house shows, etc.)
X-Pac (see Kevin Nash's role and assigned also as one of the creative team of the WWE.)
The Great Khali (he is fired due to some lack of talent but assigned as MWL India's Representative on international relations.)
Goldust (assigned as a general manager of the Developmental Territory)
Hunico and Epico (they are assigned again to UCL to improve their in-ring abilities and skills.)
Johnny Curtis (see Hunico and Epico's role)
Douglas Williams (granted a release on the league and wanted to go back on his personal life as he retires from the professional wrestling)
Kaitlyn (see Hunico, Epico and Johnny Curtis' role.)
Kelly Kelly (assigned as a new trainer for the MWL Developmental Territory for the women's division)
ODB (see Kelly Kelly's role.)
DH Smith and Tyson Kidd (assigned as the Canada's Representative to the MWL as well sending them back to the UCL)
Gunner and Murphy (assigned again to the UCL)
Chavo Guerrero (assigned as a trainer on the UCL.)
Orlando Jordan (one of the head trainers of the UCL and a part of the creative team of UCL)
Brodus Clay (sent back to the UCL to improve his skills.)
Vladimir Kozlov (assigned as MWL Representative to Europe)

MWL Executive Board

MWL Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Bill Gates

MWL Over-All President
Mark Stevenson

MWL Executive President for WWE
Vince McMahon

MWL Executive President for TNA
Ric Flair

MWL Executive President for UCL

Kevin Nash

MWL Vice-President for Creative Operations
Stephanie McMahon-Levesque

MWL Vice-President for Media Relations
Dixie Carter

MWL Vice-President for Talent Management

Eric Bischoff

MWL Vice-President for Marketing

Michelle Wilson

MWL Television Production Head
Kevin Dunn

MWL Chief Financial Officer
Jeffrey Speed

MWL Social Media Head

Kenny Perez

MWL Head Road Agent
D'Lo Brown

MWL Ambassadors
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Shawn Michaels
The Rock
Kurt Angle

MWL Music Directors
Dale Oliver
Jim Johnston


WWE Roster List

WWE President
Vince McMahon

WWE Head Creative Writer
Michael Hayes

WWE Creative Writers
Ranjin Singh
Pat Patterson

WWE General Manager
Theodore Long

WWE Head Commentator

Jim Ross

WWE Color Commentator
Jerry Lawler

WWE 3rd Commentator
Josh Matthews

WWE Backstage Interviewers
Michael Cole
Scott Stanford

WWE Ring Announcer
Justin Roberts

Main Event Card
John Cena
Randy Orton
Jeff Hardy
Samoa Joe
Matt Morgan
Mr. Kennedy
Triple H
Christopher Daniels
AJ Styles

Upper Middle Card
Kofi Kingston
John Morrison
D'Angelo Dinero
Rey Mysterio
Cody Rhodes
Big Show

Tag Team Card
Cryme Tyme (JTG and Shad)
Motor City Machineguns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin)
World's Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas)
Brian Kendrick and Paul London
The Ultimate Broskis (Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder)

Middle Card
Alex Riley
Ted DiBiase
Jimmy Wang Yang
Brent Albright

Lower Middle Card
Mark Henry
Trent Barretta
Seth Rollins

Women's Division Card
Mickie James

Crusierweight Division Card
AJ Styles
Christopher Daniels
Kofi Kingston
John Morrison
Rey Mysterio
Alex Shelley
Chris Sabin
Brian Kendrick
Paul London
Zack Ryder
Curt Hawkins
Jimmy Wang Yang

Factions Card
The Total Action (Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, D'Angelo Dinero, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Winter)

Championships Card
WWE Championship
Intercontinental Championship
WWE Tag Team Championship
Shelton Benjamin (3) and Charlie Haas (4) [April 4, 2011 - Present]
Crusierweight Championship
John Morrison (1) [April 4, 2011 - Present]
Womens' Championship


TNA Roster List

TNA President
Ric Flair

TNA Head Creative Writer
Vince Russo

TNA Creative Writers
Brian Gerwitz
Kurt Angle
Matt Conway

TNA General Manager
Jeff Jarrett

TNA Head Commentator

Mike Tenay

TNA Color Commentator
Booker T

TNA 3rd Commentator
Joey Styles

TNA Backstage Interviewers

Don West
Christy Hemme

TNA Ring Announcer
Jeremy Borash

Main Event Card
Brock Lesnar
The Undertaker
The Miz
Alberto del Rio
CM Punk
Rob Van Dam

Upper Middle Card
Matt Hardy
Wade Barrett
Sin Cara
Jack Swagger
Daniel Bryan
Desmond Wolfe
Drew McIntyre

Tag Team Card
The Colons (Primo and Carlito)
The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso)
Beer Money Incorporated (Robert Roode and James Storm)
David Otunga and Michael McGillituty
Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater

