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Re: Extreme Revival

Just decided to drop in with some words for a good follower.

619s Feedback For BB's Extreme Television

First of all, props on describing the set. I’m not sure if you’ve done that before, but it’s a very nice touch of you do give us the visuals. It’s a small detail, but it not being there is a bigger deal than it being there. So great job here. Oh, and work on making that banner a great deal smaller.

Maven with the rebound win here is solid enough. I just kinda don’t like it coming on the debut of Jamie Noble. And winning with a missile dropkick makes Noble look a tad weak, but nice to see him get several offensive maneuvers in to not look totally weak. Nice rebound for Maven here, but plz do something with Noble. Nothing huge. Just something.

Eh. Nice to see the intensity from London and Kendrick, but I can’t imagine the laid back nature of both guys to say ‘asses’, ‘bastards’, or even ‘damn’. I know you tried to sell their anger, but neither one of them are really angry guys, y’know?

‘The Network’? A bit TNA/Russo-ish…I’ll wait and see how this plays out. Could be big, could be very underwhelming.

A solid #1 Contender’s match here, but a small problem with London and Kendrick. If they got as decimated last night as it’s been described they have, they should definitely still be feeling it and selling the pain from the PPV. It seems here they just kinda walked in and out the ring without much ill-effect.

Jesus. Ryder attacking Maven I think could’ve happened earlier, maybe right after Maven’s win. Still, a good deal of brutality with the chair shot, although more than one would’ve have hurt…er…bookingwise.

The small confrontation between Shane/Van Dam was okay, but I felt it was a bit unnecessary. The tension should’ve been saved for when the two met in the cage later on tonight, especially with the brawl being broken up so quickly. Nonetheless, it does showcase the hatred between the two men, albeit to a small degree.

I don’t know if this was an intended Doug Williams shoot, but it sounded like it would be. I don’t know much about Doug Williams as a character or a wrestler, but he seems really passionate. Regardless, he seems to be poised for great things in the long run.

Sounds like a monumental show next week, as that steel cage match sounds promisingly brutal. Realistically, I would think you’d have more than one week to hype or confirm a two hour show, but that’s just me nitpicking things like realism. Ruck Fealism. The delivery could’ve been better, with Heyman just saying it from his office. But it was good as was.

I do with the main event had gone on longer before the Network guys broke in. An interesting bunch, with Miz, Hardy, and JBL being the core. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this right now. On one hand, this is a huge angle for a budding company, which is something notable. The leader being JBL, as surprising as it may be, is a good bit underwhelming. Not to pick at who is good at what, but the three mentioned aren’t exactly known for having the best wrestling skills. That sits slightly off with me, seeing as how these guys should be as dangerous in presence as they are on the mike as they are in the ring. Will this light another fire under Doug Williams…? I’m not sure, but I’ll see where this goes. Very interesting development and a big underwhelming at the helm, but I want to at least see where this can go.

Overall, I felt like some segments could’ve been a bit better and used a little better. There weren’t many promos at that, so I’m not sure where you stand on those, but the Doug Williams promo, as intense as it was, was a giant wall of text. You might wanna separate it next time. But of course, the most focus is definitely on this ‘Network’ angle, which was a little hit-or-miss on the reveal. My main peeve with the group, I mentioned, was their lack of presence. Even though it’s composed of three former WWE Champions, none of them make the group look any kind of strong together. I’ll wait to see how they work as a cohesive unit. The lack of promos this week might be made up in the two hours next week. Not a bad PPV fallout show. I’ll be sure to check back to see how things roll. Kirby somewhat approves .


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Re: Extreme Revival


Just moments ago, EPW held a live streaming press conference on their website, and a lot of huge news was announced! The first notable thing that came from this conference was that it was not Paul Heyman hosting it, but it was John Bradshaw Layfield! He started things off by announcing that his role in the network, and EPW as a whole will be announced on this week's two-hour special. But other then that, let's run down the line of topics that he covered.


JBL: Ever since EPW has gotten our television deal, we have been looking at promoting shows not only in the Northeaster United States, but all over the continental United States, as well as Canada and Mexico. While our dreams of promoting all over North America have not yet come to fruition, we have gotten closer to our goal.

Two weeks ago, we came to an agreement with the Southern Wrestling Alliance to promote shows in the South Eastern region of the united states, and last night, a deal was finalized with the United States Wrestling Federation to promote shows in the North Central region of the united states. As part of this deal, both companies have an open boarders rule with us, where we can hold shows there, and they can hold shows in our home territory, the North Eastern region of the United States of America. As a result of this, we will be holding our two hour debut in Orlando, Florida!


