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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

King of the Ring Semi-Final match
Rob Van Dam vs. “the Prototype” John Cena

United States Championship Match
Kurt Angle © vs. Rey Mysterio

King of the Ring Semi-Final match
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Edge

Intercontinental Title Match
Falls Count Anywhere
Eddie Guerrero © vs. Jeff Hardy

King of the Ring Final
Winner earns themselves an Undisputed title match at Summerslam
Edge vs.RVD
Looser must relinquish G.M Position
Steel Cage Match
Vince McMahon vs. Ric Flair

WWE Undisputed Championship
The Undertaker © vs. Triple H
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

I'm gonna go ahead and post up my predictions... Looks like it's gonna be a GOOOOOOD show. I've bolded my predicted winners below:

Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena
Kurt Angle © vs. Rey Mysterio
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Edge
Eddie Guerrero © vs. Jeff Hardy
King of the Ring Final, I'm Gonna go with Lesnar to take it home.
Vince McMahon vs. Ric Flair
The Undertaker © vs. Triple H

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

King of the Ring Semi-Final match
Rob Van Dam vs. “the Prototype” John Cena

United States Championship Match
Kurt Angle © vs. Rey Mysterio

King of the Ring Semi-Final match
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Edge

Intercontinental Title Match
Falls Count Anywhere
Eddie Guerrero © vs. Jeff Hardy

King of the Ring Final
Winner earns themselves an Undisputed title match at Summerslam
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman OR Edge vs. Rob Van Dam OR John "the Prototype" Cena

Looser must relinquish G.M Position
Steel Cage Match
Vince McMahon vs. Ric Flair

WWE Undisputed Championship
The Undertaker © vs. Triple H
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries



Jim Ross: Welcome ladies and gentleman to the King of the Ring! I am Good Ol’ JR, Jim Ross and I can barely hear you over the roar of this capacity crowd here tonight. Everyone is pumped up and amped for this blockbuster of an evening.

Jerry Lawler: I just can’t wait to see Raw’s superstars dominate the night with the Undertaker retaining the Undisputed World Title and Brock Lesnar coming out with the King of the Ring. Ha-ha.

Jim Ross:
I wouldn’t count on that, never count out guys like Edge, who is red-hot, who just came off quite possibly the biggest victory of his career last month against Kurt Angle in a Hair-V-Hair match.

Jerry Lawler: But with that snake Paul Heyman at Brock’s corner, I don’t think anyone can stop that monster.

Jim Ross: Can’t disagree on that, Paul is and will definitely be a decisive factor in the tournament.

Jerry Lawler: Ha-ha this is going to be great.

Jim Ross: And not to forget our colleges over on the blue-brand, to our left, the Smackdown! Announce team, Michael Cole and Tazz. How are you guys?

Tazz: Oh, finally, was wondering when you two would introduce us. Ha-ha.

Jerry Lawler: Just be thankful we did that, ha-ha, just sit back and enjoy the Raw brand steal the show. Ha-ha.

Jim Ross: Hey you two cut it out.

Tazz: Yeah Boomer Sooner over to you too. Ha-ha.

Michael Cole: To answer your question Ross, were going great, this is going to be a huge night and Ross you’re right Paul will probably shove his nose in places it doesn’t belong but I can’t wait for Edge to spear him a new-one.


Rob Van Dam makes his way down the aisle and to the ring, Van Dam is accompanied down to the ring with screaming fans that are cheering for him as he stands on the top rope and does his patented, R-V-D sign with his arms. Van Dam jumps on the spot and stretches a moment before waiting for his opponent.

Jerry Lawler: I guess were taking over from here Tazz, just try and keep up why don’t ya? Ha-ha see how a match is meant to be called.

Tazz: Yeah Yeah just don’t make me take that crown of yours and…

Jim Ross: Hey Hey…


John Cena makes his way down to the ring, flexing along the way and showing everyone in the front row why he considers himself the “Prototype” John garners some cheers, some heat but mainly a dead crowd unsure what to make of him as most aren’t familiar yet and he has only been around for two weeks. John enters the ring and steps confidently opposite Rob Van Dam ready for action.

Jim Ross: This young kid has impressed me greatly, defeating Christian over on Smackdown! To earn himself a shot at the King of the Ring, he has a really bright future here in the WWE.

Jerry Lawler: That young kid calls himself the “Prototype”, 50% chiseled human, 50% machine and his opponents are 100% Fatality

Jim Ross: Rob Van Dam isn’t going to be a walk in the park either.

Jerry Lawler: I never said that, you’re hearing things.



Rob Van Dam and John Cena look up in the center of the ring with a collar elbow tie up, Cena shows why he cannot be trusted as he then knees Van Dam in the mid section bringing him down to his knees before giving him a clubbing shot to the side of the head. Cena would keep the momentum in his favor and the offense going as he would pummel away at Van Dam in the corner, up against the turnbuckles before taking a step back to clothesline him over the top rope and to the outside. The referee began his ten count as Cena would interrupt it and exit the ring, going out after Van Dam, wisely not giving him any time to breathe or recuperate. Van Dam would be helped up to his feet before picked up for a scoop slap, Cena would take the time to arrogantly talk trash to Van Dam fans n the front row that are doing the RVD sign to his face. Cena’s gloating would be his downfall as Van Dam would slide down Cena’s back as he tried to slam him down to the floor, Van Dam would then push him from behind shoulder first into the steel ring post before rolling into the ring and eventually back outside to break up the referees ten count once again. At that point of time RVD would kick away at John Cena before banging his head on the steel barricade, he would go to do it once more however Cena would elbow RVD in the sternum and as RVD staggered back a for steps holding his mid section Cena would charge at him before taking him down with a thunderous clothesline, having the back of Van Dam’s head bounce off of the floor. Cena would then grab Van Dam via his hair and slowly roll him into the ring under the bottom rope before entering the ring himself soon after. Cena would look down at Van Dam and mock him, taunt him by doing the R-V-D pose with the arms at him before slapping him while he was on his knees. Cena would garner heat in the process.

Cena would back up and ran at the ropes behind him going to boot Van Dam in the jaw, adding insult to injury. Van Dam however, would show why he is a savvy in ring veteran and prove to be playing possum as he would from the squatting position spring up to his feet and take John down with a jumping dropkick to the upper body. With Cena down on his back Van Dam would look around at the screaming crowd as they knew what was coming next. RVD would sprint at the ropes to the side and come back at Cena with a forward roll and eventually connect with a Rolling Thunder! Van Dam would go for the first pin fall cover in the matchup however Cena would wisely get his foot on the bottom rope. Van Dam would drag Cena to the center of the ring before jumping up and nailing a standing, spinning leg drop on Cena. Van Dam would go for yet another pin fall but Cena would have the wherewithal to kick out early. Van Dam would hoist Cena back up to his feet slowly before kicking him in the mid section and throwing him at the turnbuckles. Cena would put the brakes on and reverse it, throwing Van Dam into the turnbuckles chest first instead. As RVD leant back on spaghetti legs Cena would grab a handful of his tights and roll him up with a school-boy like pin before putting his legs up onto the second rope to try and steal his way into a victory. As the hand came down for the count of three the referee would suddenly look up and realize Cena wasn’t abiding by the rules and stopped the count. Cena would stand up and confront the referee in a foul mood before giving him a piece of his mind and telling him off.

As the referee would push and shove Cena back, Van Dam would trip him over and quickly go on the offense. Van Dam would grab Cena’s arm, roll him onto his stomach and hold him tightly in a hammer-lock arm-bar stretching his arm over to his head and twisting it. As Cena would try his best not to tap, the “Prototype” would show his tremendous amount of strength by with one arm pushing himself up to his knees and punching Van Dam in the mid section having him stagger back. Cena would then hold his left arm as he slowly got back up to his feet and kicked RVD in the mid section before going for a DDT to plant him on the canvas. RVD would use his weakened up to twist him around and hold him in a front face-lock position before slamming Cena’s face down to the mat below with a face-buster. Van Dam would go over to the turnbuckles and go for a split legged moonsault. Van Dam would connect and go for a pin fall only for Cena to be able to barely kick out just in time. Both men would lay on the mat for a few moments, recuperating and catching their breath.

This would give Van Dam time to get back into things as he used the aid of the ropes to slowly get to his feet he came up to Cena from behind and turned him around before connecting with a hard shot to the jaw and threw him at the ropes, on the rebound Cena would shoulder block Van Dam down before running at the ropes to the side as Van Dam laid on the mat and let him run past. On the third time, Van Dam would move onto his back and monkey-flip Cena into the ropes hard, As Cena began holding his lower back, Van Dam would grab his head and upper body before hitting him with a hard Suplex to the mat. Van Dam would go for his finisher to try and end the match, the Five Star Frog Splash! Van Dam would grab hold of the rope turnbuckle, pull himself up to the top rope and then leap into the air, as he came down Cena would hold his knees up and have them go into the ribs of RVD which left Van Dam rolling around the ring in pain winded. Cena would then cockily get up to his feet, grab a weary Van Dam and go for his finisher, the Proto-Bomb before connecting and gaining the three count and victory.


Cena would leave the ring and make his way up to the back as a disappointed RVD was left in the ring.

Jim Ross: What a victory by that young John Cena, and he is well on his way to be this year’s King of the Ring winner and at the main event of Summerslam.

