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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

I know it isn't as long or in full as I would have liked but I guess Quality over Quantity is always true. Heres hoping it still gest the job done and the message across for the feuds and what-not.

Friday Night Smackdown | July 4th 2002 | Boston, Massachusetts

*Pyro Pyro Pyro*

SmackDown this week kicks off with Lillian Garcia in the ring singing the American National Anthem to the crowd to a standing ovation. SmackDown then proceeds to show their usual intro video package before the commentators welcomed us to the show for the special 4th of July episode. It wouldn’t be long before the reigning United States Champion and number one contender for the World title, Kurt Angle made his entrance way down the ramp. Kurt would garner a mixed crowd reaction, heat because he is technically still a heel while some cheer him for being an American Hero and an Olympic Gold Medalist. Kurt with the US title wrapped around his waist would stand in the center of the ring with a microphone in hand telling everyone that the only right way to start off a 4th of July episode of SmackDown would be to celebrate the accomplishments of one, Kurt Angle. Kurt would spend the next few minutes gloating and boating about the wins he has had in his career, mentioning the 6 man Hell in a Cell win before going onto mentioning bringing back the coveted United States Champion being the first to hold it in the WWE and calling himself an American Hero. Kurt would continue to ramble on gaining heat before long time rival – Edge would make his presence felt and appear on the entrance ramp with a microphone. Edge would be welcomed by a face pop from the crowd as he went on to poke fun at Kurt after having him lose his hair in the hair vs. hair match and reminding Kurt that every time they met it was Edge that came out on top. Edge went on to walk down into the ring and tell Kurt that he wants the United States title and says that the good people here should deserve a main event where the US title is on the line. Kurt would accept and they locked eyes before Kurt retreated up the ramp and told him to save it for later.

It wouldn’t be long before Lance Storm would make his entrance way down the ramp and into the ring ready for in ring action against young, up and comer Randy Orton. This would be the second match between the two as in the first encounter last week on SmackDown, Orton surprised the world by defeating the in ring-veteran Lance Storm, who looks to redeem himself right here and right now. Storm looks focused as he would eventually lock up with Randy Orton and they began brawling in the middle of the ring trading blows, lefts and rights. The experienced Storm would turn the match into his favor as he kneed Orton in the mid section and brought him down to one knee before chopping him into the corner against the turnbuckles. Storm would be in full control using such maneuvers as a hip toss, arm drag, snap suplex and even a one man flapjack before further going for Orton’s mid section and rib area with a tight Abdominal Stretch. Orton however would refuse to give up and tap out by fighting back and somehow willing himself on to get some offense, Orton would slowly by surely have Storm staggering and wearing as Orton would then take Storm down with a standing vertical dropkick before covering him and going for the pin but only receiving a two count. The inexperienced Orton would take time and look around at the crowd, this would be a mistake as Storm would prove to play possum and when Orton came up to him, Storm rolled him up with a cradle pin, Orton would roll to the side still in the same position with one arm on the ropes stealing yet another surprise upset victory over an irate Storm, making it between them 2-0 Orton.

{Commercial Break}

When the show came back from its first commercial break of the evening Lance Storm had left while Randy Orton was with a microphone standing in the ring, he would cut a promo introducing him to the crowd and telling them that he is a third generation superstar who is destined for greatness here in the WWE. Informing the people in the audience that it is his fate to become one day the WWE Champion and his dream will become a reality in due time. Orton went on to list the accomplishments of his father and grandfather in the business’ past before referring back to himself in present time and telling them that they are looking into the eyes of the company’s future. Calling himself the WWE’s new ‘poster boy’ for his stunning stud like looks. He would make an analogy and say that watching him in the ring now is like watching Michael Jordan’s first year in the Chicago Bulls, because you just know you are watching something special and will one day tell your kids about it. Orton would leave to a nice crowd reaction up the ramp before the commentators went on to talk about the Rey Mysterio incident last week, where Rey was found beaten up and jumped from behind in the hallway. They then reminded us that Eddie and Chavo Guerrero promise to try and help out in the situation and find out who the attacker is.

Speaking of the devil seconds later on ‘Latino Heat’ played on the P.A system and Eddie alongside Chavo Guerrero made their way down the aisle and to the ring. Eddie and Chavo would receive a slight mixed crowd reaction mostly garnering heat as many believe that it was them who jumped Rey from behind last week, however, the Guerrero’s would ignore the chants from the crowd and enter the ring with a smirk on their face. The Guerrero’s wouldn’t be sporting the usual wrestling trunks in fact this time, the duo would be in the ring in a long trench coat, a funny looking hat and an extremely exaggerated large Magnifying Glass. The Guerrero’s would grab a microphone and call themselves ‘Guerrero Holmes’ taking a punch and poking fun at Sherlock Holmes and calling themselves professional detectives for the next few weeks as they try and figure out the Rey Mysterio incident. Eddie would start off in the ring by saying that he and Rey traveled around the world together and grew up together, he was a brother and a real Amigo. Chavo would continue by saying that there would be no reason or incentive for us to do anything of that nature to Rey Mysterio, assuring them that it was not them. Eddie would then pull out of his back pocket a large piece of paper that when he just holds the top of it, it rolls down to the ground. Eddie would explain that he and Chavo are serious about this Rey incident and were up all night compiling a long list of people who would be suspects, and superstars that might have something to gain by attacking him, or past vendettas with Rey. Eddie and Chavo would leave up the ramp during the quick commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

Returning from another quick break the new theme music of Reverend Devon played, he would enter the ring this week with a his new gimmick, with a Christian-reverend like look with the black robe and white collar, alongside his lackey- Brother Batista. Reverend Devon would enter the ring ready for in ring action while Batista would watch closely at ringside. Reverend Devon’s opponent soon came out and Tajiri would enter the ring, the ‘Japanese Buzzaw’ and Devon would lock horns as they came together for a collar elbow tie up. Tajiri’s martial arts background would help him get some offense in, in the early going of the matchup with hard kicks coming from all directions to eventually take down Reverend Devon. Devon would use heelish like tactics to switch the match into his favor and change the momentum around, raking the eyes and kneeing Tajiri in the mid section before having the next few minutes completely in his favor. Devon would control the most part of the match, target body parts and really pick apart Tajiri before Tajiri would be willed on by the crowd and knock Devon onto the ring apron before going for his finishing maneuver, the ‘Tarantula’. As Tajiri let go of Devon, utilizing the five count, Brother Batista went up to him from behind on the outside and grabbed his legs before pulling him off of the ring apron. Batista would show his strength by connecting with a devastating spine buster on the outside floor to Tajiri who would be out of it for ten seconds as Reverend Devon would win his first match with his new persona via countout.

