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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Tomorrow the revolution begins...tomorrow Ultimate Wrestling Alliance begins...Tomorrow the wrestling world will be changed forever...

Ultimate Wrestling Alliance debuts tomorrow only in the WrestlingForum BTB section.

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Ah, right. I'll post this soon... hopefully.

Friday Night SmackDown
The Pyramid, Memphis, Tennessee | 15th April 2011

The Pyramid plays host to the hottest show on Friday nights tonight, and there’s plenty of action set to go down in Memphis, especially after the stunning events of last week’s show.

Last week’s main event saw Alberto Del Rio narrowly overcome Christian to earn himself a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity against Edge at Extreme Rules, but he received a huge helping hand from the All-American American, Jack Swagger, who appeared from the crowd to slam Captain Charisma into the canvas with the Gutwrench Powerbomb. While Del Rio has himself that World Title match to look forward to, Christian has no such pleasure, instead having to face up to how close he came to beating Del Rio, only to have Swagger screw him over; tonight, Christian hosts the Peep Show to open SmackDown, and it’s rumoured he will call Swagger out, so that the All-American American can answer for his actions. Will Swagger have the guts to stand across from Christian face-to-face this week? What was his justification for costing Christian the match he’d been waiting his entire life for?

Despite the clear controversy surrounding his win, Alberto Del Rio IS the new No. 1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Title, and tonight, he has big plans in store to celebrate... in fact, he’s holding a ‘fiesta’ to commemorate “the end of Edge’s World Title reign”, according to his new secretary, Rosa Mendes. tried to get an interview with Del Rio for more information, but Mendes informed us that Del Rio had no intention of telling us more, and that we would just have to watch and see like everyone else. Undoubtedly, Del Rio is planning to play some more mind games to toy with Edge ahead of their clash in two weeks or so, and after his attack on the Rated R Superstar at the very beginning of SmackDown last Friday night, the Mexican Aristocrat must be thinking he’s got his Extreme Rules opponent rattled. With Rosa Mendes accompanying Ricardo Rodriguez and Brodus Clay as part of Del Rio’s entourage, is his influence ever-growing? Might Edge have a response to both last week’s assault and this ill-reasoned ‘fiesta’? And just what will Del Rio have to say?

However, SmackDown tonight features more than just shows and parties... it’s all about the wrestling, too, and that’s evident in the fact that three of the four members of The Corre will be action, just one week after the group showed their unity with a win over the same team who defeated them at Wrestlemania. This week, Heath Slater faces Kane, the man who hit him with a Chokeslam last week, while Ezekiel Jackson fights Rey Mysterio for a place in the Six-Pack Hardcore Elimination Challenge for the Intercontinental Championship at Extreme Rules. Jackson’s presence in that match would increase the chances of a member of The Corre leaving with the belt, so current champion Wade Barrett will be keen to see Big Zeke defeat the Ultimate Underdog – however, the Englishman has his own problems, as in the main event, he’ll be taking on the man he TOOK the Intercontinental Title from in the first place, Kofi Kingston. Teddy Long has decreed that if Kofi wins this non-title match, he’ll secure a place in the title match at Extreme Rules, and with it, have a chance at taking back his title once again. After The Corre won last week, can they keep the good times rolling with three wins from three against fearsome opponents? Or will Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston secure themselves shots at Barrett’s title? And possibly most interestingly, how is Heath Slater supposed to overcome the Big Red Machine?

Keeping in with the theme of the Intercontinental Championship, the most maths-savvy of you will notice that one last place is free for the six-man title match at Extreme Rules; that place belongs to either Chris Masters or Drew McIntyre, who will compete tonight with that title shot on the line. McIntyre insulted Trent Barreta last week when Trent was telling the world of his title hopes, and tonight, he has a chance to join him at Extreme Rules to put his own personal dent in those aspirations. On the other hand, the Masterpiece is desperate to get his hands on gold too, which means he’ll be trying his absolute hardest to quell the Scotsman’s aggression in this contest, which is sure to produce a victor well deserving of an Intercontinental Title shot.

