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That Guy 05-12-2011 02:33 AM

World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries
Small, yet vital changes I made

• Hulk Hogan was released after losing at Judgment Day to the Undertaker, there was no longer a need for him.
• After Judgment Day Stone Cold left the WWE, pissed off with its direction and walked out (like in real life just a month earlier).
• The Hardcore, Cruserweight and European titles are now defunct.
• The Rock has left to go do movies and won’t be back for a few months BTB time.
• Goldust, Perry Saturn and Al Snow have retired to go and work backstage.
• As of Judgment Day the WWF were forced to change their name to the WWE
• And X-Pac and Scott Hall are out in rehab.

WWE Rosters


Booker T
Brock Lesnar
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Lo Brown
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
Jeff Hardy
Justin Credible
Kane – Suffering from Injury
Kevin Nash
Matt Hardy
Rhyno - Out with a neck injury
Rob Van Dam
Steven Richards
Spike Dudley
the Big Show
the Undertaker
Tommy Dreamer
William Regal

Ric Flair – on screen General Manager
Arn Anderson – deputy G.M often helps out Flair
Paul Heyman – Manages Brock Lesnar
Jerry Lawler - Color Commentator
Jim Ross - Play by Play


Billy Gunn
Billy Kidman
Chavo Guerrero Jnr.
Chris Benoit – Suffering from Injury
Chris Jericho – Out after the Hell in a Cell
Chuck Palumbo
Diamond Dallas Page
D-Von Dudley
Hurricane Helms
Kurt Angle
Lance Storm
Mark Henry
Randy Orton
Scotty 2 Hotty
Triple H

Vince McMahon – on screen General Manager
Tazz – color commentator
Michael Cole – Play by Play

the Undertaker – Undisputed Champion – Dual Branded
Eddie Guerrero – Intercontinental Champion- Exclusive to Raw
Rikishi and Rico – WWE Tag Team Champions – Dual Branded

OVW & Alumni that may be brought up in the near future

Brian Kendrick
Charlie Haas
Mr. Harvard” Chris Nowinski
Damaja” Danny Basham
Leviathan” Dave Batista
Doug Basham
Jamie Noble
The Prototype” John Cena
Johnny the Bull Stamboli
Lance Cade
Nick Dismore
René Dupree
Rey Mysterio Jnr
Rob Conway
Sean O’Haire
Shelton Benjamin

Judgment Day
May 19, 2002

  • Eddie Guerrero © dft. Rob Van Dam @10:17 ~ Intercontinental title match
  • Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman def. Hardy Boyz @4:06
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin dft. The Big Show and Ric Flair @15:36 ~ Handicap match
  • Edge dft. Kurt Angle @15:30 ~ Hair vs. Hair match
  • Triple H dft. Chris Jericho @24:31 ~ Hell in a Cell match
  • Rikishi and Rico dft. Billy © and Chuck © @3:50 ~ Tag Team titles
    (Rikishi challenged the duo of Billy and Chuck but Vince had stated that he cannot go for the tag team titles alone and will have a mystery partner, out came- manager of the tag champs, Rico who went to hit Rikishi with a superkick but missed and got Chuck instead.)
  • The Undertaker dft. Hollywood Hulk Hogan @11:17 ~ WWE undisputed title, retirement match

John_Cena_is_God 05-12-2011 05:06 AM

Re: WWE 2002: 'Hold on tight, it's a bumpy ride'
this was the time i started to watch wwe, good that old stars have left like hogan, rock, austin
will be watching what you do with these stars, cena in particular lol

CM Dealer 05-12-2011 09:30 AM

Re: WWE 2002: 'Hold on tight, it's a bumpy ride'
This is an interesting time period IMO with the attitude era transitioning into the Cena/Batista era. The rosters seem a little shallow but thats what OVW is for. Good luck.

cab12345 05-12-2011 10:10 AM

Re: WWE 2002: 'Hold on tight, it's a bumpy ride'
Good rosters and time to start a btb. Will be looking out first show.

RickRoll'd 05-12-2011 10:15 AM

Re: WWE 2002: 'Hold on tight, it's a bumpy ride'
BTB Roster Review:

Your roster is one of a kind roster, especially using the WWE after the name change from F to E, that is nice, but it would be nicer to see, how can you be a legendary promotion like before without SCSA, Rocky and Hogan, the three of the best of all-time. Ofcourse, I am excited to see some pushes to other, that is where the new WWE 2002 is made of, bringing up the talents and more exposures to Jericho, Taker, Kane, HHH, RVD, etc.

