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Re: WWE - Change in Booking

First off, I dont exactly like the format for the matches you use. I dont know, Im not exactly appealed to read then when they are centered, but that may only be me.

As for the actual show, in general I like your storylines, your character development and promos to do so. Maybe you take some traits of characters a little over the top, but since the thread is relatively new, it kinda needs to be done. Im talking here specifically about Zeke's anger and Orton's always raunchy badass character. He always seems to walk a fine line between being a badass and just a ruthless heel. His comment of taking out anybody in front of him, man woman or child was just that.

Like the reviewer before me, a little confused by how low Punk is on the card, but then again, it adds prestige and interest to the division if you have Punk as the champion, even if the challengers are not that interesting.

In general, I liked the show. Maybe some promos as it seemed a little match heavy, but again, maybe that was what you were going for, which wouldnt be so strange since it was Smackdown


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Re: WWE - Change in Booking

Yeah I've been thinking about the promo side a little more and have upped it with the start of my next Raw show. And yeah as I said before, Punk was no where near this face of the WWE character when I started this. It began in the early parts of the summer, when Punk was still trying to make Nexus look like a credible faction. I know his amazing rise since then but if anything I think I improved on the status he had whilst he was in the WWE at the time I started this.

I'll get you back now man, really appreciate the feed. I'll take the match ups and promos into a different style next time.

Not Removing List
[ ] Tazz hits someone with the Tazzmission
[X] 3D actually hit a 3D through a table - 13/03/11 Victory Road [w/ Dreamer]
[X] AJ Styles turns face - 03/02/11 iMPACT
[ ] Knockout tag titles are gone
[X] OBD and Awesome Kong return - 19/02/11 iMPACT & 01/05/11 Extreme Rules
[X] Alberto Del Rio becomes champ - 14/08/11 SummerSlam
[ ] Evan Bourne wins US/Inter title
[X] Stone Cold gives someone a stunner - 07/03/11 RAW [JBL]

My BTB: WWE - Change In Booking (Review for Review)
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Re: WWE - Change in Booking

Hey, just grabbed a hold of your BTB and quickly started to skim through it. It's quite appealing to read and very interesting. I like the format you're presenting your shows in and am a fan of the storylines you are creating. I look forward to reading more and giving you a good BTB review on your next show.

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Re: WWE - Change in Booking

I'm bringing this back. What I find very interesting about this timeline is it's actually one of the worst times in the WWE, and the PPV I'm writing for currently, Money In The Bank, signalled the change that WWE desperately needed. The rise of CM Punk happened from that point on, so I will have to try and do something which might be able to match the change WWE were able to make.

Anyways, my preview for the next episode of Raw will follow this message.

Not Removing List
[ ] Tazz hits someone with the Tazzmission
[X] 3D actually hit a 3D through a table - 13/03/11 Victory Road [w/ Dreamer]
[X] AJ Styles turns face - 03/02/11 iMPACT
[ ] Knockout tag titles are gone
[X] OBD and Awesome Kong return - 19/02/11 iMPACT & 01/05/11 Extreme Rules
[X] Alberto Del Rio becomes champ - 14/08/11 SummerSlam
[ ] Evan Bourne wins US/Inter title
[X] Stone Cold gives someone a stunner - 07/03/11 RAW [JBL]

My BTB: WWE - Change In Booking (Review for Review)
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Re: WWE - Change in Booking

July 11th, 2011


Final Two to Enter The Ladder Match
Wade Barrett takes on fellow Brit Mason Ryan, while former tag team partners R-Truth and John Morrison battle it out.
Wade Barrett, fresh off of the dissolution of The Corre and loss of his Intercontinental Title, will be looking for a new lease on life by winning the Money In The Bank ladder match. First, he has to get past Mason Ryan. Ryan was given a number 1 contenders opportunity by CM Punk 3 weeks ago on RAW, but was defeated by Alberto Del Rio. Qualifying gives him another chance to make it to the main event.
R-Truth shocked the world by destroying Evan Bourne during the Hardcore Championship Battle Royale. Mounting his opponent, Truth opened Bourne up with a brass knuckles. With his new alliance with JTG, Truth wants to follow up on his Capitol Punishment title match with another highlight of his career. John Morrison has a style that is tailor made for a ladder match. Athletic and gravity defiant, Morrison would be a heavy favourite to walk away with the briefcase if he was to win it.

