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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread


The Official Preview for Saturday Night’s Main Event
Date: July 15th, 2006
Location: American Airlines Centre; Dallas, Texas

WWE Championship Match
Triple H Vs The Big Show © w/Paul Bearer

"The Richest Prize in Our Sport..."

Never has such a force been felt in the WWE. At over seven feet tall and weighing up to five hundred pounds, with a right hand like Thor’s hammer, there has only been one word to describe the WWE Champion in recent months: “unstoppable.” Since joining forces with the maniacal and ghoulish Paul Bearer in February, turning on his partner Kane in the process, The Big Show has been on a path of destruction not seen since Ghengis Khan’s horde swept across the plains of Asia. All have fallen beneath him: Kane, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, it simply doesn’t matter. But now someone else has answered the challenge. Someone just as ruthless, just as vicious, just as … evil …

That man is the former ten-time World’s Champion, ‘The Game’ Triple H … but no one knows why. What has the deceitful and wicked Cerebral Assassin done to earn such a prestigious opportunity? He betrayed Terry Funk and ECW inside the cage at the Hammerstein, all due to his jealousy of ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle. He is a pariah, a man seemingly without allies, and yet our Commissioner has seen fit to reward this man. What is Funk thinking?

But like it or not, on this night, these two warriors must forget about Olympians, must cast scorned, vengeful monsters to the very depths of their minds, because this night is all about the richest prize in our sport, this night is all about the WWE Championship…

The Great American Tournament Finals; Number One Contender’s Match

Jamie Noble Vs Johnny Nitro Vs Brent Albright Vs Ken Kennedy Vs Matt Hardy Vs Batista
The winner receives a World Heavyweight Title shot at The Great American Bash

"The Great American..."

Since April 2nd, 2006, WrestleMania XXII, one man has ruled the SmackDown kingdom as World Heavyweight Champion, one man has defeated everyone in his path, and one man has continued night after night to disgrace that prestigious title. That man? ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge. Angry, bitter and twisted, the young Canadian’s thirst for gold led him to defeat ‘The Animal’ Batista by hook or by crook in Chicago, but it has been his unquenchable paranoia that has defined his reign thus far. Since his very first night as champion, Edge has been a man on, well, the edge, willing to do whatever it takes to remain on top of the mountain he worked so hard to climb. Whether it be with his feet on the ropes to defeat The Undertaker or a steel chair to the skull to put away Batista, nothing is too low; nothing is too despicable for this man. And with Lita’s unfortunate injury at the hands of Francine at ECW One Night Stand, Edge has become a man alone, without a single ally in the world … but a lot of enemies…

Unfortunately for the World’s Heavyweight Champion, one of these enemies just so happened to be one-half of the interim General Managers of Friday Night SmackDown, Shane McMahon. The night after WrestleMania, Shane made the mistake of interrupting Edge’s victory speech in order to announce the SmackDown Election, a campaign to find the show’s next chief of staff. Following his wars with Randy Orton, Shane’s lack of judgement could be excused … but not by the World’s Champion. Shane McMahon was the victim of a vicious Spear, a collision heard all around the wrestling world. And with that, so ended any chance of a smooth title reign, and, perhaps more importantly, a smooth working relationship.

But on May 26th, the first SmackDown after a Judgment Day Pay-Per-View that saw ‘The Anarchy Era’ in all its chaotic glory during the mass brawl which engulfed the main event between Edge and Rey Mysterio for the World’s Heavyweight Title, Shane McMahon decided that, to quote a true legend of this sport, “Enough was enough and it’s time for a change.” And so The Great American Tournament was announcement; a twelve man bracket which would see the competitors compete in six singles matches against one another, with the winner of each bout advancing to a Six-Man Elimination Match at Saturday Night’s Main Event from Dallas, Texas, live on NBC, on July 15th. The winner of this prestigious tournament would not only be known forever more as “The Great American”, but would go on to challenge Edge at, of course, The Great American Bash for the World’s Heavyweight Championship. But what man would be worthy of such an honour? What man would be capable of dethroning the seemingly bulletproof champion?

