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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

I enjoy reading your BTB, but i think you could be more creative. There's more ways to building up a WWE Title feud then just an opening segment followed by a main event match where there is interference. You could be more interesting, for example see how they booked Cm Punk vs John Cena at MITB or SS. But overall i like your BTB.

Not Removing Until:

John Cena faces Undertaker at Wrestlemania [ ]

Sheamus and Cm Punk are the 2 World Champions [X] -Wrestlemania 28

John Morrison wins World Title [ ]

John Cena losses cleanly [X]- Wrestlemania 28 Rock Beats John Cena

John Cena turns heel [ ]

Shawn Michaels returns for One More Match[ ]

Daniel Bryan beats a Main Eventer cleanly [ ]

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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Monday Night Raw (August 1, 2011)

The show starts with R-Truth coming down to the ring and saying that he has accepted John Morrison’s challenge for a match at Summerslam and that Morrison will be putting his Money In The Bank briefcase on the line. Morrison comes out and says that they have history both as a team and as enemies- he says he hasn’t forgotten Truth injuring him months ago. Truth smiles and says he will do it again and tonight will be a preview of what will happen to John Morrison at Summerslam.

Match One: R-Truth defeats Chris Masters with the Shut Up in a fairly short match. After the match Truth and Morrison bicker.

We go backstage to John Cena who delivers a heartfelt and passionate speech about how much the title means to him and how he wants to prove to the fans that he is still the champ and how The Straight Edge Society are going down and that at Summerslam John Cena will be the last man standing.

Match Two: Natalya defeats The Bella Twins in a handicap match after making Brie tap to the Sharpshooter with Kharma watching the match at ringside. After the match the two vixens stare off with Natalya outdoing the Women’s Champion this week.

We go to the ring where Zack Ryder comes out for a promo. He says that he knew The Miz couldn’t just leave him alone and that he hadn't forgotten the two shock wins he got against “The Awesome One” last month. Dolph Ziggler comes out and says that Ryder’s win last week was a fluke and that The Miz is the least of his problems. The Miz comes out and says that he just plain doesn’t like Zack Ryder but then Jack Swagger interrupts and says that he’s there standing up for Ryder because he sees the snake-like qualities in Ziggler and The Miz and he will do to them what he did to Alberto Del Rio at Money In The Bank, and mentions that Del Rio hasn’t been seen on Raw since then.

Match Three: The Miz defeats Jack Swagger with The Skull Crushing Finale courtesy of interference from Ziggler’s manager Vickie Guerrero. After the match Miz and Ziggler beat up the faces before Ziggler throws The Miz out of the ring and poses on his own with Vickie clapping to end the segment.

We go backstage to The Straight Edge Society and Punk mentions that in tonight’s main event he will be taking on Evan Bourne and he calls him a casualty. He says that whoever gets in their way of purifying Raw by getting rid of John Cena will be dealt with accordingly.

Match Four: Carlito defeats Paul Burchill with the Backstabber after Primo and Drew McIntyre get into a scuffle at ringside and distract Burchill. After the match Finlay gets his shillelagh and goes to attack The Colons but they manage to escape unharmed.

We go backstage to Jerry Lawler and The General Manager says that next week’s Raw Supershow will have to be something special. He announces a WWE Tag Team Championship match, as Joseph Mercury and Seth Rollins will defend their titles against Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne again but this time in a no-disqualifications no-countouts match! He also announces The Miz taking on Zack Ryder and Jack Swagger taking on Dolph Ziggler in singles matches as well as The Colons taking on The Isles of Power in a tag team match.

Main Event: CM Punk defeats Evan Bourne after a GTS with some help in the form of distraction from The SES. After the match Rey Mysterio and John Cena run out to help Bourne but The SES slide back into the ring and attack the faces, once again posing with all their titles to end the show.
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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Friday Night Smackdown (August 5, 2011)

We start the show in the ring with Chris Jericho. He calls out Randy Orton, calling him a snake and a man that can’t win without sneak attacks and dirty tactics. Jericho says that he was like that once but he has changed for the better and his winning streak since returning shows it. Orton makes his way out and the two have a war with words until GM Theodore Long comes out and announces tonight’s main event: it will be Randy Orton teaming up with Cody Rhodes to take on Chris Jericho and World Heavyweight Champion Christian!

Match One: The Punjab Parallel defeat Yoshi Tatsu and Johnny Curtis after Khali nails the Khali Bomb on Yoshi. The trio poses after the match, having advanced in the World Tag Team Championships tournament.

Chavo Guerrero makes his way down to the ring and the crowd boos as “The Mexican Warrior” was fired weeks ago. Chavo smiles and says that although he was fired as a wrestler he is free to return as a manager for his former tag team partner. There is more heat as he introduces Brodus Clay and says that Big Brodus will be the greatest force on Friday nights.

Match Two: Brodus Clay defeats Alex Riley in a squash match with the ICU and poses with Chavo after the match as the announcers hype him up.

