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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE Raw Preview- 28/01/13

Just 24 hours after a massive Royal Rumble Pay per View, the superstars of the WWE will be back in action on Monday night Raw.

Wade Barrett shocked the world last night when he last eliminated The Rock to win the Royal Rumble and claim a place in the Main Event of Wrestlemania. The English superstar has promised to announce who he will face... tonight!

John Cena seemingly had The Royal Rumble won last night, when a masked man came out of the crowd and assaulted him with a lead pipe, costing him the match. Cena will be on Raw and will speak about this tonight!

In celebration of his successful title defence (albeit with some assistance) against The Rock last night, CM Punk has promised to make a victory speech to the WWE Universe.

Rey Mysterio made a surprise return as an entrant in last night’s Royal Rumble match. The Masked Warrior will be making his return to Raw tonight!

The Usos managed something of an upset victory over Team Rhodes Scholars last night, to become no1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team Titles. The Samoan Twins get their shot at the gold tonight, and they face the very team that helped them win this Sunday... Team Hell No!

The Miz assaulted Kofi Kingston after the Intercontinental Champion eliminated The Awesome One from the Rumble this Sunday. After that incident, The Miz and Kofi will come face to face tonight.

Kaitlyn finally realised her dream last night, and beat Eve to win the Divas Championship. But tonight, Eve gets her rematch for the gold.

And as if all that weren’t enough, The NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler will be on Raw this Monday!

Confirmed Matches:

Team Hell No vs The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Titles
Kaitlyn vs Eve for the Divas Championship
Ryback vs Titus O’Neil

Interested? The thread can be found here.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Dont ask questions ... just follow this link ...

Go on. Click it.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Fresh off the back of an amazing Survivor Series, Raw comes live for the first time under new General Manager Jerry "The King" Lawler. Lawler was named permanent GM last night by Chairman Of The Board Mr. McMahon, and The King has told there will be a major announcement regarding the WWE Championship tonight.

Lawler promised CM Punk a celebration if he was able to make it to one year as Champion, and Raw will open with Punk's Party after he was able to win a last man standing match against Ryback last night. Ryback looked set to have the match won before Kane, now seemingly under the control of AJ, interfered.

Ryback isn't the only one wanting answers from AJ and Kane; Daniel Bryan once again was betrayed by his former fiancee and tag team partner at Survivor Series.

Dolph Ziggler was moments away from cashing in his Money In The Bank contract on Big Show at Survivor Series before Sheamus, who was angry at not regaining his title, hit him with a Brogue Kick. Ziggler and Sheamus go one-on-one this week on Main Event, but will tensions rise before then?

There will also be fall-out from the traditional Survivor Series Tag match, where Zack Ryder managed to pin the United States Champion Antonio Cesaro before Wade Barrett pinned Ryder to get the win for his team.

Tag Team Champions Rhodes Scholars will be in action 24 hours after a controversial win over Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. What is next for the tag division?

And what is next for John Cena after winning his first PPV match since coming back from injury?

As we head into TLC, there will be twists and turns as the Road To WrestleMania 29 begins...

Confirmed matches:

Rhodes Scholars vs The Usos
Antonio Cesaro vs Santino
Sheamus & Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett & Big Show

The Rock | Undertaker | Triple H | Chris Jericho | Stone Cold

CM Punk | Dean Ambrose | Mark Henry | Daniel Bryan | Dolph Ziggler

Austin Aries | Jeff Hardy | AJ Styles | Bully Ray | Christopher Daniels
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WrestleMania results have FINALLY been posted. You can check the link in the sig, or just click this one, right HERE.

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

RAW POSTED! Royal Rumble Fallout, Triple H vs The Rock, Evolution's plan continues to grow, repercussions of the Shawn Michaels-Triple H Royal Rumble match ending, and much, much more!


WWE: The Takeover

Be The Booker - REP for feedback! - Just CLICK Above!

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

RAW is WAR Preview

Less than twenty-four hours removed from last nights Judgment Day event, speculation had been buzzing in regards to the health of The Undertaker following the match against Stone Cold Steve Austin and after further examination by top World Wrestling Federation officials and medical personnel it has now been discovered and confirmed that The Undertaker suffered a severe concussion following the sledgehammer shot from Triple H at the conclusion of the match and this is expected to keep the WWF superstar sidelined until at least the King of the Ring Pay-Per-View, if not later. Stone Cold Steve Austin has be allocated the opening slot for tonight's RAW is WAR to address the events of Judgment Day and also to address what lays ahead for him and the WWF Championship.

