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X-Power 05-25-2011 05:12 AM

WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Just a current WWE thread set after Over The Limit, with Raw and Smackdown to be both recapped for the time being. A few things to note, divas can appear on both brands and a few superstars were taken off the main roster (you can decide their fate). So yeah, I'm just gonna hope this one sticks.

WWE Over The Limit (May 22, 2011)

Match One: Sin Cara defeated Chavo Guerrero with the Sin Tacha. After the match, Brodus Clay came out and attacked Cara and he and Guerrero beat him down but NXT competitors Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman came out for the save.

Match Two: R-Truth defeated Rey Mysterio with the Corkscrew Scissors Kick (the Shut Up) after burning him with a cigarette behind the referee’s back. Truth beat Rey down after the match.

Match Three: Kelly Kelly defeated Brie Bella with the K2 to win the WWE Divas Championship. After the match Kharma came out and laid out Brie and Kelly nailed her with a dropkick before running way.

Match Four: CM Punk and Mason Ryan defeated Kane and The Big Show after a GTS on Kane to win the WWE Tag Team Championships. Before the match, CM Punk denounced David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty from the Nexus, leaving himself and Mason Ryan.

Match Five: Ezekiel Jackson defeated Wade Barrett by disqualification after interference from The Corre. Wade Barrett therefore retained his Intercontinental Championship. However, Shelton Benjamin came out to save Zeke and clear the ring of The Corre in his return to the WWE.

Match Six: Jerry Lawler defeated Michael Cole in a ‘kiss my foot’ match after a piledriver. During the match, Tyler Reks interfered on Cole’s behalf but Jack Swagger came out for the save, taking out Reks and nailing Cole with a Gutwrench Powerbomb. After the match, Cole kissed King’s foot as the stipulation demanded.

Match Seven: John Cena defeated The Miz in an ‘I Quit’ match to retain the WWE Championship after threatening to hit him with an Attitude Adjustment off the titantron. Before the match, Alex Riley told Miz that he was tired of being a lackey before slapping him and tearing up his contract to be on Raw.

Main Event: Christian defeated Randy Orton with the Killswitch to win the World Heavyweight Championship. After the match, Christian celebrated with the fans but Orton took him out with the RKO out of nowhere.

WWE Roster



Male Wrestlers

Alex Riley
Christian (World Heavyweight Champion)
CM Punk (WWE Champion)
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Evan Bourne (WWE Tag Team Champion)
The Great Khali
Heath Slater
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Jinder Mahal
John Cena
Justin Gabriel (Mr. Money In The Bank) (Intercontinental Champion)
Kofi Kingston
Mason Ryan
Paul Burchill
Tyler Reks
Zack Ryder

Female Wrestlers

Beth Phoenix
Brie Bella
Kelly Kelly
Roxxi (Divas Champion)


Jerry Lawler- General Manager
Josh Matthews- Play-By-Play Commentator
Booker T- Colour Commentator
Michael Cole- Colour Commentator
Scott Stanford- Backstage Interviewer
Justin Roberts- Ring Announcer
Finlay- Manager of The Isles of Power
Matt Striker- Manager of Justin Gabriel
Ranjin Singh- Translator/Manager of The Punjab Parallel
Vickie Guerrero- Manager of Dolph Ziggler


Carlito & Primo (The Colons)
Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso (The Usos)
The Great Khali, Jinder Mahal & Ranjin Singh (The Punjab Parallel)
Drew McIntyre, Paul Burchill & Finlay (The Isles of Power)
CM Punk & Mason Ryan
Justin Gabriel & Matt Striker
Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero



Male Wrestlers

Alberto Del Rio (United States Champion)
Brodus Clay
Chris Jericho
Curt Hawkins
Darren Young
David Hart Smith (World Tag Team Champion)
Derrick Bateman
Ezekiel Jackson
Jack Swagger
John Morrison (Mr. Money In The Bank)
Johnny Curtis
Joseph Mercury
The Miz
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio (WWE Tag Team Champion)
Santino Marella
Seth Rollins
Shelton Benjamin
Ted DiBiase
Trent Barreta
Tyson Kidd (World Tag Team Champion)
Vladimir Kozlov
Wade Barrett
Yoshi Tatsu

Female Wrestlers

Alicia Fox
Gail Kim
Kharma (Women's Champion)
Michelle McCool
Nikki Bella


Theodore Long- General Manager
Todd Grisham- Play-By-Play Commentator
William Regal- Colour Commentator
Joey Styles- Colour Commentator
Jack Korpela- Backstage Interviewer
Tony Chimel- Ring Announcer
Michael Hayes- Manager of The Hart Dynasty
Ricardo Rodriguez- Ring Announcer of Alberto Del Rio


Derrick Bateman & Trent Barreta (Y0UTH)
David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd & Michael Hayes (The Hart Dynasty)
Joseph Mercury & Seth Rollins (The Straight Edge Alliance)
Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov (Milan 2 Moscow)
Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez

Leeroy! 05-25-2011 05:39 AM

Re: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries
Hey man, I've enjoyed your previous threads and your work, so I'll definitely follow this thread and I hope you stick with this man. I hope you've planned and written in advance and have really thought this through. Christian winning the title, Orton turning heel, Benjamin coming out, Nexus disbanding to two members, R-Truth with the cigarette burn, and more choices have really changed this whole set up and you can definitely differentiate from what the current product is now to what you'll have in the thread. I don't like the title but who gives a shit, it's just a title. Good luck, dude!

the_quick_silver 05-25-2011 05:41 AM

Re: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries
This. This was something I would have liked to see at Over the limit. (Y) The results are good. Overall, it seems like there were too many interferences.

Clay attacking SinCara? And NXT rookies saving him? Many things happening there between people who are not at all linked with eacho there in any feud. Looking forward to the development of this angle.

Truth burning Rey with a cigarette is a nice touch. Liked that.

Kelly Kelly = the new diva's champion. Aint surprising. Good one.

Wow..Benjamin is back! And saving Jackson in the process? Hm..!