Also tonight, the awe-inspiring Sin Cara is in action against Chavo Guerrero after he debuted spectacularly against David Otunga last week, and following the catfight we saw last week, Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly will be teaming against Michelle McCool and Layla of Team Lay-Cool. You can also expect to see Big Show, Cody Rhodes and Justin Gabriel, so prepare for a huge night of action from the Pyramid!

~ Announced For SmackDown ~

Christian opens the broadcast with the Peep Show
Alberto Del Rio to hold a ‘fiesta’


Singles Contest – Intercontinental Title Match Qualifier
Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston

Singles Contest – Intercontinental Title Match Qualifier
Ezekiel Jackson vs The Ultimate Underdog Rey Mysterio

Singles Contest – Intercontinental Title Match Qualifier
The Masterpiece Chris Masters vs The Chosen One Drew McIntyre

Tag Team Contest
The Glamazon Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly vs Team Lay-Cool

Singles Contest
WWE Tag Team Champion Heath Slater vs The Big Red Machine Kane

Singles Contest
The Mexican Idol Sin Cara vs The Mexican Warrior Chavo Guerrero
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

World Championship Wrestling
Wednesday Nitro
June 27th, 2001

As we embark on the third edition of this new era in WCW, we come to it with so many stories that are going to be furthered. First of all, we have the WCW World Heavyweight Championship scene as Diamond Dallas Page was able to defeat Scott Steiner last week in a No Disqualification match and earn himself a place in the WCW World Heavyweight Championship match at Bash At The Beach. Tonight, Scott Steiner has promised to make a big challenge to both Diamond Dallas Page & the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T. Speaking of the Champ, last week he also made sure he came out of Nitro on top by planting Diamond Dallas Page with the Book End, will these two fan favorites collide again this week?

Another interesting development this week will be the situation between Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell. These two men effectively broke up last week after Lex Luger's jealousy of how close Buff Bagwell & Miss Elizabeth are, after a failed attack on Bagwell last week, will Luger be able to score a cheap shot this week and put away Bagwell and reclaim 'his' woman?

In recent weeks, the WCW Cruiserweight Champion has been the victim of several mysterious distractions, no one knows who the culprit is but this week, Shane Helms has requested some interview time with Gene Okerlund to try and get to the bottom of who really is behind all of these mysterious antics.

Rey Mysterio Jr. will be representing The Filthy Animals as he faces one half of the WCW Tag Team Champions, the mammoth in Sean O'Haire. It's no secret that there is a noticeable size difference between these two warriors but it's like The Animals always say, size doesn't matter. Will Rey Mysterio be able to tame the giant in Sean O'Haire or will O'Haire send the message that his team made clear last week, that The Animals don't stand a chance against them for the Tag Team Titles.

Also tonight, we continue the WCW United States Championship Tournament to see who will advance to the semi-finals and Jeff Jarrett is expected to address his actions from last weeks episode of Nitro.

Tune in to Wednesday Nitro from 8PM Eastern to see what exactly is going to go down in this weeks episode. It's one you can't afford to miss. Only on TNT!

Confirmed Matches

WCW United States Championship Tournament - Jeff Jarrett vs. Hugh Morris
WCW United States Championship Tournament - Jamie Noble vs. Mark Jindrak
Sean O'Haire w/Chuck Palumbo vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. w/Billy Kidman
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Originally Posted by 619IDH View Post


The Hammerstein Ballroom – Manhattan, New York City, New York
“Stir the Waters Before The Battle”

Two weeks ago, #1 Contender Rob Van Dam was found lying in a pile of stage equipment, unable to answer any of the attempts to revive him. Later that night, Chris Jericho played Shawn Michaels into his hands like a fiddle, stringing him along into the debut of Paul “The Great” Wright, also putting HBK out of action. Last week, Paul Heyman confirmed that no matter the condition of his opponents, Chris Jericho would have to defend his title come the September 26th Supershow against both men. Now, with the impending Triple Threat looming, both Shawn Michaels and Rob Van Dam are in one piece and in attendance. What can we expect from the men who hope to take down “The Worthy Champion”?