Middle Card

Evan Bourne
Mason Ryan
Ezekiel Jackson
William Regal

Lower Middle Card
Chris Masters
Shannon Moore
Dolph Ziggler

Knockouts' Division Card
Beth Phoenix
Gail Kim
Awesome Kong

X Division Card
Alberto del Rio
CM Punk
Matt Hardy
Cody Rhodes
Sin Cara
Daniel Bryan
Primo Colon
Carlito Colon
Jimmy Uso
Jey Uso
Justin Gabriel
Heath Slater
Dolph Ziggler
Shannon Moore
Evan Bourne

Factions Card
The Nexus (CM Punk, David Otunga, Michael McGillituty, Mason Ryan and Desmond Wolfe)
The Corre (Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and Ezekiel Jackson)

Championships Card

TNA Championship
Rob Van Dam (2) [April 7, 2011 - Present]
United States Championship
TNA Tag Team Championship
X Division Championship
Knockouts' Championship


UCL Roster List

UCL President
Kevin Nash

UCL Head Creative Writer
Matt Martlaro

UCL Creative Writers
Al Snow
Orlando Jordan
Dusty Rhodes

UCL Head Trainers

Orlando Jordan
Scott Steiner

UCL Training Staff

Joey Mercury
Luke Gallows
Kelly Kelly
Chavo Guerrero

UCL General Manager
Dustin Rhodes (Goldust)

UCL Head Commentator
Todd Grisham

UCL Color Commentator

UCL 3rd Commentator
Don West

UCL Backstage Interviewers
Scott Stanford

UCL Ring Announcer
Tony Chimel

Main Event Card

Brodus Clay
Bo Rotundo
Jinder Mahal

Upper Middle Card
Abraham Washington
Skip Sheffield
Johnny Curtis
Darren Young
Calvin Raines
Lucky Cannon

Tag Team Card
Los Aviadores (Hunico and Epico)
Gunner and Murphy
The New Hart Foundation (DH Smith and Tyson Kidd)

Middle Card

Tito Colon
Michael Tarver
Husky Harris

Lower Middle Card
Brett DiBiase
Richie Steamboat
Derrick Bateman

Divas' Division Card

Factions Card
The Nexus UCL Branch (Jinder Mahal, Skip Sheffield, Darren Young, Husky Harris, Michael Tarver, Richie Steamboat and Brett DiBiase)

Championships Card
UCL Championship
Television Championship
UCL Tag Team Championship
Divas' Championship


Weekly Shows List

WWE Monday Night Raw (USA, Characters Welcome!)
TNA Thursday Night Impact (The CW, the TV to talk about!)
UCL Saturday Night Blaze (FX, there is no box.)

Pay-Per-View Shows List

April 17, 2011 - New Blood Rising
May 15, 2011 - King of the Ring
June 5, 2011 - Destination X
July 10, 2011 - Starrcade (Major Production Pay-Per-View)
August 7, 2011 - SummerSlam
September 4, 2011 - Fall Brawl
October 9, 2011 - Bound for Glory
November 6, 2011 - Survivor Series (Major Production Pay-Per-View)
December 4, 2011 - Victory Road
January 1, 2012 - Final Resolution
January 22, 2012 - Royal Rumble (Major Production Pay-Per-View)
February 19, 2012 - Superbrawl 12
March 10, 2012 - Saturday Night Main Event: The Mayhem
April 1, 2012 - WrestleMania

John_Cena_is_God 06-07-2011 05:44 AM

Re: Mega Wrestling League (MWL) [We'll change the future of the wrestling business!]
great man, your roster details are good, it makes it seem like you have been planning this for weeks but i guess your thread ended just a couple days ago, so good start in such a small time

RickRoll'd 06-07-2011 07:50 AM

Re: Mega Wrestling League (MWL) [We'll change the future of the wrestling business!]
MWL.com News Bite


The rating game will still be in my Be the Booker thread, but we will modify some changes as highest show between the two promotions will be given a chance to be the Main Event Match of the Pay-Per-View! For example, the highest-rating show between the promotion before New Blood Rising will be guaranteed a secured Last Match of that said pay-per-view! Support your promotion and give them a rating that they deserve!

UCL Saturday Night Blaze will not be posted in full because it is not really a part of the BTB! I just posted the roster and the championships because they are the future stars of the MWL! But, for the happiness and enjoyment on your part, we will still give the results in a recapped form and it will be released every week also on the News Bite!

MWL Weekly Shows Preview


WWE Monday Night Raw for April 4, 2011

WrestleMania season is now officially over and done as we are now going back to the real deal once more as yesterday's extravanganza mark the last day of the McMahons as the ruler of this wrestling world because the richer man in the business world has bought the WWE and the TNA at the same time and resulting to a huge changes to the landscape of professional wrestling! The new owner of the two major promotions right now is Mr. Bill Gates as he merge the two opposing companies in to a professional wrestling league consisting of two teams! This Monday night, at the Philips Center, the night after WrestleMania, the owner of Microsoft, Inc. and the new owner of the WWE and TNA will speak up to the WWE Crowd! What will we expect from this business? Will the Gates era rule in this business or it will be the cause why wrestling will fall in the future?

