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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

It's been a while ...

... 17.12.12
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Originally Posted by iMac View Post
~Monday Night Raw~
April 23rd, 2007
Manchester Evening News Arena
Manchester, England

The WWE has taken the show on the road this week as both the Raw and SmackDown rosters have descended upon the United Kingdom, with Manchester, England playing host to the final Monday Night Raw before this Sunday’s Backlash pay per view.

The pressure was firmly on the shoulders of John Cena last week as he stepped into the ring with Bobby Lashley in a WrestleMania rematch that would decide who would face WWE Champion Rob Van Dam at Backlash for the most prestigious prize in sports entertainment. Not only was expectation high for Cena, but there also was ‘RVD’ calling on Cena to forget his involvement in last week’s battle of the boardroom and focus on beating Lashley. Cena delivered, setting up the showdown both he, Van Dam and the fans wanted to see, meaning the pressure is firmly back on ‘RVD’ this week. It was Mr. McMahon himself who signed off on tonight’s main event, a Champion vs. Champion Match pitting Van Dam against the Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra. No doubt Cena, McMahon and Lashley will all have their say on the matter, but with ‘RVD’ seeking to prove his credentials as the man to carry Raw, tonight could prove to be the ideal opportunity for him to do so with Backlash just six days away.

The clock continues to tick down to what is shaping up to be one of the most brutal battles in WWE history, namely the No Holds Barred Match between bitter rivals Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Last week, ‘The Game’ gave his thoughts on the matter of his former friendship with Michaels in a highly charged interview with Jim Ross, while Michaels was in action as he picked up a victory over Jeff Hardy. This week, the roles are reversed as we hear from Michaels after he gave an interview to Joey Styles, while Triple H will step into the ring with a bona-fide Shawn Michaels protégé, Michaels’ former student, Lance Cade. Cade and his tag team partner Trevor Murdoch will both no doubt be looking to soften up ‘The Game’ ahead of this Sunday, but given the mood Triple H was in last week, it could all backfire on The Redneck Wrecking Crew once Cade steps inside the square circle.

After teaming up with Mickie James to beat Kenny Dykstra and Torrie Wilson last week, Carlito finally has his wish as he gets another shot at Dykstra and the Intercontinental Championship this Sunday in a WrestleMania XXIII rematch. Tonight though, ‘Lito brings a little Caribbean flavour to Manchester as he hosts the first ever U.K. edition of Carlito’s Cabana! And his guest? None other than Dykstra himself. Expect the insults and maybe even the fists to fly when those two stand toe to toe in the ring in what is sure to be an explosive situation.

Elsewhere, with two tag team matches lined up for this Sunday, the participants will collide as CM Punk of The Straight Edge Saints takes on one half of the World Tag Team Champions, Shelton Benjamin, while after seeing Melina defeat Natalya Niedhart last week, Harry Smith looks to regain the momentum for The Hart Legacy as he takes on Chris Masters in his father, the late, great Davey Boy Smith’s, hometown. And all three participants in this Sunday’s Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match will meet, as the strained relationship between Beth Phoenix and Victoria is put to the test when they team up to face Mickie James and Candice Michelle.

All this and more on what's sure to be a night where the United Kingdom well and truly feels the backlash!

Confirmed Matches:

Rob Van Dam vs. Kenny Dykstra

Triple H vs. Lance Cade
CM Punk vs. Shelton Benjamin
Harry Smith vs. Chris Masters
Mickie James and Candice Michelle vs. Beth Phoenix and Victoria

Carlito hosts an edition of Carlito’s Cabana with his guest, Kenny Dykstra!

Plus!! Joey Styles sits down for an interview with Shawn Michaels regarding his upcoming match with Triple H at Backlash. Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy are both in the building, with Orton scheduled to compete against a local competitor, and we’ll catch up on all the fallout from last week’s boardroom showdown.
Show now posted here.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Chapter 2 in "WWE 2005: The New Era in Professional Wrestling" is posted here.

Here is the preview for WWE No Way Out, which is scheduled to be posted this Saturday or Sunday.