Yea..another thing I liked. Swagger's interference in the match. I really wished to see that in the real OTL, but atleast here :). And whats Reks doing here?

Cena defeating Miz is fine. We know Cena never quits. :X

And the main event... :) ..yea..Christian beating Orton..and Orton seems like turning heel. Perfect.

Overall good results and am waiting for the fall out of OTL. All the best for this!

X-Power 05-26-2011 07:16 AM

Re: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries
Monday Night Raw (May 23, 2011)

John Cena’s music plays to open the show and there are huge cheers as the WWE Champ makes his way to the ring. He talks about his victory over The Miz at Over The Limit, saying that a lot of people are surprised that he kept his title. He says that the most surprising this that happened was Alex Riley finally growing a pair and ditching The Miz, and footage is shown of Riley slapping and deserting his mentor. Cena says that The Miz is too scared to turn up tonight but then Alberto Del Rio’s music plays.

Del Rio walks down to the ring with Ricardo Rodriguez but without his expensive car. He gets into the ring and says that he wasn’t even at Over The Limit, which is a real travesty. He recalls Cena saying The Miz isn’t here tonight so he will need a new contender. Del Rio proposes that the new number one contender be he. He starts to talk himself up but then R-Truth’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Truth talks about how he first disposed of John Morrison and then, last night, Rey Mysterio as well. Truth says that Rey may not be able to wrestle ever again after the injuries he sustained thanks to him. He says that if there’s going to be a new contender, it should be him. Del Rio disagrees and the two heels begin to argue, before Jack Swagger’s music plays and he comes out to a mixed reaction.

Swagger talks about Over The Limit, where he finally ditched Michael Cole and footage is shown of him powerbombing the announcer. He gets cheered as he disses Cole and says that he really did respect Jerry Lawler as a competitor, he was just following orders. He says that now he realised that he was doing the wrong thing and he is ready to fight for himself. He calls Truth and Del Rio losers and says that he should be the new number one contender.

Jerry Lawler’s music then plays and the competitors in the ring are confused at first but he stands on the stage and says that in congratulations for his victory at Over The Limit, Vince McMahon has appointed him General Manager of Raw. The crowd cheers as King smiles and says that as his first act, he is going to find John Cena a contender for the next pay per view, Capitol Punishment. He announces a triple threat match for tonight with Alberto Del Rio taking on R-Truth taking on Jack Swagger, with the winner to face Cena at Capitol Punishment.

Commercial Break

Match One: Kelly Kelly defeats Brie Bella after the K2, in a similiar match to their one at Over The Limit. After the match, Kharma comes out and walks to the ring, going after Kelly. The champion goes for a dropkick but this time Kharma swats her away. She lifts Kelly up for the Implant Buster but Kelly wriggles out and manages to escape, retreating up the ramp. Kharma looks pissed and has to settle with nailing Brie Bella with an Implant Buster instead.

We go backstage to where Zack Ryder is talking to John Cena. Ryder tells Cena that he’s finally coming back to Raw because Jerry Lawler is letting him have a match tonight. Cena congratulates him and says good luck as Ryder also congratulates Cena and tells him that The Miz is probably at home sulking. Cena laughs and walks off as Ryder continues warming up.

Commercial Break

When we return, CM Punk’s music plays and the new WWE Tag Team Champion makes his way to the ring with his partner, Mason Ryan. The crowd boos as Punk takes the mic and he says that the duo won the titles from The Big Show and Kane last week because they shed some excess baggage. He calls David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty that baggage and tells the audience that they won’t be seeing those faces anytime soon.

He says that the power that comes with numbers is important and for that reason, he is inducting two new members to the group. Firstly, he introduces whom he calls his protťgť, Seth Rollins, and the long-haired and bearded man formerly known as Tyler Black joins Punk and Ryan in the ring. Punk then introduces a man that the audience already knows and Joseph Mercury makes his way to the ring to join the others.

Punk asks the crowd if they see where this is going. He says that the days of The Nexus are over. He says that he was at his strongest when he was with a different group, one called The Straight Edge Society. He announces the group as officially back together, with Mercury in it from last time and Rollins having adopted the straight edge lifestyle when Punk met him a few years ago. Punk says that there is one more step before the society is complete.

He says that it is time for Mason Ryan to make his commitment to the straight edge lifestyle with the symbolic ritual, the shaving of his head. Punk grabs a razor and the crowd boos as he begins to shave the head of Mason Ryan, who naturally obliges. Once he is finished, Ryan is entirely bald except for a small beard, a feature that all four men have in common.

Punk says he hopes that the new Straight Edge Society will be taken seriously and he says that to prove that he means business, he is allowing any team to challenge the two new members, Rollins and Mercury. Big Show answers the challenge and he tells Punk that he and Kane want the titles back. Punk says that Kane was drafted to Smackdown and now that they’re no longer champions, he can’t appear on Raw. Big Show says that for now, he has found a replacement and Evan Bourne runs down to the ring to accompany him.

Match Two: Seth Rollins and Joseph Mercury defeat The Big Show and Evan Bourne after Rollins hits the God’s Last Gift on Bourne. Big Show was previously taken out by an unseen interference from Mason Ryan. After the match, The Straight Edge Society boot Show out of the ring and CM Punk nails Evan Bourne with the GTS, making a statement to the rest of the roster.

Commercial Break

Match Three: Zack Ryder defeats Primo in his return to Raw with the Zack Attack, getting a solid amount of cheers for his efforts.

We go backstage to where R-Truth is with Scott Stanford. He rambles about how John Cena thinks he’s black and thinks he can rap and calls him all sorts of names. He says that one name people won’t be calling John after Capitol Punishment will be champion, because he will beat him. He says that John Morrison and Rey Mysterio are roommates at the same hospital and there’s a bed with Cena’s name on it.

Commercial Break

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero come down to the ring to masses of heat. Guerrero tells the crowd to excuse her, creatively enough, and let her hubby Ziggler speak. Dolph Ziggler says that a few weeks ago he underwent a makeover, where he cut his hair and remodeled his attitude. Ziggler says that he is hungrier than ever and that the perfect accessory for his new look would be the United States Championship. He tells Kofi to get out here but instead he gets Drew McIntyre’s music and The Chosen One makes his way to the ring.