This edition of Monday Night Raw after the WrestleMania pay-per-view will be three hours as we give you a big teaser on what will happen on the upcoming weeks here in this new and fresh wrestling league! Mr. McMahon, the Chairman of the WWE and one of the biggest executives on the MWL will speak about his future plans on the promotion! Also, giving some comments and opinions about this big merger between the two of the promotions who fight with each other for almost a decade! What will the Chairman address to the Universe? This will be surely an exciting new season of Monday Night Raw!

Since the owner of the MWL wants a good and decent tag team division, he sends a lot of young guns and talents to the two promotions because he believes that the young and fresh people on the roster will bring a new hype on the wrestling business! He has a motivation to bring back the respect and the love on the tag team section as he commands the General Manager of the WWE, Theodore Long to book a Four Corner Tag Team Elimination Match and it will be for the WWE Tag Team Championships! That is really promising note from the Microsoft and the MWL owner as he wants to bring excitement and fun to the league! The confirmed list of tag teams who will participate in the match will be Paul London and Brian Kendrick, The Ultimate Broskis, Cryme Tyme and World's Greatest Tag Team!

The self-proclaimed "Biggest Star in the MWL" AJ Styles will make his WWE Debut for the first time! You will surely regret if you will not watch the debut of one of the best in-ring competitors of TNA from 2002-2010 as he reveals his wants and needs in the WWE. Will anyone listen to his contentions as he demands and says it this Monday Night, live at Atlanta, Georgia or no one will ever listen to this guy!

If there is a big action and excitement to the mens' division, the girls division will not also quit as they will also give us and show us their talents that they boys can't do to their enemies! Two of the best women in this business right now will settle things in the center of the ring as former WWE Women's Champion and TNA Knockouts' Champion Mickie James will face the legendary and vicious Victoria! Two of the best WWE and TNA Girl Champions of all-time will battle it out as they kick their ass this Monday night! Who will prevail? Who will score a momentum in the WWE? This is surely exciting as we are going to unfold our first Raw Episode after the merge!

As stated on the contract, the former WWE and TNA Champions could get their rematch clause anytime they want as long they will not exceed on the 2-week limit! Jeff Hardy told the MWL Staff to have a WWE Championship match this Monday Night at Raw! But, who will be his opponent? That is really a confusing situation as we still do not have a WWE Champion after the said merge! Theodore Long will not make this episode really boring as he give an edgy match at the first hour of the new Monday Night Raw! As he pits the current face of the WWE right now, John Cena and the former face of the TNA, AJ Styles in a match to determine the person who will face Jeff Hardy in the main event which will also happen at that same night! Can John Cena prove that he is still the best guy in this league or the "Biggest Star of MWL" dominate in this match as he sends the other people in the WWE brand to better watch out as their ultimate challenge is now here on this business!

You want some highflying action? Well it is now here at WWE Monday Night Raw! As they give you non-stop and high-octane high risking moves to your eyes as the legendary Crusierweight Championship will be witnessed tonight as one of the best crusierweight champions in WCW and WWE will once again set his eyes to the title as he faces one of the best crusierweights in the division also, the Shaman of Sexy and the Prince of Parkour, John Morrison! But, wait, this will not be an ordinary wrestling match as the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels, Kofi Kingston, Ted DiBiase and Jimmy Wang Yang would be the enforcers on this match! Will they bring a big effect on this match?

Since Mr. Kennedy left the WWE in 2008, Randy Orton is really having a relaxed time with the other superstars as he beats every opponent each and every single week that he has! But tonight, this is different as we will be really going upclose and personal as the Loudmouth from Green Bay will face his rival for many years! Not only in some championship chases, but also personal wrestling issues! We are sure that this will be a riot as two of the best guys will square off once again in the first episode of the WWE Monday Night Raw!

Confirmed Match List for Monday Night Raw

No. 1 Contenders' Match for the WWE Championship as Winner will face Jeff Hardy at the Main Event
"The Biggest Face of the MWL" AJ Styles vs. "The Chain Gang Commander" John Cena

Crusierweight Championship Match w/ Ted DiBiase, Christopher Daniels, Jimmy Wang Yang and Ted DiBiase Jr. as the enforcers
"The Shaman of Sexy" John Morrison vs. Rey Mysterio

"The WWE's Apex Predator" Randy Orton vs. "The Loudmouth from Green Bay" Mr. Kennedy

Mickie James vs. Victoria

Four Corner Tag Team Elimination Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins vs. JTG and Shad vs. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

Grudge Match for the WWE Championship

Jeff Hardy vs. John Cena/AJ Styles


TNA Thursday Night Impact for April 7, 2011

He is the Miz and he is awesome! Yeah, he might be awesome as he demands and commands a title shot at the Main Event to our General Manager, Jeff Jarrett as he books the Awesome One a match for the TNA Championship as he will square off with the Mr. Thursday Night for the coveted title this Thursday! Can the Miz prove that he deserves a title run in the TNA or Rob Van Dam will completely run on this Thursday Night Habit!

