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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Universal Wrestling Collective
"Electrified" October 26th, 2011 Preview


With this being the final episode of "Electrified" before Sunday night's "Battle Between Legends" super show, tensions are high and everyone's looking to capture the spotlight. A.J. Styles is returning to action to face PWG's up-and-coming superstar Willie Mack. Sami Callihan is looking for redemption after his brutal loss in September to Low Ki; this time by squaring off against TNA's hot commodity, Frankie Kazarian. Becky Bayless has found another talented, young challenger to help her resolve her situation with Jimmy Jacobs...what will happen when Rich Swann arrives to defend her honor? Not to be outdone, the UWC Legends Championship tournament will feature its last quarterfinals match on the program. Which two legends will be duking it out for the remaining semi-final spot at the super show? Be there tonight at 10:00pm (Eastern Standard Time) live in high definition on the Showtime Network! Don't miss the action!

© Berringer Cross Ltd./Universal Wrestling Collective 2011

A.J. Styles vs. Willie Mack
Jimmy Jacobs vs. Rich Swann (w/Becky Bayless)
Frankie Kazarian vs. Sami Callihan
and the last quarterfinals match in the UWC Legends Championship tournament!

*****Show Posted - Link in Signature*****

The Crypt of Cross: New Review - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) Posted 11/29/11
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Originally Posted by iMac View Post
~Monday Night Raw~
March 19th, 2007
Indianapolis, IN

Wrestlemania XXIII is just thirteen days away, and all three men involved in the WWE Championship Triple Threat Match will continue to jockey for position as the show grows ever nearer. WWE Champion Shawn Michaels lead his team of himself and Bobby Lashley to victory last week over his two Wrestlemania challengers Triple H and Rob Van Dam, and he’ll no doubt be in a confident mood as he watches ‘Mr. Monday Night’ and ‘The Game’ in action tonight. Triple H will face Chris Masters, while Van Dam takes on Mike Knox, but perhaps both men will be more worried about their Wrestlemania opponents than their opponents tonight, such is the level of tension running high between the three. Michaels is no doubt in the driving seat ahead of Wrestlemania, but both challengers will be determined to pick up strong victories tonight, sending a strong message to the other members of the triple threat so close to Wrestlemania XXIII.

John Cena spoke of his desire to overcome Mr. McMahon and Bobby Lashley at Wrestlemania, but after Cena was put in a handicap match against The World’s Greatest Tag Team, many felt that McMahon has abused his power too much when it comes to Cena. And it seems that WWE C.E.O. Linda McMahon and the Board of Directors agree with the popular consensus. So much so that just before we went off the air last week, Linda McMahon announced that at Wrestlemania XXIII, the match between Cena and Lashley will have a Special Guest Referee... who will be revealed tonight! Cena and Lashley will sit down to sign a contract for their match, and our referee will be in attendance to ensure the fair play starts as it should go on. Rumours have been swirling all around the WWE as to the identity of the Special Guest Referee is, but make no mistake, whoever is put in-between Cena and Lashley and charged with the task of holding order over the McMahons better be prepared for the chaos that such a role brings... and it could all start tonight during the contract signing!

After forcing Randy Orton to accept his challenge of Kenny Dykstra on Dykstra’s behalf last week, Carlito will be in a buoyant mood as he now knows he has an Intercontinental Championship Match ahead of him at Wrestlemania XXIII. Tonight though, Carlito teams with the man he saved from a potential two on one attack last week, Jeff Hardy, to take the two would be attackers, Orton and Dykstra. These four men have been entwined with each other for a number of months now, and with ‘Lito and Dykstra set to meet and Orton and Hardy but part of the Money in the Bank Match, tonight is a big night for all four men to establish a sense of superiority over their upcoming opponents. But what of Torrie Wilson after she walked out in disgust at the way Carlito threatened to assault Dykstra with a one man con-chair-to last week. Having seen Orton and Dykstra assault Hardy in such a manner, putting him on the shelf for over a month in the process, Wilson left the ring in disbelief that her boyfriend would stoop to such a level. Carlito will no doubt be looking to make it up to Torrie, but after Orton’s warning to Dykstra not to let Torrie distract him, could it be ‘Lito who winds up being distracted by Wilson?

Last Friday night on Smackdown, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas appeared on the show to challenge the WWE Tag Team Champions Brian Kendrick and Paul London to a Champions vs. Champions match at Wrestlemania. The Hooligans accepted the challenge, and then laid forth a challenge of their own, as Kendrick and London will be here on Raw tonight as Kendrick steps into the ring with Shelton Benjamin. Both men will want the win to give their team the early upperhand, especially with their match now only being thirteen days away. And speaking of last Friday night, Mr. Kennedy delivered an eerie message to Ric Flair, stating that he had something big lined up for Flair this Monday night. Nobody knows what Kennedy has in store for ‘The Nature Boy’, but after Kennedy felt embarrassed by the way he’s been treated by Flair recently, you can guarantee that Kennedy will be looking to re-gain the upperhand in this feud that has the potential to become more personal than ever before.

