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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

RAW/SD Preview

The biggest party of the summer is over. Now its time for the inter-promotional extravaganza, Survivor Series. Both Bischoff and Long are ready to prove that their show is the better one come SS, with Bischoff and Swagger already sending a message to Long at Summerslam that they would love to embarass Smackdown at SS.

This RAW, a big surprise is there when a certain superstar expresses his desire to be a part of Team RAW at SS and taking the show he loves so much to victory. However, things become tensed as it's not that easy to get a spot on this team.

At Smackdown, it is the dawn of a new era with Wade Barrett being crowned the new World Champion at Summerslam. This young arrogant Englishman has a big task ahead to lead Smackdown at SS but he already has proved that he is a tremendous leader when his stables created huge impacts in WWE. He has promised a big surprise superstar for his team in the upcoming Smackdown.

Well, the road to Survivor Series has just begun.

PWInsider news regarding Austin-Mcmahon segment at Summerslam

Amongst other things that are being discussed after Summerslam, the Austin-Mcmahon segment is one of the things which has puzzled the wrestling fans. PWInsider brings you the inside scoop regarding this segment. This is one of those cases when WWE extends a real-life situation into a scripted storyline.

It had been rumored since few weeks that the American Wrestling Association (AWA) was about to investigate Mr. Mcmahon's non-adherence to certain territorial clause when a certain WWE house show was held at a venue without appropriate authority. Paul Heyman (former AWA chairman who recently opened the GWF) was spearheading the charges against Mr. Mcmahon and he was supported by other small wrestling promotions. The unexpected appearance of Austin at GWF's show and his confrontation with the GWF Champion Brock Lesnar led to Mr. Mcmahon firing Austin at Summerslam as this could worsen the already aggravated relationship with Paul Heyman.

Well, Austin won't be appearing in his search for the mysterious Mr. MITB from now, but not much can be surely said about the authenticity of the whole thing. While the investigation is certainly a real deal and not any scripted storyline, it remains to be seen how this situation develops in the future.

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


Summerslam recap is shown with Undertaker retaining his title due to submission when Dr. X threw a white handkerchief to end the WWE Title match. Matches for tonight are shown with three matches happening with the winners getting a place in Team RAW at Survivor Series: Alberto Del Rio faces R-Truth, Sheamus faces Christian and Drew McIntyre faces CM Punk.

The audience cheers loud as huge pyro occurs.

JR – “Well ladies and gentlemen, here we are on the road to Survivor Series. I am still under the effects from the aftermath to Summerslam and our WWE Champion The Phenom The Undertaker will lead Team RAW at Survivor Series against Smackdown and I am pretty sure we will win”

Lawler– “Well JR, last night was an extravaganza, I am still feeling the goosebumps from when Cena punted Orton’s head off and Undertaker ended the unbeaten streak of Ezekiel Jackson. Also, tonight we have three big matches to decide the composition of Team RAW at SS, so here we go”

***Your Time is up, My time is now***

Suddenly, the music hits. The audience gives a thunderous pop as Cena comes out smiling in his orange attire
Lawler – “He is back JR, John Cena is back to RAW after two months”

Cena comes down to the ring with the audience cheering loud, he takes the mic and keeps smiling while waiting for the pop to die down a bit.

Cena – “What’s up, Atlanta !!!!!!!!! (huge pop) I am backkkkkkkkk. (crowd is at their feet).”

Cena waits and is immensely pleased by the reaction from the crowd.

Cena – “Two months ago, Randy Orton punted my head off at Armaggedon in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Title (boos from the crowd). I returned to Smackdown last month and what happened last night is history. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed doing what I did, I do not like the fact that Orton won the match due to disqualification but there is something I got which overcomes all this – I got closure. I ended the matter with Orton yesterday night and now I look forward to being back on the show which is closest to my heart – WWE RAW. (huge pop from the audience). I am back to all you people who missed me on RAW for the past two months.”

“Cena Cena” chants from the crowd. Cena looks pleased.

Cena – “And what better time than Survivor Series to be back !!! I would like to express my interest in being a part of Team RAW to Mr. Bischoff, and seeing that others have to earn that spot, I demand a match tonight for earning that spot in Team RAW”

** I’m back*** (Bischoff comes out to the ring smiling with a mic in his hand)

Bischoff – “Cena, let me tell you that I am very happy that you are finally back to RAW. I am indeed. But, there is a reason why there are only three matches tonight because the 5th spot in Team RAW has been already awarded to Jack Swagger. (huge boos from the crowd). I am really sorry Cena, I would have loved to have you in Team RAW but there is nothing I can do about this”

Cena – “Woah, well if it ain’t painfully obvious, why not you make John Cena vs Jack Swagger tonight in the main event for the last spot on Team RAW. Oh let me see, things have changed here. The last time I was here, you took fair decisions and were a victim of an attack by Legacy. But now, you are a puppet of Mr. America wannabe Jack Swagger” (crowd cheers while Bischoff sulks)

“We want Cena, Let’s go Cena” chants from the crowd overpower the whole aura of the arena.

