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WWE 2011: The Bigtime Generation!

WWE will unfold to a new year, bringing new excited feuds and new talents in the universe. We would like to say that sit back and relax while we will bring you the plans for this year. Thank you.

* The people gave the Emcee a round of applause, the cameramen are still giving a picture to the WWE people and executives, while the WWE universe who are in the bar, participating in this presscon are really excited for the big revelation.

* The emcee went back on the microphone to give some biography about the WWE.

Emcee: The WWE is one of the longest sports-entertainment business in the whole wide world, starting in the mid 1900's, WWE really had a great boom not only in the business of sports, but also in the advertising, television and movie scene. Bringing up some of the biggest superstars and legends that WWE created, like Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and many more.

* The fans and the pressmen are cheering and giving them a round of applause of again.

Emcee: As I said, WWE went through on many periods or generations, the Boom of the Wrestling in 1980's or simply known as the Hogan Era, the New Generation, which marked the debut of the people who became multi-time champions like The Rock, Austin and the current Senior Adviser, Paul Levesque, simply known as HHH.

* Fans cheering and saying.


* Triple H just laughed and nodded like a child.

Emcee: Haha, that's nice. Going back, after that Generation, it also gave a debut to the Monday Night Wars, between Raw and Nitro, one of the best tv show feuds of all times, and because of that it led to the Attitude Era, or the Era where Austin, HHH, Rock boomed and made a big mark to the league. After that era, the Invasion or the war between the WCW, ECW and WWE started, one of the best promotion feuds of all time, and gave some popularity to Chris Jericho, having Booker T, or King Booker, Rob Van Dam and other famous WCW and ECW stars. But the Invasion didn't last long because it marked the period of a new era, the WWE era in 2002, after a name change due to the rights of the WWF or the World Wildlife Fund for Nature. But after that name change, we had Hogan, and acquired nWo or the New World Order, one of the best factions of all time.

* The emcee paused for a bit as the fans cheered and gave Hulk Hogan a respect that he deserves.


Emcee: After that, other names like John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton debuted and drew a big mark to the success of the business through the years. As WWE gave a big mark to the pop culture, making our television sets to HD, or the WWE HD. Giving a family friendly content and helping the government for the efforts and charities.

* The WWE Universe and the pressmen are giving the WWE an applause, once more.

Emcee: But, now, as a new decade starts, a new era must start and will make another mark to the world. Thank you for listening to me and here's the Chairman and the Boss, Vincent McMahon to introduce a new concept.

* The WWE Universe clapped for the emcee's speech and cheered while Mr. McMahon walks on the podium and talk about the new plans for WWE in 2011.

* Fans are bowing down to the boss.


Mr. McMahon: Thank you for that warm welcome, WWE universe. Now, going on the serious business. WWE, will introduce a new era that will give importance to the mid-carders once more, giving them a big chance to draw a mark, like we did to Rock, HHH and Austin, giving them a chance to shine and make a mark to the world. This is not the Attitude Era, but this is the Bigtime Generation! Welcome to the bigtime heights! As WWE would be a better wrestling company listening on what the fans wants! Here's the Senior Adviser and the Talent Development Head, Triple H to discuss what is the Bigtime Generation! Thank you.

* The fans gave a big applause and cheered as they heard a new concept that would change the landscape of the WWE.


* Triple H walks down to the podium, as the fans continuosly cheering BIGTIME! chants.

Triple H: Seems that you're happy guys, aren't you? Hahaha. But, going back, as Vince said, Bigtime Generation!

* A pressman raised his hand and asked a question.

Press Man 1: Sir Hunter, what is really the Bigtime Generation? Would it make a big mark to the business right now?

Triple H: Thanks for that question, honestly this Bigtime Generation, is an era/ generation that will give a credibility and mark again to the Intercontinental Championship, US Championship and other championships excluding the WWE and WHC. Giving the mid-carders to shine and give them an opportunity to work their asses off for the gold. We accepted our mistakes back then, that we simply focused on the two titles and pulling down the credibility and quality of the other championships. But now, this year will be the "REDEEMING YEAR", as we would give an importance again to the title, bringing back the Crusierweight Championship and giving 2 tag team titles on Raw and Smackdown. Bringing the back also the credibility of the tag team division, because we analyzed that the tag teams are one of the keys why we have a big change on the industry, like the legendary tagteams like the Hardys, E and C and the Dudleyz, which gave us a remarkable matches in WrestleMania, and we want that back.

* Another pressman raises his question.

Press Man 2: Sir, how will you have a credible tag teams? If you are lacking on rosters and stars?

Triple H: Thanks for that question, uhmm. (Triple H is thinking?), uhmm. You know what, since I am the Talent Development and the Recruitment Head of the industry, we are recruiting and getting new and fresh talents putting in the rosters, names like Sin Cara, or known also as the Mexican Lucha-Libre Sensation "Mistico", Awesome Kong. And giving a chance again to Carlito, Shad, Jimmy Wang Yang and other superstars. They really deserve a second-run. And, I'll also add, we discussed that we would scrap and end the WWE Superstars and WWE NXT due to the low ratings and buyrates, to give more opportunities to the mid-carders and the rookies. But, we are currently having auditions for the incoming Tough Enough Return with the host, Stone Cold!

Triple H: That's it for the evening guys, hope you will enjoy the new generation, the Bigtime Generation! You'll surely love this generation and you will never regret this generation guys! Suck it! One more, please watch the Royal Rumble, this January 23, only on your cable pay-per-view provider, don't miss it, as the Road to WrestleMania 27 starts at the Rumble!

* The fans are really having a big pop as the executives are leaving the Hard Rock Cafe!


The fans are really going wild and excited for the new era, the Bigtime Generation?

Now, the question is, what will the Bigtime Generation contribute to the WWE? Will it make a big mark or will WWE make a wrong decision once more?

- Rosters to be released after this post.

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Re: WWE 2011: The Bigtime Generation!

The WWE official roster for Raw and Smackdown!

Monday Night Raw:

General Manager: Mike Adamle
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and Josh Matthews
Backstage Interviewers: Jack Korpela
Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts


Main-Event Card:
Alberto Del Rio
CM Punk
John Cena
Triple H
Jeff Hardy
Rob Van Dam

Upper Mid-Card:
Big Show
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Jack Swagger
John Morrison
Kofi Kingston
The Miz
Rey Mysterio


Chris Masters
Evan Bourne
Mason Ryan
Santino Marella
Tyler Reks
Vladimir Kozlov

Lower Mid-Card:

DH Smith
David Otunga
Mike McGuillituty
Skip Sheffield
Zack Ryder
Curt Hawkins
Tyson Kidd
Zach Ryder
Tito Colon

Tag Teams:

The Luchadors (Hunico and Epico)
The Woo Woo (Ryder and Hawkins)
The Colon Clan (Tito, Primo and Carlito)
New Nexus (CM Punk, Mike McGuillituty, Skip Sheffield, and David Otunga)
The Hart Dynasty (DH Smith and Tyson Kidd)
The Bad Boys League (Vladimir Kozlov and Tyler Reks)

Beth Phoenix
Brie Bella
Eve Torres
Gail Kim
Kelly Kelly
Michelle McCool
Nikki Bella
Alicia Fox
Rosa Mendes


WWE Championship
(1) CM Punk (January 23, 2011 - present)
World Tag Team Championship
(2) Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins (January 23, 2011 - present)
United States Championship
(1) John Morrison (February 13, 2011 - present)
Women's Championship
(1)Kaitlyn [January 10, 2011- February 7, 2011, 28 days]
(3)Natalya [February 7, 2011- present]

Friday Night Smackdown:

General Manager: Theodore Long
Commentators: Michael Cole, Todd Grisham and Booker T
Backstage Interviewers: Joey Styles
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel


Main-Event Card:
Bobby Lashley
Brock Lesnar
Randy Orton

Upper Mid-Card:
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan
Ezekiel Jackson
Jinder Mahal
Mark Henry
Wade Barrett


