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IPWF: The place for Total Non-Stop Action

The Place for Total Non-Stop Action

Slammiversary 2010 saw the end of TNA Wrestling as we know it. The company announced that TNA executives have decided to take a hiatus over the summer. As Slammiversary came to a close, Jeremy Borash announced that fans will need to stay tuned to TNA Wrestling and Spike TV for the return of Professional Wrestling.

Final TNA Slammiversary Card
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner def. Matt Morgan
Velvet Sky def. Angelina Love
Beer Money Inc. def. Mexican American to retain the TNA Tag Team Championship
Kurt Angle def. Jeff Jarrett in a Retirement Match
Max Buck def. Kazarian to capture the TNA X Division Championship
Tara def. Mickie James to capture the TNA Knockout`s Championship
AJ Styles def. Bully Ray in a Last Man Standing Match
Sting def. Samoa Joe, The Pope D'Angelo Dinero, Rob Van Dam, Ken Anderson, and Christopher Daniels to retain the TNA World Championship in the King of the Mountain Match.

Meanwhile, the World WIDE Entertainment Company continued to flounder up north. Fans turned away from the product and wanted to look for a new alternative to the “Global Entertainment” product. The most shocking turn of events in WWE came when the company put their WWE championship around the waist of Michael Cole the “Anonymous General Manager” at Capital Punishment.

The management at TNA Wrestling went underground and began a massive brand change. With Spike TV executives by their side, the board, consisting of Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett, and Terry Taylor rebranded the company under the name Impact Pro-Wrestling Federation.

August 1, 2011 marked the historic debut of the IPWF as Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter, and Eric Bischoff held a press conference inside Madison Square Gardens; the same place they announced Hogan’s return to wrestling two years prior. Hogan announced that IPWF will be debuting on Monday, September 5 2011 with a brand new program on Spike TV. Eric Bischoff announced the company’s change to focus more on professional wrestling and it’s reality as a sport. Hulk Hogan announced that the company will be taking its shows on the road with the first stop being September 5 in Madison Square Gardens.

With IWC and news media building some buzz around IPWF’s announcement, many wrestling fans were found being critical of the success this company intends on having. Several fans thought this revamp was a fresh start to the former TNA, while others believed that this brand may look good on paper, when in reality the company will find a mediocre rise while ultimately failing much like its predecessor. Whether it was a positive or negative buzz, the wrestling world waited in anticipation for the September 5 debut of IPWF’s new show the Monday Night Adrenaline Rush.

IPWF revamped the TNA Wrestling website with a fresh look and an updated roster. No new additions were made to the roster, but there were a massive cut that found 16 personalities released from the company; most noticeably was Abyss, Vince Russo, and Mike Tenay. All three personalities were unexpectedly released from their contracts.

Spike TV Programming Schedule
Monday Night Adrenaline Rush 8pm – 10pm
Non-Stop Action Wrestling 9pm – 10pm

Saturday Night Pay Per Views
October 1 – Turning Point
December 3 – Bound For Glory
February 4 – Sacrifice
April 7 – Lockdown
May 5 – Against All Odds
June 2 – Slammiversary
August 6 – Destination X

Impact Pro-Wrestling Federation
Board of Directors: Dixie Carter, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett, Terry Taylor

World Heavyweight Division
AJ Styles
Christopher Daniels
Kurt Angle
Mr. Anderson
Rob Van Dam
Samoa Joe
Scott Steiner

Intercontinental Heavyweight Division
Bully Ray
The Pope D’Angelo Dinero
Desmond Wolfe
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Matt Morgan
Monty Brown

International Division
Amazing Red
Eric Young
Jeremy Buck
Max Buck
Jay Lethal
Petey Williams
Shannon Moore
Sheik Abdul Bashir
Sonjay Dutt

World Tag Team Division
Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin
Anarquia and Hernandez
Douglas Williams and Brutus Magnus
James Storm and Robert Roode

Knockout’s Division
Angelina Love
Madison Rayne
Mickie James
Ms. Tessmacher
Velvet Sky

