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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

Ok, I was actually thinking that mr mcmahon will reveal the person in the segment but stone cold will find him that's better. Vladimir koxlov has really quit? i think he was good as the character of bodyguard but your decision , one thing that del rio can now go on his own.

Ezekiel jackson is really a monster, now is his real test it seems to me. his match with undertaker will be awesome. John cena's match with orton will also be something interesting for summerslam. One match result surprised me MR. kennedy losing to jericho i feel he should have won at cyber sunday. anyways, sumemrslam looks to shape up great, looking forward to the developments.
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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


1. Edge opens the show and talks about how he beat Orton last night and is still the World Champion. Suddenly, the music hits **Break the Walls Down**, Jericho comes out to a huge pop. He remarked that he fought off two people at once while winning a First Blood match unlike Edge who needed help to retain the title. Jericho challenged Edge to a match at Summerslam for the World title. Suddenly, Teddy Long comes out and announces that two more deserving contenders who could not get the opportunity at Cyber Sunday will also be in contention this time.

Hence, it will be a Fatal Fourway match for the World Title: Edge vs Chris Jericho vs Wade Barrett vs Triple-H. Edge and Jericho looked shocked at this announcement. Long also announced the main event for tonight: Edge and Jericho face HHH and Barrett.

2. Santino Marella comes out with Zack Ryder and addresses the audience that Ryder is his only true disciple who proved his loyalty at Cyber Sunday. He also promised that Ryder will never lose under his guidance. Super Crazy comes out for the match.

Zack Ryder def. Super Crazy via pinfall at 5:13

Super Crazy looked to win but Santino distracted the referee, allowing Ryder to deliver a low blow and roll up for the pinfall.

3. Tag Team Titles No.1 contendership Tournament semi-final:

The winner of this match will face the winner of Masters/Carlito vs Haas/Benjamin in the final to determine the No.1 contender. RVD picked up the win for his team via Five star frog splash on Brian Kendrick.

RVD/MVP def. London/Kendrick via pinfall at 6:03

4. Mr. Kennedy comes out accompanied by JBL. He talked how the match at Cyber Sunday was a fluke and Jericho was lucky to get the win. He said that he should be the next No.1 contender to World Title and not Jericho. Suddenly, the music hits and Austin comes out to a huge pop. Kennedy and JBL look shocked. Austin reveals that he did some spying and he found this – the titantron shows a photograph of JBL and Vince having a drink together in an office. Kennedy looks shocked and crowd pop was huge.

JBL clears it that he met Vince on business purposes as he himself is a successful businessman. Then, he went on to degrade Austin and said that he is a dark blot on the image of Texas. JBL said, “People like you make me sick, Stone Cold. You are just a foul-mouthed bastard who knows nothing about decency and the etiquettes of businessmen and you have the audacity to spy on Mr. Mcmahon”. Suddenly, Kennedy attacked Austin and both begin to beat him, Austin hits back and throws Kennedy out of the ring. As JBL turns, he hits the stunner on him. Kennedy comes on the apron, Austin gives him a stunner and he fell into the barricades.Then, Austin signals for beers and drinks it over the lying body of JBL while spilling it on him.

5. Edge meets Teddy Long in his office and expresses his concern about what happened in the previous tag team main event when Barrett left him alone in the ring. He said that he cannot trust Jericho as his tag team partner. Teddy Long found a solution in that the main event has been changed to: Edge with two partners of his choice vs HHH, Barrett and Jericho. Edge looked satisfied with this decision.

6. IC Title match:

Dolph Ziggler had challenged Mark Henry to a match last week which Henry accepted. Ziggler came out with his valet Maria to the ring. The match was controlled by Henry who delivered the World’s Strongest Slam. When it looked like Henry was getting the pinfall, Maria put one of Dolph’s legs on the ropes and invalidated the pinfall. As the referee had counted until three and then reversed the decision after seeing Dolph’s legs, Henry began shouting at him. Dolph came from behind and connected with the Zig Zag to pick up the win and become the new Intercontinental Champion.

Dolph Ziggler def. Mark Henry via pinfall at 8:43 to become NEW IC Champion.

Ziggler left with Maria with the title held high, while Henry was furious in the ring.

7. John Cena comes to the ring and tells that what he did at Cyber Sunday was the payback for Orton costing him the WWE Title at Armaggedon. He told that he was tired of all the interference games and wants to clear this matter once and for all at Summerslam challenging Orton to a match. Orton comes out from the crowd and catches Cena unaware. He begins to beat him up but Cena also hits back. Suddenly, referees come down to the ring and they hold Orton and Cena away from each other by force. The referees take Cena out of the ring. Orton grabs the mic and says, “Cena, It’s ON. At Summerslam, I will make sure that this matter is settled once and for all”. Orton sports a devilish smile while Cena mouths that he will be ready for him.

8. Main Event: (6-man tag team match)

Barrett, Jericho and HHH come to the ring. Edge comes down and introduces his tag team partners with a smile on his face: Kane and The Great Khali. The match begins with Khali manhandling Jericho, he keeps the momentum by beating Jericho. Khali hits the Khali Bomb but Edge comes inside asking him to let him take the cover. Ranjin Singh asks Khali to come out and they leave the match. Finally, Y2J is able to hit the lionsault on Edge and tags Barrett. While Barrett takes control, suddenly Kane comes and chokeslams him. Edge signals for Kane to go out of the ring, Kane becomes angry and chokeslams Edge. Barrett tags HHH who comes to the ring to a huge pop. Edge looks all over but finds himself alone, he goes for the spear but HHH prevents it and hits the pedigree for the win.