Wade Barrett makes his way down to the ring and brings up The Corre, saying that the group worked well when he had total control but other members’ egos started growing and the faction imploded. He says that Ezekiel Jackson and Justin Gabriel needed to be taught lessons and it is a travesty that he has to team up with Justin tonight.

Match Three: Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan defeat Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel after a roll-up to advance in the World Tag Team Championships tournament. After the match the faces leave and Ezekiel Jackson runs out to attack both men. General Manager Teddy Long comes out and says that at Summerslam there will be a high-stakes triple threat match with the three men where the first pinfall determines the next Intercontinental Champion and the second pinfall determines the next Mr. Money In the Bank!

We go backstage to an interview with Christian and the World Heavyweight Champion talks about his match at Summerslam with Cody Rhodes. He says that he defeated two opponents at Money In The Bank and has no problems with defeating just one come next Sunday. He says that Cody Rhodes isn’t ready for the challenge he will face at Summerslam and he promises the Peeps that he will walk out of the arena still Champion

Match Four: Roxxi defeats Michelle McCool with The Barbie Buster and Beth Phoenix walks out onto the stage after the match to stare her down. The announcers mention that on next week’s Smackdown Supershow Roxxi will take on Beth Phoenix and the winner will face Divas Champion Melina in a title match at Summerslam.

Jack Korpela is backstage interviewing Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase and Cody talks about their victory last week against Christian and DiBiase points out it was his victory but Cody cuts him off. He says that Christian underestimates him as an opponent and because of that he will be the new World Heavyweight Champion come next Sunday at Summerslam.

Main Event: Christian and Chris Jericho defeat Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes after Christian hits the Killswitch on Rhodes following a distraction from Ted DiBiase gone wrong. After the match the faces pose as Orton slithers away and Rhodes and DiBiase angrily shout at Christian from the outside.
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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Monday Night Raw (August 8, 2011)

The show opens with CM Punk, John Cena and General Manager Jerry Lawler in the ring. Lawler says that there will be no physicality between the opponents tonight or they will be punished. He says that the only contact there will be is a handshake right now to confirm the match on Sunday and Punk and Cena oblige, staring into each other’s eyes the whole time. Lawler then brings up the WWE Tag Team Championships being defended in the main event and also announces United States Champion Mason Ryan taking on Mr. Money In The Bank John Morrison in a non-title match, which will take place right now!

Match One: John Morrison defeats Mason Ryan after the Starship Pain. After the match, The Straight Edge Society briefly attacks Morrison before leaving.

With Morrison still laying in the ring R-Truth walks out onto the stage and says that Morrison’s briefcase is going to be his come Sunday at Summerslam. He says that he was always the stronger partner in their team and he will be stronger once again when they go one-on-one in six days time.

Match Two: The Miz defeats Zack Ryder after a match full of dirty tactics with the Skull Crushing Finale. Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler look on at ringside and provide frequent interferences in the match, not to forget Ziggler’s manager Vickie Guerrero.

After the match, Jerry Lawler walks out onto the stage and says that he senses tension building between the four men. He announces that this Sunday at Summerslam, they will go at it in a fatal 4-way match where the winner gets a shot at the WWE Championship the next night on Raw!

Match Three: Jack Swagger defeats Dolph Ziggler by disqualification after Miz attacks Swagger and the referee catches it. A four-man brawl starts between the competitors and they each stand in a corner of the ring eyeing each other down before continuing to brawl to end the segment.

We go backstage to The Straight Edge Society with Punk coaching Mercury and Rollins before their big title match in the main event. He says that is essential that everyone in the group keeps their titles and that he is counting on them to decrease John Cena’s morale going into Summerslam.

Match Four: The Isles of Power defeat The Colons after Burchill hits Primo with the Curb Stomp. After the match Jerry Lawler walks out and says that at Summerslam there will be a four-corners tag team match with The Straight Edge Society taking on Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne, The Colons and The Isles of Power for the WWE Tag Team Championships, regardless of who wins in tonight’s main event.

Natalya walks out for a promo and she says that she is destined to become the next Women’s Champion because she is the only woman to have survived the Hart Dungeon. She says that Kharma can intimidate the other divas but not her but then Kharma herself makes her way out. Natalya says that she outdid Kharma last week and doubts that Kharma can do anything this week to scare her but then the champion’s opponent is introduced and it is a male wrestler! Kharma smiles as she prepares to take on a man!

Match Five: Kharma defeats JTG with the Implant Buster in a squash match. Afterwards Natalya looks slightly scared as they have another stare down.

We go backstage to John Morrison who is there for an interview and he is not looking his best. He says that he took a beating earlier tonight but he took a beating to win his Money in the Bank briefcase and he will take another one on Sunday if it means beating R-Truth once and for all.

