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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Universal Wrestling Collective
"Auriferous Collision" Preview


Fifteen men and one woman competed successfully on the last four episodes of the weekly "Electrified" program to enter the UWC's two night super show. Now, these individuals will square off in eight matches, the winners moving on to night two of the tournament for a chance to be crowned the first ever Universal Wrestling Collective Heavyweight Champion! These sixteen unique wrestlers all bring their own brand of excitement and intensity to the table. From the brash arrogance of Kevin Steen to the focused determination of Low Ki. From the technical prowess of Mike Quackenbush to the aerial majesty of Paul London. All styles will be represented in the tournament, and the main event of the evening will see an angel stand toe-to-toe with a monster! Be there as these sixteen competitors wage war with one another in an attempt to make UWC history! And don't forget to join us live in high definition on the Showtime Network tomorrow evening at 8:00pm (Eastern Standard Time) for night two of "Auriferous Collision"!!!

© Berringer Cross Ltd./Universal Wrestling Collective 2011

Davey Richards vs. Jimmy Jacobs
CIMA vs. The Amazing Red
"Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen vs. Dan Maff
Mike Quackenbush vs. Sara Del Rey
Eddie Kingston vs. Akuma
Chuck Taylor vs. Paul London
Low Ki vs. "The Fabulous" John McChesney
"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe
The Colony vs. Future Shock
The Young Bucks vs. Philly's Most Wanted

*****Show Posted - Link in Signature*****

The Crypt of Cross: New Review - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) Posted 11/29/11
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE Backlash

April 26th 2009
Scottrade Center - St. Louis, MO

United States Championship
MVP(c) vs. Ted DiBiase

MVP and Ted DiBiase have been just two players in what has been a mass war amongst the members of the WWE roster. The Legacy, along with World Heavyweight Champion Edge, have sought to enforce their dominance over both Raw and Smackdown since Wrestlemania. However, superstars such as John Cena, Batista, Rey Mysterio and MVP haven’t taken too kindly to their efforts.

Just one night after Wrestlemania, MVP was victorious in a tag match with CM Punk against Legacy. The next week on Raw, DiBiase, with the help of Cody Rhodes defeated MVP in a non-title bout. Later that same night, the Legacy boys looked to pull off another victory in Rhodes match against Rey Mysterio but it wasn’t to be as MVP came to the Intercontinental Champion’s aid. This marked the beginning of both Champion’s stand against the second generation superstars. MVP got his win back on the next edition of Smackdown. However, after Mysterio’s match with Randy Orton, both men took a beating at the hands of the vicious Viper and his henchmen. This led to a huge six man tag team match on the next edition of Monday Night Raw that saw The Legacy square off against MVP, Rey Mysterio and Batista. Unfortunately for the latter trio, victory was not to be as once again Legacy managed to pull out the win. However, it was MVP along with his partners that night and also John Cena who got the last laugh when a huge brawl erupted at the end of the show that saw all four men standing tall. On the go home show heading into the PPV, an even bigger tag team match was set pitting all 8 individuals involved in the brawl against each other. But once again it was The Legacy who pulled out the victory.

Will Mr. 305 be able to get back on track and retain his United States Championship against the Priceless One? Or will DiBiase, through his own volition or otherwise add another title to his own and his group’s Legacy?

Intercontinental Championship
Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Cody Rhodes

As outlined above, both men have been integral players in the roster war that has erupted after Wrestlemania. Cody, the arrogant and gifted young second generation superstar from Randy Orton’s powerful Legacy will have his chance to shine as he takes on the Ultimate Underdog for the IC title. Just like his tag team partner, Rhodes will have the opportunity to bring fortune and gold to his stable. But he will have to go through the man who always overcomes the odds in Rey Mysterio. However, it must be noted that Mysterio lost to Rhodes’ leader in one on one competition on Smackdown. Can Cody follow the lead of The Viper and take the championship for himself? Backlash could see the dawning of a truly new era in the WWE as Legacy has the possibility of walking out with 3 major titles. Rey Mysterio stands in the way of that happening.

Who will walk out as the Intercontinental Champion?

