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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

my predictions:

World Championship match:

Edge(c) vs The Great Khali

No Holds Barred match:

Sheamus vs The Undertaker

The Undefeated Monster vs The Animal:

Ezekiel Jackson vs Batista

US Championship match:

Drew McIntyre(c) vs The Miz vs Rob Van Dam

No Disqualification match:

Alberto Del Rio vs Triple-H

Peep's Show vs Hi-Lite Reel:

Christian vs Chris Jericho

Grudge match:

Rey Mysterio
vs Wade Barrett
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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


US Title gets awesome:

The Miz became the new champion when he pinned Rob Van Dam via Skull Crushing Finale. McIntyre was out of the ring and the title changed hands without the champion even getting pinned.

Rated-R Superstar is still World Champion:

Edge found it difficult to handle The Great Khali and resorted to desperate measures when he tried to get himself disqualified by going for the steel chair. However, Teddy Long would appear on the titantron and make the match a No Disqualification affair. Later, Khali put him down with the Head Chop and when he went for the Khali Bomb, Dibiase at the ringside got involved, as the referee asked him to leave, Edge hit a low blow. Khali leaned over the ropes with his head hanging out, when Dibiase used the World Title to hit him while the ref was distracted by Edge, who completed the match with a spear.

Winning Streaks continue:

Wade Barrett emerged victorious when he countered the West Coast Pop by catching Rey in mid-air and connected with the Wasteland. Batista came into his match with a bandaged leg inspite of medics asking him to forfeit the match. Ezekiel Jackson worked on his injured leg and had the control over the first half of the match. Though, when Batista kicked out of a chokeslam, Jackson was visibly tensed. Batista connected with a spinebuster and went for the Batista Bomb. However, Jackson hit him mid-air and Batista’s bad leg gave up and both landed down. Jackson pinned Batista after the Ura-nage and remained undefeated.

Grudges galore:

It was a role reversal affair in Christian-Jericho match when Jericho connected the Killswitch. Jericho took the cover smiling however Christian kicked out. Later, Christian made him tap to his own invention – The Walls of Jericho. Christian left the match smiling while Jericho was visibly mad, to say the least. Del Rio required the help of his bodyguard Kozlov to slay The Game. Del Rio became the victim of his own chair which he brought into the ring when HHH hit him repeatedly with it. However, The Game was not satisfied and went for his sledge hammer. Suddenly, Kozlov came running down and attacked him but ended up getting getting the pedigree. Del Rio took advantage of the interference to hit HHH with the sledgehammer for the win.

Sheamus found it the tough way why they call him the Deadman. Despite hitting the big boot, Sheamus was not able to get the pin. However, when he went for the Celtic Cross, Undertaker reversed it into the Tombstone and pinned him for the victory.

Match Results:

Wade Barrett def. Rey Mysterio via pinfall at 10:39
Alberto Del Rio def. Triple-H via pinfall at 16:13
The Miz def. RVD & Drew McIntyre to win the US Championship at 8:18
Christian def. Chris Jericho via submission at 13:09
Ezekiel Jackson def. Batista via pinfall at 9:11
The Undertaker def. Sheamus via Tombstone at 12:44
Edge def. The Great Khali to retain World Title at 13:57

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


Eric Bischoff announces that Orton will defend his WWE Title at Armaggedon in an Elimination Chamber match. The No.1 contenders will be Jericho, Christian, Cena, Undertaker and Sheamus.

1. John Cena opens the show and shows the clip from SNME where Rhodes was screwed by a masked person. He reveals the person to be his NXT rookie Bo Rotundo. Suddenly, Rhodes comes out and challenges Rotundo to a fight.

Cody Rhodes def. Bo Rotundo via pinfall at 6:16

After the match, John Cena enters the ring and attacks Rhodes. He hits the 5-knuckle shuffle and then delivers the Attitude Adjustment. He says, “Next time you think of screwing someone of the title, remember this”.