Non Wrestling Crew
Al Snow - Agent
Brian Hebner – Senior Referee
Christy Hemme – Ring Announcer
D Lo Brown - Agent
Don West – TNA Live Events Coordinator
Eric Bischoff – Creative/Executive Producer
Jackson James – Referee
Jeff Jarrett – Live Events Coordinator
Hector Guerrero – Spanish Commentator
Hulk Hogan – On Air Personality
Jeremy Borash – Broadcast Commentator
Mick Foley – Creative Producer
Ric Flair – On Air Personality
Slick Johnson - Referee
Taz – On Air Personality
Willie Urbina – Spanish Commentator

Brian Kendrick
Earl Hebner - Retired
Jesse Neal
Karen Jarrett
Mike Tenay
Orlando Jordan
Rob Terry
Robbie E
So Cal Val
Tommy Dreamer
Vince Russo

World Heavyweight Championship
Intercontinental Championship
International Championship
World Tag Team Championship
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Re: IPWF: The place for Total Non-Stop Action

looks good so far, I would have liked to see IPWF or Tna or whatever find another station as I think that's part of the reason TNA in real life are getting lacklustre ratings; Spike don't advertise enough. But whatever, just a minor detail; it all looks good from here.

It's a shame you released Brian Kendrick and Gunner, as I think those two are solid wrestlers and I thought Gunner could be easily rebranded and made to be a legit threat, maybe in youe Intercontinental divison, and BK in your international division. International anway? Not a fan of the name, but whatever.

good luck.
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Re: IPWF: The place for Total Non-Stop Action

I like what you've got here. Looking forward to what you bring to the table.

I'm back...

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Re: IPWF: The place for Total Non-Stop Action

IPWF Headlines
August 4, 2011
New details concerning the IPWF have been released today. The company is planning on limiting the number of live events to two weekly shows as a way of building their brand and putting the money into marketing 1 great event a week as opposed to 5 mediocre events. All this is combined with the fact that Hogan, Bischoff, and Dixie want the company to come out looking strong. In order to do that they will promote their Monday Night show "Adrenaline Rush" as the live show in a large arena; with the first of these shows being held in Madison Square Garden. Look for a lot of TV, Billboards, Radio, and Newspaper ads over the next few weeks hyping their live show. The second live show will be Thursday Night from the Impact Zone in Orlando. The feeling is that the company still has an obligation to the park and still has to promote some shows there until TNA's contract is up in 2012.

Live Events:
Tickets for the following live events start as low as $15.00 and go on sale August 5, 2011

Monday Night Adrenaline Rush:
September 5, Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY
Meet and Greet with Hulk Hogan: 9 AM - 10 AM

Monday Night Adrenaline Rush:
September 12, Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH
Meet and Greet with Rob Van Dam 9 AM - 10 AM

Monday Night Adrenaline Rush:
September 19, Memorial Coliseum, Fort Wayne, IN
Meet and Greet with Ken Anderson 9 AM - 10 AM

Monday Night Adrenaline Rush:
September 26, Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, TN
Meet and Greet with Jeff Jarrett: 9 AM - 10 AM

Pay-Per-View Turning Point:
October 1, Philips Arena, Atlanta GA
Meet and Greet with AJ Styles: 9 AM - 10 AM

IPWF Rumours

Impact Pro-Wrestling is reportedly looking into signing a number of superstars from WWE's past. No word yet on who they have been in talks with but many speculate that they have been in talks with Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Edge, MVP, Carlito Caribbean Cool, and Robbie and Rory McAllister. Stay tuned for more developments to come out of this.

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Re: IPWF: The place for Total Non-Stop Action

Look interesting. Will look out for your shows.
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Re: IPWF: The place for Total Non-Stop Action

IPWF Headlines
August 16, 2011
Impact Pro-Wrestling confirms the signing of Carlito Caribbean Cool and Dave Bautista earlier this afternoon. Both former WWE talent have been away from the world of professional wrestling for a while. Look for other talent to sign with the company in the next few weeks.

Tickets for the first Adrenaline Rush in Madison Square Garden are selling well, with about 4,000 tickets being sold in the first week. This is remarkable for the company considering that for previous events, TNA struggled for ticket sales. Similarily, Cleveland has sold approximately 3,200, Fort Wayne has sold 2,800, Nashville has sold 3,320, and the Pay-Per-View in Atlanta has sold approximately 2,100. Executives in the company believe that this is largely due to the marketing put behind the brand now. Expect ticket sales to rise after the first show on September 5th.