Jerry Lawler: John impresses me week in and week out.

Jim Ross: Well we will find out later won’t we if this is his night.

At that point of time a video package played interviewing several WWE legends and superstars asking them their thoughts on the Mr. McMahon and Ric Flair match and who they think will come out on top.

The Rock is seen on the screen

Huge crowd pop

The Rock: the Rock was asked who he thought would win in the Mr. McMahon and Ric Flair match… The Rock has to give the edge to Ric Flair on this one, the Stylin’… Profilin’… Wheelin’… Dealin’… Son of a Gun… WOOOO! Hate to say it Vince but I think this is it for you.

Scene cuts over to Rowdy Piper who gets himself a good pop

Rowdy Piper: Well Well Well looks to me like we got ourselves two of the most egotistical bastards in the history of the business squaring off? Who do I think will come out on top? Vince you keep on saying that you will beat the man-hood and the respect out of Flair… It’s like trying to find I wet spot in the middle of the desert I just don’t see it happening.

Scene cuts over to Mick Foley who gets himself to a good reaction

Mick Foley: Wow that’s a tough one… McMahon or Flair… McMahon or Flair… I hate to say it but for once I am going with McMahon on this one, whenever the odds were stacked up against him or his job was on the line he always managed to weasel his way into some sort of victory.

Scene then cuts over to several fans who were asked while waiting in line to get into the arena.

Fan1#: Flair all the way. Vince has no chance in hell! Ha-ha.

Fan2#: Vince McMahon is the man. There is no chance Flair is leaving that Steel Cage before him.

Fan3#: Everything Vince has achieved in his career, Flair has done it and done it better- if it be the Royal Rumble, World Titles or a General Manager. Flair is the man!

Scene then cuts back to the arena where the commentators once again take over.

Jim Ross: Looks like it is quit the even playing field even amongst the WWE lockerroom and the fans, there is no decisive victor.

Jerry Lawler: I cannot wait to see everyone’s reaction when Vince is victorious and shocks the world. Ha-ha.

Jim Ross: Soon enough we will find out and bear witness to what might be one of the most grueling steel cage matches of all time.

At that point of time a short video package plays hyping up the United States title match

Michael Cole: Thanks guys but looks like we are about to take over.

Tazz: This is what real wrestling is, guys, I suggest you take notes because not often you get to be this close to Kurt Angle in action.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah… yeah, your five minute of fame will be up soon.


Rey Mysterio receives a great crowd reaction as he makes his way down to the ring sporting a red flash like costume with mask as usual.

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio who has been on a roll since his debut earlier in the month, has been getting the better hand of Kurt as of late.

Tazz: But I don’t see him doing it on the big stage, at the PPV in his first PPV remember. I think the nerves will get to him and Kurt will retain.

Michael Cole: True, Rey is still considered fresh meat on Smackdown! While Kurt is an experienced vet.

Tazz: And an Olympic Gold Medalist. Ha-ha.

Michael Cole: I didn’t forget… how can you forget when he reminds you about it every time he gets into the ring.

Tazz: He won it he has the right to.


Kurt Angle is showered by screaming “YOU SUCK” chants as he makes his way down the aisle with the pyrotechnics going off behind him before handing the coveted United States title to the referee for the bell to ring and the match to get underway.



As the bell rings and the matchup gets underway Rey Mysterio was slapped by Kurt Angle, shown absolutely no respect as the cocky, savvy ring veteran would seize up to his opponent. Rey would kick Kurt in the back of his leg before being pushed back at the ropes, Kurt would go for a clothesline on the rebound only for Rey to unleash an onslaught of high-flying maneuvers before taking Kurt Angle down to the mat with a Hurricarana as Rey was delighting and exciting the crowd. Rey would continue the offense as he backed up against the ropes and stalked Angle, as Angle crawled around the ring slowly getting to his feet. Rey would bide his time and wait for the right moment to strike as he jumped over Angle who was leaning forward before running at the ropes and going to take him down on the rebound, however, Kurt would explode with high energy and take him down with a devastating clothesline that almost took his head off, having Rey bounce off the mat with a hard thud.

As Kurt got back up to his feet and shook the cobwebs off so to speak, he would kick Rey in the lower back as he was down before going down to his knees and grabbing Rey in a side headlock before wrapping his legs around Rey’s chest to squeeze him further and apply more pressure having him in a Chicken Wing Submission. Kurt would hold him tightly and refuse to let go as Rey would scream in pan and reach desperately for the ropes, as Rey tried his best to crawl Kurt would move him into a sitting position as he held onto his head behind him and began shaking him from side to side and having him fade away.

Rey would try to get up to his feet as Kurt would hold onto him tightly while Rey was on his knees. Rey would grab Kurt’s head and flip him over onto his back with an overhead snapmare takedown. Kurt would then be pinned with a quick cover hooking neither leg as he would kick out almost instantly. Rey would race up to his feet and hit a standing leg drop onto Kurt Angle before grabbing Kurt’s arm and throwing him at the ropes ahead. Kurt would move behind Rey on the rebound and go for a German Suplex, grabbing his waist from behind.

Rey would put his leg behind Kurt’s leg to block the maneuver and stop Kurt from lifting him up. Rey Mysterio would then lean forward and have Kurt roll into the turnbuckles as Rey would receive a pop from the crowd when a surprised Kurt sat against the ropes frustrated. Kurt would stand up and sprint towards Rey who would trip Kurt down and have him fall face first into the second ring rope in position for his finishing move, the 6-1-9. Rey would get himself a standing ovation as he would run at the ropes behind him and “dial it up” as he grabbed hold of the top and middle ropes and swung his legs across into Kurt’s face, Kurt would duck underneath and have Rey land on his feet with his back to him, Kurt would then chop-block Rey down before stomping away at him.

Angle would pull the straps down of his attire and signal that he was looking for the Ankle Lock and possibly the victory, Rey would roll forward as Kurt grabbed his leg and try and send Kurt once again into the ropes. Kurt however would wisely sick his hand out and stop himself at the ropes before turning around only to have Rey attempt to dropkick him over the top rope and to the outside. Rey would catch his breath for a moment before springboarding over the top rope and to the outside near the crowd barrier onto Kurt crashing on top of him. Rey and Kurt would begin to be counted out by the referee as they began brawling on the outside, at around the count of six Rey would attempt getting back into the ring but Kurt would pull him back and throw him at the steel steps. Both men would eventually be counted out as Angle would show his mean-streak and hold him in the Ankle Lock until officials came down to break it up, Rey would tap out frantically trying to save his Ankle on the outside before being helped to the back.


Michael Cole: What a match, Kurt Angle is still United States Champion.

Tazz: Well what did you expect Cole. Kurt is a master of the art.

Michael Cole: But I don’t think this will be the last we will see of these two, and maybe then the tables will turn.

Tazz: Rey had his chance to get the title, he lost it, he blew it, Kurt is the champion and that is that.

At that point of time the broadcast is sent backstage to the lockeroom of Arn Anderson and Ric Flair who receive some heat from the crowd.

Arn Anderson: Are you ready for tonight?

Ric Flair is sitting on the couch with a distant thinking look on his face. No response.

Arn Anderson: Ric…

Ric doesn’t look at Anderson and continues to stare at the wall however does talk to him. Making no eye contact.

Ric Flair: I think I want some alone time to prepare…

Arn Anderson: Anything I can get you?

Ric Flair: Get my some privacy!

Arn Anderson leaves and closes the door behind him. The camera then moves onto Flair who stands up and looks at himself in the mirror.

Ric Flair begins talking to himself in the mirror.

Ric Flair: You can do this…

Ric Flair slaps himself in the face to pump himself up.

Ric Flair: This is your match…

Ric Flair slaps himself again.

Ric Flair: You are man…

Ric Flair turns on the water from the sink and washes his face for a moment freshening himself up.

Ric Flair: To be the man… you’ve got to beat the man.

Ric Flair leaves the bathroom before leaving the lockeroom and slamming the door behind him.

Ric Flair: WOOOO

A loud WOOO was heard throughout the hallway.

Jerry Lawler: Nice opener guys but looks like we are getting ready for the real main event. Ha-ha.

Michael Cole: I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Smackdown! Is here to represent, we already took out your precious Rob Van Dam from Raw as the King of the Ring finals will be an all Smackdown1! Event.

Jerry Lawler: I just want to see your reaction when that pretty boy Edge gets mawled by Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman haha. He doesn’t stand a chance.

Jim Ross: Can’t we just all enjoy the match.

Tazz: Oh quiet you.


Brock Lesnar appears on the entrance ramp alongside Paul Heyman as he jogs on the spot before having his pyrotechnics go off. Brock would enter the ring gaining a heated reaction as Heyman stayed at ringside.

Jim Ross: That snake Heyman will surely play a decisive role in the finish of the match.


Edge receives a standing ovation as he sprints down to the ring, stands up on the top rope and plays to the crowd for a moment. Edge would take his jacket off before throwing it over the top rope and to the floor as he stood opposite Lesnar.

Michael Cole: Do not underestimate this young kid, Edge has a heart of a lion and has been on a winning streak as of late coming off a victory over Kurt Angle last time we were on Pay Per View.

Jim Ross: Who can forget that.

Tazz: I am sure Kurt would like to. Ha-ha.