6 Man Tag Rivalry
Alex Riley was highly impressive in his Hardcore debut, but fell short of capturing the title. This wasn’t the case in his second outing, as he quickly defeated CM Punk to win his first WWE title. His reign was short lived, as Punk’s bodyguards, the Tag Team Champions, entered the ring and beat A-Ry down. Punk finished him off with the G2S and took back the title.
The new alliance of Brodus Clay and Husky Harris is proving to be a formidable one. The two big men manages to defeat The Usos and Nexus to take the titles. Now The Usos have a title shot, and a win in this six man tag would be big momentum for them.

The Masterlock Vs The Cross Armbreaker
Alberto Del Rio talked himself into a harsh warm up for his WWE Title Shot, a Submission match against ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters. Masters defeated Sheamus to earn his way into the Money In The Bank match, and now wants to ride the wave of momentum into the biggest match of his career. Alberto Del Rio submitted Chris Masters the previous week, so he will have the mental edge going into this one.

Confirmed Match Ups
Money In The Bank Qualification Match
Mason Ryan Vs Wade Barrett

Singles Match
The Miz Vs Sheamus

Money In The Bank Qualification Match
R-Truth Vs John Morrison

6 Man Tag Team Match
The Usos & Alex Riley Vs The Two Man Wrecking Crew & CM Punk

Submission Match
Chris Masters Vs Alberto Del Rio

Not Removing List
[ ] Tazz hits someone with the Tazzmission
[X] 3D actually hit a 3D through a table - 13/03/11 Victory Road [w/ Dreamer]
[X] AJ Styles turns face - 03/02/11 iMPACT
[ ] Knockout tag titles are gone
[X] OBD and Awesome Kong return - 19/02/11 iMPACT & 01/05/11 Extreme Rules
[X] Alberto Del Rio becomes champ - 14/08/11 SummerSlam
[ ] Evan Bourne wins US/Inter title
[X] Stone Cold gives someone a stunner - 07/03/11 RAW [JBL]

My BTB: WWE - Change In Booking (Review for Review)

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Re: WWE - Change in Booking

July 11th, 2014


Michael Cole: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Monday Night Raw! I’m Michael Cole alongside Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and King, we’re just one week away from Money In The Bank.

Jerry Lawler: I know Cole and I can’t wait. 12 Men, 2 Matches, 2 Briefcases and 1 moment of greatness.

Michael Cole: I couldn’t have said it better myself King. Tonight 4 more men will battle it out for the remaining 2 spots.

*Here and Now or Never*

Mason Ryan comes out to a slight cheer, which is probably a result of him being the first wrestler to appear on the show. He seems focused, as if looking to seize this huge opportunity.

Jerry Lawler: And here’s one of the men right now.

Michael Cole: I don’t even see why Mason Ryan is even being given an opportunity King. CM Punk handed him a number 1 contender’s match on a plate, and he fell flat on his face.

Jerry Lawler: Mason Ryan might not have got the win, but there’s no disputing that he’s an incredibly talented young man with a bright future ahead of him.

*Rebel Son*

Wade Barrett arrives to decent heat, also marking the debut of his new theme since the dissolution of The Corre. He seems both arrogant and prepared at the same time.

Michael Cole: Here’s a serious contender. The man from Manchester and Raw’s newest recruit Wade Barrett.

Jerry Lawler: Well I still haven’t forgotten what happened last week. Wade Barrett was not the legal man in the match and he landed that vicious kick to Chris Masters to finish the match.

Michael Cole: Of all the things we’ve seen in here King, this was hardly the worst. Barrett did what he had to do for his team to get the victory.

Jerry Lawler: I just wish that what he had to do included following the rules.

Originally Posted by Match 1
Money In The Bank Qualification Match
Mason Ryan Vs Wade Barrett

Although Mason Ryan manages to overpower Barrett initially, Barrett uses his knees from grappling positions to take advantage. The Englishman uses his elbows, knees and punches to break down his opponent whilst keeping control of the match.

In between rule bending techniques, like utilizing the ropes for chokes, Barrett panders to the crowd to gain a reaction.

