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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread


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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Originally Posted by 619IDH View Post

Thirty-two men began the journey in an event so huge, it brought in virtually the entire AOW roster. But now, after a month of grinding it out, only eight men stand alone. Who will topple them all and raise himself and become the FIRST EVER AOW One Man Dynasty and become the new #1 contender for Christian Cage and his AOW World Heavyweight Championship...? The 'RoaD' to Origins & Endings...starts NOW!

The “Undefeated” Irish Bastard

Never been pinned or made to submit in sanctioned matches. Two losses in ten months.
Round of 32 - Def. Paul London @ 9:30
Bye in Sweet Sixteen
Vegas Odds: -200 | Fraction Odds: 1/2

Already having made a name for himself in various promotions around the world, the battle-tested veteran Irishman Finlay has left nothing but a path of destruction since coming to AOW. Undoubtedly the bitterest man in this group, Finlay uses that to drive him to the AOW Championship he says he deserves. Why? Because this tough Irish bastard has only lost twice in his entire ten month stay in AOW. While he claims to have no losses due to passing out in one match and the other loss being an ‘Unsanctioned’ match, the record still shows the guy is tough. Rumors have been swirling that Finlay is perhaps losing his touch or a step or two in the ring since his match with Rob Van Dam (as evidenced by his down-to-the-wire win over Paul London), but rest assured this durable hardnosed veteran will not be eliminated without a fight.

The Submission Boss

Former AOW World Tag Team Champion; Six month reign
Round of 32 – Def. Manu @ 5:20 via DQ
Sweet Sixteen – Def. Brent Albright @ 14:30
Vegas Odds: +1300 | Fraction Odds: 13/1

Make no mistake about it – Charlie Haas is one though customer. Being one half of the first-ever AOW World Tag Team Champions and holding the gold for six months, Haas already has made a name for himself in AOW. He even defeated his partner, Shelton Benjamin, while both still held the titles! But after a falling out between the two resulted in Benjamin dislocating Haas’ shoulder just two weeks ago, things don’t look good for Haas. Vowing to compete is brave, but just how brave is it to go into a bracket with the likes of Finlay, William Regal, Shawn Michaels, and Samoa Joe with only one arm…? With all those factors working against him, Haas is far from the odds on favorite.

The Iron-Hearted Iron Man

Former 4x World champion amidst many other accolades
Round of 32 – Def. Alex Riley @ 9:06
Bye in Sweet Sixteen
Vegas Odds: +200 | Fraction Odds: 2/1

What more can be said about the Heart Break Kid? He’s determinant, rebellious, vigilant, an icon, a performer, hardheaded, strategic, religious, and of course, a MOTY god. The twenty plus year career of Shawn Michaels is a resume that speaks for itself with a ‘who’s who’ of guys who have eaten his beautiful superkick. But since being forced to ‘sell his soul to the devil’ to not only return to the company, but for a shot at the AOW World title, HBK has been almost a shell of his former self. A man who only comes alive in the ring anymore, Michaels has the advantage of potentially having Paul Heyman in his corner. But even so, can the Icon who has become a puppet keep the drive and motivation to make it through the end of the bracket?

The Samoan Hitman

Never been pinned. Never submitted.
Round of 32 – Def. Jake Hagar @ 8:33
Sweet Sixteen – Def. Tyler Black @ 10:41
Vegas Odds: -200 | Fraction Odds: 1/2

The definite odds on and fan favorite of this tournament, Samoa Joe, like Finlay, has done nothing but pile bodies on top of bodies in AOW. But unlike Finlay, Joe can say he has genuinely never been pinned and never been made to submit. There’s a reason this man has earned the moniker the ‘One Man Army’, as it would seem to take an army to take down this one Samoan tank. At that, he’s a man on a mission to clean up all the ‘scum’ of AOW. In the process, he’s nearly cleared his hitlist and is on the cusp of getting the AOW Championship match he’s always deserved. A near perfect combination speed, power, technical/submission prowess, and brawling ability, the only thing able to stop Samoa Joe…is Samoa Joe.