As Tajiri was helped back up the ramp and to the back, Batista grabbed a microphone, entered the ring and handed it to his mentor- Reverend Devon as the leader began speaking his mind. Reverend Devon would shed some light and give some insight on his decision to become religious. Reverend Devon would explain that he was once like each and every one of you (pointing at the audience) and admitting that he too would go out every night and – ‘have fun’. Devon would then go on to insult the good crowd of Boston and gain cheap heat as he called all of them sinners and said that he saw the light and he believes it is his duty to make sure that everyone else sees the light just like him and becomes good people again, changing their wicked ways. He would continue on by saying that tonight is 4th of July and he knows that people go out, party, drink, do drugs, fireworks and celebrate and he wants everyone to keep in mind that the good lord is looking down at us at all times and not to do anything that you will regret later. Devon would ramble on for a few more moments before leaving up the ramp to heat by the crowd.

Soon afterwards the broadcast was sent backstage to where the Guerrero’s were standing opposite ‘Superhero’ Hurricane Helms. The Guerrero’s began interrogating him in a rather humorous manor, making light of the situation and asking him useless questions before getting to the point. Eddie quickly went serious and went up to Hurricane’s face to ask him plain and simple, where was he at the scene of the accident and why he didn’t do anything to stop it, being a superhero and for the people. He should have prevented it, unless he wanted it to happen and it was him that did it and set it up. Chavo was nodding on behind Eddie agreeing with everything being said, Hurricane Helms assured him that he wasn’t even near Rey at the time because he was getting ready for his match with Christian last week. Eddie and Chavo looked at him cautiously before walking off as the show cut to another break.

{Commercial Break}

At this point of time the theme music of Christian played as the crowd gave him some heat, a rather mixed reaction. Christian stood in the ring who would normally be a heel however, the majority of the crowd like and respect him more than his upcoming opponent, John ‘The Prototype’ Cena. Cena would make his way down with tremendous amounts of heat and boos by the crowd after his recent remarks and verbal assaults on an injured Chris Jericho, calling him out. The matchup itself would be a nice back and forth, fast paced match with lots of reversals and lots of high impact maneuvers and take downs. Each man would have their moments and their time to shine and show off their move sets as it was a pretty even pairing, however, Christian would come out victorious after an ‘Unprettier’. Cena would have the matchup won but it wouldn’t turn out the way he planned when Chris Jericho’s theme music played making the distraction and giving Christian enough time to capitalize and take control, finishing Cena off. There would be no Chris Jericho in the arena but the effect was made and the mind games played.

From here we were sent backstage once again to Justin Roberts who was in the process of conducting an interview with one D.D.P. DDP would garner a respectable face pop from the crowd before talking about how he has been overlooked in the WWE. Saying that he is a former Champion and should be headlining PPV’s, and that he deserves better. DDP says that if he doesn’t get any respect or matches around here then he will have to take action into his own hands and make things happen. Solve his own problems and take control. He then left the screen. He seemed more focused then ever and with a purpose.

Momentarily the former tag team champions and number 1 contenders for Vengeance, Billy & Chuck were on their way to the ring. They were up against two hometown kids which turns out to be not much of a match but more of a squash tag team match with quick tags in and out between the duo of Billy and Chuck, picking apart both of the rookie, hometown wrestlers, playing with them until they felt it was enough and they emphatically ended the match with a double team finisher. Rico came down to raise their hands in victory after the three cont, having them look good and gain momentum heading closer into Vengeance to try and regain their lost Tag Team Titles. The crowd wasn’t’ pleased at the sight of the trio standing in the ring with and on the turnbuckles, but they didn’t seem bothered by the boos and instead fed off of them before leaving up the back.

{Commercial Break}

When SmackDown came back from the break Maven and DDP were ready for combat. A high paced, catch-as-catch can sort of match perused between the two as dropkicks, arm drags, hip toss’ and the like were frequent between the two and the crowd was heavily into the match. Both men got themselves nice cheers from the crowd both being faces, DDP would be the winner after a Diamond Cutter but it wouldn’t be without a nice showing by Maven who put up a fight. DDP even waited in the ring for Maven to get back up to his feet and shake off the ‘cob-webs’ from the Diamond Cutter to shake his hand and pat him on the back, telling him to keep it up, showing him respect. DDP from here would head up to the back.

A video package aired hyping up the upcoming PPV Vengeance later on in the month. The video package showcased the feuds and the current card announced, running down the matches thus far and giving the PPV a special feel to it. The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle for the WWE Undisputed title, the most valuable prize in the business with the winner facing King of the Ring winner Brock Lesnar at Summerslam, Kane taking on the Big Show, Jeff Hardy taking on Matt Hardy for the Intercontinental title and the brothers colliding and the tag team titles being held up for grabs when Too Cool – Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi take on Billy & Chuck alongside Rico.

From here it would be time for the Main Event. Edge and Kurt Angle would face one another for Kurt’s US title in what would start out to be a slow match, both men knowing each other so well and being familiar with one another, inside and out not wanting to make any mistakes took the early goings of the bout’ cautiously trying to get behind one another. Kurt would ground Edge with his mat based wrestling style and amateur wrestling knowledge before utilizing several submission holds and having the advantage over the challenger in the first few minutes. Edge would be willed on by the crowd, would reverse a suplex into one of his own before having some offense of his own. Edge would go down to his knees in the corner for a Spear however, Angle would wisely leap frog over Edge and send him afterwards flying with an arm drag. Angle on fire here, really wanted to send a message to the Undertaker who he faces at Vengeance and made quick work of Edge, showing him that this could be him. Edge kept to kick out and not give up which began to frustrate and aggravate Angle, not being able to put him away, flashing back to their past matches including their Hair vs. Hair one. It wouldn’t be long before a sound of a motorcycle starting up was heard as the crowd erupted, Angle left Edge alone and looked up at the ramp where the Undertaker sat on his bike up at the top of the ramp looking down at Angel and shaking his head, getting into his head playing mind games.

Angle would turn around only for Edge to hit him in the mid section and come out with a flurry of rights and lefts before throwing him at the ropes and connecting with a devastating Spear. Edge was on fire as he had the next few minutes in total control, looking strong after the Undertaker made his presence felt and the distraction was made. Angle tried to fight back however, Edge was already in full motion and kept moving forward, there was no stopping Edge now as he connected with a finishing Spear which let him pick up the three count and the win. Edge received a standing ovation as he celebrated with the coveted US title on the turnbuckles while Angle was laid out in the ring.

Smackdown closed this week with the Undertaker entering the ring and gaining ‘Vengeance’ on Angle after his Ankle Lock on him on Raw earlier in the week, by picking him up from the mat after the Spear and chokeslaming him down.

