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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Eventful Smackdown! Event! Link + Shortened Preview in Signature! Please check it out! Littlest Feedback appreciated!

WWE: The Takeover

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Originally Posted by iMac View Post
~Monday Night Raw~
April 9th, 2007
Hampton Coliseum
Hampton, VA

Last week, Mr. McMahon thought he’d found a way to get one over on the combined forces of Rob Van Dam and John Cena… only for last week’s main event to take a rather unexpected Caribbean twist.

Last week’s main event Mr. McMahon pitted newly crowned WWE Champion Rob Van Dam and John Cena against Bobby Lashley and the Intercontinental Champion, Kenny Dykstra. Earlier in the night, Cena had challenged Van Dam to a match for the WWE Championship, only for McMahon to provide a previously signed contract that ‘RVD’ and Cena signed, prohibiting a match between the two. In the main event, Dykstra appeared to have the match won, but before he could put Van Dam away, Carlito shocked the entire arena by making an unadvertised appearance, chasing Dykstra into the crowd, leaving Lashley along to suffer defeat. This week, McMahon looks to extract a measure of revenge as he places Carlito in a match against Lashley. While Lashley and Carlito will have their minds set on each other, no doubt Van Dam, Cena and Dykstra will be involved with each other during the broadcast, with McMahon watching it all unfold.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels have been on a collision course for months now, and despite tangling at WrestleMania, the pair seem destined to finally end their feud sooner rather than later. And last week, Triple H decided Backlash would be the place as he challenged Michaels to a No Holds Barred Match. There was no mincing of words from ‘The Game’ as he clearly laid the challenge down to Michaels, but the only response from ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ was a simple nod of the hat before he walked backstage, not uttering a word. As a stunned Triple H watched Michaels leave, the world wondered the same thing as ‘The Game’… would Michaels accept his challenge? And the big question tonight as Raw rolls into the Hampton Coliseum is… what will Michaels’ answer be?

Having spent weeks demanding better competition, The World’s Greatest Tag Team were watching on last week as Raw played host to a pair of tag team matches, with The Hart Legacy and The straight Edge Saints picking up wins over The Redneck Wrecking Crew and Chris Masters and Johnny Nitro respectively. Tonight, Haas and Benjamin’s next challengers will be determined as new number one contenders to the World Tag Team Championships will be crowd in a Fatal Four Way Match. All four teams know this is a major chance to establish themselves as major names on Raw, but after their victories last week, The Saints and The Hart’s have to be considered favourites for this one.

Elsewhere, Mickie James meets one of the women who attacked her last week as she goes for revenge against Victoria, a match Beth Phoenix is sure to be watching. Randy Orton’s assault of Jeff Hardy last week with the Money in the Bank briefcase sent shockwaves throughout Raw, and no doubt the fallout of that assault will be felt tonight with both Orton and Hardy set to be in attendance, and we’ll see more from the latest Raw acquisition, the European aristocrat, Claudio Cesaro.

All this and more, live tonight, on Monday Night Raw!

Confirmed Matches:

Bobby Lashley vs. Carlito

What will Shawn Michaels’ response to Triple H’s challenge be?

Chris Masters and Johnny Nitro vs. The Hart Legacy vs. The Redneck Wrecking Crew vs. The Straight Edge Saints
Mickie James vs. Victoria

Plus! Rob Van Dam, John Cena, Kenny Dykstra and Randy Orton will all be in attendance.
Show now posted here.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Originally Posted by Nige™ View Post

Monday Night Raw – PREVIEW!
Monday 22nd December 2008
Live from the Giant Center
Hershey, Pennsylvania

Raw comes to you live from Hershey, Pennsylvania tonight less than 24 hours after last night’s Night of Champions pay-per-view. Raw’s champions had a good night with only Melina failing to defend her title, the Women’s Championship against Queen Kong. The behemoth added the women’s title to her undefeated title, cracking some of Melina’s ribs in the process. Kong will be back in action tonight when she defends her title against Kelly Kelly. Will Kelly have more luck than the former Women’s Champion and somehow manage to end Kong’s undefeated streak since coming to Raw?

Triple H successfully retained the WWE Championship against Batista in their Three Stages of Hell match where hell was very appropriate. How will he & The Animal be feeling just 24 hours after their brutal match?