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff will be making appearances with UFC Fight Night on Spike TV. There are talks that Spike TV is pushing UFC and IPWF to work together on promotion. The feeling is that by working with each other, Spike TV will see a ratings boom on both shows and furthermore, more exposure to Spike TV.

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Re: IPWF: The place for Total Non-Stop Action

Impact Pro-Wrestling Federation

The dawning of a new era in professional wrestling is about to transpire as Impact Pro-Wrestling makes it's debut in just three days away. The comapny's flagship program Adrenaline Rush premiers on Monday, September 5. Watch the greatest wrestlers in the world compete in one of the most historic wrestling venues in the world as 10,000 fans fill Madison Square Garden in New York City for Adrenaline Rush.

Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley, Taz, AJ Styles, Ric Flair, Mr. Anderson, Beer Money Inc, and Christopher Daniels will all make their presence known on Monday Night. Plus expect several debuts of aditional pro-wrestlers as the No. 1 Wrestling Company in the world premiers.

IPWF CEO Eric Bischoff will make a special announcement concerning the company's First Pay-Per-View Turning Point. What will Bischoff's announcement be and what impact will it make on the world of wrestling.

Tune in Monday at 8:00 p.m est for the explosive premier of Adrenaline Rush. Only on Spike TV.

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Re: IPWF: The place for Total Non-Stop Action

Setting the show up nicely. Looking forward to reading it.
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Re: IPWF: The place for Total Non-Stop Action

You've revealed very little regarding the first Adrenaline Rush so i'm expecting huge surprises. I'll be watching.
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Re: IPWF: The place for Total Non-Stop Action

Impact Pro-Wrestling Federation
Monday Night Adrenaline Rush
Live from Madison Square Garden, New York City

“Adrenaline Rush” the theme by Bushnut plays with images of Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Jay Lethal, Matt Morgan, Beer Money Inc, Jeff Hardy, and Mr. Anderson appearing.

A Pyro goes off in Madison Square Garden as approximately 10,000 fans pack the arena for the first episode of Adrenaline Rush. The entrance way is very simple with a 50 Foot screen suspended over the entrance. Below the screen was a set of metallic sliding doors with the IPWF logo painted on it.

Fans in Madison Square Garden jump to their feet as "Voodoo Child” plays over the loud speakers. The sliding doors open and Hulk Hogan, wearing a mix of black, red, and yellow makes his return to MSG. Hogan walks out to a huge pyro display and begins to walk down the ramp. He walks into the squared circle and stands there for a moment before grabbing a microphone.

Hogan: This is Impact Pro Wrestling brother, the changing face in Professional Wrestling, and I am the Immortal Hulk Hogan brother, don’t you forget it.

Fans cheer for Hogan as he pauses for a moment.

Hogan: This is a brand new day in the professional wrestling industry. Tonight we have new surprises, new faces, and a whole new attitude for the company brother. This is company is all about putting out the best wrestling production in the world. This place is all about being the very best in the world and if you can make it, than you better get out because the adrenaline rush is about to start.

Fans cheer for Hogan again

Hogan: You will never see wrestling like you will tonight. Every match put on will have fans on the edge of their seats and have our athletes put everything on the line. The road to Turning Point starts tonight with five incredible matches featuring Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Ken Anderson, Jay Lethal, and Beer Money, among others. I know you’re going to enjoy tonight’s show, and Wha’cha gonna do when the IPWF runs wild on you!

Hogan poses for a moment before “Voodoo Child” plays again; then the Immortal One leaves the ring to a house full of screaming fans.


Jeremy Borash and Mick Foley welcome fans to Monday Night Adrenaline Rush live from Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Christy Hemme announces the first contest of the night.

Hemme: The follow is the opening contest of Andrenaline Rush and is a one fall contest where the winner is determined by pinfall, submission, count out, or disqualification.

Crimson enters the arena. As he walks down the aisle a video package plays featuring Crimson’s wrestling profile; talking about the number of years he’s been in the wrestling business, his finishing move, and his stats. The video goes back to Crimson standing in the ring. Christy Hemme continues to introduce the next wrestler.

The Blueprint Matt Morgan comes out to the arena. A similar video package plays for the Blueprint as he comes down to the ring. JB and Mick Foley talk about the open contest being between two powerhouse destined to become the first IPWF Intercontinental Champion.