McIntyre says that since he’s debuted he’s impressed nearly everybody watching him perform. He says that Vince McMahon is still watching over him and he’s at his happiest when he is wearing gold. McIntyre says that if anyone is challenging for the United States Championship, it is going to be him. Before he can further his argument, Jerry Lawler comes out and says that although they would both make good contenders, he is choosing to let Kofi Kingston decide who his next contender will be.

Kofi comes out to cheers with his title and he says that he isn’t exactly friends with either Ziggler or McIntyre. He says that he won’t be naming a contender tonight and says that he will give them two weeks to prove themselves, starting tonight. Jerry Lawler chimes in, saying that he has the perfect way to have them showcase their talents- making them team up. He announces the match of Drew and Dolph taking on Koztino, right now!

Match Four: Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler defeat Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov after McIntyre nailed Santino with the Future Shock DDT. After the match, instead of celebrating, Ziggler nails Drew with the Zig-Zag and points at Kofi’s title before celebrating with Vickie.

Commercial Break

Main Event
: R-Truth defeats Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio in a triple threat match to become the number one contender to the WWE Championship after a Shut Up to Swagger, who previously took out Del Rio with a Gutwrench Powerbomb. After the match, John Cena walks out onto the stage and has a stare down with Truth, his new opponent for Capitol Punishment.

X-Power 05-27-2011 07:47 AM

Re: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries
Friday Night Smackdown (May 27, 2011)

The show begins not with the new champion Christian, but with former champion Randy Orton making his way to the ring to a mixed reaction. He tells the production team to roll footage of Over The Limit, where Christian defeated Orton cleanly, only to suffer an RKO after the match. Orton says that the RKO represented his frustration with losing the match. He says that nobody in the audience knows what it feels like to win a title and then have it snatched away from you before you can even grow to appreciate it.

Christianís music plays and he interrupts, saying that what Randy described is exactly what happened to him after Extreme Rules, and his title got taken away before his name could even be engraved on it. Christian says that luckily, he got a second chance and it paid off. Orton says that the only reason that Christian has that title is because of luck. Orton says that Christian caught him on an off day and that any other time he would have lost. Randy says that he wants his rematch at Capitol Punishment.

Theodore Long, the Smackdown General Manager, interrupts and says that he agrees with Orton, believing that he should get his rematch at Capitol Punishment. However, he says that the two have faced each other twice now with the results going either way, so itís time to heat things up. He says that Christian and Ortonís match will be a thirty-minute ironman match! Teddy says that they both had better get working on their stamina and he hollaís before leaving as the crowd cheers.

Commercial Break

We go backstage to where Alex Riley is with Jack Korpela for an interview. He talks about how great it feels to finally be able to pursue his own dreams and stop acting as a lackey for The Miz. He says that the slap at Over The Limit was the best thing he ever did and he looks forward to a great future on Smackdown.

Match One: Wade Barrett defeats Yoshi Tatsu in a squash after the Wasteland. After the match, Ezekiel Jackson comes out and announces his intentions for a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship. Barrett says no but Zeke says he will go through the whole Corre. Barrett agrees to this, saying that if Ezekiel can beat Slater, Gabriel and he in a handicap match next week he will get a shot at his Intercontinental Championship.

Commercial Break

Sheamus comes to the ring to booing from the crowd. He talks about how Teddy Long has already announced the World Heavyweight Championship match for Over The Limit and it is outrageous. He says that neither he, nor anybody else apart from Christian and Orton is getting a shot at the title.

Teddy Long interrupts and he says that he understands where Sheamus is coming from. The GM announces a fatal four-way match for Capitol Punishment with the winner becoming the new number one contender for the title. Sheamus asks who will participate in the match and Teddy says that people will need to earn contention, starting with Sheamus, who will participate in a qualifying match right now!

Match Two: Sheamus defeats The Great Khali to earn a spot in the number one contendership fatal four way at Capitol Punishment, after the Brogue Kick. After the match, Jinder Mahal once again comes out and he kicks Khali while he is down, before spitting on him and walking away to boos.

Commercial Break

Match Three: Sin Cara defeats Ted DiBiase to earn a spot in the number one contendership fatal four way at Capitol Punishment, after the Sin Tacha. Cody Rhodes accompanies Ted DiBiase to the ring and after he loses, he forced him to wear a paper bag as he leaves.

Chavo Guerrero comes to the ring with Brodus Clay. He says that he debuted his new Ďbusiness associateí big Brodus at Over The Limit but two certain individuals had to ruin the moment. Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman are invited to the ring and sure enough, the two walk out onto the stage to a pop.

Chavo says that they had some nerve picking on the new most powerful duo on Smackdown and Derrick replies by saying that Chavo is a joke and the last time he won a match was 2007. Chavo seems furious at this and he challenges Bateman to a match, which is accepted. Bateman tells Chavo that he will be demolished but Guerrero laughs and says that he isnít the one that is going to be in the match; instead Bateman will be taking on Brodus Clay.

Commercial Break

Match Four: Brodus Clay defeats Derrick Bateman with the ICU, a splash from the second rope, in a short match. After the match, Chavo and Brodus attempt to beat Bateman down but Curtis clears them from the ring and helps his partner.

We go backstage to where Shelton Benjamin is in Teddy Longís office. The GM congratulates him on returning to the WWE and choosing to come back to Smackdown. Shelton thanks him and says that there would be no better welcome back present than a chance to compete to be the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Long says that heíll see what he can do.

Match Five: Melina defeats Gail Kim with the Last Call in what would be regarded as a very good divas match. After the match, Kharma comes out and lays out Melina with an Implant Buster. She looks to do the same to Gail but Kelly Kelly runs out and kicks Kharma in the back, forcing her to drop Gail. Kelly helps Kim out of the ring and the two faces retreat from an irate Kharma.

