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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE 2009: Reaching New Heights

Raw Preview
April 6, 2009
Houston Texas

'Out with the Old...'

New (Wrestling) Year
Following Wrestlemania 25, we now start the year long journey to Wrestlemania 26. The first stop on the road is Backlash at the end of the month, and the wrestlers of Monday Night Raw will be looking forward to setting the ball rolling in the same arena as one of the most monumental events in professional wrestling history.

New Champion
Last night, John Cena won the World Heavyweight Championship, bringing it to Raw in the process. But one thing that The Champ knows is that the title brings an almighty big target with it. One of the men that will no doubt be gunning for Cena is Randy Orton, who will no doubt be furious over failing to win the WWE Championship from Triple H at Wrestlemania. Rey Mysterio also defeated JBL for the Intercontinental Championship at the Grandest Stage of Them All in very quick fashion, and Mysterio is in high spirits following the victory.

New General Manager
WWE Chairman Vince McMahon will be in attendance on Raw to announce who the new General Manager of Raw is. McMahon has kept his cards extremely close to his chest, as there is no indication who the appointment could possibly be.

New Legend?
Chris Jericho beat 3 legends at Wrestlemania. Ricky Steamboat, Jimmy Snuka and Roddy Piper were unable to defeat 'the best in the world at what he does', despite Steamboat proving to the world that he does still have it. Jericho has asked for some time to speak on Raw to no doubt discuss his feat at Wrestlemania, and possibly to address the man who punched him, Mickey Rourke.

New Wrestlers
With the closure of ECW, Monday Night Raw has received some of the ECW wrestlers. One of these stars is Evan Bourne, who is going to face fellow ECW alumni Mike Knox on the first Raw following Wrestlemania. Randy Orton's Legacy of Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr will also be facing former ECW stars in DJ Gabriel and Kofi Kingston.

New Challenges
The Miz and John Morrison lost the Champions vs Champions match at Wrestlemania, but it will not stop them bragging about how great they are. The Miz will go one on one with Cryme Tyme's JTG, in a match that will surely bolster the Brooklyn Boys' title aspirations if JTG can come out with a victory.


World Tag Team Champion The Miz vs JTG
Legacy (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase) vs Kofi Kingston & DJ Gabriel
Mike Knox vs Evan Bourne
Chris Jericho talks about what happened at Wrestlemania

*Card subject to change*
Will be up later tonight at some point, the link is in my sig, yo
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

sorry for the double post, accidental
can someone tell me how to delete messages pleez?

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Originally Posted by MinistryDeadman95 View Post

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview
July 1st, 2011
-It was last week when Christian regained his #1 contender's spot when he and Mark Henry defeated the team of Kane and Randy Orton. Christian revealed that the referee had made a bad call at Capitol Punishment, but Captain Charisma is now #1 contender again for the World Heavyweight Championship that Randy Orton is carrying. But on Raw, it was announced that Orton would go one on one with the seemingly unstoppable force known as Mark Henry. Henry has said that it is now his time to be world champion, and by a win on Orton this Friday, it would put him on the right path. But who will come out on top?? The former World's Strongest Man, or the World Heavyweight Champion, The Viper??

-One of the most exciting matches of the year, The Money in the Back match, take place is just a few weeks. The competitors for Raw were announced this past Monday, but who will compete for Smackdown?? Who will finally get the briefcase and the chance of a lifetime?? Find out on Friday Night Smackdown.

-Jinder Mahal, using his unique relationship with Khali to his advantage, has been tearing through the Smackdown roster, but he has never faced an opponent like his opponent for this week's Smackdown. He will be facing the young, new, exciting, unpredictable, undefeated, SIN CARA!!! Who will prevail when these 2 undefeated superstars come head to head?? Will The Great Khali be a factor in this match, or will Sin Cara and his unbelievable high flying moves prevail??

-Wade Barrett, looking to overcome his losing streak as of late, will face the submission specialist Daniel Bryan this Friday. We have gotten word that both of these men will compete in the Money in the Bank match for Smackdown, but which superstar will get the momentum heading into the match?? Will Barrett leave his losing streak behind, or will he fall victim to the excruciating Lebell Lock??

Announced Matches for July 1st edition of Friday Night Smackdown:
1. Mark Henry Vs Randy Orton
2. Wade Barrett Vs Daniel Bryan
3. Sin Cara Vs Jinder Mahal w/Khali

Smackdown will posted today and soon by MinistryDeadman 95

WWE 2011: Attitude Returns
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread


WWE Raw Preview, March 15, 2004

WrestleMania XX was one of the biggest nights in the history of the WWE. Last night Chris Benoit finally achieved his dream by becoming the new world heavyweight champion at WrestleMania. Tonight is Benoit’s first night as champion and every superstar on the Raw roster will be having their eyes on the big prize to take the world heavyweight title away from him. What will Triple H and Shawn Michaels have to say about last night.

