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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Monday Night Raw Preview
Monday 20th October 2008
Live from the TEE Center
Augusta, Georgia

Last week’s show ended on a highly controversial note when Mr. McMahon & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield went about their mission on getting revenge on The Big Show and ending his WWE career. However they weren’t satisfied with just blind siding the former Corporation member and Mr. McMahon spat in the giant’s face. We knew this was personal beforehand and with so much at stake at the Survivor Series you have to wonder how The Big Show will react this week when he arrives in Augusta, Georgia with just under three weeks to go until his Loser Leaves Town Hell in a Cell match with J.B.L. Make sure you tune in to find out just how he does react.

Batista & Triple H’s personal problems also escalated last week with The Game finally confronting the WWE Champion on the rumours he’s dating his wife, Stephanie. Not that the furious Triple H believed him. However they were both given a stern reminder of what’s really at stake at the Survivor Series by Randy Orton when all three former Evolution team-mates collide for the WWE Championship. The Legend Killer’s not held back in letting everyone know how much he wants to get his hands back on the WWE Championship, letting Triple H know exactly how much he blames him for costing him the chance to win it back at Unforgiven last month. With Orton the only one seemingly focused on the WWE title will he be the one to leave Survivor Series with the title he craves so badly, and will The King of Kings accept Batista’s word that there’s nothing going on between him & Stephanie? Is that indeed the case? Who knows? We might find out the answers to some of those questions this week live from the TEE Center.

The opportunity that Ted DiBiase has wanted and claims he deserves is just around the corner with most believing he has no chance of overcoming the obstacle in his way in the shape of The Undertaker at the Survivor Series. However for the second straight week he was able to get the better of The Dead-Man, along with the help of his rookie, Ezekiel Jackson to leave him flat on his back in the middle of the ring. Maybe he’s not out of his depth after all and he is capable of defeating the phenom, but if history tells us anything, hell hath no fury like The Dead-Man scorned.

We found out last week from Eric Bischoff that at the Survivor Series, Raw & Smackdown will collide in a traditional elimination match and that leading Team Raw will be the Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior has yet to taste defeat since joining the WWE this summer and seems to be the perfect choice by Raw’s Head of Authority, but Bischoff has also decided to put Sheamus’s rival, Carlito on the team too. They were about to go at it in an impromptu title match until Bischoff put a roadblock in front of them and let them know of his plans. Can Sheamus & Carlito co-exist for the sake of Team Raw? They will however be joined by another Raw superstar when two more lock horns this week for a place on the team in John Morrison & Zack Ryder. Will it be The Shaman of Sexy or The Long Island Loudmouth who’ll be joining them at the Survivor Series?

We understand that ‘Mr. Hollywood’ The Miz has an announcement to make this week. Once again we saw him travel to Smackdown on Friday night where he watched Dolph Ziggler in action and escort him backstage afterwards. What was that all about? Does it have anything to do with the elimination match facing him at Survivor Series against Shawn Michaels’ team? Maybe we’ll see The Heartbreak Kid travel to Raw again like last week when he came to Kofi Kingston’s rescue, even offering Kofi a place on his team for the Survivor Series? Will Kofi have an answer for him? Tune in to find out.

The final spot for a shot at the World Tag Team titles was up for grabs last week when Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms met Rey Mysterio & Mystico in the second semi final in the tournament to crown new champions. With their place already booked in the final at the Survivor Series, Christopher Daniels & Kaval got a closer look of the action and watched on as their competitors fought to a double count out. They were then left stunned as Eric Bischoff announced that both Hardy & Helms and Mysterio & Mystico will join them in the final in a triple threat match for the right to be the new World Tag Team Champions. How do they all feel about? Maybe we’ll find out tomorrow night.

There’ll be a few other teams battling it out this week. After a couple of confrontations last week Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig will take on JTG & Homicide while Gail Kim along with her rookie, Shantelle Taylor will meet The Bella Twins.

With Survivor Series rapidly approaching, make sure you catch Raw this week for what is likely to be an eventful show in Augusta!