Jerry Lawler: Hey! The witty comments are my job here.



Brock Lesnar pushes Edge back before smiling and flexing at him, trying to play mind games with Edge and get inside of his head. Edge would come back at him before kicking him in the mid section and beginning to pummel him with several left and right blows to the back as he leant forward. Edge would attempt to gain momentum as he ran at the ropes behind him only for Lesnar to stand there like a brick wall and take Edge down with ease. Brock would look down at Edge for a moment before like a flash, grabbing his upper body and throwing him as if he was nothing into the corner back first at the turnbuckles. Brock would then begin to shoulder block Edge several times before stopping as Edge dropped down to his knees winded, trying to catch his breath possibly with a busted rib. Brock however, showed no mercy as he lifted Edge up again and hit him once more with a shoulder block, a screaming Heyman at ringside ordered Brock to do it again and harder.

Brock would step back to the middle of the ring before charging at Edge. Edge was given time to play possum before moving out of the way leaving Brock to hit his shoulder into the steel ring post as Edge began crawling away. Edge would use the ring ropes to help himself get back up to his feet before waiting for Brock to turn around and come groggily out of the corner, Edge would run towards Brock going to take him down with his patented Spear! Early on in the matchup. Brock would sense it coming and show his athleticism by jumping over Edge who continued running at the ropes ahead, on the rebound he would go for a flying cross-body as Brock would turn around and catch him in mid air. Brock would then lift him up and slam him down to the mat with authority as Heyman would be pleased at ringside delivering orders.

Edge would be stomped on for a moment before being slowly picked apart by the ‘Next Big Thing.’ Lesnar would continue to work on the ribs as he grabbed Edge’s arm and hoisted him up to a vertical base, he then lifted him up in the air and began squeezing him and torturing him with a Bear-Hug! Holding him in tightly with a vice like grip Edge would start screaming in agony. Edge would refuse to give up as the crowd was heavily behind him and was willing him on but Edge began to slowly fade away and there wasn’t much he could do about it. After the referee would check on Edge and ask him if you would like to continue, Edge would begin head butting Lesnar who didn’t seem to be phased that much. Edge would go to drastic measures to get away from Lesnar’s grasp and rake him in the eyes and bite him before being released down to the mat.

As Edge moved down to his knees and held his ribs, Lesnar staggered back holding his left eye trying to shake off the cob-webs and get back into things. Lesnar would walk up to Edge who would punch him in the mid section possibly under the belt slightly which brought Lesnar down to one knee. Edge then took a deep breath and sucked in all the pain as he grabbed Lesnar’s head and slammed it down to the mat with a face buster. Edge would then head towards the turnbuckles, lean down onto one knee while holding the top rope and signal that he wanted to end this match right here and now with a spear. Edge moved the hair out of his face and waited patiently for Lesnar to get to his feet before running at him at full speed. Edge would connect with the spear! Much to the crowd’s delight Edge would then hook the inside leg of Lesnar for the pin cover and the referee came down for the count.

At the count of two Heyman would intervene and grab Edge’s legs and pull him off of Lesnar almost out of the ring. A frustrated Edge stood up and stuck his front body out of the ring and was about to go out after Heyman before Lesnar would KIP UP! And come up behind Edge. Lesnar would turn Edge around and lift him suddenly onto his shoulders going for an F-5 and possibly end the matchup. As Lesnar held Edge up onto his shoulders he would take too long to go for the maneuver and instead Edge would slid down Brock’s back and in the process grab his head before bringing him down with an EDGE O’ MATIC! Edge would go for yet another pin fall only this time for Brock to be able to kick out.

As Edge went for yet another Spear, Heyman would go for the distraction as he began giving Edge an ear full near him at ringside. As Edge’s attention was diverted and he looked at Heyman, Lesnar would be given the time to recuperate and play possum and an oblivious Edge ran towards Lesnar who would kick him in the shoulder to stop him right in his tracks. As Edge leant forward Brock grabbed his rips and gut area from the side and lifted him up with Edge’s back on his shoulders. Lesnar would jump down to his knees adding to the already hurt mid section and then simply rolled him up for the pin fall and eventually the victory.


Brock looks down at a lifeless Edge for a moment before leaving up to the back alongside a laughing and gloating Paul Heyman who knows he is one step away from possibly winning the whole tournament.

Jim Ross: This is going to be a battle of epic proportions, two young studs going at it later tonight anything can happen.

Michael Cole: John Cena and Brock Lesnar, two weary and already worn out warriors set to go one on one.

Tazz: This is going to be a rocket buster for sure.

From here we are taken to a video package

Narrator: One man took the bar and raised it.

Chris Jericho is seen holding both World titles becoming the first Undisputed Champion.

Narrator: Only one man has saved us.

Chris Jericho is seen taking Triple H out on top of the Hell in a Cell last month.

Narrator: And his name is Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho is seen in the ring stand opposite some of the greats of the industry and seizing up to them.

Narrator: And he is returning… soon.

The screen then went all fuzzy and binary before ending the video package

Jim Ross: The return of Chris Jericho is sure going to be a special one.

Jerry Lawler: The long anticipated return of the Ayatolla of Rock and Rolla.

Right there and then a quick highlight reel showed the happenings of the Intercontinental title match and how the feud came to be before being sent back down to ringside.


Eddie Guerrero receives a mixed to heel crowd reaction as he makes his way down to the ring sporting his usual mullet and the coveted Intercontinental title belt hanging over his shoulder as he stepped into the ring and played to the fans a bit before handing the belt to the officials.

Jerry Lawler: Latino heat… third generation superstar, not going to be easy to beat.

Jim Ross: But neither is this man.


Jeff Hardy receives a standing ovation from the crowd as he poses before them doing his usual dance as he makes his way down to the ring with the pyro going off before him.



Eddie and Jeff circle the ring a couple of times trying to get behind one another before eventually stepping forward as Eddie held his arms out to go for a Test of Strength between them. Jeff would hold his arms out and fall for the trick as Eddie showed heel like tactics by kneeing him in the mid section and unleashing an onslaught of lefts and rights onto his lower back bringing him down to his knees. At that point of time Eddie grabbed a handful of Jeff’s hair and brought him over to the corner where he banged his forehead onto the top turnbuckles several times. From here Eddie would be in full control as he placed Jeff in the corner up-right and began kicking him in the mid section before bringing him slowly out and throwing him at the ropes. Eddie would lean forward in hope for a back body only for Jeff to put the brakes on and kick Eddie in the shoulder which forced him to stand up holding the shoulder for a moment. Jeff would then take Eddie down with a clothesline before stomping away at him and then jumping up and hitting a leg drop.

Jeff would leave the ring and make his way over to the ring apron before lifting the apron up and looking inside to go for the foreign objects early on in this Falls Count Anywhere matchup. He would bring out a Ladder which got the crowd up onto their feet and pumped up, anticipating what would be next. Eddie would be at this time on all-four and saw Jeff about to push the Ladder into the ring with it lying under the bottom rope. Eddie would wisely run at the ropes behind him and base-ball slide dropkick the ladder into Jeff Hardy’s face forcing him to fall back into the crowd barrier. Eddie would gain some heat in the process as he took his time to step out of the ring and move up to Jeff before punching him and kicking him as he was lying there defenseless.

Eddie would walk around to the announce tables and pick himself up a steel chair before casually walking back to Jeff, taking his sweet time, which would eventually prove to be his downfall. Eddie would lift the chair high above his head to come down and strike Jeff however; Jeff would have other planes and kick Eddie in the mid section. Jeff would slowly make his way back up to his feet and punch and elbow Eddie back a few steps, he would then grab Eddie’s arm and throw him hard into the steel barricade before picking up the steel chair and driving it into his sternum, bringing Eddie down to his knees holding his gut in pain. Jeff would continue his attack on Eddie not wanting to lose any momentum as he hit Eddie in the back with the chair bringing him down to the ground before throwing the already bent chair away. Jeff would go for the first pin fall in this matchup as he rolled Eddie over for the count but Eddie would have the wherewithal to kick out and continue the matchup.

Jeff would roll into the ring leaving Eddie lying on the outside of the ring on his back as Jeff slowly climbed up onto the top turnbuckle before going for a Swanton, he would signal he move with his hand to get the crowd heavily behind him as he leaped into the air and was about to connect with it before Eddie would show his savvy-ness and roll out of the way just in time, leaving Jeff to fall flat on his back in tremendous pain, crashing and burning on the outside. Eddie would be the first to his feet as he would then grab Jeff and bring him slowly by his hair over to the Spanish Announce tables. Eddie would bang Jeff’s head on them before grappling with him and hitting a hard snap suplex on the outside inflicting further damage to Jeff’s back. Eddie at that point of time took the top off of the announce tables to get it ready to place someone on it, he would pick up the TV Monitor and wait patiently for Jeff to reach a vertical base and to take him out with it. Once Jeff was on his feet Eddie would swing towards him only for Jeff to wisely duck underneath, turn Eddie around from behind and kick him in the mid section before bringing him down with a devastating DDT.