Announced via, this will be the week to get set for two more title matches! The AOW Cruiserweights have to find themselves tag team partners to compete in the Tag Team Turning Point match come the Supershow, while the AOW Dynasty Championship Tournament is underway! CM Punk and Muhammad Hassan already have a bit of history, and they’ll meet in the first round! On the other side, Rey Mysterio Jr. and Paul Burchill have completely conflicting wrestling styles, not to mention Burchill has his new apprentice in his corner in Brent Albright. Who will be the men who win and face each other come next week?

The awaiting cruiserweights won’t be sitting idle, scrambling to find partners. But the most angry cruiserweight of them all, Gregory Helms, finally made his physical presence known last week, throwing Rey Mysterio aside and throwing his knee into Bryan Danielson’s face. Will Helms be able to find a way into the Turning Point match? And speaking of cruiserweights and tag teams, what’s next for the tag title-less Hooliganz? And with his confrontation with Bobby Lashley just a week ago, what is Christian Cage feeling? Maybe he’s not as alone as it’s been said he is…?

We’re one week away from the biggest show in AOW’s young history, and from a business standpoint, the show that will determine the overall future of the company! With most of the company sitting on a powder keg just waiting for the explosion come the 26th, it’s time to light the match this week. What will the stars of AOW do this week to stir the waters a week before the battle? All of these questions will be answered on the next edition of AOW Wednesday Night Oblivion, 9/8c on FX!!

.:Confirmed for Oblivion:.

~Dynasty Championship Tournament~

Rey Mysterio Jr. v. Paul Burchill w/Brent Albright

CM Punk v. Muhammad Hassan


Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels are in attendance
Show posted. Follow the quote link or click siggy link. Kirby will love you forever.


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
It's Baaaaack...
.:Oblivion Edition 39/40 Recap NOW POSTED!!
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Implosion Preview

Last week we saw Douglas Williams and Magnus interefere in the Implosion World Television title match, attacking Hernandez and Anarquia. This interference, followed by a Scott Steiner appearance allowed Samoa Joe to win Implosions coveted title!

As a result Mexican America will have a chance to exact some revenge on The Brittish Invasion.

And what about some repurcussions from the Scott Steiner appearance in the title match? Evidence points to the idea that Steiner was there in an attempt to help Matt Morgan win the title. However Matt Morgan isn't buying this and has requested, and was awarded, a match against Steiner!

Over the past few months Velvet Sky has been the target of a number of attacks from Winter and Angelina, and more recently ODB. Chyna has taken interest in these attacks and has come to Velvets defense on a couple of occassions. This week Velvet goes one on one with ODB, with Chyna in her corner!

Be sure to tune in!

Implosion Wrestling where wrestling really matters..... It has to, we only have one hour
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread


WWE Raw Preview, April 5, 2004

With less than two weeks to go before Backlash, the road to Backlash continues as The Rock will be making his return tonight on Raw. The Rock is here tonight to accept HHH’s challenge for Backlash. Will The Rock suffer the same fate as Mick Foley and fall victim to Evolution? Speaking of Mick Foley, will the hardcore legend return tonight to get his revenge on Evolution?

Last month Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit teamed up to face Randy Orton and Batista. Benoit and Michaels couldn’t co-exist which lead to Orton and Batista winning the match. Now tonight they will team again as they will meet HHH and Ric Flair. Will Flair and HHH be victorious just like Orton and Batista or will Michaels and Benoit finally get along and defeat The Nature Boy and The Game.

Christian and Trish Stratus want payback from last week as Chris Jericho ruined their sex celebration. Tonight Christian and Trish team up to face Chris Jericho and a diva of his choice in a mixed tag match. Also Eugene will be making his WWE debut. All this and plenty more on Monday Night Raw.

Confirmed Matches
HHH and Ric Flair vs Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels
Mixed Tag Team Match: Christian and Trish Stratus vs Chris Jericho and a partner of his choice.
Shelton Benjamin vs D-Von Dudley
Molly Holly vs Victoria
Show now posted here

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
Click here to read
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

I didnt write a preview. So there's a link to Smackdown. Go on. Click it.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Will be returning with an old thread from about 3 years ago. I started it from the Royal Rumble 2009 (all titles where vacated. Don't ask.) and got to a couple of weeks after No Way Out 2009, heading to SNME and WrestleMania XXV. I'm going to write recaps of the feuds and going's on for anyone wanting to catch up the short way, if not and you're interested in reading through it, here's a link:

SO yeah, look out for it popping up in the next few days. Three years wiser, so let's see how it plays out.