Jamie Noble was the first man to advance, shocking the world with a victory over ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay, proving that his short-lived Cruiserweight Championship reign was no fluke; then came Johnny Nitro, as the tag team specialist upset the Cruiserweight Champion of the World Kid Kash to join Noble in Dallas; the rookie Brent Albright was next, keeping his undefeated streak alive with an impressive victory over Paul London; speaking of undefeated streaks, Mr. Kennedy became the fourth finalist with a quick dispatching of Hardcore Holly; Edge’s old enemy, and Kennedy’s current rival Matt Hardy booked his ticket to Texas the following week, returning from his “suspension” to see off Booker T; and last but most certainly not least, ‘The Animal’ Batista, the former World’s Champion, was able to put his war with Bobby Lashley aside for long enough to defeat his good friend, the United States Champion Rey Mysterio, end his losing streak, and become, surely, the odds on favourite to reclaim the title he held longer than anyone in WWE history.

The time for talking is over though. Who will be the one to step up and challenge the callous Canadian? Will it be the pugnacious veteran? The high-flying youngster? The punishing newcomer? The arrogant loudmouth? The man who will not die? Or will it be the monster who wants nothing more than to return to days of old? Whoever it turns out to be … one way or another, they will leave Dallas as … The Great American….

Grudge Rematch

Shawn Michaels Vs John Cena

"How Did it Come to this...?"

How did it come to this? This is the question that everyone, from the fans to the announcers, from management to the other wrestlers in the back, have been asking themselves of late in reference to the unholy war that continues to rage between two of the most beloved, popular and, previously, good natured members of the WWE. We are of course talking about the bloody conflict between ‘The Docta’ Of Thuganomics’ John Cena and ‘The Artist Formerly Known as The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels.

What started out as nothing more than your usual, run of the mill, sporting competitive rivalry all those long months ago in January, when then General Manager Eric Bischoff announced that only Cena OR Michaels would be entered into the 2006 Royal Rumble Match, and that they must face off against one another for that right, has, in the following period descended into one of the most violent and bitter rivalries in the history of professional wrestling. And for what? Jealousy. The jealousy of Shawn Michaels. The forty-one year old veteran from San Antonio saw this kid - this rookie as far as he was concerned - reaching unfathomable levels of popularity, and did it make him happy? Was he pleased to see the sport of professional wrestling prospering beneath the flag of John Cena? Of course not. Because we might not like to admit it, but deep down we have always known that Shawn Michaels was rotten. Rotten to the core. A man who has turned on and betrayed and stabbed in the back anyone who ever trusted him. And as far as he was concerned … John Cena was just another sucker.

But John Cena is no sucker. This is the man who was attacked during the Royal Rumble Match by a vengeful Shawn Michaels, still reeling from his defeat in their qualifying match earlier in the night. This is a man who was beaten, battered and bloodied at the hands of the vicious veteran, but STILL went on to outlast twenty-nine other men, last eliminating the legendary Undertaker to win the whole damn thing. This is a man who would have surely defeated Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship at Backlash if it wasn’t for Shawn Michaels once again interfering, this time posing as a cameraman, nailing Cena with the recording device, allowing an unaware Angle to score the pin. This is a man who returned after over a month on the shelf with vengeance in his heart. John Cena is no sucker.

But John Cena did not get his vengeance. After nearly having his neck broken by Michaels at Backlash, Cena was forced to sit on the sidelines and watch as his enemy paraded around unchecked, a wicked shadow of his former self. After such an interminable wait, it was unsurprising that on June 25th, Vengeance, Cena did not want to wait until later on in the Pay-Per-View to make his grand return, and so instead charged down to the ring, interrupting a stunned Victoria as she made her entrance, grabbed a microphone, and called out the WWE’s first ever Grand Slam Champion. Whilst the action may have been at times, the hatred between these two men has been anything but one-sided, and Shawn Michaels wasn’t about to let himself be upstaged by this young upstart. The two men collided in one of the most wild and unexpected beginnings to a Pay-Per-View in professional wrestling history, starting right where they left off at Backlash. But Cena’s thirst for blood was left unquenched on that night in Charlotte, North Carolina, as a shot to the eye with his own chain behind the official’s back was enough to allow Michaels to score the cheap win and deny his rival once again! Would this be the final nail in Cena’s already constructed pine box? Of course not. It was merely another gallon of fuel to the already raging fire within his heart.

That fire reached perilous levels the very next night on Monday Night RAW, as, before the show even had the chance to come on the air, as Cena and Michaels continued their war around the ringside area. However, perhaps for the first time in this lengthy, complex feud, it was John Cena the aggressor, as he battered the former Rocker around the arena like nothing more than a ragdoll. He even took things to the next level of brutality, by ripping Lillian Garcia’s belt away, wrapping it around Michaels’ neck, and trying to choke the life out of the man in a display of reckless viciousness never before seen in the WWE! It took almost a dozen WWE officials to finally pry the animalistic Cena away from his prey and, quite possibly, save Shawn Michaels’ life too.