Bischoff looks mad but suddenly smiles and says – “Alright Cena, you want your match, you got it. Tonight you will face Jack Swagger in a No Disqualification match and the winner will earn a spot on Team RAW, and the guest referee for the match will be The Coach Jonathan Coachman. The audience boos while Bischoff walks out of the ring. Cena looks towards him and sports a grave look as he knows what to expect in the match.

1. The music hits and some pop is there from audience. Daniel Bryan makes his debut on RAW. The match is against another debutante Tyson Kidd. WWE recently released Kozlov, Finlay and hence, hired two new superstars. Daniel Bryan gets some reaction from the audience and he works a good match. Bryan wins via Lebell Lock.

Daniel Bryan def. Tyson Kidd via submission at 5:08

2. Team RAW spot on the line – CM Punk vs Drew McIntyre:

CM Punk comes out for his match with Drew McIntyre. The winner will earn a spot on Team RAW at SS. The match goes on for long with both gathering momentum in parts of the match. McIntyre misses a Future Shock DDT which Punk counters into his own DDT. Punk takes McIntyre up for the GTS, but McIntyre comes out and clotheslines Punk into the referee who gets knocked down. Suddenly, Miz comes running out and as McIntyre waves his hand to clothesline him, Miz ducks and delivers the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz leaves with a smile on his face, while Punk takes the cover. The referee has come up ad counts the pinfall.

CM Punk def. Drew McIntyre via pinfall at 7:49

3. Backstage, Josh Matthews takes an interview of US Champion John Morrison. He enquires as to why Morrison cheated his way to retain the title by delivering McIntyre a low blow. Morrison laughs it away and says that he will do anything in his capacity to keep this US title gold on him. He said that actions don’t matter, what matters is that finally who wins this gold, and finally who is the champion. Suddenly, William Regal comes and the crowd cheers. Regal notifies Morrison that he has a shot at the US title as he beat Swagger last week on RAW. And, at Survivor Series, he will win the title from him, and whatever antics Morrison has in his kit, he will always come up short against the devious Englishman. Morrison looks angrily while Regal walks away.

4. Team RAW spot on the line – Alberto Del Rio vs R-Truth:

R-Truth looks good in the earlier moments of the match. Del Rio comes back with the enzuigiri and gets a near pinfall. Truth tries to hit the What’s Up but Del Rio prevents it, and kicks him down. Del Rio locks the cross armbreaker and wins via submission.

Alberto Del Rio def. R-Truth via submission at 7:01

5. Backstage, Swagger meets Bischoff and asks why he gave the match to Cena for the Team RAW spot. Swagger noted that this is not Cody Rhodes, its John Cena and he is not sure if even Coach as a referee will be enough to stop Cena as he is inspired to fight for his Team RAW after being away for two months. Bischoff laughs and asks Swagger to just prepare for the match and leave these things to him. Swagger smells that Bischoff has something under his sleeve and goes away somewhat contented.

6. Team RAW spot on the line – Christian vs Sheamus:

The match goes on with Sheamus controlling it. Christian attempts a DDT but Sheamus comes out and delivers the Brogue kick for a near pinfall. Sheamus clotheslines Christian and gets ready for the Celtic Cross but Christian kicks him in the groin. Christian goes for the Killswitch and delivers it and takes the cover. Sheamus kicks out at 2.5-count and Christian looks shocked. He picks up Sheamus again and goes for the Killswitch but Sheamus comes out and clotheslines him. He runs towards the ring and as Christian gets up, Sheamus delivers the Brogue kick for the pinfall.

Sheamus def. Christian via pinfall at 8:24

7. Ezekiel Jackson comes out to the ring alone and calls out for Dr. X. The manager comes out with a mic and asks Jackson to listen to him. Jackson looks angry and Dr. X enters the ring. Dr. X says that he did the best thing at Summerslam by giving away the match and prevented Jackson from tapping out to the Hell’s Gate. He also held Jackson’s hand when Jackson had lifted his hand to tap out.

Jackson – “Dr. X, I know what you did last night. But that cost me my streak. I lost my first match last night in a decisive manner due to submission. I lost my first WWE title match by tapping out according to the record books. And you are asking me to calm down.”

Dr. X – “Zeke, you should stop thinking. You have the power and I am the brain. You listen to me, I have a flawless record as a manager. Yesterday night, if you would have tapped out, I would have become a joke. I have managed many clients till date and none of my clients have been pinned or have tapped out till date. I have led people to becoming FCW champions and this was my first big chance at WWE and I could not have let you ruin it. I gave away the match to prevent us both the embarrassment you were about to inflict. I could not let you....”

Suddenly, Jackson clotheslines Dr. X down to the mat. The audience cheers loud. Jackson looks down and picks him up and delivers the Ura-nage to his manager. Jackson keeps looking at the lifeless body in the ring when referees come out and ask him to go away.

