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WWE 2009 – Bridging The Gap

Our story picks up from Wrestlemania 25 where WHC Edge and WWE Champion Randy Orton will lead us into the new wrestling year. While deciding on a project, I wasn’t sure whether to do one from present day WWE or go back to a time period that I felt had massive potential but was ruined by repetitive summer booking. While thinking over this problem I came up with a hybrid solution that I hope I will be able to make work. Instead of going through the trouble of having to debut every single new guy separately I have decided to just add them to the roster as they are. I think it would be impossible to try and push so many people at once. By just having them already there it will be much easier for me to help them grow. They will have the same characters but are basically starting from scratch therefore no championship history etc. It is with this mix of established WWE stars and the new stars of the future that WWE 2009 – Bridging The Gap hopes to prosper.

Roster Note

The annual WWE Draft will take place the night after Backlash. Once the draft has occurred both the Raw and SD rosters will be on lockdown. But until that time the Board of Directors has issued an open show policy where anybody can be on any show. This is mainly due to the fact that many of the Backlash matches are likely to be inter-promotional. Once the PPV is over and the draft has occurred each superstar must stick to their assigned roster or face hefty penalties. For this reason rosters will not be listed until after the draft but the overall WWE roster is as follows:

Hall of Champions:

WWE Champion - Randy Orton
World Heavyweight Champion - Edge
Intercontinental Champion - Rey Mysterio
United States Champion - MVP
Unified Tag Team Champions - The Miz and John Morrison
*MITB Holder - CM Punk

Regular roster:

John Cena
Triple H (inactive)
Batista (inactive)
Shawn Michaels
The Undertaker
Chris Jericho
Umaga (inactive)
Mr. Kennedy (inactive)
Kofi Kingston
Big Show
R Truth
William Regal
Jack Swagger
Evan Bourne
Shelton Benjamin
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Shad Gaspard
John Morrison
Santino Marella
Charlie Hass
Jamie Noble
Cody Rhodes
Ted DiBiase
Mark Henry
Dolph Ziggler
Alex Riley
Wade Barrett
Alberto Del Rio
Drew McIntyre
Justin Gabriel

Mickie James
Kelly Kelly
Candice Michelle
Beth Phoenix
Jillian Hall
Michelle McCool

General Manager Note

After the events that occurred at Wrestlemania 25, the McMahon family has withdrawn itself from the office in order to recuperate. The WWE Board of Directors has therefore enacted the contingency plans set forth in the bylaws which state that they have exactly one month to find a new General Manager for Raw. Under the pursuit of a fresh direction, the Board of Directors has decided to release Vickie Guerrero and Teddy Long from their duties as Smackdown General Manager and Interim General Manager. They now have until the Draft to reveal who they have chosen to manage each show. Until then, their word is law.

WWE Smackdown

WWE have inked a deal with the USA network. The show will move to Thursday nights and go live. This will take place after WWE Backlash. Until then the show will remain on Friday nights and continue to be taped on Tuesdays.

PPV Schedule:

25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania
April 5th 2009
Reliant Stadium – Houston, TX

April 26th 2009
Scottrade Center – St Louis, MO

*WWE Draft – 3 Hour Special
April 27th 2009
Kemper Arena – Kansas City, MO

Judgment Day
May 24th 2009
Verizon Center – Washington DC

*Saturday Night’s Main Event – 3 Hour Special
June 20th 2009
Mellon Arena – Pittsburg, PA

Night of Champions
June 21st 2009
Wachovia Center – Philadelphia, PA

The Great American Bash
July 19th 2009
Toyota Center – Houston, TX

August 16th 2009
Bank Atlantic Center – Fort Lauderdale, FL

September 13th 2009
TD Garden – Boston, MA

No Mercy
October 11th 2009
Quicken Loans Arena - Cleveland, OH

Survivor Series
November 15th 2009
American Airlines Center – Dallas, TX

December 20th 2009
Key Arena – Seattle, WA

Royal Rumble
January 24th 2010
Madison Square Garden – New York City, NY

No Way Out
February 21st 2010
Thomas and Mack Center – Las Vegas, NV

Wrestlemania 26
April 4th 2010
University of Phoenix Stadium – Glendale, AZ

WWE Wrestlemania 25 Results

WWE Tag Team Title Unification Match
The Miz and John Morrison def The Colons

MITB Ladder Match
CM Punk def MVP, Mark Henry, Kane, Shelton Benjamin, Kofi Kingston, Christian and Finlay

Chris Jericho def Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat and Jimmy Snuka

Extreme Rules Match
Matt Hardy def Jeff Hardy

Intercontinental Title Match
Rey Mysterio def JBL

The Streak
The Undertaker def Shawn Michaels

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge def John Cena and The Big show

No DQ WWE Championship Match
Randy Orton def Triple H

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Re: WWE 2009 - Bridging the Gap

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview, April 6th 2009

"The Day After The Night Before"

Witness the fallout of the biggest extravaganza of the year, Wrestlemania, live tonight on Monday Night Raw. Due to the open door policy alluded to by the Board of Directors, superstars from both Raw and Smackdown are expected. Also, what will John Cena and The Big Show have to say about Edge sneaking his way to victory to retain the World Heavyweight Championship? Finally, newly crowned WWE Champion Randy Orton will address the WWE Universe after his victory on the grandest stage of them all. However, it still remains to be seen whether or not Triple H or any of the McMahon family will be in attendance after the beatings they suffered as a result of the new champion’s victory. Will The Viper face repercussions for his actions? Or will we enter into the second era of The Age of Orton? Tune in LIVE to Monday Night Raw to find out!


MITB Holder CM Punk and MVP vs The Legacy
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Re: WWE 2009 - Bridging the Gap

OK well, this is my first show. I know I have a lot to learn but I think I have made a decent stab at this. I think my style is a bit different from the norm on this board as I have decided to do away with writing out matches for weekly shows unless something important happens in them. Instead I hope to focus on the character and storyline aspect more. Anyways here it is. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

WWE Monday Night Raw
April 6th 2009
Toyota Center – Houston, TX

“The Day After The Night Before”

**Intro Video**

**Video package recap of Wrestlemania from last night**

The Wrestlemania theme song plays showing the winners and big events of what happened last night. CM Punk grabbing the briefcase and celebrating with the fans, Chris Jericho beating the Legends only to get punched by Mickey Rourke, a Jeff Hardy highlight reel, Rey Mysterio’s victory over JBL, Edge sneaking his way to victory in the World Heavyweight Championship match, an extended series of clips of The Undertaker defeating Shawn Michaels and finally, things shift focus to the WWE Championship match. Triple H is shown beating on Orton until The Viper begins to regain control. Here the music changes. The screen adopts a scratchy effect. The chaos that ensued in the final few minutes of the match are seen in quick flashes……..Rhodes and DiBiase running to the ring…….Vince and Shane running down after them…………all hell breaking loose as a brawl ensues amongst everybody involved……..Orton attacking Vince with the sledgehammer………Rhodes and DiBiase taking out Shane………..Stephanie running to the ring as Orton holds the sledgehammer over her husband’s head……..Orton raising the hammer high………Stephanie trying to pull it off him………Orton slapping her hard in the face……. Triple H crawling to his knees…….Orton hitting a vicious punt to the skull as he tries to reach for his wife. The image of the brutal punt is relayed in slow motion over and over again. The camera zooms in to show the champion’s eyes roll to the back of his head as Orton stands above him with a look of pure evil on his face. He drops to the mat and the screen goes dark. The referee can be heard counting 1, 2, 3 before the screen switches to show Orton holding his newly won title in the air while the McMahon’s and Triple H lay devastated at his feet. Shane is broken on the outside. Vince is face down on the mat. Stephanie is hovering over her beaten husband, a hand covering her swollen face. The camera zooms in one final time to the cold, merciless eyes of the new WWE Champion as the package comes to an end.

**Monday Night Raw Intro Video**

The camera cuts to a wide angle of the arena where the fans in Houston are going wild, eagerly anticipating the first person to walk out from behind the curtain and kick start the show.

Cole: Ladies and gentlemen we welcome you to Monday Night Raw, live from Houston Texas where we are just about ready to kick off the aftermath of Wrestlemania and King, what an aftermath it is set to be.

King: You got that right, Michael. We have a new champion in Randy Orton and….

Cole: Let me stop you right there, King. The events of that WWE Championship match last night were chaotic. It could quite possibly be the craziest series of events to a Wrestlemania main event I have ever seen. I just have to wonder what response, if any, the McMahon’s are going to have….

King: I don’t think we are going to be seeing any of the McMahon’s, Triple H included, for a very long time. We all saw it, The Game got stretchered out of Reliant Stadium last night while Randy Orton walked out with the title. I have a feeling that the Age of Orton, as he likes to call it, is here to stay.

Cole: I guess we’ll just have to see about that. Randy Orton is scheduled to be here tonight. We’re just going to have to wait for him to address us.

King: And that wasn’t the only title match that took place last night. The Ultimate Opportunist, Edge, managed to sneak his way to victory against John Cena and The Big Show to retain his World Heavyweight Championship and I’m pretty darn sure that John will have something to say about that…..


King doesn’t get a chance to finish his sentence as John Cena bursts onto the stage to a huge reaction from the Texan fans. He wastes no time on the ramp, sprinting to the ring and quickly grabbing a microphone while soaking in the atmosphere. A fairly loud, “CENA SUCKS” chant begins that gets his attention but he shakes it off and raises the mic to his mouth.

Cena: Well, it seems that last night didn’t turn out too well for me.

The Champ pauses while the males in attendance let out a loud cheer. He looks around the arena and the cheers only get louder. But they are quickly met with equally loud, “CENA” chants. All too soon the arena has fallen into a chant war with the man himself standing in the ring shaking his head. He waits for things to die down before speaking again.

Cena: Obviously some of you are happy about that and some of you, well, some of you aren’t. You see I promised to win the World Heavyweight Championship and get it away from the ugly…….sordid……mess that is the Edge, Vickie Guerrero, Big Show love triangle. But I couldn’t do it.

John removes his hat and rubs at his head for a moment while another loud cheer rings out which is again met with loud dueling chants.

Cena: I couldn’t get it done and all because Edge is still hiding behind Vickie to keep the title. Well I say not anymore!

The kids in attendance let out a great cheer as their hero begins to pace the ring.

Cena: Edge! This is the Raw after Wrestlemania, we are LIVE in Houston, Texas and hell, I don’t even know if I have a rematch clause but dammit I’m invoking it or outright challenging you to a rematch right here, RIGHT NOW!

Once again a loud cheer rings out around the arena as Cena’s fans make themselves heard. All heads turn to the entrance ramp, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Heavyweight Champion. After a few seconds it’s clear that he isn’t coming.

Cena: Somehow I didn’t think you would go for that. How about this then? How about I just come back there, find your ass, drag you out to this ring and then we have the matc……


A decent mixed pop breaks out for World’s Largest Athlete as he angrily stomps his way to the ring and glares at Cena. He grabs a mic between his huge paws and stands in front of the smaller man.

Show: You weren’t the only one in that match, Cena. And if anybody deserves a rematch, it’s ME, not you.

Cena: Hey ho! Hey ho! Pipe down big guy, pipe down. You deserve a rematch, huh? Let’s see, YOU were the guy that got pinned last night therefore YOU deserve nothing.

The big man is visibly fuming at Cena’s words and gets right in his face. Cena doesn’t back down which only angers him even more.

Show: I’m warning you, John. Don’t mess with me. I’m getting that rematch tonight and I’m going on to become the World Heavyweight Champion. I’m the World’s Largest Athlete. I’m 7 foot 2. I’m 500….

Cena: We know, we know. You’re 7 foot 2, you’re 500 pounds. You like to make out with 4 foot 2, 500 pound women like Vickie Guerrero.