Main Event: Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne defeat The Straight Edge Society to win the WWE Tag Team Championships after a 619/Shooting Star Press combination on Rollins. The new champions celebrate with John Cena to close the show, as The SES glares at them from the ramp, with two fewer titles than when they started the show.
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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Friday Night Smackdown (August 12, 2011)

The show opens with Teddy Long, Christian and Cody Rhodes. He says that in preparation for their match at Summerslam they will be playing pick your poison tonight! There is a cheer as Rhodes says that he will defeat whoever Christian puts against him because he’s the next World Heavyweight Champion and Christian replies by saying that the title isn’t going anywhere and there is some more bickering to end the segment.

Match One: Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara defeat The Punjab Parallel after Sin Cara hits the Hilatura Loca on Jinder Mahal. This means that Bryan/Cara have qualified to the final of the World Tag Team Championship tournament, to be held at Summerslam.

Justin Gabriel and Matt Striker make their way out and Striker says that Gabriel is in the perfect position for the triple threat match at Summerslam- he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Striker says that Gabriel will indeed gain Ezekiel Jackson’s Intercontinental Championship and Wade Barrett’s Money in the Bank briefcase this Sunday and it will make him instant hot property. They take a seat at ringside for the next match.

Match Two: Ezekiel Jackson defeats Wade Barrett in a non-title match with the Torture Rack Backbreaker. After the match Gabriel attempts a sneak attack but Zeke scares him off and the Intercontinental Champion stands strong.

We go backstage to see Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase talking to a mystery man about a match later tonight and then see them shake hands.

We cut away to Christian doing the same thing but we actually see who he’s talking to and it’s Chris Jericho! Christian and Jericho hug and Jericho says that he’ll see Cody Rhodes in the main event.

Match Three: The Hart Dynasty defeats Y0UTH with the Hart Attack on Bateman in a good match, qualifying to face Daniel Bryan/Sin Cara for the World Tag Team Championships at Summerslam.

We go backstage to Ezekiel Jackson who is with Jack Korpela for an interview. Big Zeke says that he proved tonight why he is the Intercontinental Champion and he will walk out of Summerslam not only still champion, but also the new Mr. Money in the Bank.

Chavo Guerrero comes down to the ring to introduce Brodus Clay once again but this time he introduces him as Christian’s pick your poison opponent for tonight!

Match Four: Christian defeats Brodus Clay with the Killswitch. After the match Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase glare at him from the ramp.

Roxxi makes her way down to the ring for a promo. She says that she doesn’t like stereotypical pretty girls who flounce around and wear make-up and short skirts and do handstands instead of wrestle. She says that when she first saw Beth she was convinced she wasn’t one of these girls and Beth Phoenix herself comes out to confirm this. Roxxi says that Beth doesn’t know how pretty she is and that she can’t bring herself to partner with her. Beth is shocked but says to let the greater woman win and face Melina for the Divas Championship at Summerslam.

Match Five: Roxxi defeats Beth Phoenix with The Barbie Buster to earn herself the right to face Melina at Summerslam for the title.

We go backstage to Randy Orton who says that he would have loved to face Christian in his pick your poison match and show everyone that he is really better than him. He says that Chris Jericho and Christian hugged tonight and it was a special moment but he has a knack for ruining moments.

Main Event: Cody Rhodes defeats Chris Jericho with the Cross Rhodes after Ted DiBiase grabbed Jericho’s leg and distracted him. After the match Christian runs out and brawls with Cody and Ted leaving Jericho recovering in the ring. However, as soon as he gets to his feet Randy Orton out of nowhere runs and nails him with the RKO before posing to end the show.
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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Hey, I really enjoy your BTB and it is really easy to read, which is good. In your promos you make sure to get the keys points across to properly advance your storylines.

Cody Rhodes vs Christian will be a close match and it shows that you have faith in them to be a high profile match at one of your biggest events; neither one of those two would have ever been on that stage before. Pick your Poison is always a fun concept and a good way to advance the feud between these two.

Bryan and Sin Cara being a team is good for the division as relatively hight profile singles guys are going for the titles, and these two did team a little bit last year and it was fun to watch.

Gabriel having Striker as a manager is really good to help elevate him.

These are just a few things that stood out to me from your show and I hope to see this continue on the road to Summerslam. I'm being rushed so I'll give you proper feedback on your next Raw!
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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

If I remember correctly I may have popped in and out of this thread a couple of times back when it first started, but I haven’t followed it properly, so I’ll probably be off on a few things.

I dislike recaps as it is, but I will be objective here, and in all honesty I just didn’t think there was enough detail within the opening segment. We have no idea who came out first, who interrupted, how Teddy got involved, and it just really makes it hard to get into the segment. I’m not saying write ten page opening promos, but adding a little more of an emotional element to your writing would really help. From a booking standpoint, pick your poison and will allow you to have a few solid matches on the show, but does the announcement of PYP really deserve its own segment to begin the show. You could have announced it last week and filled this segment with something else, as absolutely nothing happened except for the announcement of PYP. If there was a brawl, or some huge development in the feud then I could understand, but it just seems like a filler by the number segment, which is never a fun way to open up the show.

Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara are definitely a unique team. They’d be awesome to watch as well, although I’m curious towards whether you’ve put any time into developing their chemistry outside the ring as well. Anyway, again from a booking stand point, a tournament with the final happening at Summerslam really makes the tag titles seem important so props for that.

I gather you are using Matt Striker as a mouth piece? If so, that’s brilliant, because Striker is fairly capable on the mic, whilst Gabriel never did anything for me. That triple threat match you’ve got planned has crazy high stakes as well, good stuff.

Jackson/Barrett is just a simple match, with Gabriel at ringside building hype for their match at the PPV. Jackson looks strong here, but there is no way Barrett should lose that briefcase.

Nice couple of segments to build hype for the PYP matches. I like how you’ve kept Christian’s opponent as a mystery... and Jericho is an awesome choice for Rhodes to face. There would have been that nice bit of nostalgia for Jericho and Christian on screen together again as well, although I really couldn’t picture the two guys hugging, they had an extremely different relationship to say Christian and Edge.

The Hart Dynasty always had to go over here, and you’ve got two teams who can steal the show going for the gold at Summerslam. I didn’t realise how close to SS we were until half way through the show though, so I will say from a booking point of view, maybe the tournament finals could have been determined a bit earlier, with time to build some heat between the two competing teams.

Filler interview with Jackson, it hypes the PPV and this is the go home show so can’t complain.

Christian looks like a million bucks, beating Brodus Clay. Again, a solid match and smart booking.

I actually thought it was a bit of a shame that you had the Roxxi/Phoenix promo right before their actual match. The promo actually captured a pretty cool dynamic between the two, it could have made for some great character development over time, but it wasn’t to be. Roxxi gets the win to face Melina which is fine, although I don’t know why you would wait until the show before Summerslam, it doesn’t give anytime to hype the title match.

Randy Orton interview was typical Orton, but it almost gave away that he was going to go after Jericho. I guess it doesn’t really matter because it’s the go home show so he probably would have anyway, but still...

Rhodes gets the win which is needed since he’s in the more high profile match, yet Jericho keeps face. Christian and Orton both out to interact with their respective opponents is a smart way to end the go home show.

I hate to harp on it, but your recaps are rather short, allows no emotions shown by characters and it causes the product to be VERY bland. Even matches can sometimes tell a story, but you don’t give us anything with these either. The only way this style of writing would really work is if you were delivering a booking master class, but you’re not. There’s a few little errors I mentioned above, the main one probably being the lack of hype for matches on the second biggest PPV of the year. The other problem I’d focus on working on is interesting segments in your shows, because whilst this show did hype the SD side of the PPV, there was still way to much bland, filler stuff involved. Keep working at it though, and I look forward to Summerslam.

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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

that was fun
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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

WWE Summerslam

The announcers introduce us to the show and run down the matches tonight, especially focusing on the two main events. They then hype up the first match of the evening as the four tag teams make their entrances.

Match One
WWE Tag Team Championships:
Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match
The Straight Edge Society vs. The Isles of Power w/Finlay vs. The Colons vs. Rey Mysterio & Evan Bourne ©

It’s a very hectic match with men flying everywhere and making tags but after a spot that sees almost everyone sent flying out of the ring Rey is able to hit Joseph Mercury with the 619 and tag in Bourne to hit the Shooting Star Press for the three count.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Rey Mysterio & Evan Bourne (10:37)

After the match there is a big pop as Mysterio and Bourne celebrate with their titles and pose for the fans in the ring.

We go backstage to where Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes are in the locker room. Ted says that Cody is a sure thing to beat Christian and win the World Heavyweight Championship tonight and Cody agrees but he thinks that Ted shouldn’t be there because he always seems to cause problems. Ted tries to object saying that it was he defeating Christian that allowed Cody to participate in the match but Rhodes will hear none of it and he walks off.

We go back to the ring as the Divas Champion Melina makes her entrance to boos followed by Roxxi, who is accompanied by Beth Phoenix. As Roxxi makes her entrance she keeps looking back at Beth and seems rather distressed as if she doesn’t want The Glamazon to be there supporting her.

Match Two
Divas Championship

Melina © vs. Roxxi w/Beth Phoenix

The match is a balance of Melina using dirty tactics to get an upper hand and Roxxi fighting back with Beth Phoenix on the sideline despite the tensions between them recently. After a few minutes of solid action Roxxi is able to hit The Barbie Buster on Melina for the victory.

Winner and NEW Divas Champion: Roxxi (4:10)

After the match Roxxi is handed her new title and Beth gets in the ring to celebrate with her but as she tries to raise the new champion’s arms Roxxi pulls herself away, distancing herself from Beth. The Glamazon responds to this by staring at her for a second before picking up The Divas Champion and laying her out with the Glam Slam! There is a big mixed reaction from the crowd, as Beth stands tall over Roxxi.