Alex Riley
Brodus Clay
Heath Slater
The Great Khali
Justin Gabriel
Sin Cara
Ted DiBiase
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Haas

Lower Mid-Card:
Richie Steamboat
Brett DiBiase
Paul London
Brian Kendrick
William Regal
Jimmy Wang Yang
Yoshi Tatsu
Trent Baretta
Chavo Guerrero
Jimmy Uso
Jey Uso

Tag Teams:
Paul London and Brian Kendrick
The Japanese Invaders (Jimmy Wang Yang and Yoshi Tatsu)
The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso)
The Rich and The Famous (Richie Steamboat, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Brett DiBiase)
LAX (Homicide and Hernandez)
World's Greatest Tag Team (Haas and Benjamin)
The Corre (Jackson, Barrett, Regal, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater)
Brothers of Destruction (Kane and The Undertaker)
Edge and Christian

Paul London
Brian Kendrick
Jimmy Wang Yang
Yoshi Tatsu
Chavo Guerrero
Jimmy Uso
Jey Uso
Sin Cara
Heath Slater
Justin Gabriel
Ted DiBiase
Brett DiBiase
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan


World Heavyweight Championship
(1) Wade Barrett (January 23, 2011 - February 13, 2011, 21 days)
(7) Edge (February 13, 2011 - present)
WWE Tag Team Championship
(1) Jimmy and Jey Uso [January 14,2011- present]
Intercontinental Championship
(3) Kane [February 13,2011 - present]
Crusierweight Championship
(1) Kaval (January 23, 2011 - present)

Pay-Per-View Schedules:

Royal Rumble 2011 - January 23, 2011
WWE Bigtime Supershow - January 26, 2011
No Way Out 2011 - February 13, 2011
WrestleMania - March 20, 2011
Extreme Rules 2011 - April 17, 2011
Over the Limit 2011 - May 8, 2011
The King of the Ring - June 12, 2011
V E N G E A N C E - July 10, 2011
Summerslam - August 14, 2011
Unforgiven - September 11, 2011
No Mercy - October 2, 2011
Bragging Rights 2011 - October 23, 2011
Survivor Series - November 27, 2011
Armageddon - December 18, 2011

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Re: WWE 2011: The Bigtime Generation!

Raw Preview for January 10, 2011:

Aristocrat Conquers Raw!
- Now, Alberto del Rio is here on Monday Night Raw! Will the cocky and rich superstar from Mexico will unleash his greatness now that the Royal Rumble is 2 weeks away! What will he do? Tune in on USA this Monday. Also, he will also fight Big Show, to prove that he's the future and the destiny of MNR.

The Bomb is Back!
- After the pressconference last Saturday in NY Hard Rock Cafe, you heard it there in an exclusive content of the WWE Staff to the Presscon, it is confirmed that the Animal is back! He's back from some hiatus, will he release hell, especially to his former enemy John Cena? Will he have a payback to John?

Bigtime Starts NOW!

- Now the Bigtime Generation starts this Monday, who will make some little impact to the universe, let the young and future superstars of the new generation battle it out, Morrison, Ziggler, McIntyre, Kingston, Masters and Miz will clash to each other in a 6-Man Elimination Match and the winner will receive the first shot to the vacated WWE Championship! How will Miz attack to these 5, now that his title was vacated due to the change, can he get back the gold from his waist?

The Divas are out!
- Do you think that the male WWE superstars are only the ones who can have a rumble match? Think again, because these divas are on a rumble tonight, Royal Rumble rules, and the winner will be the first WWE Women's Champion under the Bigtime Generation. Who will be the last diva standing?

Tag Classics!
- Tag team heat is back on the equation! Cryme Tyme is back to the equation, now, tonight on Raw, they will speak on their future plans and attacks to the other teams.

CM Shrinked?
- Where's CM Punk? We haven't seen him for the past couple of weeks, now he's returning with his new alliances, the New Nexus, what does the New Nexus and CM Punk have for Cena? Will Punk and Batista be allies?

Announced matches for Today's Raw: (not in particular order)
WWE Women's Championship Rumble Match
WWE Championship No. 1 Contender's 6-Man Elimination Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. The Big Show

Tune in tonight for Monday Night Raw, this would be a 3-hour live telecast live from the MADISON SQUARE GARDEEN!

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Re: WWE 2011: The Bigtime Generation!

I hope you will enjoy my BTB Thread, even though I suck, it's fine.

I accept criticisms and praises, guys. . I'm really inspired to make one because I really love to read the other BTB's here. Some of them lasted for years and really standing strong up to now. Hope you enjoy my creation and concept.

Sorry, if I have some grammatical errors, hope you understand.
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Re: WWE 2011: The Bigtime Generation!

Off to a good start, Good rosters and looking forward to your first show.
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Re: WWE 2011: The Bigtime Generation!

I'll check it out your first show and see how it goes The rosters look pretty solid.

MinistryDeadman95 Presents WWE 2013: Blowing Up!


Shit is already starting to blow up in my BtB. Check out my latest episode!!!

Smackdown 06/28 Posted!!!!
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Re: WWE 2011: The Bigtime Generation!

Monday Night Raw (January 10, 2011)

* WWE intro started to play. As well as the new Monday Night Raw intro.

* Pyro started to play after the Intros.


* the fans are shouting and cheering wild from the crowds, they are excited for today's MNR.

Josh Matthews: Welcome to Monday Night Raw, I'm here with the Hall of Famer, Good'Ol' JR, Jim Ross and The King "Jerry Lawler". King, JR, I'm really excited for tonight.
Jerry Lawler: Yeah! I'm really excited for tonight, we will make history! Yeah.
Jim Ross: Tonight, we will see the return of the Women's Championship and we will determine who'll be the champion, tonight at the battle royal!
Josh Matthews: Also later in the evening, the Mexican Aristocrat Alberto del Rio, will face the World's Largest Athlete, The Big Show! Will Alberto fulfill his destiny as he goes to the Rumble Match?
Jim Ross: Let's now go to the ringside with Justin Roberts.

* Justin Roberts standing in at the center of the ring.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the leader of the New Nexus, CM Punk!

* The crowd boos as CM Punk's music plays, This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage.

* CM Punk, entering the Madison Square Garden with pride and honor, also he's with the New Nexus.

JM: As we know, last year, before the year ends, CM Punk attacked John Cena, but John Cena gave him a payback and caused CM Punk a 2-week leave. What will Punk say to Cena? Let's see.

* The crowd chanting "CM SUCK! CM SUCK! CM SUCK!"

CM Punk: Shut up!

* The crowd chanting "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

CM Punk: 3 weeks ago, at Monday Night Raw, John Cena, or I should say a "BARNEY FAN WEARING A PURPLE SHIRT" attacked me last week and caused me to leave for 2-weeks.

* CM Punk pointed at the big screen, and it showed a recap video of what happened 3 weeks ago.

CM Punk: Because of John Cena, I lost my 2 weeks of my WWE career, sue you, John!

* The crowd chanting "YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!"

CM Punk: Anyway, in the past 2 weeks that I'm gone and out of action, my 3 friends and allies attacked John Cena and gave me a payback, and that's my New Nexus, David, Mike and Mason!

* The crowd chanting "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

CM Punk: Now, the Royal Rumble is near, and we will now focus on beating...

* A strange music plays, and some of the lights were turned off.

* A pyro plays on the entrance ramp. And BATISTA's music has been played by the staff.

* Batista walks out and signals the crowd. Batista did his signature entrance ramp move with matching pyro!

* The crowd chanting "BATISTA, BATISTA, BATISTA"!

JR: Oh my, oh my god! It's Batista!
JL: Batista's back! And he is gonna have a big payback.
JM: To whom?
JL: To John Cena!
JM: Ah, I forgot, John Cena caused Batista to retire and have a hiatus for 8 months, and now Batista here, and he's back!
JR: The ANIMAL is back!

* The crowd are cheering for BATISTA's return.

CM Punk: Oh, well, well, well, look who's here, it's the Animal, Dave Batista! I know, you are also mad with Cena, aren't you?
Batista: Yeah, I'm mad with him.