A loud pop echoes around the arena at The Champ’s remark while Big Show continues to fume.

Cena: But I think you’re forgetting something. Yeah, I may not be as tall as you and I may not be as big as you. But I’m over 6 feet and over 200 pounds of solid muscle and attitude that is ready to KNOCK YOU DOWN if you get in my way.

The fans continue to cheer and a high pitched squeak erupts as Cena throws off his hat and shirt before grabbing the mic and getting right in Big Show’s face.

Cena: I’m right here, man. You want some….

Cena lets the fans finish his catchphrase as he stays in Show’s face with his fists balled at his sides. The pair look ready to go and the noise level in the arena rises, everyone anticipating the inevitable brawl until….


The World Heavyweight Champion finally makes his appearance to a loud chorus of boos mixed with some slight cheers from the anti-Cena fans in attendance. Dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, a leather jacket and sunglasses, Edge decides to linger on the ramp while addressing the two men he beat last night to retain his title.

Edge: Look at you guys, just look at you. You’re out here arguing with each other over a match that isn’t going to happen.

Loud boos echo around the arena and they only get louder as the Champion continues to speak.

Edge: You see, after my hard fought victory last night, I have decided to give myself the night off. So that means no rematch for either of you. Besides, Cena does raise a good point. I pinned you last night Show and therefore that puts you right out of the race. And you, John, well, I’ve beaten you so many times that any claim you have to this title has long since burned out. As far as I’m concerned, NEITHER of you deserve anything.

Edge soaks in the disapproval from the fans as he looks around the arena with a shit eating grin on his face.

Edge: And considering what happened to the McMahon family last night, there’s absolutely no one here with the authority to make me defend my title so I’m simply not going to do it.

Cena: Always the chicken’s way out, right Edge?

The camera pans back to the ring to focus on Cena as he paces up and down while Big Show stands off to the side, silently fuming still.

Cena: Randy Orton…

The mere mention of the new WWE Champion’s name brings a loud chorus of boos that forces Cena to stop for a moment before continuing.

Cena: Randy Orton attacks the McMahon’s like the coward he is and you think that means there’s nobody to force you to defend your title tonight?

Cena stop for a second and rubs his chin in thought.

Cena: I hate to tell you this but, I think you’re wrong.

He instantly drops the mic and levels Show with an unexpected low blow, quickly bringing the big man to his knees before sprinting up the ramp in hot pursuit of the champion. Unfortunately for Edge, the whole thing happened so quickly that he didn’t get a chance to run. Cena catches him easily and immediately starts throwing lefts and rights. The fans are going crazy as an all-out brawl ensues on the top of the ramp. Edge starts to fight back, throwing Cena into the large WWE sign on the ramp. He grabs his title and readies himself to take Cena out when Show surprises him from behind with a club to the back. He stumbles forward and into the hands of the recovering John Cena who automatically picks him up over his shoulders. High pitched cheers mixed with lower tone boos break out as The Champ looks set to deliver an FU. He hoists Edge up and over his shoulders and the loud thud of a body on steel rings out as the champion goes crashing onto the stage. The celebration, however, is short lived as Cena turns around and into a hard Chokeslam onto the steel. Show looks at the two battered bodies lying before him and grabs the World Championship. He looks at it for a second before raising it high in the air to loud boos as we head to the first commercial of the evening.


Cole: What a chaotic start to the show! We have John Cena issuing challenges to Edge, Big Show issuing challenges to Edge, Cena issuing challenges to Big Show and Edge issuing challenges to nobody!

King: Love him or hate him, Edge raises a very valid point though. We are without a General Manager tonight and if my gut is right, we aren’t going to have one for a good while yet. Stephanie, Vince, Shane, they’re all out. Well, at least I think that they are. I mean, there’s no way that……

Cole: Wait a second, King! Just hold on! I’m receiving word here…………can we……….can we get a camera in the back please…..

On the tron we see a shaky image of the backstage area as the cameraman along with Todd Grisham sprint through the arena and to the parking lot. Just as they round the corner a long limousine is seen pulling in. An excited pop fills the arena as the fans anxiously wait to see who it is. After a moment or two, the door opens and large security man steps out. He sweeps the immediate area before stepping aside and speaking to the person inside.

Security Man: It’s OK to come out, ma’am.

After another hesitant moment, the gasps from inside the arena can be heard as Linda McMahon steps out of the limo looking haggard and extremely upset. She completely ignores Grisham and walks right by him and on through the door. The camera pans back to Todd.

Grisham: Ah………ah……….Linda McMahon, ladies and gentlemen. Linda McMahon has just arrived and has gone into the arena. We’ll try to get more information as the night progresses.

We now cut back to the arena and to the stunned faces of Cole and King at ringside.

King: That is the last person I was expecting to step out of that limo. What is Linda McMahon doing here?

Cole: The CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment and the only McMahon that was missing from Orton’s brutal attack last night. Why is she here and what, if anything, does she have to say?

**First match**
Wrestlemania rematch – WWE Unified Tag Team Championships
John Morrison and The Miz def The Colons

The cameras are back in the parking lot and we see Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase anxiously pacing around. They are obviously waiting for someone and it isn’t hard to figure out who. The fans in the arena are booing loudly at the sight of the young tag team who played an instrumental part in the destruction of the McMahon family last night at Wrestlemania. Finally a black SUV pulls in and after a moment we catch our first glimpse of the new WWE Champion as he steps out of the car. The heat is pouring in from the fans as Orton slings his title over his shoulder before noticing the expression on the faces of his partners.

Orton: What?

Ted and Cody look at each other, neither saying anything causing their leader to get impatient.

Orton: WHAT?

Cody: Ummmm…..Linda McMahon is here……

Orton’s face gets tight as his jaw clenches. It seems as if he is angry but everyone is left in a state of confusion when a sick smile crosses the champions face. He walks right past his team mates, not even looking in their direction, leaving the rest of us to wonder exactly what The Viper has in mind.

We now cut to the backstage area to find Edge walking proudly around, title in hand. The champion appears to be lost as he is seen checking numerous doors.

Edge: Why the hell can’t people label doors? I’m the World Champion for God sakes!

He continues to mutter to himself until he opens a door and his face quickly goes blank. The camera pans around to show that Edge has stumbled upon the office of Linda McMahon. A substantial pop goes up for the CEO as Edge begins to apologize and moves to head out the door but he is summoned inside.

Linda: It’s alright, come inside.

Edge: Mrs McMahon……I……it’s great to see you here tonight. And can I just say that I’m so sorry about what happened to your family at Wrestlemania, I……

He stops talking at the look of utter sadness that crosses the elder woman’s face and his eyes drop to the floor.

Linda: Even though I don’t believe a word you’re saying, thank you. But that’s not why I called you in here. I heard about the opening to the show tonight and based on what happened between the three of you I’ve made a decision about tonight’s main event. We will have a number one contender’s match between The Big Show and John Cena….

The fans let out a huge roar at that announcement while the Champion begins to silently fume.

Linda: The winner of that match will go on to face you at Backlash for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Edge is motionless as he just stands there staring blankly into space.

Linda: You can leave now.

The Champion scowls before turning and leaving the room. The camera cuts back to Linda and closes in on her face. The worry lines and stress of last night’s events are apparent as we fade back to the arena.

King: We have our main event, folks! John Cena versus The Big Show with the winner getting a title shot at Backlash.

Cole: Edge didn’t look too pleased about that, King.

King: Can you blame him? He was expecting an uneventful night and now he has this to look forward too. And we still don’t know what Linda McMahon is here for although from the look on Randy Orton’s face I’m a little bit worried.

Cole: He’s sick, King. Orton is sick and I just hope that Linda steers clear from him tonight or we could end up with a repeat of Wrestlemania on our hands.

King: You don’t think he would….

Cole: I don’t know, King. I don’t know.

**Second Match**
Jeff Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin
Winner – Jeff Hardy

As soon as the match is over Matt hardy hits the ring and attacks his brother, leaving him lying in the ring while he stalks back up the ramp, a crazy look on his face.

We cut to the back to see Chris Jericho walking down the hallway. We’ll hear from him NEXT!



We are back from commercial and right away the self-professed Savior of the WWE is here to greet out. The fans give a generous amount of boos for Jericho who stalks to the ring with an angry look on his face. He climbs inside and glares at those sitting ringside.

Jericho: Roddy Piper. Ricky Steamboat. Jimmy Snuka. Ric Flair. You know what all these men have in common? It’s the fact that I beat them all and sent them back into retirement! Last night at Wrestlemania was supposed to be the night where I did my job and gave myself a pat on the back. But that isn’t what happened, is it?

A loud cheer fills the arena, the fans knowing full well what Jericho is talking about.

Jericho: You see Mickey Rourke had to climb inside this ring and get involved in things he has no business being involved in. Do you have any idea what I do, Mister Rourke? I end careers, I destroy legends! If you think I’m going to let you punch me in the face and just walk away then you are sorely mistaken.

Jericho pauses and looks to the ramp, his face a myriad of anger and annoyance mixed a little bit of determination.

Jericho: That’s why I’m issuing a challenge to you right now. You want to be a wrestler, huh? Why don’t you step inside this ring and I’ll show you how it’s really done, Mickey? Need I remind you that this isn’t a movie set; this is one hundred percent real. If you get inside this ring with me I’ll show you what this business is all about.

All eyes are on the stage as everybody awaits the presence of one Mickey Rourke. Jericho can be seen pacing in the ring. He has removed his tie and suit jacket while he continues to stalk the ring in anger yelling, “Come on, Mickey!” over and over again. The hype created by the challenge slowly starts to dwindle as it soon becomes apparent that he isn’t coming. Jericho stops pacing and smirks in victory.

Jericho: Just like I thought. You can play a wrestler in the movies but you can’t play one for real. That’s it, that’s fine. You can stay back there with your Golden Globe award. You don’t deserve to be this ring with me anyway, you don’t deserve to stand in the presence of greatness, of a TRUE legend in this business. You see, last night I sent the old men packin’ back to the home. There’s only one legend left in this industry right now and his name…….is Chris Jericho.

He gives another smug smile while soaking in the heat until………..


The fans erupt for the appearance of The Heartbreak Kid as he walks onto the stage. Something is noticeably missing however. He isn’t dancing. He isn’t smiling. This is a different Shawn Michaels than we are used to seeing. He climbs into the ring and snatches the microphone right out of Jericho’s hand to the surprise, and delight of everybody, excluding Jericho himself of course.

Shawn Michaels: You aren’t…….

“HBK!” “HBK!” “HBK!”

Shawn manages a small smile at the chant that has broken out for him and lets it die down before speaking again.

Shawn Michaels: You aren’t the only one feeling disappointed about Wrestlemania Jericho. You see I didn’t do it………….I didn’t beat The Undertaker.

A mixture of boos and cheers ring out, the crowd still divided in two camps. Jericho is smiling at the fact. There is no love lost between these two superstars after all.

Shawn Michaels: And it…..it’s killing me. So I was sitting back there listening to you issue phony challenges and talk about legends and we’ll, it got me to thinking. Undertaker, you are without a doubt, one of the biggest legends in the WWE. Last night……last night I failed to beat you. But that was then, and this is now.

Shawn seems to be getting his spirit back as he begins to pace the ring to the sound of small cheers from the fans around him.

Shawn Michaels: In four weeks, it’s Backlash. And I’m here to ask you, Deadman, I’m here to issue the challenge.

He looks into the camera and holds up a finger.

Shawn Michaels: You………..me………..one more time………no holds barred.

The fans cheer in approval, everybody eager to see part II of the classic match that took place just 24 hours prior.

Shawn Michaels: Next week on Raw, Undertaker. I’ll be waiting for my ans……

Jericho: What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Heavy boos erupt as Jericho gets right up in HBK’s face. He managed to grab a second microphone from somewhere and seems none too happy at what just went down.

