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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

So yeah, thanks for the comments guys, will try and get back to you guys sometime around the weekend, first full show in a long time. I know I'll be a little rusty on it especially commentary which I haven't done since I recapped lots of shows recently, so hopefully it is alright as I'll be doing full for a while now at least till the end of the Summer. Enjoy.

Thursday Night SmackDown
July 11th 2002
Las Vegas, Nevada

*Pyrotechnics go out throughout the stage and arena floor*

Thursday Night SmackDown opens up this week with pyrotechnics going out through the stage and arena floor as the crowd goes wild. A video package featuring the closing moments of SmackDown last week aired quickly showing the Undertaker standing on top of Kurt Angle after delivering a Chokeslam to him, afterwards Edge was seen celebrating at the end of the 4th of July episode of SmackDown with the coveted United States Championship. From here the classic SmackDown intro package plays with the commentating team of Michael Cole and Tazz welcoming us to the show.

Michael Cole: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another brand-spanking new edition of Thursday Night SmackDown! My name is of course Michael Cole and I am alongside my partner, Tazz and we are just a mere ten days away from Vengeance.

Tazz: I can barely hear you Cole over the roar of this capacity crowd, tonight is going to be a rocket buster for sure.

Michael Cole: No doubt about that, with a huge six man tag team match involving the Tag Team champions and the Undisputed Champion along with the challengers to the respective titles, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

The Undertaker would roll into the arena with his Motorbike and the undisputed title around his waist. He parks the vehicle near the time keeper before grabbing a microphone and stepping into the ring wasting little time to make his presence felt on SmackDown. The Undertaker would receive a standing ovation from the crowd as he played to them a bit by raising his arms to all four sides of the ring like he normally does.

Michael Cole: Speaking of the devil, here is the Undertaker and after being jumped from behind by Kurt Angle on Monday night I am sure he is seeking Vengeance no pun intended.

Tazz: Why? The Undertaker deserved it and more. He cost Kurt his United States title to Edge last week.

Michael Cole: And what about the week before that when Kurt had the Undertaker in the ankle lock?

Tazz: But that title was made for Kurt it was his he is an American Hero you know.

The Undertaker: Kurt Angle…

The Undertaker stops for a moment being outdone by the heat from the crowd by hearing his name, Undertaker waits for them to ease down a moment before continuing.

The Undertaker: I know you are back there and I know you are listening, so get close and turn up the TV monitor backstage ‘cause I ain’t repeating myself.


The Undertaker: You are a decorated champion I’ll give you that… you have beaten and made the best of them tap out.


The Undertaker: Except for one man…


The Undertaker: and that would be ME!

Louder pop

The Undertaker: Two times you have beaten me. And both times I wouldn’t really consider you to actually have beaten me just on paper. As you see the first time was all the way back if you remember Survivor Series 2000, you knew you couldn’t beat me one on one in the ring so you had to resort to cowardly tactics by bringing in Eric Angle.


The Undertaker: Some American Hero you are.

Pop for the Undertaker

The Undertaker: And the next time we met at Armageddon of that same year in the six man hell in a cell, a match I created and made famous. You know that your career would have ended just like Mick Foley’s or Shawn Michael’s if you came anywhere near me in that Cell so you were smart enough not to even touch me the entire match and steer away from me, you did end up winning the match I’ll give you that but I would call it more as a victory over the Rock not me, if I had my way you would have left in a body bag.

Louder Pop for the Undertaker

The Undertaker: Speaking of ending careers and making people famous, Kurt… first I am


Kurt Angle would appear on the entrance ramp interrupting the Undertaker and cutting him off. Kurt would stand there with a microphone in hand and would have heard enough of the Undertaker talking about him. The crowd would welcome Kurt with deafening amounts of heat.

Kurt Angle: What? What are you going to do?

“You Suck” chants begin as usual by the crowd

Kurt Angle: See Taker’ even the good people here think you suck!


Michael Cole: Is he even listening to the crowd?

Kurt Angle: Look Taker, you’re predictable. You’re going to say as usual that you are going to first beat me up.


Kurt Angle: Then you’re going to shut me up.

Louder pop

Kurt Angle: And then apparently you are going to bust me up.

Even Louder pop for the Undertaker

Kurt Angle: But the way I see it Undertaker is that you are the one who is going to get busted up come Vengeance, you're afraid of me.


Michael Cole: How does he work that out?

Kurt Angle: The reason our paths didn’t cross in the Hell in a Cell is because you didn’t want to end up like everyone else that gets in the ring with me… you didn’t want to end up in the same dilemma as the rest of the people I face, to ‘tap or snap’. But enjoy being the champion while you can because come Vengeance in just ten days you won’t have anywhere to run.


the Undertaker: Then why don’t we find out if I am afraid of you…

Massive face pop for the Champion

the Undertaker calls for Kurt to get into the ring with him but Kurt wouldn’t want to, causing the crowd to react with heat.

Kurt Angle: I know your plan; you probably are going to resort to use that World title… which I am taking from you… on me and hit me with it, that isn’t fair it’s a foreign object. I don’t work like that… I am an Olympic Gold Medalist.

Kurt Angle receives deafening heat

the Undertaker at this time would leave the ring and go up to Kurt who flees up the ramp and to the back.


Christian who receives a heel reaction makes his way down the aisle ready for in ring action. He steps into the ring after stepping up the ring steps and through the middle rope.

Michael Cole: Christian who has been on quite a losing streak after separating from his tag team with his older brother Edge looks to regain his lost momentum here tonight.

Tazz: I have no doubt that he will; the man is talented and can get it done in the ring.


Maven gains himself a nice face pop as he energetically makes his way down the aisle and to the ring. Maven steps opposite Christian and keeps an eye on him while playing to the crowd up on the turnbuckles and feeding off their cheers.

