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WWE - Change in Booking

I will be booking Smackdown and Raw in continuation to the Capitol Punishment PPV, starting from the Raw which airs the next night. I will be continuing the current WWE rosters, champions, stables, drafts and ending the small storylines present, but will be disregarding current injuries and things of that nature.

This post will be updated for roster changes, injuries, new champions and stables.


Alberto Del Rio
Alex Riley
Chris Masters
CM Punk - Hardcore Champion
Curt Hawkins
David Hart Smith
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Evan Bourne
Jack Swagger
John Cena - WWE Champion
John Morrison
Kofi Kingston - United States Champion
Mason Ryan
Micheal Mcgillicutty
The Miz
Rob Van Dam
Triple H
Tyler Rex
Vladimir Kozlov
Wade Barrett
Zach Ryder

The Big Show
Brodus Clay - Tag Team Champion
Chavo Guerrero
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan
Ezekiel Jackson
The Great Khali
Heath Slater - [Injured - 3 Months Remaining]
Husky Harris - Tag Team Champion
Jimmy Uso
Jay Uso
Jinder Mahal
Johnny Curtis
Justin Gabriel
Mark Henry
Randy Orton - World Heavyweight Champion
Rey Mysterio - Intercontinental Champion
Sin Cara
Ted DiBiase
Trent Barreta
Tyson Kidd
The Undertaker
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu

The Uso's - Jimmy Uso & Jay Uso
Nexus - David Otunga & Micheal Mcgillicutty
Santino & Vladimir Kozlov
Two Man Wrecking Crew - Husky Harris & Brodus Clay
True Crime - R-Truth & JTG

Teddy Long - Smackdown General Manager
Matt Striker - Smackdown Commentator
Booker T - Smackdown Commentator
Todd Grisham - Smackdown Interviewer
Mick Foley - Raw General Manager
Micheal Cole - Raw Commentator
Jerry Lawler - Raw Commentator
Josh Matthews - Raw Interviewer
Ricardo Rodriguez - Alberto Del Rio's Manager

Title History
WWE Championship
John Cena
May 1, 2011
Extreme Rules
Defences = 2
Days = 71+

World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton
May 3, 2011
Defences = 2
Days = 69+

United States Championship
Kofi Kingston
May 1, 2011
Extreme Rules
Defences = 0
Days = 78+

Intercontinental Championship
Wade Barrett
March 25, 2011
Defences = 1
Days = 90

Rey Mysterio
June 24, 2011
Defences = 0
Days = 21+

Tag Team Titles
The Nexus
(Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga)
May 23, 2011
Extreme Rules
Defences = 0
Days = 54

Two Man Wrecking Crew
(Brodus Clay & Husky Harris)
July 1, 2011
Defences = 0
Days = 9+

Hardcore Championship
Drew McIntyre
June 27, 2011
Defences = 0
Days = 0

CM Punk
June 27, 2011
Defences = 0
Days = 14

Alex Riley
July 4, 2011
Defences = 0
Days = 0

CM Punk
July 4, 2011
Defences = 1
Days = 7+

Not Removing List
[ ] Tazz hits someone with the Tazzmission
[X] 3D actually hit a 3D through a table - 13/03/11 Victory Road [w/ Dreamer]
[X] AJ Styles turns face - 03/02/11 iMPACT
[ ] Knockout tag titles are gone
[X] OBD and Awesome Kong return - 19/02/11 iMPACT & 01/05/11 Extreme Rules
[X] Alberto Del Rio becomes champ - 14/08/11 SummerSlam
[ ] Evan Bourne wins US/Inter title
[X] Stone Cold gives someone a stunner - 07/03/11 RAW [JBL]

My BTB: WWE - Change In Booking (Review for Review)

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Re: WWE - 06/20/11+

Hello, Sir Funaki7.

I will give my insights, opinions and other statements towards your Be the Booker Thread! First of all, the roster of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown is really based on the true to life WWE right now! I'm not suggesting you to change the timeline but the roster is great and I hope you will use them properly, especially with the guys who really deserves to have a scene and a mark on the business.

Second, about your Divas Division/Womens Division/what have you division, I really hate that you scrap out that division because I love to see them working it out, but I know that there is a definite reason on why did you eliminate the division on your Be the Booker because the division is not going well and better than before that division is really dominant in the year 2000-2009, but after shitty bookings and wrong decisions, we are starting to dump that division and focus on the real deel. But, I know, you also want to give more exposure to your WWE Superstars so they can have a fair and equal time every week. Women's Division is only making the roster of the both brands even bigger which results to bad bookings and wrong decisions.

But, there is a flaw on your new BTB Thread, Funaki. Because you did not give us a glimpse on what happened on the Capitol Punishment Pay-Per-View and even the stories leading up to that PPV. I wish and suggest you that you give us first a short recap on what happened before the pay-per-view itself and the actual Pay-per-view so we can have a starting basis on your future feuds and storylines leading up to the upcoming pay-per-views. It is really dull and messy because you are not giving us a rundown on what happened. You must dedicate your 3rd post about what happened on the feuds/angles leading up to Capitol Punishment!

But, overall, the roster is great and the womens' division are gone for the meantime to give an exagerration to the superstars who have been wasted by the WWE right now! I hope you will have a good decision towards this BTB and goodluck!

"I am the voice of the voiceless!

- CM Punk

Zackamania is runnin' wild, broski.

Party Rockers in the house tonight, everybody just want to have a goodtime.

Marking for CM Punk, Zack Ryder, Christian and Daniel Bryan.
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Re: WWE - 06/20/11+

ya give some backstory

also, wwe has picked up recently with some good showing, i have seen many people starting it around Extreme rules or OTL and then wwe creative was doing their worst, but here you have a challenging time to start

also MITB will be up after CP which is one hell of an event to book so best of luck and hope you do well with this
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Re: WWE - 06/20/11+

I will do a preview thread to the first Raw just after Capitol Punishment is over with. That will give some insights into what you can look forward to, and just to cap off anything WWE had going on before me and my awesome booking took over haha. I'm literally continuing after the PPV, so at the very start I will be running from what WWE had going. I already have a few storylines, involving drafts, returns, bombshells etc. which I think will really shake it up to give my own original feeling to it rather than it be like the current WWE.

I did plan for the Diva's division. I had a big thing going down between Kharma and Beth Pheonix, which would be great to see in this or real life. But I tried making matches after those two, and it was just impossible. Kaitlyn Vs Alicia Fox, I mean, I skip those matches when WWE or TNA put them on, so I cant really do them. Can I describe the match and say "Alicia Fox hits a clothesline. The fans are unimpressed as she hit it badly and Kaitlyn never sold it well". Also, there is somewhat of a new division added into this, so it can take over the boring Diva's matches you probably wouldnt read anyways.

Love that despite the fact that I wrote literally nothing new so far, I have two very long comments of feedback. This is going to be fun. Get ready for the explosive first episode and the previews to come.

Not Removing List
[ ] Tazz hits someone with the Tazzmission
[X] 3D actually hit a 3D through a table - 13/03/11 Victory Road [w/ Dreamer]
[X] AJ Styles turns face - 03/02/11 iMPACT
[ ] Knockout tag titles are gone
[X] OBD and Awesome Kong return - 19/02/11 iMPACT & 01/05/11 Extreme Rules
[X] Alberto Del Rio becomes champ - 14/08/11 SummerSlam
[ ] Evan Bourne wins US/Inter title
[X] Stone Cold gives someone a stunner - 07/03/11 RAW [JBL]

My BTB: WWE - Change In Booking (Review for Review)
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Okay, so I realized that I've been writting my stuff, and WWE has made some last minute changes which might effect the way I've been writting, so I'm just going to skip ahead now to after Capitol Punishment. I will make up a realistic card for it and make the outcomes, and then my first episode will run off from that...