Match One:
Singles Contest
Crimson vs. Matt Morgan

Two powerhouses fight back and forth in the opening contest. Morgan manages to get the upper hand over Crimson after hitting a far away slam on him. Morgan nails a swinging neck breaker and covers Crimson. Referee Jackson James begins the count, but Crimson kicks out by two. Matt Morgan pulls Crimson to his feet and whips him across into the ropes. Morgan puts his head down and Crimson leaps over him, and grabs Morgan by the legs. Crimson pulls Morgan down and rolls him up into a pin. James counts Morgan’s shoulders, but the Blueprint kicks out by two as well. Both men get back to their feet and exchange rights. The Blueprint is sent into the corner with an impressive drop kick by Crimson. Crimson gets back up and continues to bring the fight to Morgan. A side walk slam brings Morgan to the canvas. Crimson climbs to the top rope and dives off with a splash on his opponent. Morgan is covered again for a 1...2...kickout. Frustrated, Crimson pulls Morgan to his feet and continues to fight him in the middle of the ring. Morgan blocks a right and nails Crimson with a forearm. This happens a few times before Morgan is able to scoop slam Crimson to the canvas. Morgan slaps a sleeper hold on his opponent and Jackson James quickly gets in position to check on Crimson. After a moment, Crimson’s arm is raised into the air for the first time. It immediately falls after Jackson lets go. The arm is raised a second time and again falls to the ground. The third time the hand is raised up, it stays up. Crimson gets his second wind and slowly gets to his feet. He counters the sleeper by hitting a side slam on Morgan. The two slowly get up and Crimson sends Morgan to the canvas with a hip toss. Morgan gets up and is sent back down with a second hip toss. When Morgan gets back up again, he counters with a knee to the stomach of Crimson and sends him to the canvas with a hip toss of his own. Crimson slowly gets back to his feet and is nailed with a Carbon Footprint by Morgan who covers his opponent for a 1...2...3.
Result: Matt Morgan wins via pinfall at 5:32

Morgan’s hand is raised in victory as he slowly regains his breath. The Blueprint leaves the ring and heads back up the ramp as Crimson gets back to his feet. Morgan is met by Taz at the top of the ramp.

Taz: That was one hell of a fight between you and Crimson. How are you feeling coming out of that match?

Morgan: Crimson is a great wrestler, but tonight wasn’t his night. He has to realize that he still has a long way to go before he can be a top wrestler in this business.

Taz: What’s next for you Matt Morgan?

Morgan: I’m going to continue to dominate the IPWF until I become the first Intercontinental Champion.

Taz: Good luck with that.

Morgan continues to the backstage area.


Backstage Segment: Ken Anderson cuts a promo

Anderson: Professional Wrestling is all about performing at the very best of your ability for the wrestling fans. This is a sport that demands wrestlers to be at their very best every single night, not just in the ring, but also on the microphone. That’s why Ken Anderson is here, that’s why I’m a professional wrestler. I am the greatest talker this industry has seen in the past decade, and I can back it up in the ring. I do whatever it takes to be the greatest because I have to be. I have to be the best, I have to be the champion, and I have to be an asshole because that what gets the job done. Watch out because tonight you’re going to see the return of MISTER.... ANDERSON.... AN-DER-SON!!!!

Back inside MSG, the fans continue to cheer as Jeremy Borash and Mick Foley talk about the changing face of Professional Wrestling from their broadcast booth by the entrance way.

JB: What a night we’ve seen so far her on Adrenaline Rush Mick.

Foley: I am quite excited for tonight’s show JB. We watch a great opening match with Matt Morgan and Crimson, plus Hulk Hogan came out at the start to welcome everyone to Impact Pro-Wrestling. This is an exciting night.

JB: There have been a lot of changes in professional wrestling, and tonight we’re continuing to redefine the industry. Let’s go to the ring for tag team action.

Christy Hemme introduces the next contest for Adrenaline Rush.

Hemme: The following tag team contest is for one fall.

Beer Money Incorporated are introduced. James Storm and Robert Roode make their way down to the ring. As they walk down the aisle, their promotional video plays; hyping them as the last reigning TNA World Tag Team Champions. Beer Money gets into the ring and waits for their opponents.

