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WWE Heroes

Trying this once again. I will be going from Royal Rumble 2011 (you can find the preview at the bottom of the page.) With the Royal Rumble, once I post the show, if I can get thoughts on the format. I'll admit I don't have too much time to write full shows, if I can I will. RAW and SD! Will usually be in recap form with me developing only certain scenes and matches as I choose. Thoughts would be appreciated.

Current Schedule:
Royal Rumble
Elimination Chamber
Super Show: Saturday Night's Main Event
Wrestlemania 27

Judgement Day
Special 3 Hour RAW: Draft Show
Night of Champions
Summer Slam
No Mercy
Survivor Series
Super Show: King of the Ring
Royal Rumble
No Way Out
Super Show: Saturday Night's Main Event
Wrestlemania 28

Preview for
Royal Rumble
January 30, 2011
TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts

40-Man Royal Rumble Match

The largest Royal Rumble in WWE history takes place this Sunday when 40-Men will collide in a single match. 39 will be thrown over the top rope and 1 will stand. In the past Rumbles have been won at the number one and number two spots, but with the addition of 10 more superstars, this feat will now become more difficult then ever before. Number 30, which used to be the prime number all superstars hoped to draw, has been replaced with Number 40 being the most wanted number. Its a new playing field this Sunday and how will it all play out?

WWE Championship
The Miz(c) w/ Alex Riley vs. Randy Orton

Once again Randy Orton has an opportunity to regain the WWE Title he lost to The Miz after the Money in the Briefcase was cashed in months ago. They have competed in both singles matches and a table match, but this is it; Orton's last chance to reclaim the gold from The Miz. The biggest problem Orton faces is Alex Riley and Michael Cole, who have been involved in past matches. Knowing how pivotal Cole and Riley are to The Miz winning his matches, Randy Orton individually threatened them both that bad things will happen if they interfere in the title match at Royal Rumble. This match can be Miz's time to prove he can succeed alone for once but can he really defeat 'The Viper' this Sunday without backup?

World Heavyweight Championship
If Edge uses the Spear, Dolph Ziggler will be awarded the World Title
Edge(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero

Edge has been through it all during his career: Ladders, Tables, Cages, Street Fights, Cells, Chambers, and so much more. Over the last month, Edge may feel the most exhausted he's ever been before. After finally defeating Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship over a series of matches, including a Four-Way TLC Match, Edge really needed a rest. Unfortunately for 'The Rated R Superstar,' Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long was mysteriously attacked leaving the Official Smackdown Consultant (and Edge's ex-wife) Vickie Guerrero in charge. Guerrero immediately started pushing her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler into the World Title Scene. After competing in a TLC Match and a hard fought singles match with Kane over a period of three weeks, Edge was forced to defend his title against Ziggler. Fortunately for Edge though, one certain Diva and her boyfriend were willing to lend some assistance: Kelly Kelly and Drew McIntyre. Interrupting the match and stopping Guerrero from getting more involved, McIntyre and Kelly were able to help Edge find the opening he needed to Spear and defeat Ziggler.

Having signed a rematch for the title now for this Sunday, Guerrero has promised two things. One: If Edge uses the Spear during the match, Dolph Ziggler will immediately be awarded the championship. This effectively removes Edge's most powerful weapon in his arsenal. Two: Anyone helping Edge during the match will regret it. What they will regret is unknown but Guerrero does wield all the power right now. Will Edge be able to triumph over 'The Perfect' Dolph Ziggler this Sunday or will we see a new World Heavyweight Champion?

WWE Divas Championship
2-on-1 Handicap Match
Natalya Niedhart(c) vs. Team Lay-Cool

This feud has been brewing for some time, with Natalya having won the title from the deadly duo of Michelle McCool and Layla. With Nattie's friend Beth Phoenix back from injury and backing up the Canadian born Diva, it seems Team Lay-Cool has lost their number advantage. Back at the TLC pay-per-view, the WWE Universe witnessed for the first time a Tag Team Tables Match between Natalya and Beth Phoenix against Team Lay-Cool. Though the champion and Phoenix walked out the winners of that match, this Sunday 'The Glamazon' will not be involved in the match. Natalya will have to defeat Team Lay-Cool in the exact same match that made Natalya champion to begin with: a Handicap Match. Will Nattie triumph again or is her championship dreams coming to an end?
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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Re: WWE Heroes

Its now time for the
Royal Rumble
January 30, 2011
TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts

An opening video is shown showing past Royal Rumble winners and controversies. It highlights the importance of the Royal Rumble on how it has started careers, led to Wrestlemania moments, and many Wrestlemania Main Events.

Match One:
WWE Divas Championship
2-on-1 Handicap Match

Natalya Niedhart(c) vs. Team Lay-Cool

Before the match begins the RAW General Manager changes the match completely. Believing Team Lay-Cool do not deserve this unfair advantage and wanting to avoid another reign of dual champions, the RAW GM decides that it no longer will be a Handicap Match and will instead be a free for all. To further even up the match, the RAW GM has also added another Diva into the match he feels should have been placed into the match originally: Beth Phoenix. The match restarts under Fatal-Four Way Rules.

(Altered) Match One:
WWE Divas Championship
Fatal-Four Way Match

Natalya Niedhart(c) vs. Michelle McCool vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Layla

Though a Fatal-Four Way Match, it ran more like a Tornado Tag Match, with Natalya and Phoenix working together against Team Lay-Cool. Towards the end of the match Phoenix is in one corner with Layla standing above her sending down a series of hard rights, while Natalya is trying to get back to her feet after receiving a Big Boot from McCool. Natalya manages to get to her feet while McCool has been standing behind her waiting patiently to deliver another Big Boot. The Divas Champion turns around and McCool charges ahead for another Big Boot, Natalya dodges the boot and counters by nailing McCool with a Spine Buster! With 'The Flawless Diva' Michelle McCool flat on her back, Natalya grabs hold of the legs and locks in a Sharpshooter. McCool screams out in pain and tries to go for the ropes but Natalya drags her away. It seems hopeless for McCool unless someone is able to save her.

Back in the corner, Layla is sending down hard rights to the skull of Phoenix, but the powerful 'Glamazon' is able to grab hold of Layla's legs. Hoisting 'The Other Flawless Diva' Layla into the air, Beth Phoenix walks forward and sends Layla flying down to the mat with a Power Bomb! Phoenix immediately goes for the cover. As the referee is watching to see if McCool is going to tap out, he turns to find Phoenix going for the pin. The referee turns around and goes for the three count.



Michelle McCool starts tapping out!


The referee doesn't notice McCool tapping out to Natalya's Sharpshooter before the three count!

Winner and NEW Divas Champion: Beth Phoenix

The referee awards Beth Phoenix the title as Natalya tries to tell the ref that he failed to notice McCool tapping out. Unfortunately for Natalya, the decision has been made and Beth Phoenix is declared the new champion. Phoenix goes to hug her close friend but Natalya stops her. Upset over being robbed out of the title, Natalya abruptly leaves the ring choosing not to celebrate over her friend's success.

-------------------------------------Cut to Backstage--------------------------------------

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero are being interviewed about the World Title Match up next with Edge. Ziggler says that its his time to shine, Edge is the past and Ziggler is now. Vickie Guerrero states she is glad she has traded in from something old to something new,comparing Edge to a beat up, old Station Waggon and Ziggler to a sexy, new Ferrari.

“All my boyfriend needs now is a nice hood ornament and I think the World Heavyweight Championship will do just fine.”
- 'Official Smackdown Consultant'
Vickie Guerrero

Somewhere else backstage, CM Punk's New Nexus and Wade Barrett's The Corre come face-to-face backstage ready to draw their numbers for the Rumble Match from the tumble pin being ran by Gail Kim and Eve. After brief moment of awkward silence, Punk signals Husky Harris to draw five numbers for the entire group. Husky draws the numbers and New Nexus leave. The Corre each draw their own numbers separately and leave. The two Divas discuss how awkward that was when John Cena comes forth. Cena talks about how excited he is for the Rumble tonight and hopes for a lucky draw. WWE Champion The Miz and Alex Riley come forward advising Cena for his safety that if Cena wins the Rumble that the best choice would be to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. After calling The Miz a coward and Riley a stooge without a future, Cena takes his number and prays that his Wrestlemania 27 dream comes true: John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. Cena leaves with The Miz slightly embarrassed telling the two giggling Divas to be quiet.

-------------------------------------Cut to Ringside--------------------------------------

Match Two
World Heavyweight Championship

If Edge uses the Spear, Dolph Ziggler will be awarded the World Title
Edge(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero

Edge pulls out all of the stops and some moves we haven't seen for awhile, ranging from the Edgecution, the Edge-O-Matic, the Edge-anything move with his name it in. Edge pulls out every move he has ever won a match with, except for the Spear. Possibly because the Spear is banned from the match, Dolph Ziggler is proving to be more dominate against the champion then he previously did in their last match.

Ziggler has Edge up against the ropes and Irish Whips him across to the other end of the ring. Edge rebounds and finds himself locked in Ziggler's Sleeper Hold. Struggling for a few seconds, Edge grabs hold of Ziggler's head. Edge drops down to his butt driving Ziggler's chin down hard onto Edge's shoulders. Edge crawls and uses the ropes to get up as Ziggler staggers backwards. Ziggler turns around as Edge gets to his feet and starts walking forwards. Thinking fast, Ziggler hits Edge with a Spear! The Spear is only banned for Edge, not Ziggler! Ziggler goes for a pin.



Kick Out!

Edge kicks out with Ziggler shocked and asking the referee if he's sure it wasn't a three count. With Ziggler distracting the referee, Guerrero snatches the World Heavyweight Title and places it in a corner of the ring. Guerrero proceeds to stand on the ring apron and distracts the referee herself to free up Ziggler. Spotting the title, Ziggler picks it up and waits as Edge is using the ropes to get back to his feet. Just as Edge is back on both feet, before Ziggler strikes with the title, Kelly Kelly comes down to the ring and pulls Guerrero off the ring apron. Kelly points for the ref to turn around and Ziggler quickly stashes away the belt before he can be disqualified. Guerrero pushes Kelly backwards yelling for the younger Diva to get back to the locker room. Out of anger Kelly Kelly jumps and attacks Guerrero outside the ring. Ziggler runs over to try to save Guerrero and fails to realize he has left himself open for the kill from Edge. Edge grabs hold of Ziggler's arms from behind and executes the Kill Switch! Ziggler's face is planted into the mat. Edge rolls 'The Perfect' Dolph Ziggler over and goes for the pin. The referee turns around and goes for the count.




The Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

Kelly Kelly is pulled off of Guerrero by security and taken to the back as Edge stands in the ring celebrating the big win. Edge rolls out of the ring and joins Kelly in being escorted to the back thanking her for her help.

-------------------------------------Cut to Backstage--------------------------------------

Gail Kim and Eve are still running the tumbler as DH Smith is drawing his number and frowns when he sees it and to make it worse, here comes Tyson Kidd. The two former tag champions sneer at one another as Natalya walks by. Smith asks how Natalya is holding up and before she can answer Kidd tries to console her. Soon Kidd and Smith have a brief debate over who is better to help her, family or boyfriend, but Natalya brushes them off and leaves. Smith runs after Natalya as Kidd draws his number and goes in the same direction. Goldust then walks in to draw a number. Looking to Eve and Gail Kim looking over the tumbler Goldust can't help but question the Hart Family.

“I'm glad my family always gets along.”

Goldust draws his number and leaves. Alberto Del Rio then comes in and draws his number. He tries to hit on Eve and Gail Kim but is interrupted by the United States Champion Daniel Bryan, Kim's boyfriend. Del Rio smirks and takes his number and looks it over. With a bigger smile on his face, Del Rio offers the Divas that if they want to be with a future world champion later, they can find 'The Mexican Aristocrat' standing alone in the ring later. Del Rio exits as Daniel Bryan asks Kim to draw his number for him. Kim pops it open and frowns a bit before showing it to Bryan. Bryan doesn't seem worried and remains confident. Bryan and Kim have a nice moment together but realize they are being stared at by the still feeling scorned Bella Twins. The twins leave with Bryan having to hold Gail Kim back to avoid a fight starting.

In the interview area John Morrison is being interviewed about what he thinks his chances are. Morrison admits he has drawn his number already and knows it will be quite the journey to win the Royal Rumble. Morrison compares himself to Shawn Michaels and that the Royal Rumble will be where 'The Monday Night Delight' makes his big jump to the main event. Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston joins in apologizing to Morrison that it will in fact be Kofi winning tonight. The two briefly have a stare down until it ends in a handshake with them smiling. The smiles soon fade as Morrison and Kingston starts to tighten their grip trying to show who is the better man. The interview is interrupted by Kelly Kelly being escorted by security to the parking lot with McIntyre and World Heavyweight Champion Edge following behind.