Sheamus will square off against a mystery guy who will be revelaed this Thursday also as they will fight it out in a standard wrestling match! Could the Celtic Warrior prove that he is now the King of the TNA or this mystery guy prove that he is better than the first Irish-Born WWE Champion? This will be surely mysterious and exciting as we are going to unfold also the guy this Thursday night live!

The Techincal Machine William Regal will speak tonight about his thoughts on why he is not yet receiving a big title opportunity since he debuted in the business 20 years ago! He will share to us his experiences, contentions and future plans on his colorless wrestling career? Would Regal be given his wish that he really waited for a long time or the dream will still be a dream forever? Will someone listen to his intentions? Will someone give him a chance to grant that wish?

CM Punk will speak up to the TNA crowd this Thursday as he returns to the infamous promotion! He will speak up about his really famous career after he transfers to the WWE and his Nexus thing! But also later in that night, he will face the Captain Charisma Christian and Corre's Wade Barrett! to be a No. 1 Contender for the TNA Championship at New Blood Rising! Will the NXT Season 1 Winner prove that he will rule and dominate the TNA with his Corre members or the Captain Charisma will gain a momentum as he returns to the promotion who gave him a big break!

The Beer Money Incorporated will face the young and fresh guys in this promotion as the twin sons of the Samoan Superstar, Rikishi will be putted on a test as they face the veteran tag team duo this Thursday at Impact! Can the young guns prove that they will the future on this business or the Beer Money Domination in the TNA Business will still continue?

Alberto del Rio will prove that he is destined to be the top guy in the TNA Brand as he faces one of the best workers in the WWE before and the former World Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler! He will surely work on his own again as he is more determined to achieve what he haven't achieve for years and that is to be the man of the business! Can Ziggler prove something to the crowd or he will still eat more to win a match?

In our first ever Knockouts' Match, the former WWE Diva Beth Phoenix will square off on her former worker and former NWATNA Superstar, Gail Kim in a one-on-one grudge match! Can the Glamazon prove that she is the dominant monster in the Knockouts' Division or Gail Kim will teach Beth the real deal in this business? This will be an exciting Knockout Match this Thursday at Impact!

Confirmed Match List for Thursday Night Impact

Grudge Match for the TNA Championship
Rob Van Dam vs. "The Awesome One" The Miz

"The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus vs. Mystery Opponent

Triple Threat No. 1 Contenders' Match for the TNA Championship
"The Straightedge Superstar" CM Punk vs. Wade Barrett vs. "The Captain Charisma" Christian

Tag Team Grudge Match

Robert Roode and James Storm vs. Jimmy and Jey Uso

Gail Kim vs. "The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix

619IDH 06-07-2011 12:11 PM

Re: Mega Wrestling League (MWL) [We'll change the future of the wrestling business!]
Hmmm...a few things

1) It's been two days since your last post in your last thread. There's the 30-day rule. I'm gonna assume you got permission to post this early, though.

2) Again, two days isn't a good bit of time to get together a created fed as massive as this looks, I would thihnk it would require more than 48 hours of thought. If planning was a problem for you last time, getting more variables to plan with without giving you more time to plan with might not help.

3) I don't know if anyone told you this in your last thread but SLOW DOWN a bit. You reached Wrestlemania in, what, twenty days in your last thread? I admire your zeal and your effort, but you have to give people time to read, digest, respond, and get interested.

Overall, I do wish you luck in your hand in this fed. I might be seeing where it goes.

RickRoll'd 06-07-2011 10:23 PM

Re: Mega Wrestling League (MWL) [We'll change the future of the wrestling business!]
@619IDH, Yeah. I know that I really went fast on my last thread. It's like I reached WrestleMania for only one week. But, now, I'm sure that I will slow down a little bit because we'll be having classes on our country. :)

RickRoll'd 06-08-2011 04:37 AM

Re: Mega Wrestling League (MWL) [We'll change the future of the wrestling business!]
WWE Monday Night Raw for April 4, 2011