The World’s Greatest Tag Team make their IPWF debut with a standing ovation from the crowd in Madison Square Garden. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas are joined by the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Flair leads them down the aisle to the ring.

Match 2:
Tag Team Match
Beer Money Inc. vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team (with Ric Flair)

Robert Roode and Shelton Benjamin lock horns in the match after Slick Johnson rings the bell. Roode builds an offense over Shelton, with his power and speed being used to his advantage. Roode drives Benjamin to the canvas with a spine buster than proceeds to mount a head lock on his opponent. Shelton is out for a brief moment before getting back to his feet. Still in the corner, Benjamin finds his way into the corner and uses the turn buckle to kick both him and Roode onto the canvas. Both men get back up, but Benjamin is able to mount the attack with a series of rights. He whips Roode out of the ring and then springboards off the top rope with a flying forearm that nails Roode in the side of the head. Slowly both men get back up as Slick Johnson starts the ten count. Benjamin rolls Roode into the ring and tags his partner in. Charlie Haas begins to kick the back of Roode’s head before pulling him up to his feet. Haas whips Roode into the ropes and nails him with a drop kick. With the guidance of Ric Flair on the outside of the ring, the World’s Greatest Tag Team remains in control of the match. The WGTT nails a Double Hip Toss/Back Breaker combo on Robert Roode and Shelton Benjamin makes the cover. Roode, narrowly escapes the pin with a shoulder up before the three. Benjamin is the result and pulls Roode up. Robert Roode counters with a jaw breaker and slowly crawls to the corner, tagging in James Storm. The Cowboy gets in the ring and cleans house, sending both Benjamin and Haas to the outside. Storm goes after them on the outside the ring and rolls Benjamin under the ropes. Storm climbs to the apron and then into the ring. He clotheslines Benjamin to the canvas and follows up with an elbow on him. The Cowboy continues his attack on the “Gold Standard” with stiff rights and follows with a side slam. Roode gets tagged into the ring and Beer Money starts to double team Benjamin. Slick Johnson warns Storm to leave the ring and Roode is left as the legal man. He slams Benjamin to the ground and immediately starts working on the arm of Shelton before slapping on a hammerlock. Benjamin rolls out of the hammerlock and counters with a super kick on Roode. Haas is tagged in and immediately climbs to the top rope. He lands on Roode with a cross body and rolls him up for the 1...2...kickout. Storm gets back in the ring to make the save for his partner, but Slick Johnson warns him to get out of the ring. With Johnson distracted, Flair capitalizes by handing Haas a pair of Brass Knuckles. As Roode gets back to his feet, he is nailed in the jaw with a punch and falls immediately to the ground again. Haas puts the knuckles back into his tights and covers Roode for the 1...2...3.
Result: Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas win via pinfall at 10:11

Ric Flair gets in the ring and raises the hands of his new tag team. The three of them leave the ring after making an impressive debut to the IPWF. James Storm gets in the ring and checks on his partner.


Video Segment: Impact Pro-Wrestling Federation presents Turning Point live on Pay-Per-View Saturday, October 1, 2011 from Atlanta, Georgia. Tickets on sale Now.

As hour one of Adrenaline Rush starts to come to a close; Jeremy Borash stands in the middle of the ring.

JB: Ladies and Gentlemen, please help me welcome the President of Impact Pro-Wrestling ERIC BISCHOFF.

Bischoff’s music plays and the entrance doors slide open. Some smoke comes out of the entrance as Eric Bischoff makes his way into Madison Square Garden. Fans show Bischoff a cool reaction as he walks down to the ring. The President enters the ring and shakes Jeremy Borash’s hand before the interview begins.

JB: Eric Bischoff, it is truly an honour to be standing here inside Madison Square Garden.

Bischoff: The pleasure is all mine JB.

JB: I understand that Impact Pro-Wrestling is all about bringing the most exciting, the most intense wrestling performances to the fans every week, and so far tonight we have seen some pretty action packed matches. Can you tell us what the company has in store for fans?

Bischoff: You’re right JB. We are all about bringing the most exciting television to fans. That’s why we’re here in Madison Square Garden tonight, and that’s why we’re live every Monday Night.

