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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries


I like it that you are using Dibiase as Cody's lackey. I mean the role is of a lackey but being a future star's lackey is better than Dibiase being all alone by himself coz he sucks lol. Damn I was about to predict Rhodes but changed it to Sheamus in the last moment. It was a shocking but great decision to open the night with this match. Just a small thing, at the end Cody delivered his finisher to Sin Cara and then took the pinfall over Sheamus, it looked a bit odd. I know you were saving Sin Cara's streak but a direct finisher and pinfall on Sheamus would have been better. But, a great match and refreshing result with Rhodes winning.

Mason Ryan's win was also very surprising. CM Punk being involved in the match, i would like to see how you develop his character forward now that WWE has put him in the limelight. I liked the way in which Jackson won and looked like a monster. The result was expected and a good one. However, Barrett got buried a bit but hell, the next event is MITB lol.

Skip Sheffeld being back is a good thing. I am not well-versed with this storyline so will read some shows to know it better. Del Rio winning looked like an expected result but a DQ result is good, rather than making Del Rio lose clean to Swagger. Kharma still being in your BTB is good for the divas division. Her becoming the Women's champ will now get some interest in the divas roster and would like to see who challenges her.

Punk coming out after Cena's match makes it look a bit like WWE. But i will be expecting a different storyline than what's going in WWE now. However, at this moment, Punk is the best man to become No.1 contender to Cena unless you are going to give Truth one more chance in a gimmick match like Steel cage or something.

I liked the ending of Ironman match. That spot with Orton keeping his lead intact and Christian using the weapon to get the scores even by countout was awesome. Christian looks really credible as the champion and will be looking forward to how the storyline proceeds. Orton will probably get one more match i believe.

Overall, your PPV was much better than WWE Capitol Punishment. I believe the Ironman match and the first match for No.1 contendership were the picks of the show. I can see a Rhodes vs Orton angle to become the No.1 contender or a Triple Threat. And with Dibiase being involved, the whole Legacy thing might work out. It seems interesting and I will be reading how it develops.
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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

i give ur event a 7/10 lol
let's rate the match one by one

the fatal four way: i loved it, a great way to open the show
though i thought Cody would be the one to get pinned, lots of near falls, for second i thought no way Cara's winning and thank god i was right... and we'll be seeing a Cody/Christian feud real soon i guess.

Next up, Mason/Kofi a solid match to say, Kofi losing the U.S title is good, love to see how u give Ryan the title reign and Kofi got robbed lol.

the intercontinetnal championship was also solid, i see u kept the corre together and Ezekiel using the torutre rack is good and kinda weird, hopefully Wade will move on to big and better things. and i'm sure ull have him win MITB

Alberto got his Brodus replacement as he brought over Skip shefieeld and yah he lost, i'm hoping u push Del Rio correctly unlike WWE lol.

Kharma & Kelly, not much to say we all knew Kharma was gonna win, TOTAL SQUASH

R-Truth vs. Cena, well looks like u made Cena look like a superman lol, a steel pipe hit his freaking head and he still won lol, good match though.

Christian/Orton :match of the night, and as expected Chrisitan retained. good job having christian hit the killswitch at the last second but it's not like it would have made a difference if he didn't hit it, cuz a drew results in retaining lol

i honestly think u should have written more detail in Christian/Orton
looking forward to MITB, where u will be comepting against us lol
good luck
oh and btw who won the prediction contest?
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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries


I liked the fatal four way match, it was absolutely great. The Ending was perfect, even though i expected Bryan to be pinned, Sin Cara might be a better choice to make Cody look better going into a world title match.

Kofi vs Mason was a decent match, i'm happy you gave the title to Mason, Kofi reigns are boring now lol.

Superman Zeke won, i don't like him, but hopefully it will send Barrett to better things, its great how you had Zeke take out all of Corre, it adds to the match.

Not really interested in Swagger/Del-Rio, don't get how Morrison or Shieffeld are involved but i guess he was given money.