Match 1
Christian vs. Maven

Maven and Christian go closer to one another and lock up in the middle of the ring, Christian throws Maven at the ropes. Maven puts the brakes on and reverses it before Christian was sent overhead and down to the mat with an arm drag. Christian slowly got back up to his feet and with Maven still holding onto his arm he pushed him up against the ring ropes and elbowed him a few times, Christian threw Maven once again at the ropes where he jumped up and dropkicked him but no one was home. Maven held onto the ropes and stopped himself from rebounding off. Christian underestimated Maven as Maven went up to Christian grabbing both legs and rolling forward going for a pin fall early on but barely getting a two count. Maven was on a roll as he slowly brought Christian to his feet and kicked him in the mid section before delivering rights and lefts to him. Maven grappled up with Christian attempting a Suplex however, Christian would be smart enough to block it by inserting his leg between Maven’s disallowing him to lift Christian up. Christian would then reverse it into a suplex of his own which changed the momentum around in the matchup and had Christian fully in charge of things, dictating the pace as he stomped away at Maven much to the crowd’s dismay.

Christian would run at the ropes before base ball sliding straight into the ribs of Maven driving his legs into his chest area winding him. Christian from here pinned Maven but Maven still showed some life and was able to kick out. As Maven was helped slowly up to his knees, Christian would talk some trash to him and waste valuable time before backing up at the ropes possibly going to boot him in the face and take him back down. Maven however proved to be playing possum as he showed a great feat of athleticism by jumping up onto his feet and connecting with a standing dropkick to take Christian down. Maven afterwards gained himself a nice face pop as he then moved over to the turnbuckles and began climbing them. He stood up onto the top turnbuckle waiting patiently for Christian to reach his feet, once Christian turned around Maven went air-born and attempted a missile dropkick to take him out. Maven would miss as Christian went down to the mat and dodged the maneuver forcing Maven to come crashing down to the canvas mat below much to the crowd’s disappointment Christian from here capitalized on the opportunity of a weakened Maven and began the attack. Christian slowly brought Maven up to his feet before kicking him in the mid section and connecting with his finisher the Un-Prettier before going for the pin fall and gaining the three count and the win.

Winner @5:10 Christian

Christian garnered heat and soaked it in, playing and taunting to the crowd, celebrating his victory as the broadcast from here took us backstage to the interview section. Josh Mathews was seen standing next to Diamond Dallas Page who was ready to conduct an interview. The crowd gave DDP a welcoming face reaction when he appeared on the tron.

Josh Mathews: Please welcome my guest at this time Diamond Dallas Page… D D P.

face pop for DDP

Josh Mathews: Now DDP, last week you came out and said that the WWE aren’t treating you right and you are going to change things. Any word on how you are going to do that?

DDP looks around thinking for a minute listening to the crowd’s chants before continuing

Diamond Dallas Page: Now Josh you have right now the Undertaker and Kurt Angle going at it for the Undisputed title at Vengeance with Brock Lesnar facing the winner for the title at Summerslam.


Diamond Dallas Page: But where am I? Where’s D… D…P? I’m not even on the card… and that isn’t a good thing… that’s a bad thing.

Heat for him not being on the card

Diamond Dallas Page: But yours truly on a crusade to get himself some respect around here and to get what he deserves.


Diamond Dallas Page: Now that right there is a good thing.

Page smiles at the camera for a moment cheesy as usual

Diamond Dallas Page: You all probably wondering how what I’m going to be doing… first I’ll beat the resident Superhero Hurricane Helms.


Diamond Dallas Page: And from there I’ll see how things pan out… and I will be at Vengeance.

Bigger Pop

Diamond Dallas Page: Now that… that’s a good thing.

After a few moments of smiling to the camera DDP turns around and meets Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero who walk up to him and start a conversation with him.

Eddie Guerrero: Hey Esse’

Heat for the Guerrero's as they appear on the tron

Eddie Guerrero: Maybe it was you Holmes that attacked Rey Mysterio huh?!

Eddie and Chavo look at each other nodding in approval

Chavo Guerrero: YEAH

Chavo just adds his two cents not really contributing anything standing behind Eddie the whole time, being more of a comedic sidekick

Diamond Dallas Page: Hey I feel for Rey… I do amigo but at least it didn’t happen to me…. D….D…P

DDP points at himself with the usual grin from ear to ear

Diamond Dallas Page: And that …. That’s a good thing.

Face pop as Eddie gives a funny facial reaction before the show goes to a commercial break


DDP gains the biggest pop of the night so far as he steps through the curtain on his way down to the ring. Diamond Dallas Page enters the ring and plays to the crowd a bit signaling to them the Diamond Cutter with his hands before standing in the center of the ring awaiting his opponent.


SmackDown’s resident Superhero, Hurricane Helms appears before everyone on the stage with his patented cape and mask heading towards the ring before stepping in and standing opposite DDP. A mixed crowd reaction even though he is a face the majority prefer DDP over him.

Match – 2
Diamond Dallas Page vs. Hurricane Helms

the matchup begins with both men circling the ring trying to get around once another, DDP starts off with a kick to the mid section before backing up at the ropes and coming towards Helms and shoulder blocking him down. DDP races to the ropes at the side while Helms stays on the mat on his stomach ready to leap up. Helms would spring up onto his feet and go for a standing dropkick however DDP would dodge it by holding onto the ring ropes and wisely putting the brakes on, sensing what was coming. DDP from here began dropping hard knees to the upper back of Helms while he was down on the mat before grabbing his arm and helping him up to his feet. Both men would grapple up for a moment before DDP would knee Helms in the gut bringing him down to one knee and taking him off of his feet with a hard scoop slam. DDP looked as dominant as ever as he took the time to play to the crowd and signal with his hands the classic Diamond Cutter sign. But while posing to the crowd DDP allowed Hurricane Helms to get back into things and get up onto his knees.