Jericho: You think you’re just going to come out here on MY time and start issuing challenges? You can’t beat The Undertaker, Shawn. You’re going to fail at Backlash just like you failed last night!

The words are barely out of Jericho’s mouth before he is smacked right in the face by some good old Sweet Chin Music. A huge cheer goes up at the sight as HBK stays frozen over Jericho’s fallen body. He smirks at the man below him before looking into the camera and holding up his finger again. “One more time, deadman. One more time,” he utters as his music starts up and he exits the ring.

Cole: He just kicked Jericho damn head off!

King: More importantly than that, he just issued a challenge to The Undertaker for a No Holds Barred Match at Backlash in four weeks!

Cole: Shawn Michaels failed to get the job done in what many people are calling a truly classic matchup between the pair last night.

King: It was a classic, Cole. Both of them put everything on the line but just like everybody else before him, HBK came up short on the grandest stage of them all.

Cole: I guess we’ll have to wait until Smackdown to find out if The Undertaker will accept the challenge. He beat Shawn already, can he do it again?

The camera’s cut backstage to show Big Show in his locker room getting ready for the main event. A door is heard clicking shut and he looks up to find Vickie Guerrero in his room. The heat from the arena is unbearable and she hasn’t even spoken yet.

Vickie: Excuse me, Show?


Show: You don’t need to be excused, Vickie, what is it?

Vickie: I’m sorry you didn’t win the championship last night. I came to see if you’re OK.

Show: You know what? I don’t need this right now. I didn’t win the World Title and you know why? It’s because I’ve been too focused on all of this, too focused on you. Tonight I have the chance to get the title back and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. You don’t fit in those plans, Vickie.

Vickie: What are you saying?

Show: I’m saying you can leave.

The fans pop big for that statement as Vickie gets a pure look of fury on her face. She screams and goes to walk right into Show’s personal space until he stand up, completely towering over her stopping her dead in her tracks.

Show: I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

The pair just stare at each other for a few tension filled seconds until Vickie lets out another impatient and angry scream before turning on her heel and stalking out the door.


**Third match**
MVP & CM Punk vs The Legacy
Winner – MVP & CM Punk

Cut to the back where Randy Orton is seen simply shaking his head at what just happened in the ring. His passive nature is rather disturbing and only adds to the ominous feeling of what might happen later tonight.

From here a video package plays showing the events leading up to the WWE championship match at Wrestlemania between Triple H and Randy Orton. The video focuses on the main events of the actual match, in particular, the closing stretch. It ends with a montage of Orton attacking each and every member of the McMahon family, concluding with the vicious punt to the head of The Game and closing with Orton holding the Championship high above his head while Stephanie McMahon cried over her fallen husband.

Cole: Once again ladies and gentlemen, the events that closed the show last night.

King: I have a bad feeling about Orton tonight. He seems calm, way too calm considering the fact that Linda McMahon is here.

Cole: Why shouldn’t he be calm, King? He’s already taken every member of her family out and he’s the WWE Champion!

King: I still have a bad feeling, Michael, a very bad feeling.


The time has finally come for the main event.


Louder boos since the last time we saw him fill the arena as Show plods to the ring, a look of serious determination on his face. He stands to the left and impatiently starts pacing around, anxiously awaiting the arrival of his opponent who is making him sweat until finally….


The ever present high pitched squeals that accompany this particular song are thunderous as once again John Cena bounces onto the stage. He salutes at the top and then sprints to the ring, bounding off the ropes once inside. Another loud squeal erupts when he takes off his shirt and cap and throws them into the eager crowd. He takes up his spot in the corner of the ring. The bell sounds and we are good to go!

Main Event
John Cena vs The Big Show
Winner faces Edge for the WHC at Backlash

Match Ending: After a hard fought back and forth contest we now find John Cena trapped in a tight Camel clutch at this stage of the match. Most of the fans are fully behind him and cheering desperately as they try to will him on. Cena is trying to get to his feet. He manages to climb to his knees…………..then up to one foot……………then to another foot! Big Show’s face is in shock as he now finds himself teetering dangerously on the other man’s back. Cena lets out a fierce yell as he finally powers out of the hold and upright before instantly falling backwards knocking Show to the ground. He rolls off the other man and leaps to his feet. He gets in a few swift kicks but Show manages to get up too. Cena bounds quickly off the ropes and hits a hard shoulder block. But it only takes the big man down to one knee! He runs off the ropes and hits another HARD shoulder block, literally steamrolling through the other man and leaving him flat on his back. The noise level considerably rises as he stands at the other man’s head and holds out his hand. The male contingent starts to boo as he runs off the ropes, dusts off his shoulder and delivers the FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE! Cena looks set to hit the FU. Show is slowly staggering back to his feet. Cena rushes in and is just about to lift him onto his shoulder when he is hit with a thunderous SPEAR! A mixture of boos and cheers breaks out as EDGE turns around and takes out Big Show too. He smiles and scrables to his feet holding his world title proudly in the air to the sound of the bell ringing in the background.

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen the referee has rules this match as a No Contest!

The former cheers have now turned to immense boos, much to the delight of the Champion who simply shrugs his shoulders and smiles wickedly.


Cole: What the hell is this?

King: We were supposed to find out the number one contender tonight but I think Edge has just solved his own problem. There’s NO number one contender!

Cole: This is ridiculous.

King: And there’s nobody here with the authority to do anything about it.

Cole: But Linda McMahon…..

We leave the image of Edge standing on the ramp posing with his title to see Linda McMahon walking alone down a hallway backstage.

King: Linda McMahon has other things on her mind, Michael and it looks like we are about to find out just what they are, NEXT!


There is a brief pause while the Raw logo flashes on the screen until the fabled entrance music of LINDA MCMAHON hits. The fans pop as the woman herself cautiously makes her way to ringside sans security. She gets in the ring and nods at those fans at ringside calling her name before raising the mic to her lips and starting to talk. Her voice is shaky and nervous as she does so.

Linda: Last night at Wrestlemania, I sat helplessly and watched as my family got destroyed by Randy Orton and The Legacy.

HUGE heat.

Linda: I can’t even……….I can’t even describe to you how I feel right now. Shane…..Shane is at home nursing a concussion. Vince is beaten and bruised. He hasn’t spoken a word since last night. Stephanie is still in the hospital. She hasn’t moved from her husband’s bedside.

Linda is visibly upset as she talks about the trauma her family is going through right now. She takes a deep breath and tries to continue.

Linda: Hunter is………..well, he’s in pretty bad shape right now. After that punt to the head……….he still hasn’t woken up yet. The doctor’s say that it could take weeks, months for it to happen. He may not ever wrestle again.

A seriously loud outpouring of boos fills the arena at Linda’s words. Some fans seem to be in shock at the severity of the injuries sustained by all last night.

Linda: Randy Orton, you took it upon yourself to destroy my family these past few months. I hope you’re happy. You put out my son, my husband. You attacked my daughter and quite possibly ended my son-in-law’s career. You got what you wanted.

Linda pauses here. She looks defeated and it appears like she has given up hope until a sudden determination fills her eyes. She glances up with a look of resilience of her face.

Linda: But you aren’t going to win.

The fans start to cheer as Linda seems to have found some measure of resistance.

Linda: I have every faith that Hunter will get better, that Vince and Shane will get better and when they do, you had better watch out because they’re coming for you.

The cheers gets louder but quickly turn into the absolute loudest boos of the night when a familiar entrance theme hits.


The WWE Champion walks onto the stage to an outpouring of heat. The fans are booing the absolute hell out of him as he slowly walks to the ring and gets inside. He glares at Linda and gets right in her face. She is visibly shaken but is trying hard to hold her ground and not get scared. Orton continues to stare a hole right through her to insane heat from the crowd. He lifts the mic to his mouth and tries to speak only to get rained down by even more boos if possible. He creaks his neck to the side before turning back to Linda and finally starts to speak.

Orton: Linda……..I have to say that I’m surprised to see you here tonight. After what I did to your family last night, I thought we were finally going to get a McMahon free show……………guess not.

Randy ignores the heat and eases back a little so that he’s no longer in Mrs. McMahon’s face. He rubs at his temples and looks slightly confused.

Orton: And that begs the question, Linda, just what are you doing here tonight? If you were smart you would realize that I am a VERY dangerous man. After the pain and brutal beating that I inflicted on each and every member of your family last night, do you seriously think that I won’t do the same to you?

A surprised gasp scatters around the arena and Linda looks scared as hell as Orton gets right back up in her face, forcing her backwards until she’s against the ropes and has nowhere else to go. We can hear her pleading, “No,” but Randy just talks over her.

Orton: I beat Triple H for the WWE Championship last night. I punted him in the skull and put him on the shelf for good, Linda. He’s never coming back. I gave your son a concussion, I beat the hell out of your husband, hell, I even slapped your daughter in the face and yet you come out here tonight and tell me that I need to watch out? That I need to be ready for when they return? Let me make this clear for you, Linda, they are NE-VER coming back. Triple H is done, he’s finished. He’s going to spend the rest of his life as a damn vegetable while your pathetic daughter sits at his bedside hoping and praying that he wakes up.

The boos have reached fever pitch at this point as the Champion seems to have lost it. He has a crazy look in his eye, the same look he seems to get when he strikes out and attacks someone. Linda is crying at this stage, absolutely horrified at Orton’s words and afraid that he might make do on his threats.


Orton holds the title belt right up against Linda’s face. He stares at it with a maniacal gleam in his eyes before staring right back at her.

Orton: This belt belongs to me, THIS COMPANY belongs to me.

Something seems to have come over him as he really starts to get in Linda’s face, his forehead pressing against hers as he glares at her menacingly. The fans are booing like crazy and Linda herself is crying in terror as longtime company officials such as Fit Finlay, Tony Garea, Arn Anderson and a slew of referees run into the ring and try to separate the pair. They grab Orton and force him back while ushering Linda out of the ring. Orton stalks to the side of the ring where Linda is standing outside and starts yelling at her.


Randy almost seems to be in a spasm as he runs his hand across his face and starts to rock on his heels all the while glaring at the remaining McMahon. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath before his demeanor quickly changes. He becomes calm and blinks slowly before addressing her one last time even though she is well up the ramp and heading to the back at this stage.

Orton: The Age of Orton has resumed. And it’s here to stay.

Every person in the arena is on their feet and hurling abuse at the Champion’s outburst. And the boos only get louder as Orton slowly turns around. He spots Arn Anderson and Fit Finlay still standing in the ring. In an instant he drops the title and hits a swift RKO on Double AA to the displeasure of everybody. He is quickly back on his feet and moves to hit Finlay too only he reacted quick enough and got out of the ring. Orton gives one final glare up the ramp before picking up his title and raising it high into the air while the fans boo his damn ass off to end the show.

Cole: Good God, Randy Orton has lost it!

King: I can’t believe what we just saw. I have never seen anybody speak to Linda McMahon like that before, I’ve never seen her so scared. Orton is a loose cannon, he’s a God damn psycho…

Cole: And he’s our WWE Champion!

King: God help us, Michael! God help us all!


Quick results
John Morrison and The Miz def The Colons
Jeff Hardy def Shelton Benjamin
MVP and CM Punk def The Legacy
John Cena vs Big Show ended in No Contest


-Empty thus far-

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Re: WWE 2009 - Bridging the Gap

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview, April 10th 2009

"Number NONE Contender?"

John Cena and The Big Show were both hoping to walk into Smackdown as the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. But due to Edge's interference in the main event on Raw, this was made impossible for both men. With no General Manager on either show, how will this three way mess be resolved? All three men are scheduled to be in attendance this Friday night. Will Edge find another way to avoid defending his title or will The Champ or The Largest Athlete in the World find a way to outsmart The Ultimate Opportunist?