Sheamus also retained his title, the Intercontinental Championship against Kofi Kingston in what was a very brave effort from the Jamaican who came so close to regaining the title. However the defeat wasn’t what he will probably remember after his brother, Jay attacked him in the ring afterwards. It looks like things are about to boil over between these two, maybe tonight in Hershey. As for Sheamus, he’ll have to step into the ring with the man he got himself disqualified against last week in The Undertaker. Can The Celtic Warrior avoid getting himself disqualified this week or will he be made to regret his actions from last week by The Dead-Man?

There was some controversy in the World Tag Team title match between Rey Mysterio & Mystico & The Epitome of Excellence. Christopher Daniels & Kaval were able to beat the champions but only by DQ when Mystico hit Daniels with one of their title belts that Kaval brought into the ring. Given how the challengers have felt cheated out of the titles even before Sunday night, their frustration is bound to be off the scale now. They will have the chance to take it out on Team Omega this evening live on Raw. Will Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms be able to take advantage of their opponent’s frustration and put themselves in title contention?

We also heard Eric Bischoff say last night that he plans to make an announcement tonight that will make history. He wouldn’t say anymore but we don’t have to wait too long to find out what it is he has in mind. Just what does he plan to say that will make history?

It promises to be an exciting night tonight in Hershey in the penultimate Raw of 2008. Make sure you tune in to find out what Bischoff’s bombshell is and more as we head towards the 2009 Royal Rumble!

Confirmed for Raw tonight!

Women’s Championship

Kelly Kelly vs. Queen Kong (c)

Non-Title Match
The Undertaker vs. Sheamus

Team Omega
vs. The Epitome of Excellence

To check the show out, click here!

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread


- The Heatwave PPV is just three weeks away. What will be the fallout from last week's announcement that the 'Match of a Lifetime' between Hulk Hogan and Bruiser Brody will take place on that show?


- The situation between Bill Watts and Vince Russo is reaching a critical mass. Can their Co-Presidency survive much longer? Or will things finally explode between them?

- The first round of the UWL TV Title Tournament

And more on ep. 78 of 'Slam!' wrestling!

(Posting on Monday or Tuesday in the 'Universal Wrestling league' Thread)
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

HEAT posted. Nothing special, but an update of the Chris Jericho injury and a little set up for the rest of the week! Enjoy! RAW will be a great show!

WWE: The Takeover

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview- 8/5/05- New Haven, Connecticut

There are just TWO more editions of Monday Night Raw until the biggest party of the summer comes a calling, Summerslam!! Tonight the stars of Raw head to Connecticut with a HUGE main event in store!

Last week saw the return to Raw of Ric Flair as the Nature Boy came to the aid of his long time friend Arn Anderson. Double A was defeated by Christian and was set to be dealt a devastating post match ambush only for Flair to come down and even the odds, sending a message to Captain Charisma. Tonight he will look to do the exact same thing as he steps into the ring on Raw for potentially the last time where he will take on one of Christian’s long time friends, the current Money in the Bank holder, Edge. Edge has had issues of his own lately with Y2J Chris Jericho, including a backstage brawl that set Raw alight last week. Who will walk out of Connecticut the victor in this mammoth showdown? And what role if any will their respective rivals play in the outcome?

Also tonight we have learned that Eric Bischoff will publicly address Shawn Michaels following the Showstopper’s actions last week. The General Manager’s Personal Employee called out the World Champion last week as both men laid their feelings toward one another out on the table. As it looked like the two were set to come to blows, out came the number one contender Kane only for Michaels to shockingly deliver some Sweet Chin Music to the Big Red Machine. Eric Bischoff will certainly not have taken kindly to that and will kick off the show with punishment surely in mind. Will Michaels have to accept his fate? Will the champion and challenger play their parts in this ongoing saga?

Another big time match has been signed for this week as the entire Arabian Entity will team up to take on the World’s Greatest Tag Team and the World Tag Team Champions, The Dudley Boyz in eight man tag team action. This kind of match will no doubt help the Dudleyz as well as Sonjay Dutt and Daivari for what’s in store come Summerslam but what will this do for Muhammad Hassan and Shelton Benjamin as we draw ever closer to their Intercontinental title showdown? It’s certainly a chance for Benjamin but also for his partner Charlie Haas who will no doubt wanna impress Shelton and prove why they should be chasing the Dudleyz gold and not Hassan’s.