But, OVW talents would be nicer to see, on how would they affect the recent name change. :)

BTW, you will not use the Women's Division, but it that's fine if you don't want. But, Triple H is also on SmackDown! That's the most awesome thing.

Nice roster, and looking to see more.

That Guy 05-12-2011 11:02 AM

Re: WWE 2002: 'Hold on tight, it's a bumpy ride'
@RickRoll'd Triple H was on the Smackdown! roster around that time, feuding with Jericho he appeared on Smackdown! often, only officially going to Raw and trading with the Undertaker once Flair stepped down from General Manager and Bischoff gave him the newly assigned WHC title around the Summer.


WWE Insider news following Judgment Day

*Former WWE Champion, Intercontinental Champion, Tag Team Champion, Royal Rumble Winner and Commissioner- Shawn Michaels has given word from a radio interview he held in his home town about his future status in wrestling. Shawn after four years of not competing in the ring has said that he is quite happy not competing in the ring again, he is happy being a born again christian and starting up a new family at home and doesn't want to get in the ring and possibly ruin his back all-together and be in a wheel chair. When asked about possibly taking up a backstage roll or an 'easier roll on the body', Shawn laughed and said he has been asked but hasn't come to a decision yet.

*Word on the street is Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman are in talks with the World Wrestling Entertainment, Heyman someone who has worked for Vince in the past, and is on good terms with them makes sense but Bischoff doesn't. Eric Bischoff, the man who took Monday Nitro from where it was to Vince's greatest competition and almost took him out of business, everyone is buzzing as to why on earth would Vince be even rumored to talk with the man but only time would tell.

Leeroy! 05-12-2011 02:40 PM

Re: WWE 2002: 'Hold on tight, it's a bumpy ride'
We all know what went down once Flair stepped down and McMahon named a GM for Smackdown! We know how storylines went down and it's important that you make your own storylines and your own history. Whatever decisions you make now will affect the early stages of the BTB and I hope you stick to this, really. This time-frame would be an original and fresh time-frame if this BTB actually works out and isn't dropped after a few months. IMO, we need more bookers who book with only one BTB and don't drop it like Wolf Beast does. That's just my opinion. Questions on whether or not you're going to keep the brand extension strict and if you'll be building mid-carders with mid-card titles on each show with the World Title going back or forth or having two titles. You have great opportunities and I hope you be creative, have a sense of realism, have fun with it, and stick with it. Good luck and I'll be reading for sure!

That Guy 05-13-2011 03:34 AM

Re: WWE 2002: 'Hold on tight, it's a bumpy ride'
May 19th 2002 → June 23rd 2002
Judgment Day → King of the Ring

With the aftermath of Judgment Day upon the WWE, the first Raw after the PPV saw Ric Flair open the show with a bold statement, saying that Vince McMahon was and always has been a looser, and that he, Ric Flair has finally done something that Vince spent two years trying to do, that being to get rid of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Ric would go on a rant for a few minutes, marking this day as a new era in the World Wrestling Entertainment and he plans on staying here for a long time, Flair would gain tremendous amounts of heat for his comments. Later in the very-same show, Vince McMahon would come out, confront Ric Flair and tell him that he should learn to put his money where his mouth is. Vince told him that this ordeal between them has gone on long enough and that he cannot stand the fact that Monday Night Raw is in his hands. Vince would suggest that at the King of the Ring they put an end to this entire thing and have a match where the looser must relinquish their General Manager spot. Flair would accept before showing Vince why he has been demeaned the ‘dirtiest player in the game’ for generations and taking Vince down with a cheap shot before leaving.

Afterwards on that very Smackdown! Ric Flair appeared with Arn Anderson cutting a promo on Vince and listing the reasons why he is and always will be better than him, reminding him that everything he had accomplished Flair had done it better than him- winning the World Title multiple times while Vince only once, winning the Royal Rumble before Vince, and most importantly being the better General Manager of Raw then Vince ever was. Vince would take offense to that as he would confront them and have them escorted out of the building via security and Flair called him a coward on his way out into the parking lot.