By orders from Vickie Guerrero, Kelly Kelly is being banned from the arena for the rest of the show. Drew McIntyre starts to stress out and worries over what Guerrero will do because Kelly Kelly helped Edge beat Ziggler earlier. Kelly shows no regrets over her actions and is proud the that Edge is still champion. Edge offers to keep Kelly company while McIntyre competes in the Rumble later. Drew doesn't look happy about it but Kelly accepts the offer. Kelly and Edge starts to head over to a limo after wishing McIntyre good luck. The camera closes on an unhappy and slightly jealous looking Drew McIntyre.

-------------------------------------Cut to Ringside--------------------------------------

Video Promo: WWE Championship
-The Miz cashing the Money in the Bank on Randy Orton
-The Miz's successful title defences against Randy Orton, John Morrison, and Jerry 'The King' Lawler
-Alex Riley and Michael Cole are shown helping Miz wins those matches
-RAW GM saying this is the last time Orton will be given an opportunity against The Miz for the title
-Randy Orton warning Alex Riley and Michael Cole not to get involved or else.
-Miz: “I can go it alone and win alone. I need no one.”
-Orton: “I'd like to see you prove it Miz. Be a man and beat me on your own.”
-The Miz:”I can't wait to embarrass you at the Royal Rumble.”
-Orton: “I can't wait to embarrass you when I prove to the world that The Miz is nothing more than a paper champion.”

Match Three:
WWE Championship

The Miz(c) w/ Alex Riley vs. Randy Orton

A back and forth match with Miz and Orton having control of the match at various points. For the most part Orton has been able to keep Alex Riley from getting too involved. Randy whips Miz into the turnbuckle. Crashing chest first into the corner, The Miz staggers backwards where Orton bends 'The Awesome One' backwards and hits with the Back Cracker. Miz rolls on the ground in pain as 'The Viper' prepares for a RKO.

Looking to cause a disqualification, Riley runs into the ring but Orton strikes him down with a RKO. Turning back to The Miz, Orton notices the WWE Champion getting into punting position. With an evil smile, Randy Orton gets ready to run out for the Punt. The referee, with his back turned to Miz, knows what Orton is up to and tries to stop it. Fearing for his favourite superstar, Michael Cole runs from the announce table and drags Miz out of the ring. Orton pushes the referee out of the way and exits the ring to confront Cole. Cole sees Orton coming and runs for his life. Ignoring The Miz for now, Orton gives chase to Michael Cole around the ring. Cole rolls into the ring and tries to crawl to the other end for dear life. Just as Cole gets to the ropes,Orton catches up and grabs hold of Cole's foot. Dragging Cole back from the ropes, Orton stares down at the announcer looking like he is ready to snap. Spotting Riley climbing the ring apron, Orton closelines him. Riley goes crashing down to the outside floor and Orton stares back at a frightened Michael Cole. With an evil smile, Orton charges ahead for a Punt!

Before Orton can get far though, The Miz saves his #1 fan and pulls 'The Viper' outside of the ring. With a few hard rights to Orton, Miz grabs holds of the challengers body and rams him into the ring. Orton falls forward holding his back as Miz grabs hold of Orton's neck. DDT on the challenger to the outside floor! Picking Randy Orton up, Miz tries and is barely able to get the limp body to roll into the ring. Miz gets back into the ring as the referee counts to 8. Miz goes for the pin.



Kick Out!

Orton kicks out and Miz looks exhausted. With Riley still unconscious on the outside floor and Michael Cole back hiding behind the announce table, The Miz is on his own. Miz gets to his feet and starts to slowly pull the limp body of Randy Orton up. Orton goes for the RKO! Orton was playing possum! Skull Crushing Finale? Miz was able to stand his ground and counters the RKO with a Skull Crushing Finale!




The winner and STILL WWE Champion: The Miz

With the title in hand, The Miz rolls out of the ring as a staggering Alex Riley helps the WWE Champion towards the back. Orton holds his head as the referee checks to see if he is okay. As Miz and Riley pose at the top of the entrance ramp using one another to stay on their feet, the referee is able to get Orton awake. Rolling outside the ring and sitting on the ring apron, Orton looks up at Miz and Riley. Getting some of his energy back, Orton gives chase up the entrance ramp towards them. Miz sees this and runs. Without Miz's support, Riley falls over. Now spotting Orton running towards him, Riley gets to his feet and bolts to the outside just as Orton gets through.

-------------------------------------Cut to Backstage--------------------------------------

Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero, and The Big Show are at the tumbler with Gail Kim and Eve still running it. There are three numbers left to be drawn. Big Show is taking his time picking a number and Ziggler and Guerrero are growing increasingly impatient. Ziggler starts taunting Show to hurry up. Show turns from the tumbler with it stuck to his hand, showing that is why he is taking awhile to draw a number. Big Show does not look happy staring down at Ziggler. Ziggler actually looks a little nervous. Crashing the tumbler against the wall destorying it, Show picks up his number. Show looks at the number and has a bigger frown on his face. Guerrero puts a number in a shaking Ziggler's hand. Before Ziggler even looks at his number, Show picks it out of his hand. Looking at his own and Ziggler's number, Big Show smiles and laughs. Putting Ziggler's number back in his hand, Big Show walks away. Ziggler and Guerrero look at his number with shock and anger. Ziggler throws his number at the wall as Randy Orton walks up still panting from just finishing his match.

Orton looks to Eve having been told he can compete in the Rumble tonight. Eve picks up the last number and puts it in 'The Viper's' hand. Without looking at his number, Orton walks up to Ziggler and tells him to pray he isn't in the Rumble long enough by the time Orton comes out. Randy Orton walks off as Ziggler looks increasingly frustrated. Grabbing Vickie Guerrero's hand, Dolph Ziggler and her exit.

--------------------------------------Cut to Ringside--------------------------------------

Video Promo: 40-Man Royal Rumble
-The various numbers and stats to competing in the Rumble and the history of the Rumble

Match Four:
40-Man Royal Rumble Match

Entrance #1: Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler has not been having a very lucky night so far. First losing to Edge with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line and now he is starting at number one in the biggest Royal Rumble ever in WWE history.

Entrance #2: The Big Show

Zero luck. That's what Ziggler has for luck. First starting the Royal Rumble but its with an angry giant. Now Ziggler knows why Show was laughing earlier. Big Show just dominates Ziggler starting the match. Show goes for a Choke Slam on Ziggler but 'The Perfect' Ziggler pokes Show in the eye. With Big Show dazed, Dolph Ziggler locks in the Sleeper Hold. Big Show staggers a bit but is able to grab hold of Ziggler from behind and flips the smaller man over down to the mat. Ziggler rolls out underneath the ropes and takes a moment to breath.

Entrance #3: Randy Orton

100% bad luck. Or maybe God jut hates Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler looks out to Orton who is slowly walking down to the ring. Once Orton is close enough Ziggler tries to convince 'The Viper' that they need to team up to eliminate The Big Show. Orton responds with a hard right hook. Ziggler flails and staggers around the ring as Orton sends him around all four corners with a series of hard rights and clubbing at Ziggler's back. Eventually Orton rolls Ziggler into the ring. Getting straight to his feet Ziggler gets nailed with a Knock Out Punch from Big Show. Ziggler is lying flat on the floor as Big Show stares at Orton slowly walking up the ring stairs. Randy Orton stands in one corner of the ring while Big Show is standing in the middle with a knocked out Ziggler beside him.

Orton puts his hands out showing he wants to do a test of strength. Show laughs and goes for it. Just as their hands lock up, Orton kicks Show in the midsection. Going for a quick RKO, Big Show pushes Orton off. Orton rebounds off the ropes and Show lets out another Knock Out Punch. Orton holds onto the ropes stopping himself from running into the giant fist. Orton runs up and attempts a DDT but Big Show picks 'The Viper' into the air. Charging to a corner, Big Show drives Orton into it. Taking a few steps back, Big Show charges at Orton again but 'The Viper' gets his feet up. Getting booted in the face, Big Show staggers backwards. Orton then unleashes a series of rights and lefts trying to wear the giant down.

Entrance #4: Heath Slater

Just as The Corre's Heath Slater runs down and enters the ring, Big Show is able to grab hold of Randy Orton and delivers a Choke Slam. A kick from Slater to the gut makes Show bend over. Slater runs and rebounds off the ropes and delivers a running dropkick to the skull of Big Show. Big Show drops to one knee and Slater jumps to his feet. Slater clubs away at the back of Big Show but the big man gets back to his feet. Grabbing hold of Slater, Show tosses the Corre member into a corner. Holding Slater against the corner, Big Show shushes at the crowd and chops at Slater! Slater falls forward holding his chest and Dolph Ziggler locks in the Sleeper Hold again on Big Show! Ziggler has come back and is trying to take down the giant. Ziggler is holding tight onto the Sleeper and Big Show is starting to stagger. Big Show tries to grab hold onto Ziggler like he did before to break out of this and RKO!!!

Randy Orton springs to his feet and nails Big Show with a RKO while still locked in Ziggler's Sleeper Hold! For the remaining time, all four entrants lay back catching their breath.

Entrance #5: Michael McGillicutty

The New Nexus member McGillicutty enters and walks down the ramp but stops just before the ring, choosing not to enter the match. Heath Slater keep to his feet first of the four and goes to stomp on Orton. Ziggler soon gets up and stomps away ay Big Show. Eventually, Ziggler tries to toss Slater over the top rope but 'The One Man Rock Band' is able to hold on.

Entrance #6: David Otunga

Similar t McGillicutty, David Otunga stops and waits outside the ring with his fellow Nexus member. They stand together and wait for the next entrant. Ziggler gives up on trying to eliminate Slater and turns his attention to 'The Viper.' Ziggler pulls Orton to his feet and is immediately slapped across the face by Orton. Ziggler staggers backwards and Randy goes for the elimination. Ziggler is half over the rope but is saved by Slater. Slater cracks Orton across his back. Slater and Ziggler push Orton against the corner and they both stomp away at the former World Champion. Big Show gets back to his feet and drags Slater off of Orton. Show delivers a Choke Slam on Slater. Ziggler charges Show and is hit with a Sidewalk Slam by the giant. Show turns his attention to Orton. Setting Orton up against the corner, Big Show chops away at 'The Viper.' Big Show remains the only man standing in the ring and looks out to the New Nexus members standing just outside the ring.

Entrance #7: DH Smith

DH Smith rushes into the ring choosing to avoid confronting the Nexus members. Smith dodges the first punch from Big Show and tries to trip up the giant by pulling his legs out from under him. Show proves to be too heavy as Smith can't seem to pull the legs out. Grabbing Smith by the throat, Big Show preps for a Choke Slam. Dolph Ziggler gets back to his feet and charges Show and get locked into a Choke Slam. Both of Big Show's giant hands are wrapped around either Ziggler's or Smith's throat. Heath Slater sneaks up behind Big Show and hits with a low blow, releasing Ziggler and DH Smith. DH Smith turns to Dolph and attacks him as Slater attack Big Show. Orton gets to his feet and attacks Slater. Big Show sits in a corner and recuperates from the earlier low blow.

Entrance #8: Curt Hawkins

Curt Hawkins has a goal to make a name for himself here tonight. Running straight to the ring, Hawkins immediately attacks Randy Orton from behind. Grabbing hold of Orton's head, Hawkins charges and tries to toss 'The Viper' over the top rope. Hawkins' hand slides off of Orton's head. Hawkins gets to the ropes with no one to toss and turns around as Randy Orton runs to closeline Hawkins. Curt Hawkins is closelined over the top rope.

Elimination #1: Curt Hawkins by Randy Orton

DH Smith is barely holding on in one corner as Ziggler tries to eliminate the Canadian. Orton turns his attention to Smith and Ziggler and breaks up the elimination attempt. Big Show is starting to get to his feet and Heath Slater clubs away at the much larger superstar. Show grabs hold of Slater's throat and lifts him into the air. Show has Slater in a Gorilla Press Hold over the giant's head. Big Show turns towards the two Nexus members still waiting outside the ring and Show sends Slater flying over the top rope toward Nexus. Slater crashes and lands on McGillicutty and Otunga!

Elimiantion #2: Heath Slater by Big Show

Entrance #9: Mason Ryan

The next Nexus member Mason Ryan comes down and helps his teammates to their feet. The Nexus members still choose to stay outside the ring. Big Show looks over to the Nexus outside the ring. In the corner Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, and DH Smith are still battling each other. Big Show thinks for a few moments before he starts to slowly step through the ropes, wanting to confront Nexus. Ziggler breaks free of Orton and Smith to spot Big Show open for an attack. Ziggler runs over and hits a Zig-Zag on the giant. To keep the giant down, Ziggler then starts to stomp away on Big Show.

Entrance #10: Diesel (Kevin Nash)

The horn of Diesel goes off as the former WWE Champion and future Hall of Famer walks down to the ring. Avoiding a potential confrontation, New Nexus walk around the ring and stand by the announce tables. Back inside the ring Ziggler, Orton, and Smith have stopped taking notice of Diesel coming to the ring. The Big Show is still recovering from the Zig-Zag. Randy Orton is the first to strike with a RKO on DH Smith. Ziggler and Orton immediately get into a brawl. Just as 'Big Daddy Cool' gets into the ring, Orton irish whips Ziggler towards the returning WWE superstar. Diesel hits the running Ziggler with a Big Boot. Orton and Diesel lock it up as they try to toss the other over the top rope as Big Show and Dolph Ziggler start to get back to their feet.