Lawler – “Well JR, I cannot believe what we saw today. I had certainly heard of Dr. X and his flawless record as a manager, but yesterday night he cost his client a WWE Title match”

JR – “What could have happened was that Jackson would have passed away in Taker’s hold and Taker would have still won the match but Jackson would definitely have had salvaged some pride that way by not giving up”

Lawler – “The problem is that Jackson believes he would have broken the hold, he does not accept the fact that he could have passed out or tapped out. Well, that’s still quite uncertain but next we have our main event – John Cena faces Jack Swagger and the last spot of Team RAW is on the line. We have The Undertaker, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus and CM Punk already in the team”

8. MAIN EVENT: (John Cena faces Jack Swagger, Spl. Referee – Jonathan Coachman)

Coachman comes out to huge boos. Swagger comes out next and does some push-ups. Cena comes out to a huge pop. Coach checks him for weapons and Cena looks pissed. Coach does not check Swagger and asks for the bell to ring. The match gets under and Cena starts the offense on Swagger. Cena controls the match and delivers the spinout slam and takes the cover. Coach takes some time in rolling around before settling for the pinfall. Swagger kicks out at 1-count. Cena goes towards Coach who backs up to the corne and begins showing his attire that Cena should not lay his hands on him.

Swagger attacks from behind and takes control. Swagger delivers the Belly to Belly suplex and locks the Ankle Lock. Cena begins to moan when Coach goes and applies the Ankle Lock on Cena’s other leg. The audience boos loud and Cena makes unsuccessful attempts to reach the ropes. The audience knows Cena cannot reach the ropes as both Swagger and Coach bring him in the centre of the ring again and again as he moves even a bit. Cena raises his hand and tries to bang on the mat, Coach tries to see it but Cena’s body blocks his hand, Swagger asks Coach to go and see if Cena is tapping out, Coach leaves the leg and Cena rolls round and kicks Swagger into the turnbuckle.

Cena lifts Swagger for the AA but Coach kicks him in the leg and Cena falls down. Swagger goes for the Gutwrench Powerbomb but Cena comes out and delivers the spinout slam. Coach comes towards him and Cena knocks him down with a DDT and lies down. All three people lie down when Rhodes comes out with a steel chair. The audience cheers loud as Swagger starts getting up, Rhodes raises the steel chair, Swagger puts his hands around his head shouting, but Rhodes hits the chair on John Cena’s head. The audience is shocked and Rhodes smiles. Swagger also begins to smile and asks Coach to make the count.

Suddenly, the lights went out. The audience gives a humongous pop, as the light comes back, Swagger and Rhodes turn back and Undertaker chokes both of them in the neck and delivers a double chokeslam. Coach comes up to his feet and begins to beg Undertaker to spare him. Cena puts his hand over Swagger and Coach who is intimidated out of his wits by the Deadman makes the count like a fair referee and runs away immediately as Taker begins to chase him slowly.

John Cena def. Jack Swagger via pinfall at 15:17

The crowd cheers loud and are at their feet. Cena comes up to his feet taking the help of the ropes. Undertaker chases Coach on the ramp as Coach runs to backstage. Undertaker stands on the ramp and looks towards Cena, while Cena salutes Undertaker in his style. The audience keeps cheering and the screen fades to black.

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


The crowd cheers as pyro occurs. The announcer stands in the middle of the ring and says – “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Wade Barrett”

***WE ARE ONE*** (Barrett comes out beaming with arrogance with the world title around his waist)

Barrett comes to the ring and takes the mic.

Barrett – “For those of you who missed what happened last night as well as those who have any doubts or are shocked beyond comprehension, I AM your World Champion. Last night, I beat three men who have amassed over 30 world titles here in WWE. Last night, I beat three of the biggest legends in the history of WWE. Last night, I remained unbeaten and unpinned in WWE.”

Barrett – “But that was last night. I have come to know that Edge wants to use his rematch clause tonight itself. And I know I will retain this title tonight. What I should be concerned about is Survivor Series (crowd cheers). I will be leading Smackdown at Survivor Series and since the past few days, people have asked me how I will be able to overcome a team which contains The Undertaker, John Cena, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk (crowd pops after each name). Well, these are among the greatest wrestlers currently in WWE. But, I think those people are doubting my leadership abilities. I am the guy who wrecked havoc when Nexus invaded WWE. I am the guy who led Corre to dominate Smackdown. I also promised all of you a big surprise team member tonight. Well, I got a word from the doctors that Randy Orton will be ready for in-ring action by Survivor Series (huge pop from crowd)”

Barrett looks pleased but still sports a devious smile.

Barrett – “Hold on, that was not the big surprise. You all want to see the big surprise, huh. Here you go (points towards the titantron)”

***** I WALK ALONE ****** (humongous pop from the crowd as Batista comes out wearing goggles and dressed in casuals)

Cole – “I cannot believe this, The Animal Batista is back.”