Official Preview for WWE No Way Out

WWE Championship; Steel Cage Match:
John Bradshaw Layfield © vs. Kurt Angle

Royal Rumble: The Royal Rumble, as we know, didn’t go as planned for neither man. JBL was expecting to walk into the Rumble match with The Cabinet in tow, but Theodore Long, Smackdown’s G.M. made sure that wasn’t going to happen. Meanwhile, the Olympic Hero was expecting to win the WWE Championship for the fifth time in his career. However, he couldn’t, as JBL hit the Clothesline From Hell after fourteen grueling minutes, and once again swiftly defended his championship.

SD! February 3rd: Theodore Long opened up the broadcast, and stated that he was proud of all of the wrestlers on the blue brand that had great performances, especially Rob Van Dam who of course won the Royal Rumble Match. He also said that he was especially happy in both Kurt Angle and John Bradshaw Layfield. This brought JBL out, and he would ask Long why he would be happy about somebody that lost. After a tirade from The Wrestling God, Kurt Angle surged out of the entranceway and flew ahead, causing the WWE Champion to flee. Long then, with Kurt in the ring, announced that later on in the evening, Angle would compete in a No. 1 Contender’s Match against… Big Show… the United States Champion, John Cena… and The Undertaker!!!

~ In said contest, all four men performed excellently, knowing the stakes at hand, and each person found themselves in different positions to win the contendership. However, as Undertaker looked like he was going to win the match, HEIDENREICH raced down the ring, smothered in dirt (from being in the casket, which was then placed six feet under, of course) and beat down The Undertaker with the referee incapacitated. He plucked him up from the ground and delivered a powerful clothesline, before going out of the ring. Kurt Angle, rising to his feet, saw this, and with Guerrero and Cena both trying to get to their feet, he quickly pounced, and hooked the legs of The Deadman, and became the Number One Contender!!! Later on, it would be found out that during the match, while attempting a Chokeslam on John Cena, Big Show was elbowed in the face, and then clotheslined out of the ring. While he fell to the ground, Big Show landed awkwardly, and as it turned out, his quadriceps muscle tore completely off the bone. Big Show’s injury was noted to put him on the shelf for 8-12 months.

SD! February 10th: Before the show airs, we’re in the locker room of JBL and we see him looking extremely confident. Why? We find out that Layfield has instructed Orlando Jordan, and The Basham Brothers to take on #1 Contender Kurt Angle in a Gauntlet Match. He’s so confident that, we find out, he’ll allow Kurt Angle to determine the stipulation for the title match at No Way Out, should he run the Gauntlet. Fearless, John doesn’t appear to have any doubt that Kurt WON’T win run the Gauntlet, and the show begins.

~ The main event sees Kurt Angle attempt to run the gauntlet. First up, the Chief of Staff gives Kurt Angle just about all that he can give. Four minutes later, however, Kurt puts him away after hitting an Angle Slam. Next, The Basham Brothers come down to the ring, and we see the WWE Champion come down the ramp as well. The Bashams give Kurt a lot of trouble, but, about six minutes later, after tossing Danny over the top rope, sending him down to the floor, he slaps the Ankle Lock on Doug!!! After about thirty seconds of struggle, Angle grapevines, and Doug taps out!!! Angle has ran the gauntlet!!!! Right?

~ Not so much. JBL gets on the mic and tells Kurt to quit celebrating. When he said that he had to run the gauntlet, he wasn’t talking about a Handicap-style Match for this portion. He has to beat BOTH Bashams, and we see from behind, as the referee is towards JBL, that Danny has the tag team title belt in his hands, and he BLASTS IT IN BETWEEN THE EYES OF THE OLYMPIAN!!! He tosses the title away and makes the cover, and Layfield screams on the mic for the referee to turn around and do his job. He does that, and he counts… … … but Angle gets the shoulder up!!! Layfield angrily rants and walks around the ringside area, as Danny lays a beating on Angle with a few furious rights. He picks him up and kicks him in the gut, and then runs off the ropes. Desperately, Kurt reaches out and grabs Danny on his return, and hits him with an overhead belly-to-back suplex!!!