The early moments of the match are completely controlled by the former Nexus and Corre leader.
The pace is slow and methodical. Barrett wants to work his opponent down to gain his spot in Money In The Bank.

After attempting to sink in an armlock, Barrett gets overpowered. Ryan’s size advantage allows him to easily manhandle Barrett. Ryan begins landing slams and clotheslines, and the pace picks up significantly. Ryan gains a lot of momentum and the fans start to get behind him a bit.

Barrett landed some counters, but each attempt proved to be futile.

Eventually, Mason Ryan is waiting to hit the Cobra Clutch Slam. Barrett gets up in a daze, Ryan locks it in but Barrett elbows his way out. Ryan lets go, holding his jaw, only to be caught by a discus elbow. Ryan drops like a tonne of bricks and Barrett pins.

And he gets it!

Winner: Wade Barrett (By Pinfall)
Michael Cole: What an elbow from the bareknuckle boxer.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah that certainly was an impressive win. It will be interesting to see what happens in Money In The Bank now that Wade Barrett will be involved.

Michael Cole: I won’t matter anyways King. The Miz is in it remember? When the most must see superstar of all time steps in the ring, you can be sure that victory will be his.

Jerry Lawler: I wish a steel chair to the face would be his.

Michael Cole: Well speaking of steel chairs, we’re going to take a look at the absolute chaos that has followed the revival of the Hardcore Championship as commissioned by General Manager Mick Foley.

Jerry Lawler: Tables broken, bodies bruised and blood spilled. Mick Foley wouldn’t have it any other way.

*Highlights from the Battle Royale, with clips of Alex Riley cleaning house with a kendo stick, RVD landing the Van Daminator, R-Truth’s attack on Evan Bourne and both Bourne and RVD being opened up. The highlight is when Drew McIntyre won the title, and when Punk blindsided him with the florescent light tube*
*Johnny Curtis trying to attack Punk and getting beat down by the Two Man Wrecking Crew*
*Highlights from Alex Riley Vs CM Punk where Punk beats down on Alex with a steel pipe, and Riley winning the title with spear. One again the tone changes with the Wrecking Crew beating Alex down and Punk winning with the GTS*

*This Fire Burns*

The trio comes out to heavy heat. The tag team champions flank Punk from either side as they make their way down to the ring. It's all business for Clay and Harris, but CM Punk seems to really enjoy the reaction.

Michael Cole: With the new tag team champion’s by his side, Punk is near untouchable.

Jerry Lawler: You never know Cole. Any place, any time. You never know when someone will try and take that belt away from him. It’s just a matter of time before the right person takes him on and walks home with the gold.

---In the ring---

CM Punk: First things first, I have an apology to make. Husky, Clay, I apologize. I apologize for not congratulating you guys on becoming the new tag team champions. You see, this is what I was looking for. Husky, you were in Nexus and you saw it too. Complete inadequacy. I handed Mason Ryan the WWE title, and it slipped through his fingers as his hand slapped the mat. He submitted. He gave up. That’s not a champion, and that’s not someone I surround myself with. Sure, Otunga and McGuilicuddy had the tag team championships, but I think we’ve shown everyone what kind of champions they were. Now the tag titles are on the shoulders of a legitimate tag team with legitimate talent. And finally, with that out of the way; Alex Riley. I don’t know who you think you are kid, but let me explain how this works. Sure, last week you got lucky. I made a mistake and you capitalised. See, that’s all it was. Alex Riley didn’t beat CM Punk, CM Punk beat CM Punk. And now, look, whether he won the match or not, I’m still the one with the belt around my waist. Now Dude Love or whatever we’re calling him now has told me that Alex Riley has a rematch at Money In The Bank. Alex, let me give you some advice. Don’t show up. Just don’t show up Alex. Because if you do, I’m going to rip your face opened with my fists. I’m going to twist your arm until tendons tear and bones split and crack. I am going to end your career before it even got started. I…

---Brodus Clay takes the mic from Punk---

Brodus Clay: Sorry for interrupting Punk, but I’ve got something to say. Jimmy, Jey, you guys are lucky we let you walk out of the arena last week. When we face you tonight, you won’t be so kind.

---Punk snatches the mic back---

CM Punk: Anyone else got anything to say? Husky? Justin, you want to throw in a word or two? Anyways, as I was saying, you might not even make it to Money In The Bank after tonight Alex. So make sure you lace up your boots real tight kid, cause it might be the last time you ever do.