Capitol Punishment Results
Cody Rhodes Vs Sin Cara, Double Count-Out.
After Sin Cara fails a high flying move, Cody Rhodes takes advantage. In his vicious attack, he does not hear the count, and does not stop the assault until referee's pull him back.
Wade Barrett Vs Ezekiel Jackson, Wade Barrett by Pinfall.
Despite the apparent falling out, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater assist Wade Barrett to retaining the title.
David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty Vs Santino & Kozlov, Otunga and McGillicutty by Pinfall.
Due to assist from Mason Ryan and CM Punk, the New Nexus retain the titles.
The Big Show Vs Alberto Del Rio, Del Rio by Submission.
The Big Show gors for the Chokeslam, but Del Rio reverses into a Cross Armbar, winning the match.
Alex Riley Vs The Miz, The Miz by Pinfall.
A back and forth match, with Riley winning most of it. The Miz capitalized on one of Riley's mistakes and took the match.
John Cena Vs R-Truth, John Cena by Submission.
A hard back and forth match. Both landing finishers and both kicking out. Eventually Cena lands the STFU and takes the match.
Randy Orton Vs Christian, Randy Orton by Pinfall.
Christian goes for the spinning DDT from the top rope. In the air, Orton free's his neck and lands a great RKO, taking the match.

Quick Results
Cody Rhodes Vs Sin Cara = Draw
Wade Barrett Vs Ezekiel Jackson = Wade Barrett
New Nexus Vs Santino and Kozlov = New Nexus
The Big Show Vs Alberto Del Rio = Alberto Del Rio
Alex Riley Vs The Miz = The Miz
John Cena Vs R-Truth = John Cena
Randy Orton Vs Christian = Randy Orton

WWE Raw Preview

This week on WWE Raw, there is a blockbuster announcement; The Anonymous Raw General Manager Will Be Revealed! On the anniversary of the General Manager's appointment, whom succeeded Bret Hart in June last year, has been known for his unpredictable announcements, usually read out by the ever popular Michael Cole. This Monday, we will finally find out who has been behind the computer, and why they have decided to reveal their identity now, on the heels of Capitol Punishment. The Internet is already buzzing with speculations, and this Monday, the anticipation will come to a head.

Also, there will be a match to decide the new number one contender for John Cena's WWE Championship, which he defended against R-Truth last night at Capitol Punishment. The match is set to be between Alberto Del Rio, whom has been unsuccessful against both Edge and Christian in previous challenges. The Royal Rumble winner has vowed to fulfil his 'destiny', by winning the match tonight. His opponent is no stranger to championship gold, the 3 times World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk. Punk refused to give any comments on his match tonight, but seen distant from the whole affair. Punk has been one somewhat of a losing streak lately and will be hoping to get back on form as soon as possible.

Confirmed Match-Ups
R-Truth Vs Evan Bourne
Tyler Reks Vs Primo
The Big Show & Kane Vs Santino & Kozlov
CM Punk Vs Alberto Del Rio [Number 1 Contenders Match]

We are all looking forward to the event, and hoping that it lives up to expectations with such a momentous night on the cards.

Not Removing List
[ ] Tazz hits someone with the Tazzmission
[X] 3D actually hit a 3D through a table - 13/03/11 Victory Road [w/ Dreamer]
[X] AJ Styles turns face - 03/02/11 iMPACT
[ ] Knockout tag titles are gone
[X] OBD and Awesome Kong return - 19/02/11 iMPACT & 01/05/11 Extreme Rules
[X] Alberto Del Rio becomes champ - 14/08/11 SummerSlam
[ ] Evan Bourne wins US/Inter title
[X] Stone Cold gives someone a stunner - 07/03/11 RAW [JBL]

My BTB: WWE - Change In Booking (Review for Review)

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Re: WWE - Change in Booking

June 20, 2011

"Burn It To The Ground..."

The show opens to the impressive Raw pyro as the crowd go wild. The commentators start the show.

Micheal Cole: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to Monday Night Raw!

Jerry Lawler: Right off the heels of Capitol Punishment, where John Cena defended his WWE Championship against R-Truth.
*Shot of John Cena holding up the WWE Title*
Tonight's Main Event see's Alberto Del Rio take on the leader of the New Nexus, CM Punk, for the #1 contender spot.

Micheal Cole: And tonight, we find out the news regarding the most trending topic on Twitter, that's right, the Anonymous Raw General Manager will be revealed tonight.

Jerry Lawler: I wonder who it could be...

"The Truth Will Set You Free..."

Boos flood the arena as R-Truth makes his way to the ring. He looks possessed as he makes his way to the ring. He enters the ring and grabs a microphone...

R-Truth: Last night...I was robbed.

*The hatred is voiced*

R-Truth: Nah foreal, John Cena ROBBED me, just like Rey Mysterio, and just like all the little Jimmies.


R-Truth: Now they got me facing Evan Bourne in the first match.


R-Truth: I should be fighting for the #1 contender spot, not...


R-Truth: SHUT UP! Know what, I aint even wasting my time on you fools. Get that punk out here.

"Born To Win"

Evan Bourne enters to a small pop with his trademark grin. He slaps hands with the fans as he does his inverted slide into the ring...

R-Truth Vs Evan Bourne
...as he slides in the ring he is met by a kick in the gut by R-Truth. R-Truth continues the assault with a flurry of punches before whipping him into the corner. He runs to hit a closeline but Evan Bourne flips over and catches him in a sunset flip pin. R-Truth rolls out and connects with a vicious kick to Evan Bourne's jaw which makes the crowd gasp.
He turns to the crowd and yells "See what happens?" and is recieved with a loud boo.
He picks up Bourne and scoop slams him, finishing the combo with a big elbow drop. He trys for a pin but Bourne kicks out quickly.
Truth looks frustrated, and picks him up and whips him to the ropes. Bourne returns by ducking a clothesline and on the rebound lands a massive dropkick which sees R-Truth roll out of the ring holding his mouth.
Bourne looks to the crowd as he eyes up a jump outside. The crowd approve which a big cheer.
Evan graps the top rope and bounces back for leverage, and jumps over the rop, only to be caught in the arms of Truth. Truth drops him onto the steel steps, which cripples Bourne's body.
Truth rolls back in and leaves Bourne to pick up a 9 count before barley sliding back in.
Truth drags Bourne up and kicks him in the gut, seemingly looking for the Axe Kick, which is recieved badly by the fans.
As he bounces off the ropes, Bourne replys with another big dropkick, which leaves Truth laying perfectly in line with the turnbuckle.
Bourne, feeling the momentum, sees his oppertunity to land the Air Bourne Shooting Star Press. Holding his ribs, he slowly gets to the top rope.
Truth grabs the referee's t-shirt to pull himself up, distracting the referee, as JTG comes down from the ramp to grab Bourne's leg.
R-Truth leaps to hit the rope as JTG releases Bourne, and now Evan is crotched on the turnbuckle.
The referee looks disgruntled as R-Truth drags Bourne down and quickly hits the Shut Up! He pins the broken body of Bourne to get the 1, 2, 3.

Truth stands up and refuses to let the referee raise his arm. JTG slides in with a smile on his face to raise R-Truths arm. They both grin largly and the fans give them both lots of heat.

Winner = R-Truth

*Commercial Break*

"I Came To Play..."

The Miz enters to many boos. He has an angry look on his face and storms to the ring. Snatches the microphone on his way into the ring.

The Miz: Really? Really?....Really? The Miz doesent have a match up tonight? The former WWE Champion doesent have a match tonight? I can't wait for this new general manager to reveal himself because he has alot of explaining to do regarding this tragedy. I am starting a formal protest, I will not leave this ring unt...