Welcome to the first-ever WWE Monday Night Raw after the controversial and shocking merge on the two of the best promotions in the wrestling world right now! The TNA and the WWE is bought by a business elite and the owner of Microsoft Inc., Mr. Bill Gates! The show starts up with a huge video highlight marking the final pay-per-view of the WWE in the McMahon regime as it was the last mark of the big promotion in the business and a new start of a new professional league under the two opposing promotions! The broadcast team of the King, Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross and Josh Matthews give us an opinion about the merge yesterday after the Biggest Pay-Per-View of the year! Also, giving us a small teaser video on what will happen tonight on the first episode of WWE Monday Night Raw! After that short introduction message on the broadcast team, the WWE Ring Announcer Justin Roberts starts to introduce the owner of the MWL, Mr. Bill Gates! He is smiling to the crowd as they are giving the mega-owner of the league a big respect as they give him a warm welcome and appreciation for his mega-wrestling merge! The owner of Microsoft and MWL gives a short thought on what he feels right now after that said merge of the two promotions. It is like a big dream for him to merge two of the biggest promotions of the new generation! He gives us a project proposal on this league as it will be one of the most interactive shows that you will ever see! The people will be heard, the people can speak, because, the MWL staff will grant your wish! The crowd is getting wild with the project proposals of Mr. Gates as he is ready for a bigger wrestling future! He also added that this is not a nightmare because this is a long-time dream! 3 of the biggest business tycoons are teaming up for a wrestling league and he calls it and names it one of the "coolest" ideas ever made in history of professional sport! The fans are agreeing with the MWL Owner's business perspectives and future plans as they give them a big round of applause! Mr. Gates continues his talk on the center of the ring as everyone listens to him! He added that the pay-per-views will consists the names of pay-per-views from TNA, WWE and the defunct WCW! The MWL Chairman really loves professional wrestling that's why he tries to buy the two of the biggest promotions and create a wrestling history by making a league! His last will before he leaves the arena is this dream is now the wrestling reality of today! Mr. Gates exits the arena as he receives an ovation as they give him a warm appreciation! :) Thank you, Mr. Gates! We hope that you will give us flexible and bright decisions towards the future of wrestling!

[Commercial Break]

After a short commercial interruption, we are now seeing the WWE Broadcast Team giving their opinion on the promo awhile ago with Bill Gates as they give positive reviews and thoughts that the new owner has a big and a bright future masterplan for his new wrestling league as he wants to go interactive and hear what the fans need! They also added to their short talk the list of what will happen on tonight's WWE Raw like the Big No. 1 Contenders' Match tonight, the personal match between the Apex Predator and Mr. Kennedy and the Tag Team Elimination Match! After a short talk and opinion about what is happening to the wrestling world, the music theme of the four enforcers in the Crusierweight Championship match are now entering as they are ready to be a spectator and a referee, if needed later in the match! They are ready to see one of a kind, high-flying crusierweight action as John Morrison will try to win the gold against a former legendary crusierweight champion not only in the WWE, but also in his stint in the WCW, Rey Mysterio! The ring bells as the match on the Crusierweight Championship starts now!

Crusierweight Championship
Rey Mysterio vs. John Morrison

The two of the best crusierweights right now are having a serious lock-up with each other as the Shaman of Sexy quickly gains a lead in the match as he tries to win the title while the other 4 superstars are looking on what is happening to the match right now! Morrison quickly gets the big advantage in the matchup as he continues to pressure his opponent in this crucial match! Rey Mysterio tries to end the lead of John Morrison as he tries to counter and reverse some attacks done by the Prince of Parkour, but still he can't try to finish his enemy and reverse some moves as John Morrison continues to give his best in this match! The spectators on this match are still looking seriously in this match as they are seeing a one-of-a kind matchup in the Season Premiere of Monday Night Raw! The Prince of Parkour nearly feels the end after he completely dominated and gives Mysterio a big taste of annihilation as he tries to finish this one by using a Starship Pain on to his opponent, but it failed because Ted DiBiase completely distracts the leading and dominating Prince of Parkour in this match as he touches the ropes really hard! He is down after that big distraction as the 3 other spectators tries to argue with Ted DiBiase but the Million Dollar Kid quickly pushes the three as he leaves the arena while Mysterio quickly gives the pin as he scores the win and the new Crusierweight Champion! The 3 other spectators also left the arena as they are disappointed with Ted DiBiase's actions towards John Morrison as the Master of the 619 is now again at the top of the Crusierweight Division! Congratulations, Rey Rey!

Winner: Rey Mysterio (7:55)

The camera is slowly fading to the backstage as the WWE President, Mr. Vince McMahon is now preparing for his promo which is up next after the commercial break! But while he is walking out, he sees the new owner of the MWL, Mr. Bill Gates talking to the staffs of the WWE as Vinny Mac quickly interrupts that conversation as he asks the staff to leave first as they will talk about important things! Mr. Vince McMahon is happy with the merge as he is ready to go and follow the future plans of his new boss on the wrestling league as well making his own decisions to the WWE brand! He shakes hands with Gates as the promo with the WWE President is up next as he continues to walk down to the ring! It is up next and do not go away as you will experience a high-impact wrestling action!