JR said, “Cena does not look in control today, he is quite upset.”
Lawler said, “What would you expect JR, Cody screwed him of the WWE title.”

2. Del Rio comes out to loud boos from the crowd. He said, “I am very happy today, you know why. You must have witnessed how I ended the career of HHH yesterday night, you all saw how I beat him in the middle of the ring with his own sledgehammer. Triple-H, you are the past now. I am the future of this show.” He joined the commentators ringside and asked them to watch how his bodyguard pummels his opponent.

Vladimir Kozlov def. Gregory Helms via pinfall at 5:33

3. Jericho had asked a rematch from Bischoff and came out for the match. He won the match by a quick roll-up and leveraging the ropes for the pin.

Chris Jericho def. Christian via pinfall at 9:18

After the match, he took the mic and said, “Just like I won tonight, at Armaggedon, I will win again and be the next WWE Champion”.

4. No.1 contenders match for US Championship:

John Morrison def.R-Truth, Rob Van Dam & Drew McIntyre to become the new No.1 contender.

McIntyre again found himself in the wrong spot when Morrison pinned Truth to win the match.
After the match, The Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale on Morrison.

5. Sheamus def. William Regal via Celtic Cross at 8:14

After the match, he remarked that Undertaker was lucky to win last night and challenged him to a match next week.

6. Santino Marella was angry at his disciples backstage. He gave an open challenge to them where he will teach them through ‘tough love’. Viscera comes out for the match.

Viscera def. Santino Marella via pinfall at 5:12

7. All the four members of Legacy come to the ring, Orton goes on about how he and Edge will be champions until Wrestlemania and no one can stop them.

Edge noted, “You people don’ t like us, do you? But it doesn’t matter. Legacy will rule over WWE and anyone who comes in the way be it Cena, Khali, CM Punk or anyone else will be taken out”

Suddenly, music of Eric Bischoff hits. He comes down to the ring alongwith Theodore Long.

Bischoff says, “You know what Orton, I kinda agree that you and Edge will never lose your championships. And I don’t like it one bit. I cannot have my matches made end in disqualification or interferences.”

Teddy added, “Playa, let’s make this straight and simple, despite of several warnings, Rhodes and Dibiase have kept on interfering in title matches. Now Eric will tell you our decision”

Bischoff said, “So Cody, quite a play last week you performed. But remember this, next time you interfere in a WWE or World Title match in any capacity, you will be fired permanently and Dibiase, this holds for you too”

Rhodes and Dibiase became hyper and shouted “no.. no” while the audience cheered loudly.

Edge came ahead, “You cannot do this to us, we are the biggest superstars of WWE. Teddy, are you listening to me?”

Teddy remarked, “Now you listen to me, playa, not only will they be fired, but you will also be stripped of your title”.

The audience was at their feet cheering loud. Orton looked lost, while Edge was mad and shocked. Rhodes and Dibiase looked contemplating their actions probably.

Lawler commentated, “Oh My.... This is huge, the champions ar.... oh what the.....”

R ..... K .... O ..... Orton RKO’d the Smackdown General Manager..... Oh My God

JR was shocked, “Oh No Edge and Dibiase levelling upon Bischoff, Somebody stop this”

Dibiase held Bischoff up while Edge delivered the spear.
Suddenly, referees came and separated and covered the general managers.

Lawler said, “JR, can you believe what just happened”
JR said, “This is complete anarchy, Ladies and Gentleman, what transpired here tonight is just atrocious and unresponsible behaviour from the world champions”

Edge looked a bit shocked at what he did, but Orton was emotionless, Rhodes was standing at one corner with his hands over his head while Dibiase looked equally shocked as Edge.

The screen faded to black.

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


The show started with a clip from the previous RAW ending segment. Suddenly, the music comes “Here comes the Money”, audience cheers loudly. Shane Mcmahon comes down to the ring.