*General Manager Message Tone which is recieved by a mixed reaction*

Micheal Cole: Can I have your attention pleae? I have recieved an e-mail from the Anonymous Raw General Manager. And I quote...*The hatred flows*
"Miz, we all know the routine, you sit in the ring and stage a protest until I set you up in a match. Well why break traditions? Tonight you will face a mystery opponant. Someone you have not met yet, but I'm sure you are aware of. So, get your frog-faced self out of my ring...
*Huge pop*
...and get ready for you match. Oh, and have a nice day Miz."

The Miz, with a smug smile, leaves the ring.

Backstage, Josh Matthews is announcing an interview.

Josh Matthews: Hello and let me welcome my guest at this time; CM Punk.
*Loud boos*
Punk, you are schedualed for a #1 contenders match against Alberto Del Rio tonight, have you got any comments?

CM Punk: Joshua, as much as I would like to tear through Del Rio to take away a little of that arrogance, I have decided to step aside tonight. You see, I am a 3 time world champion, and now my main goal is leading the Nexus to greatness. So, I have decided to name Mason Ryan as my replacement.
*Mason Ryan walks into the shot to a mixed reaction from the fans*

Josh Matthews:This is huge news and...

CM Punk: Of course it's huge news! You know what, Mason has a match to prepare for, so if you wouldnt mind...
*CM Punk and Mason Ryan walk away*

Josh Matthews: And after that bombshell, tonights Main Event is the egotistical Alberto Del Rio, against the giant Mason Ryan.

*Commercial break*

"One Two Three..."

Tyler Reks emerges to a stale crowd reaction. He walks slowly with a look of indifference about him as the commentators hype him as the 'Dreadlocked Demolition Man'.

"*Spanish Words*"

Primo walks out to an even less enthusiastic crowd reaction. He walks out with the swagger he usually possesses and symbols a title belt around his waist.

Tyler Reks Vs Primo
The bell rings as Primo charges towards Reks. Reks stands his ground as Primo knocks himself on the ground with a failed shoulder block. Tyler Reks smiles and violently stamps on Primo's head.
Rek's picks up Primo by the tights and the back of the neck and thrusts him into the corner ring post, seeing Primo tumble to the floor. Tyler follows and picks back up the hurting opponant.
Rek's grabs him by the back of the head and throws him and the railguard, before tossing him back into the ring. Tyler slides back into the ring to drag up a lifeless Primo.
Tyler Reks lifts him above his head, only to connect with a hard hitting Burning Hammer.
He lays on Primo whilst still possessing the heir of indifference.
1, 2, 3. It's all over. Tyler Reks wins after a dominating performance over the average opponant.

Winner = Tyler Reks

*Promo for Money In The Bank*
*Commercial break*

Backstage, Josh Matthews is trying to get comments from a passing R-Truth.

Josh Matthews: Truth, Truth, can we get some words on what happened out their tonight?

R-Truth: What? Aye, you wanna know what happened out there tonight? You really wanna?

Josh Matthews: Well...yea...

R-Truth: What happened out there tonight, was that I, R-Troof, was overlooked once again. Dey fought I wouldnt win, dey fought dey could get rid of me. But no one gets rid of R-Troof. GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!

R-Truth storms away as Josh Matthews looks exausted at the camera.

Back to a shot of the ring as Justin Roberts stands in the middle.

Justin Roberts: Please welcome, the WWE Champion, J'YAAAAAAUN, CEEEEEEEEEEEEHNAAAAAAH!

"My Time is Now..."

John Cena busts out of the back in trademark fashion. The title in one hand and brandishing a large smile. The crowd let out a massive pop. As Cena enters the ring, throwing his hat to the fans once inside.

John Cena: MAN O' MAN! D'you guys SEE Capitol Punishment?

*Huge Pop*

John Cena: Up there in the Whitehouse, I'm sure Obama was on the edge of his seat as Captain Charisma, The Celtic Warrior and The Viper left if all out there.

*Another Huge Pop*

John Cena: But you guys have to give it to R-Truth, he was in it to win it, and that guy is tough.

*Slight Booing*

John Cena: ...And tonight, we find out who that anonymous General Manager is. Will it be the creepy Paul Bearer, the creepier Naked Mideon, or maybe Mosh and Thrasher have dawned the skirts and head banged their way to the raw GM spot...

*Big pop with laughter*

John Cena: ...either way on this historic night, I stand here, STILL, the WWE...

"Mexican Insturments..."

Alberto Del Rio drives out to the side of the stage in a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, as Micheal Cole states how expensive it is. The crowd are giving him immense heat at interrupting John Cena. Del Rio goes to the stage, wielding his trademark scarf and aggrivating grin.

Alberto Del Rio: My Name...My name is Alberto, Del Riiiiiiooooooooh.

*Loud Boos*

Alberto Del Rio: ...But you already know that. John....John, John, John, John, John. I will keep this short, because I know you have little kids to hug...

*More heat and a shot of Cena looking unimpressed.*

Alberto Del Rio: Cena, you can beat all the delusional rappers you like. You can beat all the arrogant reality TV stars you like, but you, you will not, beat me...I will defeat CM Punk, Mason Ryan, or anyone else put in front of me, and at Money In The Bank, I will leave as the WWE Champion, because it, it is my destiny...I have more talent than you, I have more heritidge than you...and I, I have more Money In The Bank than you....

*Del Rio grins as the crowd defend Cena*

John Cena: Del Rio, not only do you wear a womans scarf to the ring, and now only are you the lovechild of JBL and Chavo Guerrero, but you are more greasy than the McDonald's frialator.

*Crowd let out a MASSIVE pop*

Albero Del Rio: Haha, Cena, you a funny guy...but those jokes won't help you, when I break your arm, and leave you tossed to the side like the garbage you are.

John Cena: Alberto, how 'bout you just focus on not becomin' a victim of a Nexus orgy tonight, and then we can talk...

*Crowd cheer as the screen fades to a shot of them both sharing a lock icey stares*

*Chris Masters Promo*
*Commercial break*

We return to a shot of Santino and Kozlov warming up in the ring. Micheal Cole and Jerry Lawler hype up the identity of the anonymous General Manager.

"Well It's The Big Show...*BOOM!*"

The Big Show and Kane walk to the ring to a decent pop. They seem calmer than usual, probably due to the fact that they face allies Santino and Kozlov. In the ring they both hit hands with Santino before getting the action underway.

The Big Show & Kane Vs Santino & Kozlov
The bell rings with Kane and Santino in the ring.
They hit hands and lock up, with Kane throwing Santino back, who's taunts flexing to psyche himself him.
They lock again and Santino sneaks behind and grabs his waist, but Kane elbows him, knocking Santino down.
Santino, looking discouraged, tags in Kozlov. Kozlov comes out, less courteous then before.
He and Kane go to lock up but he kicks Kane in the gut, and connects with a big forearm to the back.
He lifts Kane and whips him to the corner, connecting with a running clothesline afterwards.
He drags a dazed Kane back to his corner and tags back in Santino. They double team Kane with a double head slam.
Santino goes for his trademark salute diving headbut as Kozlov leaves the ring, but Kane quickly gets up and lands a big boot which nearly takes Santino's head off, making the crowd gasp.
He crawls to the corner to tag in The Big Show, which prompts Santino to comically run to his corner and tag in Kozlov, in fear of the giant.
The two big men lock up, with The Big Show picking Kozlov up and dumping him over the ropes, which recieves a big pop. The commentators comment on the stength of The Big Show to manhandle the usually powerful Kozlov.
Wladimir returns to the ring, but is caught with a big punch to the stomach.
Show throws him in the corner, and connects with his trademark slap to the chest, saying "Shhhh" to the crowd beforehand. The loud slap evokes a large pop.
The Big Show picks up Vlaidmir and whips him into the ropes. On the return, he goes for his Knockout Punch, but Kozlov ducks it, landing a big shoulder block which staggers the giant on the return.
Vlad, looking to knock the big man down, bounces off the ropes and lands another shoulder block, once against staggering Show, he trys again as Show attempts another Knockout Punch, again read by Kozlov, whom ducks the punch and this time on the return knocks The Big Show down with the vintage running headbut, although he takes damage from hitting such a large opponant, and goes down also.
The referee begins the count as they both lay in the ring. Kane begins clapping and hypes up the crowd. There is alot of momentum building for him now, and when the tag is made, it is recieved with a massive pop.
He comes in and lands his big throat thrust on Santino, whom was also tagged in. Santino gets up quickly but is met by another throat thrust.
Kane picks up the dazed Santino and whips him into the corner. The Big Read Machine goes for a big boot to Santino's head, but Santino rolls out of the corner and Kane hits The Big Show, whom was already recovering, knocking him off the apron.
Kane's leg is trapped above the ropes, and Santino sneaks in with a schoolboy pin. 1, 2, 3. The crowd goes wild as it's all over. Santino has stole the win over the former tag team champions.

