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WWE: A New Era Beckons

About the BTB:

1. I will not be starting off where any Wrestlemania ended, or from any juncture of WWE. There will be matches at the beginning to decide the champions and then fresh storylines will emerge from there onwards.

2. I went through some other BTBs and they were really good with really intricate details including the match moves and commentator's dialogues. My RAW/SD posts will be short but don't doubt my interest and seriousness over it. I will be consistent and timely with my shows.

3. I have included a mix of current as well as previous wrestlers. I made it a point not to include any deceased wrestler.

4. There are no Divas currently in the roster. All are undergoing training and will be used with my perusal whenever needed

READ FIRST QUARTERLY SUMMARY HERE - It will update you with all the happenings in the first three BTB months, and then you can continue reading after it.

(Click on each PPV name to read the results)

No Mercy
Cyber Sunday
Survivor Series
New Year's Revolution
No Way Out

RAW Roster:

GM: Eric Bischoff
Commentators: JR and Jerry Lawler

Shawn Michaels
John Cena
The Miz
John Morrison
Jack Swagger
The Undertaker
Big Show
Kung Fu Naki
Alberto Del Rio
Cody Rhodes
Vladimir Kozlov
Gregory Helms
CM Punk
Ezekiel Jackson
Drew McIntyre
Charlie Haas
Shelton Benjamin
Rob Van Dam
William Regal
Zack Ryder


GM: Theodore Long
Commentators: Michael Cole and Matt Striker

Randy Orton
Mr. Kennedy
Mark Henry
Santino Marella
Dolph Ziggler
Ted Dibiase
Chris Masters
Chavo Guerrero
Wade Barrett
Yoshi Tatsu
The Great Khali
Paul London
Brian Kendrick
Super Crazy
Chris Jericho
Rey Mysterio
Kofi Kingston

I WILL SOON POST THE "Saturday Night Main Event" in which all the champions will be crowned. After which, RAW and Smackdown will start. I hope you enjoy my version of WWE

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

Nice roster will read with interest

Only problem is I dont think Survivor Series should be after Summerslam maybe swap Cyber Sunday and Survivor Series around
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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

It is a good roster and i wish you good luck. Looking forward to reading what you are going to do with it.
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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons



All 25 superstars participated. Orton and Rhodes double teamed to eliminate a few people. Big Show was thrown out by Kane and Undertaker. Undertaker also eliminated Jericho. Triple-H had the most number of eliminations in the first half of the match, including Kane and Rhodes. Chris Jericho came back and eliminated The Undertaker to take revenge for his previous elimination. The Undertaker looked visibly pissed off while Jericho ran away backstage seemingly happy.

LAST 6: Cena, Triple H, Orton, Del Rio, Christian, RVD

Cena eliminated Del Rio and while Triple-H eliminated Rob Van Dam, with his back turned on, Randy Orton eliminated Triple-H.

LAST 3: Cena, Orton, Christian

Cena hit Orton with an F-U and fought Christian. While both were tethering over the ropes, Orton came and eliminated both of them to win the match.

WINNER: Randy Orton is the new WWE Champion.

2. Ezekiel Jackson comes out accompanying his manager Dr.X. NXT rookie Michael Scott is already in the ring. Dr. X says, “I give you 10 seconds to leave the ring. Get Lost or Get destroyed”. The rookie is nonplussed and looking eager to prove his mettle. Dr. X leaves the ring. Ezekiel waits for some-time and attacks Michael and squashes him.

Ezekiel Jackson def. Michael Scott via Chokeslam in 34 seconds.

JR says, “Oh my God!! That’s brutal”
Jerry Lawler says, “I think Michael had it coming to him, he had the chance to run away *chuckles*”
JR says, “Oh please!”

3. Dibiase Jr. meets Orton in his dressing room backstage and vows to win the World Title. Orton pats him and express his desire of Legacy ruling the whole of WWE.

4. Tag Team Championships Match:

Haas & Benjamin def. London & Kendrick to become tag team champs.

5. US Championship Match:

Eric Bischoff makes a Fatal Four-way Match: The Miz vs McIntyre vs R-Truth vs Morrison

WINNER: Drew McIntyre pins The Miz via Future Shock at 8:34 to become US Champion.

6. IC Championship Match:

Mark Henry def. MVP via World’s Strongest Slam at 7:11 to become IC Champ.

7. SMACKDOWN BATTLE ROYAL: (All Smackdown superstars except those who have had matches participate)

Batista eliminated The Great Khali. As soon as he turned back, HBK SCM’d Batista out of the ring to eliminate him. HBK later eliminated Dibiase Jr.