~ Angle then digs deep and hits an Angle Slam (!!!) and goes for the cover, but JBL grabs the referee by his ankles and pulls him out of the ring, and delivers the Clothesline From Hell!!! The crowd boos, and Layfield goes into the ring and stomps all over the Olympic Hero. Suddenly though, Rey Mysterio, and the Royal Rumble Winner Rob Van Dam race down to the ring!!! Rey gets onto the apron, but ducks as JBL goes to throw a right hand. Meanwhile, Van Dam slithers into the ring and bides his time, and then after Layfield turns around, he delivers a spinning heel kick!!! Rey then runs off the apron and hits a hurricanrana on a now-revived Doug Basham!!! RVD then, after taking out JBL, grabs Danny Basham and monkey flips him onto his back. Van Dam looks around, and decides to then go out of the ring and attack JBL again, backing him up the ramp, while we see Kurt Angle getting back up to his feet.

~ After a few more moments of waiting, Angle hits the Angle Slam again on Danny Basham, and gets the three count victory. As we see JBL getting up to his feet after being knocked down by Rob Van Dam, Kurt gets on the mic… … and announces he wants the title match to be held inside A FIFTEEN-FOOT HIGH STEEL CAGE!!!

SD! February 17th: After sharing some backstage encounters before the match, JBL and Kurt Angle meet up in a six-man tag team main event, with Layfield teaming up with The Basham Brothers. Kurt, though, teams up with Royal Rumble Winner Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio, the team that will challenge The Basham Bros. at No Way Out on Sunday. In the contest, Kurt and JBL shy away from one another, before we get them in the middle of the ring towards the finish. They battle for several minutes, before Danny Basham tries to get involved. However, RVD sends him packing with a roundhouse kick to the face, and then Kurt Angle slaps the Ankle Lock on JBL!!! He wrenches away, before grapevining, and causes JBL to tap out!!!


WWE United States Championship; Triple Threat Match:
John Cena © vs. Booker T vs. Eddie Guerrero

SD! February 3rd: Following confrontations at the Royal Rumble, where Booker T actually eliminated Eddie Guerrero, the two men take on each other on this episode of Smackdown! Guerrero comes very, very close to besting Booker, and tries to pull his lying, cheating, and stealing efforts when he grabs the ring bell and tosses it to Booker and goes to lay down. However, Booker shoos it away and punches Eddie in the gut, and then grabs the ring bell and tosses it to Eddie, and falls down himself!!! The referee turns and sees this, and calls for the bell!! Booker T rolls out of the ring smirking a few seconds later, and laughs at Eddie, knowing full well that he outsmarted him. Later on in the show, as U.S. Champion John Cena is walking to the gorilla position, Booker stops him in his tracks, and tells him that despite the fact that Cena has the WWE Championship on his mind, he hasn’t forgotten about the U.S. Title, and that Cena shouldn’t either.

SD! February 10th: It comes to the attention of Theodore Long and the WWE Board of Directors that Booker T put in a petition to become the No. 1 Contender for the WWE United States Championship. So, Long calls Booker into his office, and feeling confident, Booker believes that he is probably going to be granted his shot. So, he asks, and Long tells him that he has been informed by the B.O.D. that someone else put in a petition as well. That person? Eddie Guerrero. Booker’s eyes widen and he feels incredibly wronged, and Long tells him that the only fair way to go about things, is to make a Triple Threat Match for the WWE United States Championship at No Way Out, and that’s what he has done. Booker competes later on against Nunzio, and wins, but after the match, Eddie Guerrero comes out and attacks Booker, getting him back for last week.

SD! February 17th: The U.S. Champion John Cena takes on Eddie Guerrero in an extremely solid television contest, a “No Way Out Preview” match as dubbed by Theodore Long. Cena, near the finish, props Eddie up on his shoulders, but Eddie grabs onto the ropes to prevent being hit with the F-U. He does so for a short while, before grabbing Cena with his feet by the neck, and he takes him down with a headscissors!! We then see Booker T saunter down the ramp, and he grabs Eddie’s attention, and gets up onto the apron. Eddie takes a swing but Booker gets off the apron just before he can strike him. Eddie then turns around, and walks right into a F-U from Cena!!! Cena gets the cover, and makes the pin fall, as Booker widely smiles. With The Doctor of Thuganomics’ back turned, Booker T gets in the ring and tries to surprise Cena and he does!! Booker hits a few strikes to his back, weakening the already weak U.S. Champ, and then looks to hit the Scissors Kick, but John Cena ducks it at the last second!! Staggering, Booker turns around, and Cena props him up on his shoulders!!! Selling his tiredness, The Franchise takes a few moments to gather strength, before planting him with the F-U as well!! Cena raises up his custom U.S. Title in the air as he walks away, still selling his beating from Eddie, and waves his hand in front of his face.