Santino and Kozlov leave the ring, celebrating their massive win. The Big Show enters the ring holding his mouth, looking really disappointed and Kane, as Kane looks as if to say "What? It was a mistake!".

Winner = Santino & Kozlov

Backstage, CM Punk is standing as Mason Ryan, dressed in ring gear, is fixing his knee pads and lacing up his boots.

CM Punk: This is the biggest moment of your career, are you ready?

Mason Ryan: Of course I'm ready, I'm going to beat Alberto out there tonight, and at Money In The Bank, I'm going to end Cena's career.

CM Punk: Well, you had better, because Nexus arent losers, so if you lose, you WILL pay for it.

CM Punk leaves as an angry and confused Mason Ryan looks on.

*Promo of the Anonymous General Managers best bits. Involving Edge and Stone Cold both attacking the booth and seeing Micheal Cole's catchphrases*
*Commercial Break*

We return to shots of the crowd. The commentators reveal that it is time to find out who the anonymous general manager is. They say that he has been GM for almost a year and that he has already shaken up WWE on multiple times. Anticipation is heavily building, and the energy of suspence is electric. The shot goes to the top of the building, showing the titantron and all of the crowd.

"Skidding and Car Crash..."

The entire arena jump to their feet and let out a historic pop. Mick Foley is the Raw General Manager. He walks out with a smile on his face wearing the classic red flannel shirt. He raises on hand in his farmiliar manner and makes his way to the ring. He brings the mic to his mouth, but the "Foley" cheers make him stop to compose himself for a second.

Mick Foley: It is great to be back on WWE, and it is great to be back on Monday Night Raw!


Mick Foley: So I've been the General Manager for around a year now, and I'm sure you've all seen some of the...finer moments.

*Mixed Reaction*

Mick Foley:Wether good or bad, I think I've been a pretty damn good GM, but now it's time to change things up a bit!

*Big Pop*

Mick Foley: Next Week on Raw, I have a massive announcment to make, which will change WWE in drastic ways. Also tonight, you will see the return of one of the best superstars this company has ever seen, and a personal friend of mine.

*Small cheer*

Mick Foley: Well, you'll find out next...BANG BANG!

The crowd show their admiration as Mick smiles, waves, and leaves the room. The commentators are in awe of Foley and are speculating about who is returning.

*Don't Try This At Home Promo*

"I Came To Play..."

The Miz comes out to massive heat. He still holds the smug look as he believes that he manipulated Mick Foley into giving him the match. He enters the ring to wait for his opponant. There is a short pause to build suspense.

"One of a Kind..."

Another MASSIVE pop from the crowd as Rob Van Damn comes out to his old music. He is smiling and does the trademark "R...V...D" to his classic pyro. He rolls into the ring, greeted by a look of disbelief and fear from The Miz.

The Miz Vs Rob Van Dam
The match starts and Miz tries to take it early by going for a stomach kick.
RVD catches it, and replies with his old spin kick as a reversal, which is recieved with a loud pop.
Rob then lines up and connects his spinning leg drop to Miz's head, as the move is sold well.
Van Damn picks up Miz, and whips him to the corner.
He runs at Miz and lands his shoulder block combination, which the crowd shows their appretiation for.
The Miz rolls out at the corner as RVD looks to the crowd and does the RVD taunt.
Miz looks angry outside and slaps his hand against the apron.
Miz slides back in, and the two signal for a lock up. As they go for it, Miz kicks RVD in the knee, dropping him down, and hits a really rough DDT to the kneeling RVD, which the crowd believe may have actually hurt him. Miz goes for a pin, but it is kicked out cleanly after 2.
Miz picks up RVD and whips him to the corner. He lines up his patented corner clothelsline.
He runs and jumps but RVD rolls out the way and Miz lands into the corner, getting a big pop. RVD then lands a jumping roundhouse to the back of Miz, whom is tied up in the corner.
Miz falls holding his heads and rolls around a bit, leaving him near the middle of the ring.
RVD looks around a bit, before quickly landing the rolling thunder, and again the classic moveset gets a great response.
RVD looks around and gets a big cheer, as he signals climbing the turnbuckle to go for the Five Star Frog Splash.
On the top rope he does the RVD taunt, and he goes for it.
Miz rolls out the way at the last second, and RVD takes a nasty crash.
RVD rolls a bit and kneels down holding his ribs. Miz runs up behind him and lands the Skill Crushing Finale.
Miz goes for the pin, 1, 2, 3. It's over.
Miz stands up holding the back of his head looking dazed and confused, but when his arm is raced he once again has the smug smile.

Winner = The Miz

*Drew McIntyre Promo*
*Commercial Break*

"The Fire Burns..."

An intense Mason Ryan walks out, followed by a slow and calculated CM Punk. Mason storms down to the ring, recieving a bit of heat.

"Mexican Instruments..."

Alberto Del Rio, rearrives in his Mercades. Ricardo Rodriguez does his usual introduction. Del Rio gets alot of heat from the crowd, as he does his usual poses and taunts enroute to the ring.

Mason Ryan w/CM Punk Vs Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez
The bell rings, and the two feel each other out for a minute. The eventually lock, which results in Mason Ryan quickly landing a quick scoop slam on Del Rio.
He then runs at the ropes as Del Rio lays down. Mason jumps over him and bounces off the far rope. Del Rio stands up and goes for a drop kick, but Mason reads it and stays back, letting Del Rio drop to the floor.
Ryan finishes the move by landing a big boot to the floored Alberto's face.
Mason Ryan taunts to the crowd as CM Punk claps outside, but then barks "Keep punishing him!".
Ryan tries to pick Del Rio up, but Del Rio punches him in the stomach and then lands his doubled knee'd arm breaker.
Alberto looks angry now, and continues the assault on the arm on Mason Ryan.
He gets Mason in an armbar, to weaken the giant. Del Rio then lets go and lands a few stomps on the shoulder of Ryan.
Alberto lets the heat reign upon him as he puts his arms out to the fans, as they boo heavily at the Mexican aristocrat.
Alberto picks up Mason and whips him to the ropes. As Ryan returns, Del Rio hits him with an elbow, but he stays standing.
Del Rio retries his move, this time bouncing himself and landing the elbow, but to no avail.
He tries a final time, but on his return, Mason Ryan connects with a massive back body drop, which makes the crowd cheer a bit, before they realise that Mason Ryan is a heel.
Ryan is now fired up, and quickly picks up Del Rio.
He picks him up for a scoop slam, but instead drops Del Rio's throat on the ropes.
The giant picks up Alberto and throws him over the ropes, complaining to the referee about his wristtape. This makes CM Punk land a shining wizard on the grounded Del Rio.
The referee begins his count, and it gets to 9 before Del Rio scrapes his way back in, much to both Mason and Punk's disbelief.
Mason picks up the hurting Del Rio and picks him up for a suplex, holding him a few seconds in the air to do extra damage.
He goes for a pin afterwards. 1, 2, Kick Out.
Mason is angry now, and lifts Del Rio and tosses him into the corner.
Mason does some Kevin Nash-eske knee strikes to Del Rio. The referee counts to 4 and pulls Ryan back, as Ryan reacts angrily towards the ref.
On his return Alberto jumps up to land a kick to Mason's stomach, and then lands a spinning neckbreaker.
Punk seems visably angry as Mason, as Del Rio grabs the arm of Ryan. He jumps to the outside of the ring, pulling Mason's arm down into the ropes.
Mason Ryan is hurting inside, as Alberto and Punk square up. The referee calls Del Rio in, so he smiles and winks at Punk, before re-entering the match.
Still a little distracted, Del Rio slides in as Ryan leaps up to land a vicious clothesline, which seems to hurt his arm.
Mason then looks to finsih the match. He sets up the move by putting his arm on Alberto's neck. He lets out a roar to the crowd, but Alberto knee's him in the groin, and successfully hits the Cross Armbreaker.
Ryan is in agony and reaches for the ropes but is too far as CM Punk reaches his hand in. Just before their hands connect. Mason Ryan taps out.