Entrance #11: Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston explodes from the back and immediately rises to the top turnbuckle. Once Orton and Diesel separate from trying to eliminate each other, Kofi launches off towards Orton. Kingston lands hitting Orton with a Cross Body! Big Show gets to his feet as Diesel turns towards him. Diesel and Big Show have a stare down in the middle of the ring as Kofi and Orton brawl on one side of the ring, DH Smith continues to recover from the earlier RKO, and Ziggler starting to use the ropes to get to his feet. Big Show and Diesel start to exchange hard rights and lefts. Diesel gets the upper hand as Ziggler chops away at Big Show's knee. Big Show staggers backwards and fall flat from the next punch by Diesel. Dodging the next punch from Diesel, Ziggler is able to lock in a Sleeper Hold on 'Big Daddy Cool.'

Entrance #12: Razor Ramon (Scott Hall)

Razor Ramon wastes little time in going to the ring. The former Intercontinental Champion enters the ring and saves his former WCW tag partner Diesel from Ziggler's Sleeper Hold. 'The Bad Guy' clubs away at Ziggler which causes him to loosen the Sleeper. Diesel comes back to life and charges backwards into a turnbuckle. Ziggler releases the Sleeper. Diesel turns to Dolph Ziggler and uses the Jackknife Powerbomb. Razor pulls Ziggler to his feet and puts him stomach forward towards the corner. With Diesel's help, Ramon is able to hit Ziggler with a Razor's Edge! Working together, the WCW tag partners pull Dolph Ziggler to his feet and dump the limp body over the top rope.

Elimination #3: Dolph Ziggler by Razor Ramon and Diesel

Razor and Diesel look over the top rope at Ziggler and shake hands. With Kingston having turned his attention to Big Show earlier, Randy Orton sneaks up behind the two legends. Suddenly both 'The Bad Guy' Razor Ramon and 'Big Daddy Cool' Diesel are dumped over the top rope by the once called 'Legend Killer' Randy Orton.

Elimination #4 and #5: Razor Ramon and Diesel by Randy Orton

With a much thinner ring, with Nexus still waiting outside, only Randy Orton, Big Show, DH Smith, and Kofi Kingston.

Entrance #13: Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre runs into the ring and just starts to dominate. Within seconds McIntyre hits the Future Shock DDT on both Big Show and DH Smith. McIntyre hits a Big Boot on Kofi Kingston and then turns his attention to Orton. Tackling Orton into a corner, McIntyre tries to lift 'The Viper' over the top rope. Big Show rolls into a corner and takes some time to rest. DH Smith uses the ropes closest to the Nexus to help himself to his feet. Smith turns around to find a waiting and standing Kofi Kingston. Wit no time to react or counter, Kingston nails DH Smith with a Trouble in Paradise. DH Smith tumbles over the top rope.

Elimination #6: DH Smith by Kofi Kingston

Losing their patience, the Nexus members outside the ring attack the eliminated DH Smith. Kingston steps through the ropes standing on the apron. Kingston runs and launches off of the apron at the Nexus with a Body Splash saving Smith from a bigger beat down. Kingston rushes back into the ring and is followed by David Otunga. Ryan and McGillicutty try to stop Otunga but fail to do so. Otunga chases after Kingston and finds himself running into a Knock Out Punch from Big Show. Kingston and Show stand together and wait to see if either Nexus members will come in to try to save Otunga.

Entrance #14: Husky Harris

Husky Harris comes down and with his fellow Nexus members, begin to surround the ring. Orton and McIntyre join Show and Kingston in taking notice of the surrounding Nexus. Big Show picks up David Otunga and easily tosses the dead weight over the top rope.

Elimination #7:
David Otunga by Big Show

The three Nexus members circulate around the ring as the four WWE superstars remain true to their temporary truce.

Entrance #15: CM Punk

While everyone looks down to the entrance ramp for the Nexus leader, CM Punk comes flying in from the audience with a lead pipe. Punk jumps into the ring and surprises Orton, McIntyre, and Kingston with a lead pipe to the skull. CM Punk calls in the remaining Nexus into the ring and team up against Big Show. Through a combined effort, the Nexus are able to force Big Show over the top rope.

Elimination #8: Big Show by New Nexus

CM Punk co-ordinates his Nexus to attack and keep the three remaining superstars down on the ground.

Entrance #16: Primo Colon

Primo hesitates a bit but eventually runs into the ring. CM Punk calls over Husky and together easily toss Primo over the top rope.

Elimination #9: Primo Colon by CM Punk and Husky Harris

New Nexus return to trying to eliminate the remaining WWE superstars in the ring (Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre, and Kofi Kingston), but with no success.

Entrance #17: WWE Tag Team Champion Vladimir Kozlov

Similar to the last entrance, Kozlov walks straight into and gets immediately tossed over when CM Punk orders McGillicutty and Ryan to eliminate the 'Russian Mauler.'

Elimination #10: Vladimir Kozlov by Michael McGillicutty and Mason Ryan

As Punk watches the elimination, he misses out on Randy Orton fighting back and hitting a Back Cracker on Husky Harris! Orton charges forth and dumps an unknowing McGillicutty over the top rope.

Elimination #11: Michael McGillicutty by Randy Orton

Mason Ryan steps back and tries to closeline Orton over the top. 'The Viper' ducks down with the top rope so Ryan eliminates himself using his own momentum.

Elimination #12: Mason Ryan by Randy Orton

As Husky Harris gets to his feet, Kofi and Drew line up behind the larger man. Kofi and Drew work together for a Double Backdrop with Husky going both over the top rope and landing on the outside floor.

Elimination #13: Husky Harris by Kofi Kingston and Drew McIntyre

CM Punk slowly backs into a corner as Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, and Drew McIntyre close in on him. Orton goes to grab CM Punk and Drew McIntyre dumps 'The Viper' over the top rope...Out of no where McIntyre backstabs Randy Orton ending the truce and eliminating him.

Elimination #14: Randy Orton by Drew McIntyre

Orton snaps as security have to try to get the former world champion to the back, while the in ring action continues.

Entrance #18: JTG

As JTG comes down the ramp and joins into the match. JTG challenges McIntyre as they focus on beating down the other. Kingston attempts another Backdrop on Punk. Punk flips over Kingston and lands on his feet, Kofi turns around and takes a high kick to the skull from Punk. CM Punk tries to lock in the Anaconda Vise but Kofi squirms out. They get to their feet and Kofi hits Punk with his own high kick.

Entrance #19: Justin Gabriel

The Corre member rushes into the ring and joins Kofi in beating down CM Punk. In a corner McIntyre tries to eliminate JTG, but Kofi turns from CM Punk to make the save. Kofi and Drew start to focus on each other as JTG takes a rest.

Entrance #20: Rey Mysterio

As Rey runs down to the ring, Justin Gabriel hits a dropkick on CM Punk. Punk falls back with his head landing on the top rope. Mysterio jumps into the ring and immediately goes for the 619. CM Punk falls back and Gabriel goes to the top turnbuckle. Justin Gabriel lands the 450 Splash down on Punk. Gabriel gets to his feet as Mysterio jumps from the ring apron to the top rope and springboards towards Gabriel. Rey lands on Gabriel for a Hurricanrana. Gabriel and Rey then both go over the top rope. Rey holds on and easily slides back into the ring as Gabriel lands on the ring apron. Rey runs and goes for a baseball slide to take out Gabriel's feet. The Corre member leaps with Rey missing him. Justin rolls back into the ring avoiding a close elimination with Mysterio close behind. JTG attacks Gabriel as McIntyre jumps Rey. Kofi Kingston goes back to work on a recovering CM Punk.

Entrance #21: Chavo Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero slides into the ring and is on fire. Living up to his Uncle Eddie's legacy, Chavo manages to hit The Three Amigos on JTG, McIntyre, and Rey Mysterio. Shaking his shoulders, Chavo's taunt will cost him as CM Punk takes advantage to dump Chavo Guerrero over the top rope.

Elimination #15: Chavo Guerrero by CM Punk

JTG slowly gets back to his feet from taking the Three Amigosusing the ropes. JTG gets to his feet and Justin Gabriel hits with a Spinning Heel Kick that sends JTG over the top rope.

Elimination #16: JTG by Justin Gabriel

Entrance #22: Zack Ryder

Ryder, like Chavo did, explodes and hits a Rough Ryder immediately on CM Punk. Ryder tries another Rough Ryder but Mysterio counters with a dropkick. As Rey gets up, McIntyre hits a Big Boot on the smaller superstar. Together Ryder and McIntyre try to hoist Rey over the top rope. Mysterio wraps his arms and legs around the top and middle rope. Eventually McIntyre gives up and attacks Ryder.

Entrance #23: Tyler Reks

Reks explodes sending hard rights and lefts to everyone in the ring. Grabbing hold of Gabriel's head, Reks drives his head into a corner turnbuckle. Reks throws left and rights wearing down the Corre member. In the middle of the ring Kingston does battle with Zack Ryder. McIntyre has returned to trying to eliminate Mysterio who has once again wrapped his legs and arms around the top two ropes. CM Punk is hiding out in a corner resting and recharging.

Entrance #24: John Morrison

As John Morrison makes his entrance Tyler Reks, Drew McIntyre, and CM Punk join Kingston and Ryder's fight in the middle of the ring. Before entering the ring, Morrison climbs to the top turnbuckle and goes airborne hitting a Body Splash on everyone in the middle of the ring. John Morrison springs to his feet and hits a Running Knee on Tyler Reks. Justin Gabriel moves towards Morrison. Morrison responds with a Super Kick at Gabriel. Morrison lines up against the ropes. Jumping on the ropes and rebounding backwards, Morrison hits a Flying Chuck on Zack Ryder. Morrison is the solo man standing in the ring. Looking over his carnage, Morrison turns around and is caught by surprise by Rey Mysterio spring boarding off of the top rope. Rey lands and hits Morrison with a Hurricanrana. Morrison's neck lands on the middle rope. Rey goes for the 619 but Morrison dodges. Morrison grabs Rey and goes for a suplex but Rey counters with a DDT in midair. Rey Mysterio crawls to his feet as the majority of the competitors start to get to their feet.

Entrance #25: Ezekiel Jackson

Ezekiel Jackson and helps his fellow Corre member Justin Gabriel to his feet. Jackson takes Gabriel thought the ropes to the outside. The two regroup as Mysterio and Kingston are trying to hoist McIntyre over the top rope, McIntyre stealing Rey's move of locking his arms and legs around the top two ropes. Kingston turns his attention now to Mysterio, freeing up McIntyre In a corner Tyler Reks is beating down Zack Ryder. CM Punk charges at the same corner driving a knee to the back of Reks' skull. Punk then tries lifting Reks over the top rope.

After a quick talk, Jackson and Gabriel turn back to the ring as Morrison goes for a Baseball Slide sending both Corre members flying back against the barricade. Morrison focuses on Jackson letting out a series of lefts and rights trying to keep the bigger man down. Morrison slaps Gabriel and bolts back into the ring. Morrison taunts the Corre from inside the ring but McIntyre dumps him over the top rope! Morrison holds on and is able to get onto the ring apron. 'The Sunday Night Delight' gets to his feet and the Scotsman pushes Morrison off. Morrison flies and lands on the barricade clenching for dear life.

John Morrison climbs the barricade, without his feet touching the floor. Balancing of the barricade, Morrison prepares to leap off back to the ring to safety. Ezekiel Jackson grabs hold of Morrison and tries to pull the parkour expert down to be eliminated. Morrison bends down and wraps his arms around Jackson's head. Morrison leaps off and hits a Tornado DDT driving Jackson's skull into the ring apron and Morrison not sitting on the ring apron. John Morrison then rolls under the ring barely avoiding elimination.

Entrance #26: William Regal

Before Regal even enters the ring, Morrison grabs McIntyre's head from behind and flings the Scotsman over the top rope.

Elimiantion #17: Drew McIntyre by John Morrison

Justin Gabriel and Ezekiel Jackson are sitting outside the ring recovering from the match so far. Kofi finds himself battling William Regal first. Regal takes advantage of being the fresher man and simply over powers Kingston into a German Suplex. Regal now finds a recovering Mysterio in a corner. With Mysterio tired, Regal stomps away at the 'Ultimate Underdog' Ryder, having turned the tables thanks to Punk's earlier intervention, is now the one beating down on Tyler Reks in a corner. Once Reks is sitting on the ground against the corner, Ryder runs back and charges forward hitting a Rough Ryder. CM Punk and John Morrison have started a grapple war in another corner, where they both seem to be trying to lift the other over the ropes.

Entrance #27: Kane

Kane starts off by not entering the match, instead choosing to attack Ezekiel Jackson and Justin Gabriel. With a lariat taking down Jackson for now, Kane lifts and hits Gabriel with a Choke Slam. One at a time, 'The Big Red Machine' rolls them both back into the ring.

