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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Ep. 127 of 'Slam!' wrestling is now posted in the 'Universal Wrestling League' thread.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Originally Posted by Melvis View Post
Monday Night Raw
Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, Washington | 23rd May 2011

The 2011 Three-Hour WWE Draft Show

Twenty-four hours on from the excitement of Over The Limit, Raw’s in Tacoma, just down the road from where it all happened last night in Seattle. Tonight’s show is a three-hour special, and sees the return of the annual WWE Draft as things look to get shaken up all over again. Anyone is eligible to be drafted, even The Miz, still WWE Champion and probably the man least wanting to be sent to SmackDown, after remaining on top of the WWE’s flagship show under dubious circumstances last night. With the Awesome One so very focused on staying the WWE’s ‘poster-child’, the Draft could yet spell disaster in his eyes if he sees himself drafted tonight, as many champions have in the past. Like past shows, the picks will be determined by matches between representatives from both shows, and The Miz will be one of those competitors as he looks to keep at least one draft pick out of SmackDown’s hands. After his narrow escape with title in hand after Daniel Bryan’s great effort, what are The Miz’s thoughts on yet another ‘successful’ title defence? The reign continues for the ‘most must-see WWE Champion of all time’, and we’ll hear from him to open the show tonight, no doubt to hear about his state of mind after nearly losing what he holds most dear to him.

Elsewhere tonight, we’ll have a 16-Man Battle Royal to determine two draft picks, giving one brand or another a real chance to shine and swing the Draft their way in our main event. Similarly, it’s grudge match time – last night at Over The Limit, SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long gave Edge his shot at his and Christian’s mortal enemy, Wade Barrett, and finally it seems the Rated R Superstar will get the retribution he deserves. It could be a great night in prospect for the Canadian team, two men who had a winning reunion on pay-per-view against all the odds last night to defeat The Corre. Wade Barrett has a job ahead of him, having tried so hard to avoid Edge in recent weeks and plotting against him at every turn… does that all change tonight?

Also on Raw this evening, it could the beginning of a beautiful friendship as Rey Mysterio teams with the man who saved him from being beaten to a pulp last night, Sin Cara, with a draft pick on the line in what should be a real spectacle. The two famous luchadors team together tonight, but whether it’ll be a winning effort remains to be seen. We’ll also see fallout from last night’s other title matches, with both new United States Champion Tyler Black and Kofi Kingston set to compete. It should be a hectic night, as Raw and SmackDown collide for a whole three hours, and who knows how the rosters will stand when the evening is done…

Announced For Raw

WWE Champion The Miz to open the show
16-Man Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal for two draft picks
The 2011 WWE Draft matches
Grudge Match; Wade Barrett versus Edge
Now posted here. There are shenanigans involved.

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

First RAW of the thread is posted up!
In the thread WWE: The Evolution


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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Hello hello there! I started a BtB recently, I just posted the first show! It starts the night after Payback. Here's a link to the first episode:

Here is a little sumthin from the first episode. It is the main event, also shows how the show ends!

We are taken back to ringside.

Cole: "Moments away from our main event here tonight! It will be WWE Champion John Cena, teaming up with what is to be the Number 1 Contender for Cena's title, CM Punk, in a handicap match against the 3 Man Rock Band!"

****We're a 3 Man Band!****

The 3MB come out, looking like dumbasses as always, playing their invisibible instruments. Very few boos are heard.

***Cult of Personality****

CM Punk comes out to a MASSIVE ovation. The crowd loves CM Punk just as much as they always did!

***My Time is Now****

Very classic reaction for Cena. Cena comes out excited like always. Everyone is on their feet, some booing, some cheering, you know the deal.