We go backstage to where CM Punk is with the rest of The Straight Edge Society. He says that Mercury and Rollins don’t have their tag titles anymore but Mason Ryan is still United States Champion and most importantly, Punk is still WWE Champion. He thanks all three for being by his side in the past but says that in tonight’s main event he must do the noble thing and beat John Cena alone. He says that it will be the only way that Cena will finally be able to accept defeat and give up the fight.

We go back to the ring for the triple threat match which will see the first pinfall decide the Intercontinental Champion and the second pinfall decide the holder of the Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase and the announcers explain this concept to viewers as the wrestlers make their entrances.

Match Three
Intercontinental Championship / Smackdown Money In The Bank Briefcase:
Two-falls Triple Threat Match
Wade Barrett © vs. Justin Gabriel w/Matt Striker vs. Ezekiel Jackson ©

The match sees Barrett and Ezekiel do most of the action while Gabriel slithers in and out of the ring to his manager Matt Striker. The first fall comes when Barrett hits the Wasteland on Ezekiel but Gabriel pushes him out of the ring and pins Big Zeke. The second fall comes minutes later when Ezekiel puts Barrett in the Torture Rack but before he can submit Gabriel sends him out of the ring with a hurricanrana and hits the 450° Splash on Barrett for the second pin.

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Justin Gabriel (7:44)
Winner and NEW Mr. Money In The Bank: Justin Gabriel (8:51)

The crowd is definitely shocked after the match as Gabriel poses in the ring with his manager Matt Striker as nobody would have expected Justin Gabriel to become both champion and briefcase holder at the end of the match.

We go to a video package for WWE’s next pay per view, Vengeance, which has dropped it’s Night of Champions moniker and will now be a standard pay per view affair.

We go to the ring where the announcers introduce John Morrison and R-Truth for what will be the culmination of their long-term rivalry.

Match Four
Raw Money In The Bank Briefcase

R-Truth vs. John Morrison ©

It’s a very physical match with a lot of brawling and hatred in each man’s offense but eventually Morrison manages to reverse a Shut Up into a Moonlight Drive, which he follows up with Starship Pain for the victory.

Winner and STILL Mr. Money In The Bank: John Morrison (12:00)

There is a big pop at the conclusion of the match as Morrison poses with his briefcase for his adoring fans, having finally gotten retribution against his former partner R-Truth.

We go backstage to Justin Gabriel, who is basking in the success of his big victory earlier with women on either side of him. Matt Striker tells him that big things are in his future as they get in a stretch Hummer and drive off into the night.

We go back to the ring where the fifth match of the night is introduced as Randy Orton and then Chris Jericho make their entrances.

Match Five
Grudge Match

Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

Randy tries to ambush Jericho before the match but it backfires and each man starts on an even playing field. There are lots of counters used in the match and the finish ends in such fashion, with Orton reversing a Lionsault into the RKO, which he follows up with the pin.

Winner: Randy Orton (10:23)

The crowd boos as Orton has once again pulled off a snake-like victory and The Viper poses after his victory, to much heat from the audience.

We go backstage to the World Heavyweight Champion Christian who is with Jack Korpela for an interview and he receives a roaring ovation from the crowd in the arena. He says that Cody Rhodes is a noble competitor and that he has wrestling in his blood, but he is still young and inexperienced and not ready to be world champ. Christian says that tonight The Peeps are not going to be disappointed because he is walking out of the arena still champion!

We go back to the ring where the four men from Raw vying for a shot at the WWE Championship in tomorrow’s draft show’s main event are introduced one by one.

Match Six
#1 Contender to the WWE Championship:
Fatal 4 Way Match
Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero vs. The Miz vs. Jack Swagger vs. Zack Ryder

The action is all over the place due to the no-countouts and no-disqualifications rules of the match and Vickie Guerrero is at one point ejected from ringside due to her yelling and interferences. The match concludes with Ryder and Ziggler having been cleared from the ring and Jack Swagger manages to reverse a Skull Crushing Finale into a Gutwrench Powerbomb to pin The Miz for the win.

Winner and NEW #1 Contender: Jack Swagger (8:58)

There are cheers as Swagger celebrates inside the ring after his victory while we cut to shots of The Miz on the apron, seething about his loss.

We go to a hype video for tomorrow night’s three hour WWE Draft Show on Monday Night Raw, where Raw and Smackdown superstars will fight it out for the chance to draft picks to their own brand. Jack Swagger taking on the reigning WWE Champion is advertised for the main event and Mason Ryan defending his United States Championship against Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio and R-Truth is also advertised.

We go back to the ring for the final match in the hotly contested World Tag Team Championship tournament between the best of Smackdown’s tag teams, as the two finalists make their entrances.

