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Re: Extreme Revival


"The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson (C) VS "The Antichrist of Professional Wrestling" Jeff Hardy

Bryan Danielson is a very proud champion, and Extreme Professional Wrestling has been proud to have him as a champion, and why wouldn't we be? Danielson has put on some of the best matches in EPW's history! He is one of the best wrestlers in the world, and is possibly the most honorable champion in EPW history. But on Sunday, he will face a man who has no honor and no respect for the rules! Jeff Hardy has made a huge impact as of late and, while his victories may not have been fair, he has been racking up the wins, earning the right to headline EPW's first pay per view ever! After being savagely assaulted by Hardy this past week, though, some will have to question Danielson's condition going into this match, so The question is this; Will Jeff Hardy's cheating ways be enough to win him the EPW World Heavyweight title, or will Bryan Danielson prevail?

"The Whole F'N Show" Rob Van Dam VS "The Franchise" Shane Douglas

Shane Douglas shocked the world by returning to professional wrestling on EPW's debut on HBO, sending the fans into a frenzy, but he quickly became the most hated man in Extreme Pro Wrestling when he turned on his partner that night, Rob Van Dam. "The Franchise" had good reason to be frustrated at the wrestling world, but he might have picked the wrong person to vent his frustrations on, as Rob Van Dam instantly retaliated! Since then, these men have been looking to tear each other's throats out, and they will finally get the chance to do so, AND, due to a stipulation a few weeks back, it will be in a Hardcore Match. Will Van Dam get his revenge? Will "The Franchise" prove that he is still just that- A Franchise? We will find out on Sunday, in possibly the most violent match in EPW history!

Maven Huffman VS Zach Ryder

Zach Ryder was on the fast track to the International Championship. He was undefeated for almost three months, picking up victory after victory over some of EPW's biggest names, but that came to a screeching halt after EPW's debut on HBO, when Maven Huffman beat the "Long Island Iced Z" fair and square. Thus, a frustrated Ryder assaulted Maven, putting him on the shelf for a month! Needless to say, when Maven made his return, he was pissed, and looking to get even! Which brings us to this Sunday! Will Maven get his revenge, or will Zach Ryder put himself back on the fast track to the EPW International Title?

This Sunday, it's all on the line! Every single title will be on the line. Pride will be on the line. There will be blood. There will be sweat. There will be tears. This Sunday, EPW rockets it's way to Pay Per View! This Sunday, EPW will prove that it is the best wrestling promotion in the world! This Sunday, it's STILL BARELY LEGAL!!!
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Re: Extreme Revival

You left some kind words for me, so just figured I'd do the same

I'm not a big fan of the thread starting with a fast forward several months and already having champions. It may be a lot of work, but people like to see a federaton gradually evolve. I wish you luck on your first PPV, but I will say RVD/Douglas is vastly overshadowing the world title match. Your world title should be your promotion's #1 priority, especially in a budding, young fed (I would figure, anyway). Also, see if you can tinker with a few people's personas and see if you can make them your own

Again, I wish you luck on your first PPV and with the rest of the thread, duder.


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Re: Extreme Revival


A video package plays, showing events from the past two months, specifically from the Danielson- Hardy feud, the RVD- Douglas feud, and victories that the champions have picked up. Roman-Styled classical music is playing.

Announcer: Extreme Professional Wrestling- The battleground for the brightest stars, the best wrestlers and the mightiest warriors that the squared circle have ever seen. EPW is a breeding ground for Honor (Clip of Danielson with the LaBelle lock in), a breeding ground for the best in the world today (Clip of Rob Van Dam), and a breeding ground for the future of this sport (Clip of Maven)... but it is also a breeding ground for cheaters (Clip of Hardy attacking Danielson), a breeding ground for betrayal (Clip of Douglas turning on RVD), and a breeding ground for arrogance (Clip of Ryder injuring Maven). But tonight, it's all on the line. The titles... the pride... the honor. Tonight, blood will pour, sweat will be shed, and tears will flow. Tonight, it is EPW's time to prove itself. (The theme starts to play) In Philadelphia, where it all began, it is still about honor. It is still about respect. It is still about being the best of the best. It is STILL BARELY LEGAL!!!

We cut to the EPW arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “Get Up” by Korn ft. Skrillex is blaring over the intercom system as the crowd goes wild. We go to Joey Styles at the announcer's table.

Joey: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to EPW's first ever pay per view, Still Barely Legal! I am Joey Styles, and I could not be any more exited for tonight's card if I wanted to be! Let me promise you, if you paid the money to see this event, you will not be disappointed at all, folks! But enough of my talking, let's go directly to the ring for the first match of the evening!

“Rabbit Run” by Eminem plays as Homicide makes his way to the ring to the booing of the crowd. He is taunting the crowd as he makes his way to the ring.

Joey: Now, for those of you tuning in for the first time, Homicide is part of our developmental roster in the Philadelphia Wrestling Circuit, so this crowd knows Homicide rather well, and they have a very good reason to hate him! That said, there is no denying that Homicide is one of the most talented young men to ever step into the ring!

“Rabbit Run” fades and “Ain't No Make Believe” by Stone free Experience begins to play. John Morrison makes his way to the ring to a huge pop. He interacts with some of the fans, giving his shades to an attractive woman in the front row.

Joey:... and here we have the widely popular John Morrison making his way to the ring. Morison’s style is very unpredictable due to the parkour training regiment that he incorporates, and some would call him the next Shawn Michaels!

MATCH 1: Homicide VS John Morrison

John Morrison and Homicide stare each other down for a moment, Homicide talking mad amounts of trash, before the two finally tie up. Morrison uses his size advantage to push Homicide back into the corner and pushes against him for a moment until the ref intervenes, telling Morrison to back off. Morrison complies, and Homicide takes advantage, punching Morrison in the face a few times, following it up with an arm drag. Homicide puts Morrison into a head lock and the two go back to a standing position. Morrison elbows Homicide in the stomach to get out of the headlock, doubling Homicide over. Morrison hits the ropes, but Homicide pops up just in time to catch Morrison, nailing him with a big overhead belly to belly suplex! Homicide springs right back up, Morrison sits up, Homicide hits the ropes, runs toward Morrison, but Morrison rocks back and hits Homicide with a monkey flip.... ooh! Homicide's leg hit the bottom rope... he looks like he's in some pain! Jo Mo gets up and, like a hawk, grabs Homicide's injured leg and starts putting pressure on it. He doesn't have the hold in for long before Homicide grabs the bottom rope, though, causing Morrison to release the hold. The two stand back up and Morrison goes for an enzugiri, but Homicide ducks it, sending John to the mat. Homicide kicks Morrison square in the gut, knocking the wind out of him. “The Monday Night Delight” slowly makes his way to his knee's, but Homicide hits the ropes and quickly nails John with a shining wizard! He goes for the pin... 1.... 2... and a kick out!

Homicide looks a little upset by this, and he picks Morrison up by his hair. The ref yells at Homicide for a brief moment, but Homicide goes right back on the offensive, whipping Morrison into the ropes. Morrison looks to be trying to catch his breath as Homicide sprints toward him... OOH! Homicide hits a big boot on Morrison, causing Morrison to fall down, sitting against the turnbuckle. Homicide looks at John for a sec as he gets up, runs to the adjacent corner, then runs forward... Homicide hits a huge drop kick to the chest of Morrison! Homicide rolls out of the ring for a second and yells at the crowd as Morrison rolls out of the corner, lying on his back, clutching his chest. The ref begins to count out Homicide, but he's on the apron by the three count. Homicide looks at Morrison, then begins to climb up the ropes. He gets to the top, stands straight up, sizes up Morrison, he jumps... ouch! Homicide connects with a double stomp from the top rope! Homicide goes for the pin... 1.... 2... and another kick out! Homicide looks a little frustrated by this. Homicide lifts Morrison up and goes for a boot to the gut... but “The Shaman of Sexy” cartwheels out of the way and hits Homicide with a surprise Spinning Hook kick, which collides with the back of Homicide's skull! Homicide bumps the ropes, and stumbles toward the middle of the ring, Morrison whips him into the ropes, Morrison runs toward the opposite side of the ring, he springboards off the middle rope... WOW! John Morrison hits a massive Springboard Roundhouse kick on Homicide! He goes for a pin... 1.... 2.... and a kick out.

Morrison keeps his cool, though, and gets to his feet. Morrison runs to the ropes, springboards off the middle rope again, he goes for a springboard moonsault... but Homicide lifts his knees just in time, causing Morrison to land chest first into Homicide's knees! Homicide takes advantage and goes for a cover... 1.... 2... .kick out yet again! Homicide gets up and lifts his hands into a gang sign, signaling the end of the match! He stalks Morrison as he slowly gets up, Homicide gets behind Jo Mo... Homicide's lifting him up into the Cop Killa... but Morrison flips over! Homicide turns around... JOHN MORRISON HITS HIM WITH A SUPER KICK!!! Homicide backs into the corner and falls over, Morrison runs toward him... Morrison hits a seated Homicide with both knees! Homicide is gasping for air as he backs out of the corner and lies down on the mat! John Morrison see's his opening.... he's running toward the corner... jumps over Homicide... he jumps up.... his legs hit the top rope... STARSHIP PAIN!!!! JOHN MORRISON HITS HOMICIDE WITH THE STARSHIP PAIN!!! HE GOES FOR THE COVER!!!! 1...... 2...... 3!!!!! THIS ONE'S ALL OVER!!!! OUR FIRST PAY PER VIEW MATCH IS IN THE BOOKS!!!!!

Winner: John Morrison by Pinfall after 7:41

The crowd is cheering Morrison as he gets his arm raised in victory. Homicide slowly gets up and the two stare down in the middle of the ring. John Morrison says a few things that can't be heard over the crowd and he extends his arm to Homicide. Homicide stares down at his hand... and he accepts the hand shake! What a moment.... but wait! “Another Me” begins to play and Jeff Hardy comes out to the stage, already in full ring gear. Homicide leaves the ring, and Morrison and Hardy stare one another down for a little while before Hardy finally walks away.

Joey: Well, that was a little odd! What was Hardy doing out here when he should be preparing for his match against Bryan Danielson later tonight? Well, I may not be able to answer that question, but I can tell you that the next match will be for the International Championship! Folks, let's take a look at the first of four short video productions showcasing our champions tonight. Right now, let's see some of Carlito's best moments since winning the Extreme Professional Wrestling's International Championship!

The video airs. Highlighted moment's of Carlito's reign include him winning the title almost six months ago from Evan Bourne, and beating Shelton Benjamin, Joey Mercury, Juventud Guerrera and Hayabusa. When we come back, “J-Pop Drop” is playing as Yoshi Tatsu makes his way excitedly to the ring, to a possitive reaction from the crowd.

Joey: Yoshi Tatsu is delighted to be out here competing in the first ever EPW title bout on pay per view, and who could blame him? This is also his first ever title match since coming to EPW. Trivia nerds would remind you that he beat Finlay to earn this match, by the way.

“J-Pop Drop” fades out and “Cool” begins to play. The International Champion, Carlito Colon, makes his way to the ring, with title and apple in hand, and the crowd is booing him massively.

Joey: Say what you will about him, but Carlito has been making waves since he first won the belt a little under six months ago! He's beaten some of the most talented stars that we've seen in an EPW ring, and there's no doubt that he's looking to add Yoshi's name to that list tonight.

MATCH 2: EPW INTERNATIONAL TITLE- Carlito Colon ( C) VS Yoshi Tatsu

The match begins with Carlito aggressively going for a collar and elbow tie up. Carlito pushes Yoshi toward the ropes, then Irish whips him. Yoshi hits the ropes, slides under Carlito's legs and arm drags the champion. The two get up and Yoshi arm drags him again. The two again stand and Yoshi goes for a third arm drag, but Carlito hip tosses him. Carlito goes to stomp at Yoshi, but he rolls out of the way and springs right back up. Carlito this time hits an arm drag on Yoshi. They get up and Carlito wrenches Yoshi's arm. Yoshi yelps in pain, then Carlito kicks Yoshi in the gut. Tatsu doubles over, Colon hits the ropes... ow! Carlito nails Tatsu with a running knee to the head. Yoshi holds his head as Carlito hits the ropes again, this time bringing Tatsu down with a clothesline. Carlito goes for a quick finish, but he only gets a one count. Unsurprised by this, he brings Yoshi up and hits him with a Japanese arm drag, immediately following it up with an arm wrench. Carlito is really laying it on Tatsu, as Yoshi screams in pain. Yoshi slowly starts to get up, bringing Carlito up with him, hold still in, until the two are finally in a standing position. Tatsu kicks at the legs of Carlito until he finally releases the hold. Carlito steps forward to go back on the offensive and swings for a clothesline, but Yoshi ducks under Carlito's arm and hits a very solid kick to the middle of Carlito's back. Carlito turns around, but Yoshi is right there to greet him with a MASSIVE roaring elbow, knocking Carlito flat on his ass. Tatsu shoots behind him again and nails him with a stiff kick to his back again, following it up with a kick to the head. Tatsu goes for a pin.... 1..... 2.... no! Only a two count!