* The crowd boos.

Batista: But who in the hell is this 300-pound guy, who looks like me?

* The crowd laughs like hell. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

CM Punk: Oh! I forgot, Mason, meet your long lost brother, Batista.

JL: WHAT?! Long-lost brother?

* The crowd laughs and boos at Mason Ryan! "BOOOOOO!"

Batista: Long lost brother, what, CM Punk, shut up! I don't have a brother at the first place!

* Suddenly, John Cena's theme was played and we went out on the dressing room.

* The crowd are going NUTS for John Cena's entrance.

JL: Uh, oh, here's John Cena, I'm sure it's gonna be a ride!
JM: I'm sure about that one.
JR: This will be one of the most anticipating promos in the WWE, Batista, Punk and Cena in one ring.
JL: That would be nice, JR.
JM: But, to think about it, Punk and Batista wants to have a payback to Cena, now that the rumble is really near!

* John Cena runs into the ring and smiles at the crowd!

* Another "YEAAAAAAH!" chants for John Cena.

* While John Cena is getting mic from the staff, suddenly, Batista and CM Punk attacked him.

JL: Oh, oh, John Cena has been attacked by Punk, Batista and The New Nexus.
JR: He's surely on a wrong track, King, he has been attacked not only by 2 men, but 5.

* John Cena, counterattacks the 5, sending David and Michael M. out on the ring and he sent them to the canvas. Mason Ryan, Batista and CM Punk, still attacking and abusing John Cena. Batista walked out and went to the ringside to get some steel chair!

JM: This is not nice, King and JR, Batista having a steel chair in his hands is will really have a bad omen for John Cena.

* The crowd "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!" for Batista and CM Punk.

* John Cena is really incapacitated in the ring, while the three is still attacking John Cena. But, suddenly a music appears.

* Rob Van Dam's music started to play. The crowd gave RVD a huge pop!

Oh my god, ROB VAN DAM is back! The former ECW and WWE Champion is back from some hiatus.
JL: This would be fun to watch!
JM: Rob Van Dam, why is he here? Let's see if he would help John Cena.

* Rob Van Dam doing the "ROB! VAN DAM!" sign before rushing to the ring.

JR: Oh my, oh my, Rob Van Dam, kicking Mason Ryan and CM Punk out from the ring and sent the two also in the canvas.

* RVD gave a swift kick to Punk and Ryan, also to Batista, but he sent Punk and Ryan to the ringside with the two guys of the New Nexus!

* The crowd chanting, "RVD! RVD! RVD! RVD! RVD!"

* But when he turned back, Batista hitted Van Dam with his chair on the head!

JL: WHAT?! That is really a dirty move from Batista.
JM: Batista is on rage, and he wants to focus on John Cena and Van Dam.

* The 4 people who are in the canvas, went back to the ring and attacked Cena and Van Dam. But another strange music started to play!

* The lights went out, as a pyro again played! "BUM, BUM, BUM, BUM!"

* Jeff Hardy's music started to play, and ran to the ring!

JR: Oh my! Jeff Hardy is back, he's back!
JL: This is spectacular, seeing Van Dam and Hardy back in one night is really unforgettable.
JM: Oh no, Jeff Hardy attacking the 5 guys.

* Attacking the 5 guys, Jeff Hardy sent David and Mike again back to the canvas. Mason Ryan attacks Jeff Hardy while Batista and Punk attacking Mr. Cena and Van Dam, Jeff Hardy kicked Ryan out from the ring and rushed to Batista and Punk to save the 2 incapacitated people. Jeff Hardy giving his 2 hands to CM Punk and Batista. But, Batista pushed Jeff Hardy to the ropes, but Jeff Hardy gave a sweet right hands to Batista. He also pushed the third rope so Batista would be out!

JR: Oh my, I'm smelling something bad will happen here in the ring.

* The crowd chants, "CM SUCK! CM SUCK!" As former rivals, Jeff Hardy and CM Punk faced each other, but before they lay hands with each other.

* Mike Adamle's music started to play and he went out to give an announcement.


Mike Adamle: Punk, Hardy and the rest of you! STOP! Stop fighting.

* another BOOOOO! chants from the crowd.

Mike Adamle: You must not fight yet! I have an idea to settle this out! Later in the evening, you 6 superstars, Cena, Punk, Batista, RVD, Jeff Hardy and Mason Ryan will compete in a tournament, 2 brawlers from these 6 will face each other, and the winner of the 3 different matches, will face the winner of the 6-Man Elimination Match, which will also happen tonight, in a Fatal-Four-Way Match at the Royal Rumble for the vacant WWE Championship! Matchups will be shown after the break! Goodluck.

* Adamle exits the crowd, and the crowd CHANTS, "YEAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

* CM Punk, Batista is shocked as they looked to each other, and to their opponents.

JM: Now, the GM of Raw announced a huge 6-Man Tournament and the 3 winners of the match will face the winner of the 6-Man Elimination Match at the Rumble!
JR: What a night it has been from the Madison Square Garden, we are only seeing yet the beginning of the Bigtime Generation! But there's more after this commercial.

* Commercial break.

* Back to Monday Night Raw.

* The titantron started to show the matchups for tonight's 6-Man Tournament! Cena - Van Dam, Hardy - Batista and Punk - Ryan!

JM: We've seen the matchups for tonight tournament.
JR: This would be a must-see, especially the WWE Championship shot is on the line!
JL: I can't wait for tonight! Yipee.

* The camera went to the backstage, as Mr. Jack Korpela is standing at the backstage.

Jack Korpela: My guest at this time is Mason Ryan!

* The crowd boooos for Mason Ryan!

Jack Korpela: Mason, what are your reactions for tonight's matchups?

* Suddenly CM Punk walks to the interviewing stage and interrupts the conversation.

CM Punk: Reactions? Oh, Jack, what is that silly question all about? I hired Mason Ryan, and I'm the leader of this group.

* Facing Mr. Ryan, Ryan is quite confused and angry about the situation.

CM Punk: All you will do, tonight, Mason is to lay down at the center of the ring and I'll pin you so I can get a WWE Title Shot at the Rumble.

* The crowd "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!" for CM Punk. And they cheer for Mason Ryan, chanting. "MASON RYAN! *clap, clap, clap* MASON RYAN!"

* Mason Ryan left the interviewers' room. And went to the locker room.

* The camera is now at Justin Roberts, at the center of the ring, announcing some match.

Justin Roberts: This match, is a DIVA RUMBLE match and it is for the VACANT Women's Championship.

* The crowd cheers as Roberts will say the mechanics of the match.

Justin Roberts: The mechanics of the match is like only the WWE Superstars' Royal Rumble Match, 2 WWE divas would start the Rumble match, every after 60 seconds, another diva will join the rumble, this would happen after the other 13 WWE divas have entered the rumble match. Elimination occurs if both feet touched the floor. The winner of the match will be the NEW WWE WOMEN'S CHAMPION!

* The crowd cheeers as he introduces the first entrant of the Rumble!

* Eve Torres' music starts to play, the crowd cheering for the lovely Eve.

JL: Oh my, Eve is the first entrant of the Diva Rumble, the first spot is really a bad advantage in a rumble match like this, can Eve stand until the end?
JM: But, remember, first entrants are also one of the greatest lucky picks in the Rumble match.
JR: That's for our male WWE superstars, Josh.
JL: He's right, this is Divas, and divas can't last 15 miuntes. And let's see ifd they can level up themselves to a new heights tonight and fulfill their destinies.

* Rosa Mendes' music started to play, as Mr. Roberts introduce her as the second entrant.

Match 1: 15-Woman Diva Rumble Match for the Women's Championship

- Rosa Mendes and Eve Torres starting the match, they locked up with each other. Rosa Mendes flipped Eve Torres on the mat, giving Rosa a big advantage. Attacking Eve from behind. But, Eve Torres got Rosa's right hand, and Eve slapped Rosa's face. (the crowd cheers when Eve slapped Rosa!). After that, Eve stood up and gave Rosa a left hand, pulling Rosa to the turnbuckles, attacking Rosa.