Jericho, HHH & Barrett def. Edge, Kane & Khali via pinfall at 11:09

Jericho comes from behind to attack HHH but he throws him out of the ring. As HHH laughs at Jericho, Barrett comes and hits the Wasteland on him and signals that he is the next World Champion.

The screen fades to black.

Current Match Card for Summerslam

WWE Champion The Undertaker vs Ezekiel Jackson

Randy Orton vs John Cena

World Champion Edge vs Chris Jericho vs Wade Barrett vs Triple-H

Unified Tag Team Champions Chavo/Mysterio vs ???????????

CM Punk vs Sheamus

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


Eric Bischoff announces the main event of tonight: Ezekiel Jackson will face Christian. Jack Swagger comes and says that Bischoff is better than Teddy Long in everything be it decision-making or fair treatment of his roster. Bischoff says that Swagger has a match tonight against William Regal and if Swagger manages to impress him, he will have some golden plans for him soon. Swagger smiles and leaves.

1. US Title Match: (US Champ John Morrison vs Drew McIntyre)

The show starts with the US Title match between US champion Morrison and McIntyre. Morrison looks in control and delivers the Moonlight Drive but McIntyre kicks out at 2.5-count. McIntyre hits a suplex and takes control. Morrison hits a DDT and pulls McIntyre towards the ring corner to perform the Starship Pain. As he goes for it, McIntyre slides away and Morrison hits the floor. McIntyre finds the momentum and hits another suplex. He tries the Future Shock, but Morrison gets out of the hold and pushes Drew over the referee who turns away due to the collision. Morrison hits the low blow behind the referee’s back and hits the Moonlight Drive to get the pinfall.

John Morrison def. Drew McIntyre via pinfall at 8:29

McIntyre looks shocked while Morrison leaves smiling with his US title.

2. Tag Team Titles No.1 contender semi-final:

The team of Carlito and Masters faces World’s Greatest Tag Team here in this match. Masters picks up the victory when Haas gives up to the Masterlock hold.

Carlito/Masters def. Haas/Benjamin via submission at 6:56

The winners will face RVD and MVP in the finals at Smackdown to determine the No.1 contenders for tag team titles at Summerslam.

3. Backstage, Josh Matthews asks McIntyre about how he feels as this was his last chance at the US Titlle. McIntyre is angry and tells that he deserves a rematch as he got screwed. Suddenly, a voice comes “Really?”. Miz comes and tells that he actually wasted the No.1 contender’s spot and had no chance at the title anyways. Miz remarked that McIntyre should stop cribbing about his luck and about how he gets screwed everytime, instead he should accept that he is not worthy of becoming a champion. Drew looks angry while Miz leaves.

4. William Regal comes out for his match with Jack Swagger. Regal looked in control as he dominated the match with good technical wrestling. Swagger also gained momentum as the match progressed. Swagger applied the Ankle Lock but Regal managed to get to the ropes. As Swagger lifted him up, Regal quickly countered into Regal Stretch. Swagger also got to the ropes. Swagger tried the Gutwrench Powerbomb, but he saw Cody Rhodes coming from the ramp, Swagger got distracted and Regal managed the pinfall with a quick roll-up.

William Regal def. Jack Swagger via pinfall at 7:36

Swagger looked shocked at his loss while Rhodes was smiling when he left through the ramp.

5. CM Punk came out for the match, his partner is The Big Show. They began to discuss the plans when the music of Sheamus hit. Del Rio came out with a mic and blamed Big Show for his bodyguard Kozlov quitting the job. The tag match continued. Punk and Del Rio started the match, Del Rio tried to apply cross-armbreaker but Punk prevented it and kicked Del Rio down. He tagged Big Show who began hitting chops on Del Rio’s chest. Show then delivered the chokeslam but Sheamus came inside and delivered the Brogue Kick to Show. Punk came inside but Sheamus put him down. Punk was getting up and Del Rio was behind him when Sheamus went for a Brogue kick. Punk ducked and Sheamus hit his own partner Del Rio, Show hit the KO punch on Sheamus who fell down and rolled out of the ring. Punk hit the GTS on Del Rio for the pinfall.

CM Punk & Big Show def. Del Rio & Sheamus via pinfall at 9:01

6. The Miz comes out and addresses the audience that his loss last week can mean good things for him as now he can change his focus to the WWE title and then said, “I’m The Miz and I’m”

***GLASS SHATTERS*** (Austin comes out to a huge pop while Miz looks in shock)

Austin – “Well Miz, if it’s still not clear to you, nobody gives a damn who you are. Let me introduce myself – I am Stone Cold Steve Austin and I don’t like your little catchphrases. I did not like ‘Missterr Kennedy (speaks mockingly) and I sure don’t like to hear lies like you are awesome. The only thing I know is that you are in trouble because of this (shows the picture of Miz and Vince discussing something on the titantron)”.

Miz- “Really? Really? (audience repeats with him)”.

Austin – “What? (audience cheers) What did you just say? You didn’t hear when I said I don’t like catchphrases, the next time you speak that word, I’m ‘really’ going to kick your ass”

Miz – (pouts his lips about to say Really but stops himself, audience chants Really?) “Well Austin, that was just a normal visit, I was talking with Mr. Mcmahon about my career and he gave me some suggestions. You are really wasting my time here.”