When DDP turned around to meet Helms he was sent staggering back with a hard right hand shot to the mid section, Hurricane Helms began fighting back with rights and lefts before regaining his footing, standing up and knocking DDP over. Hurricane Helms was having a superhero like comeback. DDP retaliated with one of his own only for Helms to duck underneath it and move forward ultimately behind DDP. Helms from here grabbed DDP’s head and brought him down with a hard neck breaker to the mat as he then covered his opponent, Helms however would only get himself a two count as DDP still had lots of fight left in him. Helms began pummeling DDP with hard clubbing shots and axe handles to the lower back and pretty much the whole body as he was on all-four on his knees. Once DDP got up to his feet Hurricane Helms wanted to end things with his chokeslam. He stuck his hand into the throat of DDP who just looked down at him before giving him a hard European Uppercut and forcing Helms to stagger back into the ropes.

Page afterwards went for his finishing maneuver the Diamond Cutter, he grabbed Helms’ head as he jumped up and wanted to come back down with it however things wouldn’t do as planned when Helms head onto the top rope for leverage forcing DDP to fall on his back onto the mat not able to bring his opponent down with him. Helms would walk around DDP to his front and waited as he sat up before going for a hard kick to the face, a shinning wizard. DDP would duck underneath and grab both of Helms’ legs from behind before bringing him in and tripping him over. DDP from here got back up to a vertical base and began to stomp away at him. DDP leant forward to pick Helms’ up however Helms’ put his legs up into DDP’s chest area in a monkey flip position. DDP would from here stand up with Helms’ still holding on before grabbing his head and from out of nowhere connecting with a Diamond Cutter catching him by surprise much to the crowd’s delight before pinning him for the three count and the win.

Winner @ 8:45 Diamond Dallas Page

Michael Cole: What a match, DDP looking as dominant as ever on a mission. Not taking anything away from Hurricane Helms though, he put up a good fight.

Tazz: Looks like DDP found Helms’ kryptonite ha-ha.


From here John ‘the Prototype’ Cena made his presence felt as he stood on the entrance ramp receiving tremendous amounts of heat. John would make his way down the aisle interacting with fans in the front row telling them that he is better than Chris Jericho. Cena from here would step into the ring with a microphone with a microphone ready to speak his mind.

Michael Cole: This young kid disgusts me, showing absolutely no respect to Chris Jericho as of late.

Tazz: But the thing about Cena is, is that he can back up his claims and can put his money where his mouth is, that is what makes him so dangerous.

John Cena: Allow myself to introduce myself…


John Cena: My name is the Prototype.

Tazz: Half man half machine

More heat

John Cena: And there is a few things I want to make perfectly clear.

Heat ensues but Cena just talks over it

John Cena: Chris Jericho is a no body in this company. A has been.

Tremendous amounts of heat

John Cena: That is why he hasn’t turned up on SmackDown in over two months, because he knows the Prototype will embarrass him.

Michael Cole: What a load of Bull’ Jericho is injured after that Hell in a Cell match with Triple H.

John Cena: Let’s face it I am the Prototype and I am better in every aspect of his sport than Chris Jericho.

Loudest heat thus far

John Cena: I have got the perfect body.

Cena lifts up his singlet slightly to reveal his abs gaining heat and boos.

John Cena: I am better in the ring than Chris Jericho….

Further Heat

Michael Cole: The man is full of himself.

John Cena: Has Chris Jericho nearly won the King of the Ring in his debut month? I don’t think so.

Michael Cole: He was the first Undisputed Champion.

John Cena: … Now is the Perfect time for the Perfect man!


John Cena: And I believe I am the man and I am better than anyone here especially Chris Jericho.

Michael Cole: Cena is just bitter because he couldn’t get the job done at the King of the Ring and a Chris Jericho return video package aired after his match.

John Cena: Oh you didn’t get that? Let me rewind is for you.


John Cena: *making sounds of a tape being rewound* I am better than Chris Jericho!

Y2J Chants begin to build up throughout the arena

John Cena: Chant all you want he isn’t going to come out here while I am in the ring.


John Cena: Chris Jericho I know you are watching… so here’s I little bit of perfect advice from me to you…. I want you to go find Criss Cross… go find Vanilla Ice and do the Macarena because you’re a one hit wonder.

Heat ensues

John Cena: Chris jokes aside including yourself… I want to prove one and for all at Vengeance that I am the Perfect man with the Perfect Slam… and injured or not I want you at Vengeance!

Michael Cole: We don’t even know if Chris is in any condition to compete at Vengeance.

John Cena at this point of time drops the microphone and stops as the theme music of his opponent, Billy Kidman played and the crowd erupted for Kidman interrupting the rants done by the Prototype


Billy Kidman races down to the ring and enters before standing on the top rope and soaking in the fans’ face pop to him for interrupting Cena’s promo. Kidman steps down and stands opposite the Prototype who takes off his singlet and throws it over the top rope out of the way.

Match – 3
John ‘the Prototype’ Cena vs. Billy Kidman

This pairing starts off with both men going up to each other and getting in one another’s faces. Cena would make it clear that he is the Prototype and get into Kidman’s head by giving him an ear-full or at least trying to, Kidman would strike first with a hard right hand blow before continuing with several more backing Cena up against the ropes. Kidman from here threw Cena at the opposing ropes who came off the rebound with a hard shoulder block taking Kidman down. Cena would regain his footing before helping Kidman to his feet before grappling up with him and hooking the leg, Cena afterwards connected with a hard fisherman suplex which he calls the Proto-Plex. From here Cena went for the pin cover early on but to no avail as Kidman still had lots of life and fight left in him as Cena barely got the two count. Both men would slowly but surely get to a vertical base before locking up once more, Kidman who was still feeling the effects of the Proto-Plex was slow to react as Cena began brawling with him sending him back into the turnbuckles with hard shots from all directions. Cena would throw him at the ropes before leaning forward in hope for a back body drop however, Kidman had other plans. Kidman on the rebound leaped over Cena and jumped up onto the second rope before spring boarding off of it, and turning in the air ultimately taking Cena down with a cross-body much to the crowd’s delight.

