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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Episode Four of WWE: The Sitcom is just about to be posted. As I feel 3 hours of Raw are too long, 3 acts per episode may be too long, so I will be reverting to a 2 act show from now on.


NaziCena and the Neo-Nazi's have a public service announcement, be sure to pay close attention!

AJ married the true love of her life, and father of her child, Joey Styles last week. How will Daniel Bryan and Kane react?!

Vince continues to climb the ranks, will the Chairman of the Board be back in power this week?!

(plus more, maybe)
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

New Be The Booker:

The Return of Awesome Kong.

Watch as Awesome Kong goes on a rampage against the KOs Division.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Originally Posted by Nige™ View Post

Monday Night Raw – Preview!
Monday 29th December 2008
Live from the Arizona Veterans Memorial Arena
Phoenix, Arizon

In what will be the final Raw of the year, we're all set for what should be an explosive end to 2008 after the bombshell Eric Bischoff dropped last week when he announced that for the first time in history, the WWE Championship will be defended in the Royal Rumble match!

That enormous responsibility falls on the head of Triple H, and The Game certainly let us all know how he feels about the huge challenge he faces in three weeks when he hit Raw's Head of Authority with a Pedigree at the end of last week's show. It may even have got worse had The Big Show not made his way down to the ring. From what we understand, Bischoff will be on Raw as usual this week and he has been thinking all week about an appropriate way to deal with the WWE Champion's actions last Monday night. Just what does Bischoff have in mind? It's just not Triple H who'll be wanting to find that out. Make sure you tune into Raw tonight to find out just how Bischoff plans to punish Triple H.

The news of Triple H's huge title defence spread to Smackdown last Friday night and 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels announced that he will be one of several Smackdown superstars looking to enter the Rumble and become the new WWE Champion. He wasn't the only one however, as Chris Jericho returned to reveal his intentions to head into WrestleMania 25 with the title. That however wasn't all Jericho had to say. He hadn't been on Smackdown for six weeks after refusing to be on the same show as John Cena. That won't be a problem now as Jericho stated that he is officially a Raw superstar. We also understand that Jericho is headed to Phoenix for tonight's show. What can we expect if that is indeed the case? Will it once again be Raw Is Jericho?!

We'll also get to see two title matches as we bring the curtain down on the eventful year that's been 2008, and we might just see if anyone is able to overcome the Women's Champion, Queen Kong. She's been absolutely unstoppable since her debut on Raw earlier this year, and she continued her dominant streak at Night of Champions just over a week ago when she defeated Melina to get her hands on the title that Gail Kim has previously held and will challenge for tonight. She'll be looking to cause an upset and inflict Kong's first defeat in the WWE as she fights to become Women's Champion again. Can she manage it or will Kong's dominance continue?

Also defending their championship gold tonight is the Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior's had a similar journey to the Women's Champion, only in recent weeks he's tasted defeat. After being pinned for the first time by Kofi Kingston last month before going onto retain his title at Night of Champions against Kofi eight days ago, Sheamus has had a couple of run-in's with The Undertaker. Two weeks ago he got himself disqualified in order to save himself for his title defence at the weekend, but last week he was ordered to face the phenom again which also resulted in him getting disqualified. The Intercontinental Champion was furious as he failed to put The Undertaker away, so much so he resorted to using a steel chair on The Dead-Man. Bischoff was obviously unhappy with his actions and has put him into a match with a former rival & fellow Irishman, Finlay. Will Sheamus be able to put Finlay away this week where he failed last week or will he come up short again?

The World Tag Team Champions, Rey Mysterio & Mystico may not be defending their titles tonight but it's fair to say that they have a battle on their hands with The Epitome of Excellence declaring last week that they're not going to stop until they get a rematch they feel they deserve. Christopher Daniels & Kaval were furious at not being declared champions before the Survivor Series when the Mexican duo went onto win the titles, but even more so last Monday night after their disqualification victory over them the previous night at Night of Champions. Some may feel Daniels & Kaval have every right to a rematch, and after warning Rey & Mystico they've played nice until now, will the champions give them what they want to avoid getting them even more riled up?