Austin – “Well, your kiss-assing just wasted my time”

Miz – “You know what Austin, that’s not my problem” (Miz suddenly punches Austin and gets the hell out of the ring, the audience boos while Austin wipes some blood from his lips)

Miz (retreating from the ramp) – “What happened, Rattlesnake. Just got bit, huh? (to the audience) Your idol Austin just got his face smacked. Really, Austin? Really?”

Suddenly McIntyre comes from back and pushes Miz down, he brings him all the way and rolls him into the ring. The audience give a thunderous pop while Miz gets up begging Austin to spare him. Austin hits the stunner on him while audience cheers. Suddenly, Austin leaves without doing his beer thing on Miz.

Austin is looked rushing out towards the exit of the arena backstage. Josh Matthews runs and asks him what’s the matter. Austin says that only one suspect is left now and he can’t waste more time. Matthews asks whether the Rattlesnake will be at Smackdown to which Austin replies that the guy is not from WWE. The audience cheers loud while Matthews looks shocked.

7. Main event:

Christian faces Ezekiel Jackson in this match. The match begins with Jackson on the offensive and gaining control of the match. He hits clothesline and spinebuster to get a 2-count. Christian tries to put him down with kicks but Jackson just becomes a bit unsteady but does not fall down. Christian tries the Killswitch but Jackson comes out and delivers the chokeslam. Christian kicks out at 2.5-count to Jackson’s surprise. Jackson gets him up and delivers the Ura-nage for the pinfall.

Ezekiel Jackson def. Christian via pinfall at 6:35

After the match, the lights go out. Suddenly they come back and as Jackson turns, Undertaker hits the big boot to put him down. Taker picks him up for the Last Ride, but Jackson comes out and goes for the Ura-nage. Taker hits an elbow to come out and hits the chokeslam and Jackson rolls away out of the ring in pain. Dr. X takes him back through the ramp while Taker rolls his eyes up and sends the message to Jackson.
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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

JCIG, it is nice to see you back in the BTB section! I miss you writing the episodes at your thread. Well! Congratulations.

So, I'm going to give an opinion about your Monday Night Raw.

The first match between the United States Champion JoMo and Drew McIntyre is quite interesting to see because you put them on the first match to start the Monday Night Raw really right as you give the fans a show! Not only a normal Monday Night Raw episode, but a great episode! It is really obvious that John Morrison will win this match because he might either face again the Chosen One or the Awesome One at the next pay-per-view. And the promo with Josh Matthews, McIntyre and Miz is really cool! Why? Because, you are giving momentum not only to the Miz, but also to Drew McIntyre! You are giving us a clue that it might be a triple threat confrontation between the three young guns in the business.

Carlito and Masters gaining more opportunity and chance to be the no. 1 contenders at the Biggest Party of the Summer! It looks like Carlito and Masters facing Rob Van Dam and MVP will be interesting and a must-see tag team match! 4 of the best workers on your BTB will square off for a Tag Team Title Match!

William Regal facing Jack Swagger in a match?! That is great because you are giving an exposure to the man who haven't received yet a World Heavyweight Championship shot but he really deserves to have one! Good idea that you are putting the Regality in a match and he wins it. Great!

I'm sure that CM Punk isn't a heel on your BTB because I'm definitely sure that ADR and Sheamus are the bad guys in this match! A decent 9-minute match with an awesome pre-match promo explaining that BS is the reason why Vladimir is gone on ADR's side. I thought the two future guys of the business will win that match, but I'm wrong because you give Big Show and CM Punk a chance to shut the mouths of their rivals which is a bright idea!

I thought the Miz will still focus on the United States Championship Race, but again, I am wrong as he is setting his eyes to the WWE Championship this time! But sorry, The Miz, the toughest son of a bitch just entered the arena and giving you some lesson to learn! Still the involvement of the Chosen One in the promo is really important especially the Cleveland Screamer destroyed and continued McIntyre's really bad day on his career. The guy is not from the WWE? What is that? Is that the MITB Briefcase or something? I'm really puzzled with this mystery and I want to find it out in the future! But that promo with Matthews is really promising because you are keeping us puzzled with that mystery and guessing who or what is really the MITB Briefcase all about!

The Undertaker involved in the Main Event? That sounds great because you are giving the rivalry of the past monster legend and the future monster a big spice and more excitement to the crowd! I'm sure that next week, someone will announce that they will be having a huge match at surely we will participate at the Biggest Party of the Summer! Summerslam!

Good show and I'm desperately wanting to see your SS PPV soon!

"I am the voice of the voiceless!

- CM Punk

Zackamania is runnin' wild, broski.

Party Rockers in the house tonight, everybody just want to have a goodtime.

Marking for CM Punk, Zack Ryder, Christian and Daniel Bryan.
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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


The show begins with a recap of Monday Night RAW when Austin mentioned that the last suspect who could be the Mr. Money-in-the-Bank is someone who is not even from WWE. Michael Cole commentates that he is quite ecstatic to know who this person is, while Striker reminds the audience about the biggest party of the summer in two days, and the matches are shown with the recent additions being Del Rio vs Big Show and Cody Rhodes vs Jack Swagger.

The main event for the night is announced to be: Chris Jericho vs Triple-H vs Wade Barrett in Triple Threat action and the match referee will be World Champion Edge.

1. John Cena comes out to start the show. He talks about how Orton screwed him every time he was so close to winning the WWE Title from him.

Cena – “This time things will be different. The match is not for the WWE Title, it’s much more personal this time, Randy won’t have Rhodes or Dibiase saving his ass and it will be at the biggest party of the summer, Summerslam (crowd pop)”

Orton comes out and stands on the ramp, while lots of bodyguards come out and stand in the middle of the ramp in order to keep Orton and Cena away.