Fans cheer Eric Bischoff’s comments

Bischoff: But Impact Pro-Wrestling isn’t only about the wrestling action, it’s about giving fans something to talk about, something to get excited about, and that’s why I am proud to make a very historic announcement.

Bischoff pauses for a moment to build suspense.

Bischoff: Next week, live on Adrenaline Rush, we are going to witness the contract signing for the biggest match in professional wrestling this decade when the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle squares off against...BROCK LESNER!!!!

Fans in MSG erupt for the announcement made by Eric Bischoff.

JB: You can’t be serious Eric?

Bischoff: Oh but I am serious JB, next week Brock Lesner and Kurt Angle will sign their contract to face each other in a UFC VS. IPWF match at Turning Point on Saturday, October 2nd.

Fans start chanting “Thank You Eric”

Eric: It’s part of the new partnership that IPWF and UFC have created. This is the first of many more inter-promotional matches that will take place between the two companies. I for one am very excited to see this match happen because of the great athletic abilities of both competitors. Kurt Angle and Brock Lesner will be the match of the year, and the match of the decade.

Eric Bischoff’s music plays and he leaves the ring.

JB: Well there you have it folks. The announcement that Kurt Angle and Brock Lesner will wrestle on Saturday, October 2nd at Turning Point live from Atlanta, Georgia. You will only be able to see it live on Pay-Per-View. Next week we will have Kurt Angle and Brock Lesner sign their official match contract. I can’t wait.


Backstage Segment: Hulk Hogan stands backstage by the IPWF set.

Hogan: Listen up Hulkamaniacs; just when you think the Adrenaline Rush is rising, think again because this place is only starting to heat up Brother! Stay tuned for the next match.

Hogan poses as the camera changes back to the ring.

Christy Hemme stands in the ring and announces the next contest as a triple threat match.

Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams enters the arena to a mediocre reaction from the crowd. A video package plays from him, showing some of his career highlights and profile.

Low-Ki is the next to make his way down to the ring. His video package plays as he walks down the aisle.

The third person to make his entrance was Jay Lethal. His video package plays.

Match 3:
Triple Threat Match
Petey Williams vs. Low-Ki vs. Jay Lethal

Williams and Low-Ki double team Lethal at the start of the match. With Lethal backed into the corner, Low-Ki turns and takes Williams down to the canvas with a kick to the face. Low-Ki hits a variety of kicks on Petey Williams before hitting a snapmare on him. Low-Ki covers Williams, but Lethal pulls him off before a three count. Lethal dropkicks Low-Ki to the canvas and then follows up with a hip toss into a hammerlock. Petey Williams comes up from behind and slaps a sleeper hold on Lethal. Lethal release the hammerlock on Low-Ki and drops Williams with a stunner. Low-Ki gets up and drop kicks Lethal out of the ring before climbing to the top rope. Low-Ki dives to the outside with a splash on Lethal. When Williams gets back to his feet he finds his opponents outside the ring. He runs to the ropes and springboards off the top with a 450 splash on both Lethal and Low-Ki. Williams rolls Lethal into the ring and climbs back in after him. Williams nails the Canadian Destroyer on Lethal and covers him. Just as referee Brian Hebner is about to count the three, Williams is nailed with a diving leg drop from Low-Ki. Low-Ki pulls Williams up and slams him to the canvas with a side headlock. Low-Ki applies the pressure to the neck of Williams and attempts to make his opponent submit. Williams slowly reaches for the ropes and Low-Ki is forced to release the hold. He pulls Williams back up and continues the assault on him, but Lethal nails him from behind. Jay bulldogs Low-Ki to the canvas and immediately gets back to his feet. He dropkicks Williams to the canvas than waits for Maple Leaf Muscle to get back to his feet. Lethal hits a frankensteiner on Williams and covers him in the middle of the ring for the 1...2...3.
Result: Jay Lethal wins via pinfall at 6:53

Jay Lethal celebrates his victory in the middle of the ring. Lethal is nailed from behind with a back cracker by Low-Ki. Low-Ki stands over both of his opponents before leaving the ring.

Backstage Segment: AJ Styles cuts a promo

Styles: I am the only wrestler in this generation to be a Triple Crown champion in one organization. I’ve shown the world that I have what it takes to be a champion, to be a superstar, to be a legend. I am the greatest wrestler this generation has seen and tonight you’re going to see why they call me the Phenomenal...AJ Styles!