>Confirmed for Raw This Week<

Winner Receives a Place on Team Raw for the Survivor Series
John Morrison vs. Zack Ryder


JTG & Homicide vs. Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig

Gail Kim & Shantelle Taylor
vs. The Bella Twins

The Miz’s Special Announcement!

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

hey everyone just wanted to remind yaul to tune into NEW GAME ERA smackdown. Christian is holding the going away party for Randy Orton, Wade Barrett promises to walk out with Daniel Bryans briefcase, and what will be the fate of Sheamus after his assault on Mark Henry as henry will appear on smackdown from Calgary
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE Raw Preview
April 12, 2004


The final RAW before Backlash comes to you from Chicago, and Eric Bischoff has set up a huge main event match for Raw. The Game HHH will team with Randy Orton to take on The Rock and Cactus Jack. Is it going to be Evolution’s night tonight?

Also tonight Jim Ross will conduct an interview with Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit. Not only does Shawn Michaels hold a victory over Chris Benoit, Shawn was also the winner of the first ever Iron Man Match in the WWE at WrestleMania 12. What will Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels do to gain an edge before their Iron Man Match encounter at Backlash?

Christian looks to get the advantage going into Backlash as Eric Bischoff has forced Chris Jericho to compete in a gauntlet match against La Resistance. Will Jericho be able to overcome the odds or will Christian gain the upper hand over Jericho?

We saw Eugene’s debut last week and William Regal’s return but what will Eugene get up to this week?

Plus Lance Storm wants to prove to Ric Flair that last week was not a fluke, tonight Storm will take on the legendary Ric Flair. Will Storm upset Flair or will Flair prove that Lance Storm is indeed a joke.

What other developments will take place during the final RAW before the pay-per-view event? Only one way to find out ... watch RAW

Confirmed Matches
HHH and Randy Orton vs The Rock and Cactus Jack
Gaunlet Match: Chris Jericho vs La Resistance
Ric Flair vs Lance Storm
Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs Charlie Haas
Victoria and Gail Kim vs Jazz and Molly

Show now posted here

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
Click here to read
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Originally Posted by ~Hollywood Hogan~ View Post

The Red Hot Event Of The Summer

Final Card For Bash At The Beach
July, 8th, 2001
Ocean Center - Daytona Beach, Florida

WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Booker T © vs. Scott Steiner vs. Diamond Dallas Page

WCW Tag Team Championships
Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire © vs. The Filthy Animals

Grudge Match
Ric Flair vs. Jeff Jarrett

WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Sugar Shane Helms © vs. Shannon Moore

WCW United States Heavyweight Championship
Lance Storm vs. Curt Hennig

No Count Outs
Lex Luger vs. Buff Bagwell

Card Subject To Change
Now posted. Link in signature!

Review For Review For This Event!

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Originally Posted by 619IDH View Post


The Hammerstein Ballroom – Manhattan, New York City, New York
*Special 2-Hour SuperShow*


~AOW Cruiserweight Championship~
*Tag Team Turning Point Match*

The Hooliganz v. The Mexicools v. Bryan Danielson & Matt Sydal v. Jack Evans & Low Ki
*More teams TBD

The cruiserweights of AOW are geared for what should be an absolutely incredible match! The innovative format for the Tag Team Turning Point match is simple – you tag up, you run the gauntlet, you win a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship. Your opponent? The guy you just went through hell and back to make it to the end with! The confirmed teams may all have an accord between each other, but there match is open to whoever and whatever shows up! And what of Gregory Helms, who promised beyond all belief that he WILL be in attendance and that he WILL be a part of that match? What role will he play? Keep your friends close, but most importantly, your enemies closer….

~AOW Dynasty Championship~
*Tournament Finals*

Muhammad Hassan v. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Two men who took different paths to the gold, but are tied together – Muhammad Hassan pulling out every trick in the book to get his win over CM Punk, but Rey Mysterio advanced by getting disqualified on account of he was destroyed by the team of Paul Burchill and Bent Albright, whom Hassan hired to take out his competition. Both men represent completely conflicting ideals about not just competing in AOW, but life in general – Mysterio, the man who has scratched and clawed his way all the way through life and between the ropes, versus Muhammad Hassan, who is using his wealth to get ahead in life and in the ring, as well as reaching forever into the bag of tricks. Which art of wrestling will indeed win and prove that they’re worthy to hold the first ever Dynasty title?