Orton –“You know what Cena, you are right. This match is indeed personal and I will ensure that at the end of the match, you are not even able to walk back on your own. I will ensure that you are taken on a stretcher just like what happened at Armaggedon.”

Suddenly, Teddy Long comes out and says – “Playa, you are going to punt no one in the head. The punt is banned for your match at Summerslam (crowd pop, Orton looks shocked)”

Cena smiles in the ring while Orton looks in disgust. Orton looks towards Teddy and says –“It’s not under my control (he smiles and leaves the stage)”.

2. Tag Team Tournament Finals: (Masters/Carlito face RVD/MVP)

Chavo and Rey join the commentators ringside. Masters and MVP start the match and Masters gains momentum. He tags in Carlito who begins to taunt the tag champs when suddenly MVP rolls him up for a 2-count. Carlito looks shocked while MVP tags in RVD.
The match goes on and Masters nearly makes RVD submit to the Masterlock when MVP breaks it up. MVP gives a clothesline throwing himself and Masters out of the ring. Carlito attempts the backstabber but RVD counters it into a quick cover and pins him.

RVD/MVP def. Masters/Carlito via pinfall at 7:02

Masters looks shocked while Carlito tries to pacify him when they leave the ring. Rey and Chavo enter the ring to a huge pop and shake hands with the No.1 contenders.

3. Zack Ryder come to the ring accompanied by Santino Marella. The opponent is JTG. Santino picks up a mic and keeps on cheering Ryder in between the match and making comments like “Beat the hell out of him”, “Take the cover you fool”, “Referee you should learn to count fast” . The referee asks Santino to leave the mic couple of times in the match. While JTG looks to pin Ryder, Santino suddenly begins to cough on the mic and starts choking while holding his neck. The referee gets distracted and becomes angry at him. Behind his back, Ryder hits the low blow and delivers the Cobra for the win.

Zack Ryder def. JTG via pinfall at 5:47

After the match, Marella and Ryder run away from the ramp laughing at JTG who sulks in the ring. Backstage, they run into The Great Khali when Ranjin Singh asks if Ryder can beat Khali in a match. Santino becomes hyper and leaves with Ryder while Khali and Ranjin smile.

4. Dolph Ziggler comes out with his valet Maria and holding the Intercontinental Title. The opponent is Brian Kendrick. Ziggler wins the match by delivering the Zig Zag for the pinfall.

Dolph Ziggler def. Brian Kendrick via pinfall at 3:19

After the match, Mark Henry’s theme music hits and he comes out, Ziggler and Maria leave through the ring as Henry enters it and they run away. Henry looks angry and signals he wants the title back.

A video package is shown on the titantron. A guy is walking on a beach with flowery shirt and shorts on with caribbean music playing in background. The camera rises from his feet to his face showing that he is wearing fancy goggles. Chris Jericho, it is. Jericho suddenly sees a wire on the ground (caribben music stops, serious music starts) and keeps on following it while lifting it from the sands when he reaches the end of the knot. He looks at the left and sees a door with the WWE title poster on it. He sees to the right and sees the World title logo on another door. He looks at the middle door, and takes off his goggles shocked. Its a poster of Kelly Kelly in a bikini in an inviting pose. He chuckles and opens the middle door. The camera focuses on his face when he says, "Oh god, not you". Its Ron Simmons who comes out from the door, he looks to the left door, then to the right door, and says "Damn". (huge crowd pop)
The video ends with the Summerslam logo touting it as the "biggest party of the summer".

5. Mr. Kennedy comes out with JBL. He looks in a bad mood since last week both he and JBL got delivered the Stunner from Stone Cold. Kofi Kingston comes out to pop. Mr. Kennedy wins the match when JBL ruins the balance of Kingston as he climbs on the top of the ring corner. Kennedy hits the Pepsi Plunge for the win.

Mr. Kennedy def. Kofi Kingston via pinfall at 6:33

6. Main Event: (Jericho vs HHH vs Barrett)

Edge comes out in the referee outfit to a huge pop. The competitors follow one by one. The match goes on with Jericho and HHH teaming up and beating Barrett. HHH delivers spinebuster but Barrett kicks out at 2-count. HHH then proceeds to hit Jericho who counters into the Walls of Jericho, but HHH reaches the ropes. HHH clotheslines Jericho and pushes off Edge as he took sometime to call off the hold when he reached the ropes. Barrett comes in and hits the Wasteland on HHH but Jericho breaks the pinfall. Jericho hits the Codebreaker on Barrett while HHH throws out Jericho from the ring. HHH hits the pedigree on Barrett but Edge delivers the spear on him. Jericho looks shocked and takes the cover to get the pinfall.

Chris Jericho def. Triple-H & Wade Barrett

As Jericho gets up in celebration, Edge puts him down with the spear. Edge leaves through the ramp with the World Title held high and the screen fades to black.