Unified Tag Team Championship
The Miz & John Morrison (c) vs. Cryme Tyme

Ever since winning the Unified Tag Team Championships at Wrestlemania, The Miz and John Morrison have been nothing short of arrogant, self-centered and bigheaded. They defeated the Colon’s twice in a row before embarking on their self-proclaimed ‘Quest for Competition.’ This Quest began with the currently feuding Hardy Boyz. This fact seemed to be lost on the Tag Champions who set up a match between the two teams and eventually won due to Matt Hardy not-so-surprisingly turning on his brother, Jeff. Despite this, Miz and Morrison racked it up as a win for themselves and thus, the first name on their list got marked off.

Naturally, they would move on to their next targets who just so happened to be those ‘boys from the hood,’ Cryme Tyme. However, much to the champions’ dismay, Cryme Tyme came out victorious in their match and as a result the brand spanking new General Manager of Smackdown, Ric Flair, granted them a title match at Backlash.

Can Miz and Morrison live up to their own hype and put away their popular opponents? Or will they crumble at the first sight of real competition and thus end their Quest?

Women’s Championship
Melina (c) vs. Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool, with some help from the Canadian bombshell Maryse, beat Mickie James to become the number one contender for Melina’s WWE Women’s Championship. The following week on Smackdown, McCool was once again victorious in her match against Maria Kanellis. Can the athletic diva keep her momentum rolling and take the title from Melina?

Steel Cage Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

The Hardy brother’s tumultuous relationship has only gotten worse since Wrestlemania. Even though he beat his younger brother on the grandest stage of them all, Matt still found it prudent to continue his attacks and ambushes. But his enigmatic brother lived up to his no fear lifestyle and fought back each week, eventually making the challenge for a Steel Cage Match at Backlash. After weeks of ambushes, brawls, interference and more, there will be nowhere to run as this issue finally gets settled inside the confines of a 15ft high Steel Cage!

As a tag team, The Hardy Boyz thrilled WWE fans for years with their daring antics off ladders and inside cages. But the question remains, when given the choice, will these brothers choose to win the match? Or will they choose to end it once and for all by taking a leap of faith from the heavens?

CM Punk vs. The Big Show

CM Punk has seen his stock sky rocket since winning the Money in the Bank briefcase at Wrestlemania. He has a guaranteed shot at whatever title he wants whenever he wants. As a result, it is expected that he would be a marked man. However, that isn’t anywhere close to being the reason why he has found himself in the sights of the World’s Largest Athlete these past few weeks.

It all began with a tag team victory on Smackdown as Punk, along with John Cena, scored the victory over Show and his partner Edge. But it was the following week on Raw where this heated rivalry really picked up. Just moments before Punk’s main event tag team match, Show put down a vicious beating on the Straight Edge Superstar rendering him unable to compete and seemingly unable to make it to Smackdown. But Punk did make it to the blue brand Friday night and made an instant impact by clobbering the big man with his briefcase right after he lost to Batista in the main event. Was this the mark of a wise or foolish man? Naturally, Big Show was enraged and after getting called out the next week on Raw, stormed to the ring and the brawl was on. Once again Show found himself on the receiving end of Punk’s most prized possession. This past Friday night however, it was Show who got the last laugh. In a tag team match with Matt Hardy against Jeff Hardy and Punk, Show’s deadly right hand secured the victory for his team.

This Sunday, these men will face off in what is sure to be a heated confrontation. Will Big Show seek the redemption he is after or will he face the backlash of his actions?

Who is the Raw GM?

Chris Jericho has gone on a one man mission after defeating the WWE Legends at Wrestlemania to bring back authority and normality to both Raw and Smackdown. The ‘Best in the World’ walked out on a tag match and then the next week informed us all that he was going on strike until order was restored to the WWE. After revealing Ric Flair as the General Manager of Smackdown this past Friday Night, Jericho claims that he will also reveal the identity of flagship show’s GM too. Can Jericho produce the goods once again?

‘One More Time’
No Holds Barred
Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker

The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, two living WWE legends put on an absolute classic match at Wrestlemania 25 that fans and superstars alike are still buzzing over. It was The Undertaker who extended his legendary streak to 17-0 at the expense of The Heartbreak Kid. The next night on Raw, HBK made the challenge for a rematch and Undertaker gladly accepted a few days later on Smackdown.