Kharma/Kelly, i expected maybe a slight chance Kelly would win, but Kharma won anyway lol, Squash but well written.

Truth vs Cena was better then i expected and i can't blame you for only writing two paragraphs for a Cena match, lol.

Orton/Christian was amazing, probably second best after the Fatal-Four Way. 4-3 might be to much of a score for a 30 min match but you wrote it well and thank you for having Christian beat Orton, great booking!

Overall a decent PPV, could have been better but i liked it. Looking forward to MITB which is always an interesting PPV.
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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

I saw the preview in the ad section figured I'd check it out. Keep in mind I haven't read this thread ever before so I really have no background on these matches.

The opening match was, outstanding. Very Very fun, I like Cody getting the win it's a fresh face in the main event. Hopefully his character in this thread isn't as, horrible, as it is in real life. Overall all though I throughly enjoyed this match, a great great opener. Good story telling and some nice spots. My only tiny beef is on the spot where Cara hurricanared Bryan out of the high cross, I just don't think that can physically work. Sheamus is like 6'6 and then gets a good 6 inches of elevation above his head on that move. I doubt Cara can jump 7 feet high. None the less, absolutely fantastic match. If the whole card is like this one, this card should be overall great.

The US Title match was good. You did the best you could with Mason Ryan's lack of in-ring talent and that's fine. He got his power moves in and Kofi gave us his little, I'm gonna beat the odds push for the win but in the end the heels got him. Good little story, typical Face vs. Heel match. I enjoyed it. Mason Ryan as super beast champ that kills all challengers? I think so.

PS I noticed you brought back the SES with Ryan Punk Mercury and Tyler Black aka Seth Rollings, he's Tyler Black in my heart. Thats something interesting to me

The IC title match, wasn't as big of a fan. It seemed like you were trying to have Zeke look like this face in trouble, constantly geting worked over by Barret no matter what he tried then eventaully pulling it out in the end. HAVE YOU SEEN BIG ZEKE. He's a monster face it just didn't seem believable and was pretty boring. I feel like the real life way they took it with Zeke just beating the shit out of Barrett would'v worked better here, though I credit you for going away from what they did in real life it just didn't come off well.

The action in the Swagger-Del Rio match was good while it lasted. I wish would've taken a few minutes off the IC Title match and added them here quite honestly. Again on the realism in the action though, do you honestly believe that some like Swagger whose been taught how to block a German suplex since he was like six or whenever would start wrestlign would get taken down by one by someone who isn't a pure mat tactition. I doubt it, either way a decent match. Sheffield attack was interesting, we'll see where you take it, I always thought he'd be a good comedy face but it appears you want him to be a BA heel. Let's see where it goes.

Diva's match was exactly what it should've been. Squash for Kharma. Make Kharma vs. Beth happen that's all I got to say.

I'm gonna review the last two matches in one blob. It's obvious you got in such a such hurry to get this up that getting it up became more important that match quality. A two minute Diva's match should not be longer than a 13 minute WWE Title match, it just can't happen. Or a 30 minute match with 7 falls shouldn't be 5 or 6 paragraphs. None the less the champs retain ok.

The start of this show was very very good. You have some interesting stuff going on with Cody getting a title shot and the SES. I'm going to keep reading, but next time right every match in full please. The card was going so good until the end, just sort of left a bad taste in my mouth.

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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries


4 way was a great choice to open the show. Very good match. I expected Sheamus to take it but it was a big win for Cody. Sin Cara had the match won but Cody got it. Good to see Cody in the main event. Cody vs Orton or Cody vs Christian would be great. I wonder what’s next for Sheamus.

Mason Ryan winning us belt is interesting, don’t really like him as champ but it should be interesting how you book him. I wonder what is next for Kofi, a rematch or he finally gets elevated to the main event? Ezekiel winning the IC Title is a good thing. I liked how you made him win by submission. Zeke would make a great dominating IC Champion. Barrett will probably bounce back at the next ppv. He will move on to bigger and better things. That loss won’t hurt him as I think you will probably make him the next MITB winner. I would like to see a Wade Barrett vs The Undertaker feud in the future.