Christy Hemme announces the following singles contest.

Christopher Daniels makes his way down to the ring with a very dark entrance. The Fallen Angel gimmick has been modified to show Daniels as a heel. A video package plays showing some of the career highlights of Christopher Daniels.

The fans in Madison Square Garden erupt as Mr. Anderson makes his entrance. Anderson’s career highlights play as well as his stats. Anderson climbs into the ring and a microphone descends from the rafters. Anderson makes his customary introduction as the fans in MSG cheer for him.

Match 4:
Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels vs. Mr. Anderson

They stare each other down in the middle of the ring before pushing each other back and forth a little. Anderson charges after Daniels, but is sent to the canvas with a hip toss. He gets back to his feet and is sent to the canvas again with another hip toss. Daniels starts kicking Anderson on the ground before pulling him up and throwing him over the top rope. Daniels goes outside after Anderson and continues to stomp a mud hole in him before pulling the asshole back up. Daniels whips Anderson face first into the ring post than catapults off the steel guard rail with a kick to the head of Anderson. The Fallen Angel pulls Anderson up and rolls him back into the ring than climbs to the top rope. He dives off with the Best Moonsalt Ever, but misses Anderson. Mr. Anderson slowly gets to his feet and drops an elbow on Daniels. Anderson pulls Daniels back to his feet and whips him into the corner. With full force, Daniels hits the turn buckle and dives face first into the ring post, busting him open immediately. Anderson clotheslines Daniels to the canvas and covers him. Referee Jackson James is about to count to three as Daniels gets his leg on the rope. Anderson drops an elbow across the skull of Daniels and pulls him up to his feet. A series of uppercuts sends Daniels in the corner. Anderson whips Daniels across the ring, but Daniels counters and sends Anderson into the corner instead. Anderson is met with an inverted DDT. Daniels moonsaults off the ropes and lands on Anderson; he follows up with a cover but Anderson is able to kick out before three. The match continues in the favour of Christopher Daniels as he slingshots Anderson into the corner, Anderson hits the ring post and is found bloody as well. Daniels rolls Anderson up again and covers him for a second near fall. Both men get back to their feet. Anderson charges after Daniels with full force and clotheslines both of them over the top rope. Jackson James starts the ten count while both men continue their fight outside the ring. Daniels hits a suplex on Anderson right on the ground before rolling into the ring and breaking the count. Daniels goes back outside the ring and whips Anderson over the steel guard rail. Daniels charges after and springboards off the guard rail with a kick to Anderson. Daniels and Anderson fight back into the ring with Daniels getting the advantage of Anderson. The Fallen Angel chokes Anderson on the canvas as Jackson James starts a five count. Daniels releases the choke momentarily only to put it back on him. James starts the five count again before pulling Daniels off of his opponent. Daniels pulls Anderson up and is about to go for the Angel Wings when Anderson breaks out and rakes the eyes of Daniels. Out of nowhere, Anderson hits the Mic Check on Daniels and covers him in the middle of the ring for a 1...2...kick out. Anderson gets back to his feet and pulls Daniels up. He nails Daniels with a few punches before nailing a pile driver on Daniels. Anderson covers Daniels again for a 1...2...kick out. Swearing at the referee, Anderson gets back up. Daniels hits Anderson with a low blow and follows up with an Angel Wings. Daniels covers Anderson for a 1...2...3.
Result: Christopher Daniels wins via pinfall at 8:39

Daniels leaves the ring after the match and grabs a steel chair. Bringing it back into the ring, Daniels cracks it across the skull of Anderson. Jackson James warns Daniels to stop, but the Fallen Angel pushes the referee out of the way and cracks the chair across the back of Anderson again. With Anderson laid out, Daniels was able to continue slamming the chair across Anderson’s back. The Fallen Angel finally leaves the ring to a crowd of irate fans.


After the break, Jeremy Borash and Mick Foley talk about the debut of IPW’s Adrenaline Rush and hype the debut of Non-Stop Action Wrestling Thursday at 9:00 pm on Spike TV, and talks about next week’s Adrenaline Rush featuring the contract signing of Kurt Angle and Brock Lesner live from Cleveland, Ohio.

Christy Hemme introduces the Main Event of the evening.