Jeff would grab Eddie and put him slowly onto the announce tables before clubbing him in the stomach a few times making him stay there. Jeff would then head over to the ring, enter the ring and head up to the top turnbuckle going for a flying maneuver before looking around at the crowd and then down at Eddie and up at the crowd again. Jeff stood up about to leap into the air before shaking his head and deciding not to. The confused crowd became silent as Jeff Hardy had other plans, he left the turnbuckle, stepped out of the ring, moved over to the Ladder that was left from earlier near the crowd barrier and opened it up opposite the announce tables and began climbing accumulating even more of a reaction from the crowd. Once Jeff was on the top he looked to take Eddie out with a leg drop onto the announce tables.

As Jeff would leave to come down onto Eddie, Eddie would prove to be playing possum after been given time to regroup and show his crafty-ness. Eddie would instantly move out of the announce tables and begin climbing the Ladder up to Jeff. Both men met up the top of the Ladder and began trading shots fifteen feet high up in the air. Eddie would take Jeff in the eyes and bang his head onto the top of the Ladder before grappling with him and going for a Suplex as everyone was willing Jeff on. Jeff would hold onto the rungs of the ladder and block the move as he then punched Eddie in the mid section, screamed signaling the Twist of Fate and grabbed Eddie’s head before executing the finishing maneuver down onto the outside from fifteen feet up. A dead silence uttered around the arena as both men were down for quite some time before a weary Jeff would roll his arm over Eddie’s chest and eventually win the match with a three count for the victory.


Jeff has his arm raised by the referee and almost collapsed on him as both men needed help to the back.

Meanwhile a video package was shown on the screen on the King of the Ring tournament.

Narrator: the King of the Ring…

A view of the table that had all of the matches up to date and qualifying rounds

Narrator: It is the prestigious tournament that has served as a stepping stone for many greats.

Stone Cold Steve Austin on the chair in 1996

Harley Race is seen on the pedestal

Bret Hart is seen winning the tournament

Narrator: Where superstars become kings...

Kurt Angle is seen in the King of the Ring robe in 2000

Narrator: Kings become champions…

Several superstars that have won it are seen holding the WWE title

Narrator: Once you become the King of the Ring you become an immediate player…

The thrown for this year is seen

Narrator: Two men on the verge of superstardom…

John Cena is seen making his debut and defeating Christian to qualify

Brock Lesnar is seen decimate several superstars such as the Hardy Boys alongside Paul Heyman.

Narrator: But only one can be… King.

They cut back down to ringside as the crowd is hyped up and up onto their feet for the Grand Final.

Jim Ross: This ought to be a slobber knocker for sure.

Jerry Lawler: Any last requests before Raw’s Brock Lesnar decimates your kid, John Cena. Ha-ha.

Tazz: Be thankful I’m not sitting next to you.

Jim Ross: Either way this promises a first time PPV title opportunity for both men, that neither would want to miss or give up in a heart-beat.


Brock makes his way down the aisle alongside Paul Heyman once again.

Jim Ross: Paul seems extremely confident on his part.

Jerry Lawler: Why wouldn’t he be, he knows he is managing a future world champion.

Michael Cole: Both men are weary and worn out after already competing here tonight, there is no way that they won’t be showing any fatigue even if they try to ignore it.


That that point of time John Cena the self proclaimed Prototype came down to ringside, he grabbed a microphone from a nearby official before entering the ring and standing opposite Brock Lesnar.

Michael Cole: Looks like Cena has something to say.

Jerry Lawler: I bet he is giving his last requests ha-ha.

Michael Cole: Just shut it already, you’re not funny.

John Cena: Allow myself to introduce myself… my name is the Prototype.

Mixed crowd reaction

Some despise him however a small minority prefer him over Lesnar

John Cena: And I am going to be the King of the Ring.

Again a mixed crowd reaction

Jim Ross: A bold statement right there but can he back it up.

John Cena: Because I believe that I am the man and I am the future of this business.

Michael Cole: That he sure is.

Jerry Lawler: This kid can’t make it here, he is just another loud-mouth body builder while Lesnar has wrestling background ha-ha. He’ll be eaten alive.

John Cena: Cause now is the perfect time … for the perfect man… the Prototype.

Cena points at his perfectly chiseled body still in Lesnar’s face who is just smirking waiting for him to finish running his mouth.

Jerry Lawler: The kid looks like a life-size GIJOE

John Cena: Now we have that clear, I want you to go backstage… find Cirss-Cross… find Vanilla Ice and do the Macarena because you’re a one hit wonder…

Brock doesn’t look pleased but keeps a cool face and waits for his opportunity to strike

John Cena: Ok Ok Ok … maybe you do have a chance at winning the King of the Ring, I mean look at you, you’re huge and you’re Brock Lesnar.

Brock smirks a bit

John Cena: But you winning the King of the Ring is like me having sex with some farm animals… sure some people here in the crowd might like it but it just ain’t right.

Heat from the crowd as Cena insulted them

Cena then diverts his attention over to Paul Heyman who is at ringside

John Cena: Paul you want to stand here in the ring week in and week out and talk about the Next Big Thing… why don’t you move the time slot to 2 am and talk about what’s in my pants.

Paul Heyman is peeved off at ringside.

John Cena: So if you don’t get it by now… I am going to be the next King of the Ring.

Mixed reaction

John Cena: Oh wait you didn’t get that let me rewind it for you

Cena looks over at Heyman

John Cena: bzz bzz bzz (sound of tape being rewound ) I am going to be the King of the Ring.

Cena smiles as the match gets underway.



Brock Lesnar caught Cena off guard as he picked him up as soon as he stopped talking and rammed him chest first into the turnbuckles he would begin to shoulder block him against the turnbuckles in the corner before grabbing his arm and throwing Cena chest first into the opposing turnbuckles with authority. As Cena began to stagger backwards Brock came up behind him and club him from behind, bringing him down to one knee. Lesnar at that point of time would look down at Cena before grabbing his upper body and with ease lifting him up to his feet and grappling with him. Brock would grab one of Cena’s legs and lift him up onto his shoulders in position for a Cradle Suplex. Brock would hold him up there showing a phenomenal feat of strength before falling back and having Cena fall down onto the mat hard.

Brock would then grab Cena by the arm and lift him up again before Cena would try and fight back, hitting him a few times in the mid section and upper body, Cena would then duck underneath a clothesline attempt by Lesnar before running at the ropes ahead and ducking underneath yet another clothesline takedown. On the third time, Cena with momentum would go for a flying shoulder block of his own however Brock would stand there like a brick wall and only move a step back, keeping his balance. Cena would run at the ropes once again to the side only to duck underneath another clothesline by Lesnar and to put the brakes on, turn around behind him and grab his head before bringing him down with a side Neck Breaker. Cena would taunt the crowd a bit and Heyman telling him that Brock is nothing and that he has outsmarted him. Cena at that point of time grabbed Lesnar’s head and slowly brought him to a vertical base, he then began to brawl with him before kicking him in the mid section and going for a Suplex before Brock would overpower Cena and throw him instead for a Suplex of his own.

Brock would at that point of time grab Cena’s arm, drag him to the center of the ring and go down to his knees before wrapping his legs around Cena for a cross-face-chicken-wing showing his armature wrestling background. Cena wisely would roll onto his stomach on top of Lesnar before any pressure could be applied and began pummeling Brock with rights and left as Brock began holding his hands up on the defense. Cena would get back up to his feet and kick Lesnar while he was down. Cena would look around for a moment before having an idea, he would head towards the ropes and eventually onto the top turnbuckle. Cena would wait a second for Brock to get onto all four as Cena would leap into the air and come crashing down onto the big man with a flying Leg Drop from the top rope. Cena would then roll Brock over and cover him for the pin fall only for Brock to kick out at the count of two. Cena would then go for his patented Proto-Plex to possibly end the matchup.

Cena would stalk Lesnar and wait for him to get to his feet groggily and Cena grabbed him from behind. He was about to lift him up slowly but Brock would elbow Cena in the side of the head having him go back a few steps and hold his face. Brock would then kick Cena in the mid section and grab him before throwing him over his head with a release Belly to Belly suplex over to the other side of the ring. Brock would shake the cob-webs off and regain his momentum in the matchup as he slowly made his way over to Cena. Cena would be grabbed by the head and about to be lifted up to his feet. Cena was ressiliant enough to grab Lesnar’s tights and pull them down behind him into the turnbuckles face first. As Brock was with his back to him in the corner for a moment Cena made his way back up to a vertical base via the ring ropes for leverage. Cena would then stomp away at Brock Lesnar and hit him with Axe Handles and more before bringing him slowly to the center of the ring and placing him in between his legs going for his patented Jack-knife Proto-Bomb.

As the commentators and everyone was silent, wondering if he was even able to lift up a man of Brock’s nature, Brock would explode with a burst of energy as he grabbed the legs of Cena and stood up from the position he was in- perfectly placing him ready for an F-5. Cena would be thrown hard down to the mat with the finishing maneuver as Brock rolled him up hooking both legs for the count, 1…….. 2….. 3 and Brock had won it.


Jim Ross: What a match.

Jerry Lawler: YES YES YES!

Michael Cole: I have to hand it to Lesnar he did it.

Jerry Lawler: What did I tell you huh? Ha-ha, he shut that loud-mouth cocky Cena up for good.

Paul Heyman would then slide into the ring and hug Brock Lesnar and raised his hand as Lesnar garnered some heat from the crowd.

Jim Ross: there you have it guys, the 2002 King of the Ring winner.