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
The Basham Brothers © vs. Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam

Aside from the matchmaking process, which was Theodore Long announcing the match on WWE.COM following the 2/10 edition of SmackDown!, this story was essentially told through the Kurt Angle-JBL saga.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship; Open Invitational Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero challenges ANY cruiserweight in the world to compete for the Cruiserweight Championship

SD! February 3rd: Chavo Guerrero takes on Funaki with the Cruiserweight Championship on the line. The two put on a very, very solid cruiserweight contest, with both being able to go without serious restrictions. The match goes until the eight-minute and twenty-three second mark, when we see Funaki go for a top-rope hurricanrana. Chavo however holds onto him, and climbs down off the second rope, and then hits the Gory Bomb!!! Chavo makes the cover, the referee counts to three, and we have a NEW Cruiserweight Champion of the World!!!

SD! February 10th: Chavo, giving himself the night off, comes on-screen during the broadcast via satellite from his home in El Paso, Texas. He says that he is extremely proud of himself for becoming the Cruiserweight Champion for the fifth time in his career. That five times, he says, dating back to the Cruiserweight Championship’s early history in WCW, is third all time. He says that, even though he doesn’t think he will, he only needs four more reigns as Cruiserweight Champion to have the most reigns of all time. He continues on, noting the great cruiserweights he has beaten over time, and announces that he wants to challenge ANY cruiserweight in the entire world to a match at No Way Out, with the Cruiserweight Championship on the line. He says that he is sick and tired of facing the guys on Smackdown, so he wants to open things up, and he got the WWE Board of Directors’ approval.

SD! February 17th: As a part of the “No Way Out” preview show from Theodore Long, Chavo Guerrero was instructed to take part in a tune up match of sorts, against Shannon Moore. Moore put up a pretty good fight against the Cruiserweight Champion, proving his own worth and making Chavo look pretty good in the process. In the end, it was Guerrero who came out on top, as he would hit a Gory Bomb on Moore, and then ascended to the top rope, and planted him with a Frog Splash, reminiscent of his uncle, and picked up the 1-2-3 for the victory. Chavo got his Cruiserweight Title belt afterwards and hoisted it up, and into the camera, shouted, “TO ALL OF THE CRUISERWEIGHTS IN THE WORLD… THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE DEALING WITH, AND THIS RIGHT HERE IS WHAT YOU AREN’T GOING TO GET!!!”

The Final Encounter:
The Undertaker vs. Heidenreich

Royal Rumble: The Undertaker defeated Heidenreich in a Casket Match.

SD! February 3rd: In the No. 1 Contender’s Fatal Four-Way Match, all four men performed excellently, knowing the stakes at hand, and each person found themselves in different positions to win the contendership. However, as Undertaker looked like he was going to win the match, HEIDENREICH raced down the ring, smothered in dirt (from being in the casket, which was then placed six feet under, of course) and beat down The Undertaker with the referee incapacitated. He plucked him up from the ground and delivered a powerful clothesline, before going out of the ring. Kurt Angle, rising to his feet, saw this, and with Guerrero and Cena both trying to get to their feet, he quickly pounced, and hooked the legs of The Deadman, and became the Number One Contender!!!

SD! February 10th: From a graveyard in a pre-recorded promo, Heidenreich delivers a disturbing, gruesome promo about how he was placed in the casket, and then the casket was placed six feet under. He talked about how he “felt he was dead,” with the worms and the maggots crawling on his skin, but he was given a second chance by a higher power, and the higher power told him that he had to fulfill his own destiny. So that’s why last week he came down to the ring and attacked The Undertaker, and thwarted his chances of becoming the WWE Champion again. Heidenreich offered a challenge to The Undertaker, to one more match, one more encounter, and if Heidenreich were to lose, the WWE would never, ever see him again. He wanted an answer by next Thursday, or he said he would drastic measures would be taken…