Match Seven
World Tag Team Championships

The Hart Dynasty w/Michael Hayes vs. Daniel Bryan & Sin Cara

This is a fairly standard match with a quick beginning until Sin Cara is caught and plays the face in peril for a while until he gets the hot tag to Bryan who clears house. The finish comes when Michael Hayes knocks Bryan off the apron behind the referee’s back and Sin Cara is hit with the Hart Attack, which is followed up by David Hart Smith pinning him.

Winners and NEW World Tag Team Champions: The Hart Dynasty (6:39)

There are boos as Michael Hayes slides into the ring and raises the arms of the new champions, Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith.

We go backstage to John Cena who receives a tremendous ovation mixed in with his usual boos. He says that his crusade to regain the WWE Championship ends tonight. He talks about Punk’s valiant decision to go into the match alone and respect him for it, saying he will be doing the same. What he doesn’t respect, however, is the actions of The Straight Edge Society these past weeks and what they have done to Cena and his allies. He says that he will finally bring down the faction by recapturing his WWE Championship tonight in the match that has become his specialty… last man standing.

We go to the ring for the second women’s match of the night and the third last altogether as challenger Natalya and undefeated Women’s Champion Kharma make their respective entrances.

Match Eight
Women’s Championship

Kharma © vs. Natalya

Just like their feud these past few weeks, Kharma and Natalya attempt to outdo each other and the match isn’t as one sided as expected. However, it inevitably ends with Kharma pinning Natalya after an Implant Buster, continuing her undefeated streak and retaining her title.

Winner and STILL Women’s Champion: Kharma (5:13)

The crowd boos as the seemingly unstoppable monster in Kharma poses with her title after her hard-fought victory.

We go backstage to where Jack Swagger is with Scott Stanford for an interview. Stanford says that Swagger will be facing either John Cena or CM Punk tomorrow on Raw for the WWE Championship and asks whom he would prefer to face. Swagger says that it doesn’t matter who his opponent is because either one of them will feel what it’s like to be in the ring with an amateur wrestling champion. He says that tomorrow night; Monday Night Raw is ending with an All-American American WWE Champ.

We go to the ring for Smackdown’s main event for the night as challenger Cody Rhodes then World Heavyweight Champion Christian make their respective ways down to the ring for their much awaited one-on-one match.

Match Nine
World Heavyweight Championship

Cody Rhodes vs. Christian ©

The match is fairly evenly based but without Ted DiBiase at ringside providing distractions Cody’s arsenal is brought out more and he has to rely more on his wrestling prowess than dirty tactics. The finish comes after Christian manages to spin out of the Cross Rhodes and hit Cody with the Killswitch, which is followed, by a quick cover and pin.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Christian (15:03)

There is a massive pop for Christian as he gets to his feet and tiredly celebrates with his title after the match. The Peeps rise to their feet and chant the World Heavyweight Champion’s name as he makes his way to the back.

We go to a video package for tonight’s overall main event, highlighting the ups and downs of the Cena/Punk feud, focusing on the stable wars led by the two men and the plight of Cena to regain his WWE Championship.

We go to the ring and the crowd is buzzing for that very match. First the WWE Champion CM Punk is introduced to the most heat of the night and then John Cena walks out to a mass chorus of cheers. They stand face to face in the ring and the bell rings to start this huge main event!

Main Event
WWE Championship:
Last Man Standing Match
CM Punk © vs. John Cena

This match is by far the most physical and brutal match of the night as Punk and Cena brawl inside the ring, outside the ring and all over the area. There are many moments where it seems like the match is over such as when Cena got up at 9 after two consecutive Go To Sleeps from Punk or when the WWE Champion managed to get to his feet after an Attitude Adjustment through the announce table. Eventually it takes a third GTS on Cena followed by him being put in the Anaconda Vice for a further 20 seconds for The Chain Gang Soldier to be kept down for the 10 count and for Punk to retain his title.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk (25:12)

Boos flood the arena although there are a number of people who cheer, respecting both men in their efforts in this fantastic match. Punk can barely get to his feet as the referee hands him his WWE Championship. The Straight Edge Society appear on the stage and clap Punk on as he holds his title up proudly in the ring to end the show.
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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Monday Night Raw (August 15, 2011)

We open the show with the announcer’s hyping up the draft as well as tonight’s main event with Jack Swagger challenging CM Punk for his WWE Championship. They then talk about tonight’s first match with Mason Ryan having to defend his US Championship against three other Raw superstars!

Match One: United States Championship
The returning Alberto Del Rio defeats Mason Ryan, R-Truth and the returning Kofi Kingston in a fatal 4-way match with no draft picks on the line to win the United States Championship after Kofi hit Truth with the Trouble in Paradise and he capitalized on it by making the pin.

After the match Ricardo Rodriguez announces him as the new United States Champion in Spanish and the duo pose to a lot of heat from the crowd.

We go backstage to a Chris Jericho interview with Scott Stanford and Y2J says that Randy Orton isn’t getting away with last night’s victory and pretty much that it is not over between the two of them.

Match Two: One Draft Pick
Raw’s Kharma defeats Smackdown’s Eve in a squash match with the Implant Buster.