Striker – “Ladies and Gentlemen, Batista had been out of action since Ezekiel Jackson attacked and injured his leg about three months ago.”

Batista smiles and waits for the pop to calm down.

Batista – “Wade, you are good. You are really good. It feels amazing being back here on Smackdown (crowd pop). I am 100% fit and raring to go, come Survivor Series, The Animal will be unleashed.”

Batista shakes hands with Wade Barrett while the crowd cheers.

1. IC Champion Dolph Ziggler comes out with his valet Maria. His opponent is Ted Dibiase in a non-title match. Ziggler takes control in the match, Dibiase tries to come back but Maria interferes by pulling his leg when Dibiase ran between the ropes. Ziggler wins the match via Zig Zag.

Dolph Ziggler def. Ted Dibiase via pinfall at 7:13

Mark Henry comes out after the match to the ring. Ziggler runs out and goes to the ramp but suddenly realizes that Maria is left near the announcer’s table. Henry smiles looking at Maria and brings her into the ring. Henry lifts her up in the World’s Strongest Slam position when Ziggler asks him to stop and accepts to an IC title match at SS. Henry laughs and delivers the WS Slam to Maria and signals he will take back his title at SS. Ziggler puts his hands around his head in shock.

2. Michael Cole announces that Triple-H suffered an injury to his quad last night and he will be out of action for months. The titantron shows the clip of the match where HHH suffered an injury and shouted in pain. He still completed through the match and was attended by medics after the match.

Masters meets Carlito backstage and asks him to up his game if they are to have a serious shot at the tag titles. Carlito tells Masters that he is completely serious and does not needs advice from him. Carlito leaves and Masters looks worried.

3. Tag Team Titles Match [RVD/MVP (c) meet Chavo/Rey]

The match begins with RVD and Chavo fighting it off. RVD takes control and tags in MVP who works on Chavo. MVP gets a near pinfall after the Drive-By kick. Chavo finally is able to tag in Rey who takes control and beats up MVP. Rey tries the 619 but MVP comes up from the ropes and delivers the Playmaker. MVP takes cover but Chavo breaks the count. RVD jumps to the top turnbuckle and kicks Chavo down. RVD turns round and Rey kicks him in the 619 position. MVP also gets up and Rey kicks him into the 619 position.

The audience pop was huge when RVD and MVP both lie side by side and Rey goes for the double 619 and hits it. Rey gives the West Coast pop on MVP and then RVD kicks Rey down. MVP and Rey again lie down in the middle of the ring. RVD goes to the top rope for the Frog Splash and Chavo also goes to the top turnbuckle and sees RVD. Not wanting to do the same mistake again, Chavo waits for RVD who also waits. Rey suddenly gets up and goes to the ringtop and kicks RVD in the head, Chavo jumps for the Frog Splash over MVP but MVP rolls away. MVP does a quick roll up for the pinfall over a hurt Chavo. Rey turns around in dejection as MVP runs out of the ring with the tag titles.

RVD/MVP def. Chavo/Rey to retain Tag Team titles at 10:19

4. Team Smackdown spots on line: (JBL & Kennedy face Kane & Kofi Kingston)

JBL takes control of the match against Kingston and he and Kennedy rotate among themselves to keep Kofi from tagging in Kane. Finally, Kofi kicks Kennedy and tags in Kane and Kane runs berserk. Kane hits the chokeslam on Kennedy but JBL breaks the pinfall. JBL tries to deliver the clothesline from hell on Kane who ducks down, and then delivers the chokeslam on JBL. Kennedy comes from behind and kicks Kane. Kofi jumps from ringtop over Kennedy and puts him down. Kofi takes cover over JBL who kicks out at 2.5-count. Kane comes to pick up Kennedy who blinds him by hitting fingers into the eyes. Kofi comes running at Kennedy who gets away and throws Kofi over Kane. Kane mistakes Kofi for an enemy and punches him and JBL delivers the clothesline from hell over Kofi for the win.

JBL & Mr. Kennedy def. Kofi Kingston & Kane via pinfall at 8:39

5. Zack Ryder comes out accompanied by Santino Marella. Paul London comes out as the opponent. Santino Marella comes in between the ring in the middle of the match and begins to cheer Ryder. The referee asks him to go out. When London begins beating Ryder, Marella goes to him and throws water on his face from the bottle. The referee finally asks Marella to leave the ring else he will DQ the match. Marella asks the referee to attend Ryder as he is hurt and then he will leave the ring. As the referee goes towards Ryder, Marella delivers the Cobra on an unsuspecting London and then leaves the ring. Ryder wins the match by delivering the Rough Ryder.

Zack Ryder def. Paul London via pinfall at 4:37

Suddenly the music hits and The Great Khali comes out accompanied by Ranjin Singh. Marella and Ryder leave the ring as Khali and Ranjin enter. Marella gestures by his hand that Ryder won’t face Khali in a match. Khali smiles in the ring.