Commercial Break

Main Event: Christian, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and Ezekiel Jackson defeat The Corre and Mark Henry after Christian nails Slater with the Killswitch amidst a period of chaos, only for Orton to tag himself in and make the pin. After the match, Christian gets in Ortonís face only to suffer an RKO. There is a mixed reaction as Orton celebrates to end the show.

X-Power 05-28-2011 07:51 AM

Re: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries
Monday Night Raw (May 30, 2011)

We open the show with the WWE Champion, who gets a great pop as he gets into the ring. He talks about facing R-Truth in a title match at Capitol Punishment, saying that last week Truth called him a wannabe black man. Cena replies to this by saying that Truth is a wannabe contender and out of the three men who participated in last week’s main event, he hates Truth the most. He says that he can’t respect a man who turns his back on his fans.

Truth comes out to heat and says that Cena is trippin’ because the fans aren’t worth jack. He says that pandering to the stupid fans got him nowhere and if by a wannabe contender he means that Truth wants to be a title contender more than anything, then he is right. Truth says that he is taking Cena’s title at Capitol Punishment and he hopes to see a lot of his former fans crying when he takes the title belt as his own.

Cena says that people like Truth aren’t successful because their heart is in the wrong place. He tells Truth to look at The Miz, who’s still injured from their ‘I Quit’ match at Over The Limit. He says that Miz and Truth are one in the same, self-centered, egotistical cowards who have to attack people when they’re down because they don’t have the balls to fight themselves.

Truth says Cena is wrong about only striking while someone’s back is turned and he immediately clocks him in the forehead with the microphone. Cena falls to the mat as Truth begins beating him down with the mic, before dropping it and deciding to stomp on him instead. The crowd boos as Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler walks out onto the stage. He tells Truth to save his energy because later tonight, he and Cena will be in the main event. It will be R-Truth and Alberto Del Rio taking on John Cena and Jack Swagger!

Commercial Break

Match One: Seth Rollins and Joseph Mercury defeat Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov after Mercury hits Marella with a hangman’s neckbreaker called The Virginia Necktie. After the match The Straight Edge Society beats down Koztino and CM Punk takes a microphone.

Punk tells the Raw roster that if they’re not already scared after the last two weeks, they’re either blind or very stupid. He says that the reign of the society is just beginning and tonight’s casualties were the first of many. He says that he is implementing ‘The Freebird Rule,’ meaning that any members of The Straight Edge Society can defend the WWE Tag Team Titles, and all four are technically the champions at any given time.

Big Show interrupts to a pop and he says that it doesn’t matter if there’s four people technically holding the title, he will go through all of them to get the title back. He gets in the ring and gets in Punk’s face as he tells him that he’s not blind and not stupid and he is definitely not scared of him or his army of beards. Punk smiles sarcastically and says that Show must be even stupider than he realizes.

Suddenly Punk motions to the society and all three other members jump The Big Show. The crowd boos as Punk laughs and joins in on the assault, making it a four on one beat-down. Out of nowhere though, pyros explode from the ring and Kane’s music plays and the crowd goes wild as The Big Red Machine appears on the stage. He walks to the ring as the society stop what they are doing and as Kane slides into the ring they leave altogether. Kane glares at the retreating society as Punk shouts about him not being allowed to be on Raw, saying that he will get him fired.

Commercial Break

Match Two: Zack Ryder defeats Tyler Reks after the Zack Attack. Once again he gets a nice pop during his entrance and also upon winning the match.

We go backstage to where Scott Stanford is with Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. When Del Rio is asked about his loss in last week’s main event he says that he only has one man to blame and that is Jack Swagger. He says that the entire match was unfair and Jack Swagger attacked him when his back was turned. Scott mentions something about the rules but Del Rio says that the rules are irrelevant. He says that Jack Swagger will get what his coming to him tonight in the main event.

Commercial Break

Match Three: Kelly Kelly defeats Maryse after the K2. After the match Kharma comes out and first of all nails Maryse with the Awesome Bomb, before turning her attention to Kelly. The Divas Champion looks initially brave and even manages to catch Kharma with a punch, but after it hardly fazes her she tries to escape, only to be caught. Kharma nails Kelly with a spinebuster before standing over her and making title belt motions.

Dolph Ziggler is backstage with Vickie Guerrero and he reminds her of what happened last week when he tagged with McIntyre and took him out after their victory. Vickie congratulates him and says that he would have definitely impressed Kofi Kingston with his efforts. Ziggler calls himself the next United States Champion before Drew McIntyre walks into view.

McIntyre says that he is a noble man and would not hit a man when he is standing with his lady. He however says that the next time Ziggler is anywhere near him and a ring, he should watch himself. Dolph says that he isn’t scared and Drew says that if he is underestimated, a United States title shot will be the least of his worries. Drew walks off as Ziggler looks slightly nervous, yet still trying to remain smug and confident in front of Vickie.

Commercial Break

Match Four: Dolph Ziggler defeats Evan Bourne by disqualification after Drew McIntyre interferes and lays him out with the Future Shock. After the match he smiles at a distraught Vickie Guerrero and stares down Kofi Kingston, who is on commentary, and making motions signaling that he wants his title.

We go backstage to where Jack Swagger is walking down a corridor getting ready for his match. He sees Ricardo Rodriguez who attracts his attention and distracts him, drawing him out of the sight of the camera. Suddenly we hear a bang and a shout and as the camera turns we see Swagger laid out on the floor, clutching his knee in pain.

Commercial Break

When we return John Cena is in the ring and he said that he just found out that Jack Swagger has been rushed to hospital after an attack by Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio comes out with Ricardo Rodriguez and R-Truth and denies attacking Swagger, but he smirks and says that he is glad that “somebody” took him out of the picture and we’ll have to wait for proof of who that “somebody” is and that could take days. Truth says that it looks like Cena will be wrestling in a handicap match but Cena says that he managed to find someone else roaming around backstage. Rey Mysterio runs out to a big pop as Cena’s replacement partner!