Kidman used the ropes to help himself up to his feet before stomping away at Cena for a few moments. Kidman would look around at the crowd wanting him to go for his finishing maneuver while Cena was down, the Shooting Star Press! Kidman left the ring and began climbing the turnbuckles. He took too much time to do so and Cena would get up to his knees before realizing what was waiting for him. Cena would dive at the ropes and shake them forcing Kidman to lose his footing and balance. Kidman had his feet go in opposite directions driving the top turnbuckle into his groin painfully. Cena while receiving heat from the crowd began climbing the turnbuckles in the corner himself and stood opposite Kidman on the second turnbuckle delivering him headbutts and shots. Kidman attempted to return some of his own but while still feeling the effects of the turnbuckle going below the belt, his shots weren’t as effective as usual. Cena made sure Kidman was weary and groggy and continued the assault on him until he felt it was enough.

Cena would grapple up and lock arms with Kidman before going for a Super Plex from the top rope. Kidman tried desperately to get out of it but there wasn’t much he could do about it. Cena connected with the move looking as dominant as ever, the Prototype sent Kidman crashing down to the mat but it wasn’t without recoil as Cena himself also landed hard on the mat and the referee as a result began the ten count. Kidman would be willed on by the crowd and both men would slowly get onto all-four around the same time, Cena like a shark sensing blood in the water would go right for the attack and jump onto Kidman’s back with a hard clubbing shot before standing up and stomping away at him before kicking him out of the ring under the bottom rope. Cena from here began taunting the crowd and the camera telling them that this will be Chris Jericho come Vengeance. At around the count of six Cena left the ring to go out after Kidman who was given time to regroup and get back into things. Cena would grab Kidman and attempt to throw him hard into the steel ring steps but Kidman would put on the brakes and instead sent the Prototype flying into the steel ring steps shoulder first. Kidman would roll into the ring to break up the ten count and then roll back out to continue the attack.

Kidman grabbed Cena and helped him up before rolling him into the ring under the bottom rope. Kidman however wouldn’t enter the ring through the ropes and instead headed straight for the turnbuckles. Once again going to end this match with his finishing maneuver, the shooting star press. When Kidman noticed Cena was taking too long to get back up to his feet he jumped back into the ring and had other plans. He ran towards the ropes but Cena would reveal to be playing possum and would spring up with a burst of exploding energy, grabbing Kidman in mid motion and taking him down with a hard Power Slam. Cena would collapse on Kidman without hooking any of the legs in exhaustion and cover his opponent. Kidman however would just be able to get his foot up on the bottom rope to keep the matchup going. Cena from here went for his finisher to end the match, took a deep breath and sucked up any of his fatigue waiting for Kidman to use the ropes to get up to his feet. Cena would kick Kidman in the mid section and lift him up ultimately going for the Proto Slam, connecting with it and going for the pin fall gaining the three count and the victory over Billy Kidman.

Winner @13:01 John ‘the Prototype’ Cena

Cena would head up to the back as SmackDown went to a commercial break.

Once SmackDown returned from the short commercial break a video package aired hyping up the events on Raw.

And Now it’s time for the Raw Rebound

~Shawn Michaels was seen leaving the arena in a bad mindset, needing some soul searching leaving his good buddy Triple H in charge.

~Christopher Nowinski & William Regal were seen standing tall in a tag team match

~Matt Hardy was seen explaining his actions and that he is the bitter brother

~the Undertaker & Kurt Angle interact in the parking lot

~ Jim Ross conducting a sit-down interview with Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas about when they plan on coming to the WWE.

~Brock Lesnar making quick work of Raven

~and in the Main Event, Triple H defeats Kevin Nash in a no DQ match


Lance Storm appears before everyone on the entrance ramp gaining himself some heat. Storm grabs a microphone, something he doesn’t usually do and steps into the ring ready to speak his mind.

Michael Cole: This is something we don’t often see from Storm.

Lance Storm: If I can just be serious for a moment here.


Lance Storm: two weeks ago Randal Orton and I stepped into the ring.

A slight pop for the mentioning of Randy Orton

Lance Storm: And as much as it pains me to say it, Randy Orton beat me.

Face pop

Lance Storm: Then last week we met again in the ring.

Lance Storm pauses for a moment to look around at the crowd who are chanting for Orton at this point of time.

Lance Storm: And he did it again.

Face pop

Lance Storm: Now I have been asked all week by everyone, friends, family, peers, coworkers and even random people on the street… what do I think of Randal Orton?


Lance Storm: Is Randal Orton better then me in the ring?

Bigger pop

Michael Cole: Well he is a third generation superstar.

Lance Storm: and my personal favorite…. Is Randal Orton championship material


Lance Storm: Well I got one thing to say to all of you.


Lance Storm: And that is, Randal Orton is nothing until he can properly prove himself to me.

Louder Heat

Lance Storm: He is a kid who just got lucky twice; lightning struck twice and in no way whatsoever is Randal better then me. A fluke!


Lance Storm: Randal I want to give you another chance at Vengeance, and if you can beat me at Vengeance I will personally shake your hand in the center of the ring and respect will be yours.

Tazz: What a nice guy. You see Cole' that is sportsmanship shaking a man's hand.