The Basham Brothers will also be in action as they taken on the Platform to Perfection. These two teams will be involved alongside the Dudleyz and the Entity at Summerslam with tonight being the perfect chance to make their mark. Who will make the most of this opportunity here in New Haven?

Plus, after an impressive debut last week Mr.Kennedy will once again look to prove why he is the ‘Game Changer’ of the WWE. Will Kennedy make his mark once more? Or is the arrogant Wisconsin resident simply a one hit wonder?

Find out all this and more LIVE on Monday Night Raw!!

Confirmed for tonight’s show:

Eric Bischoff will address Shawn Michaels;

Edge vs. Ric Flair

The Arabian Entity vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team and The Dudley Boyz

The Basham Brothers vs. The Platform to Perfection


Mr.Kennedy will be in action
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Originally Posted by 619IDH View Post


The Hammerstein Ballroom – Manhattan, New York City, New York

*Special 2-Hour Supershow*

~AOW Dynasty Championship~
Muhammad Hassan(c) v. CM Punk

“You’ve become exactly what you hate…!”

The classic American notion of pulling yourself up by your boostraps and making something of yourself is an idea that’s been passed on from generation to generation of Americans. In the art of professional wrestling, this notion could very much be the literal MO of every single man to ever step in the ring. But for CM Punk, it’s not just a cliché statement – it’s a way of life. CM Punk has never been one to live in luxury; never one to complain about the way he was brought up, but always one to endlessly work hard and remain addicted to only one thing – competition. The notoriously straight-edge competitor has made it no secret he’s here for one thing and one thing only – to be a wrestler, doing exactly that for weeks on end fending off everything the Dynasty Champion had to throw at him.

Muhammad Hassan, meanwhile, has much more staggered motives. Being born and raised in the United States as Punk was, Hassan hasn’t always seen the brightest side of pulling up those bootstraps. Forever bitter about the American audience rejecting an Arab-American man trying to make it, Hassan came into a fortune before coming to AOW and has not been shy about spending a dime, using it to fund some Mercenaries, a $50,000 Challenge, and even a bounty hunt on CM Punk. In retaining his Dynasty Championship at World Ablaze, Hassan made sure to send a message to CM Punk by planting the face of his mentor into the canvas repeatedly, taking him out of action. Even so, Punk came into possession of the $50,000 given to him by Storm, leading Hassan to want it back at all cost, it being heavily hinted that perhaps his finances may not be as well suited to handle his demands.

The final edition of Oblivion before AVMW saw both Punk and Hassan’s very natures dismantled by their rival – Hassan’s penchant for being held down by “The Man” was reversed when Punk dropped the bomb on him that the champion was now, in fact, “The Man” that he hated so much. As for Hassan, he forced CM Punk to face what he hated when he drowned Punk in two bottles of Jack Daniels before destroying Punk’s spine with the Camel Clutch. With so much fueling both men, who will be able to walk out of AVMW with the Dynasty Championship – and their restored dignity – held high?

Rob Van Dam makes an announcement

“…the man they call Rob Van Dam. Is. Dead.”

Since the inception of Art of War Wrestling, Rob Van Dam has been the man at the center of the universe. At the forefront of every AOW title opportunity, RVD came up short on his chance at World Ablaze through no real fault of his own. He was given another chance two weeks later, but if he lost, he would lose the chance to compete for any title ever again. Once again, Van Dam lost through no fault of his own, as Finlay had a huge hand in Van Dam losing this time. Even through the shenanigans, it was determined that Van Dam’s verdict will stand – he could not compete for any titles. This announcement seemed to shake the ego driven Van Dam to his core, developing some kind of dissociative personality disorder, his ego caving in on itself. This last week, he went so far as to declare the man named Rob Van Dam ‘dead’. He also let us know that he would be present at A Very Merry War to make a statement regarding the rest of his career. What could Rob Van Dam possibly have on his mind...?

~Grudge Match~
The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe v. The Perfect Warrior Bobby Lashley

“Now it’s just time to go out there and clean out the scum of this company by kickin’ some ass.”

Rob Van Dam didn’t lose himself on his own. After forcing Christian Cage out of the company, Bobby Lashley set out to shock the AOW world by joining forces alongside AOW Champion Chris Jericho and Paul “The Great” Wright to form the Worthy Legion, who appear to be hell bent on introducing Jericho’s idea of a ‘utopia’ of sorts in AOW. After taking out Mick Foley, running out Christian, and sending his friend Rob Van Dam over the edge, Samoa Joe made a very stern and unshaken vow to take down every single person responsible one piece at a time – and first, he was gonna start with this man, The Dominator, Bobby Lashley.