Main Event: John Cena and Rey Mysterio defeat R-Truth and Alberto Del Rio after Mysterio nails Del Rio with a 619 and Cena pins him after an Attitude Adjustment. After the match, Truth produces a lead pipe and uses it to attack Mysterio and Cena, as Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez join in with the assault. Suddenly Jack Swagger unexpectedly runs, or limps, out for the save but after getting a few shots in on the heels, he succumbs to the foreign object and also becomes a recipient of the beat down. Truth and Del Rio stand tall over the fan favourites as Raw ends with a furious crowd.

Andrew_walker88 05-29-2011 06:34 AM

Re: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries
Raw May 30th review

Opening Segment - Cena was perfectly in character. I kinda chuckled at the part where Cena told Truth his heart was in the wrong place. I expected him to pull out a guitar and sing camp fire songs to him next haha. But I love R-Truth's character and I think this could be a very very good feud if done right. Truth got some nice ehat at the end of it and all building up the main even not only for Capitol Punishment but for this show as well, very nicely done.

Rollins & Mercury vs. Kozlov & Santino
- Are these guys still being used as a tag team? I think getting some real tag teams in there and getting rid of these jobbers would be ncie but they do serve their jobbing purpose I suppose.

Straight Edge Society segment - Another mugging/attack right after Truth gets the jump and attacks Cena is a little too soon but I did like Punk implying the Freebird Rule. Show coming out and getting jumped was no surprise but having Kane come to the rescue even though he isn't supposed to be on raw was a bit of a surprise though. I am thinking maybe a title vs career match or something along those lines.

Ryder vs Reks - Throw away match. I am curious if you are actually going to push Ryder or just had it there for filler.

Del Rio Backstage - I am really not a fan of the Del Rio character but it seems to be a hot commodity nowadays. Basic heel promo here and just hypes the main event more which is nice to see.

Kelly Kelly vs Maryse - another filler match it seems to lead to yet another attack after the match. Seems to be a pattern going here. Kharma stands tall and builds towards being the champ. Still too many attacks for my taste.

Ziggler/McIntyre backstage - I actually liked this promo. This is an interesting feud and has a lot of potential despite it involving Vickie.

Ziggler vs Bourne - Ending in a DQ by an attack. That is 3 out of 4 matches so far that have either had attacks right after the match or had a run in attack during. Really too many for one show. Smelling Triple Threat for Capitol Punishment.

Swagger backstage - Atleast this attack was backstage haha. Seems like with Swagger laid out it is a handicapped match.

Main Event - I like how it hints at either Del Rio doing the attack or someone else to kinda leave a small window of wonder there. Mysterio is a very nice addition to the match. Cena and Mysterio get the win after beating down Del Rio which is awesome but at the end of the match it ends in an attack with a lead pipe and beats down the faces. Swagger tries to make a save and gets beat down as well.

Overall: Okay show but there were just way to many run ins and attacks after the matches. I understand trying to generate heat for the heels but there are other ways then just having run in after run in. Still ok show and the feuds you got going are interesting. I will be checking in next show.

X-Power 05-30-2011 07:47 AM

Re: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries
Friday Night Smackdown (June 03, 2011)

The show opens with The Corre coming out and Wade Barrett saying that although he holds the Intercontinental Championship with more prestige than anyone before him, he says for a group as dominant as theirs, one title is not enough. He announces his intentions to go for the World Heavyweight Championship, saying that he wouldnít be the first man to hold both titles at once. He says that unfortunately for Ezekiel Jackson, that would mean that his chance at getting a shot at the Intercontinental title would be pushed back a week and he sincerely apologizes for this.

Big Zeke comes out and says that he is tired of waiting and he is tired of playing games. He tells Barrett to give him a shot at his title, no handicaps, no disqualifications and no Justin Gabriel or Heath Slater. Barrett says that where he goes, The Corre goes because they are a unit; something that Ezekiel would no doubt know himself. Zeke asks Gabriel and Slater what they are doing, and if they are really happy that they are standing in the background while Wade does all the talking and competes for all the titles.

Barrett says that they are perfectly happy but then Teddy Long comes out and he says that thereís a lot going on and he wants a chance to take in the situation. He says that Barrett promised Ezekiel a chance to get a shot at his title in a handicap match, which was accepted. He says that Wade wants a chance to qualify for the number one contendership fatal four way at Capitol Punishment and he is willing to give him that chance on one condition.

Barrett barks at Teddy saying to get to the point and the GM says that he is willing to give Barrett his match tonight if Zeke still gets his as well. Wade is confused and Teddy clarifies by saying that Ezekiel will compete in a handicap match against the two other members of The Corre and if he wins, he gets a shot at Wadeís Intercontinental title. Wade initially refuses but Long tells him that he has to accept if he wants a chance to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship, forcing him to reluctantly accept his proposition. Teddy tells Wade that he will have to face not one but two opponents to qualify for the fatal four way, and his match will be up next!

Commercial Break

Match One: Cody Rhodes defeats Shelton Benjamin and Wade Barrett to qualify for the World Heavyweight Championship number one contendership fatal four way at Capitol Punishment, after hitting the Cross Rhodes on Shelton. Barrett previously was hit with the Paydirt by Shelton after being distracted by Ezekiel Jackson, taking him out of the matchís conclusion. After the match, Cody celebrates his sneaky victory with Ted DiBiase by his side as Ezekiel Jackson laughs at The Corre and points at Barrettís title belt, saying it will soon be his.

We go backstage to where Jinder Mahal is walking and he receives a small amount of booing. The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh approach him and Singh says that Khali wants an explanation. Mahal says that ever since Khali started dancing around heís been a disgrace to the entire country of India. Khali shouts something angrily in Punjabi and Mahal replies by trying to slap him, only to have his arm blocked and suffer a massive chop to the head. Jinder falls to the ground as Singh and an angry looking Khali walk away.

Commercial Break

Match Two: Alex Riley defeats Jimmy Uso in a squash match after the TKO he calls the Youíre Dismissed, getting a solid pop in his first Smackdown match.