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

WWE presents


"The Biggest Party of the Summer"

WWE Championship match:

The Undertaker(c) vs Ezekiel Jackson

Ezekiel Jackson has been undefeated since he debuted under his manager Dr. X. He has put Batista out of action, defeated Shawn Michaels in a Last Man Standing match and destroyed every competitor who has been unlucky enough to come in his way. Dr. X announced that only one thing remains to be achieved for Big Zeke, unfortunately the hurdle on that path is the WWE Champion The Undertaker. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that both of them are each other’s biggest challenges yet. There is however one problem – Only one of them can win. Who?
Inter-promotional match:

Randy Orton vs John Cena

This match is 5 months in the making, and that’s how long this BTB has run till now. Cena’s quest for the WWE Title was always marred by interferences, in the two times he faced Orton in singles matches, Orton emerged victorious both times. Things became personal when Orton punted Cena in the Elimination Chamber match after being eliminated by him. A month later, Cena distracted Orton in his World Title match against Edge but it seems the matter is still unresolved. What better than the biggest party of the summer to put an end to this epic rivalry.
World Heavyweight Championship match:

Edge (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Wade Barrett vs Triple-H

World Champion Edge is the only champion who has retained his title since the start of the BTB. This time he has three contenders in his path, The Game Triple-H who is looking towards another world title reign after trouncing Alberto Del Rio at Armaggedon; Chris Jericho who believes he is the best and is in full momentum after defeating Mr. Kennedy alongwith tackling his manager JBL at the same time; Wade Barrett, who is undefeated in singles action until now and believes that he should be the next World Champion. At Summerslam, the ring will boast of over 30 World Titles and one arrogant and undefeated Englishman when this matchup occurs. Who will win?
Mr. Mcmahon confronts Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold went on a rampage by spying on Mr. Mcmahon's personal life in order to find the mysterious Mr. Money in the Bank. He crossed off two names from his list - JBL and The Miz when they ended up getting Stunners. However, the last suspect was someone not from WWE. Stone Cold crashed a special show of that particular promotion on Saturday and this news was not taken well by Mr. Mcmahon. At Summerslam, Mr. Mcmahon will confront the Rattlesnake in the ring. Who is the mysterious Mr. MITB? Who is the third suspect? Is he the guy Austin is looking for?

Street Fight:

CM Punk vs Sheamus

CM Punk has been the biggest adversary of Sheamus recently. He has pinned Sheamus three times within the past two months, one time being a WWE Title No.1 contender's match. Sheamus attacked Punk after a match at RAW and challenged him to a match to take his much-needed revenge. Bischoff made it a Street Fight match to ensure that this feud ends in a decisive manner.
Tag Team Championships match:

Chavo Guerrero & Rey Mysterio(c) vs RVD & MVP

Two teams which have the utmost respect for each other, two teams whom success eluded in their initial matches despite their terrific team dynamics, two teams which have beaten each and every other tag team to reach this match at Summerslam, where it will be decided: which is the most dominant tag team in WWE?
Grudge match:

Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio blames Big Show for his bodyguard Kozlov not being on his side. After Kozlov cost Big Show his No.1 contender's match, Show attacked Kozlov backstage and beat him in a match. Kozlov quit his job as a bodyguard to Del Rio thereafter and quit WWE bound by his contract with Del Rio. At Summerslam, Del Rio faces an angry giant, and there will be no one ringside to save his back.
Grudge match:

Cody Rhodes vs Jack Swagger

Cody Rhodes has been in the bad books of GM Eric Bischoff since his antics and attacks when he was in Rated-R Legacy. On the other hand, Jack Swagger is the new favourite of Bischoff since he got drafted into RAW. Rhodes cost Swagger his match against Regal in which he would have received a golden opportunity by Bischoff had he won. The matter will be settled at the biggest party of the summer.

NOTE: Predictions for the match results are welcome !! The results will be posted within 48 hours.

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

Well, I will give my thoughts on your Summerslam Card.

Cody Rhodes and Jack Swagger I think will be a good match to see because you are giving these two guys a sensible time in the WWE right now and give them a time to show what they have. I think this match would be good because these superstars are great in-ring workers. I'm sure that Cody Rhodes will still win in this match because of the Rated-R Legacy!

I thought Big Show and Alberto del Rio facing with each other at SummerSlam was the one what is happening now. But, it is better and good idea as you use Kozlov as a tool to lead in this match. . But, there is a chance that Mr. Kozlov will interfere or distract the match and form an alliance again with Alberto del Rio! Alberto del Rio will win.

This is an interesting match as you give time to Chavo Guerrero on this one. But, I'm sure the duo of RVD and MVP will win in this match!

I can't decide on who will win on this Street Fight because they have the skills and the big talents.

Wow. 4 of the biggest superstars on your thread will face each other, the champion from AE, the champion from Invasion, the champion from 2006 and the future champion squaring off. I'm placing my bet to the Englishman, Wade Barrett.

I'm sure that SuperCena will be declared as the winner of this match! No questions asked.

And the last match, Undertaker will still retain the title because Big Zeke doesn't have the potential yet to be the top guy of your BTB.

Good match card and I hope it will be great and awesome!

I'm really puzzled with that MITB briefcase, and I think he is also the third guy and he might be Kurt Angle, Stinger or Mr. Kennedy.

"I am the voice of the voiceless!

- CM Punk

Zackamania is runnin' wild, broski.

Party Rockers in the house tonight, everybody just want to have a goodtime.

Marking for CM Punk, Zack Ryder, Christian and Daniel Bryan.

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

I think Ezekiel Jackson will win, because he has Dr X with him (who is a good character) and I think he will play a big part in deciding the match. Then in Jackson's reign, I think Dr X will be one of those characters that we always hope gets beaten up some day, like Paul Heyman.

I'm going for Cena to beat Orton.

I'm tempted to pick Barrett to win the WHC, but I think Edge will retain it.

I'm going for CM Punk to win the street fight, as I would rather see him move on to face Jackson for the WWE Title than Sheamus. I reckon this is the match that will take the winner of this feud into the main event.

