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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread


December 9 | Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland OH


Open; slow motion, black and white clips of Chris Jericho making his long awaited return at the Survivor Series. As the opening chords of the WWE production theme; ‘The End’ plays.


Chris Jericho: Armageddon ...


Chris Jericho: … is the end of your world as you know it, Orton.


A long, slow motion clip of Orton posing on the ropes - the back drop; a brilliant white light.


Randy Orton: You will wish you’d never came back.


The sickening punt on April 13 that put Jericho out until now - in slow motion.


Chris Jericho: I am back for one reason only - to show you your methods are wrong.


Jericho reversing an RKO attempt, and hitting the Codebreaker on Smackdown a few weeks ago.


Randy Orton: This time I will kick your head off your shoulders!!

Collection of clips of MVP attacking Brock Lesnar in recent months.

Brock Lesnar: … if you try to step over me - you’ll get stepped on.


M.V.P: You need to step aside … or be pushed aside.

Saturday Nights Main Event - and Bobby Lashley SPEARING Edge through the barrier.

Steven Richards: …Mister Lashley crushed your dreams and broke your heart.

Edge: If you thought what I did before was bad … Wait till you see what I do to you BOTH at Armageddon!!!


Steven Richards: At Armageddon … Mister Lashley will crush your body, and he will break your will.

Clips of Batista and Cade going toe to toe, punch for punch.


Garrison Cade: BATISTA!! THIS IS IT - PUT UP … OR SHUT UP!!!


Batista: I’m gonna KICK-YOUR-ASS!!!!!!!

… NO MORE!!!

Flashing clips of Cade nailing Batista with a cow bell, MVP attacking Brock, Edge and Lashley being pulled apart, and Orton trapped in the walls.


A Spear from Edge, Spinebuster from Batista, F5 from Lesnar, RKO from Orton.


MVP with a Drive By kick, Lashley hitting the dominator, Jericho hitting the Codebreaker, Cade nailing his Heart Punch.


Clips of carnage, devastation, with flashes of a bloodied up Batista, Lesnar in pain, Edge amongst the rubble of the broken barrier, and Orton punting Jericho.


Explosions, bombs, fire - with flashes of MVP in pain, Orton screaming in the Walls of Jericho, Lashley being helped up months ago, Cade laid out.


Amalgamation of all the clips, in a lightning fast sequence - then black.


Ending on the sight of Randy Orton, with all kinds of disaster happening in the background, ala the video package that has aired for the last month.


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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

This week on SmackDown, April 7th 2005

John Cena is the new WWE Champion what will he have to say?

The former champion JBL is furious. Rumour has it that he may request his rematch tonight!

Can the WWE Tag Team Championship pairing of Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio keep it together days after their match at WrestleMania 21

How will the Big Show react t his embarassing loss to Akebono on the grandest stage of them all.

Will the Undertaker make an appearance?

Find the episode here:
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Check out The Great American Bash Here!

Below is the Preview as WCW continues it's return.

Originally Posted by MartyStudd View Post

July 22,2001

Ruffy Silverstein vs. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

The Great American Bash starts with Jeremy Borash and the pre-show previewing all the matches. On the thirty minute show we will also see Jim Duggan the American hero facing Canadian Power Plant trainee Ruffy Silverstein. Buddy Lee Parker will also join Jeremy Borash on commentary to talk about his Power Plant trainees.


Air Paris vs. Air Styles

During the Cruiserweight Championship number one contender battle royal Air Styles ended up eliminating his tag team partner Air Paris. A confrontation backstage ensued and Air Styles finally snapped saying he has had enough of the tag team. On the following Nitro Air Paris cost Air Styles a singles match and a week later issued a challenge. If Air Styles wins he has his blessing to leave the tag team, if Air Paris wins then Air Raid will continue as a tag team for at least a year.

Chris Kanyon vs. Ernest "The Cat" Miller

Ernest Miller faced Chris Kanyon in the opening round of the United States Championship Tournament. Chris Kanyon managed to cheat his way to victory which angered the Cat. After Chris Kanyon was eliminated in the next round Ernest Miller challenged Kanyon as he looks for revenge for costing him a chance at his first WCW title.

Kronik vs. Natural Born Thriller (WCW Tag Team Championship)

The Natural Born Thrillers where riding high as the WCW Champions but as Jeff Jarrett hit the big reset button on WCW they lost their titles without losing a match. Kronik took the titles in a tables match but were instantly challenged by the former tag team champions as they look to take back what they believe is rightfully theirs.

The Wall (with James Mitchell) vs. BG James

BG James made his shock debut at the Big Bang in the WCW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. His bid to win the title was foiled by James Mitchell and his New Church, the next week on Nitro he took his first steps of revenge by defeating Crowbar. He then entered the United States Tournament but again James Mitchell saw him eliminated as The Wall hit a massive choke slam on BG James. Can BG James complete his revenge by beating the New Churches big man The Wall?