We learnt last week that in three weeks at the Royal Rumble, Kofi Kingston will lock horns with his brother, Jay Lethal who turned up last month and has been hell bent on getting revenge on him for walking out on him & his family. Jay had a shock though last week when Kofi told him that despite previously saying otherwise, their mother did give him her blessing to leave the family home in his attempts to become a WWE superstar. His brother didn't believe him and even went as far as to saying he changed his surname so he doesn't share the same name as his 'judas' of a brother. He also told Kofi that he too has trained to become a WWE superstar in the hope of one day beating him, and at the Rumble he'll get his chance after all hell broke loose last week when Lethal jumped Kofi as he went to leave the ring. The fight spilled to the back where Bischoff happened to be at the time, and he told them both that this had to stop. He then let them know that they would meet at the Rumble with the winner going onto the Rumble match, and subsequently a shot at the WWE title. Despite saying earlier that he didn't want to fight his brother, will this change Kofi's mind with so much at stake? He'll also get an idea of what he's up against when he & the rest of us get to see his brother in action for the first time live on Raw tonight. Kofi won't want to miss it and neither should you.

Also in action tonight is John Morrison when he takes on his former tag team partner, The Miz. The former World Tag Team Champions had a bitter rivalry earlier this year with Morrison beating Mr. Hollywood at SummerSlam. Miz settled the score at Unforgiven the next month so we should be in store for a cracking encounter tonight in Phoenix. The Monday Night Delight comes into it on the back of a solid win against a sore loser in Zack Ryder last week while Miz came up short in a brave effort against The Big Show. Can he bounce back with a win tonight or will it be back-to-back victories for Morrison?

It promises to be an exciting end to 2008 live tonight in Phoenix, Arizona. Make sure you don't miss it!

Confirmed for the final Raw of 2008!

Intercontinental Championship

Finlay vs. Sheamus (c)

Women’s Championship
Gail Kim vs. Queen Kong (c)


John Morrison vs. The Miz

The in ring debut of Jay Lethal

Now Posted!

Click here for the show!

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread


Hulk Hogan and Bruiser Brody had their 'Match of a Lifetime' at Heatwave. Both will be on 'Slam!'.


- The 'Official Firing Party' for former UWL President/Co-President Vince Russo

- The re-match from Heatwave: David Schultz & Ken Patera vs. Rude & Nash


Ep. 81 of 'Slam!' will be posted on Tuesday, August 7!
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

April 3, 2005


...Was The Day...

...That the New Era...

...Of Professional Wrestling...

...Was Ushered In...


SEPTEMBER 12, 2012

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Preview for upcoming 11/24 show

- More fallout from the debut of Paul Heyman. Two weeks ago Paul Heyman said that he had a gift and a challenge for Shane Douglas, only if Shane was willing to meet him face to face in the middle of the ring. Now this week, the confrontation finally happens, Shane Douglas and Paul Heyman meet face to face.

- Posting on his official Twitter account, Stevie Richards made it known that he was not happy with Rhino giving Devon Storm a shot at the Hardcore Championship two weeks ago. How will Stevie react this week when Rhino gives Devon Storm a rematch?.

- Awaiting his opponent at Extreme 1, Scott Steiner took the opportunity two weeks ago to vent that he did not like all the new faces that keep showing up in Extreme Revolution. Well this week he's forced to face one of them as he takes on the newest member of the roster, Jigsaw.

- Where does the relationship stand between Matt Hardy and Raven? After a contract signing which ended without incident, have these two finally learned to respect each other or is it all an act? We find out this week as Matt Hardy and Raven team up in the main event to take on the F.B.I.

Also scheduled for 11/24...

- Lots more tag team action as Blk Out takes on The Gangstas once again and Akira Raijin and Hajime Ohara take on Crazy Boy and Pesadilla.

- Alex Shelley takes on Homicide and Mark Briscoe takes on Teddy Hart in one on one action.

All this and more, live Saturday 11/24 from the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory in Philadelphia!