The Silent Striker

Round of 32 – Def. Nick Nameth @ 8:40
Sweet Sixteen – Def. Aero Star @ 11:45
Vegas Odds: +600 | Fraction Odds: 6/1

While not having the flashiest credentials of most people in the bracket, Low Ki has proven to be more than a worthy competitor. While paired up in the tag team Low Jack alongside Jack Evans, it was usually always Evans who took the losing fall, leaving Low Ki to build himself up individually. Even so, Ki has developed from just a stone-faced assassin to one with genuine feelings towards other human beings and respect towards his opponents, staying true to his ‘Warrior Code’. His biggest accomplishment to date is taking the Word Tag Team Champion Sons of the Dungeon to a 25-minute contest, showing he has the guts and the skills to take anyone to the limit. Pulling two upsets in the bracket already, this kicking fiend, wild-card ninja is ready to pull the biggest upset of them all and walk out with the win.

The Living Lucha Legend

Former 1x World & 7x Cruiserweight champion
Round of 32 – Def. Siaki @ 6:43
Sweet Sixteen – Def. Carlito Colon @ 13:40
Vegas Odds: +300 | Fraction Odds: 3/1

Another well-traveled veteran on the bracket, Rey Mysterio has long made a name for himself as one of the best high-flyers in recent history. A man who has paved the way for people in the budding AOW Cruiserweight division, Mysterio continues to prove his place amongst heavyweights. Proving to be quite the formidable opponent in AOW, Mysterio has spent a large chunk of his time on the shelf with an injury. But when he’s on, he’s on, and reminds people constantly why he’s one of the best. Taking back a measure of revenge against rival Carlito Colon in the second round, Mysterio has a clear head going into the biggest tournament of the year.

The Strait-Edge Smartass

Current Dynasty Champion
Round of 32 – Def. Lance Storm @ 8:44
Sweet Sixteen – Def. Shelton Benjamin & 13:34
Vegas Odds: +200 | Fraction Odds: 2/1

The straight-edge, competition addicted CM Punk has shown just how much he loves this business and what he’s willing to do in the ring. Already having been AOW Dynasty Champion going into his seventh month, Punk is a guy that has proven his worth, but has made quite a few enemies in the process. Recently raging against the machine that is wrestling as a whole, Punk is seemingly becoming steadily more painfully aware of the business he’s dedicating his life to. But for now, he’s one of the hardest working guys in the bunch and definitely the most outspoken. The Dynasty Champion is one of the favorites of the bracket and the fans, giving this Pespi-fueled professional wrestling all the drive he needs to take the next step.

The Manager of Malice

2008 Trios Tournament Winner
Round of 32 – Def. Jamie Noble @ 9:58
Bye in Sweet Sixteen
Vegas Odds: +300 | Fraction Odds: 3/1

Appearing on at the very end of last year, Regal would not make his debut on-screen until This is Exile, showing up and taking The Mercenaries with him. While he has not been in AOW for very long, Regal has already shown to be quite the player-manager for the Mercenaries, showing off his veteran chops by bringing them the trophy in the inaugural Trios Tournament, cleanly sweeping Tres Reyes and even getting the winning fall this past Oblivion. Already having established himself as incredibly meticulous and malicious and pulling off what most call the biggest upset in the Tournament so far in knocking off Jamie Noble, the well-traveled British grappler is out to make a name for himself in AOW - and not just for his good business sense.



July 2nd, 2008 - MGM Grand; Las Vegas, Nevada

~2008 Dynasty Tournament~

~Quarter Finals~

Dynasty Champion CM Punk v. Rey Mysterio
Samoa Joe v. William Regal
Low Ki v. Finlay
Shawn Michaels v. Charlie Haas

Punk / Mysterio v. Joe / Regal
Ki / Finlay v. Michaels / Haas

Punk / Mysterio / Joe/ Regal
Ki / Finlay / Michaels / Haas


*Fan Bracket Showcase*
Whomever has the most fan votes will compete

~Meeting the Big Guys~
Christian Cage makes his case to the network execs

~Bonus Questions~
1. Predict the winners of each leg of the tournament
2. What will be the longest Quarter-Final match?
3. In the Fan Bracket Showcase, name a) who received the most votes and b) the match type
4. Will the executive(s) grant Christian permission for his desired Last Man Standing Match?
5. What match will open the show?

Show posted and FINALLY re-edited in here or follow quote to page or link in sig to direct post. Incredibly sorry for the inconvenience of it being down.


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
It's Baaaaack...
.:Oblivion Edition 39/40 Recap NOW POSTED!!
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Pushing the Boundaries
Coming Soon !