One man who has found himself on a considerable roll as of late is Mr MITB, CM Punk. After adding another notch to his belt this past Monday night, The Straight Edge Master is set to open the show and address the world as of his plans for the briefcase. Both World Heavyweight Champion, Edge and WWE Champion Randy Orton had better be on their toes as the briefcase can be cashed in at any time. Could Friday be the night?

And speaking of the WWE Champion, one has to wonder if there will be any retaliation for his despicable treatment of Linda McMahon as Raw went off the air Monday night. But with all McMahon's seemingly out of the picture, it looks as if The Viper will reign supreme until a General Manager is instilled after Backlash. Even then, it's still a question as to whether he will follow their instruction.

Also, The Undertaker has promised to address Shawn Michaels and his challenge for a rematch at Backlash. Will The Deadman be looking forward to a second clash with Mr Wrestlemania?

All this and more on Friday Night Smackdown!

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Re: WWE 2009 - Bridging the Gap

So this took a little longer than expected to get finished. I think I may have to switch to a shorter form until I get to the draft if I ever want to get there at all lol.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown
April 10th 2009
Frank Erwin Center – Austin, TX

“Number NONE Contender?”

**Intro Video**

**Video Recap of Wrestlemania and Raw**

The opening video package relays the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania, more specifically, Edge retaining the title. It then cuts to the opening promo of Raw where we see the brawl that ensued on the stage between all three men. Finally we see Linda McMahon making the number one contenders match between Big Show and John Cena. We cut to the happenings of the match. Cena looks set to hit the FU until he’s taken out by a SPEAR! Edge is seen grasping at his hair frantically before hitting Big Show with a SPEAR. The package ends with Edge holding his title high in the air while Cena and Show lay at his feet.

**Friday Night Smackdown Intro Video**

The camera pans around the arena to show the fans going nuts while the announcers welcome everybody to the show.

Cole: Welcome everybody to Friday Night Smackdown!

JR: The Frank Erwin Center is raucous here in Austin, Texas just five days removed from Wrestlemania. We have no General Managers, the McMahon’s are out, Randy Orton has gone BAH GAWD crazy and there are no contenders for the World Heavyweight Championship after Edge’s interference on Raw!

Cole: We’re in for an interesting night that’s for sure. And what better way to start things off than with Mister Money in the Bank, CM PUNK!


The Straight Edge Master happily walks onto the stage to a great ovation from the Texas fans. He swings the MITB briefcase high in the air and begins to walk down the ramp with a big smile on his face. When in the ring he once again holds the briefcase up and looks at it fondly while slowly raising a microphone to his mouth.

Punk: Well, here it is, huh? My guaranteed shot at whatever title I want………..but it’s even more than that, right? You see, based on history, I have a one hundred percent chance of becoming champion whenever I decide to cash this in.

A small pop rings out around the arena and Punk continues smiling, obviously very happy with himself.

Punk: Last year I won the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania and went on to win my first ever World Title in the WWE. And I plan to do exactly the same thing when I cash this in to win my second.

Punk begins to pace around the ring as he speaks.

Punk: While I was watching the rest of Raw after my match last week, I couldn’t help but notice something very interesting. As you all know, Edge is the World Heavyweight Champion. What’s significant about that? Well, how about the fact that Edge is the same man that I cashed in on last year? I cashed in this briefcase and I took his title!

The fans cheer loudly at that statement and scattered CM PUNK chants erupt from several areas in the arena.

Punk: What else? Well, Randy Orton is the man who punted me in the head and made me forfeit my title just a few months later.

He stops in the middle of the ring and scratches at his chin while slowly nodding his head.

Punk: Yes, I find this all very interesting because now I have the opportunity to make Randy Orton lose his title. All it takes is one moment, one moment for me to spot weakness in you Randy and that’s it. I haven’t forgotten about that night. I also haven’t forgotten about the night that I actually won. Edge, just like I said before, all it takes is one moment of weakness and your title is gone. I came out here tonight to celebrate my Money in the Bank victory but also to put every champion on notice. Orton, Edge, whoever it may be at the time, I want everybody to know that CM Punk WILL be a future world champion………….who knows, I could even cash in……..tonight?

Punk smiles as the fans cheer loudly at his little teaser. He shrugs his shoulders and moves to bring the mic to his mouth again until…….


Heavy boos erupt at the sound of the World Champion’s music. Edge walks on to the stage with a somewhat pissed off expression on his face. He glares at the fans and waits for the heat to die down before speaking.

Edge: You’re threatening to cash in tonight, Punk? Huh? Is that what you’re doing? Let me tell you something, the ONLY reason you were World Heavyweight Champion in the first place is because I got screwed that night!

The fans are in obvious disagreement as they pretty much boo every word out of the Champion’s mouth. Punk is pacing in the ring with an incredulous expression on his face.

Edge: Don’t look so surprised. Everybody saw Batista attack me. All you did was take advantage of the situation. Don’t think for one second that if we had a real match you would win.

Punk: Let me get this straight, you, the so called ‘Ultimate Opportunist’ are calling me out for taking advantage of a situation?

Edge snorts in amusement at the accusation.

Edge: That’s exactly what I’m doing. I cashed in my briefcase but I stuck around, Punk. I stuck around and became a multiple time World Champion afterwards. What did you do, huh? What did you do? You fell away into obscurity because you’re simply……not…..good enough.

He smiles as the fans pour heat all over him while Punk frowns.

Punk: Not good enough? How about you make good on your promise, come to this ring and face me one on one RIGHT NOW!

A huge pop rings out as both men stare holes through each other for a few moments until Edge drops the mic and begins walking down the ramp to an even louder cheer, everybody excited for these two to go at it. He stops at the ringside area and paces around, both men talking smack to each other before he shakes his head with a wicked smile on his face, turns around and starts walking back up the ramp to an onslaught of heat. Punk can be seen in the ring simply shaking his head. Suddenly the noise level in the arena reaches fever pitch as JOHN CENA bursts out from the back and jumps Edge halfway down the entrance ramp. The fans are going nuts as Cena is all over the Champion. He picks him up and throws hard punches, effectively punching him to ringside where he throws him into the ring at Punk’s feet. Cena climbs in and both men look down at Edge on the ground. They look at each other for a moment, then out to the sea of crazy fans who are just willing them on before they both start stomping a mudhole in his ass and walking it dry. Cena and Punk continue hammering away at Edge in the corner but it is short lived for soon THE BIG SHOW enters the ring and starts beating on everybody in sight. He grabs Cena and lands a heavy head but, sending the other man crashing to the mat. Punk tries to take him down with kicks but Show grabs his leg and hits another massive head but. Punk and Cena hit the mat and roll out of the ring while Show turns his attention to the man who he believes screwed him out of his World Title opportunity. Edge cowers in the bottom corner, holding his hands up and pleading with Show not to attack him but it is to no use. Show grabs him with both hands and drags him up. They are standing in the center of the ring, Edge still pleading no and struggling to get out of Show’s mammoth grip. Suddenly a massive hand is around the Champion’s neck as Show raises him up and hits a HUGE chokeslam. He lets out a loud yell and raises his hand in the air while glaring at Cena and Punk on the outside of the ring, both men clutching their heads as they stare on in shock.


A recap is shown of what just happened before the show went to commercial. The camera cuts to the announce table.

JR: Welcome back folks and we have some huge breaking news regarding tonight’s main event. After what you just saw we have been informed that our main event for this evening will pit John Cena and CM Punk against Edge and…..The Big Show!

Cole: How are Show and Edge going to co-exist when Show just attacked the Champion?

JR: I have no idea, Michael. I don’t think either of them are going to be too happy about this decision at all. But they are going to have to try and be on the same page otherwise Cena and Punk will have an easy win on their hands.

Cole: This is a great main event match! I can’t wait to see how it all pans out here tonight on Friday Night SMACKDOWN!

**First Match**
Non-Title Match
Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio vs Evan Bourne

This turned out to be a very competitive and energetic match as both men lived up to their high flying style and put on a real show for the fans. In the end, it was Rey Mysterio who bested his opponent, capitalizing on a slip and managing to get a quick roll up for the victory. After the match while Bourne slapped the mat in frustration, Mysterio went to his side and grabbed his arm. He pulled him to his feet and raised his hand in the air to a great pop from the Texas fans. As the camera zoomed in to show both men, Mysterio could be seen telling the younger man that he almost had him. They shook hands before Bourne exited the ring and headed to the back but not without one final respectful glance over his shoulder.

Winner – Rey Mysterio

We cut to the back to see an empty hallway. Suddenly the lights go out and an eerie blue light slowly floods the area. THE UNDERTAKER appears from out of nowhere to a HUGE pop from inside the arena. The ‘NEXT’ logo flashes across the screen as the show cuts to commercial.



The Frank Erwin Center comes alive at the sound of the infamous gong. Everybody is on their feet as they anxiously await the arrival of the Deadman.


The Undertaker finally appears on the ramp way to a GODLY pop and methodically makes his way to the ring, getting cheered endlessly by his home state fans. Eventually the darkness makes way for the same eerie blue lighting as Taker holds a microphone to his mouth and waits for the chants to die down before speaking.

Taker: Seventeen…….and O.

The Austin fans are relentless in their love of the living legend in the ring as another loud UN-DER-TAKER chant breaks out. The arena literally feels as if it is shaking from the sheer atmosphere surrounding The Phenom. Taker once again waits for things to fizzle out before speaking.

Taker: Seventeen times they have come. Seventeen times they have tried. Seven-teen ti-mes……..they have believed. And seventeen times…..they have fallen. They have fallen to me and they have fallen to the darkness. These seventeen men sacrificed their souls for a chance at immortality……………….and failed.

Taker slowly blinks his lifeless eyes and takes a breath as he turns towards the entrance ramp.

Taker: Shawn Michaels…..

Another loud pop fills the arena for the mention of the other Texas native that Taker defeated on the grandest stage of them all. A littering of HBK chants break out but are met with equal fervor from those in favor of the man in the ring. This time Taker ignores the chants and speaks over them.

Taker: You came to this ring on Monday night and challenged me to a rematch at Backlash? I only have one thing left to say to you…….

He looks at the ground for what feels like an eternity before lifting his head and rolling his eyes. A loud cackling of thunder erupts as he fiercely gives his reply.

Taker: …………………I ACCEPT!


The ominous notes of his theme song ring out around the electric Frank Erwin Center as the man himself turns and slowly exits the ring to thunderous applause and cheers from the fans. The camera quickly cuts to show the stunned faces of Michael Cole and JR at the announce table before JR practically erupts.

JR: BAH GAWD! BAW GAWD, Michael! The rematch is on! The rematch IS.ON! Ladies and gentlemen we will now get part two of what many consider to be an absolute classic Wrestlemania affair. The Undertaker…Shawn Michaels…No Holds Barred…Backlash…It’s on!


A quick recap of Shawn Michaels issuing the challenge for a rematch on Raw and then Undertaker’s acceptance just moments ago are shown before we head to the next match up of the night.

**Second Match**
The Legacy vs. The Colons

The bad luck of Primo and Carlito continued as they once again suffered defeat but this time at the hands of Randy Orton’s young protégée’s. It was a hard fought victory but DiBiase and Rhodes won emphatically with the Dream Street to Primo. After the match they continued their assault, laying both men out and raising their hands high in victory.

Winner – The Legacy

Narrator: The time of the immortals has passed…

**Glimpses of Wrestlemania are shown in quick flashes**

Narrator: The victors have reveled in their glory

**Shots of CM Punk holding up the briefcase followed by Miz and Morrison with Tag Title Gold**

Narrator: But now….