Cash vs. "Sugar" Shane Helms (Cruiserweight Championship)

Shane Helms had his Cruiserweight Title vacated in the WCW shake up but amazingly he won it back to become a two time champion. However he has not had it easy as the Number One Contender Cash has constantly been a thorn in his side. On Nitro during a six man tag match Cash got the pin fall victory over Shane Helms to take momentum going into their title bout.

"The Franchise" Shane Douglas vs. "The Worlds Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock (United States Championship)

As Shane Douglas has stole his way to the final, Ken Shamrock has been a rock. Shamrock shocked the wrestling world when he joined WCW and has since been unbeaten. However following reaching the final Shane Douglas viciously assaulted Ken Shamrock. Shane Douglas smashed a chair into the arm of Ken Shamrock to stop him using his ankle lock that has proved so deadly.

Curt Hennig vs. Lance Storm (WCW World Heavyweight Championship)

Lance Storm became the WCW World Champion at the Big Bang to be the face of the new WCW. He has defended his title to Jarrett, The Wall and Elix Skipper successfully. On Nitro Roddy Piper issued a open door policy and Curt Hennig took advantage of this perfect offer to defeat Jeff Jarrett to become the Number One Contender.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper - Career vs. Job Match

Jeff Jarrett saved WCW from closure when he brought the company from Ted Turner. On the first night Roddy Piper tried to get his attention by smashing up his hummer. Piper then offered to help Jarrett saying he will pay for the car and was only looking to get his attention. Jarrett did not react well and has tried everything to get rid of Piper who managed to connivence the USA Network to make him an advisor. After Piper cost Jarrett a shot at the title twice Jarrett had enough and offered a match where if he wins Piper must quit his advisor role. Piper countered this by making Jarrett put his wrestling career on the line.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Originally Posted by ThatWeirdMincePie View Post
24 October 2011
Miami, Florida

WWE Championship:
John Cena © vs The Miz

World Heavyweight Championship:
Fatal 4 Way

Mark Henry © vs John Morrison vs Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton

United States Championship:
Dolph Ziggler © vs Drew McIntyre

Smackdown Showcase:
Cody Rhodes & The Showtime Players vs Sin Cara & Fighting for Freedom

Tag Team Match:
The Divas of Doom vs Eve Torres & Kelly Kelly

Alberto Del Rio Return Match
Alberto Del Rio vs Alex Riley



1) Predict the winners of each match.
2) How many championships will change hands? (Max 3)
3) Which will be the longest match?
4) Which will be the shortest match?
5) Who will take the fall in the World Heavyweight Championship Match?
6) Who will score the winning fall in the Smackdown Showcase Match?
7) Will the confrontation between The Rock and John Cena get physical?

Predict by clicking in the sig, or by clicking here!

Show will be posted next week!

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

The final stop to Backlash has been posted! Smackdown from April 27th, 2000 is up! Click the sig to check it out!

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Exclamation Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread


After the events that took place on the January 2nd episode of Impact, what will happen during to the road to Genesis on January 26th?

Next Thursday on the second TNA Impact in the new era of TNA:
EC3 gives his thoughts on what happened between him and Jeff Jarrett :Shows EC3 getting smashed over the head with a guitar by Jarrett:
Brian Kendrick goes up against one of AJ Styles' long time friends, "The Cowboy" James Storm
Madison Rayne defends her Knockouts Championship against Gail Kim and Velvet Sky
:Gail Kim: "Madison was just lucky. I'm the true Knockouts Champion.":
The Briscoe Brothers face the returning Generation Me
:Shows footage of Generation Me's TNA run. Generation Me: "TNA, we're back and better than ever, and we'll prove it against the Briscoes. They're just amateurs."
Senshi faces the returning Homicide
Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Sabin
Rhino explains his actions from last week when he gored Rob Terry
AJ Styles faces Bobby Roode

And, Magnus and Bobby Roode confront each other. :Shows footage of the stare down last week.: Bobby Roode: "I'm the longest reigning TNA Champion!" Magnus: "I'm the NEXT TNA World Heavyweight Champion!"

All this and more on TNA Impact Wrestling, this Thursday at 9/8c (USA Time) only on SPIKE.

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread



As Genesis is approaching what is going to transpire in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling?