Tatsu brings Carlito up to his feet, then stands behind Carlito.... Yoshi is looking to lock in.... YES! Yoshi Tatsu locks in the Octopus Hold. Yoshi Tatsu is yanking on the hold very tightly, putting mass amounts of stress on the abdomen and back of the champion. Carlito is screaming in complete anguish, as he flails his arm around, trying to find the ropes.... wait, Colon's getting close... yes! Carlito grabs onto the ropes, and the referee gets to a three count before Tatsu lets go of the hold. Carlito collapses to the ground the instant Yoshi releases the hold, but Tatsu brings Carlito right back up to his feet. Yoshi takes a small step back, he goes for a huge roundhouse kick... but Carlito ducks the kick and counters with a drop kick. The two get back up, and Carlito boots Tatsu right in the bread basket, he puts him in a front face lock... Carlito hits a flowing DDT! He goes for the pin.... 1.... 2... only a two count! Carlito begins to get a little bit frustrated, and can be heard saying something about a “Slow Count” as he brings Yoshi back up to his feet. However, Yoshi quickly goes to a kick toward Carlito's legs. Carlito bends over a bit, and Yoshi nails him in the back of the head with an elbow. Yoshi runs for the ropes, but Carlito also runs for the ropes, Carlito springboards off the middle rope AND NAILS TATSU WITH A SPRINGBOARD BACK ELBOW SMASH!!! Carlito Colon goes for the pin... 1.... 2.... not quite yet! Tatsu kicks out of the pin yet again, and Carlito begins to get more then a little pissed off. The two slowly get up, Carlito whips Tatsu into the ropes and... OOH!!! Carlito hits a huge spine buster on Yoshi Tatsu, sending his head bouncing off of the mat. He goes for another pin. 1.... 2.... yet another kick out. Carlito gets up and drags Yoshi up with him, he boots Tatsu in the gut, grabs his head.... Carlito nails Tatsu with a swinging neck breaker! 1..... 2..... once more, Yoshi kicks out!

Carlito loses his temper by this point! He gets up and backs the referee into a corner, screaming at the official until he threatens to disqualify Carlito. Meanwhile, Yoshi is slowly getting up and getting some time to get his head back on straight (Almost quite literally). Carlito turns around to see Yoshi Tatsu stumbling around a bit toward the center of the ring. Deeply irked by this, Carlito goes charging toward Tatsu, and goes for a clothesline. Yoshi ducks it, sending Carlito running chest-first into the turnbuckle. Carlito backs up and turns around.... YOSHI TATSU NAILS HIM WITH A HUMUNGOUS ROUNDHOUSE KICK!!! THIS ONE COULD BE OVER!!! TATSU GOES FOR THE PIN!!! 1...... 2..... CARLITO KICKS OUT!!! CARLITO KICKS OUT!!! Yoshi lifts himself up to his knees and says a few words in Japanese until he looks up at the top rope, then toward Carlito, then back up to the ropes. The crowd cheers Yoshi on as he points toward the top rope. Tatsu gets up, goes to the apron, then climbs up to the top rope. He stays there perched for a minute as he waits for Carlito to stand up. The champion slowly stands up and staggers around for a few moments before turning around. Yoshi leaps off the top rope.... he's looking to nail the champ with a diving spinning heel kick and end it right here.... BUT CARLITO JUMPS UP AND HITS TATSU WITH THE BACK CRACKER!!! OH MY GOD!!!! The two lie on the mat for a few moments until Carlito drags his way toward Tatsu. The crowd is split between boo's for Carlito and cheers for the amazing maneuver they just saw him do. CARLITO COVERS TATSU!!! 1..... 2....... 3!!! CARLITO RETAINS THE TITLE!!! CARLITO RETAINS HIS INTERNATIONAL TITLE!!!!

Winner and STILL International Champion: Carlito by Pinfall after 9:16

Carlito slowly gets to his feet. The crowd is pretty split at this point. The referee gives Carlito the International Championship and raises his hand in victory. Carlito stumbles over to the turnbuckle where he put his apple and picks it up as Tatsu slowly backs into the corner, breathing heavily. Carlito takes a bite of the apple, turns toward Tatsu..... CARLITO SPITS THE APPLE AT TATSU!!! Whatever respect part of the crowd was giving him before is gone! They are now wildly booing Carlito as he makes his way toward the back, a smirk on his face and the title on his shoulder.

Joey: Well, folks, whatever respect I had for Carlito after that match is now gone! Don't get me wrong, that was a hell of a bout, and Carlito proved himself as a worthy champion, but that blatant show of disrespect toward his opponent afterward was despicable at best!

Camera cuts backstage where Christy Hemme is standing beside Rob Van Dam in the interview area.

Christy: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, “The Whole Fucking Show”, “Mr Monday Night” Rob Van Dam. Rob, later on tonight you will finally get to face Shane Douglas in a hardcore match. How are you feeling going into this bout?

Rob: Christy, I've been waiting for this match for almost two months, ever since Shane turned his back on me. You know, we used to be buddies a long time ago. We'd sit around, listen to some music, smoke some pot and things were cool between us. But then he threw away our friendship over jealousy! Christy, that's complete bullshit... shut up, concerned parent at home, it's fuckin' “Mr Pay Per View” on Pay Per View, I'm gonna say whatever the fuck I want... anyway, it's complete bullshit that he'd throw that friendship away! I've been waiting to lay this bastard out for almost two months, and tonight, I have that opportunity, in a Hardcore match. Now, I'll give credit where credit is due, Shane was swinging chairs back when I was a skinny little bastard lacing up my first pair of boots. What Shane forgets to realize is that just because he's been doing it longer, doesn't mean he does it better! I've done shit that nobody's seen before, and that nobody's seen since in a hardcore environment, and tonight, I'm bringing all of that to the table in our match. Shane has no idea what he's got coming to him, cuz I'm Rob.... Van.... Dam!

Rob walks away and we go back to ringside, where “Driver Rock” is playing as Ayako Hamada makes her way to the ring to a negative, if small reaction. She seems to just shake it off as she marches toward the ring.

Joey: Well, you heard it from RVD, tonight he's ready, but let's take you to the first of to woman's matches right now. Ayako Hamada is possibly the most successfully international female wrestler of all time, winning countless titles in Japan, Mexico and America!

“Driver Rock” fades as “International Woman” starts to play. Gail Kim makes her way toward the ring to a very possitive reaction from the crowd. She takes the time to slap the hands of some fans.

Joey: And here's another successful woman in the wrestling world. Gail Kim has wrestled some of the best woman's wrestlers of all time. Tonight, both of these women will have a chance to impress some of the higher up's and possibly put themselves in line for a woman's title match in the near future!

MATCH 3: Ayako Hamada VS Gail Kim

The match kicks off with a bang as Hamada hits a huge spinning heel kick to Gail's midsection, causing her to double over in pain. She hits Gail with a few very clubby blows to her back before ducking behind Gail Kim and hitting a high angle belly to back suplex, bridging it for a quick one count. The two women stand up and Ayako hits Kim with a head butt, sending her stumbling backward. Another headbutt, and Gail is in the corner. Hamada backs up and runs toward Gail, but Gail moves and throws Hamada into the corner. Gail Kim hits a few chops on Hamada before using a drop toe hold to bring Ayako to the ground. Gail lifts Hamada's leg off the ground a few times and drives her knee into the mat, causing Hamada to scream out in pain, before she drags Ayako toward the center of the ring. Gail bounces off the ropes and goes for a double leg drop, but Hamada rolls out of the way quickly, and springs up. Gail gets up, as well, but Hamada boots Gail in the gut, she grabs her by the mid section, lifts her up.... HAMADA NAILS GAIL KIM WITH A SITOUT POWER BOMB!!! She goes for a pin.... 1.... 2.... Gail Kim kicks out of it!

Hamada gets up and lifts Kim to her knees, but Gail trips Hamada, sending her into the mat. Gail gets up and grabs Hamada's leg. She kicks the back of her knee a few times, before turning her over.... Gail Kim locks in an over-the-shoulder single leg Boston crab! Ayako is screaming as she slowly scoots her way toward the rope... will she be able to get it in time? Yes! Hamada grabs the bottom rope and forces Gail to release the hold! Gail Kim makes her way up to the top rope as Hamada slowly gets to a standing position, Hamada turns around, Gail jumps... GAIL HITS HAMADA WITH A FRONT MISSILE DROP KICK!!! Gail goes right for the pin afterward.... 1.... 2.... Hamada kicks out of the pin! Gail Kim gets up and drags Hamada to her feet. Gail goes for a punch, but Hamada ducks it and shoots Gail into the ropes. Gail bounces off the ropes, but she jumps up.... GAIL HITS A HURICANRANA AND ROLLS IT UP INTO A PIN!!! 1..... 2..... and a kick out from Hamada.

Gail gets up again and waits for Hamada to get to her feet. Hamada stumbles to her feet, Gail hits the ropes.... GAIL KIM LOCKS IN A TILT-A-WHIRL HEAD SCISSORS ARM BAR!!!! She's got that locked in tight as Ayako stumbles around the ring, screaming in discomfort! Gail has it locked in pretty tight.... but Hamada drops backward and reverses it into a kind of Samoan slam! Gail goes for a quick pin... 1.... 2.... but Gail Kim kicks out! Ayako Hamada looks pretty peeved, and she screams something at Gail in Japanese as she gets to her feet, dragging Gail Kim up by her hair. The referee jumps in and warns Hamada, but Hamada is unphased. She grabs Gail by the hair once more and throws her over the top rope to the concrete floor below! The referee jumps in and again warns Hamada not to do that anymore, threatening a disqualification, as Gail Kim slowly gets up to her feet from the ground below. Hamada notices this, and sprints toward the ropes.... she hits the ropes... OH MY GOD!!!! Ayako Hamada nails Gail Kim with a running somersault senton!!! Both women are clearly hurting after this one. The referee walks toward them and begins her count..... 1..... neither of them are moving...... 2...... still nothing..... 3...... Ayako begins to move...... 4...... Gail begins to move...... 5..... Ayako is getting to her feet...... 6....... Ayako slides into the ring...... 7...... Gail Kim begins to make her way to her feet...... 8...... Gail Kim is up and stumbling around...... 9...... Gail Kim just barely gets into the ring in time. However, Hamada is right on her when she gets in, dragging Gail to her feet. Hamada lifts Gail up in scoop slam position.... GAIL KIM HITS THE HAMADA DRIVER!!! But wait, she's not done yet! Hamada grabs Gail's legs, it looks like she's gonna catapult Gail into the turnbuckle..... BUT NO!!!! AYAKO HAMADA LOCKS IN AN INDIIAN DEATH LOCK SURF BOARD!!! Gail is screaming, and she's nowhere near close enough to the ropes.... GAIL KIM TAPS OUT!!! GAIL KIM IS FORCED TO SUBMIT!!!

Winner: Ayako Hamada by Submission after 8:35

Ayako Hamada gets up and raises her arm in victory to the booing of the crowd, the reaction larger then it was when she made her way to the ring earlier. Ayako walks over to the timekeeper's table and grabs a microphone before going back into the ring. She begins to talk in broken English.

Ayako: Gail Kim no match.... I am Ayako Hamada..... greatest Japanese woman ever wrestle! GREATEST EVER!!! GREATEST....

Ayako is cut off by “I'd Die For You” by Bon Jovi.... MEGUMI KUDO MAKES HER WAY TO THE RING!!!! The Joshi legend herself marches out and stares Hamada down in the center of the ring. The exchange words in Japanese for a little bit before Ayako Hamada leaves the ring. Megumi helps Gail up to her feet and assists her to the back, and the camera cuts off.

The camera cuts to a dark part of the arena, where Jeff Hardy is arched up on some boxes, staring down into the camera.