Shane Mcmahon – “I am here to talk about the actions of our World Champions last week, which were unwarranted and unprofessional to say the least. In absence of Smackdown general manager Theodore Long, I will be taking over the position until he returns (audience cheers).”

Shane added – “Also, I would like to make a major announcement. This coming RAW, my father Mr. Mcmahon will be present and he will confront the members of Legacy with some news. In his words, he will be dropping a bombshell and by god, he guaran-dam-teed that it will shock the whole WWE Universe, mainly Orton and Edge. But that’s next week. Tonight we will be having a Fatal Four Way match to decide the No.1 contender to Edge next week”

1. Mr. Kennedy comes out. He cuts a promo at how he is the new US Hero and everyone should idolise him. He promises that he will win the fatal four way match tonight and the next World Heavyweight champion will be “Mrrrrr Kennedy ............................ Kennedy”

2. Rey Mysterio comes out for his match. His opponent turns out to be Ezekiel Jackson.

Ezekiel Jackson def. Rey Mysterio via pinfall at 5:19

Chavo comes after the match and asks Rey to give him one last chance at being his tag team partner next week for the No.1 contender’s match and Rey agrees.

3. Shawn Michaels def. Jack Swagger via Sweet Chin Music at 9:13

Michaels avenged his loss last week to Kennedy where Swagger turned on him.

4. MVP def. Carlito via pinfall at 6:43

5. Shane meets Edge backstage and Edge asks him what is Mr. Mcmahon going to announce next week on RAW. Shane tells him that he himself does not know and asks him to leave the arena because he and Dibiase have no match tonight. Edge and Dibiase leave the arena while some wrestlers and staff stare at them backstage.

6. Mark Henry def. Chris Masters via pinfall at 7:47

7. Main Event for the No. 1 contender’s match:

CM Punk, Kennedy and Barrett have come to the ring. They all look at each other and Cole commentates that this will be an interesting match, they all are fastest uprising stars in recent times. Suddenly, Khali’s music strikes and all the three are shocked. Before Khali makes to the ring, Ezekiel Jackson comes from behind and hits him. He injures him and leaves with his hand held high by his manager.

The match continues in triple threat fashion, Barrett hits Wasteland on Kennedy and before he can take the cover, Punk hits the GTS and Barrett hits the mat and slides out of the ring. As he stalks Kennedy for the GTS while he is getting up, JBL throws the white towel wrapped around his shoulders into the ring. The referee is distracted and returns the towel while JBL acts that he did it by mistake. Kennedy low blows CM Punk behind the referee and pinned him.

Mr. Kennedy def. CM Punk & Wade Barrett to become the new No.1 contender at 11:21

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

good Smackdown, waiting for next RAW with bated breath

i like your short format of posting but a bit of advice, keep a tad bit more of promos in which you write what they speak exactly just like the previous RAW final segment where each GM and wrestler was saying things

Prediction for Mcmahon announcement - I believe he will strip both of their titles, or maybe bring some new wrestler, my bet on Brock Lesnar or Sting
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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


Justin Roberts announces: “Ladies and Gentleman, Please welcome back the Chairman of WWE, Mr. Mcmahon”. The crowd cheers loudly.

JR – “Mr. Mcmahon certainly is smiling on his way to the ring, He looks in a good mood”
Lawler – “That’s not good, JR. Mr. Mcmahon is smiling, that’s the sign of danger for Orton and Edge”

Mr. Mcmahon – “Good evening everyone (crowd is cheering loud). I would like to get right down to the issue WWE is facing currently. What we have currently here, we have two rogue champions, we have two general managers in the hospital bed, we have two persons interfering in World title matches, and finally we have a 65 year old man not able to live peacefully back at his home because of what’s happening here since past couple of months (loud ‘You’re fired’ chants from the crowd). Let’s get right to business, let’s have Legacy come out right now.”

All the four members come down and enter the ring. The crowd is booing loudly. Edge shakes hands with Mr. Mcmahon acting all cheerful.