With the match now set the mind games began. Undertaker, who referred to HBK simply as Number Seventeen, was as callous as ever in his attempts to undermine The Showstopper. It quickly became apparent that The Deadman had succeeded in getting inside his opponents head as Shawn lost to JBL, Taker’s ominous gongs the true marker of that defeat. When Shawn tried to retaliate with the same tactic the next week on Raw, it blew up in his face and Taker simply laughed it off, chokeslamming JBL for the victory and staring at HBK as he retreated to the back. Had The Heartbreak Kid once again lost his smile?

It seemed so until this past Friday night when an invigorated and determined Shawn Michaels vowed that he would get inside The Undertaker’s head before the night was through. And he did exactly that by kicking the Phenom’s teeth right down his throat and costing him a victory against the young Jack Swagger.

The Heartbreak Kid is back and the WWE is now set for a second epic clash between these two future Hall of Famers. It’s The Undertaker versus Shawn Michaels for ‘One Last Time’ with no Holds Barred. No matter the victor, the WWE and it’s fans will ultimately come out as the true winners in part two of this amazing rivalry.

WWE and World Heavyweight Championships on the Line
Randy Orton (c) & Edge (c) vs. John Cena & Batista

In an unprecedented move, in his first act as Smackdown General Manager, Ric Flair made this monumental tag team main event where both WWE World Titles are up for grabs. Randy Orton, Edge, John Cena and Batista have been all mixed up from the second Wrestlemania ended to Batista’s surprise return the next week right through to this past Friday night where all four men once again found themselves in the same ring together.

These past few weeks have seen an effective war break out amongst Edge and The Legacy and other prominent members of the roster including Cena and Batista. In addition, all four men have an immense history with each other. In 2004, Orton and Batista were apart of Triple H and Ric Flair’s legendary Evolution. It was just 4 years later that Batista was put on the injured list by a punt to the skull courtesy of one Randy Orton. Similarly, in 2006, Edge and John Cena were embroiled in a bitter rivalry that crossed the line into personal territory as Edge attacked John Cena’s father. Orton and Cena are no strangers to each other either, Orton having attacked Cena’s father also in his pursuit of WWE gold. Finally, Batista and Cena have faced off just once before in a match that saw Batista come out on top. The tension between the two has remained to this day and one has to wonder whether these two men can work together come Sunday.

Given their extensive back stories and their involvement in both Raw and Smackdown every week, Flair obviously felt it best to combine all 4 men in one match where both championships would be on the line. Now relying on oneself to get the job done isn’t enough because they must depend on each other if they want any chance of walking out champion. Will Edge and Orton be able to rekindle the chemistry they created as Rated-RKO back in 2006 and retain their titles in this epic clash? They face very stiff competition in the massive roadblock tag team of John Cena and Batista. With such high stakes on the line and emotions running high, anything could happen. The WWE is either going to end up with two new champions or two retaining champions that will be as dominant as ever. Only Backlash holds the answers.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE Smackdown Preview
April 22, 2004

This week on Smackdown, Edge will go one on one against Kane. After interfering in the main event last week, Paul Heyman has decided to set this big match up for this week’s Smackdown. This will be Edge’s first singles match in over 14 months as he collides with the big red monster Kane in Edge’s country, Canada. What is Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero’s reaction after finding out that he will face two opponents at Judgment Day?

Also tonight the tag team champions The Hurricane and Shannon Moore will have their first title defence against The Guerreros, Chavo Sr. and Chavo Jr. What will Rob Van Dam and Booker T have to say about losing the tag team titles last week? How do they feel about not getting a rematch for the belts tonight?

Plus John Cena will team with Rey Mysterio as they will be in action against Val Venis and Matt Hardy.

All this and more on Smackdown.

Confirmed Matches
Edge vs Kane
John Cena & Rey Mysterio vs Val Venis and Matt Hardy
JBL vs Rikishi
Tag Team Title Match: The Hurricane and Shannon Moore (c) vs The Guerreros: Chavo Sr/Chavo Jr.

Show now posted here

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
Click here to read
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Universal Wrestling Collective
"Electrified" September 28th, 2011 Preview


The first ever UWC super shows have aired and now the fallout will occur on "Electrified". Both the new UWC tag team champions (The Young Bucks) and the new UWC heavyweight champion (Eddie Kingston) will be in attendance to give interviews. We also know that Jack Evans will be making his in-ring debut for the UWC promotion. Plus, Sabu will be making his UWC debut against the Chikara youngster Frightmare. As if that wasn't enough, A.J. Styles will be taking on the debuting B.J. Whitmer and UWC owner Berringer "T.A.H." Cross has also guaranteed that there'll be an interview with Styles! Be there tonight at 10:00pm (Eastern Standard Time) live in high definition on the Showtime Network! Don't miss the action!