The very next day, Commissioner Terry Funk, a proud man to say the least, was forced to issue a public apology for the actions of John Cena, stating that the youngster from West Newberry, Massachusetts had been fined and severely reprimanded. But as well as this, Commissioner Funk let it be known that he was sick of this two-man war, that he was tired of their battles disrupting his television programme, and that it needed to end, and it needed to end NOW! So rather than delay even more, Funk announced that Shawn Michaels and John Cena would meet once again, this time at one of the most famous traditions in all of WWE … Saturday Night’s Main Event. And it would be taking place in Shawn’s home state of Texas. But will it be a successful homecoming?

It certainly looks that way right now. Michaels had the last laugh on the final RAW before tonight’s collision, sneaking into the ring after Cena’s DQ victory over Chris Masters to qualify for - thus joining Shawn also - the Gold Rush Tournament this Monday, and SMASHING the powerhouse in the back with a steel chair, before hightailing it out of the arena! Having not interfered in the actual match itself, Michaels ensured that their match would still take place … but should he even want it to? What kind of beast has he unleashed inside John Cena? During this undoubtedly hellacious contest inside the American Airlines Center, just keep asking yourself … how did it come to this?

Grudge Tag Team Match

Rob Van Dam and ECW World Chmp. Sabu Vs The Redneck Wrecking Crew

"The Head of a Snake..."

Has anyone had a more tumultuous year in professional wrestling than Rob Van Dam? Since returning from injury in January, Mr. Monday Night became embroiled in a violent rivalry with ‘The Game’ Triple H, leading to the former ECW World’s Television Champion scoring the victory of his career over the ten-time World’s Champion in a hellacious Street Fight at WrestleMania. Unfortunately for Van Dam, in the run up to that match he made the mistake of putting his hands on Helmsley’s most powerful ally: the RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff. Tired of Bischoff’s disrespect, RVD finally snapped, beating the hell out of the former WCW owner, before putting him through the announce table! Whilst it may have been one of the most pleasing moments in recent WWE moments, it was also the beginning of the end for The Whole F’N Show, the signing of his own death warrant if you will…

With Triple H seemingly out of the picture, Bischoff turned to another man to get the job. Well, not man; try MONSTER! That’s right, the maniacal RAW GM recruited The Big Show to take Mr. Monday Night out once and for all. The two men met inside the Steel Cage at Backlash with Van Dam’s career on the line in a wild match which saw interference from Paul Bearer, Chris Masters, Carlito, Gregory Helms, Chavo Guerrero, Triple H, and even Eric Bischoff himself! In the end, the numbers were just too much for RVD, and he fell victim to the giant’s destructive right hand, not only knocking him out, but also knocking him out of the business for good seemingly. Bischoff and his army of sycophants had won. Big Show was soon to become the WWE Champion. All was well in the world again. Or was it?

Enter ECW. In fact, enter ALL of ECW. Like the family they have always been, the wrestlers of Extreme Championship’s Wrestling legendary past answered their friend’s call, staging a series of daring and destructive invasions of Monday Night RAW, disrupting Bischoff’s broadcast week after week. Their leader? None other than former ECW and NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Terry Funk. And he had an offer for Easy E … an Ultimate Jeopardy Match - ECW’s version of the War Games - at ECW One Night Stand; if Bischoff’s team wins, ECW goes away forever; but if Funk’s team is victorious, the wrestlers are reinstated … including Rob Van Dam! So the match was set and the teams were finalised: Big Show, Carlito, Mike Awesome, Chris Masters and Randy Orton for Team RAW; Kurt Angle, Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, Masato Tanaka and Triple H for Team ECW…

Despite Helmsley’s treachery, ECW emerged triumphant from the cage thanks to one man: SABU! Van Dam’s old partner returned when his comrades needed him most to turn the tides in favour of Funk’s men, and he was welcomed back with open arms by the newly appointed RAW Commissioner afterwards. But it was all a lie. Nearly ten years ago, Sabu took the ECW World’s Heavyweight Title from Funk in a barbaric Barbed Wire Match … and The Hardcore Icon has never forgotten. In the blink of an eye, both Funk and his protégé Tommy Dreamer had turned on Sabu, beating him like a dog, before BRANDING him in the middle of the ring like a piece of cattle! War had been declared!