Or is it?
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

The CWF: Bound For Failure 2011

Matt Cross Wanted Dead Not Alive.
National Wrestling Federation: The Investment
Can NBC's new stake in wrestling survive?
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread


The annual Royal Rumble pay per view, as usual, featured the thirty man royal rumble match. Per Royal Rumble rules, the match ends when one wrestler remains in the ring, after all 39 other wrestlers have been eliminated via being tossed over the top ring rope and having both feet touch the floor; the winner then earns a world championship match of their choosing at WrestleMania 27. Christian would be the winner of this years match, returning from injury and entering at the number 14 spot, last eliminating CM Punk. The final four was CM Punk, Christian, Randy Orton and Wade Barrett.

In addition to the Rumble, The main feud from the RAW brand was between WWE Champion The Miz, and challenger John Cena. The Miz won the championship on the November 22 edition of RAW, defeating a vulnerable Randy Orton. John Cena questioned Miz's morals, and after defeating Wade Barrett and Randy Orton in a steel cage match, he earned a match against the Miz. But during the promos between the two men, several cryptic messages would play, citing a huge return as the reason. Cena would accuse Miz of playing the messages to mess with his head, making the feud even more personal in the process. And on January 30, another cryptic message played, distracting Cena long enough for The Miz to roll him up and take the victory.

Also on RAW, United States champion Daniel Bryan continued his feud with Ted DiBiase over Bryan's title. Bryan claimed he was sick of wrestling on all the pre show specials, and that the first man to challenge him would get a shot at the title at the Royal Rumble. Both Ted DiBiase and Vladimir Kozlov wanted the match, and on the January 17 edition of RAW, Ted would defeat Kozlov after rolling him up, securing himself the match. However, he was unable to do the same to Daniel Bryan, as, after fighting a hard battle, he tapped out to Bryan's Lebell lock.

On the Smackdown! brand, the main rivalry was between newly crowned world heavyweight champion Edge and Alberto Del Rio. Edge had won the World Heavyweight title at the TLC pay-per-view, defeating Kane, Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio. On the following Smackdown!, Kane would lose his rematch, whilst Del Rio defeated The Big Show, Rey Mysterio and Dolph Ziggler in a number one contenders match, claiming that he would fulfil his 'destiny' at the royal rumble when he defeats Edge to win his first World Heavyweight Championship. At the event, Edge would win the match, after spearing both Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez.

Royal Rumble 2011
Daniel Bryan(c) Def. Ted DiBiase to retain the United States Championship
Edge(c) Def. Alberto Del Rio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
The Miz(c) Def. John Cena to retain the WWE Championship
Christian Def. twenty nine other men to win the Royal Rumble match


Next on the road to Wrestlemania 27, was No Way Out, which, as always, featured both a RAW and Smackdown! elimination chamber match.

After The Miz defeated John Cena at the Royal Rumble, and Jerry Lawler the following night due to interference, Randy Orton announced his plans to go after The Miz once again. Orton then won a "RAW Rumble" Featuring the 14 RAW stars that were in the Royal Rumble, last eliminating Sheamus. The Miz would then attack Orton on multiple occasions, with the General Manager then ruling that if Miz liked beatdowns so much, that their No Way Out match would have no disqualifications! The Miz refused to change his attitude, and announced that since their was no disqualifications, Alex Riley could help him out! At No Way Out, both Miz and Riley continuously beat down Orton, but Orton fought back, and would have won, if Chris Jericho hadn't returned, attacking Orton and hitting him with a steel chair, before putting Miz on top of him, giving him the cheap win.