All of this, plus Six Divas Tag Team action as Women’s Champion Mickie James teams up with Candice Michelle and Kelly Kelly to face James’ Wrestlemania challenger, Beth Phoenix, Victoria and Melina, we’ll hear from The Hart Legacy after they were jumped from behind by The Redneck Wrecking Crew last week, and entrant number seven in the 2007 WWE Hall of Fame Class will be revealed, live on Raw tonight!

Confirmed Matches:

Triple H vs. Chris Masters
Rob Van Dam vs. Mike Knox

John Cena and Bobby Lashley will sign the contract for their Wrestlemania XXIII match, where the Special Guest Referee will be revealed!

Randy Orton and Kenny Dykstra vs. Jeff Hardy and Carlito

Mickie James, Candice Michelle and Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix, Victoria and Melina

Plus! What does Mr. Kennedy have in store for Ric Flair?

Show now posted here.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Monday Night Raw Preview
August 15, 2011
Richmond, Virginia

To say the Undisputed WWE Championship Match at Summerslam last night ended in controversy would probably be one of the biggest understatements in WWE history. The goal of the evening was succeeded, as one man did walk out with the WWE Championship, but it was not either of the two men that went in with it. After CM Punk somewhat beat John Cena after a mistake from Guest Referee Triple H, he was attacked by the unannounced Kevin Nash, who chose Summerslam as the right time to make his first appearance in the WWE since the Royal Rumble Match. Nash gave CM Punk his signature Jack Knife Powerbomb, allowing Raw Money in the Bank winner, Alberto Del Rio to run down to the ring and cash in the illustrious contract on the weakened Punk, winning his first championship in the WWE. No one has heard from Kevin Nash since the incident, so no one actually knows why he showed up at Summerslam and attacked Punk in his finest hour. What we do know however is that the new WWE Champion is going to open up the show with his 'Championship Address'. But I think anyone would bet their house on CM Punk coming and trying to spoil the party.

As for the other man that was 'screwed' out of the WWE Championship at Summerslam, John Cena, he will be facing an old rival on Raw, as he goes one on one with his Wrestlemania 27 opponent; The Miz. Miz has recently joined forces with the delusional R-Truth, and also adopted his conspiracy theories, creating the dangerous and unpredictable tandem known as 'The Awesome Truth'. Will John Cena be able to contend with the underhanded tactic employed by Miz and Truth, or will the numbers game be too much for Cena?

Another match that has been confirmed for Raw is Rey Mysterio going one on one with the United States Champion Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match. Ziggler will no doubt be accompanied by his business associate Vickie Guerrero, who we all know had no qualms about getting involved in Dolph's matches. Mysterio himself has had issues with Guerrero on a number of occasions in the past, most notably when Vickie betrayed Mysterio in favour of her nephew Chavo in 2006. Ziggler though is a dangerous competitor without the help and influence of Guerrero, and would be a handful enough by himself. If Mysterio is able to avoid being caught victim to the underhanded tactics of Ziggler and Guerrero, one must assume that he would be an ideal challenger for Ziggler's United States Championship in the not far future.

It will be no secret to anyone that Beth Phoenix will be coming into Richmond from Summerslam in a foul mood, which means no good for any of the other Divas. Beth was defeated by a roll up from Kelly Kelly at Summerslam, putting Phoenix to the back of the line. The Glamazon is looking to get back on track on Raw, as she faces the Divas Champion's best friend Eve. The next Pay-Per-View is in Phoenix' home town of Buffalo, so The Glamazon needs to start picking up wins if she wants to be on the card.

Confirmed for Monday Night Raw

Alberto Del Rio's Championship Address

John Cena vs The Miz w/ R-Truth
Rey Mysterio vs United States Champion Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero

Beth Phoenix vs Eve

Zack Ryder will be in action, WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty will be in action, and expect to hear from CM Punk & more!

Link is in the sig, yo.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Universal Wrestling Collective
"Battle Between Legends" October 30th, 2011 Preview


Throughout the month of October, quarterfinal matches have been held in the UWC to crown the first ever Legends Champion. Now, the four surviving legends (Chris Jericho, Vader, Sting and Papa Shango) step into the squared circle to fight it out for that honor. But the Legends title isn't the only one on the line. The Young Bucks will be defending their UWC Tag Team Championships against Aeroform and a mystery legends team in a triangle elimination match. WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez has issued an open challenge for her title...but which female wrestler has accepted the match? And a long standing rivalry is renewed when Chris Hero challenges Eddie Kingston for the UWC Heavyweight Championship! All this and so much more! Be there tonight at 8:00pm (Eastern Standard Time) live in high definition on the Showtime Network! Don't miss the action!