Tara returns as she goes face to face with Gail Kim **Shows footage of Tara and Gail Kim during their time in TNA**

What is the physical status of TNA Owner Jeff Jarrett? And what consequences await for Ethan Carter III?
**Shows EC3 doing the One-Percenter to Jeff Jarrett on Jarrett's guitar**

2 qualifying matches for the X Division Championship match at Genesis will take place

The Briscoe Brothers go up against Bad Influence

"Unbreakable" Michael Elgin debuts against Kenny King

Rob Terry confronts Rhino and Matt Morgan
**Shows the brawl between Rob Terry, Rhino and Matt Morgan last week**

And, AJ Styles and Magnus face Bobby Roode and Brian Kendrick
**Shows the brawl that ended Impact last week**

All of this and more on TNA Impact Wrestling, this Thursday only on SPIKE.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread


Coming to you LIVE from the Broadbent Arena in Louisville Kentucky it's TNA Turning Point!

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match:

AJ Styles (C) Vs Kurt Angle

TNA Singles Match:

(If Sting wins he can wrestle for the TNA World Heavyweight Title in future)

Sting Vs Ted DiBiase Jr W/ Eric Bischoff

TNA Television Championship Match:

Abyss (C) W/ James Mitchell Vs Magnus

TNA X-Division Championship Match:

Alex Shelley (C) Vs Austin Aries

TNA Singles Match:

Bobby Roode Vs Samoa Joe

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match:

Bad Influence (C) Vs Gunner and James Storm

TNA Singles Match:

Jeff Hardy Vs Kenny King

TNA Tables Match:

Latin American Xchange Vs Team 3.D

TNA Knockouts Championship Match:

Isis Vs Velvet Sky (C)

TNA Singles Match:

Chris Sabin Vs Noam Dar
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE Unforgiven 2004 Preview

September 12, 2004
Portland, Oregon

World Heavyweight Championship Title Match
Randy Orton © vs Kurt Angle
At SummerSlam 2004, Randy Orton become the youngest ever World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history when he defeated Chris Benoit. The next night in a rematch, Orton retained his title against Benoit. The following week, Kurt Angle defeated Edge in a #1 contenders match to earn himself a title shot against Orton at Unforgiven. At Unforgiven, The World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton squares off against Kurt Angle for the first time ever. Since then Shelton Benjamin made his return and Team Angle are back together. This past week, Team Angle [Angle, Shelton and Haas] defeated Evolution in a 6 man tag match. Randy Orton vows to add Kurt Angle to his legend killer list while Kurt Angle vows to make Orton tap out. Will Orton's first world title reign on ppv be successful or will Angle make Orton the shortest reigning world champion in WWE history?

Shawn Michaels vs Christian
Shawn Michaels put on a match of a life time against The Rock at SummerSlam but the next night, Trish Stratus confronted Shawn Michaels and made fun of Shawn and his family. She pushed Shawn so far that Shawn superkicked the jezebel Trish. Shawn then went on to defeat Rhyno but following the match, Raw GM Eric Bischoff suspended HBK for his actions. Michaels was humiliated by Bischoff and humiliated in Canada. The following week Bischoff lifted Shawn's suspension and invited him to appear on Raw next week. When Michaels returned he was humiliated once again by Bischoff and Trish and Christian made his return and attacked Shawn Michaels. Captain Charisma was back and a match was made for Unforgiven between Michaels and Christian. This past week on Raw, Christian returned to action and was successful in his return match. Following the match Christian began to mock Shawn Michaels until Michaels ran down and brawled with Christian. Christian outsmarted Michaels as he ducks the superkick and delivered the unprettier. Christian again getting the upperhand over Michaels. This Sunday Michaels vows to get redemption and teach the CLB Christian a lesson or will Christian pull off his biggest win of his career?

Chris Benoit vs Batista
At SummerSlam, Chris Benoit's world title reign finally came to an end at the hands of Evolution's Randy Orton. The next night on Raw, Orton successfully retained his title against Benoit in a rematch. Following the match, Batista assaulted Benoit and powerbombed him and made his presence felt. At Unforgiven, the rabid wolverine Chris Benoit takes on Evolution's Animal Batista. Both men have met each other on previous occasions on Raw with Benoit usually coming out on top. Benoit the master technician has countered the Batista Bomb in the past. Now Benoit's goal is to go through Batista and get back in the world title hunt. Will Benoit be successful against Batista or will Batista hand Benoit a second straight defeat on ppv against an Evolution member?

Final Card

World Heavyweight Championship Title Match
Randy Orton © vs Kurt Angle

Shawn Michaels vs Christian

Chris Benoit vs Batista

Shelton Benjamin vs Ric Flair

Charlie Haas vs Kane

Intercontinental Championship Title Triple Threat Hardcore Match
Tajiri © vs Rhyno vs Nova

World Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match
William Regal and Eugene © vs La Resistance

Women’s Championship Title Match
Gail Kim © vs Trish Stratus

Show now posted here All feedback is appreciated and will be returned.

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
Click here to read

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

First Smackdown after Wrestlemania is posted!

Click here.

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