It may have been a bad night for HHH but last night Evolution defeated The Rock and Sock Connection at WrestleMania. What impact will Evolution make tonight on Raw. What will Chris Jericho have to say after he was betrayed last night by Trish. Plus The New Tag Team Champions The World's Greatest Tag Team who are now part of Raw will be in action tonight.

See all the fallout from last nights WrestleMania XX PPV tonight on WWE Raw.

Confirmed Matches
Tag Team Championship Match: The World's Greatest Tag Team vs Lance Storm and Val Venis
Victoria and Lita vs Molly Holly and Jazz
+ Much More
Raw results are now posted here

Any reviews will be appreciated and returned.

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
Click here to read
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Monday Night Raw (June 20, 2011)

The Champ Is Here, Still

Last night at Capitol Punishment John Cena defied the odds to defeat R-Truth and retain his WWE Championship. However, after the match, CM Punk and The Straight Edge Society made their way out onto the stage and Punk locked eyes with Cena, the brief encounter being enough to let The WWE Universe know that Punk wants to be the next to get a shot at Cena’s title.

A King’s Speech

Raw General Manager Jerry “The King” Lawler promises to open tonight’s show with a few announcements regarding the format of Monday Night Raw as well as some news for the upcoming pay per view, Money In The Bank. “King” is also set to make some sort of ruling on John Cena’s next contender for his WWE Championship, and it very well could be CM Punk, then man mentioned earlier.

A Butterfly’s Broken Wings

Last night at Capitol Punishment, Kharma defeated Kelly Kelly for the Divas Championship, but following her victory, she stepped on her title and discarded it like a piece of trash. Due to this there promises to be a major shake-up with the divas division on Raw but we’ll have to wait and see what will be said.

Del Rio’s Destiny

Last night Alberto Del Rio took on Jack Swagger in a grudge that ended when Skip Sheffield interfered on Del Rio’s behalf and would have completely taken Jack Swagger out if not for the help of his newfound ally John Morrison. Tonight, Del Rio, who will no doubt be joined by his ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez, will talk to the crowd and he will no doubt be getting a hostile reception.

Banking On It

In some announced matches for tonight’s Raw, qualifying matches for Raw’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match are getting underway. R-Truth will take on Chris Masters, Drew McIntyre will take on Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Reks will take on the man who lost his United States Championship last night in Kofi Kingston. Three men will walk out of the arena tonight, one step closer to being the next Mr. Money In The Bank.

All this and more, tonight, on Monday Night Raw!

Show is now posted and feedback as usual is always appreciated!
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Sorry for my lack of activity. I’ve started to write a bit more of SmackDown, which is good, so hopefully it’ll flow better from here on out; wish me luck. Raw is done, for the record, but I’d like to get a good portion of SD done before I post it. Maybe at some point I can give out some feedback, perish the thought.

It’s a small preview, but trust me, the show is MUCH bigger.

Monday Night Raw
Sommet Center, Nashville, Tennessee | 11th April 2011

Monday Night Raw arrives in Nashville, Tennessee this week, following the stunning announcement last week of Jerry “The King” Lawler becoming the NEW General Manager. Tonight, in the home state of our new GM, the Hall of Famer will open the show to outline his plans for the WWE’s ‘flagship show’, and he’s sure to receive a big reception. After Lawler embarrassed Michael Cole last week amid the rivalry the pairing have sported the last few months, will “King” exert his new-found authority to give Cole his marching orders? What will he have in store for the superstars of Monday nights? And what will he do to mark his first night in charge?

John Cena teamed with Randy Orton last week to beat The Miz and Alex Riley in the main event; this win granted Cena one more shot at the WWE Title at Extreme Rules, much to the dismay of The Miz as the current champion, especially as he was never pinned. Considering The Miz’s controversial win at Wrestlemania over Cena, the Awesome One is well aware that the former “Champ” desperately wants to make amends, and we’re sure to hear from both men over the course of the show tonight, with Extreme Rules on the horizon.

Speaking of Randy Orton, the Viper might have placed himself back in WWE Title contention by winning alongside Cena last week, but despite this, he was assaulted after the bell by CM Punk. The Straight-edge Saviour feels that his business with Orton still isn’t finished despite losing to the Viper at Wrestlemania, and it seems he’s drifted into the dark regions of his psyche as a result, including calling Mark Henry “Randall” repeatedly in his match last week. Will we see more of Punk’s psychotic side (clearly a result of his desperation to defeat the equally-psychotic Orton) evolve tonight, or will Orton find him first, to pay him back for the damage that was done last week?