You're Welcome !
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Latest Smackdown (April 10th 2009) Recap Up!

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Date: 9th October 2005

Location: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas

Final Card:

WWE Championship: Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match

John Cena(c) vs Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton vs The Undertaker

The WWE Championship is on the line this Sunday and for John Cena it is without doubt his toughest test to date as champion. Cena overcame Kurt Angle at Summerslam in a gripping contest but it wasn’t without controversy. As Cena delivered an FU to Angle from the top rope and went in for a cover, Angle’s foot was under the bottom rope with the referee failing to spot it. Angle’s claims for a rematch went unheard with the Wrestling Machine claiming a conspiracy between Teddy Long and the WWE Champion, citing Cena as a ‘coward’ for taking the easy way out. Cena of course was furious and demanded Angle get his shot and with things between these two men escalating, Teddy Long caved in and this Sunday these two heated rivals will do battle but it won’t be without two added additions…

Those additions being another two men who’ve had a bitter rivalry going on, Randy Orton and The Undertaker. Having been to war since Wrestlemania, both men have turned their attentions to the WWE Championship with Orton believing two straight victories over the Deadman enough to earn his shot. But the Legend Killer has been in the same boat as Kurt Angle, claiming Teddy Long shows bias to certain superstars such as Cena and the Phenom. Long’s decision to allow the Deadman a title opportunity playing a part in it but with The Undertaker now involved, there’s no doubting Sunday night could quite easily see the Demon of Death Valley walk out once again on top of the Smackdown summit.

With Angle and Orton’s frustrations laid on the table, the duo spent several weeks aligning together in an attempt to take control of Smackdown, an attempt which saw them turn the lights out on the show, resulting in a hefty fine for the pair. With Teddy Long also banning any unsanctioned physicality from the pair up to No Mercy it left them sitting ducks for Cena and the Deadman, an opportunity they duly took advantage of, teaching Angle and Orton a lesson with FU’s and Tombstone’s. With Teddy Long’s job on the line however this coming week on Smackdown, Orton and Angle had seen enough this past Friday night, throwing their ban on unsanctioned physicality out the window as the pair come to blows with one another before Cena and Taker entered the scene and went toe to toe with their respective rivals.

With total carnage on display this past Friday night; will this Sunday’s main event be in jeopardy before we reach Houston? Will Teddy Long be forced to take any more action on Angle or Orton? Or will Sunday night simply see four men who have been at each other’s throats go out and tear one another apart for the richest prize in the game? We certainly hope it’s the latter!!

WWE Tag Team Championships: Ladder Match
MNM© vs Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

A rivalry that has gone on since the moment MNM debuted back in April and a rivalry that this Sunday night will come to a close. The first time these two teams did battle was at Judgment Day for the vacant WWE Tag Team Championships and it was a match that saw MNM pick up a somewhat surprising victory to get their first taste of championship gold in the WWE. But what began as simply two teams doing battle over the vacant championships soon became a whole lot more personal.

Van Dam and Mysterio believed MNM to be lacking in respect, that the A-Listers had walked into the WWE and believed they deserved to be handed everything, something that didn’t sit well with the two veterans. Having been defeated at Judgment Day, thanks to Melina sticking her nose in, Van Dam and Mysterio issued a challenge, for MNM to put their titles on the line WITHOUT Melina by their side, to prove what they were really capable of. MNM would accept the challenge, however it would be Melina again who proved to be the key factor as a low blow to Mysterio would allow MNM to take advantage and retain their titles much to the frustrations of the two high fliers.

With their hopes of getting one over on MNM disappearing, the challengers were handed one final lifeline with a catch for both parties. At The Great American Bash they’d receive another opportunity but the stakes were raised. If Van Dam and Rey were unsuccessful it would be their last shot at the gold whilst MNM were champions, however, MNM would NOT have Melina in their corner. As the match went on, it appeared as though the challengers were finally going to get their just rewards and with Melina out of sight, MNM seemed to have no answer…until the emergence of a masked assailant that would enter the match and yet again cost RVD and the Master of the 619.

With Van Dam and Mysterio seemingly out of contention, it simply wasn’t good enough for RVD. Van Dam would go on a quest to prove that the mystery man was MNM’s doing and eventually Van Dam got his evidence. The former ECW man would get Melina and her boys on tape revealing it was indeed them who paid off the mystery man at the Bash to screw their challengers. With that evidence on display Teddy Long gave Van Dam and Mysterio one final shot at No Mercy to take the gold and much to the champions’ horror it would be in a match the challengers thrive in, a Ladder match.