After Joe publically announced he was going to try and rid AOW of the ‘scum’ that was holding it down, Lashley wasted no time making Joe pay for those words by costing him an AOW Championship opportunity with a Dominator on the entrance ramp. A few weeks later, Joe felt Lashley’s wrath again when he was gored through the barricades after a match. But woe is Lashley, as he may have further infuriated a vengeful titan. With Joe claiming there’s no more thoughts, no more words, he says its straight up asskickin’ time. Who will come out on top in this clash of the titans – will it be the perfect warrior Bobby Lashley? Or a man who has actually yet to be pinned or made submit in AOW in the Samoan Submission Machine hell-bent on a mission…?

~AOW Tag Team Championship~
World’s Greatest Tag Team(c) v. American Made v. Sons of the Dungeon v. Samoan Fight Club

“We asked for competition…and we got exactly what we asked for.”

The World’s Greatest Tag Team has been on an absolute roll in the tag team division, defeating The Hooliganz in what many hail as the greatest set of matches in AOW’s young history for those Tag Team Championships. They have since defended it and upheld their ‘code of honor’, keeping the hearts of champions. Still, with the pool of tag teams in AOW very shallow at the time, the World’s Greatest had proven their worth for the moment…

Enter the October 17th edition of Oblivion, which not only saw the first ever AOKO match, but gave us the debuts of not one, not two, but THREE young and incredible tag teams – the Sons of the Dungeon, American Made, and the Samoan Fight Club. While the Sons had been advertised for a while, American Made interrupted not just their ads, but interrupted their debut match and even defeated them. But once the match was over, the team of Siaki and Manu made their name known by destroying the Sons of the Dungeon. From then on, all three of these teams have been linked somewhat, leading to the Tag Team Turmoil match at World Ablaze that saw the Sons take control, but be dismantled by the SFC inexplicably. This allowed American Made to pick up the pieces and become #1 contenders. The very next show, the SFC picked up where they left off and not only injured Psicosis of the Mexicools’ ribs, but assaulted the Sons backstage and took them out.

Fast forward a few weeks later, with American Made bad-mouthing the World’s Greatest Tag Team for a while and the tag champs asking for ‘more, better competition’. When their championship match was granted, they managed to again get the Samoan Fight Club to destroy the champs before the bell even rang, striking some kind of deal with the Club. But even after a grueling fifteen minute contest, and a reversed referee decision, the WGTT retained, leaving AM very vexed that they had no title and nothing to settle their agreement with the SFC about. With that in mind, the SFC went about destroying Nameth and Hagar, but not before they were assaulted by the returning Sons. It was then confirmed that all four teams would be in the match for the title in the same stipulation that crowned the first pair of champs – a ladder match! Who will be able to climb that stairway to Oblivion and get the gold? Will the WGTT prove that they are in fact the greatest? Or is it time for one of the many future options of AOW to take hold?

~AOW Heavyweight Championship~
*If Shawn Michaels loses, he can no longer compete*

The Worthy Champion Chris Jericho(c) w/Paul “The Great” Wright v. The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels

“You did the same thing to another man. You say you’ve changed, but you’re full of shit.”

World Ablaze. The night the wrestling world stood still. It stood still to stand and marvel as AOW put on its first ever PPV spectacular, shattering all the odds. But the world stood still for different reasons in the end. Not only was Christian Cage sent into exile, but Chris Jericho pulled more than a few strings to retain his AOW Championship – most notably the strings of the man in zebra stripes for that match…Shawn Michaels. It was revealed later that Michaels had been compromised – in his contract, it stated that if Michaels didn’t win the AOW Championship in the year 2007, his run in the ring was done. He would be banned from in-ring competition. The Showstopper would be no more.

After finding some way to hold onto his title in a rematch with Van Dam, there was to be a Lucky 13 Battle to determine the new #1 contender. After an incredibly barbaric twenty minutes, Shawn Michaels emerged victorious with his one final chance at gold, even if he had to bend the rules and distract some referees to do so. Jericho applauded Michaels for his efforts, but reminding Michaels that he’s alienated everyone in AOW and that he was utterly and completely alone. To everyone’s surprise, AOW Cruiserweight Champion Bryan Danielson came to Michaels’ aid to make sure he kept his title shot, and even the ridiculously tensioned relationship between Samoa Joe and Michaels forced Joe to help Michaels somewhat.