Throughout the next few shows leading into the King of the Ring Pay Per View tension intensified between the two as on the final Raw show before the event, Vince came out and said that they should make this even more interesting and that we should hold this bout’ between them in a match which Flair made famous, a Steel Cage Match! And to close the Smackdown! Just days before the King of the Ring, Vince left Flair in a bloody mess via a Led Pipe to the back and added insult to injury when he used his own move against him, the Figure Four Leg Lock.

With the Undertaker coming off a decisive win against Hollywood, Hulk Hogan at Judgment Day to receive his fourth World Championship, the Undisputed Championship. The Smackdown! After the event, Triple H coming out battered and bruised after the Hell in a Cell with Chris Jericho made a bold statement saying that he doesn’t’ care what anyone else has to say, and that everyone knows that he is next in line to be World Champ after what went down at Judgment Day. The Undertaker would then come out as these two would stare down as the show went off the air. The following Monday, the Undertaker would hold a main event match with the Undertaker squaring off against Booker T, as the Undertaker had his hand raised in victory, Triple H would enter the ring through the crowd and from behind turn the Undertaker around, kick him in the groin and stand over him after a devastating Pedigree.

The Undertaker would then show his face on Smackdown! Coming out without a motorcycle and standing there to open the show, reminding him that whenever they met it was the Undertaker who came out on top, reminding him about Wrestlemania before telling him that if he really wanted him one more time he could have just asked he would gladly take you down again. Triple H would then appear on the “titan tron” screen backstage in the parking lot, he went up to the Undertaker’s prized motorcycle and absolutely destroyed and shattered it with a Sledgehammer before telling him that this time will be different, this time isn’t in his home playing field of Wrestlemania and this time it’s time to play the game.

Over on Smackdown after the PPV event, Kurt Angle would come out to the ring showing his bald head and all garnering You Suck chants from here to top rafter seats. Kurt however would hold a briefcase in his hand and be in a somewhat happy mood, confusing the fans at home. Kurt would cut a promo in the ring on how he is the greatest of all time on how he is an American Hero, an Olympic Gold Medalist, former WWE Champion, King of the Ring winner and before stating that he is a Class Act by being brave enough to shave his head in front of each and every one of you- with that statement alone he received tons of heat as it was quite the opposite and Edge had to knock him out cold to shave him. Kurt would then explain that he needed something to celebrate the fact that he is an American Hero and brought back a title belt that he feels suited him perfectly. Kurt would then open the briefcase revealing the coveted United States Championship! Kurt would celebrate in the ring with raining confetti on the top rope as if he just won at Wrestlemania, gloating and all obnoxious like before heading to the back.

On the following Smackdown! Rey Mysterio would make his WWE debut in a match with Edge, this match would be a quarter final match in the King of the Ring tournament and both men gave it their all looking to headline Summerslam. Kurt Angle however would walk down the ramp with the title belt and stand at ringside before sitting at the commentating table alongside Tazz and Michael Cole, after Edge picked up the victory and would shake Rey’s hand in respect Kurt would continue to ramble on about how the King of the Ring doesn’t mean anything anymore as he has the real gold in the WWE, Rey would stand in the ring for a moment before looking down at Kurt. Kurt would stand up, take his head set off and step into the ring before seizing up to Rey and pushing him back. Rey would come back off the ropes and duck underneath a clothesline attempt by Angle and hit Angle with a 619 before leaving to a standing ovation. Kurt would appear on the next Smackdown and state that Rey got lucky and that Rey is nothing but a little punk kid that hides under a mask, Kurt would go on to say things like Rey is a coward and that he is afraid to show his face to each and every one of you unlike himself who is proud of the man, the hero he is. Rey would once again try and get the better of Kurt by appearing on the ring apron through the crowd behind him and going for an arial move but Kurt would catch him and take him down with a thunderous Belly to Belly overhead throw before leaving him tapping out in pain with an Ankle Lock.

Speaking of the King of the Ring, with Edge advancing into the PPV and into the Semi Finals to try and win back to back King of the Ring tournaments, over on Raw more quarter final matches took place, this saw Rob Van Dam defeat William Regal to advance into the Semi Finals, a dominant Brock Lesnar alongside Paul Heyman squash former Tag Team Champion, Bradshaw to advance and on the following Smackdown! John “the Prototype” Cena made his WWE debut by defeating Christian in what would be considered an upset. Van Dam, Lesnar, Edge and Cena were confirmed to meet each other at the PPV in a series of matches to determine the 2002 King of the Ring.