**A collage of images start to flash across the screen getting quicker and quicker – Jericho after his victory, The Undertaker going 17-0, Edge sneaking to victory to retain the World Title**

Narrator: Comes…

**We see the events that occurred in the WWE Championship match and the tragedy inflicted on the McMahon’s and Triple H without actually seeing the perpetrator until…**


**Finally an image of Randy Orton explodes onto the screen. His expression is cold and his eyes lifeless as the image pulls further and further away to darkness**

Narrator: WWE Backlash, live on Pay Per View, Sunday April 26th!

As we come back to the show, the camera cuts to the back to show the central focus of the Backlash promo that just aired, the WWE Champion, Randy Orton. The fans in the arena boo loudly as he slowly paces up and down the hallway. After a few moments Ted and Cody appear, obviously right from the ring and fresh from their tag victory. They smile at their leader who acknowledges them with a nod. The trio start heading down the opposite direction of the hall until they come to a sudden stop, disgusted looks appearing on their faces. The camera pans back to show that John Cena is blocking them from going any further. A huge cheer erupts as Orton and Cena stare each other down. The Viper creaks his neck and glares at the other man before asking slowly,

Orton: What do you want, Cena?

Cena: Apart from wanting to take that title off you I have something to say. I saw what you did to the McMahons at Wrestlemania, Randy. I saw what you did to Linda McMahon on Raw. You may be WWE Champion…

He nods his head towards the title before getting right up in the Champion’s face.

Cena: …but you don’t run any-thing.

Orton almost lets out a hiss as he clenches his jaw. Rhodes and DiBiase make a move towards Cena but are stopped by their leader almost instantly. He glances at his young teammates before glaring back at Cena with a smallest hint of a smile on his face.

Orton: I guess we’ll just have to wait and see about that, John. If you’ll excuse me….

The trio brush right past him and head on back to their locker room while Cena looks after them in confusion.

Cole: Well that was an interesting exchange.

JR: Interesting? I would call it chilling. Just what exactly does Randy Orton mean when he says that? The man has gone completely crazy. I have never seen somebody disrespect Linda McMahon the way he did on Raw. The McMahons aren’t my favorite people in the world but the way he has treated that family is despicable, he’s despicable and I hope he gets what’s coming to him!

Cole: I’d be careful of what I say, JR, you don’t want to provoke the man.

JR: Oh I sure as hell do not. Well folks, moving on here, last Sunday at Wrestlemania, The Miz and John Morrison defeated the Colons to become the Unified Tag Team Champions. They have informed us that tonight they will begin their, “Quest for Competition.” I have no idea what the hell that means but I’m sure they’re going to tell us all about it.

**Ain’t No Make Believe**

A decent amount of heat greets the new Unified Tag Team Champions as they confidently stroll down to the ring and hop inside. Both dressed in casual clothes and with a title belt slung over each shoulder, they look out into the sea of rowdy fans before The Miz begins to speak.

The Miz: Now I know this is the part of the show you have all been dying to see.

He ignores the boos and motions to his tag partner who is in total agreement.

Morrison: That’s right. You see at Wrestlemania, we defeated those no good Columbians…….

The Miz: I think they’re Puerto Rican actu…….

Morrison: Does it really matter, Miz? I mean does it….really….matter?

At the shake of his friend’s head he continues.

Morrison: The fact is, we beat them and in doing so we have effectively steamrolled our way through the entire tag division of this company.

The Austin fans dislike of the duo begins to grow as more and more heat is piled upon them.

The Miz: And that is exactly why we are out here tonight. I know none of you can ever be as good as us so you’ll have to take my word for it, but it isn’t easy being as awesome as we are. I mean, LOOK at us! The Chick Magnet and The Shaman of Sexy! Keeper of the Palace of Wisdom and Founder of the Age of Awesome! Your Unified Tag Team Champions!

The pair pats themselves on the back much to the dismay of those in attendance.

The Miz: Look at us……..and then look at every other team in the WWE. For this exact reason, John Morrison and I have decided to begin our, “Quest for Competition.”

Morrison: A Quest….for Competition! From this day forth we shall endeavor to unearth all possible sources of competition and confront them!

The Miz: Before humbling said sources and proving once again that we are the most dominant team in WWE history. And what better place to start than right here in Austin, Texas!

Morrison: Our story begins a long time ago in the nineteen ninety’s when two young brothers from North Carolina had a dream. They had a dream to one day become the most ridiculous tag team in all of the WWE, The HARDY BOYS!

Miz speaks over the pop for the mention of the popular team and turns to his partner shaking his head.

The Miz: It’s Hardy Boyzzz, with a Z. Not Hardy Boys.

Morrison: Oh! I’m sorry, let’s try that again. Ummmm…..they had a dream to become the most ridiculous tag team in all of the WWE, The Hardy BOYZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

A loud, “Yeah!” can be heard as Miz congratulates the other man and they high five each other.

The Miz: You got it!

Morrison: Alright! So…..this most ridiculous tag team became so ridiculous that they aren’t even together anymore.

The Miz: And the reason that they aren’t together anymore is because they are afraid to face US! That’s right, you heard it here first, Texans. Matt and Jeff Hardy have been fighting all these months because they know that if they were still a tag team, they would have to fight the greatest team in the history of the WWE, THE Miz and John Morrison and we would embarrass them so badly they would run back to Carolina and never have another Hardy Party again!

Despite the feud between the brothers, the Austin fans aren’t taking too kindly to the burial going on at the hands of Miz and Morrison here and are dishing out generous doses of heat at the pair.

Morrison: We would call them out but we know they won’t come. They’ll just use the excuse that they don’t like each other anymore to stay back there so they don’t have to confront us and hey, that’s absolutely fine.

The Miz: Of course it is! Because now we can cross the first names off our list. If you would please….

He calls to the back and waits for the graphic to appear on the screen. Finally, HARDY BOYZ, appears with a line drawn through it.

The Miz: There we go. One down, many more to go!

Both Miz and Morrison talk amongst themselves for a few moments until the fans spring to their feet and let out a great pop for the appearance of one of the Hardy brothers.


Jeff Hardy dances his way onto the stage to a huge response from the Texas fans. His music slowly dies out and HARDY chants fill the arena. Jeff appears to be contemplating what has just been said until he suddenly bursts to life, sprinting to the ring and exploding right onto John Morrison. The Frank Erwin Center comes to life as Hardy starts hammering away on Morrison. He gets to his feet and immediately goes after The Miz who drops to the mat instantly. Hardy continues the assault until MATT HARDY jumps the barricade and launches yet another attack on his brother. The hype and cheers quickly turn to heavy boos as Matt pummels away on his brother. Miz and Morrison high-tail it out of the ring, both grabbing their titles and heading up the ramp out of harm. Matt brings a wobbly Jeff to his feet. He grabs his head and puts it under his arm. With a vicious look on his face, he makes the Version One sign with his free hand before drilling his brother to the matt with a HARD Twist of Fate. The fans dish out a ton of heat on the elder Hardy as he stands over Jeff, a look of pure disdain etched on his disgusted face.

Cole: What the hell has gotten into Matt Hardy?

JR: I have no idea, Michael. I just don’t understand why he’s doing this. He won the match at Wrestlemania, what more does he want?

Cole: And how many times can he attack his brother like this? That was the second time in a week, JR.

JR: I only hope that Jeff is prepared come Raw, Monday night or he’ll be in for another beating like the one he just received. And barring that, what about The Miz and John Morrison? These two young guns may have been a little bit too cocky but I don’t think they can be faulted here. They have beaten all comers.

Cole: Maybe their so called, “Quest for Competition” will wield some interesting results?

Narrator: The time of the immortals has passed…

**Glimpses of Wrestlemania are shown in quick flashes**

Narrator: The victors have reveled in their glory

**Shots of CM Punk holding up the briefcase followed by Miz and Morrison with Tag Title Gold**

Narrator: But now….

**A collage of images start to flash across the screen getting quicker and quicker – Jericho after his victory, The Undertaker going 17-0, Edge sneaking to victory to retain the World Title**

Narrator: Comes…

**We see the events that occurred in the WWE Championship match and the tragedy inflicted on the McMahon’s and Triple H without actually seeing the perpetrator until…**


**Finally an image of Randy Orton explodes onto the screen. His expression is cold and his eyes lifeless as the image pulls further and further away to darkness**

Narrator: WWE Backlash, live on Pay Per View, Sunday April 26th!



The self-proclaimed, “Best in the World,” makes his entrance for the first time tonight and is dressed to compete. He doesn’t even acknowledge the fans, instead just walking to the ring looking like he couldn’t care in the slightest about anything at all to be honest. He asks for a mic, gets it, thinks about speaking before obviously deciding not to and just throws it away. Once again the fans boo his actions but he clearly isn’t giving them the time of day.


The ever so humble John Bradshaw Layfield steps out of his pristine white limousine with a white towel around his neck and a Stetson on his head. He glares disapprovingly as his home state fans boo the hell out of him. Unlike his tag partner for tonight, they seem to be getting under his skin and he prominently yells at almost every fan on his way to the ring.


Completing the heel trio for tonight’s tag team match, William Regal makes his way to the ring to a decent amount of heat and a snarl on his face. He joins JBL and Jericho as the three await their opponents for the night.


The Frank Erwin Center suddenly turns green and yellow as Kofi Kingston bounces onto the ramp to a great response. The fans follow along as he boom claps down to stand just in front of the ring.


Another warm reception is felt as this time Captain Charisma emerges from behind the curtain slapping his chest for his Peeps. He joins his tag partner on the outside of the ring and they pace around, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their tag partner tonight.


MVP bursts onto the stage to the best reception of all three of the faces. He wastes no time in joining his partners for the night and marches to the ring. He stops just outside the ring too, all three men looking at each other before they all hit the ring at the same time forcing the trio inside to move outside. The fans cheer loudly as the referee rings the bell and the contest is underway.

**Third Match**
Chris Jericho, JBL and William Regal vs. Kofi Kingston, Christian and MVP

What was turning into an exciting match was effectively ruined when, upon not getting a tag from William Regal, Chris Jericho simply up and left his team much to their dismay. With Jericho retreating to the back, that uncaring expression still on his face, Christian made the hot tag to MVP who burst into the ring full of energy and started cleaning house. He laid out the Englishman with some Ballin’ and set him up for Playmaker. At the same time, Kofi Kingston clobbered JBL with the Trouble in Paradise, sending him flying off the ring apron and to the ground below. MVP got the cover and then celebrated along with Kofi and Christian, all three men holding their hands high in victory while JBL started to come around on the outside.

Winners – MVP, Christian and Kofi Kingston

A promo appears hyping the WWE Draft set to take place the night after Backlash before we cut to the announcer’s table.

JR: MVP, Christian and Kofi Kingston all picked up a nice victory over JBL, William Regal and well, a somewhat uninterested Chris Jericho.

Cole: I wonder what that was all about. From the second he walked out here, Jericho looked like he didn’t give a damn.

JR: Well knowing Chris Jericho the way we all do, I’m pretty sure he won’t have a problem letting us know if something is wrong. But watching this match tonight, Michael, I can’t help but wonder where all these superstars are going to end up come the draft.

Cole: The WWE Draft takes place just one night after Backlash and is sure to be monumental.

JR: Everybody is eligible except for current champions and we’re basically looking at completely new rosters here. Per the orders of the Board of Directors, we’re also set for two brand new General Managers. I’m telling you folks, the face of the WWE is changing. Don’t miss Monday Night Raw’s Three Hour Draft Special, coming your way LIVE, April 27th from Kansas City!

Cole: And now it’s time for our main event for this evening. Based off what happened earlier tonight we have a blockbuster tag team match pitting Mister Money in the Bank, CM Punk and John Cena against the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge and The Big Show!