Jeff: Tonight is the last night that Bryan Danielson will ever be champion. For months, I've watched him prance around, preaching honor and respect. For months I've seen him spend far too much effort into matches because he had to win them in the squeaky cleanest of ways, because he believed himself to be some kind of hero.... what he doesn't know is that every hero is eventually bested by a villain... or an “Antichrist” if you will. Tonight, I will be the villainous scum to finally beat your champion, your pride and joy, your honor-spouting, preachy little prick of a hero. Tonight... the reign of the Antichrist begins!

Hardy stares down into the camera as Styles is heard speaking.

Joey: Ladies and Gentlemen, up next it will be Maven Huffman taking on Zach Ryder, and this one's gonna be, in the words of a world renown announcer, a slobber knocker! Let's look at how we got here!

A video package plays with “What I Want” by Daughtry playing. It first shows Ryder beating some of the opponents he had during his three month winning spree, before it showing Maven finally beating him. It plays through him injuring Maven, then cutting right to Maven's return, and then how we got to this point.

We cut back to the arena, where “Tattoo” by Big Mother Thruster is playing. Maven makes his way out to big cheers from the crowd, but Maven looks to be all business here!

Joey: Folks, Maven is all business going into this match, and there's no wonder why! This is the moment that Maven's been waiting for since he was injured almost two months ago! He finally has the chance to get even!

“Tattoo” fades out and “Radio” by Watt White plays. Zach Ryder makes his way out to the ring, cockily strutting with camera in hand, while the audience boo's him loudly. It doesn't seem to phase him whatsoever, though.

Joey: Zach Ryder looks to be very calm coming into this match, but that might not be the proper response to this! Maven Huffman has to be, without a shadow of a doubt, looking to hurt Zach!

MATCH 4: Maven Huffman VS Zach Ryder

The match starts off with, shockingly, Zach Ryder exiting the ring immediately! Maven looks down at Ryder puzzled, as Ryder goes to the time keeper's table and grabs a microphone. The referee doesn't even begin his count as Zach climbs up the steel steps and into the ring. The crowd boo's and begins a “Start The Match” chant as Zach looks Maven directly in the eye from the other side of the ring and he begins to speak.

Zach: Hold on, hold on a minute bro! Okay, I know that your pretty pissed about what went down two months ago, but I want to tell you here and now that I'm sorry, bro. (Crowd Boo's). No, really, I apologize from the bottom of my heart, broski! Now, I know that your neck is still aching pretty bad after the incident a few weeks ago, and I'd feel horrible, and I wouldn't want you to get hurt again, so I'm going to make you the deal of your life. All you have to do right now is lay down and let me pin you... hear me out, just lay down and let me pin you and you won't get hurt again, bro! What do ya say?

Maven grabs the microphone from Zach.

Maven: You know, Zach, that's a good point, let me think about that....

Zach actually falls for it, as Maven greets Zach with a huge drop kick to the chops of Zach. Maven is screaming “There's no way in hell” as he brings Zach up to his feet, but once Zach is up, he thumbs Maven right in the eye. Zach can be heard yelling “Are you serious, bro?” as he slaps Maven around, as Maven tries to regain his bearings. Zach whips Maven into the ropes, but Maven comes back with a clothesline to the “Long Island Iced Z”. Maven and Ryder quickly get back up, and Maven arm drags Ryder across the ring. Zach leaves the ring to try and regain his bearings, but Maven follows him outside of the ring, grabs Zach's head and bounces it off the guard rail. Ryder steps away from Maven, as Maven jumps up to the apron... but he's not getting in the ring... Maven's running toward Zach Ryder.... he jumps.... WOW!!! Maven leaps off the apron and nails Zach Ryder with a running bulldog, sending Ryder's head colliding with the concrete floor! Maven drags Ryder up and throws him into the ring, as Maven jumps up onto the apron, then climbs up to the top rope. Ryder rolls on to his back... uh oh! “The Long Island Iced Z” is busted wide open! Maven is perched on the top rope and he leaps for a moonsault.... IT CONNECTS!!! Maven follows this up quickly with a pin... 1..... 2.... RYDER KICKS OUT!!!

Maven looks a little disgruntled by this, but he quickly gets up, pulling Ryder up with him. Maven jumps up and nails Ryder with a drop kick, causing Ryder to lean up against the ropes. Maven runs forward for a clothesline, but Ryder grabs the top rope and pulls it down, sending Maven over the top rope... but wait! Maven catches himself and lands on the apron. Maven grabs Ryder's head, looking to guillotine him on the rope, but Ryder punches Maven in the head, then grabs Maven's head and... ooh! Ryder smacks Maven's head up against the outside of the turnbuckle! Zach grabs Ryder and throws him back into the ring. He feels his forehead and looks down at the blood, then starts screaming “LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MY FACE?!? REALLY, BRO?!? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?” before violently stomping on Maven's neck. Ryder then lifts Maven up and whips him into the ropes. Maven bounces off the ropes, and Ryder catches him in scoop slam position, running Maven over to the corner then positioning him into a tree of woe. Ryder stomps on Huffman's head and chest for a good little while until the ref jumps in to pull Ryder away. Ryder jumps out of the way, but then sprints toward Maven and dropkicks his head. Maven falls out of the tree of woe position on top of Ryder, but Zach throws him off and gets up, flashing his “Long Island” hand gesture. The referee goes up to Ryder and yells at him for his actions, but Ryder pays little mind to this before he goes back on the offensive. He lifts Maven up to his feet, then whips Maven into the ropes again. Ryder goes for a clothesline, but Maven ducks it, comes back, and hits a clothesline of his own. The two lie on the ground, exhausted, and the referee begins to make his count. 1..... Maven starts to move a bit..... 2..... Ryder begins to move...... 3....... Maven begins to get up..... 4..... Maven is on his feet. Ryder is up soon afterward, and the two stare at each other for a brief moment. Ryder is still screaming “Look what you did to my face!!!”, but Maven will have none of this! Maven throws a huge right to Ryder, causing him to stumble back a little bit, Maven hits a drop kick on Ryder, causing him to stumble back again, Maven gets up, hits another drop kick, Ryder almost falls over, Maven springs back up and arm drags Ryder, sending him to the mat. Maven gets back up and stalks Ryder as he slowly gets back to his feet. When Ryder is back on his feet, Maven boots him in the gut, throws Ryder's arm over his head... he lifts him up for a suplex... he hits it! Maven follows this up with a pin... 1.... 2... and a kick out from Ryder! Maven looks surprised as he looks down at the bloody mess that is Zach Ryder at this point. Maven picks up Ryder, then whips him into the corner. Maven lifts Zach up to the top turnbuckle, following him up. Maven stands up on the middle rope... Maven's on the top rope.... Ryder is standing on the top rope with Maven... Maven locks in a front head lock... is he looking to hit the Halo DDT?!? Maven lifts his arm up in potential victory, but Ryder punches Maven in the side... he hits Maven again... Ryder pushes Maven off from the top rope. Maven lands on his feet, Ryder jumps.... WOW!!! ZACH RYDER HITS A DIVING NECK BREAKER!!! Maven is motionless as Ryder slowly crawls over to him... RYDER COVERS MAVEN!!! 1..... 2.... MAVEN KICKS OUT!!! RYDER IS PISSED!!!!

Ryder leaps up to his feet and gets right in the face of the official, screaming “ARE YOU SERIOUS, BRO?!?” and the such, as Maven slowly gets to his feet. Maven notices Ryder screaming at the referee and he bides his time, waiting for Ryder to turn around, as the crowd worked itself into a frenzy. Ryder, noticing the reaction of the crowd, turns around, and Maven goes full sprint at Zach, Maven goes for a clothesline, Zach ducks it... MAVEN ACCIDENTALLY LAYS OUT THE REFEREE WITH A CLOTHESLINE!! Maven stares down at the official, shocked at what he just did, and Ryder drops down behind him... THAT CHEATING LITTLE BASTARD!!!! Zach Ryder nails Maven with a hell of a low blow, sending Maven down to the mat. The referee slowly gets up as Zach Ryder stalks Maven like a lion stalks his prey... Maven slowly starts to get up to his feet.... Maven's up, he's backing toward the center of the ring... ZACH RYDER NAILS MAVEN WITH THE ROUGH RYDER!!!!! Maven Huffman is completely motionless in the center of the ring. Zach drops down to help the referee up. Once the ref is up, Zach swoops in and covers Maven.... 1...... 2..... 3! DAMN IT!!! Zach Ryder picks up a cheap victory!!!

Winner: Zach Ryder by Pinfall after 13:07

Zach Ryder slowly gets to his feet and gets his arm raised in victory, blood dripping down from his head onto his chest and the mat. The crowd is PISSED by this result, booing the “Long Island Iced Z” and starting a “Cheating Fucker” chant, but Ryder is unphased by this! He goes right for his camera and instantly begins filming himself again as he celebrates the victory!

Joey: Folks, some people might try to say that a win is a win, but I disagree! The way that Zach Ryder won that match was cheap, and if there is justice in the world, that victory will get him no closer to an International title match! Well, right now we're going to take you to our second champion highlight of the night, as we show off our woman's champion, Victoria Varon! The woman's title match is right after this!

The package starts off with Victoria Varon beating Trish Stratus for the woman's title three months ago. We are then shown clips of Victoria beating opponents such as Natalya Neidhart, Kelly Kelly, and Winter Burchill. When we cut back to the ring, “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes is blasting over the intercom as Mickie James skips her way down to the ring, high fiving the crowd as they go crazy for her. “Seven Nation Army” cuts out, and “All the things she said” by Tatu starts to play as our woman's champion, Victoria Varon, makes her way out to the ring. She is greeted by the usual booing and “Psycho Bitch” chants, but she seems pretty unphased by this, her eyes never leaving her opponent.

MATCH 5: EPW WOMAN'S TITLE- Victoria Varon ( C) VS Mickie James

The match starts with Mickie extending her arm in a show of respect and good sportsmanship. Victoria looks down at Mickie's hand for a second, looks back up at her, then shakes her hand. It looks like this is gonna..... OOH! Victoria boots Mickie in the gut, using the handshake as a distraction! Victoria goes right on the offensive in this match, following the kick up with a bitch smack that had to have knocked the taste out of Mickie's mouth! Victoria then goes in, grabbing the hair of Mickie down, yanking her onto the mat. Victoria gets on top of James and begins a ground-and-pound style beat down on “The Diva Next Door” until the referee, So-Cal Val, pulls her off of James. Victoria glares at the ref before going right back to work on James, putting the boots down on her. Varon then stands on Mickie's hair, crouches down and starts pulling on Mickie's head, yanking the hair out of her skull. The ref begins her five count, and Varon waits until the last possible second before she lets go and get's off of Mickie's hair. It's clear that Victoria isn't going to play by the rules in this match! Victoria allows Mickie to get up to her feet, but boots her in the gut and nails her with an absolutely VICIOUS snap suplex. She goes for a pin fall, but she only gets the one count. Victoria gets up and pulls Mickie up by her hair. She then whips Mickie into the ropes, Mickie bounces off the ropes, Victoria picks her up into a fireman's carry... YEESH! Victoria nails Mickie with a fireman's carry into a swinging sidewalk slam! Victoria again goes for the pin... 1.... 2.... only a two count! Victoria then gets up and stands to Mickie's side with her back turned.... ooh! BEAUTIFUL standing moonsault! She goes for another pin... 1.... 2.... another two count.

Victoria looks pretty calm at this, as if she KNEW that Mickie wasn't going to be an easy challenge! Victoria then gets behind Mickie, sitting her up, and begins wrenching Mickie's neck into Varon's knee. James screams in pain, squirming around to try and get out of the painful hold, and she manages to grab the ropes after being in the hold for a few moments. The ref gets to a four-count before Victoria finally manages to release the hold. Victoria lifts Mickie to her feet and puts her into a side headlock, but Mickie pushes Victoria into the ropes and hip tosses her to the ground. Varon springs back up, and runs toward Mickie. She goes for a clothesline, but Mickie cartwheel's out of the way, then monkey flips Varon to the ground. The two stand again, and Mickie snapmare's the champion to the mat. Mickie then bounces off the ropes and nails a baseball slide to the face of Varon. Mickie goes for a pin, but gets only a one count. Mickie brings Varon to a standing position, but Varon hits a couple of punches, then whips Mickie into the ropes. Mickie bounces off the ropes, and... MICKIE REVERSES INTO A THEZ PRESS!!! Mickie James returns the favor by giving Victoria a ground-and-pound beat down until the ref forces James off. She points toward the crowd to get them riled up, and Varon takes the time to stand up. Varon moves toward Mickie, but she turns around.... JAMES HITS THE MICK KICK!!! She instantly goes for the pin!! 1.... 2.... VARON KICKS OUT!!! Mickie sighs in distress, but lifts Victoria up, then whips her into the corner. James runs toward the champion, looking to hit a clothesline, but Varon moves out of the way, sending James into the corner. Victoria grabs James.... VICTORIA LOCKS IN THE TARANTULA!!! JAMES IS SCREAMING IN AGONY AS VICTORIA WRENCHES ON THE TARANTULA!!! The ref begins her count.... 1..... 2..... 3.... Varon shows no signs of letting up on the hold..... 4..... Victoria finally lets go of the hold, and James falls to the ground in pain. Victoria drops down to the floor, but quickly rolls back into the ring, staring down at James, stalking her. Victoria starts to lift James back up, but James head butt's Victoria in the bread basket! Victoria backs up a bit as James gets back on her feet. James moves in, but Victoria grabs Mickie and whips her into the ropes, Mickie bounces off, JAMES REVERSES IT WITH A HEAD SCISSORS TAKEDOWN!!! James follows that up into a pin.... 1.... 2.... Varon kicks out!