However, Austin may have his hands filled as quick as they became empty as new number one contenders to the WWF Tag Team Championships were determined last night at Judgment Day with Chris Jericho and a surprising partner, Chris Benoit able to defeat several other teams in tag team turmoil. Will Jericho & Benoit be announcing when their match with the WWF Tag Team Champions be made on RAW is WAR tonight?

The Intercontinental Champion, Kane is slated to defend his newly won gold less than twenty-four hours after capturing it for the first time in his gruelling chain match with Triple H but, shockingly Kane is not defending the championship against Triple H, instead the WWF Commissioner has ruled that Test will be the one to face The Big Red Machine for the prestigious gold. With the Big Red Machine beat up badly, can he possibly fight off the man who is almost equal in size to him and successfully retain the Intercontinental Championship or will Kane repeat history and have his name put in the books as one of the shortest reigns in history?

The WWF owner, Vince McMahon will also be in attendance tonight for RAW is WAR - it has been announced that Mr. McMahon has an announcement to make regarding the upcoming King of the Ring tournament and said tournament is expected to be kicked off as early as tonights RAW is WAR with many WWF Superstars scrambling to earn the prestigious trophy.

Also, Olympic Gold Medallist, Kurt Angle will be in attendance tonight and will most certainly have something to say regarding his victory over Chris Benoit at last nights Judgment Day and there will be hardcore action when Rhyno defends his WWF Hardcore Championship against The Big Show.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview- 04 February 2013
Episode #1028

Thread: WWE 2013

Just thirteen nights away from what is shaping up to be a massive WWE Elimination Chamber Pay Per View, we have an episode of Monday Night Raw which could change the landscape of the WWE .

In a shocking announcement last Monday, The Rock told the WWE Universe he is the new General Manager of Raw. And his first act as GM was to force CM Punk to defend his WWE Title, against Ryback, inside a steel cage... tonight!

Can the Champ find a way to keep his record breaking title run going? Or will Big Hungry finally take what has been stolen from him time and time again.

At the Royal Rumble Triple H made a shocking return to attack Brock Lesnar, which resulted in a Pedigree onto the Stage. Tonight, The Game makes his return to Raw, to address both Brock Lesnar, and the WWE Universe. What will the game have to say? And how will The Perfect Storm react?

After stunning the world last Monday when he announced his desires to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, The Royal Rumble winner Wade Barrett has more words for the WWE Universe, tonight.

Two of the hopefuls for the chamber match in two weeks time, John Cena and Rey Mysterio, will square off on Monday Night Raw. Which one of these fan favourites will get a huge momentum boost heading into Elimination Chamber?

After being on the receiving end of a vicious attack from Elimination Chamber opponent Dolph Ziggler this past Friday Night, former World Champion Alberto Del Rio will be in action, when he faces The Miz. Miz, having turned his attack on the fans by assaulting Kofi Kingston last week, will be looking to boost his momentum as he competes in the WWE Title Elimination Chamber Match.

The new Tag Team Champions will be in action this Monday, as they face the team of Primo & Epico. Will the Tag Champs continue their run of stellar form? Or will Rosa Mendes’ boys be able to grab a win and catapult themselves into the Tag Title picture?

Having lost the Tag Team Titles to the Usos this past Monday, and failing to regain them in a rematch this past Friday, will Team Hell No be able to regain some momentum as they look to earn a World title Match at Wrestlemania, by winning the Elimination Chamber. The Dysfunctional Duo face The Primetime Players on Raw.

Plus: The new Divas Champion Kaitlyn looks to continue her hot streak of form, when she faces Layla tonight!

Announced Matches:

Kaitlyn vs Layla
Heath Slater vs R-Truth
Team Hell No vs The Primetime Players
The Usos vs Primo & Epico
The Miz vs Alberto Del Rio
Rey Mysterio vs John Cena
Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship: CM Punk vs Ryback
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Monday Night Raw – 15 June – Tuscan, Arizona

The penultimate episode of Monday Night Raw before the WWE head to England for WWE Fully Loaded is sure to be a fiery one as we come to you from Tuscan, Arizona!