JBL: Yes, you heard me correctly, two hour debut. We at EPW have been working on extending the weekly time on HBO from a one-hour time slot to a two-hour time slot, and we have succeeded in accomplishing this. For now on, "EPW Monday Night Extreme Television on HBO" will be a two-hour program. This will give us a better chance to entertain the crowd, build up for our bi-monthly pay per views and utilize more of our talent. The EPW fans have been very approving of our show, yet one of the most commonly heard complaints is that they do not get to see some of their favorite superstars on a weekly, or even bi-weekly basis, and the two-hour program will allow for more talent to be used.

Also, speakings of programming, we will be launching a second show, "EPW Rising" on the G4TV network. This will be a one hour program, and will feature not only EPW superstars, but also wrestlers in our developmental company, the Philadelphia Wrestling Circuit. We at EPW figure that the best way to support wrestlers in the developmental stage is to expose them on a larger scale then the bi-weekly shows in Philadelphia, much like the WWE did with their incarnation of ECW.


JBL: Extreme Professional Wrestling began with the roster which you have seen in the past two months, however, with some of our developmental wrestlers finding themselves in a position where the only way they can further improve is to move up to the main roster, as well as having more money to put toward hiring new talent, our roster has changed up a bit. Some wrestlers you have seen in PWC have been moved up to the main roster, some of the EPW guy's have been moved to PWC to work on their skills and their characters, we have hired a flock of new superstars, and we have unfortunately come to terms with the release of some of our competitors. The updated rosters will be announced on our website shortly after this press conference concludes.

Speakings of, let's take a look at the new rosters now



Rob Van Dam
Bryan Danielson
John Morrison
Maven Huffman
Perry Saturn
DH Smith
The Miz
Jeff Hardy
Shane Douglas
Christopher Daniels
Ted Dibiase Jr
Carlito Colon
Bully Ray
Doug Williams
Petey Williams
Zach Ryder


Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley)
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin
OMEGA (Gregory Helms & Shannon Moore)
Paul London & Brian Kendrick
Lethal Consequences (Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed)
Perfectly Dashing (Cody Rhodes & Dolph Ziggler)
The Core (Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel)
Mexico's Most Wanted (Halloween & Damien 666)
Luke Gallows & Vance Archer
Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov


Lita (Out with an injury right now)
Mickie James
Megumi Kudo
Natalya Neidhart
Gail Kim
Melina Perez
Victoria Varon
Ayako Hamada
Cheerleader Melissa



Colt Cabana
Colin Delaney
Necro Butcher
Jerry Lynn
Hardcore Holly
Primo Colon
Al Snow
Mark Jindrak
Spike Dudley
William Regal
Desmond Wolfe
Lance Storm
Chavo Guerrero Jr
Paul Burchill
Jamie Noble
Chris Masters
Chuck Palumbo


Cryme Time (Shad Gaspard & JTG)
Middle Eastern X-Press (Sonjay Dutt & Shawn Daivari)
Rhyno & Tajiri
Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu
Union Jacks (Wade Barrett & "Big" Rob Terry)
Latin American X-Press (Homicide & Hernandez)
Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark Briscoe)
Curt Hawkins & Trent Barretta


Daizee Haze
Taylor Wilde
Angelina Love
Velvet Sky
Candice Michelle


Kaz Hayashi
Al Snow (Moved to Behind The Scenes Duty)
D-Lo Brown (Moved to Behind The Scenes Duty)
Kenny Dykstra
Skip Sheffeild (Injured, working with Talent Relations and helping train new talent)
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Re: Extreme Revival


For over two months, the rivalry between Rob Van Dam and Shane Douglas has been burning hot! From backstage brawls to in-ring verbal exchanges, the two finally met just over a week ago at Still Barely Legal in a hardcore match, which many people will say stole the show... yet nothing has been resolved! The two still hate one another with a passion! This week, in our main event, it all comes to an end! Rob Van Dam and Shane Douglas will face one another in a Steel Cage Match, and the winner will go on to face Bryan Danielson for the EPW World Heavyweight Title at our next pay per view, Ultimate Jeopardy! Who will come out victorious?

Last week, Paul London and Brian Kendrick shocked the world when they beat Vance Archer and Luke Gallows to become number one contenders to the EPW Tag Team Titles! However, many people have to question the odds stacked against them! Mexico's Most Wanted beat the duo up pretty bad at SBL, and there's no doubt in anyone's mind that they will be just as vicious in the rematch! Will London & Kendrick overcome the odds, or will Mexico's Most Wanted do some permanent damage this time around?

At the press conference this past week, John Bradshaw Layfield announced that he would inform the world of his role in EPW on the two hour debut of EPW Extreme Television on HBO, and as that date draws nearer, the questions are burning brighter then ever before- Just what IS JBL's role in the Network? What is JBL's role in EPW as a whole? We will finally find out very soon!

Who will become the number one contender to the EPW Title? Which team will walk away with the titles? Why is JBL and the Network on EPW? All this and SO much more ON THE TWO HOUR DEBUT OF EPW'S EXTREME TELEVISION ON HBO!!! DON'T MISS IT!!!
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