Lance Storm: But the only difference is, is that at Vengeance it will be in a Submission match.

Michael Cole: That isn’t fair at all, Randy Orton doesn’t stand a chance. Storm is a submission specialist.

Lance chuckles to himself knowing he has the home field advantage as his opponent, Funaki made his way down the aisle and to the ring. Funaki got a pop as they wanted to see him go over Storm as the former member of Kai En Tai entered the ring without music.

Match – 4
Lance Storm vs. Funaki

this would be more of a jobber, squash match to get Lance Storm some momentum heading into the PPV and continue his heat. Storm locked up with Funaki before backing him up in the corner against the turnbuckles and playing with him, toying with him and sending a message to Randy Orton who was watching in the back. Lance Storm would ground Funaki with a power slam after throwing him hard at the ropes, Storm would continue with an onslaught of rights and lefts, staying on top of him before stomping away. Randy Orton chants begin to build up as the crowd wanted him to come out but in the meantime, Storm brought Funaki to his feet before delivering a Snap Suplex and having him go back down to the canvas mat below. Storm looked as dominant as ever picking apart his opponent. Funaki from here used the ropes to try and get himself up to his feet before charging right at Storm who caught him in mid motion, lifted him up before turning him around in the air and driving his back into his knee with a tilta-world back breaker. From here Storm grabbed both of Funaki’s legs before executing a sharp shooter, adding further damage and pressure onto the lower back, sending a message and showing Orton what he can do in a submission match. It wouldn’t be long before Funaki began tapping out.

Winner @4:13 Lance Storm

Lance Storm held onto the sharp shooter until officials and referees ran down to break it up, sending a message to Randy Orton and showing him as he watched on backstage via the TV Monitor what awaits him come Vengeance, reminding him of what he can do in the ring. Lance Storm would leave back up the ramp to loud heat as he held his arms up high in victory, proud of his actions and pleased with himself and the quick work he made of Funaki.

Michael Cole: Lance Storm looks as dominant as ever

from here the show went backstage to the locker room of Edge, the reigning United States Champion. The crowd gives Edge a deafening face pop when they see him on the screen.

After a few moments Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero walk in as Edge stands up to meet them.

Eddie Guerrero: Maybe it was you Ess’e?!

Edge: What are you talking about?

Eddie Guerrero: Don’t play dumb with me amigo.


Chavo Guerrero: Yeah don’t play dumb with him.

Edge: If this is about Rey Mysterio I didn’t do anything and have no idea who attacked him.

Eddie Guerrero: I know it was you Ess’e!


Eddie Guerrero: Last month at the King of the Ring, Rey Rey beat Kurt by count out. He deserved another shot at the US title and you knew that.

Chavo Guerrero: And then you wanted Kurt all for yourself so you took out Rey Rey.


Edge takes offense to these accusations and raises his voice

Edge: Why don’t I take you out if you don’t leave right now

Face Pop

Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero back away slowly with smirks on their faces

Commercial break

When SmackDown came back from a commercial break we were treated to a video package featuring Reverend Devon and Brother Batista. The two men got themselves some heat on the tron as they were in Las Vegas, making their way into the local casinos.

Reverend Devon: This is a house of sinners. Anyone who goes here should and deserve to go to hell.


Reverend Devon: Just take a look at that Batista, hookers, gambling, black money, alcohol….


Reverend Devon: This place sickens me.

Deafening heat

Reverend Devon: I hope I never have to come here again.

Heat continues

Reverend Devon: But you all are lucky, because next week we are going to debut on SmackDown my own talk show.


Reverend Devon: I will be taking people one by one and turning their lives around, showing them the light and how to abide by the rules. A chance to redeem themselves before the good lord.

Michael Cole: This man is delusional

Tazz: He just wants to make this a better place ha-ha.

Reverend Devon: Batista lets go.

They both then just walk away and leave the screen as the video package ends.


the reigning United States Champion, Edge makes his way down to the ring energetic as usual running from side to side of the entrance ramp and interacting with the fans. Edge would get one of the biggest pops of the night thus far, he hands the title belt to the time keeper and gets ready for the match.

Michael Cole: I just got word from Vince McMahon that we are going to be treated by an impromptu non title match between Edge and Eddie Guerrero. What a match that will be.

Tazz: I still think Eddie was right in what he was saying earlier.

Michael Cole: Oh shut up, you’re just as oblivious as the Guerrero’s are.


Eddie Guerrero alongside Chavo Guerrero make their way down the aisle and into the ring, gaining themselves loud, strong heat on their way down.

Match – 5
Non title matchup
United Sates Champion Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero w/ Chavo Guerrero

Edge and Eddie square off in the middle of the ring with a collar elbow tie up, the third generation superstar, that being Eddie Guerrero gets the better of Edge by backing him up against the turnbuckles, still holding onto him in the lock up position. Edge swaps places with Eddie as they switch positions and Eddie is up against the turnbuckles in the corner. Edge hits a few hard shots before a kick the mid section of Eddie. Eddie from here grabbed Edge and placed him in the corner, he would then deliver Edge several hard knife edged chops to the chest area making him bright red in moments. Eddie from here brought Edge out of the corner slightly before throwing him at the ropes and leaning forward in hope for a back body drop. Edge would come at Eddie and kick him in the shoulder having him stand up-right before locking up with him once more and going for a suplex, Eddie would block it and connect with one of his own. Eddie from here talked to the crowd for a moment gaining heat as he grabbed a handful of Edge’s hair and took his time to bring him once again back up to his feet.