[Commercial Break]

The New WWE Monday Night Raw is back as the WWE Ring Announcer Justin Roberts will now introduce the President of this promotion, Mr. Vincent K. McMahon! The former chairman and owner of the WWE is now walking to the ring with no doubt in his face as he continues to smile and happy with the turnout of the merge as the WWE fans are supporting Mr. McMahon's future plans and goals towards the WWE promotion! He is now starting to talk about the things that he will do on this brand without the blue brand which was scrapped and ended by the management last Friday due to some low ratings and buyrates for the past 12 months! Vince McMahon explains on why he decided to scrap out the WWE SmackDown out on the weekly program list is because the management wants to focus on Monday Night Raw and give a damn about the up and coming superstars and give them a chance to prove their worth in this wrestling business! He will still continue on his prospect and plan that the WWE will still be the dominant brand or promotion in this league even though the TNA brand has an exciting and strong roster like the Undertaker, Sting, Brock Lesnar and other wrestling greats right now! On the first hours after the merge and the roster announcement, he is kinda regretting on this deal, but after he saw the WWE superstars list, Vince McMahon is proud that he has a list of young superstars that has a great and undeniable success to the ring! The WWE President promises that he will still work hard as he gives the fans not only entertainment but also pure wrestling action every single week! He leaves the arena after that short talk as he gives a short interaction to the crowd while the other people are giving him a well-deserved respect he deserves!

[Commercial Break]

After the commercial break, the WWE Announcing Team are giving a thought and a short teaser video about the match between the self-proclaimed Biggest Face of the MWL AJ Styles and the Chain Gang Commander, John Cena in a big match tonight and we will see a one of a kind history as we are going to see who will be the man who will face Jeff Hardy for the WWE Championship at the main event which will also happen tonight! After a short talk about the big matches tonight, Victoria is now heading down to the ring as she is ready to take down Mickie James as the multi-time Womens' Champion is also going right now as she ready to show the WWE fans that she still have the guts and the determination to be a champion once again in this brand after she left the business in early 2010!

Grudge Match
Victoria vs. Mickie James

The match quickly starts as the bell rings! The two lovely girls are fighting it out very quick as they give each other a short lock-up! Victoria really leads in this match because of her strength as she is trying to end this match as she gives her opponent a series of clotheslines and dropkicks! But, sometimes, it fails because Mickie James tries to kick out and fight to survive and get back in to shape in this crucial match! The lovely and sexy Mickie quickly gains a lead after she is getting mad and completely dominates in this match! The lovely diva almost finished this match as she tries to give Victoria a Mickie-DT and yes, it is a success! But, suddenly, someone comes out and it is AJ Styles! The diva is quite shocked on why the self-proclaimed Biggest Star of the MWL is here as he talks and brags about tonight as he faces John Cena and he can't wait to go to the ring as he is ready to be the star of this business! Mickie James is getting mad and disappointed with AJ as well as the fans as he continues to interrupt this match! The diva tries to gain back her focus to her opponent Victoria once more, but she fails as Victoria quickly turns the table around as she uses the interruption of AJ Styles as an advantage as she finishes it out with a Widow's Peak! The Vicious Vixen claims a big win to MJ as the fans are not agreeing with AJ Styles and Victoria as they celebrate and give each other a hug! She quickly leaves the arena as the self-proclaimed Biggest Star is now walking inside to the ring as he is starting to talk about things, but he failed, as Mickie James, with a big disappointment in his return match here in the WWE! She slaps AJ Styles on what he have done to her awhile ago! Mickie James quickly leaves the arena as Styles is quite getting mad and hating the scenario MJ done moments ago as we go back to the commercial as AJ Styles is now also walking out to the ring with a big anger on his face as he gets ready for his match tonight!

Winner: Victoria (5:23)

[Commercial Break]

After the break, we are seeing the camera focusing at the backstage as Michael Cole will now start to discuss things with Jeff Hardy! He received a big pop from our fans as he starts to discuss about the match between AJ Styles and John Cena and stated that match is really a "History in the Makin' Match" because you will see two of the new faces of the opposing promotions will square off in a ring tonight! You will surely get an edge on your seats as they will give you one of a kind battle for a bragging right to face me for the most coveted title in the history of professional wrestling, the WWE Championship! He is also ready to fight the winner of that match tonight and determined to gain a championship reign once again! The Charismatic Enigma leaves Michael Cole as he is shocked and quite puzzled after that short interview!

We now go back to the ring as Justin Roberts will now start to introduce the 4 teams who will participate in the Four-Corner Tag Team Elimination Match! The WWE fans are ready to see a big change on the tag team division once again as they are claiming some gold tonight! The ring bells as 4 of the strongest tag teams in this WWE division will fight right now!

Four-Corner Tag Team Elimination Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins vs. JTG and Shad vs. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

Brian Kendrick and JTG quickly starts the match as they are giving themselves a lock-up with each other as they are trying to try and exchange bouts and kicks with each other! Brian tries to eliminate JTG quickly in this match, but he can't as the opponent tries to counter every attack and counter of Brian Kendrick in this match as he is struggling right now to regain back the lead in this match! Curt Hawkins quickly enters in the match as he taps Brian Kendrick's back to save the guy from annihilation from JTG as he tries to eliminate the Cryme Tyme in this match! Curt quickly claims a big lead and advantage in this match as he quickly gives him a thunderous DDT move to his opponent! A pin was made! One! Two! Three! Shad tries to interrupt the match but the other 3 teams are stopping him to enter in the match as Team Cryme Tyme is now gone in this Tag Team Elimination Match! They are eliminated at 4:29.