But Jericho wasn’t done trying to drive his way into Michaels’ head. A worthy man doesn’t give up that easily. Instead, he wanted to prove to Michaels that was still very much alone by bringing him face-to-face with the man who had had the most detriment effect on his career – himself. A mirror before him, Shawn Michaels spoke to himself about everything he’d done; trying to speak to the man in the mirror. What resulted was Michaels admitting he was the same guy who committed wrestling atrocities years ago, but he was looking for a rebirth. While breaking a mirror isn’t exactly a way to get good luck, Michaels concluded by having no quams about breaking said mirror with Jericho’s body.

Now, with the legendary career of Shawn Michaels on the brink of an unceremonious end, will he be able to salvage up his Heart Break reserve and not just put on a show, but possibly muster up the biggest win of his career? Or will Chris Jericho prove that he is, more than anything else in the world, the true Master of War, the Worthy Man…?

Thank St. Nick, finish the figgy pudding, and put away your new bunny rabbit pajamas and tune in to A Very Merry War, this Wednesday, 9/8c only on FX!!
Show FINALLY posted. Link in siggy beneath the dark cute one.


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
It's Baaaaack...
.:Oblivion Edition 39/40 Recap NOW POSTED!!
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread


...we usher in...

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

ECW Cyberslam Preview & Predictions
Hammerstein Ballroom | New York, NY

Loser Leaves ECW | No Outside Interference
'The New F'N Show' Jerry Lynn vs. 'The Whole F'N Show' Rob Van Dam
These two men have taken each other to hell and back on multiple different occasions, both men have taken each other to the absolute limit over their ECW careers and tonight, this will be their very last encounter ever. This isn't about championship belts, about who has the most wins over who, this is personal and nothing more. Both men have fought valiantly throughout their ECW careers to give the fans a good show and after tonight, one of these men will never step foot in an ECW ring again. Who will be the one to end it all tonight? Rob Van Dam's love for ECW cannot be denied and with so much still to accomplish, is it likely his career will end? Or Jerry Lynn, who is so focused on proving he is better than Rob Van Dam, he's never been this determined and it could just be that determination that puts 'The Whole F'N Show' away forever.

Stairway To Hell
'The Innovator of Violence' Tommy Dreamer vs. 'The Enforcer' C.W Anderson
These two gladiators have a score to settle, who is going to be the one to end the series of matches with the most victories? At first, fans thought these two respected each other after their brutal I Quit match at Guilty As Charged last month as the two shook hands in the middle of the ECW ring however, things didn't last as by the next edition of Hardcore TV, C.W Anderson refused to shake Dreamer's hand one more time and instead almost destroyed his trachea when he blasted him in the throat with a baseball bat. Dreamer was unseen for 2 weeks on Hardcore TV and it allowed 'The Enforcer' to eat it up and even try to force Dreamer to cancel the match, thus making C.W Anderson the winner by forfeit but, it was not to be as Tommy Dreamer returned on last weeks edition of Hardcore TV and even though his throat was still injured, he managed to fight through and speak to the ECW fans and most importantly, to inform C.W Anderson of his future. Tommy Dreamer let it known that at Cyberslam, the two will meet in a Stairway To Hell match with the deadly baseball bat hanging above the ring. This is going to be a brutal, barbaric and historic match and it would come as no surprise if neither man was able to walk away from it un-inured.

ECW World Heavyweight Championship
'The Man Beast' Rhino © vs. The Sandman
'The Man Beast' has been the most dominant wrestler in the entire ECW locker room over the last few months and it's only to be expected that he would capture the ECW World Championship... but not in the way he did. Rhino was able to capture his first ECW World Championship by defeating Sandman in sixty seconds at Guilty As Charged, impressive? Yes, maybe so but, fans and personnel have to remember that Sandman had just gone through a gruelling Tables, Ladders, Chairs & Canes match against 'The King of Old School' Steve Corino & Justin Credible. Sandman was victorious in that match and captured his fifth ECW World Championship but, as mentioned above, Rhino took that title away in sixty seconds and Sandman is simply put, out to get his championship back. Sandman has took Cyrus out of contention with an eye injury and Jerry Lynn will not be in sight for this one so Sandman has to focus on just Rhino and regaining the ECW World Heavyweight Championship but, it will be no easy task as Rhino has had his fair share of one up's over Sandman in the last few weeks.