JR: Yes, you heard him right folks. The big angry giant who Edge speared on Raw and who got his revenge as we opened the show tonight, well, these two men are set to be tag team partners here.

Cole: I can’t wait!

Main Event
John Cena and CM Punk vs The Big Show and WHC Edge

Match Ending: Much to the surprise of everybody after the attack earlier in the night, Big Show and Edge have been working rather well together for the duration of the match and continue to do so as we reach the closing moments. Show has Punk in his corner and is landing big blow after big blow. Punk slumps to the ground as Show turns to talk with the ref. While he is distracted, Edge drops to his knees and starts to choke out Punk much to the displeasure of the fans who are booing heavily. Cena is going crazy on the apron and gets inside the ring to protest but the referee sees him and quickly shoos him out while the double team takes place on the other side. Cena is forced back to the apron where he immediately reaches out his hand for the tag.

Show grabs Punk and brings him to his feet. He looks set to hit the KO punch but Punk hits him with a hard kick to the leg. He hits another…..and another! The fans go wild as the big man falls to one knee. Punk keeps kicking, this time to the midsection bringing Show down to both knees. The Straight Edge Master lets out a loud roar as he rears back his leg and kicks Show square in the face. He runs over and knocks Edge off the apron to the ground and then moves to the center of the ring. He stands behind Show and opens his arms as he appears to be setting up for a sleeper hold but the big man reaches back, grabbing his arms and flipping him up and over his head. Punk’s foot catches the ref right on the back of the head and he goes down hard. There is a moment where everybody looks at each other until Cena bounds into the ring and instantly starts going to work on Show to the delight of most of the fans. Cena and Punk drag the big man up and hit a HUGE double suplex that shakes the ring to its foundations. The Champ enthusiastically throws his hands in the air and bounces around the ring before stalking Show, just waiting to hit the FU.

However, just like on Raw he is hit out of nowhere with a SPEAR from the World Heavyweight Champion. Cena hits the mat and rolls to the side grasping his ribs in pain. Edge has little time to celebrate for as soon as he is back on his feet he is immediately hoisted up onto CM Punk’s shoulders in prime position for the GTS. The atmosphere in the Frank Erwin Center is off the charts as Edge quickly manages to struggle his way out of the move. He hooks Punk’s shoulders and looks set to hit the Edgecution but that is quickly reversed too as Punk spins out of the hold and hits a HARD kick to the head of the Champion. Edge falls to the mat but unbeknownst to Punk grabs his title belt. He turns and tries to hit the other man in the face with the belt but Punk moves and Edge hits Show who had just gotten back to his feet instead. A huge cheer fills the arena as Edge looks on in shock at what he has done. He grabs his hair and can be seen mouthing, “No,” over and over until he is steamrolled over the top rope by a recovered John Cena. At almost exactly the same time Punk spots the referee coming back to life and quickly falls on top of the big man to make the cover.




Winners – CM Punk and John Cena

This Fire Burns sounds to a great pop as Punk and Cena get their hands raised in victory with Show at their feet. The two faces head to opposite ring corners to celebrate with the fans. However, their victory is short lived as Legacy along with the WWE Champion hit the ring and are stalking their prey from behind. The fans begin to yell for both men to look out but it is to no use. Cena steps down off the turnbuckle first and is instantly caught by Cody Rhodes. Cody quickly gets him into position and hits the CROSS RHODES. Hearing the loud smack off the mat, Punk turns around and is also caught, this time by Ted DiBiase who wraps an arm around his neck, moves behind him and hits DREAM STREET. The young tag team get to their feet to an outpouring of heat as Randy Orton stands in the middle of the two fallen men. He looks at both menacingly then grabs the hands of Rhodes and DiBiase, all three raising their arms high in the air. Punk and Cena lay broken at their feet, Show is still out of it on the outside of the ring and Edge is sitting at the top of the ramp, clutching his title looking on, almost in awe, as we go off the air.


Quick Results
Rey Mysterio def Evan Bourne
The Legacy def The Colons
MVP, Christian and Kofi Kingston def Chris Jericho, JBL and William Regal
CM Punk and John Cena def Edge and The Big Show


‘One More Time’
No Holds Barred

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels
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Re: WWE 2009 - Bridging the Gap



A Quest for Competition!

This past Friday night on Smackdown, newly crowned WWE Unified Tag Team Champions, The Miz and John Morrison, declared that they are embarking on their self-proclaimed Quest for Competition. Things kicked off with a bang as the duo laid into the much loved tag team, The Hardy Boyz, yes that’s right, Boyz with a Z! Deciding that they would be the perfect team upon which to kick start their Quest, Miz and Morrison ridiculed the Hardy brothers. After interference from both Matt and Jeff, even though they were fighting each other, WWE.COM immediately sought out the Tag Team Champions for further comment. This is what they had to say to Joey Styles!

The Miz: Did you see that? Did you see that? How dare they just run out there and take our spot light!

John Morrison: I saw it alright! And they won’t be getting away with it either.

Joey Styles: What do you mean by that, John?

The Miz: Yeah, what do you mean by that?

John Morrison: This Monday Night on Raw we are challenging the Hardyz to a tag team match!

The Miz: We are?

Joey Styles: You are?

John Morrison: Yes! Yes we are! If they want to jump us like that then they can do it in the ring!

Joey Styles: Well technically it was only Jeff who jumped…..

The Miz: That doesn’t matter, Joey! John is right. They interrupted the inauguration of our quest and for that they will pay. Jeff, Matt, we don’t care if you’re in the middle of a little family spat right now. You get your asses to the ring Monday night and we’ll meet you there.

Moments after they had said their piece, Morrison kindly bumped Mr. Styles in the shoulder before stalking off with his partner. But Joey insists that it was worth it to get the scoop. There you have it folks, the challenge has been issued. Tune in for Raw on Monday night at 9/8ct to see if the Hardyz accept!


The title situation on both shows could be considered a bit of a mess right now as both Edge and Randy Orton are involved with the same storyline. One insider source claims that creative has no idea what it is doing until the draft is reached and the rosters are solidified. However, another top source says that everything is heading on course and that storylines heading into Backlash will tie up all the loose ends heading into the draft.

Speaking of which, there seems to be much inner turmoil about where to place certain superstars. Vince McMahon has been calling for a complete and total overhaul of the rosters. This is partially the reason why he has been written off TV completely along with the rest of his family. Given this news, we can expect to see TOP names in the company switching brands.

Furthermore, Vince wants to keep a tight lid on who the new General Managers will be. Rumors have been swirling that former employee and ex nemesis, Eric Bishoff could be headed back to the WWE for a second run as GM of Raw. Other names thrown in the hat have been Paul Heyman, Shane McMahon and even JBL. But one source claims that the current picks are, “two people you would never expect.”

Finally, as seen at Wrestlemania, Triple H was punted by Randy Orton and is set to take a long absence from Raw. Many reasons have been cited but the main ones seems to be that he has been pulled to rest up, spend time with his young children and most importantly to learn the ropes from father-in-law, Vince McMahon. There is no specific timeline set for his return but WWE hopes to balance out the loss with several returns from other missing WWE stars.

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Re: WWE 2009 - Bridging the Gap

I have Raw already written up and will post in a few days I guess. My new format seems to work really well and I like it. Hopefully it's easy to read. Here's a preview for now.

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview, April 13th 2009

“Unleash the Beast”

As seen on WWE.COM, following the events of Smackdown this past week, The Miz and John Morrison have issued a challenge to the now defunct Hardy Boyz. Will Matt and Jeff put aside their differences to answer the challenge or will the Tag Champs truly be able to cross them off their list? The Quest for Competition continues on Raw!

The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels provided a classic match at Wrestlemania 25 with HBK just coming up short in his efforts to end the Deadman’s Streak. Last week on Raw he issued the challenge for a rematch at Backlash. On Smackdown, the Undertaker accepted. With both these legendary superstars set to be at the Cajundome this Monday night, will another epic chapter be written in their fabled tale?

This past Friday saw Chris Jericho walk out on a six man tag team match. WWE.COM has learned that the self-proclaimed “Best in the World” plans to address the world on Raw. Find out what Jericho has to say for himself at 9/8ct.

Finally, WWE Champion Randy Orton, World Heavyweight Champion Edge, The Big Show, CM Punk and John Cena will all be in attendance come Monday and with the events of Smackdown this past Friday, WWE.COM has announced a blockbuster tag team main event pitting both World Champions against CM Punk and John Cena! Can the Cajundome contain this explosive situation and what role, if any, will Big Show have to play?

WWE Monday Night Raw from Lafayette, LA comes your way live, April 13th only on USA!

The Miz and John Morrison challenge the Hardy Boyz
Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes
Chris Jericho’s address

Blockbuster Main Event
WHC Edge & WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. CM Punk and John Cena
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Re: WWE 2009 - Bridging the Gap

Looks like that is going to be a good Raw.
I have enjoyed reading this so far, so I am intrigued on where you are heading with this.
Will we possibly see CM Punk cashing in MITB on this very Raw? And I can't wait to see Big Show's reaction to not being included in this tag match. As I said, shaping up to be a good Raw
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Re: WWE 2009 - Bridging the Gap

Well here it is. I hope the new format works. It may seem shorter but everything is in there lol.

WWE Monday Night Raw
April 13th 2009
Cajundome – Lafayette, LA

“Unleash the Beast”

Raw comes to us live tonight from the HOT Cajundome in Lafeyette, Louisiana! The opening promo highlights the events of Smackdown, showing CM Punk and John Cena working their way to victory after a massive screw up by the World Heavyweight Champion. Their celebrations were short lived however as WWE Champion Randy Orton and The Legacy stormed the ring and took out everybody, ending the show with their hands held high.

**Monday Night Raw Intro Video**

King and Cole welcome everybody to the show and big up the HUGE tag team main event set for later tonight. As announced on WWE.COM, both World Champions, Edge and Randy Orton, will team up to take on MITB Holder, CM Punk and John Cena! With that huge news receiving a great reaction as the image goes up on the big screen, we are ready to kick things off with the first contest of the evening.

The WWE Unified Tag Team Champions make their way to ringside to considerable more heat than their last appearance on Smackdown. The WWE fans are now well aware of their “Quest for Competition” and if they checked out WWE.COM over the weekend they would know about the challenge that was issued for tonight. However if not, the Champs waste no time in letting everybody know about it. The Miz was up first and pointed to the tron where a video package of Smackdown played, highlighting in great detail Jeff Hardy attacking both himself and John Morrison. Just like in his interview with Joey Styles, Miz vowed that he would not stand for it and called out both Hardy brothers for a contest tonight. A few moments pass………..no answer. This time Morrison grabs the mic and continues the ridiculing that took place last week until finally, NO MORE WORDS sounds to a HUGE pop and Jeff Hardy dances his way on to the stage with a mic in his hand. The Enigma says that he doesn’t know if his brother will be joining him tonight but that he doesn’t care. He isn’t going to let two wannabes damage the good name of his family. Almost as soon as the words are out of his mouth, he sprints to the ringside area and leaps onto the ring apron. Much to everybody’s surprise but mostly the man standing on the side of the ring, OHHHH YEAHHHHHH! fills the arena and one Matt Hardy calmly walks onto the stage to great heat. He waits for quiet before telling his brother that while he still can’t stand the sight of him, he too won’t let two wannabes bad mouth his family name. The fans let out a small confused pop as the elder Hardy strolls to the ring and stands beside his brother who is looking at him skeptically. Once again he makes sure that everybody knows this is a onetime deal. It looks like a reunion, however short it may be, is on the books for the Hardy Boyz! Both Matt and Jeff enter the ring with Matt stepping to his respective corner while Jeff prepares to face off with John Morrison.