Last week saw Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne beat Dolph Ziggler and William Regal – Ziggler was unable to tag the Englishman out because he was dealing with a catfight between Vickie Guerrero and Gail Kim, allowing Bryan to drop Regal to the deck and apply the LeBell Lock to win it. Ziggler explicitly stated in a interview this week that his WWE Title aspirations on Raw have NOT been dented by his loss, as he wasn’t involved in the fall, and this week, when he faces Evan Bourne in singles competition, Ziggler will want to get himself back on track with a stroke in the ‘W’ column. Will fellow WWE Title hopeful Daniel Bryan be watching this match, and will we see another Bryan/Gail-Ziggler/Guerrero confrontation?

After Johnny Curtis and R-Truth won their first ever tag team match together on Superstars, they were assaulted by DZP; Zack Ryder and Primo Colon. DZP had earlier declared that they were more deserving of Truth and Curtis’ guaranteed WWE Tag Team Title shot, and they followed up on that declaration by leaving the pairing on the mat at the end of the show. Tonight, Curtis steps into the Raw ring for the very first time, taking on Primo in singles competition – this match could set the tone for future WWE Tag Team Title shots, featuring two men very much in the hunt for those belts with their respective partners. Can Curtis keep his mini winning streak going at the beginning of his WWE career, or will Primo teach him a lesson about the unpredictability of the WWE? Tune in tonight to see if Curtis’ Raw debut is a successful one!

Also tonight, the United States Champion, Sheamus, will be in action, plus you can expect to see appearances from Santino Marella, Melina, Mark Henry, John Morrison, Ted DiBiase, Tyler Black and many more!

Announced For Raw

New Raw GM Jerry “The King” Lawler to open the show
Dolph Ziggler vs Evan Bourne
Johnny Curtis vs Primo
United States Champion Sheamus in action
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread



*Video Plays*

The package opens with Eric Bischoff’s announcement of the inaugural Gold Rush Tournament…

Eric Bischoff:And I thought tonight would be a perfect night… a perfect night to announce an eight-man tournament to crown a new Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Title.

- Before transitioning into Terry Funk’s more recent announcement…

Terry Funk: Because in just three weeks time … we will find out who will be challenging for the WWE title at the SummerSlam … in a three-hour, eight man, single elimination tournament my predecessor liked to call … the “Gold Rush.”

- We see flashing shots of everyone involved in this year’s tournament walking down to the ring, before cutting into the qualifying matches themselves, with the statistics of each man appearing on the screen.

- Quick clips of the two battles between Kurt Angle and Masato Tanaka…


- With a final shot of the victorious Angle standing on the turnbuckle at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Joey Styles: Kurt Angle has held more titles than anyone else currently in the WWE; he HAS to be considered a favourite for this thing.

Former WWE, WCW, United States, Intercontinental, European, Hardcore and Tag Team Champion; 5th Grand Slam Champion; 2000 King Of The Ring
Road to the Gold; Qualifying Round - defeated Masato Tanaka @ 12:26
Previous GR Record; First Appearance
Vegas Odds; +100 | Fraction; 1/1

- Cut to clips from John Cena’s match with Chris Masters, as Carlito interferes to cause his buddy to be disqualified…


- But the clip ends with Shawn Michaels blasting Cena from behind with a steel chair and hightailing it, as Cena writhes on the mat.

Jim Ross: OH… DAMMIT!!!


Credentials; Former WWE and United States Champion; 2006 Royal Rumble winner
Road to the Gold; Qualifying Round - defeated Chris Masters via DQ @ 05:41
Previous GR Record; First appearance
Vegas Odds; +200 | Fraction; 2/1

- Quickly into Shawn Michaels forcing Stevie Richards to submit to the Crossface…

Jim Ross: We all know he’s got what it takes to win the big one. He’s done it three times already. Gotta’ make him a favourite in my book.”

- But the footage is inter-cut with clips of Michaels being F-U’ed through the announce table at Saturday Night’s Main Event by John Cena.

Joey Styles: OH MY GAWD!!!


Former WWE, World Heavyweight, Intercontinental and Tag Team; First Ever Grand Slam Champion; 1995 and 1996 Royal Rumble winner
Road to the Gold; Qualifying Round - defeated Stevie Richards @ 01:42
Previous GR Record; Semi Finals 2005
Vegas Odds; +200 | Fraction; 2/1

- Van Dam scoring with the Five Star Frog Splash on Nicky Nemeth to advance.