I like how you made Skip Sheffield return, better replacement than Brodus Clay. The dq result was good as it keeps Del Rio still look strong. Would like to see Del Rio/Cena feud soon.

I like how you’ve kept Kharma still in the divas division, and with her being in the divas division it will be a major improvement for the division. Good squash. I enjoyed the post match reaction from Kharma. Not sure where this is leading too but will she refuse to be champion? I’d like to know who her next challenger will be. Maybe Melina, Natalya or Beth.

I expected Cena to go over Truth and Punk coming out after the match is a good way to set up the next ppv match. Continue to push Truth though.

The Iron Man Match was well written but i do think 4-3 is a bit too much of a score for a 30 man Iron Man Match. The final stretch of the match was fun, both men were desperate to win. Christian getting the winning fall with 10 secs to go to retain the title. Good result. You’ve done a great job by having Christian as champion as he shouldn’t have lost it in the first place. He deserved a longer and better reign and i believe you will book Christian to have a very good reign. The Iron Man match is perfect for Christian and Orton because they’ve had a great feud, they’ve put on great matches and this is the right way to go.

My fave matches were the Iron Man Match and the #1 contenders 4 way. Looking forward to the MITB ppv, keep up the good work. Overall a good ppv, would have nice if Miz had a match on the ppv.

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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Prediction Competition Results:

Fourth: FluxCapacitor (5/20)
Third: The Storm (9/20)
Second: Shawn Morrison (11/20)

Winner: The Awesome Punk (12/20)

Thanks to those that participated in the competition; as promised The Awesome Punk gets his prize of a review plus also an influence on the booking of the next pay per view, which will reveal to him specifically once I post a few more shows.

In the meantime, here's some news to give this post some extra substance.

from pwinsider

The WWE has been rattled by the news that as many as eight top stars are leaving the company and it has been confirmed that three have already done so for differing reasons. The Big Show and Kane have both retired from in ring competition to give their bodies a rest and although they have been offered blow-off feuds they have declined. Show and Kane are expected to work a backstage role in mentoring and training until their contracts expire, and apparently neither have ruled out appearing on screen once or twice since then.

Also confirmed to have retired, but by force, is Mark Henry, who has been told he suffered a pinched nerve in his shoulder after wrestling at a house show on the weekend of Capitol Punishment. Henry has followed doctor's advice to immediately stop competing and he will do so. We are yet to know if the WWE will release him from his contract, but like Show and Kane, he may work backstage until his contract expires.

Other names linked to this big storyline are Triple H, Rey Mysterio, The Undertaker, The Great Khali and surprisingly World Heavyweight Champion Christian as well. We'll get further news regarding these other names as soon as we can, but for now, the extent of this drama is surrounded by mystery and uncertainty.

PS- I'm still in the process of returning reviews for Capitol Punishment and anyone that hasn't got theirs back, rest assured it's coming.
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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Monday Night Raw (June 20, 2011)

The Champ Is Here, Still

Last night at Capitol Punishment John Cena defied the odds to defeat R-Truth and retain his WWE Championship. However, after the match, CM Punk and The Straight Edge Society made their way out onto the stage and Punk locked eyes with Cena, the brief encounter being enough to let The WWE Universe know that Punk wants to be the next to get a shot at Cena’s title.

A King’s Speech

Raw General Manager Jerry “The King” Lawler promises to open tonight’s show with a few announcements regarding the format of Monday Night Raw as well as some news for the upcoming pay per view, Money In The Bank. “King” is also set to make some sort of ruling on John Cena’s next contender for his WWE Championship, and it very well could be CM Punk, then man mentioned earlier.

A Butterfly’s Broken Wings

Last night at Capitol Punishment, Kharma defeated Kelly Kelly for the Divas Championship, but following her victory, she stepped on her title and discarded it like a piece of trash. Due to this there promises to be a major shake-up with the divas division on Raw but we’ll have to wait and see what will be said.