After the first elimination, Curt Hawkins quickly tags his partner, Zack Ryder in the match as he is ready to be a tag team champion once more as Paul London will take some things to the Long Island Z! Express right now! The two superstars trying to dominate in this match but they can't as they try to counter and reverse the attacks and holds with each other. But, the match momentum completely shifts as Zack Ryder quickly reverses some attacks from his opponent as he desperately gives Paul London an out-from-nowhere Long Island Express while London was about to make a move to him, but it fails and Ryder quickly finishes this turn! One! Two! Three! London and Kendrick are now eliminated from the match as the Ultimate Broskis are celebrating and assuming that they will win this match! Elimination happened at 6:33.

After that second elimination, the Ultimate Broskis are still having no-clue that the World's Greatest Tag Team are now in the ring as they are ready to give them a T-Bone Suplex from nowhere! The funny duo didn't expect that thing coming but the duo still try to reverse the move and turn the tables but they fail as the WGTT quickly executes the team as Shelton Benjamin drags Curt Hawkins outside as they go for a pin! One! Two! Three! Yes! The World's Greatest Tag Team wins this big match as they are the new WWE Tag Team Champions! They quickly leave the arena as they receive a mixed reaction from our crowd as they raise their titles really high! The Ultimate Broskis are really disappointed with the ending of the match as Shelton and Haas leave the arena with the titles on their shoulder! Elimination on 7:15!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas (7:15)

After that scene, the camera is slowly fading to backstage as the Apex Predator, Randy Orton is now getting ready for his match with Mr. Kennedy which is happening up next! But while he is preparing, suddenly, his opponent quickly runs to that area as he gives Randy a cheap shot to the head! He is really down and incapacitated after that sneaky and dirty attack as he continues to annihilate and give pain to his personal enemy! He uses the weapons there in the area as the officials quickly come in the area as they try to stop Kennedy for attacking Randy Orton and asked Kennedy to leave as soon as possible or else?! The Greenbay Loudmouth leaves the area as we go on first to a commercial break!

[Commercial Break]

After the break, the WWE Announcing Team is quite sad and disappointed with Kennedy's actions to the Viper, Randy Orton awhile ago as they give a quick highlight recap on what happened at backstage moments ago! While they are talking about the two superstars, Mr. Kennedy quickly interrupts the show as he starts to speak about the Apex Predator while the fans are not liking his reactions towards his personal and real-life enemy Randy Orton! Kennedy brags and explains to the WWE fans that he (Randy Orton) deserves a taste of his own medicine after he humiliate my honor and pride as a WWE Superstar few years ago before he went to TNA in 2009. He added that the Apex Predator is the reason why he is having a hard time to be a WWE Champion on his stint at that time because he is only an upper-mid card player while Orton is fighting it out at the main event scene and that is unfair for Kennedy's side because he added that he has the skills that Randy Orton don't have in his body! The fans are completely pissed off with Kennedy's speech as they start to chant "You Suck!" to the superstar from Green Bay! While he is bragging and humiliating Randy Orton, the WWE General Manager Theodore Long is now making his first appearance here in the show as he is quite disappointed on the bad actions and decisions of Mr. Kennedy! GM said in a pissed off manner that if Kennedy has the skills on defeating Orton, he must prove it not to the fans but to the Viper itself! Kennedy is getting mad as Theodore Long added that he will have a match against Randy Orton at New Blood Rising! They fans are relieved and cheered for the WWE General Manager as Kennedy is looking at the titantron and using the ropes as a weapon to his anger and disappointment to Long!

[Commercial Break]

Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross and Josh Matthews are back as they discuss the big announcement from the WWE General Manager as he books Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy to a match at New Blood Rising! Also discussing the former WCW PPV itself. They stated that it would be a night of new blood rising to the Wrestling Business especially right now with the merge of the two of the biggest promotions in wrestling right now! After a short talk, AJ Styles is now walking down to the ring as he is really serious and exploding in anger as he is ready to kick some ass tonight! John Cena is now walking to the ring as the fans are getting wild for the Chain Gang Commander! The bell rings as Jeff Hardy also enters the arena as he is ready to fight one of this superstars who will fight right now!