Joey Styles: HE GOT HIM!!! Tommy Dreamer’s plan has backfired!

- Followed by shots of his and Sabu’s suicidal leg drop through a table to The Redneck Wrecking Crew at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Terry Funk:(Echoing eerily over the top)So you honestly think that you have what it takes to follow in the footsteps of legends like Terry Funk as World Champion??

- Flashing shots of Van Dam’s past World Title opportunities in the past against the likes of Austin, Jericho, Triple H and ‘Taker, falling just short each time.

Terry Funk: I am a man of my word ... so this Monday night, Van Dam ... you will be a part of the Gold Rush Tournament.”

Former ECW World Television, Intercontinental, European, Hardcore and Tag Team Champion.
Road to the Gold; Qualifying Round - defeated Nick Nemeth @ 06:56
Previous GR Record; First Appearance
Vegas Odds; +300 | Fraction; 3/1

- Quickly into a shot of Shelton Benjamin launching Chavo Guerrero into the air and drilling him with the T-Bone Exploder on the way down.

Joey Styles: The roll continues for Shelton Benjamin.

- Shot of Shelton posing with his two belts at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Shelton Benjamin: Because let’s face it… when you think about ‘Gold’ right now in the WWE … be honest … there’s only one name on your lips…

Current World Tag Team and Intercontinental Champion, former WWE Tag Team Champion
Road to the Gold; Qualifying Road - defeated Chavo Guerrero @ 08:06
Previous GR Record; Quarter Finals 2005
Vegas Odds; +450 | Fraction; 9/2

- Quick shots of Carlito demolishing Balls Mahoney on RAW…

Carlito: Looks like by the end of ‘dis Gold Rush Tournament, Carlito’s gonna have TWO World Title shots comin’ his way.

- Inter-cut with he, Chris Masters and Torrie Wilson (Carlito’s Cabana) performing their usual goofy antics with the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Carlito: But Carlito only needs one.

Current Money in the Bank holder, former United States and Intercontinental Champion
Road to the Gold; Qualifying Round - defeated Balls Mahoney @ 05:56
Previous GR Record; First Appearance
Vegas Odds; +700 | Fraction; 7/1

- Charlie Haas surprising Gregory Helms with an Inside Cradle to advance…

Jim Ross: Charlie Haas becomes the first man in this year’s Gold Rush Tournament.

- But quickly followed by shots of Haas staring at his more successful partner, Shelton Benjamin, and being drilled with brass knucks by William Regal at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Joey Styles: Oh come on!!! That damn Cade and Murdoch just screwed Haas and Benjamin here tonight!

Current World Tag Team Champion, former WWE Tag Team Champion.
Road to the Gold; Qualifying Road - defeated Gregory Helms @ 13:00
Previous GR Record; First Appearance
Vegas Odds; +750 | Fraction; 15/2

Tommy Dreamer: (Speaking over the top) How does this sound, Doane? I’ll put you in a qualifying match next week but… but if you lose that match or any match in the Gold Rush Tournament your sorry butt is FIRED!!!”

- Shot of Kane’s pyro exploding, scaring the life out of Kenny;

Jonathan Coachman: NO!!! THIS- THIS CAN’T BE!!!

- Followed by quick shots of his Spirit Squad being demolished.


- Before the Big Red Machine leaves, getting himself counted out.

Mikey Mondo: YES!!! YES!!! HE DID IT!!! KENNY DID IT!!!

- Ending with Kenny on his teammates’ shoulders, with Tommy Dreamer looking on with an evil smile on his face.

Former World Tag Team Champion; won title on first match with the company
Road to the Gold; Qualifying Round - defeated Kane via Count Out @ 01:58
Previous GR Record; First Appearance
Vegas Odds; +1400 | Fraction; 14/1

- Quick, rapid-fire shots of all eight men involved in the tournament, before ending a slow shot of The Big Show holding the WWE Championship high above his head…

*End video*


Rules & Regulations;

Disqualifications and Count Outs apply

Should a competitor be forced to withdraw through injury etc, his opponent receives a bye

Quarter Finals; 20 minute time limit

Semi Finals; 45 minute time limit

Final; 60 minute time limit



~ The Runners ‘n’ Riders ~

Quarter Finals

Block A

??? Vs ???

??? Vs ???


Block B

??? Vs ???

??? Vs ???

Semi Finals

Winner Block A Vs Winner Block A


Winner Block B Vs Winner Block B

Gold Rush Tournament Finals

??? Vs. ???