Mick Foley reinstated Rob Van Dam as promised, but since then Terry Funk has dispatched his two most lethal and loyal followers to take out not only the newly crowned ECW World Heavyweight Champion Sabu, but also the reinvigorated Mr. Monday Night … Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, The Redneck Wrecking Crew! The two rugged Texans have been on the warpath against ECW for months, and tonight, in their home state, is exactly the opportunity they have been waiting for … to cut the head … off a snake….

Interpromotional Dream Tag Team Match
World Tag Team Champions World’s Greatest Tag Team Vs WWE Tag Team Champions The Bluebloods

"Best in the World..."

Tag team wrestling has had a sort of rebirth in 2006. Now, MNM, The Redneck Wrecking Crew, The Hooligans, and The Spirit Squad may say otherwise, but the two tandems responsible for this reinvigoration have to be The World’s Greatest Tag Team of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, and The Bluebloods of William Regal and ‘The Ripper’ Paul Burchill. They captured the World and WWE Tag Team Title respectively on the same night at WrestleMania XXII, and since then have been tearing it up on their respective brands. Or rather … Haas and Benjamin have been tearing it up; Regal and Burchill have been … well … let’s just say they haven’t exactly been putting the belts on the line on a regular basis, shall we?

While the gold won’t be on the line tonight, pride most certainly will be. Both teams claim to be the best in the world, and The Bluebloods certainly take great exception to their opponent’s chosen name. So for one night only, it’s time to put aside their various issues on their respective shows, and show the world just who the best tag team in the world really is.

Extreme Rules Gold Rush Tournament Qualifying Match

Kurt Angle Vs Masato Tanaka

"The Irresistible Force Meets..."

This match is all about gold. Or rather … the lust for gold. An opportunity at the WWE Championship in the main event of SummerSlam awaits the winner of this Monday’s Gold Rush Tournament, but one does not simply walk into such a position. You have to earn it. Kurt Angle and Masato Tanaka, famously two of the most intense competitors in the history of professional wrestling, collided for the very first time last week on RAW and their unbridled intensity saw them fight to a double count out. But Commissioner Terry Funk wasn’t going to allow this. Ever the maniacal dictator, Funk announced that the two men would settle the final spot at Saturday Night’s Main Event in a match where there WOULD be a winner no matter what … an EXTREME RULES MATCH!

Angle and Tanaka were allies during the war with Eric Bischoff, but with the allure of championship gold before them, friendships will be out of the window, and two of the most ferociously competitive wrestlers alive today will grace the ring in Texas and take Saturday Night’s Main Event to somewhere it has never been before … the Extreme…

Verbal Confrontation

Between World Heavyweight Champion Edge and SmackDown’s Co-Interim GM Shane McMahon

"A Clash of Arrogance..."

There will be the most competitive, athletic, and hard-hitting professional wrestling action in the world bar none taking place in Dallas, Texas tonight; but there are other issues to be settled. Issues that must be settled with words, not fists. Some might say it’s the most important contest of the night. After all, the fate of Friday Night SmackDown hangs in the balance…

It all started on April 7th, the first SmackDown after WrestleMania XXII, when the new World’s Heavyweight Champion Edge met his boss for the first time. But this wasn’t in the nice, relaxed, private confines of an office in Stanford, Connecticut; this was on national television for the world to see. The Rated R Superstar had come out to revel in his very first World Title win … but was interrupted. With his history of jealousy, bitterness and paranoia well documented in recent years, Edge was the last man Shane McMahon should have cut off in his desire to announce the SmackDown Election. What followed was a Spear heard around the world and the first shot in a war that would change the face of SmackDown … forever…

Since then, the two men have been locked at the horns in a rivalry in which it has become difficult to see who exactly is in the wrong. Yes, Edge is arrogant and deceitful … but … isn’t Shane McMahon too? The Boy Wonder has done his best to hurt the new World’s Champion, throwing opponent after putting in the direction of the bombastic Canadian, doing everything in his power to try and get him to put the belt on the line. But, apart from a few occasions, Edge has remained adamant and has stuck to his contract. Is he a coward, or is he in fact … just doing the right thing? One thing is for sure, there is absolutely NO WAY that Friday Night SmackDown can EVER function properly with these two on the same show.