Paul Heyman and Brock would leave the ring and make their way up the ring to the thrown as Lesnar sat in it and Paul would put the crown on his head.

Jerry Lawler: Boy does that look good on Lesnar. Ha-ha.

Paul would then bow down to Lesnar as a video package played hyping up Summerslam.

Jim Ross: The biggest party of the Summer… right around the corner and I can’t wait.

Jerry Lawler: I can’t wait for Brock to get his World title shot at Summerslam.

At that point of time another video package played showing the events that led up to the Vince McMahon and Ric Flair Steel Cage match where one man looses the General Manager position.

Jim Ross: This match is a long time in the making, there must be a winner and a sole owner of the WWE.

Michael Cole: And what makes this match more interesting is that this is Ric Flair’s specialty, the Cage match.

Jerry Lawler: True but never cont out Vince’s ability to adapt in harsh situations, the man has been the Champion before and won the Royal Rumble.

Michael Cole: No one doubts his abilities but this may be the one for him. Even some of his fellow superstars thought so as we heard earlier on in the night.

Jerry Lawler: I am sure the first thing Vince is going to do once he is done with Flair is fire you for those comments.


Vince McMahon receives a standing ovation as he makes his way down the aisle, the steel cage has already been lowered and Vince steps inside slowly, looking around at the ominous steel structure just waiting for him to start the match and utilize it. Vince doesn’t strut down the aisle like usual instead walks down seriously and is ready for a fight, one that might ultimately cost him his job.

Tazz: Here we go its gut-check time, now or never for Vince.


Ric Flair receives heat as he makes his way down the aisle and steps slowly through the door of the cage, he takes his robe off and gives it to the referee who stands on the outside as he struts around the ring slowly and does his patented WOOO at Vince who is calm.



Vince and Flair walk up to each other before Flair does a woo in his face, Flair would then be slapped as Vince brought him down to one knee he then grabbed his head and brought him over to the ring ropes where he grated Flair’s skull across the steel cage. Vince would throw him back down to the mat and receive a decent reaction as he then made his way over to Flair, this match would prove to not be a wrestling clinic but instead a all-out do what you can to survive match where Flair would kick Vince in the groin and low blow him before making his way slowly back up to his feet and stomped away at him. Flair would then go back down to his knees and begin choking away at Vince, the five count was useless in this sort of match and Flair would hold onto Vince’s throat for quite some time.

Flair would then stand up and be proud of his actions as he created some heat from the crowd. He grabbed Vince and brought him slowly to a vertical base, from here he placed him in the corner against the turnbuckles as Flair began chopping away at him until Vince’s chest was bright red. Flair’s chops would be in the dozens as he would go crazy with him, going vintage Flair. Flair would then grab Vince and move his head slowly across the steel cage before letting him fall down to the mat in exhaustion as Flair looked to be in complete control in the early going of the matchup. Flair would soon after make his way over to the steel door to attempt to exit the cage.

Flair would take a step towards the door and lean out, the referees would unlock the door and go to open it but it would take too long, in the meantime Vince realized what was happening and began crawling desperately over to Flair before holding onto his legs so he wouldn’t move out any further. The referees and officials after a few moments of nothing would close the door on Flair as Flair turned around and began stomping away at Vince. Flair would grab Vince’s leg and possibly have in mind a Figure Four Leg Lock to eliminate one of the legs and make it harder for McMahon not to climb out. Vince on the other hand had other plans and as Flair turned around while holding Vince’s leg, McMahon would kick Flair in the back over to the ropes.

Vince afterwards would crawl over to the ring ropes and slowly use them to help himself up to his feet as he then kicked Flair in the mid section as he came towards him. Vince would then use a trick from Ric Flair’s book by raking him in the eyes and grabbing his head and running with it, ramming it full speed into the steel cage around the ring. As a result Flair would be left on the mat and busted open, bleeding from the hairline. Vince would then slowly walk over to the steel door and demand it to be opened as Vince looked over his shoulder back at Flair who was out on his back and then lent forward about to exit the cage. Vince seemingly had this one in the bag and won.

When suddenly from out of nowhere a referee closed the door onto Vince’s face having him fall back and bust him wide open much like Flair. The confused crowd began booing as the referee would reveal to be ARN ANDERSON! Anderson would step into the ring leaving the door wide open and grabbed Vince’s belt from his pants before whipping him like a government mule as JR calls it. Meanwhile, Flair would be able to weasel his way over to the open door and slowly crawl out. Loud heated chants began throughout the crowd as they didn’t want this to happen as it looked to be the end for Vince McMahon.

As Flair had half of his body out of the ring, out came SHANE MCMAHON to make the save! Shane ran down through the crowd out of nowhere with a steel chair in hand and entered the ring before dragging Flair back to the center of the ring and banging him in the head with the steel chair, busting the man even further open and having the blood flow down his face. He then would hit Anderson in the back from behind before grabbing a weary and oblivious Vince and exiting through the door with him for the match to end.


Vince was being helped to the back as he and Shane exited up the ramp and the crowd went nuts. The cage was taken back up to the top of the arena up to the ceiling as officials helped Flair and Anderson to the back not long after.

Jim Ross: Vince McMahon has done it. Baw God what a brutal match that was.

Michael Cole: Both men had ideas to have someone help them and interfere for them but for Flair it just wasn’t good enough.

From here a tale of the tape played highlighting the history between Triple H and the Undertaker including the several times they met at previous events and matches.

Jim Ross: Here we go guys, the main event.

Tazz: This one is not going to be for the weak of heart, one man is going to leave the Undisputed Champion and the other with his tail between his legs.

Jim Ross: Keep in mind the Undertaker came out on top the last time they met one year ago at Wrestlemania X-7.

Triple H is seen tapping his wrist backstage in his lockeroom before leaving over to the ring

The Undertaker is seen driving into the arena from the parking lot with the WWE Undisputed title on his shoulder.


Jim Ross: Here we go guys, the main event… for the richest prize in our business.

Tazz: This one is going to be big.

Triple H appears before everyone on the entrance ramp in a serious look, he has his usual water bottle which is uses to try and intimidate his opponents and spit it up fountain like on the ring apron. Triple H would pose on the top turnbuckle for a moment before waiting in the ring for his opponent to come riding down.

Michael Cole: If anyone knows how to beat the Undertaker it is Triple H. He knows how to get things done.

Jim Ross: That is why he is the cerebral assassin.


The Undertaker rode down the entrance ramp and around the ring before parking his motorcycle near the Spanish announce tables and stepping into the ring. He looked the Game in the eyes before turning his back to him and raising his arms to the crowd and the championship which he eventually handed to the referee to hold up and remind everyone what is at stake in this matchup.



Triple H and the Undertaker step towards each other as Triple H looks up to him and the Undertaker down at Triple H. Both men would lock up with a collar elbow tie up in the center of the ring before Triple H would hit the Undertaker with a hard side elbow shot. The Undertaker would retaliate with a few strikes of his own before unleashing an onslaught, a frenzy of lefts and rights boxing style backing Triple H up against the ropes in the defensive, proving why he is called the best pure striker in the business. The Undertaker would grab Triple H’s arm and throw him at the ropes opposite him before lifting his leg up for a big boot on the rebound. Triple H would wisely slide underneath the Undertaker’s leg and from behind take the Undertaker down to the mat with a chop block, seizing him up and working on his legs.

Triple H would pick apart the Undertaker’s right leg as he held onto it and began using such moves as a leg drop on it and stomping away at it as the Undertaker was thriving in pain. Triple H would then show the world once again that he isn’t called the cerebral assassin for no apparent reason as he continued to hold onto the Undertaker’s leg and dragged him slowly over to the ring ropes before firmly placing it onto the bottom rope and with the ropes’ leverage he dropped a hard knee onto it and made the Undertaker crawl away in pain holding his leg. Triple H would walk towards Taker and go to once again grab his leg but Taker wouldn’t allow it. The Undertaker instead would use his strength advantage over Triple H to bring him towards his body and kick him away back into the turnbuckles. Taker would slowly get to his feet showing the effects of the targeted leg.

Undertaker would take a deep breath sucking in any pain he had from his right leg and charge towards Triple H before clotheslining him against the turnbuckles, squashing him hard in the corner. As Triple H stepped forward groggily, shaking on spaghetti legs, the Undertaker would run at the ropes behind him going for a big boot and connected with it taking him down. The Undertaker wouldn’t go for the pin fall as usual instead attended to that leg of his which may have been tweaked a bit as he lifted it up for a big boot after all the damage done to it by the Game. Undertaker would after a few moments grab Triple H and slowly pick him up to his feet who unfortunately for the Undertaker was given enough time to get back into things and play possum’.

Triple H would be thrown at the ropes only to put the brakes on and throw the Undertaker at the ropes instead. As the Undertaker came running back at Triple H, the Game would grab hold of the Undertaker, lift him up in the air and slam him down with a hard Spine Buster to the mat. Triple H would cover the Undertaker hooking his bad leg only for the Undertaker to kick out just in time at two and a half. Triple H would stand up and stomp away at the Champion before backing up at the ropes and dropping a high knee into the face of his opponent. The Game would slowly help the Undertaker to his feet as he tried to place him in between his legs for a Pedigree and end the matchup.

the Undertaker would go down to one knee under Triple H before coming up with a burst of energy, he would grab Triple H’s tights and stand up with him in the air in position for his finishing maneuver, the Last Ride! The crowd went nuts as the match was in the balance, Triple H would begin belting away at the Undertaker’s head and started to deliver punches at the Champion before having the Undertaker drop him down to the mat and hold his head for a moment. Triple H would use the aid of the ropes to help himself up to his feet as he charged towards the Undertaker and took him down with a running high knee lift.