I think Chavo and Mysterio will retain the tag titles. I think something will go wrong between RVD and MVP, and then MVP will turn on RVD, setting up a feud between them.

Del Rio to beat Big Show. The win will do nothing for Show, so it has to be Del Rio.

Swagger to beat Rhodes. I feel that Bischoff will have some part to play in it.

And as for the Mystery MITB, I'm guessing it will be a TNA guy, and my favorite in TNA is Kurt Angle. So I am going with Angle.
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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

Predictions For SummerSlam

Ezikiel Jackson Vs The Undertaker WWE Title: i think Jackson will win this but in some sort of screwy finish, or maybe interference. Good feud hope it continues

Randy Orton Vs Cena: I think orton is going to win basically a revenge kind of story for him getting screwed.

The WHC Match: Edge will retain it and i think he'll hold it for a bit longer and then he should lose to wade b

Sheamus vs Cm Punk: i know punk's gonna win but i think you should have Sheamus win this because it would extend the feud his credibillity and most of all give him what he needs to show his ruthlessness.

Alberto Del Rio Vs Big Show: i think rio will win this some how

Tag title match: Chavo & Rey Win

Swagger Vs Rhodes: umm im not sure i think eric will be involved in this and may end in a dq or something
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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


Alberto Del Rio vs Big Show:

The show begins with Del Rio coming out in his Rolls Royce. He cuts a short promo while sitting in his car about how he will beat Big Show tonight without any help of a bodyguard as Show is a coward. Suddenly, Show came out and Del Rio tried to get out of his car fast. Show attacked him and hit his face on the bonnet of the car. Show proceeded to throw him into the steel steps and rolled him into the ring. The referee started the match once both were in the ring. Show controlled the match by clotheslining Del Rio and standing over his body and then walking away smiling. Show got a two-count when he took the cover. Del Rio tried to hit back but when he came running from the ropes, Show put him down again.

Show continued with hard chops on Del Rio’s chest in the ring corner. He then signaled to the crowd for a KO Punch. Show hit the punch but Del Rio got away and Show hit the top turnbuckle with his fist. Del Rio began working on Show’s right hand by kicking it while Show was agonizing in pain. Del Rio ran between the ropes to clothesline Show and attempt to put him down. Show caught him in the neck for a chokeslam but fell down when he lifted Del Rio in mid-air due to pain in the hand. Del Rio hit the enzuigiri to put Show down and applied the cross-armbreaker on his hand until Show tapped.

Alberto Del Rio def. Big Show via submission at 8:02

A short promo was shown on titantron for Survivor Series by highlighting the survivors in previous years.

Tag Titles match: (Chavo/Mysterio© vs RVD/MVP)

Mysterio and RVD began the match. RVD took control when Mysterio missed a jump from the top ropes. RVD tagged MVP who hit the Drive-by Kick and got a 2.5-count. MVP continued to beat up Mysterio when he came back and kicked MVP into the 619 position. He went for the 619 and hit the West Coast Pop but MVP kicked out at 2.5-count. Mysterio tagged Chavo who hit the Frog Splash but MVP rolled away and tagged RVD. Chavo hit the floor in his frog splash and RVD worked on him to gain control of the match. Chavo hit back and threw out RVD from the ring. MVP ran inside without a tag to clothesline Chavo. Rey jumped from the top rope to put MVP down but MVP countered it into a side slam. MVP hit the Playmaker on Rey and when he was about to take the cover, Chavo kicked MVP down and both MVP and Rey lay down in the center of the ring.

Chavo went to the ringtop for the Frog splash while RVD also began climbing on the apron. Chavo hit the Frog Splash over MVP and began to take the cover when RVD jumped to ringtop in one go and hit the 5 star Frog Splash over Chavo who was lying on MVP. RVD took the cover and got the pinfall.

RVD/MVP def. Chavo/Rey via pinfall at 8:49 to become NEW Tag team champions.

Cody Rhodes vs Jack Swagger:

An announcement was made that there will be a special guest referee for this match. Rhodes look worried when the referee came out, it was The Coach – Jonathan Coachman. Swagger began the attack by taking control of the match. He delivered the belly to belly suplex and went for the Ankle Lock but Rhodes reached the ring. Rhodes hit the DDT to come back in the match, he went for the Springboard kick and got a 2-count. Rhodes continued the offense on Swagger and hit the DDT once again. He took a cover and Coach counted slow. Rhodes began to push Coach when suddenly Swagger hit the low blow in front of Coach who acted as if he did not see it. Swagger delivered the Gutwrench Powerbomb for the pinfall.

Jack Swagger def. Cody Rhodes via pinfall at 6:53

Street Fight (CM Punk vs Sheamus):

Sheamus gained momentum in the beginning of the match, he hit a clothesline on Punk and hit the Brogue Kick. He got a 2-count. Sheamus brought a kendo stick to the ring and attacked Punk with it. Punk rolled out of the ring and Sheamus followed him and hit the kendo stick but missed it, Punk hit Sheamus’ face into the steel steps. Punk put Sheamus down with a kick and proceeded to bring out a steel chair and assuaulted Sheamus repeatedly. Punk rolled Sheamus into the ring and went for the GTS but Sheamus came out and went for the Celtic Cross. Punk got hold of the ropes and prevented it and kicked Sheamus in the face. Punk went on the top rope but Sheamus hit the steel chair on him and Punk was near unconscious on the ring top. Sheamus lifted him into the position and delivered the Celtic Cross to pick up the pinfall.