Alberto Del Rio stands up and celebrates, before sliding out of the ring. CM Punk enters looking dissappointed to a shamed Mason Ryan. Mason looks as though he failed CM Punk, but has an heir of "You win some..." around him. Punk smiles and nods, before hitting Ryan with a roundhouse kick, making the crowd gasp. Ryan goes down, as CM Punk proceeds to land the GTS on Ryan as the crowd give him lots of heat. The tag team champions run out, David Otunga and Micheal McGuillicutty run out. They ask CM Punk what is going on, and he yells at them "It's Over!", before rolling out the ring to a mixed reaction.

Winner = Alberto Del Rio

Micheal Cole: Oh my god, what did we just see here tonight? Is this the end of the Nexus?

Jerry Lawler: I don't know Cole, that almost seems too good to be true.

Micheal Cole: You're right King, but whatever happens now, one thing is for sure; Alberto Del Rio is the number 1 contender, and will face John Cena at Money In The Bank.

Jerry Lawler: What a night! Mick Foley is the RAW General Manager, Rob Van Dam is back, The Nexus could be over...what will happen next?

Micheal Cole: You'll have to tune in and see. That's it from us, check out the fallout from tonight next week, on Monday Night Raw!

*Show Ends*

Not Removing List
[ ] Tazz hits someone with the Tazzmission
[X] 3D actually hit a 3D through a table - 13/03/11 Victory Road [w/ Dreamer]
[X] AJ Styles turns face - 03/02/11 iMPACT
[ ] Knockout tag titles are gone
[X] OBD and Awesome Kong return - 19/02/11 iMPACT & 01/05/11 Extreme Rules
[X] Alberto Del Rio becomes champ - 14/08/11 SummerSlam
[ ] Evan Bourne wins US/Inter title
[X] Stone Cold gives someone a stunner - 07/03/11 RAW [JBL]

My BTB: WWE - Change In Booking (Review for Review)

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Re: WWE - Change in Booking

RAW Review

as far as getting in to s character, you have that already.. Cena, Truth, Miz & Punk all stood out to menasnthe most realistic. Truth - Boyrne was a good solid opening contest.. I'm just curious as to see what exactly you can do with Truth next from here. Tyler Reks won a quick squash.. I imagine you building him up for something big soon so I can't wait to see the progression of his character under your writing skills. Del Rio/Cena promo together was excellent.. Gave it a bit of flavour considering before the main event they were potential opponents.. Given that Del Rio won, it makes it interesting for you to build the hype with MITB approaching.. The Show/Kane - Santino/Kozlov was a solid match.. I thought you executed the match well considering Santino was involved.. I find scripting Santino a challenge and it can often annoy me but the entire thing was well written and could go a number of directions. Mick Foley as GM! I like it and even though it's predictable lately.. You made it work well! Foley as GM would be a great idea and RAW under his influence can only be good! I did like RVD being announced as Miz's mystery opponent.. Not a criticism in the slightest but my only concern to point out would be the influx of potential main event talent on RAW now.. Cena, Del Rio, Punk, Miz, Truth, RVD among others.. I think you could work it well although it might be a struggle at times. Mason Ryan vs. Del Rio was always going to be tricky to carry as a heel - heel main event but you managed it very well. I think the implosion of the Nexus will also be interesting to witness over the comng weeks.. Mason Ryans roll in it really intrigues me as a fellow welshmen! Really really good show my friend.. Enjoyed it.. Can't wait to read your SD!
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Re: WWE - Change in Booking

WWE Smackdown Preview

Smackdown has received two new recruits! The Big Show and Rey Mysterio have been drafted back to Smackdown, in a massive trade for Sheamus and Wade Barrett. Wade earlier this week asked Mick Foley for a transfer to Raw, which is sure to have shocked his fellow Corre members. Barrett is the Intercontinental Champion, and Teddy Long has commented that he plans to address that matter on Smackdown this week. After negotiations between Teddy Long and Mick Foley, Mick was reported to be very happy that Sheamus is on his roster. Mick Foley commented that he was a big fan of Sheamus, and will be looking to see what he can bring to the roster. The Big Show is schedualed for his Smackdown return against Christian, right off the heels of his Capitol Punishment campeign for the World Heavyweight Title.

Having said that, also this week on Smackdown, we will see the fallout from Capitol Punishment's World Heavyweight Title match, in which Randy Orton defeated Christian. Christian was beaten after attempting to land a spinning DDT from the top rope. Whilst in mid air, Randy Orton countered and landed a stunning RKO to pick up the win. Christian will have a big test in The Big Show, and will be looking to win and get back on the championship trail.

Titles are on the line this week! New Nexus Tag Team Champions Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga will defend their belts against The Usos. The Nexus enforcers defeated Santino and Kozlov in controversial fashion last Sunday, and will be looking to defend their straps once again against the young and upcoming Usos. The Usos, sons of 3 time WWE Tag Team Champion Rikishi, will be looking to solidify their right of passage amoungst the WWE tag team division.

Confirmed Match-Ups
Yoshi Tatsu Vs Jinder Mahal
The Usos Vs New Nexus [WWE Tag Team Championships]
The Big Show Vs Christian

The event is sure to be a great occasion for all the fans. With titles on the line, and explosive personalities coming straight out of Capitol Punishment, we are sure to see an amazing night of action.

Not Removing List
[ ] Tazz hits someone with the Tazzmission
[X] 3D actually hit a 3D through a table - 13/03/11 Victory Road [w/ Dreamer]
[X] AJ Styles turns face - 03/02/11 iMPACT
[ ] Knockout tag titles are gone
[X] OBD and Awesome Kong return - 19/02/11 iMPACT & 01/05/11 Extreme Rules
[X] Alberto Del Rio becomes champ - 14/08/11 SummerSlam
[ ] Evan Bourne wins US/Inter title
[X] Stone Cold gives someone a stunner - 07/03/11 RAW [JBL]

My BTB: WWE - Change In Booking (Review for Review)
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Re: WWE - Change in Booking

June 24, 2011

"Do You Know Your Enemy..."

The pyrotechnics kick off the show.

Matt Striker: The WWE Universe is here and full tonight and we welcome you, to Friday Night Smackdown!

Booker T: They should be out Josh, you don't see this kinda action anywhere else but Smackdown.

Matt Striker: Last night we saw Randy Orton defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Christian.

*Shot of Randy Orton holding up the World Heavyweight Championship*

Booker T: Randy went out there and did what he had to do to keep that title. Christian went out fighting, but did not get the job done Josh.

"I hear Voices..."

The crowd erupts as Randy Orton walks slowly onto the stage. He has the World Heavyweight Title on his arm and sucks up the atmosphere. He makes his way into the ring to address the fans.