Triple H would continue to be in control of the matchup as he grabbed the already weakened leg of the Undertaker and turned him around for a Figure Four Leg Lock which he locked in. The Undertaker began thriving in pain but would refuse to tap and give up. Undertaker would throw some punches at Triple H with his long arms and eventually stick his hand in his throat and begin to choke him out as Triple H let go of the hold. The Undertaker would stand up with his hand in Triple H’s throat and lift him up for Chokeslam before slamming him down and painfully going down to his knees and pin him, eventually getting the three count and the victory.


The Undertaker rode off into the back before stopping at the top of the ramp and raising the title up with his back to the crowd as the show faded to black and ended.

Fade to black.

I know this show wasn’t up to PPV standards but I didn’t plan for it to be, I just made it an average sized show to open up the thread to a nice start and get some storylines going.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

Hey, HarlemHeat, I just want to say something, the background colors of King of the Ring 2002 PPV was cool and great, and now, I want to read and see the results of the matches.

John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam
I thought, RVD would win this match, because of the experience and faith to himself, but The Prototype made his way on to the finals, by giving his all and giving his strength on to this match, that match was critical to Cena, especially he was a newbie back then, but he is not a normal newbie, he is something to watch out by the other stars of Raw and Smackdown. Nice job. 8/10

Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio
It would be nice if after the Semi-Final Match of Cena-RVD, would be the Edge-Lesnar match, Semi-Final match still, but you give it a break, and that's disappointing, but it is still okay, as you give a big and classic match between this two. The action between the two "future" superstars of the WWE was great and cool, as they give their best to be the man in the US Championship Division, but the double-countout was a bit shocking, but I'm sure it would lead to more matches on the next-pay-per-view, especially Summerslam is near. And I'm sure Rey Rey would still chase Kurt for that title. 7.5/10

Brock Lesnar vs. Edge
I know, Lesnar would win this match, actually, Lesnar was really on his prime that time, and his strength was great, and Edge was still on a mid-card performer and working things sometimes in the main event. The match between these two future superstars is also great, as they give their performances. And Heyman's participation in the match, was a bit an advantage to Brock, especially Paul Heyman could help Brock to win the match in a dirty way. Good idea. And this match, was really long and good. 9/10

Jeff Hardy vs. Eddie
This was a great match, especially with Latino and Jeff's performance. And you can use anything you want in this match. This was really extreme, and great. As they break their bodies down, just to win the IC. Jeff Hardy was the victorious won. Even though, they were really tired and weary, plus blood and perspiration over the ring. This is a great IC match to remember. Eddie is the present highflyer, and Jeff is the future. And that means something. Cool match. 9/10

John Cena vs. Lesnar
Wow. I'm quite shocked, that the finals were first than Flair-McMahon, anyway, that match is important, but the focus of the PPV is this one, still fine, but arrgh. Anyway, the match was decent and long, as these two are fighting not only to be the King, but also to be the No. 1 Contender at SummerSlam! Brock Lesnar won it, and he deserves to be the King of the Ring. John Cena almost got it, when he had the Protobomb! Almost, for Cena, but still Lesnar is victorious. 9.5/10

Vince vs. Ric
This is everything goes, and personal, as Flair and Vince end it in the Steel Cage, one of the most dangerous matches in the WWE. I thought Mr. Flair would win the match, but Shane McMahon had an appearance. This match was cool having the interference of Shane O'Mac and Arn Anderson. That would be a cool idea, as this would be the fate of the 2 brands. But, Vince is still victorious as he retains. 8/10

Hunter vs. Taker
These two guys are really deserving to the main event as they give out a SPECTACULAR PERFORMANCE! GREAT MATCH, even the Undertaker retains. I know, this would be exciting, because SummerSlam is getting near, and I could not wait for the next things to happen.

Good pay-per-view, pal, actually not good, but a great one. Even though, there are glitches, and some match card listing were not in order, having Cena-RVD in the first match, and the Edge-Lesnar in the third is kinda disappointing, but still, I'm happy that you brought a GREAT PPV START, and I hope it would also give more statement going to summerslam!


"I am the voice of the voiceless!

- CM Punk

Zackamania is runnin' wild, broski.

Party Rockers in the house tonight, everybody just want to have a goodtime.

Marking for CM Punk, Zack Ryder, Christian and Daniel Bryan.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

Really good show and was clear and easy to follow.

-it was a really good opener. Cena picking up the win was a shock and is a big win for him early in his career.

-Throughout the show the promos were great. I really liked the buildup for the mcmahon/Flair match.

-Good match for the U.S title. After the finish i think it is far from over between those two.

- Although I like Edge, Lesnar rightfully won.He was a machine in 02 and his win sets up an interesting final with two rookies in wwe fighting for the title of King Of The Ring.

-Can't wait to see what you do with Jericho. i am a jerichoholic haha

-Really entertaining IC title match. could have went either way but Jeff got the win which was good.

-Great final. Cena put up all he had but Brock was to much for him.

- Vince/Flair was fun. The match was better than i expected and the interference was cool from Anderson and Shane. vince winning was a must and glad he did.

-great main event. Taker and HHH are always great and this could have went either way. Glad Taker got the win but who knows how long he will manage to keep the belt.

Really good starting ppv.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

Monday Night Raw | June 24th 2002 | Cleveland, Ohio

cred to Enigma for the banners.

Monday night Raw this week experiences the aftermath of the King of the Ring, which saw the reigning Undisputed Champion, the Undertaker retain his title in a bout' with SmackDown's Triple H, Brock lesnar alongside Paul Heyman decimate the likes of Edge and John Cena to become the 2002 King of the Ring tournament winner and earn himself a shot at the champion come Summerslam. King of the Ring also featured Jeff Hardy taking out rival, Eddie Guerrero for the Intercontinental title and lastly for the Raw side of things, Vince McMahon won a steel cage match against Ric Flair which saw Shane McMahon and Arn Anderson make appearances throughout. Vince forced Ric Flair to relinquish his G.M spot as Raw was left without a General Manager.

With Raw left without a General Manager, things may turn upside-down this week as the inmates literally run the asylum. Vince is scheduled to appear on the top of the broadcast and give some information regarding a new Raw General Manager or at least someone part time to fill in the spot to control the brand and make sure there is order, but who is it? is it himself? or someone else?

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are set to have themselves a celebration this week to commemorate the King of the Ring victory and the upcoming Summerslam title match. Will things go as planned for Heyman and Lesnar or will there be someone that has something to say about it. Brock is also set to be in the main event and face someone who came close at the King of the Ring but not enough- Rob Van Dam who looks to redeem himself and get back on a winning streak, can he topple the monster or will Brock once again be just too much.

In other action William Regal is set to face Hardcore Holly, however, William Regal has said that he will be having one Christopher Nowinski at ringside. Mr. Harvard the self proclaimed genious from OVW is set to make his first appearance on Raw in his young career and be at ringside, to learn and study from good friend, William Regal. How will his pan out for Hardcore Holly? and will Christopher Nowinski be a decisive factor in this match.

Newly crowned Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy is set to be here tonight along with Kevin Nash, the Big Show, Booker T, Rico, Bradshaw, Spike Dudley and several more. Raw is where it is at and as we enter the Summer time, things are set to get red hot and it's a can't miss show.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

Nice preview for RAW, I do have a review of your PPV almost complete. Don't rush into RAW before I've posetd your review haha!
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

I'm liking the preview for the upcoming RAW, bro... looks like it's gonna be a good show. I scanned over the previous RAW, but I'll start following with the one coming up. Looking back, it looks like most of my predictions for King of the Ring were right too, pretty excited about that, lol.

Vince making Flair give up his GM spot was a good move, IMO... having him start off the broadcast to announce a new power-to-be should be interesting. WE WANT BISCHOFF! Haha. But seriously, I'm looking forward to seeing who you put in the office here.

Also definitely looking forward to Brock & Heyman's celebration. (Too bad it's not for KOR like I expected, but it's all good.) & In the case of Brock vs. RVD, I'm gonna have to go with Lesnar ftw. You seem to be building him up really well and I like that! Heyman and Lesnar were my favorite combo back then.

Gonna have to go with Regal over Holly in the match mention at the end of the preview. I'm a little concerned about bringing Nowinski in -- not for a bad reason, just interested in what part he'll be playing in the match.

Aside from that, you have a nice line up of superstars that are also scheduled to appear as well. Once again, looking forward to the show man.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

I Know it took me a while, had a whole stack of work to do and assignments to hand in the past two weeks. Though I am hoping to get into a nice rhythm from here on out. Well for the summer at least. Some booking decisions I know may seem slightly odd or left unanswered but give it time to develop.