We go backstage to Jack Korpela who is with Randy Orton and the crowd gives him a mixed reaction upon seeing him. Korpela questions Ortonís motives about last weekís main event, where he tagged himself in to win the match and nailed Christian with an RKO after the match. Orton says that when he lost his title, it stopped being about respect and started being about revenge.

He acknowledges the fact that Christian probably has more respect for him than he does for Christian, but he says that nobody is more dangerous when theyíre angry than Randy Orton. He compares himself to a time bomb except nobody can predict when he will go off. He says that when he does, however, he will go off right in Christianís face and he will suffer the consequences. He says that he could have punted Christian in the head at the end of last week but he says that he canít defend his title if heís in the hospital. He ends the interview by warning Christian that his days as a champion are numbered.

Commercial Break

Chavo Guerrero comes to the ring with Brodus Clay and reminds everyone of the way that his ďassociateĒ destroyed Derrick Bateman last week, showing footage of his victory. He says that if anybody else wants to try and take him on, then feel free. Derrick Batemanís music plays and he and Johnny Curtis walk out to the ring and Curtis says that heís willing to take on the challenge.

Chavo laughs and calls him stupid but Curtis says that the fans are on his side and that he believes he can conquer the odds. Brodus tells him to bring it on but all of a sudden is he nailed with a dropkick to the back from Bateman. He falls to his knees and Curtis uses the advantage to nail him with a DDT. Chavo runs at the team but they use his momentum to nail him with a double flapjack. The heels roll out of the ring as Bateman and Curtis celebrate in front of a cheering crowd. Chavo tells them to wait for next week, saying that Big Brodus Clay will destroy them.

Match Three: Daniel Bryan defeats Mark Henry to qualify for the number one contendership fatal four way at Capitol Punishment with a Diving Elbow Drop, paying tribute to the late Randy Savage.

Commercial Break

Match Four: Ezekiel Jackson defeats Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel after Gabriel tapped to the Torture Rack, while a horrified Wade Barrett watched on from ringside. After the match, Big Zeke said that he would see Wade at Capitol Punishment and said that he should enjoy his last few weeks as champion.

We go backstage to where the World Heavyweight Champion Christian is with Jack Korpela, who asks him about last weekís main event. He says that Randy Orton was right when he says that he respects Orton, but he is a little disappointed that the respect isnít mutual. He says that after Orton took his title after only five days he didnít sulk about it or hit below the belt, he just used it as a motivator to work even harder to get the title belt.

He holds up the World Heavyweight Championship and says that it shows everyone his efforts, how hard heís worked these past few months. He says that he never thought he would be standing here as a two time world champion. He says that he was originally booked to team up with Randy Orton again in the main event, but Orton personally had it changed. He says that heís glad to have a partner that respect him in Sin Cara and he says that the respect is mutual. Christian says that Orton may have got his way tonight but to get the World Heavyweight Championship heís going to have to do more than demand it; heís going to have to beat him and Christian says that it just isnít going to happen.

Commercial Break

Main Event: Christian and Sin Cara defeat Randy Orton and Sheamus after Christian nails Sheamus with the Killswitch and Cara hits him with a Springboard Moonsault for the pin. After the match, Orton tries to nail Christian with the RKO but the champ manages to push him away into the ropes. Christian grabs his title and leaves the ring without attempting to return the favour to Orton, and The Viperís frustration leads to RKOs for both Sheamus and Cara. The show ends with Christianís music playing and the two Capitol Punishment opponents staring each other down.

X-Power 06-05-2011 03:17 AM

Re: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries
Monday Night Raw (June 06, 2011)

We open the show with number one contender to the WWE Championship, R-Truth, who is smoking a cigarette as we join him. Even as the cameras are on him he continues puffing away for half a minute. When a crewmember alerts him to the fact the show has started, he shouts at him, saying that he knows but he doesn’t have to stop what he’s doing at the beck and call of the fans. Truth says that he’s gonna smoke what he wants, when he wants and he says he’s gonna smoke John Cena at Capitol Punishment.

Truth puts out the cigarette and casually throws it to the outside. He says that this is his first shot at the WWE Championship and he says that it’s a long time coming, but he probably deserved to wait this long because back when he was dancing and rapping like a fool he was too stupid to deserve a title shot. He says that he is stupid no more and that he is smart enough to beat John Cena. He says that John Cena isn’t a smart man himself because he listens to the fans.

Cena comes out to a massive ovation and he says that listening to the fans got him to 10 world titles and he wouldn’t take back a minute of his last few years. He says that Truth might have been more successful before is he was a better rapper. Truth calls Cena ‘Vanilla Ice’ and tells him that if he’s looking for a rap battle, to look elsewhere. Cena says that he’s not looking for a rap battle, or a dance off, he’s looking for a fight.

Footage rolls of last week where R-Truth used a lead pipe to attack John Cena, Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger after the main event. Cena says that he’s been angry with a lot of people in his career, but only a few times has he been this angry. Cena says that he can’t wait for Capitol Punishment to finally give Truth what he deserves. Truth says that what we saw at the end of last week will be exactly what we will see at the end of Capitol Punishment, instead this time he will be holding up his brand new WWE Championship.

Jerry Lawler comes out and the Raw General Manager says that he has a massive main event for tonight and both competitors will be involved. He says that both John Cena and R-Truth will have to find themselves two partners for the main event, because they will go head to head as team captains in a six-man tag team match. He tells Truth and Cena to start searching for partners.

Commercial Break

Match One: Kelly Kelly defeats Eve Torres after the K2. After the match, Kharma comes out and instead of pummeling either of the divas, she points first at herself, then at Kelly, then at the Divas Championship, then at the Capitol Punishment logo up in the arena. Kelly shakes her head nervously but then Kharma picks up Eve and threatens to slam her down. Kelly tries to tell her to stop but Kharma keeps Torres up in position, forcing Kelly to change her mind and nod her head. Kharma smiles and tosses Eve to the ground before walking away with a devilish smile on her face.