Thankfully at least one person has retained some shred of sanity throughout this whole sordid affair; none other than Shane McMahon’s own little sister, Stephanie. Having already seen her father taken out earlier this year at the hands of Randy Orton, Steph isn’t keen to see her brother go the same way, or, indeed, one of her family’s shows disintegrate before her eyes. So she has scheduled this verbal confrontation in order to get to the bottom of these two men’s issue with one another, and to see if they can, hopefully, save Friday Night SmackDown…


Miscellaneous Predictions

Question One:

Predict the winners of each match - (7 points)

Question Two:
Predict the match order (including the Verbal Confrontation) - (7 points)

Question Three:
What will be the longest and shortest matches? - (2 points)

Question Four:
Predict the order of elimination in The Great American Tournament Final. - (1 point for every correct placement; 6 points in total)

Question Five:
Will there be any surprise appearances i.e. someone not on the card? If so, who? - (2 points)

Question Six:
Will there be any TNA Dusty screwy finishes? If so, which match and what? - (4 points)

Last Question:
How will the Verbal Confrontation between Edge and Shane McMahon go? - (be exact; 6 points)
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Fully Loaded preview and prediction contest now up, link in sig.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

The newest thread in my long (and not so storied) BTB history has been posted.

Link is here: WWE 2006 - The Future is Here
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Monday Night Raw | July 1st 2002 | Manchester, New Hampshire

"D-X or not to D-X..."

Raw this week continues off from what was scheduled to be a blockbuster of a Raw last week, and it didn't disappoint. So many questions left unanswered, so many confrontations expected, this week is a can't miss show as we draw ever closer to Vengeance later on in the month and eventually over to the biggest Pay Per View of the Summer- Summerslam.

This past week featured Vince McMahon open up the broadcast as he promised to name a new Raw General Manager, a new sheriff in town so to speak by the end of the night- replacing the newly fired Ric Flair. Vince would reveal towards the end of the night that the Raw General Manager is Shawn Michaels, who returned from a four year sabbatical from the ring. Shawn would explain that he is here to shake things up but he is in no-way capable of getting back in the ring since his back injury that sidelined him in 1998. Towards the end of the show Shawn announced that he didn't come to Raw alone and he brought via a trade, over from Smackdown! his good buddy, Triple H. Triple H and Shawn would hug and raise each others hands in the ring as the show went off the air. Thus raising the question, are Shawn and 'Hunter' back together? are we going to see the reuniting of D-Generation X here tonight? or are other things in store for the duo?

Brock Lesnar has one hell of a week, with Paul Heyman at his side he began last Sunday by winning the King of the Ring tournament, he then went onto decimate Rob Van Dam on Raw before appearing on Smackdown! to cause a distraction and cost the reigning Undisputed Champion, the Undertaker his match against the United States Champion, Kurt Angle. As a result, Kurt got himself a World Title match at the Undertaker at Vengeance, with Brock facing the winner at Summerslam. With both Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker in the building things are sure to get personal as the Undertaker is presumably not going to be in a good mood at all, and will want a piece of him. If these two collide on Raw will anyone be able to get in between them and break it up? where will Kurt Angle be in all of this?

Also on Raw last week, former tag team champion and former A.P.A member, Bradshaw received an envelope. What Bradshaw got was unknown to the public however, all the camera saw was an ecstatic Bradshaw leave the locker room with a smile on his face from ear-to-ear. Bradshaw has promised that he will reveal the contents of his package and will be here tonight. What could it be? How will it affest the Raw brand?

Last week William Regal, wrestling technician defeated Hardcore Holly. Making him tap out. Regal would have his protégé, "Mr. Harvard", Christopher Nowinski at ringisde taking notes on how to 'get the job done' according to Regal. Nowinski this week will be up against D'Lo Brown with Regal in his corner, by his side. With Nowinski making his in-ring debut on Raw how will things pan out for him as he goes up against an in-ring vet like D'lo? Or has the self proclaimed genius, Mr. Harvard devised a plan of sorts, and done his studying.

Expect all this and more including appearances from Kevin Nash, Matt Hardy, Booker T, Steve Richards, Bubba Ray Dudley and many more.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread


"In peace prepare for WAR, in WAR prepare for peace..."

- Sun Tzu's Art of War

Prepare...the Peacetime is over...a WAR is coming...