Monday Night Raw | June 24th 2002 | Cleveland, Ohio

Raw opens up with a video package highlighting the events that took place some-24 hours ago at the King of the Ring pay per view. The commentating team of Jerry the King Lawler and Jim Ross welcome us to the broadcast as they hype up the raw card for tonight and what is scheduled to happen. It wouldn’t be long before Vince McMahon, SmackDown’s General Manager and owner of the board made his way down to the ring, strutting down like only he can to his theme music and a heavy crowd cheering him on. Lawler and Ross would comment a bit on how Vince overcame odds last night to defeat Ric Flair in a steel cage match and that he has promised to announce here tonight a new person to fill his spot. Vince would grab himself a microphone from a nearby camera man before looking around at the screaming fans as he began to speak. Vince would welcome everyone to the Monday Night Raw, getting himself a cheap-pop as he went over the past half year which was to him- “hell”. He explained that ever since the 19th of November when Ric Flair bought himself 50 percent of the WWE’s stock it has been nothing but a nightmare for the McMahons. He then announced that Ric Flair as long as he is living and breathing will never step into a WWE ring again and that Flair can take that to the bank. Vince would then go onto the next subject at hand as he began talking about who he had in line for the next Raw General Manager. Everyone including the commentators at this time went silent listening eagerly and waiting for the announcement. Vince would cause suspense as he said that he did promise a new Raw G.M here tonight and he will deliver, but only later on in the show when the General Manager arrives. At this point of time Vince would leave back up the ramp as Ross and Lawler started discussing between them and throwing names in the air about who it may be.

Soon afterwards the theme music of Hardcore Holly played throughout the P.A system as Holly got himself a respectable face reaction. Holly would enter the ring; crack his knuckles as he awaits his opponent to arrive. It wouldn’t be long before William Regal would appear on the entrance ramp alongside rookie, new-come in the WWE, “Mr. Harvard” Christopher Nowinski. Regal would enter the ring as Christopher Nowinski would stand at ringside and observe. As the bell rang and the matchup began, both men would lock up, Regal would get the advantage early on with several lefts and rights before backing him up in a corner. The next few moments were all Regal as he was in full control of the early going of the matchup. Regal would utilize his wrestling ability and technique on Holly to send him around the ring several times with numerous different suplex variations before pinning him down for the count- Holly with the crowd cheering him on would be able to kick out and continue the matchup. Nowinski would grab himself a chair from the announce tables and sit at ringside with a pen and paper and jot down notes. After more dominating by Regal, Regal would apply a Regal Stretch, his modified version of an STF Submission hold to eventually have Holly tap out. Regal would garner heat as he would exit up the ramp alongside Christopher Nowinski.

{Commercial Break}

After a short commercial break the broadcast returned to the commentators talking for a bit, hyping up what is scheduled to happen here later on tonight with the reveal of a new General Manager while giving a few guesses and speculations. Not long afterwards a video package hyping up the
Summerslam PPV aired. It featured superstars such as the Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Triple H and Rob Van Dam before showing some past moments and Summerslam spectaculars. Bret Hart and the British Bulldog standing off, Triple H and the Rock facing off in a stunning Ladder Match for the ages, Austin fighting through a broken neck, highlights the first ever TLC match, parts of the Boiler Room Brawl and the Ultimate Warrior wins the IC title in record time ending the year long reign of the Honkey Tonk Man. The arena of which Summerslam will take place this year was seen as the broadcast returned to a roaring crowd at ringside pumped up and ready for the extravaganza.

It wouldn’t be long before we were taken backstage. The office of one Vince McMahon was seen as interviewee, Jonathan Coachman was outside the door knocking for him to open and come outside to be interviewed. Vince would eventually open the door as he didn’t even let Coach begin, he would smirk and ask him- “I bet you’re here to try and get some insight on who the G.M is don’t ya’?” Coach would then proceed to agree and nod as Vince would just laugh before telling him that he has to be patient just like everyone else. Vince would then turn around before closing the door behind him as a baffled Coachman would send us back down to ringside.

At that point of time the theme music of the N.W.O played throughout the arena floor as the duo of Kevin Nash and the Big Show made their way down to the ring sporting the black and white N.W.O colors. They would receive themselves a heated reaction as they stood in the ring and awaited their opponents. It wouldn’t be long before “Coming Down” played and Bubba Ray Dudley would appear before everyone alongside fellow ECW Alumni Tommy Dreamer, the crowd would welcome them with rays of cheers and a face pop as they made their way down the aisle to the ring and stood opposite their opponents for the bell to sound and the matchup to get underway. Bubba and the Big Show would start this matchup off, Bubba would try and get around Show and use his speed and agility advantage over his opponent but after a short while Show’s sheer mass would become too much for Bubba Ray Dudley as Show would begin to toss him around the ring like a rag doll and dominate the early going of the matchup. Over the course of the next few minutes it would be all in the N.W.O’s favor, as the Big Show and Kevin Nash would double team and pick apart Bubba Dudley, having quick frequent tags and just toying with him. Bubba would try and fight back but to no use as the legal man at the time, Kevin Nash would bring a halt to his momentum with a thunderous boot to the jaw. Dreamer would try and help out and make the save for his partner only for Nash to take him out as well, before lifting Bubba up and bringing him down to the mat with a hard Jackknife Power Bomb for the victory as they made it look easy.

{Commercial Break}

Raw comes back on the air with the ring set up with a thrown, crown and staff much like the entrance ramp was last night at the King of the Ring PPV. Then the theme music of the newly crowned King of the Ring- Brock Lesnar played throughout the P.A system. Brock would make his way down the aisle alongside Paul Heyman who was hyping up Lesnar while walking alongside him. He would talk about how he is the ‘Next Big Thing’ to the faces of kids in the crowd as Brock stepped into the ring and Paul would grab a microphone. Paul would stand in the ring and boast about how Brock is the total package. He would compare him to former and past King of the Ring winners, and make real bold statements. He would tell the world that his man Brock Lesnar is more of a King than Harley Race. That his man Brock Lesnar has more wrestling ability than Bret Hart. That his man Brock Lesnar would make more of an impact after the King of the Ring than one Stone Cold Steve Austin and that he is head and shoulders above any other man on the roster, past or present and that it is a message out to the WWE Champion- the Undertaker who he is set to face come Summerslam. Moments later on as Brock sat on his thrown, placed the crowd on his head and Paul would proceed to bow down to him. Rob Van Dam would then run in through the crowd and jump him from behind with a steel chair; he would then take Paul out before knocking Brock in the back of the head out of nowhere catching him by surprise. Lesnar wanted to fight and take Van Dam apart however, Paul ordered him to leave the ring and save it for the main event.

Soon after RVD left the ring and the commentators hyped up the main event between them and that they have some unfinished business, Bradshaw would soon make his way down the ramp and to the ring ready for in ring action as he would receive a heel like reaction from the crowd and throw his cowboy hat to the side. Seconds later on, his opponent’s music played as Spike Dudley raced down the ramp and to the ring as he garnered a respectable face pop from the crowd. Bradshaw would begin this match by trying to bully him and push him around. Spike would retaliate with some of his own offense as he would then run at the ropes and go for a flying cross-body only for Bradshaw to catch him in mid air and throw him around the ring with a fall away slam. The crowd would try and cheer Spike on and attempt to get him to find himself some sort of offense but Bradshaw would just be too much for him to handle as he began to toy and play with him before delivering a hellacious Clothesline From Hell to end the matchup.

From here the show was sent backstage to the locker room of the Intercontinental Champion, one Jeff Hardy. Jeff would receive a standing ovation as Matt was by his side clapping and telling him how much he is proud of him and what he had done last night. Jeff looked banged up as he hugged his brother and told him that they should go and celebrate tonight. Matt agreed and told him he knows just the place. As Jeff turned to leave the locker room to go get ready for his matchup later on tonight, Matt would follow not far behind, Matt pulled some sort of fake smile, a hesitant face showing his real emotions for Jeff and his success- proving that he is jealous and wants a title shot of his own. Matt would close the door behind him as he and an oblivious Jeff Hardy went out.

{Commercial Break}

As the show returned we were sent backstage to Brock Lesnar walking around in the hallway with Paul Heyman by his side, possibly going to his locker room. On the way Brock turns his head up and meets, crosses paths for the first time with the WWE Undisputed Champion, the Undertaker. The crowd popped heavily for the American Badass Ass as he stood opposite Brock Lesnar seizing him up face to face. Undertaker had the title belt hanging from his shoulder with his arms crossed in a serious look while Brock was smirking and ready to pounce at any moment, Paul from afar was trying to calm Lesnar down and tell him to save it for another time and wait until Summerslam. Undertaker told him that he did a good job last night and congratulated him on his victory over a rookie, he then told him to rest assure that he is no rookie and that come Summerslam he will find out what it is like to step into the ring with someone who makes a living out of destroying rookies. Taker then went onto say that he will make him famous using his intimidating line as always before Paul would manage to get Brock away before any contact could be made. Undertaker stood there and shook his head as the show went back down to ringside.