---Backstage Interview Set---

Josh Matthews: Joining me at this time; Chris Masters. Chris, tonight you will take on Alberto Del Rio in a Submission Match. What strategy will you employ to make sure you come out with the victory.

Chris Masters: Well it’s a great match. The Cross Armbreaker Vs The Masterlock. I don’t really have any strategy going in. I’m just going to work hard, watch out for his counters and make sure that he’s the one asking the ref to ring the bell at the end of the night.

Josh Matthews: A win over the number 1 contender would be huge. Do you think you’ll be first in line for a shot after Money In The Bank?

Chris Masters: Well that’s kind of the point of Money In The Bank. Sure I’d love to beat Alberto, but most of my focus is going into the ladder match. I’ll be out of my element, it’s not something I’ve really tried before, so I will have a lot to adapt to if I want to walk out with that briefcase.

Josh Matthews: Well we wish you luck Chris and thank you for talking with us.

Josh Matthews: Anytime.

---Back to the arena---

*I Came To Play*

The arena joins together to just The Miz the loudest reaction thus far, with heavy jeers from the fans. Miz laps it up and walks to the ring beaming with confidence.

Michael Cole: YES! It’s The Miz. You ought to be paying attention to this man King, he’s your future WWE Champion.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, well I’ll believe it when I see it.

*Written In My Face*

A moderate pop from the crowd for the fan favourite. Sheamus stays smiling, but you can tell his recent form is frustrating him.

Michael Cole: Sheamus is coming off a huge disappointment after beating defeated by Chris Masters in his Money In The Bank qualification match.

Jerry Lawler: Well losses happen and all he can do now is stay focused and get his mind back on track.

Originally Posted by Match 2
The Miz Vs Sheamus

Sheamus easily manages to power through the attacks from Miz early and laughs at his attempts. Miz is infuriated by this, but seems to be able to keep his composure and allow it to motivate him.

At several times throughout the match, Sheamus appears to take his eye off the ball. Through taunting to the crowd, or slight over confidence, he allows The Miz to claw his way back into the driving seat.
More of Miz’ counters seem to be underhanded, but no blatant rule breaking allows him to avoid a disqualification.

Miz seems more aggressive than usual throughout the match. His use of closed fist shots and stomps seem to be more along Sheamus’ pace than Miz.

Just when Miz starts putting stuff together, out of nowhere he is caught with a Brogue Kick. Despite being knocked out cold, Miz had the ring awareness to roll to the outside. Sheamus is disappointed and struggles to roll him back inside. When the Irishman is stepping through the ropes, Miz manages to shoot up and knee him in the head. Sheamus is stunned, and Miz lands the Skull Crushing Finale.

He pins, and it's over!

Sheamus regains his conciousness fairly quickly, and seems disgusted about the result.

Winner: The Miz (By Pinfall)
Michael Cole: The Miz Wins Again! The Miz Wins Again! The Miz Wins Again! This is our future heavyweight champion! This arena is electric after The Miz dominated The Celtic Warrior.

Jerry Lawler: Pipe down Cole, Miz was lucky and you know it.

Michael Cole: Lucky? How was he lucky? He caught Sheamus cold and finished the fight.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah well, it’s not the end of the world. You can sit down you idiot.

---Backstage, Mick Foley is viewing the television with Sheamus leaving the ring. Alberto Del Rio walks in---

Alberto Del Rio: I want this match changed Foley!

Mick Foley: Nice to see you too Alberto.

Alberto Del Rio: This is not fair! I have a championship match one week away, and you’re booking me in a submission match tonight?

Mick Foley: Well, if you don’t think you can win…

Alberto Del Rio: No one said anything about that. You’re just stacking the deck against me because you and everyone else back there wants to protect John Cena from tasting defeat.

Mick Foley: Look at it this way. You win tonight, you go into Money In The Bank as the man who made Chris Masters tap out. The fans will love it, the critics will love it, and you can ride the wave of momentum into your championship match.

Alberto Del Rio: Whatever you say, but I tell you this; When I defeat John Cena for the WWE Championship, I will do things MY way. Not you, or anyone else will tell me how I defend my championship. You hear me?