After the match we see the random wrestler generator on the big screen tick around until it lands on Intercontinental Champion and Money in the Bank briefcase holder Justin Gabriel!

Draft Pick #1: Justin Gabriel to RAW

The crowd boos as Justin walks out onto the stage with his manager Matt Striker and his briefcase and title and the announcers point out that this now means that Intercontinental Champion Justin Gabriel and United States Champion Alberto Del Rio are now on the same show.

We go backstage to The Straight Edge Society and CM Punk scolds Mason Ryan for losing his US title to Alberto Del Rio. He says that he is now the last SES member with a championship and he needs to retain the title tonight against Jack Swagger and he is relying on help from all three of them to make it happen.

Match Three: Two Draft Picks
In a non-title match, Smackdown’s World Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty defeat Raw’s WWE Tag Team Champions Evan Bourne & Rey Mysterio after some distraction courtesy of Michael Hayes and a Hart Attack on Bourne.

After the match the draft generator ticks around until it reaches the first pick of two, John Morrison!

Draft Pick #2: John Morrison to SMACKDOWN

There is a huge pop as Morrison walks out onto the stage with his Money in the Bank briefcase and poses for the fans before walking backstage, ready to live up to his new moniker of The Friday Night Delight. The generator then ticks around a second time before reaching… Rey Mysterio!

Draft Pick #3: Rey Mysterio to SMACKDOWN

There is a mixture of cheers and gasps as we cut to a shocked Rey Mysterio in the ring. He turns to his tag team partner and the other half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Evan Bourne and hugs him before they walk backstage, with Mysterio still visibly shocked about what has happened.

We go backstage to CM Punk walking down a corridor, now on his own, before he runs into World Heavyweight Champion Christian who receives a huge pop. Christian stops Punk and says that it’s a big moment that the two major champions are both on Raw for one night. Punk laughs in his face and calls Christian an inferior champion. He says that he has bigger issues to tend to like a knee that needs taping up before his match in the main event. He walks off without another word to the shocked Captain Charisma.

Match Four: One Draft Pick
In a match with the Intercontinental Championship on the line, Raw’s newest recruit Justin Gabriel defeats Smackdown’s Ezekiel Jackson in the latter’s rematch for the title after a 450° Splash.

After the match Gabriel celebrates with Matt Striker as we cut to the screen where Raw gets another draft pick… and it is Cody Rhodes!

Draft Pick #4: Cody Rhodes to RAW

There are boos as Cody Rhodes, without Ted DiBiase, walks out onto the stage and looks around before smirking and walking backstage, ready to take on Raw after being unsuccessful in capturing the World Heavyweight Championship from Christian last night.

We go backstage to Jerry Lawler in his office and Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne barge into his office and ask what happens now that Mysterio is on Smackdown. Lawler says that regrettably, Mysterio is now ineligible to participate on Raw and Bourne has to defend the titles alone. The WWE Tag Team Champions protest but Lawler calms them down and says that something will be worked out for next week.

Match Five: One Draft Pick
Smackdown’s Wade Barrett defeats Raw’s Zack Ryder in a short match with the Wasteland to earn Smackdown another pick.

We cut to the generator and Smackdown’s newest superstar turns out to be Alberto Del Rio!

Draft Pick #5: Alberto Del Rio to SMACKDOWN

The crowd boos as the United States Champion as of tonight in Del Rio walks out onto the stage accompanied by his announcer Ricardo Rodriguez and he announces him as Smackdown’s newest member before the commentators say that the United States and Intercontinental Championships have now effectively swapped shows.

We go backstage to an interview with The Miz who says that last night he was robbed in his fatal 4-way match and that he should be facing CM Punk tonight. He says that Jack Swagger should watch out if he somehow wins the title because he will be the first one to take it from him. He also hypes up the big 16-man battle royale for 4 draft picks later tonight saying that he will be the sole survivor.

Match Six: Two Draft Picks
Raw’s Dolph Ziggler and new member Cody Rhodes defeat Smackdown’s Shelton Benjamin and new member John Morrison after Vickie Guerrero interfered and Ziggler hit the Zig Zag on Shelton.

After the match the heels celebrate as we cut once again to the screen to realise Raw’s two newest draft picks. The Smackdown roster ticks around until it slows and lands on Beth Phoenix!

Draft Pick #6: Beth Phoenix to RAW

There is a mixed reaction leaning towards boos as The Glamazon walks out onto the stage and poses as the announcers mention that Beth Phoenix and Kharma are now on the same show and they talk up the possibility of a rivalry. We then go back to the wheel, which spins around again and lands on the next pick and the crowd is shocked to see that it is… World Heavyweight Champion Christian!

Draft Pick #7: Christian to RAW

The crowd is shocked but nevertheless there is a huge pop as Christian walks out onto the stage and poses, soaking in his new home of Monday Nights. The announcers mention that the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship are now on the same show and ponder about how this will be resolved. They take the opportunity to segue into talking about tonight’s title defense with CM Punk taking on Jack Swagger in the main event.