© Berringer Cross Ltd./Universal Wrestling Collective 2011

Rachel Summerlyn vs. Nevaeh
The Debut of Jack Evans
Sabu vs. Frightmare
A.J. Styles vs. B.J. Whitmer

*****Show Posted - Link in Signature*****

The Crypt of Cross: New Review - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) Posted 11/29/11
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE Raw Preview
April 26, 2004

Tonight four men will step in the ring in a fatal four way number one contenders match. The winner faces world heavyweight champion Chris Benoit next week on Raw. HHH believes that he should automatically get his rematch but since he lost at Backlash, other contenders are also in contention. Shawn Michaels who almost came close to capturing the title wants another chance and he will get it tonight. Chris Jericho and Christian also believe that they deserve a title shot. Who will be victorious tonight?

Chris Benoit will also be in action tonight as he faces Evolution member Batista in a non title match? Will Batista soften Benoit up for HHH or will Benoit make Batista tap out?

Also La Resistance finally get a tag title shot opportunity tonight against the World’s Greatest Tag Team. Which two members of La Resistance will be competing tonight? To find out all this and more tune in to Raw.

Confirmed Matches
Fatal 4 Way #1 Contenders Match: HHH vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho vs Christian
Non Title: Chris Benoit vs Batista
Tag Team Titles Match: The World’s Greatest Tag Team (c) vs La Resistance
Womens Title: Victoria (c) vs Jazz

Show now posted here

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
Click here to read

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Friday Night Smackdown Preview
Friday 24th October 2008
Live from the Mississippi Coast Coliseum
Biloxi, Mississippi

With so much at stake for John Cena & CM Punk at the Survivor Series, it’s fair to say that Cena’s presence on Smackdown is really starting to frustrate the World Heavyweight Champion more & more each weel, and you have to wonder just how angry Punk will be this week after losing to Matt Sydal last Friday night thanks to a big F-U from his opposing team captain come Survivor Series in two weeks. Cena decided to take a closer look at the action as the World Champion met the United States Champion, and as Punk’s rookie, Alberto Del-Rio Ramirez was busy trying to help out his mentor, Cena slipped in to the ring and gave The Straight-Edge Superstar a reminder of what he’ll have to avoid when they lock horns where Cena will be fighting to become the number one contender for Punk’s world title at Night of Champions.

However Cena didn’t have much time to celebrate with Sydal, who’ll be a member of Team Cena when Shelton Benjamin, who earlier in the night offered Punk his services for Survivor Series and warned him not to underestimate the King of the Ring. He proved to be right but after being shot down by the World Champion he came out with a point to prove and sure made a statement by attacking Cena & Sydal before being chased off by Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas. The team that’s on fire right now may well have been the men Cena was referring to earlier in the evening when he said the make-up of his team was all but complete, and we hear that Cena will open the show this week. Just what does the controversial Smackdown newcomer have to say? Tune in to find out.

We already know that Christian will be a part of Team Cena and his brother, Edge will be a part of Team Punk, and last week Edge let us all know that he’s still smarting over his loss to Captain Charisma back at SummerSlam when he jumped Christian as he was making his way down to the ring for what was going to be a handicap match after Tyson Tomko was attacked in the back, presumably by The Rated-R Superstar. What on earth will this week bring when the Canadian siblings arrive in Biloxi?

It appears that Shawn Michaels now knows what opposition he’ll be facing at the Survivor Series as The Miz unveiled Dolph Ziggler as the final member of his “awesome” team to take on Michaels, Kofi Kingston and whoever else will be joining them in the traditional elimination match. However Mr. Hollywood wasn’t smiling for long as Kingston suckered him into a tag team match with Kofi & Michaels defeating Miz and his rookie, Heath Slater. We may just see Miz on Smackdown again this week as one of his team mates will be in action when Jack Swagger takes on the recently engaged Elijah Burke. Can Team Miz get back some momentum?

The WWE Tag Team Champions certainly have had some issues as of late and last week we saw Paul Burchill walk out on his partner when he decided not to stick around and watch TJ Wilson’s match with Dolph Ziggler. Burchill had words with Harry Smith before leaving the arena to the bewilderment of Smith and his rookie. Can The UK Pack resolve their differences or are they heading down a dark path?