~Grudge Match~

Bobby Lashley v. Christian Cage

From the moment Lashley set foot in AOW, Christian Cage has been all over his ass – constantly interrupting interviews, segments, and even a #1 Contender’s match. Christian has made it perfectly clear that he isn’t the biggest fan of Bobby Lashley being in AOW, period. Christian has been claiming Lashley wants to use his name and accomplishments to automatically jump in front of the line of everything in AOW. Lashley constantly insists that he’s not here for the intentions Christian, or even for Christian. In the process, Christian has been isolated, not only by Lashley, but by the entire locker room as a whole, leaving Captain Charisma a captain of nothing. With Christian finally getting a chance to put his theories to rest, will Cage be able to prove to the world that Bobby Lashley is here for much more underlying motives…? Or is Lashley jut here to be the best he can be?

*War Rules Match*

Samoa Joe v. Finlay

The pilot episode of AOW Oblivion saw the introduction of great tag teams, brand new characters, and the crowning of the first AOW World Champion. Lost in this very impressive shuffle was perhaps what went down in that match to decide the first champion, with the Lucky 13 Battle. The contest saw its first-half Battle Royal style format give way to Samoa Joe being eliminated by the already eliminated Finlay via shillelagh shot. With Joe constantly requesting, but constantly getting the runaround, for a match with Finlay, Joe took matters into his own hands by meeting Finlay on the September 12th edition of Oblivion for an all-out brawl that stretched al l the way backstage, the use of a fire extinguisher, through the crowd and the actual drywall, and even combat atop the infamous Hammerstein balcony! With these men now put in a match with no count-outs, no disqualifications, and when the falls count anywhere, these two are set to…well, quite frankly…beat the shit out of each other. But who will wind up on top with the undisputed title of the toughest SOB in Art of War Wrestling?

~AOW World Heavyweight Championship~

Chris Jericho(c) w/Paul “The Great” Wright v. Rob Van Dam v. Shawn Michaels


That’s what Chris Jericho wants to be and seemingly always is. After being crowned champion on the inaugural episode of Oblivion, by making Shawn Michaels tap out, no less, Jericho made his Champion’s Address the next week, only to be beheaded by Shawn Michaels, who thought he was one step ahead. In the main event of that evening, Bobby Lashley met with Rob Van Dam to decide who would face Jericho for the title the very next week. RVD walked away with the hard-fought win, leaving Jericho with RVD on his plate and the Heart Break Kid on the horizon.

Fast forward to the next week, when Chris Jericho trumped both men and remained ‘one step ahead’ when he had Van Dam demolished backstage, forcing him to be unable to compete in the title match. When Shawn Michaels tried to step in his place, brand new General Manager Mick Foley concluded that he could do it, but it wouldn’t be for the gold. With Jericho simply seeming to biding for time for something, in stepped his grand plan – Paul “The Great” Wright, the 7-foot 400-lb monster we’ve come to know as The Big Show. Wright accented his already exclaiming debut by destroying Shawn Michaels.

With Van Dam and Michaels named the co-contenders for the title, RVD soon took it upon himself to call HBK out on what he believed was him trying to step in on another man’s property. When HBK turned the tables on Van Dam and asked if he’d do the same thing, RVD’s response caused HBK to lose any and all respect he had for Robbie V, cementing that by giving him some Sweet Chin Music at the end of the program.

Now, with Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels, the undisputedly most respected men on the roster, having zero respect for each other and Chris Jericho having the gold, the giant, and his enemies squabbling, who will walk away with the AOW World Heavyweight Championship? Who will be left in the dust, who will be left to pick up the pieces, and who will be the man who’s…”One…step…ahead”….?

Find out on the single biggest night in AOW history, the two-hour SuperShow spectacular, 9/8c on FX!!