Match #9: John Cena and CM Punk Vs 3MB in a Handicap Match

Squash match. Cena and Punk toy with 3MB. At about the 5 minute mark, as Cena and Punk keep toying with 3MB, Punk grabs Slater by the hair, Cena grabs Mahal by his head, and they both throw Slater and Mahal out of the ring. Cena tells Punk to take them out. Punk climbs the top rope and flies off with a DOUBLE FLYING CLOTHESLINE onto Mahal and Slater on the outside of the ring, taking them both out. Cena drops McIntyre inside the ring with the FU for the easy 3 count!
John Cena and CM Punk defeated 3MB

Cena gets up and starts celebrating, throwing the Cenation sign up, as Punk gets into the ring to confront Cena, we hear........

"EXCUSE ME!!!!!!"

Vickie Guerrero walks out with mic in hand. Fans start booing furiously as Punk and Cena just look tired of Vickie.

Vickie: "Don't think for one second your night is over, Punk and Cena. Like I told you, you will pay for what you said earlier to me. My assistant, David Otunga, has found 3 more opponents that are much more likely to get the job done tonight!!!"

Vickie walks off laughing as BIG E LANGSTON walks out!

EZEKIEL JACKSON then walks out right behind him! The looks on the faces of Cena and Punk have changed a little now.

Right behind Jackson and Langston, walks out the returning MASON RYAN!!

The 3 big muscleheads walk down to the ring, as Punk and Cena definitely aren't playing games anymore.

Cole: "The mood changed once these 3 men came out, King. The whole arena felt it, even Punk and Cena."

JBL: "Punk and Cena are in for it. They should've never disrespected our general manager. Punk was next in line for a title shot but instead, he is going to get destroyed by 3 300 pound men because he wanted to open his mouth. Good job Punk!"

Punk and Cena have a few words with each other as the match starts.

Match #10: Cena and Punk Vs Jackson, Ryan, and Langston

Very different type of match. The 3 big men controlled most of this match, due to frequent tags and overpowering their opponents. They worked on Punk's abdomen for several minutes, until he tagged out Cena. Cena got some fire going but Big Zeke stopped it with one nice clothesline. The big men now wear Cena down until about the 12 minute mark when Cena reverses Big E's headlock into a nice Spin Out Powerbomb, powering the big black man down! Both men are now down, getting up, and Langston tags in Zeke, as Cena tags in Punk!

Zeke comes in, as does Punk who comes in on fire, ducking past Big Zeke and knocking Ryan off the apron with a nice heel kick. Punk gets fired up on Big Zeke, hitting him with 2 corner Shining Wizards and the bulldog. Langston comes in from outside and clubs Punk on the back of the head but Cena also comes in and clotheslines Langston over the top rope to the outside! Punk tags in Cena, then Punk Dives onto Mason Ryan outside! Cena is measuring Zeke for the FU, when Langston gets on the apron but Punk is there to kick him back off! Cena gets Big Zeke up on his shoulders but CM Punk kicks Cena right on the abdomen, then roundhouse kicks him! Fans boo and cheer! Big Zeke picks Cena up and slams on with his One Arm Rock Bottom! Zeke pins Cena right in front of CM Punk, who just stands there, not doing much.
Ezekiel Jackson, Mason Ryan, and Big E Langston defeated John Cena and CM Punk

Cole: "I can't believe this King, why would Punk do this? I actually thought Cena and Punk were working great there!"

After the match, the 3 big men walk off to the back, as Cena lays down motionless, with Punk standing over him with a mic. Punk then kneels over Cena and says.....

Punk: "Like I said John......Stay healthy......And be ready!!

Punk is holding Cena's title and just lays it on Cena's chest. Punk drops the mic, as his theme song hits. Punk walks off with head high, as fans still keep on both booing and cheering.

Yupp! That's the show ladies and gentlemen! A LOT to come in these next 3 shows! Stay tuned because things are about to EXPLODE!! I apologize if you didn't like the font, I'm still experimenting with it!

Smackdown Preview coming within 2-3 days, and the Smackdown full show shortly after!

Read, rate, and review!
This is copied and pasted from the show itself, that's why it's on Quote

MinistryDeadman95 Presents WWE 2013: Blowing Up!