6. MAIN EVENT: (World Champion Wade Barrett vs Edge)

Edge comes out to a huge pop. Barrett comes out with the title. The match gets underway as both begin to attack each other. Edge takes control and looks to get the upper hand in the match. Barrett comes back with the Big Boot and gets 2-count. Edge delivers the Edgecution and takes the cover but Barrett kicks out at 2.5-count. Edge goes to the ring corner for a spear and as he delivers it, Barrett moves sideways and throws Edge into the ring corner.

Barrett lifts Edge up for the Wasteland and Edge tries to come out. Barrett begins to rotate around and Edge’s leg hits the referee who gets knocked down. Edge finally comes out and delivers a DDT. Edge goes to the ring corner smelling the spear when suddenly someone enters the ring. Edge looks behind and Jericho hits the steel chair on his head. Barrett takes the advantage and hits the Wasteland for the pinfall.

Wade Barrett def. Edge to retain World title at 11:01

Jericho leaves with the steel chair with a devilish look on his face while Barrett raises his hand with the World title raising high. The screen fades to black.

Matches confirmed for Survivor Series

Team RAW (The Undertaker, John Cena, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus) vs Team Smackdown (Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, JBL, Batista)

IC Champion Dolph Ziggler vs Mark Henry

US Champion John Morrison vs William Regal

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

What A SummerSlam PPV, i loved it..most of my predictions were wrong but but my suggestions were right..I said wade barett should win the world title soon and he did..and then sheamus won when i predicted. I loved the layout of the ppv. Now first of all i think Barett's Reign is going to be amazing, i will review the other shows in a bit but i have a feeling it will last a while. The Zeke/Taker match was entertaining i didnt know who doctor x was proabbly because i should have read your whole BTB. But yeah your show was like a 8.2/10

MATCH OF THE NIGHT IS: CENA and Orton but didnt like the finish but in terms of quality Sheamus/Punk stole the show in my opinion
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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


The show begins with Jack Swagger standing in the middle of the ring in formal wear. The audience boos loud while Swagger holds a document in his hand and looks in a bad mood.

Swagger – “Last week, John Cena earned the right to be a part of Team RAW at Survivor Series (crowd pop). Ya, you all must be so happy and ecstatic because your hero will be fighting for your favourite show. But, I have some information which will change the way things seem right now.”
He looks towards the document and then continues.

Swagger –“Now, Undertaker deemed it necessary to interfere last week and thus making Cena win the match. Let me tell you something Deadman, you just dug your own grave. (Swagger opens the document and continues) My sources have informed me that John Cena will screw Team RAW at Survivor Series. John Cena is an infiltrator from Smackdown and all his love for RAW is just an act. Now I do not know if Teddy Long or Wade Barrett is instrumental behind this gameplan, but John Cena being a part of Team RAW is the worst thing that can happen to our show.”

The audience begins to chant “Cena,Cena,Cena” while Swagger sulks in disgust.

Swagger –“As John Cena earned his spot, Mr. Bischoff does not have the power to remove him from Team RAW. However, the captain of the team can remove any member he wants. So Deadman, you need to rethink your decision of siding by John Cena. And let me tell you something on behalf of our beloved General Manager Mr. Bischoff, if you decide to go ahead with John Cena, and Cena causes Team RAW to lose at SS, YOU WILL BE STRIPPED OFF THE WWE TITLE.”

The audience begins to boo loudly.

Swagger –“Deadman, I will be awaiting your decision tonight. Think hard and make the correct choice, your one mistake can cost you the WWE Championship.”

Swagger throws the mic on the floor and leaves the ring.

JR –“What is Swagger trying to prove? How can he be so sure that John Cena will turn on RAW”

Lawler –“Well JR, we all are as puzzled as you, and I will be awaiting The Undertaker’s decision tonight. Well it’s going to be either Jack Swagger or John Cena in the team at SS, and that depends on our WWE Champion.”

1. MVP faces Shelton Benjamin:

The tag team partners have been banned from ringside. MVP takes control of the match and both of them being good workers give a great match. MVP wins the match by delivering the Playmaker when Benjamin misses a Superkick.

MVP def. Shelton Benjamin via pinfall at 7:24

2. Backstage, Bischoff calls and asks Rhodes to leave the arena as John Cena is looking for him. He gives Rhodes the night off and Rhodes leaves.

Josh Matthews interviews Miz and asks his thoughts on the match announced recently: Miz faces McIntyre in singles match at SS. Miz laughs it off and says that he is not concerned about a loser like Drew Mac and he will win it easily because he is the Miz and he is awesome.

3. R-Truth comes out to the ring. He begins to crib that he should be a part of Team RAW. Suddenly, his opponent comes out in a bad mood. Its Ezekiel Jackson who comes out alone without his manager. Jackson wins the match by delivering the Ura-nage.