And lastly in the happenings between Judgment Day and King of the Ring, Jeff Hardy would win a ten man battle royal over on Raw to earn himself a shot at the Intercontinental Champion, Eddie Guerrero, Guerrero would show his mean streak and latino heat heritage by taking out Jeff with a frog splash from the top rope through the announce tables, Jeff would come back the Raw after with a backstage onslaught onto Eddie hitting him with Chairs and whatever he could find before making this match a Falls Count Anywhere match.


King of the Ring Semi-Final match
Rob Van Dam vs. “the Prototype” John Cena

United States Championship Match
Kurt Angle © vs. Rey Mysterio

King of the Ring Semi-Final match
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Edge

Intercontinental Title Match
Falls Count Anywhere

Eddie Guerrero © vs. Jeff Hardy

King of the Ring Final
Winner earns themselves an Undisputed title match at Summerslam

Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman OR Edge vs. Rob Van Dam OR John "the Prototype" Cena

Looser must relinquish G.M Position
Steel Cage Match

Vince McMahon vs. Ric Flair

WWE Undisputed Championship
The Undertaker © vs. Triple H

Feel free to post predictions, King of the Ring will be up in full in the coming week. I have three matches done so far.

RickRoll'd 05-13-2011 05:22 AM

Re: WWE 2002: 'Hold on tight, it's a bumpy ride'
John Cena vs. RVD would be interesting to see, very early KOTR push for Cena, as he is going to reach the goal at Summerslam, also with Edge and Lesnar would be a nice shocker match. =)

Also, the Flair-McMahon steel cage is one of the main highlights of the event, as they are going to make history and who will be the LAST MAN STANDING.

Kurt Angle facing, a newbie, but making marks, like Rey Rey, is a big must-see. But, still, Rey might be lacking of experience, so, Kurt Angle might win this.

Rob Van Dam def. John Cena
Kurt Angle will defeat Mr. 619 to retain
Jeff Hardy would win against Eddie
Brock Lesnar def. Edge
Vince McMahon def. Ric Flair
The Undertaker def. Triple H
Brock Lesnar def. RVD

Baldwin. 05-13-2011 10:46 AM

Re: WWE 2002: 'Hold on tight, it's a bumpy ride'

King of the Ring Semi-Final match
Rob Van Dam vs. “the Prototype” John Cena
Whilst Cena would benefit getting the win here, I don't feel it's a realistic choice. Not on pay per view anyway. Maybe on a normal weekly show to help build him but definitely not a PPV.

United States Championship Match
Kurt Angle © vs. Rey Mysterio
Even though he has only just come into the company I can see Rey Mysterio getting a victory here and you building him quite well and a pretty solid few rivalries could follow. Hopefully a lengthy feud with Kurt first, though.

King of the Ring Semi-Final match
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Edge
If you plan on giving Lesnar the push like he had in WWE, it's a must that he wins.

Intercontinental Title Match
Falls Count Anywhere

Eddie Guerrero © vs. Jeff Hardy
Simply because I don't like Jeff Hardy one bit. I can see Jeff doing something stupid like diving off a balcony but missing Guerrero, allowing Guerrero to frog splash Hardy off a cardboard box or something and scoring the victory.

King of the Ring Final
Winner earns themselves an Undisputed title match at Summerslam

Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman OR Edge vs. Rob Van Dam OR John "the Prototype" Cena
Like I said, Lesnar needs to win if you plan on pushing him.

Looser must relinquish G.M Position
Steel Cage Match

Vince McMahon vs. Ric Flair
I just can't see Ric Flair becoming sole owner of WWE, though if he does it will be something very unique and I'm sure a good storyline could come out of it.

WWE Undisputed Championship
The Undertaker © vs. Triple H
Whilst The Undertaker's reign as Undisputed Champion sucked, I think you can build it properly and Triple H shouldn't be anywhere near the title imo.

I'm looking forward to the show and I hope this BTB goes well for you. I don't know why someone has rated this 1 star because it hasn't even got going.

I'll review KOTR when it's up and posted. :)

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