LAST 6: Edge, Punk, Kennedy, Barrett, Mysterio, Michaels

Last 3 remaining were Edge, Michaels and Punk. Both Edge and Punk double team and eliminate HBK.

WINNER: Edge won the World Title last eliminating C M Punk.

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


Eric Bischoff announces John Cena vs Christian as main event to determine the No.1 contender to WWE Title.

1. Randy Orton opens the show, he is accompanied by Cody Rhodes. He talks about being the WWE Champion until Wrestlemania and vows that anyone coming in between him and the title will be taken care of. He says,” And speaking about champions, I would like to congratulate Edge on his victory last night, but you know what Adam, you should start counting your days as the champion, coz soon Legacy will rule WWE”.

JR says ,”God only knows what Randy has in mind”.
Jerry Lawler says, “He is the Viper, JR. And what’s unfortunate is that he is still hungry”.

2. Drew McIntyre has joined JR and Jerry Lawler for the Triple Threat match for No.1 contendership to US Title.

Miz and Morrison double-teamed over R-Truth for quite a while. However, when Morrison went for the cover, The Miz broke it. Morrison and Miz fought for a while when Morrison went to the top of the ring post, Miz ran and pushed him to throw him outside the ring. While Miz was busy posing to the audience, R-Truth pinned him with a quick cover.

R-Truth def. The Miz and John Morrison at 8:11 to become the No. 1 contender.

3. Chris Jericho comes to the ring and talks about how the Deadman cost him the chance to become the WWE Champion. He said, “Deadman, I know you must be very angry but that’s the price you pay for messing with me.” Suddenly, the lights went off. When the lights came back, The Undertaker was standing behind Jericho. The crowd was cheering at the top of their voice. Taker chokeslammed Jericho and left the ring.

4. Sheamus comes out for his match. Ryder is in the ring.

Sheamus def. Zack Ryder at 3:15 via Celtic Cross.

5. Alberto Del Rio comes out in his Rolls Royce. Del Rio talks about someone whom he is a fan of and appreciates for him being bad-ass and he wants to talk to him about some serious business. He calls out for The Game – Triple H. Del Rio reveals that he wants to recruit a bodyguard as he is very rich and wants safety. He says to the audience, “You know after the recession, the only Rolls Royce you all people have probably seen is mine and I have heard this city is notorious for robberies and thieves”. The crowd boos loudly. Del Rio then asks HHH if he wants to accept this lifetime opportunity. HHH offers a handshake and smiles, while Ricardo begins shouting again in Spanish, HHH stops smiling and pulls Del Rio towards himself to give him a pedigree. The crowd’s reaction was huge.

6. Non-Title Tag Team Match:

Big Show & Kane def. Haas & Benjamin at 9:13

7. RVD comes out for his match against the devious Englishman William Regal.

Rob Van Dam def. William Regal via Five Star Frog Splash at 11:18.

8. Chris Jericho meets Eric Bischoff and tells him to do something about The Undertaker attacking him. He said he is the biggest superstar on RAW and Bischoff must take special care of him. Bischoff chuckles that he has already done something about it in that Jericho will face Undertaker at Backlash. Chris Jericho’s face turns blank while Bischoff walks away.

9. Main Event: (John Cena vs Christian for No.1 contendership to WWE Title)

John Cena def. Christian via Attitude Adjustment at 17:14

Cody Rhodes comes running down and attacks Cena but ends up getting an AA himself. Cena signals Orton to come to the ring but he just watches from the ramp and holds the title high.

Confirmed Matches at Backlash:

Randy Orton(c) vs John Cena for the WWE Championship
The Undertaker vs Chris Jericho

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


CM Punk was announced as the No.1 contender to Edge at Backlash as he was the runner-up at the Battle Royal held at SNME. Teddy Long announces: Edge vs Ted Dibiase in a non-title match tonight.

1. Super Crazy was already in the ring. Ezekiel Jackson comes out accompanying his manager. Dr. X warns the opponent, “Super Crazy, I give you 10 seconds to leave the ring and run back like a little girl. Get Lost or Get Destroyed.” Super Crazy does not budge. Ezekiel Jackson beats him in a short match.