* 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. BUZZZ!

Entry # 3 - Alicia Fox (1:02)
- Alicia Fox, rushed and ran to the ring and kicked Rosa, leaving Rosa incapacitated at the Center of the ring! Alicia Fox attacking Rosa, the incapacitated diva, gave a counter attack as she gave a big left hand to Alicia Fox. and, Eve Torres gave a sweet kick to Alicia, leaving Fox incapacitated from behind, Eve Torres tried to eliminate the Fox, but Rosa stood up and lifted the two out from the rumble.

Elimination # 1 and 2 - Eve and Alicia Fox by Rosa Mendes (1:57)

(the crowd boos, as Rosa Mendes boasts to the WWE universe)

* 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,. BUZZZ!

Entry # 4 - Tamina (2:05)

JR: Oh my, it's Tamina! Rosa is really in shock right now, can she stand until the end!

- Tamina ran to the ring, remove her entrance props and gave a kick to Rosa. The daughter of Superfly, really showing her learned skills from his father, and putting rose at the turnbuckle side, attacking and giving a chop to Rosa. (the crowd, WOOOOOS, after every chop of Tamina). Rosa Mendes is really down from the canvas, and Tamina smiles at Rosa Mendes, putting Mendes at the top rope, trying to eliminate Rosa.

* 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,. BUZZZ!

Entry # 5 - Maryse (3:02)
- Maryse, is the 5th entrant! Removing her entrance props, she is running on the top rope, eliminating Tamina from behind!

JM: Tamina has just been eliminated by the foxy lady, Maryse! Her elimination was out from nowhere.

(the crowd boos, as Rosa is lying on the side of the ring, while Maryse is boasting!)

Elimination # 3 - Tamina by Maryse (3:29)
- Tamina is still in shock, but she went out to the ring, disappointed. Back to the ring, Maryse is still abusing Rosa Mendes, giving some sweet kicks and punches to the incapacitated diva. But, Rosa fought back, pushing Maryse, and Rosa stood up, dodging the counter attack of the Maryse, Rosa, pushed Maryse to the top rope, and trying to eliminate Maryse.

* 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. BUZZ!

Entry # 6 - Melina (4:10)
- The crowd is going nuts for Melina, one of the biggest combatants in the Rumble, she's really a threat to the other divas. Melina posing for the press and rushed to the ring to attack her former friends, Rosa and Maryse. Melina giving a slap to the two lovely ladies, the two ladies agreed to battle Melina first before they continue smashing with each other. Melina dodged the running clothslines from Maryse and Rosa and giving a clothesline of her own! Melina signaling and pointing her hand to the title at the ringside. (the crowd cheeers Melina!)

* 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. BUZZ!

Entry # 7 - Kelly Kelly (5:07)
- Kelly Kelly! Kelly Kelly! She's on fire, she rushed to the ring and giving a clothesline to Melina, Maryse standing up. Giving clothesline again. Kelly Kelly is giving a lot of clotheslines to the three, until Maryse kicked the middle part of Kelly Kelly and pulling Kelly Kelly onto the ropes, Maryse nod her head as she was probably making a signature move, but Kelly Kelly gave Maryse a deserving facebuster! Melina stood up again and gave Kelly Kelly a bulldog. Rosa Mendes gave Melina a DDT. Rosa Mendes boasting to the crowd as the crowd boos to Mendes!

* 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. BUZZ!

Entry # 8 - Beth Phoenix (6:13)
- Beth Phoenix doing her signature move, rushing to the ring, attacking all of the divas in the ring right now! She's really a monster! Lifting Rosa Mendes up and giving a scoop slam to Mendes, Maryse tried to attack the Glamazon, but Beth Phoenix pulled Maryse out to the Rumble!

Elimination # 4 - Maryse by Beth Phoenix (6:47)
- Beth Phoenix is really on a good mood right now, she's dominating the rumble match right now. Until, Melina attacked her back, but Beth Phoenix got angry! Melina is really in shock right now. Melina was backing out.

* 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! BUZZ!

Entry # 9 - Nikki Bella (7:07)
- Nikki Bella is next! Attacking Rosa Mendes and Kelly Kelly, giving punches to the two. After that, she rushed to the Glamazon-Melina fight, saving Melina and attacking Glamazon, but Glamazon, Beth Phoenix is not feeling the punches and the attacks of the Nikki Bella. Beth Phoenix, lifted Nikki Bella, while one half of the twins is really shouting like a baby, and Beth eliminating one Bella out on the Rumble!

Elimination # 5 - Nikki Bella by Beth Phoenix (7:58)

* 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,4, 3, 2, 1! BUZZ!

Entry # 10 - Layla (8:06)
- The cocky lady Layla is heading to the ring, attacking Rosa Mendes. And giving a clothesline to Mendes, eliminating Rosa Mendes from behind! Rosa was really in shock and anger because she is really determined to win this one!

Elimination # 6 - Rosa Mendes by Layla (8:25)
- Melina is still incapacitated, Beth Phoenix attacking Kelly Kelly. While Layla is bragging and boasting to the crowd! (crowd booos for Layla), as Rosa Mendes went back to the ring giving an attack to Layla and eliminating Layla on to the top turnbuckle as Layla standing there.

Elimination # 7 - Layla by Rosa Mendes (8:55)

* 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Buzz!

Entry # 11 - Brie Bella (9:04)
- As Layla was eliminated, Rosa Mendes is engaging Layla to fight, having a spectacular CATFIGHT at the ringside, the referees are stopping the two as they left the ringside. Brie Bella started to enter and first attacked Beth Phoenix, while Phoenix was attacking Kelly and Melina. Phoenix was giving a great lady punch to Brie, and Brie was really down at the middle of the ring. Melina pushing Phoenix at the turnbuckle, giving Melina an advantage to attack, but Kelly Kelly, pulled Melina's right leg, and putting it on the top rope, pushing Melina's body and feet, but, Melina is still fighting, her left leg is on the canvas, but she's still on the game.

* 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.! BUZZ!

Entry # 12 - Gail Kim (10:02)
- Gail Kim, running to the ring, attacking Kelly Kelly, and Brie Bella. Giving decent punches and attacks to the two. But while Gail Kim pulled Brie Bella to the ropes, Kelly Kelly forced to face Gail Kim and gave the Kim a DDT! The crowd are going wild. While, the action between Phoenix and Melina are still there. Melina is still hanging on, but Kelly Kelly gave a bigtime punch to Melina! Melina was eliminated!

Elimination # 8 - Melina by Kelly Kelly (10:44)
- But, Beth Phoenix took advantage of it, while they are on the side of the turnbuckles, Beth Phoenix attacked Kelly Kelly and use the turnbuckle as weapon, eliminating Kelly!

Elimination # 9 - Kelly Kelly by Beth Phoenix (11:01)

* 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. BUZZ!

Entry # 13 - Natalya (11:13)
- Natalya rushing in to the ring, attacking Brie Bella from behind. Giving a big clothesline to Brie, and attacking Beth Phoenix. The two powerful divas are staring to each other, while Gail Kim stood up and attacked Beth! Natalya pushed her down, but Gail was really mad! Beth Phoenix gave a clothesline to Gail Kim to eliminate the diva!

Elimination # 10 - Gail Kim by Beth Phoenix (11:50)

* 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! BUZZ!

Entry # 14 - Kaitlyn (12:03)
- Kaitlyn, the nXt winner, rushing to the ring, giving all her best to be the next champion. Attacking the incapacitated Brie Belle from behind. Giving some punches to Brie, while the two divas (Natalya and Beth) are locking up to each other, while going back to Brie and Kaitlyn, Brie pushed Kaitlyn to the right top rope, facing the commentators' table, and Kaitlyn, pulled the third rope to eliminate Brie Bella!

Elimination # 11 - Brie Bella by Kaitlyn (12:49)

* The crowd are really going nuts, now that the three are waiting for the final entrant! These three are signaling to each other, and they really want to be the next women's champion!