No. 1 Contenders Match
John Cena vs. AJ Styles

John Cena or AJ Styles? Two of the best superstars in the two opposing promotions! They are having a big grudge with each other as they give each other a big lock-up! That is only the beginning of the match, but every single second, the fans are going wild with this match as the two superstars are also making this match spectacular and great! A lot of great slams to the mat, even some clotheslines and exchanges of punches to each other! They just don't stop kicking ass with each other because they want to gain a bragging right to face Jeff Hardy at the main event which is next! John Cena and AJ Styles wouldn't let each other to lead and dominate in the match as they go out and use the ring ramps and the steel steps as a weapon! The referee is counting them as Jeff Hardy is standing right now as he will see if someone will go back to the ring before the count of 10. The two superstars are not letting go with each other as they continue to annihilate and give each other punches and kicks! John Cena tries to go back at the count of 8, but, the Biggest Star of the MWL AJ Styles is trying to interrupt the win of John Cena as he gets the right leg of the Commander and let this one end to a Draw! The fans are disappointed with the referee's decision as John Cena quickly burst out his anger on to his opponent as he quickly gives him an Attitude Adjustment from nowhere! He points at Jeff Hardy and signals that he badly wants the WWE Title as he is now leaving the arena! But, before he evacuate the area, the President, Mr. McMahon quickly goes to the ring ramp as he is quite angry on the final turn-out of the match! He didn't suggest to restart the match because he is booking that at New Blood Rising, the Main Event of their brand will be John Cena facing off AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship! The three contenders for the title are shocked with the announcement as the fans are getting wild with that life-changing decision as we are getting near to our first MWL Pay-Per-View as the screen fades to black!

Winner: Draw (11:09)

Quick Results of WWE Monday Night Raw

Mr. Bill Gates expressing his thoughts and appreciations on the said WWE and TNA merger.
Rey Mysterio outshined John Morrison to win the Crusierweight Championship with a help from Ted DiBiase.
Mr. McMahon also giving his opinions and expressions about the merger!
Victoria beats Mickie James in a grudge match as AJ Styles distracted the match.
Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas last eliminated Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins to win the WWE Tag Team Championships!
Mr. Kennedy bragging on his works to Randy Orton awhile ago; Mr. Theodore Long scheduled them to a match at New Blood Rising!
AJ Styles tried to beat John Cena in a grudge match but it is a draw due to a double-countout!; Mr. McMahon gives them a triple threat match at New Blood Rising!


New Blood Rising

Tagline: A new blood is rising to the professional wrestling scene!
Date and Venue: April 17, 2011 at Greensboro Coliseum at Greensboro, NC

Unofficial Match Listing

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. John Cena vs. AJ Styles

Grudge Match
Mr. Kennedy vs. Randy Orton

John_Cena_is_God 06-08-2011 05:52 AM

Re: Mega Wrestling League (MWL) [We'll change the future of the wrestling business!]
Good opening promo with Bill gates,i however think this will be his last appearance but let's see if he actually gets engrossed in some storyline lol

cruiserweight ttle match was great, although morrison's gimmick and talent is full-on suited for this match, i dont see him as belonging to cruiserweight division. but he can be used to give good matches but putting that title on him i am not sure about it, good result there thats why. One idea would have been to do a rumble match for this title in the begginning giving all the chance to get a shot at it.

good to see vince in a good mood lol, and not being all devious. one division which will benefit a lot is the women's division and glad to see micki james back, also victoria. Haas Benjamin as tag team champs are great and hopefully some new team will beat them to get over later

This is a brilliant idea - Orton vs Kennedy. I will be looking forward to this match for sure. And this match deservs to be at a PPV so good that Kennedy attacked Orton here to delay the match.

The main event was great and good decision for a draw. Cena looked better than Styles here. At the PPV, i am guessing a new champion let's see

One suggestion i will give is that since your last BTB also you have been keeping 4 matches per RAW/SD, which is a bit low i believe, 5 minimum would be the better number and 6 is a good figure. Here as it was the beginning show, there were more promos including Vince/Gates, but later if promos are less then you should have more than 4 matches, or increase the backstage promos

RickRoll'd 06-08-2011 06:16 AM

Re: Mega Wrestling League (MWL) [We'll change the future of the wrestling business!]
Well, brother, thank you for that one. Actually, the total matches on the Raw card was really 6. Because of some changes due to the storylines, it went to 5. The AJ - Cena match was still the 5th official match, but it ended with a draw. So I still consider it as a match. But, I'll make it 5-6 next week. I just made it 5 because for me, it will be better to do some storylines. Well, I'll improve my promos and more matches on the Impact episode.

And I more thing, bro, can you rate the matches? the 5 matches? Because, that ratings that you mark will be the basis that I will use on deciding which promotion will be the main event at New Blood Rising. :)

Well, I have a new concept also. And it is called the "Highlights of the Week" every after Raw and Impact you will rate, but, after the two episodes have been released you must fill this form out :)

Match of the Week:
Promotion/Show of the Week:
Moment of the Week:
Superstar of the Week:
Diva of the Week:
Tag Team of the Week:

Well, this is really interactive and exciting. So, let your favorite superstars and managers be on that list. :)

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