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
It's Baaaaack...
.:Oblivion Edition 39/40 Recap NOW POSTED!!
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Twenty-four hours ago at the Allstate Arena, history was made, and lives were changed forever as possibly the greatest WrestleMania of all-time occurred. Twenty-four hours later, Monday Night Raw will come to you from the site of this epic spectacle, Rosemont, Illinois, as a multitude of happenings will occur this evening in front of what should be an incredible fan frenzy.

There may no longer be any doubt or questioning in the current WWE Champion's ability after last night's event. Edge, The Rated R Superstar, The Ultimate Opportunist, but more importantly now, the Champion, competed in a memorable contest against the accomplished Olympian, Kurt Angle, and walked out victorious after cutting Angle in half with a Spear, the 3rd of the match. Edge will address a sold out crowd in the main event slot of tonight's show, and with much ado about his match, his future as champion, and what's to come for the likes of Kurt Angle and the rest of the contenders for the WWE Championship, 'The Rated R Supersta will have a lot to discuss.

Speaking of a lot to discuss, the controversy surrounding the epic encounter between John Cena and Ric Flair has been running rampant since last night. As we all well know, Ric Flair asked for a handshake, but The Franchise refused to accept it and walked out of the ring to a both stunned, and annoyed crowd as Cena's antics as of late having been making any friends. The Doctor of Thuganomics is also scheduled to address the Rosemont crowd at the top of the 10 o'clock hour, and an appearance by The Nature Boy may not be too far behind.

It was one of the greatest matches in WWE history, and Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker were a part of it. While Michaels could not put a blemish on the pristine record of The Phenom, The Heartbreak Kid lived to tell about it. Michaels will discuss this classic match at some point during the show we have been told, but an appearance in the ring for Michaels is in question after nearly going 25 minutes in the ring just a night before.

No shortage of action here tonight however. The World's Greatest Tag Team, fresh off their victory against the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM, will put their World Tag Team Championships on the line against The Heart Throbs. In a Money in the Bank Rewind Match from last night, Carlito will take on Mr. Monday Night, Rob Van Dam, and Gregory Helms will also be in action and, finally, The Big Show will be taking on Redneck Wrecking Crew member Lance Cade.

All of this and plenty more on Monday Night Raw at 9/8 CT on the USA Network.

Confirmed Matches:

World Tag Team Championships Match | The World's Greatest Tag Team vs. The Heart Throbs

Money in the Bank Rewind Match | Rob Van Dam vs. Carlito

The Big Show vs. Lance Cade

Gregory Helms in Action


'The Aftermath, Part One'


Raw will be posted Saturday.

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview- 20/5/05

The final stop on the road to Judgment Day comes from Nashville as Kurt Angle makes one of the biggest decisions in his career.

After defeating Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania, the Heartbreak Kid has been intent on getting a rematch with Kurt Angle. The recent draft lottery was seen as the only way the two could go toe to toe again but the draft kept both men apart leaving the dream rematch on the backburner. However, with Kurt Angle’s contract expiring after Judgment Day this Sunday, Raw’s General Manager Eric Bischoff has swooped, looking to take Angle to Monday nights and make the rematch reality.

Angle has proclaimed he has nothing to prove to Michaels but vowed to break the Showstopper’s ankle if they meet again. Will the lure of finishing off his rival once and for all prove too strong for Angle to resist? Michaels has taken his frustrations out on Eric Bischoff in recent weeks, hitting the GM with some Sweet chin Music, can Bischoff pull off a major coup and steal Angle from Smackdown? We will find out the answer this Friday night.

Also on Smackdown we will see a huge main event as the number one contender to the WWE Title, JBL will go one on one with The Undertaker. With just two days to go until both men face huge challenges, we are bound to see one man leave Nashville full of momentum heading into Judgment Day. One can only assume what kind of a role their opponents at the Pay Per View will play tonight as the WWE champion John Cena and the Legend Killer Randy Orton will be no doubt looking to strike the final blow before Judgment Day rolls around.

Booker T has been absent from the past couple of weeks on Smackdown, following both verbal and physical attacks from the coolest superstar on Friday nights, Carlito. These two will meet this Sunday and you have to wonder whether Booker T will show up in Nashville and look to make a mark on Carlito heading into Judgment Day.

It will no doubt be a bumpy ride with just 48 hours to go until the first Smackdown Pay Per View since Wrestlemania. What will the Smackdown superstars have up their sleeve this Friday night? Tune in for all the answers and more!