Also on RAW, everyone was vying to be in the elimination chamber to decide the number one contender for the WWE Championship (if Christian changed his mind and challenged The Miz then it would be a triple threat match.) Ultimately, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, John Morrison, R-Truth, and Sheamus all qualified. During the final moments of the match, only Punk, Morrison and Cena remained, and the lights went out, a robot announced that the cryptic messages would end the following night, and when they came back on, Cena was knocked out, and CM Punk covered him to eliminate him, only to have Morrison hit him with the Moonlight Drive seconds later to pick up the win.

In a feud that featured on RAW and Smackdown! The Corre's Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater began to claim that they were the greatest tag team in the world today, which of course, angered Tag Team champions Santino Marrella & Vladimir Kozlov. Marrella then told the Corre to put their money were their mouths were, and challenged them to a match! The Corre accepted the bout, and, following interference from Ryan Sheffield, they won the match, and the WWE Tag titles.

The main feud on the Smackdown! brand was between the six men in the elimination chamber for the World Championship. The six men in the match were Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston and Wade Barrett and the champion, Edge. However, after Big Show was attacked and injured by Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler took his spot, only to be eliminated. Edge won the contest, after, for the second time, the lights went out, but when they came back on, The Undertaker was in the ring! Undertaker would then put Barrett into a state of shock, allowing Edge to spear and pin him.

The secondary program on the Smackdown! brand was between Alberto Del Rio and the winner of the Royal Rumble, Christian. Del Rio still claimed it was his destiny to challenge and win the World title, and challenged Christian to put up his World title shot against Edge. Christian initially declined the challenge, until Del Rio mocked him for being in Edge's shadow, saying he wasn't good enough to even challenge his brother, let alone beat him. This lead to Christian attacking and bloodying Del Rio, before accepting the challenge. He would then live up to all expectations, defeating Del Rio after a Killswitch.

No Way Out
Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel Def. Santino Marrella & Vladimir Kozlov(c) to win the WWE Tag Team Championship
The Miz(c) Def. Randy Orton to retain the WWE Championship
John Morrison Def. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, R-Truth, and Sheamus to become number one contender to the WWE Championship
Christian Def. Alberto Del Rio to keep his title shot at Wrestlemania
Edge(c) Def. Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio and Wade Barrett to retain the World Heavyweight Championship


The predominant rivalry for the Raw brand featured the returning Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and John Cena, after it was revealed that The Rock was behind the cryptic messages that had been ruining John Cena's matches. He claimed the feud was because Cena had been talking 'Smack' about him, but it was also about seeing if he could still go, saying that he loves the fans, and he's sorry if they felt abandoned. John Cena would fight back, saying there's no two ways about it, he is embarrassed to have been a wrestler, but as soon as he's offered a fat pay check because his latest movie got cancelled he just comes running back and the fans welcome him with open arms. After constant brawls and verbal attacks, Cena and Rock met in the main event, with John Cena coming out on top after an Attitude Adjustment.

Also on RAW, WWE Champion The Miz, who had won all his title defences by nefarious means, would have to face his former best friend, John Morrison. The night after No Way Out, it was announced that the title match would have no count outs or disqualifications, much to The Miz's chagrin. The two former partners would face off in several times before their match, cutting promos on one another, and even meeting in a tag team match up, where the Miz and Alex Riley defeated Morrison and Jerry Lawler. However, it was Morrison who was the winner at Wrestlemania, hitting Starship Pain on the Miz, before getting the pin fall.

The night after No Way Out, Daniel Bryan claimed that he isn't being used to his full potential, claiming that after eliminating Sheamus and R-Truth from the chamber, that he was truly the best in the world. CM Punk would answer his claims, saying that he (CM Punk) was in fact the best in the world. He said that there was a reason Punk is the leader of Nexus and not Daniel Bryan, he gave Bryan his props, claiming that he was, indeed, a very good wrestler, but ultimately, he's very boring and doesn't hold a candle to him (Punk). Bryan would respond by saying that he'd prove he was the best, offering to put up his US title in a match against Punk, which was accepted. After a long, hard match, Punk would tap out, giving Bryan the win and the moniker of the best in the world.