Edge – “Mr. Mcmahon, before you begin, I will like to tell you that we did not mean to do that and it was all in the heat of the moment. (crowd boos loudly). Shut up, let me talk to him”

Mr. Mcmahon – “Well I guess, they are here to hear what I have to say. I am here to make two announcements. First, if any of you four ever lay your hands on any WWE authority figure, YOU’RE F-I-R-E-D. (the crowd cheers at the top of their voices). The second announcement is actually a good one for you. The decision by the general managers made last week to fire Rhodes and Dibiase and strip you of the titles in the event of any interference, that decision stands cancelled right now”

Lawler – “What? I can’t believe it. JR, did you heat what he said?”
JR – “I heard it and I don’t know why I’m not surprised”

Edge looks ecstatic and Orton bursts a smile for the first time in the whole segment. Rhodes and Dibiase also look happy.

Orton finally takes the mic, from Edge.

Orton – “Mr. Mcmahon, I don’t know how I could thank......”

Mr. Mcmahon – “Woah Woah Randy, wait a minute. I promised these people a bombshell announcement tonight. And you know what, your actions for the past couple of weeks have made me sick. (audience cheers while Orton retreats with the mic). I thought of firing you both or stripping both of you of your titles but I got a better idea. Ladies and Gentlemen, Effective immediately, I announce that Mr. Money-In-The-Bank can cash for any of the World Titles any goddamn time he wants.”

JR – “Oh My Gawdd, but who is he?” (while crowd cheers)

Mr. Mcmahon – “Well, this time not only the champions don’t know WHEN the MITB will be cashed in, but they also don’t know who is it gonna be.”

Orton – “Who is it? Tell me Vince.”

Orton just about to hit Mr. Mcmahon stops his fist in mid-air. Mr. Mcmahon leaves the ring. Edge’s hands are clutching his hair while he is in deep thought and visibly shocked.

Lawler – “Well Orton, you better not put your hands on the Chairman coz you will be fired.”
JR – “You see the brilliance of Mr. Mcmahon, he reversed the GM’s decision on interferences, but now the last thing either champion would want is Rhodes and Dibiase interfering with the chance of any of them being the mysterious Mr. MITB.”

Orton and Edge asked Dibiase and Rhodes to leave the ring.

Mr. Mcmahon saw all this and said, “Well, I don’t think any of you will mind having both the World and WWE Titles, just saying” (audience cheers at the top of their voices).

Lawler – “Oh My God, Orton just locked his eyes on Edge. This is ultimate chaos, JR”

Orton then leaves the ring with his eyes still on Edge. It looks like the rule of Legacy is over.

1. Lawler – “We are still in a shock from the announcement of Mr. Mcmahon tonight. Now it’s time for some tag team action”

The Miz and William Regal team up against John Morrison and Rob Van Dam. Both Miz and Regal work on RVD and prevent him from tagging Morrison for most of the match. Morrison picks up the victory for his team when he pins Regal. The Miz tries a cheap shot after the match but ends up getting beat and thrown out of the ring.

John Morrison & Rob Van Dam def. William Regal & The Miz via pinfall at 7:15

2. Sheamus comes out for his match with The Undertaker. The match goes on with Sheamus taking control over the initial part of the match. When Taker kicked out of the Brogue Kick, Sheamus goes for the Celtic Cross but Taker prevents it and goes for the Chokeslam. Sheamus kicks him in the groin with a low blow, and the referee disqualifies the match. Sheamus then proceeds to deliver the Celtic Cross again, but Taker prevents it again and delivers the Last Ride. The Undertaker moves his hands around his waist hinting towards the face that he will be the next WWE Champion.