* 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. BUZZZZ!

Entry # 15 - Michelle McCool (13:07)
- Michelle McCool! It's the cocky diva, former Diva and WWE Women's Champion! She really rushes to the ring as the four stares at each other at every corner. At the first corner is Natalya, second is the Beth Phoenix, third is Kaitlyn and fourth is Michelle. The crowd are really excited to the ending of the match!

Final Four - Michelle McCool, Natalya, Beth Phoenix and Kaitlyn

- Beth and Michelle are locking in to each, while Natalya and Kaitlyn on the other hand. Beth gave Michelle a right hand, but Michelle got the right hand of Beth, kicking Beth's belly. And pushing Beth to the turnbuckle! Michelle rushed to Natalya, giving Natalya a slap and an elbow. Michelle also pushed Kaitlyn from behind! McCool is signaling to the crowd. (the crowd BOOS to MICHELLE MCCOOL!) McCool is going to the turnbuckle giving a sweet elbow to the incapacitated Natalya, but, Beth Phoenix, shaked the top rope where the turnbuckle lies, and suddenly Michelle fell to the turnbuckle, she's still in the match, but incapacitated, Natalya gave a sneak kick to Beth Phoenix and Kaitlyn and giving a running bulldog to Michelle! The crowd signalling Natalya to the SHARPSHOOTER from behind, Natalya locked in the sharpshooter to Michelle! (the crowd cheers as Natalya is locking the Sharpshooter!) Michelle is really in pain right now, she's tapping out, but it will not work. But out from nowhere, Beth Phoenix giving a punch to Natalya! While Kaitlyn stood up and giving a clothesline to Michelle, eliminating her immediately!

Elimination # 12 - Michelle McCool by Kaitlyn (15:56)

- Michelle McCool is really shocked but she is still really in pain, as the medical assistants of the WWE went out to assist her. The sharpshooter really gave a big pain to Michelle! Kaitlyn signaling the crowd giving a big right to Natalya and Beth Phoenix, but Beth Phoenix big booted Kaitlyn and pushing Kaitlyn to the ropes! But, Beth Phoenix was in danger when Kaitlyn pulled the third rope, so she can eliminate the Glamazon, But the Glamazon is still holding on! She is keeping her two hands on to the third rope to avoid the elimination. But, Natalya is shaking the ropes so, Beth Phoenix can enter anymore and be eliminated! Beth Phoenix was eliminated as she was attacked to the ring square. It hurts! (the crowd boos as Natalya eliminated Beth!)

Elimination # 13 - Beth Phoenix by Natalya (17:21)

- Now, the FINAL TWO, NATALYA and KAITLYN, Kaitlyn is still a newbie in the WWE, while Natalya was a former Diva Champion! Natalya attacking and giving a dropkick to the newbie Kaitlyn, but KAITLYN is still holding on!

JR: Oh my, Kaitlyn is still holding on! She's still in! Can she go back to the ring?

- But, Beth Phoenix pushed Kaitlyn to be back to the ring, Natalya was in shock! She thought that she won the match, but no, Kaitlyn giving a clothesline to the Natalya, and Natalya is now outside on the rope, but still holding on. Natalya is dodging the attacks of Kaitlyn, when Beth Phoenix is holding her left leg to be eliminated, Natalya is kicking her leg off to Beth! But elimination occured, when Kaitlyn used, a clothesline from the top rope, it's risky but SHE SURVIVED!

JR: My god, I can't believe this! A rookie diva won a match, and not a simple match, but a rumble match!

* Kaitlyn celebrating and she's in tears as, Beth Phoenix handed Kaitlyn the title belt! She's really in shock! The crowd cheers for the new Women's Champion!

Elimination # 14 - Natalya by Kaitlyn (19:45)

Winner: Kaitlyn by last eliminating Natalya to win the Women's Championship (19:45)

* Kaitlyn going to the middle turnbuckle to show her new title, the fans are really giving Kaitlyn a round of applause.

JM: History has been made, as Kaitlyn is your First Ever Diva Rumble Winner and the New WOMEN'S CHAMPION!

* Kaitlyn is in tears, and Beth Phoenix gave an applause to Kaitlyn and left the ring!

JL: This is really a one of a kind match. That's match was long, but still Kaitlyn strived and used her full potential to win it. Now she's on the top!
JM: Kaitlyn is really crying and tears of joy as she win her first Major Diva Title.

* commercial break.

* back to the show!

JM: We're back to Monday Night Raw, and what a night it has been, Kaitlyn winning her first Women's Title is really a big celebration.

* giving a recap video on what happened awhile ago!

JR: That's is really a moment for Kaitlyn and the whole fans of hers.
JL: I'm sure that her family is proud and loud to shout that my daughter is a CHAMPION!

* Justin Roberts again standing and introducing, Ricardo Rodriguez!

* Ricardo Rodriguez introducing Alberto del Rio to the RAW Crowd. The fans are saying "BOOOOOOOOOOOO! BOOO! to Alberto del Rio" as he brought a car, Ferrari worth of 200,000 dollars. He brags to the WWE universe while he walks to the ring.

Alberto Del Rio: My name, is Alberto del Rioooooooooo! But, you already know that. My destiny is to be the next WWE Champion! And 2 weeks from now at the Rumble, I'll be your WWE Champion! My destiny is to be the Champion at WrestleMania!

* The crowd "BOOOOOOOOOOOS!" for the Mexican Bragging Aristocrat.

* The Big Show's theme started to play and went to the ring with full pride, the fans are cheering him!

Match 2: Alberto del Rio vs. Big Show in a Normal Match
Match Statement: Alberto del Rio, attacking Big Show, but it's nonsense, because Big Show, resisted the attacks of the Mexican. Big Show giving a big headbutt to Del Rio. Rio is really in shock, he went out to the ring, and getting a rest for a bit. Big Show also went out and attacked and used the table as a weapon to attack the head. The two went back after the referee's 8 count. Big Show is stepping in to Del Rio's body, giving so much pain to Del Rio. Big Show, signaling to the fans the end of the match, giving him a body slam to the mat. While Big Show is getting pumped up to win the match, suddenly, Ricardo Rodriguez suddenly distracted the referee, by bringing a steel chair to the ring, the referee, giving some reminders and warnings while the referee is bringing out the chair out from the ring. But, that's not the use of the chair, because, when Big Show was about to give a hand to Alberto, Alberto kicked Big Show's middle parts and giving him a dirty low blow kick! The referee didn't see what happened as he is busy with removing the chair, and Alberto sneaked for a pin. ONE! TWO! THREE!

JR: This is ridiculous. Alberto del Rio won because of cheating! Good grief.
JL: Well, I'm sure that he'll use this so-called "DIRTY TACTICS" up to the Royal Rumble.
JM: Now, we've seen the first win of Del Rio on win by using a dirty tactic to Big Show, winning the match.

* The crowd "BOOOS!" to Del Rio, while he's celebrating with Ricardo outside and bragging to the people! Signaling the crowd that he'll win the World Title at WrestleMania!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio (8:34)

* Commercial break.

* back to the show.

* Justin Roberts is introducing the Cryme Tyme and the Woo Woo Team for an another tag team classic match!

Match 3: Cryme Tyme (JTG and Shad) vs. Woo Woo Team (Ryder and Hawkins) in a Tag Team Match
Match Statement: Shad and Ryder locking things up, Ryder having the first advantage, attacking Shad's mid part, and pushing Shad to Woo's turnbuckle, Ryder tagged Hawkins in, and giving punches and kicks to the groin. Hawkins is giving his best to win the match by giving a kick to the mid-part of Shad, but Shad caught it in action, and giving an elbow and a punch to Hawkins. Shad was going to make a tag to JTG, When, Hawkins got Shad's feet and dragged it to their side, Ryder got a tag again. But, Ryder did stand Shad, giving Shad a big advantage to the match. Giving a clothesline, and tagging JTG in to the match, the fans are going wild when JTG entered, giving some decent dropkicks and attacks to Ryder. JTG going to the pin, one! two! Hawkins interrupted, but Shad went in also to the ring giving a kick to Hawkins leading him to the canvas! Shad is back to the ring and signaling JTG to finish the match. But, when Cryme Tyme was about to end the match by giving them a top-rope elbow drop from both sides, The Colon Clan, suddenly attacked the Cryme Tyme, and giving the Woo Woo Team a disqualification loss.