{Fade to Black}


Tagline; Quick & Merciless
Brand(s); Raw & Smackdown
Date; July 21st 2002
Venue; Detroit, Michigan

WWE Undisputed Championship
The Undertaker © vs. Kurt Angle

Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy © vs. Matt Hardy

Battle of the Monsters
Big Show vs. Kane

WWE Tag Team Championships
Rikishi © & Scotty 2 Hotty © vs. Billy & Chuck w/ Rico

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

Smackdown Feedback

Before I start, if there’s anything I’m missing just be sure to let me know, because I haven’t really been following this as much as I should have, or at all. Smart to begin the July 4th episode with Lilian singing the national anthem. Once again, opening the July 4th SD with Kurt Angle makes sense and I thought it was clever to mention that he actually got cheered a little. There wasn’t much detail given from Angle’s promo, but everything that he seemed to say sounded like stuff he would say so I have no issue. I do find it a little off that the man who has a shot at the Undisputed Title at Vengeance doesn’t even bring up The Undertaker, or the title shot at all. That’s probably the only down part of this promo so far. If I’m honest, I’m not a big fan of the way you write your recapped shows either. I don’t enjoy the past tense that it’s written in. For example, “Kurt nails three right hands” sounds so much smoother than “Kurt would nail three right hand”. Edge interrupting is nice, although once again, I feel like this is really undermining the Undisputed Title feud. Edge using shaving Angle’s head bald to almost trick him into accepting a US Title match is a smart move. Anyway, a decent enough start to the show, and you’ve booked yourself a damn good main event for the evening.

It’s no mystery that Randy Orton isn’t exactly the best in ring worker in the world, and he was very green at this stage. Putting him in a program with Lance Storm is clever, as he’s a complete athlete who can carry anybody to a good match up. The match itself was based on the typical formula of heel dominated, and then the face, in Orton, comes back and picks up the victory. As I said, this is a great place for Orton to start. Once again, the writing is a little off; I think you need to re-read your work at times, and just find ways to make your sentences easier to read. At times there just seems to be words that don’t fit in the sentence, so work on that.

Randy Orton still in the ring once we’re back from a commercial break. I think the structure of the show would have been better if you had a commercial break after the long opening promo, and then had Orton speak straight after his match. Having Orton wait through a break doesn’t really make sense. An experienced guy could probably do it, playing to the crowd and what not, but Orton is new, so I think the live audience would have just been bored. Anyway, Orton’s promo was a little confusing if I’m honest. He got a good reaction for it, showing that he’s a face, but due to the recapped nature of things, it seemed like he’s just gloating about his family history and what he’s going to accomplished. I don’t know, maybe it could have worked, but this exact promo could have been used for a heel wrestler, and there lies my problem.

at this segment from The Guerrero’s. I love the way they were dressed as detectives and what not, cool stuff. They are basically just making a joke of this whole Mysterio incident. I obviously still believe that they are the attackers, but I sure as hell think you’ve got them set up for an entertaining couple of weeks.

A new gimmick is usually made to be a big deal, so Devon getting the win in this one was a no brainer. Tajiri is a great wrestler though, so make sure to actually use him in the mid card, please. You don’t seem to know Devon’s move list very well, or maybe it’s just me, but you didn’t mention one move he landed on Tajiri. Batista absolutely brutalizing Tajiri was nice, showing that much like in real life, he’s probably going to benefit from his pairing with Devon the most.

Not much to say about Devon’s promo after the match. Pretty basic stuff, just introducing his new gimmick, which was needed. Smart booking.

Since you claimed it was so humorous, I would have liked a little more detail as to what was so humorous about the way the Guerrero’s were interrogating The Hurricane. I like their logic of Hurricane should being able to protect Mysterio though.

Christian against John Cena isn’t something I like, as it’s basically two heels going against each other for no reason. I can understand if they meet in a tournament, or are going for gold or something like that, but two heels being booked against each other for absolutely no reason just seems wrong. Anyway, Jericho’s music playing is smart booking, adding more heat to his feud with Cena, whilst Christian picks up a nice victory. Booking 101.

DDP interview seemed alright. I’ll be happy if you give him a better run than what he got in the actual WWE.

A solid win for Billy and Chuck is smart. It makes them look good ahead of their shot at the teag team titles.

A good win for DDP, going with his interview from earlier, and I’m happy it looks like you’re going to use him well. A lot of people underrate Maven, but I love him. I prey he gets some sort of decent run in this thread.

Vengeance run down. (y)

The main event was easily the match you’ve put the most effort in. Edge and Angle go at it, in what was probably another classic. The Undertaker appearance was very much needed, although I still think the champion needs to make more of an impact on a show. The ending was nice, with Edge picking up the victory, and the US Title. I like that move, as I don’t really like it when mid card champions neglect their belt and go for the World Title. Anyway, the Chokeslam was a nice enough way to end the show.

Overall, the show was decent. The booking for most parts was solid, but I disliked the lack of the Undisputed Champion on the show. Your match writing has gotten better since the last time I read it, although you still need to work on actually mentioning more of the actual moves that are performed. Your promos are okay, although the past tense thing is a little tedious to read. A lot of the matches booked for the show seemed to be taking place randomly, rather than being a part of feuds, so I think your SD mid card needs some work as well. Anyway, I hope you stick with this though, because I love the fact that you’re trying to go with a thread from this time period.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

Thanks a lot Stoj for the review, will be applying what you said, (more in-depth matches and no longer in past tense) just starting from the show after this one, I already had nearly all of this Raw show done before your Review and I didn’t feel like starting it again

Monday Night Raw Preview
July 8th 2002
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Raw this week is live at Colorado Springs, Colorado and as we draw ever closer to Vengeance just another week away many questions are left unanswered, many that may be answered here tonight and some more questions may be asked. With Vengeance just around the corner things are bound to get heated and personal. One story on Raw that has become personal is the Kevin Nash / Triple H / Shawn Michael’s triangle. Shawn returned to Raw a fortnight ago after a four year sabbatical from the WWE, becoming Raw’s new General Manager. Last week Shawn and Triple H tried to reform D-Generation X but things wouldn’t go as planned when Kevin Nash decided to stick his nose into their business, he would confront the Game backstage and tell him things like ‘Shawn hasn’t changed’, ‘he is still the snake he always was’ and ‘what he did to Marty Jannetty and myself will happen to your soon’. Triple H and Kevin Nash would meet in the Main Event of last week’s Raw show where Shawn would try and run down towards the finish and help Triple H out, going to Superkick Kevin Nash however, Nash would move out of the way and Triple H would be struck instead by the kick leaving Triple H at the end of Raw on his stomach on the mat, looking at Shawn up the entrance ramp wondering if he could really trust him or if it was an accident. This week on Raw Shawn will open the show and will address his actions to Triple H and to the rest of the world, wanting to clear things up and to make things right. How will things pan out for Shawn? What will Triple H have to say in all of this and will Kevin Nash make an appearance?