Ezekiel Jackson def. R-Truth via pinfall at 4:02

4. Daniel Bryan comes out for his match. The opponent is Gregory Helms. Bryan wins via Lebell Lock submission.

Daniel Bryan def. Gregory Helms via submission at 5:39

Backstage, Christian meets Bryan and tell him that he is really happy to see such a technically gifted wrestler come to WWE. Bryan mentions he would love to lock hands with Christian to which Christian smiles.

5. Backstage, Sheamus and Punk stand with Josh Matthews who asks them about their enmity and how it can affect Team RAW’s chances at SS. Punk replies that he is ready to forget the past for just one night where the prime objective is that RAW wins. Sheamus concurs and responds that his sole objective is to be the survivor who wins it for RAW. He look towards Punk who smiles and then suddenly turns a serious face.

6. John Morrison faces Big Show in a non-title match. Regal sits alongwith the commentators for the match. Morrison works on Show’s bad arm and kicks it regularly to maintain the momentum. Show tries the chokeslam but Morrison comes out. Morrison is thrown out of the ring by Show and then Regal tries to mock him. Morrison snatches his title from the bell guy and when Show tries to lift him into the ring by his hair, Morrison hits him with the title to end the match via DQ.

Big Show def. John Morrison via DQ at 8:18

Morrison leaves with his title held high smiling while Regal stares at him from the ring.

7. ****GONG SOUNDS***

The Undertaker comes out to the ring as the crowd awaits his decision. He takes the mic and proceeds to say.

Taker – “I stand by my decision, John Cena will be a part of Team RAW at Survivor Series.”

Taker puts the mic down and proceeds to go backstage when suddenly the music hits.

****WE ARE ONE**** (Barrett comes out to the ramp and stands there with a steel chair in his hand)

Suddenly, Batista, Orton, JBL and Kennedy come from the crowd from different directions and surround the ring. Taker looks around and does his boxing action asking them to enter the ring. All the four enter and attack Taker.

Barrett rushes to the ring and hits Taker with the steel chair on his head. The crowd boos loudly as the five Smackdown superstars begin to beat Taker. Suddenly, Punk and Sheamus rush down to the ring and attack Barrett’s team but are soon over-powered. Del Rio rushes to the ring just after and he also gets beaten.

Barrett hits steel chairs on Del Rio and Sheamus. Punk is lifted by JBL and Barrett hits the steel chair on him. Suddenly, the crowd gives a humongous pop as John Cena rushes to the ring. Barrett asks his team to clear the ring and all the five rush down. Orton stands on the apron and begins to make strained faces wanting to enter the ring while Cena taunts him to enter it.

Barrett asks Orton to step down and all the Smackdown superstars leave through the ramp. Barrett looks towards Cena and smiles. Cena comes to the front in ring and taunts them to come back. Taker gets up slowly leveraging the ropes and Cena turns back. Taker locks his eyes on Cena and he looks unsure. The audience gives a huge pop as Cena realizes the mistrust developing there and keeps looking at Taker.

The screen fades to black.

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

RAW Review

Hey man I just went thru your thread to try to catch up and from what I read so far you are doing a great job. Raw is the first full show ive read so I will post a review for you.

The opening promo with Swagger was a good way to set up the night. I like havinga a raw vs smackdown ssurvivor series match. Like I said before this is the first full show ive read so im not really sure what is going on with swagger claiming cena is apart of smackdown but it is very interested and excited to see what happens with this.

Im guessing from the miz interview that Drew Mac is a face now which is a good fresh idea. Miz vs Drew feud is certainly somthing different n hasnt been done before and im looking for to this.

Bryan and Christian segmemt makes me believe these two will have some sort of a program which should be great.

Morrison and Regal program should be interesting. Im guessing the title morrison had was the IC but not certain.

Great way to close the show. Really did a great job of making cena seem like he is apart of smackdown with him being the last to come to the ring and then team smackdownnot toching him. This angle has got me really interested and cant wait for your next show.

Great job and ill be following for sure.

WWF vs WCW - Doing it Right.
Review for Review
First RAW is WAR following WMX7 will be posted this week.

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


The show begins with a recap of Monday Night RAW when Team Smackdown invaded RAW and attacked every member of Team RAW except John Cena. Jack Swagger’s insinuation of John Cena being an infiltrator who will screw RAW at SS seemed to be valid under the circumstances and the WWE Champion The Undertaker was himself unsure about his decision to choose Cena over Swagger in his team at SS.

1. After the pyro occurs and the show starts, suddenly the lights go off. The crowd gives a huge pop when suddenly the titantron begins to show the MITB briefcase revolving and making sounds.

Cole – “Well, who the hell is this guy? I was beginning to think there was no mysterious Mr.MITB and this was all a play by Mr. Mcmahon but it seems I am wrong”

Striker – “This is the biggest question currently which has us all spellbounded – Who is the mysterious Mr. MITB”

Suddenly, the titantron returns to normal, and then the music hits.