SD! February 17th: Heidenreich was scheduled for a match against a local talent, but as he was making his way to the ring, Heidenreich swooped down the ramp and brutally attacked him. After about thirty seconds of nonsensical beating, he eventually would powerbomb him through the announce table!!! The crowd booed, as Heidenreich grabbed the microphone, and called out The Undertaker. After moments of waiting, The Undertaker would show up… ON THE TRON!!! Undertaker would go on about how he feels like he didn’t finish the job at the Royal Rumble, and went on to accept the deranged Heidenreich’s challenge. After saying that Heidenreich would rest in peace, Heidenreich shouted at the screen. The lights then hit in the arena, and then came back on, and The Deadman was there!!! These two would brawl in the ring, and then outside of it as well. The Undertaker looked to Chokeslam him on floor, but Heidenreich would kick him in the groin! With him stunned, Heidenreich then backed away, before hitting him with a football-like tackle into the barricade… BUSTING IT AND BREAKING IT DOWN!!!!

Singles Match:
Charlie Haas vs. Billy Kidman

Velocity February 5th: In an encounter on Velocity, Billy Kidman attacked Charlie Haas from behind when they were scheduled to have a match. Haas would try to valiantly fight back, but Kidman would fight back himself, and eventually drove him HARD into the wall a few times, before suplexing him onto a wooden crate. He then, as he was developing a ‘mean streak’ of sorts, would grab a rolling black chest, would wheel it over near Haas and run it straight into his gut!!! Haas collapsed, and Kidman laughed, before heading to the ring. He demanded that the match start, and got his wish. The referee then counted to ten, and he would get there, leaving Kidman as the “winner,” as the former multi-time Cruiserweight Champion began to celebrate.

SD! February 10th: A return match was scheduled for this week, and it went on as scheduled this time. Haas and Kidman put on a pretty solid contest, all things considered, and the finish arrived shortly after the seven-minute mark. Billy Kidman went for the Shooting Star Press, but Charlie Haas moved!!! Billy found the presence of mind and body to land on his feet, and Haas then scampered over and rolled him up … … … and got the three count victory!!!! Haas went to the outside, and celebrated the victory pretty loudly. Kidman, pretty pissed off at himself and Charlie, threw a tantrum in the ring, before heading up the ramp and attacking Haas. This time, though, Charlie was ready for it, and fought back, and eventually locked Kidman in the Haas of Pain!!! The crowd cheered, as referees and other backstage workers came out and tried to separate the two, and eventually they did. To the crowd’s delight, Haas backed away with his arms up in the air, getting the ever-allusive form of payback.

SD! February 17th: On this night, both Charlie Haas and Billy Kidman were instructed to get tag team partners to face each other. Haas would go on to select Hardcore Holly, while Kidman would go on to select Spike Dudley. These two teams met early on in the broadcast, and would put on a pretty decent, at max **3/4 tag team match on television, which all things considered, is pretty damn good. Kidman would find the edge, tripping up Haas on the apron, before hitting the BK Bomb!!! As Spike Dudley was scratching and clawing on Holly, Kidman would get the pin fall, and roll into No Way Out with some much-needed momentum!!


Date: February 20th, 2005
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Mellon Arena
Event Music: Fozzy; Enemy

WWE Championship; Steel Cage Match:
John Bradshaw Layfield © vs. Kurt Angle

Rob Van Dam Makes His WrestleMania Title Decision:
Will Rob Van Dam fight for JBL’s WWE Championship, or will he jump to Raw, and fight for Randy Orton’s World Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat Match with the Road to WrestleMania Tournament Winner?

WWE United States Championship; Triple Threat Match:
John Cena © vs. Booker T vs. Eddie Guerrero

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
The Basham Brothers © vs. Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam

WWE Cruiserweight Championship; Open Invitational Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero challenges ANY cruiserweight in the world to compete for the Cruiserweight Championship

The Final Encounter:
The Undertaker vs. Heidenreich

Singles Match:
Charlie Haas vs. Billy Kidman


Predictions Contest:

1. Predict the Match Order (1 Point for Every Correct Placement)
2. How many championships will change hands? (1 Point for Every Correct Title Change)
3. Who will be involved in the biggest spot of the night? If you have any idea, what will the spot be? (3 Points)
4. What will be the reason for Shelton Benjamin’s appearance at WWE No Way Out? (3 Points)
5. Who will be the opponent in Chavo Guerrero’s Cruiserweight Championship Open Invitational? (3 Points)

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Originally Posted by cp954 View Post
WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview- 26/08/05- Hampton, Virginia

We are five nights removed from a wild and exciting night at Summerslam where a number of Smackdown superstars stole the show while others found things to be a little more frustrating.