Del Rio’s Destiny

Last night Alberto Del Rio took on Jack Swagger in a grudge that ended when Skip Sheffield interfered on Del Rio’s behalf and would have completely taken Jack Swagger out if not for the help of his newfound ally John Morrison. Tonight, Del Rio, who will no doubt be joined by his ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez, will talk to the crowd and he will no doubt be getting a hostile reception.

Banking On It

In some announced matches for tonight’s Raw, qualifying matches for Raw’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match are getting underway. R-Truth will take on Chris Masters, Drew McIntyre will take on Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Reks will take on the man who lost his United States Championship last night in Kofi Kingston. Three men will walk out of the arena tonight, one step closer to being the next Mr. Money In The Bank.

All this and more, tonight, on Monday Night Raw!

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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Your capitol punishment ppv was great..The Main event obviously stole the show in my opinion and what a moment with Christian becoming champion again..i love how this is going..Will Be reviewing your shows in a daily basis in the upcoming weeks..the only thing i suggest is you too have more detailed backstage segments and more segments in your shows...My two cents !
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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Monday Night Raw (June 20, 2011)

The show opens with a pop to General Manager Jerry “The King” Lawler. He says that Capitol Punishment was an eventful night that saw John Cena retain his WWE Championship against R-Truth in Raw’s main event. Lawler says that he has some business to attend to. He mentions that in a month’s time is the Money In The Bank pay per view event, and both Raw and Smackdown will have separate Money In The Bank matches, with six superstars competing in each. He says that due to pay per view events containing superstars from both brands of the WWE, many are left out. Because of this, he and Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long have agreed to host monthly supershows. These will be special three hour episodes of Raw and Smackdown to occur the week of pay per views, meaning that the first ever Monday Night Raw Supershow will occur in three weeks time.

Lawler revisits Money In The Bank, saying that there will be qualifying matches over the next few weeks on Raw to decide the six participants in the match. He also says that John Cena will need a new opponent for his WWE Championship but before he can venture further into this subject, he is interrupted by the music of CM Punk and The Straight Edge Society makes their way down to the ring to heat. Punk says that Joseph Mercury and Seth Rollins are the WWE Tag Team Champions and that Mason Ryan is the new United States Champion after winning the title last night. Punk says that he wants every member of the group to be holding a title and the only way to accomplish that is for Punk to beat John Cena for the WWE Championship. Lawler inquires about the fact that Punk is technically tag team champ because of the “Freebird” rule but Punk says that the rule is officially null and void for the group. He sarcastically says that he doesn’t want to get greedy and hold two titles; before reinforcing the point that all he wants is to humiliate and defeat John Cena and take his WWE Championship.

To this, the champ himself makes his way to the ring to a great pop and as soon as he slides in The SES surrounds him. Lawler tells Punk not to pull any funny business but Punk smiles and says that they are in good hands. Cena says that although he is a tad intimidated, he is ecstatic to still be walking out as the WWE Champion and to have done it all for the fans. After the brief victory speech he addresses Punk’s challenge, saying that he respects CM Punk as a performer, mentioning the fact he’s won multiple world titles in the past, but he doesn’t see what he’s done to deserve a title shot. Punk says that he has leaded his group to already hold three title belts but Cena says that none belong to Punk himself. Punk fumes as Lawler says that Cena has a point, but he also has a way for Punk to prove himself as a challenger. Lawler says that in order for Punk to get a shot at the WWE Championship, tonight he will have to defeat a former world champion. For tonight’s main event, he books CM Punk versus Rey Mysterio! The crowd pops and Punk simply glares as we go to a break.

Commercial Break

Match One: In a match to qualify for the Money In The Bank, Kofi Kingston faces Tyler Reks. In what turns out to be a fairly dominant affair, “The Dreadlock Dynamo” prevails after the Trouble In Paradise.