Another feud that has become heated is the one between Kurt Angle and the Undisputed Champion, the Undertaker. This feud has transcended over both brands, Raw and SmackDown where last Thursday the Undertaker laid Kurt out after a chokeslam which had him lose the United States title to Edge. Last week on Raw Kurt came through the crowd and made his presence felt by attacking the Undertaker during his match, knocking him over and having him tap out to the Ankle Lock. Kurt is going to be here on Raw this week as will the Undertaker but how will things go down? And if things get physical again who will gain the upper hand and the ever so important momentum as their PPV match draws closer.

Kane last week made his return to Raw from injury by answering the Big Show’s call. Show after destroying Steven Richards claimed that there is no competition for him on Raw anymore and that no one can stand up to him. Kane will make his return to the squared circle, having his first match in months in a tag team match where he and Jeff Hardy take on Matt Hardy and the Big Show.

Speaking of the Hardy brothers, Matt Hardy and Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy were in a tag team match last week which they won, however the celebration was cut short when Matt Hardy struck his brother Jeff. Matt made it clear that he wanted the Intercontinental title. This week Matt will explain his actions and why he did what he did.

Also last week we were treated to a video package hyping up the debut of two promising young superstars- Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. This week Jim Ross looks to conduct a sit down interview with the two and get some insight on them, when they are going to debut and what sort of impact they plan to have in the WWE upon their arrival.


Confirmed for Raw


Shawn Michael’s opens the show and tries to sort things out between him and Triple H

Jim Ross interviews Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin about their debut

2002 King of the Ring winner, Brock Lesnar alongside Paul Heyman takes on Raven

Big Show & Matt Hardy take on Kane and Jeff Hardy in Kane’s first match in months

Plus SmackDown’s Kurt Angle is in the building

All this and more.

Raw is finished and should be up in a day or two.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

I haven't really read anything to do with Raw yet. I'm certainly intrigued to see what angle you take with Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Kurt Angle being around equals ratings as well. I don't like the idea of Kane's first match back being a lame tag match, where he gets thrown in the middle of other wrestlers' feud though. Anyway, show looks like it could be good, I'll be reading.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

About a week ago I felt like trying out Szumi’s old recap style. Not sure how it went for me, hopefully alright but from here on out I’ll probably be doing full shows now that I have more spare time anyway, so I think this will be the last show that is recapped.

Monday Night Raw
July 8th 2002
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Shawn has ‘lost his smile’ … again

Monday Night Raw opens up this week with General Manager Shawn Michaels in the ring. No video package introducing us to the show and the commentators barely had time to welcome us to Raw this week as Shawn kicked off the show with a microphone in his hand standing in the center of the ring with his head down, looking towards the mat, disappointed in himself. Shawn would request that Triple H please come down to the ring, Shawn doesn’t however even lift his head up when talking. Triple H’s theme music played and ‘the Game’ made his way down to the ring stepping in, opposite Michaels, without any sort of turnbuckle taunts or playing to the crowd with the water bottle. Shawn would begin to say that he owes him an explanation about last week. Shawn said that what went down at the end of Raw last Monday was a mistake and everything Kevin Nash told him backstage was false slander, trying to split us up. Shawn continued to explain that Kevin Nash is still bitter over the fact that he was kicked out of their partnership some seven years ago the way he had been. D-X chants built up by the crowd but Shawn told them to cut it as it is a serious moment between him and Triple H here. Shawn admitted that he made some mistakes early on in his career that he knows he will one day feel the consequences for but he has changed and is a born-again Christian, and that things are different. Triple H goes to say something however; Shawn interrupts him and continues on. Shawn closed off by telling Triple H and the world plain and simply that he completely understands that if he doesn’t trust him anymore after that accidental Superkick last week, but he hopes he finds deep down inside him some way to please forgive him. Triple H would try to talk but Shawn would just leave the ring and head up the back not even looking Triple H in the face the whole time, leaving up the ramp with his back to the man he called his ‘brother’. Triple H called for Shawn to return pleading with him to get back in the ring but Shawn wouldn’t answer and just kept on walking up and eventually out of sight. Triple H would leave the ring and head up the back himself trying to find him.

Match 1
Tag Team Contest
Christopher Nowinski & William Regal vs. Steven Richards & Tommy Dreamer

This tag team match was very lopsided, sure Steven Richards and Tommy Dreamer put up a fight and had some offense going in the matchup but Christopher Nowinski and William Regal being an actual tag team and not just thrown together on the spot like Richards and Dreamer, actually had some chemistry and worked together as a unison with quick in and out tags, double teams and tag team maneuvers. Nowinski who would be new to the WWE would be under the wing of his mentor William Regal, Nowinski who gave himself the title of being the ‘Ultimate Student’ or a ‘Genius’ was in the match the most, working away at Dreamer and picking him apart, obeying orders and receiving directions and instructions from William Regal from over on the ring apron. After some more fighting back from the former ECW alumni, Nowinski would manage to rake the eyes, resort to heel like tactics to quickly crawl over to Regal and tag him in to finish off Steven Richards who is the other legal man at the time and close off the matchup with some brawling before executing his finisher, the Regal-Plex and a three count. Christopher Nowinski and William Regal received heat however looked strong and dominant with their hands raised up high as the commentators called them a force to be reckoned with.

Winners, Christopher Nowinski & William Regal

Cut to a quick commercial break

Shawn Michaels has left the building

When Raw returns from a break we are sent to the parking lot where Shawn is exiting the arena with his carry bag and luggage by his side, on his way out of the arena and away from Monday Night Raw. Before Shawn can leave for good only taking a few steps out Triple H jogs over to him and finds him, looking all over for him and trying to talk some sense into the Raw General Manager. Triple H pleads with Shawn to come back and rethink things, he reminds Shawn that they have gone through tougher times and not to worry about it, he forgives him and it will work out. Shawn shakes his head and informs Triple H that he has some serious soul searching to do and that he needs to take the night off to think about things. The crowd would begin to boo as they don’t like the thought of Shawn leaving once again however there isn’t much that can be done. Shawn tells Triple H that he can be in charge while he is gone for the night and he wishes him the best of luck, and that he shouldn’t worry about him. Shawn from here turns around and officially leaves the premises.