One of those men who found Summerslam to be frustrating was the man who challenged for the WWE Championship, Kurt Angle. Angle came up short in his quest for gold, being toppled by John Cena, however it wasn’t without controversy. Cena delivered a devastating FU off the top rope, covering the Wrestling Machine and scoring the three count, only for replays to show Angle’s foot was on the bottom rope. In what was such a huge match on a huge stage, the mistake will have left Angle irate and we have learned that he will kick off Friday Night Smackdown and demand answers as to what went down in Washington. Just what will Angle have to say as we head to Hampton? Will the WWE Champion himself, John Cena have anything to say on the matter? All we do know, is it’s bound to be explosive.

At the opposite end of the scale, Summerslam was a memorable night for Randy Orton as the Legend Killer defeated The Undertaker in impressive fashion. Orton pulled off one of the biggest wins of his career and later in the night made his intentions clear, the WWE Championship is next on his agenda. Will Orton make his first move tonight or will he be stopped in his tracks, perhaps by an angry Phenom?

Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio appear to finally be on the path to figuring out who screwed them at the Bash as they seek another shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles. Tonight on Smackdown, Teddy Long has vowed to call out MNM and demand answers regarding just exactly what transpired all those weeks ago. MNM are sure to deny the allegations but will the General Manager be able to find a break through? Or will Van Dam and Mysterio fall short once again in their quest for redemption?

The United States Title was defended at Summerslam as Matt Hardy defeated Carlito. However, it was the aftermath that left people talking as Carlito viciously assaulted Hardy backstage, clearly furious at having been ousted by the champion. Due to that attack Matt Hardy will NOT be on hand for Smackdown tonight but we know Carlito will be. Will the Apple Spitter have anything to say about his actions this past Sunday or is it simply all about the gold for Smackdown’s ‘Coolest’ superstar?

Bobby Lashley picked up the biggest win of his career thus far Sunday night, defeating JBL in a smash mouth contest. Lashley has dominated since coming to Friday nights and will be in action once more this evening. Will Lashley’s hot streak continue? Or will he finally be put in his place, perhaps by the ‘Wrestling God’ himself, John Bradshaw Layfield?

Also confirmed for tonight, the Cruiserweight Champion will be in action as Gregory Helms faces Brian Kendrick. Helms has requested this match in order to prove to Paul London that all the back up he can find will result in nothing as he looks to topple Helms and his acquaintance, Chavo Guerrero. Plus, Booker T will be in action as he takes on Chris Masters in a battle between two men both coming out of recent rivalries and both looking to step up the ladder on Friday nights once again.

Confirmed for Smackdown:

Kurt Angle will kick off the show!

Gregory Helms vs Brian Kendrick

Booker T vs Chris Masters

Teddy Long will call out MNM


Bobby Lashley will be in action

Appearances from Randy Orton and WWE Champion John Cena!!
Now posted!
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

*Tomorrow night*

The WWE Championship will be defended for the first time ever in the Royal Rumble match by Triple H, the number one entrant.

John Cena & CM Punk will collide for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship in a No Holds Barred match after their controversial title match at Night of Champions last month.

Two more titles will be on the line with Matt Sydal defending the United States Championship against Dolph Ziggler. Paul London & Brian Kendrick's first title defence is against the former champions, The Empire.

Kofi Kingston locks horns with his brother, Jay Lethal for the right to compete in the Royal Rumble match and win a shot at the WWE Championship.

John Morrison & Justin Gabriel will join forces in a grudge match against their rivals, The Miz & Zack Ryder.

*The show will be posted tomorrow night at some point, around 9/10pm UK time.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

5.12.12 Entertainment will be personified!
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Preview For January 17th TNA Impact
Originally Posted by

If Angle wins, he and Styles get one last shot at the Tag Team Titles. If Daniels wins, Angle and Styles must split up: Kurt Angle Vs Christopher Daniels
With the way the TNA Tag Team Championship match panned out last week on Impact, Kurt Angle and AJ Styles have been given the opportunity to earn themselves one more shot at the titles as Kurt Angle goes one on one with Christopher Daniels. There is a stipulation attached to the match that could see things in the tag team scene drastically change. If Kurt defeats Christopher Daniels, he and AJ will be given one last shot at the TNA Tag Team Championships. However, if Daniels manages to defeat Angle, Styles and Angle must split up as a team. With such a huge stipulation hanging over this match, will Angle be able to rise to the occasion and defeat Daniels to earn another Tag Title shot? Or will Christopher Daniels finally put an end to the team that has been a thorn in his side for the last 6 months?