Confirmed for this week’s show:

JBL vs. The Undertaker


Kurt Angle must decide his future: Stay on Smackdown or jump ship to Raw
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

This week, on another extreme edition of EPW ON HBO:

Christian: One of the hottest stars in professional wrestling today! Whether he's the one half of the hottest tag team in the world, pissing the fans off or getting the audience behind him, he has undeniably been one of the centers of attention everywhere he's ever worked. Christopher Daniels: Called one of the most underrated wrestlers in the history of the business. "The Fallen Angel" was a founding father of the X-Division, and has been in some of the all time greatest matches in professional wrestling history! This week on EPW, the two will go one on one against each other in what many are already predicting to be a match-of-the-year candidate!

Maven Huffman has been out of action for the past month due to a horrific post-match assault by Zach Ryder. But this past week, Maven made his grand return and was granted a match against Ryder at Still Barely Legal. The question is, though, how much has his injuries effected his ability to perform in the ring? This week, we get our answer when Maven goes against Shocker!

Plus, two weeks ago Mickie James beat six other diva's to earn the right to face Victoria Varon for the Women's Title at Still Barely Legal. However, before she gets her shot, she must beat Velvet Sky, who was a main-stay in the Canadian Women's scene until she was hired. Will Mickie be able to beat Velvet, or will "The Beautiful Person" be able to make James just another victim?

All this and more on this week's edition of EPW ON HBO! DON'T YOU EVEN DARE MISS IT!

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Originally Posted by 2.0 View Post
WWE 2009 - Bridging The Gap

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview, April 20th 2009

'Fatal Four Way'

A rivalry reignited!

After John Cena barged into the World Heavyweight Champions locker room on Friday night demanding a match with or without the title on the line, a backstage brawl erupted between the pair. When finally separated by officials and referees, The Rated R Superstar made the challenge, the CeNation Commander accepted and our main event for Monday night was set – John Cena vs. Edge in a non-title bout! Who will come out on top in this huge match? Tune in to Monday Night Raw to find out!

Briefcase Blues

Last week on Raw, Big Show took it upon himself to attack Mr. Money in the Bank. Word quickly spread that Punk would not be in Baton Rouge come Friday for Smackdown. But the joke was on Big Show. After getting defeated by Batista in his in-ring return to action, Show came face to briefcase with the Straight Edge Master’s most prized possession. Punk celebrated over the fallen monster as Smackown came to a close. With both men set to be in attendance for Raw, can the Alltel Arena contain their inevitable confrontation?

The Numbers Game

Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton ran amuck this past Friday Night interfering in matches and attacking everybody in sight from Batista to Rey Mysterio to MVP. However, it was only the WWE Champion that was victorious in his match against Mysterio, DiBiase having fallen to MVP. A huge six man tag team match has been set for Raw pitting The Legacy against Rey Mysterio, MVP and Batista! Who will come out with the upper hand with the numbers now even on both sides?

The Deadman Cometh

While not physically on Smackdown this week, The Undertaker’s presence was still as strong as ever. During HBK’s match against JBL, the ever ominous gong sounded twice, causing mass confusion and Michaels to fall from the top rope enabling JBL to take advantage and nail a devastating Clothesline from Hell. This week, in a rare Raw appearance, The Phenom will see action against the same opponent as he goes one on one with JBL. With Shawn Michaels also in the building, will Taker suffer the same fate as The Heartbreak Kid and fall victim to The Wrestling God?

The Quest Continues

Both members of the Unified Tag Team Champions saw singles action on Smackdown. While The Miz managed to successfully put away Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy’s interference resulted in a no contest between his brother and John Morrison. The Tag Champs have promised to continue their Quest for Competition this Monday night on Raw. Who is next on the list?


John Cena vs. Edge

The Legacy vs. MVP, Rey Mysterio & Batista

The Undertaker vs. JBL

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Friday Night Smackdown Preview
Friday 10th October 2008
Live from the XL Center
Hartford, Connecticut

No Mercy was quite the show this past Sunday night, and it sure ended in controversial fashion in what turned out to be a chaotic finish to the main event for the World Heavyweight Championship. CM Punk thought he had put to bed the belief of some of his doubters that he was a fortunate World Champion after his impressive victory over Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam, however those doubters & critics may well be questioning his luck as champion after both Edge & John Cena made their presence felt in a big way.