Winner: Cryme Tyme via a disqualification (9:25)

After the Match: The Colon Clan are still attacking the Cryme Tyme and the Woo Woo Team also helping the Colon Clan assaulting the Cryme Tyme. Suddenly the Luchadors helped Cryme Tyme to annahilation, saving Cryme Tyme and giving a decent kicks and lucha-libre moves to the Colon Clan and Woo Woo Team. But the Colon Clan giving an eye to the 2 teams, signaling that they want the tag team titles!

* the crowd CHEERS as the Luchadors and the Cryme Tyme raise their hands together.

JR: This is epic, the tag team division are back! And the return is really undeniably extreme and new, Hunico and Epico saving the Cryme Tyme, Carlito, Primo and Tito attacking them is really an awesome mix to the tag team division.
JM: I'm sure that next week, the Colons will challenge them to a tag team match next week on Raw.

* but, Mike Adamle's theme started to play and he went out to say an announcement.

Mike Adamle: Guys, guys, stop! I'll schedule a match on the Royal Rumble to stop this turmoil. Speaking of turmoil, at the Royal Rumble, the Tag Team Titles would be defended in a TAG TEAM TURMOIL MATCH including the 4 teams. Goodluck to your match!

* The crowd cheers for Mike Adamle's announcement.

JM: Wow, another announcement has been added to the Royal Rumble Matchcard two weeks from now! The Tag Team Titles of Raw is now at the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View once more, and this would be a Turmoil Match.
JR: We've seen the former and past turmoil matches before. And it was really a hell of a match!
JL: I can't wait to see the Turmoil Match again at the Rumble, yuhoo!

* commercial break.

* Justin Roberts standing at the center of the ring, discussing the rules of the 6-Man Elimination Match!

Match 4: Kofi Kingston vs. Chris Masters vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz vs. John Morrison in a 6-Man Elimination WWE Championship Contender Match.

* The crowd is really going wild as the 6-men are starring to each other, wanting to have a big title shot at Rumble!

JR: Remember, this match, is not only the contender's match for this evening because after this one, we will have 3 more matches to determine the 4 people who'll participate at the WWE Championship Match 2 weeks from now.

* The ring bells, and the CROWD are cheering for their favorites.

Elimination 1: The 6 men are locking in to each other, Kingston and McIntyre, Miz and Morrison, Masters and Ziggler. Miz giving a big hand to Morrison, Miz pulled and dragged Morrison to the ropes, but Morrison kicked Miz's chin, and giving Miz a clothesline! Also, Kingston giving some punch to Drew McIntyre, but McIntyre pulled Kingston out to the ring, attacking him at the steel steps. Masters gave a clothesline to Ziggler so the Dolph will be on the mat again. Drew McIntyre and Chris are the 2 in the ring, Chris attacking and giving some punches to Drew, and giving Drew a swift kick to the gut. But, Drew suddenly attacked the back of the Masterpiece, leaving Chris incapacitated. When Chris Masters was really incapacitated, The Miz, attacked the Masterpiece and giving him a "Skull-Crushing Finale", but when he pinned the Masterpiece. ONE! TWO! Aw. Masters still responded to the 2-count of the referee, Drew McIntyre sending The Miz to the mat, and putting him to the other 4 people outside at the canvas. Drew McIntyre is seizing his grand moment. Giving the Masterpiece a Futureshock DDT, but now, he countered back, the Chosen One was given a bigtime punch from Chris and giving Chris an opportunity to lock in his finisher the MASTER LOCK! Drew McIntyre is really in pain, and as he slowly getting weaker as Chris Masters pushing the lock even better. Drew McIntyre was eliminated.

Elimination 1: Drew McIntyre by Chris Masters (4:34)

* The crowd chanting "MASTERLOCK! MASTERLOCK" to Chris!

Elimination 2: After Drew McIntyre was eliminated, Dolph Ziggler went back to the ring and gave a dropkick to Chris Masters, The Miz also went back and gave Dolph a dirty punch to the face, leaving Dolph Ziggler in the mat. Kofi Kingston, jumping on the top rope, giving a body drop to the Miz, John Morrison gave Kofi Kingston a running kick after he went to the ring! That's nice, Dolph Ziggler is up again, attacking and pushing JoMo to the turnbuckle. Giving a swift kick to the gut, Morrison is down! When Dolph Ziggler was about to have a signature drop to the elbow to John Morrison, Kofi Kingston suddenly jump to the turnbuckle and giving Mr. Ziggler a TORNADO DDT! The crowd really went wild when Kofi Kingston gave Ziggler a ride. but that's not it, it's not Dolph Ziggler who was eliminated, but The Miz, gave a cheap shot to the head of Kofi by using a ring bell to the head and using his move, THE SKULL CRUSHING FINALE! ONE! TWO! THREE!

* The crowd "BOOOS!" as The Miz brags to his win, eliminating Kingston to the match.

Elimination 2: Kofi Kingston by The Miz (7:22)

JR: This is not good, The Miz eliminating Kofi Kingston is a bad move for The Miz.
JL: Why?
JR: Because, King, he is really close to win the Contenders Match once more, and the WWE universe really hates this bragging guy.
JL: I really agree to you, JR! I'm sure, that, Michael Cole is really jumping right now.
JM: I'm sure about that! And the WWE universe is happy that Cole is now on SD! again.

Elimination 3: Kofi Kingston was deeply in shock when he was eliminated by the Miz, he went out to the ring. JoMo, Miz, Ziggler and Masters left. Ziggler stood up and attacking Chris Masters, Ziggler giving big punches to Chris Masters, but the Masterpiece is keeping to dodge the punches of Dolph. Vickie is shouting to Dolph to make the punches work. After that dodge of Masters, Dolph countered and gave the Masterpiece an elbow to the head of Chris Masters, Masters is getting weak. The Miz, still having a hard time to finish JoMo outside, but JoMo used the ring barrier as a tool to have a kick to the Miz! The Miz is on the side of the table! JR, Matthews and King are standing up because Morrison might use it. JoMo removing the top of the table, the TV's. Miz, giving a kick to Morrison on the middle. Going back to Masters and Ziggler, Masters gave a counter to Ziggler, but when Master nodded his head, Ziggler took the advantage. Giving a Zig-Zag to the Masterpiece. ONE! TWO! THREE!

* The crowd boos as Ziggler eliminated the Masterpiece!

Elimination 3: Chris Masters by Dolph Ziggler (11:34)

JR: This is not right, Dolph Ziggler and The Miz vs. Morrison, it might turn as a handicap, John Morrison is on the chance to be eliminated.

Elimination 4: When the Miz had a chance to kick Morrison, after that, The Miz went to the below of the ring, getting some steel chair! Giving chair shots to the body of the Prince of Parkour. But, when Ziggler went down, accidentally, The Miz attacked and used the chair to the head of Ziggler! ZIGGLER IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN! He's bleeding, Vickie is really mad and shouting to the Miz. But Morrison, had a chance to stand and gave the Miz a DDT to the TABLE! The table is still there. But Ziggler, Ziggler, sneaking in. Giving JoMo a LOWBLOW! WHAT? Putting JoMo to the table also, this is no DQ, anything goes, so, yeah. Dolph Ziggler standing up and going to the top turnbuckle.

JR: This is not good, King, Josh, I'm smelling some bad here.

* Dolph Ziggler jumping to the table, the Miz left the table and John Morrison is there.

JM: A jump from the top to the table is really a high-risk move.
JR: FOR THE LAMB OF GOD! A jump from that turnbuckle is really a moment!