Shit is already starting to blow up in my BtB. Check out my latest episode!!!

Smackdown 06/28 Posted!!!!
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Monday Night Raw – Preview!
Monday 2nd March 2009
Live from the Pengrowth Saddledome
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

We're now less than four weeks away from the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania, and tonight we roll into Calgary, the home of the legendary Bret 'The Hitman' Hart.

That means it could be a difficult night for the WWE Champion, Shawn Michaels. The Heartbreak Kid has never been popular in Calgary since the controversial night in Montreal 13 years ago. We weren't supposed to see the WWE Champion last week after being attacked the week before by Triple H, only The Showstopper caught us all off guard. It was The King of Kings who was the most surprised though when Michaels went right for him. Fortunately for the number one contender, he managed to avoid some sweet chin music, but he received a chilling message from The Heartbreak Kid who told him that if he was going to hell, he'll be dragging Triple H with him. To say that battle lines have been drawn is an understatement, meaning anything can happen in Calgary later on tonight with the two men who'll fight it out for the richest prize in the industry at Wrestlemania four weeks.

We also got word on Smackdown from John Cena that he'll be coming to Raw tonight to respond to The Undertaker's mind games last week that distracted Cena and cost him his match with Triple H. Cena told Josh Matthews on Friday night that The Undertaker didn't get inside his head at all and that he'll be issuing a message of his own to The Dead-Man tonight. Is Cena making a mistake? Is he falling into The Undertaker's mind games as we get closer to their Wrestlemania match?

Last Monday night we saw The Rock return to Raw for the second straight week to accept Edge's challenge to a match at Wrestlemania, and we're told that he has a special video message for The Rated-R Superstar tonight as he is unable to be in Calgary in person. What does The Great One plan to say? Tune in to find out.

Edge will be in action in his home country when he joins forces with another Canadian, Chris Jericho. Jericho intends to leave Wrestlemania as Mr. Money in the Bank, and together they'll be taking on two other superstars looking to claim the Money in the Bank contract too in The Big Show & Christian. Jericho has recent history with Big Show, and after being dropped with a Killswitch last week, he returned the favour with a Codebreaker to Captain Charisma on Smackdown after his fellow Canadian qualified for Money in the Bank. We all know the history between Christian & Edge too, making this one match you won't want to miss.

One more spot will be filled for Money in the Bank tonight when Matt Hardy goes one-on-one with the United States Champion, Dolph Ziggler. Friday night on Smackdown, Ziggler overcame Matt Sydal in an incredible contest to retain the title Hardy won a year ago at Wrestlemania. Which one of them will be victorious tonight and join Big Show, Christian, Kofi Kingston & Chris Jericho in this year's Money in the Bank match?

Two more Smackdown superstars heading to Raw tonight are M.V.P. & Ron Killings, and they will be taking on the World Tag Team Champions, The Epitome of Excellence. Christopher Daniels & Kaval last week told The Colon Brothers that any team wanting to challenge them for their titles need to prove themselves. Will the champions set an example for potential challengers tonight, or could they come unstuck against possible future challengers in the Smackdown duo?

We'll also see the Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus in non-title action when he takes on his fellow Irishman, Finlay. They have history and Sheamus could come unstuck too with his Wrestlemania opponent Rey Mysterio getting the better of him again last week. Will Sheamus put that right this week?

'The All-American American' Jack Swagger has been making his presence felt on Raw the last two weeks, but he will make his in-ring debut tonight. Will it be a victory and the first of many? Only time will tell!

We're drawing closer & closer until Wrestlemania 25 and you won't want to miss what's sure to be another explosive evening on the Road to Wrestlemania!