Inside the ring, CM Punk has managed to get Morrison's upper half over the top rope but the 'Sunday Night Delight' is still holding on. Ryder is mocking Reks, slapping the much larger man in the back of the head. Rek pushes Ryder off and gets to his feet. Ryder looks scared. Kingston is still on the ground from the German Suplex earlier. Regal is attempting a Tiger Bomb on Rey Mysterio. Regal hoists Rey int the air but it is countered into a Hurricanrana sending the British star over the top rope.

Elimination #18: William Regal by Rey Mysterio

Entrance #28: Yoshi Tatsu

Yoshi enters and is taken down by the monster Kane. Kane then turns his attention back to the Corre. Kane picks Gabriel back to his feet but Jackson goes for the save with a closeline on Kane saving Gabriel. Jackson and Gabriel then team up together on Kane. CM Punk has given up on Morrison and is now focusing on Rey Mysterio. John Morrison tries to take some time to rest but is interrupted by Kofi Kingston. While all of this is going on, Zack Ryder is comically running around everyone trying to stay away from an angry Tyler Reks.

Entrance # 29: King Sheamus

Zack Ryder is now hiding behind Yoshi Tatsu. Reks grabs hold Tatsu and throws him over the top rope.

Elimination #19: Yoshi Tatsu by Tyler Reks

Tyler Ryder finally gets his hands on Ryder and tosses him over too.

Elimination #20: Zack Ryder by Tyler Reks

Reks dusts his hands off in pride of his two eliminations but finds himself going over the top rope thanks to Kofi Kingston.

Elimination #21: Tyler Reks by Kofi Kingston

Sheamus stands as three bodies within seconds of each other were sent flying in front of him just before he could enter the ring. Inside the ring, Kane is trying to battle off both Gabriel and Jackson of the Corre. John Morrison is in a corner resting. Mysterio is trying to eliminate CM Punk with Punk trying to hold onto Rey the best he can. Sheamus enters the ring and he battles it out with Kingston. Sheamus gets the upper hand thanks to Kingston's long time he's been in this match.

Entrance #30: Ted DiBiase

DiBiase rushes to the ring and immediately tries to help Gabriel and Jackson in eliminating Kane in one corner. After saving Punk from elimination, Sheamus and 'The Straightedge Superstar' team up on Rey Mysterio. Morrison saves Mysterio though. Kingston is in a corner resting.

Entrance #31: Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger enters and goes after John Morrison. In the middle of the ring, Swagger and locks and hits a Swagger Bomb on Morrison. Swagger next goes for the Ankle Lock. Before it can do any real damage, Kofi Kingston breaks the submission. This allows Sheamus and Punk to go back to working together to eliminate Rey. After nearly being eliminated, Kane powers out and throws Jackson, Gabriel, and DiBiase off to the side. Kane hits Jackson with a Big Boot. DiBiase runs in and gets Chokeslamed by Kane.

Entrance #32: United States Champion Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan immediately goes for the biggest fight and surprised Kane by locking the monster into the LeBell Lock. Kane cries in pain and escapes by rolling underneath the ropes. Bryan lets go of the hold but then wraps Kofi Kingston into the LeBell Lock afterwards. Swagger breaks the hold and puts Bryan into an Ankle Lock. Bryan flips through getting Swagger to flip over onto the mat and release the hold. Bryan jumps and locks the LeBell Lock on Swagger. Morrison lines up and charges at Bryan with a Running Knee. Bryan releases the submission and holds his face. Morrison turns around and is picked up by CM Punk. Morrison is hit with the GTS! Mysterio springboards off of the ropes towards Punk. Punk dodges and once Rey lands he is hit with a Bro Kick by Sheamus. Kane returns to the ring with Punk finding himself between him and Sheamus. Sheamus and Kane charge as CM Punk jumps out of the way. Sheamus nails Kane with a Bro Kick and Kane hits Sheamus with a Big Boot. They both crash down as CM Punk stands tall as the only one currently standing. Punk has a mini-celebration but is ended when he sees who enters next.

Entrance #33: John Cena

John Cena slides into the ring ready for action. Cena and Punk have a brief stare down. Punk goes for a kick to the midsection but Cena catches the kick. Lifting Punk over his shoulders, Cena FUs CM Punk over the top rope.

Elimination #22: CM Punk by John Cena

Ezekiel Jackson and Justin Gabriel are the first two to get to their feet. Cena exchanges a few rights and lefts with the two. John Cena eventually gets an opening and closelines Jackson and Gabriel over the top rope.

Elimination #23: Ezekiel Jackson by John Cena

Justin Gabriel lands on the ring apron and holds on for dear life. Cena wastes no time as he grabs Gabriel's head and drops to his knees. Gabriel's neck is forced against the top rope sending the South African native to the outside floor.

Elimination #24: Justin Gabriel by John Cena

John Cena salutes the fans to a series of cheers and boos.

Entrance #34: Wade Barrett

As Barrett comes down to the ring, he has a quick conversation with Gabriel and Jackson. Soon Gabriel and Jackson turn back to the ring as Heath Slater enters from the back carrying four steel chairs. Each Corre member now armed, the four walk down to the ring. Before the Corre can get to the ring, Big Show comes from the back with Razor Ramon and Diesel. Corre turns around too late as Razor, Diesel, and Show attack the four from behind. Barrett is able to escape barely and gets to the ring. The battle between the six eventually makes it way to the back. Wade Barrett enters the ring finally.

Entrance #35: Goldust

Goldust enters and is immediately Bro Kicked by Sheamus

Entrance #36: R-Truth

R-Truth runs into the ring and hits a bent over Ted DiBiase with an Axe Kick. Truth then focuses on helping Morrison eliminate Swagger.

Entrance #37: Tyson Kidd

Kidd enters and targets the smaller man in the match, Rey Mysterio, with mixed results.

Entrance #38: Mark Henry

Mark Henry enters the ring and makes a fairly big impact. He plows over Kane and Sheamus, then World Strongest Slams R-Truth. His run ends when Barrett hits him with a Big Boot.

Entrance #39: Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio enters and takes his time entering. Wade Barrett has picked up Tyson Kidd over his shoulders. Barrett goes towards the ropes and hits Kidd with a Wasteland over the top rope.

Elimination #25: Tyson Kidd by Wade Barrett

Alberto starts to circle around the ring observing the battles taking place inside. Goldust has DiBiase in a headlock against the ropes. DiBiase counters and starts lifting the veteran over his head. DiBiase tosses Goldust over the top rope with a backdrop.

Elimination #26: Goldust by Ted DiBiase

Seeing that the next entrant is coming out, Alberto Del Rio finally enters the ring.

Entrance #40: WWE Tag Team Champion Santino Marella

Marella strolls down to the ring as the thirteen remaining superstars are battling it out in the ring. Kane, Mark Henry, and Sheamus are battling it out in the middle of the ring. Wade Barett is trying to hoist R-Truth over the top rope in a corner. In another corner Rey Mysterio has his legs wrapped around Ted DiBiase's head, with Rey and Ted both starting to go over the top rope. Jack Swagger comes by and flips DiBiase and Mysterio over the top rope, but they both land on the apron and roll back into the ring. John Cena then tries to hoist Swagger over the top. Along the ropes Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston are battling, while John Morrison is trying to lift Del Rio over the top rope.

Saninto Marella enters the ring and arms the Cobra. Marella with the Cobra takes down DiBiase and Swagger. Santino cheers for his two successful Cobra strikes, but unknowingly walks into Kane. Marella arms the Cobra and strikes out at Kane. Kane doesn't even flinch as he grabs Santino by the back of the head and tosses the Tag Champion over the top rope for the second year in a row.

Elimination #27: Santino Marella by Kane

Ted DiBiase gets back to his feet after the Cobra strike only to be tossed out of the ring by Kane.

Elimination #28: Ted DiBiase by Kane

Mark Henry closelines Sheamus. Henry tries to pick 'The Celtic Warrior' up to attempt an elimination but is jumped from behind by Daniel Bryan. Bryan locks Henry in the LeBell Lock. Henry gets himself back to his feet lifting Bryan up with him. Showing immense strength, Henry lifts Bryan over the top rope. Bryan keeps holding Henry's arm knowing letting go will equal an elimination. Daniel Bryan starts to pull down on Henry's arm trying to eliminate 'The World's Strongest Man.' Henry starts to teeter over the rope and close to going over, with Daniel Bryan trying to slide back into the ring. Jack Swagger comes out of no where and tosses Henry over the top rope.

Elimination #29: Mark Henry by Daniel Bryan and Jack Swagger

As Daniel Bryan tries to roll back into the ring from the ring apron, Swagger starts kicking at the United States Champion to keep him from reentering. Swagger pushes Daniel Bryan upper body of of the apron with his foot. Bryan grabs hold of Swagger's foot trying to avoid being eliminated. Trying to stop Swagger from pushing Bryan off the apron with his foot, Bryan locks the Ankle Lock on Swagger! Swagger screams out in pain as Bryan locks his arms and legs around Swagger's leg, holding on for dear life to avoid elimination. Swagger taps out and screams in pain that ultimately means nothing in the Royal Rumble. Bryan's shoulders rest on the outside ring floor but his feet are still wrapped around Swagger's leg. Thinking quick, Jack Swagger rolls out of the ring letting Bryan's entire body now touch the floor.

Elimination #30: Daniel Bryan by Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger rolls into the ring and stands up on only one leg, wincing in pain, but is closelined over the top rope by John Morrison.

Elimination #31: Jack Swagger by John Morrison

John Morrison turns and is hit with a Big Boot from Kane. 'The Big Red Machine' lets loose uppercutting everyone he encounters in the ring. Kane eventually runs into John Cena. Kane grabs Cena by the throat but Cena fights back with a kick to Kane's midsection. Kane stumbles back to the ropes and is closelined over the top rope.

Elimination #32: Kane by John Cena

Cena turns by from just eliminating Kane and gets hit with a Bro Kick by Sheamus. Cena falls over and Sheamus stomps away at him. Sheamus pulls Cena to his feet but is pushed away by 'The Commander-in-Chief of the CeNation.' Cena is still bent over as R-Truth runs in and hits an Axe Kick out of no where on him. Cena falls over and Truth hits a Spinning High Kick on Sheamus. Truth gets fired up as he turns to Barrett sending out a series of hard rights and lefts. Barrett falls back against the ropes and Truth charges forward. Wade Barrett ducks down and flips R-Truth over the top rope.

Elimination #33: R-Truth by Wade Barrett

Sheamus gets back to his feet as Rey Mysterio springboards once again onto Sheamus. Mysterio attempts another Hurricanrana elimination but Sheamus instead Powerbombs Rey into a corner. Rey walks forward holding his back in pain and Sheamus charges with a closeline eliminating 'The Ultimate Underdog.'

Elimination #34: Rey Mysterio by King Sheamus

Sheamus turns around proud of just eliminating the popular Rey Mysterio and gets Super Kick by John Morrison. Sheamus goes flying out over the top rope.

Elimination #35: King Sheamus by John Morrison

Five superstars remain and John Cena gets fired up. Cena hits the Flying Shoulder Block on Wade Barrett. Cena gets the Back Drop on John Morrison. Going up top, Cena lands the Leg Drop across the back of the neck of Kofi Kingston. Closelining Alberto Del Rio, John Cena gets set for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena bounces off the ropes and delivers the fist to Del Rio's head. Cena taunts to the crowd. Looking for crowd approval, Cena lets the audience choose who will be eliminated next by pointing at each of the four. The crowd becomes the loudest for Wade Barrett. As Barrett gets to his feet, Cena lines up behind the Corre member ready to go for the elimination. Barrett turns around and John Cena sets up for a FU. Out of no where, the WWE Champion The Miz and Alex Riley run down to the ring. Cena drops Barrett and goes to defend himself. Cena picks up Riley and hits the FU, but Miz sneaks up behind him and dumps Cena out of the match. Miz grabs Riley and runs for dear life.

Elimination #36: John Cena by The Miz (not in the match)

We're down to the final four: 'The Every Night Delight' John Morrison, 'The Mexican Aristocrat' Alberto Del Rio, the Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston, and the 'NXT Season One Winner' Wade Barrett. All four of them go to a corner and rest, each recovering from a different one of Cena's moves of doom.

King: I still can't believe it. How cowardly is The Miz. Tossing John Cena out of the match and running away like that.

Cole: I think Cena deserved it. Cena called out Miz earlier and now is getting what he deserved.

Striker: This is wicked guys, in this ring may be the most talented young guys in the WWE right now. We have John Morrison, former WWE Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion. Plus Morrison has had experience being the main champion on a show before. Remember back to when he was ECW Champion?

King: Morrison, in my opinion, is a future World Champion. Right now my personal pick to win this thing is Kofi Kingston. Kofi started the Rumble back at #11 and is still going. He's a great competitor and there is a reason he is the Intercontinental Champion right now, he's that good.

Cole: You both are missing out on who will win this match, Alberto Del Rio. He's talented, fast, strong, rich. There's nothing he can't do.