Elimination 4: The Miz used the steel chair to attack Dolph, but, no, Dolph stood up, giving a punch to the Miz, and using also a chair to counter the attack. Dolph dragging Miz to go inside, Miz is incapacitated, Dolph splashing from the top rope! ONE TWO THREE!

* The WWE Universe is really in shock on what's happening!

Elimination 4: The Miz by Dolph Ziggler (19:23)

Elimination 5: The two remaining men are really down, they are really tired and full of scratches from the other men they faced. But Morrison started to stand up, giving a sweet kick to Dolph Ziggler. John Morrison going to the top, he might do the STARSHIP PAIN, until, Vickie, interrupted John Morrison and attacked Morrison to the back! Morrison is down and Dolph dodged the drop of JoMo, Dolph with a sneaky roll-up. ONE! TWO! THREE!

* ring bells.

JR: This is not great! Dolph Ziggler is the number one contender for the Title!
JL: He is surely bragging right now!

Elimination 5: John Morrison by Dolph Ziggler (23:24)

JM: Whether we like it or not, Ziggler is the first one who will enter at the Royal Rumble facing 3 other men for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!

* Dolph Ziggler signaling that he will win the title 2 weeks from now, the crowd boooooos!

* commercial break.

Match 5: Jeff Hardy vs. Batista (WWE Championship Contenders Match)

* Batista walks down to the ring, to have his return match against the also, returning Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy!

* Jeff Hardy is walking down to the ring, having some 2-second interaction with his fans, the crowd CHEERING for the Enigma!

* ring bells.

Match Statement: Batista and Jeff Hardy locking it up with each other, Batista, pulling Jeff Hardy and dragging him to the ropes, Jeff Hardy dodged Batista's punch to Jeff Hardy, and Jeff Hardy putted Batista to the rope, kicking Batista to the body! Jeff Hardy runs and jumps from the top rope! Batista dragging Jeff Hardy to the WWE barrier, fans cheering and looking on at the match, while the Animal is kicking Jeff's middle body, but, Jeff got Batista's hand, kicking the chin of Batista, and putting Batista's body on to the barrier! The two went back to the ring after the 9 COUNT! Now, Jeff Hardy is leading the match, he's on the turnbuckle! Batista is down, and Jeff Hardy used the WHISPER IN THE WIND on to Batista! Hardy tried to win the match, but he responded after the TWO COUNT! Batista, countered the attack of Jeff, bringing Jeff down to the mat. Batista is still bragging, but the FANS are chanting "HARDY! HARDY!" Batista, going to the spear, but no! Jeff Hardy kicked Batista to the groin and gave a counter TWIST OF FATE to Batista. Oh my! Batista is getting weak as Jeff will jump to the third rope of the turnbuckle. But.

* WE ARE ONE started to play! The New Nexus came and signaling Jeff! But Jeff didn't care about the entrance of the New Nexus!

Match Statement: Jeff Hardy jumped and used the SWANTON BOMB to end the match, one! two! three!

JR: Jeff Hardy wins the match, and he will face the winner of the 2 other matches later!
JM: I'm sure CM Punk is angry and he did not like the result of the match.

After the Match: Batista angrily speared Jeff Hardy attacking Jeff Hardy from behind and sending a message through a BATISTA BOMB.

* The crowd BOOOOOOS as Batista leaves the stage!

Winner: Jeff Hardy (11:23)

* commercial break.

* An angry CM Punk talks to Mason Ryan on the locker room.

CM Punk: Mason! You must lose this match, so I can face Jeff Hardy and I can beat his ass at the Royal Rumble!

* Mason Ryan left the locker room, confused and he don't know what to do.

JL: What a night it has been at the New York, The Madison Sqaure Garden.
JM: Yeah! Up next is the rematch between John Cena and Rob Van Dam, and this would be for the WWE Championship Contenders Match.

* Royal Rumble vignettes started to appear! January 23, 2011, live at the Pepsi Center at Denver!

* back to the show.

* Justin Roberts started to introduce John Cena and Rob Van Dam to the WWE UNIVERSE!

* The crowd chants "LET'S GO CENA, CENA SUCKS!"

* the ring bells, as the WWE universe are really excited for the match!

Match 6: John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam (WWE Championship Contenders Match)

Match Statement: Cena and Van Dam started with shaking hands with each other, after that, they locked up with each other, John Cena rolled Van Dam to the mat, but Van Dam got the first attack to John Cena, giving him some kicks and punches to the body! Van Dam is leading when Cena, countered Van Dam, and got his leg, but no, Van Dam, re-countered Cena's counter, using his another leg, performing an enzugiri to John Cena! John Cena is down, Van Dam for the pin. 1 2 , aw! CENA is still standing up. Van Dam giving Cena a rolling thunder to the mat! Van Dam missed it, giving Cena to roll-up and go for a pin, one two! Still at two, Van Dam stood up, punching with each other, Van Dam putted John Cena on the turnbuckle, using a power lift using his TWO TALENTED LEGS and KNEES! Van Dam on the top rope, performing some elbow,but Cena countered it, and attacked Van Dam, Cena went up to the top rope! But when Cena is about to attack, Van Dam, used his left elbow to keep Cena on the mat, oh my! This is it, Van Dam, seizing it, doing his SIGNATURE SIGN! "ROB! VAN DAM!" FIVE-STAR FROG SPLASH! Yes. One, two, AW! Cena is still responding, but out from nowhere, Cena, locked in the STF! STF! Van Dam is in deep pressure, Van Dam is still holding on, seeing the nearest rope break! And the referee stopped Cena from submitting Van Dam. Van Dam used his left leg to kick Cena's face, Cena's down again. PIN! 1! 2! aw! It is still two, but Van Dam, standing John Cena, but Cena countered the punch, giving consecutive punches to Van Dam, dragging Van Dam to ropes and using it to perform a signature move, a Scoop slam to the mat! OH MY, John Cena, is using the YOU CAN'T SEE ME SIGN! Five knuckle shuffle to RVD. Cena is getting pumped up to win the match, yes the AA! AA, but RVD is kicking but no! Cena, performed the AA to RVD! It's not yet over, Cena, went to the top rope and use his FIST TO have a FIST DROP! ONE! TWO! THREE!

* ring bell! Cena and his fans are celebrating. THE CROWD IS CHEERING FOR CENA AND VAN DAM FOR THEIR ONE OF A KIND MATCH!

* Cena and Van Dam shaking hands as a sign of sportsmanship!

JR: Now, that's a real sportsmanship.
JL: Even though Van Dam lost, he got my respect to him! Kudos, Van Dam! What a great match!

* Cena raising Van Dam's hand, and hugging with each other!

Winner: John Cena (10:03)

JM: Now, we have three contenders for the Title at Rumble, John Cena, Jeff Hardy and Dolph Ziggler, one more guy! And we will find out when RAW returns from NY!

* commercial break.

JR: Up next is the match between the New Nexus Leader Punk and his member Mason Ryan!
JM: We've seen awhile ago that Mason Ryan is not talking to CM Punk and to his advices for tonight's match!

* Mason Ryan walks down to the ring with a little shock on his face.

* CM Punk's music started to play, signaling to the crowd and the CROWD BOOING AT THE STRAIGHTEDGE LEADER!

* ring bells.

Match 7: Mason Ryan vs. CM Punk (WWE Championship Contenders Match)

Match Statement: CM Punk, asking and forcing Mason to lay down to the ring so Punk could win the match, but Mason Ryan is nodding his head left and right, signaling NO! But CM Punk, pushing Mason Ryan. Mason Ryan got mad, pushed CM Punk hardly, CM Punk was in shock in the corner. CM Punk standing up giving Ryan kicks and punches to the body! But no, Mason Ryan gets stronger in every punch, after the next punch of Punk, Mason Ryan countered the punch and dragging Punk to the next turnbuckle, giving CM Punk a clothesline, but no, CM Punk, dodged the attack, and kicked Mason Ryan's face, he's taking the advantage by attacking and punching Mason Ryan, but still, it's useless, BECAUSE Mason Ryan is in a hot mood, lifting CM Punk to the canvas, but CM Punk went down and countered him, he clotheslined Mason on the top rope going to the canvas! CM Punk jumping on the top rope! But, HE WAS CAUGHT by Mason, lifting Punk to the barrier. Referee is counting 5 and Mason Ryan still attacking Punk, but Punk got a counter, but Mason Ryan didn't let him enter and went for a clothesline. The count was 9 , when Mason Ryan tried to enter, but CM Punk used his legs to secure a double-countout!