The two get up rather quickly, and James puts in a side head lock on Varon, she drags her to the corner... MICKIE JAMES HITS A SPRINGBOARD BULLDOG ON VICTORIA VARON!!! James follows that up with a pin.... 1..... 2..... THE CHAMPION KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! James looks to be a little peeved by this, but carry's on and applies a head lock to the downed champion. The two get back to a standing position, and Mickie gets shoved off by Varon, James follows that up with a kick to the gut, she puts Victoria into a front headlock.... MICKIE HITS A STANDING TORNADO DDT!!!! She goes for the pin right afterward!!! 1.... 2..... VARON KICKS OUT YET AGAIN!!!! Mickie looks absolutely stunned by this, and Joey Styles can be heard commenting on how tough our Woman's champion is! The two get back to a standing position, Mickie grabs Victoria's face.... WHAT IS THIS?!? MICKIE STARTS MAKING OUT WITH VICTORIA VARON!!!! Victoria pulls away from this as quickly as she can, and Mickie uses the distraction.... MICKIE'S GOING FOR A REVERSE ROUNDHOUSE KICK.... VICTORIA DUCKS THE KICK AND COUNTERS IT WITH A SUPER KICK!!!! The kick connects right on the lips of Mickie, and VICTORIA'S GOING FOR THE PIN!!! 1.... 2.... MICKIE JAMES KICKS OUT!!! Victoria looks pretty flustered by this as she brings James back up to her feet.... but, once standing, James starts throwing punches! She connects with one... connects with two.... OOH!!! Victoria counters this by drop kicking Mickie right in the gut though! Mickie doubles over in pain, Victoria quickly gets back up, grabs Mickie by the waist.... Victoria's lifting Mickie up.... VICTORIA HITS THE WIDOW'S PEAK!!!! MICKIE'S HEAD SNAPS BACKWARD AS SHE COLLAPSES TO THE MAT!!! VICTORIA GOES FOR THE PIN.... 1..... 2..... 3!!!! VICTORIA IS STILL THE WOMAN'S CHAMPION!!!!

Winner and STILL Woman's champion: Victoria Varon by Pinfall after 11:49

Victoria Varon is handed the woman's championship as her hand is raised in victory. The crowd is booing, but a very small cheer can be heard if you listen closely. Victoria stares down at James' limp body for a moment before leaving the ring.

Joey: Well, the champions are two for two as Victoria retains the Woman's title! Speakings of champions, we now take you backstage where Christy Hemme is standing with our EPW World Heavyweight Champion, Bryan Danielson.

We go backstage and, rest assured, Hemme is standing with Danielson.

Hemme: Thanks Joey. Bryan, six days ago you were attacked by your opponent tonight, Jeff Hardy. He hit you in the head pretty hard with a steel chair, so the question is how are you feeling going into your title match tonight?

Bryan: Well, Christy, my head still hurts pretty damn bad from that! Thankfully, I was checked out by the doctor's after the attack, and I wasn't concussed or anything like that, but my head is still hurting pretty badly. However, let me guarantee that that gives Hardy absolutely no advantage going into this match! Yeah, Jeff, you've been able to sneak up on me pretty good the past couple of months, you've been able to rough me up, beat me down, but tonight, your not going to get to sneak up on me! Tonight, it's gonna be you and me in the center of the ring, man to man, competing for this (Holds up belt) championship, the most prestigious title in wrestling today! You won't get a chance to use any of your underhanded techniques tonight, because I'm not going to let you! Tonight, Jeff, I'm going to beat some honor into you, I'm going to knock some pride into you, tonight, I'm going to kick your fucking head in, tonight, I WILL MAKE YOU TAP OUT!!!

Danielson storms off of the interview set, and the camera focuses on Christy.

Hemme: Well, there you have it, Danielson is determined to retain his title! But right now, we take you to a video package of our tag team champions, Mexico's Most Wanted!

A package plays showing Mexico's Most Wanted beating Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin 9 months ago to win the tag team titles, then showing them beating a who's who of the tag team world- The Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer & Sandman, M-Dogg 20 and Josh Prohibition, Beer Money INC and America's Most Wanted, among others! When we go back to the ringside area, “Genie In A Bottle” by Fozzy is playing as Paul London and Brian Kendrick sprint down toward the ring, the fans cheering them on.

Joey: Well, folks, up next is our tag team title match, and our challengers are looking to walk out of here as the new champions! They've had a lot of critic's going into this match, and they're looking to silence each and every single one of them.

“Genie in a Bottle” fades and “Perros” begins to play as Mexico's Most Wanted makes their way down to the ring to big boo's. Damien takes some time to talk smack, but Halloween doesn't pay them any mind.

Joey: Of course, their victory isn't going to be an easy one! Damien 666 and Halloween have dominated the tag team division since they came to EPW a little over a year and a half ago, and they don't plan on just giving up the belts that have defined them pretty much since day one!

MATCH 6: EPW Tag Team Titles- Mexico's Most Wanted ( C) VS Paul London & Brian Kendrick

The match starts off with Kendrick and Halloween in the ring. The two tie up and try to out muscle each other, but that goes to a stalemate pretty quickly. The two stare at each other for another few moments, circling one another, until the two tie up again. This time, Kendrick nails Halloween with an arm drag, following it with an arm wrench. Halloween and Brian get back to a standing position pretty quickly, and Halloween twists the wrench around, wrenching Brian in the process. Kendrick rolls out of it and hits a huricanrana on Halloween, sending him into London & Kendrick's corner. Kendrick runs up and hits a corner back flip kick, tagging in London directly afterward. Kendrick holds Halloween as London jumps up to the top rope and hits Halloween with a springboard dropkick. Kendrick goes to the apron as London goes for a pin, but he only gets a one count before Halloween puts his foot on the ropes. The two quickly get back up and London goes for an enzugiri, but Halloween ducks it and stomps London in the small of his back when he hits the ground. Halloween drags Paul to the middle of the ring, hits the ropes and hits a running senton on him. The two get up and Halloween nails London with a spinning heel kick. Halloween doubles him over and lifts him up for a power bomb, but London rolls out of it and rolls Halloween up into a school boy pin, but he only manages a one count on that one. The two get up, and London hits Halloween with a Tornado DDT out of nowhere! London tags in Kendrick, and the two stalk Halloween. Once he gets up, London & Kendrick hit Halloween with a double dropkick, sending Halloween crashing to the mat. They get up, then London hip tosses Kendrick, causing Kendrick to senton onto Halloween with some extra force! Kendrick goes for a pin as London returns to the apron.... 1..... 2..... but Damien runs in and breaks the count!

Damien returns to his corner as Brian and Halloween get back to a standing position. Brian runs toward Halloween and goes for a Tornado DDT, but Halloween reverses it into a spine buster! Halloween drags Brian to his corner and tags in Damien. Halloween picks Brian up, setting him up in the corner, then moves away and drops down to his hands and knees. Damien enters the ring, then runs toward Brian. He uses Halloween's back as a launch pad, jumps toward Kendrick, and huricanrana's him, following it up with a pin. 1... 2.... but Kendrick kicks out of the maneuver! Damien leaps up to the top rope and waits for Kendrick to get up.... Kendrick stands... Damien leaps to hit a diving cross body... BUT KENDRICK DROP KICKS THE AIR BORN DAMIEN!!! Damien hits the ground hard and Kendrick goes for a pin, but he only get a one count for his troubles. Brian lifts Damien up, but Damien kicks Kendrick in the gut... he grabs Kendrick around the middle of his waist... what's this?!? Halloween is jumping up to the top rope as Damien lifts Brian up.... OH MY GOD!!!! Halloween dropkick's Kendrick as Damien swung him down into a power bomb!!! Kendrick landed on his head.... he looks like he might be hurt! Mexico's Most Wanted taunts the crowd as Kendrick regains his bearings a little bit, and Halloween goes back to his corner as Damien focuses back on Brian Kendrick. Damien goes to attack Kendrick again... Brian hits a drop toe hold on Damien out of nowhere! What's this? BRIAN KENDRICK LOCKS IN A CAMEL CLUTCH ON DAMIEN!!!! Brian wrenches back on the hold with one arm while he nails Damien with cross face punches with the other. Damien is screaming in pain, but Halloween runs in for the save, booting Kendrick in the ass, and sending Brian into his corner, where Paul London makes a hot tag! London comes in, guns blazing, as he drop kick's Damien to the ground. He gets up and drop kicks Halloween to the ground, who is still in the ring. Mexico's Most Wanted rests against the ropes, Kendrick comes back into the ring, London and Kendrick go running toward Mexico's Most Wanted.... LONDON AND KENDRICK CLOTHESLINE DAMIEN AND HALLOWEEN OVER THE TOP ROPE, SENDING THEM TO THE COLD CONCRETE FLOOR BELOW!!! But wait, London and Kendrick aren't done quite yet! The dynamic duo hit the ropes opposite of where Mexico's Most Wanted are, they sprint toward the champions.... OH MY GOD!!!! PAUL LONDON AND BRIAN KENDRICK HIT A DOUBLE SUICIDE DIVE ONTO OUR TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!!! The men lie on the ground for a while until the referee starts to make his count.... 1.... neither of the four stir up..... 2..... London starts to move a little bit..... 3..... Damien starts to move around a bit...... 4..... Kendrick and Halloween aren't moving at all..... 5..... Kendrick's up...... 6..... Damien's up...... 7..... Brian and Halloween still haven't budged..... 8..... Paul and Damien are in the ring now!

With their partners outside of the ring, London and Damien slowly work their way to their feet. London and Damien begin some back-and-fourth punching, until Damien goes to Irish whip London, London stops, London whips Damien into the ropes, Damien hits the ropes.... London nails Damien with an inverted atomic drop!! But wait, London jumps up.... LONDON HITS DAMIEN WITH A FRANKENSTEINER!!! LONDON TRANSITIONS THAT INTO A PIN!!! 1..... 2.... DAMIEN KICKS OUT!!! London is looking pretty tired out at this point, and he brings Damien up to his feet. He kicks Damien in the knee, then swoops behind him.... WOW!!! PAUL LONDON NAILS DAMIEN WITH A DRAGON SUPLEX... HE BRIDGES IT FOR A PIN!!! 1.... 2..... DAMIEN KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!! London has got to be wondering what he has to do to put Damien away at this point! London lifts Damien up again, and hits him with a huge drop sault! But what's this? Brian and Halloween our brawling outside of the ring, Halloween boots Kendrick in the gut, Halloween lifts Brian Kendrick up.... THAT WAS SICK!!!!! HALLOWEEN JUST POWER BOMBED BRIAN KENDRICK ONTO THE COLD CONCRETE FLOOR!!! After the power bomb earlier, Kendrick isn't moving at all.... oh my GOD!!! A pool of blood is developing under Brian Kendrick's head! He might have a concussion after that one!!

We cut back to the ring, where London is looking down at his partner in concern, and Damien takes advantage of the situation, drop kicking Paul London, sending him throat first into the ropes! London bounces off of the rope back into Damien, Damien spins London around, Damien kicks Paul hard in the bread basket, he lifts London up onto his shoulders.... OOH!!! DAMIEN 666 JUST NAILED PAUL LONDON WITH A TOUMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!! Damien goes for the pin!!! 1..... 2..... WHAT?!? DAMIEN LIFTED PAUL'S SHOULDER UP!!! Mexico's Most Wanted is clearly not done with Paul London quite yet! Damien tags Halloween into the match, then grabs on to Paul London's legs.... Damien is swinging Paul London around by his legs... Halloween hits the ropes..... HALLOWEEN JUST DROP KICKED PAUL'S HEAD WITH DAMIEN SWINGING HIM AROUND!!! PAUL LONDON LOOKS LIKE HE COULD BE OUT COLD!!! Damien goes to his corner, but HALLOWEEN STILL ISN'T DONE!!! Halloween drags Paul London up to his feet, Halloween scoops London up onto his shoulder..... GOD, JUST PIN HIM!!! HALLOWEEN HITS PAUL LONDON WITH A SIT OUT SCOOP SLAM PILEDRIVER!!! Halloween goes for the pin.... 1.... 2..... 3!!! Mercifully this match is finally over!