Result: Kofi Kingston defeats Tyler Reks; qualifies for MITB Ladder Match

After the match, Kofi gets on the microphone and says that although he has lost his United States Championship, he has not lost his hope. He says that he is going to invoke his rematch clause against Mason Ryan, and why not make the match for the Monday Night Raw Supershow in three weeks time? He says that he will see Mason Ryan then and he will get his title back and then he will go on to Money In The Bank and at the end of that night, he will be holding both his United States Championship, and the Money In The Bank Briefcase.

We go backstage to where The Miz is standing with interviewer Scott Stanford. The Miz says that last week he hit a low point, he lost to Zack Ryder. He calls Zack Ryder a nobody and says that the win was the biggest fluke of his life. The Miz calls himself a former WWE Champion, and former champions shouldn’t be losing to losers like Zack Ryder. Miz challenges Ryder to another match next week. He says that this time he’s going to raise the stakes- the winner of the match qualifies for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. The Miz sarcastically wishes Ryder good luck and says that he will see him next week.

Commercial Break

We return and go backstage to the divas locker room, where Jerry Lawler and also Teddy Long are standing in front of all the divas besides the reigning Divas Champion Kharma. Lawler says that he has been placed in an interesting situation after Capitol Punishment. He mentions Kharma stomping on and discarding the Divas Championship after defeating Kelly Kelly for it in her first official match. Lawler says that Kharma has let it be known that she doesn’t value the Divas Championship and refuses to hold it as a legitimate title, saying that she isn’t a diva. Lawler says that obviously nobody wants to upset Kharma so he has been forced to replace her title. He says that the Divas Championship has been vacated and Kharma is now officially the new Women’s Champion!

There are murmurs around the locker room as Teddy Long chimes in, saying that they were forced to bring the title out of retirement to avoid Kharma having a breakdown, saying there’s no telling what she can do if she’s mad. He however says that the Divas Championship will find a new home on WWE Smackdown. The divas look confused as Teddy says that once again, they will be split up into both Raw and Smackdown. There are some concerned looks as Lawler says that by later this week, they will have decided which divas will go where, but until then, they will just have to wait.

Match Two: Dolph Ziggler takes on Drew McIntyre in the second Money In The Bank qualifying match of the night. Without the interference that plagued their match last week, the two heels try to use sneaky tactics against one another but in the end it is Vickie Guerrero’s interference that aids Ziggler in getting the victory after a Zig Zag.

Result: Dolph Ziggler defeats Drew McIntyre; qualifies for MITB Ladder Match

After the match, Ziggler and Guerrero celebrate and disgust the audience with a kiss, as we cut to a shot of McIntyre down and out in the centre of the ring. We then see a shot of a long-haired man backstage watching the events unfolding in the ring on a monitor, but we only get the back of his head before we cut away.

Commercial Break

After the break, R-Truth makes his way to the ring to a lot of boos. He says that last night he failed in his mission to gain the WWE Championship. He says it’s okay though, usually he would feel like he let the fans down but considering he doesn’t give a rats about the fans, he’s feeling unburdened. Truth says that he’s not going to blame anybody for his loss but he is going to say that John Cena’s win was a fluke and had nothing to do with the fans. R-Truth says that although one mission is over, another begins. He says that last night wasn’t his last shot at the WWE Championship. Truth says that in just under one month is the Money In The Bank pay per view and he will grab that briefcase and cash it in on John Cena, this time winning the title he deserves. Truth says that his mission starts right now.

Match Three: R-Truth takes on Chris Masters in a match to qualify for the Raw Money In The Bank Ladder Match and join Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler who already had qualified. Truth gives Masters quite a beating, taking out all his frustration from losing last night and he eventually ends the match with the Shut Up or the corkscrew scissors kick.

Result: R-Truth defeats Chris Masters; qualifies for MITB Ladder Match

We get video packages on the careers of The Big Show and also Kane, who both retired yesterday.