Sick of Michael Cole's constant taunting of him, even costing him the WWE Championship. Jerry Lawler challenged Cole to a match at Wrestlemania. The RAW General Manager granted Lawler the match, on the condition that he find a partner, as neither Cole or Lawler are official wrestlers, but if they both find a partner, they can have the match. Of course, Cole announced his partner as Alex Riley, but Miz declined on his behalf, saying he needs to help him in his match. Cole and Lawler then searched for a partner, but neither could find one until the night of Wrestlemania. Cole introduced his partner first as Sheamus, who would then bailin the first few seconds of the match, after Lawler announced his partner as a fellow King, Triple H! Triple H then pedigreed Cole, and Lawler hit him with a fist drop before covering him for the 1-2-3.

Meanwhile, on Smackdown! The main fued was between World champion Edge and the winner of the royal rumble, his brother Christian. Christian announced the night after the Royal Rumble that he wanted to face his brother, and after he retained his title at No Way Out, they celebrated together, only to have Edge turn heel on the next Smackdown! beating down Christian and spearing him. This led to Christian attacking Edge in turn, before announcing that he had made their match at Wrestlemania a TLC match. Edge tried to apologise to Christian the following week, only to hit Christian with the title belt mid apology. At Wrestlemania, Christian finally won a World title, throwing Edge off a ladder through the announce table before reaching up and grabbing the title.

Smackdown! Also featured the rivalry between The Corre and The Undertaker. As at Bragging Rights, The Nexus assisted Kane is burying his brother alive, banishing the Undertaker for four months. Undertaker would return at No Way Out, scaring Wade Barrett into losing the match. Undertaker then attacked Barrett on the following Smackdown, and Theodore Long announced that Barrett would take on Undertaker at Wrestlemania. The Corre (consisting of leader Wade Barrett, Ryan 'Skip' Sheffield, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater.) would then attack Undertaker, but Undertaker still fought back, until Kane got involved, assisting the Corre in their beatdowns, making 'Taker look more vulnerable then ever. However, at Wrestlemania, Undertaker gave all of the members of the Corre a choke slam, before delivering a tombstone to Wade Barrett, extending his streak to 19-0.

Chris Jericho and Randy Orton also restarted their rivalry, as Orton punted Jericho many months ago, with Jericho only returning at No Way Out to cost Orton his match, with no intention of staying! Theodore Long saw a big money match, and tricked Jericho into signing a contract for Smackdown! (Which he thought was a restraining order) and then having Orton traded over to Smackdown! before signing the match on for Wrestlemania. On the night, Jericho would be the one to come out on top, after hitting Orton with a low blow and putting him in the walls of Jericho.

Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, as well as feuding with the Undertaker, were still claiming to be the top tag team in the World, leading to an open challenge by the two of them being answered by the Dudley brothers! Sheffield would attack the Dudleys mid-match, giving them the win by DQ. The Dudleys then helped Undertaker defeat Heath Slater on Smackdown! leading to Barrett accepting a challenge by them on behalf of Slater & Gabriel, causing friction between the team. The Dudleys capitalised on said friction to defeat the Corre, and then put them through a table following the match.

Also at Wrestlemania, the annual tradition of a Money In The Bank ladder match was continued, with ten entrants this year. The contestants were as follows; Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Ted DiBiase and Zack Ryder. The winner of the contest was Alberto Del Rio, who won after kicking Mysterio off the ladder with a run up enzuigiri.

Wrestlemania XXVII
Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley Def. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel(c) to win the WWE Tag Team Championships
Daniel Bryan(c) Def. CM Punk to win the United States Championship
Alberto Del Rio Def. Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Ted DiBiase and Zack Ryder to win the Money In The Bank briefcase
Chris Jericho Def. Randy Orton in a singles match
John Morrison Def. The Miz(c) to win the WWE Championship
The Undertaker Def. Wade Barrett in a singles match
Jerry Lawler & Triple H Def. Michael Cole & Sheamus in a tag team match
Christian Def. Edge(c) to win the World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena Def. The Rock in a singles match

Anyone intereasted?

My Fave Five Dawg.
1. CM Punk 2. The Miz 3. Dolph Ziggler 4. Triple H 5. Randy Orton

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