King: What does rich have to do with anything?

Striker: Guys, we can't forget Wade Barrett either. I know he's done a lot of horrible things but he is a talented young man. Barrett won the first season of NXT, has competed for the WWE Title on multiple occasions, and formed two of the most sinister groups ever in the WWE: the Nexus and Corre. What a way to cap off a year then for Barrett to win this Royal Rumble.

By this point each of the four competitors are back to their feet and have started circling the ring. Barrett makes the first move and throws a few hard punches to Kofi Kingston. Instead of attacking Alberto Del Rio, John Morrison jumps Wade Barrett from behind. Del Rio simply leans in a corner and watches the action. Barrett tries to fend off both Morrison and Kingston, but he's not to ganging up on superstars rather then being ganged up on. A hard right from Morrison makes Barrett stagger backwards and a hard left from Kingston pushes Barrett against the ropes. Holding the others arm, Morrison and Kingston double closeline Wade Barrett over the top rope!

Elimination #37: Wade Barrett by Kofi Kingston and John Morrison

Alberto Del Rio runs up and hits a hard and fast Back Drop on John Morrison. With the lights out for 'The Sunday Night Delight,' Del Rio is able to trip over Kingston with a Drop Toe Hold. With Kofi down, 'The Mexican Aristocrat' locks on the Arm Bar on the Intercontinental Champion. Kingston taps out but Del Rio keeps the submission locked in. Morrison comes back to life and breaks the submission. Morrison runs and rebounds off the ropes. Del Rio sits up and gets a Running Knee to the face from Morrison. Morrison walks to one side of the ring and takes a little rest. Kingston gets back up to his feet, on the other end of the ring from where Morrison is. Kingston runs towards Morrison and twists in the air. Morrison sees whats coming and ducks as Kingston goes for Trouble in Paradise. Kingston crashes into the ropes, hooking his legs around the ropes. Morrison comes out from underneath and flips Kingston completely over the ropes!

Kingston lands on the outside apron, narrowly escaping elimination. Morrison steps back and goes for a Super Kick to the Intercontinental Champion. Catching Morrison's kicking foot and lowering the ropes, Kingston pulls him over the ropes too. Like Kofi, Morrison lands on the outside ring apron. Alberto Del Rio sits up and gets to his feet. Morrison and Kingston exchange punches with them both close to elimination. Del Rio charges forward and both Morrison and Kingston bend over and drive their shoulders into the Mexican native's gut. Del Rio falls backwards as Morrison and Kingston stand back up, still on the ring apron. Eyeing up the other, Morrison and Kingston both go to deliver a Super Kick. They both hit and they both fall back, both eliminated from the 2011 Royal Rumble.

Elimination #38 and #39: John Morrison and Kofi Kingston by Kofi Kingston and John Morrison respectively

The Winner of the 2011 40-Man Royal Rumble: Alberto Del Rio

The music hits and the referee holds his hand up, Alberto Del Rio is happy and surprised over Morrison and Kingston eliminating themselves. Del Rio celebrates with Ricardo as Morrison and Kingston stand outside the ring frustrated. Michael Cole stands at the announcer's table applauding the 2011 Royal Rumble Winner.

Cole: That right there is a true future World Champion. Alberto Del Rio has punched his ticket to Wrestlemania 27 and I personally look forward to watching to watching the greatest Smackdown superstar take on the greatest WWE Champion ever, The Miz at the Grandest Stage of Them All!

King: What makes you think he's picking the WWE Title.

Striker: There's still Elimination Chamber too, Miz may not be...

Cole: Stop being downers you too. Just sit back and bask in the greatness that is Alberto Del Rio.

End Show

Royal Rumble 2011 Facts and Figures
-Along with being the biggest in mass and having the most competitors in any Royal Rumble, this was also the longest Royal Rumble running 01:12:14.
-Kofi Kingston competed the longest having entered at #11 and was eliminated last with John Morrison. With this being the first ever 40-Man Royal Rumble, Kingston effectively started at the same time as when Shawn Michaels went from won the Royal Rumble at #1. Kingston missed Mysterio's record for longest time in a Rumble by 10 minutes and 2 seconds. Mysterio's time was 01:02:12
-Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston are tied for most eliminations, but Orton made all of his alone while two of Kingston's were accomplished with assistance.
-Randy Orton: Curt Hawkins, Razor Ramon, Diesel Michael McGillicutty, and Mason Ryan
-Kofi Kingston: DH Smith, Husky Harris (w/Drew McIntyre), Tyler Reks, Wade Barrett (w/John
Morrison), and John Morrison
-Last year Santino Marella and Kane set the record together for the fastest elimination in Royal Rumble history. Though not as fast, this marks the second year in a row that Kane has eliminated the Italian superstar.
-Arguably Alberto Del Rio, compared to past Royal Rumble winners, had the easiest time winning the match. Del Rio entered at #39 and is the first ever Royal Rumble winner to never be apart of or make an elimination. The final eliminations of the match were John Morrison and Kofi Kingston eliminating each other.
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Re: WWE Heroes

I feel if you are taking off from some juncture in WWE, you should try to write from where you are planning to deviate from the real WWE storylines
Your strength of detail for the Rumble was good, but the choice of winners did not do it for me, the winners are just the same
Will be looking how you develop the story forward
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Re: WWE Heroes

Thanks, really appreciated. I know the results are the same but there are a few differences. I could have done quick results but I just felt like writing it

RAW Preview
January 31, 2011

Elimination Chamber News
Huge news for the upcoming Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. For the first time ever, the Elimination Chamber will be made up of three RAW superstars and three Smackdown superstars. The winner of the chamber will go on to Wrestlemania 27 to challenge for a World Title. The Mysterious RAW General Manager has made it clear to WWE.com that on Monday will reveal the three superstars that will represent RAW, all of whom will be selected from the Beat-The-Clock Challenge.

Beat-The-Clock Challenge
There will be five Beat-The-Clock Challenges for Monday Night RAW. The superstar with the fastest win will go on to the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view to challenge The Miz for the WWE Championship. The next three fastest times will go represent RAW at the Elimination Chamber and receive a chance to compete at Wrestlemania 27 for a World Title. The winner with the slowest time will receive nothing. Its all about speed on Monday.

'The Anvilette' vs. 'The Glamazon'
Last night, Beth Phoenix won a Fatal Four-Way to win the Divas Championship from her long time friend, Natalya. The problem: Phoenix picked up the pinfall victory on Layla only because the referee failed to notice Michelle McCool tapping out to Natalya's Sharpshooter. On RAW Natalya is calling for her rematch. What will happen when two of the strongest Divas in the WWE compete for championship gold?

Smackdown Preview
February 4, 2011

Royal Rumble Celebration
Alberto Del Rio has organized the biggest party of the year to celebrate his Royal Rumble win on Sunday. Though he was in the ring for a very short of time and is the first Rumble winner to never make an elimination, Alberto Del Rio will still receive a World Title shot at Wrestlemania 27, and thats plenty reason to celebrate. Will we hear which title he will choose to compete against?

Elimination Chamber News
Huge news for the upcoming Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. For the first time ever, the Elimination Chamber will be made up of three RAW superstars and three Smackdown superstars. The winner of the chamber will go on to Wrestlemania 27 to challenge for a World Title. Two of the three Smackdown superstars that will represent the blue brand in the chamber will be decided this Friday Night.

A Fatal Four-Way between four former world champions will decide the first entry into the match. The Big Show, Kane, Jack Swagger, and Rey Mysterio will battle it out for a chance to enter Satan's Structure. Over this past year, all four superstars have had their fair share of experience with one another.

The biggest Gauntlet Match in Smackdown history has been organized when eight Smackdown superstars will compete to be the last man standing. The final remaining superstar will join the winner of the Fatal Four-Way Match. Theodore Long has yet to release details on who these eight superstars are as of yet.

More to Come

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Re: WWE Heroes

Well, first of all, It's good to see that you use the January 2011 roster. That's good to see as you fix some things.

But, I'm quite disappointed that you use the real Royal Rumble results, but there are some constant changes on your pay-per-view that night which is an idea for you. But, I hope you will continue to do this one until WrestleMania. I want to see what do you have to show your booking skills. Goodluck bro.

"I am the voice of the voiceless!

- CM Punk

Zackamania is runnin' wild, broski.

Party Rockers in the house tonight, everybody just want to have a goodtime.

Marking for CM Punk, Zack Ryder, Christian and Daniel Bryan.
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Re: WWE Heroes

January 31, 2011

A video recap of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view followed by the usual pyro and music kick off the first RAW just 24 hours after Alberto Del Rio punched his ticket for a World Title shot at Wrestlemania 27.

Michael Cole, Jerry 'The King' Lawler, and Josh Matthews sit back at the announcers table recapping, The Miz retaining his WWE Title with the help of Michael Cole and Alex Riley, Beth Phoenix winning the Divas Championship unfairly from Natalya, and Alberto Del Rio's big win at the Royal Rumble, though he never eliminated anyone.

I Came To Play

WWE Champion The Miz
dressed in a suit with his protege Alex Riley head down to the ring to start the show. The Miz talks about his big win over Randy Orton last night, yet again. No matter the kind of match Miz faces 'The Viper' in, the WWE Champion has always come out on top. Alex Riley and Michael Cole each get their own individual “thank you” from the 'Awesome One' himself.

Next, Miz discusses the ramifications of the Beat-The-Clock Challenge tonight and briefly explains the rules. The winner of the five matches with the fastest time will face him for the WWE Title at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. The winners with the next three fastest times will go on to compete in the Elimination Chamber with three of Smackdown's to battle for a World Title shot at Wrestlemania. The one with the slowest time receives nothing, though the Miz sees him as being the lucky one.

“You see, the superstar with the slowest time tonight will not have to be embarrassed when he steps into the ring with me at a pay-per-view level. The fastest winner will be pummelled and humiliated at Elimination Chamber. If the winner of the Chamber Match chooses to face me at Wrestlemania 27, The Miz for my WWE Championship, will have to glory of being involved in my huge Wrestlemania moment. He will be the fastest loser to lose in a match for the WWE Championship at the Grandest Stage of Them All. That's because whoever ends up facing me will find out why I AM THE Miz and I'm Awesome!”
-The Miz


Randy Orton comes out dressed to compete and chases The Miz out of the ring. Unfortunately for Alex Riley, Randy Orton catches the young star. Orton beats and rips Riley's suit off. Once Riley's in perfect position, 'The Viper' lashes out with a RKO! Riley is laid out in the ring and Orton picks up the microphone the Miz left behind. Orton holds the mic to his lips and says:

“I promised that if anyone got involved or tried to help The Miz during our match last night would pay for it. I always keep my promises.”
-Randy Orton

Randy Orton drops the mic and looks over at the man who cost him the WWE Title last night, Michael Cole. Orton starts to exit the ring and Michael Cole springs to his feet. The GM Message Alert goes off signalling the RAW General Manager has something to say. Orton stops and backs up into the ring. A shaky Michael Cole goes over to the lap top. Cole reads through the email and states that if Randy Orton touches Michael Cole unless Cole physical provokes 'The Viper' first. If Orton attacks Cole, Randy Orton's Beat-The-Clock Match will be ignored and he will be out of the running for the WWE Title. Randy Orton starts breathing heavily as his opponent for the Beat-The-Clock Challenge heads out.

We Are One

Husky Harris with CM Punk by his side come out from the back. Punk pats Husky on the back and leaves the former NXT star to compete by himself tonight against Randy Orton.

Match One:
Beat-The-Clock Challenge
Best Time: N/A
Worst Time: N/A

Randy Orton vs. Husky Harris

Orton's anger takes him over during the match. Instead of going for a quick win, Orton instead toys with Husky, which led to Husky taking control of the match for some time. Orton would fight back eventually and pick up the win with a well timed RKO.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, Randy Orton walks straight to the announcer's table and stares down a nervous looking Michael Cole.

------------------------------------Cut to Backstage------------------------------------

Natalya Niedhart is warming up and stretching in the locker room for her match later tonight. Beth Phoenix, the new Divas Champion, walks up to her friend Natalya. Natalya stays quiet as Beth explains that she watched the tapes of the match last night and knows why 'The Anvilette' is angry. Phoenix admits she should not have been crowned the WWE Divas Champion. 'The Glamazon' apologizes for the mishap but Natalya interrupts her. All Natalya wants is a fair match for the WWE Divas Title. If Natalya loses fair and square, that will be fine and Natalya will even celebrate with Phoenix. Natalya simply wants a fair match to win back her title and tells Beth Phoenix to bring everything she's got tonight or, “you will not leave here the champion.” Natalya then walks off.


In the New Nexus locker room, CM Punk is berating Husky Harris for losing so fast and for losing in the first place. David Otunga smirks, which turns Punk's attention to him. Punk reminds Otunga that his temper got him eliminated early into the Royal Rumble and that David Otunga was the only Nexus member to not be given a Beat-The-Clock Match. Otunga wants to make up for his failure and Punk gives the original Nexus member a suggestion. David Otunga will accompany CM Punk match up next.