Winners and STILL EPW Tag Team Champions: Mexico's Most Wanted by Pinfall after 12:57

The crowd is hot, booing Mexico's Most Wanted and throwing cups down at them as they accept their titles and have their arms lifted by a disgusted looking referee. The ref quickly lets go of their arms and goes to check on London and Kendrick as the champions make their way toward the back.

Joey: Folks, that match was sick! Not only did they possibly injure both of these men, but they tortured Paul London! That match should have been over after Damien hit the tombstone piledriver, but they weren't happy with that, were they? They had to drag the punishment out and possibly end the career of Paul London, and it goes without saying that Brian Kendrick is probably hurt after that match... and the sad thing is, that probably won't be the most violent match of the night! But we'll get to that a bit later, because right now, we'd like to take you to the last of our champion highlight video's, as we showcase our EPW World Heavyweight Champion, “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson! Let's check it out!

A video airs showing Bryan Danielson beating Dave Batista almost six months ago to win the EPW title, then showing him submitting a whose-who of professional wrestling's past and present: AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Christian, Bobby Lashley and Ted Dibiase Jr, among others! When we return, Michael Cole is standing with “The Franchise” Shane Douglas in the interview area.

Cole: Shane, up next is your hardcore match with...

Shane: Cole, why don't you shut the fuck up for five minutes and let “The Franchise” talk. For almost 10 years, I have been pissed off at the wrestling world, disgusted at the American wrestling audience as they completely forgot my name and pissed on my legacy, giving their praise to a pathetic piss-ant like Rob Van Dam, who hasn't contributed a fucking thing to the history and lineage of professional wrestling! Rob Van Dam pisses off the higher up's at that piece of shit WWE, making them not push him, the fans still lose it for him! Rob Van Dam ruins the biggest opportunity of his life by getting busted with pot, the fans still love him! Rob Van Dam leaves the business he claims to be his life for fucking how ever many years as they did, the fans still lose their shit for him! Yet what does “The Franchise” get from those same fans? I get laughed at, I get shoved to the side, until I finally have to retire for almost six years because Booker’s think that I'm not a marketable name anymore! Then Paul Heyman finally gives me a job again... and don't think this is me praising that fat little Jew, because he went to bat for Van Dam god knows how many times after he fucked up, yet he had nothing nice to say about me, and I finally have a chance to show the world that I'm not a fucking has been, that I am still a has-been, and god dammit, Cole, tonight I'm taking that chance, I'm grabbing the bull by the fucking balls! Tonight, I'm going to beat Rob Van Dam within an inch of his life, then I'm going to pin him in the center of the ring. Tonight, Rob Van Dam is going to bleed, chances are I'm going to bleed, I will show the world that I am still the hottest name on the ticket... Rob, you claim to be the “Whole Fucking Show”... now, I'm not going to say that I'm the whole fucking show, but god dammit, I'm the best part of it! Now, if you'll excuse me, Cole, I have something I need to grab before this match starts, so why don't the boys in the production truck know the cliche' video that I know their going to, and let's get this shit started!

Shane Douglas storms off and, surely enough, a video package starts playing, with the theme song for the pay per view playing in the background. In it, they highlight Shane's return to the ring, his betrayal of Rob Van Dam, the promo that he shot the next week, plenty of brawling between the two, the pick-your-poison matches, the match that gave Van Dam the right to name the stipulation, the contract signing, ext, ext.

When we cut back to the ring, “Perfect Strangers” by Deep Purple is blaring as Shane Douglas makes his way down to the ring, wearing a Franchise T-Shirt and blue jeans, clearly knowing that this is going to be less of a match and more of a fight. The crowd is booing Douglas, and a “Has-Been” chant breaks out. Douglas stops in the middle of the ramp and makes a gesture toward the stage. As he does this, a few stage hands drag out a gigantic dumpster that one would assume is full of different weapons. The Franchise looks pretty reassured going into this match as he watches the dumpster get rolled down the ramp toward the ring.

Joey: Well folks, if that dumpster full of weapon's and Douglas' choice of attire doesn't let you know that this is going to be a fight, I don't know what will! Tonight, after two months of anticipation, The Franchise and Rob Van Dam will finally get their hands on one another, and in a hardcore match, nonetheless! No rules, no disqualifications, falls count anywhere in and around the arena! This could end in the ring, in the crowd, in the back, in the catering area, in the boiler room, in the parking lot... and god knows what kind of weapons Shane Douglas brought to the ring for the two to use on each other!! I've seen some brutal matches in my day, but if ever there was potential for a match to become the most brutal I've ever seen, this match has it!

“Perfect Strangers” fades out, and “Walk” by Pantera begins to blare. The fans go absolutely wild as Rob Van Dam comes out, pushing a Home Depot-style cart with a two ladders a top a stack of tables toward the ring. This is the most intense Van Dam has looked in a very long time.

Joey: Well, it looks like Shane Douglas isn't the only person with some tricks up his sleeve. The thing is, though, we can all see what Van Dam brought to the ring... we have no idea what's in that dumpster that Shane Douglas dragged down here! Either or, it all comes down to this, folks!

MATCH 7: Hardcore Match- “The Franchise” Shane Douglas VS Rob Van Dam

The match begins with the two circling each other, their eyes firmly planted on one another. The fans are worked in a frenzy, just waiting for the two to finally get their hands on one another. They step toward each other, and get nose to nose, staring one another down, talking smack to one another. The fans can't wait for this! The two step back a little bit and tie up collar-and-elbow style. They work at one another for a moment before they release the tie up. They go in for another collar-and-elbow tie up, but again they break it before any significant moves can be made. They get nose to nose again, staring each other down, and Douglas is the first to make any serious physical interaction, pushing Rob Van Dam. RVD responds by pushing Douglas back. Douglas swings a punch at RVD, hitting him right in the side of his jaw, and Rob Van Dam responds with a jaw rocking punch of his own. Within just a few brief moments, the two are swinging furiously at one another. The fans are going absolutely ape shit! After swing after swing from the two, Douglas grabs the back of RVD's head and knee's him right in the gut, doubling him over. “The Franchise” clubs Van Dam repeatedly in the back with his forearm, until he finally pushes RVD into the corner. Douglas grabs Rob's head and starts beating it against the turnbuckle violently. After a bit of this, Van Dam boots Shane in the gut, throws him into the corner and starts punching Douglas' head. Van Dam kicks Shane square in the head, then bends over and thrusts his shoulder into the gut of Shane. Van Dam thrusts his shoulder into Shane's gut two more times, does a back hand spring, then runs in for one final thrust, but Shane moves out of the way. RVD stops himself just short of running into the ring post, but Shane takes advantage by kicking the inside of RVD's knee, causing him to fall to the ground. Shane backs up a bit, then runs forward.... OOH! The Franchise boots RVD's face right into the middle turnbuckle! Shane lifts Van Dam up, he grabs RVD... The Franchise hits a HUGE belly-to-back suplex! He follows this up with a pin attempt, but he only gets a one count. Unphased by this, Douglas gets up and starts to move toward the apron, toward the dumpster. Van Dam, however, gets up in time, runs forward, and hits The Franchise with a one handed bull dog, sending Shane's head crashing to the mat. Van Dam picks Shane up, then lifts Shane up.... OOH! Van Dam hits Shane with a picture perfect suplex. He immediately follows this up with a pin attempt, but RVD only gets a one count out of it.

The two get up, and Shane goes to kick RVD in the gut, but Van Dam catches Shane's foot, steps over it and hits a spinning wheel kick to the face of The Franchise. Van Dam springs up, does a cartwheel, then hits a standing moonsault onto Shane. Van Dam again goes for a pin attempt, but only gets a one count. Van Dam gets up, and drags Shane up, but Douglas thumbs RVD in the eye as soon as he's on his feet. Shane then grabs the back of Rob's head and goes to throw himself on the top rope, but Van Dam catches himself and stands a top of the apron. Shane notices and goes to knock Van Dam off, but Van Dam lifts his leg over the top rope and catches Shane in the head with a solid kick. RVD then grabs Shane Douglas.... UNBELIEVABLE!!! Rob Van Dam just suplexed Shane Douglas from the apron onto the cold concrete floor below! Neither men are moving very much as the referee just stares down, not being able to do anything about it. Van Dam and Douglas get to their feet at about the same time, Douglas goes for a punch, Rob Van Dam catches it, grabs Shane's head, and smacks it against the guard rail! Rob Van Dam then lifts Shane up and sets him up on the guard rail, RVD jumps up to the apron.... WOW!!! Rob Van Dam jumps off the apron and hits Douglas with a spinning drop kick! Douglas falls back into the crowd! Van Dam jumps over the guard rail, smacks Douglas' head onto a chair that an audience member was sitting on, then throws Douglas back over the guard rail, toward the ring area. Van Dam proceeds to toss Shane around, bashing The Franchise's head on whatever he can get a hold of: The guard rail, the steel steps, the ring, the announcers table, the ring keeper's table, Van Dam doesn't care. Eventually, RVD goes all around the ring until finally he's by the dumpster that Douglas brought out. Van Dam grabs onto Shane's arm and Irish whips him.... OW! Shane Douglas' head collides with the dumpster hard!

Rob Van Dam looks at Shane, then rolls into the ring. Van Dam grabs on to the top rope and stalks Shane as he slowly gets up... Douglas gets up on to his feet, Van Dam launches himself over the top, HE'S GOING FOR A PLANCHA..... OOH!!! SHANE DOUGLAS MOVES OUT OF THE WAY, SENDING ROB VAN DAM BACK FIRST IN TO THE SIDE OF THE DUMPSTER!!! Shane Douglas grabs RVD's head and smacks it a few times into the dumpster for good measure... what's this?! Oh god, Shane Douglas has opened the top of the dumpster, he's reaching into it for weapons! The fans are going in a frenzy, even though Shane Douglas is the first one to get his hand onto a weapon, and they begin a “We Want Blood” chant. It looks like Douglas isn't going to disappoint, as he grabs two chairs, a Singapore cane, a stop sign, a trash can with a lid, and.... IS THAT A TWO BY FOUR WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE?!? Folks the night is about to get ungodly violent!

Douglas first puts his focus onto the steel chair, picking it up and staring at it with malicious intent in his eyes. Van Dam is slowly making his way to his feet, RVD is up, SHANE SWINGS THE CHAIR.... BUT VAN DAM CATCHES IT!!! RVD responds with a solid boot to Douglas' gut, causing him to drop the chair. Van Dam kicks Douglas in the gut again, he puts him in a front headlock, ROB VAN DAM DROPS SHANE DOWN FOR A DDT.... SHANE DOUGLAS' HEAD COLLIDES WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!!! Douglas is holding his head as RVD slowly gets back up, the collision with the dumpster clearly slowing “Mr Pay Per View” down a little bit. RVD wastes little time though, as he grabs a Singapore cane and twirls it around for a second as Douglas slowly drags himself up to his knees... AND ROB VAN DAM NAILS SHANE DOUGLAS IN THE HEAD WITH THE CANE!!!! Rob Van Dam is going in a frenzy now, hitting The Franchise repeatedly with the Singapore cane until it resembles nothing more then a series of splinters. Van Dam lifts Shane Douglas up onto his knees and starts CHOKING SHANE WITH THE SINGAPORE CANE!!! Shane Douglas begins coughing and sputtering until Van Dam finally stops choking him, but he swings the cane one more time, AND THE SINGAPORE CANE BREAKS IN TWO OVER SHANE DOUGLAS' HEAD!!!