Matches Confirmed

- Alex Shelley vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Sabu - Three Way Dance to determine the first ever Extreme Revolution Heavyweight Champion
- The Briscoes vs. The Hart Foundation 2.0 - Match to determine the first ever Extreme Revolution Tag Team Champions
- Scott Steiner vs. the Hardcore Champion
- Homicide vs. New Jack
- Matt Hardy vs. Raven
- Blk Out vs. F.B.I. - Match to determine #1 Contender for the tag team championship
- James Mitchell's Alliance vs. La Familia Locos
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Originally Posted by Melvis View Post

Monday Night Raw
American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida | 2nd May 2011

Following the huge events of Extreme Rules last night, Monday Night Raw emanates from Miami, home of Wrestlemania 28 next year, and tonight, not only can we look forward to the fallout from last night’s pay-per-view, but it’s the Birthday Special for none other than THE ROCK! The Great One will be in attendance, opening the show for a birthday address, but that’s not all we’ll hear from the host of our last Wrestlemania…

Tonight also sees the contract signing for the WWE Title Match at Over The Limit. Current champion The Miz came through a hellacious match last night in an Extreme Rules Triple Threat that saw John Cena and Triple H walk out empty-handed. Meanwhile, one of Raw’s most talented in-ring technicians, Daniel Bryan, won his Ladder Match last night to secure himself the position of facing The Miz at the next pay-per-view. As a result, Bryan and The Miz will sign the contract for their title match tonight, while Raw General Manager Jerry “The King” Lawler oversees proceedings… alongside a man who’s held the WWE Title on several occasions himself, the Brahma Bull, The Rock. The Miz and Daniel Bryan are old enemies, having met before, and if their rivalry carries forward to tonight, Lawler and The Rock may just be needed to keep the peace.

Elsewhere on Raw, CM Punk made off with a startling win in his Last Man Standing Match against Randy Orton when Mason Ryan and Skip Sheffield intervened on the Second City Saint’s behalf. Much to the chagrin of the WWE fans present, Ryan and Sheffield provided the assist for Punk with merciless finishing moves, leading to Punk hitting the Go To Sleep on a bloodied Orton to keep him down for the ten count. Tonight on Raw, CM Punk was offered the night off, but he has declined, possibly to give us an explanation for why these two behemoths joined him at the crucial venture last night. When will Punk make his voice heard? And what will the damaged, brutalised Randy Orton have to say about it all, if he’s even present after his beatdown?

Raw also has not one, but TWO title matches here tonight for the Miami fans. Fresh off her title win alongside Sheamus in last night’s Winner Take All tag team affair, new Diva’s Champion Melina defends her title belt against former champ Eve Torres, clearly infuriated that she wasn’t pinned to lose her championship last night. Regardless, she cashes in her rematch clause tonight on Raw, meaning it’ll be settled once and for all which of the two deserves to be the face of Raw’s Divas. Similarly, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater retained their WWE Tag Team Titles when Gabriel put BOTH Kane and the Big Show through the Spanish announce table, sparking discussion through the entire world after Extreme Rules’ most ‘wow’-worthy moment. Tonight, the duo from the Corre defend their titles against the team of R-Truth and Johnny Curtis, the latter cashing in the title shot he won from Season Four of NXT. After their exhausting match last night, do Gabriel and Slater have what it takes to defend their titles AGAIN in the face of overwhelming odds? Tune in to Raw to find out, because the Tag Team Titles are on the line in our main event this evening.

And that’s not all – we’ll hear from John Cena, while the United States Champion Sheamus takes on Mark Henry, the luckless John Morrison faces the equally-luckless Ted DiBiase, and we’ll find out if Michael Cole has made it to the arena, and the announce table, after his fall from the WWE stage last night!

~ Announced For Raw ~

WWE Title Match contract signing between The Miz and Daniel Bryan
The Rock kicks off his own Birthday Special
We’ll hear from John Cena


Tag Team Contest – WWE Tag Team Championships
Justin Gabriel and The One Man Rock Band Heath Slater (c) versus R-Truth and Johnny Curtis

Singles Contest – Diva’s Championship
The Red Carpet Diva Melina (c) versus Eve Torres

Singles Contest
The Fortunate Son Ted DiBiase versus The Shaman of Sexy John Morrison

Singles Contest – Non-Title Match
United States Champion Sheamus versus The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry
Show now posted, link in sig or right here.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Wrestling has changed..... Embrace the change.

This is the Cult of Personality

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Ep. 81 of
is now posted in the 'Universal Wrestling League' thread!
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Coming September 2012.
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