Matt Hardy … the better bitter brother

From here we were sent over to Jonathan Coachman who was in the process of conducting an interview with none other than Matt Hardy, trying to get some Questions and Answers with him and find out what were the reasons for his actions last week, hitting his younger brother, Jeff Hardy with his own Intercontinental title after their tag team victory last week on Raw. Coachman would without hesitation ask him plain and simply the question that is on everyone’s mind… ‘Why?’ And Matt gave the people an answer they didn’t want to hear, one that would force them to boo Hardy however, Matt didn’t seem to give a dam anymore. Matt Hardy was a changed man, he explained that throughout his entire life even before getting into the wrestling business he was the overlooked brother, he was the brother that was pushed aside, the one that was always remembered as Jeff Hardy’s brother even though it should be the other way around according to Matt and that people should remember Jeff for being his brother. After some further heat Matt continued on by saying that Jeff had everything in life handed to him easy, that all he ever does in the ring is jump off ladders and get himself hurt, take high risks. It was Matt that actually carried the team and could wrestle, and it was him that always led them to victory and championships. Matt boldly stated to the camera that if it weren’t for him Jeff would just be in rubble of tables and ladders laid out waste to his own stupid actions. Matt announced that Jeff was never appreciative for whatever Matt did for him; he never worked a day in his life. Things would get heated verbally before the interview would come to a screeching halt when Jeff came running from out of nowhere and jumped Matt from behind, retaliating after his attack last week and laying him out before walking away from the scene of the crime to a pop.

Match 2
John Bradshaw Layfeild vs. Rob Van Dam

John Bradshaw Layfeild came out to the ring with his new attire, new hairstyle and sporting his new- real life persona, JBL. Layfeild would generate some heat as he entered the ring and got ready for action, soon later the crowd erupted for his opponent- ‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam. Both men would lock up, JBL however would brawl with him before pushing him around and backing him up into a corner like a bully, slapping him before punishing him with several rights and lefts bringing him down to one knee. The crowd wasn’t enjoying this but they couldn’t do much about it. Bradshaw would grab Van Dam out of the corner before going to pull him towards his arm ready for a clothesline from hell; Van Dam would duck underneath sensing what was coming next and from behind dropkick him into the corner before coming at him with several shoulder blocks. Van Dam would then back flip before hitting him with one last hard shoulder block like he normally does. This would begin Van Dam’s momentum as he would have the control over JBL in the next few minutes using such maneuvers as a Monkey Toss, Split Legged Moonsault, a Rolling Thunder and more, JBL was wearing as Van Dam was on fire and really took it to him. As Van Dam came off the top rope for a flying cross body, Bradshaw’s strength got the better of RVD as he caught him in mid air and sent him flying over his head planting him with a Fall Away Slam to the mat. JBL would collapse to the canvas and both men would be done for the time being but the damage was done, JBL after some regrouping was the first to get back to his feet after using the ropes for leverage and waited patiently for Van Dam to do the same before charging at him with a hard Big Boot that almost took a tooth out before pinning him for the victory.

Winner, John Bradshaw Layfeild

Commercial Break

World’s Greatest sit down interview

Raw returned with a sit down interview between Good Ole’ JR, Jim Ross on the couch opposite Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, two up and coming ‘All-Americans’ who plan to make their debut in the near future. The pre-taped interview had JR ask the obvious question on everyone’s mind, when can we expect them to make their in ring debut. Haas would answer and say that they are still in talks with their contract and are unsure even if they want to sign. Benjamin would continue by adding that they are the best tag team going right now anywhere and that they are the most valuable free agents around. They would then go on to say that they are going to be in attendance at Vengeance and will look to seek out competition here in the WWE. They have bought themselves two font row seats and will be watching the tag team title match very closely.

Match 3
Booker T vs. D - Lo Brown

The Book’ man and D – Lo Brown engage in a collar elbow tie up in the middle of the ring before Booker would deliver with rights and lefts before adding chops and kicks to the mix backing him up against the ropes with his patented flurry. Booker would Irish-Whip Brown at the ropes ahead before going for a Book – End, D-Lo brown would connect with some hard elbows to the side of the head to release Booker’s grasp on him before kicking him in the mid section, grabbing his head and planting him down onto the mat with a DDT. This would begin a slight momentum change where D-Lo would be in charge of things, directing the pace in the matchup. As D-Lo had Booker down and was heading for the turnbuckles going for his usual top rope splash, Booker would have the wherewithal to move out of the way and use the ropes to help himself up to his feet before knocking his opponent down with a clothesline and then taking him down again with a scoop slam. Booker was taking D-Lo to school with rights and lefts once again before kicking him in the mid section and ending the rather short match with a Scissors kick and the three count.

Winner, Booker T

the Champ ‘rolls in’

The broadcast is sent backstage to the parking lot where the Undertaker arrives, the Undisputed Champion receives a standing ovation as he parks his car, grabs the title belt and talks into the arena. Jonathan Coachman stops him along the way and asks him some questions about Kurt Angle and Vengeance but the Undertaker ignores him and keeps on walking, Coachman is persistent before the Undertaker just turns around to him and just tells him that Kurt Angle come Vengeance will be eating out of a straw. The Undertaker gets a face pop from those comments as he enters his locker room and closes the door on Coachman’s face.

Commercial Break

and now it’s time for the SmackDown! Rebound

A short video package aired on the tron as Raw returned on the air highlighting the events that took place last Thursday night on SmackDown. With a strong emphasis on the closing moments of the night where the Undertaker ultimately cost Kurt Angle his United States title to Edge and leaving him laid out as the show went off the air after a hard choke slam to the mat. Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero were also seen making light of the Rey Mysterio situation, cracking jokes nad turning up to SmackDown in detective clothes. Reverend Devon and Brother Batista looked strong going over Tajiri. Randy Orton was seen upsetting Lance Storm once again after defeating him two straight weeks in a row and John ‘the Prototype’ Cena lost his match with Christian after Chris Jericho had his theme music play and make the distraction, getting in Cena’s head.

Match 4
2002 King of the Ring winner Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Raven

Brock would receive tremendous amounts of heat making his way down to the ring, the most of the night so far. Raven on the other hand while usually gets a mixed tweener reaction, this time got a face pop as many wanted to see him go over. Brock would begin this matchup off with the advantage and the match in his favor, charging him into the corner and bullying him. He would shoulder block him several times before letting him fall down to the mat onto his knees holding his mid section. Brock would lift Raven back up to a vertical base before continuing the onslaught with further damage to the ribs and mid section with another few shoulder blocks and some knees. Paul Heyman at ringside would scream and direct orders at Brock, letting his voice be heard while the ‘Next Big Thing’ tried to break Raven in half. Brock brought Raven over to the center of the ring before Raven would try his best to fight back, Raven gave some head butts before biting away at Brock, he would then kick Brock in the mid section and run at the ropes behind him for momentum. Brock however had other plans for Raven as he caught him in mid motion and held him in the air with a Bear Hug, squeezing the life away of Raven.