© Berringer Cross Ltd./Universal Wrestling Collective 2011

Alex Shelley vs. Dave "Fit" Finlay
The Young Bucks© vs. Aeroform vs. Mystery Legends in an elimination match for the UWC Tag Team Championships
The Spectral Envoy vs. The All-Night Express
Roderick Strong vs. Sami Callihan in a falls count anywhere match
Eddie Kingston© vs. Chris Hero for the UWC Heavyweight Championship
Mercedes Martinez© vs. Mystery Opponent for the WSU Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Vader in a semi-final match for the UWC Legends Championship
Sting vs. Papa Shango in a semi-final match for the UWC Legends Championship
Plus the finals of the UWC Legends Championship tournament!

*****Show Posted - Link in Signature*****

The Crypt of Cross: New Review - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) Posted 11/29/11
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread


Countdown: 41 Days To Go
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Universal Wrestling Collective
"Electrified" November 2nd, 2011 Preview


Last Sunday, at the "Battle Between Legends" super show, new UWC Tag Team Champions Aeroform were crowned. However, there's no shortage of dominant tag teams from the independent scene looking to further their legacies in the Universal Wrestling Collective. Tonight, Ring of Honor favorites the Briscoes will step into the squared circle to face the reuniting Havana Pitbulls of Ricky Reyes and Rocky Romero. Which of these powerhouse teams will move on to the as yet unnamed November super show to challenge Aeroform for tag gold? Another man questing for championship glory is A.J. Styles. After his classic "Battle of the Technicians" bout against Mike Quackenbush on the October 12th installment of "Electrified", A.J. feels he's proved his worth to the UWC. Now, he's hunting down heavyweight gold and he's willing to go through any competition set before him. Will his road to the title continue this evening? Or will underrated Evolve Wrestling superstar Bobby Fish derail Styles's dream of conquest? All this and more comes at you on the first "Electrified" of November. Be there tonight at 10:00pm (Eastern Standard Time) live in high definition on the Showtime Network! Don't miss the action!

© Berringer Cross Ltd./Universal Wrestling Collective 2011

Brodie Lee vs. Jerrelle Clark
Colin Delaney Olsen vs. Tim Donst in a Chikara Showcase Contest
A.J. Styles vs. Bobby Fish
and The Briscoes vs. The Havana Pitbulls in a Number One Contender's Match!

*****Show Posted - Link in Signature*****

The Crypt of Cross: New Review - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) Posted 11/29/11
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

My first OVW TV has been posted!

Will Not Remove Until

  • Mick Foley returns to begin a program with Cody Rhodes []
  • Sheamus wins the World Title[]
  • Chris Jericho returns [x]
  • Trent Barreta quits being jobbed []
  • Zack Ryder wins a Single's title [x]
  • The Usos become WWE Tag Team Champions []
  • WWE actually does something with their tag division []
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust
Returning Soon

Go on, refresh your memory.

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE: The 2011 Invasion

My recapped Survivor Series is now up, to kick off this BTB.

Why is it recapped?? What matches are in it?? What is the 2011 invasion all about?? Come check it out
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

It's the opening night of the World Wrestling Alliance ever sense Shane McMahon purchased both Total Nonstop Action from Dixie Carter, and World Wrestling Entertainment from his own father, Vince. So many things, are on the line this Monday night, can WWA truly compete as a true Wrestling company. Will WWA be as good as either the WWE or TNA once were? We will all find out this Monday Night. It's going to be one hell of a night, as we are on the road to our first Pay-Per-View fall from Grace on November 26th, live from Indianapolis, Indiana at The Conseco Fieldhouse. We are going to find out who deserves to compete for the World Wrestling Alliance title as the WWA CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT BEGINS. It will feature nearly half of the roster, as in the main event of Monday Night Raw is part of this tournament, we will see two great superstars take on one another. That's right in our main event its going to be one on one, "THE GAME" TRIPLE H VS. "THE PHENOMINAL" AJ STYLES Which one of these superstars will advance to the next round of the WWA Championship tournament.

Also another match will be a part of the tournament as we will see the challenge of MR. ANDERSON VS "THE STRAIGHT EDGE SUPERSTAR" CM PUNK The winner of this match will face the winner of the main event on the next Raw. Don't forget to add another match to that tournament, because the two winners of this tag team match face each other on the next Raw to be added. It's going to be "PRICELESS" TED DIBIASE JR AND CODY RHODES VS. "THE MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS" ALEX SHELLY AND CHRIS SABINAnother match of this tournament is going to be BIG SHOW VS ROB VAN DAM The Final match of the tournament we will see JOHN CENA VS DESMOND WOLFE

If your interested in seeing the lovely gals of Monday Night Raw, you'll be in luck too because the last match of the night we will see "THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE'S" ANGELINA LOVE VS "THE GLAMAZON" BETH PHENOIXSo many things will be happening this Monday Night! You'll have to see it all for yourself! So be sure to tune in Monday on USA Network at 9e/8c. You'll get to see all of these matches, plus the return of one very special guest! You'll have to see who that is for yourself.

This Monday Night, the WWA Championship Tournament begins! The return of a special guest! And much, much, more! It's the beginning of a new era in Professional Wrestling! Don't miss it this Monday!

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