Mick Foley: We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, but don’t you have a match to prepare for?

---Del Rio storms off---

---Back to the arena---

*Little Jimmy*

Truth comes out to a surprising amount of heat. Him and JTG talk to each other as if they are psyching Truth up.

Michael Cole: R-Truth has shown a dark side to himself with this new allegiance with JTG.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, what he did to Evan Bourne in the battle royale was absolutely despicable. Thugs like this shouldn’t be allowed out in public.

*Aint No Make Believe*

A very brief cheer is heard for Morrison. He hits some of the fans hands on the way to the ring, playing the good face character.

Michael Cole: These two men have a very storied past King.

Jerry Lawler: You’re not kidding.

Michael Cole: Former tag team partners, John Morrison coaxed R-Truth into defending his number 1 contendership against him, which John won.

Jerry Lawler: For months after, R-Truth viciously attacked John, injuring him twice in the process.

Michael Cole: There will be no love lost in this match, and personally I’d love to see John Morrison’s high risk style in the Money In The Bank match.

Originally Posted by Match 3
Money In The Bank Qualification Match
R-Truth w/ JTG Vs John Morrison

The match starts out very even, and they both have a difficult time figuring each other out. Truth seems to be going very stiff with his techniques, most likely to put across a more ruthless persona.
One the match starts heating up, R-Truth is teeing off on Morrison. Despite having his entire focus on the match, Truth is generating a surprising amount of heat. This is probably due to the assault on Evan Bourne, who plays a convincing victim character well.

Morrison’s high flying attack seems to be completely negated throughout the match. He manages to get some kicks off, and some of his jumps demonstrate great athleticism, but in his actual wrestling he struggles to put anything together.

JTG is very vocal at ring side, and seems desperate to get involved in the match somehow, barely composing himself to avoid getting R-Truth disqualified.

A late comeback from Morrison gets the fans cheering, but Truth manages to counter an Irish whip into the Shut Up to take the win.

Winner: R-Truth (By Pinfall)
Michael Cole: R-Truth defeats John Morrison and becomes the final entering into the Raw Money In The Bank line up.

Jerry Lawler: I can’t wait for it Cole, is it here yet?

Michael Cole:The competitors are Rob Van Dam, Evan Bourne, Wade Barrett, Chris Masters, R-Truth and in my opinion the clear favourite; The Miz.

Jerry Lawler:Do you get paid every time you say Miz’s name?

Michael Cole: No, but can you imagine if I did?

---Backstage, Mason Ryan is sitting in his locker room disappointed---
---Wade Barrett walks in. Ryan stands up defensively---

Wade Barrett: Woah, calm down big fella. I’m not here to fight. I just think we’ve got some business to discuss.

---Ryan looks confused---

Wade Barrett: Not here though, you never know who’s listening. Let’s take a walk.

---Backstage, CM Punk and the Two Man Wrecking Crew are heading towards the ring---
---They walk past Yoshi Tatsu as he's speaking to Sakamoto. They stop talking as Punk walks past, so the Hardcore Champion stops in his tracks---

CM Punk: What? What the hell are you look at? Is it this? You fancy yourself as the next Hardcore Champion? Then why don’t you grow a set, stand the hell up and take it from me.

Yoshi Tatsu: Sorry, no, no, no, no. So sorry.

---Tatsu quickly gestures to Sakamoto that they should leave, and they hurry off as Punk smirks and continues walking---

---Back to the arena---

*Say It To My Face*

Riley comes out to a fairly strong reaction. The fans have gotten behind him since his impressive performance in the Hardcore Battle Royale.

*Never Make It Without You*

Alex Riley stands near the top of the ramp as The Usos come out and do their Siva Tau. The fans again give a pretty good reaction to the tag team twins.

Michael Cole: Both Alex Riley and Jimmy Uso have gotten a shot at Punk in recent weaks.

Jerry Lawler: With Alex Riley actually pinning the Hardcore Champion and taking the belt from him.

Alex Riley: It was short lived though King. He never even got his hands on the belt before Brodus Clay and Husky Harris began beating him to a pulp.


The tag team champions Brodus Clay and Husky Harris come out and stand on either side of the ramp. They take little notice to the harsh heat they are receiving.