Rob Van Dam drops the remnants of the cane and goes to lift Shane up, but Shane responds by punching RVD square in the balls! Rob drops down to his knees in pain, as Shane slowly works his way back up to his feet. Shane then stares down at the busted, jagged handle that was the Singapore cane that RVD was just beating him with, and he lifts it up. He then holds it right above the handle AND HE STARTS DIGGING THE JAGGED REMAINS OF THE CANE INTO ROB'S HEAD!!! Rob Van Dam is screaming in agony until Shane finally stops, and ROB VAN DAM IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN!!! Blood is running like a waterfall off of RVD's head and onto the concrete floor below him! A pool of blood forms around Rob's head as Shane puts his focus on some of the other weapons, and he finally decides on the steel stop sign! Douglas, however, throws the sign into the ring, along with both of the chairs, the trash can with lid, and the barbed wire two by four. Shane then picks up Van Dam off the floor and rolls him back into the ring. He leaves Van Dam lying there, bleeding, as he grabs one of the tables that Van Dam had wheeled out earlier and sets it up outside of the ring, before finally rolling back into the ring.

Rob Van Dam is already on his feet, stumbling around, by the time that Shane is standing in there with him. Shane moves toward Van Dam, grabs him, and drags him toward the center of the ring. Van Dam pushes Shane off, though, and hits him with a monkey flip out of nowhere, though, sending Shane landing right on top of one of the steel chairs! RVD slowly gets up as Shane lies there, screaming in agony, then lifts The Franchise up. RVD hits the ropes and nails Douglas with a one handed bulldog, SENDING SHANE DOUGLAS' FACE RIGHT INTO THAT BARBED WIRE TWO BY FOUR!!! SHANE DOUGLAS IS BLEEDING!!! BOTH MEN ARE NOW BUSTED WIDE OPEN!!!! Van Dam goes and grabs one of the chairs that is in the ring, and places it on the shoulders and upper back of Shane Douglas. Van Dam then runs off the ropes, he rolls forward.... ROB VAN DAM HITS THE ROLLING THUNDER ONTO THE CHAIR!!! Douglas is screaming in agony, but you can tell that the maneuver hurt Van Dam, as well! It takes a moment before Van Dam manages to get up off the ground, and he grabs the chair off of Shane's back... but what's this? Van Dam doesn't hit Shane with the chair? No, he's setting the chair up in the ring, facing Shane Douglas. Van Dam lifts Shane up, propping him up against the ropes, Rob Van Dam runs toward the opposite ropes... VAN DAM VAULTS OFF OF THE CHAIR.... OH MY GOD!!! Rob Van Dam just hit a spinning wheel kick on Shane Douglas, sending both men over the top rope and through the table that Shane Douglas had set up earlier in the match!

The two men lie there, bleeding all over one another, as the referee sprints to the outside of the two men, checking on their well being and seeing if their still fit to continue on with the match. The referee, after thorough examination, determines both men to still be fit to compete, though, and the match continues on! A replay of the move airs, and it is revealed that Van Dam took the brunt of the damage from that move, though, with Shane landing right on top of him! So, to no surprise, Shane Douglas is the first man up on his feet! Shane Douglas rolls inside of the ring, but only to grab the chair that Van Dam had used and the trash can, leaving the lid inside of the ring. Shane throws the two weapons to the outside of the ring, then rolls out. By this time, Van Dam is on his feet, though he clearly has wobbly knees. Shane Douglas bumps the trash can into the sternum of RVD, then places the trash can over Rob's head.... what's this? Shane Douglas grabs on to the chair.... SHANE DOUGLAS BLASTS RVD WITH THE CHAIR WITH THE TRASH CAN OVER HIM!!! Rob Van Dam drops to the ground like a pile of bricks, and Shane drags the lid off of the head of RVD. He then throws the chair flat on the ground and lifts RVD up, he doubles him over, he puts Rob's head in between his knees..... OH MY GOD!! SHANE DOUGLAS JUST HIT A PILE DRIVER ON ROB VAN DAM, SENDING HIS HEAD CRASHING ON TO THE STEEL CHAIR!!! Shane Douglas goes for the pin, the referee runs outside of the ring to make the count... 1.... 2..... ROB VAN DAM KICKS OUT?!? CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?

Shane Douglas is stunned that RVD is able to kick out after taking such a huge amount of punishment! Little time is wasted, though, as Shane Douglas gets up and grabs one of the remaining tables, throwing it inside of the ring. Shane follows and he props the table up against one of the corners. Shane then rolls to the outside of the ring and grabs Rob Van Dam, dragging him inside of the ring. Shane Douglas backs Rob Van Dam into the corner opposite of the table, and grabs his arm, Shane Douglas Irish whips Rob Van Dam, but RVD reverses it, whipping Shane Douglas... SHANE DOUGLAS GOES THROUGH THE TABLE!!! HIS PLAN BACKFIRES AS HE GOES THROUGH THE VERY TABLE THAT HE JUST SET UP!!!! Rob Van Dam moves forward and goes for a pin... 1.... 2.... SHANE DOUGLAS KICKS OUT!!! SHANE DOUGLAS KICKS OUT AFTER BEING THROWN THROUGH A TABLE!!! It is now Rob whose shocked at the kick out, and he starts wondering what the hell he has to do to put Shane Douglas away! Rob Van Dam then has an epiphany, as he stares outside of the ring... toward the ladders! Rob Van Dam rolls outside of the ring and grabs the first ladder, a 16 footer, and tosses it into the ring. Rob then grabs the second ladder in his arsenal, a staggering 20 footer, and sets it up outside of the ring. Rob Van Dam then rolls back into the ring, and picks Shane Douglas up, moving him toward the ladder... but what's this? Shane Douglas boots Rob in the gut... SHANE DOUGLAS JUST NAILED ROB VAN DAM WITH THE PITTSBURGH PLUNGE, SENDING ROB VAN DAM RIGHT ONTO THE LADDER!!!!! Shane then rolls Rob off of the ladder, SHANE GETS THE COVER!!! 1.... 2.... ROB VAN DAM KICKS OUT!!!! HOLY SHIT, THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

Shane slams his fists down on the mat in pure frustration! After venting his frustrations, Shane gets up off of the mat and drags Rob up with him, but Rob hits a low drop kick on Shane's knee, sending Shane down on to his knees, Rob grabs the chair and CRACKS SHANE OVER THE HEAD WITH IT!!! Rob then grabs Shane and drags him into the corner, sitting him up in the corner. Rob then grabs the chair, runs to the opposite corner, he runs toward Shane Douglas.... ROB VAN DAM JUST KICKED THE CHAIR INTO THE FRANCHISE'S FACE!!! But wait, Rob Van Dam's not going for the pin quite yet.... HE'S STARING AT THE 20 FOOT LADDER!!! Rob Van Dam puts the chair up against the face of Shane Douglas, Rob Van Dam's moving out to the apron.... ROB VAN DAM IS CLIMBING UP THAT TWENTY FOOT LADDER!!!! Rob yells at a few of the photographers to hold the ladder as he climbs up to the top of it.... he's staring down at Shane Douglas.... Rob Van Dam does his thumb pose as the crowd chants his name.... OH MY GOD!!!! OH MY GOD!!! ROB VAN DAM JUST JUMPED TWENTY FEET AND NAILED SHANE DOUGLAS WITH THE VAN TERMINATOR!!! ROB VAN DAM GOES FOR THE PIN!!! 1.... 2..... 3!!!! THIS ONE'S ALL OVER, ROB VAN DAM WINS!!! ROB VAN DAM WINS!!!!

Winner: Rob Van Dam by Pinfall after 27:51

Rob Van Dam is helped up by the referee as his arm is raised. The fan is going absolutely wild, cheering the victor on!!! Cameras then cut to Joey Styles.

Joey: Folks, we might have just seen the best match in EPW history! But if there's one match that has potential to beat what we just witnessed, it's our main event match for the EPW world heavyweight title!

A video airs highlighting the feud between Jeff Hardy and Bryan Danielson, showing Hardy's numerous assaults on Danielson, clips of Danielson's title defenses, and Hardy winning the number one contenders match. When we return to the now blood-stained ring area, “Another Me” is playing as Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring to “Drug Addict” chants. Hardy seems rather unphased by this.

Joey: Ladies and Gentlemen, this man may have got here by using some of the most underhanded tactics I've seen in a very long time, but there's no denying that he's now here at the dance, and he's prepared. The question is, though, will his cheating ways get the better of our EPW champion, who is used to facing off against honorable competitors?

“Another Me” fades out as “The Final Countdown” by Europe starts to play. The fans chant along to the song and cheer when our EPW World Heavyweight Champion, Bryan Danielson, makes his way out to the ring! Danielson looks intense as ever and fully prepared as he makes his way down the ramp.

Joey: And there you have it, folks, our Extreme Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, Bryan Danielson, is making his way down to the ring as we speak! There's no doubt in anyone's mind that Danielson is one hundred and ten percent for this match! Ladies and gentlemen, this is our main event!

MAIN EVENT: EPW World Heavyweight Championship- Bryan Danielson ( C) VS Jeff Hardy

The match starts off with the two tying up, but Danielson quickly and aggressively takes Jeff down to the ground and begins hitting him across the face and throat with violent forearms until the referee drags him off. Jeff Hardy slides out of the ring to take a quick breather, clearly not being ready for the level of intensity that Danielson brought to the match. The fans start booing Hardy and begin chanting “Your gonna get your fucking head kicked in”. The referee goes to make his count.... 1.... Hardy is still circling the ring.... 2...... Hardy starts to move toward the ring.... 3..... Jeff Hardy is now up on the apron, and Danielson moves right in. Danielson chops Hardy hard in the chest, almost knocking Hardy to the concrete floor, but Danielson catches him and suplexes him right back into the ring. Hardy springs right back up, but Bryan lifts Hardy up into a fireman's carry and starts airplane spinning him. Danielson gets to about five rotations before he starts running toward the ropes, then Samoan slams Hardy down on the mat. Danielson then rolls Hardy on to his back and locks in a painful looking Fujiwara arm bar. Hardy starts screaming in sheer agony, before he finally gets his foot on to the bottom rope. The ref makes his count.... 1..... 2..... 3.....4..... Danielson breaks the hold.

The ref yells at Danielson, and Danielson reminds the referee that he has up to a five count! Hardy gets up, but “The American Dragon” doesn't give Jeff any opening to make a move, as he nails Hardy with two, three European uppercuts, then whips Hardy right into the ropes. Danielson backs up, then runs forward and nails Hardy with a huge corner drop kick. Hardy backs out of the corner, and Danielson gets up and sneaks behind Jeff, he grabs him, Danielson hits him with a belly-to-back suplex, bridging it for the pin! 1... 2... Hardy kicks out and immediately rolls outside of the ring. The fan's boo Hardy and he starts to yell at some of the fans. Bryan, however, bounces right off of the ropes and sprints toward Hardy, he dives through the ropes.... OOH!! Jeff Hardy steps out of the way of the way of the Suicide dive, sending Bryan right into the guard rail! Hardy starts to stomp on Danielson's body, then picks him up and throws him into the ring. Hardy leaps up on to the apron, then slingshot's himself over and hits Danielson with a sling shot leg drop. Hardy goes for the pin, but only gets a one count. Hardy lifts Danielson up off the ground, but then grabs him by the back of the head AND THROWS HIM RIGHT OVER THE TOP ROPE ONTO THE CONCRETE FLOOR!!! Danielson gets up shockingly quick after this (The referee only makes it to a three count), but Jeff is right there, greeting Bryan with a base ball slide, sending Danielson head first into the guard rail! Danielson again gets up shockingly quick, but Hardy's ready, again, as he grabs the top rope AND PLANCHA'S ONTO DANIELSON!!! This causes the referee to restart his count. Hardy jumps up onto the guard rail as Danielson slowly gets up, Hardy runs down the guard rail, HARDY HITS A DIVING CLOTHESLINE OFF OF THE GUARD RAIL!!! Hardy quickly picks Danielson up and rolls him into the ring, and the two are in the ring by the eight count. As soon as the two are into the ring, Hardy makes the cover... 1.... 2.... Bryan Danielson kicks out at two!