With murmurs in recent weeks that the mystery man will again be on hand Sunday night, that MNM have once again paid off whoever this individual is, Van Dam has been quick to state that he doesn’t care what MNM bring to the table, nothing will stop he and Mysterio getting what they deserve and finally becoming the WWE Tag Team Champions as well as finally getting one over on the wily champions. Will the challengers live up to their word, will they indeed climb the ladder to championship glory or have the A-Listers and their mystery man got another trick up their sleeve

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Gregory Helms© w/Chavo Guerrero vs Paul London w/Brian Kendrick

Another long running feud has been between Gregory Helms and Paul London but this Sunday night sees a new twist as both men have support in their corner. This whole thing began with Chavo Guerrero being unsuccessful in capturing the Cruiserweight Championship from the then champion in London. Guerrero, knowing his time in the hunt was over, turned to The Hurricane in order to get one over on London, telling the Superhero that it was the man under the cape who could be victorious, one of the greatest Cruiserweights in the world, Gregory Helms.

At The Great American Bash, Hurricane would get his opportunity to take the gold and he would shock the world, not only by becoming champion but by giving in to Chavo Guerrero and taking a shortcut, hitting London with the Cruiserweight Title and in the process, transforming into Gregory Helms. Helms and Chavo would continue their alliance and it proved to be too much for London to deal with in his quest for regaining the title as the numbers game would time and again prove to be the daredevil’s undoing. That was until he found an ally himself, a man who had enough of watching on at the constant screwing of his friend, that man was Brian Kendrick.

Since the newly dubbed ‘Hooliganz’ have combined, Helms and Chavo have no doubt found the going a whole lot tougher and this Sunday London feels that the omens are on his side and that it’s time to take back what he believes is rightfully his. With Kendrick in his corner, there’s no doubting it’s a possibility but when Helms and Chavo are around, you can never write off the wily pairing. Will Helms once again find a way to victory or will London at long last get his payback?

First Blood Match:
John Bradshaw Layfield vs Bobby Lashley

When you take a veteran former champion and put him against a hot new prospect, chances are you’re in for an explosive situation and that’s exactly what we’re in for this Sunday night. Since losing the WWE Title at Wrestlemania, the ‘Wrestling God’ had been in a slump whilst Bobby Lashley had been on anything but that. Debuting at Judgment Day, Lashley has remained undefeated and taken Smackdown by storm, something that didn’t sit well with the Wall Street Warrior. Layfield would target the ‘Real Deal’, citing that he wasn’t going to allow an untested newcomer to take over ‘his’ show without facing the consequences.

And so at Summerslam the two men went face to face and it would be yet another impressive victory from Bobby Lashley, shocking JBL as well as many more in doing so. With potential talk of Lashley being in championship territory, JBL would fool everyone by announcing his retirement, claiming that he could no longer go on if somebody like Bobby Lashley, a ‘dime a dozen’ in his eyes was able to beat him. But the retirement was simply a ruse as Layfield would appear later on that night and viciously assault Lashley, claiming he was far from through with the ‘Real Deal’.

That assault would put Lashley out of action for a couple of weeks with a concussion and in that time Layfield would issue a challenge for No Mercy where everyone would find out the truth and find out that the ‘Real Deal’ is anything but and that Bobby Lashley was simply a flash in the pan. The Wall Street Warrior demanded that Lashley go through the kind of pain he’s had to go through in his career, the kind of hell, the kind of wars he’s had to take on to get to the top before people start labelling him things. That led to JBL throwing down the challenge of a ‘First Blood’ match, a challenge which Lashley accepted with no hesitations. These two men have beaten each other all over the place in recent weeks with this Sunday being boiling point between the two. Will JBL prove his words to be true and teach Lashley a lesson? Or is Bobby Lashley prove he is indeed the ‘Real Deal’ and make JBL find out the hard way? One thing’s for certain, this one will get ugly.

Grudge Match:
Booker T vs Chris Masters

Chris Masters had become frustrated in being left off of several editions of Friday Night Smackdown but instead of going to Teddy Long and complaining, the Masterpiece took a different kind of action and that action involved the former Five time WCW Champion, Booker T.