Sheamus def. CM Punk via pinfall at 9:33

Backstage Segment with Bischoff and Long:

Backstage, Teddy Long and Bischoff were in the office. Bischoff remarked that the next event is Survivor Series and if Smackdown is ready for the challenge. Teddy replied that Smackdown has an upper hand if previous statistics are considered and this year, Smackdown will win the Elimination tag team match. Bischoff laughed and said that Teddy should stop dreaming. Suddenly, Swagger comes in and Bischoff congratulates him for his win tonight. Swagger says that he will love to embarrass Smackdown at Survivor Series and Teddy Long looks angry.

Mr. Mcmahon confronts Stone Cold:

Mr. Mcmahon comes down to the ring looking in a bad mood. He calls out for Stone Cold who comes out to a huge pop.

Mcmahon – “You know Austin why I have called you here tonight. You were really trying my patience all this time when you were spying on me and my personal matters. But what you did yesterday night crossed all the limits”

Mr.Mcmahon signals towards the titantron. It shows a main event match of a new wresling federation GWF (Global wrestling federation) when suddenly Austin comes out in the middle of the match and the referee runs out. The opponent has been beaten and Austin looks towards the man standing in the ring. Suddenly, Paul Heyman rushes to the ring with security and yells “Who the hell do you think you are, Austin. It’s not him.” The man in the ring pushes Heyman away. The camera pans on his face and Brock Lesnar comes close to Austin’s face. The audience cheers loud when the security grabs Austin’s arms. Heyman takes Lesnar away and Lesnar smiles at Austin before leaving the ring. Austin looks towards the security who leaves his hand and steps back.

Austin – “Well, Vince, I was just doing my job. I had a good long chat with Paul Heyman after that match and he does not seem to have a problem with me now. If you got a problem with me, (suddenly Austin catches security coming down the ring and begins to smile)”

– “(becomes hyper) Hell yeah, I got a problem with you. You are the biggest pain in the ass. Security, take him away.”

Security tries to handcuff Austin who asks to wait one minute and signals that he wants to put the mic down. Austin suddenly kicks Mcmahon in the groin and delivers the STUNNER. The security suddenly surround him and handcuff him, Mcmahon lies senseless in the ring. Austin smiles while the security escorts him out. The audience cheers loud.

JR notes that Austin had a long chat with Heyman and it seems Lesnar is not the Mr. MITB, then who it is. Lawler says that it might be possible there is no Mr. MITB. If Austin has found out every suspect who met Mcmahon before the MITB announcement is innocent, then it’s got to be no one. It might just be a play to stop the Legacy by Mr. Mcmahon. JR says well that’s to be seen but we have the WWE title match up next.

WWE Title Match: (The Undertaker(c) vs Ezekiel Jackson)

The match goes on for long with both competitors looking equal and gathering momentum at different intervals. Undertaker held Jackson’s neck about to deliver the chokeslam when Jackson also clutched Taker’s neck. Taker traded a few punches before over-powering Jackson and breaking his hold and delivered the chokeslam. Jackson kicked out at 2-count. Taker then went on to deliver the Last Ride but Jackson came out and clotheslined Taker. Jackson began to punch Taker in the face when the referee asked him to stop. Taker slowly got up and Jackson wrapped his arm around him to deliver the Ura-nage but Taker hit the elbow and kicked him in the groin. Taker delivered the Last Ride and the audience pop was huge. Taker took the cover – One—Two---- Th—and Jackson kicked out. Taker’s face showed the disbelief.

Taker signaled the Tombstone by doing the cut-throat action. Taker continued to lift Jackson but he came out and delivered a chokeslam. Jackson took the cover and Taker kicked out at 2-count. Jackson looked to end the match here and as Taker got up doing his boxing actions with his hands not knowing where he is, Jackson wrapped his arm around and delivered the Ura-nage. The crowd was shocked out of their wits and Jackson took the cover 3 seconds away from becoming the WWE Champion – ONE – TWO – THRE……. But Taker kicked out. The whole arena was in shock. Jackson looked mad and lifted the referee and delivered the Ura-nage. Jackson tried to pick up Taker for another Ura-nage but Taker wrapped his legs around Jackson and put him into the Hell’s Gate. The whole crowd was at their feet cheering, while Dr. X ringside asked Jackson not to tap out. Jackson lifted his hand up and as it came a bit down, Dr.X held his hand stopping him from tapping out. Another referee came running in and he noticed Dr.X stopping Jackson from tapping, he asked him to leave the hand, but Dr. X denied and threw in his white handkerchief to demand the match to be ended. Jackson seemed to be near-unconscious, Taker looked at Dr.X in disbelief and the referee awarded the win to The Undertaker by submission.

The Undertaker def. Ezekiel Jackson via submission at 12:09 to retain the WWE Title.

Inter-promotional match: (Randy Orton vs John Cena)

The referee checks both Orton and Cena for weapons and begins the match. Orton attacks Cena with fists and Cena tries to hit him back. The referee counts and breaks the holds as both of them beat up each other with no remorse. When the referee separates Cena, Orton suddenly hits Cena in the groin and goes for the DDT. Orton takes upper hand in the match and continues the offense on Cena. Orton comes running from the ropes, but Cena throws him out of the ring. Cena follows him to the ringside, and grabs Orton’s head to hit on the steel steps, but Orton stops it and hits Cena’s head on the steel steps instead. Orton continues to work on Cena by banging his head on the announcer’s table and pushing him onto the barricades. Orton comes to the ring to break the count in between. Orton finally rolls Cena up into the ring and begans to do the Viper gestures signaling an RKO. He goes for it but Cena blocks it and pushes Orton down. Cena goes for the shoulder hit clothesline and couples it with the spinout slam. Cena then signals the 5 knuckle shuffle and hits it on Orton. The audience cheers loud and Cena gets ready for the 5th move of doom.