Brock Lesnar made it clear that he wanted to send a message not just to the Undertaker and Kurt Angle who he may face at Summerslam for the Undisputed title but to the entire roster that he is a force to be reckoned with here in the WWE. With Raven as his sacrificial lamb to get that message across, Brock just flung Raven from the bear hug position up onto his shoulders for the F5 before sending him crashing down to the mat. Brock just stood over him barely even bothering to lean down and hook the leg showing his confidence in his work as Raven was helped to the back Brock and Paul were showered with heat as their hands were held up high.

Winner, Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

After Raven was helped carried to the back Paul Heyman grabbed himself a microphone and stood opposite his man, the King of the Ring winner, Brock Lesnar before beginning to talk. Paul would say that throughout his time here in this industry he has seen talent come and go, he has seen people walk through those curtains looking as strong as ever but could never live up to the hype. Paul made it clear that Brock Lesnar is the man that can do it all, he is the total package, big, strong, athletic, amateur wrestling back ground and come Summerslam he will become the youngest Undisputed Champion in history. Brock would nod in approval as Paul stated that they don’t care the outcome between the Undertaker and Kurt Angle for Vengeance, and he is ready to face either of them. As heat ensued Paul went on to mention some of the greatest Summerslam moments in history such as Ultimate Warrior defeating Honkey Tonk Man in 30 seconds, Austin fighting through a broken neck, Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect as Paul went on to announce that Brock Lesnar winning the ‘big one’ will be better then all of those.

Commercial Break

NO DQ Main Event Announced

From here Triple H walked into Kevin Nash’s locker room quite peeved off, going straight into his face. Nash stands up to meet him has a smirk on his face. Triple H who was appointed G.M for the night in Shawn’s absence informed Kevin Nash that he better get ready because he wants him in the Main Event again. The crowd erupted at the thought as Triple H made the main event of this evening even more interesting by adding a No DQ Stipulation before walking out of Nash’s locker room.

Match 5
Tag Team Attraction
Matt Hardy & Big Show vs. Kane & Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy and Kane start this matchup off for their respective teams, Matt delivers some hard rights and lefts trying to get the upper hand early on however, Kane wouldn’t show any ring rust from not being in the ring for a long time. Kane went straight to work on Matt connecting with upper cuts and pummeling him with clotheslines, squashing him like a pancake against the turnbuckles. Kane would throw Matt at the ropes before executing a hard side walk slam. He looked over at the Big Show sending him a message, Kane would gain a pop from the crowd as he lifted Matt up to his feet before throwing him with ease like a rag doll into his corner where the Big Show is, wanting Big Show to tag himself in and get in the ring with him. Show however, wouldn’t do what Kane wanted and would decide to leave their confrontation for the PPV gaining heat in the process. Matt in the meantime was pummeled with lefts and rights before Kane threw Matt into the turnbuckles diagonally opposite before tagging in Jeff. Jeff would go up onto the top rope and go for a Swanton Bomb. Jeff however would play too much to the crowd as Matt was given enough time to roll out of the way and have Jeff crash and burn on his back with a hard thud.

This allowed Matt to crawl desperately over to his corner and tag in the Big Show who this time was happy to get in the ring against a groggy Jeff Hardy. Big Show would lift Jeff Hardy up with ease with one hand before moving his leg over Jeff’s body and slamming him down with a hard Leg Drop. The Big Show covered Jeff for the pin fall which may have ended the match if it weren’t for Kane who entered the ring and kicked Big Show in the back of the head before the referee had to send him back. While the referee was busy getting Kane back onto the ring apron, the Big Show lifted Hardy up into the air and went for a chokeslam before slamming him down to the mat and telling Kane that this will be him at Vengeance and pinning him. Jeff wouldn’t be able to bring himself to kick out as the Big Show and Matt Hardy made quick work of him and ended it.

Winners, Big Show and Matt Hardy

After the match Kane re-entered the ring where he stood opposite the Big Show face to face. The crowd was screaming and getting ready for the two behemoths to collide as they wanted Vengeance to come early, however, the Big Show had other ideas as once again he left Kane high and dry in the ring by leaving. Big Show stepped over the top rope and out to the outside leaving Kane in the ring.

Kurt Angle in the house

the Undertaker was in his locker room when Jonathan Coachman knocked on his door once again informing him that Kurt Angle has arrived in the parking lot and his car has been seen. The Undertaker at this time left the locker room and made his way over to the parking lot looking for a fight, looking to bust someone open. Undertaker on the way picked up a leg pipe and walked with a purpose wanting to get physical with his Vengeance opponent. Undertaker began pacing in the parking lot calling for Kurt to come out and wanting his head but for a few moments there was no answer, there was no Kurt Angle. The Undertaker began losing his patients as he then smashed a nearby car with the led pipe and broke it’s windshield before telling him to come out before he’ll make him famous. Kurt from out of nowhere ran up behind the Undertaker and knocked him over with a chair before unleashing several shots with the chair to the back and rib area keeping him down. The Undertaker thrived in pain as Kurt Angle was relentless showing no mercy on the Undisputed Champion before leaving out of the arena and getting out of sight, gaining heat in the process.

Final Commercial Break before the Main Event


Summerslam Hype

August 25th 2002, New York


Main Event
No Disqualifications
Triple H vs. Kevin Nash

The main event would start off slow at first with lock ups, circling one another and some brawling left and right shots between them. Kevin Nash the bigger of the two got the advantage and momentum rolling in his favor early on with an Irish-Whip to the ropes before taking Triple H down with a hard big boot to the jaw. Triple H would roll out of the ring and regroup for a moment, ultimately proving to be playing possum while Kevin Nash went out after him. Triple H would waste little time to bring in foreign objects to this matchup as he lifted from under the ring apron his trusty ‘Sledgehammer’. The crowd erupted at the sight of it as Triple H began stalking Kevin Nash with it, chasing him back into the ring. Kevin Nash suddenly wanted no part of Triple H while he held his arms up acting innocent and backed up into the turnbuckles in the corner while Triple H cornered him, savoring this moment.

Kevin Nash would strike before Triple H, low blowing him as he forced Triple H to go down to one knee holding his groin area in pain, dropping the sledgehammer on the mat. Kevin Nash began stomping away at the Game before bringing him slowly up to his feet and holding him against the ring ropes. Triple H weary on spaghetti legs would become tied up in the ropes and stuck there. This gave Kevin Nash an opportunity to take out Triple H which he capitalized on. Nash lifted up the Sledgehammer and held it high above his head signaling the end for Triple H as the crowd began giving him heat, Triple H would out of desperation spit in Nash’s face and kick him in the mid section before freeing himself from the ring ropes and dropping a hard knee to the forehead of his opponent. Triple H from here grabbed Nash by his upper body and threw him at the ropes where he connected with a hard spinebuster to the canvas mat below. Normally at this time the Game would go for the cover but he doesn’t want to end the match this early, he wants to punish Kevin Nash.