Joey Ryan & Zema Ion Vs John Hennigan & Chris Sabin
Having just won the TNA Television Championship, Joey Ryan is now firmly established as a power player in TNA and that has also planted a target firmly on his chest. Having already pinned the champion in his first match with the company, John Hennigan is looking to establish himself as one of the next in line for a TNA Television Title shot. On the other side of this match, Chris Sabin won his return match and wants a match with Zema Ion, whether it's for the TNA X-Division Title or not. If Hennigan and Sabin can pull out the win, they'll go a long way to convincing people that they are truly deserving of a title opportunity. Can they pick up a big win over the champions? Or are Ryan and Ion just too good for the high fliers?

Mr Anderson Vs D'Angelo Dinero
These two men went one on one on the three-hour Impact just a fortnight ago and, following a backstage confrontation, the two men agreed to go at it again this week on Impact. With Dinero already 1-0 up on Anderson, a second victory would surely see Dinero rocket up the rankings in terms of challenging for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. On the flip side, a win for Mr Anderson could help re-establish him as a title contender. Will Anderson avenge his loss two weeks ago? Or will Dinero go two for two?

Natalie Neidhart W/Beth Scarlet Vs Ayako Hamada
With the return of Ayako Hamada, the Knockouts Division gains another tenacious female competitor that could easily challenge for the Knockouts Championship. With the Knockouts Division growing by the minute, the competition is getting tougher and tougher but it's unlikely to faze Natalie Neidhart who, along with Beth Scarlet, plan to take apart the Knockouts Division, woman by woman. Will Hamada fall victim to this deadly duo? Or does she have enough skill to overcome two top Knockouts?

Samoa Joe calls out Dave Batista!
With things getting more and more heated as the weeks pass by, things could finally come to a head between Dave Batista and Samoa Joe when Joe calls Batista out this week on Impact. Having been screwed out of the TNA Television Championship by Batista last week, you can be sure he'll be out for blood should Batista answer the call. Only bad things can happen with these two combustible elements in the ring together!

Bobby Roode will be in attendance!
Having been absent from Impact last week due to what occurred between himself and King Mo, Bobby Roode has promised he will be on Impact this week. What he has to say is anyone's guess but you can be sure that Roode will have some kind of response to the actions of King Mo, having promised that Mo would 'pay for his sins'. It's anyone's guess what exactly Roode's plan is but you can be sure he definitely has one.

Hopefully show will be up either within the next 48 hours. Will edit to add link when it's up.

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE THE REVOLUTION Presents WWE TLC Live Sunday December 16 from the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, New York and what a bang the WWE Pay Per View calendar year is going to end with as TLC is set to present an action packed show.

After Survivor Series when Seth Rollins, Roman Reins and Dean Ambrose attacked Ryback in the triple threat match between WWE Champion CM Punk, Ryback and John Cena it was revealed 2 weeks later by CM Punk that this was the start of the revolution and that this was the beginning of a new era in the WWE he revealed that Rollins, Reins and Ambrose were a part of his new group called the Punk World Order and that they were going to revolutionise the WWE forever. Ryback has constantly been in pursuit of what is now known as the Punk World Order over the past month and has now been granted by Managing Raw Supervisor Vickie Guerrero a 3 on 1 handicap match against Seth Rollins, Roman Reins and Dean Ambrose, a match Ryback demanded so he could destroy all three men at the same time.

Also John Cena has been cleared by his doctor to compete and John Cena has challenged Dolph Ziggler to a tables match at TLC and Ziggler has accepted Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero have been trying for weeks to prove that former general manager AJ Lee had an affair with John Cena by showing evidence of their alleged affair well John Cena and AJ came out and showed their evidence that Vickie Guerrero has been guilty of fraternising with talent this past Monday night on Raw when they showed photos and footage of Vickie and Edge when they were together the WWE hall of famer Edge himself even appeared on Raw to reveal the details of their time together. Cena and AJ also showed footage and photos of Vickie and Dolph intimately together back when they were an item. This lead to Dolph Ziggler coming out and accepting Cena's challenge and making it a tables match at TLC.