ECW World Tag Team Championships | 3 Way Dance
'Amish' Roadkill & 'Dastardly' Danny Doring © vs. The Impact Players (Justin Credible & Steve Corino) vs. The Unholy Alliance (Yoshihiro Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck)
The ECW Tag Team Champions haven't had all that much luck recently on Hardcore TV. The week following Guilty As Charged, they were laid out by the New Impact Players of Justin Credible & Steve Corino, the following week, they were laid out again. It was thought that Roadkill & Doring were originally going to face the Impact Players at Cyberslam but, The Unholy Alliance added themselves into the match to make it a three way, boasting that they did defeat two teams at Guilty As Charged to earn a shot at the titles anyway. Going into this match, the ECW Tag Team Champions have a slight edge after Danny Doring won a Three-Way Dance match ont he last edition of Hardcore TV but the experience factor falls into the hands of The Unholy Alliance havewho already won a three way dance just over a month ago. Roadkill & Danny Doring have a lot to do in order to make sure they walk out of Philly as still the ECW Tag Team Champions.

Fans Choice | Pick Two Wrestlers You Want To See Wrestle
Kid Kash, Tony Mamaluke, Simon Diamond, Low Ki, Homicide & a Mystery name
We're leaving this match entirely up to the fans, you choose who you want to see wrestle and fight it out. The two wrestlers with the most votes from the fans will be given a slot on the Cyberslam Supercard! VOTE NOW!

Falls Count Anywhere
'Nasty' Nova vs. Chris Chetti
A bitter feud that just wont die for either men. Chirs Chetti lost a Loser Leaves Town match back at November 2 Remember but he subsequently came back to ECW at Guilty As Charged sighting that there was never a contract signed for the match, after searching behind the scenes, the paperwork could not be found and as a result, Chirs Chetti's tenure in ECW is set to continue. Nova has embarked on quite a run since Chetti 'left' ECW back in November and now that the thorn is back in his side, the run has been brought somewhat to a halt. Both these men will give it their all tonight at Cyberslam but, be rest assured it will not be pretty, this one could end up on the streets of New York City!

1. Predict The Match Order
2. Predict The Match Winners
3. Predict Which Two Wrestlers Will Be Chosen To Face Each Other
4. Will There Be Any Returns/Debuts Aside From The Potential Mystery Name? If So, Who?
5. With No Interference In The Loser Leaves ECW Match, Will There End Up Being Interference At Any Point During The Match?
6. Which Team Will Take The First Pin Fall/Submission And Be Eliminated From The Three Way Dance Tag Team Championship Match?
7. Will there be blood at any point during the night?

Voting: Readers who would like to vote on which two wrestlers fight in the fans choice match can do so by sending me a PM with the two names you want to see wrestle. The two with the most votes by 26th July will be the ones chosen to wrestle. Cheers.

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Next week on Monday Night Raw the Sitcom...

John Cena...hypnotised by modern day Neo-Nazis?

The All-American, everyman hero has always managed to overcome the odds. But the world was shocked last week when Cena was kidnapped by masked attackers. At the end of Monday Night Raw the Sitcom, it was revealed Cena had been be a Nazi! Will Cena snap out of the trance, or will he do the Nazi's evil bidding?

Who shot J.R?

Beloved announcer Jim Ross appeared to be shot and murdered last week by a mystery gunman, but did he leave any clues at the crimescene?

Three's a Crowd

Daniel Bryan and AJ went to Bora Bora on their honeymoon, only to discover that Kane was staying in the hotel room next to their own! Not only that, the three engaged in a threesome before the end of the night! Just what will the consequences be of this Triple Threat sexual escapade?

Uncle Russo, Lauaranitis and Trump Need YOU!

Vince Russo, John Lauaranitis and Donald Trump are the 3 candidates in the election to become General Manager of Monday Night Raw the Sitcom. Who will win the vote to get the job?

Vince McBroken Man

Vince has hit the bottle hard, appearing in public wearing only his stained underwear. Will Vince pull his act together, or has the Chariman of the Board hit rock bottom for good?

The (House) Party of the Summer

The Miz announced last week that at Summerslam, he will host "The House Party of the Summer"...but just who will make the guestlist?!
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