>Confirmed for Raw This Week!<

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Matt Hardy
vs. Dolph Ziggler

Non-Title Match
vs. Sheamus

Non-Title Match
M.V.P. & Ron Killings
vs. The Epitome of Excellence

The Big Show & Christian
vs. Edge & Chris Jericho

A Video Message for Edge from The Rock

John Cena Responds To The Undertaker's Mind Games

The 'Raw' In-Ring Debut of 'The All-American American' Jack Swagger

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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Official Card for WWE Nemesis:
Date: 14th October 2007
Location: Alltel Arena, Little Rock Arkansas
Event Music: Submersed, Better Think Again

Banner Credit; KING.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Christian vs. Umaga II

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy

World Tag Team Championships Match:
~ Triple Threat Match ~
Straight Edge vs. The Master Craftsmen vs. The Angels of Anarchy

Womens Championship:
~ Best of 5 Series; Match 3 ~
Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James
*Beth Phoenix leads 2-0*

~ Winner Receives World Heavyweight Championship Match at Survivor Series ~
Mister Kennedy vs. John Cena

Mask vs. Medals:
~ If Mysterio loses, he must unmask ~
~ If Angle loses, he must hand over his Gold Medals ~
Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle

The Lions Disband:
~ Special Guest Referee; Katie Lea ~
Burchill vs. Harry Smith

Tag Team Challenge:
The Rhodes Brothers vs. Ken Doane & Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler

1) Predict the winners (8 points)
2) Predict the match order (8 points)
3) Will the steel cage match end in pinfall, submission or by escaping the cage?? (2 points)
4) Which competitor will be pinned/submitted in the tag team title match (4 points)
5) Which competitor will score the pin/submission in the tag team title match (4 points)
6) What will be the longest match?? (2 points)
7) What will be the shortest match?? (2 points)



*Prize money may, or may not be real.
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Raw is posted, check it out
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Hey, I am just trying to advertising the BtB I recently started. It started the night after Payback (check out Raw ). I am posting Smackdown very soon, and it is going to be an AWESOME show! Here is the Preview I just posted for it! Check it out!


WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview
June 21st, 2013

It's been 5 days since Payback! This Smackdown episode will be massive, I'm telling you!
10 teams will compete in a 20 Man Tag team Battle Royal to determine the No.1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles, which Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are holding. On Raw, we saw Chris Jericho and Christian reform their tag team from back in the day, when Christian asked Jericho and Jericho gladly accepted! Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan are also seemingly on the same page again, when Orton ran out and saved Bryan from The Shield on Raw. Air Boom is also back together and WILL be in this battle royal! So will Tensai and Brodus Clay, among other tag teams! Stay tuned man, it's gonna be good!

Dolph Ziggler got permission from Teddy Long to get his rematch clause this Friday night! Ziggler suffered a concussion at the hands of Del Rio at Payback, but Ziggler is proving more guts than brains and is cashing in his rematch clause just 5 days after the concussion! What is going to happen?

Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel still has been having beef with The Miz, as well as former champ Wade Barrett. Axel seemingly stole the win from The Miz at Payback. Axel defended against Barrett on Raw, but Miz wasn't gonna have it, and interrupted the match, attacking both superstars. Now, on Friday night, TRIPLE THREAT! Who will come out champ? Does Heyman have anything else up his sleeve? We know he always does.

On Raw, we saw the return of powerhouses Ezekiel Jackson and Mason Ryan, when they teamed up with Big E Langston to defeat CM Punk and John Cena. We are told that both Mason Ryan AND Ezekiel Jackson will both be in singles competition!

The Shield is still running rough shot over the WWE. They laid out their entire competition in the tag team divison this past Raw, proving dominant like not many other teams before them. United States Champ Dean Ambrose is still on a roll. He defeated Kane at Payback, then Sheamus on Raw. This Friday night, we will see Tag Team Champs Roman Reigns and Sth Rollins against Sheamus, and his partner the 7 foot.....BIG SHOW!

Mark Henry also came back on Raw with a monumental announcement! The World's Strongest Man is back! He said on Raw he is stronger than he has ever been. We're supposed to see or hear from Henry on Smackdown!

It's gonna be A HELL of a show! Stay tuned! Coming very soon, next 2 or 3 days!