------------------------------------Cut to Ringside------------------------------------

Match Two:
Beat-The-Clock Challenge
Best Time: Randy Orton (6:52)
Worst Time: N/A

R-Truth vs. CM Punk w/David Otunga

The match starts off clean with Otunga staying back and not getting involved. Around the 5 minute mark CM Punk distracts the referee, which Otunga uses the time to hit R-Truth with a Spinebuster! Otunga rolls out of the ring and Punk goes for the pin. Truth kicks out at 2. CM Punk again distracts the referee as Otunga returns to the ring but with a chair this time. Truth gets to his feet and kicks Otunga in the gut. Grabbing the chair from Otunga, Truth nails the chair across the skull of Otunga. Tossing the chair out as Otunga rolls out of the ring, R-Truth turns around and gets a High Side Kick to the side of his head from CM Punk. Punk picks up Truth over his shoulders and hits the GTS.

Winner: CM Punk

CM Punk sits up frustrated as a hurt David Otunga rolls back into the ring. Punk yells at Otunga, blaming him for making the match time run longer then Randy Orton's. The music kicks up and Mason Ryan heads down to the ring. Punk and Otunga stand by with their fellow New Nexus member as the next entrant for the upcoming match comes out.

Ain't No Make Believe

John Morrison, last remaining RAW superstar in the Royal Rumble last night heads on down.

Match Three:
Beat-The-Clock Challenge
Best Time: Randy Orton (6:52)
Worst Time: CM Punk (7:48)

Mason Ryan w/CM Punk and David Otunga vs. John Morrison

John Morrison has full control of the match hitting both a Flying Nunchuk and Super Kick early into the match. CM Punk distracts the referee as David Otunga slides a steel chair to Mason Ryan. Ryan hits Morrison with the chair just as the ref turns back to face the action.

Winner by disqualification: John Morrison

The referee and security come down to keep Morrison safe from the New Nexus. CM Punk calls his men to follow him backstage. As the referees take Morrison to the back, Lawler, Matthews, and Cole remind us what happened last night with the WWE Divas Championship.

Quick Clip from the Royal Rumble last night: WWE Divas Championship

-Originally scheduled as Natalya defending in a handicap match against Team Lay-Cool
-Turned into a Fatal-Four Way Match by the RAW GM who also added Beth Phoenix into the match
-Natalya locking in the Sharpshooter on Michelle McCool
-Beth Phoenix hitting a Powerbomb on Layla
-The referee counting Phoenix's pinfall and not seeing McCool tapping out to the Sharpshooter first
-Phoenix crowned the new Divas Champion and Natalya looking unimpressed
-Now just 24 hours after the controversy, Natalya is cashing in her rematch clause

Match Four:
WWE Divas Championship

Beth Phoenix(c) vs. Natalya Niedhart

Phoenix and Niedhart start the match by grappling together to test the others strength. This doesn't last long as Smackdown's Team Lay-Cool interrupt the match. Michelle McCool attacking Natalya and Layla jumping Phoenix. The referee calls for a no contest ending the match.

No Contest due to Interference

The stronger divas fight off Layla and McCool. Team Lay-Cool strut down the entrance as a very frustrated Natalya looks over to Beth Phoenix. Natalya starts screaming at Phoenix how that was her one shot. Before Phoenix can try to console her friend, Natalya rolls out of the ring and heads to the back.

------------------------------------Cut to Backstage------------------------------------

John Morrison is being interviewed by Todd Grisham over having the fastest time so far in the Beat-The-Clock Challenge. Morrison isn't very happy with how he got it, preferring to have earned it rather then being given to him by a DQ. Last night in the Royal Rumble, Morrison points out he was the RAW superstar who lasted in the match the longest and was the last remaining superstar being eliminated last. John Morrison continues to ponder and question if he does deserve a world title match.

The Miz interrupts Morrison's interview by stating that the 'Monday Night Delight' does not deserve a title shot. Miz reminds Morrison how he lost a match against the Miz just last month with the title on the line. 'The Awesome One' lists off past title matches John Morrison has had and how he has always lost, never once coming close to winning. John Morrison looks over his former tag partner and agrees that its true that has never come close, Morrison then promises to prove to himself, the WWE, and the WWE Universe that he deserves to be a World Champion even if he doesn't have the fastest time by the end of the night.


Somewhere in the hallways, United States Champion Daniel Bryan is heading towards the ring until he comes across two divas who are not too happy with the champion, The Bella Twins. Recently revealing he was dating Gail Kim, the Bella Twins were rejected. Over the last few weeks, the Bella Twins have attacked and started multiple fights with Gail Kim backstage and in the ring. The Bellas confront and make a deal with Daniel Bryan. If Bryan wins his upcoming match, the Bellas will leave him and Gail Kim alone. If Bryan loses, the Bellas get to choose when and whom Daniel Bryan will put his United States Championship against next. Taking a moment to think, Bryan agrees. The Bellas leave as Gail Kim meets up with Bryan. Kim asks what the Bellas wanted and Bryan says they were just trying to egg him on before the match. They head off to the ring together.

------------------------------------Cut to Ringside------------------------------------

Match Five:
Beat-The-Clock Challenge
Best Time: John Morrison (3:42)
Worst Time: CM Punk (7:48)

United States Champion Daniel Bryan w/ Gail Kim vs. King Sheamus

A very hard fought match on both ends with Bryan focusing on trying to get the quick pinfall or submission, while Sheamus used heavy and impact moves. At one point during the match, Sheamus went for a Bro Kick but Bryan countered it into a Boston Crab. From the Boston Crab, Daniel Bryan locked in the LeBell Lock. Sheamus would power out of the LeBell Lock but getting to his feet and driving Bryan into a corner to release the move.

Later on, Sheamus would go for the Celtic Cross but Bryan countered it into a roll up. Sheamus would kick out but then get locked into LeBell Lock again. Sheamus again got to his feet and turned the LeBell Lock into a Sidewalk Slam on Bryan.

Towards the end of the match, Sheamus would find himself again locked into the LeBell Lock. Getting to his feet a third time, Sheamus would shove Bryan off into the ropes. On the rebound, Bryan would get knocked down hard by a Bro Kick. Sheamus goes for the pin and wins.

Winner: Sheamus

Upon realizing how much time it took for Sheamus to win, 'The Celtic Warrior' goes berserk and attacks Daniel Bryan after the match. Only by Gail Kim laying over her defeated boyfriend, would Sheamus stop his assault.

------------------------------------Cut to Backstage------------------------------------

Natalya is sitting in the hallway frustrated over losing her chance to regain her title, now having lost it twice in an unfair manner. Similar to the Royal Rumble last night, both Tyson Kidd and DH Smith try to console her but end up getting into another argument with each other. Not wanting to deal with the former Hart Dynasty tag team, Natalya simply walks away.


In the locker room of the WWE Tag Team Champions The Foreign Powers, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov, they are sitting back relaxing with Tamina. Santino and Kozlov are not too happy with the performance they had at the Royal Rumble, being eliminated after they just entered the match. Tamina comes up with a plan and suggests that next week the Tag Champions prove their worth. She will set them up with title defences on both RAW and Smackdown next week to prove their worth to the WWE. Kozlov agress while Santino is hesitant. After a quick kiss from Tamina, Santino changes his mind and agrees.

------------------------------------Cut to Ringside------------------------------------

Match Six:
Beat-The-Clock Challenge
Best Time: John Morrison (3:42)
Worst Time: King Sheamus (15:56)

John Cena vs. Michael McGillicutty w/New Nexus

John Cena hits hard and fast right out the gate and gets a FU on McGillicutty before the first 3 minutes. Cena goes for the pin but CM Punk distracts the referee. With the referee distracted, Cena battles and wins over the interfering David Otunga, Husky Harris, and Mason Ryan. By the time Cena turns back to McGillicutty, he has rolled out of the ring and is being protected by CM Punk. The referee looks around and sees all the Nexus bodies down on the ground around the ring. The referee calls for the time to stop at 3:35, just 7 seconds away from John Morrison's time. The referee calls for the Nexus to vacate the ringside area or McGillicutty will be disqualified and the time stays where it is. Reluctantly, CM Punk and the Nexus leave. Once they are gone, the referee restarts the time.

The match restarts with Cena again hitting hard and fast. McGillicutty is able to dodge a Flying Shoulder, which hits and knocks out the referee. The match time is 4:52. Cena checks on the referee which McGillicutty uses as a distraction to hit a low blow. McGillicutty takes control for the first time in the match. Just as the referee starts to get back up, McGillicutty tosses the ref out of the ring. McGillicutty turns around and Cena catches him in a Back Drop followed by a Five Knuckle Shuffle. John Cena goes to check on the referee but is attacked behind by Sheamus, who just came running down from the back. Trying to make it so he doesn't have the slowest time, Sheamus clubs away at Cena and follows up with a Bro Kick. McGillicutty crawls over for a pin but Sheamus drags him off. Pulling the Nexus member to his feet, Sheamus hits the Celtic Curse on McGillicutty. Sheamus rolls out of the ring just as a new referee comes out to the ring. Sheamus turns around and finds that Cena has managed to crawl over McGillicutty for a pin. The referee starts to count the pin but Sheamus pulls the referee out of the ring in time. Sheamus takes the second referee out with a closeline. The first referee comes back to it and crawls in the ring and makes the same pinfall count. Sheamus runs over but he won't make it. Thankfully for the 'Celtic Warrior,' McGillicutty manages to kick out. The match time is 8:43.

Sheamus goes to attack the first referee but is jumped from behind by John Morrison. Morrison manages to hit a Super Kick on Sheamus to take him down. Back in the ring John Cena and Michael McGillicutty is exchanging rights and lefts, with McGillicutty being the first to stagger back. McGillicutty gets closelined and as he returns to his feet, Cena goes to the top turnbuckle. Once McGillicutty's in the right position, Cena drops the leg across the neck. Alex Riley starts coming down from the entrance ramp and John Morrison intercepts him. Cena goes for the pin on the Nexus member but The Miz comes jumping to ringside from the audience. The Miz puts McGillicutty's foot on the rope, then the Miz hides beside the ring apron. Not seeing the Miz do this, the referee starts the three count seeing the foot on the rope. After a Super Kick to Alex Riley, John Morrison is jumped from behind by Miz. The Miz hits the man he will be facing at Elimination Chamber with a Skull Crushing Finale on the steel ramp!!! The match time is 11:24.

The Miz heads back to the ring but gets attacked from behind by Randy Orton. Orton clubs away at Miz's back and Irish Whips the WWE Champion into the side of the ring. Orton goes up and reigns down a series of rights and lefts down onto the Miz. Miz's #1 fan Michael Cole comes running from his announce table. Cole runs up to and hits Orton across the back. Only now realizing what he has done, Michael Cole runs up the entrance ramp for his life with Randy Orton in close pursuit. Back inside the ring, John Cena hits another FU and locks in the STF on Michael McGillicutty who starts tapping out immediately.

Winner: John Cena

Cena stands and celebrates as Jerry Lawler and Josh Matthews take us over the Elimination Chamber card so far.

King: With this time, John Cena will now join Randy Orton and CM Punk to represent RAW in the Elimination Chamber in three weeks, leaving Sheamus with nothing.

Josh: I would argue John Morrison's the big winner tonight because he is next in line to face the Miz for the WWE Championship.

King: Right now, I'd say neither man's night ended the way they wanted to.

A close up on both The Miz and John Morrison. The Miz is still recovering from the attack from Randy Orton. John Morrison is still knocked out from Miz's Skull Crushing Finale just moments ago. Back in the ring, John Cena is saluting the audience.

End of Show

Match Card Line up for...
Elimination Chamber
February 20, 2011

Elimination Chamber Match
Three from RAW and Three from Smackdown
Winner gets a World Title shot at Wrestlemania 27

Randy Orton vs. TBA vs. CM Punk vs. TBA vs. John Cena vs. TBA

WWE Championship

'The Awesome One' The Miz(c) w/Alex Riley vs. 'The Everyday Delight' John Morrison

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Re: WWE Heroes

WWE Superstars
February 1, 2011

Eve defeats Alicia Fox
via pinfall using a Moonsault

Evan Bourne, Yoshi Tatsu, and Mark Henry defeat Zack Ryder, Primo Colon, and Great Khali
via pinfall on Ryder by Bourne after hitting Air Bourne

WWE Tag Team Champions Foreign Powers (Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov)
defeat Trent Barretta and Curt Hawkins
via pinfall on Barretta by Kozlov after Santino hit the Kobra

Addition to the Preview for...
February 4, 2011

With the addition of the two giant Elimination Chamber qualifiers, the 8-Man Gauntlet Match and the Fatal-Four Way, a giant divas tag match has been scheduled. With the attack on RAW by Team Lay-Cool, the duo will face Divas Champion Beth Phoenix who will team up with RAW's Natalya Niedhart. In just this one week, its easy to make a case that Natalya has been screwed out of the Divas Title by all three women in this match. How will it all play out? Tune in to Smackdown to find out.