Ezekiel Jackson def. Super Crazy by pinfall at 2:09

2. No.1 contender match for IC Championship:

Kofi Kingston def. MVP via pinfall at 13:05

3. JBL comes out and addresses the audience that he enjoyed being their hero for these past few years. The crowd booed loudly. JBL revealed that he wanted to pass on his legacy to someone who he considers being an ideal contender for the title ‘U.S. Hero’ and calls out Mr. Kennedy, who cuts a promo about how he will inspire the American youth. Suddenly, the music hits and crowd cheers at the top of their voices. The Heart-Break-Kid Shawn Michaels comes out. Kennedy and JBL attack him but Michaels clears the house. As he is about to hit Kennedy a Sweet Chin Music, JBL pulls Kennedy out of the ring and leaves.

4. Carlito waits in the ring. His opponent is Wade Barrett.

Wade Barrett def. Carlito via pinfall at 6:19.

5. CM Punk interrupts Dibiase’s interview with Josh Matthews backstage. On hearing Dibiase’s intentions to defeat Edge tonight and then ask Teddy Long for a title opportunity, CM Punk laughs and says that the No.1 contender has already been decided. Dibiase looked angry.

6. Tag Team match:

London & Kendrick def. Chavo and Rey via quick cover on Chavo at 8:54

After the match, Rey says in dejection, “I told you it’s not gonna work, Chavo”. Chavo covers his head and expresses dismay.

7. Backstage, Jack Swagger meets JBL and expresses his dismay over JBL’s decision to choose Kennedy over an All American-American. JBL says if he can defeat his opponent tonight, Swagger will also be a part of JBL’s legacy and his team.

8. Jack Swagger warms up in the ring. His opponent is Batista.

Batista def. Jack Swagger via pinfall at 7:18

9. Main Event:

CM Punk joins Tazz and Michael Cole on the mic. The match goes on for long. When Edge is about to go for a spear, he hits the referee instead. As Edge goes for another spear on Dibiase, Orton and Rhodes come out and attack him. CM Punk runs into the ring and attacks Orton. Edge spears Rhodes out of the ring. Dibiase comes with the title, but misses Edge and gets speared for the pinfall as the half-conscious ref makes the count.

Edge def. Ted Dibiase via pinfall at 17:14

Orton and Rhodes who have over-powered Punk outside the ring leave. Edge’s eyes are locked on Orton as he walks on the ramp.

Confirmed Matches at Backlash:

Randy Orton(c) vs John Cena for WWE Title
The Undertaker vs Chris Jericho
Edge(c) vs CM Punk for World Title
Mark Henry(c) vs Kofi Kingston for IC Titl


1. Eric Bischoff has announced: Triple-H vs Alberto Del Rio. Well, Del Rio might had asked the wrong guy to become his bodyguard but now he has his hands full next week. Its time to play the game for him !!
2. Eric Bischoff announced that Orton and Cena will have "Pick your poison" matches. However, they have to have their pick from RAW itself, else Cena might definitely be fancying Edge as his pick. However, with the champions' egos and fights traversing brand boundaries, you can never expect any less surprise and entertainment here.

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


Eric Bischoff announces that Cena and Orton have picked the opponents for each other. The matches are as follows: John Cena vs The Undertaker, Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes

1. Its Regal vs RVD for the second consecutive week. RVD won the match last week.

William Regal def. Rob Van Dam via quick cover at 9:13.

Eric Bischoff made the third and decisive instalment of this match for Backlash.

2. Pick Your Poison match:

When Taker pushed Cena into the ringpost, Cena landed on the referee who got knocked down. Jericho came down to the ring, before he could enter the ring, Taker gets him by his neck for a chokeslam, but Jericho punches Taker in the face with brass knuckles, Cena goes for the F-U and pins him. After the match, Taker stares at Jericho as he retreats towards the backstage.

John Cena def. The Undertaker via pinfall at 13:27

3. Del Rio comes out for his match with Triple-H.

Alberto Del Rio def. Triple-H via DQ at 2:11 when Vladimir Kozlov came and hit Del Rio with a clothesline.

JR said, “Well that clothesline looked completely fake”. Triple-H was puzzled when suddenly Kozlov attacked him. Del Rio and Kozlov over-powered HHH and Del Rio brought a steel chair to hit HHH. By the end, The Game was left bleeding and battered, and Del Rio announced that Kozlov is his bodyguard from now and his gameplan became evident. The audience booed loud and the medics came to escort Triple-H.

4. Josh Matthews interviews both Orton and Rhodes and asks about Cena beating Taker, Orton laughs and says he was lucky that Jericho intervened, but it doesn’t matter to him because he will still have the upper hand as Cena has made a big foolish decision by choosing Cody as his opponent. He looks towards Cody and they both smile.

5. US Title match: (Drew McIntyre vs R-Truth)

Drew McIntyre def. R-Truth via pinfall at 11:02 to retain the US Championship.