The theme music of the Hardy Boys played throughout the arena floor garnering a standing ovation as Jeff posed as usual releasing his pyrotechnics throughout the entrance ramp. Matt would be behind him as he stood at ringside for his younger brother’s non title matchup against who was soon to be revealed as one half of the reigning tag team champions, Rico. Rico would receive himself heat as he made his way down the aisle- alone without the other tag team champion, Rikishi who is on the Smackdown brand. The commentators would talk for a bit how they are an odd couple tag team, very reluctant to work together and according to Rico it was a mistake that they won the titles in the first place back a month ago. Jeff and Rico would start this matchup off with some grappling and brawling offense as Rico would have the upper hand, delivering some hard kicks to Jeff utilizing his martial arts like background. Jeff would eventually be able to block one, catching it and go to trip Rico over before holding his legs up and doing his patented double leg drop to the groin area. Jeff would begin his momentum and control over Rico in the matchup before eventually going for a Moonsault only to miss and have Rico roll out of the way just in time. Once both men were at their feet it was a fair game as they locked up once again, Rico went once again down to the mat and out wrestle Jeff only to have a Suplex reversed into one of his own. Jeff would then go to the top rope as Matt cheered him on and gave him the thumbs up; Rico would then be hit with a Swanton Bomb for the victory.

As Jeff and Matt left up the ramp, Rico slowly but surely got up to his feet. Rico would request a microphone from a nearby camera man and go on to protest that his tag team title run with Rikishi this past month has been an embarrassing hell for him. He stated boldly that it was a mistake. He explained that the former tag team champions, the men he manages, Billy and Chuck were still meant to be the champions and they had a wonderful plan for Judgment Day last month, and that was after they took out Scotty 2 Hotty, Rikishi was forced to have a mystery opponent and that be him- Rico. He then said to everyone that he planned on lying down for the tag team champions and screw Rikishi over but it didn’t go as they expected and Rikishi superkicked me in the jaw. Rico made it clear that he doesn’t want to be tag team champions with Rikishi anymore and he is sure neither does Rikishi with him, and it is a travesty and he will appear on Smackdown to make things right. Rico then left the ring up to the back with heat and Rikishi chants that slowly began throughout the crowd.

The show was treated to a video package highlighting the events that took place at the top of the broadcast earlier on in the show involving Vince McMahon and him promising to announce some time tonight a new General Manager for Raw and reminding the crowd or informing new viewers at home that just tuned in what is in store and waiting to happen tonight. Some more speculation began between the Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler was had, bringing up such names as Shane McMahon, Mick Foley who was once commissioner and Lawler even laughed and suggest one Michael Hayes before changing subject to the main event and hyping up the second grudge match between Rob Van Dam and Brock Lesnar.

{Commercial Break}

Backstage in the locker room of one Bradshaw, Bradshaw was seen sitting comfortably on his couch before the door knocked. Bradshaw would reluctantly get up out of his position, being worn out after his match and wanting to relax. Bradshaw would open the door with nerves not having any patients for anybody. Opposite Bradshaw stood a backstage worker who had an envelope, letter for him. A confused Bradshaw took the delivery from the person and closed the door on him before sitting back in his coach and slowly opening it. Suddenly Bradshaw’s facial expression told a thousand words as a smirk came upon his face and eventually a grin from ear to ear as what he read had pleased him. It wasn’t visible to the camera however at that time, Bradshaw got up with the envelope, grabbed his carry bags and left.

At this point of time the theme music of Rob Van Dam hit as Mr. Monday Night RVD entered the ring ready and pumped up for the main event rematch between him and “King” Brock Lesnar. Lesnar would make his way down the aisle soon after as the matchup got underway. Unlike most matches involving Brock Lesnar, he wouldn’t dominate from the get-go. Rob Van Dam had done his homework and mastered a plan; he had himself the early going of this matchup in the palm of his hands, dominating the King of the Ring winner with several high impact maneuvers, dropkicks and take downs from the top rope. Van Dam at one point in the match would go for his patented Rolling Thunder maneuver only for Brock to be pulled out of the ring by Paul Heyman just in time, gaining tremendous amounts of heat. Brock would shake the cobwebs off for a moment before grabbing Van Dam’s legs and pulling him out of the ring. Van dam and Lesnar would begin to take the fight to the outside as Lesnar would use his power and strength advantage over RVD by picking him up with ease in the bear-hug position and running with him spine first into the steel ring post. The matchup itself would eventually end via count out however that didn’t stop the action from flowing. Brock would continue an onslaught that would leave any other man broken and would force him to leave the ring in a stretcher. Brock would F5 him on the outside and just toy with him until he felt it was enough, never wanting to see him again or face him again.

{Commercial Break}

As the broadcast returned from what would be its final commercial break of the evening, “No Chance” played throughout the arena floor and Vince McMahon had made his way down the aisle.

Jim Ross:
Here we go guys; the time has come to reveal the new Raw General Manager. The moment we have been waiting all night.

Jerry Lawler:
Quit already, let the man speak Ha-ha.

Vince McMahon:
Are you guys ready?

Vince would garner a cheap pop from the crowd

Vince McMahon: Well you better be ready because moments like these only happen once in a life time.

Jim Ross: Who is it already? The suspense is killing me.

Vince McMahon: So here we go, I bring to you the…

Vince looks around a bit and smiles at the screaming fans

Vince McMahon: New General Manager of Raw!

Everyone in the crowd then simultaneously quiets down and goes to an utter silence, awaiting the arrival of the G.M

Vince McMahon smiles looking at the entrance ramp

Jim Ross: Where is he?

Vince McMahon: Ha-ha, I almost forgot. The Raw G.M isn’t just anybody. ‘He’ doesn’t deserve an entrance just like any other normal individual…


Vince McMahon: So let me start again…

Jerry Lawler: Ha-ha Vince sure knows how to make you wait.

Vince McMahon: Everyone rise!

The entire crowd stands up waiting for the G.M to finally make his way down to the ring.

Jim Ross: What are you doing King?

Jerry Lawler: He told us to stand up.

Vince McMahon: And without any further ado, give a welcome back to the Raw General Manager…

Slight Pause


The crowd erupts literally goes ballistic for Shawn Michaels who makes his 4 year long awaited return to the squared circle! Shawn Michaels makes his way down the aisle and enters the ring before hugging Vince McMahon and posing before the screaming fans.

Jim Ross:

Shawn Michaels grabs the microphone from Vince McMahon as Vince McMahon leaves the ring and gives Shawn time to speak. Shawn tries to talk but is overwhelmed by the reaction by the crowd. Shawn however would eventually begin speaking and the crowd would slowly bring a stop to their chants and bowing down to let him talk.

Shawn Michaels: Well Well Well…. Looked who the cat managed to pick up from the gutter and drag in.

Shawn smiles for a bit at the crowd as people in the front row continue to bow down to him and chant his name.

Shawn Michaels: In all seriousness though, four years ago I suffered from a severe back injury that many said I would never recover from. I didn’t to be honest. They were right, I never did return to the ring and I have no idea if I ever will.

Mixed crowd reaction, many still cheering Shawn happy to see him but others not pleased at him not being able to compete anymore.

Shawn Michaels: These past four years haven’t been easy at all. Going from being the WWE Champion, the top dog, the pinnacle of the spot and headlining the 1998 Wrestlemania with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mike Tyson.

Crowd pop almost deafening

Shawn Michaels: To being a shadow of the man you once were and being forced to sit at home and watch Raw week in and week out.

Shawn looks down at the mat for a moment, thinking back at the hard times he went through

Jim Ross: Don’t worry Shawn we love you anyway and are just happy you are back.

Shawn Michaels lifts his head up for a moment and takes another look around at everyone who still haven’t sat down and are still riveting from his presence. Shawn at this point becomes a bit emotional.

Shawn Michaels: But don’t get me wrong, I liked what I saw on Raw if it was my good friend Triple H…

Pop hearing the Game’s name

Shawn Michaels: Triple H going solo and winning titles, doing well for himself.


Shawn Michaels: Then I get a call wanting to know if I am interested in coming back in roll I have tried before, a General Manager like role on Raw and I was caught by surprise.

Shawn looks around for a moment

Shawn Michaels: If I can be honest here for a moment, I didn’t even think about ever coming back, it didn’t even come to mind. I was happy finally having time to sit down and start a family.

H-B-K chants are flowing throughout

Shawn Michaels: But then I just couldn’t stay away ha-ha

Jim Ross: That’s the Shawn we all know and love.

Shawn Michaels: And well here I am.

Shawn shrugs as the crowd is eating up every word he says

Shawn Michaels: And while I am out here, I am going to make my first order of business. My first announcement as Raw General Manager.

Jim Ross: Wow he is wasting little time to get down to business, cutting right to the chase.

Shawn Michaels: There is one man that I said if he isn’t here working with me then I am not coming back. There is one man that I am here because of him.

Shawn at this point of time takes his tie off and unbuttons his suit, taking it off and revealing a D-Generation X T-Shirt!

Shawn Michaels: I think you all know where I am going with this ha-ha.

Shawn laughs for a moment as he goes down on one knee and points to the entrance ramp, doing the D-X signal.


The Game Triple H appears before everyone moving officially from Smackdown over to Raw. Triple H garners a standing ovation as he is sporting a D-X jersey and enters the ring.

Shawn Michaels:
Please welcome back to the Raw roster… my good buddy, Triple H!

Shawn and Triple H hug in the ring and raise each other’s hand as the show goes off the air.

[Fade to Black]


Tagline; Quick & Merciless
Brand(s); Raw
Date; July 21st 2002
Venue; Detroit, Michigan

No Matches Announced Yet


Biggest Party of the Summer
Raw & Smackdown!

Date; August 25th 2002
Venue; Nassau Coliseum, New York

WWE Undisputed Championship | the Undertaker © vs. King Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

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