The winner receives a WWE Championship shot at SummerSlam


Bonus Questions

Question One:
Predict the wrestlers and winners of each match (including the projected semi finals and final) - (8 points)

Question Two:
What will be the longest Quarter Final match? - (3 points)

Question Three:
How many matches will there be in the tournament? - (6 points total)

Question Four:
Will there be any surprise appearances? If so, who? - (6 points total)

Question Five:
What match will open the show?? - (2 points)



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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

January 4th, 2010 - 'The night that the biggest iMPACT in professional wrestling for nearly 10 years officially begins.' Get ready, the new era of professional wrestling is getting closer and closer.

Coming soon.

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Friday Night Smackdown Preview

With the Monday Night Raw pilot over with, Friday Night Smackdown looks to be more spectacular. The news of the chairman stepping down is old news, the new management looks to give the WWE Universe pure satisfaction. With the way Monday Night Raw looked, we are sure to be in for an action-packed Friday Night.

Much like Cena, Randy Orton needs a new #1 Contender for his World Heavyweight Championship. Orton has been champion for a little over 2 months but is looking the best he has in his career. We'll see how Teddy Long addresses this situation. Look out for the Viper!

Looking to make a name for himself, Mason Ryan has now shifted to Friday nights. This Wales-native will be looking to leave his mark on Smackdown as he goes one-on-one with the Big Red Machine, Kane. Not an easy task for Ryan, but he'll be up for it as he looks to make an impact.

Also on Smackdown, a tag team match featuring the future as Jimmy & Jey Uso take on the high-flying duo of Paul London & Brian Kendrick, Londrick. This is sure to be an exciting match as a win for either team will be sure to put them in contention for the Unified Tag Team Championships. Another match taking place will pit the Masked Mexican Warrior, Sin Cara vs. a veteran of the game, Chavo Guerrero. The two Mexicans looks to put on an exciting match for the fans.

Be sure to tune into Smackdown on the Sy-Fy network at 8/7 CT.

Orton's new #1 Contender
Mason Ryan vs. Kane
The Usos vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick
Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero


"I wanted to kill the hottest person on Earth. But I'd just be committing suicide." --A Wise Man, very wise.

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE SmackDown! | July 4th 2002 | Boston Massachusetts

Smackdown this week is aired from the Fleet Center in Boston Massachusetts as the WWE celebrates the 4th of July episode of Smackdown. Who better then to kick off the show then the reigning United States Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist and number 1 contender for the Undisputed title for Vengeance; Kurt Angle. Angle has requested some air-time and will kick off the show, possibly talking about his interactions with the Undertaker on Raw and him leaving the Undertaker tapping out to the Ankle Lock on the outside of the ring up the entrance ramp. There is no word as to if the Undertaker is in the arena here tonight but if the American Badass shows up, things are bound to get physical. And where will Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar be in all of this triangle story? Brock who is the King of the Ring winner has made his presence felt in the Undertaker's business the past fortnight making it clear that he wants him at Summerslam for the title.

Last week Eddie Guerrero was revealed to be part of the trade by Raw's General Manager, Shawn Michaels as the newest member of the Smackdown roster. The former Intercontinental Champion showed up during Rey Mysterio and his nephew, Chavo Guerrero's match, costing Rey the victory and celebrating soon after with Chavo. Later on in the show however, Rey would be seen laid out in the hallway as he was jumped from behind and attacked. Eddie and Chavo came running to the scene and aided, calling officials and personal to come and help however, the attacker is still unknown. Eddie and Chavo are here tonight and have promised to try and reveal the identity of who attacked Rey Mysterio and find the person. Who can it be? And what does this hold for either of them in the future as we head into Vengeance?

John "the Prototype" Cena would badmouth Chris Jericho last week, Jericho who is still out via injury after the career shortening Hell in a Cell match with Triple H back at Judgment Day two months ago, has yet to make his return to Smackdown however, when a video package hyping up his inevitable comeback for the Summer aired, Cena would take this oppertunity to explain how he is better then Jericho at everything and gain heat. Will Cena continue his verbal assault on Jericho or will Jericho have something to say about it? Will Jericho appear this week on the 4th of July episode of Smackdown or is something else in store for the 'Prototype'.

Last week rookie Randy Orton gained a surprise shocker of a victory over Lance Storm. Will Randy Orton's luck continue or will things pan out differently for the third generation superstar in their rematch this week?

Last week we saw the debut of Devon Dudley's new persona, calling himself Reverend Devon and siding himself with one big individual, Brother Batista. Devon will be in action here tonight as well as appearances from Edge, the Hurricane, Christian, the Tag Team Champions Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty as well as many more.

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