“The Antichrist of Professional Wrestling” looks a little annoyed, but he had to have known it would take a lot to put away the champion! Hardy brings Danielson up, and he whips Bryan into the ropes. Danielson hits the ropes, but shocks everyone by hitting Hardy with a flying forearm smash! Danielson and Hardy get up, and.... THAT CHEATING PRICK!!! Hardy just thumbed Danielson in the eye and hit him with a face buster! Hardy goes for another pin, but he only gets a one count! Hardy brings Bryan up to his feet, and whips him into the corner. Hardy follows, hitting a running drop kick, and Hardy springs right back up, Hardy falls down against the corner, Hardy runs at the corner, jumps up on the middle rope, grabs the top rope, he jumps, THUNDEROUS CORNER-AIDED DROPKICK!!! Hardy drags Danielson away from the corner and goes for the pin... 1.... 2.... Danielson again kicks out! Hardy gets up, but Danielson dives behind him and rolls him up into a school boy pin! 1... 2.... Hardy kicks out! Hardy is startled a little bit, and stays on his knees for a second, and Bryan takes advantage of the moment of confusion, kicking Hardy square in the chest! Hardy holds his chest as Danielson hits the ropes and nails Hardy with a huge big boot! There is a small trickle of blood coming out of Jeff's nose where the boot connected. Hardy touches his nose and looks down at the blood on his hands. Hardy snaps! He springs right back up and sprints toward Danielson, and jumps for a running drop kick, but Bryan moves and HARDY BLASTS THE REFEREE IN THE FACE WITH THE MOVE!!! Hardy gets right back up though and kicks Danielson square in the balls! Danielson drops down to his knees in pain, and Jeff goes to the outside of the ring, and reaches underneath the ring.... HARDY PULLS OUT THE BARBED WIRE TWO BY FOUR FROM THE HARDCORE MATCH!!! Oh my god, the look in Hardy's eyes is barbaric! He slides into the ring, barbed wire two by four in hand, and stalks Danielson, as he slowly makes his way to his feet.... Danielson is up, Hardy runs forward.... OH MY GOD!!! JEFF HARDY JUST NAILED THE EPW CHAMPION IN THE HEAD WITH THAT BARBED WIRE TWO BY FOUR!! Bryan Danielson is bleeding, he's bleeding heavily! Jeff drops the two by four onto the ground as he lifts Danielson up, Hardy boots Bryan in the boot, he puts him in a front face lock.... OH MY GOD!!! HARDY JUST NAILED DANIELSON WITH THE TWIST OF HATE ONTO THE BARBED WIRE TWO BY FOUR!!! Hardy gets up, and you can see that he's bleeding from his right shoulder a little bit, he must have knicked himself on the barbed wire! Hardy grabs the two by four and slides outside of the ring, stashing the weapon underneath the ring, then rolls back into the ring and starts shaking the referee, trying to bring him back to consciousness. The referee finally moves and Hardy drags him over near Danielson. Hardy makes the cover and THE REFEREE STARTS TO MAKE THE COUNT!!! 1..... 2...... HOLY SHIT, DANIELSON KICKED OUT!!! JEFF HARDY LOOKS STUNNED!!!

Hardy goes outside of the ring to try and cool himself off, and he kicks the ring steps out of place in frustration. The referee is finally up on his feet and he begins to count Hardy out.... 1..... 2.... 3.... Hardy's back in the ring. Danielson is still on the ground, and a light goes off in Hardy's head... Hardy is stalking Bryan Danielson as he slowly gets up.... WHAT IS THIS?!? JEFF HARDY JUST LOCKED THE LABELLE LOCK ON BRYAN DANIELSON!!! JEFF HARDY IS USING THE CHAMPION'S ON SUBMISSION AGAINST HIM!!! Bryan Danielson is screaming in pain, Danielson's blood covering Jeff's hands as he wrenches back on the hold. The referee swoops down in position to see if Danielson's had enough, but he screams NO every time the ref asks him. Danielson starts slowly scooting his way toward the ropes, Hardy is doing everything in his power to try and stop “The American Dragon”.... BRYAN DANIELSON GETS THE ROPES!!! The referee starts to make his count.... 1.... 2.... 3..... 4... Hardy lets go of the hold. Hardy gets up and the referee starts to yell at him for taking so long to break the hold. Hardy responds sarcastically “I have until five”, mocking Bryan Danielson, but Danielson springs up to his feet as Hardy and the ref have their dispute.... BRYAN DANIELSON NAILS JEFF HARDY WITH THE DRAGON SUPLEX!!! HE GOES FOR THE PIN.... 1.... 2.... HARDY KICKS OUT!!!

New life has been breathed into both of these men as they spring back up. Hardy nails Danielson with an arm drag, the two spring up and Danielson hits Jeff with a belly to belly suplex. The two get up and they start furiously punching at one another until Hardy gets rocked with a roaring elbow. Danielson runs in for a clothesline, but Hardy ducks it, Danielson hits the ropes, HARDY LIFTS DANIELSON UP AND HITS HIM WITH A FLAP JACK!!! Danielson slowly gets up after being hit with that one, but Hardy's already prepared as he runs up to the top rope AND NAILS “THE AMERICAN DRAGON” WITH THE WHISPER IN THE WIND!!! Hardy goes for the pin! 1.... 2..... DANIELSON KICKS OUT!! Danielson is still on the ground though, and Jeff Hardy stares back toward the top rope! Hardy goes out to the apron and climbs up to the top rope, the fans are booing him like crazy... JEFF HARDY JUMPS FOR THE SWANTON BOMB..... DANIELSON LIFTS HIS KNEES UP!!! DANIELSON JUST COUNTERED THE SWANTON BOMB!!! Hardy gets to his feet more so out of shock, but Danielson jumps up, grabs Hardy around the middle, GERMAN SUPLEX!!! Danielson doesn't let go, though, but instead lifts Hardy back up.... A SECOND GERMAN SUPLEX!!!! He lifts him back up again, A THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX WITH A BRIDGE!!! 1.... 2.... HARDY KICKS OUT!!! Hardy slowly stumbles back up, but Bryan is standing right there, Hardy gets booted in the gut.... DANIELSON LOCKS IN THE LABELLE LOCK!!! DANIELSON'S GOT THE LABELLE LOCK IN TIGHT!!! HARDY IS SQUIRMING AROUND BUT HE HAS NOWHERE TO GO!!!! HARDY TAPS OUT!!! HARDY TAPS OUT!!!!

Winner and STILL EPW World Heavyweight Champion: Bryan Danielson by submission after 19:55

Danielson lets go of the hold as soon as he hears the bell, and Hardy rolls right out of the ring. The crowd is cheering wildly as Bryan Danielson has his arm raised in victory and is handed his title belt, blood still dripping from his brow! But wait... WHAT IS THIS?!? THE RING IS ALL OF A SUDDEN SURROUNDED BY.... CODY RHODES, DOLPH ZIGGLER, BULLY RAY, MELINA PEREZ, AND IS THAT THE MIZ?!? The five roll into the ring and start beating down the worn out champion as Melina leaves the ring and grabs a microphone. Rhodes, Ziggler and Ray continue to beat down Danielson as Miz grabs the mic from Melina. He lifts his arm up to signal the other three to stop, and he speaks into the microphone.

Miz: Ladies and Gentlemen.... the network is here!

Danielson manages to stumble up to his feet, but The Miz boots Danielson in the gut and hits him with a skull crushing finale! Bully Ray is the next up, as he lifts Danielson up and hits him with a huge Sit out Full Nelson Atomic Drop. Last up is the duo of Rhodes and Ziggler. Cody Rhodes lifts Danielson up in a fireman's carry, Ziggler goes off of the ropes and jumps up, and the duo hit Danielson with a neck breaker/Samoan drop combination. The quintet stands over the beaten and bloodied champion, which is our last shot of the night.



John Morrison d. Homicide

INTERNATIONAL TITLE: Carlito Colon ( C) d. Yoshi Tatsu

Ayako Hamada d. Gail Kim

Zach Ryder d. Maven Huffman

WOMAN'S TITLE: Victoria Varon ( C) d. Mickie James

TAG TITLES: Mexico's Most Wanted ( C) d. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

HARDCORE: Rob Van Dam d. Shane Douglas

EPW TITLE: Bryan Danielson ( C) d. Jeff Hardy

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Re: Extreme Revival



EPW's first ever pay per view, Still Barely Legal, was held less then 24 hours ago, and this Monday, we will see what the fall out from the event is! Where will Maven go after his loss? What will be Jeff Hardy's reaction to losing in his EPW world title match? Has the RVD-Douglas feud been resolved? We might not be able to answer these questions right now, but here's what we do know about this upcoming edition of Extreme Television:


John Morrison's victory over Homicide at SBL was a decisive one, and it definitely helped solidify him as a top competitor in Extreme Pro Wrestling. However, there's a guy in the back who is pissed that he wasn't featured on the pay per view, and that man is "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels! Daniels requested this match to prove that he is the top wrestler in EPW, and Paul Heyman granted his request! Will John Morrison pick up the victory? Will Christopher Daniels achieve what some people might call an upset? And after Sunday, one has to question if Jeff Hardy will play a role in this match?


Next week, EPW will be holding a huge two-hour special, and Paul Heyman has declared that this week, there will be a number one contender's match to determine who will face Mexico's Most Wanted for the titles at the special. Despite the beating that they took on Sunday, the team of Paul London and Brian Kendrick begged for the opportunity to have a rematch. Paul granted them their request, but they will have to face the duo of Vance Archer and Luke Gallows to get their opportunity! These two big men have cleared through their past opposition, and one has to wonder if the injuries sustained at SBL, plus Archer and Gallows' tendency to wreck all opposition, will put "The Hooliganz" at a severe disadvantage...


At SBL, The Network made their debut by brutally assaulting EPW World Heavyweight Champion, "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson just moments after picking up a big win against Jeff Hardy. While we still do not know why they are here or what they want, we do know, courtesy of The Miz, that they will be present for this weeks Extreme Television, and Miz also hinted that they won't be there alone...

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Re: Extreme Revival

It is slightly hard to read as it just looks like an endless wall of text, try breaking it into paragraphs, it just makes it easier. Good call on Bryan as world champ. One question, why is Zack Ryder's name Zach Ryder???

Remember Reach | Dohvakiin
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Re: Extreme Revival

Umm..... I have no idea why that's his name lol. Why is Dolph Ziggler Dolph Ziggler? But anyway, I fixed the wall of text issue and broke the matches up in at LEAST three paragraphs each, so hopefully it'll be a bit easier to read. That was my bad lol
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Re: Extreme Revival

Finally got caught up!!! Pretty decent PPV.

I'm not sure what the Morrison and Homicide match was all about. It's been a while since I read the shows back at the end of June but I can't remember any build up to this.. Anyhow, regardless of that Morrison is the right person to win.

In regards to Maven and Ryder, interesting call giving Ryder the win, I'm assuming this feud isn't over?

Tag Titles Match, I don't really know who Mexicos Most Wanted are, and don't really care, but as heels they got the job done.

Carlito getting the win, and picking up more heat in the process, another good call.

Victoria's win over Mickie, I kinda expected it, being that she won it over Trish and Mickie has some Trish tendencies. You've got a lot of talent in the women's division so I don't know if this is the end of Mickie/Victoria or not, but I'm sure Mickie will be back in the title picture at some point.

RVD VS Douglas, I actually wanted to see Douglas win just to hear an "I told you sons of bitches, so" rant. Maybe in the future?

Danielson VS Hardy, I'm kind of torn on this. I should have seen it coming, giving that Danielson lost the previous match against Douglas due to Hardy's intereference, (by the way you should read the end of that match and edit it, you typed that Hardy hit Douglas with the chair, and you clearly meant Danielson), but Hardy was such a great Heel Champ as the Antichrist of wrestling for TNA. You're writing with Hardy has been good, so I was hoping you'd put the belt on him at some point... Maybe in the future.

As far as "The Network" goes... I'm not understanding the initials.. I see no J in that group. Maybe my thought process is off, but I was thinking they were initials.
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Extreme Revival

Kat, J is coming... and that's all I'll say on that matter =]
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Extreme Revival

EPW Extreme Television on HBO

A video plays showing still images of all the matches from Still Barely Legal, then our intro video airs (It's a little different from previous weeks, as most of the video is covered in a purple filter. "Start A War" by Static X is still the theme song, though.) We are live from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this week, and we are introduced to the new set of Extreme Television- The sides of the stage are chain link fence with a black cloth behind them, and a tron on each side. The stage area is a shiny silver plating, very reminescent of the Monday Night Raw stage VIA 2003. The entrance area is basically nothing more then a purple piece of cloth with a split in the middle so people can come out. The announce table is a little ahead of the stage (Again, Raw 2003), and the ring now has purple ropes with a large, black EPW logo in the middle. We go to our announcer, Joey Styles.

Joey: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to EPW's Extreme Television on HBO!!! As you can see, we've done a little bit of redecorationg... I'm Joey Styles, and we have a packed card for you, preparing for our live, two hour special next week! Right now, though, let's take you to the ring!

"A Country Boy Can Survive" by Hank Williams Jr plays as Jamie Noble makes his way to the ring. He gets a round of boo's as he walks down to the ring, looking rather intense

Joey: Folks, Jamie Noble is a recent aquisition for PWC, but he's looking to make a name for himself in the biggest way possible tonight! Those of you who remember him from WWE should be rather surprised by him tonight!