Michael Cole: These two behemoths have been dominant since teaming up. Both former NXT rookies, with Harris being alumni of The Nexus. These are two hungry up and comers, and those tag team titles around their waists are only going to highlight the bright future these guys have.

*This Fire Burns*

Out comes Punk and the crowd's feelings reign down upon the heel. He loves every second of it, knowing that he has the crowd in the palm of his hand.

Michael Cole: And here comes the Hardcore Champion.

Jerry Lawler: Some champion he is. As far as I’m concerned, CM Punk has only won one match since becoming the Hardcore Champion. Other than that, he utilized a loophole to hang onto the belt, and didn’t even win it in a sanctioned match in the first place.

Michael Cole: You know the rules as well as I do King. Under the 24/7 ruling, the Hardcore Title can be won or lost at any time, as long as there is a WWE official there to call the match.

Originally Posted by Match 4
Alex Riley & The Usos Vs CM Punk & The Two Man Wrecking Crew

Brodus Clay starts off against Jimmy Uso. Despite the early power advantage, Uso is too quick and easily finds ways to get his attack together. Quick tags sees The Usos dominate the early moments of the match, and the fans seem to enjoy it.

Clay eventually makes a tag to Harris, who seems to be the difference maker. He is a lot faster than his larger team mate and finds it easier to keep up with the twins. High impact collisions seem to be the bulk of his attack. For most of the match from then on out, the tag team champions and CM Punk seem to be in complete control. CM Punk gets a lot of heat and laps it up.

A super kick counter to Harris from Jimmy Uso allows him to make the hot tag to Alex Riley who explodes into the ring. Punk and Harris struggle to stay on their feet as several clotheslines are landed successfully by A-Ry.

The crowd really respond to Alex Riley. Just at the tip of his momentum, he is completely taken out by a running head-butt from Brodus Clay. The boos reign down as Clay shouts “Whut?” at the fans. From behind The Usos slide in and land a double super kick. Clay falls through the ropes to the outside. Looking at each other in synch, Jimmy and Jey hit the ropes and jump out onto the tag team champions. The fans cheer as Alex Riley makes it back to his feet.

Alex staggers around, right into a chair shoot from CM Punk. The referee doesn’t see it, but it’s not Punk’s main concern. He starts landing shot after shot onto Riley as he fails to cover up on the ground. The ref turns around and calls the match, but Punk takes no notice. Jimmy slides in for the save, but Punk catches him in the stomach and takes him out too. Jey gets onto the apron but Harris and Clay pull him down and throw him hard into the barricade.

Winner - Alex Riley & The Usos (By Disqualification)

The heat from the crowd is loud as Punk goes back to wrecking the chair against Alex Riley’s broken body. He throws the chair down in disgust and looks directly into the main camera with a sadistic smile on his face.
Jerry Lawler: This is sickening. To beat a man down like that is just cowardly.

Michael Cole: Alex Riley’s the one curling up in a ball. He wanted to compete in the Hardcore division and he just got a taste of what it entails. If he’s not ready for the pain he’ll have to endure, then he’s obviously not right to challenge for the title.

Jerry Lawler: There’s a difference between the pain and danger that happens in a competitive match, and attacking a man from behind with a steel chair are two very different things.

---Backstage, Chris Masters is taping his wrists. John Cena walks in---

John Cena: I just want to wish you luck tonight. Alberto Del Rio’s a complete tool, but he’s a dangerous guy in the ring. Watch yourself.

Chris Masters: I appreciate it John, but I’m not looking at this as survival. I’m going out there to tap him out, and I’m going in Money In The Bank to walk home with the briefcase. And I’ll tell you this now John; when I cash that in, I hope to God that you have that title, because it’s you I want to take it from.

John Cena: I’ll be waiting for it. As I said, good luck.

---Promotional Video For Money In The Bank---

Narrator: Bodies will be broken.

*Highlights from 2005 Money In The Bank Match*

Narrator: Lives will be staked.

*Highlights from 2006 Money In The Bank Match*

Narrator: All for one opportunity.

*Highlights from 2007 Money In The Bank Match*

Narrator: One moment.

*Highlights from 2008 Money In The Bank Match*

Narrator: One chance.

*Highlights from 2009 Money In The Bank Match*

Narrator: For greatness.