This Friday night we’ll see the highly impressive rookie of Chavo Guerrero, J-Red compete in his first title match in the WWE when he takes on Johnny Jeter for Jeter’s Cruiserweight Championship. Red was the last man standing in a battle royal last week to determine just who would meet Jeter this week, and ironically it came down to Red & Chavo where the rookie once again came out on top at the expense of his mentor. How on earth will Chavo be feeling about that, but more importantly, will Red be able to seize on the momentum from last week to topple Jeter and become the new Cruiserweight Champion?

There was speculation last week of who would be representing Team Smackdown at the Survivor Series against Team Raw, and Monday night we got an answer. Raw’s captain, the Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus wasn’t pulling any punches in how he easy he feels it is going to be to lead Raw to victory, however he may feel differently now after M.V.P. & Ron Killings caught him well & truly off guard, letting him know that they would be part of the Smackdown team which will be lead by M.V.P. Killings in particular though took real offence to The Celtic Warrior’s confident comments and knocked him on his ass. Just when it looked like Sheamus’s rival and fellow team member Carlito had come to his aid, the Puerto Rican gave him a hand up before catching him with a sneaky Backstabber. It looks like it’s going to be a bumpy ride from now until Survivor Series when the two brands go to war.

We saw Michelle McCool earn herself a shot at Beth Phoenix’s Diva’s Championship last Friday night when a calculated plan paid off, manipulating Beth and her rookie, Nikki Roxx to talk herself into title contention. She overcame Roxx and fought her way to a shot at The Glamazon’s title, and this week it’ll be the Diva’s Champion who’ll be in action. Surely she’ll be out to send a statement to McCool who you assume won’t be too far away.

Paul London & Brian Kendrick sure have been one of the best teams, if not the best team that Smackdown has ever seen, and that was pointed out to the duo by Tazz last week as their personal issues spilled over on to Smackdown having been drafted from Raw recently. They were part of the battle royal last week that saw J-Red become the number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship and London managed to eliminate himself while also sending his former partner over the ropes. Kendrick wasn’t happy at all and they fought their way through to the back where the General Manager had to step in, letting them know exactly how he felt about them, telling them how good a team they were and that they’ve done nothing since they went their separate ways. We’ve since learned that he’s made a match that will see them go one on one this week. Are they going to take their chance to shine?

>Confirmed for This Week on Smackdown<

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
J-Red vs. Johnny Jeter (c)


Elijah Burke vs. Jack Swagger

Paul London vs. Brian Kendrick

The WWE Diva’s Champion, Beth Phoenix in action

John Cena opens the show!

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Universal Wrestling Collective
"Electrified" October 5th, 2011 Preview


The start of October means new competition arrives in the Universal Wrestling well as another new championship! Tonight on the "Electrified" program, the "Battle Between Legends" tournament commences with the first quarterfinal round match. Which two legends of professional wrestling will square off against one another? Find out on tonight's episode! For the last month, Becky Bayless has been having problems with Jimmy Jacobs. Mistaking her for Lacey was only the beginning; at the second night of "Auriferous Collision", things turned physical. Now, UWC owner Berringer "T.A.H." Cross has given Bayless the green light to bring in any wrestler she can find to stop Jacobs from tormenting her. Whose services has she sought out? There's only one way to find out! Also, a week and a half after winning the UWC Tag Team Championships, the Young Bucks will have their first title defense. Their opponents? Dragon Gate U.S.A. sensations Masato Yoshino and PAC. Will the Bucks continue their championship reign...or will their run be cut short on this evening's show? Be there tonight at 10:00pm (Eastern Standard Time) live in high definition on the Showtime Network! Don't miss the action!

© Berringer Cross Ltd./Universal Wrestling Collective 2011

Jimmy Jacobs meets Becky Bayless's Mystery Opponent
The first quarterfinals match for the UWC Legends Championship
The Young Bucks© vs. Masato Yoshino and PAC for the UWC Tag Team Championships

*****Show Posted - Link in Signature*****

The Crypt of Cross: New Review - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) Posted 11/29/11
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Smackdown now posted. WWE 2005: Raising the Bar. Link below.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE Raw Preview
May 3, 2004

Tonight on Raw Vince McMahon will be here as he is going to make a major announcement. We have been informed that Smackdown’s General Manager Paul Heyman will be appearing on Raw via satellite as Vince will have something to say to the General Managers of Raw and Smackdown. What will Mr McMahon’s major announcement be?