"A Country Boy Can Survive" fades out, and "Tattoo" by Big Mother Thruster plays. Maven makes his way to the ring to a round of applause from the crowd, but he still looks a bit dissapointed from last night.

Joey: Folks, those of you who saw Still Barely Legal last night saw that after a hell of an effort, Maven still lost to Zach Ryder last night. There's no doubt in anyone's mind that he would be dissapointed by this, but he cannot let that loss take his focus away from his match tonight.

MATCH 1: Jamie Noble VS Maven Huffman

Jamie starts the match out strong by running right in for a high knee. Jamie springs right back up and hits Maven with a low drop kick. Maven drops down to his knee, and Noble swoops in to nail him with a single arm DDT. Noble goes for a quick fall, but only gets the one count. Noble is rather unshocked by this, and he goes in for a quick assault of moves and holds, trying to wear Maven down. Noble lifts Maven up after a little while and nails him with a Gibson Driver, but he floats over... NOBLE LOCKS IN THE CRUCIFIX ARMBAR!!!! Noble has it locked in tight, Maven might have to tap out, but.... MAVEN REACHES THE ROPES!!! MAVEN REACHES THE ROPES!!!! Noble looks rather pissed off by this as he gets up, but Maven springs up to his feet and hits Noble with a drop kick to the back of his head, sending him into the corner. Maven runs in and takes Noble down with a clothesline, but you can tell that his arm is hurting pretty badly. Maven runs up to the second rope as Noble gets to his feet.... MAVEN HITS A SECOND ROPE BULLDOG!!! Maven's in control of this match, and after a little while, he goes up to the top rope.... MAVEN NAILS NOBLE WITH THE MISSILE DROPKICK!!! He goes for the pin... 1..... 2.... 3!!!

WINNER: Maven Huffman by Pinfall after 8:17

Maven is clutching his arm, but he's on the top rope celebrating. The crowd is popping for him big time! We then go backstage where Christy Hemme is standing with Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

Christy: Paul, Brian, last night you were both beaten up pretty badly by Mexico's Most Wanted, so I have to ask, how are you two feeling going into this match?

Brian: Well, Christy, we both got examined and thankfully we weren't hurt too badly. That said, I'm looking to win this match and get even. I have five stitches in the back of my head and a damn goose egg the size of Rhode Island.

Paul: Last night, we were looking to become tag team champions, but now, it's personal, and I don't give a damn if we have to face the two biggest, nastiest bastards in EPW, we are going to get even. Halloween, Damien, watch your asses, because next week, we're going to destroy the both of you and take your belts!

The duo walk off as we cut to commercial.


We return to Joey sitting at the broadcast table.

Joey: Folks, in just a second we are going to begin our Tag Team Title Number One Contender's match, but first, I have a message here from the group calling themselves the network, which reads simply "You know who we are, but you don't know why we're here. All will be revealed in time, but know this; We will be at Extreme Television tonight, and we're coming with our leader". I don't know what that means, but security is on high alert tonight for the group. But right now, it's time for our tag team title match.

"Genie In A Bottle" by Fozzy plays as the team of London and Kendrick make their way out to the ring, at a much slower pace then usual. The crowd is popping for them big time, and begin a "Hooliganz" chant.

Joey: Ladies and Gentlemen, I can understand wanting to get even for the sickening events that transpired last night, but I have to question Paul London and Brian Kendrick's judgement tonight! There is no way in hell that these two are going to be 100 percent after the beating they took last night, and they agreed to take on a team that is notorious for hurting people... the only thing I can really hope for here is that they don't hurt themselves too badly...
"Genie in a Bottle" fades and "Black Fury" by VideoHelper plays. The duo of Vance Archer and Luke Gallows make their way to the ring to a massive wave of boo's.

Joey: Folks, this might be the first time that some of you are seeing this team, but Archer and Gallows are notorious in EPW for decimating their opponents. They are intense, they are ruthless, and they don't care who they have to hurt to get what they want!

MATCH 2: TAG TEAM TITLE NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS: Paul London & Brian Kendrick VS Vance Archer & Luke Gallows

The legal men in the beginning of the match are Luke Gallows and Brian Kendrick. The two tie up, but Gallows pushes Brian out of the way with ease. Brian gets up kind of quickly, but Gallows quickly mows him down with a big boot. Brian gets up, but Luke hits the ropes and quickly knocks him back to the ground with a flying shoulder tackle. Gallows lifts Brian up and drags him to his corner, tagging in his partner. Archer gets in, and the two whip Kendrick into the ropes, then lift him up and flap jack him to the ground. Luke goes back to his corner, and Archer has a solid advantage right now, as if he didn't have one to begin with. The duo of Vance and Luke wear Kendrick down, making plenty of fast tags, but Luke makes the mistake of whipping Kendrick to the wrong side of the ring, and Paul makes the quick tag. London is hot coming into this one, nailing Gallows with a drop sault. Archer comes into the ring to try and interfere, but Brian uses one last bit of energy and crossbody block's him and Vance outside of the ring. Vance ends up hitting his head on the guard rail on his way out of the ring. Paul lays out a full assault, but Gallows ends up leveling him with a running big boot. Gallows picks Paul off the ground and goes for a full nelson slam, but Paul flips over AND NAILS HIM WITH A REVERSE DDT!!! LONDON GOES TO THE TOP ROPE... 450 SPLASH, 450 SPLASH!!! HE GOES FOR THE PIN!!! 1.... 2.... 3!!! LONDON AND KENDRICK GET THEIR REMATCH!!!

Winners and NEW #1 contenders: Paul London and Brian Kendrick by Pinfall after 10:48

The crowd cheers despite how shocked most of them are by this victory! London and Kendrick have their arms raised in victory, but there not really celebrating. They look focused. We go backstage where Maven is in his street clothes, walking through the parking lot, but... ZACH RYDER COMES OUT AND HITS MAVEN WITH A STEEL CHAIR!!! Ryder beats Maven all over the parking lot for a bit until he lifts Maven on top of his car, and... ZACH NAILS MAVEN WITH THE ROUGH RYDER ON TOP OF THE CAR!!! Ryder stands up on top of the car and stares down at Maven.

Zach: Let that be a lesson... don't mess with Zach Ryder, bro! Take care, spike your.... oh, sorry chrome-dome!


When we come back, Rob Van Dam is training back stage, his head heavily bandaged, when Shane Douglas, also bandaged up, walks into the training room. A moment of silence passes as the two stare each other down.

Shane: If you think that this is over... even in the least bit... I hope you understand how goddamn wrong you are. I am still The Franchise... I am still better then you... last night was a fluke.

Rob: Yeah? Fluke this!

And just like that, a massive brawl breaks out between the two. Security runs in pretty quickly and breaks the fight up, though. Camera's then go to Christy Hemme, who is standing with one of EPW's newest stars, Doug Williams.

Christy: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am standing with the newest EPW wrestler, Doug Williams. Now Doug, many fans will know you as one of the best technical wrestlers out there today, and a while ago, you vowed to never wrestle in America again, so I have to ask, what is your agenda here in EPW.

Doug: Well, Christy, I was offered a job here a few months ago, and I let the offer stand for a little while, because I was offered quite the pretty penny, but my decision was made after watching your pay per view last night... and I noticed that there wasn't a single GREAT wrestler on the roster. Don't get me wrong, some of them were good, but almost the entire roster is made up of has beens, brawling barbarians and spot monkeys, and that's what professional wrestling has been for the past 10 years. Just a bunch of brawlers and spot monkeys... what happened to technical wrestlers? Well, I am the generational gap, I am what professional wrestling needs, and I am especially what American wrestling needs. This is a country that ignores technical wrestling, the fans here call it dull. It's appreciated in Mexico, in Canada, Japan and in my home country, England, but you... you fat slobbish buffoons need to learn to appreciate greatness. You let amazing competitors like William Regal, Paul Burchill, Davey Boy Smith, Lance Storm, Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko... you let them all fade out of the spotlight because you don't appreciate a great wrestler when you see one, and instead let people like John Cena, Batista, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, people who wouldn't know a wrist lock from a wrist watch, you idolize these people despite their lack of talent... well it stops here. I am the generational gap and I will show you, the Americans, what real wrestling is!

Doug walks off screen leaving Christy looking rather flustered, then the camera cuts to Paul Heyman's office.

Paul: Ladies and Gentlemen, next week, Extreme Pro Wrestling's Extreme Television will be having a two hour special, which will no doubt be one of the biggest events in EPW history, but this night will be absolutely nothing if we don't have incredible matches. We all know from earlier tonight that Mexico's Most Wanted and the team of Paul London and Brian Kendrick will have a rematch for the EPW Tag Team Titles, which is bound to be just as good as their previous match, but that won't be all! After the math last night, we are in need of a new number one contender for the Extreme Pro Wrestling world title... and I have just the match to decide it. Some people say that Rob Van Dam and Shane Douglas stole the show last night... well, there going to get another chance to go at each other. That's right, next week's main event will be the rematch- Rob Van Dam VS Shane Douglas, where the winner becomes the new number one contender to the EPW World Heavyweight Championship. But that's not all, because that match will be... A STEEL CAGE MATCH!!! Also, some time in the next week, there will be a live press conference held on our website, where I will be announcing some big news that I am very excited about, so be sure to stalk the site in the upcoming week for that. Thank you for your time, and enjoy the rest of the program!


When we come back, "Aint No Make Believe" by Stonefree Experience is playing as John Morrison makes his way out to the ring to a massive round of cheers.

Joey: Welcome back to Extreme Television folks, and wow, was that a HUGE announcement from Paul Heyman just moments ago! Not only will the main event next week be Rob Van Dam taking on Shane Douglas in the rematch of the century, but it will be in a EPW World Title Number One Contenders Steel Cage Match! This is huge, folks, but speakings of the EPW title, there's no doubt that John Morrison has his focus on getting a shot at the EPW world title, as is Christopher Daniels! Now, they may not get it at Ultimate Jeopardy, as we just heard what the number one contenders match for that will be, but there's no doubt that these two are looking to get their names in the running!

"Ain't No Make Believe" fades and "Disposable Teens" by Marilyn Manson starts to blast! Christopher Daniels marches out toward the ring, completely focused, ignoring the boo's of the crowd.

MAIN EVENT: John Morrison VS Christopher Daniels

Jo Mo and Daniels start off strong with a quick assortment of take downs, arm drags and hip tosses, until Daniels nails an enzugiri. The two get up, and Morrison responds with an enzugiri of his own. The two get up and Daniels hits Jo Mo with a drop toe hold, then goes off the ropes and tries a flip senton, but Morrison rolls out of the way and goes for a quick pin, one count, the two get back up, Morrison goes for a suplex, but Daniels flips over, Daniels goes for a belly to back suplex, but Jo Mo gets his leg in the way and elbows his way out of it... AND MORRISON HITS CHRISTOPHER WITH A CAPOIERA KICK!!! He goes for a pin, but it's only a one count. The two get back up to their feet and trade moves back and fourth for another little while until Morrison gets whipped into the ropes by Christopher Daniels... what's this? "Another Me" starts to play as Jeff Hardy comes out with a steel chair... but he merely sets it up on the ramp and sits down. Daniels is looking at Hardy, but Morrison uses the distraction to his advantage, and rolls Daniels up into a school boy pin. 1... 2... Daniels kicks out. But wait... the lights go out.... the lights then turn back on AND THE NETWORK IS SURROUNDING THE RING!!! Hardy looks on and then goes to the back, and the Network gets in the ring and starts beating on both Morrison and Daniels!!!

WINNER: Double DQ Draw at 6:58

The Network puts their focus on Morrison as Daniels makes his escape through the crowd, Miz grabs a mic amdist all the chaos and the lights go black again.

Miz: Now... let me introduce you to our leader...

"Longhorn" starts to play... it can't be.... OH MY GOD, IT'S JBL!!!! JBL comes out in his trademark business suit and cowboy hat, and gets into the ring with The Network. The broadcast goes off the air, and the last thing we see is JBL shaking hands with the men (And Melina) inside of the ring...



Maven Huffman d. Jamie Noble

TAG TEAM #1 CONTENDER: Paul London & Brian Kendrick d. Luke Gallows & Vance Archer

John Morrison VS Christopher Daniels goes to a double DQ draw



EPW TAG TEAM TITLES: Mexico's Most Wanted (C) VS Paul London & Brian Kendrick


EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Bryan Danielson (C) VS Winner of next week's cage match
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