Randy Orton: My name, is Randy Orton

*Massive Pop*

Randy Orton: Last night, I took on Christian, for the World Heavyweight Title. As you can see, I won my match.

*Big Pop*

Randy Orton: Now I don't agree with some of is actions, but he came out to win it, and I respect that. Anyone who thinks they can take this title from me, I am wai...

"End Of Days"

The Corre walk out, led by Wade Barrett. The crowd boo them heavily. The trio display their timeless trademark of circling the ring. Slater closest the camera, Barrett on the far side, and Gabriel on the right. Orton is preparing to fight them, but Ezekiel Jackson runs out to his aid. The Corre look slightly discouraged.

"It's the MacMillitant"

Teddy Long comes out to small pop. He looks determined. He has a bussines of usual heir about him.

Teddy Long: Listen here playas; if you wanna give each other a beatin' outside, thats fine by me, but you won't be doin' it here, and you won't be doin' it on Smackdown!

*Modest Pop*

Teddy Long: With that bein' said, I'm sure the fans want to see you guys throw down. Barrett, you are now a Raw superstar, but you might as well go out with a bang, so tonight, here on Smackdown, you will defend that Intercontinental Title against Smackdown's newest recruit, Rey Mysterio!
*Huge Pop*
Also, the Main Event tonight, will be former Tag Team Champions, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, against Ezekiel Jackson, and The Viper Randy Orton...Holla...

*Large Pop as The Corre back off and Ezekiel and Orton smile*

*Money In The Bank Promo*

We return to the ring to see Yoshi Tatsu warming up.

"*Indian Prayers"

Jinder Mahal walks out, followed by The Great Khali. He looks confident, and received a decent amount of heat.

Yoshi Tatsu Vs Jinder Mahal w/The Great Khali
The bell rings and they both lock up. Mahal gets Tatsu in a head lock, and is thrown into the ropes by Yoshi. On his return, Mahal lands a big shoulder block.
He looks to the crowd and smiles, and a lot of heat is replied.
He picks up Yoshi and lands a rough suplex and goes for a pin. Yoshi kicks out quickly, and Jinder gets him into an armbar.
Jinder cranks it and Yoshi's face displays his discomfort. Yoshi reverses it by using his unseen strength, hip tossing Mahal.
Mahal quickly gets up and is caught with a kick combination from Tatsu, which is finished with a big spin kick which puts Mahal on his back.
Yoshi is feeling the momentum and the crowd is too. Yoshi goes on top to go for a moonsalt, but Jinder gets up quickly and catches him in the full nelson position.
He drags him drom the top rope and lands his Full Nelsom Suplex Slam. 1, 2, 3. The match ends quickly.

Jinder Mahal is not done the assault.
He calls Khali into the ring to do some more punishment.
He yells at Khali in Indian, and Khali hits the Vise Grip on Tatsu, which renders him unconscious.
Khali walks back but Jinder continues to yell at him. Khali then reluctently picks up Tatsu, and sets up the Punjabi Plunge.
He throws Tatsu over the ropes to the ring floor, which shocks the crowd as everyone is concerned about Yoshi Tatsu.
Jinder smiles as they both leave the arena.

Winner = Jinder Mahal

*Commercial Break*

Todd Grishim stands backstage in the interview set.

Todd Grishim: I'd like to welcome my guest, Christian.

*The fans voice their hate*

Todd Grishim: Christian, have you got any comments about what happened last night at Capitol Punishment?

Christian: What do you think Todd? That's your name right? Todd? It doesent matter, yeah, what can I say? I lost, I lost to a human snake, what do you want me to say?

Todd Grishim: Christian, tonight you face The Big Show on his Smackdown debut, have you got any comments on that?

Christian:Haha, yeah I just heard. Listen, sure Big Show is a big guy, it's in his name, but he's also slow, stupid, and most importantly...he stinks. Have you smelled that guy? Yuck. Anyways, I'll win this tonight and get straight back on track to achieve my life long goal; winning the World Heavyweight Championship.
*Christian Walks Out*

Todd Grishim: Well there you have it, tonight Christian takes on Smackdown's newest recruit, The Big Show.
We return to the ring where The Usos are talking to each other, awaiting their opponants.

"We Are One..."

A lot of heat is spewed towards the Tag Team Champions, David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty, whom are walking towards the ring. They look a little drained in confidence, as they look to defend their titles The commentators remind of us of the incident on Raw, which saw CM Punk attack Mason Ryan and leave the New Nexus.

The Usos Vs New Nexus

WWE Tag Team Championships

As the bell rings, Otunga and Jimmy Uso start off the action. Otunga starts well, landing a quick back suplex. He leads up the early attack with some knee drops on the back of Jimmy's head, which is haulted by the referee. Otunga looks angry, and picks up Jimmy for a snap suplex. He lands if successfully and goes for a pin, which only picks up a 1 count. Quickly frustrated, Otunga drags Uso to his corner and tags in Michael McGillicutty. Otunga holds Uso as McGillicutty kicks him in the gut. McGillicutty whips Uso off the ropes and lands a big back body drop, and shouts out to the fans, which sees him receive some heat. He gets Uso in a head lock, and shortly performs a headlock takedown, and continues the submission on the group. Jimmy Uso tries to build up some momentum. He claps his hands to the crowd, who return the action, and he rises to his feet. He throws McGillicutty off into the ropes to perform some offence himself, but is caught with a shoulder block for his efforts. Jey Uso is beginning to hype up himself and the crowd by clapping and stamping, trying to pysche up his brother in the process. McGillicutty tags back in Otunga, who gets a lock on the shoulder of the grounded Uso. Jimmy, in a great move, rolls up Otunga into a small package, which the crowd loves. 1, 2, Kick Out. Otunga kicks out of the close call, and runs quickly to land a big elbow drop on Uso. Otunga, angered by the near fall, picks up Uso and throws him into his team's corner. He backs into the opposing corner, looking to land a big spalsh to Jimmy, but Jey slaps him in the back of the head, distracting him. David Otunga turns round in anger and swings for Jey, but Jey jumps down from the apron. Meanwhile, Jimmy recovers and elbows McGillicutty in the face. Jimmy charges as Otunga turns round, and connects with a massive STO which the crowd cheer for. Jey now building some hype to enter as the two egal men crawl to their corners. The crowd highly anticipate his enterance. Finally, both men tag their partners. Jey runs in and McGillicutty goes for a clothesline, but Jey reads it and ducks. Jey responds with several big punches and the combination is ended with a big dropkick. McGillicutty crumbles and Jey gets back up. Continuing his momentum, Jey runs over to Otunga and lands a big drop kick on him aswell, knocking Otunga off the apron. Jey is really feeling the moment now. He begins clapping and signals to land a big Super Kick to end the match. McGillicutty just staggers to his feet and turns around. Jey stars his move for the Super Kick, but from behind Otunga slides in the ring and hits him in the back of the head with the Tag Team Title. Jimmy climbs in to his brothers aid as Otunga and McGillicutty slide out the ring.

The New Nexus team look to keep the faction alive with the retaining of the titles. They walk slowly up the ramp, looking very pleased with themselves, as they were disqualified, keeping the titles.

Winners = The Usos

"It's the MacMillitant"

Once again, GM Teddy Long comes out, this time to a larger pop.

Teddy Long: Hold on a minute playas, you guys are Raw superstars, but those titles are just as much property of Smackdown as they are Raw. This means, I have authority over them, and that means, that I can STRIP YOU OF YOUR TITLES.
*Huge Pop as New Nexus look stunned and angry*

Now listen, I'll be fair and give you guys a shot back at the titles. Next week, here on Smackdown, we will have a triple threat tag team match, for the WWE Tag Team Titles. Holla

The fans cheer as the screen fades with the shocked look on Otunga & McGillicutty's face, and the pleased look on The Uso's face

*Sheamus Promo*
*Commercial break*

Backstage, Ezekiel Jackson walks up to meet Randy Orton, which is given a large pop.