Last week Christian defeated three men to earn a world title shot tonight against the world heavyweight champion Chris Benoit. Will this be Christian’s night where he finally becomes the world heavyweight champion?

Also tonight Shawn Michaels will be in action as he goes one on one with Evolution’s animal, Batista. Batista has been on a major roll over the past two weeks with wins over The Rock and Chris Benoit. Will Batista claim another major win tonight?

Chris Jericho finally gets a chance to get his revenge on A-Train as they will go at it on Raw. The last time they were in action Jericho was involved in a gauntlet match which was won by A-Train. Will A-Train be victorious again tonight or will Jericho get his revenge.

Plus Randy Orton is back in action tonight as he will defend his Intercontinental Title against Garrisson Cade. Also footage will be shown of Eugene's training sessions with The Rock and William Regal. Eugene will be competing in an exhibition match tonight against The Coach. All this and more tonight on Monday Night Raw.

Confirmed Matches
World Heavyweight Title Match: Chris Benoit (c) vs Christian
Shawn Michaels vs Batista
Chris Jericho vs A-Train
8 Man Tag: The World’s Greatest Tag Team and The Dudleys vs La Resistance, Chuck Palumbo and Johnny the Bull
Intercontinental Title Match: Randy Orton (c) vs Garrison Cade

Show now posted here

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
Click here to read
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread




The Hammerstein Ballroom – Manhattan, New York City, New York
“Deceive the Heavens to Cross the Ocean…”

Last week, we saw in the intense revelation of the main event for the first ever AOW PPV event, World Ablaze. Rob Van Dam will face Chris Jericho for the Worthy Man’s AOW Championship! But Jericho’s immense power trip has hit a snag, as we also learned that General Manager Mick Foley has granted RVD complete control of Chris Jericho’s opponents every week leading into the event! With the tables now turned on Jericho, he apparently has turned his attention towards the very vulnerable Torrie Wilson to manipulate his way back into power. What’s next for Jericho? What’s next for RVD? And potentially most importantly, what role will Torrie play in the grand scheme of things…?

Speaking of ‘intense revelations’, the destructive hatred between Dave Finlay and Samoa Joe seems like it’s not over. Despite their absolute war at AOW’s Supershow two weeks ago, it seems like it won’t end. Finlay doesn’t seem to take losing very well, destroying Samoa Joe with repeated shillelagh shots during Joe’s match against Chris Jericho last week. Does the man who loves to fight have an answer for his continued assault of Joe? These two men of few words still have plenty of bad blood between them that needs to be resolved somehow, which quite possibly won’t be until one of or both of these men are in fact in blood.

The concept of ‘intensity’ rages all the way through the rings of AOW – from the top of the mountain to the base of it. And CM Punk isn’t going to let Muhammad Hassan forget that. Punk vehemently expressed his discontent with the manner in which Hassan not only won the title, but very much so plans to keep it. Hassan insisted Punk was just jealous, but Punk says it runs deeper than that – it’s also about both men’s very livelihood, with Punk targeting the fact that he’s paying his way to the top with The Mercenaries – the team of Paul Burchill and Brent Albright – at his disposal. That same team interrupted the title match between Hassan and Rey Mysterio at the Supershow, but were quickly turned away by Punk and another man with a great sense of honor, Lance Storm. This week, all six of these men lock horns to resolve their ‘intensity’.

Gregory Helms thinks he’s an innocent man, the cruiserweights have a brand new face in Aero Star, and the tag team division has new blood as well in Low Jack, but even more on the way! The landscape of AOW is rapidly changing, with a PPV, an extended timeslot, and an incredible roster all coming together. So don’t you miss a single second of the action – this Wednesday, 9/8c on FX!

.:Confirmed for Oblivion:.

CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, & Lance Storm v. Muhammad Hassan & The Mercenaries

Samoa Joe and Finlay in attendance
Show now posted and link is sig. Feedback will try and be returned, but no gurantees.


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
It's Baaaaack...
.:Oblivion Edition 39/40 Recap NOW POSTED!!
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