The Undertaker def. Sheamus via DQ at 9:44

3. Time to play the Game – the music hits. Triple-H comes out to a huge pop. He challenges Del Rio to a match at Armaggedon in a Steel Cage match. Del Rio comes out alone and accepts the match. He promises that this time he will end Triple-H’s career. Suddenly, Kozlov comes through the crowd and enters the ring behind the back of Triple-H. He tries to attack him with a sledgehammer but Triple-H hearing the crowd senses it and gets out of the way. He then delivers the pedigree to Kozlov. The Game then picks the sledgehammer and smashes Kozlov’s head to send a message to Del Rio who looks worried and retreats.

4. Peep’s Show:

Christian calls his guest: John Cena. They both talk about the Elimination Chamber match at Armaggedon. Cena tells him that he respects him as a competitor but at Armaggedon, there will be no stopping him. Christian promises that he will win it for the Peeps.

Suddenly, Jericho comes out and says, “Wait a minute losers, you guys actually think you both have any chance at the WWE Title. Christian, I think you have a very weak memory because you forgot how I beat you last week. And on the other hand, we have John Cena, The Champ is Here (laughs). Well, Cena, I have lost the count of the times you have been beaten by Orton and you still think you will win at Armaggedon. I’ve got news for you, The Champ is Here (points to himself).”

Cena – “Chris, rather than blabbering standing over there why don’t you come down here in the ring and face us like a man”

Jericho comes down angrily but suddenly stops and retreats while smiling. The audience boos loudly while Cena and Christian mock Jericho to come down.

5. Tonight’s main event is announced to be : Edge & Orton vs Rhodes & Dibiase

Drew McIntyre comes out for his match. He is in a bad mood as he is yet to be pinned but lost his US title. Zack Ryder comes out for the match.

Drew McIntyre def. Zack Ryder via Future Shock at 4:05

6. Main Event:

Orton and Edge looked in control of the match. Rhodes got a near fall on Orton where the crowd pop was huge. At last, Edge spears Rhodes for the pinfall while Orton looks on from outside.

Edge & Randy Orton def. Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase via pinfall at 11:49

Orton enters the ring after the match, he and Edge have a stand-off with the crowd cheering loud. Suddenly, the lights go off. The titantron begins showing the MITB briefcase revolving around making sound. The crowd pop was huge. The lights come back and the titantron is back to normal. Edge and Orton look listless.

The screen fades to black.

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

RAW review:

good opening promo, the announcement was huge, a new concept which if handled well can be brilliant, i'm not sure if you are hoping to take this mysterious angle for long or it will be shown soon, but i hope its not stretched like anonymous GM lol
that said, it was indeed a bombshell announcement, legacy breaking up was awesome

good to see a victory for RVD he is my fav, HHH - Del Rio segment was well done, and the Steel cage match should be the last nail in the coffin of the feud

Jericho always makes me lol, you kept him in his character, the ending of the show was great

overall this is a path-defining RAW, i am expecting chaos surely for both champions, and fingers crossed for the mysterios money in the bank
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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


The main event is Edge vs Mr. Kennedy for the World Title. Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Kennedy who claims that tonight he will beat Edge and the world heavyweight champion will be Mrrrrr...... Kennedy.... Suddenly, Edge comes and shouts “Kennedy”.

Edge – “Go on Kennedy, why did you stop? Well I am here to wish you luck.”

Suddenly, JBL and Jack Swagger come from the back.

JBL – “Edge, why don’t you keep your luck with yourself. You will need it tonight”

Edge – “Woah JBL why are you looking at my chest?” (audience pop with laughs, JBL taken aback). Oh well my bad, I guess you were looking at my World Title. But why would you? (audience cheers, Kennedy looks worried). Anyways, say Hi to Vince for me.”

Edge leaves and JBL looks angry.

1. Ezekiel Jackson comes for his match. MVP is in the ring. Dr. X comes forward, “MVP, I give you 10 seconds, it doesn’t matter if you have an MMA background, take my advice and leave the ring”. MVP takes the mic, “Dr.X, I give you 10 seconds, why don’t you get the hell out of here” (audience pop). Jackson flexes up and the bell rings.