“I Am” plays and The Phenomenal AJ Styles makes his way down to the ring. A pyro display goes off as Styles poses for a moment before walking toward the ring. Fans cheer for AJ as he continues down the ramp. AJ’s video package plays with his career highlights showing his numerous title reigns in TNA. AJ stands in the middle of the ring and waits for his opponent to arrive.

The big screen begins a countdown from 10 to 0 and then a huge explosion happens in MSG. Fans cheer as the lights go out in the arena. Chris Jericho appears on the entrance with smoke surrounding him as a remix of “Break the Walls Down” plays. JB and Mick Foley sit in excitement as Chris Jericho makes his debut in IPWF. The fans go crazy as Jericho walks down to the ring.

Main Event:
Phenomenal AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho

AJ Styles and Chris Jericho stare each other down for the first time ever in the middle of the ring. Fans in MSG are solidly behind Jericho as referee Slick Johnson starts the match. Jericho’s smug look is soon slapped off by the Phenomenal AJ Styles. Styles nails Jericho with a few rights before whipping him across the ring. Styles charges after Jericho and meets him with a knee to the stomach. Jericho flips and falls on the canvas. Styles pulls Jericho back up, but is met with a DDT. Chris Jericho drops a few elbows on Styles before pulling him up to his feet. Styles is whipped into the corner and Jericho charges after him with a clothesline that sends AJ to the ground. Jericho dives off the ropes with a Lionsault and lands on his opponent than follows up with a cover. Johnson counts two before Styles gets his shoulder up. Jericho and Styles continue to fight back and forth with the Phenomenal One being whipped across the ring. Jericho nails him with a drop kick and follows up with a swinging neck breaker as both men get back to their feet. Jericho covers AJ again in the middle of the ring, but for the second time in the match, AJ kicks out. As Jericho pulls AJ back to his feet, he is met out of nowhere with a pay-lay kick. Both men lie on the canvas for a moment with Slick Johnson starting the 10 count. Styles is the first to get back his feet and hits a spinning heel kick on Jericho. Styles climbs to the top rope, but Jericho quickly gets up and climbs to the middle rope. Jericho grabs Styles and drops him to the canvas with a superplex. Jericho slowly rolls over and covers Styles for a 1...2...kick out. Jericho sets AJ up for a slingshot into the turnbuckle, but instead of hitting the turnbuckle, Styles jumps to the top rope and dives off with a moonsalt on Jericho. Fans start to get behind AJ Styles as he builds momentum against the “superstar”. Jericho rolls out of the ring to regroup, but AJ flies off the top rope, landing on Jericho. Fans start chanting “This is Awesome” as AJ rolls Jericho back into the ring. The Phenomenal One climbs to the top rope and drives off with a frog splash on Jericho. AJ covers him for a 1...2...kick out and the match is forced to continue. Both men take their fight back and forth in the ring, but Jericho soon gets the advantage as he slams Styles face first into the turn buckle. Jericho whips Styles across the ring and nails him with a cross body. The impact sends both men to the canvas with AJ landing on Jericho. The referee counts 1...2...kick out. Both men get back up to their feet once again. The Phenomenal AJ Styles counters a hip toss by Jericho and exchanges with a hip toss of his own. Styles follows up with a side headlock on Jericho and applies pressure the head. Jericho attempts to fight out, but is left on the canvas. Jericho finally gets up to his feet, with the headlock still on him. Jericho lifts AJ up and both men fall backwards over the top rope and onto the floor. Jericho gets up and drop kicks AJ to the ground and climbs on the apron. Jericho dives off with another Lionsault, but AJ gets out of the way. Styles slams Jericho into the guard rail and rolls him back into the ring. Styles springboards off the top rope with a forearm on Jericho and follows up with a Styles Clash on Jericho. AJ covers Jericho for a 1...2...3.
Result: Phenomenal AJ Styles wins via pinfall at 8:04

The pyro in MSG goes off as AJ Styles celebrates his victory. Jericho pulls Styles down off the rope and stares at him for a moment. Jericho extends his hand to Styles and the two of them shake before Jericho clotheslines Styles straight to hell. Chris Jericho leaves the ring as Adrenaline Rush goes off the air.

World Championship Wrestling 1999
Changing of the Guard

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