6. Backstage, Miz and Morrison fight over their loss in the No.1 contender match last week. Morrison blames Miz and says that his selfish nature cost him the match. Bischoff intervenes and says that they both will settle the score in the ring next week.

7. Santino Marella meets Ryder, Helms, Funaki and some FCW wrestlers backstage. He asks them to see how he will decimate his opponent and learn from the master itself. All of them wish him luck. The opponent turns out to be Sheamus.

As soon as the bell rings, Santino asks the referee to hold the match and asks for the mic and says, “This match is a tribute to all my disciples back there”. As soon as he puts the mic down, Sheamus lands a big boot kick on his face.

Sheamus def. Santino Marella via pinfall at 0:14

8. Main event: (Orton faces Rhodes in Pick Your Poison match)

Orton and Rhodes are in the ring for the match. John Cena comes out with a mic and addresses the audience, “Everybody was saying how big a fool I am to make this match, well Randy chooses the Deadman, and who do I choose.... meh. I tried to rectify my mistake, I met Bischoff back there to make this a Title match (Orton looks shocked here), but he denied the request. Anyways, I am really sorry for this poor main event, I know Rhodes will just lie down and the match will get over. But, I am sorry to one more guy whom I specially invited to see this match.” Dusty Rhodes comes out to a huge pop from the audience. Cody looks shocked and begins talking to Randy. Needless to say, Cody puts his whole effort into the match and gets a few face pops too. But Orton finally over-powered him and won the match.

Randy Orton def. Cody Rhodes via RKO at 13:19

JR says, “Well Randy might be in a fix here, Cody actually abided by his LEGACY by not giving the match away before his father”.

Randy walked back alone while Dustin Rhodes came and hugged his son in the ring.

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

You should space out when you post the shows. Need to give people time to read them.
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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

Originally Posted by cab12345 View Post
You should space out when you post the shows. Need to give people time to read them.
lol actually was on holidays, will keep that in mind

would love some reviews from WF crowd about the developments till now
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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


1. Edge opens the show and talks about the last week. CM punk comes out and told that last week he just saved his No.1 contender’s spot and Edge should not expect any less than 100% at Backlash from him. Teddy Long comes out and makes an announcement for the main event tonight:

Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase vs Edge, John Cena & CM Punk

Backstage, Todd Grisham interviews Legacy, and Orton reveals there are no chinks in the armour of Legacy, and he completely sides by Cody’s decision to put up a fight. When asked what if Cody would have won, Orton becomes angry and Todd gets away.

2. Non-Title match:

Mark Henry def. Yoshi Tatsu via WS Slam at 3:18

After the match, Kofi tried to make a statement by attacking Henry but ended up getting a WS Slam himself.

3. Kennedy comes out for his match with HBK. JBL is ringside and interferes in the match when HBK was about to deliver Sweet Chin Music. Both try to beat up Shawn when Swagger comes in to make the save.

Shawn Michaels def. Mr.Kennedy via DQ at 8:45

Their tag team match is added to Backlash.

4. Rey meets Chavo backstage before their match for No.1 contendership to Tag titles. He is not very excited about being a tag team while Chavo tries to persuade him that they will be champions come Backlash.

Kane & Big Show def. London/Kendrick and Chavo/Rey when Kane pinned Chavo via chokeslam at 9:27.

5. Masters waits in the ring. His opponent is Batista.

Batista def. Chris Masters via pinfall at 6:39

After the match, Dr.X comes out and asks Batista to leave the ring within 10 seconds. Batista smiles and punches Dr.X to the ground when suddenly Big Zeke attacks him. Ezekiel hits the Ura-nage and keeps his foot on Batista’s lying body with his hands up in the air while Dr.X announces the Smackdown locker room to beware of the new monster of WWE – Ezekiel Jackson.

6. Barrett comes out for his match with the man who loves to fight - Finlay.

Wade Barrett def. Finlay via Wasteland at 10:17

Carlito tried to interfere during the match but ran into the Big Boot.

7. Main Event:

Edge owed one to CM Punk for him making the save last week. Well, CM Punk preferred to go into Backlash with the score settled when he turned on his tag partner in the match and hit the GTS on Edge and left the match. However, Rhodes did not get the 3-count which Edge later got when he pinned Dibiase. Meanwhile, Orton hit Cena with a steel chair outside the ring, and came to attack Edge who left the ring.

Edge, Cena & Punk def. Orton, Dibiase & Rhodes via pinfall at 14:23

The show ended with Orton standing in the ring with the steel chair and his partners lying down after getting speared, while Edge walking away with a smug smile holding the World Title high.

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