Edge would send a hard right to Eddie’s mid section having him stagger back a few steps and hold his groin area as Edge regained his footing and got to a vertical base. Edge would charge at Eddie going for a Spear! Early on in the matchup but the crafty in-ring veteran Eddie Guerrero would grab hold of Edge and send him flying and crashing through the middle rope and to the outside near the crowd barrier. The crowd gave the Guerrero’s heat and didn’t like the fact that Chavo began stomping away at Edge while he was down and out on the outside. Eddie kept the referee occupied and distracted while Chavo continued the assault on Edge and made sure he stayed down. Moments later on Eddie left the ring and went out after Edge before picking him up and throwing him back into the ring under the bottom rope, Eddie told the crowd to shut up and that he is doing it for Rey Rey, which is very questionable, before re-entering the ring himself. Edge was able to get up to his knees while Eddie took his time to get into the ring, Edge went for the ropes once more before connecting with a dropkick, baseball slide like maneuver to the legs of Eddie as he stood on the ring apron.

Edge forced Eddie to lose his balance and fall on the outside but it wasn’t before banging his head on the ring apron with a hard thud. Chavo attended to Eddie and made sure he was ok before Edge began heading over to the turnbuckles and climbed his way up. Edge received a positive reaction from the crowd as he jumped over at Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero and took them down. All three men were on the ground for a moment before Edge was able to help himself up to his feet and roll Eddie back into the ring in the process before re-entering himself. Edge covered Eddie for the count however, Latino Heat was able to kick out just in time and keep this match going. Edge slowly brought Eddie to a vertical base before elbowing him a couple of times; Eddie retaliated with a couple of his own before kneeing Edge in the mid section. Eddie threw Edge at the ropes but Edge would duck underneath a clothesline attempt by Eddie and keep running at the ropes behind him.

On the rebound this time Edge jumped at Eddie taking him down with a Rolling Wheel Kick to the jaw. Edge would cover Eddie one more time but Chavo would step up onto the ring apron and cause the distraction to the referee, disallowing the count to take place. As Edge realized what was taking place, he took up, leaving Eddie behind him on the mat and threw a hard right at Chavo. Chavo was knocked over the ring apron but Eddie, the legal man in the match would grab a handful of Edge’s tights and roll him up from behind catching him off guard by surprise and stealing a three count and a victory.

Winner @10:41 Eddie Guerrero

Quick cut to commercial break as Eddie Guerrero and Chavo made their way up to the back celebrating their win much to the crowd’s dismay.


Summerslam Hype

August 25th 2002, New York



The trio of Rico, Billy & Chuck make their way down the aisle and down to the ring for the main event, huge six man tag team matchup. They receive themselves some heat in the process. Rico stays at ringside who may place a decisive factor in this matchup.

Michael Cole: And here come the former tag team champions, Billy & Chuck who look to redeem themselves and regain their titles at Vengeance.

Tazz: They were screwed at Judgment Day when Vince made Rico team up with Rikishi.

Michael Cole: But that was only after they attacked Rikishi’s real tag team partner, Scotty 2 Hotty.

Tazz: Hey, it’s all fair and this sport. Scratch and crawl your way to the gold by any means necessary. You would know that if you got into the ring.

Michael Cole: Either way I don’t like their antics.


Kurt Angle once again got tremendous amounts of heat as he appeared before everyone, focused and ready, with a mind-set to take out the Undertaker after their interactions the past few weeks. Kurt Angle steps into the ring with Billy & Chuck and stare up at the ramp waiting for their opponents.

Michael Cole: And here comes the number 1 contender for the Undisputed title come Vengeance, Kurt Angle.

Tazz: And hopefully in ten days we will be saying here comes the new Undisputed champion.

Michael Cole: Don’t be too sure, the Undertaker is a formidable opponent.

Tazz: Didn’t you listen to Kurt earlier tonight ha-ha.


Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi make their way down the aisle and into the ring, they play to the crowd a bit as their opponents, Kurt Angle, Billy and Chuck leave the ring and stand near the announce tables not wanting to interact with them yet. Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty hand the titles to the referee as they get a really positive reaction from the crowd.


The Undisputed Champion makes his way down the aisle and to the ring riding his motorcycle with the title belt around his waist. He parks it near the ring steps before entering the ring and holding his arms up high to the crowd as usual as he receives a standing ovation as usual.

Michael Cole: And here comes the Champion.

Tazz: Not for long Ha-ha.

Michael Cole: Whoever wins this six man tag team contest surely gains themselves the much needed momentum going into their respective matches. It’s a must win for all six men.

Main Event
Non title, Six Man Tag Team match
Kurt Angle, Billy & Chuck w/ Rico vs. Undisputed Champion the Undertaker & Tag Team Champions Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi

Kurt Angle, being the sneaky heel character doesn’t want to get in the ring with the Undertaker. Kurt at first was adamant to start off however, when he realized the Undertaker began things for the opposing team he instantly backed into his corner and tagged in Billy Gunn who was quite reluctant to get into the ring with the reigning Undisputed Champion. The crowd gave Kurt heat but the mood changed and turned into a face pop once the Undertaker grabbed hold of Gunn’s upper body and helped him into the ring by flipping him over the top rope and having him land on his ass in the middle of the ring. The Undertaker dominant as usual, being the best pure striker in the business, began pummeling Gunn in a neutral corner once he reached his feet and knocked him off of his feet before looking back at Kurt Angle if to eye him, telling him that this is him come Vengeance. The Undertaker would bring Gunn back up to his feet before driving a hard shoulder into the upper body of Gunn backing him up again in the corner. The Undertaker from here lifted Gunn up to his feet and went for some ‘Snake-Eyes’ but to no avail as Gunn was able to slide down the Undertaker’s back and run at the ropes behind him before taking the Undertaker down to one knee with a chop block.