September 26th
*Special 2-hour Supershow*

Final Card

~AOW Cruiserweight Championship~
*Tag Team Turning Point Match*
The Hooliganz v. The Mexicools v. Bryan Danielson & Matt Sydal v. Jack Evans & Low Ki
*More teams TBD

~AOW Dynasty Championship~
*Tournament Finals*
Muhammad Hassan v. Rey Mysterio Jr.

~Grudge Match~
Bobby Lashley v. Christian Cage

*War Rules Match*
Samoa Joe v. Finlay

~AOW World Heavyweight Championship~
Chris Jericho(c) w/Paul “The Great” Wright v. Rob Van Dam v. Shawn Michaels
Show finally up. Link in siggy or same page on the quote link. Since it took a lot to write and will proly be a lot to read, it's review for review this go 'round. Give it a peek. Or the terrorists win.


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
It's Baaaaack...
.:Oblivion Edition 39/40 Recap NOW POSTED!!
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

I'm back...

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Universal Wrestling Collective
"Electrified" August 31st, 2011 Preview


The qualifying round to crown the first ever Universal Wrestling Collective Heavyweight Champion begins tonight. Sixteen companies, thirty-two professional wrestlers, all vying for a chance to become the cornerstone of the UWC promotion. Impact Championship Wrestling has nominated high flyers Azrieal and the Amazing Red for their bracket while All American Wrestling has nominated Jimmy Jacobs and Krotch. Both of these matches will open tonight's important episode.

Dragon Gate U.S.A. also wants a shot at the prestigious UWC title. They're sending in two of their big guns to do battle opposite each other: near fourteen year veteran CIMA and young thunderbolt BxB Hulk. These two fought in the semi-final round of Dragon Gate's 2011 King of Gate where Hulk put down his more experienced opponent in a mere seven minutes before going on to win the tournament. What will the outcome be when these two warriors clash again?

Nominating Davey Richards and Chris Hero as their entrants into the qualifying round, Ring of Honor is set to pave the way as the first main event match-up in the UWC Heavyweight Championship tournament. These two men know each other inside out, having feuded both as singles competitors and as tag team specialists (Chris Hero as part of the Kings of Wrestling, Davey Richards as part of the American Wolves). Which man will move forward to the big two night September super show "Auriferous Collision"? Be there tonight at 10:00pm (Eastern Standard Time) for all the great UWC action!

© Berringer Cross Ltd./Universal Wrestling Collective 2011

Chris Hero vs. Davey Richards
The Amazing Red vs. Azrieal
CIMA vs. BxB Hulk
Jimmy Jacobs vs. Krotch

*****Show Posted - Link in Signature*****

The Crypt of Cross: New Review - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) Posted 11/29/11
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Second show/first Smackdown is posted! Matt Hardy vs. Spanky, the United States Champion, Eddie Guerrero, takes on John Cena, and Big Show meets Chris Benoit one-on-one. Plus, Vince McMahon makes an announcement regarding Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar and the WWE Championship, leading to the booking of a mega main event for this week and next week!

WWE: Here Comes The Pain!


"You need to understand that your little jabs and your insults, it's all kiddie games. You can't leave a mark on the champ's face. Come Royal Rumble, understand, when you step in the ring, your arms are just too short to box with God."

Once got negged for criticising the song Cameron released.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

This November...

"The abysmal World Championship Wrestling ran its course through all of 1999 and all of 2000, until the fateful day of March 23, 2001. The day that the dust settled; the day that everything changed, the day that World Championship Wrestling was sold to Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation. It was the day that Vince McMahon won the war and it was the day that the World Wrestling Federation became victorious and stood alone by themselves as the top dog in the industry.

There are no what-ifs. There are no what could have beens. This is the story of what would follow the ratings war. This is 2001, The World Wrestling Federation… begins The Monopolized Era…"

The World Wrestling Federation 2001: The Monopolized Era

Version 2.0

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

American Wrestling Association and Verses presents Glory Rises, live from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, New York.
AWA is pleased to present to all the fans, the greatest wrestling in North America.

Tune into check out, the most action packed pure wrestling outside of Japan.

American Wrestling Association: The Rebirth

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