Winner: n/a due to a double-countout! (5:36)

After the Match: CM Punk was mad on the result, attacking Mason Ryan, and sending his New Nexus Allies out, attacking Mason Ryan! But, the other contenders saving Ryan and brawling to each other!

* Mike Adamle's music started again and made an announcement!

Mike Adamle: Cena! Punk! Ryan! Ziggler! Hardy! and the new nexus, Stop!

* The crowd BOOOOOOS for Adamle!

Mike Adamle: I have a Plan B for the WWE Championship Match 2 weeks from now.

* The crowd chanting " WHAT! WHAT!"

Mike Adamle: 2 weeks from now *WHAT*, The WWE Championship! *WHAT!* Would be contested in *WHAT* a 20-Minute, 5-Man Scramble Match!

* The crowd cheeeering! And excited for the WWE Title Scramble Match!

JM: We'll we heard it from the GM of Raw that 2 weeks from now, it will be a Scramble Match for the title!
JL: That would be an exciting match to see 2 weeks from now.
JR: Now, we should wait for next week's turnout of the annoucement, I'm Jim Ross, with Josh and Jerry Lawler here at ringside, so long from the Madison Square Garden! Goodnight!

* The 5-men are staring with each other, as the Raw closes.

Royal Rumble Unofficial Matchcard:
John Cena vs. Mason Ryan vs. Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler in a 5-Man WWE Championship Scramble Match
The Woo Woo Team vs. The Colons vs. Cryme Tyme vs. Hunico and Epico in a World Tag Team Championship Turmoil Match

Note: Sorry if I've use JM, JR, JL in some parts of the show.

Legends for those who are confused with my legends:
JL - Jerry Lawler
JM - Josh Matthews
JR - Jim Ross
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Re: WWE 2011: The Bigtime Generation!


"Vince revitalizes WWE, The Animal's return and shocking reappearances!"
by Mark Mendes (written January 11, 2011, 01:22 pm)

Now WWE conceptualized again a new era or, should I say a new generation. and Vince called it as The Bigtime Generation. Last Saturday, the WWE had a pressconference with the WWE executives and the media on the NY Hard Rock Cafe, discussions about what is really the Bigtime Generation.

Our mediamen, asked Triple H for that. And "Bigtime Generation, is an era/ generation that will give a credibility and mark again to the Intercontinental Championship, US Championship and other championships excluding the WWE and WHC. Giving the mid-carders to shine and give them an opportunity to work their asses off for the gold. We accepted our mistakes back then, that we simply focused on the two titles and pulling down the credibility and quality of the other championships. But now, this year will be the "REDEEMING YEAR", as we would give an importance again to the title, bringing back the Crusierweight Championship and giving 2 tag team titles on Raw and Smackdown. Bringing the back also the credibility of the tag team division, because we analyzed that the tag teams are one of the keys why we have a big change on the industry, like the legendary tagteams like the Hardys, E and C and the Dudleyz, which gave us a remarkable matches in WrestleMania, and we want that back." Triple H, or known also as Paul Levesque in real life.

Also, Last night at Raw live at the MSG, Rob Van Dam, Batista and Jeff Hardy made a big return to the A-Show. These 3 are squaring off with each other, as CM Punk also and John Cena joined the equation. Also, Kaitlyn, was crowned as the new Women's Champion as she last eliminated Natalya. Also, we saw the announcement of Mr. Adamle that the Royal Rumble WWE Championship Match would be a Scramble including Cena, Ryan, Punk, Hardy and Ziggler and the Tag Team Championship Turmoil with Woo Woo Team, The Colons, The Luchadors and Cryme Tyme. It will surely be a must see event.
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Re: WWE 2011: The Bigtime Generation!

WWE.com Inside Scoop:

"Diva Rumble, changing the landscape of the Women's Division!"
by Derrick LeMasco (January 12, 2011, 09:25pm)

After a big and a unforgettable First Time Ever, Diva Rumble Match yesterday at the Madison Square Garden in New York City, the new Women's Champion, Kaitlyn, had a small talk with WWE.com.

WWE.com : Kaitlyn, you are the new Women's Champion. What are your feelings and reactions right now that you are the Champion?

Kaitlyn: I've dreamed for this one, for many years. WWE hired me and said that I must join the Season 3 of NXT, which I won, and I didn't believe that I will have a fast push after it, the people is really noticing me right now, I'm not a normal person who wrestles with other, I'm now the star of the Women's Division, I'm so flattered but still happy.

WWE.com : Did it ever come to your mind yesterday at the Rumble that you'll win that match?

Kaitlyn: Honestly, no. Look at it, there were really other big and former WWE Women's Champions who were in that match, yesterday. Natalya, Beth, Michelle, Layla, Eve, I didn't expect that I will win that match, the only thing that entered to my mind yesterday, is to show the WWE universe what I have, showing that I have the skills and I can be the future, but *laughs* suddenly, the future came really fast, after I won that title.

WWE.com : What is the reaction of your family and friends about your win?

Kaitlyn: After that match, I went to the locker room, checked my cellphone, and when I opened it, I received a lot of Congratulations, Kaitlyn messages! And when I went home after the match, my family gave me a sweet dinner and a little celebration for my achievement, It's like I was the first honor on a graduating batch. I hope that I could retain this title for long, and I hope that I could be at WrestleMania, holding this title and defending it.

Don't forget to watch Kaitlyn, and the rest of the divas, every Monday Night at Raw live on USA.
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Re: WWE 2011: The Bigtime Generation!

Smackdown Preview for January 14, 2011:

They're here on SMACKDOWN! Richie, Cody, and the DiBiases are now here to invade the WWE Smackdown and be famous in new heights. Will the Rich and the Famous can have a big shots to the titles of Smackdown, or could they have also a guaranteed spot at the Royal Rumble!

Brothers of Charisma?
Christian is back on action this Friday after a 5-month hiatus because of his injury. Would Christian finally fulfill his dream to be a World Champion? But, before that, he and his bestfriend Edge will team up first to face the Brothers of Destruction on the First Episode of Smackdown in 2011!

Crusierweight Revitalization.
Crusierweight division is now back and they are ready to go and unleash some new and improve move sets and show the WWE universe what they have to prove. This Friday on Smackdown, Crusierweights would battle it out in a 6-Man Crusierweight open match!

Samoan Legacy!
The Usos are now on Smackdown and they want to prove to the Universe that they have the guts to be the WWE Tag Team Champions. Now, they have the time to prove it as they would face Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater in a Tag Team Elimination Match for the Titles!

The Indian Sensation is here!
Find out who is the Indian Sensation who's debuting this Friday on Smackdown facing William Regal in a Grudge Match!

World-Wide Pursuit
Now, the Corre has finally arrived on Smackdown! What will Barrett do to the WWE Universe, now that he stated 2 weeks ago that he wants to have a World Title Shot this Royal Rumble. And he got it, but he must defeat first Daniel Bryan this Friday!

I'm back, Playa!
MVP is back, and he will talk to the WWE Universe this Friday on why he returned to the WWE after a 3-month hiatus on the industry, what will he say on the other playas on Smackdown! Will it affect the fates of the other Smackdown Superstars?

Confirmed schedule for WWE Smackdown:
Edge and Christian vs. Kane and The Undertaker
MVP's Return Speech
Wade Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan (No. 1 Contenders Match)
"Indian Sensation" vs. William Regal
Crusierweight Open Match
The Usos vs. Heath and Justin (WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Tag Team Match)
The Rich and The Famous Promo

Watch Smackdown this Friday on Syfy 8/7c.
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