D-X chants began to build up while Triple H left the ring once again. HHH went over to the ring announcer and grabbed himself a steel chair before re-entering the ring. The Cerebral Assassin as JR calls him placed the steel chair on the mat under him as he picked up Kevin Nash and went for a pedigree onto the chair. Triple H kicked Nash in the gut and managed to have him in place for the maneuver only for Kevin Nash to wisely reverse and send Triple H flying overhead with a back body drop. Nash at this time picked up the steel chair and waited patiently for Triple H to use the ropes to help himself up to a vertical base before bringing him back down with a hard thud to the skull, smacking him in the face with the chair. Nash would hold his arms up to the crowd with the chair and began taunting them, creating further heat for himself.

Nash would go for the first pin fall in this matchup hooking the inside leg of the Game for the count. The referee slid down to make it but it wouldn’t be over as Triple H still had some fight left in him. Nash would signal the end as he made the ‘X’ over his head and mocked, imitated the D-X sign before bringing Triple H up, placing him in between his legs and lifting him up for a Jackknife Power Bomb his finishing maneuver. Triple H would in the process grab the steel chair and have it up there with him before smacking it over Nash’s head and bringing him back down to his knees. Triple H would get back onto his feet and began to unleash a flurry of shots with the chair before busting Kevin Nash open and connecting with a Pedigree to finish him off and receive a three count to end the match.

Winner, Triple H

Raw faded to black and went off the air at the sight of Triple H standing over Kevin Nash

[Fade to Black]


Tagline; Quick & Merciless
Brand(s); Raw & Smackdown
Date; July 21st 2002
Venue; Detroit, Michigan

WWE Undisputed Championship
The Undertaker © vs. Kurt Angle

Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy © vs. Matt Hardy

Battle of the Monsters
Big Show vs. Kane

WWE Tag Team Championships
Rikishi © & Scotty 2 Hotty © vs. Billy & Chuck w/ Rico

Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin have bought themselves front row seats

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries


First time reading so just skimming through the first few shows I landed at Raw, having read Raw in full I enjoyed it. Here is my disection of the show -

Shawn seems to be suffering from a touch of depression having Sweet chin music'd Hunter last week. This first segment was well written and I really could feel that Shawn Micahels was visibly upset, I actually had the image in my head of a downbeat HBK standing centre in the ring and then trundling back up the rampway at the end of the segment with Triple H shouting for him to come back. That should really show I rated this first segment.

Opening match - Not really digging the team of Nowinski and Regal, I can sort of tell by your writing that a push in the tag division is on the cards for these two and it will be intresting to see if you can make a genuine heel team out of them. In terms of the match writing I am more a fan of actual wrestling moves being named and maybe a little description of what happened in the match. I think your's had 2 moves in and one of them was an eye-rake .

Shawn Michaels leaving - Wonder how long he's going to be gone and if this is going to be part of the bigger picture, Handing the leadership of the show to Triple H, who is still in his DX mischevious character, could be genious, if used correctly.

Coachman and Matt Hardy, in an interview, with each other, trying to talk, Urgh. That would be my real life perception, this was actually wrote pretty well and I thought you really managed to get across Matt's reasons for turning on his younger sibling. Matt vs Jeff has been done a few times and it will be good to see how you can make this new and fresh compared to real life incarcarations.

JBL - RVD - This is what I was talking about in the tag match, although this was well written if it had of been I would class as a live format it could of been awesome, both men have a huge move list and were very much above average wrestlers.

With the Haaintresting n interview it showed me the tag team division is being taking very seriously in this BTB which is great. If I am correct about the Regal & Nowinski push then it could make for a very division. Good to know that Haas & Benjamin will be at vengance but wondering if you are gonna make it something different from the standard they get involved in the match up.

Booker T vs D-lo - Another match where punches, kicks, chops, elbows etc were used very heavily, seriously start throwing in a few moves bro, all matches seem to be heavily dominated with UFC style over wrestling.

The Undertaker, cold, calculated and as focused as ever. Couldnt fault it, exactly what I would expect from the guy.

Next match, more chops, headbutts, kicks, punches etc. It was a squash match though and Brock's intention seemed to be basically to break Raven so it is kind of acceptable. It would of had more credibility though if the previous matches hadnt been full of it. Got the point across that Brock is an absolute monster and should not be messed with very well though.

Triple H showing there that he believes HBK, by wanting Nash in a no dq so he can destory him, good move.

Tag match, developing two feuds in one match, good idea. Seem's to the night for heels, nothing wrong with that. Big Show showing how dominant he is, I think we could of saw more of the Matt and Jeff feud come out in this match aswell though.

Undertaker and Angle in the parking lot was good, it seems both men are getting advantages over the other so I am certainly enjoying this feud.

Never wrote a no dq match so was intereseted to see how this would go. I enjoyed it, good writing. Especially liked the finish and glad Triple H picked up the win, I thought we might of saw HBK come back seeing we never actually saw him fully leave the arena, but we didnt which is great as it means it wasnt what i expected so therefore not predictable.

Overall good show, the opening scene for me was the highlight, could of been an excellent show if it hadnt been for all the kicks, chops, punches and so on in every match. Still great effort and have made me a reader.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

Raw feedback

I’ve skimmed over the past couple of Raw’s, so I’ve got a general idea of what’s happening. Kicking off the show with Michaels after last week is the right call and I liked the way you had him in a down, depressed kind of mood. Trips trying to console him surprised me but I think it’s a good way of going and an intriguing twist to the usual Michaels/HHH feud in BTB.

Nowinski and Regal’s a nice little team to have going and they were always gonna get the win here.

Michaels leaving? Surprising to see the GM just walk out of his own show like that, little odd, especially leaving the reigns to Trips. Sure there’s something gonna go down tonight but that would be unlikely to happen, a GM leaving his own show within half hour of it starting.

Really liked the Hardy intervie here. You gave some good, solid reasons for him turning on Jeff and all the right reasons too. Their match at Vengeance should see some good build up.

JBL already coming good in 2002. I don’t blame you speeding up that turn as I enjoyed his work from 04 onwards. Getting the win over RVD is a good platform for him in this thread.

Like this little angle with Haas/ have going on. Buying tickets for Vengeance I would expect them to make their mark at the PPV.

Booker and D’Lo, only one winner here again. Right call.

Nice show of intensity from Taker backstage there with Coach.

Brock and Raven. Erm Raven’s gotta win this right? Yeah, no chance. Comfortable for the King of the Ring winner.