Confirmed Matches
Elimination Chamber Qualifier 8-Man Gauntlet Match

Elimination Chamber Qualifier Fatal-Four Way Match
Big Show vs. Jack Swagger vs. Kane vs. Rey Mysterio

Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Natalya Niedhart vs. Team Lay-Cool
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Re: WWE Heroes

February 4, 2011

A video recap of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view followed by the usual pyro and music kick off Smackdown, just five days after Alberto Del Rio punched his ticket for a World Title shot at Wrestlemania 27.

Matt Striker and Jim Ross are at the announcer's table. Together, they take us over Smackdown again winning the Royal Rumble thanks to Alberto Del Rio and Edge again defeating Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Title with the help of Drew McIntyre and Kelly Kelly. They also mention that tonight after the events on RAW, that Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and RAW's Natalya Niedhart will team up against their attackers four days ago, Team Lay-Cool. Also later tonight will be Alberto Del Rio's celebration party.


Smackdown's Official Consultant Vickie Guerrero, now in charge with the General Manager Theodore Long out due to a mysterious attack last month, comes out with her boyfriend and former World Title contender, Dolph Ziggler. Guerrero confirms that in three weeks there will be an Elimination Chamber Match where three Smackdown stars will meet three RAW stars to compete for a World Title shot at Wrestlemania 27. Tonight two of the three Smackdown superstars will be chosen in two different matches. A Fatal-Four Way featuring former world champions Jack Swagger, Big Show, Kane, and Rey Mysterio will take place later tonight to decide one spot in the Chamber. Right now, there will be an 8-Man Gauntlet Match where the winner will be given the other spot. For right now, Vickie Guerrero demands Drew McIntyre and Kelly Kelly to come to the ring right now.

-Broken Dreams-

Drew McIntyre and his girlfriend who helped Edge to retain his title by jumping Guerrero last night, Kelly Kelly, come down to the ring. Vickie Guerrero reminds them how she threatened that anyone that tried helping Edge at the Royal Rumble would be punished. That is why Drew McIntyre will be the first entrant in the Gauntlet Match. Also, Edge will defend his World Heavyweight Title again against Dolph Ziggler tonight. If Kelly Kelly, Drew McIntyre, or anyone else from the Smackdown locker room cause Ziggler to not gain the title will be fired. That is a promise.

-One Two Three-

As Ziggler and Guerrero exit, McIntyre's first opponent for the Gauntlet enters, the powerful Tyler Reks.

Match One:
Gauntlet Match
Round One
Drew McIntyre w/Kelly Kelly vs. Tyler Reks

Tyler Reks dominates most of the match using strikes and power moves. Drew McIntyre is able to come back by countering a closeline from Reks with a Backdrop. When Tyler Reks got back to his feet, McIntyre nails him with a Future Shock DDT and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

-Oh Chavo-

Gauntlet Match
Round Two
Drew McIntyre w/Kelly Kelly vs. Chavo Guerrero

As Guerrero heads down to the match, a frustrated Tyler Reks goes and grabs hold of a steel chair. While McIntyre and Kelly Kelly concentrate on the next opponent coming down to the ring, Reks blasts McIntyre with the steel chair. Reks exits and leaves the ring as Chavo Guerrero goes straight up the top turnbuckle. Flying off, Chavo goes for the Frog Splash. The Splash lands and Chavo goes for the pin for the win.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

-Bringin' Tha Hood T U-

Gauntlet Match
Round Three
JTG vs. Chavo Guerrero

JTG and Chavo Guerrero have a high speed competitive match. Towards the end, Chavo goes for the Three Amigos but on the third Suplex, JTG counters with a roll up for the win.

Winner: JTG


Gauntlet Match
Round Four
JTG vs. Ezekiel Jackson

JTG is now exhausted after his battle with Chavo, which Ezekiel Jackson takes full advantage of. Though JTG tries dodging and weaving around Jackson, the match comes to an end with a closeline from Jackson to JTG. Jackson goes for the pin.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson


Gauntlet Match
Round Five
Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Ezekiel Jackson

With Jackson still fresh, Kingston takes a more slower approach then usual, knowing there are still two more entrants after him. After some time, the match spills outside the ring with a Backdrop from Jackson to Kofi over the top rope. The battle continues outside the ring with Kingston tripping Jackson into the steel steps. Kingston is the first to roll into the ring, followed by Jackson. Once Ezekiel Jackson is in the ring, Kofi Kingston goes for Trouble in Paradise and it lands. Kingston goes for the pin and win.

Winner:Kofi Kingston

-In The Middle of it Now-

Gauntlet Match
Round Six
Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Curt Hawkins

Curt Hawkins comes into the ring and immediately goes for a closeline. Kofi ducks and Hawkins turns around. With a kick to Hawkins gut, Kingston goes for the SOS and gets the fast win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston


Gauntlet Match
Final Round
Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett

Unlike the other gauntlet competitors, Wade Barrett runs down to the ring and jumps Kingston from behind. Wade kicks Kofi while he's down. Pulling the Intercontinental Champion to his feet, Barrett sets up for a Suplex. Kingston counters by driving a knee into Barrett's gut. Sending out a few punches to stun the Corre member, Kingston rebounds off of the ropes and hits a Flying Elbow on the NXT Winner. Kingston uses the ropes to get to his feet again while he watches Barrett get to his feet slower. Kofi charges ahead but Barrett counters with a Big Boot. The champion falls down hard and rolls out of the ring, while Barrett pushes the referee to start counting to ten.





5...Kofi is starting to move


7...Kofi is back to his feet.

Barrett exits the ring breaking the count! Grabbing hold of Kingston by his shoulder, Barrett throws the Intercontinental Champion hard into the guard rail. Entering the ring, Barrett badgers the referee to start counting to ten again.







7...Kofi starts pulling himself up using the guard rail


9...Kofi hops over to the ring apron.

Kofi rolls back into the ring in time. Wade Barrett wastes no time and starts stomping away. Lifting one of Kingston's knees into the air, Barrett drives it down hard into the mat. Dragging Kofi into the middle of the ring, Barrett locks in the Boston Crab. Kingston fights out of the Boston Crab by rolling onto his back. Barrett then sets up and catapults Kingston into a turnbuckle. Wade Barrett lifts Kofi into the air and prepares for a Wasteland but Kofi slides out behind him. Kofi hits a side kick to Barrett's ribs and hits a Russian Leg Sweep. Kofi goes for the pinfall.



Barrett kicks out. Kofi hobbles over to a corner and climbs to the top. Barrett gets to his feet and turns towards Kingston. Kofi goes for a Body Splash and lands it! Barrett grabs and rolls the Body Splash over turning it into a pinfall!




Winner: Wade Barrett

Total Time

Wade Barrett stands tall in the ring victorious knowing he has earned his spot in the Elimination Chamber. Kofi Kingston rolls out of the ring in defeat, being the only superstar in this match to make two eliminations. To celebrate with Barrett, his fellow Corre members Ezekiel Jackson, Heath Slater, and Justin Gabriel.

--------------------Cut to Backstage--------------------

Natalya is lacing up her boots getting ready for the Divas tag match up next. In walks Divas Champion Beth Phoenix. Phoenix tries to apologize for what happened for Natalya not getting a fair rematch and promises to do everything in her power to get 'The Anvilette' a rematch for the title. Natalya simply stands up and leaves the room, leaving Phoenix behind unsure what to say.

Jack Swagger is being interviewed about the Former World Champion's Fatal-Four Way Match where the winner will continue on to the Elimination Chamber Match in a few weeks. During his tenure as World Heavyweight Champion, Swagger points out the wins he picked up over both Big Show and Kane. He's already proved he can beat those two, so in 'The All American-American's' mind he has the advantage. Swagger turns to leave and walks into Big Show. Looking up, Swagger decides to go in the other direction and runs into Kane. Big Show points out that Swagger's wins were in the past and this is the present. After a brief stare down with Kane, 'The Big Red Machine' suggests Swagger to run, which he does. Kane and Big Show are then left staring at each other.

Good luck Kane, see you out there.”
-Big Show

I will destroy you, don't get in my way.”

Kane then walks away from a frowning Big Show.

--------------------Cut to Ringside--------------------

-New Foundation-

Natalya is waiting in the ring for her partner to come out.


Divas Champion Beth Phoenix walks down . Inside the ring, Beth tries to talk to Natalya but the Canadian born diva tries to brush it off and focus on the match.

-Not Enough For Me-

Michelle McCool and Layla come out each with a mic. They mention that earlier they went and paid Vickie Guerrero a visit to get a stipulation added to this match. If Team Lay-Cool win they will receive a Divas Title shot, but if their opponents win Natalya will get a rematch against Phoenix for the title. Natalya smiles and becomes excited over the news, as does Phoenix knowing a win could help their friendship out.

Match Two:
Added: Winning team will become the #1 contender(s) for the WWE Divas Title
WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Natalya Niedhart vs. Team Lay-Cool

A fairly competitive match with both teams getting a chance to show off their respective abilities, but Natalya and Phoenix do have a few moments of miscommunication. Natalya tries to set up a Sharpshooter on McCool, but is booted away. McCool tags in Layla, and while the referee is distracted by watching their tag, Natalya tags in Phoenix. Phoenix comes running in to jump McCool and Layla, but the referee pushes 'The Glamzaon' back. The referee confirms he didn't see Natalya's tag to Beth. Phoenix ends up accidentally distracting the referee while Team Lay-Cool team up to hit a Double DDT on Natalya. Layla goes for the pin and McCool turns the ref around. McCool keeps Phoenix back while Layla picks up the victory.

The winners and #1 contenders for the WWE Divas Championship:
Michelle McCool and Layla

As fast as possible, Lay-Cool roll out of the ring and head for safety knowing they will have their shot for the title another day. Phoenix goes to attend to her partner but gets brushed off. Natalya leaves the ring looking like she may start to cry. For the third time in a week, Natalya has been cheated out of her title and her opportunities to regain it. Phoenix looks on unhappy over the recent developments.

--------------------Cut to Backstage--------------------

Kelly Kelly is in the hallway consoling her boyfriend Drew McIntyre, who is upset over Guerrero costing him a shot at entering the Elimination Chamber by making him enter the Gauntlet Match first. In walks in the World Heavyweight Champion Edge. At first McIntyre tells Edge to leave, because it was them helping 'The Rated R Superstar' last week and at the Royal Rumble that brought Vickie's wraith on The Scotsman. Edge apologizes and thanks them again for their help, but still makes a request to them both, asking them to not interfere in his title match with Dolph Ziggler later tonight. With Guerrero screwing over McIntyre earlier in the Gauntlet Match and threatening to fire anyone that costs Ziggler the win, Edge does not want to chance the couple's careers for his. Kelly Kelly refuses to lay down and be bullied around while McIntyre remains silent. Edge reminds Kelly that his issues with Ziggler and Guerrero are his to deal with.

This isn't either of your business. Thanks again for last week and the Rumble but stay out of this. You're both young and have every opportunity to become big here on Smackdown. I've beaten Ziggler before and I will again, so no worries all right. Just stay back here.”

Edge leaves then leaves with McIntyre trying to convince Kelly to listen to the champion's advice.

--------------------Cut to Ringside--------------------

The ring is decorated in golden fabric and has a gold carpet along the entrance ramp. Del Rio's personal ring announcer stands by ready in the middle of the ring surrounded by a dozen men dressed in suits of Latino descent, each with a glass of champagne in hand.


Without his car for this occasion, the 2011 Royal Rumble winner Alberto Del Rio struts down to the ring dressed in his best suit and a glass of champagne in hand. Once inside the ring, Del Rio shakes hands and shares a drink with everyone in the ring as his music continues to play. Calling for a microphone, Del Rio waits for the audience to quiet down.

Del Rio: Welcome everyone to my celebration party! To celebrate the biggest win in my career this past Sunday when I won the biggest Royal Rumble in history.


Del Rio: No man has ever won a Royal Rumble bigger then this. Truly this means that I, Albertoooo Del Riooooo, am the greatest Royal Rumble winner of all time!


Del Rio: Sure 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels won the whole thing starting at number one. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin may have won the most Royal Rumbles in history. I understand that no one has ever won and spent more time in the Rumble then Rey Mysterio...BUT they are not me. I don't need to hide this beautiful face behind a mask, nor am I a violent drunk, and unlike certain people I will never lose my smile. I'm pretty sure this smile on my face will not be going anywhere any time soon.

Del Rio laughs and draw sin more heat.

Del Rio: Boo all you want everyone, go ahead and boo. You know its true, I am better then all of them and every other WWE Superstar ever to win a Royal Rumble. You know what else is true? How many recall what I said when I came here to the WWE? That it was my destiny to become World Champion. By winning the Royal Rumble I have only proven what is to come at Wrestlemania 27. Before I continue on, I would like to thank a few people. All of my friends and family here in the ring to celebrate with me. Cheers!

Del Rio and everyone in the ring cheers and take a drink.

Del Rio: The WWE Board of Directors for allowing me to choose which World Champion I will face after Elimination Chamber. Cheers!

Another round of drinks and cheers.