When The Rated-R Superstar hit the ring, his brother, Christian was in control and had Punk on the edge. That was until he was speared out of his boots by Edge having gotten in to it with his brother earlier in the evening. Before Edge could do any more damage, Cena stormed the scene and gave him a big F-U, and as angry Jericho rose to his feet to see Cena standing there, he flew at him, only to get the same treatment as Edge. Punk was there to pick up the pieces though, and after catching Cena off guard with the G-T-S, the groggy Christian was next in line as Punk went on to retain the title in the dubious circumstances.

We now know that the World Champion will move on to the Survivor Series to take on John Cena in a traditional elimination match that will see Cena fighting for the right to earn a title shot against Punk at Night of Champions. After the chaos of Sunday night, we may well be in for a repeat when Smackdown and the two team captains roll in to Hartford this Friday night.

Shawn Michaels came through what was a tougher battle than many may expected from ‘The All-American American’ Jack Swagger who pushed him right to the limit Sunday night. With The Miz watching from the front row, The Heartbreak Kid was at times distracted but fought through to earn what was a very hard earned victory. He wasn’t done there though and challenged The Miz to join him in the ring, and just as it looked like they were going to go at it, Mr. Hollywood had a change of heart and turned his back on both the ring & Michaels.

On Raw this week however, The Miz spoke of how he wasn’t intimidated by The Heartbreak Kid and would be heading to Smackdown this week as he has something he wants Michaels to hear. What on earth does the arrogant Raw superstar have to say? Michaels also has something else to contend with in the shape of a rematch from No Mercy against Swagger live from the XL Center. Tazz was obviously so impressed with their match he wants to see them compete again. Will Michaels be able to focus on Swagger and emerge victorious again? Tune in to find out. If Sunday was anything to go by, you simply have to!

Also in action this week will be the WWE Tag Team Champions, The UK Pack. Harry Smith & Paul Burchill were one of four champions to successfully defend their titles at No Mercy, and they will be in action against a familiar face in ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters. They will be taking on Masters and his rookie, Ryan Sheffield in a non-title match, and after being defeated by Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas at No Mercy, they will be looking for a victory in Hartford when they meet the champions.

Their conquerors, Lashley & Haas will also be competing this Friday when they meet the team that couldn’t take the titles away from The UK Pack, Petey Williams & Johnny Devine. The Canadian duo will be going all out to return to winning ways, but if No Mercy is anything to go by, that won’t be an easy task against the formidable team of Lashley & Haas.

Not for the first time, Matt Sydal defeated Shelton Benjamin in what was last chance saloon for The Gold Standard as the King of the Ring claimed victory in their ladder match for the United States Championship. There’s no stopping Sydal right now as his incredible roll continues, but what does this further defeat mean for Benjamin?

Beth Phoenix was the final champion to retain her title when she overcame the challenge of Mickie James & Michelle McCool in a triple threat match. The Glamazon was in fine form and had to be to fight off the hungry competition. She’s been able to fend off every challenge thrown at her since becoming the Diva’s Champion at The Great American Bash. Is anyone going to be able to defeat The Glamazon?

Elijah Burke pulled off a huge victory for him and his girlfriend, Layla at No Mercy when he defeated Dolph Ziggler with a potential date between his rival & girlfriend hanging in the balance if Ziggler could beat him. Fortunately he didn’t, thanks in a large part to Layla who came to her boyfriend’s rescue, taking a steel chair away from Ziggler before cracking it against his skull. That now means Ziggler has to stay away from them, and as happy as it will make them, how angry will Dolph be this Friday when he arrives in Hartford?

Santino Marella is quickly getting under the skin of the Cruiserweight Champion, Johnny Jeter, and last week after he & Chavo Guerrero went all out to teach their rookies a lesson, the Italian flew down to the ring to save the day for J-Red & Yoshi Tatsu. It didn’t go down well at all with Jeter & Chavo, especially Jeter. Will the usually vengeful Jeter be out for revenge this week? History would say so, but you’ll have to tune in to find out.

Smackdown promises to be an eventful show this week, and with all the No Mercy fall out and the road to Survivor Series getting underway, it’s a show you’d be mad to miss! Make sure you don’t!

>Confirmed for This Week on Smackdown<

Non-Title Match
The UK Pack vs. Chris Masters & Ryan Sheffield


Shawn Michaels vs. Jack Swagger

Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas vs. Petey Williams & Johnny Devine

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