*Images of Edge, CM Punk, Rob Van Dam, Jack Swagger and Kane holding up the briefcase*

---Back to the arena---


Masters comes out to a fairly good pop. He seems to really enjoy being in the RAW main event, and looks to be taking it very seriously.

Jerry Lawler: Chris Masters has had a great streak as of late, but Alberto Del Rio is no joke.

Michael Cole: Masters tapped out to Del Rio just one week ago. Why does he think it will be any different tonight?


There is a tonne of heat for the 'Mexican Aristocrat'. Del Rio laughs it off and makes his way to the ring supremely confident.

Michael Cole: Alberto Del Rio is vicious. On the outside, he’s a sophisticated and elegant athlete, but on the inside this man is violent.

Jerry Lawler: Sophisticated? I’ve seen more sophistication in my little finger.

Michael Cole: We’ll you’re supposed to be royalty aren’t you?

Originally Posted by Match 5
Submission Match
Chris Masters Vs Alberto Del Rio

The match starts out slow and methodical. Both men know there is a lot on the line and that they both risk serious injury in a match line this.

Alberto Del Rio starts off by landing leg kicks. Masters is struggling to get low enough to grab it, and Del Rio is teeing off.

When they finally grapple, Chris Masters’ to be more powerful and is able to lift Del Rio up to ground him.

The early moments of the match are a display of technical wrestling between the two. Masters is looking to get a hold of his opponent’s waist and keep him grounded, but Del Rio is able to use wrist control to get arm locks.

Masters knows he’s playing the wrong game and begins landing some strikes to weaken his opponent. Chris Masters may be able to take anyone out with The Masterlock at any time, but he doesn’t have quite the focus and ability to pick his opponent apart that the Mexican has.

Del Rio is surprisingly working the legs as much as the arm. Once Masters is taken down, Del Rio repeatedly stomps on his knee and calf. Masters writhes in pain.

A slight limp is visible in most of The Masterpiece’s work. None the less, he overpowers Del Rio several times, and lands some hard shoulders and knees to his opponent’s mid-section.

A missed right hook from Alberto sees him get caught in the Masterlock position. Chris doesn’t qite have his hands locked, but Del Rio knows he’s in trouble. Alberto wisely backs up into the corner, forcing Masters to relinquish his finishing move. Del Rio goes for the running enziguri, but Masters ducks down and the Mexican crashes hard on the floor outside.

Del Rio gets back onto the apron and lands some shots over the ropes. Masters counters with an elbow and spins him around, this time successfully securing the Masterlock. Del Rio is close to going out, but he jumps off off the apron, holding onto Masters’ arm.
Masters falls back in pain. Del Rio slides in quick and grabs the arm. He steps over, but Masters pulls back and goes under the arms. He’s so close, but his arm gives out. Del Rio lands a toe kick to the stomach and locks in the Cross Armbreaker.

Masters stretches out to the ropes, but with no rope breaks in this kind of match he is forced to tap out.

Winner - Alberto Del Rio (By Submission)

The referee rings the bell. Del Rio keeps the armbar locked in and cranks it with even more force. Suddenly, John Cena’s music hits and he runs down to the ring.
Del Rio gets out of dodge as Cena slides in to the ring. He briefly checks on Masters, but his eyes are locked with Del Rio at all times. Del Rio winks at him and laughs as he walks backwards up the ramp.
Michael Cole: That was a fantastic match, but it’s the number 1 contender who walks out with the victory.

Jerry Lawler: I can’t wait to see John Cena give Del Rio what he deserves at Money In The Bank.

Michael Cole: Well that’s it from me and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler. We hope to see all of you again this Sunday, at Money In The Bank.

---End of Show---

Not Removing List
[ ] Tazz hits someone with the Tazzmission
[X] 3D actually hit a 3D through a table - 13/03/11 Victory Road [w/ Dreamer]
[X] AJ Styles turns face - 03/02/11 iMPACT
[ ] Knockout tag titles are gone
[X] OBD and Awesome Kong return - 19/02/11 iMPACT & 01/05/11 Extreme Rules
[X] Alberto Del Rio becomes champ - 14/08/11 SummerSlam
[ ] Evan Bourne wins US/Inter title
[X] Stone Cold gives someone a stunner - 07/03/11 RAW [JBL]

My BTB: WWE - Change In Booking (Review for Review)

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