We go backstage to an interview with Justin Gabriel and Matt Striker and Striker says that Raw has gained the greatest asset in the WWE. He says that Gabriel has titles; trophies, money, success and women and now he will be able to showcase all of these things in front of a live audience. Gabriel himself then takes the microphone and tells Monday Nights to prepare themselves for him.

Match Seven: Four Draft Picks
In a high stakes battle royale, Smackdown’s Randy Orton is the sole survivor in a match that includes Chris Jericho, Brodus Clay, Ted DiBiase, Daniel Bryan, The Great Khali, Trent Barreta and Alex Riley also representing the blue brand and The Miz, Tyler Reks, Carlito, Primo, Drew McIntyre, Paul Burchill, Joseph Mercury and Seth Rollins representing Raw.

After the match Chris Jericho, who was eliminated by Orton, attacks The Viper and the two brawl up the ramp and to backstage as we go to the screen for the first of four draft picks… and it is The Straight Edge Society!

Draft Pick #8: The Straight Edge Alliance (Joseph Mercury and Seth Rollins) to SMACKDOWN

There are boos as Mercury and Rollins, still outside the ring after being eliminated earlier, are shocked that they are now heading to Friday nights. The announcers mention that this splits them from their leader CM Punk and also Mason Ryan and talk about how the future of the faction now seems bleak. We go to the titantron once again for the second draft pick and it is… The Miz!

Draft Pick #9: The Miz to SMACKDOWN

There are boos as The Miz, still on the outside, seems very unhappy with the decision and starts to throw a tantrum, attacking inanimate objects and parts of the ring. We don’t have time for his antics though as we cut back to the screen and see that the third consecutive draft pick for Smackdown is… The Women’s Champion Kharma!

Draft Pick #10: Kharma to SMACKDOWN

There are boos as Kharma gets onto the apron and poses like a monster with her title as the announcers say they spoke too soon about Beth Phoenix and Kharma both being on Raw. They also mention that now the Women’s and Divas Championships are now both on Smackdown and they tease a confrontation with Kharma and Roxxi in the near future. We then go back to the screen for the night’s final draft pick and it is… Jack Swagger!

Draft Pick #11: Jack Swagger to SMACKDOWN

There is a big pop as The All-American American walks out onto the stage and beats his chest and smiles, knowing he is going to Smackdown and that he also has the chance to take the WWE Championship to the blue brand tonight. The announcers talk this up as a possibility as Swagger makes his way down to the ring seeing as the main event is up next anyway.

Main Event: WWE Championship
CM Punk defends his title against Smackdown’s newest superstar Jack Swagger in a match that has the potential to change the scene of the WWE completely. The match is rather even at first until Mason Ryan, who is at ringside to help Punk, distracts the referee and allows Punk to hit Swagger with a low blow and gain momentum. Punk dominates the match and Ryan tries to interfere again on his behalf but World Heavyweight Champion and new Raw superstar Christian runs down to the ring and takes out Mason Ryan with the Killswitch! The crowd pops, as a shocked CM Punk looks on in the ring and Jack Swagger rolls him up but only for a two count! The action continues evenly for another minute or so before Swagger gets on a roll and picks Punk up for a Gutwrench Powerbomb… only for Punk to slide off and pick up Swagger and hit him with the GTS! The crowd boos as Punk covers, 1…2…3!

There are boos as CM Punk has retained his WWE Championship, meaning the two major titles in the WWE stay on Raw. Swagger rolls out of the ring in pain as Punk celebrates but World Heavyweight Champion Christian slides into the ring and the two champions hold up their respective titles and stare each other down to end the show on an explosive note.

Supplemental Draft Results

Draft Pick #12: Daniel Bryan to RAW
Draft Pick #13: Roxxi to RAW
Draft Pick #14: Milan 2 Moscow (Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov) to SMACKDOWN
Draft Pick #15: Alex Riley to RAW
Draft Pick #16: Layla to SMACKDOWN
Draft Pick #17: The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) to RAW
Draft Pick #18: Gail Kim to SMACKDOWN
Draft Pick #19: The Punjab Parallel (The Great Khali and Jinder Mahal) to RAW
Draft Pick #20: Tamina to RAW
Draft Pick #21: Curt Hawkins to SMACKDOWN
Draft Pick #22: AJ to RAW
Draft Pick #23: Nikki Bella to SMACKDOWN
Draft Pick #24: Heath Slater to RAW

Other News

Sheamus has left the WWE due to personal reasons. His return to the company in the future is said to be welcomed.
Sin Cara has been fired due to poor performance. The WWE wishes him well in his future endeavours.
Chris Masters has been fired due to a breach of the WWE wellness policy. The WWE wishes him well in his future endeavors.
Skip Sheffield has been sent back to developmental to work on his skills.
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