Match 1
The Miz and John Morrison vs. The Hardy Boyz (One night only)

We should have seen it coming the second Matt came into the picture but this match did not bode well for his brother. Countless times Jeff tried to make the tag but Matt was either not paying attention or as it soon became apparent, had no intentions of tagging with his brother at all. Instead he willingly stepped away any time Jeff tried to make a tag, leaving him at the mercy of the very game Tag Team Champions. The victory came when Miz tagged his partner. Morrison went to the top rope and taking advantage of the five second rule, Miz hit what Michael Cole informed us to be his new finishing move, the Skull Crushing Finale on Jeff. Almost instantly, Morrison came crashing down on top of him with the Starship Pain and made the cover for the three count.

Winner – The Miz and John Morrison

After the match, the victors celebrate like they have just won the lottery, jumping up and down with their title belts. Michael Cole on commentary is screaming about the injustice of it all as Miz walks towards the fallen Jeff Hardy and thrusts his title into his face. “Hardy Boyz……….CHECK!” he yells with a grin before making his way to the outside with his partner. The victorious duo make their way back up the ramp, still in full celebration. The camera switches back and we see Matt Hardy now in the ring looking down at his brother to serious heat. He looks around at the fans who boo even louder and then drops to one knee. He grabs Jeff’s head and continues looking at him oddly for a few moments until he pushes him back down to the mat with a hard shove. The final image we see before the show cuts to commercial is Jeff Hardy lying in the ring clutching his head and looking after his brother in confusion and anger.


We are back live from the Cajundome and Cole gives us a rundown of the Hardy situation while Ted DiBiase makes his way to the ring accompanied by Cody Rhodes and heavy boos. The Legacy member is set for one on one action tonight and cockily holds his hands out, motioning to himself and his well-toned body as he stands in the ring and awaits his opponent. I’M COMING hits to a great pop as the United States Champion, MVP, comes out from behind his tent with a smile on his face. He quickly hits the ring and stand opposite the two second generation superstars, eyeing Cody suspiciously while handing over his title belt. Cody goes to the outside as MVP chants break out across the arena. Ted scoffs, the referee rings the bell and we are good to go!

Match 2
Non-Title Match
US Champion MVP vs. Ted DiBiase w/Cody Rhodes

A competitive match met its end when MVP, looking set to hit the Playmaker, was forced to drop his opponent and ward off Cody Rhodes from the ring apron. It wasn’t the first time the young superstar had interfered in the match and he received a hard right to the face that knocked him clean to the floor much to the delight of the fans who were behind MVP staunchly for the entire contest. DiBiase however, started complaining to the referee which gave plenty of time for Rhodes to hit the ring and clobber MVP from behind with his own US Title belt! The Legacy brethren immediately threw the gold to the outside and calmly stood at ringside while his partner got the 3 count victory. The Cajundome erupted into boos, not one bit happy about what happened. DiBiase and Rhodes celebrated on the outside while MVP lay clutching the back of his head in the ring.

Winner – Ted DiBiase

We now head to the back to see a shot of Shawn Michaels walking down a hallway. A HUGE pop rings out for The Heartbreak Kid as the NEXT graphic appears on the side of the screen.

Narrator: The time of the immortals has passed…

**Glimpses of Wrestlemania are shown in quick flashes**

Narrator: The victors have reveled in their glory

**Shots of CM Punk holding up the briefcase followed by Miz and Morrison with Tag Title Gold**

Narrator: But now….

**A collage of images start to flash across the screen getting quicker and quicker – Jericho after his victory, The Undertaker going 17-0, Edge sneaking to victory to retain the World Title**

Narrator: Comes…

**We see the events that occurred in the WWE Championship match and the tragedy inflicted on the McMahon’s and Triple H without actually seeing the perpetrator until…**


**Finally an image of Randy Orton explodes onto the screen. His expression is cold and his eyes lifeless as the image pulls further and further away to darkness**

Narrator: WWE Backlash, live on Pay Per View, Sunday April 26th!


The loudest pop of the night so far lifts the rafters as the one and only Shawn Michaels appears on WWE TV for the first time since last week’s Raw. He makes his way to the ring and soaks in the love from the Louisiana fans, nodding his head appreciatively at the LOUD H-B-K chants booming throughout the arena. With a smile on his face he tells us that he got what he wanted. But that is all he gets to say for as soon as the words are out of his mouth, the arena instantly goes dark and the ever ominous GONG of The Undertaker hits to an equally loud reaction. All eyes turn to the entrance ramp where sure enough, The Phenom appears from amongst the smoke to a massive ovation. It’s clear that these two legendary superstars are equally as beloved by the Lafayette fans. Taker eventually makes it to the ring and once again we get an epic standoff from these two larger than life superstars. The Cajundome is alive with noise and fervor as dueling UN-DER-TAKER and H-B-K chants have split the audience right down the middle. The feeling is tense with both men looking around, soaking in the magic atmosphere surrounding them before Taker begins to speak. The Deadman asks if Shawn really got what he wanted. You see, the last time he ‘got what he wanted,’ it resulted in a loss to him at Wrestlemania! Shawn bristles at that shot and in an instant, he’s right up in Taker’s face. He says with conviction that it won’t happen again, that he knows that he can beat him and that come Backlash it will be The Undertaker that will finally Rest….In……NO! Taker pushes the mic right out of his hands while raising his own to his mouth at the same time. “You can’t kill what’s already dead, Shawn. And you cannot beat me,” says Taker. He takes a step back and lets out a small chuckle. “I stood in this ring a few weeks ago and listened as you told me the exact same thing, that you would end my Streak. Back then you were still Mr. Wrestlemania, the Showstopper and the Main Event. But now…….now, after I have defeated you, after I have humbled you…………you ain’t Mr. Wrestlemania no more, Shawn, you’re nothing more……..than number seventeen.” A loud and collective gasp fills the Cajudome at Taker’s harsh words. The air is thick with tension as HBK backs up, his face turning red with anger and his body starting to shake. He snaps his head to glare at The Undertaker, the man who defeated him at Wrestlemania and the man who just belittled one of his greatest and heartfelt monikers and suddenly springs forward with his foot in the air for some SWEET CHIN MUSIC! But Taker reacts quickly and shoves his foot away, his hand immediately wrapping around the other man’s neck. The noise inside the arena is at fever pitch as Taker tightens his grip, getting right in Shawn’s face with a pissed of glare before simply letting go. He pushes HBK away from him and with one final stare and a smirk on his face; the Deadman turns and leaves the ring. On commentary King and Cole are going crazy at the confrontation and questioning why Taker didn’t strike when he had the chance. We cut to commercial with a seriously defeated looking Shawn Michaels in the ring, one hand grasping gently at his neck.


King and Cole talk over a recap video of what just transpired between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker before the commercial break. They hype the No Holds Barred match between the two at Backlash before the camera cuts to the back where Todd Grisham is standing by.

The camera pans to the left to show the Tag Team Champs. Todd begins to ask them a question but is immediately cut off by Morrison who tells us all that tonight they did exactly what they said they would do; they defeated the Hardyz and crossed them off the list. Miz agrees with his partner and states they humiliated the Hardyz and even though that isn’t exactly hard to do, they did it better than everybody else before them. Managing to get the mic back for a moment, Todd asks if they really achieved anything when it was essentially a handicap match. Miz, infuriated by the answer, is about to fly off the handle when Morrison stops him. “You know what, that’s fine Todd. Nobody believes in us and that’s just fine and I’ll tell you why. After our quest, after we cross every single tag team off the list and we are the only ones left standing, you, all these fans, the WWE, Vince McMahon himself will have no choice but to declare The Miz and John Morrison as the GREATEST Tag Team this company has ever seen!” The Tag Champs stalk away after that proclamation leaving Todd standing there shrugging his shoulders. “Well……the Unified Tag Team Champions, The Miz and John Morrison I guess.”

From one backstage segment to another, this time we move to the locker room of the WWE Champion and his Legacy cohorts. Ted and Cody are still buzzing from their actions earlier this evening while Randy Orton sits on a chair in silence. The heavy boos from inside the arena do nothing to faze any of the three men who are well used to them by now. Suddenly all eyes turn to the left as the sound of the door clicking open and shut is heard. The camera pans to show the World Heavyweight Champion tentatively making his way into the room. Rhodes and DiBiase are immediately in his face but step off at their leader’s command. Orton tells his team members to head to the ring for Cody’s match. The duo leave the room and Edge comes to stand in front of his tag partner for tonight and says that he’s here to talk strategy. But he receives no answer as Orton just keeps staring ahead at the floor. The tension in the room rises and the Rated R Superstar looks on, his eyebrow rising in confusion. “Alright……ahhhh……good strategizing, Randy…….I guess I’ll see you out there!” A few chuckles scatter throughout the arena as Edge turns to leave. “You want to talk strategy?” He suddenly stops at the sound of the WWE Champion’s voice and turns back around to see that the Champ’s icy eyes are now looking in his direction. Orton motions to the seat beside him. “Sit. Let’s talk strategy.” That is how we leave the Legacy locker room, an image of both Champions sitting side by side with one looking emotionless as always and the other looking a little bit uncomfortable.


The Intercontinental Champion hits the stage in a green and pink get up tonight as the Louisiana fans go wild! Rey stops to interact with some of the kids in the front rows as he makes his way to ringside to a great reaction. That quickly changes as Cody Rhodes makes his second appearance of the night. Just like before but in a role reversal, he is joined by his partner in crime, Ted DiBiase. Ted takes his place on the outside as Cody steps inside the ring and our next match is underway.

Match 3
Non-Title Match
Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes w/Ted DiBiase

In what might come across as an upset to some, Cody Rhodes actually dominated this contest as he stuck to his apparent game plan of working over the legs of Mysterio and effectively rendering him unable to use his high flying offence. However, after a spurt of adrenaline, the Intercontinental Champion had Rhodes reeling as he hit move after move with impact. With a cunning drop toe hold, Cody was all in place for the 619. The Cajundome anxiously awaited the signature maneuver but quickly erupted with intense heat as DiBiase saved his partner and pushed him off the ropes and out of danger. But much to the delight of everybody, bar the Legacy boys of course, MVP ran to ringside to a HUGE ovation and steamrolled right over DiBiase. Cody, distracted by what was going on outside the ring failed to see Mysterio behind him. The Ultimate Underdog hit a dropkick right to the back sending Cody into the ropes again. Without hesitation he hit a thunderous 619, the crowd popping hard as he jumped off the top rope from the other side of the apron and crash landed onto Rhodes for the win. On the outside, MVP threw DiBiase into the steel steps before rolling inside the ring to join the celebrations. Legacy re-grouped, walking back up the ramp in defeat while MVP stood with a smile on his face, obviously happy to have got some measure of revenge for his loss at the heads of DiBiase earlier tonight.

Winner – Rey Mysterio

We cut from a shot of MVP and Rey celebrating in the ring to the back where we see CM Punk taping up his wrists as he prepares for the main event later tonight. He receives a great pop and the noise level only increases as John Cena enters the shot to a HUGE split reaction from the Louisiana fans. The two men stare at each other before shaking hands. “I saw those two strategizing earlier tonight and I just want to let you know that I have your back,” says John Cena. Punk shakes his head and ensures Cena that the feeling is mutual. With a smirk, John nods to the briefcase and asks if Punk knows when he’s going to cash it in. “Now that would be telling,” the Straight Edge Master replies with a grin. “I was just asking.” Cena shrugs his shoulders and the two share a respectful nod before Punk is once again left to his own devices. King and Cole hype the main event as we once again head to commercial.


**A black screen appears as two thunderous lightning bolts, one red and one blue appear at either side of the screen.**

Narrator: The landscape…

**The thunder bolts start to gain more power, buzzing and zapping around as they grow in size.**

Narrator: Is about…

**The bolts grow even bigger and are now going crazy on their respective side of the screen. Flashing images of WWE Superstars start to zip all over the place.**

Narrator: To change…

**Suddenly the two bolts burst from each side of the screen and ram right into one another in a great blue and red explosion. The WWE Draft logo erupts from the middle.**

Vince McMahon Voiceover: It’s time to shake things up again!