Del Rio: And most importantly, Vickie Guerrero who has given me a huge opportunity to remake Wrestlemania history!

Another round of drinks.

Del Rio: You see everyone, Guerrero has informed me that despite the fact I will become a World Champion at Wrestlemania, but I will now be the second man ever to do so as the Intercontinental Champion. I have been named the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship. In just a few months time, I will recreate history when I walk into and out of Wrestlemania as both a World Champion but also the Intercontinental Champion! Best of all, I am able to pick when I will challenge for the championship. So please, one last cheers for all of the success coming my way!

Alberto Del Rio and everyone have one more round of drinks and cheers, but are interrupted this time.


Though still showing signs of exhaustion from the Gauntlet Match earlier, Kofi Kingston out with his Intercontinental Title and heads down to the ring. Taking a microphone for himself, Kofi with the title on his shoulder, stares down Del Rio.

Kofi: So tell me if I understand all of this correctly. In one week you have been given the opportunity to challenge for a World Title at Wrestlemania and my Intercontinental Title whenever you choose?

Del Rio nods

Kofi: And you've get all of that without actually earning it?

Del Rio: I won the Royal Rumble, what more do you want?

Kofi: You won it? Right, I remember now. Remember all that time you spent in the ring? All the eliminations? Well I don't!


Kofi: Do you even realize that this past Sunday you created a record and no Royal Rumble winner should be proud of. You are the first and only winner to never actually make an elimination, you barely even spent any time in the ring! You entered number 39! At the very end of the Rumble it was down to you, me, and John Morrison. I'd been in the ring for over an hour at that point and Morrison had made a lot of impressive moves to stay in the ring. When the match ended, all I remember was you sitting on your ass while Morrison and I eliminated each other. Face the facts Del Rio, you don't deserve anything. All you deserve is to be known as the laziest Royal Rumble winner in history.

Del Rio: How dare you! How dare you come out here and insult me and everything I accomplished, in front of my friends and family no less. Its not my fault you two tossed each other out. Its not my fault I came into late. IT IS MY FAULT that I won the whole thing. I am giving you this one chance to leave my ring now.

Kofi: Or what?

Del Rio nails Kofi Kingston over the head with the microphone. Del Rio's family and friends come in to start stomping away on the Intercontinental Champion. Taking the suit jacket and tie off, Del Rio orders everyone away, then locks in the Armbar on Kingston. Kingston screams and taps out but Del Rio leaves it locked in. Security comes running down but Del Rio's party guests keep them at bay, while Del Rio keeps the Armbar locked in. Eventually security starts to break through as Del Rio and his party guests start to vacate towards the backstage. Medics run in and check on Kingston as he holds onto his arm. The camera turns and closes in on a smiling Alberto Del Rio.

--------------------Cut to Commercial--------------------

When we return, everyone is reminded of the attack by Alberto Del Rio on Kofi Kingston before the break. Inside the ring Jack Swagger, Kane, and Rey Mysterio are standing by waiting for Big Show.

-Crank It Up-

Big Show heads on down as the four prepare for the qualifying match.

Match Three:
Elimination Chamber Qualifier Match
Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger vs. Kane

Unfortunately due to time constraints, the match doesn't last long but all four stars get in a spot or two during the match. Rey Mysterio is laid out in a corner as Jack Swagger runs in for a Swagger Bomb. Swagger jumps off the ropes into the air but is caught by Kane! Kane holds and positions Swagger for a Tombstone Piledriver. Still holding Swagger for the finishing move, Kane turns around and gets hit with a Knock Out Punch by Big Show. Kane falls back and Swagger lands on 'The Big Red Machine.' The referee starts counting with Swagger still laying on top of Kane.



Big Show drags Swagger off of Kane! Pulling 'The All American-American' to his feet, Big Show goes for the Choke Slam. Kick to the gut by Swagger gets Show to release the choke. Swagger attempts a DDT but Big Show picks him up into the air over his head. Show tries to dump Swagger out of the ring but Swagger holds on tight to Big Show's head. It gets to the point where Swagger is lying on the outside ring apron and Show's feet are starting to get off the ground. While the two are distracted, Kane starts crawling up the ropes and gets hit with a 619 from a recovered Rey Mysterio! Kane staggers as Mysterio springboards over and nails 'Satan's Favourite Demon' with a Flying DDT! Rey goes for the cover!




Winner: Rey Mysterio

Hearing the music, Jack Swagger releases the headlock on Big Show. Swagger sits on the ring apron breathing heavily out of frustration, while Big Show gets back to his feet that Rey won while his back was turned. Not taking long to celebrate, Rey heads down to the back.

--------------------Cut to Backstage--------------------

Wade Barrett and his fellow Corre members are celebrating the big win earlier. After getting a few pats on the back, Barrett tells everyone that to ensure a Corre victory in the Elimination Chamber, they need to find a way to secure the third Smackdown spot in the match.

Cut to Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero and Edge with his World Title heading down to the ring seperately.

--------------------Cut to Commercial--------------------

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero are already down at the ring waiting for Edge to come out.


Edge heads down with his title and sets up to start the match.

Match Four:
World Heavyweight Championship
Edge(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero

Before the match starts, Ziggler is bent over in a corner talking to Guerrero while Edge sits on the second turnbuckle in the opposing corner. The bell rings as Ziggler turns around...and get nails with a Spear from Edge! Edge goes for the pin!




Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

Edge rolls out and grabs his title going straight for the exit BUT Guerrero intercepts the champion with a mic in her hand. Guerrero announces that the Spear is still a banned move, so the match must restart.

Match Four: (Restarted)
World Heavyweight Championship
Edge is banned from using the Spear
Edge(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero

Edge runs back into the ring trying to prey on a still weakened Dolph Ziggler. Pulling the challenger to his feet, the champion lines up for an Edgecution. LOW BLOW! Ziggler low blows the champion causing a disqualification.

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion by disqualification: Edge

Guerrero again interrupts Edge's win by pronouncing that this match is a 2 out of 3 falls match, so Edge has only won the first fall. Ziggler rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. Rolling back into the ring, Dolph nails Edge with the chair right to the skull. Before the referee can call for a disqualification, Guerrero announces that this fall and the third fall has no disqualifications and no count outs. Ziggler goes for the pin as a very reluctant referee counts the three count.

Winner of the second fall: Dolph Ziggler

Match Four: (Restarted/Altered)
World Heavyweight Championship
2 out of 3 Falls, No DQ Match
Edge: 1---Dolph Ziggler: 1
Edge is banned from using the Spear
Edge(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero

At this point its starting to look like a real match but Dolph Ziggler remains in control the whole time, even taking time to toy with the champion. Towards the end, Ziggler is posed and ready, waiting for Edge to stand up to be hit with a Zig Zag. Just as Ziggler is about to hit a Zig Zag for the win, Kelly Kelly comes running into the ring! Kelly turns Dolph around to look her in the eye.

Dolph laughs at the small diva trying to look threatening to him. Kelly then slaps Ziggler across the face. Ziggler looks back to the diva and raises a hand to slap her back, but Kelly kicks him straight between the legs. Ziggler bends over holding his hands between his legs. Letting out another slap, Kelly forces Dolph Ziggler to turn around and gets nail with a Spear from Edge!




Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

The referee (who is senior referee Mike Chioda) gives the World Title to Edge while Drew McIntyre comes down to check on Kelly Kelly. Making sure she is okay, McIntyre with his girlfriend celebrate and congratulate Edge. Vickie Guerrero goes on the microphone proclaiming that Edge cannot use the Spear, thus the match must be restarted. Mike Chioda takes the microphone from the Official Smackdown Consultant and reminds her that she made the match no disqualification. If there is no disqualifications, then Edge's Spear becomes legal. Vickie Guerrero becomes irate and goes into the ring to help her boyfriend to her feet.

Talking with Ziggler, Guerrero takes the microphone back to her lips and confronts Edge, Kelly Kelly, and Drew McIntyre before they try to leave the ring. Guerrero warns the three there were repercussions if anyone cost Dolph Ziggler the title. Vickie looks back to the Chioda and fires him! Chioda starts to beg and plead for his job but all Guerrero does is call down security to take the now fired referee out of the building. Before all of the security personnel leave, Guerrero has one last demand.

“Security, don't you leave yet. You're taking one more person. Kelly Kelly, you're fired! I want her taken out of the ring! Out of my arena! And if either of you two (Edge and Drew McIntyre) come near me or Dolph, I will fire you too!”
-Vickie Guerrero

Kelly Kelly is picked up by security and taken to the back with the Mike Chioda with McIntyre close behind, but security keeps the Scotsman at bay. Once Kelly is pulled to the back, Drew McIntyre looks back to Edge, Guerrero, and Ziggler giving all three a dirty look before exiting. Edge stands back puuling his hair stressed out, while Ziggler helps Guerrero out of the ring.

End of Show

Match Card Line-up for...
Elimination Chamber
February 20, 2011
Oracle Arena in Oakland, California

Elimination Chamber Match
Three from RAW and Three from Smackdown
Winner gets a World Title shot at Wrestlemania 27

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett vs. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio vs. John Cena vs. TBA

WWE Championship

'The Awesome One' The Miz(c) w/Alex Riley vs. 'The Everyday Delight' John Morrison

Sorry, I can't figure out why it came out like this...

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Re: WWE Heroes

RAW Preview
February 7, 2011

Two Weeks Till Elimination Chamber

Last week, RAW not only set up its WWE Championship match for the upcoming pay-per-view, but the three superstars of the six superstars for the Interpromotional Elimination Chamber have been selected. Against Smackdown's Rey Mysterio, Wade Barrett, and one more star to be named, they will also battle in Satan's Structure against CM Punk, Randy Orton, and John Cena. With John Morrison's victory in the Beat-The-Clock Challenges, though due to an early disqualification, 'The Monday Night Delight' will get one more shot against his former tag partner the WWE Champion The Miz.

Leading up to the event, the RAW General Manager has set up two huge matches. Long time rivals John Cena and Randy Orton will need to put all of their past differences to the side if they want to get the win. The two former multiple time World Champions will compete in a tag match together against two superstars from CM Punk's New Nexus, David Otunga and Mason Ryan.

By request from John Morrison, the General Manager has commissioned a huge match to kick start this Monday Night RAW! 'The Monday Night Delight' looks to prove he has what it takes to be in the main event scene by challenging former World Champion CM Punk. These two have had classic battles over the new defunct ECW Championship in the past, but with Morrison having his sights on the WWE Title and if Punk wins the Chamber match, this could be a very early preview of what is to come at Wrestlemania 27.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

By Tamina's suggestion last week, the Tag Champions The Foreign Powers (Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov), will put their titles on the line on RAW. If they successfully defend their titles, they will do so again on Smackdown. Who will they be facing? Tune in to find out.

The Bet

Last week United States Champion Daniel Bryan made a bet with the Bella Twins, in which he lost. Will we find out the ramifications of losing the bet this week? If so, who is next in line to challenge for the US Title?

Confirmed Matches
Starting off RAW: John Morrison vs. CM Punk
John Cena and Randy Orton vs. New Nexus' David Otunga and Mason Ryan
WWE Tag Team Championship Match
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Re: WWE Heroes

Sorry, RAW will be up either tomorrow or in two days, just waiting till I finish writing up the actually Elimination Chamber Match. To pass the time, here are some WWE.com notes and rumours. I know a lot in this thread is similar to what happened in real life, but I promise only two matches that happened at WM27 will repeat in mine. They WILL have a different build and feel to them too. One of the matches, I am confident, will feel more relevant to the card and feel like it has actual stakes on the line.


The Referees Lay Down Their Own Smackdown!
With the unfair firing of long time WWE referee Mike Chioda on the most recent edition of Smackdown, over the weekend WWE referees had a meeting. Due to the circumstances that Mike Chidoa was fired under, from maintaining the rules and regulations set out for the match, all WWe referees are now on strike and refuse to work on Smackdown. RAW will still have referees at hand but the referees refuse to appear and to work on the Smackdown brand.

The Official Smackdown Consultant and Interm General Manager Vickie Guerrero has made no formal comments about the situation, but she has promised that Smackdown will continue to air this Friday and will have in ring action. We have yet to know if she is currently talking with the WWE referees on reaching a peaceful conclusion or has something else up her sleeve. In support of her claims that there will be in ring action, Guerrero has leaked two matches to WWE.com to draw in interest for the upcoming show this Friday:

(1) The WWE Tag Team Championships will still be on the line with the champions, pending who wins on RAW, defending against the Corre's Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater.

(2) A 10-Man Battle Royal for the third and final spot in Interpromotional Elimination Chamber Match. It will be made up of those who failed to win either the 8-Man Gauntlet or Former World Champion Fatal-Four Way on last week's Smackdown.


Triple H to return after WM27?
Though WWE was rumoured to be planning a Triple H/Undertaker match at the upcoming Wrestlemania, Huneter has decided to sit out this Wrestlemania. Though the upcoming event really needs the extra star power, WWE needs to use the upocming event to possibly push and elevate the younger stars.

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