Commercial Break

The crowd boos as Alberto Del Rio joins us after the break, accompanied by his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez and the man who interfered on his behalf last night at Capitol Punishment in Skip Sheffield. Del Rio says that his name is Alberto Del Rio, but we already knew that. He says that he told Jack Swagger that he was making a huge mistake challenging him. He says that he was never going to face him in a proper one on one match; he was only there to punish Jack Swagger. Judging by the fact that Jack Swagger isn’t here tonight, he says that he thinks he accomplished that. The crowd boos as Del Rio smiles and says that he should probably introduce his new colleague formally. He tells the crowd that Skip Sheffield here is his new bodyguard. Del Rio points out that he could obviously defend himself easily but when he has the money, why not hire somebody else to do the job for you. Del Rio says that a lot of people want a piece of his fame and money and therefore he needs the protection. He says that Skip Sheffield is here to make sure that the jealous people in the WWE don’t get in his way of becoming a WWE Champion.

Suddenly John Morrison’s music plays and “The Guru Of Greatness” makes his way to the ring to a pop. Morrison says that Alberto is crazy if he thinks that the people here are jealous of him. He says that Jack Swagger was right about Del Rio- he is a coward. Morrison says that he’s never been the best of friends with Jack Swagger but after being put against someone like Alberto Del Rio who he has no respect for; he has no choice but to help him. Morrison says that Skip Sheffield standing there is proof that Del Rio is a coward. Del Rio says that John Morrison is stupid. He says that while Morrison has been injured he has been the star of Monday Night Raw. Del Rio says that Morrison’s time in the limelight has expired; it is now time for the age of Alberto Del Rio.

Jerry Lawler’s music interrupts and the Monday Night Raw GM walks out onto the stage. He says that last night; the fans were cheated out of a match between Del Rio and Swagger. Lawler says that at Money In The Bank, the fans will see that match without it being ruined and Del Rio is outraged. Lawler says that at the Monday Night Raw Supershow the week of the pay per view, Morrison and Swagger will take on Del Rio and Sheffield. He says that the winning team will get to decide the type of match that Swagger and Del Rio will have at Money In The Bank. The crowd pops as Lawler then says that Morrison and Sheffield will not be left off Money In The Bank. He says that next week it will be John Morrison taking on Skip Sheffield with the winner progressing to the Raw Money In The Bank Ladder Match! The crowd pops and Morrison celebrates as Del Rio scowls as we go to our final commercial break.

Commercial Break

Main Event: CM Punk takes on Rey Mysterio in a match that was previously announced earlier in the night. In a rather long TV match the two serve up a great match reminiscent of their past efforts. Eventually after fifteen minutes, CM Punk manages to grabs Mysterio half way through the 619 and lift him up to hit the GTS, earning himself the right to face John Cena for the WWE Championship at Money In The Bank.

Result: CM Punk defeats Rey Mysterio; #1 Contender to the WWE Championship

After the match, the crowd boos as The Straight Edge Society celebrates together in the ring. The group looks down at Rey Mysterio and Punk smiles before pointing at his fallen opponent. The SES suddenly pounces and engages in a four on one attack on the wounded Mysterio. The crowd boos but after a few seconds Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne run down to the ring to a big pop! They manage to even out the playing field but soon succumb to the Society’s superior numbers. John Cena’s music suddenly plays though, and to a huge pop, Cena runs down to the ring to clear the ring of CM Punk and The Straight Edge Society. The faces help tend to Mysterio as The SES retreats up the ramp, with CM Punk staring down John Cena, the man who he will face at Money In The Bank in a match for the WWE Championship.

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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Ok, Show and Kane retired, lol. Good decision btw. I really find it hard to use these two now-boring giants also. The Punk vs Cena was expected to happen, but with WWE producing a once in a lifetime storyline out of it, your BTB is affected if it is a simple feud between these two.

Del Rio vs Swagger feud looks okay, but it should not have happened at MITB time. I would have preferred both of them in the MITB match, I believe you are using 6 persons in the MITB match which is better than using 8 people. Results were okay but McIntyre losing was quite a shock. No idea about the person who was watchin the match lets see.

And love that Ryder defeated The Miz. I am not one of those Ryder bandwagon fans but I hate Miz so much that I love to see him treated like he should be
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