MVP puts up a good fight but finally succumbs to the monster. Jackson hits the chokeslam and pins him.

Ezekiel Jackson def. MVP via pinfall at 7:05

Shane Mcmahon comes out and announces Ezekiel Jackson vs The Great Khali for Armaggedon.

2. Backstage, JBL inquires if Kennedy actually believed what Edge had to say. Kennedy laughs it off but tells JBL that he does not have full faith in Swagger, who is shocked. He says, “Come on man, I betrayed Shawn Michaels to join you guys, I got beat last week by him and you don’t believe me”. JBL takes Swagger aside and talks to him.

3. Tag Titles No.1 contenders match:

Its London-Kendrick vs Haas-Benjamin vs Chavo-Rey. Haas and Benjamin take control of the match with one of them always being in the ring, while Chavo and London get worked upon by each one of them. Chavo finally is able to tag Rey who beats up Haas. London jumps from the top rope over Haas and puts him out of the ring. Rey hits the 6-1-9 over Benjamin. Chavo hits the Frog Splash while Rey puts down London from the ring. Chavo picks the victory for his team.

Chavo-Rey def. Haas-Benjamin and London-Kendrick at 9:11

While Chavo and Rey rejoice, suddenly Kane’s music hits. He comes out with The Big Show and poses with the titles on the ramp. Chavo and Rey look on.

4. Dolph Ziggler comes out for his first match. Super Crazy is in the ring.

Dolph Ziggler def. Super Crazy via pinfall at 5:23

5. Shawn Michaels comes out to his home crowd to a huge pop. He talks about the recent DVD released on his life. Suddenly, Barrett interrupts to huge boos. He tells that people don’t have any interest in HBK’s life and that he is a has-been. He says that he should have been the No.1 contender to the World Title but now he is reduced to listening to Michaels bickering about his once flourishing career. Michaels takes out a DVD and puts it in Barrett’s hand and exclaims “Available at your nearest stores”. Barrett drops it and breaks the DVD with his leg, the audience boos loudly. Barrett attacks Michaels and goes for the Wasteland, but Michaels comes out and superkicks Barrett out of the ropes. The audience chants “HBK” while Michaels poses.

6. CM Punk comes out for his match with Ted Dibiase. With Legacy now dissolved, Punk wants to exact his revenge on the person who cost him the title more than once. Dibiase was in control for the initial part of the match but Punk later came back and pinned him after a GTS.

CM Punk def. Ted Dibiase via pinfall at 8:52

7. Main event: (Edge vs Mr. Kennedy for World Title)

Mr. Kennedy comes out with JBL for the match. Michael Cole on commentary notes how Edge managed to keep Swagger away from the ring atleast. Suddenly, Shane comes and bans JBL from the ring and asks him to leave. The crowd cheers loudly. The match starts with Edge in control in the initial parts. Edge hits a spear but Kennedy kicks out. When Kennedy goes for The Plunge, Edge comes out and goes for a ring top suplex instead. As Kennedy gets up, Edge hits the second spear and pins him to retain the title.

Edge def. Mr. Kennedy via pinfall to retain World Title at 8:39

Edge raises his World Title in the air and the show closes.

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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

Good Raw and Smackdown shows after No Mercy.

I like how you use Orton in your BTB. He is running riot on Raw and is even attacking the Smackdown GM!

Smackdown had a big main event and Edge retaining again was good.

You have good rosters and you are using them well. Looking forward to the next few shows.
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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


Good to see Edge coming out of the shadow of Orton, I like the funny Edge. As for the MITB being JBL, i really doubt it, i think it is someone from out of wwe who will make a return or sorts with the briefcase.

I knew chavo and rey will become tag team finally, good decision there to make them win. Dolph Ziggler will be a good addition to the roster.

Main event was good, I'd prefer Kennedy to win and was guessing he would, but it was important to show that Edge has really grown out of Legacy i think. Really hooked for Armaggedon especially the EC match.
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