Ezekiel Jackson: Let me start this off, with saying that I am coming for that title...but tonight, we have bigger fish to fry. The Corre have been screwing everyone over for too long, and tonight, I want to put an end to it...

Randy Orton: Hmm, the only reason anyone is being screwed over, is because they allow themselves to be. For example, if I was facing Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Title, I'd win it, regardless of who gets involved.

Ezekiel Jackson: Well aye, you have your opinion, and I have mine. But I'm sure we both agree that tonight, we put a stop to The Corre, once and for all.

Randy Orton: Look, you just stay out of my way, and I'll stay out of yours...

Randy Orton walks off as Ezekiel Jackson grins and looks on.

Back to a shot of the ring..

"Booyaka, Booyaka..."

The crowd erupt as Rey Mysterio enters. The commentators explain how Rey was drafted to Raw, but in part of a two man swap, he and The Big Show are now Smackdown superstars.

"End Of Days..."

Wade Barrett walks out to lots of heat. He does his usual ramp taunt, before looking behind him as if to see the other Corre members. He is alone, and looks angry at it.

Rey Mysterio Vs Wade Barrett
Intercontinental Championship

The match starts and the two lock up. Barrett quickly shows his dominating power, and thrusts Rey back into the corner. Wade then yells "Come On!" at Rey, who obligues. They lock up once again, and this time Wade gets Rey in a side headlock. Rey counters with a wrist lock, and Wade tries his own counter by going for a clothesline. Rey ducks this, whilst still holding Wade's wrist. This wraps Wade up by his own arms, and Rey grabs his other wrist. Now Rey is behind him holding both of Wade's wrist, as his arms are crossed on his chest. Rey pulls him back to the ground and goes for a pin, which Barrett kicks out at 2. The crowd cheer Rey's wrestling abilities, and Wade Barrett is noticabley frustrated. The two lock up again, and this time Rey slides behind Barrett and pulls his feet out, making his face hit the floor. Rey jumps to Barrett's head and hooks in his own side headlock. Barrett counters this easily however with a big back suplex, ending Mysterio's momentum. Wade the picks up the groggy Mysterio, and viciously throws him into the corner. Rey smashes his shoulder into the ring post and falls to the floor outside. Wade raises his arms inside the ring, which is received with much heat from the fans. Rey slides back in after a 6 count, holding his shoulder. Barrett is them prompted to target the shoulder of Rey, by stomping on it, and then getting a shoulder lock sunk in. Rey Mysterio shows alot of distress, but eventually rolls out of the hold. Wade is still holding Rey's arm, and Rey jumps up and lands a big kick to the head, forcing Barrett to release his clutch and fall to the floor. The crowd cheer for their favourite as Rey looks to build some momentum back. The Mexican waits for Barrett to get back to his feet, before sprinting to the ropes. Barrett throws a hook aimed at Mysterio on the return, but Rey ducks it and springboards off the ropes behind him. Rey, going for a springboard crossbody, is caught on the shoulders of Barrett. Barrett looks to be going for the Wasteland, but Rey grabs the ropes and pulls himself off onto the apron. Barrett goes to shoulder Rey's midsection, but Rey jumps over Barrett and over the ropes. Mysterio, now behind Barrett, jumps and drop kicks him onto the middle rope. The crowd let out a massive pop as they know whats coming. Rey bounces off the rope and connects with the 619. He goes onto the top rope and lands a splash to go for the pinfall. 1, 2, 3. It's over. Rey Mysterio has beaten Wade Barrett and won the Intercontinental Championship.

The crowd erupts and Rey celebrates on the top rope with his new title. Wade Barrett leaves the ring very angrily and storms up the ramp.

Winner = Rey Mysterio New Intercontinental Champion
*Commercial Break*

Backstage, Wade Barrett storms into the dressing room where Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel are talking.

Justin Gabriel: Oh hey, how'd it go?

Wade Barrett: What do you mean 'How'd it go'? Where the bloddy hell where you?

Heath Slater:Wow, calm down Wade! We've got a big match comin' up so we're getting ready...

Wade Barrett:You were supposed to be out there helping ME.

Justin Gabriel: We're going up against Ezekiel Jackson and the World Heavyweight Champion, we didn't want to risk anything by going out there. Plus, we thought you could handle it.

Wade Barrett: You thought I could handle it? That's not the point Justin, we are a team, The Corre is a team. Team members are supposed to go out there and help each other.

Heath Slater: Well are you going to be out there for us?

Wade Barrett: Of course I am. Unlike you two, I know what it takes to be a good team member. If anything, I'll be out there to see Ezekiel Jackson and Randy Orton get the beating they deserve.
*Wade Barrett walks off as Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater look on confused.

"Well It's The Big Show..."

The Big Show walks out to a large pop from the crowd. Kane walks behind him to the ring. We see a video recap of what happened when Kane cost them the match up on Raw.


Christian walks out to a decent amount of heat. He is smiling and soaking up the moment. The commentators mention his loss to Randy Orton at Capitol Punishment

The Big Show w/Kane Vs Christian
The match begins and we see a shot of Kane at ringside. The Big Show takes an early lead as he lands a big shot on Christian's stomach, followed by a headbutt. Show picks up Christian and tosses him into the corner. As he approaches, Christian backs out through the top rope and the referee holds back Big Show. Kane complains at ringside. As the two square off again, Christian hits a dropkick to Show's knee. Christian follows up his offence with a run off the ropes and a dropkick to the side of The Big Show's head, which lays him out. Christian hits his chest twice, which the crowd boo at, which makes him laugh. Christian goes up to the top rope, landing a diving leg drop on Show afterwards. He then goes back to work on Show's knee, landing a few stomps and a few leg cranks. Christian then displays a new move in his moveset, a figure 4 leglock. The Big Show is in agony at the move, but reaches the rope. Christian stays for the full 4 count before releasing the submission. A few move knee stomps from Christian lead to The Big Show pushing him away. Christian flys across the ring, demonstrating the power of The Big Show. Show, using the ropes, gets back to his feet, but Christian sprints forward and lands a few more kicks to the leg. Show once again pushes him, and Christian flies back once again. Christian looks startled, but laughs it off and composes himself once again. Christian then runs at Show, but Show counters by grabbing his throat, setting up the Show Stopper. As he lifts, Christian sneaks out the back, and sets up the Killswitch. As Christian turns Show around, Show's power is shown as he gets free and pushes Christian face first into the corner. Show runs at Christian, but Christian counters with a kick to the face. Christian grabs the head of The Big Show and goes up top. He is looking for the spinning DDT. As he spins, The Big Show throws him off in mid air, sending Christian flying outside the ring. The Big Show collapses in the corner holding his knee to recover. Outside the ring, Christian is fuming, and slaps Kane. As Christian walks away, Kane spins him back around and his him with a big throat thrust, flooring Christian. The referee sees it and calls for the bell. The Big Show is disqualified.

Kane protests to the referee, as The Big Show pulls himself up from the corner with the ropes. Christian crawls up and staggers around the ring with his arm raised. The Big Show pulls Kane around from the referee and speaks calmly to him. Kane is explaining what happened as The Big Show nods. Kane looks relieved, but then Show hits him with the WMD Knockout Punch. Kane collapses unconscious as The Big Show leaves the ring to lots of heat.

Winner = Christian

*Don't Try This At Home Promo*
*Commercial Break*

We return as once again Todd Grishim stands backstage in the interview set.

Todd Grishim: Please welcome my guest, Cody Rhodes.

*Mixed Reaction*

Todd Grishim: Cody, last week at Capitol Punishment, you and Sin Cara fought to a no contest, what are your comments on that?