Billy Gunn frantically went for the attack like a shark smelling blood in the water, he knew he had to pounce and keep on the Undertaker, not letting him reach his feet. He would stay on top of him delivering several hard rights and lefts before grabbing the Undertaker’s head and holding him tightly in a side headlock. It wouldn’t be long before the Undertaker would push Gunn from behind at the ropes and on the rebound Gunn would be taken off of his feet with a hard big boot to the jaw by the Undisputed Champion. From here the Undertaker picked up a lifeless Billy Gunn and threw him with ease at his turnbuckles where he told Kurt Angle to get in the match and tag himself in, wanting a piece of him, Kurt however didn’t want anything to do with the Undertaker and just stepped off of the ring apron, waiting for his moment. Meanwhile Gunn was helped out of the ring by Rico and Palambo. As the four of them stood near the announce tables, the Undertaker, Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty stood in the ring waiting for them to get back into the ring.

Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty would leave the ring and go after their respective opponents for Vengeance next week, Billy & Chuck chasing them around the outside of the ring where Rico would use his martial arts like back ground to superkick Scotty 2 Hotty down as the former tag team champions then began whaling on Rikishi, attacking him on the outside and stomping away at him. This left Kurt and the Undertaker to stare down while Kurt stood back up onto the ring apron, the Undertaker charged towards him, Kurt Angle went off of the ring apron and pulled the Undertaker’s legs and brought him out with him where he would strike at the American Badass and brawl with him through the crowd and around the arena. Meanwhile the referee would continue his ten count, Billy Gunn wisely rolled back into the ring just in time and the Undertaker was busy with Kurt Angle nowhere to be seen, ending this matchup via countout.

Winners @9:26 Kurt Angle, Billy & Chuck

The Undertaker and Kurt Angle brawled throughout the crowd as the show came off of the air.

Michael Cole: Thank you for joining us here tonight and this is all the time we have folks.

Fade to Black.


Tagline; Quick & Merciless
Brand(s); Raw & Smackdown
Date; July 21st 2002
Venue; Detroit, Michigan

WWE Undisputed Championship
The Undertaker © vs. Kurt Angle

Special Guest Referee
Raw General Manager, Shawn Michaels
Kevin Nash vs. Triple H

Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy © vs. Matt Hardy

Grudge match
John ‘the Prototype’ Cena vs. Chris Jericho

Battle of the Monsters
Big Show vs. Kane

WWE Tag Team Championships
Rikishi © & Scotty 2 Hotty © vs. Billy & Chuck w/ Rico

Submission Match
If Randy Orton wins, Lance Storm has promised to shake his hand and show him respect
Randy Orton vs. Lance Storm

Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin have bought themselves front row seats

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

Here are my thoughts on Smackdown.

Nice little opening promo between Taker and Angle. Does a good job hyping their PPV match and both were in character very well.

Christian beating Maven is always good. Never really saw anything in Maven and Christian is a damn good talent.

DDP is fucking awesome and I loved his interview segment. Also good to see that Hurricane is used as more of a formidable opponent and not a jobber like he was for parts of his career. DDP is just a really likable character that WWE failed at using. Expecting big things out of him and I'm curious what he has planned for Vengeance.

Marked for a Criss Cross reference in the Cena promo. Cena is kind of pulling a page out of Jericho's book for WCW with Goldberg and I like that. It makes Cena look strong, not giving Jericho a rebuttal and building himself up as a threat to him. Should be an interesting PPV match and curious what condition Jericho will be in for it.

Cena vs Kidman, got a good amount of time and a good win for Cena. Kidman is a credible Cruiserweight and it isn't some big stretch for Cena to beat him this early in his career, but surely it makes him look good. And just to clarify, the Proto Slam is the FU, right?

Lance Storm is a great first feud for Orton. He's being used like Holly was a few years ago with Punk, Rhodes, etc. Really interesting that Storm/Orton will be a submission match. Curious if Orton will debut some kind of submission to his repertoire or if Storm will come out on top with the experience. Storm/Funaki was what I expected it to be and Storm showcasing his submission experience was a nice touch.

Brother Devon and Brother Batista getting a talk show should be...interesting. That character didn't really go anywhere so I'll be interested to see where you go with it but this could be pretty fun.

Eddie/Edge is a nice feud for the US title and Eddie using his cheating antics to win was good. The team of Eddie/Chavo was always fun and this was a time where Edge seemed to shine.

Funny to see Scotty 2 Hotty in the main event of a show but I actually like this alot. Mainly because it makes the tag titles seem like a big deal and makes them a bit more credible. Interesting ending to the match with the count out victory. Seemed like a decent main event.

Hope this wasn't too shitty of a review.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

Iíve started to go through your thread and youíve made some interesting changes. I see that youíre pushing the JBL character sooner. You got rid of Hogan lol. 2000-2005 are fun time periods to book and 2002 is a good era for the WWE. The star power was there, young stars created, brand extension, so much fun.

I liked your Smackdown show. I liked the opening promo between Angle and Taker, it's good how you bring up the history between them when Kurt beat Taker twice. Hopefully Taker wins the match at Vengeance. I never liked Maven so Iím glad you had Christian going over Maven.

DDPís interview segment was great. The WWE did not book DDP well in the WWE and he deserved better. He should have been a main eventer. I really hope to see DDP involved in good high profile matches in your btb. Good to see DDP getting a win over Hurricane on Smackdown.

I like what you are doing with Orton and Cena. Cena calling himself the Prototype haha, nice. To have Cena going over a cruiserweight is fine. Cena vs Jericho at Vengeance should be a good match but i hope Cena doesnít go over especially in this time period as itís too early for him to get the win. Should still have a strong showing in the match.

As for Orton, Storm is a good opponent for him. To do a submission match will be interesting as Orton was new and isnít a submission specialist. It will be interesting to see what new move he will debut.
I was not a fan of Reverend D-Von so iím not keen on the idea of D-Von having a talk show but Iím sure you will make it interesting. Hope to see great guests on his talk show.