Cena tries the Attitude Adjustment but Orton comes out of the shoulders and hits an RKO. Orton takes the cover --- ONE --- TWO --- TH …… Cena kicks out. The audience pop was huge. Orton looks mad, he picks up Cena and goes for the RKO again but Cena stops it and counters it into lifting Orton on his shoulders. He delivers the Attitude Adjustment and the crowd cheers at top of their voices. Cena takes the cove – ONE --- TWO --- THR…… Orton kicks out. Cena looks shocked. Cena stands in the ring while Orton is down, Cena looks towards the audience and signals the top rope. Cena takes Orton and hits his face on the top turnbuckle. Cena puts him over the top rope, Orton looks lifeless. Cena climbs the rope and puts Orton over his shoulders for the Attitude Adjustment. The audience pop was huge but suddenly Orton hits elbows, and Cena loses the hold, Orton clutches Cena’s head between his hands and delivers the RKO FROM RING TOP. The crowd becomes mad, Orton and Cena lie senseless in the ring while the referee begins the count. It looks like both will be counted out, but when referee reaches the count of 5, Orton takes the cover with the last ounce of his energy and smells the win – ONE – TWO – THR.E. …….CENA KICKS OUT.. OMG the crowd becomes mad, commentators cannot believe this. Orton puts his hands over his head lying down. He stands up taking the help of the ropes, his face expressions change and it becomes evident whats his plan.

Orton goes to the ringside, and begins to wait for Cena to rise up, the referee stops Orton but Orton punches him down and the referee looks knocked out. Cena rises up a bit and Orton runs and sways his leg for the punt………. But Cena just moves away at the last moment. Orton runs into the ring corner and just stops to prevent his face from hitting turnbuckle. As he comes back, Cena is up and delivers the Attitude Adjustment. Cena looks towards the referee but he is lying down. Cena looks towards the audience and looks like he is thinking something. He has been screwed everytime by Orton, BUT NOT NOW. His expressions change as the audience see Cena first time like this. Cena goes to the ring corner, and the crowd begins to cheer loud, Orton makes failed attempts at rising up and keeps falling down, finally Orton’s head rises up a bit, CENA RUNS AND PUNTS Orton’s HEAD OFF. There was a sudden lull in the audience followed by a mixture of cheers and boos. The referee who was about to rise up notices it and ends the match.

Randy Orton def. John Cena via disqualification at 24:57

Cena stares at Orton’s lifeless body before leaving the ring. He comes up to the ramp and looks at Orton again before shaking his head a bit and then turns and leaves towards the backstage. “Cena” chants seem to over-power the boos in the audience.

JR notes that Cena had had enough and Orton had tried the punt first in this match despite it being banned by Teddy Long. Cole remarks that Cena has thrown away all his ideals in the drain and he should be ashamed. Lawler says that Orton had it coming to him. Well, so much for inter-promotional banter. Now the time is for World Title Match.

World Title Match: (Edge© vs Jericho vs Barrett vs Triple-H)

The referee checks all the four for weapons before the match and then the announcer introduces them. The referee shows the title to all four of them and beigns the match. Edge suddenly runs and hits the spear on Barrett in the first moment of the match. HHH and Jericho who were charging on each other see this and kick Edge when he was about to take cover. Both the contenders team up on Edge, HHH hits the spinebuster and Jericho follows with the lionsault. As Jericho stands up, HHH throws him out of the ring. HHH takes the cover for a 2-count. As he rises up, Barrett comes in with the big boot and HHH falls out of the ring. Barrett lifts Edge up for the Wasteland but Jericho comes and kicks him in the groin, Edge falls down as Barrett loses the grip. Jericho begins to beat Barrett and sends him towards the ropes, Barrett comes back with the big boot but Jericho ducks down. He puts Barrett down with a clothesline and begins to go for the Walls of Jericho but Barrett keeps on resisting by moving his legs.

Jericho finally gets the hold and locks the Walls of Jericho, Barrett screams in pain but reaches the ropes. Jericho pulls him again towards the middle and Barrett looks to tap out. Edge meanwhile pushes the bell guy and takes the title belt and charges towards Jericho but HHH who also climbs the ring at the same time kicks him in the groin and delivers the pedigree on Edge. The referee goes to count the cover for Triple-H, and Barrett raises his hand to tap out when Jericho leaves the Walls of Jericho hold to break the count. He hits HHH but HHH kicks him in the groin and delivers a pedigree. Jericho falls out of the ring and when HHH turns back, Barrett comes with the big boot but HHH moves away and Barrett’ leg hits the top rope. HHH kicks Barrett and locks for the pedigree and turns towards the middle of the ring when suddenly Edge hits the spear. As Edge rises, Barrett takes him up for the Wasteland and delivers it. Barrett takes the cover – ONE --- TWO --- THREE.

Wade Barrett def. Edge, Triple-H & Chris Jericho at 17:08 to become the NEW World Champion.

The audience looks shocked and as the referee hands over the belt to Barrett, he kisses it and some tears roll down his eyes and he buries his face into the title lowering his head down. Striker commentates that he has overcome three contenders who share more than 30 world titles amongst them to win this title. The referee raises his hand in the air and the screen fades to black.

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