We go backstage to John Cena, who is talking to Zack Ryder. He asks Ryder whether he is available as a partner but Zack says he is already booked in a match. Cena, however, is then approached by Rey Mysterio who says he would love nothing more than to get his hands on R-Truth. Cena accepts Rey’s offer and says that he has found his first teammate.

Commercial Break

CM Punk comes to the ring with The Straight Edge Society and he reminds the audience of how Kane appeared on Raw last week. He says that Kane is a Smackdown superstar and now that he isn’t a champion anymore, he isn’t allowed to appear on Raw. He demands that Jerry Lawler get out and take action on this blatant breach of the rules.

Lawler comes out and says that Punk is right, that Kane technically isn’t allowed to appear on Raw, and if it happens again he will reluctantly be forced to take further action. He says that in return for last week, Punk can choose any opponent for The Big Show to face for tonight. Punk smiles and he immediately chooses Mason Ryan, but Seth Rollins interjects, saying that he wants a chance. CM Punk nods and mulls over the decision before giving the rookie the chance to face Show. Lawler says that it will be Seth Rollins versus The Big Show, and it will be now!

Match Two: The Big Show defeats Seth Rollins by disqualification after interference from The Straight Edge Society. After the match, there is a four on one beat down on Show, who is helpless, as Kane isn’t allowed to make an appearance and try and save him. The beat down continues for a few minutes, with Show having to be stretchered off after sustaining too much pain.

Commercial Break

Match Three: Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston defeat Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre after Kofi rolled up Dolph when Drew jumped off the apron as he was to be tagged. After the match, Drew jumps onto the apron to presumably antagonize Dolph but Kofi dropkicks him back down to the floor. He says that neither McIntyre not Ziggler have impressed him over the last three weeks and that he’s giving them one last chance next week to prove themselves worthy of a title shot.

We go backstage to where Jack Swagger is standing with Scott Stanford for an interview and his leg is taped up. Swagger says that he is bandaged because of Del Rio attacking him last week twice, first early in the show and then after the main event. He says that Alberto isn’t very different to Michael Cole in the way they fight and he calls them both cowards. He challenges Del Rio to a match at Capitol Punishment and says that if he wants to be a man for once, he should accept the challenge. John Cena then walks into the picture and calls Swagger away as the two begin to talk.

Commercial Break

Kelly Kelly is backstage in the divas locker room stretching when Jerry Lawler walks in and tells her that he regrets to inform her that she will be defending her title at Capitol Punishment. King pats her on the back and tells her that she already knows whom she will be facing. Kelly looks nervous as Lawler walks away making some mumbled comment about “puppies.” The Divas Champion turns around but standing right behind her is Kharma and Kelly jumps as the camera immediately cuts away.

Match Four: Zack Ryder defeats Curt Hawkins after nailing his former partner with the Zack Attack; taking his record up to three consecutive wins.

We go backstage where Alberto Del Rio is talking to Ricardo Rodriguez and he says that Jack Swagger has some nerve challenging him. He says that nobody gets away with calling him a coward and for that, he accepts his challenge for a match. He says that Jack Swagger will learn what it feels like to be in the ring with someone from a real wrestling pedigree. He says that amateur trophies are nothing compared to bloodlines.

Suddenly R-Truth walks up and he says that Cena already has a team for the main event and that he needs partners fast. He says that Cena is partnering with Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger and immediately Del Rio has interest on joining Truth’s team, saying that he wants to teach Swagger a lesson and make him regret challenging him. Truth is glad but he says that they need to find one more partner before the main event so they walk off in search with the limited time they have left.

Commercial Break

Main Event: R-Truth, Alberto Del Rio and The Miz defeat John Cena, Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio after Truth nails Mysterio with the Shut Up. The Miz returned after his Over The Limit match as Truth’s second partner. After the match, Truth got out the lead pipe and planned to attack Cena but this time John Morrison ran out for the save, returning from injury to a big pop! Morrison disarmed Truth and with the help of the other three faces, cleared the ring. Raw ends with Morrison, Cena, Swagger and Mysterio all standing tall over the heels to a massive ovation.

X-Power 06-11-2011 04:40 AM

Re: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries
Friday Night Smackdown (June 10, 2011)

We open the show with Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long, who reminds us that later tonight we will have the contract signing for the World Heavyweight Championship match at Capitol Punishment, featuring champion Christian and challenger Randy Orton in a 30 Minute Iron Man match. He also says that we have some special guests from Raw, as he introduces to Smackdown The Straight Edge Society.

CM Punk, Mason Ryan, Seth Rollins and Joseph Mercury make their way to the ring getting a lot of heat. Punk says that last week on Raw, Kane happened to make a little appearance to save his partner The Big Show. He says that the move was costly because this week he was banned from Raw and Punk rolls footage of the Society beating down Show this past Raw, causing him to be stretchered off.

Punk says that all four members of the Society are champions so they are all allowed on Smackdown as they wish. He says that now the former champions in Big Show and Kane are disposed of, the Society is looking for new challengers. Punk warns the Smackdown roster to come out now if they want a shot at the titles, but to do so at their own risk.

Pyros explode and Kane comes out, but CM Punk immediately says that Kane doesnít have a partner and therefore canít compete for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Kane says that this isnít about titles, it is about avenging his partner and he challenges Punk to a match tonight.

Punk smirks and says that Kane has pretty much backed himself into a 4 on 1 scenario but The Big Red Monster isnít scared. Punk says that on any other night he would let a teammate take the match but tonight he wants to go himself. Theodore Long checks the match with both competitors and then announces CM Punk taking on Kane, for right after the break!

Commercial Break

Match One: CM Punk defeats Kane after the GTS in a clean victory that was albeit marred by sporadic interference from the SES. After the match, Punkís stable-mates rush the ring and attack Kane much like they did to The Big Show on Raw. Because of Showís incapacitation nobody is out to save Kane and after a lengthy beating he suffers the same fate as his partner- having to be stretchered away.