Eddie Guerrero Vs Edge was my fave match from the show. Eddie using his cheating tactics to win was nice and now i would like to see a ppv match between Eddie and Edge soon. Interesting to see Billy, Chuck and Scotty main eventing a Smackdown show. I would have liked the faces to go over but the count out finish is fine. Btw i like your SummerSlam banner. Keep up the good work.

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
Click here to read
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

Thanks for the feedback guys. Now moving along, we are just one Raw and one SmackDown before Vengeance which I am excited for. Usually I wouldn't go so fast with shows but with one week BTB time left before the PPV, lets get things moving

& Kintaro, Cena had the Prototype gimmick in OVW and it went well for him before he came to the WWE, I didnt' want to bring him in as the WWE did and then make him rap, tbh cause I am shit at doing songs and wanted to be different so I continued that gimmick. But yeah I didn't make it up.

Monday Night Raw Preview
July 15th 2002
Continental Airlines Arena, New Jesery

Vengeance is just one 6 days away and with this being the last Raw before the event, with so many intense and personal feuds going into the Pay Per View, who will get the last laugh before they collide at Vengeance? Who will get the upperhand and the much needed momentum going into their respective matches? One match that has been keeping everyone on the edge of their seats is the Shawn Michaels and Triple H saga. Both men were and apparently are as close as brothers, when Shawn returned to become Raw General Manager last month, they looked to reform D-X, Kevin Nash on the other hand had other plans. Nash would talk with Triple H backstage and get into his head, inserting things like Shawn hasn't changed in his time out of the WWE and he is the same old backstabbing snake he always was, the same Shawn that superkicked himself and Marty Jannetty when he didn't need them anymore. When Shawn accidently hit Triple H with a superkick during his mathc with Kevin Nash a fortnight ago. Distraught and unsure of himself and who to trust, Shawn left Raw at the top of the broadcast last week and didn't return, leaving Triple H in charge for the night. Shawn would later on in the week announce on WWE.COM that Triple H and Kevin Nash will face each other at the PPV but this time Shawn will be the Special Guest Refereree. Will Shawn be in the arena tonight? What mindset will he be in? Will he be a fair and impartial referee or does Shawn have other plans?

Another match that has become heated is the Undisputed title match, the champion, the Undertaker and the challenger, Kurt Angle have been going at it on both Raw and SmackDown the past month. Both men have week in and week out appeared on each other's shows, running in during each other's matches and jumping one another when their guards were down. This week it is uncertain is Kurt Angle will be on Raw but the Undertaker will be and will be in action.

Brothers will collide at Vengeance for the Intercontinental title when the champion, Jeff Hardy will take on Matt Hardy. Matt has made it clear that Jeff is the rotten brother and the one that got it always easy and handed to him, Matt says that he was the one that always got the job done and the one that had the wrestling skills, Jeff was just a spot monkey that if it weren't for Matt he would be laid out in a pile of Ladders and Tables and had lost every match he had been in. This week the brothers will pick each other's poisons in a series of pick your poison matches, who will Matt and Jeff face? and who will come out with their heads raised high heading into Vengeance?

Last week on Raw we were treated to a sitdown interview with the self proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. The duo will be at Vengeance and have bought themselves front row seats for the PPV, but until then we have one more Raw left and in what way will they make their presence felt this week?

Confirmed for Raw

Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy pick each other's poisons

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman in action

the Undertaker in action

and much much more.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

Smackdown feedback

Iím not as up to date with your Smackdown side of things as I am with Raw so apologies if I get anything mistaken.

Kicking things off with the Taker-Angle situation is a good call. Takerís promo was ok, a few things were off a bit though. Angle was better though, you captured him quite well apart from the last part where it just led to a bit of nothingness really. Couldíve ended things a bit better.

Good win for Christian there and looks like youíre gonna start to build him up. Smart move.

Iím not that sure on DDPís use of catchphrases but Iím guessing Ďthatís a good thingí is one of them? If not, then that just dragged on for no reason. Eddie and Chavo seem to be on a hunt here which could be quite entertaining.

Decent match between DDP and Helms. Good win for DDP if youíre intent on pushing him.

Cenaís character is an interesting one youíve got here. Iím not sure how I feel about it just yet, Iíll see where you take it but a feud with Jericho is a good move for sure. Good win over Kidman also.

Lance Storm and Randy Orton is a pretty unique feud and the fact you have Orton coming in as a face is something I like. Easy win for Storm and a submission match between the two will be interesting. Have to wonder what submission move youíve got lined up for Orton.

Edge and the Guerreroís was a decent little exchange but again it ended with a bit of nothingness I felt. Just my opinion.

I quite liked the Reverend D-Von segment here and a talk show with him preaching would be entertaining. Wouldíve perhaps liked to have known the name of the show though.

Good match between Edge and Eddie there. I liked the ending and your use of the Guerreroís seems to be a strong point.

Main event time and I find it incredibly strange seeing Billy, Chuck, Scotty and Rikishi in the main event although I like the fact you value your tag division in that way. Winning via countout just adds to Angleís sneaky ways and was a decent choice to close things.

Overall it was a decent show. I know this was your first full one in the thread so for a first go it was good but a lot could be improved. Grabbing a bit more of the characters in promos would be nice and making them a touch longer with a bit more to close off a segment. Good job though and Iíll be reading Raw.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

Good preview for Raw. The HBK/Nash/HHH is really interesting and a good co-main event feud to Angle/Taker. Undertaker and Lesnar in action sounds good. Not to big on Matt and Jeff, especially around this time but we'll see where that goes. Really interested in where the HBK/Nash/HHH storyline goes.

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