Narrator: The WWE Draft! A 3 hour special of Monday Night Raw, LIVE, April 27th at 9/8ct on USA!

As the draft promo comes to a close we cut back to the commentator’s desk where Cole and Lawler hype the ever loving shit out of the upcoming draft in 3 weeks’ time. It’s monumental……nobody is safe…….there will be new GM’s……the landscape is going to change……IT’S TIME TO SHAKE THINGS UP AGAIN!


The Cajundome boo the sight of the self-proclaimed “Best in the World” as he struts to the ring looking very dapper in a sharp black suit and grey tie. Jericho seems to be all business tonight, the look on his face anything but jovial. A loud YOU SUCK chants quickly picks up and soon the entire arena is chanting at him. Jericho shakes his head with a disgusted scowl on his face and starts to berate the fans with his usual insults. They are parasites, they are hypocrites and they don’t deserve to see Chris Jericho wrestle for them. “And you won’t!” he adds. “I am SICK of getting disrespected by you people and I am SICK of getting disrespected by this company! Last week on Raw I came out here to address the world and Shawn Michaels kicks me right in the face. Does he pay for his offense? No! I email, I write, I call the McMahon’s yet I get no answer! Nobody listens! There are no General Managers, there is no authority and there is no respect for the best in the world at what he does, ME, CHRIS JERICHO!” His tirade brings about crazy heat and he turns his face up at the reaction. “Then on Smackdown I get put in a six man tag team match that I really couldn’t care about. Who is making these decisions? I want to know who is making these decisions!” Jericho has gotten himself all in a fury at this stage; his face stained a nice shade of red as he continues to rant. “That is why I have decided that I am going on strike. I am going on strike until this show or whatever show I end up on is operating under the decorum I expect it to. Therefore no longer will you see Chris Jericho wrestle in a WWE ring until this issue has been resolved.” The Louisiana fans have nothing but cheers for that announcement, most everybody in the arena bar the smarks just wishing for Jericho to shut the hell up and leave. “Oh yeah, you can cheer, cheer all you want! But soon you will be crying out for me. You will be crying out for an honest man in this sea of hypocrites, backstabbers and worthless parasites. Only when I can see the face of authority will I come back to save you. Until then……..” Nothing but boos accompany Jericho as he throws the mic to the ground and promptly exits the ring and makes his way to the back amongst an onslaught of heat. King and Cole wonder just what in the hell has gotten into Jericho as the screen fades to the Backlash commercial.

Narrator: The time of the immortals has passed…

**Glimpses of Wrestlemania are shown in quick flashes**

Narrator: The victors have reveled in their glory

**Shots of CM Punk holding up the briefcase followed by Miz and Morrison with Tag Title Gold**

Narrator: But now….

**A collage of images start to flash across the screen getting quicker and quicker – Jericho after his victory, The Undertaker going 17-0, Edge sneaking to victory to retain the World Title**

Narrator: Comes…

**We see the events that occurred in the WWE Championship match and the tragedy inflicted on the McMahon’s and Triple H without actually seeing the perpetrator until…**


**Finally an image of Randy Orton explodes onto the screen. His expression is cold and his eyes lifeless as the image pulls further and further away to darkness**

Narrator: WWE Backlash, live on Pay Per View, Sunday April 26th!

Once again we are standing by with Todd Grisham who introduces us to his final guest of the evening, Jeff Hardy. For the second time tonight the Cajundome shows its appreciation for the Enigma who is still looking a bit worse for wear. Todd says that Jeff asked for this time so… With a heavy sigh Jeff says that he doesn’t understand his brother. He doesn’t understand why Matt is still coming after him. “You won the match at Wrestlemania, Matt. You beat me, I even admit that. This thing between us, it’s over! I just don’t understand why you have to keep it going and I want answers. This Friday on Smackdown, I’m coming to get them!” Jeff thrusts the mic back into to Todd’s hands and angrily walks away to the sounds of cheers as Todd sends us back to ringside.


Heat fills the arena as the 7ft Giant makes his way to the ring and he looks PISSED OFF beyond belief. King and Cole mention how they feel sorry for whomever his opponent happens to be. After a few moments we discover that it is none other than Captain Charisma. Showing no fear, Christian steps inside the ring. Show is on him in an instant and the ref calls for the bell.

Match 4
The Big Show vs. Christian

Unfortunaely for Christian, this match never gets underway as Show clearly lets out his pent up frustration and anger. He pummels the other man into the corner and throws endless lefts and rights, completely ignoring the referee’s five count. Mike Chioda calls for the disqualification and tries to pry Show off Christian who hasn’t gotten in a punch. Show shoves him away and wraps his meaty paw around Christian’s neck. He lifts him high in the air and lands a thunderous chokeslam to serious heat from the fans.

Winner by DQ – Christian

**A black screen appears as two thunderous lightning bolts, one red and one blue appear at either side of the screen.**

Narrator: The landscape…

**The thunder bolts start to gain more power, buzzing and zapping around as they grow in size.**

Narrator: Is about…

**The bolts grow even bigger and are now going crazy on their respective side of the screen. Flashing images of WWE Superstars start to zip all over the place.**

Narrator: To change…

**Suddenly the two bolts burst from each side of the screen and ram right into one another in a great blue and red explosion. The WWE Draft logo erupts from the middle.**

Vince McMahon Voiceover: It’s time to shake things up again!

Narrator: The WWE Draft! A 3 hour special of Monday Night Raw, LIVE, April 27th at 9/8ct on USA!

The cameras are still on Big Show following the Draft commercial as he angrily storms through the backstage area. He overturns everything in his path, tables…..equipment boxes…….a Money in the Bank briefcase? Suddenly he stops and the camera pans from the fallen briefcase to its holder. A loud cheer goes up for CM Punk as he stands, almost frozen to the spot. There is a moment where nothing happens and both men just stare at each other before Show reaches out and grabs the other man. The fight is on! Show has Punk in his grasp but he lands kick after swift kick to the other man’s tree trunk like legs. Show is forced to break his grasp and Punk continues the kicks until he gets clobbered in the head with a hard punch. He staggers back as Show straightens up and grabs him once again. With both hands around the smaller man’s neck, he lifts him right up off the ground and sends him flying right into the unforgiving wall. A shocked gasp spills around the arena and Punk’s body smacks against the cold wall and then slumps the floor. “YOU WANT TO BEAT ME! YOU WANT TO PLAY ME FOR A FOOL! NOBODY PLAYS ME FOR A FOOL!” Show is screaming at Punk as he continues his assault with his fists. Officials and referees have surrounded the area, trying to pull this mammoth man away but it is useless. Show gives one shove and almost everybody is pushed back. He lands one final blow and then gets to his feet, sweat pouring off his red face. The camera gives a 360 view of the damage, scanning the destroyed backstage area with overturned tables, scattered referees and finally a badly beaten Punk on the floor. He is grasping at his ribs and trying desperately to suck in a breath as the screen fades to black and we head to the final commercial of the night.


We cut right back to a recap of what just happened, Big Show going nuts and destroying CM Punk backstage after having just destroyed Christian in the ring. King and Cole desperately wonder whether or not Punk will be able to compete in the main event which is up RIGHT NOW!

Main Event
World Heavyweight Champion Edge and WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. CM Punk and John Cena


The World Heavyweight Champion appears from behind the smoke and lights to immense heat. He raises his hands in the air as colorful pyro shoots into the air above him before making his way to the ring with a cocky grin on his face. He saw what happened to Punk. This main event just might turn out to be a handicap match.


The loudest and most intense heat of the night fills the Cajundome with the arrival of the WWE Champion. Randy Orton slowly walks down the ramp to join his partner in the ring, his eyes as cold and emotionless as ever. He goes to the turnbuckle and methodically raises his title in the air, his icy gaze staring out into the sea of disapproving fans. Orton joins Edge in the center of the ring as they await their opponents…….or maybe just their opponent for tonight.


Just like the last time he appeared, a MASSIVE mixed reaction erupts from the Louisiana fans as the one and only John Cena bursts onto the stage. He holds his hands on his hips and looks around shaking his head, fully aware of his situation tonight. Inside the ring Edge and Orton are practically salivating at the thought of getting their hands on Cena alone.


All eyes turn to the ramp once more but Punk doesn’t show. His music comes to a stop and then restarts in a last ditch effort to see if he will make it to the ring. Once again, Punk doesn’t appear and it seems as if we are in for a handicap match.

The focus shifts to John Cena standing defiantly at the top of the ramp. The noise level and atmosphere reach fever pitch as Cena walks around on the stage, apparently unsure of what to do. His uncertainty doesn’t last very long as he suddenly throws off his cap and rips off his shirt to a loud pop from the female contingent of fans before shrugging his shoulders and sprinting down to the ring. Fan support seems to have mostly shifted to his side as he receives a crazy pop for bursting into the ring. It’s fucking on! Cena manages a double clothesline the second he is in the ring taking both men down. He turns and starts going to work on Edge landing right after right after right. Quickly turning he fends off Orton before he can attack and backs him into the opposite corner. Now he starts going to work on Orton but it is short lived as Edge finally regains his footing and attacks him from behind. All too soon the numbers game comes into play and Cena finds himself flat on his back getting stomped to hell by both men. MEGA heat is pouring down on both champions as Edge moves to the corner and bounces up and down on his heels. It can only mean one thing. Orton slowly raises Cena to his feet, setting him up perfectly for Edge to run and hit the SPEAR right to the midsection. Cena crumbles to his feet and grasps at his ribs while Edge talks smack and Orton takes up a position in the corner. A sudden realization sweeps over everybody in the arena as his intentions become clear. Orton grabs a hold of the top rope on each side of him and starts to rock back and forward. His teeth are clenched hard and his eyes wild as he is practically desperate with anticipation for Cena to get up. John rolls to his stomach and manages to get to his knees. Something appears to have snapped in Orton and he readies himself to move in for the punt when he immediately stops dead in his tracks...............


The Cajundome absolutely positively one million and fifty thousand percent fucking ERUPTS as BATISTA explodes onto the stage for the first time in months. The Animal receives a bona fide GODLY pop while he bounces around and then poses while the pyro goes off behind him.




Orton and Edge look like they have crapped themselves in the ring. Cena is quickly forgotten about as Batista bursts under the ropes and hits an immediate SPEAR on Randy Orton making Edge’s previous one look like child’s play. The WWE Champion hits the deck instantly and Batista gets back to his feet, his eyes immediately set on Edge.


The Ultimate Opportunist tries to run but it is in vain. He is easily caught and thrust into position. Batista lifts him up high into the air and hits a back breaking BATISTA BOMB before leaping back to his feet and practically bouncing around the ring on adrenaline. The Cajundome is going fucking crazy. King and Cole are going crazy on commentary. Batista is going crazy in the ring! He bends down and picks up both world title belts that had been dropped in the chaos that was this non-main event and holds one in each hand. He glances at each title before lifting them into the air to a raucous pop. Cena is standing on the outside looking on wondering what the hell just happened, Orton is grasping painfully at his ribs at the top of the ramp all the while glaring back at the man in the ring and Batista is standing triumphantly with both titles in his hands and Edge at his feet.





Quick Reults
The Miz and John Morrison def The Hardy Boyz
Ted DiBiase def MVP
Rey Mysterio def Cody Rhodes
Christian def Big Show by DQ
Edge & Randy Orton vs. CM Punk and John Cena ended in no contest


‘One More Time’
No Holds Barred

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels
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Re: WWE 2009 - Bridging the Gap

I liked the older format better, easier to read.
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