Last week, The Undertaker abducted Legacy members Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. This led to a frantic search from Randy Orton, but the WWE Champion was left disappointed as he was unable to find either Rhodes or DiBiase. While his search took place, he bumped into the Raw General Manager, Jerry Lawler who booked him in a match against MVP. Orton won the match in the end but it was the aftermath which got people talking. The Undertaker appeared, ushered down two crosses from the ceiling with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase on them. Randy Orton was as shocked as anyone, even some of the fans were a little shocked at seeing Ted and Cody chained to the crosses, their heads limp. This rivalry is heating up and it’s going to get hotter tonight as Randy Orton will kick of the show for the second week running, with The Undertaker on his mind.

The Intercontinental Championship and World Tag Team Titles have been the subject of a war between Rey Mysterio and his friends Cryme Tyme and their rivals The Monarchy. Tonight, we will see Rey Mysterio in action as he takes on the man who cost him the Intercontinental Title at Judgment Day, Wade Barrett. Barrett has pledged that he will defeat Mysterio and soften him up for Regal and the other members of The Monarchy at Fully Loaded. Meanwhile, Cryme Tyme will be in the building tonight, and we can be sure of some mischief when they are around.

TheMizTV came on for another episode last week when The Miz had Shawn Michaels as his very special guest. Before introducing The Heartbreak Kid, The Miz ran down his rival, saying he was the biggest waste of space on the roster, this led to a fired up Shawn Michaels, who gave Miz the verbal beat down so to speak. But that didn’t end there, after challenging The Miz to a match at Fully Loaded and after it was accepted, he knocked The Miz into next week with a huge Superkick. We know tonight that Shawn Michaels will take on Intercontinental Champion, William Regal in the main event tonight, but he will have to keep an eye out for The Miz.

Last week, CM Punk defeated Chris Masters and called out the man who attacked him the week before, Jack Swagger. Jerry Lawler announced that Punk would defend his Money in the Bank briefcase against Jack Swagger at Fully Loaded which was welcomed by both men. However, later in the show, Punk confronted Jerry Lawler and asked for a chance at Swagger next week, he was granted the chance but in a tag team match and he would allow both Punk and Swagger to pick their own partners. We can now reveal that both Punk and Swagger have told us who they have chosen, since Swagger doesn’t have many friends on Raw, he has chosen Chris Masters while Punk has chosen TJ Perkins as his partner.

The Divas Division is beginning to heat up with the feud between Melina and Beth Phoenix picking up steam while we now know Katie Lea will take on Maryse for the Women’s Championship at Fully Loaded. With the Divas division beginning to thrive, there will no doubt be some fireworks between the Divas tonight.

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE SmackDown - 23rd November 2012

The fall-out from a dramatic Survivor Series continues with a stellar episode of Friday Night SmackDown. Confirmed ahead of time are two rematches from the PPV – Kane vs Daniel Bryan and The Miz vs R-Truth in non-title action. Kane and AJ are far from happy after Bryan cost Kane a shot at the WWE Championship this Monday on Raw, while Truth will be hoping to earn a second shot at Miz's Intercontinental Championship after coming up short at Survivor Series.

Also confirmed is a rematch from Main Event where Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler via disqualification after taking a shot to the head with Ziggler's MITB briefcase. Thing's are getting personal between the pair after Sheamus stopped Ziggler cashing in on Big Show, tonight they settle their differences in the ring.

World Heavyweight Champion Big Show is set to open the show when he goes one-on-one with Randy Orton, who is building good momentum since returning from injury as he looks to get a shot at Show's title.

Zack Ryder Tweeted today that he has a few choice words for United States Champion Antonio Cesaro on SmackDown. Ryder eliminated Cesaro from the traditional elimination tag match at Survivor Series, something Cesaro did not appreciate. He took his frustrations out on Ryder's friend Santino this Monday on Raw before Long Island Iced Z came to the rescue.

There is also fall-out from the Tag Team Championship match at Survivor Series where Rhodes Scholars retained against Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara in controversial fashion. Sandow is in singles action against Kofi Kingston.