*****WE ARE ONE ***** (Barrett comes out with his World Title to a huge pop. He poses on the ramp with the title and then turns around and looks towards the titantron for some time)

Cole – “What? Don’t tell me the World champion is the Mr. Money in the Bank”

Barrett turns back and comes to the ring and takes the mic.

Barrett – “Now I was here to talk about what happened at RAW but the mysterious Mr. MITB decided to disturb me. Let me tell you something whoever you are, I promise that you will never be the World Heavyweight Champion. So, if you are that sensible and cunning, you know which title you should go for”.

Barrett – “Coming back to what happened this week earlier on RAW, people have been talking about how I fear John Cena being a part of Team RAW so that our chances of winning increase. Let me tell you something, I don’t care if John Cena or The Undertaker or for that matter, anyone else is a part of Team RAW. I know that my team will win at Survivor Series and there is not even a shred of doubt in that.”

Barrett – “I know what I did last week and I have my reasons for that. But one of my team members was unhappy for not being able to get his hands upon Cena. Tonight, I choose him to be my partner against The Undertaker and his partner for the main event. And tonight I will prove why we will win at Survivor Series”.

2. Mark Henry comes to the ring for his squash match with Super Crazy. Henry wins the match via World’s Strongest Slam. IC Champion Dolph Ziggler watches the match from the ringside. After the match ends, Ziggler comes to the ring to attack Henry, but gets overpowered. Henry delivers the WS Slam to Ziggler and raises the IC title high in the air.

Mark Henry def. Super Crazy via pinfall at 3:39

3. Tag Team match: (Chavo/Rey vs Masters/Carlito)

Masters gains control against Rey and both him and Carlito stop Rey from tagging in Chavo into the match. Chavo finally gets the tag and gains momentum. Finally, Rey breaks the Masterlock on Chavo preventing him from tapping out, Rey delivers the 619 on Masters and Chavo delivers the Frog Splash for the win.

Chavo/Rey def. Masters/Carlito via pinfall at 8:09

4. Ryder and Marella backstage talk about Khali’s challenge. Marella decides that there is no chance that he will let Ryder face Khali. Teddy Long comes suddenly and announces a tag match at Survivor Series – Ryder and Marella will face Khali and Ranjin Singh. If Khali’s team wins, Khali will get his singles match against Ryder at next Smackdown.

5. Batista comes out for his match. The opponent is Ted Dibiase. Batista manhandles Dibiase though he is in his first match since months. Batista wins the match by Batista Bomb.

Batista def. Ted Dibiase via pinfall at 5:43

6. Mr. Kennedy comes out with JBL and both of them announce that at Survivor Series, they will be more than happy to embarrass Team RAW. JBL also said that Kennedy should be the next World Champion and if he is the survivor at SS, Teddy Long should give Kennedy a shot at the World Title. Suddenly the opponent Kane comes out to face Kennedy.

The match goes on for long with Kane gaining control over the match. Kane chokeslammed Kennedy and went for the cover but JBL came up on the apron and distracted the referee. Kane choked JBL and tried to deliver the chokeslam when Kennedy delivered a low blow from behind. The referee was distracted by JBL on the apron and Kennedy did a quick roll up for the pinfall.

Mr. Kennedy def. Kane via pinfall at 7:14

7. Chris Jericho comes out to the ring and the audience booes loud. Jericho announces that he did what he had to do last week and Edge deserved it. Jericho said that he should had been the guy to face Barrett for the World title match and Edge keeps getting undeserved shots at the title. He said that he is the bigger star than Edge but Edge went on to become multi time world champion within a short span of being in the main event and never deserved that glory. Jericho promised that at Survivor Series, he will demolish Edge and prove that he is the better man.

8. Main Event: (World Champ Barrett and partner face WWE Champ Undertaker and partner)

Barrett comes out with his partner Orton. The Undertaker’s partner is surprisingly Jack Swagger. Taker starts the match against Orton. Both look in control in different moments. Orton tags in Barrett and Taker tags in Swagger. Barrett takes control of the match. Swagger finally gets to tag in Taker and the World and WWE Champion fight in the ring to a huge pop.

Taker tries to deliver the chokeslam when suddenly Orton enters without a tag and delivers the RKO to Taker. Swagger runs in and Barrett clotheslines him. Barrett delivers the Wasteland on him for the pinfall.

Wade Barrett & Randy Orton def. The Undertaker & Jack Swagger via pinfall at 10:13

After the match, Orton gets to the corner of the ring and begins to become paranoid. Barrett keeps looking as Orton waits for Undertaker to get up as he gets ready to punt Taker’s head off. Swagger gets up and leaves the ring in fear leaving Taker in danger. Taker begins to rise suddenly and Orton just gets ready to take off for the punt.

Suddenly, the crowd gives a huge pop as John Cena runs down the ring wearing a RAW T-shirt. Orton rushes towards him as Cena ducks and hoists him up for the Attitude Adjustment, Orton comes out and tries the RKO but Cena pushes him away and Orton slips out of the ring. Barrett has already left the ring and both he and Orton leave through the ramp. Taker gets up on his feet and looks towards Cena who points his finger on his shirt showing the RAW logo. Cena leaves the ring while Taker keeps looking at him.