Nice touch with the Heyman promo afterwards, continuing to build up this machine that is Lesnar.

Nash/Trips No DQ should be a good one. Probably should’ve included Nash’s reaction to this decision though.

Good win for Show and Hardy over their rivals. I’m not sure how the Kane/Show feud will go but I hope you can pull it off.

Taker hunting down Angle again was good, showing his intensity and it was smart from Angle to attack him from behind like that. Good bit of momentum for the challenger. Just a couple of spelling issues here by the way. You had Undertaker attack Angle with a ‘leg’ pipe and said that Taker ‘thrived’ in pain. Don’t think many people thrive on pain, let alone The Undertaker.

Good win for Trips in the main event, though I was surprised Michaels didn’t return, even just to show his face and confuse the fans and Trips furthermore.

Overall it was a pretty good show. You advanced some feuds nicely. Your HBK/Trips storyline is intriguing and the Hardy heel turn’s been done well. Taker/Angle also went pretty well tonight. Keep going with this as you’ve got a lot of room to work with.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

Thanks a bunch for the feedbak guys, obviously more are welcomed but in the mean time I'll be continuing on with some news from and a bit later the SmackDown preview.

Also as sad as this sounds this is the longest I have ever gone with a thread without skipping forward, so yay, go me. Woot~!

Another major match added for Vengeance!

It has been just announced via by Raw General Manager, Shawn Michaels another major main event caliber match for Vengeance. Shawn Michaels announced that his good friend Triple H will once again be facing Kevin Nash for the third time this month. Triple H defeated Kevin Nash on Monday night in a No DQ match made by Triple H after Shawn went awol and left early, giving Triple H the GM powers in his absense. What will make this encounter between Triple H and Kevin Nash even more interesting is the fact that Shawn Michaels had declared himself the special guest referee for the bout'. What Shawn's intentions are or whose side he is on, if any are unknown and only Vengeance will hold the answers.


Thursday Night SmackDown! Preview
July 11th 2002
Las Vegas, Nevada

With Vengeance right around the corner, just ten days from now we are going to be treated by a huge six man tag team attraction on SmackDown's main event this week. The reigning Tag Team Champions, Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty will join forces with the Undisputed Champion, the Undertaker for the first time ever to take on their respective rivals and Vengeance opponents. The team of the former United States champion, Kurt Angle and the former Tag Team champions, Billy & Chuck alongside Rico. Whichever team comes out victorious in the main event will surely gain the upper hand and the much needed momentum going into their respective matches for the PPV.

Last week the Guerrero's, that being Eddie and Chavo got into their usual antics by appearing in the ring wearing detective clothes. They would mock and make fun of the Rey Mysterio incident where he was attacked backstage. Rey isn't going to be in the arena here tonight however, the Guerrero's will be. What impact will they have on SmackDown? Will we find out who jumped Rey Mysterio from behind in the hallway last week? or will the Guerrero's continue to make light of the situation and interrogate superstars backstage to try and find out if it was them.

For a couple of weeks now John 'the prototype' Cena has been bitter after coming so close yet so far from winning the King of the Ring tournament last month, losing in the final match to Brock Lesnar. te Prototype would take out his frustration and begin verbally assaulting Chris Jericho calling himself better then him in any way possible. Jericho who has been out of the ring since his Hell in a Cell match with Triple H two months ago at Judgment Day hasn't shown up on SmackDown since nor responded to Cena's calls. Chances are Cena will continue but the question that raises in everyone's mind is when will we hear from Chris Jericho? Will we hear from him tonight? what condition is he in after the Pedigree from the top of the cell and the career shortening Hell in a Cell match as a whole? or in Cena's words is Jericho just ignoring him because he is afraid he will be embarressed by the Prototype.

Two weeks ago Lance Storm and third generation rookie, the young stud, Randy Orton went at it on SmackDown. Randy Orton would shock the world by picking up a victory via roll up and catching the in-ring vet by surprise and 'stealing one'. Lance wanted to redeem himself and his dignity by requesting a rematch with Orton, another chance last week however, things wouldn't go as planned for Storm when he would be out wrestled by Randy Orton once again. Both Lance Storm and Randy Orton are going to be here on SmackDown this week but no confirmed matches for either so far on the card, what will SmackDown hold for either of them? Will this be the last we will see of them or does Lance Storm have something to say about being 0-2 against Orton.

Last week Diamond Dallas Page, better known as DDP made it clear during an interview that he feels he isn't treated right in the WWE and that he should be headlining PPV's and wearing gold. The crowd seemed to agree with him as well but DDP knows that he has to let his actions do more then his talking and prove his worth here in the WWE. DDP this week is up against Hurricane Helms, will the resident Super Hero come out with his head held high or will the new focused DDP get the better of him?

Confirmed for SmackDown

Six man tag | Kurt Angle, Billy & Chuck w/ Rico vs. the Undertaker, Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Hurricane Helms

John 'the Prototype' Cena vs. Billy Kidman

After about four or five months of recapped shows only, I want to get back into writing in full now that I have more time in the Summer. SmackDown will be the first show I am writting in full in a long time so I may be a little rusty, I have about half of it done expect something probably this time next week.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

Sorry I haven't checked in here earlier, I've been meaning to do so for a while but never really followed through with my intentions. Anyway, everything seems to be in order and although I haven't really done anything more than skim your shows so far, this coming Smackdown seems a good time to start with you starting to write full shows. I know you've improved a lot in the few years I've seen you book so I'm excited as to what you can produce.

As for the preview, the main event looks pretty good for Smackdown despite the whole 'champ teaming with champs' thing is something done commonly in BTBs. I think the match could go either way and I doubt the finish will be totally clean. Regarding pushes for Cena and Orton, it's something I'm interested in seeing you writing as I never really saw either of them before 2005. Speaking of Cena I'm expecting him to go over tonight with the way the preview was worded, and likewise with DDP, even though I like the Hurricane.

Anyway, good luck and I'll be reading.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

Read through Raw and I liked what I saw. 2:49 in the morning so I'm gonna refrain from a review for right now and give you one for Raw and Smackdown once it's posted (plus I gotta look back at the older shows too to be more enlightened).

As for the Smackdown preview, I'm a fan of the Undisputed Champion teaming with the tag champions. Anytime that happens it always seems to have a nice feel to it and makes the other champions seem more important. DDP is awesome and I've honestly never read a BTB on here where he was used so I'm very interested.

The Cena push actually has me quite interested as well. The ruthless aggression he had back then was awesome and I like the prototype character. Making it to the finals of KOTR and then jumping right into a rivalry with Jericho is pretty big too. Orton starting off a little slower but building himself up off a wily veteran is a good call. Storm's a good worker that can make Orton look really good.

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