We go backstage to where Smackdown interviewer is with Jinder Mahal. Mahal says that The Great Khali used to be the most feared superstar in the WWE. He mentions the fact that Khali is a former World Champion and used to be main eventing pay per views. Now, he says, Khali is a joke and no longer the monster he used to be. Mahal says that under the guidance of Ranjin Singh, Khali has sacrificed his intimidation for the fansí appreciation. He challenges Khali to join him instead and with his help he can go back to being the terrifying force that he was once in the WWE.

Commercial Break

Match Two: Brodus Clay defeats Yoshi Tatsu after the ICU in a squash. After the match Chavo Guerrero praises his associate and challenges Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis to come out and face them, man to man. The tag team from NXT appears and makes their way down to the ring, but this time Clay and Chavo attack them as they get into the ring, knocking them to the outside. Clay throws Bateman into the ring barrier and then Curtis into the ring, where Chavo lays him out with a Frog Splash. Chavo and Brodus celebrate together at the carnage they have caused.

We go backstage to where Wade Barrett is shouting at Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, asking them how they could have let Ezekiel Jackson win last week. Gabriel says that maybe poor leadership is the issue and Barrett says that he has been nothing short of outstanding as a leader, which is why he is the Intercontinental Champion. Slater asks where his and Gabrielís titles are and he says that it used to be better when there were no leaders. Barrett shoots him a dirty look as he walks away fuming.

Commercial Break

Match Three: Alex Riley defeats Tyson Kidd after the Youíre Dismissed in a short match. After the match as Riley celebrates, Kiddís manager Michael Hayes slides him a steel chair and he uses it to nail Riley in the back. Kidd and Hayes celebrate together before leaving to the booing crowd.

We go backstage to where Shelton Benjamin is talking to Ezekiel Jackson, the man to face Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship at Capitol Punishment. Benjamin says that he knows that Big Zeke is outnumbered 3 to 1 against The Corre, so if he ever runs into trouble, he has his back. Ezekiel thanks him but he says that after whatís been going on recently, he doesnít know whether The Corre as a unit will even make it to Capitol Punishment.

Match Four: Jinder Mahal defeats Yoshi Tatsu after the firemanís carry double knee gutbuster he calls the Sands of Time. After the match, The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh make their way to the ring and get into the ring opposite Mahal. Jinder stands opposite Khali and extends his hand but instead of a shake he gets picked up by the throat and nailed with the Khali Bomb as the crowd cheers.

Commercial Break

When we return, Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring accompanied by his lackey Ted DiBiase. He says that instead of handing out paper bags tonight he will be handing out truths. He says that the first truth is that he and Sheamus will beat Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan tonight. He says the second truth is that he will become the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship at Capitol Punishment. He then says the third is that he will then beat either Randy Orton or Christian to become Champion.

Sheamus comes out and says that Cody only got one out of three. He says that tonight they are partners but at Capitol Punishment they become opponents and that Sheamus will spare nothing. Sheamus says that unlike Cody, he knows what itís like to be a champion because heís been there twice before. He says that he has the strength, the skill and the experience in victories to win the fatal four way at Capitol Punishment.

Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara make their way onto the stage and while Cara just points, Bryan says that neither Cody Rhodes nor Sheamus are going to win. He says that he is the perfect example of heart in the WWE and thatís why he deserves to win at the pay per view. Sheamus calls him a nerd and Bryan says that itís a bit hypocritical coming from someone who looks just like a Ďbad comic book villain.í Bryan and Cara get into the ring and Daniel says that they can talk all they want, but in the end their wrestling will do the talking.

Main Event: Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara defeat Sheamus and Cody Rhodes by Disqualification after Ted DiBiase attacked Daniel Bryan as he had Cody in the LeBell Lock. After the match, DiBiase, Sheamus and Rhodes clear the ring of Cara and Bryan but then Rhodes turns on his partner as he and DiBiase kick him to the ground, before Ted holds him for Cody to nail him with the Cross Rhodes.

Commercial Break

When we come back, Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long is in the ring once again and he introduces both Christian and Randy Orton as the two competitors at Capitol Punishment. He says that the match is booked as a 30 Minute Iron Man match, one of the most physically taxing in the WWE catalogue. He says that they have any final chances to walk away before the contract is signed and the match is made official and both men shake their heads.

He says that it is the challengerís job to sign the contract first and invites Orton to the table. Randy looks up at Christian and smiles devilishly before signing the contract. Long then invites either man to say some last words to their opponent before the match is made official. Christian says that heís not one for chitchat and just wants to sign the contract and make this match official. He says that heís ready to teach Randy a lesson.

Orton chimes in, saying that Christian is hallucinating and that he doesnít know what heís in for. He says that he is a Legend Killer and has ended countless tenures in his span in the WWE. He asks if Christian wants to be another statistic on Ortonís list of destroyed careers. Christian laughs and says that Orton seems to be underestimating him as a champion. He says that he knows Orton has held many titles for many months and Christian has only held two titles for under a month altogether, but he says that he has held his titles with more heart than Orton has.

Orton says that Christianís heart wonít get him anywhere, if anything it will get in his way of victory at Capitol Punishment. Orton says that he has always been so successful because he has no heart, he doesnít care about his opponents and when it comes to beating them he doesnít care about his fans either. Orton gets passionate as he says that he would sacrifice his own family to be the best in the WWE, it means that much to him. He questions Christianís sanity to step into the ring with a man like him.

Christian smiles and he replies by saying that he must be going crazy, before he leans over and signs the contract. Orton watches him intently and as soon as he sees that Christian has signed the contract, he lunges at him for the RKO- only for the champ to grab him and reverse the attack into a Reverse DDT right through the table!

The crowd pops as Christian says that thereís one more thing that Randy isnít accounting for and that is over ten years in the business. He has accumulated so much experience during his time in the WWE and Orton should have known that he wouldnít have fell for the oldest trick in the book like that. Christian tells Orton that he has seen his friends have to retire in the past, some of them even thanks to Orton.

Captain Charisma concludes by saying that he wonít be another one of Ortonís casualties and that at Capitol Punishment heís going to walk out of the arena still World Heavyweight Champion. The crowd cheers as Christian makes his exit while a recovering Randy Orton, still in the ring, stares daggers at him and the show ends with this image.

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