The screen fades to black.
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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

WWE presents

Survivor Series Elimination Tag Match:

Team RAW (The Undertaker, John Cena, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus)
Team Smackdown (Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, JBL, Batista)

When they refer to the Survivor Series Elimination tag match, they refer it to as ‘not your usual tag team match’. I will go one step ahead. This match is ‘not your usual Survivor Series Elimination tag match’. The WWE Champion’s title is on the line as well as the World Champion’s unparalleled ego.

Never before has being a part of the teams been such a big issue. When John Cena earned the spot on Team RAW, Jack Swagger went to lengths only he could think of in order to snatch that spot by polluting the WWE Champion The Undertaker’s mind. Jack Swagger is confident that John Cena will turn on RAW at Survivor Series and hence his good friend RAW GM Eric Bischoff has announced that if Cena turns on RAW resulting in their loss, then The Undertaker will be stripped of his WWE Title.

On the other hand, there is the World Champion Wade Barrett. He has an impeccable record of leading stables to create havoc in WWE. This is also his first chance, and a big one at that, to prove himself as the leader of Smackdown just after winning his first World Title. And Barrett has done everything to gain any advantage possible. Barrett brought back Batista and Orton who were injured to his team, he played mind games with the devil himself making his decision to choose John Cena even tougher, and last but not the least, Barrett is 100% confident that his team will win at Survivor Series.

All the questions will be answered come Survivor Series when ten of the megastars of WWE collide in the ring. Don’t miss this one!

Intercontinental Championship match:

IC Champion Dolph Ziggler vs Mark Henry

Dolph Ziggler tricked Mark Henry into a title match a couple of months ago and with some help from his valet Maria, Ziggler won the IC title less than two months since his debut. Since then, Mark Henry has been in a bad mood. He wants his rematch and did anything he could to get it. When Henry hoisted Maria up for the World’s Strongest Slam, Ziggler had no choice than to accept the rematch. However, Henry delivered the Slam on Maria. Come SS, there will be an angry giant and a furious champion in the ring. Who will win?

No Disqualification Match:

Chris Jericho vs Edge

Things turned personal between these two when Jericho interfered and attacked Edge in his rematch with World Champion Barrett. Jericho considers Edge as someone who always got more than he deserved and who does not deserve any more title shots. Jericho hates Edge to the core and promises to demolish him at SS. Teddy Long announced this No Disqualification match so that this feud ends in a decisive manner.

Tag Team match:

Zack Ryder & Santino Marella vs The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh

Santino Marella promised that his disciple Ryder will never lose a match under his training. Marella has performed antics in between the match which have distracted, angered and pissed off several referees, but Ryder always benefited and won. Khali wants a singles match with Ryder, and if Khali’s team wins here, Khali will face Ryder at Smackdown.

US Championship Match:

US Champion John Morrison vs William Regal

John Morrison considers that the means don’t matter, only the end does. After he cheated his way out of the US title match with McIntyre, Morrison was totally vocal about his actions and vowed to do anything to keep the title on him. Come SS, he faces an Englishman who has been following these tricks since a time longer than Morrison’s whole career. William Regal is not called the devious Englishman for nothing. And with the US title on the stake, it only remains to be seen which of these competitors steals the title from the other one.

Grudge Match:

The Miz vs Drew McIntyre

The Miz considers Drew Mac as a loser who just cribs about his bad luck, Drew had an unbeaten streak till recently but has lost matches since. Miz interfered in his match for earning the spot on Team RAW. Drew however got the better of Miz when he rolled him back into the ring with the Texas Rattlesnake and Miz ended up getting a stunner. At Survivor Series, both of them will be looking for a win over their biggest enemy in the WWE currently.

Prediction Template:

1) Predict the winner(s) of each match.
2) Predict the survivor(s) in the Elimination Tag Match.
3) Do you think John Cena will turn on Team RAW. Yes/No?

The results will be put up within 48 hours.

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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

Survivor Series Elimination Tag Match:

Team RAW (The Undertaker, John Cena, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus)
Team Smackdown (Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, JBL, Batista)

Intercontinental Championship match:

IC Champion Dolph Ziggler vs Mark Henry

No Disqualification Match:

Chris Jericho vs Edge

Tag Team match:

Zack Ryder & Santino Marella vs The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh

US Championship Match:

John Morrison vs William Regal

Grudge Match:

Miz vs Drew McIntyre

2 Orton and Barrett

3 No he will not turn on team Raw
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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

Team RAW (The Undertaker, John Cena, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus) vs Team Smackdown (Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, JBL, Batista)

IC Champion Dolph Ziggler vs Mark Henry

Chris Jericho vs Edge

Zack Ryder & Santino Marella vs The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh

John Morrison vs William Regal

Miz vs Drew McIntyre

2: Orton

3: No
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