Kofi Kingston and Wade Barrett have been going at it since Survivor Series Wade Barrett beat Kofi Kingston the night after Survivor Series which earned him a shot at Kofi's Intercontinental Title at TLC in what will be a ladder match.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara and the Prime Time Players have been trying to get a shot at the tag team titles they had a match to determine the number one contenders for the tag team titles which ended in a no contest due to interference from Team Hell No which then lead to managing Raw Supervisor Vickie Guerrero making it a three way TLC match for the Tag Team Championships at TLC.

Randy Orton and The Miz had a match to decide the number one contender for CM Punks WWE Championship in which Randy Orton was about to win when Alberto Del Rio interfered and off the interference from Del Rio the Miz took advantage and hit the Skull Crushing Finale and picked up the win to become number one contender for the WWE Championship. For weeks after this Orton has been in pursuit of Del Rio and now it is official Orton and Del Rio will collide in what will be The Final Battle as they take on each other in a No Holds Barred match at TLC.

Kaitlyn has earned one more shot at Eve's Divas Championship by winning a Diva battle royal to determine the number one contender for the Divas Title and Eve has raised the stakes for Kaitlyn by making a stipulation that if Kaitlyn does not win she will never have another Diva's Championship match for as long as Eve is Divas Champion.

Ever since Hell In A Cell when Big Show won the World Title from Shaemus we have seen Big Show and Shaemus build up an intense rivalry and after the controversial way the Big Show retained the World TItle against Shaemus at Survivor Series Booker T has granted Shaemus another shot at the World Title at TLC Big Show is set to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Shaemus in a chairs match.

The Miz has earned an opportunity to become a 2 time WWE Champion by beating Randy Orton in the number one contenders match and also The Miz has an opportunity to go to the Royal Rumble and face The Rock as WWE Champion. Over the weeks leading up to TLC CM Punk has been saying that The Miz doesn't even deserve to be in the same ring as him, Punk said that Miz left his Survivor Series team because The Miz was a coward. Miz countered that argument by saying what kind of leader abandons his team Miz said that the only reason Punk is still WWE Champion is because Miz never had a one on one shot at Punk and Miz guaranteed that at TLC he will walk out the new WWE Champion.

WWE TLC is live this Sunday and is set to be an awesome show and it will end 2012 for the WWE with a bang as this will be the last time WWE will be on PPV in 2012 so tune in because it is going to be a big one.

Official theme song for WWE TLC is Sandpaper by Fozzy (featuring M Shadows)

Pre Show
- David Otunga vs Brodus Clay
- Antonio Cesaro(c) vs R Truth for the United States Championship

1) Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio in the Final Battle No Holds Barred Match

2) Kofi Kingston(c) vs Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship in a Ladder Match

3) Kaitlyn vs Eve(c) for the Divas Championship

4) Ryback vs Seth Rollins, Roman Reins & Dean AMbrose in a 3 on 1 handicap match

5) Team Hell No(c) vs Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs The Prime Time Players in a TLC Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships

6) John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler in a tables match

7) Shaemus vs Big Show(c) in a Chairs match for the World Heavyweight Championship

8) The Miz vs CM Punk(c) for the WWE Championship in a TLC match
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Alright. I think I’ve got several people helping me with this beast.


But I still have a few things to get to and straighten out first…


But what if no one else follows through…? What if I don’t follow through…? Hell, what if the IC comes back and takes back over…


Oh well. That can all wait a bit. At least now I can enjoy a little bit of Thanksgiving dinner.


Kirby, what the hell are you trying to say?


That doesn’t make any sense.


What, my food? No way! You already inhaled yours! This is mine! You know this is the first actual food I’ve had since university started back!


Oh no…


No no no no no no no no no no no no…








Y’know what? I don’t care. Cry. Cry you hungry little shit.


Dammit. Stop crying. Would you stop if I gave you dessert?


Alright then. I know exactly what you - and everyone else for that matter - need for dessert.


~For every time you don’t read it, you make a college kid go hungry and a Kirby cry~

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, BTB Section


Oh, and the This is Exile take-home show is here


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.:Oblivion Edition 39/40 Recap NOW POSTED!!
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