It was several weeks ago now when Masters staked his claim for a more meaningful role on Smackdown, believing he’d been held back since arriving on Friday nights but Booker T would take issue with that, claiming that Masters can’t just click his fingers and expect to be handed opportunities, he had to earn them. Masters wouldn’t take kindly, telling Booker that his attitude is exactly why he’s gone nowhere in this company, claiming that he can no longer sit back and watch on the sidelines and that he was to take matters into his own hands.

With Booker T competing against Snitsky, Masters would do exactly that and would end up costing Booker the match, claiming that it was incredible how a guy like Booker T could get a match on Smackdown and he couldn’t. Masters claimed that somebody who has had no success in the WWE despite countless opportunities shouldn’t be in front of him and that if Teddy Long wasn’t going to take him out of the spotlight then he was gonna do it himself. The following week however, Booker would return the favour and cost Chris Masters a match with Snitsky before issuing the challenge for No Mercy, telling Masters to try and prove his point. Masters would accept the challenge and tonight we will find out whether Masters can live up to his word. Will the Masterpiece show he has indeed been held back? Will he prove that he is capable of being the future of Friday nights? Or will the veteran put Masters back in his place and prove he is far from a failure? Is Sunday night where it all begins again for Booker T?

WWE United States Championship: Match Two in Best of Five Series
(Carlito leads 1-0)
Matt Hardy© vs Carlito

Summerslam saw Matt Hardy successfully defend the United States Title against Carlito but it left the Apple Spitter with a bitter taste in his mouth. Carlito was furious with his defeat and claimed that Hardy’s victory was nothing but a ‘fluke’. Lito went on to state that be it nine times out of ten, ninety nine times out of one hundred, he would always defeat Hardy. The U.S Champion, never one to back down from a challenge took those words and turned them into a challenge of his own as Hardy looked to prove he was far from the fluke he’d been branded.

So Hardy offered Carlito another opportunity at the title but to prove who the better man really was, he wanted it to be on an even bigger scale, a Best of Five Series. Carlito was more than happy to agree to it, believing Hardy was simply setting himself up for an embarrassment. The first match would take place a few weeks ago on Smackdown and it saw Carlito take a 1-0 lead in the series and perhaps take a big step towards the United States Title. This Sunday sees match number two in the series and with Hardy already one behind, defeat here would leave him in a perilous position, will Hardy be able to level things up or will Carlito’s quest to embarrass the champion lead him to two out of two at No Mercy?

Open Invitational Tag Team Gauntlet Match:
(Winning team will receive a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships)

Entrants so far: Cryme Tyme, The Pitbulls, Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki, The Mexicools

With the Ladder match to determine the Tag Team Title feud this Sunday, No Mercy will also reveal just who are next in line to challenge whoever the champions may be. With so many teams on the Smackdown roster, it was decided that the only way to establish those next challengers was by giving them all the opportunity to earn it. So Sunday night will see a Gauntlet match take place, open to any team wanting to compete.

Cryme Tyme are one of the confirmed teams and have looked impressive since debuting on Friday nights whilst the veteran duo of Super Crazy and Psicosis will bring a high flying element to proceedings. Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki have enjoyed small success together so far and will look to rise up the ranks with victory here whilst the Pitbulls are never to be backed against with Jamie Noble and Kid Kash always up for the battle ahead. With four teams confirmed so far, you have to wonder, will any more teams enter with such a huge reward up for grabs? If not, just who of these four will step up and walk out of Houston with championship gold in their sights?

Predictions open now...
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Latest Raw posted!

Features the final three WWE Championship tournament qualifying matches with a big return and one with a twist!

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

First episode is up.

Not Removing until:
[]Tyson Kidd wins a singles title.
[X]Punk Main events a PPV. NOC 2012
[]Trent Baretta wins any title.
[]Mason Ryan wins any title.
[]Barrett wins a world title.
[]Swagger gets fired.
[X]Miz turns face.Surivor Series and it's buildup
^Read this or
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

LPW World Championship Tournament
John Morrison v. Joey Ryan
Carlito v. Kid Kash
Jesse Soerensen v. Davey Richards
Chris Masters v. Montel Porter

Jeff Hardy v. Matt Morgan

Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams v. Brian Kendrick and Chris Hero

I'm back...

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

RAW IS POSTED!!! See the fallout from Survivor Series and the 3 NXT Superstars attack in the main event!
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