Cody Rhodes: That's not important Todd, as that is in the past. No, what is is important is that Rey Mysterio, the phoney Mexican midget, gets a Intercontinental Title match, but I don't. The people in charge have been taking in by his lies and deciet, while I see right through him like a shadow, which is all he is. A shadow which follows the trends of untrue tales and pretend personas.

Todd Grishim: Next week Cody, you and Daniel Bryan will face off for a #1 contender spot for the Intercontinental Title, what are your thoughts?

Cody Rhodes:Well, it just shows you the opinion that management have of me, considering that some nobody backstage knows my business before I do. It does not matter. Wether I face Daniel Bryan for a title match that I rightfully deserve, or I face Rey Mysterio for a title I should have already won, the details are regardless. I will remove Rey Mysterio like the infection he is, and then continue on my own personal path of enlightenment and greatness.
*Cody Rhodes scouls at the camera and walks out walks out*

Todd Grishim: You heard it folks, next week Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan face off to see who will face Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Title.

We return to the ring for the Main Event.

"End of Days..."

Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, followed by Wade Barrett, walk out to boat loads of heat. The crowd really hate these guys, but they don't seem phased by it.

"This Right Here's What You Call Domination..."

Ezekiel Jackson walks out smiling to a good pop. He does his usual intimidating flexes and poses on his way to the ring.

"I Hear Voices..."

The crowd go wild with a massive pop as the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton, makes his way to the ring. The expected slow and methodical walk is displayed.

The Corre w/Wade Barrett Vs Ezekiel Jackson & Randy Orton

Randy Orton and Heath Slater are the first in the ring. They go to lock up, but Heath slips to Orton's back straight away. Orton counters this quickly with an elbow to Slater's face. Slater backs off to rethink his strategy. They try to lock up again, and this time Heath takes a side head lock. Orton whips him to the ropes and counters with one of his trademark stiff clotheslines which make the fans cheer. Heath gets up and quickly slaps the hand of Justin Gabriel, who is confused at his partner, but looks up for the challenge. Now Gabriel tries to lock up with Orton, but Orton kicks him in the ribs. Orton follows this up with several punches to the head, followed by a clothesline which puts Justin over the ropes and on the outside. The Corre members now to go confer with their leader, Wade Barrett. After a pep talk, Gabriel slides back in. Gabriel locks up with Orton, and Orton quickly rushes him into the corner. The referee breaks up the grapple, and Gabriel kicks Orton in the knee, which is a place of common injury for him. Gabriel leads his offence with several kicks to the chest of Orton, whom is down on his knees. The combo is followed up by a big kick to the side of the head. Gabriel goes for a cover but Orton kicks out quickly at 2. Gabriel drags Orton over to his corner and tags back in Heath Slater. Slater works on the knee of Orton too, landing a few kicks and stomps onto it. Slater then puts him into the team corner, and wraps Orton's leg between the middle and bottom ropes. The referee warns him not to use the ring equiptment and Heath discusses this with the referee, distracting him so Gabriel can land a big kick to the tangled leg of Orton. Randy is now rolling in pain holding his knee, and Ezekiel is dying to get in. Heath tags back in Gabriel, who goes up top. Heath puts Randy Orton's leg onto the middle rope, whilst holding him up. Gabriel jumps off landing a double axe handle to the raised knee of Orton. At this time, Wade Barrett does some taunting to the audience. Gabriel springboards off the ropes to land a knee drop on the knee of Orton. Continuing the fluid tag teaming, Gabriel tags in Heath Slater once again. This time, Gabriel holds Orton's arms back as Heath Slater bounces off the ropes. As Heath runs for the ropes, Orton breaks free from Gabriel's hold, landing his trademark snap powerslam onto Heath Slater, which receives a loud pop from the fans. Gabriel is forced outside the ring by the referee as both Orton and Heath Slater are down. Heath makes the tag and just before Orton tags in an incredible hyped up Ezekiel Jackson, Gabriel grabs Orton's leg and drags him back. Quickly Gabriel looks to pick up Orton, but Orton reverses with his trademark back breaker. Both men down, Orton aims to tag Ezekiel. Just as he is about to tag, Heath Slater runs in and grabs him leg. Orton uses all his strength, and still powers through making the tag. The crowd erupt as Ezekiel jumps in the ring. Heath looks shaken as Ezekiel Jackson charges at him, flattening him in the process. Justin Gabriel gets back up and kicks Jackson in the leg. Jackson looks at him and smiles. Justin, shocked, throws repeated leg kicks byt to no avail. Ezekiel eventually grabs one of the kicks, and with one hand on Gabriel's leg and one hand on his chest, lifts Gabriel up high and slams him down hard, which the crowd really appretiate. Ezekiel lets out a roar and the crowd once again respond. He picks up Heath Slater again and lands 3 scoop slams in a row. He then picks up Gabriel and looks to land The Book of Ezekiel. Wade Barrett then jumps up on the apron distracing the referee. As Ezekiel drops Justin Gabriel to stop Barrett, Heath Slater low blows Ezekiel. With Ezekiel down, Wade drops from the apron. Justin Gabriel goes up top and launches for the 450' Splash. Ezekiel blocks it however, getting his knees up, which the crowd cheers. As Ezekiel slowly gets up, looking for the pin, Wade Barrett slides in the ring, only to be caught with The Book of Ezekiel in the process. Barrett slides back out of the ring. Heath Slater tries to sneak up behind Ezekiel to hit his Inverted DDT finisher, but out of no where Randy Orton hits him with an RKO. Ezekiel sees this, but as he turns to see what Orton had done, Justin Gabriel gets on the apron, and springboards into the ring. On his landing, he gets caught with another out of nowhere RKO. Ezekiel Jackson pins Justin Gabriel for the victory.

Ezekiel is very happy with the win. He extends his hand to Randy Orton, who looks at the hand before rolling out of the ring, which receives a mixed reaction. Ezekiel then smiles and leaves the ring himself. Wade Barrett slides into the ring, seeing Justin Gabriel rolling in pain in the middle of the ring. He picks Gabriel up and hits him with the Wasteland, which receives alot of heat. He leaves the ring, walking a little up the ramp, before stopping and turning back. He gets Heath Slater, whom is laying just outside the ring. Barrett goes over to the announcers desk, stripping it down, and puts Heath Slater through the announcers desk with the Wasteland finisher.

Winner = Ezekiel Jackson & Randy Orton

The show ends with the crowd giving lots of heat to Wade Barrett whom looks indifferent to the entire situation.

*Show Ends*

Not Removing List
[ ] Tazz hits someone with the Tazzmission
[X] 3D actually hit a 3D through a table - 13/03/11 Victory Road [w/ Dreamer]
[X] AJ Styles turns face - 03/02/11 iMPACT
[ ] Knockout tag titles are gone
[X] OBD and Awesome Kong return - 19/02/11 iMPACT & 01/05/11 Extreme Rules
[X] Alberto Del Rio becomes champ - 14/08/11 SummerSlam
[ ] Evan Bourne wins US/Inter title
[X] Stone Cold gives someone a stunner - 07/03/11 RAW [JBL]

My BTB: WWE - Change In Booking (Review for Review)

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Re: WWE - Change in Booking

Upping for some feedback please!

Not Removing List
[ ] Tazz hits someone with the Tazzmission
[X] 3D actually hit a 3D through a table - 13/03/11 Victory Road [w/ Dreamer]
[X] AJ Styles turns face - 03/02/11 iMPACT
[ ] Knockout tag titles are gone
[X] OBD and Awesome Kong return - 19/02/11 iMPACT & 01/05/11 Extreme Rules
[X] Alberto Del Rio becomes champ - 14/08/11 SummerSlam
[ ] Evan Bourne wins US/Inter title
[X] Stone Cold gives someone a stunner - 07/03/11 RAW [JBL]

My BTB: WWE - Change In Booking (Review for Review)
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