Confirmed Matches:
Big Show vs Randy Orton in a non-title match.

Damien Sandow vs Kofi Kingston

The Miz vs R-Truth in a non-title rematch.

Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus

Kane vs Daniel Bryan

WWE SmackDown - 23rd November 2012

The Rock | Undertaker | Triple H | Chris Jericho | Stone Cold

CM Punk | Dean Ambrose | Mark Henry | Daniel Bryan | Dolph Ziggler

Austin Aries | Jeff Hardy | AJ Styles | Bully Ray | Christopher Daniels
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview- 9/9/05- Nashville; Tennessee

Smackdown heads to Nashville this Friday and the Tennessee faithful are in for an absolute treat as the WWE Championship will be defended as John Cena puts his gold on the line against the legendary Phenom, The Undertaker!!

The Deadman was named number one contender at the end of last week’s show following a tag team match that saw Taker team with Kurt Angle in a makeshift tandem to take on another strange pairing in John Cena and Randy Orton. Teddy Long made the stipulation clear, whoever would impress, whoever could co exist, whoever could show teamwork would be named the next in line to face John Cena. Randy Orton certainly impressed but he most definitely didn’t co exist with his partner, instead he delivered a stinging RKO to the Doctor of Thuganomics which left Cena a sitting duck for The Undertaker. However Taker wouldn’t have the last laugh as Kurt Angle tagged himself in, tossing his own partner out of his way to score the victory over the champion. Despite the victory and despite an impressive display, neither Angle nor Orton got the verdict they hoped for as The Undertaker was awarded the title shot, will the Deadman take full advantage and rise to the top of the food chain once again? Or will John Cena show his usual heart, determination and will to win, overcoming perhaps his toughest test to date? Plus, you have to wonder just what role if any Kurt Angle and Randy Orton have to play as their hunt for the WWE Title continues.

Also confirmed for this Friday night, Carlito will get another crack at United States Champion, Matt Hardy in non title action. Teddy Long has however made it clear that if Carlito can somehow defeat the red hot Hardy, he WILL earn another shot at the championship he pursues. Can the Apple Spitter finally get one over on his rival or will Hardy once again put one over on Smackdown’s ‘Coolest’ superstar?

The situation between MNM and the duo of Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio continues to heat up as we edge ever closer towards their No Mercy showdown. The champions have pleaded their case time and again as to why Van Dam and Mysterio shouldn’t be getting another opportunity at the gold they’ve failed to win on three separate occasions but Teddy Long has continued to deny their pleas. This week in Nashville we have learned that MNM will head to the ring and will give their thoughts on their upcoming clash with their high flying challengers. Will MNM again try to talk their way out of this clash? Will Teddy Long again bear the brunt of their frustrations? And will the challengers have anything to say in response to the arrogant A-Listers?

The Cruiserweight Champion will be in action this Friday night as Gregory Helms goes one on one with Shannon Moore. Helms and his partner Chavo Guerrero have been on the backfoot in recent weeks with Paul London and Brian Kendrick gaining momentum in their quest to earn London his title back. Will the self proclaimed ‘Hooliganz’ disrupt Helms plans once more tonight or will Helms and Chavo send a statement to the daredevil duo?

Two weeks ago John Bradshaw Layfield heinously assaulted Bobby Lashley with us all wondering exactly why. We’ve still yet to hear a response from the Wall Street Warrior but this Friday night, the self-proclaimed ‘Wrestling God’ will be in action and he has promised to give us answers. Just what will Mr.Layfield have to say on all things related to Bobby Lashley?

And finally, after weeks of hype, this Friday marks the debut of JTG and Shad Gaspard, better known as 'Cryme Tyme'. The boys from Brooklyn are known for their antics outside the ring but just what can they produce in it as they take on the dangerous duo of Jamie Noble and Kid Kash, The Pitbulls!!

All this and so much more to come on another blockbuster show this Friday night in Nashville!!

Confirmed for this week’s Smackdown:

WWE Championship:

John Cena© vs The Undertaker

Matt Hardy vs Carlito

Gregory Helms vs Shannon Moore


We will hear from MNM

Cryme Tyme vs The Pitbulls

JBL will be in action and will reveal answers regarding Bobby Lashley

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