-Alberto Del Rio (c) Vs Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship
-Curtis Axel (c) Vs The Miz Vs Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship
-20 Man Tag Team Over the Top Rope Battle Royal to determine the No.1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles
-Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins Vs Sheamus and Big Show
-We'll hear from Henry
-Ezekiel Jackson in action
-Mason Ryan in action

MinistryDeadman95 Presents WWE 2013: Blowing Up!

Shit is already starting to blow up in my BtB. Check out my latest episode!!!

Smackdown 06/28 Posted!!!!
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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Originally Posted by Gaz. View Post

Spokane, Washington - Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena, Norfolk Spoke


SmackDown! cruises into the Norfolk Spoke, in the SVM Arena, just four nights removed from the biggest night in the history of Sports Entertainment: WrestleMania Nineteen!!

The pinnacle of the memorable night, was the memorable contest for the WWE Championship, which pitted two of the finest amateur wrestlers, and all out gladiators today, against each other - The WWE Champion Kurt Angle, and The 'Next Big Thing' Brock Lesnar. In a match which literally had it all, Lesnar would recover from a near career ending move - when he missed a Shooting Star Press - to eventually F-5 Angle, and capture the WWE Championship for the second time in his career. Unfortunately for Kurt Angle, his lose came at an even bigger cost, than just losing his Title. Angle will have to have surgery which will keep him out for a couple of months. This Thursday Night, our NEW WWE Champion will be on SmackDown!, and is expected to adress the roster, the higher-ups, and the live crowd. What will the Champ have to say?

In a match anticipated as "Twenty Years in the Making" Hulk Hogan overcame the Chairman of the Board and arch nemesis, Vince McMahon, in a grueling Street Fight. The two enemies battled each other, with the use of lead pipes, ladders, steel steps and much more, before the surprise arrival of 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper, who attacked both men. After the 'Rowdy' one done his damage, Hogan was the one who capitalised, putting McMahon away after three pattened leg drops. Hogan, battered and bruised, is confirmed for Thursday night, as he's scheduled to address Mr. McMahon, the live fans in attendance - and old rival, 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper.

Also at WrestleMania, SmackDown! saw two sets of their Champions, successfully defend their Titles, on the Grandest Stage of 'em All. Team Angle were able to see off the tandem of best friends; Rhyno and Chris Benoit, as well as the nephew and uncle duo, of Los Guerrero's; Chavo and Eddie. While, in the hot opener in Safeco Field, Matt Hardy, with the help of his "M'Fer" Shannon Moore, managed to barely retain his Cruserweight Championship against the agile masked man from San Diego, Rey Mysterio. Despite their fantastic night Sunday, Hardy, Haas and Benjamin are in for a tough one this Thursday. Team Angle defend their gold against the other team who was NOT on the end of defeat at 'Mania; Benoit and Rhyno - while Matt Hardy teams with Shannon Moore to face Los Guerrero's. Will it be another successful night for the men leading their divisions? Or has their luck ran out? And, where does Rey Mysterio fit into all of this?

Also on SmackDown!;
In the Main Event, The Undertaker's protege: Nathan Jones, does battle with the Seven Foot, Five Hundred Pound Big Show; Two of the greatest Cruserweights in the world today go one-on-one, as Jamie Noble battles Billy Kidman; The 'Doctor of Thuganomics' John Cena battles Rikishi; And SmackDown! General Manager Stephanie McMahon will open the broadcast.


Confirmed for SmackDown!;

Nathan Jones versus The Big Show

WWE Tag Team Championships
Team Angle defend against Chris Benoit and Rhyno

Tag Team Match
Team Mattitude versus Los Guerrero's

Jamie Noble w/Nidia versus Billy Kidman

John Cena versus Rikishi



Brock Lesnar gives his Championship Adress!

Hulk Hogan will be in the building!

SmackDown! General Manager, Stephanie McMahon, will open the show!


All this and MUCH MORE, on Thursday Night SmackDown!, 8/7pm CT, only on UPN!

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